AB Battlers at Virginia Duals

January 12-13, 2018

HAMPTON, Va. -- The Alderson Broaddus University wrestling team went 1-1 on the first day of the nation's oldest dual meet tournament, the 38th annual Virginia Duals on Friday morning.

"The Ferrum dual was a fight," said head coach Sam Gardner. "Everything had to go right for us to win, and it didn't happen today. Breandan Coughlin had a great match against Ferrum, reversing a loss to the same opponent earlier in the year. Curtis Cox battled back and won in overtime after getting a pretty nasty cut in the second period. Gino Sita defeated a nationally ranked opponent by a decent margin and then some of the other guys battled hard but just didn't have enough to win in that bout. Overall I thought we wrestled hard and tough at most weights."

In the second match of the day, the Battlers defeated Grennsboro College in wrestle backs to finish 1-1 on the day.

"The Greensboro match was pure chaos," Gardner said. "If you tell me we were going to lose the first to matches of the dual and still win the bout I'd have my doubts, but that's exactly what happened. When Curtis lost unexpectedly you could see on the bench we were hurting. That said, the guys didn't stay down very long. Derek Schmidt had a huge pin for us. Nick Sulhoff pushed hard and got a tech fall, Sam Solomon tossed a guy he'd had a tight bout with earlier and pinned him. Combine that with some smart team oriented wrestling by guys like Andrew Forino and Alex Eaton and we were able to pull through. It was an exciting match. I was as drenched in sweat as the guys were when they were done wrestling. Now we have to recover and get ready for tomorrow."

Match #1 Quarterfinal
Ferrum defeated Alderson-Broaddus 33-12
125 - Breandon Coughlin (Alderson-Broaddus) over Brett Binnix (Ferrum) Fall 2:16
133 - Curtis Cox (Alderson-Broaddus) over Bailey Cooper (Ferrum) SV-1 6-4
141 - Tatom Tyree (Ferrum) over Parker Brown (Alderson-Broaddus) Fall 2:00
149 - Bobby Ziehfreund (Ferrum) over Andrew Forino (Alderson-Broaddus) Fall 1:17
157 - Braxton May-Nicholson (Ferrum) over Derek Schmidt (Alderson-Broaddus) Dec 12-6
165 - Andrew Tolbert (Ferrum) over Logan Shurina (Alderson-Broaddus) TF 22-7
174 - Gino Sita (Alderson-Broaddus) over Blake Rosenbaum (Ferrum) Dec 11-5
184 - Zach Shaffer (Ferrum) over Sam Solomon (Alderson-Broaddus) Dec 4-3
197 - Hunter Goulart (Ferrum) over Alex Eaton (Alderson-Broaddus) Maj 11-3
235 - Double Forfeit
285 - Alveno Matthews (Ferrum) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

Match #2 Cons. Round 1
Alderson-Broaddus defeated Greensboro 29-26
125 - Dylan Cook (Greensboro) over Breandon Coughlin (Alderson-Broaddus) Fall 1:30
133 - Tyler Haskin (Greensboro) over Curtis Cox (Alderson-Broaddus) Fall 0:41
141 - Parker Brown (Alderson-Broaddus) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
149 - Conan Wilson (Greensboro) over Andrew Forino (Alderson-Broaddus) TF 16-0
157 - Derek Schmidt (Alderson-Broaddus) over Ryan Dominique (Greensboro) Fall 0:51
165 - Nick Sulhoff (Alderson-Broaddus) over Quaevon Cannon (Greensboro) TF 22-7
174 - Gino Sita (Alderson-Broaddus) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
184 - Sam Solomon (Alderson-Broaddus) over Tyron Dudley (Greensboro) Fall 0:51
197 - Carlos Ortega (Greensboro) over Alex Eaton (Alderson-Broaddus) Dec 7-0
235 - Double Forfeit
285 - Mykel Williams (Greensboro) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

Day Two Matches

Match #3 Cons. Semi
Apprentice School defeated Alderson-Broaddus 34-14
125 - Colton Messick (Apprentice School) over Colton Bethel (Alderson-Broaddus) Fall 1:52
133 - Kolin Johnson (Apprentice School) over Curtis Cox (Alderson-Broaddus) Maj 13-5
141 - Tyler Allen (Apprentice School) over Parker Brown (Alderson-Broaddus) Fall 1:16
149 - shalek colon (Apprentice School) over Andrew Forino (Alderson-Broaddus) TF 16-0
157 - Ty Boyd (Apprentice School) over Derek Schmidt (Alderson-Broaddus) Dec 13-7
165 - Logan Shurina (Alderson-Broaddus) over chad simmons (Apprentice School) Maj 11-0
174 - Gino Sita (Alderson-Broaddus) over Dan Henson (Apprentice School) Maj 14-4
184 - william sorey (Apprentice School) over Sam Solomon (Alderson-Broaddus) Maj 14-6
197 - Alex Eaton (Alderson-Broaddus) over Ian Carrillo (Apprentice School) Fall 1:46
235 - Double Forfeit
285 - Shakeem Lassiter (Apprentice School) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

Match #4 5th Place Match
Camden CC defeated Alderson-Broaddus 25-24
125 - Breandon Coughlin (Alderson-Broaddus) over Alex Velez (Camden CC) Fall 0:12
133 - Terrell Coleman (Camden CC) over Paul Steger (Alderson-Broaddus) Fall 1:24
141 - Jason Groff (Camden CC) over Parker Brown (Alderson-Broaddus) TF 18-0
149 - Mark Woods (Camden CC) over Daniel Drayton (Alderson-Broaddus) TF 18-2
157 - Derek Schmidt (Alderson-Broaddus) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
165 - Nick Sulhoff (Alderson-Broaddus) over Aaron Solomon (Camden CC) Fall 2:48
174 - Gino Sita (Alderson-Broaddus) over Matt O`Donnell (Camden CC) Dec 7-6
184 - Sam Solomon (Alderson-Broaddus) over Juan Ramos (Camden CC) Dec 8-4
197 - Jason Carter (Camden CC) over Alex Eaton (Alderson-Broaddus) Dec 7-1
235 - Double Forfeit
285 - Mark Gillis (Camden CC) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

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