Around the MAT

by Jeff Hughes

February 23, 2005

Telling from my lack of sleep lately.... it must be state tournament time.

Friday night while sitting in my apartment in Morgantown, I found myself restless. Restless enough in fact that I did not catch wink number one before I took off for Williamstown. Needless to say, it was an interesting drive across route 50 Saturday morning.

But I digress. I haven't even mentioned that its good to be back. Although, I guess anyone who knows me knows that I never really left. West Virginia University can keep one busy you know. Especially if they're speaking Spanish at you everyday. Thank goodness the Spanish poster from last year has been deported. I thought I was going to have to be the state language interpreter.

But enough of my insomnia, spanish posts that confuse everybody and announcement that I finally have enough time to go ahead and write something. Lets get to what everybody wants to hear about.

State Tournament Baby.

My column is dedicated to the AA/A state tournament. I don't claim to be an expert in AAA. I follow the scores, I have seen the region 1 teams wrestle a few times and I know Parkersburg schools will have over 12 finalists (while running away from Huntington and Wheeling Park) and I know that some more teams should be put in region 3. Anything past that, I'll leave to Jenny. She does a tremendous job.

How is AA/A shaping up this year? Well... some things don't change. Unless you're a bear (no pun intended) that's been hibernating, you know Oak Glen is the favorite. Their performance in the regional tournament was incredibly dominating. 12 in the finals out of 14 with 8 champions. Don't expect 8 champions this weekend, but don't be surprised if they place all 13 wrestlers again. In a year where AA/A is down, Oak Glen has one of the best teams they have ever had and I am inclined to say they are the best, but I'll leave that judgment to Larry Shaw. Well what's going on after Oak Glen? Would you believe it if I told you the second best team is from region 3? Well, I have Shady Spring penciled into the second spot. After Cameron and Calhoun had regionals where they didn't qualify some guys they projected to take, Shady Spring became a clearer choice for the number 2 spot. They have 9 solid guys that should all score and possibly place. The battle for 3rd and 4th I think is going to be between Cameron and Calhoun. Calhoun is bringing 10 while Cameron is bringing 9. The reason I don't have Point or Hoover in this dogfight is because I think the Red Devils and Dragons are going to put more guys into the finals on Saturday night. I think Calhoun will take possibly 3 and I think Cameron will have 4. Don't be surprised if St.Mary's or Point Pleasant jumps up and takes 3rd or 4th though. Both are very tough, I just don't see them having as many 20-30 point individuals as the latter mentioned. The top 10 as I see it as far as teams go:

1) Oak Glen
2) Shady Spring
3) Cameron
4) Calhoun County
5) St.Mary's
6) Independence
7) Point Pleasant
8) Ravenswood
9) Berkeley Springs
10)Herbert Hoover

Special congrats to Tyler Consolidated. The knights are coming on as a program. Ask anybody who was at Williamstown Saturday. They'll be taking 9. They're my dark horse pick for the tournament.

As for my individual predictions:
As they say in Hollywood, lets take it from the top:

Projected champion: Brandon Wilson (St.Mary's)
Round by round prediction (winners bracket only):
1st round:
Wilson (SM) over Clarkson (Roa)
Castro (OH) over Feaster (Fra)
Dennis (Rav) over King (Mag)
Senopole (SS) over Hotchkiss (Key)
Harris (Lib H) over Lee (Mid.T)
Dray (OG) over McCoy (Man) --- best 1st round match
Sexton (Ind), bye
Adkins (Clay) over French (Rit)

Wilson (SM) over Castro (OH)
Dennis (Rav) over Senopole (SS)
Dray (OG) over Harris (Lib H)
Sexton (Ind) over Adkins (Clay)
--- best quarter match

Wilson (SM) over Dennis (Rav)
Sexton (Ind) over Dray (OG)

Wilson (SM) maj. Sexton (Ind)

1) Wilson (SM)
2) Sexton (Ind)
3) Dray (OG)
4) Dennis (Rav)
5) Adkins (Clay)
6) McCoy (Man)

Projected champion: Robert Rash (Independence)

1st round:
Flowers (Will) over Cook (SS)
Grose (Clay) over Getz (Pet)
Rash (Ind) over Yost (TC)
Hotchkiss (Key) over Pritt (HH)
Howrylak (Win) over Efaw (Graf)
Little (SM) over Blind (Web)
Blankenship (BS) over Atkinson (PP)
Highlander (GW) over Richards (Rit) --- best 1st round match

Flowers (Will) over Grose (Clay)
Rash (Ind) over Hotchkiss (Key)
Little (SM) over Howrylak (Win) --- best quarterfinal match
Highlander (GW) over Blankenship (BS)

Rash (Ind) over Flowers (Will)
Little (SM) over Highlander (GW)
Rash (Ind) maj. Little (SM)
1) Rash (Ind)
2) Little (SM)
3) Flowers (Will)
4) Highlander (GW)
5) Richards (Rit)
6) Howrylak (Win)

Projected champ: Tim Cumpston (Cameron)

1st round:
Cumpston (Cam) over Conners (S.Harr)
Gungle (Cal) over Young (Web)
Geary (Pet) over Hinzman (Rit)
Moore (HH) over Davis (Ind)
Ferrell (GW) over Pyles (PP)
Davis (OG) over Piraino (Key)
Godfrey (Logan) over Cook (Wy.E)
Barturg (SM) over Dennison (Brax)
--- best 1st round match Quarters:
Cumpston (Cam) over Gungle (Cal)
Geary (Pet) over Moore (HH)--- best quarter
Davis (OG) over Ferrell (GW)
Godfrey (Logan) over Bartrug (SM)
Cumpston (Cam) over Geary (Pet)
Davis (OG) over Godfrey (Logan)
Cumpston (Cam) dec Davis (OG)
1) Cumpston (Cam)
2) Davis (OG)
3) Godfrey (Logan)
4) Geary (Pet)
5) Moore (HH)
6) Bartrug (SM)

Projected champ: Derek Scarbro (Shady Spring)
1st round:
Miller (OG) over Woods (PP)
Bowles (Graf) over Hannah (Ind)
Ramsey (Cal) over Miller (SM) --- best 1st round match
Snoberger (Fra) over Tetrault (OH)
Durr (Key) over Salisbury (Web)
Hanson (HH) over McIver (Will)
Scarbro (SS) over Grecco (Linc)
Peck (TC) over Kleman (Clay)
Miller (OG) over Bowles (Graf)
Ramsey (Cal) over Snoberger (Fra)
Durr (Key) over Hanson (HH) --- best quarter
Scarbro (SS) over Peck (TC)
Miller (OG) over Ramsey (Cal)
Scarbro (SS) over Durr (Key)
Scarbro (SS) dec Miller (OG) OT
1) Scarbro (SS)
2) Miller (OG)
3) Ramsey (Cal)
4) Miller (SM)
5) McIver (Will)
6) Durr (Key)

Projected champion: Anthony Harvey (Shady Spring)
1st round:
Basich (Wh.Cent) over Martin (GW)
Sampson (Cal) over Tanner (Brax)
Harvey (SS) over Baylor (Will)
Jeffers (PP) over Guthrie (Graf) -- best 1st round match
Ellis (Wah) over Wolford (Pet)
Hughes (Cam) over Stalnaker (Lib R)
Grilli (Lib H) over Williams (HH)
Baker (OG) over Cogar (Web)
Basich (Wh Cent) over Sampson (Cal)
Harvey (SS) over Jeffers (PP)
Hughes (Cam) over Ellis (Wah) --- best quarter
Grilli (Lib H) over Baker (OG)
Harvey (SS) over Basich (WC)
Hughes (Cam) over Grilli (Lib H)
Harvey (SS) dec. Hughes (Cam)
1) Harvey (SS)
2) Hughes (Cam)
3) Basich (Wh.Cent)
4) Sampson (Cal)
5) Ellis (Wah)
6) Grilli (Lib H)

Projected champion: Judd Billings (Ravenswood)
1st round:
Six (OG) over Gater (BS)
Leithead (Siss) over Bailey (Lib R)
Cumpston (Cam) over Stemple (Graf) --- best 1st round match Cummings (Cal) over McCoy (Gil)
Lester (SS) over Moore (HH)
Cronin (SM) over McIntyre (Lib H)
Billings (Rav) over Jones (Ind)
Durr (Key) over Pell (Wh.Cent)
Leithead (Siss) over Six (OG) --- best quarter
Cummings (Cal) over Cumpston (Cam)
Cronin (SM) over Lester (SS)
Billings (Rav) over Durr (Key)
Cummings (Cal) over Leithead (Siss)
Billings (Rav) over Cronin (SM)
Billings (Rav) dec Cummings (Cal)
1) Billings (Rav)
2) Cummings (Cal)
3) Six (OG)
4) Leithead (Siss)
5) Cronin (SM)
6) Lester (SS)

Projected champion: Jess Mahan (Oak Glen)
1st round:
Mahan (OG) over Reed (Rav)
Robey (Lib.H) over Myles (GW)
Currie (HH) over Bartrug (SM)
Young (Web) over Leach (Graf)---- best 1st round match
Adams (Brax) over Meadows (Ind)
Palm (Will) over Thorne (Clay)
Chapman (SS) over Swiger (Linc)
Goodrich (Cal) over Weekley (TC)
Mahan (OG) over Robey (Lib H)
Young (Web) over Currie (HH) --- best quarter
Adams (Brax) over Palm (Will)
Chapman (SS) over Goodrich (Cal)
Mahan (OG) over Young (Web)
Chapman (SS) over Adams (Brax)
Mahan (OG) dec Chapman (SS)
1) Mahan (OG)
2) Chapman (SS)
3) Young (Web)
4) Adams (Brax)
5) Robey (Lib H)
6) Leach (Graf)

Projected champion: Jeff Pettit (Cameron)
1st round:
Pettit (Cam) over DeLung (OH)
Mollohan (HH) over Poling (Brax)
Hall (SS) over Hyde (Rit) ---- best 1st round match
Western (Pet) over Schoolcraft (Clay)
Casto (PP) over Bradley (Graf)
Timmons (OG) over Scott (Lib R)
McCann (BS) over Hart (Cal)
Coleman (Fay) over Richie (TC)
Pettit (Cam) over Mollohan (HH)
Hall (SS) over Western (Pet)
Casto (PP) over Timmons (OG) -- best quarter
Coleman (Fay) over McCann (BS)
Pettit (Cam) over Hall (SS)
Casto (PP) over Coleman (Fay)
Pettit (Cam) dec Casto (PP) OT
1) Pettit (Cam)
2) Casto (PP)
3) Coleman (Fay)
4) Timmons (OG)
5) Mollohan (HH)
6) Hall (SS)

Projected Champion: Jeff Cumpston (Cameron)
1st round:
Cumpston (Cam) over Pennington (Lib H)
Littleton (Wirt) over Wood (Ind)
Bennett (BS) over Yost (TC) --- best 1st round match
Warner (PP) over Scott (OH)
Smith (Lib R) over Morris (HH)
Miller (OG) over Gobel (Graf)
Price (Cal) over Abbott (Web)
Gianessi (Weir) over Baker (Key)
Cumpston (Cam) over Littleton (Wirt)
Bennett (BS) over Warner (PP) --- best quarter
Miller (OG) over Smith (Lib R)
Price (Cal) over Gianessi (Weir)
Cumpston (Cam) over Bennett (BS)
Price (Cal) over Miller (OG)
Cumpston (Cam) maj. Price (Cal)

1) Cumpston (Cam)
2) Price (Cal)
3) Bennett (BS)
4) Miller (OG)
5) Smith (Lib R)
6) Warner (PP)

Projected champion: Rhett Northcraft (Oak Glen)
1st round:
Northcraft (OG) over Nichols (Cal)
Reed (BS) over Ward (Ind)
Branard (Roa) over Fickieson (SM)
Hylton (Lib R) over Paugh (Linc)
Efaw (Graf) over Fisher (Web)
Cooper (Cam) over Barton (Wah) --- best 1st round match
Walker (GW) over Phillips (PB)
Hereford (PP) over Neff (TC)
Northcraft (OG) over Reed (BS)
Branard (Roa) over Hylton (Lib R)
Efaw (Graf) over Cooper (Cam) --- best quarter
Hereford (PP) over Walker (GW)
Northcraft (OG) over Branard (Roa)
Efaw (Graf) over Hereford (PP)
Northcraft (OG) maj. Efaw (Graf)
1) Northcraft (OG)
2) Efaw (Graf)
3) Hereford (PP)
4) Cooper (Cam)
5) Branard (Roa)
6) Reed (BS)

Projected champion: Paul Goodrich (Calhoun)
1st round:

Foltz (OG) over Gwinn (MB) Kendall (Roa) over Harper (Pet)
Thompson (SS) over Gianessi (Weir)
Tanner (Brax) over Rollins (Winf)
Goodrich (Cal) over Riggins (Key)
Holland (GW) over Lyons (Cam) --- best 1st round match
Charnoplosky (PB) over McCormick (PP)
Fell (OH) over Roberts (TC)
Foltz (OG) over Kendall (Roa)
Thompson (SS) over Tanner (Brax) -- best quarter
Goodrich (Cal) over Holland (GW)
Charnoplosky (PB) over Fell (OH)
Foltz (OG) over Thompson (SS)
Goodrich (Cal) over Charnoplosky (PB)
Goodrich (Cal) dec. Foltz (OG)
1) Goodrich (Cal)
2) Foltz (OG)
3) Charnoplosky (PB)
4) Thompson (SS)
5) Tanner (Brax)
6) Fell (OH)

Projected champion: Chris Stevens (Oak Glen)
1st round:
Stevens (OG) over Shillenburg (Key)
Jones (Clay) over Kincaid (SS)
Malutich (Lib H) over McCoy (SM)
Langsdorf (Win) over Crookshanks (GW)
Treadway (OH) over Yeager (Cal)
Pernell (Weir) over Walter (Graf)
Dennis (Rav) over Bennett (Wy.E)
Waugh (BS) over Stevens (TC)
Stevens (OG) over Jones (Clay)
Malutich (Lib H) over Langsdorf (Win)
Pernell (Weir) over Treadway (OH)
Waugh (BS) over Dennis (Rav) - best quarter
Stevens (OG) over Malutich (Lib H)
Waugh (BS) over Pernell (Weir)
Stevens (OG) maj. Waugh (BS)
1) Stevens (OG)
2) Waugh (BS)
3) Malutich (Lib H)
4) Jones (Clay)
5) Dennis (Rav)
6) Pernell (Weir)

Projected champion: Cody Potts (Oak Glen)
1st round:
Potts (OG) over Anderson (HH)
Tyler (Web) over Shillenburg (Key) -- best 1st round match
Wade (Mag) over Patterson (Wah)
Jones (SS) over Barberio (Lib H)
Talkington (PB) over Griffith (OH)
Blake (Cam) over Hipes (PP)
Tharp (GW) over Simmons (Linc)
Barnhart (SM) over Watkins (Win)
Potts (OG) over Tyler (Web)
Jones (SS) over Wade (Mag)
Blake (Cam) over Talkington (PB)
Barnhart (SM) over Tharp (GW) -- best quarter
Potts (OG) over Jones (SS)
Barnhart (SM) over Blake (Cam)
Potts (OG) tech fall Barnhart (SM)
1) Potts (OG)
2) Barnhart (SM)
3) Jones (SS)
4) Blake (Cam)
5) Tharp (GW)
6) Wade (Mag)

Projected champion: Zach Poland (Petersburg)
1st round:
Rowland (OG) over Arthur (OH)
Harper (Clay) over Steiner (Brax)
Barnett (Ind) over Adams (Mag)
Shirley (PP) over Foley (Fra)
Eary (Siss) over Harris (Key)
Murphy (Gil) over Dishman (Cam)--- best 1st round match
Poland (Pet) over Evans (HH)
Hall (SS) over Kile (TC)
Harper (Clay) over Rowland (OG) -- best quarter
Barnett (Ind) over Shirley (PP)
Eary (Siss) over Murphy (Gil)
Poland (Pet) over Hall (SS)
Harper (Clay) over Barnett (Ind)
Poland (Pet) over Eary (Siss)
Poland (Pet) dec. Harper (Clay)
1) Poland (Pet)
2) Harper (Clay)
3) Barnett (Ind)
4) Eary (Siss)
5) Rowland (OG)
6) Hall (SS)

Brakedown of projected placewinners: (Minimum 3 placewinners)
  School:                                 1    2    3    4    5    6    

    Oak Glen                            4    3    2    2    1    0     12
    Shady Spring                       2    1    1    1    0    3       8
    Cameron                             3    1    0    2    0    0       6
    St.Mary's                             1    2    0    1    1    1       6
    Calhoun                               1    2    1    1    0    0       5
    Independence                      1    1    1    0    0    0       3
    Point Pleasant                       0    1    1    0    0    1       3
    Ravenswood                         1    0    0    1    1    0       3
    Berkeley Springs                    0    1    1    0    0    1       3
    Clay County                          0    1    0    1    1    0       3
    Liberty Harrison                     0    0    1    0    1    1       3

That's my breakdown. Hopefully everybody has a safe trip down to Huntington! Catch my column next week for an analysis of the tournament and a tribute to a wrestling legend in Marshall County. Good luck to all wrestlers... this is what you work for baby!

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