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April 30, 1999
From: Jason Hayhurst
email: hayhurst@ruralnet.org
comments: I seem to have a problem. I just found out yesterday that my high school prom is on the same day as the teamwv try out. I understand wrestling is more important than some "prom" , but i have already spent a bundle of money on this at the begining of the year. Well I'll get to the point. I was wondering if their was anyother chances i would be given. thanx

April 30, 1999
From: Stephen Kinley
email: melva@cwv.net
comments: I would like to say to next years seniors good luck go to a bunch of camps lift weights and drill your wrestling moves every day. Personally if you want to go to a good camp go to Applachian State. It is by far the best camp you will go to. You will get individual assistance and you will have 11 team matches and there is a tournament at the end of the camp. So not only you will be learning but the stuff you do learn you will get to test it out in a match. Also good luck to some of underclassmen wrestlers. Such as Tony Hardway of Braxton, Jeremy Nester of Ravenswood, Josh Moyer of Independence, Troy Morello of Greenbrier West, and B.J. Miller of Woodrow Wilson.

April 30, 1999
From: J Hughes
comments: To wrestling lover.
I didn't say that other teams in the state weren't going to be very competitive, I simply stated that I think that Cameron is going to be very tough to contend with. I DO feel that we will be in the top 3 if not dethroning Oak Glen. Remember, Oak Glen is losing McClung [state champ], Weible [state champ], Jones [state champ], Wharton [state runner-up '98], Lamb [state champ] and other key wrestlers. But never,ever think that they won't be in the top at the end of the state tournament because they have a good program. I think it will be OG, Cameron, and Ritchie in the top 3. If any team from downstate wrestled in the OVAC, then you would have a new respect for the competiton OG and Cameron faces.

April 30, 1999
From: Ritter
email: ritter_78@hotmail.com
comments: I would just like to congratulate all the other wrestlers who qualified in the NHSCA tournament in Morgantown. I think it was a good tournament and I'll be seeing you guys Birmingham for nationals. Also a word of advice if your out of shape like I am you better get back into shape or you'll get your butts kicked at Nationals. Feel free to e-mail me with comments.

April 30, 1999
From: Tony Hardway

email: Macheen_9@hotmail.com
comments: I am already looking forward to next years wrestling season.To all of the seniors that wrestled this past year"Good Luck and it was a pleasure wrestling with you!" If anyone would like to e-mail me please do. I would enjoy talking wrestling with you.

April 30, 1999
Great site! It's been really helpful during wrestling season. I just e-mailed you to let you know that 2 nine yr. old boys from St. Mary's WV who wrestle for the Pleasants Co. Pioneers placed in the Eastern Nationals. Brandon Wilson midget 54lbs. placed 4th, and Brian Barnhart midget 105 lbs. placed 6th.The prestigious tourn. was held April 17-18, at the University of Scranton, Scranton, PA.

April 30, 1999
comments: ok Parkersburg if you think you are gonna win the title then i would say you have to get some upper weights because 4 wrestlers isnt gonna win the title.

April 30, 1999

April 30, 1999
comments: The recent issue of Amateur Wrestling News--the bible--has some interesting statistics. WVU has become a national wrestling power with its second straight top ten finish in the NCAAs--8th out of 80 Division 1 teams that qualified a wrestler. On a state-by-state basis, there are 80 All Americans (top 8 finishers in 10 weight class). Under state of origin, i.e., where you wrestled in high school, Pennsyslvania once again led all states with 14 NCAA Division 1 AA's. Ohio and California were second with 9 each followed by Iowa with 6. Good old WV produced 2 native All Americans--Sam Kline and Mark Samples. Not bad for such a small state. Pennsylvania also produced the No.1 NCAA Division II (Pitt-Johnstown--coached by a West Liberty graduate, Pat Pecora) and the mythical high school champion (Bald Eagle). McGuffey (PA) High School, which is located about 10 miles or so from Wheeling and which competes in the Brooke Classic, finished with a national ranking of no.6. For all the Oak Glen fans out there who think their team is the best of all classes, it should be noted that Bald Eagle is a small school and VOLUNTARILY moves up to the AAA level in Pennsylvania. Hope you find these facts of interest.

April 30, 1999
comments: Congrats to Devin Abshire and Colton Gustines from Jefferson Co. Both wrestlers finished third in their perspective weights at the recent MAWA Eastern National Championships in Scranton Pa.

April 30, 1999
comments: How about the results from the future champions division. Don't forget they worked hard too and are going to Alabama as well. Thanks for a good tournament despite the numbers.

April 30, 1999
From: GA
comments: I heard Ash Wenmoth beat Jason Hayhurst 8-0 at the tourney at Universtiy

April 28, 1999
From: Dennis Stanley
email: DStan81351@aol.com
comments: I would like to correct Jared posting on the Team WV qualifier. It is May 8 not the 7th. I repeat it is May 8. Jared is right about one thing if you have any aspiratuions about being recruited by a college Fargo is a must..

April 28, 1999
comments: I would just like to say that PARKERSBURG HIGH SCHOOL is going to win the AAA State title next year with no doubt in my mind and I know their's no doubt in anyone elses mind either! Thats all I have to say because that's all that matters.

April 28, 1999
From: Stephen Kinley
email: melva@cwv.net
comments: I think Liberty High School should get some recognition for the turn out at states. We brought four wrestlers all of them placed and two of them were state champions. We also had the most team points from Region IV and thats beating Greenbrier West, Big Creek, and Independence that had ten or more wrestlers entering the state tournament. I would also like to say good luck to all my senior wrestling buddies that I have wrestled with or against. To list a few Marshall Mclung and Dennis Blankenship of Greenbrier West, Timmy Toney of Independence, and Scottie Hale of Big Creek.

April 26, 1999
From: Jared Walters
email: Jared711@aol.com comments: I would like to remind everyone that on May 8 is the WV Team Qualifier and in my opinion its the toughest tournement that you can go to as an underclassmen. I have been to AAU nationals and its not near the competition as it is in Fargo. You have to go to the team qualifier to enter it!! I think everyone should give it a shot if you want to get a scholarship to wrestle b/c there are several scouts there.

April 24, 1999
comments: Matt George placed 5th in Iowa and Jimmy Johnson failed to place.

April 22, 1999
From: wrestling fan
email: jmc1204@aol.com
comments: To J. Hughes-
Your Dragons appear to be well stocked for the future. Cameron is fortunate to participate in the OVAC. The competition of the OVAC will make them better. An overall top 5 finish in the OVAC tourney will virtually assure a State Championship. Good Luck.

April 22, 1999
comments: I would like to congratulate Jeff Courtney on his 1st place finish at 171 in Scranton at Eastern Nationals and Jonathan Delligatti for placing 3rd at 108

April 22, 1999
From: wrestlers dad
comments: Dont count greenbrier west out yet they still have a good team although they are losing all the state place winners they still have an outstanding group of wrestlers. Russel Simms and Troy Morello have been participating in all the open tourneys they can get to and practicing every day. I think that west will have another regional championship under there belts next year. Mike Callison is also growing stronger he unexpectedly wrestled very good last year among the states finest. also if they can get the big guy Nathaniel Hunter out next year he will be at least 3rd in the states in the heavywieght division.

April 22, 1999
From: 1999 senior wrestler
comments: To all the senior wrestlers of next year you better enjoy it while it lasts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

April 22, 1999
From: InTheKnow
Congrats to Ray Linger of Elkins who placed 1st in the intermediate 146 wt. bracket at the MAWA Eastern Nationals April 17th &18th at Scranton University, Scranton, PA. This brings Linger's overall stats to 381 wins, 62 loses, with 258 pins. Ray is from Norton, WV and attends Elkins Middle School.
Other wins include; WV Jr.State Wrestling Championships at Parkersburg - Champion in '93, '94, '96, '98
1 runner up and 3rd in '95, '99
WV Youth Wrestling Championships-Champion in '95, '96, '97, 98 and 3rd '99
Mason/dixon Jr. High Conf. Championships-Champion in '98, '99
AAU Tournament of Champions, Col. OH-runner up in '93
AAU National Championships, St. Louis, MO-3rd place in '97
AAU Southern National Championships, Raleigh, NC-Champion in '98
MAWA Eastern National Championships-Champion '99, '95 runner up

April 22, 1999
From: Jason Hayhurst
email: hayhurst@ruralnet.org
comments: anyone that wants to know what im wrestling at morgantown, i am wrestling the same weight ive wrestled all year. 125

April 22, 1999
From: wrestlingLOVER
comments: dont you think that it is too early in the year to brag about your team. lots of teams are going to be tough: oak glen, ritchie, wirt, ravenswood

April 22, 1999
From: Anthony Regalbuto
comments: I would like to congratulate Danny Lord for finishing 2nd at nationals this weekend. He lost to Ronny Tarquinio in the finals. Tarquinio beat Matt George two times doring the seson and Danny was only and 8th grader.

April 22, 1999
From: Jeff & Matt
email: cougar@citynet.net
comments: Congratulations to Chance Litton and Brandon Rader (Parkersburg Cougars) on there CHAMPIONSHIP WINS at the 1999 Eastern National Tournament " TOUGH STUFF ".

April 22, 1999
From: curious
comments: Does anyone know how Jimmy Johnson and Matt George did in Iowa? Also, I know its been a while but could someone post results for the Mason County open?

April 17, 1999
From: J Hughes
comments: Not exactly to toot our own horn but Cameron brings back 11 wrestlers next year, losing only 2 key seniors. One of these seniors had a back-up that could have placed at 135. Plus we had at least 5 good wrestlers out of the line-up due to competition. We have Brown back [35-5, 3rd at 103], R.Kupfer [37-4, 2nd at 112], J.O'Neil [6th at 119], T.Hughes [2nd in '98 at 112. Sick at state this year], Lucey [5th at 119 in '98.], J.Hughes [3x state placewinner 6th, 3rd, 2nd at 140] W.O'Neil [4th at 152]. We have 7 placewinners coming back plus state qualifiers Wood at 171 and Kotson at125 in '97. Add improving wrestlers McIlvain, Fullerton, J.Kotson, Meyer and Doty, and Cameron looks pretty tough to beat in'99-'00. The only seniors this year are Wood, Lucey ,Kotson, McIlvain, and J.Hughes so we'll probably still be tough when I'm in college. South Harrison has an uprising program but I don't think are ready to challenge Oak Glen and Cameron for a state title. What do you think about th subject? Please feel free to comment on the forum because this is just my opinion but I'm sticking to it.

April 16, 1999
From: jason hayhurst
email: hayhurst@ruralnet.org
comments: i am looking to participate in some summer wrestling , but i have no info as to where there are open tourns. if someone could e-mail me and tell me where there are i would realy appriciate it.

April 15, 1999
From: ar
comments: I was talking to the Easters and the Smiths this past weekend at the Eastern National Regionals at Millersville. They are not Cougars, the are Patriots. And congrat's to Mitch on a fine tournament. And also to Matt Easter who wrestled Advanced 93 and only weighed 86 pounds and still took first.

April 15, 1999
comments: Good Luck to Matt George (PHS) and Jimmy Johnson (Calhoun) who will be wrestling in Iowa this coming weekend.

April 12, 1999
From: Austin Weser
email: aweser@hotmail.com
comments: I need to know if their are any upcoming events in the Western Maryland, West Virginia area coming up soon for open competition for any age.

April 12, 1999
From: Chris Basford
email: Basford2@hotmail.com
comments: I am from the area of South Harrison, and I know a lot of their wrestlers. I am not sure what the person on this page was told about their program being a top three team next year. If you could, E-Mail me the rumor... I do know that they have a good bit of wrestlers coming back that will place high at states next season though. Justin Wright will be back after a season ended injury last season, Drew Toth gets better every time he wrestles, and Jeremy Wright is one of the better upper-weight wrestlers in the area. Also, Matt Jones will be back next season. He would have placed this season. I don't know, maybe these five wrestlers have enough to put them in the top five, you never know... I would also like to add that West Virginia should have a state duals tournament. I would have loved to wrestle in something like that with the teams that Grafton always had when it came to duals matches. In Fact, in the past six seasons, Grafton high has combined to a total of 130-37-1 duals match record. This should be something to talk about in the next state coaches-rules changes meetings. Thanks for your time

April 9, 1999
comments: I have been hearing alot of rumors......about South Harrison! If these rumors are true the other teams better just look out. If all this is true South Harrison will finish in the top 3 in the state next year!! and NO I dont go to South Harrison

April 9, 1999
From: Garrett
comments: Congratulations to all the athletes that participated in the 1999 World Folkstyle Nationals in Des Moines, Iowa . Brandon Rader 1st Place, Matt Stevens 3rd Place, losing to C.P. Schlatter in the semi's ( 6 - 3 )

April 9, 1999
From: Mankind
comments: Hey ROCK, I smell what you got cooking but when the smack is laid down, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If a student from Princeton or Hampshire decided to wrestle, what region would you put them in? Also, Calhoun may be #1, but they are A/AA, not AAA. Have a nice day.

April 4, 1999
comments: Yea who ever made that AAA regional thing must not follow wrestling to well. Cause neither Hampshire County or Princton Have teams. I think anyone who realy follows it would notice, cause we dont have that many teams in WV.

April 4, 1999
From: from Calhoun
comments: the person who suggested Regional Realignment you for got a good team Calhoun #1

April 4, 1999
comments: It seems a bit ironic that the Parkersburg Jr. State tourney was NOT listed on the youth/open wrestling page herein yet promptly sent in their results for posting. On the other hand, the Wheeling Jr. State tourney took full advantage of this website and even offered an on-line application to print. Yet, no one associated with this tourney has yet sent in the results. Seems a bit ungrateful if you ask me... These pages live on the voluntary submission of wrestling data by its users. As a parent who attended both, I can tell you that the parade of champions (as well as the introduction of those wrestling in the consolations) was much more organized in Parkersburg, although this may have been due to the additional day and time advantages. I did like the Olympic style, first thru sixth place staircase used to award trophies in Wheeling and the availability of a professional photograper.

April 4, 1999
When I took my sons to the Pitt-Johnstown at West Liberty wrestling dual this Feb. we noticed that painted on the wall of WLSC's wrestling room were the names of all WLSC's NAIA All Americans . I specifically recall seeing former Weir High 2-time state champion and its current head coach, Randy Pryor, being so honored. Randy first went to Arizona State then transferred back to WLSC. Perhaps an e-mail to Vince Monseau at West Liberty will get you started. Thanks again for the great job you do.

April 2, 1999
although it might be a short list, i would be interested in seeing a list of west virginia wrestlers who became collegiate all americans whether NAIA or NCAA
Editor's note: Anybody have any info?

April 2, 1999
comments: Regional Realignment
Here's an idea for regional realignment. Instead of four regions advancing four wrestlers, break it down to eight regions advancing two wrestlers. This would cut down travel time to attend a region, eliminate two day tournaments to one day and would help balance out the power. It's not perfect but here is a suggested AAA breakdown.

Region 1
John Marshall
Wheeling Park
Region 2
East Fairmont
North Marion
R.C. Byrd
Region 3
Fairmont Senior
Lewis County
Philip Barbour
Region 4
Region 5
George Washington
Parkersburg South
Roane County
South Charleston
Region 6
Point Pleasant
Spring Valley
Region 7
Cabell Midland
Herbert Hoover
St. Albans
Region 8
Greenbrier East
Nicholas County
Oak Hill
Princeton Senior
Woodrow Wilson

April 2, 1999
From: Randy
email: hhs_wrestling@yahoo.com
comments: Allow me to draw your attention to a website on HHS Wrestling. It also has a book Coach Archer wrote over 20 years ago -- A history of Huntington High wrestling 1922-1979. It also has some facts on the first high school match back in 1922. Congrats those WV wrestlers who wrestled this past weekend in Pittsburgh, and congrats to Jason and Alex also.
webpage url:

April 1, 1999
comments: I've been reading all the comments about the Jr. State Tournament, I can understand the early dead line. If I remember correctly they have a seeding meeting the week prior to the state. People need to get their forms in for that, a lot of paperwork needs to be done before this meeting happens. Then they nedd to get programs finished, If these things weren't done then someone would be complaining about that. If you were allowed to change weights, then what from keeping a wrestler from coming in looking at the weight class then thinking he can't win move somewhere else. Any big tournaments have entry dead lines two weeks prior to the tournament. This is a fact. Maybe a better system is out there, but right now I don't see a better way. I attended the tournament and my son didn't win. But I can see where they put a lot of time and effort in to make this a better tournament for the kids ( the parades for the places, t-shirts, letting kids have a good time). I enjoyed the tournament and will continue to take my son to Parkersburg. Let's just wrestle and have a good time doing it.

April 1, 1999
From: another (former) pee-wee parent
Youth Wrestling Mom makes a good point. As I recall, the entry deadline for the Parkersburg Youth States was something like two or three weeks before the tournament. Add time for the mail to get there (mail-ins only) and you have to pick a weight 3 or 4 weeks before the tournament. That makes it tough, because sometimes kids can fluctuate enough in 3 or 4 weeks time to throw them out of whack. They need to move the entry deadline closer to the tournament time, or let them change weights. You either have to pick a weight class high to be on the safe side, or starve the kids in the week before the tournament. Give the kids a break.

April 1, 1999
From: Jason Ward
email: Wreslfreak@aol.com
comments: I'd like to thank Bill and Rob Archer for taking the time to help me for Nationals. They played a tremendous role in my success. I'd also like to thank Tony Dickens for the many workouts I needed to prepare for the event. Tony was a wrestler for the Naval Academy where he received great honors. Between these men, I received a wealth of help. Thanks again.

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