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May 30, 1998
From: UHS fan
email: buster@westco.net
comments: Congratulations and good luck to all the wrestlers from University High who qualified to go to North Carolina.

May 27, 1998
From: talon
email: talon98@hotmail.com
comments: I just wanted to say that I'm sorry that I missed the tournament at University this weekend. From what I hear Chris Basford and Jason Seville made at least their tournament worth watching despite the low turnout. Also, I would like to know where all the senior wrestlers are going to college next year. I'm going to a school up in Chicago which (unfortunatly) does not have a wrestling team for me to watch, but I was just curious where everyone was going, whether you are wrestling in college or not. It seems like everyone is going to WVU. Well, if you are a senior, just write in here and say what your plans are - college and major, or email me. I'm just curious.......

May 27, 1998
From: Luchador
comments: can someone post the results, if any, of the NHSCA Tournment held in Morgantown last weekend

May 24, 1998
From: Jason Smith
email: bobafett48@hotmail.com
comments: I was just wondering why Spring Valley High School wasn't on the AAA Region map. It is a consolidation of Buffalo-Wayne, Vinson and Ceredo-Kenova High Schools. It is coached by Bruce Niday (Vinson) and the assistant coach is Chuck Angle (assistant coach from Buffalo and 1978 145 lb. state champion). It looks as though we will have a great team.
Editor's note: Good question. Information I received indicates that Spring Valley will be in AA/A Region III, and you will find them on the AA/A region map. However, information received earlier in the year indicated they will be AAA. So, there is some conflicting info as to whether the Timberwolves will be AAA or AA/A.

May 12, 1998
From: Chris Basford
email: UffiziCat2@aol.com
comments: I would like to ask for all high school wrestlers to come out and wrestle at the High School Open National Qualifier at University. This can be what you make it. If a lot of particapents come out, we can make this a great tournament. It is also another shot for the graduating class to get in a little more mat time in before there high school days are done. I hope to see you all there.

May 7, 1998
From: Brad Petracca
email: bapetracc@hotmail.com
comments: Congrats to Jack Flynt and the rest of his coaching staff for their accomplishments this year! Their contributions are paying off! Also, I would like to congratulate Ray Robe for being named East's new Pee-Wee coach. Good luck Ray!! Best Wishes to East Side!!

May 1, 1998
From: Ken Chertow
email: kchertow@vicon.net
comments: Congratulations to the East Fairmont boys who did so well at Tournament of Champions. That is obviously a program on the move. For those of you not familar with Tournament of Champions it is a huge, very competitive tournament. There were 2800 wrestlers this year from over 15 different states. 26 mats are used and it is well organized. I brought a group of 20 from State College and we fared well with 5 Champions.I also made time to coach some of my WV Students. Three won championships - Mitch Smith, Heath Graley and Seth Easter. I saw numerous other WV Kids doing well, yet it always bewilders me as to why more do not choose to attend. They are missing out on a very valuable experience. It is difficult to track everyones results, but if you are interested you may find results on Tournament of Champions web page at http://www.ohiotofc.com. Congratulations to Mitch, Heath and Seth, as well as all other WV boys who chose to participate.

April 29, 1998
From: Robert Hickman
email: SHickman@aol.com
comments: Any rumors on who will be the next assistant wrestling coach at WVU now that the word is out that Nate Carr is leaving?

April 29, 1998
From: Robert Hickman
email: SHickman@aol.com
comments: Congratulations to the eight East Fairmont kids who wrestled in the Tournament of Champions last weekend. Each kid won at least one match. A special congratulations to Eric Morris (1st), Eric Hinermann (1st), Steven Robe (4th) and Mason Bailey (5th) on placing in this prestigious event. East Fairmont is a team that started six years ago and won the Clarksburg State Tournament this year. What to do for an encore? Just watch new head coach Ray Robe. All eight of the above kids return with many others just as talented filling the line-up. GO GET'EM RAY. WE LOVE YA!!

April 28, 1998
From: Jason Ward
comments: I'd like to recognize Jason "The Cowboy Machine" Green, a former wrestler, and star football player at West Virginia Wesleyan University on his second place finish in their intramural tournament! He is a good friend of mine, and supported me throughout the season.

April 28, 1998
From: Jenny Sullivan
email: sullivj2@oak.cats.ohiou.edu
comments: Congratulations to Jason Johnson of Parkersburg South, who has been named this year's Dutton Award winner.

April 24, 1998
From: The Editor:
This is from the "duh" department.
I deleted last year's Academic All-State and Honor Roll names. (The first list, from 1997-98). If anyone would happen to have a copy of the team list, I would appreciate if you could FAX me a copy.

April 24, 1998
From: Jim LeMaster
comments: Thanks to Coach Archer for posting the new rules changes. There are a couple that will have a definite impact on the sport. Also on behalf of all the Middle School and Jr. High coaches out there thanks for the 189 class. It has been needed for a long time. I sent an e-mail to Mr. Van Gilder in the hopes that he would bring it up again. If this was the case, I can't thank you enough. Congratulations to Jason Ward for his big freestyle win in Brockport New York. and . . . to Midlands super seniors for their professional quality highlight video. To all those fans who have asked about Dave's knee, he was finally released completely by both the Dr. and Physical Therapy today and can hardly weight for next season.

April 24, 1998
From: Homer Southwood
comments: You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours...
If one of the reasons West Virginia has a poor showing at Nationals is financial, maybe the vendors who make a profit off of our sons and daughters at the State Wrestling Tournament could sponsor the wrestlers at the Nationals. The vendors who have contracts on videotaping, merchandise sales and concessions could be the ones to pay for transportation, hotel rooms and meals for the wrestlers at Nationals. If sponsers were found for the finances of wrestlers, maybe it would encourage more of them to participate at Nationals.

April 24, 1998
comments: From: Wrestling Fan Could anyone tell me more about the tornament that is going to be held at University High in Morgantown, May 23? I would really like to know approximately how many wreslters will be there and if there will be some intense competition?

April 24, 1998
From: Eric Frazier
email: I would for a correction to be made on the "top wrestlers" page for the year of 1998. I have a record of 39 wins and three losses not 29 wins and 3 losses.
I would also like to congratulate Jason Ward, my neighbor, on his outstanding achievements for throughout his wrestling and academic careers. GO KNIGHTS!

April 20, 1998
From: Midland Fan
comments: A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Jason Ward for his recent victory at the USA Northeastern Tournament in Brockport, New York, where he went 8-0....all but one match being won by Jason by a tech-fall

April 20, 1998
From: Denny Lebec
email: dlebec@hotmail.com
comments: Are there any wrestlers from West Virginia wrestling in the Tournament Of Champions on April 25.

April 18, 1998
From: Tucker Brown
Are any of the Patriot Junior Wrestling Club wrestlers or other WV wrestlers competing in the AAU Ironman Championships in Ann Arbor, Michigan on May 23, 24, and 25. I am wrestling in the tournament and would like to know if any other WV wrestlers are going to compete in this tournament?

April 16, 1998
From: Nick Busick
email: bu118@ovnet
comments: My wife and I recently opened Big Bullys Bar & Grill. The format of business is wrestling. Anyone having 8x10 pictures of themselves or a friend wrestler that they want posted to the wall of fame, please send it to:
Big Bullys Bar & Grill
861 Main Street
Follansbee, WV 26037
All the best to everyone!

April 16, 1998
From: Alan Barnette
email: billybobsmith@msn.com
comments: Aaron Barnette of Sophia finished 2nd at the AAU Folkstyle Nationals at Pontiac Michigan.We would like to see all WV wrestlers that wrestled in this tournament recognized if anyone has this information.

April 16, 1998
From "wilbur h schenerlein" <scheny@wirefire.com>
A good friend of mine who lives in the Clarksburg area has shown a great interest in wrestling. He coached at Clarksburg Notre Dame last year. Having only one kid on the team he was still able to wrestle 41 times and went to the consolation quarters at states before losing. He was so dedicated that he was the only partner for this kid to wrestle with and worked hard with him everyday. He was a wrestler at Parkersburg High School in the early eighties and went on to wrestle and play football at West Point. Having many friends in the wrestling arena he would be able to accomplish many positive things for a program (state and national recognition, challenging schedule, build good feeder and junior high programs, summer wrestling programs and travel to summer tournaments, motivate people and kids to love the sport). His name is Thomas Haislop and would be a dedicated asset to any program. He has shown much interest in Bridgport and R.C. Byrd High Schools. A word of advice to these two schools, take advantage of this opportunity while it's still on the table. If you have questions and can't reach Tom, you can e-mail me at scheny@wirefire.com. I'm in the e-mail directory, I'm an assistant at Parkersburg High and would be glad to help. His e-mail address is tatertots@usa.net.

April 14, 1998
comments: The Patriot Junior Wrestling Club took 16 wrestlers to the AAU Folkstyle Nationals held this past weekend at Pontiac, MI and came home with 4 champions and 10 total placewinners. National Champions- Seth Easter, Aaron Kelley, Chad Porter and Mitch Smith. 2nd Place- Matthew Easter. 3rd Place- Shane Grogg. 4th Place- Anthony Easter and Jacob Frerichs. 5th Place- Kyle Walters. 6th Place- Lucas Wilkening. The tournament drew 2515 wrestlers from 34 states.

April 12, 1998
From: Jackson County Fan
comments: Adam King, a junior from Ripley, also surpassed the 100 win milestone this past season, posting a 50-6 record, and a career 106-35 record.

April 12, 1998
From: R.S.
comments: As being one of the very few lucky enough people to have the pleasure of watching Mike Mason wrestle in the NCAA, I wonder when there might be just another one like Mike. He was one of only two true native West Virginians in the NCAA, the other Mark Samples. Yet in that level of wrestling the demand for wrestlers from West Virginia is low. Before I went to nationals I thought that we had good wrestling for our size of state, but sad to say I was wrong. It's not that we do not have the potential to have more people at that level, we do -- but it will to take a lot. Most kids who wrestle in West Virginia play other sports and do not wrestle in the summer. That is when the champions are made -- it's not in February, it's in July. I wrestled in high school with Mike Mason and all he did was wrestle or train for wrestling. He worked very hard for what he got and it was no surprise to me that he accomplished what he did.

Yet there are many things that also hurt West Virginia. The Coaches of high schools can't work with their kids over the summer. I do not mean full blown practices, I mean get together once or twice a week. Just to get on the mat and roll around. Coaches can't even take their kids to a camp. West Virginia needs to get more kids to wrestle on the Junior National level because that's were most of your recruiting is done now, not during the wrestling season (well at least in our state). I also do not think that a lot of kids are getting in to good lifting programs. I once heard that what it takes to be a state champ in West Virginia is being strong. I agree with that for the most part but there is a lot of room for improvement.

Lets face it -- wrestling is not the glamour sport in our state like basketball or football. It's not one where kids wake up the next morning and read their name in the paper for wining the big match. Up at the NCAA there was between 1,500 to 2,000 fans from Iowa alone. A land were Dan Gable is held in highest esteem. Really how many people in West Virginia know that WVU finished 7th as a team or they had three All- Americans, one in the finals and one of its native sons placing third. Really no one except for the people who really want to know. There has to be more promotion of the sport in the state before it can really excel.

April 9, 1998
From: Jenny Sullivan
E-mail: sullivj2@oak.cats.ohiou.edu
Brice Cogar and Matt Reed (both of Lewis County) also reached the 100-win mark this year, with 114 and 103 wins respectively. Cogar's 114 wins set a new school record at Lewis County High School.

April 8, 1998
From: Daniel Blevins
email: msurbaug@access.k12.WV.US
comments: The tournament in Iaeger has been postponded to a later undetermined date

April 8, 1998
From: Wrestling Fan
comments: Matt Stevens and Clayton Samples are great wrestlers! They are interesting to watch. Matt had a challenging match at the WV Jr. State Championships in Parkersburg this year with another great wrestler, Roger Kupfer, (6x Jr. State Champ). That match was worth watching and they both showed great sportsmanship. Kupfer beat Clayton Samples in the Semi-Finals. Roger Kupfer will be a freshman at Cameron next year. 112 lb.? 103 lb.? Tucker Brown, freshman at Cameron next year may be at 103 lb.?

April 5, 1998
From: Jason Ward
email: Wreslfreak@aol.com
comments: In response to the discussion of facilities, I do agree with Mr. Berry in the fact that WV is lacking facilities as compared to states such as Ohio and Pennsylvania, where there are wrestling clubs every 20 miles or so. However, like Mrs. Reed said, dedication can overcome this problem. I know Alex has been to several of the same tournaments as I have, and if has paid off for him as well as several other standouts in WV. Dedicated wrestlers have to get in touch with one another, if having to drive a couple of hours to get good workouts. After Ken Chertow moved to Pa, I know that I have had difficulty finding people to wrestle with. However, I do have a good partner in Tony Dickens, who was an All-American greco-roman wrestler from the Naval Academy. Mr. Dickens takes his time on top of work and a family to come and practice with me. I also bring in guys from hours away to come spar. If a wrestler wants to become a standout, within this state and nationally, they have to take the initiative themselves, and make a commitment to traveling to tournaments and practices. I make several trips to Dayton, Oh to train with Jeff Jordan and his state championship team St. Paris Graham. At times, traveling the country to participate in tournaments and training sessions can seem to be a hassle, however, it pays great dividends in the end.

April 5, 1998
comments: Man I heard of two great freshmen coming up from Parkersburg. One, Matt Stevens is a 2X Nat.champ, 3x Eastern Nat. champ, and 5x state champ. The other is Clayton Samples. Look for these two to secure the 112lbs. and 103lbs. spots for PHS next year.

April 4, 1998
From: Marty Reed
email: RReed1@aol.com
. comments: Mr. Berry, I do not intend to continue a running discourse about the lack of facilities and coaches for dedicated wrestlers. I am, however, not a man. I am Alex Reed's mother, and I know that you know Alex. Anyway, Alex is having absolutely no trouble finding wrestling partners, facilites and coaches. His HS coaches can not help him out of season because that is in direct violation of the WVSSAC. But he has people helping him anyway. So you see, if the wrestler truly wants to wrestle during the off-season and go to tournaments and be coached, they can because the good people of West Virginia are happy to help. End of my discussion.

April 2, 1998
From: eb
email: Berry@citynet.net
comments: To the editor and Mr. Reed::
I do not question our state high school wrestlers dedication. What I questioned was their access to facilities, coaches, and training partners. In a previous post there was some concern about our showing at the High School Nationals and the lack of participants from the Mountain State. The statement that it was "demeaning" to question our kids dedication is misguided. Read my post...that was not the intention...especially in the case of Mr. Basford.

April 2, 1998
From: Jenny Sullivan
E-mail: sullivj2@oak.cats.ohiou.edu
Zach Kerns and Lonnie Sharp (both of Elkins) each reached the 100-win mark this year, ending their careers with 115 victories each.

While we're on the subject of career victories, does anybody out there know what the WV high school record for career victories is?

April 1, 1998
From: wv fan
comments: Does anybody have any results of the mason county tournament on march 21 at pt. pleasant high school. I was interested in results and curious to see how many women participated in the event. Thanks....

April 1, 1998
From: Marty Reed
email: RReed01@aol.com
comments: This is in reference to the discussion about the importance of High School Nationals in Pittsburgh as opposed to the State Wrestling Tournament. For many of the wrestlers the State Tournament is the finale of their HS wrestling careers. For many, they have already started another season of another sport. To say that any of these athletes is less than dedicated is demeaning. These men worked hard to compete and succeed at the States and if these athletes want to go on and wrestle in college they can and will receive interest from colleges both in state and out. However, if they want to go to big schools such as Penn State, Ohio State, etc. they will get much more recognition if they wrestle at the HS Nationals or any of the Freestyle and Greco Nationals held this spring and summer. I for one, congratulate all these atheletes and wish them best of luck in the future.

April 1, 1998
Editor's note: With the college season over, can someone help us update the page "Now wrestling in College." Send along any updates you may have so we can keep this page buffed up.
Also, you may follow this link to a recent article from Mountaineer Illustrated, "Joy in the Journey, Mike Mason Eyes the Prize."

April 1, 1998
From: EB
comments: To Chris Basford:
A few questions relating to your post on March 30:
1. Is it possible our WV kids didn't fare as well as other states because of the lack of training partners, coaches, and facilities after the state tourney?
2. Do you think wrestlers and coaches consider the National event in Pittsburgh less important than the state tourney?
I hope the answers are no...but in terms of scholarships...Is it possible that for a high school senior, the National Tourney in Pittsburgh could be more influential in securing academic opportunities than our own State Tournament?

Editor's note: Allow me to step in here and play "forum referee" for a moment. In regards to Question #2, my friend Chris would have no way of knowing what other wrestlers and coaches think about the Pittsburgh event, and so he will be excused if he chooses to dodge that question (smile). He doesn't get paid enough to try to speak for all those people.

We certainly should be proud of all the wrestlers who choose to enter the Pittsburgh tournament. For those who don't enter, we should not think poorly of them - many already have other career plans which do not include wrestling at the next level. If we as parents and fans harbor any expectations that seniors who qualify for the Pittsburgh event SHOULD enter, ...

a) We should consider that there is some expense involved for entry fee, travel, and hotel accomodations. I am told that some wrestlers must come up with their own financial arrangements.
b) This event leads to another missed day of school. As it is now during the season, wrestlers miss two days for the states, usually one day for the regionals, and perhaps 2 or 3 other days for other tournaments during the season. Wrestlers easily miss five days of school during the season (I bet some miss even more) -- and, with the advent of "block scheduling" which many schools have, a missed day is the equivalent of two regular days. This adds up to the equivalent of two weeks of missed school as it is now. I often wish we could have a state "team duals" tournament as other states do, but we must remember that this will cost our kids another 2 or 3 days of missed classes, and that's another story .....

April 1, 1998

comments: Can anyone tell me more about the national qualifier that is held in Morgantown at University High School. Is it a big tournament? Is there a lot of competion there?

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