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December 9, 1997
From: D. Satterfield
email: dsatter2@wvu.edu
comments: I would just like to let people know that all this talk about HHS and CM has got to stop - the state tournament will always be dominated by a Parkersburg team. I think a lot of people are counting the Big Reds out but they have some very talented kids on that team. I don't know how many people know this but there is a sophomore by the name of Matt George; he is mentioned one time in the polls and at a weight that's not the right one. The weight he plans on wrestling is 119 lbs but will probably wrestle 125 the first couple of matches. I had a chance to wrestle him over Thanksgiving break and he's a hard-nosed kid with a killer instinct. I'm sure everybody remembers Dave Fleming, the 119 lb state champ and outstanding wrestler in the 1991-92 states - well, this kid is just like him. Of course there's another person everybody leaves out and that's Billy Guice. Did everybody forget that he gave J. Jackson some rough matches last year? That's something you should think about. He will wrestle 145 or 152. Still another wrestler everyone is failing to mention is Marty Collins. Although he did poorly at the state tournament last year, due to the fact that 7 days prior to the states he had appendicitis and was rushed to the hospital for surgery, he still gave the kid from Capital a match (with stitches still in). He will wrestle 145 for a while and than make the drop to 135.

December 9, 1997
From: Steven "Conehead" McCarty
email: smccarty@wvu.edu
comments: Anybody with information about what teams are attending the Max Horz Holiday Invitational feel free to send them to me or post them on the board. I would be highly appreciative. To Horace Blankenship, sorry I didn't stop by and see you over Thanksgiving, but I'll be sure to drop in over Christmas. I would also like to wish a speedy recovery to Justin Underwood. He not only showed great wrestling skills during the post-season last year, but he also demonstrated poise that was not likely to come from a sophomore in his first regional and state tournament performance. I hope you get well soon. Finally I would like to give a warning to all AA/A 160 lbers. in the state. Although it might not be the toughest weight classes overall in the AA/A, it certainly has a good core at the top. Look for the competition to get intense in the post-season if defending state champ Adam Blevins stays in this weight class along with consolation champ Josh Kuykendahl and 171 pound Region II champ Jason Waugh all stay in this weight class.

December 9, 1997
From: Petersburg Fan
comments: After observing the predictions for AA this year, I think all of you are leaving out a very worthy contender: Petersburg. They have an extremely strong middle weights and should be watched closely this year. I believe they will do very well.

December 8, 1997
From: knowing fan
comments: Roane Counties Adam Webb will most likely miss the entire season with the injury he has sustained.

December 8, 1997
comments: I'd like to congratulate HHS for it's two victories over Roane Co. and Nicholas Co. Roane is a very tough team and I think that HHS does have a shot at the state tournament this year. Like a lot of other people I was a bit skeptical about a team down south maybe have a shot at the state championship, but after Huntingtons and Midlands season openers I have a litte bit more faith in the south Midland would've, and should've, bit South but Coffey missed weight by .2. Jenny Sullivan said that South didn't come down there to wrestle but I disagree. They did wrestle but they just are as good as past South teams. Hopefully we will see who's better in the HHS/Midland rivalry this Sat. Well that's all for now. Good luck to all teams and individuals this season.

December 8, 1997
From: Wrestling Coach
comments: To Observationist
If I am not mistaken both of Roane Co. 275 (Williams and Greathouse) have graduated. I feel Hennesey will be atop 275. From what I understand he wrestles in the off-season just as much as anyone in the state of WV. I have not heard if Roane has any 275 wrestlers this year. Also what is the status on Roane Co. 189 (Webb). I heard he broke his wrist.

December 8, 1997
From: AA coach
comments: The AA-A wrestlers are ready to wrestle (contrary to popular belief from most AAA fans) and will be in full action starting this weekend. After competing in a scrimmage at St. Marys there is something that all the fans should realize-- once again the LKC will be tough. Teams that competed were: St. Marys, Ravenswood, Ritchie, and Tyler Cons. All teams wrestled well. Tyler is the only school that is not LKC. With these three and Wirt, Calhoun, Braxton and the rest the LKC is one of the toughest conferences on all levels. The LKC is in St. MArys this year.
If anyone is looking to see some of these teams in action they will be wrestling this weekend at Ritchie Co. in a duels Tourn. The action starts at 10:00 on Sat. Teams: Ritchie, St.Marys, Ravenswood, Wirt, Winfield, South Harrison, Calhoun, and Sissonville

December 7, 1997
From: Nick Busick
email: bu118@ovnet.com
comments: Congratulations to the meet directors and staff and the Grady Oldham youth tournament this weekend. Great Job! I also agree about the AA/A comment last posted.

December 7, 1997
From: just wondering....
comments: Does anyone have the results of the Roane-Huntington-Nicholas- Dupont quad from Friday night...and if so, could you post them please!!!

December 7, 1997
comments: I was at the Petersburg, Fort Hill, Allegheny scrimmage and I was really impressed with the Petersburg Vikings. I think this could be one of the best years that Petersburg has had in a long while. So, keep it up Petersburg and I will try to keep up with you guys and see if I was right

December 7, 1997

December 6, 1997
From: Tom Brooks
comments: I want to thank Roane Co High School for hosting a quality Tri Meet. A good crowd, good organization and quality officiating made for an outstanding event. Roane Co. High is a Class wrestling team and a class program. As a Huntington High fan I appreciated having the wrestlers anounced with weight classes and the score board showing both TEAM and match scores.

December 5, 1997
From: Coach Blankenship
comments: Justin, On behalf of my entire team I would like to wish you a healthy and speedy recovery. I hope you have the opportunity to defend your regional title.

December 5, 1997
From: Justin Underwood
comments: The rumor about me being injuried before my last football game is true. On Nov. 2 I fell asleep while driving my Explorer. I didn't wake up until my car was already in the medium. My Explorer flipped twice and rolled nine times. It flipped and rolled for nearly 100 yards in the other lane of the interstate. I dislocated my shoulder, broke my arm in two places, cracked my scapula, broke two of my ribs; one which caused my right lung to be punctured almost colapsing, and brused my left lung. I spent one night in ICU, two nights in Trauma, and three other nights in the hosptial.

As of now, my lungs are back to normal and my breathing is alright. I attend therapy three days a week. I no longer have to wear a cast: except for a sleeping cast when I sleep. As for how long will I be out of wrestling for, it is still to early to tell. My docter say that I more-than-likely will be back before Regionals.(hopefully) Until then, I will continue to lift weights and continue with my rehab.
Editor's note: Assuming that this post is legit (and if it isn't, someone has a very twisted sense of humor), I'm sure I speak for everyone in wishing you a speedy recovery)..

December 5, 1997
From: Jenny Sullivan E-mail: reklus@juno.com
I just want to be the first South fan to publically congratulate Cabell Midland on an excellent job last night. It's obvious your team came out to wrestle and ours didn't. Off-season wrestling has really paid off for several of your team members. I wasn't the only South fan there who was impressed either. I think even my fellow "South fan" who often contributes to this forum would have to agree (if he was there) that this team means business.
I'm planning to go to Spencer tonight for the Roane/Huntington/Nicholas match, so we'll see if the Highlanders make the same impression on me that the Knights did. If so, I may have to make another trip to Cabell County when the big dual comes around...

December 5, 1997
From: Coach Sparks email: esparks@access.k12.wv.us
comments: The Midland - South dual was a great match to start the year. For anyone who missed the action the match ended 37 to 35 with a victory going to South. The matches were split 7 to 7. Besides some great matches on the mat the second greatest thing was that there were over 750 people in the stands to cheer for their team. The people from Parkersburg (South) came in large numbers and cheered loudly. The people from Midland caught the spirt and cheered just as loud. The match atmosphere was great not only was it a close match through out the dual and not decided until the last match but the spirt of our sport was raised a notch at least in the southern part of the state. The South team are great athletes and there coaching staff, with it's new leader, are great sportsmen and leaders The South fans as always were great. But this time the Midland fans and especially the students of Midland recieve my hardest THANKS for there great support. What a great way to kick off the season. My thoughts and prays are only that the rest of the season can be as great as the begining!

December 4, 1997
From: gatekeeper
comments: I'm very sorry Midland night rider or what ever your name is but Midland will not win states and they're not the best in the universe

December 4, 1997
From: Observationist
comments: I am sorry but Kerns is not going to win the state tournament this year. I saw him get pinned in the first period by Bill Andrews at a tri meet in Petersburg. Andrews was the AA/A runner-up though. Does this mean that AAA might be slipping a little? I also saw Hennessey from Nicholas wrestle on several occasions. If you ask me (and I am sure you're not) watch out for the heavyweights from Roane Co., they where more impressive than Kerns or Hennessey.

December 4, 1997
From: Homer Southwood
comments: Tidbits.
WVU has their 1997-98 team roster posted on their WEB site. There are several state wrestlers on the team with a picture of former Williamstown grappler Mike Mason adorning their banner page. Huntington's Ken Chertow has the featured "Move of the Week" on Pennsylvania's High School WEB site. You can visit these WEB sites by clicking from WV-MAT front page's "Other Wrestling Links." Former Parkersburg South's 2-time State Champion Zach Hasse is battling for a starting position on University of Pittsburgh's wrestling team. Zach has injured an ankle and will be sidlined for a few weeks but is expected to break into the starting lineup on his return at 118. He is on Academic Scholarship at Pitt.
Editor's note: Thanks for the scoop on Zach Hasse. If anybody has any info on other WV wrestlers now wrestling in college, let us know and perhaps we can keep track of such.

December 3, 1997
comments: It seems many individuals are asking questions about the upper-weights in the state (AAA). As several people have predicted, Kerns seems to be the most logical choice as the 1998 champ at HWT. However, it seems that many of the predictors have failed to conduct any serious research in this weight class. I will give the edge to Mike Hennessey of Nicholas County. He won Region 4 last year, and even though he did not wrestle a good state tournament (2-2, two losses in over time to eventual state placers) he will win this year's tournament. He faced Kerns once last year, the result was a 6-2 win for Hennessey. Watch out! I love finding the early season underdog, but I am sure as the season continues he will gather more respect. By the way, congratulations to WV native MIKE MASON! He is ranked fourth in the nation at 150 and currently undefeated. We all hope you can repeat your all-american performance again Mike.

December 3, 1997
From: Red Devil
comments: For those AA/A fans who want to know, look for Calhoun's Jimmy Johnson to be at 112, Eric McCartney at 130, Josh Ramsey at 152, and Jeremy Boatright to be at 215. All have legit. chances to place high in state competition. Look for more than one to be in the finals when the time rolls around.

December 3, 1997
From: a wondering fan
comments: Rumor is that Justin Underwood, for Braxton, was hurt before his last football game. Any word on how long he will be out if at all.

December 3, 1997
From: Jim LeMaster
comments: Gee Whiz? What"s next? Now we have a rivalry over who's got the best rivalry? Maybe next we can see who has the best looking singlets? Mayber a Ms. Mat Maid competition? All kidding aside, even as a Midland fan I have to defer to the PBURG - SOUTH rivalry. Midland and HHS are great rivals, but this one has to stand the test of time and draw the fans that our neighbors from upriver do to equal their standard. The spirits are as high, the action as heated, and the matches close, but the gym is not exactly jam packed. Interest in wrestling in our area is growing, the skill level is rising and we are gaining. To quote the immortal Satchel Paige, "Don't look back, something may be gaining on you!"

The fact that the interest is high in the Midland - Highlander rivalry (Man, I glad they got rid of that Pony Express logo! - Are you out there Buffalo Bill?) is evidenced by the volume of posts on this site from fans of the two schools.

I have it from a very reliable source that the MEXICANO postings are bogus! An imposter is trynig to create locker room bulletin board fodder . . . will the REAL MEXICANO please enter and sign in please.

I look forward to all the match scores that will be posted . . . let's cooperate with the sysop and e-mail them to the board.

Finally, thanks for the comparison to Marshall Fans even if it was a left handed compliment. The reality check is the MU has won more games in the 90's than any team in the nation. Let's don't get into football or heaven forbid basketball. Did you ever wonder why MU isn't adding a wrestling program? Can you say Title IX?

December 3, 1997
From: Homer Southwood
comments: I DON'T THINK SO!
CM-HHS may have a good local rivalry, but the South-PHS dual draws state interest because the winner is the front runner to win the AAA State. That's what makes it the top rivalry in the State, no matter which way it goes or how one sided it is. CM-HHS rivalry in this state is on a par with the Harvard-Yale football rivalry is to the national football world... it only interests those involved. You guys act similiar to Marshall fans, you need a reality check.

The South-CM is definitely the biggest thing happening in the state wrestling world this week but what is being overshadowed and buried is the Coach Rod Oldham Memorial Youth Tournament on Dec. 6th. For those to young to remember Coach Oldham, he is one of leading pioneers in the state's sport by promoting West Virginia Wrestling outside of the state. Coach Oldham with his good friend, Coach Bill Archer from Huntington, were the first to organize state wrestling teams that traveled outside of the state and overseas. He also organized international teams to visit this state to wrestle our state's best. Most of us only remember him by seeing his name beside many State Championship wrestlers and teams, but Coach Oldham opened the door for many young men outside of our state's boundary. The tournament named in his honor, used to be one of the premier youth tournaments in the area, being a qualifier tournament and drawing top wrestlers from Ohio, Pennsylvania and Kentucky as well as West Virginia's own.

I was saddened to see Harpers Ferry Jr. High looking for some matches this weekend because this would have been a good tournament to get some experience under their belts. The tournament is in a restructuring phase, being under new leadership, but there are men like Tim Dowler who are commited to keeping Coach Oldham's contibution to the state's wrestling world alive. Every youth wrestling coach in the state should have this tournament earmarked on an annual basis and try to give back to Coach Oldham's name what he gave to this State, and that is wrestling as we know it today.

December 2, 1997
comments: I have become upset with the mass of comments circulating criticizing CM and Huntington wrestlers for their excessive comments. These comments along with the consolidation of the two schools has made this rivalry the most heated in the state (No disrespect P'Burg and South, just yours is a bit one-sided recently). It is this rivalry that has pushed these two schools to become two of the top schools in WV; and the wrestlers are very proud of what they have accomplished. Keep the comments coming; and when the two of you finally meet let's hope it lives up to all the hype. GO KNIGHTS!!

December 2, 1997
From: Jesco Wrestler
comments: Homer Southwood poses an interesting question, quality vs quantity. There is a way to determine the quality of a team's performance in a tournament simply by taking the total number of team points scored and dividing that total by the number of wrestlers (or qualifiers) the team had wrestling. For example, since Huntington's 10 qualifiers at last year's state tourney scored a total of 103.5 team points; 103.5 divided by 10 = 10.35, rounded up = a score of 10.4. Here are the "quality" rankings based on last year's AAA team scores, using teams with a minimum of 6 qualifiers...

RK    TEAM          AVG    
 1  Parkbg South    16.4   (229.5/14)
 2  Parkersburg     15.4   (92.5/6)
 3  Fairmont Sr     14.4   (143.5/10)
 4  John Marshall   14.1   (126.5/9)
 5  Wheeling Park   11.3   (124.5/11)
 6  Huntington      10.4   (103.5/10)
 7  Jefferson        8.9   (80.5/9)
 8  North Marion     8.5   (84.5/10)
 9  Roane County     7.1   (85.0/12)
10  Brooke           6.8   (47.5/7)
11  Cabell Midland   5.9   (77.0/13)
12  Point Pleasant   5.5   (49.5/9)
13  Lewis County     4.9   (39.0/8)
14  Herbert Hoover   4.4   (35.0/8)
14  Hedgesville      4.4   (30.5/7)
16  Capital          4.2   (25.0/6)
17  Ripley           3.6   (25.5/7)
18  Nicholas County  3.5   (21.0/6)
19  University       2.1   (15.0/7)
20  Nitro            0.1   (1.0/7)

So there you have it, the best pound for pound quality teams from last year in AAA. Not surprisingly, the 2 Wood County schools top the list. Notice, Homer, that Point Pleasant ranks below both Huntington and Cabell Midland, allthough their avg is close to Midland's. South had not only the most qualifiers at 14, but got more out of their wrestlers than any other team.

Now for a quick breakdown by Region...

1 Region 1    11.51   (644.5/56) 
2 Region 2     7.88   (441.5/56)
3 Region 3     5.18   (290.0/56)
4 Region 4     5.01   (280.5/56)

Hope this doesn't seem confusing...
Good luck to all WV wrestlers on a successful and injury-free season!

December 2, 1997
From: Buffalo Bill Cody
comments: When was the last time Point Pleaseant did anything in the state? ... (snip) ... no disrespect to Coach Bender or the Roane Co. Raiders, not only did Huntington hand Roane their only loss in dual meet competition ... (snip) ... Point ... would have to have a incredible year to climp to the top of "the hill" ... (snip)
go highlanders see everyone thursday!!!!!!!!!
buffalo bill cody out!!!!!!!!!for the last time
Editor's note: And no disrespect to our friend Buffalo Bill, but I think we have just about beat the Cabell Co. vs Mason Co. topic to death for now (smile) ...

December 2, 1997
From: vincent longshanks
comments: To Mr.FS
I apologize for leaving Fairmont Senior out of my team poll. It was strictly an error on my part. I must have just overlooked FS. I have made a new team poll that should make you happy:
Parkersburg South
John Marshall
Fairmont Senior
North Marion
Wheeling Park
Cabell Midland
Point Pleasant
Roane County

December 1, 1997
From: Coach Sparks, Cabell Midland
comments: The match between South and Midland starts at 7:00... hope everone can come out and watch the '97 -'98 season kick off.
Good Luck to eveyone and kudos to Doc for such a great site ... Let the games begin!!

December 1, 1997
From: Old and Tired
comments: Just a question for Buffalo Bill and the others who keep blowing the horn for Huntington and Midland...When was the last time (either) team won the state? ... no state team titles...makes you say hmmmm.. By the way I'm the one who picked Point and Roane

December 1, 1997
From: Mason County Jr.
Homer hit the nail on the head when ranking his state poll based on state tournament performance and not on who has the better dual team. The state tournament is not a dual tournament and therefore state polls should not be based on dual results, but on who has better quality wrestlers. Based on the schools population in Cabell County as compared to Point Pleasant, Point has always gotten "More from Less" at the state tournament and based on returners from last years states, they deserved to be ranked ahead of Huntington and deserve some respect instead of put downs from the Cabell County Pups. When States roll around at the end of February and the real Big Dogs from up North come to Huntington, all the barking from Cabell County will cease and the bite from little dogs like Point, Roane County, Jefferson, Hedgesville,etc... will be felt.

December 1, 1997
From: Bob Wilson
email: monarch@ovnet.com
comments: Here is the line-up for John Marshall this year
103 - Jerry Willams
112 - open
119 - Pat Mull
125 - Matt Kotsen
130 - Brad Ebert
135 - Josh Chaplin (5th at 135)
140 - Shane Riggle
145 - Ben Wills
152 - Jeremy Adkins (4th 145)
160 - Bob Wilson (2nd at 160)
171 - Tim Jones
189 - Curt Doyle
215 - Josh Supernott
Hwt - Brett Gray

This team lost the big names last year but they will be better rounded this year and I think they will have a shot at the state title this year.

December 1, 1997
From: HHS Fan
comments: To Jesco wrestler: You requested line-ups for your first poll. This is Huntingtons line-up from what I know so far. 103-Ryan Fullen
112-Zach Myers
119-J.C. Chirgwin (6th at 119 last year)
125-Joe Thorpe (2nd at 112 2 years ago)
130-John Neal
135-Jason Singleton
140-Shannon Jeffers
145-Nathan Bexfield (Region Champion)
160-Blake Cicenas
171-Joey Blair (Region Champion)
189-Josh Blair
215-Jason Cox
275-Craig Morgan

December 1, 1997
From: Homer Southwood
comments: Congrats to the fan who picked Point Pleasant over Cabell Midland and Huntington. To those of you who asked how they can do this, the answer is quality over quantity. Point Pleasant may not win the duals and may place 3rd in the weakest region in the state, but having bragging rights in the Kanawha Valley doesn't mean much when it comes to the State Tournament. If you notice in my regionals polls compared to my State poll, I had John Marshall and Point Pleasant finishing third in their regions but placing ahead of their second place opponents in the state poll. Back in the 80s, when Parkersburg South was going through one of their dry spells, they sent four wrestlers to the state tournament and manage a 5th place finish. Region 3 is the weakest region in the state and Cabell Midland proved this last year by sending 13 wrestlers to the state and only placing 10th. So it won't surprise me to see Point Pleasant have a Cinderella story in the state tournament and finish ahead of some of the teams that beat up on them in their region.

December 1, 1997
From: Homer Southwood
comments: I apologize for not mentioning Buchannon-Upshur as they are also seeded third in their region but overtake 2nd seed Herbert Hoover in the State Poll. In summary, "Get the most out of your wrestlers instead of having the most wrestlers at States."

December 1, 1997
From: Jenny Sullivan email: reklus@juno.com
comments: Our papers should list South's lineup either on Wednesday or Thursday. If so, I'll send it this way!

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