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December 10, 1999
comments: To all the Williamstown fans
Why are saying we are going to win states????? We beat St. Marys and Magnoilia last night. Yes it is good to win but we have nothing to brag about. The season is early many things can happen. We are a very young team and have a long way to go. I want us to win just as much as anyone but we just got to take it one match at a time.

December 10, 1999
From: tapout
comments: To the NORTH MARION FAN: don't be mislead participant eligibility had a major factor in the PHS match due to the football State Championship lets do it again sometime soon.

December 10, 1999
From: St. Marys fan
comments: We wrestled Will. last night and got beat pretty bad. the thing about Williamstown is that they have a lot of heart. One kid on there team got beat pretty bad but hung in there all 3 rounds. .... I just wanted to say good job to Williamstown. BUT THE DEVILS WILL GET YOU NEXT TIME.

December 10, 1999
comments: Here is the Braxton County line up:
103 Matt Morris
112 Bub Yurkovich
119 Colin Wine
125 James Harris
130 Justin Butcher
135 Josh Rolyson
140 CJ Foster
145 Andy Stewart
152 Brian Justice
160 Tony Hardway
171 Bobby Hart
189 David Hart
215 Raymond Nottingham
Hwt Ritter

December 10, 1999
From: Coach
comments: On the situation about challenges: I have always run our challenges with the fact that anyone can challenge a weight to start the year off. If a wrestler losses a match then he can be challenged during the next week challenges. If he stays undefeated he stays unchallenged. Some good advise- dont drop another 17 pounds if you have already dropped significant weight. Start eating lifting weights hard and gain weight and move up if you are not allowed to challenge.

December 10, 1999
From: PA Guru
email: MaceJ24@aol.com
comments: Watch out for the Shaler Titans tommorrow night at the Brooke tournament. They are going to take WV by storm and win by a landslide. Also someone confirm whether or not Matt Miller East Fairmont will be there. If so Shaler's Troy Letters will wrestle him.

The Rocky Files: Part 4
comments: If I were looking for something to change at the State Tournament I would strongly recommend a SCOREBOARD that the fans could see. The scoreboard is too small and the wrestlers coaches and other tournament personnel are always standing in front of it. Leave the "Rocky Theme" alone...

comments: The Rocky theme rules!!! It pumps me up more than anything else can. I don't know anyone who would want to change that. It became a tradition for a reason. Eye of the Tiger is a cool song but it just isn't the same as THE ROCKY THEME!!!

From: All the Williamstown fans
comments: We all think that they should keep the Rocky theme. We also think that we are going to win the state. Watch out Oak Glen we wrestled good last night!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: ash wenmoth
comments: My thoughts on the rocky theme song are they should keep it. A lot of good wrestlers have walked across those mats listening to that song and a lot more should have the chance. It is pretty much like a tradition.....heck it is TRADITION.

December 10, 1999
From: hedgesville fan
comments: to phanatik R. Trittapoe soph. J. Jones Fresh. J. Drappo Jr. Good luck at St Albans Duals this weekend eagles 3-0 now hopefully we'll be undefeated after as well.

December 10, 1999
comments: I would like to say congratulations to Danielle Nails who wrestled at 119 for Martinsburg last Wednesday. When she pinned her opponent from Randolph Macon Academy she became the first female Martinsburg wrestler to win a varsity match.

December 10, 1999
comments: The Midland Coke Duals will have six teams this year ...Ashland Ky Sheldon Clarke Ky Prestonburg Ky Spring Valley Huntington and Midland the wrestling starts at 11:00 am on three mats.

December 10, 1999
comments: To strength of schedule
North 50 PHS 24 anything else need said.

December 9, 1999
The Rocky Files: Part 3
Question -- Should we retire the Rocky Song from the State Tournament?

From: D.Kuykendall
email: dkuykendall@webtv.net
The Rocky theme is getting old it's still alright but there should be a change.I am kinda like the other guy on the forum change it to Rick Flair's entry theme.It's like he said (TO BE THE MAN YOU GOT TO BET THE MAN) You talk the talk all season now let's walk the walk.Just think walking the on the floor drums beating an trumpets blowing.I think it would be neat.

From: talon
comments: I vote to keep the rocky theme forever. The music.. the lights... the goosebumps - thats what state finals is all about. Changing the song is gonna change part of that. From what I've witnessed 1/2 the glory of being in the state finals is being able to walk out to that song. Boys spend years wanting to be one of those people... I think its owed to the up and coming wrestlers to give them a chance to walk out to that song that they've seen their heros walk out to in years past.

From: Jim LeMaster
comments: And ... one more thing. In the movie Rocky I... HE LOST! I agree that Eye of the Tiger or War from Rocky IV ( in my opinion by far the best of the series) would be appropriate!

December 9, 1999
From: Jim LeMaster
comments: To Doc. Gibbs
You have every right to be proud. In addition to being on heck of a wrestler who stepped on the mat as a freshman to face a very tough South team and won he is a great kid. I've watched his matches for a long time and have never seen anything negative. He truly wins with class and loses (rarely) with dignity. I see a bright future for many of the young Midland guys just hang in there and pay your dues as Frosh and Sophomores and things wil turn your way. One defeat does not end your season. Everyone gets knocked down it's who gets bcak up that counts.
To J.R. Bonecutter - You can be a proud poppa too!

December 9, 1999
From: Phanatik
comments: Thanks to the people who answered my questions. I have a few more:
Does anyone know what happened to Josh Barrett Robbie Williams and Mitch Hastings of Huntington? Or Quentin Keaton of Roane County?
Thanks in advance.

December 9, 1999
From: West Liberty Stat
email: Mandalouise99@yahoo.com
comments: This is to Phanatik!
Pat Sleeth was a Senior for P-South last year his BROTHER Justin Sleeth is now wrestling for P-South. I would like to congratulate all the wrestlers for a job well done. I am sure you all will do well and moke you fans proud.
I would also like to congratulate West Liberty State College on thier first two wins against Muskingum College and Capitol University! Our current record is 2-0 We are headed to the Ohio Northern University Tournament this Saturday. I know college wrestling doesn't get as much attention as high school wrestling but West Liberty is doing quite well for those of you who care!
Editor's note: There is more interest in West Lib wrestling than you might imagine. Send in some results and we can start a page for West Lib (like we did for WVU).

December 8, 1999
comments: to phanatic
to your questions about midland and south see if this helps.
justin and pat sleeth are brothers pat wrestled last year for south and qualified for states. this is also true for mark and jared childers except that jared did not wrestle last year he graduated the year before. Byron Wellman wrestled heavy for the knights. Matt Childers is in 10 Justing Chapman is a senior Jason Burger is a sophomore Dusting Macormil is a senior Ryan Frazier is a sophomore and so is mark childers. Matt Moore is a Freshman.

December 8, 1999
comments: Does anyone have any info on the Coke Duals at CM this weekend. Like the starting time and what teams will be there?

December 8, 1999
From: Midland Fan
comments: I was just wondering if anyone knew where Robbie Williams is at this year. I have followed him through middle school and noticed in the scores page that he was not in the line-up for HHS.

December 8, 1999
comments: To the Editor or anyone knowledgeable:
What are the rules on a wrestle-off? If a kid asks to challenge for a weight class what are the rules? Can the coach just say know I want someone else there and you have to drop 17 more pounds? Please hurry with your answer. I'm about ready to quit. I pin the guy in that weight class and the coach just said NO! No wrestle-offs. Will some coaches please answer this question for me? It doesn't seem fair.
Editor's note: My opinion counts for absolutely nothing in regards to your problem, but since you asked, I'll take a shot at it. There are no official rules for wrestle-offs as far as I know. It is up to the Coach. To my knowledge, different coaches handle this in different ways. Many coaches require more than one victory to dislodge a starter from his spot - on the theory that one lucky pin doesn't count. Some coaches see it otherwise - the winner gets the spot. Some coaches require challengers to be within a certain weight before they can wrestle off for a spot -- say, within 2lbs of the challenged weight. Some coaches say if you miss practice, you can't challenge for a spot regardless of how good you are. Some coaches may need for wrestlers to move to a different weight for the good of the team. I can't speak for your coach. You will have to work this out with your coach.

This is an interesting topic. How about it wrestlers? What are the rules for wrestle-offs on your team?

December 8, 1999
From: South Fan
comments: In reguards to the person with Parkersburg South's Justin Sleeth Justin and pat are 2 different people they are brothers and Pat graduated last year and yes his brother is a junior. I am very upset that someone would even say that South is overrated because that is so not true. I believe that we have a very good team and we even won those three matches without 4 of our returning starters. So I am sorry that you believe that South is overrated but I think your wrong. I would like to wish South the very best of Luck this weekend at the Ironman!!! Wrestle your best and with pride!!! Special Good Luck to Schmitt and the Bosley's!!! Let's Go South!!!!!!!!

December 8, 1999
The Rocky Files: Part 2
Question -- Should we retire the Rocky Song from the State Tournament?

From: Bob Wilson
email: Monarch@ovnet.com
comments: KEEP THE ROCKY THEME!!!!
I remember my sophmore year when I saw my teamate Ryan Muldrew go out for the parade. It was awsome! I new that I had to make it to the parade one day and I did. It was one of the most intense experinces of my life and to tell you the truth I still get cold chills every year at the state tourney. I fell like it would be taking something away from the kids If you did away with this. It's a great thing and I think we should keep it going.

From: mac attack
email: mact53@hotmail.com
comments: I think the Rocky theme should stay. I think Big Reds can do the same as North Marion a while back need some luck and the kids to shake out at the right places go PHS

From: former3a
comments: the rocky theme is a must have at the state tourney. every wrestler that has ever stepped out on that floor knows what it means to hear that song and the award that could soon follow.

From: Chris Basford
email: Basford2@hotmail.com
comments: I can still remember my freshman year when I watched Anthony Kennedy walk onto the mats during the Parade of Champions. The next two years Buddy McKeen walked that elite group. I'll never forget what it looked like when they were down there walking. Grafton has made it a must to have coach Auvil in a suit on a Saturday night and I had to continue that. For six straight years Grafton has put someone in the finals. Last year was the first year they didn't put someone down there. This year might be different because Grafton High School has to have a wrestler in the finals for coach Auvil.
Just watching the Parade of Champions is a rush but when I was actually down there it was something else. I can still remember screaming down Denny Lebec's back when the Rocky theme was playing. That song alone makes the Parade of Champions something special. Also with the lights out and all the spectators watching screaming at the top of their voice the song will always have a great feeling in my memories.
It is one thing to watch it but it is something else being in it. Too bad I couldn't feel the rush of winning a state title like the other four Bearcats did. The Rocky song is motivational. The Parade of Champions is unreal. I remember going into the bathroom like everyone else and the other wrestlers just let out the excitment. I think the song should stay!

From: Takedown
comments: Keep the "Rocky Theme" in the State Tournament! Yes it IS familiar. But it is also inspirational and just plain exciting. I seldom ever hear it any where else now except for the State Tournament but continue to get the spine-chilling hair-raising rush of adrenelan every time I witness the event. Even watching video tape of the event causes those who have "been there" the same effect. It adds a touch of "magic" that all competitors have worked and sacrificed for.
Also when one is familiar with the story line in the movie "Rocky " it further illustrates that with hard work and dedication and then some more hard work everyone has a chance to become a CHAMPION.
That is what our competition is all about!

From: Jenny Sullivan
email: sullivj2@ohio.edu
comments: I've only missed the state finals twice since they started playing the "Theme from Rocky". I don't think I could ever get tired of it. I vote to keep it!!!!

December 8, 1999
comments: RE: Cougar Classic youth tournament--Can someone post the date and an entry form for this great youth tournament which I believe is the toughest in the state. Last year it was held on Sunday Jan. 10 but no info so far this year.

December 8, 1999
From: Frankfort
comments: Kesner is going 145 for now and will probably stay there unless Litten drops down from 152 later on this season Bosley is going 140

December 8, 1999
From: Coach
comments: Black Knights has always been the mascot of Point Pleasant. Big Blacks is just a variation of Black Knights.

December 8, 1999
From: Cameron Fan

comments: Cameron will open thier season with a triangular agianst Wierton Madonna and Clay-Battelle tonight at Cameron High School at 7:00. I am sure they will do a great job. GOOD LUCK DRAGONS!!!!!

December 8, 1999
From: South Patriot Fan 88
comments: Good luck to all the South Patriot Wrestlers this week-end at the Iron Man I know you will make your fans proud as always. As for being over-rated I would just like to say that Parkersburg South deserves all the recognition that they recieve and MORE!!!!! These boys are dedicated well disciplined and represent everything that great wrestlers should. They are some of the finest athletes in the state. Their hard work and continuous dedication is rewarded through their many successes. Their record speaks for itself. 3-0 so far this year and defending State Champs from last season. There are good wrestlers elsewhere but few "teams" can compare to the outstanding spirt drive and abilities of the Parkersburg South Wrestlers!!!

December 8, 1999
From: Amanda
email: amandaengland@hotmail.com
comments: Everyone better watch out for Braxton County this year. They have an awesome team. Our guys are going to take it all this year beacuse they're going to have cheerleaders. I'm warning you you're messing with trouble when you wrestle Braxton.

December 8, 1999
email: wv_aa@hotmail.com
comments: Hey
I'm updating the site as I recieve Lineups by email if youhave emailed me a lineup it is currently posted on your page. Please send in the rest after wrestle offs. Thanks

December 8, 1999
From: Vincent
email: MFriderfan@aol.com
comments: Wonderer-
I agree with you. Eric Noel is top notch. Usually a good template to use is the OVAC Tournament in Whg. in late Jan. Anyone finishing in the top 5 in that tournament has a good chance to win W.Va. States. Good Luck to Eric and all OG Wrestlers. You are excellent competition. Look forward to the dual match between Martins Ferry and OG on Jan. 12.

December 8, 1999
From: fan
comments: in reply to the phanatik a lot of the names on the midland-south result list are wrong. it should be Jason Burger Dustin Mccormill and mark and jared childers are brothers. Jason Burger ryan frazier mark childers matt moore jarrod diamond matt childers joel copley are all sophomores. Justin Chapman and Dustin McCormill are both Seniors.

December 8, 1999
The Rocky Files: Part 1
Question -- Should we retire the Rocky Song from the State Tournament?

man i qualified for the state tourn. 3 years never placed never made it to the finals. But when the lights go off and the ba-baa-baaa... starts playing it brings a tear to my eye. I bought the CD but It isn't the same. I took and played it at practice last year telling everyone to think ot was the state finals. It's a traditon never let it die

comments: NO the shoud keep the Rocky Theme it is a tradtion tha should not be stoped

From: Homer Southwood
comments: Theme Music
My vote goes to 2001 Space Odyssey which Ric Flair uses. Like it or hate it learn to love it. It's the best thing going. Whoooooooo!

From: Rocky Fan
comments: Well i think that Rocky should contiue to be played in the parade of champions because that song makes you get really pumped and being a wrestler that is one thing you should be before going on to the mat is pumped.

From: Been there
comments: I think we should keep the Rocky theme for at the state tournament. If we were to get rid of it though i would get the Chicago Bulls warm up Music that song is rock. But seriously i would keep the rocky theme around.

From: The Music Man
comments: I think the music for the state finals should be sorry for the Rocky thing again but I think it should be "Eye Of The Tiger"

comments: "The Rocky Theme is perfect for the state finals. Never change it! It is tradition!!!!!!!

From: Alex McClung, Jason Jones, and Eric McCartney
comments: As far as the Rocky Theme goes all three of us still get spine tingeling sensations every time we hear the song!!! We have all been in "the walk" twice and all agree that the experience can not be duplicated! The Rocky Theme is an ever lasting memory that spectators and wrestlers all share. We believe that the Rocky Theme should be installed as a tradition in West Virginia before the state finals!

From: Jim LeMaster
comments: I agree Doc. But what could we use a s a substitute? The only one I can come up with is "We Are The Champions" by Queen. That's what we use at our tournament as the finalists enter and then are introduced and shake hands before the finals start. Any one out there have any suggestions? I can just imagine all the votes for Hank Williams Jr's "South's Gonna Do It Again" Grin... seriously though anyone with any ideas please post!

From: wvreddneck
comments: Lose the Rocky theme....How about something new for the finals..anything Having the parade of champions just walk out and strae at each other is getting boring...it was boring in the 80's and is still boring in the 90's.......Sometimes change is good

comments: Change the music....most of these kids weren't even born when the movie "Rocky" was around....bet 1/2 haven't even seen it...

From: ear for music
comments: If your going to keep "Rocky" at least get a new copy to play the old one they use at the Tournament is worn out and drags...

From: daran
comments: i am all for the rockey theme.........anyone who has ever seen that movie has to be for it i have been hearing that music for 15 years at huntington and to me that has became a representation of our great states tourniment

comments: about the rocky theme: i dont know about everyone else but i think the song is great every time i hear it it pumps me up and i cant wait to get on the mat. last year i was a freshman and had never been in the state tournament. as i sat down waiting for the championship matches to begin on the last day the lights dimmed and that song played. i dont know what it is about that song but it just made me want to wrestle. so i guess my opinion is that the song should stay.

...and to the guy who keeps whining about being left-handed: any good wrestler learns from the right and left side.

comments: First of all I think that the Rocky Theme is a tradition that should stand. Second yes South was missing some starting wrestlers from last year. We we missing four starters that qualified last year fir state. Third in response to the southpaw freak I would just like to say I am a lefty and have spent most of my life telling people there is no difference between right handed people and left handed people. The fact that you are trying to use this as an excuss makes me want to puke! Grow up being left handed is not a handicap it is a privilege.

December 8, 1999
From: Andy Runion
email: runios@prodigy.net
comments: Just wanted to say way to go SOUTH PATRIOTS Wow what a great way to start off the season Great job last weekend 3---0 not bad at all Keeps up the good work!!!! remember hard work will pay off!! GOOOOOOOOOOOO SOUTH!!!!!!

December 8, 1999
comments: What weight are zuccolato(spelling)? and drennen wrestling this year?

December 8, 1999
From: link man
comments: http://WrestlingReport.com/college/scores99-00/las_vegas_invitational.htm
link to results of las vegas invitational (WVU)

December 8, 1999
comments: When did Point Pleasant change there name form the Big Blacks to the Black Knights?

December 8, 1999
From: matt pettry
email: matt1220@netzero.net
comments: has anyone heard anything about Brad Allen from George Washington? He wrestled 112 last year. I was just woundering what weight class he is wrestling if he is wrestling this year.

December 8, 1999
comments: p- south is overrated they always are tell them to go wrestle a good team and we'll see how they do im not trying to be mean or anything but we'll see what happens at the winners choice DON'T GET UR HOPE UP

December 8, 1999
From: hedgesville wrestler
comments: moats will be 140 you seem worried.

December 8, 1999

December 8, 1999
From: hedgesville fan
comments: to fairmont sr. I agree you do have a very talented team and a top contender I feel that hedgesville has a good team but I would have to give the edge to fairmont at regionals based on my feeling that your lower weights will possibly do better than our upper weights but we'll just have to wait and see. Also to parkersburg south person yes hedgesville is in the winners choice at fairmont and I have also heard the rumors of 40 teams being there. Anyone know what teams? I know that hedgesville martinsburg and jefferson from the eastern panhandle will be there. I know what teams I would like to see I would like to see parkersburg cabell midland and oak glen in it and maybe some nationaly ranked teams. Anybody in fairmont have any news on what teams are coming please share. Also to cameron person the nationaly ranked team in the berkeley springs inv. and this is just a rumor that I heard is that the team is Dematha MD. top team in maryland and I believe they were one of the top in prep nationals last year. Anyone in Berkeley springs know of any other teams in the invitational this year? Can't wait for the invitational as possibly a matchup of Kevin Gabrielson of Dematha and Moats (140) or Regalbuto (145) should be great. I have had the chance to see these young men wrestle in the jr. leagues lets see who has developed since then. I know who my moneys on. Also anyone know what teams will be at St. Albans this weekend and at the Wheeling park duals and Jefferson Invitational? It appears that two of the tournaments that we are in this season Berkeley Springs and Fairmont have seriously upgraded the competition hopefully Jefferson Inv will also it is always a tough tournament.

December 8, 1999
From: ????
comments: Does anyone know what chris cunningham from braxton is going to wrestle this year I heard that he would be wrestling 189 or 215. If any one can tell me please post it on the forum. I just hope he doesn't wrestle Hwt Because I believe he will beat his wrestling partner Justin Ritter. Not Really. I think that if chris wrestles in any of those spots except for Hwt he will do good.

December 8, 1999
From: J Hughes
comments: On the subject of the Cameron wrestling squad O'Neil is not wrestling 189 he is wrestling 160 at Weir on Saturday. I am not going to cut to 140 I am going to 152 and will stay there until OVAC then I may go to 145 but I'll see how I feel. Tyler will wrestle 130 probably and Kupfer will wrestle 125. On the subject of who's wrestling 112 for us it will probably be Sophomore Shawn Fullerton if he can make it. We will forfeit 275 more than likely and 112 on nights we cannot get anyone there. Everywhere else we are fairly deep. Thanks to whoever has been giving us credit on the internet but it's time for us to put up or shut-up so let our wrestling do the talking.

December 8, 1999
From: link man
comments: http://www.triblive.com/sports/sjns1206.html
article on Greg Jones (brother of WVU All-American Vertus Jones) who signed at WVU.

December 8, 1999
From: jeremy berry
email: jeremy_berry@mercersburg.edu
comments: Good luck this season Kieth Pratt. It's great to hear you're back out!

December 8, 1999
From: south fan
comments: Just want to congratulate South on a great weekend of wrestling. Good luck at the Ironman this weekend!!!

December 8, 1999
From: Phanatik
comments: After reviewing the results this past weekend I have a few questions for the board.

1. "Justin" Sleeth is listed as a junior wrestler for Parkersburg South. Is this the same wrestler that went by "Pat" Sleeth and qualified last year or is they brothers? If not why the name change?
2. Cabell Midland has several new wrestlers in its line-up. Does anyone know the grades of these wrestlers: Matt Childers Justin Chapman Jason Broter Dustin McConnell Jared Diamond Ryan Frazier Matt Moore Joel Copley and Mark Childers?
3. Like South's heavyweight situation is Mark Childers the same wrestler as the Jared Childers who wrestled for Midland last year or are they brothers or why the name change?
4. What happened to Anthony Perry of Midland who should have been a SR this year around 152 or 160?
5. Does anyone know what grades these wrestlers from Hedgesville are in: R. Trittapoe Jason Drappo and J. Jones?
6. What happened to all of Elkins' wrestlers? Namely Matt Phares Lee Mullenax Josh Phillips Scott and Rick Derring Brandon Robinson Jason Shreve and Chris Calain?
Thank you! Phanatik

December 8, 1999
From: Results Seeker
comments: Are there any fans from Huntington Roane County or Nicholas County who have the results from the triangular match held between these 3 schools on Friday Dec 3rd?

December 8, 1999
From: Strength of Schedule
comments: I have noticed over the years that many of the top notch AAA and AA teams in the state wrestle some good out-of-state competition year in and year out. While no teams wrestles a schedule on par with Parkersburg or Parkersburg South many good teams like Wheeling Park Fairmont Senior Oak Glen Cameron Hedgesville Huntington and John Marshall (to name a few) always wrestle in tournaments where their top wrestlers face top notch out-of-state wrestlers. For this reason it is very rare to see a wrestler from one of these schools go undefeated unless he is a Hedrick or Regalbuto.

My question is this: Why haven't North Marion or Cabell Midland upgraded their schedules to face better competition? If high school wrestling used something like the BCS rankings in college football these 2 teams' schedules would be in the same situation Marshall has. I would have loved to have seen how Gorby and Ward would have done in say...the Brooke Tournament. What does anyone else think?

December 8, 1999
From: Wonderer
comments: I really would like to know how you people cant think of Eric Noel when you think of AA state champion. Last year he looked very good and know being on the Oak Glen team he will be stronger in my opinion. You people better recognize a talented kid when you see one and I have a felling he will be on top at the end of ther year. What do the say the one that laughs last laughs best!

December 8, 1999
From: Wared
comments: For the person who keeps saying that they should have seperate tournements for left handed wrestlers.. its never going to happen..A state tourn of bout 10 people for a weight class prob not even that much

December 8, 1999
comments: kesner of frankfort is dropping to 130

December 8, 1999
comments: What happpened at the Las Vegas Invitational?
Editor's note: They may have sent me a release, and I might have lost it. I suspect some of my email may have jammed a few days ago. At any rate, LinkMan pointed me in the direction of some results, which I have linked up to the WVU page....

December 8, 1999
comments: Shawn Fullerton is wrestling 112 for Cameron

December 8, 1999
From: J. R. Bonecutter
comments: I can understand you being proud Mike. from what i heard chris did a great job. just keep reminding him you came from P.P.H.S. GREAT JOB CHRIS.

December 7, 1999
From: The Editor
Subject: The Rocky Theme
Yes, that's right. The Rocky Theme. Is it time to retire "The Rocky Theme" at the State Tournament during the parade of champions? The parade of champions is fine - but the music???? "The Rocky Theme" was great the first 548 times we heard it and it was neat the first 22 tournaments in which it was used. But has "The Rocky Theme" lost its touch??? Or has it become an established tradition which we want to preserve?
Inquiring minds in Huntington want to know. Really. This is no joke. What is the verdict from the jury of the WV-Mat Forum? Submit opinion to this forum. Input from the WV-Mat forum will be given all the consideration to which it is entitled.

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