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December 23, 1999
From: Jim LeMaster
comments: I'm glad to hear all the positive comments about the Barboursville tournament. A prior commitment kept my team out of state that day or we would have been there. Dallas does a fine job with his kids and is a good role model. Our schools need more young coaches. After a lot of years in coaching (most folks say too many!) I will soon be wanting to pass it on to a young guy who will keep the program at Milton alive. I hope someone of Dallas' caliber is around when the time comes.

I did not attend the event but I'm sure that part of the reason for it's success was that Cabell Midland wrestlers worked the event. It means a lot when you have someone who understands scoring and rules manning the score tables. I have always tried to use high school wrestlers with a number of years in the sport to work my tables when we run a tournament and have found it to be a great advantage by eliminating messed up scores confusion on timing choice etc. The poor refs have to make about 10 000 judgements in a typical event and having to straighten out a botched score is a headache they don't need. All too often we atttend tournaments where cheerleaders or parents with little wrestling knowledge run the tables. The parents get caught up in watching the matches and the girls get caught up in watching ... the matches. Grin :} and lose track of the score.

At any rate congratulations to Barboursville on what I am sure was a classy event. One last thought the teams from WV (Milton Cammack Enslow & Pt. Pleasant) who wrestled in the Ohio vs WV duals at Chesapeake owe a debt of thanks too. Coach Brown and the Purple Panthers hosted a great day. Everyone got at least four matches and we were done by around 6:30 PM after a 10:00 AM start. That is the way I like 'em!

December 23, 1999
From: seniors lost
comments: Is Chris Daggett the number one wreslter at 160 in the state? He beat Brandon Williams a senior Daggett is only a sophomore.

December 23, 1999
Editors Note: Got three posts this AM re rumors. I choose not to post these rumors.

December 23, 1999
comments: Coffey has only wrestled maybe 4 or 5 times the first was against south and he got really sick and the others were at 215 because he did have some trouble making 189 but now is ok. so he is in full health now and ready to repeat. By the way why hasnt werhle wrestled any and why is he trying to cut to 189 its not like he couldnt win at 215?

December 23, 1999
comments: I think whoever put the predictions up is wrong about who is number one in the 215lb weight class. Matt Edwards from Logan High school is probably one of the best 215's I've ever seen and I've been around wrestling my whole life and I am not from Logan or even around Logan I seen him wrestle at Capital High last week. And I also heard at his last meet he beat two Heavy weights. So I think you need to reconsider your predictions.

December 23, 1999
From: Phanatik
comments: Phanatik's Early Season AAA rankings:
Keep in mind some wrestlers will be moving up or down in weight and there have been no results posted on Ripley Woodrow Wilson Point Pleasant Spring Valley or Lewis County yet.

1 Jon Delligatti FS
2 Kevin Ballam HE
3 Matt Easter NIT
4 Ray Munson PS

1 Matt Stevens PAR
2 Chris Johnson NIT
3 Justin Stanley CM
4 Matt Bosley PS
5 Chantz Griffith JEF
6 Jason Drappo HE

1 Matt George PAR
2 Nathan Kinsley UN
3 Dustin Bowers HE
4 Chris Gibbs CM
5 Robbie Ripley NIT
6 Jason Starsick NM

1 Mark Evans WP
2 J.P. Stanley CM
3 Danny Lord HE
4 Clayton Samples PAR
5 John Duncan PS
6 Wesley Lane HH
7 Josh Thumb CAP

1 Clint Radcliff PS
2 Jim Shetler HE
3 Devon Abshire JEF
4 Mike Muldrew JM
5 Ryan Fullen HUNT

1 Mike Bosley PS
2 Jared Walters PS
3 Josh Moore WP
4 Joey Mayle BU
5 Paul Brooks HUNT
6 Jed Ott NM

1 Brian Moats HE
2 Todd Arbes CM
3 Billy Gatian NM
4 Jon Holt FS
5 Casey Daggett PS
6 Heath Taylor JM

1 Anthony Regalbuto HE
2 Nathan Pickens PS
3 Jason Trusty PAR
4 Kenny Griffin UN
5 Jeremy Lane CAP
6 John Bland FS
7 Victor Beard MUS

1 Jason Mayes HUNT
2 Jamie Nash NC
3 Jonross Neptune FS
4 Justin Snyder HE
5 D.J. Tatar UN
6 Josh Saunders CAP
7 Matt Phares ELK

1 Matt Miller EF
2 Chris Daggett PS
3 Brandon Williams PAR
4 Matt Cinalli FS
5 Brad Davis MAR
6 Bill Baisden BU

1 Jeff Courtney FS
2 Scott Coulter NIT
3 Jeff Noechel EF
4 Jacob Morton JEF
5 Joe Jackson MAR
6 Trapper Skrypek JM

1 Matt Wehrle HH
2 Josh Coffey CM
3 Chris Moles PS
4 Mookie Mayer RCB
5 Matt Sternthal EF
6 Curtis Barber FS

1 Steve Ochap WP
2 Aaron McCartney PS
3 Matt Corder PB
4 Holland Dotts FS
5 Matt Miller PR

1 Joe Heath GE
2 Bryan Wellman CM
3 Jim Gaines NM
4 Craig Morgan HUNT
5 David Hearst FS
6 Fred Persinger LC

December 23, 1999
From: Josh
email: haphat2w@aol.com
comments: I would just like to commend coaches Rick Comer and Walt Hillenbrand from McKinley Junior High School. They teach the basics and have a current streak of 6 straight Kanawha County Championships. They brought myself in and taught me the basics 3 years ago and last year I was runner-up at WSAZ in the 128lb. class. If it wasnt for them I wouldnt be sayin this now. They continually produce great talent and are always a force to be reckened with. I believe whenever you meet these coaches u should treat them with the upmost respect for they are great coaches and great guys.

December 23, 1999
From: just wondering
comments: is ramsey from calhoun going to stay at 135

December 23, 1999
comments: why havent i seen Josh Coffey on the scores and results is wrestling this year.

December 23, 1999
From: Josh
email: sa6pack@aol.com
comments: I would just like to commend the Nitro Wrestling team. They have a great team built up I have wrestked with most of their members when they attended McKinley Junior High. They are doing an outstanding job and I would just like to commend them.

December 23, 1999
From: Randy Elliott
email: randyell@yahoo.com
comments: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! I would like to comment on the so called " Trash Talk" about schools. People that insult each other only cause friction between to outstanding schools. Alot of hard work goes into a wrestling program in which our State has many. I agree let the talking stop and do the job on the mat this is when the satisfaction is shown when your hand is raised in VICTORY. Good Luck to all and hope to see you at OVAC's and the State Tournament. From your favorite Trainer Randy Elliott Oak Glen High School

December 23, 1999
From: Keep it up
comments: I bet with out a doubt that Adam Schindler will win state! He should have one it as a freshman but got upset my somebody that he should have crushed. If you think he is rusty than you should go watch him he is amazing. Good Luck Adam!!!!!!!
P.S. If you dont know him he wrestles at Ravenswood and weighs 145!!!!!!

December 23, 1999
From: To 125 pounder
comments: Ash Wenmouth is staying at 125 and is looking unbelievable this year!!!

December 23, 1999
From: Patriot fan 88
comments: I just want to wish the patriots well over the holidays and as they travel to Brecksville. Good Luck guys have a safe trip wrestle hard and stay focused!!!! We love you all!! Merry Christmas and see ya in the new year!!!!

December 23, 1999
comments: i dont think there is no giant awaking in the LKC thats a bunch of crap the teams are too even this year for one team to be really oustanding.

December 23, 1999
From: ?
comments: How do some teams manage to travel all over the place while others can hardly get out of there counties? This just doesn't seem fair to some of the "poorer" schools. Are there any WVSSAC rules that limit travel?

December 23, 1999
From: reddneck
comments: 3 weeks and no results from some major events... Come on guys keep us up to date!

December 23, 1999
From: Middle School Parent
comments: I'll second the Tip of the hat to the Barboursville Middle school staff. That was one of the best tournaments I've been at. The "people in charge" kept the tournament moving and from were we sat there didn't seem to be any trouble in team scoring or bouts being called (wish we could say that at all the tournaments I've been to!!Great Job!!

December 22, 1999
From: Winner's Choice Teams
comments: Here are the 31 teams who are supposed to be at the Winner's Choice this year:

East Fairmont
Fairmont Senior
George Washington
Lewis County
North Marion
Oak Hill
Parkersburg South
Philip Barbour
Point Pleasant
Robert C Byrd
Woodrow Wilson

Liberty (Harrison)
Ritchie County
Shady Spring
Wirt County

Out of State
St. Anthony's NY
Southern Garrett MD

December 22, 1999
From: John Bird
email: johnnybfine@yahoo.com
comments: (This is for the FORUM)
I just wanted to commend Dallas Nibert and his staff for a job well done. The wrestling tournament at Barboursville Middle School this past weekend was one of the smoothest tournaments I have ever officiated. It was by far the best ran tournament of the season! Keep up the good work and good luck the rest of the season!

December 22, 1999
From: West Lib Stat
email: Mandalouise99@yahoo.com
comments: First off I would like to ask what is with all this nonsense about Oak Glen and Parkersburg South? I mean the two schools are in completely different classes. How can one compare the two? They are both extremely good schools. I personally love reading all the hype about South (I am formally a South Mat-Maid) and it makes me happy to come home from a West Liberty State wrestling match and read up on the tremendous work that PSHS has put forth to take home another win! I would just like to say that I would hate for South's Fans to get to cocky! I have no doubt that the wrestlers know that as the season progresses that the other teams get better just like we are! I figure it would be extremely easy to get carried away in all the hype about winning another state title! Yes it would be awesome for us to win four in a row but just take it match by match! Four years ago we had the chance to win our fourth state title and our wrestlers got carried away in the hype and lost it. So yes--keep their confidence up and praise them when they do a good job but no--dont over-praise them and overlook the fact that as we get better so are the rest of the teams in the State. Good Luck Patriots but take it one match at a time!

December 22, 1999
comments: hey anyone out there know the teams that will be competing this year in the wheeling park duals? I know that hedgesville jefferson and martinsburg are in it.

December 22, 1999
From: me
comments: congratulations to the hedgesville eagles on 3rd place at the berkeley springs invitational. good luck with the berkeley county championships this wednesday keep up the good work.

December 22, 1999
From: johnny
comments: I agree with your assesment of the Berkeley Springs tournament. It was a competitive field and featured some quality high school wrestling. I think we found out that Hedgesville has very solid team through 171 with 103 119 125 130 140 & 145 particulary tough. I was very impressed with Danny Lord a freshman wrestling at 125. He is the real deal. If he stays at 125 he will place in the top 6 at state. Hedgesville should be a top four team at this years state tournament. Regalubto and Moats will probably be favored in their respective weight classes Kevin Ballam will be one of the favorites at 103 Dustin Bowers should be in the mix at 119 and Jim Shetler will be there at 130. It will be interesting to see what happens.

December 22, 1999
From: moon
comments: Jimmy Johnson is dropping to 125.

December 22, 1999
From: SWIL
email: stevenlori@erols.com
comments: Can anyone tell me who will be at the Winners Choice Tournament?

December 21, 1999
comments: Bryan Moats did not make weight.

December 21, 1999
comments: I noticed that Eric Noel wrestled at 125 in the recent OG dual meets and OG forfeited 119. Is Lowers hurt or did Noel challenge him at 125?

December 21, 1999
From: Ravenswood Fan
comments: I feel that one of the strongest comebacks in a wrestling program has to be at Ravenswood. After long time coach Dale Hinkle retired in 1993 the program almost dropped in Ravenswood. Then in 1996 new coaches Jared Hughes and Jason Jackson revived things and got the program going in the right direction. In the last three years the Red Devils have crowned two champions and had four in the finals. Not bad for a rebuild. This does not even mention the qualifiers and the other placers. It now looks like the new head coach Dwayne Hicks has a chance to add on to the rebound after Hughes and Jackson left. Returning State Champ at 103 Ashley Gandee is undefeated along with Adam Schindler 145 and Jeremy Nester 171. Schindler was 3rd in 98 and Nester has been 6th and 5th in 98-99. Another strong wrestler is Soph. Dana Raban at 215. This program can go nowhere but up. It is safe to say that the Ravenswood program has the best wrestling facility in the state. An 8 000 square foot facility building was just completed at the high school by the Ravenswood Athletic Boosters. The Red Devils can use both mats in practice where they used to only be able to use about 3/4 of one mat in the old room. A new weight room is being added along with the other improvements. It is a great time not to be only an wrestler in Ravenswood but also a kid in athletics. The building houses many things but during wrestling it houses our wrestlers. I hope other schools can use any ideas from us. It is a hard road to hoe if you are associated with wrestling in some schools. Good luck Devils!! top five this year!!

December 21, 1999
From: WVAA

email: wv_aa@hotmail.com
comments: Alright
my WVAA site has been updated please take a look!!

December 21, 1999
comments: A giant is awakening in the LKC. Wait and see who makes the most noise as the season developes. I think you may be suprised

December 21, 1999
From: Fan
comments: I thought the Max Hortz Jr. Invit. at Berkeley Springs this past weekend was a well run tough tournament anyone have any thoughts comments and insights to share on this topic?

December 21, 1999
comments: I wish everyone would quit comparing Oak Glen and Parkersburg South. They're both great teams. And they are in different classes. It really doesn't matter who's better because they both will be state champions.

December 21, 1999
From: Blue Streaks Fan
comments: This year the Cammack Middle School wrestling team has gone 3-0 in tournaments.They have won 2 tough tournaments.They are a pretty solid team in almost every weight class.I think that they are one of the best middle school teams in the state.And GO BLUE STREAKS!!!!!

December 21, 1999
comments: Congradulations to Huntington High School on winning the Myrtle beach tournament.Huntington beat the defending South Carolina State Camp team according to the Huntington Herald Dispatch.

December 21, 1999
comments: It may just be my opinion but Calhoun is looking great this year. So far this year there has only been one team to beat them (Braxton) but even so at that tournament they were able to take home eight first place finishes. My prediction is that Calhoun will have one of the strongest teams around

December 21, 1999
comments: Where was Bryan Moats of Hedgesville last weekend? I can't imagine him getting beat at the Berkeley Springs Tournament.

December 20, 1999
From: Former OG WRESTLER

December 20, 1999
From: Brooke Toughness
comments: To those who say the Brooke Tournament is not very tough Wrestling USA magazine mentions it as a top tournament in the country (see link)

December 20, 1999
From: OG vs. FA. SR
comments: All i know is the Oak Glen gave Fairmont Sr. 6 points. The 112 lb. match wasnt as close as the score reflected and the 215 match was over until Greg Six screwed up and got pinned. Also Logan Glass at 140 was having trouble with a bloody nose. Nothing from Fairmont Senior they are a great team but the score shouldnt have been that close.

A big congratulations to Coah Shaw on his 200th victory. He really worked hard for that one he is a great coach. The funny thing is that he has only got coach of the year once in his three state championship years. Well I know he doesnt care about that because it is irrelevant to the "Big One"

December 20, 1999
From: to former wrestler
comments: It is a proven fact that the Brooke Classic is the 17th hardest tournament in the NATION. It is in writing

December 20, 1999
From: former wrestler
comments: To: OG FAN I seriously do not think that the Brooke Tournament is one of the top tournaments in the nation. It does not even come close to the OVAC tournament which is truly one of the top in the nation. I wrestled in region 1 during my four years of high school (I went to an OVAC school as well) and Oak Glen was there for 3 of those years. OG is pretty tough to compete with and I imagine that some of the tournaments that they wrestled in were very tough but every tournament that they participate is not considered "Nationally competetive"

December 20, 1999
From: 125 pounder
comments: Is Ash Wenmouth staying at 125 or is he going down to 119?

December 20, 1999
comments: Why are so many teams such as Parkerburg South and Oak Glen comparing each other and talking trash on one another? Unless there is a match to decide this and looks like there is not lets just drop it.Both are very good teams and have there positive and negatives in all categories. The Brooke Tournament is a very tough tournament at times but this year was on of there weakest in existance. Right behind Oak Glen was Fairmont Senior in 3rd. Fairmont also showed good poise Vs. Oak Glen this past Saturday in Roane County. People make too many excuses for missing this person or missing that person but what about a team as a whole. I dont think any team has bragging rights until March 1st. After the State Tournament is over. Even then they cant decide who is better. Parkersburg won it last year in AAA. Oak Glen won it for AA last year as well. If one wants to settle bragging rights Lets see a Dual!

December 20, 1999

December 20, 1999
From: have-a-nice-day!
comments: I agree witht the thoughts on oak glen being a great team. as for the delligatti and zubay match well ... not putting down zubay. he will win states in AA and delligatti at AAA. i think zubay is just a little behind jon even after his win. dont hold me to it but this are very strong predictions. too early to tell for sure. Happy Holidays!:)

December 20, 1999
comments: yes Oak Glen beat Fairmont Senior but the 103 112 pound and 275 matches could have went fairmont senior's way and fairmont senior was without 160 lb returning state place winner matt cinalli who was sick instead freshman kirk naternicola filled in.

December 20, 1999
From: curious 130 pounder
comments: Is Jason Hayhurst staying at 130 if not where is he going?

December 20, 1999
South Patriot Fan 88
comments: Just to set the record straight lets all remember that South fans did not voice their thoughts about Oak Glen until comments were made that Oak Glen was "better" than South. In defense of an outstanding and championship team South fans responded. oak Glen fans started the comparisons I'm sure that South Fans never even considered oak Glen to be on the same Level as the Patriots. Its like comparing Apples and Oranges. I do know that Oak Glen has been offered the opportunity to wrestle South at their convience and they don't want any. To bad because taking it to the mat is the only way to put some oak Glen Fans misguided theories to rest. oak Glen may have a good team but until you've grappled with #1 you can't be the "best"!!!!!

December 20, 1999
From: fan
comments: ..I have to agree with "just the facts"..WV is not known to be one of the best wrestling states..If you want to be one of the best you need to attend some of national events..too wrestle some of the best..soo dont push your chest out if you qualify for the states..there are much better opponents out there if your not afraid too find them....

December 19, 1999
From: OG Fan
comments: To backseat@n2mail.com there is a good reason that Oak Glen wrestles a lot of teams out of state and it must be because other WV teams arent as good as some of PA's and OH's teams. I just dont see the big deal about wrestling other teams out of state. I mean its not like they dont wrestle any WV teams because they wrestle everybody that gets in the way of the WV state title. I think that Coach Shaw does an excellent job with his team. I mean look they just came in second at the Brooke Classic (1 of the top tournaments in the NATION)

December 19, 1999
comments: For all those wresting fans out there that thinks AAA is so much better than AA what happened to Fairmont Sr. fairmont east and roane against state powerhouse Oak Glen? By looking at the scores them "GREAT" AAA teams didnt do to well against AA Oak Glen! I would also like to say congratulations to Zubay for his big win against Delligatti!

December 19, 1999
From: Tiger Fan
comments: Looks like Harpers Ferry Jr. High may be the best junior high team in the state this year. So far this season the Tigers have swept both the Independence Jr. High BNI Super Duals and the Sherrard Jr. High Duals Championship to go 17-0. Keep it up Tigers!

December 19, 1999
From: To Strength of Schedules
comments: To the person that said the GORBY and HEDRICK matchs were never close obviously dosent know much about wrestling because the first match between the two; GORBY won 5 to 3 and it was a close match also HEDRICK was only a freshman wrestling in his first big rivalry match with north marion. The second time the two meet everyone that was there knows that HEDRICK was winning the match and GORBY just CAUGHT HIM and pinned him ....
Also if you look at the stats HEDRICK had more wins then GORBY also HEDRICK has 2 STATE TITLES. Both HEDRICK and GORBY were great wrestlers and both were voted most outstanding wrestler their senior years at the state tournament. So lets leave both HEDRICK and GORBY out of this discussion on strength of schedules because both have graduated and are out of high school and they probably dont care about how hard schedules are in fact I know that the two great wrestlers are even friends so lets leave the two great wrestlers out of your comments!!!!!

December 19, 1999
comments: Congratulations to Larry Shaw on his 200th career victory against Fairmont Senior on Saturday.

December 19, 1999
From: Just The Facts
comments: response: Strength of Schedule and all the other WV wrestling gurus.
Good to see that after almost a year or two guys like Gorby and Ward are still haunting some. Guess they left their mark. They say when people talk about you alot you must be doing something right.
As far as this strength of schedule thing goes the high school season in West Virginia and the state tournament has little bearing on how you are ranked nationally and how good you are. Very few wrestlers from WV take on the real strength after the season is over when it is not just Ironman or the Mighty Brooke Classic. Want to get the best in the NATION not just the best in Pa. or Oh. head to the five or six regionals in March and April HS Open Nationals Fargo in July. But some will say thats freestyle. Well if you want to wrestle the best you must learn this style as these guys KNOW what will get them to the next level. Evidence in being how many state champs or even multiple champs ever are ranked very high or gets the chance to wrestle after H.S. at D-1 or any other program.

But most of all if you qualify H.S. Nationals in Pittsburg is a must as all the best folkstyle wrestlers will be there so freestyle is no longer an excuse to avoid these guys. But as far as the Brooke Classic goes who really cares? I guess that goes for the State Tournament also. Sorry.

Now here are some facts to back this up:
Jason Ward
H.S. National Runner-up
Beat Dream Team Nick Frost #1 ranked in nation
Beat Ryan Lewis #2 in nation
BeatPat O'Donnell #8 in Nation PA state Champ
Lost to #1 Tyrone Lewis
Finished Career #3 in A.W.N. #4 Wrestling USA Asics All-American 1st Team All-Academic Team Wrestling USA and the 1999 Dave Shultz H.S. Excellence award for WV. just to name a few. All this after finishing 3rd at the States.

So do your research outside this little hub and draw up these little dream matches all you want it really doesn't matter. You have to be on when it REALLY counts and that is not just during the H.S. season
In closing I would just like to say: " LET IT GO LOUIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

December 19, 1999
From: dragon fan
comments: I still haven't found any results from the red rider tournament. could someone please submit the results. thank you

December 19, 1999
comments: Oak Geln looked pretty good defeating Fairmont Senior at Roane. They only won by 5 but they forfeited a weight and Six was winning big before getting caught on his back. So this could have been a lot worse. Watch out AA Oak Glen is looking better and better.

December 19, 1999
From: wrestling fan
comments: Come on people send in some new scores. People want to know.

December 19, 1999
comments: where is this jason litton from????

December 19, 1999
From: a wrestler
comments: Is Litten dropping to 145? How much does he have to lose to get there?

December 19, 1999
From: adam schindler
comments: the score of my match versus koslowski was 10-2 in the second when I pinned him and the two points were from a slip up reversal in the first

December 18, 1999
From: Homer
comments: When a defending State Runner-Up can't break the starting line-up I would say that team became stronger. South would've beaten Oak Glen last year and is the best team in the state this year. When five to six wrestlers are in the starting line-up and can still dominate two top five teams in Cabell Midland and Parkersburg that team didn't rebuild it reloaded.

December 18, 1999
From: old man
Comments: Where are the cabell-midland coke classic results?

December 18, 1999
From: kanawha fan
comments: How come there was only team scores for the Capital tourny? Surely someone knows what individuals won.

December 18, 1999
email: backseat@n2mail.com
comments: Not to be rude but if Oak Glen is so much better than Parkersburg South (a team who is currently undefeated in West Virginia and finished 6th in the Ironman) why does Oak Glen wrestle every team out of state? You have to consider that every team they wrestle from out of W.V. has more students than they do unless they have a Quad in Montana......
Parkersburg South has won 6 state titles this decade......
So in 69 days watch out everyone because South is back to defend. GO SOUTH!

December 18, 1999
comments: To: Strength of Schedule
Guess you never seen a Gorby-Hedrick matchup. While you were reviewing past results you must have missed the one were Gorby moved up from 119 to 130 and pinned Hedrick in 1:08. It was never close when they wrestled each other.(Guess will never know.)

Back to the whole point of your message North Marion doesn't have the money to travel like the other teams. They don't have buses to take them anywhere the parents and coaches drive them. The North Marion area doesn't eat sleep and breath wrestling like the Parkersburg area does. The schedule is not upgraded all because of MONEY. If Coach Michael had the money they WOULD have more matches scheduled.
P.S. It's not a bad schedule anyway!!

December 18, 1999
From: ex-wv wrestler
comments: to everyone talking about it going to be toth and litten and smith at 152. i have news for you holdsworth from oak glen is a much better wrestler than those three. i know from personal experience i have wrestled smith (nothing for any of the three to worry about) and the other two finished way behind a kid from my high school that wouldnt even be able to beat holdsworth so if he couldnt and cant beat him how do you figure they can. this is just a warning so if you were going to gamble on your predictions i wouldnt put money on anyone but holdsworth.

December 18, 1999
From: MFriderfan
email: Mfriderfan@aol.com
comments: Dear South fan-
While I'm sure South and OG would be a competitive affair it is certainly unfair to implicate that OG ducks anyone. I'm sure they wrestle as good a schedule as any school in the state.

December 18, 1999
comments: There is no way South could hang with Oak Glen this year!!!

December 18, 1999
From: Nick Busick
email: bu118@ovnet.com
comments: Scrimage and off to Southside in the morning:
Thanks to Fred Miller of OG youth program for helping the Ruff Riders Youth program off to a great start. The OG youth program and it's coaches allowed for many new faces to the wrestling experience.
The kids from OG should get a sportsmanship award. When they came to Weirton ... they were the best and promoted the sport helping out kids that did not know the sport.
I probally embarrassed myself by coaching both kids during a match .. but what the heck .... GOTTA LOVE THEM ALL! I am a fortunate man to have worked with such great kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!

December 18, 1999
From: AA/A FAN
comments: Well the WV SSAC has done it again. Grafton LOSES 14 students in its enrollment of (now) 610 students and yet is moved up to AAA to compete with the likes of Parkersburg (1485 enrolled) Cabell Midland (1356) and Wheeling Park (1435) not to mention others. This is ridiculous. A school with LESS than half the students has obviously less kids to field a full squad and we may as well resort to a single state championship. By the way all you Oak Glen bashers--their total enrollment is 526 so perhaps Parkersburg South with 1269 students should wonder why the programs are even close enough to debate. I know it only takes one kid per weight class but the people who think this way should take a course in distributive statistics.

December 18, 1999
From: CMHS Wrestling Doc
comments: To: Strength of Scedule It might be worth remembering that Jason Ward has long moved on to greener pastures. Whether or not fictitious mathups would result in a particular champion is just that fictitious. It must be noted that Ward did indeed wrestle in many National events that resulted in numerous outstanding results ie. HS Nationals where he handed many of our nations state champs a loss and placed a strong 2nd. Finally that school that "lacks the competition" as was stated has that very wrestler at our 1A program WVU. The current team that is a reality is competing with that excellent rival North Marion on 12/23/99 and then at the Wheeling Duals over the Holiday break for a little Competition. Merry Christmas!

December 18, 1999
From: not-a-chance
comments: no offence to the boys from oak glenn but in my oppinion you'll never see a AA state champ team beat a AAA state team. i'd definaltly put my money on south. although a good upset is nice every once in a while.

December 18, 1999
comments: Is Jimmy Johnson staying at 130 or is he dropping to 125?

December 18, 1999
From: Musselman Fan comments: Wes Kees is out with a shoulder injury. May be out for a while.

December 17, 1999
From: Curious
comments: Hey Mr. Oak Glen is the best there are several hundreds of people in this state that would beg to differ about your comment.Why don't they wrestle South? I'd put my money on South any day.

December 17, 1999
From: to Musselman fan
comments: what happened to Wes Kees? He was a very tough freshman at 130 last year who just missed making it to states.

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