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February 29, 2000
From: Randy Edrington
email: wrestlinghhs@yahoo.com
comments: for those who are interested in buying a copy of the 2000 AAA state finals i have copies for sale for $15.00. the past 2 times i have video taped the AAA Finals. in 96 i had charged $25.00 and in 1997 i had charged $20.00 i would have charged 20 this year but in the first few matches there was a few people that walked infront of my camera.

i try to give people what they pay for but never the less this years aaa finals is still a great copy. and im sure you will get your money's worth.

right now as of this email im watching the 130lb final. i video taped the awards ceromony you may not be able to see the face of the 5th or 6th place winner. but you can still hear them. to the huntington high guys congrats on your fourth place team finish. and congrats to the seniors on the hhs wrestling team. best of luck in the future to ryan paul zach joe mel josh and craig and to the other seniors also. it was nice to catch up with my old friends and james email me some time.

again email me for details on the state tournament video's. at wrestlinghhs@yahoo.com

96 finals $20.00 97 finals(includes intro of past state champions)$20.00 and 2000 AAA finals $15.00.

jp and joey congrats and also congrats to eric noel and robert busick and nice to final have met ya jenny. and to the gentleman that wanted to find a copy of the movie "takedown" i have a copy i taped off of wvah(fox 11) about 12 years ago.(daryl peterson who played bobich in the movie would go on to star in the late 80's early 90's as wcw's maxx payne.)
Editor's note: Thanks, Randy. I'm sure many fans will be interested. Not trying to put a damper on anything here, but I should point out that Mr Edrington is solely responsible for quality of tapes, issues pertaining to production rights, copyright stipulations, and other legal issues related to the sale of these tapes, and WV-Mat is in no way responsible for such. Put another way, if the WVSSAC gets all hot and bothered about someone selling state tournament tapes, hey, leave WV-Mat out of it. And if you are thinking about selling a tape of a FOX TV show, that's probably illegal and I don't want to know anything about that either. (smile)

February 29, 2000

February 29, 2000
comments: As a coach I would love to take my team and try my hand at wrestling the teams that Oak Glen wrestles. I feel my team would become stronger from seeing some great competition as they do. But as someone said earlier I dont have the resources or support to travel out of the state as does Oak Glen. When we see them it is the first time at State. As a coach I always try to schedule so as to see as many teams as I can...

February 29, 2000
comments: I am so happy with whoever put the information about Oak Glen and why they are so good. I think that people should stop complaining that they should be in AAA even though OG has 526 students. I think that people should stop complaining and start trying to improve enough to comptete with OG. Congratulations to OG and South for there state championships this year...kepp it up and lets go for 5 OG!

February 29, 2000
From: bears fan
comments: Congrat's to the Bears!! we are proud of all of you!!!! Its funny how every one just complains about the bears taking charge in Huntington. This team simply works hard takes wrestling serious and goes all out. I do however have a hard time understanding how they can go head to head with OVAC winning teams and beat them and yet they don't win the OVAC go figure. I think its just time that people admit that we have an outstanding coach who gives 100% every day to every kid and they respect him and will work hard to win it just that simple. Thanks again Bears for an exciting 99-00 season we have enjoyed every min.

February 29, 2000
From: Easternpanhandle fan
comments: Congratulations to Jim Shetler Hedgesville High School 130 on your fine career. Congratulations on breaking the school win record and establishing a new state win record 168 wins. Congratulations on finishing second at states. Hedgesville High school and the eastern panhandle is very proud of you.

February 29, 2000
comments: in response to pshs matmaid.it doesn't matter if they were from huntington high or not.it would of probably happend if they were from another school.they dress up because they wanna look nice at the state and set an example

February 29, 2000
comments: One has to wonder how many Oak Glen wrestlers are from Ohio or Pa?

February 29, 2000
From: Phoenix
comments: Way to go Bucs! Congrats to Andy Travise Billy Baisden Joey Mayle and especially to my little bro Trent Casto. You all wrestled your best and made us proud. Great Job Trent you surpassed all my expectations.
P.S. Congrats also to J.P. Stanley I predicted you would take home the State Championship at the beginning of the season. Thanks for keeping me honest.

February 29, 2000
comments: Look were Oak Glen is situated. They are right in the middle of great wrestling from Ohio and Pennsylvania. It is not hard for them to schedule a tough schedule because of their location. If the AA schools had the numbers and the means to get a schedule like Oak Glens then I could see the rest of the AA schools starting to catch up. It would be very hard to take schools from central part of WV to central and northern Ohio every week. Most administrators and boards of education will not let schools travel over 2hours for a tournament. I myself wonder why Oak Glen doesnt wrestle at a large tournament located in WV such as the WSAZ or the Fairmont tournament. Is it because they dont want to wrestle up agaisnt the powerful AAA teams? Being from a small school with 300 or so students makes me proud to have wrestled against schools with above 500. I am very proud of the programs of all the other AA-A programs in WV. Each School should also be proud of your wrestlers and your coaches. I am sorry to say but watching Oak Glen in our state tournament seems weird because you hardly ever see them wrestling in the state. But like I said they have the opportunity to wrestle out of state more so why shouldnt they. I give Oak Glen a challenge and ask them to quit acting "better than thou" and give the WV teams a shot during the regular season by comming to a large tournament here IN YOUR HOME STATE!!!

February 29, 2000
comments: Why do people care if Oak Glen shakes the coaches hand. If your team does it fine. Its there choice live with it.

February 29, 2000
comments: I know this years state championship just ended... But guess what you might as well try to guess what team will come in second because PARKERSBURG SOUTH PATRIOTS will win the thing again!!!!!! If you think SOUTH was strong this year just wait untill next year the PATRIOTS have a very young team. and the top two jr high schools in the state feeding the program..

February 29, 2000
comments: Three reasons Eric Noel was the OW in AA in my opinion: 1.) He started the year at 119 and moved up to 130 thus relying on technique not muscle. 2.)He beat a 2X state champ in the finals 3.) He beat a defending state champ in the regionals and also beat the wrestler who beat him in this year's OVAC finals. Eric is so humble that he will probably turn red when he reads this but it is the truth. Larry Shaw and Eric Noel were the perfect match.

February 29, 2000
comments: I would like to congratulate Clint Radcliff on his state title this past weekend! All of that hard work finally paid off! Enjoy it!!!

February 29, 2000
comments: CONGRATULATIONS JOSH CROSS! What a way to end your wrestling career! No one deserved a state title any more than you. Your hard work and dedication paid off. You kept the tradition of crowning a champion for WIRT Co. alive. Also way to go Toby Ray and Scott Moore! You had some big shoes to fill when you stepped in as coaches for WIRT Co. You have did a great job! You can both walk away from this season proud. Keep up the good work and more Tiger wrestlers will be on the podium in 2001.

February 29, 2000
From: Concerned fan
comments: My congratulations to Parkersburg South and Oak Glen. I have a concern about the state of wrestling in the state. Obviously programs rise and fall. WV high school's cannot help WV is as small as it is population wise. I am hearing complaints that OG should wrestle AAA (absurd). I earlier in the year heard how WV schools beat tiny Beallesville Ohio HS in the Dual meet in Ravenswood. Beallesville recently finished 23rd in their district meet and qulified no wrestlers for the state meet this coming weekend. OG is one of the larger schools in AA/A. Certainly this doesn't mean a smaller school can't compete with them. I offer the following (not as criticism) - these are the facts. If smaller schools in Ohio can compete with and in fact beat OG why can't anyone in WV???

1. In the last 4 years OG has dominated the AA/A Field winning by an average of 73 points.
2. During this same time period they have not won their own conference (OVAC) even once.
1997 OVAC(overall)-10th
1998 OVAC(overall)-9th
1999 OVAC (overall)-2nd
2000 OVAC (overall)-3rd
3. From 1997-2000 OG has had 15 state champions. During this same period of time OG has had exactly 1 OVAC Champion.
4. As the above statistics point out while winning 4 state titles they have not even one their own division in their conference tournament once. Then go on to dominate AA/A in WV.
5. This year they had no individual wrestlers win a championship in the OVAC. Then 5 of these same wrestlers win WV State Titles.
6. In fact 2 of their state champions this year did not place in the top 8 in the OVAC Tournament.

Why and how does OG dominate AA/A in WV??
They wrestle top flight competition all year.
They stay away from dual meets with smaller schools which basically are a waste of time.
They work and coach hard.
Coach Shaw has built a program through very hard work and dedication.
OG will not come back to the field. The rest of AA/A will have to catch up. How are they going to do this?

Your thoughts would be appreciated.

February 29, 2000
From: South Fan
comments: I knew South would end up on top but they really showed a lot of integrity while they were going the distance!! Your fans are proud of you and stand behind you all the way!! Congrates to all of our wrestlers you did a great job!!! You guys are all teriffic athletes. Congrates to our guys in the finals Radcliff Daggett and Pickens! Way to go! To Mike Bosley way to show class!! You held your cool when things were really unfair! This is what being a champ is all about!! Matt George you were great! Mccartney you run a class act!!

February 29, 2000
From: Southfan
comments: I would just like to congratulate South on it's 5th title in 6 years. This is an incredible accomplishment worthy of praise to it's support from the feeder programs all the way up to the high school level. Keep working. Also I would like to congratulate Jeff Courtney of Fairmont Senior for his 3rd place finish in the states. You are an inspiration. Matt George you had a tough year but you showed the class that Parkersburg knew you had. We won't soon forget you. We look forward to seeing Anthony Regalbuto bring home an NCAA championship in the near future. Thanks for a great tournament Huntington.

February 29, 2000
From: from room 316 at states in huntington
comments: i would like to thank coach geary and coach petracca on havning a great year this year we would have never been able to do it with out u. Im looking forward to a good season next year nothing less than state champions.

February 28, 2000
From: Shelley
comments: I would like to once again congratulate Richard "Buff" Stotler on his 2nd place finish at states. I know he will take it all next year. Good luck Buff!! I will miss you all next year! Hey Josh you better work on that GRIP!!!! :)

February 28, 2000
From: Brooke Hardman
comments: I just want to congratulate the South wrestling team for their victory! Way to go guys! I also want to say that Fairmont Sr. wrestler Jeff Courtney is amazing! I watched him wrestler his way to third place at 171lbs! Congrats Jeff! You are a true champion. I also want to congratulate Clint Radcliff and Chris Daggett on their first place finishes. Clint you have worked long and hard for this victory. Your sportsmanship loyalty and skill shine through! I am proud to see such a strong friendship between two captains. You and Mike are a prime example of victory! Chris I think that your dedication was beautiful. Keep up the good work! I love all of you guys!

February 28, 2000
From: PSHS matmaid
comments: I know that we don't want to hear about the Bosley/Brooks match any longer but I think that going to the time keeper was the wrong thing to do. The tapper is the one that should be able to say if the points were awarded in time. The tapper needs to be in a position where she can see both the ref and the clock. Therefore she/he would know if time had expired. From what I have heard the girls that tap are students from Huntington High School. I am not sure if this info is correct but I think if this is the case they should make a change. I don't know what the answers are I just it should be thought about. Plus I am not sure what the reason of wearing dresses or skirts while being a tapper is but I think there is no need for it. I can understand looking nice but I have been a mat maid forever and before that my father was coach so I have been around wreslting and tapping for long time. I have been knocked down many times or tripped there is no reason for it. I think it is almost disgusting. By the way I want to give huge CONGRATS to Parkersburg South and all that wreslters!!! We did great!! I knew you all could do it. Plus I want to say how impressed I was by our rival PHS. The Big Reds did great and the way they cheered for us was incrediable. What Matt George did was very classy!! Also thanks for all the nice things being said about PSHS. It's not very often we hear compliments so thanks!!!!

February 28, 2000
comments: Well to who ever said peopel should quit complaing about Oak Glen. they just dont realize how hard it is to get kids out for wrestling in a AA school. Oak Glen has got 40-50 kids out for the team and they just dont realize how big a differnce that makes.

February 28, 2000
From: E.A.Snider
comments: Congratulations to Jason and Chad Snider for placing 3rd and 5th in this years state tourney. Jason had knee surgery on Jan.3rd and to make it back at all was quite an accomplishment. Chads 5th place was great in a very competitive weight--130. Thanks to Larry Richie and Randall Eastham for their time and effort. It's true Oak Glen would probably be competitive at AAA but the numbers speak for themselves. Congrats to them for a great program.

February 28, 2000
From: Wisher
comments: How great would a Parkersburgh South VS. Oak Glen match up be. I think these two teams would be a great battle. Lets give the state what it wants. A great match up between two top notch programs.

February 28, 2000
From: the evil little boy
comments: Something that i really thought was disapointing was how so many wrestlers who were out of shape would use there injury time to catch there breath and rest up. I don't know of any solutions because sometimes people really are hurt and you can't tell. I just found that this changed the way some things went and it wasn't fair to wrestlers who worked hard and didn't have to do things like that.

February 28, 2000
comments: First I would like to congratulate Oak Glen on their outstanding performance. It is hard for me to understand why their wrestlers will not shake the hands of the opposing coach. Having won four consecutive state titles is a terrific feat.

February 28, 2000
From: fan
comments: for forum congratulations to Jason Trusty Brandon Williams and Matt Stevens from PHS. Jason with 3 pins and 1 dec. in my mind he should have been o.w. I would like to say how wonderful to see the PSH and PHS fans support all the wrestlers from both schools.

February 28, 2000
comments: How everyone is arguing about AA OW award i think Ash deserved it hands down he is one of the best wrestlers in the state and the best in AA. I think Noel would have been my 2nd choice as Ow cause he had one of the toughest weights in the state. And as for Litten he is a great wrestler but his weight just didnt have much competition. Congrats to Ash....Good luck in the future.

February 28, 2000
From: Bob Pickens-Head coach Williamstown
email: terbo@citynet.net
comments: We at WHS had a very successful season by finishing as the AA Runner-up crowning two State Champs and having Ash named as the Most Valuable Wrestler. Though at times things looked bleak we never gave up on our goals. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who contributed to an exciting year. The families of our wrestlers fans the administration at WHS etc. I especially want to thank 3 individuals who played a bigger part than they know.
1. Will Westbrook who came back from a very severe back injury that would have finished most of us to become the "leader by example" of this team. His "Iron Will" sparked us to a conditioning level beyond all our opponents. Thank you Will-you will be greatly missed.
2. Jeff Givens-my assistant coach. Any leader is only as good as the people he has working with him. I have been blessed with an assistant coach who I am confident could step in if I were absent and our system wouldn't miss a beat. Few coaches have this good fortune. Jeff and I have been through a lot together(he started wrestling for me as a Ninth grader). As our program has grown and strengthened so has our relationship.He is like a son to me. Thank you Jeff I understand your feelings.
3. Paul "P.D."Dowler our scorekeeper peacekeeper father figure and FRIEND to us all. We will miss you P.D. you have truely been a gift to us and we thank the Lord for your time spent with us. Best wishes and good health to you.
Also thank you Dr. Miller for this outstanding website and Jenny Sullivan for being a true wrestling to all of us.

February 28, 2000
comments: To concerned observer
I totally agree with your observations. In the hotel I was in there was underage drinking distruction of property and people were told to leave. The adults need to be role models. When at times young people do make the wrong decisions like was mentioned Saturday night during the awards ceremony the adults need to reflect and take some responsibilty.

February 28, 2000
From: Charles Easter
comments: SOUTH fans catch alot of flack but the state tourney would be very different without them. I was very happy when a chant arose from the croud supporting Matt Easter. I'm sure it caught his attention as that was the only time I noticed him looking into the croud. A special thanks to Dean Moore and company allowing my boys to become a part of the machine.

February 28, 2000
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: My last comments were spent congratulating South on their state title but their are other teams and wrestlers worthy of praise . First of all there is Matt George of PHS. We know you were sick most of the year Matt and it affected your performance at states.But what was not affected was your class. Your rival South in your last high school match and you raise your opponents hand with yours...Thanks Matt for ending a great career the way you came in..a true champion! Congratulations to Brandon Williams Jason Trusty and Matt Stevens on their state titles as well.The LKC wrestlers also were very well represented in the AA finals and crowned several champions.Congratulations to Oak Glen on another crown--sure would like to see you guys on South's schedule! There were many upsets and some heartbreakers but all you young men and one fine lady should be very proud of the efforts you put forth. You have entertained all of us fans for so long we ssometimes forget to say "Thank You" for all your sacrfices and hard work.God Bless each of you!

February 28, 2000
comments: i'd like to congradulat matt miller on winning back to back state titles. you proved to everyone that you are in a class of your own. you proved that courtney's win was an upset by beating thomas 14-1 after he defeated courtney off. i only have one thing left to say three-peat.

February 28, 2000
My son's high school team has finally been successful in obtaining a room to be designated as a wrestling room after five years of asking. This year's team would like to begin a legacy of a collection of wrestling posters from across the country to decorate the room. Can you help at all with a poster or photo of your team? Thanks in advance for your help.
Bill Perkins
25 Balcarres Road,
London, Ontario,
N5X 2H6

February 28, 2000
comments: For the person that thinks Oak Glen should be in AAA they are totally out of it. Oak Glen is not even one of the bigger AA/A schools. Quit making excuses and if your teams put in half the effort those boys do then AA/A would be more competitive!!!

February 28, 2000
From: D K
email: dkuykendall@webtv.net
comments: comment: To the person who wants Oak Glen in AAA I would suggest clicking on the state tourney format then click on to state division section. There you will find Oak Glen only has 526 students.Weir for next year will have 585. Even Liberty H has more. There are eight other schools with more students than O.G.. Grafton next year will be the smallest AAA with 610. Oak Glen has a great program the rest will just have to get better BOTTOM LINE! I just call like it is not as I see it

February 28, 2000
From: Andy Travise
email: ATravise@excite.com
comments: I would like to start by thanking all of my coaches Joey Mayle Trent Casto and Billy Baisden for a great year. I would also like to give a special Congratulations to Joey Mayle.
145lb- A-Train

February 28, 2000
From: concerned observer
comments: I thought the state tourney was run wonderfully I've never seen a tournment when start times were actually honored. However there is a matter of great concern to me and would like to hear what others think. I have great concern about what happens in the hotels not the convention center. I was truly amazed at the amount of beer being brought into the hotels. Is this not what the wrestlers and their parents must sign a sheet that they will not drink during the season? Is it really fair to have so much beer and partying going on when the wrestlers need to be concentrating on their wrestling? I know many of you will say that adults can do what they want ? but what about the wrestlers and also what about all the students who were in Huntington without parental supervision? We teach athletes to care for their bodies but yet as a collective group we are presenting drinking as an option during the tournament ? what about some others especially coaches and wrestlers and officals what do you guys think ???

February 28, 2000
From: Michael Miller
email: player_008@hotmail.com
comments: I would like to give my little bro a huge congatulations for keeping the the wrestling tradition alive in our family. He wrestled his heart out last weekend. Keep on working hard and you will be a state champ. Cross it was your time and you took it. I knew you could do it all along. Now you can live your life the way you want. (FISHING) I commend all wirt wrestlers because of their hard work and dedication. I'll be back to help next year so we can go for the title in a couple years. Keep your heads up you did wonderful.

February 28, 2000
comments: Why should Oak Glen be put back in AAA? If you check on the WVSSAC page it says that a AAA school is one with 595 or more. When you look under AA Oak Glen is listed with 526. So what would be the reason to take them to AAA?

February 28, 2000
comments: To Mic say being a three time state champ doesn't mean you sould be OW is BS. Ash Wenmoth was more than desvering of that award he been the top wrestler in AA the last 3 years. Why do you think the 130lb weight class was so tough. It was none of those guys wanted a peice of Ash.

February 28, 2000
From: Old WV Wrestler
comments: I would like to congradulate Eric Noel from Oak Glen he did a great job at 130. GOOD JOB NOEL

February 28, 2000
comments: what do Jason Ward Josh Dearth Joey Thomas and Jeff Courtney have in common? they all wrestled on the opposite side of the bracket of matt miller. They had a bit of controversy in their semis match. Dearth pulled out a win when Ward was dq'd for stalling and maybe stalling wasn't called enough this year. However in the finals in 99 miller only beat dearth by one point but in reality the match wasn't close and this year miller almost tech falled thomas. So he's the 2 time champ and I bet he'll be wrestling Ward soon in the WVU wrestling room.

February 28, 2000
From: Buddy Ripley
comments: I would like to congradulate the Parkerburg teams as a youth growing up in this state Robbie learned at an early age that he would have to compete with this young men if he would ever get better. We actually wrestled with the cougars and they were really great to him. A special thanks to the Steven's and Sample's families for your knid words and support over the years. And to Mat George you are a class act first thing Robbie said was how nice you were to him thanks so much. We know you were battling injuries all season get yourself better and keep competeing you are good young man. Also Robbie say that Mark Evans was nice to him thank your Mark. We are going to continue to wrestle and train this spring and summer anyone that would like do the same let us know. Mr. Bosley take care of yourself and tell your son's congradulations there good wrestler's and young men.

February 28, 2000
From: wrestling fan
comments: Congratulation to Matt Bosley you are quite a champion of your own. As I watched every boy being seated before they went to get their awards you were probably the only one that I seen congratulating everybody in your weight class in both regions. I noticed several times you being on the mat cheering on your team mates and it looks like to me you have alot of respect for your sport. I really look up to you and hope that my son has that special personality that you do. Someday Matt you will understand how important it is to take things so good as you do. I don't even know you but after the first round was over something just stuck in my mind to watch you from their on. You have two good years in wrestling left and I hope you make the best of them.

February 28, 2000
comments: Put Oak Glen back in the AAA class where they belong before AA/A wrestling is damaged beyond repair! Think about how competive AA/A would be without a AAA team in it. It would have been much more fun for everyone to try to win a championship instead of runner-up! Also it will be a crime to see Grafton have to go to AAA next year! Please let's do something before it's too late!!!

February 28, 2000
From: fan
comments: Congratulations to South Patriots another fine example of an excellent wrestling program and to have that many fan in attendance is amazing. I just want to add congratulations to Matt Bosely for a fine performance and placing 3rd. You can do it next year. Go Matt.

February 28, 2000
From: Jenny Sullivan
email: sullivj2@ohio.edu
comments: Another great state tournament! Congratulations to all wrestlers and everyone involved. I'm not going to say too much right now because I don't want to run out of stuff to say for the column. There WILL be at least one maybe two more editions of Mat Lines for this year. I've got a lot of stuff to say and I have just a little more research to do (in addition to the joy of trying to "catch up" at work) so bear with me while I get all my ducks in a row. For those of you who are interested in results from previous state tournaments that aren't on the website yet we're working on them. I'm working on 1994 right now but that project's on hold while the final Mat Lines articles are being written.

February 28, 2000
From: Steve Haver
comments: As director of the Huntington Civic Arena I want to apologize to the wrestlers and fans for the problems with the PA system. I have a child involved in sports and understand how the audio problems detracted from an important and memorable occasion for the winners.

The system functioned perfectly Saturday morning but the intermittent problems we experienced on Friday became much worse during the final session. We had our technician at the arena all weekend and he changed out all components that we had spares for including microphones cables and the main mixer. It worked fine for the Blizzard game Sunday; we are still not certain which component caused the problem. The entire system is under contract for a $110,000 replacement which is to start next month. I know that's too late for this years winners but we will have a new system next year.

As far as the restrooms: we have staff working to keep up with the mess but with the number of people constant traffic and short time between sessions to clean the entire arena the cleanliness of the restrooms does suffer. We do our best to keep them presentable throughout the event.

The Civic Arena and City of Huntington consider the tournament one of our most important events for the facility and community. Congratulations to the winners competitors and great fans! We appreciate your dedication and committment and look forward to next year's tournament!

February 28, 2000
From: Link Man
comments: Wrestling Articles:

Grafton's Chris Leach finishes second at state wrestling tourney$rec=892cbgCurrentSports?cbgCurrentSports

Leach can't escape his one-point loss

UHS's Kinsley Griffin fall in mat finals

UHS's Griffin avoids upset bug this year

Photo of Easter - Delligatti AAA 103 Final

2001 could be an odyssey for Nitro wrestlers

Easter Saturday - Nitro frosh Wehrle Prather bring home titles

Another Photo of Easter - Delligatti AAA 103 Final

Four from Valley head to finals - Prather hopes fourth time is the charm

Grappler going for the big prize - Nitro's Easter wants a state title to add http://dailymail.com/news/Sports/200002262/ Bulletin board fodder fuels Wehrle

Three LCHS Matmen Qualify For State Tourney Feb. 24-26

February 28, 2000

Phanatik's Regional Analysis
email: PhanatikWV@yahoo.com

comments: State Tournament AAA Regional Breakdown

So which AAA region fared better at the state tournament this year? Here is my analysis:

Region 1 dominated in state champions with 6. But for the first time in many years Region 1 did not have the most placewinners. That honor went to region 2 who with 28 placewinners edged out region 1 who had 26. Region 2 also won more total matches then any other region winning 125 total. But region 1 had a slightly better winning percentage due to their high number of state champs and 3rd place finishers and region 2's high number of 6th place finishers.

Breakdown of Placewinners By Region:

Regions 2 and 3 also had 9 wrestlers each who came 1 match from placing (top 8) while regions 1 and 4 had 5 each.

REGION         1st     2nd     3rd     4th     5th     6th        TOTAL     PCT

Region 2        2       4       2       5       8       7          28      33.3%
Region 1        6       3       5       5       2       5          26      30.9%
Region 3        3       4       5       3       1       1          17      20.2%
Region 4        3       3       2       1       3       1          13      15.5%
Breakdown of Regional Records By Weight Class:

The most dominating weightclass by any region was region 2 at 171 where all 4 wrestlers placed 1st 3rd 4th and 5th for a combined 15-5 record.

WT              REG 1           REG 2           REG 3           REG 4
103              3-8             8-7             7-7             11-7
112              9-7             9-9             8-6              3-7
119             12-5             3-9            12-7              2-8
125             10-9             5-8            11-4              3-8 
130              9-7             8-7             9-7              3-8
135             10-7            10-9             4-7              5-6
140             10-5            10-8             5-8              4-8
145              6-8            10-6             8-7              5-8
152             12-5             6-9             7-7              4-8
160              9-7            12-7             2-8              6-7
171              5-9            15-5             6-7              3-8
189              6-8            10-8             5-7              8-6
215              9-5            10-8             3-8              7-8
275              5-7             9-9             5-8             10-5
TOTAL          115-97          125-109          92-98            74-102
PCT             .542            .534            .484             .420
Final Analysis:

At first glance at the team scores and overall standings it would appear that region 2 fared very poorly. And while a few of the teams fared a little worse than expected it goes to show how strongly competitive region 2 actually was - having more placewinners and overall wins than region 1 for the first time in many years.

The above analysis proves 2 facts I have been stating the entire season:
1. Region 1 has more top-notch wrestlers than any other region
2. Region 2 has overtaken region 1 as the most overall competitive region

February 28, 2000

comments: http://www.timeswv.com/localspt.html
good wrestling article

February 28, 2000

From: mic
comments: CONGRATULATIONS to Jason Litten for winning the state championship at 152#! He has worked hard all season which finally paid off. He was the only undefeated wrestler in AA with a record of 38-0. I do have one question about picking the outstanding wrestler. Being a state champ for three years in a row shouldn't be the reason why you get outstanding wrestler it's how hard you worked at state and how bad you beat your opponents. Thats why I think Jason Litten should have got the outstanding wrestler award he deserved it. His first match he tech falled the kid then pinned the next two and in the final match he beat holdsworth 13-5. To me thats outstanding.

February 28, 2000

comments: The wvssac really need to get the state. out of Huntington. The civic center is a dump!!!!!! Bad p/a system. dirty restrooms. ireally think its time to move it I would like to see it in Parkersburg but I Know they dont have the room.. So lets try Any place other than Huntington..

February 28, 2000

email: smittyc_69@hotmail.com
comments: Does anyone have the results of the 93 and 94 state tourney if so could they submit it to this site. Thank You

February 28, 2000

From: EF
comments: Congrats to Anthony Regalbuto for a great year and obtaining the O.W. award. Good Luck at WVU and come and see us when you get to Mo-Town. "RIDEM' BOY!"

February 28, 2000

From: Jeff Stevens
email: cougar@citynet.net
comments: Congratulations to Jeremy Berry on his National Championship Win at Lehigh also I would like to give congrats to Jason Trusty Brandon Williams and my son Matt on there WV titles also I would like to say congratulations to the South Team on there win and South fans for there support for PHS I am not from Parkersburg but have been caught up in this rival for many years its nice to see both sides support one another

February 28, 2000

From: informed person
comments: wood county and region one spoke loudly!!!..very loudly!!!..

February 28, 2000

From: Patriot Fan 88
comments: After attending the state wrestling tournament this week-end there are a few things I would like to say. First of all congradulations to all of the Parkersburg South wrestlers. We took 13 boys to the tournament and every single one of them did a great job. We love you guys and are so proud of you boys!!! Parkersburg South not only dominates in this sport but they do it with the most class imaginable!!! No matter what was done to them they were good sports. I would also like to say that Matt George also behaved as a true champion. His display of sportsmanship was great!! What integrity!!!!! Overall the tournament was good. Again Congrates to Parkersburg South and to coach our beloved coach of the year!!!

February 28, 2000

comments: Congradulations to all of the State Champions! I would also like to to say Congradulations to "Buff" Stotler(171) on his 2nd place finish! You did great and I know that you'll finish Number 1 next year!

February 28, 2000

From: joe "arm bar" guttmann
email: guttman1@marshall.edu
comments: I would just like to echo Coach LeMaster's comments. We should all try to emulate the champions Parkersburg South's and Oak Glen's programs. The impact of a junior league and strong coaching on all levels cannot be understated. After all you can't expect to field a competitive baseball team without an established Little League where the kids learn fundamentals and gain valuable experience. As a case in point you can look at the recent rise of Hedgesville. When I wrestled ten years ago we would have had one to three wrestlers on the team with any experience prior to the 9th grade (no middle school sports). And these were guys who had either moved into the area or drove to Maryland. While we were a scrappy bunch we surely were not a team threat in tournaments. We would send a couple to states and for the majority of us wrestling was over until the following season. The establishment of the Berkeley Co. Jrs dedicated parents year-round commitment and hard work by the wrestlers themselves has enabled them to level the playing field. The results speak for themselves. Thanks to everyone involved for making an old Hedgesville grad proud of his alma mater. Congratulations to the Cabell Co schools for their strong performance at states. It is a testament to the coaching abilities of Mr. LeMaster Mr. Riggs and the other middle school coaches (sorry do not know your names) who prepare the wrestlers for the high school program. I attended the Cabell Co. middle school championship last year and was impressed by the quality of wrestling. Congrats to all Eastern Panhandle grapplers. Regalbuto is a takedown Artist. Good luck this summer and at WVU. Watch out for Jefferson next year. Hopefully all those Harper's Ferry boys will continue their success at the high school level. Musselman is also improving as it continues its rise from the dead. The only program that concerns me is Berkeley Springs. The wrestlers they have are very good but what happened to their numbers? They used to be a powerhouse. Finally lets hope that Parkersburg South and Oak Glen meet next year in a midseason dual tri or quad.

February 27, 2000

From: Observer
comments: When I look at some of the results Some of the Athletes in the finals had closer semi Final Matches. That makes a poor final match. Have they ever thought about seeding. A lot of final matches would have been better like Shindler and Hughes and Gandee and Auvil. Those are just two matches that were closer in the semi's than the finals.

February 27, 2000

From: Marion County Fan
comments: I would like to commend the East Fairmont wrestling team on a great season. It is an expected performance with high aspirations for the future. I would like to congratulate Ryan Keeny Imani Beckwith Arron Futten Shane Eakle (Great Year! What a tough kid!) Chris Satterfield. Jeff Noechel (3rd) and Matt Sternthal (4th). Matt Miller. (1st). Marion County thanks you for an exciting year. Realize your youth and the possible potential of where you could be next year. As a team work for your goal all summer & fall! Congrats to Coach Geary and Patracca for changing the program your efforts will pay off!

February 27, 2000

From: Pat Peters
email: wpeters@citynet.net
comments: Congratulation to all Williamstown Wrestlers for a great job this year at the state tournament. Taking nine individuals and placing nine in the top five is a tremendous job. Senior Ash Wenmoth became Williamstown High School's third 3-time state champion. Junior Tim Haddox won his first state championship and we are looking forward to next year. We are especially proud of Senior Will Westbrook who has shown great dedication and personal sacrifice. Will returned to wrestling in mid-season after a serious back injury to a sport where individuals sometimes avoid tough competition. In a weigh class with state champions and runners-up Will rose to the challange of being a true team captain. He led the Jackets to an outstanding second place team finish. Our hats off to the Yellow Jacket Wrestling Team and Coaching Staff.

February 27, 2000

From: WVAA
email: wv_aa@hotmail.com
comments: Congratulations everyone The page is updated for the second to last time (i have a million pictures to scan) they will be up shortly. http://wvaa.homepage.com
Keep the hate mail coming it gives me something to read. :)

February 27, 2000

comments: Congrats to the 112 lbr Bosley from South The second match showed what real wrestling is about. GO SOUTH...

February 27, 2000

From: Andy Runion
email: runions@prodigy.net
comments: Congratulations Patriots on winning the state championship!! Thanks for a great year! Great Job Coach McCartney! Also~ I would like to take my hat off to the fans of PHS for supporting South in the final matches that was a real touch of class. I would also like to say that Matt George showed real class during the whole tournament. Looking forward to next year and another state championship!

February 27, 2000

From: Jim LeMaster
comments: I agree with DK that South's program is to be complimented on a great showing at the state tournament. On to other stuff ... All year long we were treated to a long discourse from all concerned as to which region was tougher 1 or 2. In addition many posts were made in regard to how weak regions 3 and 4 were. As Cabell Midland and Huntington's places in the state tournament show region 3 is not as weak as everyone thinks. Midland placed second in the state and yet only qualified eleven from the regionals. Throw in the Nitro Point Capital kids and some from the other schools and I think we can put it all in perspective. We may not have the best region or even the best teams but we can produce some outstanding individuals. It all boils down to depth. If you have 60 - 100 kids at PeeWee age then 30-40 in middle or junior high it stands to reason that you can have 15 good or even great ones by high school. This is not to bash South or Parkersburg or anywhere else. I am constantly impressed with the quality of your Pee Wee kids at Jr. States and your Jr. High programs are fantastic. And of cours! e your high school coaches and teams are superlative. Coaches Sparks and Archer did a great job with kids who for the most part never set foot on a mat until 7th grade. PeeWee programs are virtually a non-factor in our end of the state. As a middle school coach I can only wish for the kind of experienced kids that have 5-7 years of wrestling 50 or more matches a year when they hit 7th grade. We can olnly pick up an experienced kid or two and are thrilled to get them. If the rest of the state wants to catch up to South we have to start early and develop a viable PeeWee program and a fan base such as yours. Congratulations on your championship it was well deserved. Your wrestlers are tough kids and good technicians. As for the rest of us will keep on trying to close the gap.

February 27, 2000






February 27, 2000

From: some old guy who knows Jeremy
comments: Jeremy Berry (Jeremy_Berry@Mercersburg.edu)from St. Marys WV who wrestles at Mercersburg Academy won the National prep title at 152 pounds at Lehigh University this weekend. He beat Cassella from Blair Academy in the finals. His career record is 185-11. Thank you coaches: Rick Hendrickson Jason Bershatsky Kenny Chertow and Michael Litton. If you know Jeremy send him an email.

February 27, 2000

From: d.koreski
email: tinney@wvadventures.net
comments: I'm looking for any info on (spring/summer) wrestling tournaments (freestyle/folk) that anyone might know about in the Ohio Pensilvania and virginia area's. or if anyone know's of any good links please drop me a line... :)

February 27, 2000

From: WVwahoo
comments: Congratulations to the two West Virginia wrestlers Jeremy Hart (Independence High School) and J.D. Kirby (Jefferson High School) wrestling at Appalachain State University in Boone North Carolina. In the Southern Conference Tournament on 2/26 Jeremy Hart a Sr. won his second consective Southern Conference Tournament title at 141 lbs. and is now a 2X N.C.A.A. qualifer. J.D. Kirby a soph. finished 3rd in the Southern Conference Tournamnet 184 lbs. Appalachain State as a team finished 2nd to University of Tennessee at Chattannooga. Way to go "Mountaineers"

February 27, 2000

From: mac attack
email: mact53@hotmail.com
comments: congratulations to all the wrestlers you are all champions you gave your best one question for the coaches why not give the outstanding wrestler to the wrestler who scores the most team points each year? isn't he the most valuable to his team

February 27, 2000

From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: Wow what a great state tourney! I believe that all doubters of the kind of team that Parkersburg South was put to rest this past week. Those that said South was in a weak region can look at 7 wrestlers finishing 3rd or higher at states and see that they would have been there in any region! Special congratulations to Clint Radcliff and Chris Daggett for their state titles and to the other placers who battled hard and were rewarded with a state title for their team.

I read all winter about how South would have no state champions and how Fairmont Senior or Hedgesville was going to pull the upset at states. Fact is you could add both your scores together and you still lose the title to South!! You can bring the undefeated records to the mat but it comes down to the quality of competition you wrestle all year that prepares you for the tough matches at the state tourny.South backs down from no schools and continues to seek out the very competition from all across the country. Bring the hype on for next year because South brings back almost everyone and wait till you see what is coming up from our junior high programs! CONGRATULATIONS South and coach McCartney for bringing home the gold to the place where it will belong for many more years to follow!

February 27, 2000

From: D.K.
email: dkuykendall@webtv.net
comments: comments: First I would like to thank Doc for the web site. It takes alot of hard work an dedication to keep everything updated so people can be imformed. I didn't get to go this year to states I just had back surgery. Anyway on to this comment.
Over the past season you have read alot about which team is better an so forth. Well now we know to be the team you had to beat the team. I didn't see that happen this year. South and Oak Glen has the team everyone else would like to have.They also have a great pee wee feeder program and jr high teams plus they have enough kids to have a jv team which helps out a lot. They also have the best fans going not saying other teams don't have any it's just they have more. Look who fills the stands at states. I am from Frankf ort where the true 189 pounder in either AA or AAA resides but that is another matter. Around here we don't get the media coverage as you all do -- football is the big thing here The radio newspaper or local TV stations refuse to advertize for wrestling and we don't get the fans.We are lucky to get the parents to the matches.

In all I guess what I am trying to say is this: don't run a team down just because they are good. You should try an bring your team up to the standards that are set and right now South an Oak Glen is setting them. It also helps if your school is a sports minded school .We can't even get a middle school team started because they don't want it. Anyway congratulations to everyone that placed

February 27, 2000

From: Steve Bosley
email: bos3@wirefire.com
comments: Response to Mr. Lucas-you state that time ran out as Michael got the take down. It appeared to me that there was five seconds left on the clock when he got his escape. If it takes you five seconds to look down and write the take down on the score sheet and look back up maybe the problem is how long it takes you to write it. I've been in wrestling for thirty six years as a wrestler as a coach. I think it is a travisty that a young man is denied the opportunity of the finals of Saturday night. Dozens of people from other teams friends enemies people I don't even know saw it the same way that I did. Even one of the opponents coaches of Brooks told me that they had told Brooks that he was beat. It appears to me when you say everyone's displeasure over the results that is probably an understatement. Two wrongs don't make a right.

This is only the second or third time that I have posted anything on the forum. When I do I put my name with my statements. I was not going to respond to Mr. Lucas or the controversy until Mr. Lucas had to try to justify his position. A wise old man once told me it's better to sit and appear stupid than to open up your mouth and take away all doubt.
Editor's note: I should take Mr Bosley's advice and stay out of this. That said, it looks like the Bosley/Brooks match is turning out to be the controversial match of the AAA tournament, similar to the Dearth/Ward match of last year. Emotions are running high. I think we have heard sufficient viewpoints concerning this semifinal match, and I doubt that there is anything more to be gained from further discourse on this particular match...

February 27, 2000

From: PB
comments: I would just like to congratulate Joey Mayle Mike Bosley Josh Moore Justin Kessler and Jed Ott on a great season. I especially want to congratulate Joey on a classy well-deserved championship. Sometimes I think people lose sight in why we wrestle. We're all in the same boat out there. Just to have the experience of wrestling with your team all season is something that will stay with everyone. To Mike-- When I came up to you and said "good match" I said it because it WAS a good match. Even if it was your hand that the ref had raised I still would have said the same thing. You are a great wrestler and no matter what the outcome that was a hard fought close match. Thanks to all my teammates for good times and congratulations to all who wrestle.

February 27, 2000

comments: i would like to say that i am VERY impressed with the SOUTH fans.. i've never seen anything like it before. they definatley dominated the crowd!!

February 27, 2000

From: weav
comments: I read so many predictions of what will happen in the 215 weight class at state. I was overlooked or predicted to lose my matches. Well i wasn't the best there but i placed 5th. I upset a lot of peoples predictions and hope that there predictions and poles and everything else are a little different next year. A suggestion on picking those poles don't go by records or schools because regions that people wrestling in and the people that some people wrestle are a little better than others.

February 27, 2000

Matt Easter's only loss this year came from Nate Kendjoursky from Buckeye Local in Ohio. The match was 7-5 OT.

February 27, 2000

We would like to congratulate Chantz Griffith on an outstanding season, 4th @ states AND for pinning #1 ranked MB at states. Not bad for a kid that just started wrestling in 7th grade, getting serious 2 yrs ago. Keep up the hard, dedicated & focused work this summer & win the 2001 title. ALSO, gradulations to Dustin Householder for a great first year & 6th @ states. Good job Devin Abshire, Andre McDonald & Jacob Morton, (5th @ states) everybody gave it their all. SPECIAL THANKS to Tony Regalbuto who gave Chantz so much this past summer, cant wait to get started. ALSO, we would like to congratulate Anthony Regalbuto for an OUTSTANDING year, great job winning 2nd state title & OW, you deserve it!!!! Thank you Anthony for all the support, guidance, positive attitude & coaching given to Chantz this past summer, we think your family made the difference in his wrestling attitude & future. Good luck at WVU, dont forget about us!!

February 27, 2000

comments: I would like to congradulate all the state champs. I would also like to congradulate Drew Toth and Matt Jones on a great season. We will miss you next year Matt but Toth will be back and better than ever. I would also like to congradulate Cory Auvil and Chris Leach. Hope you guys go all the way next year.

February 27, 2000

From: Ravenswood Fan
comments: congratulations to Ashley Gandee and Adam Schlinder for their hard work it paid off. also congratulations to Josh Curry you wrestled hard and did a great job this weekend

February 27, 2000

comments: Comments on Bumgardner vs Brown What controversy?

February 27, 2000


February 27, 2000


February 27, 2000

From: wvreddneck
comments: As everone expected SOUTH won easily....Yea SOUTH!!! but my South hat has to go off to Cabell Midland those boys wrestled a pretty darn good tournamentand shut the door on the rest of the state including that other team from Parkersburg. Congratulations to Coach McCarty and the SOUTH wrestlers but a tip of the hat to Cabell Midland.

February 27, 2000

From: Herbert Hoover Fan
email: grunt1974@switchboardmail.com
comments: I am so proud of the Herbert Hoover wrestling team & the coaches. Matt it is really great to see you a TWO time state champ. We are proud of you. You are a chanpion in Heart. Forever this will be with you in life. Way to go. I am glad you never let the Huntington commits in the paper get to you this showed your thinking as a champion. Again GREAT JOB. Now you coaches did a great job as you alway's have. Keep up the great work. To the unlimted wrestler son you are the making's of a champion & I KNOW next year you will be on top. It was great what you have done this season. We are proud of you. Long live Hoover Wrestlers. TENN FAN'S.

February 27, 2000

From: Sean
email: junkins@ab.edu
-Only undefeated in AA this year
-Only undefeated wrestler in school history
-Schools third state champion
-Schools first champ in 13 years
-OW of Frankfort Invitational
-OW of Westmar Invitational
-OW regional tournament
-Champion of Viking Smash
-Champion of Regional tournament
-Champion of Berkeley Springs Tournament .....and the list goes on......

who is this?
#1 in the AA 152 pound weight class and #1 in the hearts of all Frankfort Fans everywhere! JASON LITTEN!!
Congratulations Killer you deserve it!

February 27, 2000

comments: AAA Regional Re-Alignment
Just wanted to put in my two-cents. Because of all the controversy it is clear that ALL are in favor of something being done. What about a two region system? The Regional tournament would be an eight -place tournament with the top eight going to the state tournament. Draw a straight line across the state. A little diagonal but straight and you can get two 20-team regions. Combining Region One with Region Two would get you Region A. Combine Region Three with Region Four and you have Region B. Move PHS and SOUTH to Region B with LEWIS COUNTY and BUCKHANNON-UPSHUR going to Region A. (GRAFTON will enter Region A) Need to make these moves so I can draw that straight line.

Some advantages:
No more PILL system. The two best wrestlers in each weight class would (should) be in opposite brackets.
A much more interesting and stronger tournament.
A fair chance to qualify for the state tournament. (Those not qualifying should tend less to gripe)
Some Disadvantages:
Are mostly logistical (deciding when where how who seeding ETC.)
Need to make it a two-day tournament. (I think this is correct. Or could it be done in one day?)
More difficulty becoming a regional champion.

This might not be the best answer. But I think itís better then what we have now.

February 27, 2000

Congrats to Jeremy Hart SOUTHERN CONF CHAMP, Qualified for the NCAA Tourney.

February 27, 2000

From: AA observer
comments: Whoever put the comment about Oak Glen being the least talented team to ever come out of there must have been either drunk or delirious. Not only did those boys wrestle tremendously they showed excellent class doing it. Congratulations to the Golden Bears and to Coach Shaw.

February 27, 2000

From: mc
comments: Who did Easter lose to this year?

February 27, 2000

From: Jr State Watcher
RE: Jr State Championships at Parkersburg.
Some interesting changes have been made.
- All weigh-ins will be done by officials.
- Hair/nails will be checked
- Any skin problems will be checked.
- No more questions if a certain kid didn't make weight
Will calm any questions of favortism
- No early weigh-ins.
- Doors will open at 6:00 pm on Friday.
- This year 550-560 kids will participate.

I think these steps will improve an already great Jr State Champions. Good Luck to all Wrestlers coming to Parkersburg next weekend.

February 27, 2000

email: dragonsblood9@hotmail.com
comments: I would just like to make a comment in return to the comment made on the 27th concerning Paul Brooks. I believe that the match is over now and there is nothing that any one of us can do about the outcome but I do believe that there is some gray areas in the way of the outcome of the Brooks/Bosley match. I just like everyone else saw that match and I believe that Bosley won fair and square. After seeing a home video of the match it appears to me that there was one second left when the ref gave points to Bosley. Mike has worked so hard this year and previous and if anyone deserved the state title it was him. For him to get past the event of his loss and handle the awards ceremony so well I believe he should be applauded. I also believe that the finals match turned out exactly how it should have Mayle is an excellent wrestler and he deserved to win over Brooks. I would like to finish this up with a huge Congratulations to all the South wrestlers and a special Congratulations to Chris Daggett Clint Radcliff Mike Bosley and Nathan Pickens. Also Congratulations to 2-time Coach of the Year Tim McCartney.

February 27, 2000

From: Lucas
email: mlucas@citynet.net
comments: I am posting this to preempt the barrage of complaints about the time keeping at the state tournament. I was the timekeeper on the Bosley/Brooks match and despite everyone's displeasure over the result I stand by my judgment of the time situation. When Bosley scored the escape I looked down to award his points and saw that time had expired. I then looked up and THEN saw the official award Bosley with the take down. In my judgment Bosley did not make the takedown until after time had expired. In a matter of fact the tapper even tapped the official when time did expire but perhaps he did not feel it and did not stop the match. And for Old mat fan I am a highly experienced timekeeper. I have worked with other similar scoreboards for approximately 50 hours so I hope that satisfies your experience concern. With that experience I also have learned to say so if one isn't completely sure over a time discrepancy such as this. Had there been a SHREAD of doubt in me over this I would have said so forthright. Mike Bosley is an excellent wrestler and probably should have won the match HOWEVER time had expired. It is a shame that any match comes down to a call as this one did but it did and the right call was made. I stand by my decision 100%.
Thank you.

February 27, 2000

comments: http://www.timeswv.com/localspt.html
2 good wrestling articles here

February 27, 2000

From: old mat fan
comments: Mr Editor-thanks so much for the reply to the question of timekeeping scorekeeping and that lot-I agree this is something that definitely needs looking into-
And would also like to say thanks again for keeping up to date so quickly on the the WVMAT site-this has truly got to be 1 of the greatest mat sites out there and you and your co-workers certainly deserve all the applause when it comes to creating great pages via the internet-fantastic job! Hopefully our scorekeeping etc. will evolve into a more efficient system too!

February 27, 2000

From: mc
comments: Congratulations to all who competed and especially those who placed. Just curious to know if any of the seniors are planning on competing in the National Championships in Pittsburgh next month? Especially would like to see Regalbuto Wenmoth and Heath compete there. They dominated their weight classes and I would love to be able to go watch them test their skill against some of the best. Only people eligible are seniors who have finished 1st or 2nd in their state during their career. This tournament is awesome. Who will risk their reputation and record to compete with the rest of the best? If anyone knows if any of these champs are planning to compete please post.

February 27, 2000

From: South fan
comments: Congratulations and great job to Parkersburg South - AGAIN! Way to go boys! I personally feel Mike Bosley suffered an unfortuante defeat, but we all know in our hearts he is a true champion and showed the true "class act" that we have going on at PSHS in our wrestling program! Congrats also to Coach McCartney for his coach of the year award. It always makes me so proud to come back year after year and see the South team demonstrate good sportsmanship and great wrestling! South Wrestling is number 1!!

February 27, 2000

From: Kevin Wilson - Coach Beckley Eagles Youth Wrestling
email: kkwilson@inetone.net
comments: I would like to commend Matt George of the Parkersburg Big Reds for his great display of sportsmanship during the State tournament this weekend. I do not know this young man and am not from Wood Co. so my opinion of him is strictly based on observing him Saturday. It would be very difficult for most of us after being a state champion to act in a sportsmanlike manner after the fact that you won't achieve that goal again is realized. Two times I saw displays from him that let me know he is a humble young man and a champion in the game of life. At the end of his match with the boy from South Parkersburg (George raised his opponents hand even though he had won ) and at the awards ceremony for his weight class (he made it a point to shake each place winners hand and congratulate them). I hope that other wrestlers in our state will take a lesson from Matt and learn to be great human beings as well as great wrestlers.

I also noticed Evans (125) from Wheeling Park handling a dissapointing O.T. loss with class. Coaches and wrestlers your fans and your peers are watching you and they can tell alot about what type of person you are by your actions in the heat of battle and when things don't go your way. Try to set an example for the young ones who are watching it's not that difficult these two young men did. I also would like to commend the Parkersburg fans Big Red and Patriot alike. Your cheers and support of your wrestlers I'm sure motivates them to reach their highest goals. Yours cheers for wrestlers from other teams shows your true love of the sport and the competitors.

February 27, 2000

comments: everyone including south better watch out for east fairmont. next year they will have 3-4 state champs and the next mow matt miller.

February 27, 2000

From: South Girl
comments: Well like I said before I figured there would be a lot of upsets this past weekend. A lot of surprises would appear during the state. As for South they came out on top as expected. I just want to congradulate all the South wrestlers on a great tournament. There was some controversy but there is nothing I can do about that because it is all over with now. Lets just say we all know who should have won certain weight classes. As for some upsets I would have to say that Hedgesville had a couple with Moats and Bowers going in the tournament not losing a match has to be some pressure. And I just want to congradulate Ryan Metz for and Casey Daggett for their victories. Great job guys. I would also like to give a big congradulations to Josh Cross of WIRT on his first state title. You all did great! I am very proud right along with the rest of Parkersburg.

February 27, 2000

From: wrestling fan
comments: I thought it showed extremely poor sportsmanship for a non-champion wrestler to attempt to place his foot up on the champion box during the awards presentation. He may have been and probably was the best in the state in his class this year, BUT this weekend for whatever reason he didn't get the job done. Some might say that the referee was the deciding factor; however, if he had been that much better than his opponent he would not have allowed the score to be close enough for this to happen. Give credit to your opponent! If rankings were based on polls then there would be no reason to have the state tournament. This truly shows that on any given day anything can happen it wouldn't be a good state tournament without a little controversay. Hard work will overcome the losses. Better luck next year.

February 27, 2000

From: efhs fan
comments: i just want to say congratulations to all the bees who took part in the state tournament this weekend matt miller champion once again and noechel 4 and sternthal 3 congratulations also to futten keeney beckwith and satterfield the bees placed 8 best ever look out for them next year south

February 27, 2000

From: salami-swami
comments: Yes as is aid south would win but i failed to predict the next few correctly. Congrats to south and oak glen for winning your state team titles. I was sorry to see that Moats lost 3 straight but thats ok he is a great wrestler and im sure most of us have the utmost respect for him. Delligatti next year is your year keep hanging in there. great tournament alot of upsets in my mind. Lets hope everyone has a safe off-season and goodluck in preparation for next season. Cant wait to watch regalbutto at WVU next year.

February 27, 2000

From: KF
comments: CONGRATULATIONS TO MATHEW EASTER! The years of preparation and hard work definately paid off. Keeping a cool head and staying focused on WINNING the match showed why you are the CLASS of the 103 pounders! JOB WELL DONE!

February 27, 2000

From: TeamEaster@aol.com
I would like to have a copy of any photos during Matt Easter's finals match, especially the lift at the end and the contestants after the lift. I don't know how to contact any of the photographers and would appreciate all help.
Thanks, Charles Easter

February 27, 2000

comments: I am posting in hopes that people will agree with me that not only did the 135 pounder from South miss out of on a state title berth as a result of a controversial match but so wasn't Jeff Courtney the 171 pounder from Fairmont Sr.

February 27, 2000

comments: Thank You Thank You for your great coverage of the State Tournament. My family couldn't be there but you did a great job of keeping us updated all weekend long. WVmat is our favorite site!!!!!

February 27, 2000

From: Evil Emporer
comments: To: Obi Wan I read your post and laughed. Your really funny. What a great make believe world you are living in.

February 27, 2000

From: Fan
comments: Congradulations to Nitro's 125 Robbie Ripley after a controversial loss in his semi-final match he came back and placed 3rd in a very tuff wieght class. He was probaly the most underrated and overlooked wrestler in the class. Several coaches wanted to know why he wasn't rated higher don't they do the voting?

February 27, 2000

From: The Editor, Timothy C. Miller, M.D (aka Doc, The Internet Guy)
I am deeply appreciative of the Special Award given me for this website at the awards ceremony Saturday night, from the State Tournament management, Coach Archer, and the West Virginia High School Wrestling Coaches Association. It is truly an honor to be remembered and recognized by these folks. I also am proud of the endorsement given to this website by the Coaches Association, and thank them for this as well.

I was honored with the West Virginia wrestling "Sportswriter of the Year" award in 1997, and I never did get around to thanking the Coaches for this honor. At risk of sounding pretentious, I also should thank whoever it was that was responsible for my being named as one of the recipients of Wrestling USA Magazine's 1997 State-of-the-Year Award Winners, announced in their May 15, 1997 issue.

I should point out that it is largely to the coaches credit that this website exists. Way back in the spring of 1996 (an eternity in internet time), I outlined an idea for this website to Coach Michael of North Marion, Coach Blankenship of Berkeley Springs, Coach Bender of Roane County, and Coach Stump of Calhoun (four coaches who I knew pretty well or at least thought might help out with their support). They agreed to endorse the project "sight unseen" and, with their support, letters went out to all the other coaches. We have built from there. The website would be nothing without the support of the coaches who supply team updates, schedules, polls, and, most importantly dual match and tournament results. Dr. Welker soon came on board and has freely shared his wealth of data concerning past state tournament results and other historical data, his archive of writing, and his "Making the Call" feature. Jenny Sullivan is, of course, one of the best wrestling feature writers in West Virginia and we are fortunate to have her contribution. Brent Sams has done a TON of work on researching past state tournament results, and this year has begun extensive coverage of the Junior High and Middle School scene. Coach Archer of Huntington has, from day one, been most helpful with State Tournament coverage and I could not ask for more support and cooperation from any tournament director. In addition, I would be remiss if I didn't mention all the FANS who contrubute to the cause by submitting match results, links to other features on the Internet, commentary in the forum, etc, etc.

And so, thanks for the awards and recognition. But the credit for any success we have with this website must be shared by all those who continue to support and contribute.

I also want to thank those who made it so easy to get this year's State Tournament results posted for the fans: Robert St. Clair, Diana Archer, Cathy St. Clair Curry, and Beverly Murrell. These folks, who had 50 things to do at the same time at the scorers table, found a way to do 51 and help me (and the fans) get the results promptly at the close of each session. And of course thanks to Coach Bill Archer who had things organized so well at the tournament that I didn't need to bother him for anything this weekend. Also, thanks to Mac Corwine and Arden Sanson for their friendly faces and warm welcome at the scorers table.

And so, since I got all these awards, I guess we gotta do it all again next year, eh? (smile)....

February 27, 2000
comments: Great job Ryan Bumgardner of Ritchie County. You wrestled a great tournament. Everyone there knew you should have been wrestling for the championship against Haddox of Williamstown. Congratulations to Haddox.. Great job again for finishing third. You should be very proud. And great job to all other Ritchie County wrestlers. Good Luck next year. If anyone has any comments on the Bumgardner/Brown match please post them. I'd like to see what some other people think!!!

February 27, 2000
From: cs
email: scurl79@yahoo.com
comments: Look i wasnt at the states this year but sorry region one still is the best region!!! Growing up in P-burg I know which city has the best wrestlers ha ha. And for all the people who thinks region 2 has the best wrestlers when is the last time a highschool has one states from region 2 thank u enough said.One more thing can anybody tell me how many losses Regalbutto has? In his highschool career?
If anyone wants to comment on the best city in the state e-mail me cause whe know which city that is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

February 27, 2000
From: efhs fan
comments: i just want to say congratulations to all the bees who took part in the state tournament this weekend matt miller champion once again and noechel 4 and sternthal 3 congratulations also to futten keeney beckwith and satterfield the bees placed 8 best ever look out for them next year south

February 27, 2000
From: Hoover fan
comments: I would like to say thank you to the Herbert Hoover coaches. Our wrestlers always feel like winners even when they lose because our coaches care about their boys. Some may have let them down by losing when the coaches thought they should have won but the coaches never put them down they still treated them with respect. The Hoover boys all respect and look up to their coaches no matter what. Thank you Coach Hall Coach Geary and Coach Canterbury.

February 27, 2000
comments: I want to congratulate Paul Brooks on his 2nd place finish in the 135 AAA states. You showed class and good sportsmanship. What a great way to finish. 106 wins. 4 time qualifying for the state. Academic All-State team. First team MSAC. Its important to end with class. Win or lose. Joey Mayle deserved 1st (pinned all his competition) and Paul Brooks Earned 2nd. No one worked harder.

February 27, 2000
From: Swami
comments: Swami bows down to the Phanatick and MEXICANO. What great picks. SWAMI DUBS MEXICANO THE LATINI SWAMI. Sparks should have gotten coach of the year. What a great job CM did in dominating second. Trusty was Swami's pick for outstanding wrestler of tournament. Swami's picks of South and Parkersburg and Hedgesville one and three and five was on the nose. It was good to see region 2 keep a team in the top five. Marion County dominates like they have been doing for fifty years. HA HA HA HA HA (sinister laugh). BUT MEXICAO GETS THE LAST LAUGH. HA HA HA HA HA (envious laugh).

February 27, 2000
comments: Just like i told you SOUTH won the state again .. Thats six championships in the last seven years!!! Easy win for the PATRIOTS.. You people crack me up..... SOUTH RULES!!!(south will evan be stronger next year)NO ONE IN WV CAN HANDLE SOUTH...

February 27, 2000
comments: For anyone who would like to know this is the 3rd year in a row that Ash Wenmoth of Williamstown has beaten the AAA state champ in his weight class. In 98 he beat Alex Reed of Point Pleasant 2 times at 103 in 99 pinned Chris Johnson of Nitro at 112 and in 2000 he beat J.P. Stanley of Cable Midland 10-5 at 125.

February 27, 2000
From: Mike
comments: First I wish to congratulate all Eastern panhandle wrestlers for their performance at the state meet. These young men represented their schools well. Secondly as evidenced by all the bantering that there is large proponent that is in favor of region re-alignment. This at best is controversial because no one is going to volunteer to move into regions with the likes of Parkersburg. I have been a wrestling fan for many years and now that my son is graduated I feel I can share an opinion since I have nothing at stake. It is time that the WVSSAC takes a strong look at re-alignment and balance the power in the regions or as an alternative increase the number of place finishers from 4 to 6 that qualify for the big show. It is obvious that there were several quality wrestlers left out( particularly in region 2) that would have made a difference in the state result. Also as Grafton is moving to AAA will they not also be placed in Region 2? Wrestling is a great sport. Let's take the politics out of it balance the regions geographically and put an end to all the whining and speculation as to who has the toughest "row to hoe". Just my opinion and as with other things everbody has one.

February 27, 2000
From: HooverWrestler
comments: in response to the question posted on the 25th the carnefix that wrestles for hoover is not the son of steve carnefix..And i'd also like to say congratulations to matt wehrle for successfully defending his state championship and to matt clay (Kletiss!) for placing 2nd in the state in this his first year ever of wrestling.

February 27, 2000
From: C Smith
comments: Congrats to Aaron Barnett for becoming the first soph. in INDEPENDENCE history to win a state championship good luck on trying to become the first 3X from INDY also congrat to Moyer for finishing 2nd Mckinney for 4th and Wood for 5th. good year INDY and goog luck on next sseason.

February 27, 2000
From: Robert Busick fan club!!!!!
comments: CONGRATULATIONS!!! ROBERT BUSICK!! Wins the state title in the 215!!!!

February 27, 2000
From: Jim LeMaster
comments: I just want to be the first to say... no matter what school you support ... no matter how tha matches turned out. All you guys are winners just because you chose to wrestle. Not everyone is cut out for the self discipline needed. Your experiences both wins and losses will make you a better adult. In addition we all owe a huge debt of thanks to Doc Miller for this fantastic site. There is nothing anywhere else that I have seen that even comes close. The coverage and updates as the tournament progressed were awesome. He does so much for the sport with the site and the WV Academic teams that I can't imagine our sport without it. I hope that when the last Miller is no longer wearing the silver and black that WVMAT will still be here. I can't make it without my daily "forum fix!". Congratulations to all... have a great summer and enjoy your return to food. Good luck to all in FS and Greco. Help make WV proud and continue to move our state up on the wrestling map. This old coach is rolling the mats and heading out of here... see everyone next fall. Go Knights!
Editor's note: Thanks for the kind words. We are already planning improvements for next year...

February 26, 2000
Dear Sirs,

I am a final year student of the British College of Naturopathy and Osteopathy, London UK, studying for Bsc (Hons) in Osteopathic Medicine validated through the University of Westminster.

Having trained in both Wrestling and Judo I have become aware that there are many potential in which injuries to the low back could occur. As there has been no comparative work into the two groups, I have decided to conduct a study in to the "Prevalence of Low Back Pain in Wrestlers and Judo Players" as my dissertation.

For this I have established a questionnaire on the web for wrestlers and judo players to complete, and I am writing to ask if would it be at all possible if you could hyperlink from your website to the questionnaire so that I can increase my population size as there is a severe lack of freestyle wrestlers in the U.K.

The questionnaire can be seen at http://home.clara.net/alexgreen/miad/survey.html, please feel free to complete it and see if it is appropriate to link to it. If so, please place a link on your page, which will be vital to this unique study.

Thank your for your time.
Miad Najafi

February 26, 2000
Trying to get a team together for the Middle School Nationals in Chicago March 24-26. Still have a number of weight classes open (particularly mid-upper weights). If you have any wrestlers interested in joining us, please let me know by March 1.

Even though this is a PA team, we can use wrestlers from other states. We need some extra paperwork from the AAU office, but nothing major.

Since this is the only team going from PA, we should be able to make it a very competitive team.

We need to fill the team in order to go.
Weight Classes are 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95, 100, 105, 112, 119, 125, 130, 135, 140, 145, 152, 160, 171, 189 and hwt.
Wrestlers must be in 5th through 8th grade and be no more than 15 years old.
Wrestlers will need an AAU card ($10) and will need to supply their own transportation, lodging, food, etc...
In the event that there are more than one wrestler interested per weigh class, the coaching staff will review records, etc.. and make a decision.

You (or wrestlers family) can contact me either by reply e-mail kenneth.pritchard@bms.com or by calling (570)-619-7224.

thank you - ken pritchard

February 26, 2000
From: old mat fan
comments: I would like to say how impressed i am with you all at wvmat.com for keeping up so quickly and efficiently with the tournament! great job!

however I would like to know what the requirements are to be qualified to keep score and the time clock for this tournament or any match for that matter? I kept score and time clock many years ago-surely technology has improved so far as to make the job easier.....i know it takes a lot of people to make one of these tournaments work but if these people are inexperienced there needs to be some set standards. It is not fair to the boys who have worked so hard to get to state just to have a faulty timekeeper and/or scorekeeper to interfere with all their hardwork-you may think i am talking about 1 match in particular but I saw it happen to several people from several different schools. And I saw some people blaming the referree-he can't always keep track of the score either it is his job to watch the match and govern it-not keep a running tally of what is done and over with in a matter of minutes-what gives here mr editor?

I was an active partipant in this sport close to 20 years ago in this very same civic center...where has the consisteny gone?...(and if you can't print this i'll take a personal answer)...i am much saddenned by the affairs of the world these days-everyhing is so chaotic and negative-is this sport of wrestling falling prey to 'destructuralization' too?
Editor's note: Well, I figured this would come up. First of all, I'm not the person to answer such questions, but since you asked me, there appear to be registered referees at the score tables keeping official score. There was at least one match that I observed where there was some question as to whether time had run out prior to a critical call. It appeared that the referee conferred with the score table and the "time in - time over" question was settled. Of course, I'm up in the stands and not down at the mat so it is not for me to speculate. I know that in other sports, basketball for instance, even where there is an audible buzzer, controversy often arises as to whether somebody's shot was before or after the buzzer. I'm a gadgeteer of sorts, and, as a pee-wee tournament director, I have myself puzzled over whether there is a better way to signal the referee when the clock winds to zero, other than using a "ref-whacker" and a rolled up towl or something. . I have seen advertised electronic wrestling scoreboards with a wireless electronic buzzer device which the referee wears such that he can hear the clock buzzer. I have no experience with them, and would think that these devices would be cumbersome. I wonder if any referees in the area have ever tried these devices out? I suspect that these are not the solution. In a noisy gym I cannot hear my pocket pager, and, unless these devices are very loud or can be worn in the ear like a hearing aid, I doubt their utility. Another problem we need to figure out is how to get an electronic wrestling tournament scoreboard which will continuously update the team scores. Somebody needs to figure out how to get one of those "crawlers" message boards hooked up with the tournament computer software,,,

February 26, 2000
comments: To: Luke Skywalker (Coach Whittington) and the Village of Endora (Hedgesville Parents)
Your young Jedi Knights (Hedesville Eagles) have done well this year and you should be proud. Many have fought hard and learned valuable lessons this year. Jabba the Hut (Park. South) and Lord Vader (Fairmont Senior) along with their Stormtroopers (assorted other AAA teams) were a force too great to be reckoned with this year and they are to be congratulated. But Luke you are losing very few of your Jedi many will return even more so next year than this. The force will be with you this I know. You must not rest on your laurels or give up hope. But we must all be as one when we enter the next battle putting aside all petty indifferences to focus on the main goal at hand. We must also seek the wisdom and knowledge once again from Yoda (Tony Regalbutto) at his training facility this summer. Only when we all work together as one will the force be with us and we achieve our goals against our foes. Live long and prosper everyone.

February 26, 2000
comments: BUSICK(215) pins his way to the championship. He will face Greg Six from Oak Glen who has had one pin and two by points. It would be nice to see Robert Busick graduate with a state title in Wrestling along with his state title in football.GOD BLESS HIM AND GOOD LUCK!

February 26, 2000
From: B. Byrd email: Usmcbill@aol.com comments: Good luck in the finals to Robbie Williams Paul Brooks and Joey Thomas from Huntington High. Also best wishes to Ryan Fullen and Jason Mays in your quest for third. We're very proud of you guys!

February 25, 2000
From: Future Jefferson wrestler
comments: You all forgot to put Chantz Griffith placing in the top three.He pinned Bosley in 4:00 minutes.Everyone predicted him to win and Chantz getting fifth or six.Chantz is going to win. Come on Chantz and Dustin Householder win first place. Abshire and Mcdonald get third.

February 25, 2000
From: CG
comments: Come on Joey Mayle you can do it!!!! Blane get third!!!!

February 25, 2000
You have a great page. I would like to introduce you to Alaska Wrestling, at http://www.alaskawrestling.com
Eric Wade

February 25, 2000
From: Jeanne (McNulty) Dreisbach
email: jdreisba@access.k12.wv.us

comments: Hi! I am a teacher at University High and we sent 11 boys down for the tournament. From 1970-1973 I was a student at Charleston High where I was the manager of the Mountain Lion Wrestling team. I noticed in the results from yesterday that there was a kid from Herbert Hoover named Carnefix.Is he the son of Steve Carnefix who wrestled for either Hoover--Nitro--Stonewall(?) during the early 1970's?

February 25, 2000
From: Region 2 Fan
comments: So Region 2 is not the most competitive region in the state? Did anyone notice that there were 3 4th place finishers who upset regional champions? ALL 3 WERE FROM REGION 2! Coincidence??
List of all 4th place finishers' results that weren't pins or tech falls:

103 Region 2 Weaver lost 6-3 to region 1
112 Region 2 Bonasso lost 14-5 to region 3
119 Region 2 Mayer lost 9-2 to region 4
125 Region 2 Keener lost 7-0 to region 1
125 Region 1 Peroots lost 5-2 to region 2
130 Region 1 Rengers lost 11-4 to region 4
135 Region 1 Muldrew lost 9-0 to region 3
140 Region 2 Holt lost 3-0 to region 1
152 Region 1 Tatar lost 5-1 to region 3
152 Region 2 Durst WON 7-5 over region 4
160 Region 2 Noechel WON 6-5 over region 1
160 Region 1 Hill lost 9-2 to region 2
171 Region 1 Frum lost 9-0 to region 4
171 Region 2 Morton lost 5-3 to region 3
215 Region 4 Moore lost 9-4 to region 3
275 Region 2 Smith WON by fall 3:42 over region 3

Only 1 4th place finisher from regions 4 did not get pinned or tech falled while every single wrestler from region 3 did. These facts merely add to the theory that region 2 is the toughest most competitive region; as their 4th place winners fare much better than all other regions combined.

February 25, 2000
From: EP Fan
comments: First Good Luck to all of the Eastern Panhandle wrestlers. Now on to the comments made about giving thanks out to Moats and Regalbuto for all they have done for Berkeley County Youth Wrestling. A BIG thanks needs to go out to Greg Hess who started Berkeley Co and to Doug Jones (Head Coach for several years The only BC coach to win two division championships and one league championship). Thanks alot to all of you guys Hedgesville Martinsburg and Musselman owe all of you a great deal.

February 25, 2000
From: Tennessee Fan of WV wrestling
comments: Yes I was glad to see some Hoover Fans supporting our boys and I was glad to finally see the results already posted. Thanks for all the time that you have put into making this a great web site. As for the gold that Hoover lost we are at molly423_2000@yahoo.com would be great to hear from some of my friends from my old home town. Still have the Hoover pride and will carry it with me always. Best of luck guys I know that you will make us prouder than we already are. I am proud to have a two time state champion among our house and to say he came from Herbert Hoover High School in the great state of WEST VIRGINIA

February 25, 2000
From: Shane
comments: Hedgesville nine wrestlers-nine wins! Way to go Eagles!

February 25, 2000
From: A Frankfort FAN!!
comments: I think that all of the Frankfort wrestler wil place expectly Jason litten and Kenser they should get 1st or 2nd. Derick Bosley and Garret Bulter should get 3rd or 4th and the rest should place 3rd 4th 5th or 6th

February 25, 2000
I like you enthusism for my old alma mater, is this the gold that WV lost when it moved to Tennessee several years ago? If so log your EMail address in so I can contact an old friend. I also wish Hoover Wrestlers all the luck in there openers tonite. Win as many as possible, because I can't make it till tomorrow nite after work. Editor, your Web users will certainly appreciate updates from Huntington. Thank You!
Editor's note: I'm really bummed out that I got back to the hotel room and the disk which I thought conatined the AA/A results was, er, um, blank. Live and learn. I shall learn to check the disks before I leave the civic center. Apologies to the AA/A fans, and I'll get the AA/A updated tomorrow as soon as I can get back to the tournament scorekeepers.

February 25, 2000
From: jefferson fan

comments: I would just like to say that I got the oppurtunity to see Regalbutto and McDonald JEF match up at the Region 2 Tournament. Everyone knows how good Regalbutto is and I feel he deserves all the credit in the world but nevertheless I beleive McDonald wrestled a great match and really does deserve some credit for it. As of now I dont know what McDonald who is now a junior will do in stated although I see Regalbutto winning without a doubt I would just like to point out that i have been informed that this was the only match Regalbutto went the duration of and the final score was 9-3. Next year I am counting on McDonald taking first.

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