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February 7, 2001
comments: Anyone interested in Jeremy Hart's battle with the NCAA may want to check out a story that wrestlingmall.com did on him. They did an interview and a story and both were very good. Go to the website and click on college news at the top of the site and the article and the interview are both in that list of stories.

February 7, 2001
comments: is moyer hurt from ind... will he be back?

February 7, 2001
From: TOF
comments: My predictions for AAA state tournament
103-1st 2nd
bonasso - gorayeb
3rd 4th
frerichs - cappas

easter - delligatti
Grogg - Ballam

Stevens - Metz
Stanley - Casto

Bosley - Johnson
Kinsley - Williamson

Kennedy - Gibbs
Williams - Hess

Abshire - Lane
Duncan - Muldrew

Ripley - Mayle
Ott - Moore

George - Moats
Mays - Beard

Pickens - Schindler
Hickman - Mcdonald

Daggett - Wallace
Taylor - Durst

Miller - Daggett
Courtney - Thomas

Marks -Sternthal
Starsick - Key

Noechel - McCartney
Wells - Moales

Wellman - Satterfield
Johnson - Clay

February 7, 2001
From: pphs fan
comments: If Point Pleasant is not ranked in the top 10 in the next rankings then the rankings are fixed. PPHS won at Athens without three of their top wrestlers. This team will suprise many people at the state tournament.

February 7, 2001
From: wvfan
email: to:South Wrestling Fan
comments: After the regionals the wvssac puts pills in a bottle numbered 1-4 they pull a pill from the bottle and the first number that is pulled is the top seed at the state tourn. Second pill pulled is the #2 seed and so on. Example (pill 3 is pulled first pill 1 is pulled second pill 4 is pulled third and pill 2 is pulled last.) Region 3 wrestlers are seeded #1 Region 1 wrestlers are seeded #2 Region 4 wrestlers are seeded #3 and Region 2 wrestlers are seeded #4 I`m not 100% sure that this is correct but this was the way it was explained to me. If i am wrong sorry!
Editor's note: Well actually, unless they are going to change it for this year, check the State Tournament page and follow the link Pairings For State Wrestling Tournament to see how the brackets are drawn.

February 7, 2001
From: SAKiller

February 7, 2001
comments: In response to ther person asking about Mike Miller. No he is not wrestling at WVU anymore. He did have knee surgery last year .

February 7, 2001
comments: to Uncle D i dunno i have heard Refs can pick up some good extra cash. There are none almost and they are in demand.

February 6, 2001
From: Uncle D
comments: My comments were based upon my opinion as are many others that post to this forum. The editor selected the term "ref-roasting". If you were offended my comments were not to belittle or degrade you or any other ref. I called it as I saw it at that match.
Me?? Ref??? I couldn't ref! What ever you guys earn I am sure it is not enough! You get no glory and all the jeers. Besides the view is better in the stands. I'll talk to ya at the next tourney. And keep working with the new guys they need your support.
P.S. Do not confuse me with "Superman's Uncle". I have no idea who Superman is.

February 6, 2001
comments: In response to PARKERSBURG WRESTLING FAN.....First of all I am also a Parkersburg Wrestling Fan! And secondly to set the record straight there was no bragging. The question was asked on the forum "Who has beaten Aaron Kelly?". A truthful answer was given. Yes Aaron was wrestling up in age but Robert was wrestling "UP" in weight. And the question did not speficy who had beaten Aaron in Jr. High matches but who had beaten him! Why take such great offense when a question is asked and then simply answered???

February 6, 2001
From: Devin Bosley
comments: Congratulations to Derick Bosley for his 100th win today against Keyser and good luck at regions and states!!!

February 6, 2001
From: fan
comments: hey about bolen(152) from indy i have some respect for him. he is a good wrestler ....foster from braxton is a good wrestler to though foster beat bolen in the finals at braxton`s big 16.i think that both wrestlers will placein state hopefully pretty high.i would like to see the two guys wrestle again.

February 6, 2001
comments: Everybody keeps saying Mc.Cartney will beat Noechel. You're in for a big surprise if thats what you think!

February 6, 2001
From: Wrestler
comments: AAA
103 Freichs - Better match against bonnaso
112 Easter - Good tech.
119 Stevens - Match will not be at South
125 Johnson- Under rated tougher than what people say
130 Williams -tough match with gibbs
135 Abshire- Lane will give him all he wants
140 Ripley- Wrestling to good
145 Mays/Moats???
152 Schindler- Pickens wont beat him again
160 Dagget
171 Miller- (OW)
189 Thomas- Wont get beat at 189
215 McCartny
275 Wellman-good match with Satterfield

1) South- no one close
2) East Fairmont
3) Huntington
4) Nitro

February 6, 2001
From: tapout
comments: Congratulations to Matt Stevens of Parkersburg High on his 100th highschool career win this weekend at the MSAC tourny.

February 6, 2001
From: matwizard
comments: Does anyone know where Chance Litton is wrestling this season and what weight class?

From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: I made the mistake last year of predicting who would meet who in the finals at state..before the bracketing had taken place.I have always loved the semis as much as the finals because many times the two best wrestlers in a particular weight class will meet then instead of the finals.The bracketing at states if I'm not mistaken switches each year from region to region.Therefore if #1 is in region 2 and #2 in region 4 they could meet in the semis if the brackets fall that way.Someone please correct me if I'm wrong but I think that is the way it takes place.Can't wait 'till Friday night Feb.23rd !! Good luck to all the wrestlers and schools out there !

February 6, 2001
From: wrestler
comments: I would like to say congratulations to Aleks Kins from Brooke Cubs Wrestling for winning the championship in the 110# weight class at the JR HIGH OVAC's this past weekend!! And special congratulations to JARROD SHAW for finishing as the champion in the 86# weight class for the second consecutive season. Excellent Job Boys!!

February 6, 2001
From: wrestling fan
comments: Does Mike Miller from Wirt Co. still wrestling for WVU? I haven't heard anything about him.

February 6, 2001

February 6, 2001
From: Old Fashion Parent
comments: I have tried to avoid stating my opinion on girls wrestling with the boys. I believe that the girls need to be given the same opportunity to participate in the activities that they so choose. However I do have a problem with girls wrestling with the boys. I am a single mother trying to raise her son as a gentleman (Which we have very few left in today's society) and to teach him to respect women. I do not want my son to touch a girl in the manner necessary inorder to wrestle properly. On the flipside if I had a daughter I would not want her being touched in such a manner either. I realize that the girls have an alternative sport during wrestling season but if they want to wrestle then we need to recruite more girls and have a girls team as well.

February 6, 2001
From: CC41
comments: I have noticed that many people on here have been "trash talking" or at least trying to... We have to understand the reasons why Dr. Miller keeps these posts off of the forum: he either doesn't want incriminating stuff all over the boards; or he doesn't want to bore the people who look on this web-page for results info. and "encouraging" advice with some people bickering back and forth about irrelevant stuff that no one gives a crap about... I may have an answer for those who feel the need to express themselves in a manner unsuitable for the WVMat Forum... Many other states use a system that seems to work well: They have a Wrestling Forum and a "Trash Talking" forum which keeps everyone happy... The fans that wanna get results etc. can without any additional hassels and the fans who wanna bash each other a bit for whatever reason can do so without having their posts censored... Here is one if you want to take a look at it to see how well it works (just go to the top where it says Message Boards then go to "Trash Talking" and "Wrestling" to make the change from boards to see how it works...)

February 6, 2001
From: Coach Taylor Southern Mat Club
comments: Our annual youth tournament will take place this Saturday in Oakland MD. After spending the evening sifting through the list of entry forms we have received so far (we are excepting entries thru Wednesday evening) I thought I should get on here and invite all wrestling fans to come to our gym this weekend to watch some of the best youth wrestling this country has to offer. There are over a dozen kids entered who have won Tulsa Nationals and a number more who have won eastern nationals. These kids represent teams from PA WV MD and VA. If you want to join the fun either as a participant or a spectator we would be glad to have you. The saying "to be the best you must beat the best" will be played out on the mats this Saturday.

On another subject I would like to congratulate our kids on earning the 1st place team trophy in Connellsville PA this weekend at their youth tournament that has been called "one of PA's toughest". It was a true team effort from top to bottom. Our hats go off also to East Fairmont's team who finished in 2nd only one team point behind.

February 5, 2001

February 5, 2001
From: RE: Chick from Braxton
comments: I agree on the not so hot this weekend. With all the injured wrestlers that are out for the season (really hurts). But on the other hand the replacement wrestlers are doing their very best. All I say is go EAGLES practice hard wrestle hard and everything will work out fine!!! I saw Erica Dye's Match. Boy did she rock the house! Go Girl Best of luck!
PS I'm a guy and I think it's your choice to wrestle. If you're a girl and can take the pain with the fame I say GO FOR IT!!

February 5, 2001
From: wrestling fan
comments: I've been reading a lot about middle/junior high wrestling teams. Glad to see these young men getting recognition. One team you may not have heard anything about is Warm Springs Middle School (Berkeley Springs). Warm Springs in its third year of existence has had wrestling for two years. They have not traveled to other parts of West Virginia therefore they have not been mentioned. They have a pretty good team and some good individuals. Warm Springs competed this past weekend at the Harpers Ferry Invitational and finished in second place. The only loss they incurred in the duals tournament was to Harpers Ferry A by a score of 45-43 this despite forfeiting four weight classes. The deciding match was a 21-20 decision won by Harpers Ferry at 102 lbs. Warm Springs had five individual champions: Lee Dorbert (80) A.J. Blankenship (85) Tyson Bennett (110) Randy Waugh (116) and Chris Moore (128).

February 5, 2001
From: David Darst
comments: Point Pleasant High School results from the John Deno Tournament in Athens OH can be found on the Ohio Wrestling Page. PPHS won the tournament without three of their varsity wrestlers. Bonecutter Carr & Pumphrey were out with injuries or illness.

February 5, 2001
From: wrestler
comments: These are my predictions for the state tournament:

February 5, 2001
comments: Correction Satterfield is a junior watch out 275's .....

February 5, 2001
From: room slammers
comments: to:99
just wanted to say great job on those predictions!! but in the 125 class Bosley beat Kinsley at South 9-1 and i think Grogg at 112 also has a good chance of making it to the finals but those where just your opinions great job!!!!!!!

February 5, 2001
From: Wrestling Fan
comments: I think Matt Sternthal from EF did an excellent job this weekend. He's been a little up and down this season but I think he's in the groove now!!! Way to go Matt keep it up we all know you can do it.. Good Luck Bees....

February 5, 2001
From: Sean
email: GeoMetroRacing@hotmail.com
comments: Just how i see it I dont wrestle anymore nor do i even talked to my old teammates. So i hope this is pretty nuetral.

1. Biddle Will
2. Blake Ind
3. Bartug StM
4. Dye Wirt
5. Stutler Cly
6. Rawls Gra
1. Gandee Rav
2. Biddle Will
3. Dankovic Weir
4. Wince Rit
5. Allen Wirt
6. Morris Bra
1. Auvil Gra
2. Morris Cal
3. Bumgardner Rit
4. Kotson Cam
5. Whiteman Hun
6. Dye Wirt
1. Hughes Cam
2. Haddox Will
3. Six OG
4. Sexton Ind
5. Dye Wirt
6. Lobis Rit
1. Lowers OG
2. Lynch SS
3. Hughes Cam
4. Brookover Will
5. Stiles CB
6. Metz Cal
1. Noel OG
2. OíNeil Cam
3. A. Leach Gra
4. Smith Will
5. Gregg BS
6. Bosley Fra
1. C. Leach Gra
2. Eckleberry OG
3. Denis Wirt
4. Westbrook Will
5. Bosley Fra
6. Morris Cal
1. Kupfer Cam
2. Childers StM
3. Wood Ind
4. Flowers OG
5. Nicka Mad
6. Snider TC
1. Brown Cam
2. Bolen Ind
3. Stutler Clay
4. Seckman Will
5. Foster Bra
6. Miller Wirt
1. Stickles OG
2. Toth SH
3. Dent Hun
4. Louderman Will
5. Efaw Gra
6. Roupe Cam
1. Hebrock OG
2. Stotler BS
3. Brown Ind
4. Butler Fra
5. Meyer Cam
6. Knapp Wil
1. Belville OG
2. Magnone Weir
3. Moyer Ind
4. OíNeil Cam
5. Delebreau Will
6. Hashman StM
1. Six OG
2. Peck Clay
3. Weaver Mag
4. McNeely WE
5. Raban Rav
6. Stover LibR
1. Caughey OG
2. Naylor Rit
3. Laughlin Cal
4. Hollenbach Gra
5. Cliver Clay
6. Staats WIl

February 5, 2001
From: *AD* comments: Hey! I'm a chick from Braxton and I was just checking this out and stumbled upon something that startled me. It was a posted message from "A Concerned Male" about how he thinks that it's "illegal" for girls to wrestle. Personally I believe that if a girl has enough guts to wrestle then more power to her. One of the best wreslters in the state at 103 is a girl. So what do ya got to say to that? If I had the strength and wrestling knowledge then I'd wrestle but since I don't I'll just stick to cheerleading. But I'm all for the girls that have enough to wrestle. We have one here at Braxton. Even if they aren't very good hey at least they try. So.....Way to go Girls!!

On a more positive note.... Even though the LKC tournament was kind of depressing for me seeing as how my team didn't do too hot and they all know it it went rather well. I want to say Good Job to all the teams and individuals that placed this past Saturday. Many of them are close friends of mine. Way to go guys!! Anyway I'm out. Later!

February 5, 2001
From: Gump-(Beckley-Stratton Jr. High fan)
comments: I have been looking on the forum and i see alot of "what ifs"and "how comes" Beckley Stratton is a top notch team in the state these young men are coached very well they do not need excuses on why they are ranked 5th or 7th or why they lost these young men put there hearts into a very tough but great season they wrestled the very best in the state week in and week out most of this team has great sportsmanship but yet some of the parents and fans are not satisfyed with the out come of a great season I was at every one of there tournaments and seen these kids put everything they had in each match they wrestled.The only "what if" there should be is What if Tyler Wilson and Zack Evans was not injured early in the season then they may have done a bit better but unfortunatlly they was injured but bounced back in the Co. championships so stop trying to make excuses for these guys they won with pride and lost with pride Great season guys and good luck to you that return next year but as all good things come to an end better things lie ahead and i will be watching you ninth graders start a new tradition at Woodrow Wilson next year so to the rest of the state start considering Woodrow as a top contender in the next season or two.I would like to congradulate two former Bulldogs on winning the Coalfield Conference Justin Boydin and Josh Evans you guys will have an excellant supporting cast next year.To Jay Thomas Joe McQuillen Zack Evans Sean Meade Tyler Wilson i have enjoyed watching each of you wrestle keep working hard and you guys will all be future state champions in my opion.

February 5, 2001
From: the_booner_ wgjhs
comments: i think western greenbrier was under rated u have braxton and cabell midland rated above them on the top 20 schools.western greenbrier beat both of those teams so might wanna make some changes.

February 5, 2001
From: Parkersburg Wrestling Fan
comments: TO BOB SHRYVER:
In regards to the 5 losses Aaron Kelley had this season. We were talking about jr. high wrestling only NOT SATURDAY TOURNAMENTS WHERE AARON WRESTLES UP AGE AND WEIGHT TO WRESTLE BETTER COMPETITION. Your son is three or four years older and somewhat heavier. So why would you brag on here like that.

February 5, 2001
comments: To the person who was wondering who beat Edison three times?BLENNERHASSETT JR. HIGH did.

February 5, 2001
From: Berkeley Springs Fan
comments: Congratulations to the Coach Darrell Bennett and the Berkeley Springs High School Wrestling team for winning the 2001 Potomac Valley Conference Wrestling Tournament Feb 3 2001 at Petersburg.
Conference Tournament Champions
119lbs Brandon Clark
125lbs Matt Rosensteel
135lbs Frank Gregg
152lbs Jamie Moore
171lbs Richard Stotler
189lbs Josh Clark
215lbs Levi Hovermale

Placing 2nd
140lbs Matt Mason

Congradulations to Richard Stotler 171lbs for breaking the school record for career wins 150

February 5, 2001
From: The Department of Reliable Sources

In regards to the parent filming the match at the MSAC this weekend...the referee's noticed that the party filming was sitting with members of the Parkersburg South team. According to the official it is against the rules (wether it's an SSAC rule or a gentleman's agreement I don't know). The official told me that the punishment is a supension. I don't know if that is true either. I guess the rule says you can't film a match if you're team is not in the event. I don't know why....I would consider that scouting a future opponent. Teams are not allowed to film when scouting in other sports like football and basketball, some do, but the rules don't allow it. Teams can trade films but can't film for scouting reasons. Like I said, the referee's explained this to me and the tournament administration had nothing to do with it. I think the MSAC was run very smooth. The dual meet format has been the format for this tournament for years. The first year it was held it was a bracket tourney. I would like for it to be a bracket tourney because some teams don't have full teams and it is a waste of time to travel to a dual meet tournament with only a few wrestlers. Parkersburg High did a wonderful job running the tournament and only followed the format that had been used in past years. The pool's were seeded according to the latest team rankings by WVMAT. The team that had to wrestle five matches in a row was Ripley and it was not set up to purposely make them wrestle all their matches in a row. The final round was drawn out of a hat and it just so happened to be that order.

February 5, 2001
comments: To Mike:
Yes Parkersburg South does wrestle a tri on Wednesday against Fairmont Senior and Wirt County. We were supposed to have wrestled a Quad on Saturday (with a couple of teams) and another team but unfortunately all have backed out of their commitments.

February 5, 2001
From: ED
comments: I would like to say congratulations to Robert Stutler from Clay County on being selected the OW at the LKCs this weekend. You wrestled a very good tournament 3 matches and 3 pins. Good Luck at states.

February 5, 2001
From: Concerned Male
comments: Am I the only person in the state that hates to see a young mans self esteem blown away by getting beat by a female? Is there anything left sacred for boys in this world? My daughter can play any sport she wants except wrestling and football. As the same for my son who will never play organized volleyball or softball. There is such a thing about girls only and boys only sports.

February 5, 2001
comments: Just wanted to comment on how smooth the LKC tournament ran. Hats off to coach Bender his staff and boosters.

February 5, 2001
From: RE: curious about 130AAA
comments: Kennedy has wrestled only 1 of the top 8 in his division. He defeated Gibbs at the WP Domino Dual Tournament in December. Park is facing off against Morgantown and kennedy will see the #8 pick in the state Feb 7.

February 5, 2001
From: indy fan
comments: Bolen will take 52 and stewart moyer and brown will go to the finals indy will place 2nd behind og

comments: bolen is taking 52 and is going to do it easily look at him he is a beast

February 5, 2001
From: Disgusted wrestler
comments: The MSACS were run (in a mnner other than which I would have preferred). One of the seeded teams had to wrestle five straight matches without a break while the other seeded teams had time to rest and watch the other seeded teams wrestle. I think the tournament should be fair to all teams participating.

February 5, 2001
comments: I was looking at the scores and results and noticed that Nitro doesnt have any matches posted. i was wondering if this was done on for any certain reason and if you could post some results of the Nitro matches. thanks
Editor's note: We have posted everything we have on Nitro. The only way that match results get posted is if someone submits the results. Thanks to all the coaches, tournament directors, statisticians, and fans who do.

February 5, 2001
From: Marion Co. Wrestling Fan
comments: Congratulations to the East Fairmont wrestling team for winning the NCAC Conference Championship on Saturday. The team knew what they had to do in the championship round and came through strong. Winning the championship was a great team effort. Special congratulations to EFHS's six conference champions: Aaron Futten (145) Brandon Geary (160) Matt Miller (171) Matt Sternthal (189) Jeff Noechel (215) and Chris Satterfield (275). Also congratulations to Tyler Haddox (2nd ll9) Shawn Moore (3rd 125) Robert Barnes (4th 140) and Ben Geary (3rd 152). Although they didn't place Scott Taylor and Shane Morgan wrestled their butts off. Good Luck to the EFHS team in the regionals and at states-----your hard work has just begun if you want to reach that optimim goal of a STATE CHAMPIONSHIP.

February 5, 2001
comments: This past weekend at the MSAC there was a South parent there with a video camera. before the tournament began the parent was approached and told that they could not video tape. how can this be? there were parents from other teams video taping at the South North Marion match. it was these very same people that told the south parent that he could not tape. i dont know of any rule that says that a person cannot tape a match. i think that this was very low class and shouldnt be allowed to happen.

February 5, 2001
From: concerned fan
comments: I have heard some rumors about wrestlers not making grades. Are they true?
Editor's note: Every year, there are a few wrestlers who don't make grades. As a rule, I don't post this info. (Regular readers will note that in the past week or so I have divulged a whole laundry list of stuff I don't post on the forum). A few years ago someone suggested that we should post a list of kids who become academically ineligible. At the time I thought it was a bad idea, and I still do. This is where we came up with the idea for the Academic All State team and Honor Roll - Why not recognize the kids who DO make the grades rather than the handful of those who don't???

There is another consideration - FERPA - the Familiy Education and Right to Privacy Act. I don't want to get in to the gory details of this, but school administrators are familiar with this law an are appropriately circumspect about releasing student academic information. Different school districts have different policies on this. I know that in the past one district raised the question as to whether they could even release names for the Academic All State team.

I think most districts probably have policies in place to permit releasing names for an honor roll, but perhaps some don't. However, I think a school official could get into a fix for releasing names of academically ineligible students, except on a "need-to-know" basis. (N.B. I'm president of the BOE in Preston County and this is 8 years of School Board experience talking here).

February 5, 2001
From: Jr HS Wrestling Fan
comments: To whoever asked about who beat Arron Kelly this year; Felix Osuna Cotto from Blennerhassett Jr High has beaten Arron 4 times this year (2 dual meets WSAZ & Wood Cty Championship)at 95lbs plus I believe Chad Porter also beat him at a dual meet at 90lbs this year. NOTE: Arron wrestled 85lbs this weekend at the Waynesburg Tourney and won it.

February 5, 2001
From: DM
comments: This is how i think will place in the Top 6 at state.

103                           112
1 Valles WM                   1 Gandee Rav
2 Biddle Will                 2 Biddle Will 
3 Bartrug StM                 3 Dankovic Weir
4 Blake Ind                   4 Morris Brax
5 Stutler Clay                5 Brewer Cal 
6 Dye WC                      6 Allen WC

119                           125
1 Auvil Graf                  1 Haddox Will
2 Morris Cal                  2 Hughes Cam
3 Bumgardner Rit              3 Six OG
4 Clark BS                    4 Sexton Ind
5 Dye WC                      5 Dye WC
6 Bell GW                     6 Stutler Clay

130                           135
1 Lowers OG                   1 Noel OG
2 Lynch SS                    2 Smith Will
3 Hughes Cam                  3 Leach Graf
4 Stiles CB                   4 O'Neil Cam
5 Metz Cal                    5 Gregg BS
6 Everette StM                6 Hashman Stm

140                           145
1 Dennis WC                   1 Kupher Cam
2 Leach Graf                  2 Wood Ind
3 Eckleberry OG               3 Flowers OG
4 Westbrook Will              4 Childers StM
5 Bosley Fran                 5 Snider TC
6 Morris Cal                  6 Smith WC

152                           160
1 Brown Cam                   1 Stickles OG
2 Seckman Will                2 Toth SH
3 Bolen Ind                   3 Livley GW
4 Stutler Clay                4 Dent Hun
5 Foster Brax                 5 Lauderman Will
6 Wharton OG                  6 Cottrill Cal

171                           189
1 Stotler BS                  1 Bellville OG
2 Herbrock OG                 2 Magnone Weir
3 Brown Ind                   3 Moyers Ind
4 Meyers Cam                  4 O'Neil Cam
5 Burge Cal                   5 Delebreau Will
6 Butler Fran                 6 Clark BS

215                           275
1 Peck Clay                   1 Naylor Rit
2 Weaver Mag                  2 Caughey OG
3 Raban Rav                   3 Berg Pet
4 Stewart Ind                 4 Laughlin Cal
5 McNeely WYE                 5 Cliver Clay
6 McGillian OG                6 Keaton Ind

February 5, 2001
From: mike
email: curreyml@wirefire.com
comments: As a former Bearcat congratulations to Grafton's wrestlers and Coach Auvil for winning the Big 10. Now live in Parkersburg so don't get to see you guys wrestle. See you at states. Also Parkersburg newspaper has South wrestling a tri on wednesday and a quad on saturday. Anyone know if this is correct? Not on team page. Just dual with Fairmont.

February 5, 2001
From: AAPredictor
email: aapredictor@hotmail.com
Valles WM????
Dye Wirt
Biddle Will
Bartrug StM
Blake Ind
O'Neil Cam
Gandee Rav
Biddle Will
Morris Brax
Dankovic Weir
Brewer Cal
Wince Rit
Morris Cal
Auvil Graf
Bumgartner Rit
Whiteman Hun
Clark BS
Dye Wirt
Hughes Cam
Six OG
Haddox Will
Lobis Rit
Metz Cal
Stutler Clay
Lowers OG
Hughes Cam
Lynch SS
Stiles CB
Metz Cal
Harkness Rit
Noel OG
Leach Graf
O'Neil Cam
Smith Will
Gregg BS
Bosley Frank
Leach Graf
Eckleberry OG
Dennis Wirt
Bosley Frank
Westbrook Will
Morris Cal
Kupfer Cam
Wood Ind
Childers StM
Snider Tyl
Flowers OG
Nicka WM
Brown Cam
Bolen Ind
Stutler Clay
Seckman Will
Foster Brax
Moore BS
Stickles OG
Toth SH????
Dent Hun
Efaw Graf
Roupe Cam
Cottrill Cal
Hebrock OG
Stotler BS
Brown Ind
Burge Cal
Butler Frank
Meyer Cam
Bellville OG
Moyer Ind????
Magnone Weir
O'Neil Cam
Clark BS
Peck Clay
Raban Rav
Stewart Ind?????
Gibson Cal
Karr Wirt
Weaver Mag
Naylor Rit
Caughey OG
Laughlin Cal
Cliver Clay
Hollenbach Graf
Berg Pet
Team Tournament Rankings
Oak Glen

Any information with the ??? would be appreciated. Please feel free to email with comments.

February 5, 2001
comments: At LKC Scott Harkness RC didnt now place he was beat out by Alan Tracewell of WILL Ryan Bumgardner RC was scratched cause he was hurt and they Dye boys of Wirt were getting over an illness I think.

February 5, 2001
comments: Congratulations to Cody Shell of Buckhannon for the classy way he handled his championship match loss (5-4) at the NCAC's.

February 5, 2001
From: Chaz.
comments: Congrads to East Fairmont Jr.wrestling Clubs 2ND place finish at one PA's toughest youth wrestling tournaments.The wrestling club walked away with 5 first place finishers.Keep up the hard work.(The club is the feeder program for East Fairmont junior High and East Faimont High School .Which is under the leadership of Ray Robe and Rick Bailey )

February 5, 2001
From: Concerned Fan
comments: Hey Doc
How come you did not post my thoughts on moving the state Tournament
Editor's note: Not sure if your post was the one I'm thinking of, but there was a post which mentioned names of people from several cities who theauthor thought would make good tournament directors, and I just thought that if these men wanted to volunteer for the job they should contact Coach Archer directly... (smile).

February 5, 2001
From: Looking for Recognition
comments: I think Charles Town Jr. High Wrestling team is under rated. The Freshman team only wrestles filling 11 weight classes. 2 7th graders 5 8th graders 4 9th graders. Take a look at their wrestling schedule. They wrestle in WV (WSAZ with teams like Edison and Blennerhassett the best Jr. High teams in the state). They wrestle in VA and PA. People consider PA wrestling to be the best wrestling in the country. Recently they wrestled a 11 team tournament in Gettysburg PA. They did not fair well as a team but chalk it up to experience a very valuable experience learned. Alot of time experience is best served as a loss instead of a win. A few individuals did prevail. 9th grader Brett Maness at 105 finished 3rd. 7th grader Corie Gustines at 115 finished 3rd. 9th grader Codie Gustines at 130 finished 1st. 9th grader Sean Cox unlimited finished 4th. The highlight of the day was most definitely Charles Town's Codie Gustines Coaches pick for Outstanding Wrestler of the Tournament this was certainly a monumental accomplishment the only team in the tournament not from PA. Hopefully people will take a look at them for not taking the easy way but pushing forward looking for competition and experience. Hopefully this type of hard work these young men are investing will put the Eastern Panhandle on the map. With Charles Town and Harpers Ferry feeding into Jefferson High Wrestling Program they will be a dominant force in the state for years to come.

February 5, 2001
From: South Fan
comments: I would like to congratulate Matt Miller Jeff Noechel and Chris Satterfield on there NCAC Titles all 3 pulled through quite well from what i could see all 3 are seniors and wont be back next year including Sternthal so that is pretty much the whole team isnt it from South Dagget Morrison and Wright will be back well come on down to States boys and let the fun begin!!!

February 5, 2001
From: Jim LeMaster
comments: To add to the comments of the Beckley Stratton coaches ... I too am very impressed with Point Pleasant. They are good technichians and tough kids. I also agree that they are great guys off the mat. In response to all the hoopla over Point being ranked above Beckley Stratton ... my team wrestled them both at the Point Duals (so I feel qualified to offer an opinion). 1st Point - 2nd Milton (My guys) - 3rd Beckley Stratton was how they finished and I would rank them close to even. I know that at least one of Beckley Stratton's best kids (Llado - 165) was not there that day. I also had one of my best (returning county champ & WSAZ place winner) break his leg that day in his third match out of nine. We could all say "what if" but on the basis of what I saw Point has an edge. AND ... remember Point (like MMS) has no 9th graders. Give Coach Darst back the kids he sent to 9th grade along with his 7th and 8th graders and I sure wouldn't want to bet against them against almost anyone. We have 6th graders it's true but ninth graders added would be a great advantage.

So to sum up --- let's not argue about apples to oranges. Look at the Jr High Rankings if you are 7-8-9 and the middle school rankings if you are 6-7-8 or 7-8. I also agree with the comments by Beckley Stratton coaches that it is an honor to be ranked and fans pay more attention than coaches and wrestlers. Until we all wrestle each other it will all be subjective. Some coaches do not see everyone and it is very tough to come up with a ranking. All you have to go on is common opponents. As a last comment I know Point is also very young like my team (we have 11 6th graders - 6 are starters and will have 20-21 kids returning next season) and has a great crop coming up. I am looking forward to meeting them in the next few years and hopefully being fairly competitive. It's a joy to see quality kids on the mat in this part of the state too.

As the season is now over for my team let me wish all the guys around the state good luck in off season training and competiton. Keep working - keep lifting - attend camps - seek out good competition etc. It will all pay off next year. There is an old wrestling maxim that says. "Someday winter will ask what you were doing last summer!" Good luck to all. I can hardly wait 'till next season when we can start again!

February 5, 2001
From: wonderer
comments: why didnt Bumgardner wrestle this past weekend?

February 5, 2001
comments: I was reviewing the Edison Jr High home page and noticed they had 3 losses this year. Could anybody tell me what teams beat them?

February 5, 2001
From: To Erica Dye
comments: Way to work girlfriend!!! You did a great job. When you won you brought the house down!!! I've watced you wreste all through pee-wee. You were tough then and you're toughe now. Best of Luck in Your Wrestling Goals. I think you'll wind up in the top three at the states. Best Wishes!!! You go girl!!!!

February 5, 2001
comments: Kyle Ecklberry will not beat Chris Leach!

February 5, 2001
From: Wrestle Fan
comments: Absolute garbage! The MSAC conference tournament was garbage! Wrestling is a INDIVIDUAL SPORT not a team sport. The teams like Nitro that had 4 or 5 very good wrestlers couldn't win the conference tounramnent cause the overall team wasnt up to par

February 5, 2001
From: Blue Devil Fan
comments: I would like to congratulate St Marys on their 4th place finish at LKC's. The program is starting to head back up in the right direction.With 95% of the team freshmen or sophmores things are certainly looking.

February 5, 2001
From: Clay Fan
comments: i would like to congradulate Robert Stutler on his MOW win.He deserved it he won all three matches by pin two of which were in the first period.He won his finals match agaist Seckman from Williamstown by pin! Congratulations Robert keep up the good work.i hope that you win a state title.

February 5, 2001
From: Bearcat Fan
comments: I would like to congratulate the Grafton Bearcats on a job well done at the Big 10 tournament in Lewis Co. on Saturday. This makes four years in a row for Coach Auvils Bearcats taking the Big 10 championship. Those who placed first for the Bearcats were:
Bobby Rawls at 103
Corey Auvil at 119
Adam Leach at 135
Chris Leach at 140
Trampus Efaw at 160. Well done Bearcats.
Also a special recognition to Chris Leach who was voted Big 10 wrestler of the year Chris won all five of his matches with pins in the 1st period. Chris is also a 4 time Big 10 champ and Cory Auvil following with 3 Big 10 titles. Chris and Cory are both undefeated for the season at 37-0. Chris has gained the all time winning record at Grafton High School with 149 wins Cory is close behind with 147. We have high hopes for both of these wrestlers taking state titles and hopefully a couple of others placing. GOoooo Bearcats.................

February 5, 2001
From: wrestling fan

February 5, 2001
comments: I'll tell you what the kid from CLay at 152 did he won a match he wasnt suposed to win He wasnt seeded number one Erica Dye was. He also pinned the number one seed in the Finals Enough said.

February 4, 2001
From: Superman
comments: First of all just to set the record straight I am the real Superman. Superman ain't got no uncle. I want to say congrats to "The One" Billy Barbour and "Crippler" Sean Agoney for winning all 3 of their matches this Friday against Loudon County Warren County and Handley Virginia. Finally let me be the one millionth person to congratulate East Fairmont for their NCAC title. Good job guys.

February 4, 2001
From: Jim
comments: I am just writing to comment on how my Gustines boys are the best in the sport of wrestling to date. I have never seen anyone have as much heart and dedication as they do. Codie- you are the BEST! the absolute BEST! Words cannot describe how proud I am of you. Hopefully you can finish out the year strongly! Good luck to you as I watch you become WV's best wrestler! Congratulations on your placing at WSAZ and at the Gettysburg tournament--as well as being named the TOP wrestler of the tournament there! You are the man!
Corie-- you are doing such a great job at the junior high level. Congratulations in placing 1st in the NVJL championships. Your maturity in wrestling has greatly been seen this year. Keep up the good work! I am proud of you!
Colton and COlin--you two are the bomb as well. Keep up the great work in JJWA. Cant wait till states and nationals!!! Boys you are the best. I am so proud of you all! Keep it up! Shelley and Gus thanks for everything!

February 4, 2001
From: wrestling fan
email: none
comments: Please ask this question......
Rumor is that the Regionals are two days? Is this true? Does anyone have the times of the events. I noticed that it is on the mat page under important dates for the 16th and 17th.
Editor's note: Some are two days, some are one day. Depends on how many teams are in your region. Check your team's schedule....

February 4, 2001
From: Chad Sarrett- BSJHS
comments: Thank you Coach Darst for your comments! And for all of the people who care about rankings I will let you know the coaching staff at Beckley-Stratton does not care about ranking. We are just trying to prepare some you men to become great wrestlers when they get to high school.

February 4, 2001
From: To Supermans uncle
comments: I was an offical at the tourny. It was clear to me that some people do not know the rules and need to study up a little. Also the State is in need of officals. Just maybe you could come out to help us out. If you can stand on your feet all day.... get my drift!!!!! Thanks for your opinion. It will help me out in the future.

February 4, 2001
comments: Congratulations to the GHS Bearcat Wrestlers on their 4th consecutive Big Ten Win! And what wonderful officiating by the Number One Official - Rick Hillberry. Keep up the good work!!

February 4, 2001
From: Kevin Wilson- Beckley-Stratton
email: wvgrappler@citynet.net
comments: Thanks to Coach Darst for your comments about our program. Point Pleasant Middle School is well deserving of their ranking by the WVMAT poll. During the course of the season Beckley-Stratton and Point Pleasant butted heads more than once while seeking the best competition we could find for our wrestlers. We always enjoyed the company of the wrestlers and fans from Point Pleasant they want to kick your butt on the mat but when the match is over they treat you like family. We always felt that Point Pleasant was one of the best teams in the state along with Blennerhassett and Edison. While some of our fans have posted on this site their displeasure with our ranking we who are directly associated with the team are thankful that the people who vote in the WVMAT poll respect our program enough to vote us 5th. Our fans are much like the fans from Parkersburg South who love their team and express it. Sometimes they do tend to wear their hearts on their sleeves and it may bother other people. I personally would rather have fans that sometime may be a little too vocal in the support of their team as opposed to the alternative which is no support. That is what many teams High School and on down to the pee-wee level have to deal with and it's tough row to hoe. Thanks also to the WVMAT for giving WV wrestlers a place of their own. Wrestlers of all ages visit this site hoping their name or team might be mentioned and it's a motivator for all of them. This site lets wrestlers know that they are important to a whole lot of people in WV and the hard work and dedication is worth it.

February 4, 2001
From: wrestling fan
email: dont want published
Please submitt this:
My comment in regards to the outstanding wrestler in the LKC was quite a disappointment. I am really shocked at the coaches that did not vote Erica Dye as the MOW. When you come back from behind at 5-0 with her being down and with 17 seconds in the match and to do a complete turn around scoring 5 points to tie it up and wins in overtime.. What more did you want????????? I think that showed alot of outstanding wrestling with determination. Coaches: What do you base your votes on? A female deserves it as much as a male. They are all wrestlers and should be treated the same. Could someone please tell my what the 152 pounder from Clay did to impress you? I was there and didn't see anything impressive. The crowd was on Erica.
Editor's note: OK. Ordinarily I wouldn't post something like this because
a) There is no point in getting in to a debate over who the OW is/should have been
b) Arguments like this lead to disrespecting the wrestler who did win the award. Why should his award be tarnished?
c) If at some point Ms Dye does win an OW award, will that one be tarnished? Will everybody say "They just gave it to her to shut everyone up..." or some such.

Congratulations to Erica for winning the 103 championship at the LKC. I have seen her wrestle at the Winners Choice the past two years and she is a fine athlete. Congratulations to Robert Stutler of Clay County for his championship and the OW award.

February 4, 2001
From: Just A Fan
comments: The LKCS? I'm still proud to be a Braxton Eagle Fan.I saw a 125 match to top them all. It proves if you want it more you can do it!!! Congrats to the 125! Also Congrats to Erica Dye! Awesome wrestler! Down by 5 with 17 seconds went into overtime. Wow! Great Work Erica!

February 4, 2001
From: Coach Stef
email: bsmontgomery@rtol.net
comments: As we continue to be concerned about the polls on the WVMat I would like to say something about the Spencer Middle School team. We Braxton have a great rivalry with Spencer and never know who will be victorious in a dual. Spencer was #8 in the Middle School poll but they are highly underrated. With their coaches Coach Wayne Jarvis Coach Toby and their trainer Bruce Boggs they have a great team and will be back next year in full force with Boggs the Griffin brothers Sasser Jarvis Watson and Kendall. I'm sure I left out some great wrestlers for Spencer but believe me Braxton has a most healthy respect for their team and coaches. Coach Jarvis we look forward to seeing you next year and "I KNOW" you're looking forward to seeing us.

February 4, 2001
From: fan
comments: to AB
just wanted to let you know that marks from phs pinned phalen of rip. in 24 seconds. thomas of hunt. also ran and didn't move down to wrestle marks at the msac. ROLLIN!!!!!1! you can change your predictions at any time. marks in the finals?????? you can take it to the bank!!!!!!!!!! CHAMP.....just my opinion!!!!!!!!

February 4, 2001
From: Old Coach
comments: To Coach Jim LeMaster: I just wanted to personally congratulate you on having 26 out of 30 wrestlers make your School's semester honor roll. That is truly an amazing feat and something to be very proud of. I don't think you'll ever see another team post that kind "academic learning" percentage again. Keep up the good work on the mat and in the classroom!

February 4, 2001
comments: I would like to congradulate all of the LKC Champions in their wins. I would also like to say that Erica Dye showed alot of guts and heart to to come from behind and become victorious in overtime. Erica you wrestled tough the whole tournament and we are proud of you. Keep your head up keep wrestling the way you know how and you will go far in the region and states. As for the coaches that voted at the LKC ... Not taking anything away from Stutler he is a tough quality wrestler congrats. to him too...But in my eyes and in the eyes of many other wrestling fans any underdog or wrestler that comes from behind to win in overtime several times throughout the tournament and becomes champion deserves to become MVW.(even if she is a girl) Again way to go Erica keep kickin butt!!

February 4, 2001
From: Coach Stef
email: bsmontgomery@rtol.net
comments: Congrats to Coach Jim and his team on their win at the Cabell Co. Middle School Championship Tourn. Milton Middle School coaches wrestlers and parents should be commended for the time and effort it takes to produce championship teams - in the classroom as well as on the mat. Great Wrestling!!

February 4, 2001
From: Chuck
comments: Congrats to the boys from Beckley Central that went to Dupont you guys wrestled well.

Mike Denny 6&U UNL 1st
Drew Sauls 7&8 50 2nd forf. finals due to injury to hand
Chris Sodosky 9&10 70 2nd
Zack Amick 11&12 70 2nd
Eric McMillian 11&12 100 2nd
Jacob Antoine 11&12 115 3rd
Chris Sodosky 11&12 70 4th
Josh McClung 13&15 104 4th
Dustin Stewart 13&15 82 4th

Good luck Sat. at the Heartbreakers Tourney.

February 4, 2001
From: My State Champion/Runner-up Picks

103-Sammy Bonasso FS dec. Jacob Frerichs Nit 7-5
112-Matt Easter Nit dec. Shane Grogg PS 9-4
119-Matt Stevens PHS dec. Ryan Metz 6-5
125-Chris Johnson Nit dec. Matt Bosley PS 7-3
130-Robbie Williams Hunt dec. Chris Gibbs CM 4-1
135-Wes Lane HerbHoov dec. Devin Abshire 8-7
140-Robbie Ripley Nit dec. Danny Lord Hed 5-3
145-Bryan Moats Hed dec. Derek George JM 8-3
152-Nathan Pickens PS pin Adam Schindler Rip 2:35
160-Casey Daggett PS dec. Chris Taylor JM 10-5
171-Matt Miller EF dec. Jeff Courtney FS 6-5
189-Matt Sternthal EF dec. Andrew Starsick NM 9-2
215-John Wells JM dec. Aaron McCartney PS 4-3
275-Wellman CM dec. Chris Satterfield EF 7-6

103-Erica Dye WC dec. Jesse Biddle Will 6-4 OT
112-Ash Gandee Rav dec. Chris Morris Cal 7-3
119-Ryan Bumgardner Rit dec. Justin Kotson Cam 6-2
125-Tyler Hughes Cam dec. Tim Haddox Will 5-2
130-Casey Hughes Cam dec. Gaelen Lowers OG 7-4
135-Eric Noel OG maj dec. Joel O'Neil Cam 9-1
140-Kyle Eckleberry OG dec. Chris Leach Graf 6-3
145-Roger Kupfer Cam pin Ben Wood Ind 4:31
152-Tucker Brown Cam dec. Robert Stutler CC 5-4
160-Derrick Stickles OG pin Drew Toth SH 1:56
171-Ronnie Hebrock OG dec. Robert Stotler 7-7 2 ot
189-Wyatt O'Neil Cam dec. Phillip Bellville OG 7-5 ot
215-Donnie Peck CC dec. Joe Weaver Mag 10-4
275-Thomas Naylor Rit pin Joey Caughey OG 5:10

Those are my picks  just something to think about!

February 4, 2001
email: germwv@mteer.com
comments: Hey East Fairmont it all comes down to this "NO GUTS NO TITLE."

February 4, 2001
From: Jr.High Fan
comments: Congratulations to Timmy Cumpston and Matthew Elson of Cameron for their high place finishes at the JrHigh OVAC tournament! Great job guys!

February 4, 2001
From: bulldog fan
comments: waters cannot be undefeated this year because of his loss to beckley-stratton. a loss is a loss whatever the cause. a slam is illegial so just count it as a loss. if you get to pick and choose what losses you want to count thats just wrong. what about the other edison wrestler who put 2 illegial full nelsons on the beckley-stratton wrestler and hurt his shoulder the bulldog wrestler could has stopped and won the match but he continued and dominated the edison wrestler would you have counted that as a loss for edison (even though the beckley wrestler was ahead) if he chose not to continue? it really doesn't matter if you count it now or not because everyone knows he has a loss this year. he also has a loss at the jr state tournament by another beckley wrestler in the finals last year.

February 4, 2001
comments: To Jr. High Fan:
If you will check Beckley-Stratton's schedule you will see why they are ranked ahead of some of the teams you mentioned. They competed against 17 of the top 20 teams ranked in the WVMAT poll. They dodge no team and wrestle the best teams in the state at the toughest events in the state. Beckley-Stratton unlike some of the teams you mentioned has made arrangements to get where the competition is and beat a large portion of the it. W.S.A.Z Wood Co. Duals Point Pleasant Olmypic Pool and the Scott Brown Memorial Duals to name a few. We don't wrestle weak sisters to pad our record.

February 4, 2001
From: point pleasant wrestling fan
email: harriet_bean@yahoo.com
comments: Could someone direct me to a site where I might be able to get results of the Athens Open Pool Tournament held Sat Feb 3rd. Thank you

February 4, 2001
From: Old Coach
comments: Congatulations to Mike Davis (145) and Doug "Pyscho" Sillex (165) of Harpers Ferry for finishing the season undefeated with 25-0 records. You guys were the main cogs for helping lead Harpers Ferry to a 23-1 record this year a 63-1 record the last two years and a 93-8 record during your three seasons at Harpers Ferry. I'm extremely proud of you guys and know you'll do great at Jefferson High. Thanks for everything you've done for Harpers Ferry.

February 4, 2001
From: a wrestler
comments: the people who puts the results from matches might want to have all the info first. like who wrestled and the way the match ended.

February 4, 2001
From: Marion Co. Fan
comments: Matt Sternthal great job at NCAC's. Good luck to you at regionals.

February 4, 2001
From: Mankind
comments: I agree point pleasant is not one of the top teams in the state. however I do think they are a good tourn.team. they have a lot of good wrestlers like Duncan Pumphrey and Bonecutter

February 4, 2001
From: comments
comments: WILLIAMSTOWN LKC WINNERS. Way to go men. Good luck at regionals and state!

February 4, 2001
comments: Congradulations to Wirt's Erica Dye on being the first girl to win an LKC title you wrestled a good tournament. In the fans eyes you are the OUSTANDING WRESTLER! Keep kickin butt girl!

February 4, 2001

February 4, 2001
From: AB
comments: Congratulations to the East Fairmont wrestling team for their NCAC Championship. For those of you that weren't convinced get ready for it East is for real. Tonight they dominated two of the stronger schools in the State in Fairmont Senior and North Marion. Congrats to Futton Geary Miller Sternthal Noechel and Satterfield on their individual Championships. Also Congrats to Coach Geary and Coach Petracca. Can't wait to see you guys in Huntington!! Way to go boys I am proud of you!

February 4, 2001
From: Supermans uncle "the real superman not that other guy"
comments: Iím a supporter of the policy this page has not bashing referees but the refereeís who were at --------------- were some of the worst Iíve seen. They single handedly cost --------------- any chance they would have had winning -------------! I hope you print this because I feel the kids were robbed of their chance to know who is really the best in the -----------------. Thanks for your time and space.
Editor's note: Well gee whiz, if you support the policy why would you send this? (smile)

February 4, 2001
From: Hossdrop
comments: Congratulations to East Fairmont on getting first at the NCAC Conference tournament with 6 champions of: Aaron Futten(145) Brandon Geary(160) Matt Miller(171) Matt Sternthal(189) Jeff Noechel(215) and Chris Satterfield(275)!! Congatulations also to Tyler Haddix in 2nd at 119 Shawn Moore in 3rd at 125 Robert Barnes in 4th at 140 and Ben Geary in 3rd at 152. Good job and lets see a repeat at regionals and states!

February 4, 2001
From: To the editor
comments: When do the Coache's AA-A individual rankings come out?
Editor's note: Dunno

February 4, 2001
From: Eastern Panhandle Parent
comments: Scores for Jefferson/Frankfort matchup were wrong so I guess Doc "blacked out" the link. Anyone who has info on the correct scores please post all again if possible. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

February 4, 2001
From: to bulldog fan
comments: i wouldn't consider it a loss b/c kyle lost b/c he slammed the kid.

February 4, 2001
From: David Darst-PPMS
email: dldarst@zoomnet.net
comments: I would like to congratulate Beckley Stratton on winning their County Chamionships. Coach Sarrett and Coach Wilson are a class act to be around and I enjoyed traveling the Jr. high circuit with you. There is no doubt that your wrestling team played an important part in helping PPMS raise our wrestling to a level where we finished 3rd overall and 1st in middle schools at the WSAZ Tournament. During the wrestling season we wrestled all diffrent types of dual tournaments and only one bracketed tournament and that was the WSAZ. Our Dual Record this year was 25-3 with losses to Jackson Jr. High (Jac.51 PP-28) and Beckley Stratton (Bec.St.-44 PP-34)(Bec. St.-43 PP-37).We did beat Beckley Stratton in two tournaments during the year. Point Olympic Pool Tournament PPMS-1st(145-points)Beckley Stratton-3rd (113 points). The other tournament was the WSAZ- PPMS-3rd overall 1st Middle School (189 points)Beckley Stratton-7th (131 points). I felt all year that we had a better tournament team than we did a dual team but I needed the matches to get this young team ready.

I think it is very hard in both jr.High/Middle as well as High School to rank teams because some teams might be a good dual team and another might be better in tournaments. As a former High School Wrestling Coach there would be years where we would get beat by teams in dual matches and finish ahead of them in tournaments. Coach Sarrett & Coach Wilson keep doing a great job at Beckley Stratton and PPMS is looking forward to the scrimage with you and Grundy Va next year.

February 4, 2001
From: Coach Stef
email: bsmontgomery@rtol.net
comments: To Raleigh Co. Fan - As I read your comments again I didn't unerstand if you wanted to remind me that Wheeling Park was not in Raleigh Co. or if you were unsure of my comments concerning the change- over in Raleigh county from junior highs to middle schools. If you want to talk to me further regarding the middle school concept that's being implemented in various counties in the state please check out my e-mail address on the WVMat e-mail addresses. I'm not hard to find. I'm sure the WVMat has no time for discussions about counties that are moving from the Junior High concept to the Middle School concept. Your Board of Ed. should share that with you.

February 4, 2001
From: hedgesvillefanm
comments: Just like to congratulate the eagles on winning their three duals last night. The team looked very impressive. Congratulations to Jared Hess who is back from injury and who won his 100th match last night. Good luck to the eagles this coming weekend at the Frankfort Quad.

February 4, 2001
From: Donald Neal
comments: Congratulations to Milton Middle School for winning the Cabell County Middle School Championships. Also to Coaches Jim LeMaster and John Barriteau and all the boys on the wrestling team congratulations. you all worked hard trained hard and overcame several obsticals to earn this title. Job well done.

From: HuskieWrestler
comments: I'm writing to address a couple things. First of all to the person who predicted the top 3 at every weight and didn't have wes lane up there i disagree. Your opinion is your opinion but just the same i disagree. You have Muldrew as placing third. Well Lane has already beaten Muldrew 9-3 this year at a dual meet. And the second thing i wanted to mention is that the reason Pt. Pleasant isn't ranked in the top 10 is because they aren't one of the ten best teams. Not taking anything away from them the state is just loaded with talent this year. And to the person who said that he didn't think they had wrestled a dual against hoover...we wrestled a dual against them at the St. Albans Duals Tournament. I am not sure of the score but we beat them pretty bad. In their defense however they were without Bonecutter at that tourney.

February 4, 2001
From: Jr. High Fan
comments: to Raleugh County Bulldog and Beckley-Stratton fan.
Coach Stef probably just slipped in in her haste to get a post out. No big deal to call for a full blown investigation into the matter. Also Beckley-Stratton finished 7th at the WSAZ and Point Pleasant finished 3rd. Don't you see the big picture? Put the duals aside and look at tournament results. That is why Point is ranked ahead of Beckley. Throw in at least five teams that didn't compete at the WSAZ such as Harpers Ferry Moundsville Oak Glen Cameron and Buckhannon-Upshur then Beckley's 7th place finish is in jeopardy. I think Beckley oops! Beckley is a High School. I think Beckley-Stratton should be appreciative they are ranked 5th because I don't have them in the top 10 in my poll. And why did Beckley I mean Beckley-Stratton pull out of the Buckhannon Duals at the last moment?

February 4, 2001
From: Coach Stef
email: bsmontgomery@rtol.net
comments: To Raleigh Co. Fan - Sorry for the mistake in my post. Of course I do know that Park is in Raleigh Co. I have spoken to the Park coach on many occasions. I was submitting the comment after a long day at school and obviously this "old coach's" brain was not in sync with the fingers. I guesss it's been a long time since that Golden Horseshoe in the spring of "67.

February 4, 2001
From: Jim LeMaster
comments: On behalf of myself and my co-coach John Barriteau I would like to thank all the Milton Middle wrestlers and their parents for a fantastic year. The team overcame adversity and injury to emerge as Cabell County champs. Thanks guys for all your hard work in practice and in the classroom. 26 out of 30 wrestlers made the school honor roll for their semester average.

A very special thank you on behalf of the team to Adam Moye who sacrificed his own personal glory and changed weight classes into a much tougher situation to help the team win a very close tournament. What you did will never be forgotten by the members of the Panther Wrestling "family." You have earned the respect of each of us involved with the program. You have set an example for others who come later that there is no "I" in TEAM.

As a side note the question of whether or not sixth graders can be competitive should have been answered last night as we had 2 champs 1 runner up 1 third and 2 fourth places who were sixth graders. These 6 sixth graders combined for a record of 151-67 against competition during the year that included not only middle schools but Jr. Highs and Freshman teams as well. They competed in a range of weight classes from 80lbs up to 190 lbs at various times. 3 also placed at WSAZ. I applaud the WVSSAC for allowing these kids a chance to represent their school.

Once again thanks to all you guys who helped to make this a great coaching experience. I can hardly wait to see what you guys can accomplish next season. good luck to you guys in your off season competition and training.

February 4, 2001
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: One group of people that get liitle credit on the forum are the officials.These guys are dedicated to the sport and are not in it to get rich but love what they do and love wrestling.We have some regulars here in Wood county who do a good job..one that stands out in my mind is Woody Burns but there are others.Thanks guys for all your labor and love for this great sport!

February 4, 2001
From: fan
comments: Congratulations to the Herbert Hoover team for there big win over Hunington thursday! There were many great matches Hunington jumped out to a quick 21-0 lead but them wes lane turned it on at 135 and the huskies can out runnin! Hoover won to key matches at 152 staley over mays 6-4 in ot and 215 moales over hastings 1-1 in double ot. Great job guys and keep it up.

February 4, 2001
From: Neutral Man
email: To: 99
comments: I think you left somebody out at your 140 predictions. What about Lord from Hedgesville? You can't honestly leave him out if you've seen any matches at all this year or you haven't been keeping up with anything.

February 4, 2001
Might not have heard but Jeremy Hart of Independence took the NCAA to court and got a year back to compete this semester for Appalachian State he is currently 3-2 and was ranked 15th in the country. Thought you might want to know. Has a shot at All-American once he works the rust off. Well thanks

February 3, 2001
From: Raleigh Co. Fan
comments: To: Coach Stef
Independence Beckley-Stratton and PARK JR. HIGH are located in Raleigh County. WHEELING PARK is a AAA high school located in WHEELING WV. Please explain your comment about the Raleigh County schools you mentioned in your post.

February 3, 2001
From: 99
103-Bonnasso Frerichs Cambell
112-Easter Turnbull Delligatti
119-Stevens Metz Kennedy
125-Kinsley Bosley Johnson
130-Williams Kennedy DeVault
135-Duncan Abshire Muldrew
140-Ripley Mayle Ott
145-Moats George Mays
152-Pickens McDonald Schindler
160-Daggett Durst Taylor
171-Miller Dagget Courtney
189-Thomas Sternthal Miller
215-McCartny Noechel Cook
HWT-Wellman Satterfield McCourt

February 3, 2001
From: To the folks who are ranking Jr. High/Middle School
comments: Do you have a state Tourny for any other sports at this level? Why are you so worried about rankings at this level. You folks are unreal!!!!!

February 3, 2001
From: CC41
comments: First off to wrestling fan... Before you go and start saying that Point Pleasant has the best team in the state you need to check your facts: they finished 6th at WSAZ's with Huntington and Herbert Hoover in front of them (not fourth) / and 10th at Winner's Choice with 7 "AAA" highs schools in front of them along with Williamstown and St. Antony's (NY)... Now you have to look at PSHS who was ranked 28th nationally in the TheMat.com/USA Today poll anyone in WV that says they are better than South is crazy!!! I am not a South fan I'm just proud of what they are doing... They are making a name for themselves as well as for the state of WV... I also want to wish my brother good luck tomorrow at NCAC's... "Use your head/ be smart" and "Wrestle your match".....

February 3, 2001
comments: To: whoever asked who Aron Kellys losses were to. Robert Shyver of the Parkersburg Cougars has met Kelly twice at youth wrestling tournaments this year earlier this year in Pa and again last week at the Mineral Wells tournament. Robert beat Aron both times. Robert also beat Kelly each time they met last year.

February 3, 2001
From: J Hughes
comments: To Pt.Pleasant fan... I will explain why Point isn't in the top 10. They finished behind Huntington and Hoover at WSAZ which not wrestling them in a dual gives them criteria. I didn't check but I didn't think Point had dualed them. Next Point finished 10th at Winner's Choice (6th at WSAZ behind 2 AA teams). They finished behind Fairmont.Sr East Fairmont North Marion Jefferson University Ripley and Hedgesville. Given the criteria that would make them 10th except we've completely forgotten about Parkersburg South! that makes you 11th by criteria then John Marshall has beaten Ripley University Huntington therefore they have criteria. Point is 12th now. Wheeling Park finished ahead of JM at the OVAC tournament so they have criteria over JM and since JM has criteria over the other teams ahead of Point Point is now 13th. I am sure Martinsburg and Big Red can make a case as well so Point is somewhere in the top 15 maybe yet they won't have enough guns to beat Nitro and Cabell Midland at states either because they both have 4 or 5 kids placing and Point in my opinion doesn't. A top 15 finish is realistic for the Point. To the fan I think you saying Point is the best team in the state is kinda stretching it. I am pretty sure South would beat Point handily. If Point gets in the top 10 at state then you can say that I am the idiot and make me eat my words....It's ok this is only my opinion so I know I don't know everything I just think it will be hard for them to do this but if they do more power to you guys!

February 3, 2001
From: AB
comments: TO: East Fairmont
Hey guys Good luck this weekend. You have a big tournament tomorrow in the NCAC. It is time to start living up to the expectations of your ranking as tournament team. The next few weeks are very important. Get those lighter weights ready to wrestle.

February 2, 2001
From: Jim LeMaster
comments: In response to the comments from Coach Stef. Hang on I know for a fact that there is a HUGE middle school only tournament in the works for next year. EVERY MIDDLE SCHOOL in the state will be invited and 5-6 mats will be run. I think it will most likely be the first week in Jan. I am not the one running it so I can't say too much more... but you can bet Milton will be there! As a side note in our Cabell County tournament after the first night Bev. Hills leads Milton by 1 1/2 points. Milton has nine in the finals and Bev. Hills has nine. Milton has 4 going for third and Beverly Hills has 2. Cammack has 8 in the finals and about 6 going for third. Talk about a barn burner. It should be a war. may the best warrior win...

February 2, 2001
From: curious about 130AAA
comments: Just a question abour Kennedy from wheeling park at 130. The results I have seen on here he looks very impressive pinning alot of people. Anyone know if he has wrestled any of the other top 8 in the state at 130 and how he did against them. Really like to know.

February 2, 2001
From: marshall
comments: I was looking forward to seeing hartlieb in the finals of the NCAC tournament but unfortunately I shattered my hand last weekend at a tournament. The doctor said 4 to 6 weeks but I am going to get a doctor to release me in 3 weeks for regionals. Good luck University at NCAC. Will you be the other team on that trophy.(for the last 15 years it has been won by north marion or fairmont senior). Good luck. Scotty Marshall

February 2, 2001
From: bulldog fan
comments: how can you rank kyle waters as undefeated on the edison team page whenever he lost to beckley-strattons #145 by an illegial slam. look at the clash of champs results and it says waters lost by illegial slam to beckleys bland.

February 2, 2001
From: beckley- stratton fan

February 2, 2001
From: Just A Fan
comments: Good Luck Braxton Eagles at the LKCS. Sick dogs get well. So proud to be a Braxton Eagle Fan. Eagles RULE!!!

February 2, 2001
From: wrestling fan
comments: Point Pleasant High School has the best wrestling team in the state. They are a very underrated team. How can a team that places fourth in WSAZ tournament not be ranked in the top ten?

From: pphs fan
comments: How the heck can you not have pphs ranked in any of your team polls. They placed fourth at the WSAZ and fifth at New Lexington which had a nationally ranked team.

February 2, 2001
comments: To: TOF ... Wake up Alice. wonderland is just around the corner. You are talking about Parkersburg having three state champs and placing 5 additional wrestlers in the top six spots when you only have a grand total of 2 wrestlers in the top 8 in the coaches poll. I understand that the poll is only providing us with a generaal idea of who will finish where.... but come on.. Christmas was last month. Lots of luck!

February 2, 2001
comments: To Jr High Wrestler: Sounds like sour grapes to me. My guess is you already traveled north to the Parkersburg Jr. State and didn't fare very well. Better luck next time. As seen at the WSAZ tournament Edison and Blennerhassett Jr. Highs have fared very well in that arena. The Jr. States held in Parkersburg has provided excellent competion for these wrestlers for several years. To be the best you must wrestle the best. Parkersburg Jr. State Fan.

February 2, 2001
comments: to Jr high wrestler
i believe dean moore is right if u look at the results of the junior states in parkersburg over the years there has been quite alot of state champions come through there and there will be alot more to come.

February 2, 2001
From: Brad Petracca
comments: To Bob Moore
Some of my boys told me that there were some nice comments on the forum. THANKS FOR THE KIND WORDS. John Geary is big help to East Fairmont as well. Best of luck to you and South in the upcoming weeks. I look forward to chatting with you in the latter part of February.

February 2, 2001
From: Oak Glen alumnists of 93
comments: To the Jr.high kid from cameron who predicted them to spank oak glen at states what kind of drugs are your on. First of we already spanked you once at OVAC second we have a possibility to have 8 state champs this year! Just look at our line up we have six at 25 who beat bosley of south this year 7 to 2 he has a great shot then Lowers at 30 who got second at OVAC he has a great chance then Noel who is just domminating oppents this year he was a state champ last year at 30 then Eckelberry who is wrestling great this year he has already beat Roth of Martins ferry who is a phenomanl wrestler then Stickles at 60 who is also having a heck of a year he already won states as a sophmore he should repeat then hebrock at 71 who is peaking right now who got third at the OVAC has a good chance Then Bellville who is a returning state champ should repeat if wrestled like he did at OVAC who's going to beat him I'll tell you who nobody Then finally at 275 Caughey who is just killing oppents this year with his dominating uperbody moves and his killer quickness for a big he will for sure repeat Caughey is head and shoulders above any heavyweight in the state of west virgina just ask Morrision of south how good he is. That's all I have to say so Cameron we will see how good you guys are here in a couple of weeks buth I already no who the best team in Double A west virgina is it is buy far the Golden bears go get em bring home a 5 state title One other thing just win baby.

February 2, 2001
From: south fan 234
comments: Congrats to the W.H.S. Yellow jackets on beating P.H.S. We'll be pulling for you guys at the State tourney. Good luck!

February 2, 2001
From: Coach Stef
email: bsmontgomery@rtol.net
comments: Any type of "end of season" tournament that makes kids appreciative of all that they have worked for since November would be wonderful as far as I'm concerned. I've stayed away from all of the hoopla for a Junior High State Tournament because of course I'm a Middle School coach. I have the utmost respect for Dave Darst at Point Pleasant and Jim LeMaster at Milton who are continually competitive in the Middle School Class. On the other hand Braxton Middle has no youth program in the county and I hope we have someone who will step up to the mat and work with our kids. As a teacher who is very involved in the state most of our schools are moving toward the middle school concept. Maybe instead of thinking about having a "Junior High State Tournament" we should also look toward a "Middle School State Tournament." I know that Independence Beckley-Stratton and Wheeling Park will feel the change because their county is already in the process.

February 2, 2001
From: Dean Moore Patriot Wrestling Club
comments: To Jr High wrestler I do understand that most junior high schools finish up in january and february. Wrestlers to the age of 15 wrestle in this tournament . It is a true Junior wrestling State Tournament and if you are a serious wrestler you will find a place to practice and work out all year round to be successful.I couldnt imagine Mitch Smith being called a pee -wee wrestler since i consider this kid to be the best wrestler that this state has had.I could name alot of past in you words Pee -Wee wrestlers that have won the High school State Tournament when they were 9th and 10th graders. good luck

February 2, 2001
comments: I would like to congratulate Shane Grogg on a excellent season thus far. Good luck at States!!!!!!!!!

February 2, 2001
comments: i would just like to know who beat aaron kelley and what weight classes are they in. thanx.

February 2, 2001
From: WV Wrestling Fan Livin' N Georgia
comments: I'm just writing to say that I really enjoy this website. I'm an old PSHS grad who has been living in Georgia for quite some time. I've got South's schedule pasted on my desk and I always come here to get the results. Thanks to everyone responsible for this website and for keeping me updated with whats going on.
Tidbit of info:
The latest National NWCA/TheMat.con High School Poll was in the USAToday today and PSHS is now #28 in the country. They moved up from #39 last week.

February 2, 2001
From: JP
comments: i don't understand how campbell at 103 in AAA coaches poll can be ranked behind howard of John Marshall who he defeated and Cappas of Morgantown who he pinned...just wondering

February 1, 2001
From: Jr . High wrestler
comments: To Dean Moore:
I would have to disagree with you Dean. Most Jr. high seasons are completed by the first week of February. The tournament you mentioned is a month after Jr. High season. And as you know a whole month off the mat and it shows. Therfore it is a State tournament for Pee-Wee wrestlers that can and do practice till the State. If it was sanctioned to fit JR. high rules then it should be during the states JR. HIGH season. With all due respect lets leave this tournament a Pee-Wee state with several older kids participating. I'd like to see the WSAZ become the JR. HIGH STATE. It's alot closer to a JR. HIGH STATE then your pee-wee tournament is.

February 1, 2001
email: Sweetie_132@hotmail.com
comments: I was wondering if anyone out there could give me information on the state record for the fastest pin. Dana Raban (215) at Ravenswood pinned an opponent on Saturday at the WV/OH Duals in 4 seconds. I know for a fact that this is a school record and just wondered what the state record would be? Thanks for the information.
Editor's note: See Andy Cross's National Record

February 1, 2001
From: Bob Moore
comments: Yes it is the same Brad Petraca. Brad also has helped bring the EF program to the higher leval in a very short time. I might add Brad is one of the people in wv wrestling you cant help but like a very fine person always was. Good luck at states this year Brad ill be pulling for you except except the South match-ups. (gotta stick with my boys...lol). Wrestling needs more people like this. EF thank your lucky stars you have him.

February 1, 2001
From: TOF
comments: I believe that pshs will win state and phs will be in 2nd.Because phs could have champions at 119 160 189.They could place 125 130 135 171 215 Hvwt in the top 6 at state those kids just have to want it bad enough.They are a young team but they still could do good at state.They have some young talent like Brian Williamson Mike George Lou Thoams Paul Johnson.I think when those guys are seniors PHS will win state

February 1, 2001
From: southfan
comments: congratulations to all the south wrestlers and goodluck on your next met. Special congratulations to Matt Bosley and goodluck to you the rest of the season.

February 1, 2001
From: wrestling fan
comments: I think if a wrestler has the flu then he needs to stay at home and get better. It doesn't make much sense to be around the team and take the chance on them getting sick too.

February 1, 2001
From: RF
comments: To fan: I think everyone is rollin' at this time of year. Everyone wants to make finals. My opinion is Starsick beat Marks in Dec. and he'll do it again in Feb.

February 1, 2001
From: braxton fan
comments: i would like to wish all of braxton`s wrestlers good luck this weekend.you all have the ability to do really well this weekend. but in order to do so you will have to wrestle hard and come out on top. GOOD LUCK GUYS!!!

February 1, 2001
From: marion co. wrestling fan
comments: Upon reviewing the Coaches Individual Poll I see that at l45 Agoney is ranked above Futten. If head to head is the no. 1 priority in the rankings Futten should be ranked above Agoney since he beat him at Winner's Choice. Also in comparison of common opponents at Winner's Choice Beard defeated Agoney 3-1 and won a 3-2 deceision over Futten.

February 1, 2001
From: comments
comments: Good job Williamstown on winning over Morgantown and Parkersburg High School last night. Williamstown is a young team with 5 freshman and only 1 senior. (and they didn't have to sue the board of education to get the freshman on the team)

February 1, 2001
comments: Hey AB is that the Brad Petraca that wrestled at West Liberty State in the late '80's and early '90's????

February 1, 2001
comments: Chad Porter and Aaron Kelley have been wrestling Junior High and weekends for the patriot Club. Both are doing very well so far this year. Chad is i think 43 -0 and Aaron is something like 41-5. Aaron has been wrestling up a weight class all year. Chad Porter was rated the top wrestler in the USA for age and weight in a recent USA Wrestling rankings. Both will be at the Southern Mat Club Wrestling Tournament Feb 10 in Oakland Md.

February 1, 2001
From: Dean Moore Patriot Wrestling Club
comments: The West Virginia Junior Wrestling Championships although not sanctioned by the West Virginia Secondary Schools is held in Parkersburg the first weekend of March each year. It is the closest thing to a State Junior high tournament held in West Virginia. The Junior High Division ages are 13 to 15. This Tournament has always had alot of the top wrestlers in the state. It would be great to pull togeather and make this as close to a Junior High State tournament as possible. I am sure that you will have several high school state champions that also were Junior state champions from the West Virginia Junior state championships.

February 1, 2001
From: South Fan
comments: Just wanted to say congrats to Nathan Pickens for his past two pins over Rick Hickmand #3 of North Marion and his pin over #2 Adam Schindler or Ripley. Pickens has been fighting the flu for the past few weeks but still is looking strong. Good Luck South!!!

February 1, 2001
From: AB
comments: AB = Aaron Bushko; State champion 1993 for Fairmont Senior 152 lbs.

February 1, 2001
comments: Just wanted to say Congrats to Parkersburg South tonight on their wins against Ripley and John Marshall. Great Job Ryan Metz looking very tough this year.

February 1, 2001
From: jr. high fan
comments: reply to Jr.high wrestler
You made some predictions about the Jr. high states?? Is there such a thing? If so when?where? and is it sanctioned through the WVSSAC as a Jr. high state?

February 1, 2001
From: fan
comments: to AB
i enjoyed your OPINION. come state when marks is in the final i would like your opinion then!!!!!!! marks's lose to starsick was at the beginning of the year. he will beat starsick if they wrestle again. no offense to south but starsick struggled with there 189 pounder??????????? after regionals i hope your comments change. marks is rollin. he will win region 1 carry steam into states and at states marks in the finals.... WINNING!!!! of course that is only my opinion.

February 1, 2001
From: AB
comments: TO bp:
Do I really need to say? Just wanted to say I think Brad Petracca and John Geary are doing a great job this year.
To Rf: I thought maybe I missed a match. I am not sure Starsick's age but I will say that I agree either of them could end up winning. I just hope the winner is from Region II especially from Marion County.

February 1, 2001
From: From: Fellow Wrestler from PA NJ MD OH WV
comments: I have been reading the mat forum recently I would like to know what has happened to Aaron Kelley & Chad Porter from Parkersburg? I have seen several tournament results recently I can't seem to find out anything. These are two excellant wrestlers I would like to know how they are doing this season.

February 1, 2001
comments: where was caughy at the quad and why didnt it show results from North Marion and oak glen

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