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February 12, 2002
email: RE: ONE 3-minute period
comments: After some recent experiences at youth tournaments that never seem to end, we tried a straight 3-minute period with all neutral starts after out of bounds or stalemates (broadly interpreted as no real action for 20 seconds or so). The dual meet moved along quickly, the good wrestlers had time to run arm bars and power halfs after a takedown, and all wrestlers got alot of important work on their feet, not to mention the conditioning. WV youth tournament organizers should take a hint from the Ohio Tournament of Champions and adopt this one 3-minute period rule. Stopping to flip a coin after 60 seconds and then stopping again is a waste of time and causes kids waiting in the stands to get bored.

February 12, 2002
From: Cameron fan
comments: Regionals week. finally. a few thoughts on the region i am from (region 1 AA-A). the tournament this year is down at Cameron first of all, which is nice that I wont have to go too far to get there. On the other hand, anyone who has ever been to Cameron knows that it cannot hold a 1 day 11 team regional tournament in that gymnasium that can only hold 2 mats. teams like Williamstown and Oak Glen probably wont get home until after midnight. In the future a better job needs to be done in picking an appropriate site. Since it is in Cameron, I'll take it though.

Oak Glen is still the favorite here no doubt. Despite recent injury, the Bears should easily outdistance a pretty even field of teams this year. Williamstown and Cameron should turn in fairly strong performances in qualifying most of their teams but look for St.Mary's, Tyler and Magnolia to grab alot of spots this year too. Watch out for St.Mary's as a dark horse for that 2nd or 3rd spot in the region. Hundred, will send a few to huntington while battling for position with tyler and magnolia. weir, weir madonna and central have a few quality individuals who will qualify and bishop donahue ,in its first year back to wrestling, will send 6 grapplers to compete at cameron as well.

103- A respectable field of 103's this year in region 1. Look for ANTHONY (not Matthew) Valles from Madonna meeting up with Goneau from Oak Glen in the finals. No other really dominating 103's in the region. Look for Tim Cumpston from Cameron and Thomas Miller from St.Mary's to take the other 2 tickets to state.
      1.Valles Madonna
      2.Goneau Oak Glen
      3.Cumpston Cameron
      4.Miller St.Mary's

112- Dustin Bartrug looks like the favorite here. Jesse Biddle and Noah O'Neil should have a good match to see who gets 2nd. Although watch out for Alex King from Magnolia to pull a possible upset( which he has pulled a few thus far). Oak Glen doesn't qualify here.
     1. Bartrug St.Mary's
     2. O'Neil Cameron
     3. Biddle Williamstown
     4. King Magnolia

119- One of the best classes in the region. Brennon Chambers looks like his mettle has been tested this year as a freshman. Even if he doesn't win states (which i'm not sure he will) I think he steps it up for regionals and beats Whiteman and Biddle. the 4th spot will most likely go to the winner between Alex Northcraft from Tyler and Kelly Hughes from Cameron, both of which are sound wrestlers.
      1. Chambers Oak Glen
      2. Biddle Williamstown
      3. Whiteman Hundred
      4. Hughes Cameron

125- A few decent wrestlers. Kotson should win regionals, but watch for Brookover or Whittington to try to pull an upset. Dankovchik could possibly slip in at 2nd or 3rd but he should probably be at 119.Church from Hundred is a possibility here if he's at 125 but he has to beat 1 of the guys above to make it.
      1.Kotson Cameron
      2.Brookover Williamstown
      3.Whittington Oak Glen
      4.Dankovchik Weir

130- Shawn Fullerton got pinned by Derek Metz in the finals of tri-state..... He's been on a roll ever since. Shawh will win regionals with most likely McIntosh from Oak Glen getting 2nd. Look for Elder to also qualify and quite possible slip into the finals.
      1.Fullerton Cameron
      2.McIntosh Oak Glen
      3.Elder Williamstown
      4.McGlumphy Hundred

135- Could be one of the most anticipated matches all year. Six against defending state champ Hughes. Six is focused, but Hughes really doesn't have anything to lose since he will be coming back this week. Regionals is at Cameron though and Hughes is undefeated there. I predict Hughes catches Six overconfident and wins the regionals and that gives him enough confidence to win states the next week. Look for Everett to come out at 3rd and possibly place at states.
      1. Hughes Cameron
      2. Six Oak Glen
      3. Everett St.Mary's
      4. Varner Weir

140- Flowers has been solid this year. Hadn't Joel O'Neil had his season ended to a arm injury, he would have been a major threat, but i guess that's kind of irrelevant now huh? flowers looked good at OVAC and besides Tracewell, no one else can beat him in the region.
      1. Flowers Oak Glen
      2. Tracewell Williamstown
      3. Bennett St.Mary's
      4. Whipkey Cameron

145- best region in AA-A. Look for this to be a war all day. shane smith, brad nicka, terry childers, matt wharton and isaac stewart are going to battle it out and they are all exceptional wrestlers. Look for Childers to be the odd man out though, for i dont think he can beat Stewart, which will likely be his first match. these guys all place at states , whoever goes.
      1. Smith Williamstown
      2. Wharton Oak Glen
      3. Stewart Cameron
      4. Nicka Madonna

152- Another pretty good class with the top 3 kids in the state in it. brown has had snider's number so far, but it has been too close for comfort on a few occasions. if snider can get some more offense before regionals, then he could make a run. brown should be focused for his sr regionals at home and i predict he takes it, although westbrook gets him at states.Darren King and Tim Cashdollar will fight for the 4th spot, but I expect Shaw to have Cashdollar ready to challenge the top 3 in the region.
      1. Brown Cameron
      2. Westbrook Willaimstown
      3. Snider Tyler
      4. Cashdollar Oak Glen

160- Roger Kupfer is an underrated wrestler. that's ok though. he doesnt mind as long as he wins everytime out. he has been dominate this season and i look for nothing to change here. detn will challenge kupfer physically but i look for roger to come out on top. I havent heard much about Railing from Oak Glen, although he should be bracketed with Dent or Kupfer so it shouldn't matter.Barring an upset by Gieseke, Railing is going with his teammates to compete. Lauderman will grab another trip to Huntington too.
      1. Kupfer Cameron
      2. Dent Hundred
      3. Lauderman Willaimstown
      4. Railing Oak Glen

171- Stickles is the favorite (would love to see Kupfer vs. Stickles) and he shouldn't be challenged. Seckman looks like the number 2 171 in the region. beyond that, look for meyer and schultz to get the last 2 slots.
      1. Stickles Oak Glen
      2. Seckman Williamstown
      3. Meyer Cameron
      4. Schultz Wheeling Central

189- Hebrock is the defending champ at 171 and he has looked impressive at times this year. He should win the region although Delebreau from Williamstown could be a dangerous opponent for him. First year wrestler Jon Gordon might be making his first trip to Huntington as well.
      1. Hebrock Oak Glen
      2. Delebreau Williamstown
      3. Gordon Wheeling Central
      4. McNeely Tyler

215- Another very good class. Vince Magnone looks to be the favorite but he will face tough competition in the semifinals and the finals.Larry Shaw has a knack for figuring out tough wrestlers. anyone who watches magnone knows he doesnt do much. i think Whitehill gets the 4 seed and upsets magnone at regionals. Pete Hashman has been tearing up the Mid Ohio Valley this year and could pose a threat. Throw in 215 state runner-up Joe Weaver and Bill Whitehill from Oak Glen (who owns many impressive victories,AAA champ Starsick to name one)and you have all the makings of a war. all these guys place in huntington too.
      1. Weaver Magnolia
      2. Whitehill Oak Glen
      3. Magnone Weir
      4. Hashman St.Mary's

275- Bring a straight jacket, just in case Caughey gets caught again in the finals. but he wont as he has become a fine heavyweight over the years. the rest of the field is wide open though.
      1. Caughey Oak Glen
      2. Sheppard Tyler
      3. Manning Cameron
      4. Loar St.Mary's

Team           1st    2nd   3rd   4th  Total
OG              5      5     1     2     13
Cam             5      1     4     2     12
Will            1      6     3     0     10
St.M            1      0     2     3      6
Weir            0      0     1     2      3
Hun             0      1     1     1      3
TC              0      1     1     1      3
Mag             1      0     0     1      2
WC              0      0     1     1      2
WM              1      0     0     1      2
BD              0      0     0     0      0

February 12, 2002
comments: Ryan Metz from Parkersburg South had definitly dominated the mat this year. He is untouchable so I have to congradulate him on all his accomplishments that I always have known he could do. Ryan I will be there for you cheering you on. Good Luck

February 12, 2002
From: Region III observer
comments: Nitro has 11 wrestlers in the Region III tournament. Two wrestlers are from Putnam Co. feeder schools, six are from St. Albans feeder schools and three went to Nitro feeder schools.

February 12, 2002
From: fan
comments: I herd wirt county is working really hard this season to win the states as a team, but it will be hard to do because they have alot of people hurt that are really good. ( Good Luck)

February 12, 2002
From: look at the facts
comments: in the Hwt division they have Crookshank ranked 5th, Sheppard 6th, Roberts 7th, and Whitlock 8th. if you would look at the facts, then you would realize that Lowe has beat all of these kids. one of which he tech-falled and two others he pinned. look at the facts and then make your predictions.

February 12, 2002
From: fan
comments: I would like to see a rematch between Justin Ashley and Daniel Allen because allen was knocked out when ever he hit the mat agianst Ashley in the LKC. I think Allen can beat him agian. We'll find out at states.

February 12, 2002
From: bigstud
comments: Morris at 140 will suprise everyone

February 12, 2002
comments: how bad do you think oak glen will win states by this year. i personally dont think they will by as bad as everyone thinks. and on another personal note Hebrock wont win states Aaron Barnette will win it

February 12, 2002
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: Pound for pound there are several wrestlers that I have seen that can lay claim to the best in the state.Some of them include Matt Easter,Ryan Metz,Shane Smith,Nathan Pickens,Derrick Stickles and Ryan Courtney.If there is any better I just haven't seen them...yet!Good luck to all wrestlers in this weeks regionals!

February 12, 2002
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: Superman: Not even your crystal ball can predict"exactly" how the state will turn out! My hunch is that a certain 152 lbr will be one of your misses! But...it is fun to predict and hope!Good luck caped crusader!

February 12, 2002
From: nitro fan
comments: ripley is not hurt and he is off the team

February 12, 2002
warner from point has lost 2 of his last 7 matches and got seeded 2nd in his region.... just thought i would help you out a little

February 12, 2002
comments: MY PREDICTIONS FOR 103 AND 112 AAA


February 12, 2002
From: predict man

comments: 103                          112                       
1. Matthew Valles W.Mad      1. Justin Ashley Cal.      
2. Josh Neal SH. Sp.         2. Daniel Allen Wirt
3. Erica Dye Wirt            3. Jesse Biddle Will. 
4. Bryan Gungle Cal.         4. Dustin Bartrug St. M.
5. Bryan Snuffer Ind.        5. Matt Morris Brax.
6. Justin Goneau O.G.        6. Noah O'Neil Cam.

119                          125 
1. Casey Biddle Will.        1. Chris Morris Cal. 
2. Daniel Whiteman Hund.     2. Juston Kotson Cam. 
3. Brandon Clark B.SP.       3. Ryan Bumgardener Rit.
4. Brennon Chambers O.G.     4. Ian Whittington O.G.
5. Jared Brewer Cal.         5. Bob Brookover Will.
6. Tim McCoy Wirt            6. Wes Kimble Pet.

130                          135
1. Derek Metz Cal.           1. Adam Leach Graf.
2. Joey Lobis Rit.           2. Casey Hughes Cam.
3. Pat Bell G.West           3. Garrett Six O.G.
4. Ryan Elder Will.          4. Brandon Dye Wirt
5. Matt Howrylak Win.        5. Dale Everett ST.M. 
6. Derek Scarboro SH.SP      6. Gary Wager Cal.

140                          145
1. Jeff Morris Cal.          1. Shane Smith Will.
2. Steve Flowers O.G.        2. Ben Wood Ind.
3. Justin Dennis Wirt        3. Brad Nicka W.Mad
4. Alan Tracewell Will.      4. Matt Wharton O.G.
5. Joel O'Neil Cam.          5. Eric Metz Cal.
6. Neil Wright Frank.        6. Terry Childers ST.M.

152                          160
1. Tyler Westbrook Will.     1. Roger Kufner Cam.
2. Tucker Brown Cam.         2. Jamie Dent Hund.
3. Chad Snider Tly.          3. Lee Lauderman Will.
4. Andy Stewart Brax.        4. Jamie Moore B.Sp.
5. Chris Miller Wirt         5. Mark Smith G.West
6. Mike Mason B.Sp.          6. Harry Rhodes Ind.

171                          189
1. Ray Burge Cal.            1. Aaron Barnette Ind
2. Derrick Stickles O.G      2. Ronnie Hebrock O.G.
3. Trampus Efaw Graf.        3. Ryan Delebreau Will.
4. Robert Ward Ind.          4. Josh Clark B.Sp.
5. Jeremy Lively G.West      5. Fred Lafferty Lib.R.
6. Brian Tucker Rav.         6. Doston Bosley Frank.

215                          275
1. Vince Magnoe W.Mad        1. Joe Caughey O.G.
2. Pete Hashman ST.M.        2. Charlie Gibson Cal.
3. Joe Weaver Mag.           3. Donnie Peck Clay
4. Bill Whitehall O.G.       4. Dana Raban Rav.
5. Kenny Hollenbach Graf.    5. David Dequise O.H.
6. Shane Dillon Rich         6. Maynor Crookshanks G.West

February 12, 2002
From: REGION 1 FAN to how bout that
comments: here are my predictions for states aaa for 103 and 112.
1 cappas
2 easter
3 shiver
4 cotto

1 raider
2 garvin
3 ballem
4 turnball

first of all, cappas has beat shumate several times. will be a good match between him and easter but i think cappas can handle him. raider will dominate the 112 weight class. he handled garvin pretty well and i just dont think garvin is ready for him yet. garvin is ready for some pay back between him and turnball and i think he is ready. 3rd and 4th are questionable because you also have to consider humphries from wheeling park, matches between ballem, turnball and humphries could go either way, it will be close(but the whole 112 weight classs that way)who ever wins it will be exciting to watch.

February 12, 2002
comments: Hahahaha. People keep making perdictions for first and second places at state....My question to you people do you know how the brackets will go? The answer would be no. I wish all wrestlers the best of luck.

February 12, 2002
From: AAA Predictions
comments: Here are my AAA predictions for the 2002 state tournament...

103                                  112
1) O.Cotto  - P. South                1) Rader     - Parkersburg
2) Easter   - Nitro                   2) Turnbull  - University
3) Shiver   - Parkersburg             3) Ballam    - Hedgesville
4) Cappas   - Morgantown              4) Humphries - W. Park
1) Grogg    - P. South  (Co-MOW)
2) Easter   - Nitro
3) Hodges   - Cabell Midland
4) Fullen   - Huntington

125                                  130
1) Metz     - P. South (Co-MOW)      1) Smith    - Ripley
2) Frerichs - Nitro                  2) Williams - Huntington
3) Casto    - Ripley                 3) Knapp    - Parkersburg
4) Shaw     - Brooke                 4) Bosley   - P. South

Skipping 135, 140 and 145, because I don't know much about those particular weights...

152                                  160
1) Walters  - P. South                1) Pickens - P. South
2) Casto    - Nitro                   2) Mays    - Huntington
3) Warner   - Point Pleasant          3) Filby   - John Marshall
4) George   - John Marshall           4) Delligatti - Fairmont Senior

1) Marks  - Parkersburg
2) Linger - Elkins

1) Courtney - Fairmont Senior
2) Daggett  - Parkersburg


1) Morrison    - P. South
2) Satterfield - East Fairmont
3) McCourt     - Buckhannon Upshur

February 12, 2002
comments: To Man Wonder
In the Shane Smith vs Ben Wood match,Smith got a take down fair and square on Ben Wood there was no slip at all. I know i watched that match.

February 12, 2002
From: Superman
comments: To Dogfan: Billy's knee is OK now, he wrestled against Keyser ( and won of course) and will be ready for regionals. Mikey Barbour will be ready for regionals too. I'll be coming out with my "Super" predictions very soon. I've been putting a lot of meticulous research into them to get them exactly right. Stay tuned, I may have a few suprises.

February 12, 2002
From: as
comments: if anyone from nitro could please inform me on robbie ripley and why he didnt wrestle at msac's, he is a good friend and if he his hurt or anything else it would be a shame and i hope he'd heal by state to bring back his second title... response will be greatly appreciated. thanks

February 12, 2002
From: Chris Basford
email: Basford2@hotmail.com
comments: To: The Grafton Bearcats... I just want to wish you guys good luck at regionals this weekend. Wrestle tough, and bring back the team title.

February 12, 2002
comments: To: The real stats
I beleive if you look at the 90's Oak Glen only won three championships duing the decade. South won six. Also, it would be very difficult to say that you are the team of the 90's when you only scored 2 points in the 1996 state tournament.

February 12, 2002
comments: Who is the all time Oak Glen team?

February 12, 2002
From: Zach's Dad
comments: To all: Just wanted to say Thank You to all those involved in pee wee wrestling around the state and especially in Wood County Rec. Zachary had to undergo an appendectomy after the Mineral Wells Tournament and the doctor says he will be out until the states if then. But whether or not he wrestles again this year, he had a great year. I can't say enough about what Andy Norman has done for Mineral Wells, he is a great coach and his attitude is not so much about winning as it is about learning. This is the attitude that great kids not only great wrestlers, and while alot of programs are falling apart, Mineral Wells is getting bigger and better. It would be good for some parents to remember that these are just kids out there on the mat, and nobody is going to remember who won what championship when your kid was 7 except you. I'll always remember what Mike Mason told the parents at his camp last year, "If your kids do the absolute best they can do and lose, then we should be just as proud of them as if they won." Sound advice from an All American (who doesn't even have kids yet), and something that should be printed on the cover of every pee wee tournament program around the state, Good luck to all the small fry guys in the up coming tournaments and THANKS to all the coaches, parents , and the rest of the Mineral Wells wrstling family.

February 12, 2002
From: Hobo
comments: I enjoy all the comments,but it's hard to pick 1st & 2nd when we don't know what pill will be pulled & what regional champs are in what bracket.GOOD LUCK PARKERSBURG SOUTH.

February 12, 2002
comments: As the best wrestler in West Virginia, based on what I have seen this season, I would say the Ryan Metz is the best wrestler this year. I know that there are some excellent young men out there this year, but Metz from Parkersburg South is untouchable as far as I am concerned. Good luck to him and all the other hard working wrestlers out there.

February 12, 2002
From: OG fan
comments: oak glen predictions for states
103...if goneau can pull through regionals I think he has a very good shot of placing in the top 6 at states
112...no comment
119...I look for chambers to win 1st...he might be a freshman but he has a lot of skill
125...I look for Ian to place very well in the state tournament this year...he has improved alot since last year
130...If Sean makes it through regionals i look for him to do very well at states
135...Six will win 1st...it willl be a good finals match but he'll win
140....Flowers is one of the best technical wrestlers I've ever seen...he'll get 1st
145...Wharton is a very good balanced wrestler he doesn't give up either as we've all seen in his semi finals match in Ovac's..I look to see him in 1st place with a very exciting finals match
152...I look for Cashdollar to place high in states
160... Railing regardless of moving up from jv is a very good wrestler he has improved alot since he entered the varsity level he'll be up there at states
171...honestly...if anyone even questions who wins here they have a screw loose...Stickles is a 2 time state champ..and he is going to be a 3x state champ after states
189...Hebrock is a returning state champ...I look for him to win again
215...Whitehill could suprise some people if he makes it to states...he is improving more very time he wrestles..I look for him to place
HWT...Caughey will win again

Go bears!!!!! 1 more state championship and you are in the record books!!!!

February 12, 2002
From: Jim LeMaster
comments: Just wondering if someone could post some results from recent PeeWee tournaments at Mineral Wells and Sophia. Some of my middle school guys are still wrestling and since the WVSSAC prohibits any off season contact with your team, I obviously can't go and watch. I'd like to keep up with how they did and who they wrestled. If any one has these or future events a posting would be greatly appreciated.
Coach LeMaster

February 12, 2002
From: Patriot_49
comments: AAA............ (some people may change weights so predicions can be changed after this weekend)

      103                 112           119         125
1st: Easter (N)       Rader (Pkb)    Easter (N)    Metz (PS) 
2nd: Shiver (Pkb)     Turnbull (Univ)Grogg (PS)    Ferrichs (N)
3rd: Osuna- Cotto (PS)Humphries (WP) Kennedy (WP)  Shaw (Brk)
4th: Cappas (Mgt)     Ballam (Hed)   Hodges (CM)   Reynolds (J)
5th: Howard (JM)      Garvin (Mgt)   Fasouletos(JM)Casto (Rip)
6th: Shumate (NM)     Riner (Hunt)   Fullen (Hunt) Brandeau (P)
       130                 135           140         145
1st: Williams (Hunt)  Smith (Rip)    Mayle (EF)    Lord (Hed)
2nd: Smith (Rip)      Durbin (Brk)   Gibbs (CM)    Kessler(Mart)
3rd: Bosley (PS)      Duncan (PP)    Bliss (Brk)   Pickens (PS)
4th: Mull (JM)        Griffith(J)    Lane (HH)     Boyden (WW)
5th: Knapp (Pkb)      Williamson (P) Gustines (J)  DeWeese (PP)
6th: Evans (N)        Hutchinson (SV)George (Pkb)  Hawes (J)
       152                 160           171         189
1st: Casto (N)       Pickens (PS)    Geary (EF)    Courtney (FS)
2nd: George (JM)     Mays (Hunt)     Linger (Elk)  Daggett (Pkb)
3rd: Walters (PS)    Delligatti (FS) McCutcheon(NC)Taylor (JM)
4th: Warner (PP)     Geary (EF)      Marks (Pkb)   Fraizer (CM)
5th: Futten (EF)     Bender (RC)     Morrison (PS) Phalen (Rip)
6th: Hayes (NM)      Filby (JM)      Naternicola(FS)Radcliff (PS)
       215                 HWT
1st: Starsick (NM)   Satterfield (EF)  
2nd: Miller (P)      Morrison (PS)
3rd: Wells (JM)      McCourt (BU)
4th: Householder (J) Blosser (U)
5th: Thomas (Pkb)    Tyree (NC)
6th: Files (Hed)     Henry (JM)

February 12, 2002

February 12, 2002
From: To the pirate man
comments: HERE ARE MY PICKS AT REGION 4 AA because u forgot 103 workman(MT) 2-1 against belcher Gwinn (MB) 2-1 agianst callahan but Gwinn and Workman have never wrestled but Workman will win and at 275 u placed roberts at 4th who has beat redden(SS) and crookshanks(GW) also u forgot burwell (MB)

103                      112                     119
1st Neal(SS)         1st Brown(MB)          1st Davis(I)
2nd Snuffer(I)       2nd Hawkins(L)         2nd Davis(SS)
3rd Workman(MT)      3rd Perdue(I)          3rd ?????(GW)
4th Gwinn(MB)        4th Littleton(BC)      4th Keny(MT       

140                               275
1st Garland(OH)            1st Dequasie(OH)
2nd Fitzpatrick(MT)        2nd Roberts(MT)
3rd rhodes(I)              3rd Burwell(MB)
4th daniels(L)             4th Crookshanks(GW)

February 12, 2002
From: Wrestling Parent
comments: To Jacob Frerichs: I see you will be moving soon to Ohio and I want to wish you the best of luck. You are a fine young man who has been a great role model for my two young sons. You have always been respectful to adults and patient with the young kids besides being a great wrestler. Keep your spirit, you good work ethic, good grades and dedication to this sport we all love. I hate to see you go, but West Virginia's loss is Ohio's gain. Good luck in Ohio and kick butt at states.

February 12, 2002
comments: region III predictions
103 - Easter, Nitro
112 - Riner, Huntington
119 - Easter, Nitro
125 - Freirichs, Nitro
130 - Williams, Huntington
135 - Duncan, Point Pleasant
140 - Gibbs, Cabell Midland
145 - Dewees, Point Pleasant
152 - Warner, Point Pleasant
160 - Mays, Huntington
171 - Halstead, Hurricane
189 - Frazier, Cabell Midland
215 - (wide open)
275 - Spring Valley's 275, sorry dont know his name.

Point Pleasant
Cabell Midland

February 12, 2002
From: Ex-Hawk
comments: Watch out WV for Mikey Byrd he has been training hard than ever and is determined to win a state title in 2002. Go get em Mikey!!!!

February 12, 2002
From: The real stats
comments: Why dont you look at your stats again WV Wrestling Fanatic. The top ten teams of the nineties are OAK GLEN and who ever else you wanna stick underneath them. They won states the last five years in a row and will walk through it again this year wait and see.

February 12, 2002
From: fatty
comments: Raban has not beaten Gibson all year the only thing beating Gibson is himself. Gibson will take 1 or 2

February 12, 2002
From: OG
comments: BrennonChambers isnt getting enough credit. Even though John Marshall beat Oak Glen in the duel meet, Chambers defeated Fasouletos 8-7.

February 12, 2002
From: PHS fan
comments: I think at 135 people are over looking brian williamson from phs since he has already beat seth young from south and was in the match with smith from ripley until smith caught him and got some back points

February 12, 2002
comments: Hey Doc, why did you change your writing format on the forum? I have to scroll my arrows right and left to read everything. In the old format you could read everything without moving any arrows (except up and down). Please go back to the old format. Thanks!

February 12, 2002
From: Youth Coach
comments: I would like to commend Cliff Warden on a fine youth tournament I know it was his first one but did a good job considering with all he has on his plate right now. getting his High School Team prepared for regionals and States. To all you youth wrestlers You missed out on some great competition and AWSOME TROPHIES, I knoiw this tournament will get better as the years go by. Like to see everyone be there next year. Also How about posting the results i think our youth need some recognition on here. That goes for all youth tournaments We want results. Thank You.

February 12, 2002
From: state predictions
comments: 103 itll be a toss up
112 justin ashley calhoun runner up daniell allen wirt
119 casey biddle williamstown runner up whiteman hundred
125 chris morris calhoun runner up justin kotson cameron
130 joey lobis ritchie runner up derek metz calhon
135 adam leach grafton runner up garret six oak glen
140 steve flowers oak glen runner up jeff morris calhoun
145 shane smith williamstown runner up ben wood independence
152 tyler westbrook williamstown runner up tucker brown cameron
160 roger kupfer cameron runner up jamie dent hundred
171 derrick stickles oak glen runner up ray burge calhoun
189 aaron barnette independence runner up ronny hebrock oak glen
215 another toss up
275 joey caughy oak glen runner up dana raban ravenswood
team oak glen runner up calhoun

February 12, 2002
From: southern WV wrestling fan
comments: what happened to the 189 from greenbrier east? i think his name is capaldo. the last i heard his record was something like 20-2 or 20-3. i haven't heard anything about him lately. i remember seeing an excellent east 189 at coalfields, but with 2 losses, i certainly don't believe that was capaldo.

February 12, 2002
comments: does anyone know wut all heavey weights will be wrestling in region 4 this year????? and which region should be the best hwt match ups this year.....

February 12, 2002
comments: I just want to wish all the East Fairmont wrestlers GOOD LUCK in the regionals this weekend. Especially good luck to the seniors.....Futten, Satterfield and Ingram. It will take your leadership and example to win the team trophy for First Place. Wrestle hard and wrestle smart. You guys can do it! GO BEES!!!!

February 12, 2002
From: DogFan
comments: I dont really know the extent to Billy's injury but, during his match with the James Wood kid which he was loosing 4-3 when he fell awkward on it and didnt finish the match. He hasnt wrestled since. Except for a couple matches which he pinned his oponents. I look forward to seeing him at the states with Kessler hopefully I will get to watch them Saturday.

February 12, 2002
From: DogFan
comments: I dont really know the extent to Billy's injury but, during his match with the James Wood kid which he was loosing 4-3 when he fell awkward on it and didnt finish the match. He hasnt wrestled since. Except for a couple matches which he pinned his oponents. I look forward to seeing him at the states with Kessler hopefully I will get to watch them Saturday.

February 12, 2002
From: Greenbrier West Fan
comments: Congrats to all the wins at the Big 5 at West! You guys are great!
Love Always~~

February 12, 2002
comments: someone make top 6 predictions for each weight in AAA before states

February 12, 2002
From: fan
comments: look for a big upset at 119 in region 1v regionals

February 12, 2002
comments: Does anyone know how Thorne did at coalfield conference?

February 12, 2002
From: boy wander 2
comments: does anyone know if mccourt is still wrestling? and region 4 will be a better region for the hwt, because there are a few good wrestlers in the region...

February 12, 2002
From: Man wonder-
comments: To boy wonder-
you have excellent comments on many weight classes.. but i believe you are a little off in the 145 weight class, it belongs to noone, and definately not Shane Smith, even though he is an outstanding athlete defeating 17 and 18 year olds, Ben Wood and his "entertaining style" were beating Smith heading into the third period and slipped there losing 5-4. So i don't think you could actually pick a winner there. Terry Childers gives everyone he wrestles an exciting and close match and how you could pick him not to place is a little confusing. Personally, i would pick Wood to take it all, except for the fact that noone in the weight class has met Wharton from OG. So we might be predicting the 1st place finisher in the consolations before we even see how he matches up.

February 12, 2002
From: dg
comments: Jacob Lowe should finish third in Region 3 of AA/A unles Donnie Peck of Clay moves up to 275, then Lowe will finish fourth. From looking at the competition at that weight in that region he would have to wrestle really bad not to advance to the state.

In fact it would not be overly surprising for Calhoun and Wirt both to advance their entire squads to the state since several of the rest of the teams in that region are having down years.

February 12, 2002
From: PS Watcher
comments: I was very impressed watching FS wrestler 152-lb. John Strothers, filling in for a senior Polar Bear wrestler who was lost for the season due to an injury. I asked about him since I had never heard about him before and found out he was just a 2nd-year wrestler. Not sure what grade he is in, but if he is only a sophomore or junior he could definitely make some noise in the next couple years. He is just one of those kids who has a natural wrestling balance and once he learns a few moves will be much tougher. Good Luck, John!

February 12, 2002
From: calhoun wrestler
comments: I look for Calhoun to win region 3 for the third year in a row. It is going to be mainly Calhoun in Wirt in the finals matches. Good luck Red Devils and i look to see you win a 3-peat.

February 12, 2002
comments: you know, all i ever here is humphreys beat rader 4-0..humphreys beat rader 4-0...humphreys beat rader 4-0! Please, I don't know much about this weight class, but I looked through the results and can't find where or when this happened? Was this at a pre-season tournament that doesn't mean anything? Sounds to me like rader got in shape and delt with the 4-0 loss in his own fashion...PIN! oh and if that wasn't enough, I saw he delt with it again with another PIN! I don't know humphrey's or rader, but it sounds to me like you are jealous and can't stand to see rader come out on top. why don't you just forget about it and let the kids wrestle!!!

February 12, 2002
From: curious wrestler
comments: does anyone know if mccourt is wrestling in the regionals??????someone told me that childers hurt his knee at wsaz and wouldnt be able to wrestle anymore this year....

February 12, 2002
From: half nelson
comments: To Boy Wonder --
At 189 you said a rematch of two years ago. But it wasn't in the finals. Barnette defeated Stotler from Berkeley Springs in the 171 lb final that year.

The one thing that could spoil your prediction is if both end up in the same bracket.........a 1 in 3 proposition.

February 12, 2002
From: Chicago Connection
comments: Hey Big Guy, just finished reading the article on you in the paper and must say pride runs deep in the Windy City! Still trying to get Don "Corleone" and his mafia princess out to see you for State. Good Luck!!!!!

February 12, 2002
comments: Who does everyone think is the best wrestler in the state, pound for pound?
I would have to go with Shane Smith, before everything got underway I really didnt know but I watched this kid and he is amazing. He beat Lord, Wood, and Childers(not that big of a deal anymore) and I doubt he will lose in the rest of his career. Good luck kid, post your picks

February 10, 2002
From: David Jeffrey
comments: Congratulations to the Patriot Wrestling club on an outstanding job at the AAU Elementary Nationals in Cary N.C. The tournament was very well run and had very good competition.The team placed nine out of the ten wrestlers entered.

1st Place
Drew Smith 50lbs
David Dennis 85lbs
Chris Smith 90lbs

2nd Place
Bryce Gainer 40lbs
David Jeffrey 45lbs
Tyler Green 65lbs

3rd Place
Jake Douglas 60lbs

5th Place
Johnnie Lott 70lbs
Adam Smith 80lbs

February 10, 2002
comments: is George frm PHS staying at 145 for State? He would have a better chance of making the finals there then at 140.

February 10, 2002
From: region shake up
comments: Region IV is loosing, from what I here, is Roane Co., Herbert Hoover, and Lewis County.Lets just redo all the regions.

Region I          Region II          Region III       
Parkersburg       Nitro              Fairmont E.
Parkersburg S.    St. Albans         Fairmont Senior
Huntington        Capital            Noth Marion
Ripley            George Washington  Morgantown
Point Pleasant    Woodrow Wilson     University
Cable Middland    Nicholas           Preston
Hurricane         Greenbrier E.      Brook
Spring Valley     Riverside          John Marshall
                                     Wheeling Park

Region IV
Robert C. Byrd
Phillip Barbour
Buckhannon Upshur

February 10, 2002
comments: To: The Boy Wonder
Stotler from Berkeley Springs wrestled Barnett in the finals at 171 two years ago

February 10, 2002
comments: Doen't know why you didn't print my comment,but, if someone that good don't maake the grades then all wrestlers should know that they have to make the grades firsr, then show there stuff on the mat!
Editor's note: I don't print who doesn't have grades. We will find out this weekend who shows up....

February 10, 2002
From: HD
comments: to the "boy" who wrote is predictions for 135 "AAA" they seem to have left out Nicholas Duncan who has only lost to Mitch Smith in West Virginia. Duncan is a returning "State" place winner and is the WSAZ champion this year and was the runner-up at Point, JCI'S, and Winners Choice losing all three to Mitch Smith.You have the right to predict whoever you want but i'm telling you that Nick Duncan will be on that stand Saturday night!

February 10, 2002
From: wanderer?
comments: Just something I heard and wondered about. Could RatTeaser be a certain Chief of a Red Man tribe?

February 10, 2002
From: Wrestling Fan
comments: I think the 119, Brewer, wrestler from Calhoun is being over looked since he had beat most of the predicted wrestlers.

February 10, 2002
From: how bout that
comments: region 1 predictions aaa
1 shiver phs
2 cotto ps
3 cappas mhs

February 9, 2002
From: spectator
comments: i would like to comment on the hwt division in region 3. you are going to see some realy good wrestling in this weight class at regionals. someone you are going to have to look out for is jacob lowe from wirt county. he has not performed this year like he has in the past but im looking forward to seeing him wrestle. if he wrestles like he did last year than he will be going to states for sure. good luck jacob. to dana raban; you did an excelent job at LKC,s. keep up the hard work boys and good luck.

February 9, 2002
From: The Boy Wonder
comments: A few comments to the wise people of the forum. First off, I am a A/AA school fanatic, so I will first make my comments on these.

At 103, its much the same class it was last year subtract Bartrug, Biddle, O'Neil, and Stutler. Dye and Valles is the match everyone's watching for, but don't be surprised if an up-and-comer like Neal slips into the finals unnoticed.

112, wide-open weight class? Some say so, I think not. Allen and Ashley will be a lock for the finals and with Ashley on the upswing, Bartrug, you're chances for a 4-timer just got a serious blow.

119, very open, I look for a Region 1 final of Chambers and Biddle. Don't be surprised if Clark cradles Chambers for an upset, but that's the only way I see it happening. Whiteman is a long shot, but doesn't have the competition in practice to be ready for a title. Also I have to give a decent shot at placement or at least a few tourney points to my boy "Kaveman" Kelly Hughes of Cameron. He's got great potential but really should be at least a 12 if not a 03'.

125, Morris is the man to beat, and the only one who can do it is Kotson. Unfortunately it won't be Kotson's night and Morris takes 2 in a great match.

130, Metz-Lobis-Bell-Scarboro-Dye-Howerlak...where's Fullerton? Shawn has quietly had the best year of his life and even more subtly almost secured a 1st seed in ever tough Region 1. I think its finally "Seeeeean"'s time to shine. He wins it all in the tournament of his life!

135, "Six will be in the finals after he wins his Region"...what??? Overconfidence can be deadly, especially with a defending state champion in your region. I think Six may get an ailing Hughes at region, but Hughes is smart, if he hasn't already solved Six he'll do it, even if he's still not 100%, at states. Keep an eye on Leach, he may be the only one that could prevent this match up...very fine wrestler.

140, toss up again? Nah, Flowers stands out of the crowd in this weight. The only question in this is where the rest of them finish. I say Tracewell, who has a knack for doing well in the biggest tournaments, is #2 here.

145 belongs to, without a doubt, Shane Smith. Ben Wood makes it very entertaining. Of note, Region 1 looks VERY stacked in this weight, I look for 4 of 6 placers to come from here in 1.Smith 3.Wharton 4.Nicka 6.Stewart. Leaving the odd man out Terry Childers, a past runner-up in the state (Now that would be something!).

152, Brown and Westbrook are heading to the finals and Brown is due. Westbrook is too, but for all the 2nd's and 3rd's in Brown's career at the big ones, the 1st place plaque is FINALLY is.

160 is Roger Kupfer vs. himself. Looking a little banged up and disheartened after the OVAC fiasco, Kupfer's worst enemy is himself. I think Kupfer puts it behind him to claim title #2 over a game Jamie Dent.

171 is Derrick Stickles without a doubt. Ray Burge of Calhoun is my runner-up followed by a face Burge has seen too many times this year, Trampas Efaw.

189 is a rematch of two years ago at 171, Barnette and Hebrock. Both are very good, so I must lean towards Hebrock to make it a split.

215 is Vince Magnone, and who takes 2nd is a toss-up if there ever was one. I say lady luck is on Joe Weaver's side and he makes it back to the finals match he was in last year, only to fall short again.

275, Caughey takes #3. Runner-up is anybody's guess, so I take Raban as Destiny's Child to get the bracketing benefit of being away from Caughey and making the finals.

So those are the Boy Wonder's Notes on another wrestling year drawing to a close. Make note of my words...you'll be suprised just how "Wonderful" my picks are!

February 9, 2002
From: how bout that
comments: i just watched wvu defeat lock heaven. every match was exciting. even our wrestlers that lost did a good job and wrestled hard. wvu 125 pounder is an excellent wrestler and will be interesting to watch him in the future.

February 9, 2002
comments: ok what u guys are forgetting yes rader has two pins on humphrey a pin and and major over turnbull and all that but humphrey beat him before 4-0 don't forget that and i think turnbull could turn those two loses around but rader's gonig to have it tough because there coming to take it to him

February 9, 2002
From: how bout that
comments: my picks for aaa 135
1 smith, riply
2 young, ps
3 grifith, jefferson

February 8, 2002
comments: I see Josh Neal moved up from jr high to wrestle 103 for Shady Springs. Did he have much competition at the jr high level this year to help him prepare for the high school level? He seems to to be ready.

February 8, 2002
comments: For those of you who think that Biddle will win first at states in the 119 wieght class against Whiteman....Well you better think again..although Whiteman may not be very strong he is a great technical wrestler!!!!!!Good luck Whiteman!!!!

February 8, 2002
From: Reg. 3 AA/A
comments: What are some predictions for Region 3 in AA/A. Individual and team results.

February 8, 2002
From: south wrestling fan
comments: turnbull and zeke jones have really turned this program around this team up there is very exciting to watch.

February 8, 2002
From: Ex-Huskie
comments: I don't know if anyone noticed, but darren marks only defeated Jacob McCoy of Hoover by a 6-5 decision. This match probably should've gone into OT. The ref missed an escape call. But hey, that happens and you hafta roll with the punches. No one is perfect. McCoy is only a freshman. He placed 3rd at the Jefferson tourney and should've been in the finals there but he got DQ'd for an illegal slam. Jacob, you've proved now that you can hang with the big boys of the state. You've improved a lot this season, getting better every week. But the first half of the season means NOTHING now, it's the next 2 weeks that count. Wrestle smart and in two weeks you will be a state placer!! Wes Lane, even though some people are doubting you, i still think that you will win it at 140. Turn it up at states!

February 8, 2002
From: OG
comments: Dont forget Brennon Chambers at 119 and Matt Wharton at 145 they will both be good competition at the state tournament. Garrett Six at 135 will probably be in the finals after winning his region.

February 8, 2002
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: To OVAC fan: I happen to agree with you that some talk the trash way too much,whether it be fans or wrestlers.Williamstown.Wirt and Calhoun Co. have a great rivalry going in the LKC and give it to each other a bit but so do alot of other schools on here.The heat of the battle brings out the fighting spirit and as long as they keep it clean it fuels some fires!Congrats on all your success in the OVACS,a very tough conference with many good wrestlers.I had a good friend's son,Dan Jones who won it a few years ago.Excellent tourney to watch.Good Luck!

February 8, 2002
comments: Just wondering why there are never any results published in the Parkersburg Paper on the Wood County Rec. League on the matches that the Pee Wee Wrestlers wrestle every friday night at Mineral WElls. When Mr. and Mrs. Knapp was in charge, they never missed publishing the results in Saturday's paper after they wrestled Friday night. Pee Wee Wrestling had good coverage then. For us parents that are keeping the kids records and don't know who each kid is from each team, it would be nice to have them published and also to let everyone else know that there are Pee Wee Teams coming up for Junior High and High School I don't know who is in charge, but maybe think about it for next year. The League is almost over for this year. Good LUck Wrestlers in the remaining season. WV Junior States March 2-3

February 8, 2002
From: Wrestling Fan
comments: We are getting into the very busy and exciting part of the highschool wrestling season. Thank you to the forum master for the countless hours of work put into this site. It is daily information and entertainment for hundreds of people.

February 8, 2002
From: how bout that
comments: my picks for 103 aaa(revision 2)
1 easter
2 shiver
3 cotto
4 shumate
5 cappas
6 clark
5th and 6th could go either way. easter will dominate this weight class.

February 8, 2002
From: stripes
comments: i would like to wish the wirt boys good luck in the rest of the season. You've worked so hard this year and you deserve so much.

February 8, 2002
From: Calhoun Dude
comments: AA 130 Will be Lobis and Metz in the finals. It will be a very hard fought "battle" but I think Metz will come out on top. I've seen the kid wrestle this year and compared to previous years he's a different person! Its all about HEART GO get EM BOY!!! Thanks for posting this I am the Calhoun Dude

February 8, 2002
comments: Yes, the OVAC has more total wrestlers on one weekend than the WV states. The states are not the 16 that get to the pinnacle but everyone who enters the "State Tournament". On a basis of enrollment the Champs and runners-up compete with the enrollment of the LKC.
103 champ total enrollment MF 353
112 Riv 269
119 MF 353
125 IC 487 with a wrestler from Beal 131 in finals
130 Mf 353
135 Stc 456
140 Brke 876 with a wrestler from shady 230 in finals
145 MC 300
152 JM 1111 with a wrestler from MF with 353 in finals
160 BL 587
171 OG 526
189 JM 1111
215 Bvl 599
275 Shen 345
that is total enrollment in the OVAC boys and girls. Using Oak Glen as the cut off for AA/AAA 8 out of 14 champs and many more runner-up would have been AA

February 8, 2002
comments: does anyone have any predictions for hwt from each region. i am just intersted in knowing the state qualifers from hwt. please if you have any pics from any region then kindly post them. thank you

February 8, 2002
comments: I would like to know if WV Wrestling Fanatic has been watching the same state tournament that i have been watching. Oak Glen has dominated the AA-A tournament every year since they moved down. You can not take the team placers from the entire ten year period when they only where only there 97 98 and 99. Now if you want to take your so called formula for success and do the three years I just mentioned i'm positive your outcome will be different.

February 8, 2002
From: WVU Wrestling
For you wrestling fans who would like to see a great dual meet come out and watch WVU vs. Lock Haven in action in Morgantown at the Coliseum. There are expected to be over 3,000 fans in attendance. Some of the key match ups (national rankings):
141 #13 Shane Cunanan (WVU) vs. #10 Mike Maney
149 #19 Billy Smith (WVU) vs. James Lavalle (16-3)
157 #6 Joe Carr (WVU) vs. #2 Jamarr Billman

Others to watch:
#3 Greg Jones (WVU, Greensburg-Salem)
#19 Ryan Kehler (Tri-Valley H.S.)
#5 Tom McMath (WVU, Sharpsville H.S.)
#19 Trap McCormick (Lock Haven, Loganton, PA)
If you have aspirations of being a college wrestler this is a must to watch.

February 8, 2002
From: stripes
comments: to the person wondering about ashley wrestling aaa peeps...feel free to correct me but i'm pretty sure he hasn't wrestled anyone from aaa. i think they stick to aa and a teams

February 8, 2002
From: jammer
comments: Dont forget about Ballam at 112, He has beaten Turnbull the last 3 times he has wrestled him and he also beat Humphries twice in the states last year, he seems to have a problem with Garvin though. Dont think he has wrestled Rader yet. Should be a great weight class to watch.

February 8, 2002
From: how bout that
comments: my picks for region 1 regionals tournament
1 raider
2 turnball
3 humphries
4 garvin
picks for states(revision 1)
1 raider
2 ballem
3 turnball
4 humphries

February 8, 2002
From: Pirate_Mann
comments: Arrr!!!! Here are the region 4 AA predictions listed in an awkward way:
Josh Neal (SS)
Sheldon Brown (MB)
Josh Davis (SS)
Justin Chapman (SS)
Pat Bell (GW)
Nathan Ackison (Fay)
Shawn Garland (OH)
Ben Wood (Ind)
Wes Bowles (MB)
Harry Rhodes (Ind) I'll go out on the plank here
Buster Carico (Lib)
Aaron Barnette (Ind)
Chris Jones (WE)
Davad Dequaise (OH)

Bryan Snuffer (Ind)
Colby Painter (GW)
Jim Davis (Ind)
Brian Mills (Ind)
Derek Scarbro (SS)
Brandon Boone (GW)
Drew Fitzpatrick (MT)
Ronnie Williams (Fay)
Brandon Browning (Lib)
Mark Smith (GW)
Robert Ward (Ind)
Fred Lafferty (Lib)
Luke Winters (Fay)
Maynor Crookshanks (GW)

Robbie Belcher (Lib)
Justin Hawkins (Lib)
Cobin Thorn (WE)
Rocky Scarbro (Lib)
Josh Daniel (Lib)
Jeremy Crouse (Lib)
Alex Morello (GW)
Daniel Miller (GW)
Adam Lattie (WE)
Aaron Stump (SS)
Jeremy Lively (GW)
Chad Tincher (GW)
Thurmond Honaker (Lib)
Andy Redden (SS)

T.J. Callahan (OH)
Roy Littleton (BC)
up for grabs
Brandon Wilburn (OH)
Raymond Stonestreet (Fay)
Hayslette (BC)
Dewayne (Rhodes (Ind)
Chuck Meadows (SS)
up for grabs
Andrew Matheny (Lib)
Bobby Sevy (SS)
both of the next two up for grabs
Kris Roberts (MT)

February 8, 2002
From: state observer
comments: Although I do agree that 112 should be exciting in Hunington, I would like to point out that 103 will be a whole lot tougher than it has in the past. There are 4 wrestlers that probably would win it in any other year (Easter, Shryver, Osuna Cotto, Cappas) and when you through in two other tough kids Shumate- N.Marion and Clarke-Musselman, you have the makings of an exciting and extremely competitive wt. class. These should be your top six, in what order who knows??

February 8, 2002
From: 215
comments: For all of you people predicting Weaver be in the finals you are wrong because you do not know how it will all fall in place.
Those are the top kids so there you go.

February 8, 2002
comments: Where was Ripley from Nitro at the MSAC?

February 8, 2002
From: Marion Co. Wrestling Fan
comments: To February 7 Comments: I was refering to Taylor and Hefner in the semi-match. It was exciting and high scoring. I believe that Taylor scored 21 points in his win.

February 8, 2002
comments: Correction, rader owns a pair of pins over Humphrey, not a pin and a major like i stated before

February 8, 2002
From: The Ronin
comments: One of Superman's messages actually got posted. I think I'm going to have a stroke.

February 8, 2002
From: WV Wrestling Fanatic
comments: Here are the top 10 teams of the 90's

1 Cameron         378
2 Wirt            356
3 Berkley Springs 298
4 Williamstown    265
5 Independence    238
6 Oak Glen        184
7 Calhoun         135
8 Bishop D        116
9 Shady Springs   113
10 Spencer/RC     107
1 Parkersburg South 462
2 Parkersburge      412
3 Fairmont Senior   344
4 Wheeling Park     282
5 North Marion      254
6 Huntington        220
7 John Marshall     217
8 Milton/CM         164
9 Jefferson         111
10 Brooke           109
1 Parkerburge South 462
2 Parkersburg       412
3 Cameron           378
4 Wirt              356
5 Fairmont Senior   344
6 Berkley Springs   298
7 Oak Glen          284
8 Wheeling Park     282
9 Williamstown      265
10 North Marion     254

Honarble Mention
Independence 238
Huntington 220

These scores were compiled bases on state place winners from 90-99
1st 10pts
2nd 7pts
3rd 5pts
4th 3pts
5th 2pts
6th 1pts

The best Individual wrestlers at each weight in the 90's are coming soon.

I love this Stuff/Wrestle HARD!!!!!!!!!

February 8, 2002
comments: I dont see how anyone could have a doubt at aaa 112 right now. Rader has defeated all of his competition. He has a pin and decision over turnbull, a pin and major over humphrey, a major over garvin, and a major over riner. what else do you gotta do to prove your the best before the state tournament? I guess we will see for sure at the state though!!

February 8, 2002
comments: Well i like to thank the people thatare telling us how Pat Bell of GW likes to hit a peterson, now we know to how to beat him, thank you very so much for giving this information. I just love how people get on here and tell oh this guy likes to hit this move and this guy does this move. What happen to trying to keep a little bit of the element of suprise in it. Telling people stuff like that isnt doing yourself any favors.

February 8, 2002
From: Ripley Quad
comments: Just to let everyone know Raban from Rav. pinned C. Midland HWT in 2nd period

February 8, 2002
comments: How about an OVAC and WSAZ match, i predict the outcome to be quite the same as before with teh LKC

February 8, 2002
comments: To South Wrestling Fan
You're very correct about it not really being fair comparing the OVAC's and the LKC's. But, the only point i think that was trying to be brought across is that the LKC shouldn't talk so much smack. I mean, there's alot of "i'm a however many time placer in teh LKC, i'm bad" , but you never hear people on here talking about placing in teh ovac (i was a 4 time placer there, 2 time finalist). I'm just thinking people shouldn't let their head get too big, and when it all boils down, it's about teh States anyways!!! Well, we all got the love for the sport, so keep it real. Peace

February 8, 2002
From: 130
comments: Keep in mind guys! Metz and Lobis are in the same region so that means that they will be split up when it comes to states!! My money is in them being in the finals together.

February 8, 2002
comments: dont' forget about Fullerton at 130, he might be the dark horse, but he's not to be overlooked, go Seeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaan.

February 8, 2002
From: Informed Fan
comments: to the one who commeted on the Bell Metz match. in the first match Bell only Beat Metz By one point, and Metz had Bell turned to his back with a 1 count, and with one more sec. Metz would have had 2 back points and won the match. In the 2nd match Metz was up by 2 going into the 3rd and Bell got to pick down, and Metz turned him to his back again to get the final score 5-0. when it all comes down to it I Believe that Metz will stand alone.

February 7, 2002
From: about 130
comments: The class is so close that nobody can tell what will happen yet will just have to wait to see the brackets. If Myres is out then Things can get interesting with the freshman coming up from Shady and Sexton from Indy will be back at regionals. Bell has beaten everybody except Lobis and Metz beat lobis twice but Bell and Metz split.. Then you can forget Elder, Howerlak, or Dye Either...I predict it to go like this for the moment 1. Bell
2. Metz
3. Lobis
4. Howerlak
5. Elder
6. Scarboro

February 7, 2002
From: Coach's Mom
comments: Just a note to support the Coaches out there. I know a lot of you take a lot while trying to coach our kids. I also know how much time you have to put in to make a program a success. I would like to "pat you all on the back" for your efforts. Wrestling is my favorite sport and has been ever since I was a Mat Maid in high school. I have 4 boys and wanted every one of them to Wrestle. They all do, some better than others. But they all do their best and I am proud of each and every one. My oldest son is coaching now and I think he has done a great job. I agree that our local newspaper does not give Wrestling the credit it deserves. There are a lot of outstanding wrestlers. and they deserve recognition. I just want to let these kids know that we are proud of them and hope they keep up their hard work and who knows maybe one day they will get the credit that they deserve. Some of the best matches that I have watched this year have been Jr. High. These kids really have heart and it shows.

February 7, 2002
comments: this goes out to whomever asked about wes kimble returning from injury. He has gotten his cast off and is i believe wanting to return this season for regionals. if he does however depends on the doctor coach and his opinion. he has yet to return to practice but that maybe due to the fact he has not yet been cleared. if he does return this season i will be greatly surprised but i will warn all 125 in region 2 to beware he is very hungry.

February 7, 2002
From: coalfield
comments: Bailes from Nicholas beat Pat Bell in the Coalfield

From: wrestler
comments: Doug bailes of nicholas county beat him he stopped his peterson and he didnt have a nother move but doug and bell wrestled at the west duals earler this year and bell was losing by one in the last minute of the match and hit a peterson and got 5 bell is great at what he does he we be someone to watch at state in aa this year

February 7, 2002
From: Patriot_49
comments: AAA...

       1st                2nd                                   

103: Easter (N)        Shiver (Pkb)
112: Rader (Pkb)       Turnbull (Univ)
119: Easter (N)        Grogg (PS)
125: Metz (PS)         Shaw (Brk)
130: Williams (Hunt)   Smith (Rip)
135: Smith (Rip)       Durbin (Brk)
140: Mayle (EF)        Ripley (N)
145: Lord (Hed)        Kessler (Mart)
152: Casto (N)         George (JM)
160: Pickens (PS)      Mays (Hunt)
171: Geary (EF)        Linger (Elk)
189: Courtney (FS)     Daggett (Pkb)
215: Starsick (NM)     Wells (JM)
Hwt: Satterfield (EF)  McCourt (BU)

February 7, 2002
From: to: how about that
comments: my picks:

February 7, 2002
From: Go Flying Eagles
comments: Can someone out there tell me where the Region 4 tournament will be held.Thanks

February 7, 2002
From: Wild Dawg Saloon Wrestling Fan ( not from MSAC team)
comments: Watched MSAC the other day, very impressed with a few wrestlers.

A. Easter was great against Shyver, for those wondering who weren't there. This was no fluke. Pairings will determine who'll get runner-up in Huntington, 1st place goes to Easter.

112# Rader continues to impress. Still not ready to give him the #1 ranking yet, we'll see how regionals go.

At 119# I was really impressed at how much different M. Easter is wrestling, in a league of his own. Litton is no slouch, he just drew a bad weight class this year. Personally after watching Metz on his senior night matches at South, I think Easter could've stayed @ 125# and give Ryan a run for his money.

125# Casto looked ok, Metz is still the man to beat.

130# Shocker match, this was no FLUKE either, Williams (HHS) is state champ material. Didn't dominate Smith, but handled him well. Pairings will decide these guys fate too. Bosley will have to hope for the best with pairings, his injury is holding him back too much. This may determine where SOUTH finishes as a team, let an injured Bosley wrestle and take a chance on not making it out of the regionals with a wrestler in this weight class is a risky move. Boz deserves the chance, though.

135# Mitch Smith could be the man, he seems to like to keep it too close for my taste though. He could be much more dominating than he's shown against his last 2 tough opponents. A healthy Seth Young could easily upset him at the states.

No one really impressed too much thru these middle weights.

160# Mays(HHS) was ok, Pickens will handle him.

171# Marks was much improved over previous outings, kept his head in the matches and used power moves to win. Could be a contender in Huntington ... if Pickens doesn't move up.

189# Daggett came out like a fireball in the 1st period and slipped on his own back. Looked like he was really in shape for the 1st 30 seconds of the match, then looked really tired after fighting off his back. He took control of the match after wrestling resumed and used modified Merkels to wear down his opponent and eventually pin him. If Daggett gets healthy and in shape at the same time, keeps his head on straight, he will become a 2 time state champ. I don't know how this guy ever wrestled 171# at the beginning of the year, he's a monster of 189#'er.

215# Lou Thomas looked good, got a real quick pin. Looking at his records for the year, I'd say Thomas is the man this year.

275# Quick match.

PHS proved they can run with a few big dogs in a small tourney, we'll see how they come out of the Regional tournament held, where else, but on PHS's home floor. All the cards have been shuffled and dealt, South looks like it's holding a good hand, Nitro has a couple of ACES and so does HHS. It'll be good year to be in Huntington...will SOUTH be denied????

February 7, 2002
From: Just Wondering
comments: I would like to say that aaa112 is full of very skilled wrestlers and so is aa, I noticed that Ashley has had many victories, my question is this, has any of the top aaa wrestlers such as Rader, Turnbull, Garvin, Ballam, Riner, wrestled with Ashley or any of the other tough aa wrestlers? if so what was the outcome?? thanks

February 7, 2002
From: Coach Stef
email: bsmontgomery@rtol.net
comments: I'm always appreciative of the great coaching from Coach LeMasters at Milton, Coach Darst at Point Pleasant and Coach Jarvis at Spencer. They continually have well-coached teams who display great sportsmanship and, guess what, their teams are middle schools - no 9th graders. An interesting fact: At WSAZ's this year, we had 10 junior high teams and team places were awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. There were 20 middle school teams, and team places were awarded to 1st and 2nd places. Coach Archer does a great job with this tournament and I am very appreciative of all he does as a coach and tournament director. But, as we're moving more toward middle schools (in education in this state), Coach Archer might want to reconsider revamping his awards at his awesome tournament. Again, thanks Coach Archer, you put on a heck of a tournament!!

February 7, 2002
From: To: Fan
comments: I would be willing to bet you were on here last year saying the same things when Calhoun lost 6 state qualifiers (3 placers). "Oh, wait till next year Wirt County, you will beat them, look at how much they are losing." This year Calhoun will lose 4 qualifiers of which 3 or all 4 will place. But wait til next year and give it another chance!

February 7, 2002
comments: To Fan;
Why would Cappas move up to 112? You know he is a 103.

February 7, 2002
From: Hannah-BSHS MAT STAT
comments: To~ "ME"
Well my comment was really to the team in general because we were running PVCs with duals and when we were agiant Keyser our guys pinned every one of them from wt class 145-215, and we dont have a hwt, so it was really impressive...but anyways, the individuals that placed first were Brandon Clark at 119, Matt Mason at 152, Eli Parsell at 171, and Josh Clark at 189...Placing 2nd were Chris Moore 135, Frank Gregg 140, Randy Waugh 145, Jamie Moore 160, and Donnie Stotler 215.

February 7, 2002
From: man kind
comments: where is Diamond of cabel midland. is he sick? is he coming back ?

February 7, 2002
comments: Is Wes Kimble going to make it back from injury this year?

February 7, 2002
From: Superman
comments: Does anyone know how serious Barbour's knee injury was?
On another note, everyone should keep their eyes peeled for my final super predictions before regionals. I promise they will be as accurate and entertaining as they always are.

February 7, 2002
From: DE
email: goingforgold_2002@yahoo.com
comments: There will be an all girl wrestling tournament held March 9th at Wirt County High School. For more information go to www.usgwa.com. If you know any girls who may be interested please pass the word.

February 7, 2002
comments: to marion county wrestling fan
it was gerasamovich from morgantown vs. taylor at 119 at NCACs not hefner from university

February 7, 2002
From: 130
comments: keep in mind bell beat metz in first match the second was 2-0 till the 10 secs....but who the are a toss up

February 7, 2002
From: follower
comments: i am wondering whats up? this page hasn't been getting updated lately an this is my source to find out whats going on around the state in wrestling.....
Editor's note: I've been unusually busy with my day job the past several days....

February 7, 2002
From: J B
comments: First i would like to say good luck to the Big Blacks this weekend as they try and defend there SEOAL Crown......sorry i havent been in for a while guys (college).........anyway.....first......Matt Warner & DJ Dewees...you two are the leaders of the team....so lets get the job done this weekend! You both should win it! Nick Duncan....just keep doing what your doing! Jason McCoy.....repeat!!!!!! My lil bro David.....wrestle like you know how...and you will be conference CHAMP!!!! Nick Russell......keep you head and wrestle smart! Jacob Carr......take it too ummm....win this thing.... Andy Knopp....use your quickness! Junior Russell & Josh McCarty.....this is your first SEOAL tourny... wrestle hard and never quit! Jesse Nott....ferris is out so go get it!!!! and BIG DAN TENCH...... i plan on seeing you as the OW of the tourny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good luck guys!!!!

February 7, 2002
From: a fan from a certian team
comments: to lkc spectator: I also saw some great wrestling at LKC's this weekend. Yes, the wrestlers did show good sportsmanship. Also seem to recall at our first tourny at Ritchie Co. certain fans and some of the team cursing our fans and making rude comments about our teams worth. Also cheering more for a certain team to lose than they did for their team to win. Yes, I agree let's learn from the kids and grow up. What is good for one side of the mat is just as good for the other side of the mat. If you want to be treated with courtesy and kindness then maybe that is how you should treat others. Remember what they say about paybacks.

February 7, 2002
From: Flying Eagle Fan
comments: Good job Eagles on your 2nd place finish at Coalfield Conf. tourny. Keep working hard and you'll continue to get better. Congrats. to Josh Evans-152 and Ryan Bostic-112 on their 1st place finishes. Good job also to Justin Boyden on 2nd, you wrestled Ben Wood tough for 3 periods and got caught at the end. Joe McQuillen 2nd was nice but keep working and you'll be 1st. Zack Evans-130 get well for the region (knee injury during first match of Coalfield) and Tyler Wilson-119 work hard in rehab. to get that shoulder ready for next season (surgery a month ago). Sean Meade-103, Justin Wharton-119, Garland Ward-125, Jay Thomas-140, Josh Sturgill-160, Nick Llado-171, Jeremy Good-189, Nate Wilson-215 and Joaquin Llado-275 keep wrestling tough and scoring points. GO WOODROW WILSON !!!

February 7, 2002
From: how bout that
comments: to wv wrestling fan. no doubt that garvin is a fine wrestler. but i dont feel this is his year. raider is my pick to win states at 112. depends how they fall in the brackets. if turnball and garvin meet in semi finals, and not ballem, then turnball will come out in front. dont believe ballem will beat garvin, but it depends how thy fall in brackets. garvin will face humphry and turnball at regionals, and i feel he will finish 3rd, possibly 4th, i am not familiar with brookes 112 wrestler.

February 7, 2002
From: comment
comments: East fairmont placed 4th at westmar because they did not have a full team. East took there JV down to westmar to wrestle there. There was only 2 varsity wrestlers that wrestled because they have mmissed a weigh in or they were eigther hurt. And another thing they only had 8 guys.

February 7, 2002
comments: Who defeated Pat Bell of GW at the Coalfield Conference?

February 7, 2002
From: Fan
comments: if wrestling was just a sport than there would be 40 kids per team; but its not just a sport, its a TOUGH sport. nothing makes me madder than people saying "its just a game". if they think its just a game then let them come to a normal wrestling practice and see if they last more than 10 minutes. for those of you that think its just a sport, you have no clue what your talking about.

February 7, 2002
From: AA prediction 152
Mason-(Berkely Springs)

February 6, 2002
From: from ME
comments: to Hannah Colie~BSHS MAT Stat Could you print the winner's that you are talking about who won the PVC tournament please? Put their weight also.

February 6, 2002
comments: Does anyone know when Casey Hughes will be wrestling again? I hope he's back for regionals, although I doubt he'll be at 100% again this season...what a shame.

February 6, 2002
From: how bout that
comments: my predictions at 112 after last weeks matches
1 raider phs
2 humpfry wp
3 ballem hedg.
4 turnball uhs

comments: my predictions for 103 aaa
1 easter nitro
2 shiver phs
3 osuna-cotto - park. south
4 shumate nmhs

February 6, 2002
From: Wrestling Fan Girlie
comments: LKC's were rough. To all the guys who were hurt, my prayers are with you. Some teams displayed unsportsmanlike conduct (Ex. BITING other wrestlers). Congrats to everyone who placed. :)

February 6, 2002
comments: Congratulations to Andrew Suter of Keyser for becoming a PVC champion this week. Congratulations also to Cole Fazenbaker and Corey Kyle of Keyser for becoming two time conference champs.

February 6, 2002


February 6, 2002
From: Marion Co. Wrestling Fan
comments: I attended the NCAC Conference Tournament held at Morgantown HS on Saturday.There were some great matches throughout the tournament....Turnbull and Garvin at 112, Hefner and Taylor at 119, Brandon Geary and Linger at 171. The best match of the day was Futten and Hayes in the 152 championship....Double O/T and Futten wins. Courtney won the OWA and dominated his opponets. I don't want to take anything away from Jeff because he did wrestle great, but in my opinion the OWA could have gone to East Fairmont's Justin Hamrick. Hamrick came to the tournament as a JV wrestler and due to a varsity member not making weight, he was bumped up to varsity at 130 and won the Championship at that weight class. If that is not OUTSTANDING WRESTLING, I don't know what is! Congratulations to him and the other six East Fairmont Conference Champions. Also congratulations to Anthony Delligatti, Jeff Courtney and Andrew Starsick for their championships.

February 6, 2002
South Wrestling Fan
comments: Congratulations to South on their 2 wins this past week over John Marshall and Ripley."Boz"..you have the heart of a lion and we wish you God's speed on your healing.Also,congratulations to PHS and Calhoun County on your respective wins."ratteaser"...I still think your handle"ratteaser" is a slam on the southsiders and we will see if South is vunerable real soon..in the mean time keep pumping them up in this matter!One more and I'll quit...to the person comparing the OVAC champions to the LKC champions...you can't...the OVACS have an enormous number of wrestlers and go to AAAA while the LKC is made up of A and AA wrestlers.I have seen the OVACS and their individual brackets have more wrestlers than the WV state tourney.This is like comparing oranges to tangerines...same thing,only different!

February 6, 2002
From: Fan
comments: I would just like to say that wirt county did an excelent job at the lkc's. don't wory about calhoun or williamstown beating you becouse it was just lkc's. keep up the hard work becouse we all know that it will pay off in the states. i would also like to tell calhoun that you did a good job at the tournament as well, but enjoy the moment becouse next year when you lose most of your team it will be hard to beat wirt countys' "young team".

February 6, 2002
From: LKC spectator
comments: Saw some great wrestling at the LKC's this weekend. All the wrestlers showed good sportsmanship,but with some of the fans it was a different story. It's a shame when you cheer for a certain team to loose more than you cheer for your team to win. Let's learn a lesson from the kids and GROW UP. Also congrats to Matt your teams come along way since the beginning of the season.

February 6, 2002
From: NCHS Downed Wrestler comments: Way to go to the whole team. Great jobs guys in retaining our championship in the coalfield. Havent seen all of the over all scores but I do know my buddies Pat, Nate, and travis did great. Way to go Nicholas county, on to the regionals. Go NCHS Grizzlies!!

February 6, 2002
From: wv-wrestling-fan
comments: To: How about that, I think Rader has proven he is the man at 112! Two wins over Turnbull(one by fall), a major decision over Garvin, and a fall over Humphries (All excellent wrestlers). He is skilled and highly AGGRESSIVE. He also is very confident in his abilities. Those three things combined make him the man to beat at a very competitive weight class. I still must go with Garvin as the second most skilled 112 pounder...I know Turnbull has a 4-0 record against him, but he (Garvin) has 3 wins over Ballam. Ballam is 3-0 vs Turnbull. There are several wrestlers who could challenge for the state title, and when Garvin realizes how good he is he very well may be one of them. Also, it is Rader's aggressiveness that sets him apart from other 112 pounders(Something other wrestlers might want to consider). These are just my opinions, as I feel 112 is one of the toughest weight classes as well as the most entertaining this year.

February 6, 2002
From: HOBO

February 6, 2002
From: Fan
comments: Is Cappas(Morgantown) wrestling 103 or 112 at Regionals on Feb 16?

February 6, 2002
comments: question for east fairmont...at the westmar tourney in MD did you have a full team? my reason for asking is b/c i would have thought you would have done better than 4th place. you guys have a nice team. congrats on your ncac title!

February 6, 2002
From: true wanderer
comments: it is all about winning if it didn't matter who won or lost there wouldn't be any sports,it's all about first place,that's why those kids bust there but everyday in the wrestling room,if youre goals aren't set at being the champion don't play the sport. as cold as it may sound nobody remembers second place,it's all about the state championship,that's why they wrestle

February 6, 2002
comments: Does anyone have any predictions for states in the 140 - HWT lb weight classes AAA. Thanks

February 6, 2002
From: AA FAN
comments: 103 has a new surprise and its Josh Neal of Shady Spring he defeated Snuffer of INDY to win the Coalfield Conference Championship he is a freshman and has a great shot of winning 103 dont take him lightly. 2 more freshman that moved up thats gonna mix things up abit is chapman at 125 and scarbro at 130 these guys should have been wrestling highschool all year.

February 6, 2002
comments: Didnt see rippley's name mentioned for the MSAC tournament. Just wondering what happened. Anybody know? Thnx in adance.

February 6, 2002
From: just wandering?
comments: why don't you have Metz 145 from calhoun ranked he is a very good wrestler, and one you can never count out. Just recently he has overcome Childers from St.Marys in double overtime. Something else that is puzzeling me is why you have the other Metz at 130 below pat bell and Drew Myers when he has decisioned Bell, and beat Lobis from Ritchie who has also beaten Bell? Also I have heard that Myers is out for the season w/ a broken leg. I do not mean to offend just thought that i would point a few things out

February 6, 2002
From: Berkeley Springs Fan
comments: Congratulations to Berkeley Springs wrestlers and Coaches Bennett and Mondey for winning the PVC Wrestling Championship for the second year. Champions Brandon Clark, Matt Mason, Eli Parsell, Josh Clark Second Place-Chris Moore, Frank Gregg, Randy Waugh, Jamie Moore, Donnie Stotler.

February 3, 2002
comments: congrats to east fairmont at the ncac. was very impressed. to all those making predictions, better rethink the 103 and 112 weight class,

February 3, 2002
From: Hannah Colie ~BSHS MAT STAT
comments: Hey i just wanted to congradulate our BSHS guys for placing 1st at PVC's yesterday, 6 pins in a row against keyser guys, that was quite impresive, keep it up!!!!

February 3, 2002
comments: Congrats to East Fairmont for winning the NCAC Title and having 7 champions. Justin Hamrick deserves a special "ata boy" for coming into the tournament as a JV wrestler and taking home the gold. WAY TO GO BEES!

February 3, 2002
From: how bout that
comments: well, was at the ncac. turnbal has proved again he is the man at 112. shumate at 103 only lost 7-5 to cappas at 103. he has really improved in the last couple of years, next year he will be at the top of the podium. congrats to east fairmont, what a dominating team.

February 3, 2002
From: To: What?
comments: Go to www.wvssac.org click on standard calendar and High School and it gives the dates for all sports. Wrestling starts next year on Nov 18 with the first contest on Dec 04.

February 3, 2002
comments: Dustin Bosley and Neal Wright, both are out with tore muscle and hoping to come back this week and be stong for regionals. Drew Myers is out for the season with a broke leg.

February 3, 2002
From: tomanyhobbies
comments: regarding Justin Goneau from Oak Glenn, I think that he'll be right there (top 3) at states, he only started wrestling in freshman year and is a jr. now i think, in my opinion he has no where to go put up, keep an eye on this kid.

February 3, 2002
From: What?
email: What?
comments: When does the season start next year? I heard that they moved it back a week?

February 3, 2002
From: Calhoun Dude
comments: Well....Well....Well.....
First of all I'd like to congratulate the Calhoun Red Devils on their FIRST EVER LKC Championship Well done guys!! Second I'd like to congratulate the champions Justin Ashley, Chris Morris, Derek Metz, Jeff Morris and Ray Burge The three runner-ups Bryan Gungle,Eric Metz and Charlie Gibson 3rd place Jared Brewer and the two 4th placers, Gary Wager and Joey Moore. Coaches Stump and Stewart you guys are the best. You all excelled

February 3, 2002
comments: Congratulations to the NCHS wrestling team for winning its second Coalfield Conference title. Pat, Travis and Nate did a great job coming up big when the team needed you!!! Pat - "great job pinning your guy and getting us started". Travis - "you are a man among boys. You handled the wrestler who felt it necessary to play "Mike Tyson" like great!" Nate - "Way to come through when the pressure was really on". To the rest of the team. These three couldn't have been in the position they were in unless you won your matches too. So, this was truly a great team effort. Good luck at regionals and states. Coach Morris and Coach Diaz - KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

February 3, 2002
From: To the LKC team that did not get first (wirt)
comments: remmember that this is a sport ,back off & let them have fun. ITS NOT ALWAYS ABOUT WINNING, Sometimes it may be the difference between Just Being there for one of your wrestler's
Signed Big Time PRIDE Wirt COUNTY

February 3, 2002
From: ovac fan
comments: any kid who can place at ovac's is going to make noise at AA-A states. Goneau will probably be in the top 6 for sure. He should be thankful for having Larry Shaw as a coach.

February 3, 2002
email: wvmatking@msn.com
comments: To hasbeen, comments: Just letting you know: Indy "hasbeen" no. 1 and still is. Barnette and Wood got plenty of help this weekend. Ward beat Carrico and Lively and showed lots of heart against McCutcheon. Six Patriots were in the finals and lots of team points scored. Rhodes closed the gap with Smith, losing at the end of the third. They still make you sit down and take notice of their team spirit. All in all, it was a great weekend and lots to be proud of. DAVIS was sweet icing on the cake! The Patriots made plenty of noise, even after giving up three weight classes due to injuries.

February 3, 2002
From: MMS Gator Mom
comments: Congratulations Coach Eakle and the East Fairmont team. It is always a close one and this time you came out on top. There's no use blaming our loss on two injuries and a no-show because that is just how the game goes. The Mannington coaches tried to find a strategy to cover the loss of 3 regulars and it didn't pay off. Moving Hinerman up a weight class resulted in his first loss this season. Good thing he's only in 6th grade. He has plenty of time to redeem himself. Best of luck to all the wrestlers heading to states.

February 3, 2002
February 3, 2002
From: budda
comments: congrats to the calhoun county wrestlers for attaining the first lkc title ever. i miss wrestling with you guys, but keep up the good work and lets have a three-peat regional championship. congrats also to coach mike stump you deserve it more than anyone. i also predict a state finals appearance for the morris brothers, burge, and ashley. I almost forgot to give respect to eric metz for his victory over childers guess all those cornflakes paid off
good luck

February 3, 2002
comments: I would like to congradulate all the champions from the recently held Kanawha County Middle School tournament.Many of these wrestlers are grduates of the Mountain State Junior League that I have had the pleasure of watching grow up. 75lb.winner Ervin Page won despite giving up age and weight.85lb. winner Anthony Hall no surprise here you have been a champion at every age and weight class.100lb.winner Anthony Owens great to see you back on top.135lb.winner Josh Page one of the strongest young men I have ever seen.170lb. winner John Woodford you have come a long way in such a short time.80lb.winner Brent Snodgrass thanks for a great year everybody always believed you could do this and it was great to see you believe in yourself,you have come so far this year now just keep it up and go further

February 3, 2002
comments: Weak Scheduals dont pay off, Just wait till 3 days at state and well see what teams are where.

February 3, 2002
comments: i was at the LKC and i tell ya it was rough, i never seen so many kids nocked out in one tourny, there was at least 3 kids knocked out cold.

February 3, 2002
From: The fan
comments: Way to go Calhoun! What a team effort! Congratulations Coach Stump, Byran, Justin, Jared, Chris, Derek, Gary, Jeff, Eric, Damon, Joey, Ray and Charlie, you all proved you could do it. I guess that "weak" schedule paid off after downing Williamstown by 14 and Wirt by 48. Can't wait to here the excuses hit the board. Everyone of you gave it your all on the mat and it must have felt good to have the largest fan support at the tourney. You showed just how much you have improved from that first week of action, with Gungle's hard fought match with Erica, Justin getting revenge via pin on D. Allen, D. Metz defeating Elder, E. Metz decisioning Childers and Moore beating Lott. Congratulatins to our five Champions (Justin Ashley, Chris Morris, Derek Metz, Jeff Morris and Ray Burge), three runner-ups (Bryan Gungle, Eric Metz and Charlie Gibson), 3rd place Jared Brewer and 2 4th placers, Gary Wager and Joey Moore. Also a special congrats to Justin Ashley for his Most Valuable Wrestler Award.

February 3, 2002
comments: Congratulations to East Fairmont for their dominating performance in winning the Championship at the NCAC Conference Tournament. The Bees had nine wrestlers going for First Place and ended the day with seven champions. Twelve East wrestlers placed in the tournament. Special congratulations to the seven champions: Justin Hamrick-130#; Shawn Moore-135#; Blane Mayle-140#; Robert Barnes-145#; Aaron Futten-152#; Brandon Geary-171# and Chris Satterfield-275#. Good Luck to all the East Fairmont wrestlers at Regionals.

February 3, 2002
From: East Fairmont Fan
comments: I would like to congratulate East Fairmont on their doimance at the NCAC, 7 champs and 12 placewinners speaks for itself, a special congrats to Futten and the other seniors, Aaron got his 100th win against Hays in an awesome double ot rideout, you showed guts and didnt let the officials calls affect you, Good Luck at regionals, and lets send 12 and take the title.

February 3, 2002
From: calhoun fan
comments: to lkc wrestler, sorry dude you were way wrong, calhoun county took the lkc's. congratulations to the calhoun county red devils on their victory at lkc's, had several first place winner and some others placed at second, third and fourth. keep up the good hard work boys you are doing great. just remember you don't have to talk the talk because you know how to walk the walk. keep the ball rolling!!!!!!!!!

February 2, 2002
From: Coach Eakle
comments: I hate to play devil's advocate, but east had three champions. And i would have put in Mannington's results in the paper however i didnt know exactly who placed were. I did put in miller's results because the thier coach asked me too. I will say that many times i have given the Fairmont times results and it has not made the paper. i feel that wrestling should get more coverage jr. high and high school alike i dont feel that high school wrestling is covered well in this county either. Just my thoughts. ~ shane

February 2, 2002
From: redneck river rat
comments: Hello, I was wondering what Ripleys Casto, and GE Vance records were for this year. If someone could tell me I would appreciate it. GOOD LUCK BRAT PACK & TO SOUTH

February 2, 2002
From: #1 Grafton Bearcat Fan
comments: I would like to CONGRATULATE the GRAFTON BEARCATS on their 1st place finish at the Big 10 Conference Tournament! This makes Number 5 in a row! Also Special Congratulations to Adam Leach. Adam broke the school record for the number of wins in a career. He now has 158 and counting. Trampas Efaw was named Big 10 Outstanding Wrestler of the Year! Way to go Adam and Trampas and the rest of the Bearcats! See you guys at regionals, you can take first there too! Work hard!

February 2, 2002
From: "even more" disgusted wrestler mom
comments: Just to let you know, before it comes out in the headlines in the Fairmont Times, East Fairmont Jr. High won the county Championship beating Mannington by only 6 points. With 2 starters out with broken fingers and 1 sick, we still managed to give the other teams a good match. Way to go Gators, keep it up. Hard work and dedication will pay off. Good luck to the 8th graders next year as they step it up to "High School" wrestling. I hope the Middle School will be as victorious as they were this year. Good job coaches, Rick Rinehart and Roger Watson(We'll miss you Roger!).

February 2, 2002
From: yoyoyo
comments: to disgusted wrestling mom: the only reason east was mentioned in the paper having two champions is because someone submitted it to the paper. if mannington at someone submit to the paper that they won the mason dixon title a write up would have been provided in the next days paper.i know this is how the sports is done for the fairmont times cuz i have a few friends that work for the paper

February 2, 2002
From: NCHS Downed Wrestler
comments: Pat McCutcheon is going to take the conference. After playing football with him, and wrestling with him till I tore an acl, I realize that Pats strongest competitors bring out the best in him. He has trained hard this season, and he is working for a state championship. He respects his competition while knowing what he is going to do to beat them. Thats a hard thing to do and he is great at it. Good luck to my team, sorry i cant be there to watch us take 1st. Go Grizzlies!

February 2, 2002
From: novice fan
comments: does anyone else think that Goneau (103) OG could sneak in there at states? he was very impressive at ovac's even after he was injured?

February 2, 2002
From: J
comments: I know Pat M, from nicholas. He is normally a nice guy, but this week he has fire in his eyes, i am part of the team, but i am unable to go to the conference due to injuries. if any would would like to post current standing, go ahead. GO GRIZZLIES. Brent, Jeff, Jole, Doug, Pat, Nate, Brandon, Brett, Morgan!!!!!!!!

February 2, 2002
comments: To: Wresling Fan
You have the Smiths mixed up. Matt Smith wrestled Matt Bosley and Mitch Smith wrestled Seth Young.

February 2, 2002
From: Jim LeMaster
comments: I would like to offer congratulations to the Cammack Blue Streaks who beat my Milton Panthers to win the Cabell County championship. Tonight Cammack was the better team and deserved to win. They are vastly improved from the start of the season and good sports. I am still very proud of my 12 kids who made the finals and our 5 county champs. We will return 8 finalists and 4 champions along with 14 other kids next season. This has been a great year and as coaches we appreciate the hard work by the kids and their parents. Also, I would be remiss if I did not mention a very much improved Beverly Hills team who had 4 champs and pulled off some stunning upsets. Thanks to all who helped with the tournament. We have a great deal to work on if we are to meet the challenge of the coming season. We'll see all of our coaching friends again next season.
Jim LeMaster
Milton Panthers

February 2, 2002
Keep on rolling Shane Grogg, you are looking good.

February 1, 2002
From: watcher
comments: Regarding the comments from "Hasbeen" about Ward at conference this weekend, I'm no fortune teller but I predict you are wrong. Ward lost to Carico at the WSAZ and McCutcheon has beaten Carico several times and he has also defeated Lively. So I think McCutcheon will take conference this weekend as well as Regionals and States. Nice of you to vote for the underdog.

February 1, 2002
From: phs fan
comments: to ge wrestler, have you ever seen ryan metz wrestle,i myself have only ever seen him lose twice and that was to 3 time state champ matt stevens and 2 time state champ and the best wrestler i have ever seen, matt george, metz is aggressive tough and has the heart of a champion, the only spot that anybody really has a chance for in 125 is second place.

February 1, 2002
From: ratteaser
comments: phs looked very strong in the quad tonight...i hope they continue to improve..south is vulnerable in huntington!

February 1, 2002
From: CMS
comments: Glad to hear West Fairmont's Matthew Delligatti is doing well after his shoulder surgery! Can't wait to watch him next season. Get well soon!

February 1, 2002
From: LKC Wrestler
comments: I think that people will be surprised this weekend. Wirt has been working really hard and I think that they will win at the LKC tournament this weekend. They will when over Williamstown by a small margin. Calhoun will come in third. GO TIGER WRESTLING!!!!

February 1, 2002
comments: Would anyone like to see an OVAC and LKC all-star match? Here are my predictions, and i'm neutral.

103. Tucker(MF) fall over Dye(wirt) 6-0
112. Huffman(R) maj.dec. Bartrug(ST.M) 10-0
119. Tiereny(MF) fall over Biddle(Will) 16-0
125. Morris(Cal) dec. over Johnston(IC) 16-3
130. Tiereny(MF) maj. dec. Metz(cal)   20-3
135. Barath(ST.C) fall over Dye(Wirt) 26-3
140. Bliss(B) dec. over Dennis(wirt) 29-3
145. Smith(Will) maj. dec. Wilson(MC) 29-7
152. George(JM) dec. Westbrook(Will) 32-7
160. Bertolino or Kupfer fall over Lauderman(will) 38-7
171. Stickles(OG) fall over Burge(Cal) 44-7
189. Taylor(JM) fall over Delbreau(Will) 50-7
215. Hoppel(Bv.L.) fall over Hashman(st.m) 56-7
HWT. Wells(Shen) fall over Raban(rav)  62-7
            final OVAC 62    LKC 7
feel free to comment
February 1, 2002
From: george
comments: To Matt Stevens, I am glad to see your at OU. Looking around the Web I saw you went 3-2 at 133 at CSU Open and 3-2 at 125 at Penn State Open. Congratulations. Also, Intermat has your high school listed as Parkersburg South. You might want to let them know of the mistake seeing how that North/South thing is in Parkersburg.

February 1, 2002
From: Wrestling Fan
comments: Congratulations to South on their win Wednesday. Great matches between Bosley-Smith and Young-Smith. Even though I'm a South supporter I think Mitch Smith did an excellent job with Bosley. He didn't try to injure him in any way. That shows real class. He should be extremely proud of the way he wrestled. I think other wrestlers and fans could learn a lesson or two from him. I was so disappointed February 10, 2002
From: David Jeffrey< even more. What is wrong with people today? I truly hope that someday these boys can go out there and do what they love to do with the dignity they should be learning from their parents and coaches. I love this sport, but I wish the hatred and ignorance was gone. Let's try not to forget- these boys are just kids!!!

February 1, 2002
From: disgusted wrestling mom
comments: Here's a little tidbit for those who like to read the forum. Mannington Middle School won the Mason-Dixon Conference Tournament last weekend. It was the first time they had won it since Mannington has became a middle school around 1979. The Fairmont Times totally ignored the team by only writing up the East Side has Two Champions story. But we at Mannington expect that and don't worry about it anymore. It is now Thursday evening and Mannington Middle School itself has yet to acknowledge the eleven boys that placed in the top four last weekend. We didn't expect the boys to get a full-out assembly but a mention in the morning announcements over the loudspeaker would have been great. Even Shane Eakle, the East Side coach, wrote a nice congratulatory note in the Forum.

February 1, 2002
comments: to calhoun wrestlers.... the match between hoover, nitro , and PHS is WEDNESDAY not thursday.. 4 those who might want to come and that match is at Hoover starting at 6.

February 1, 2002
comments: There have been a few changes to the MSAC schedule on Saturday Feb. 2nd. Weigh ins will be from 10- 11:30 and wrestling will begin on 3 mats at noon. The finals will be at the Memorial Fieldhouse at 6:30 pm. Hope to see you all there, as there should be some great individual match ups.

February 1, 2002
From: Greenbrier West's Fan
comments: Hey Guys!! Good luck at Fayetteville! I hope you all do well! Love Ya Bunches!!

February 1, 2002
From: region II predictions at 130-152

130:                             140:
1.Dorsey(jeff.)                  1.Mayle(est fmt.)   
2.Barbour(mart.)                 2.Gustines(jeff.)
3.?                              3.?
4.?                              4.Young(hed.)

135:                             145:
1.Griffith(jeff.)                1.Lord(hed.)
2.Dellagotti(fmt snr.)           2.Davis(jeff.)
3.Moore(est fmt.)                3.?
4.Kyle(key.)                     4.?

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