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February 5, 1999
From: Bulldog
email: drennen3@marshall.edu
comments: LKC predictions
103 Gandee
112 Wentmoth
119 Miller
125 Hayhurst
130 Lowe
135 Cross (he has been wrestling tough)
140 Miller
145 Mccartney
152 Johnson
160 Drennen (he is gonna beat Hardaway)
171 Villers
189 Delebrue (he doesnt quit)
215 no clue
275 Salmons

1. Wirt County
2. Williamstown
3. Ritchie
4. Calhoun

Its gonna be a tough night of wrestling and I will be there to watch it. Good Luck Dan.

February 5, 1999
comments: These are my predictions for the LKC tournament:
103-Gandee Rav.
112-Wenmoth Will.
119-Westbrook Will.
125-Hayhurst Rit.
130-Wince Rit.
135-Wenmoth Will
140-Miller Wirt
145-Smith Rit.
152-Goff Rit.
160-Hardway Brax.
171-Nestor Rav.
189-Houser St. Marys
215-Smith Rit.

Team Finishes:

Outstanding Wrestler: Nat Smith, Ritchie

February 4, 1999
From: Big Sexy
comments: Here are my predictions for the LKC.
103- Gandee
119- Westbrook
189-Delebrue( just cause hes beat Houser all ready
275-Salmons( but won't be suprised if he gets upset by Nailor or Hawkins)
1. Williamstown
2. Wirt
3. Braxton
4. Ritchie
5. Calhoun
6. Ravenswood
7. Clay
8. St. Marys

February 4, 1999
From: MAC
email: mcquaint@hotmail.com
comments: If the region 1 situation is so unfair to the other regions, then why do the teams along the border not want to be moved region 1? Parkersburg or Parkersburg South would gladly move to another region.

February 4, 1999
From: Ripley fan
comments: Good luck to the Ripley Viking wrestling team this Saturday at the MSAC tournament.

February 4, 1999
From: A Patriot Fan
comments: Way to go, Patriots! Good luck Saturday!
A Patriot Fan

February 4, 1999
Editor's note: A few observations regarding the tri with Parkersburg South, John Marshall, and Ripley
Parkersburg South was ranked #2, Ripley #5, and John Marshall #9 in the team polls. I would have expected South to win these matches, and wonder if John Marshall may move up in the polls.
In regards to individual rankings in the coaches polls: the higher ranked wrestler won his match against a lower ranked or unranked wrestler in 10 of 12 matches in PS vs Ripley, 7 of 9 matches in JM vs Ripley, and 8 of 11 matches in PS vs JM. The individual rankings predicted the outcome of the match in 25 of 32 matches, 78% predictive. Of the 7 matches where a higher ranked wrestler was defeated by a lower ranked or unranked wrestler, 3 involved upsets of higher ranked Ripley wrestlers, 3 involved upsets of higher ranked JM wrestlers, and 1 involved an upset of a higher ranked PS wrestler.

Of course, all of this means nothing much, except to say that I think the Coaches do a pretty good job with the polls, and if they were any more accurate then we could probably skip the trip to Huntington, end the season right now, and hand out the awards... (smile).

February 4, 1999
to chop-chop
comments: brian floyd is not at 130. he is at 125. second; thomas naylor is a sophmore. just thought i wold tell you.

February 4, 1999
From: chop-chop
comments: i would like to congratulate all wrestlers who made the all state academic team and honor roll good work!!!!!! But what i am really hear to say is i disagree with brian reed completely just because ward has traveled everywhere does not mean anything you could travel to china or outerspace and not be a good wrestler sure good dedication but does not mean he will be great i think ward should be ranked at least 2 which he is because he got beat by dearth and i dont think ward has beat him yet and please do not count matt miller out of the state title picture he has only lost one match i think and that was to an out of state opponent i heard that miller was sick but a loss is a loss dont get me wrong ward is one of the best by far just remember this david and goliath!!!!!

February 4, 1999
comments: Here are my pick for this weekends LKC tournament

indvidual champs                 team finish
103 Gandee Rav               1.  Williamstown
112 Wenmoth Will             2.  Ritchie
119 Westbrook Will           3.  Wirt
125 Hayhurst Rit             4.  Calhoun
130 Lowe Wirt                5.  Ravenswood
135 Wenmoth Will             6.  Braxton
140 Miller Wirt              7.  Saint Marys
145 McCartney Cal            8.  Clay
152 Johnson Will            
160 Hardway Brax
171 Nester Rav
189 Houser StM
215 Smith Rit
275 Salmons Rav
Will be very close and very competative.

February 4, 1999
From: D145
http:// www.Geocities.com/Baja/Outback/2777
comments: For results on the Viking Smash go to this site.

February 4, 1999
From: Brian Reed
email: BEREED1@aol.com
comments: I hate to sound overly critical of the coaches pole, however I think that they made an eggregious error. Jason Ward should be ranked 1st, because I feel that he is THE BEST wrestler in the 160 pound weight class. Jason works very hard during the season, as well as during the off season. I mean, how many other wrestlers have the committment to travel to New York, Florida, and North Dakota for wrestling tournaments? Very few. I also see Jason as a good friend, and I wish him the best of luck. And, if you disagree with my opinion feel free to write me. I don't usually back down from verbal criticisms. Thank you!!

February 4, 1999
From: Jenny Sullivan
email: sullivj2@oak.cats.ohiou.edu
comments: Parkersburg South's varsity team will be competing at Saturday's MSAC tournament, but not all of them will be there. Some of the South seniors will be taking the ACT test, so the team Saturday will not be the team everyone sees in three weeks.

From: February 4, 1999
email: AAwrestlefan@hotmail.com
comments: I hope everyone is ready for an exciting day of wrestling at the LKC hosted by Calhoun Co. High. From everyone I have been speaking to the house will be packed. If you want to see some great match-ups and upsets you better be there. I want to wish every wrestler a safe day of wrestling. Good luck! Comments gladly excepted. Here are some of my predictions:
103- Gandee
112- Wenmoth
119- Johnson or Westbrook (tough call since Johnson has been off the mats for a while)
125- Hayhurst
130- Wince or Lowe
135- Cross
140- Miller
145- McCartney or Rav 145
152- Hardway
160- Drennen
171- ?
189- ?
215- ?
HWT- Salmons

February 4, 1999
From: wrestling fan
comments: Don't count Hoover out of the picture in the MSAC tournament They have some good wrestlers, look for some upsets

February 4, 1999
From: old man
comments: To Homer Southwood
Are you a former trivia partner of A.S.?

February 4, 1999
From: The Rebel
comments: Congratulations to Ritchie County for their second victory this year against P.H.S. last night. This goes to show AA is just as tough as AAA. This match put them at 21-0 in dual competion this season. Watch out for the Rebels in the LKC they will be in contention for thier first title.

February 4, 1999
From: Homer Southwood
comments: To Wrestling Fan (Regional Qualification)
I'm hearing double talk on regional qualification. Hopefully you can clear it up for me. You want to balance the regions by percentages of qualifiers being equal at approximately 43%. Then on the other hand, one of the reasons regional border teams don't go to Region 1 is because they have a better chance of winning the States by qualifying MORE wrestlers in a larger region where 33% of the wrestlers qualify than to go to Region 1 where 56% of the wrestlers qualify. I'm confused on this. I think one solution is, since the loss of Oak Glen and Weir to AA, move Morgantown and University back to Region 2 and have North Marion and Fairmont Sr. come to Region 1. That would make Region 1 the elite group of wrestling that would be just tooo sweeeaaat! But now you open the window for me to get on my soapbox and talk about another injustice in High School Wrestling. I know of at least one Public School wrestling team that has never had an opportunity to wrestle at the Regionals and under the current format, never will. This team has made some respectable outings in the past few years and just a few weeks ago, had three champions at a local tournament, The Wirt County Invitational. If the State Championships is suppose to showcase the best wrestlers in the State, why do we not give the opportunity for champions, like the three at Wirt County, a chance to be there. The team I'm referring to is the Parkersburg South "B" Team and I'm sure there are similar teams throughout the State. My feelings on this is that a B team tournament can be held the week before Regionals, then at the coaches seeding meeting, if any BYES occurs, they could be filled by the best available "B" Wrestler. Is that so terrible a thing to ask to give more wrestlers a chance to wrestle at the State's premier event? It is rumored that the Parkersburg South "B" team will be at the MSAC tournament. It will be their equivalent for a State Tournament. Move Parkersburg up another spot in your polls as 189 pounder Rob Ball, last year's Region 1 Champion, is back from injury and in the lineup for Parkersburg.

February 4, 1999
comments: Hi I am a wrestler in highschool and I am really disapointed about the coaches poll.I think COREY THARP from webster should place at states and you don't even have him listed

February 4, 1999
comments: from a wrestler to a fan I think webster county wrestler ROBBIE BROWN will win region 2 and place in the states.

February 3, 1999
From: Kurt Lear Coach SG
email: klear@iceweb.net
comments: For those WV teams interested in our Garrett County Maryland teams. Southern Garrett will conclude our regular season this Thursday at home against Westmar. We currently have two undefeated wrestlers on our team, Eric Rexrode (145) currently 24-0 and Nick Dolan (152) 22-0; other notables, Jeremy Hayhurst (160) 18-5, John Hayhurst (171) 19-2, and Russell Crosco (189) 19-2. We anticipate great success at this year's State Tournament. Northern Garrett is currently 14-0 and should host our regions dual tournament and possibly win the overall state title.
Editor's note: Thanks for the update Coach Lear. Keep us posted...

February 3, 1999
From: Pummel the Patriots!
comments: I thought Parkersburg South withdrew from the MSAC and were not competing in the tournament this year???

February 3, 1999
comments: I got a guess for MSAC and It wont't be South cause they won't be there

February 3, 1999
From: Jim LeMaster
comments: The MSAC sounds like a war for sure! And even more so a war of attrition. The team with the last men standing upright at about 2 in the morning should be declared the winner! As a predictor as to the outcome of the state, it is not a sure thing though. You can have a fantastic duals team that is relatively strong in every weight class and get beat at states by a team with seven studs and the rest duds! It sure will be a great state tournament in Huntington. I have heard that Hoover will be jammed so get their early and settle in for some of the best mat action in one spot in a long time. It boggles the mind! Hope to see the Midland Wrestling Rowdies out in full force. Let's hook 'em up and see what happens!

February 3, 1999
From: WV Wrestling Fan.
comments: Here is my top 6 Finishes for AAA 160
1. Miller East Fairmont
2. Dearth Parkersburg South
3. Ward Cabell Midland
4. Jackson Martinsburg
5. Courtney Fairmont Senior
6. Boyd Wheeling Park

February 3, 1999
comments: I know Miller is the favorite over Wharton and Glass over Lowe, but does any one have any comments to make about those pridictions. I think Lowe will upset Glass. Miller will beat Wharton. Just my pics. Please write on forum.

February 3, 1999
From: wvreddneck
comments: MSAC.........What a tournament......6 of the top ten teams in the state. Anybody want to venture a guess on the out come. I'm betting South wins by a small margin over Midland. Wrestling round robin it's going to be a long day. Last I counted 13 teams on 3 mats each team wrestling 5 times that's going to be One looong day. Best of luck to all. One other prediction the winner of this tournament wins the state before the finals start!!

February 3, 1999
From: Wrestling fan
comments: Midland ...South...Ripley...Parkersburg...Huntinton...Hoover...that's gotta be on heck of a tournament.. MSAC this week end at Hoover...talking about only the strongest surviving...

February 3, 1999
comments: I think Robbie Brown is definitely going to give someone a run in the finals in Region II.

February 3, 1999
From: Steve Buck
email: bucksb@wirefire.com
comments: First of all I have been officiating for 9 years,not wrestling, however as an official your first responsibility is safety for the men or women. Second, in the heat of the moment the last thing on the officials mind is something that is outside of the playing area. Good official or bad will not stop an adrenalin filled kid trying to win his match. I was just trying to point out a potentially dangerous situation. I hope it never happens but last year I remember 3 times the kids came real close to those boxes.

February 2, 1999
email: wvchad@aol.com
comments: I am ex-WVU wrestler , now living in Northern WV and have some interest in starting a Northern WV Freestyle club. I would like to know if anyone has any interest in this. The ages would probably be grades 7 through 11. I would be working with some other x-wvu wrestlers. I was thinking 2 evenings a week, with each week a new person coaching or helping out. I already have tremendous support. This is what WV wrestling is missing! We can improve... This would be great for our kids. If anyone has any ideas on location, or club info. let me know.. It wont go unless I have some responses.....

February 2, 1999
comments: I was just wondering about all the hype in the 125 pound weight class, Zyla's major upset, Junkins' minor upset. But I think one wrestler getting thrown by the wayside is Drake Jenkins (not to confused with Junkins) of Liberty-Harrison. Drake is a quality athlete who has pinned both Junkins and Leach. I believe Drake deserves some credit in the state. You all will see in Huntington.

February 2, 1999
From: chop-chop
comments: i was just writing to all wrestlers that the end of the season has almost arrived and it has been great with outstanding comeback wins or some upset losses. either way it has been really exciting and remember anybody can be beaten on any given day. Right now i would like to recognize some really talented wrestlers who caught my eye this year. These wrestlers have really worked hard and won great matches. So here they are:
145- Nicholas Hedrick-Senior
160- Matthew Miller - sophomore
215- Adam King/Josh Coffey-senior/junior
103- Johnathan Dellagatti-sophomore
112- Chris Johnson-sophomore
119- Eric Noel-???
Hwt- Joe Heath-Junior
189- Brandon Kupher-Senior
135- Brian Moats-sophomore
130- Brian "Rat" Floyd-Senior
Hwt- Thomas Naylor-Junior
Those are just a few of the top wrestlers that i think have title shots. There are many other great wrestlers out there. Good luck to all wrestlers. And I'll see you at Huntington.

February 2, 1999
From: wv mat fanatic
comments: kudos go out to wva female wrestlers Erica Dye of wirt and Amy Alverio of Weirton who are ranked as some of the top female wrestlers in the country. A ranking by a Michigan offical had both of them highly ranked. The site involved female wrestling...

February 2, 1999
From: Wrestling Mom
comments: This is for Ken Chertow.
Hey, Kenny! In your Feb. 1 comments, you say you have two tickets available for a couple of WV boys (or father and son) in the Edinboro section. How about a mother and son? I have wanted to attend an NCAA tournament for years. And, I know how to cheer on our WV guys! Been around this sport for many years. Keep up the good work with your coaching. You are a great influence on our young men.

February 2, 1999
comments: Regarding safety of matside scoreboards: If you have good offical who don't let kids play the line the wrestlers not should come any where close to those boxes.

February 2, 1999
comments: From a reliable source
Jimmy Johnson is fine and he will be attending the LKC's this weekend. I would like to wish him the best of luck!

February 2, 1999
From: From a Ritchie Fan
comments: Congradulations to Jason Hayhurst for his 100th career win on January 27th. Also on his win January 30, Against Ravenswood 125 pounder, Bush.

February 2, 1999
From: Steve Buck

email: bucksb@wirefire.com
comments: I submitted a suggestion last year after the State Wrestling Tournament about a safety issue concerning the clocks that sit between most of the mats. I was concerned about the triangles and the sharp edges they have could really tear a kid up. I was wondering if anyone had addressed this problem??

February 2, 1999
comments: Why hasnt anyone posted the results from the Wirt Co. Invitational. I would have thought that someone would have posted them by now.

February 2, 1999
From: Joe Altobello, WVSSAC Wrestling Committee member
email: jaltobello@mindspring.com
Two items:
1. To the inquiry about the recognition of 7th and 8th place finishers at the state meet. The Board of Appeals rejected this committee proposal at their May 14, 1998 meeting.
2. The Wrestling Committee will meet at the WVSSAC office on April 20, 1999. Only committe members may bring up business during the session. If any coach wants something discussed, please contact a committee member. A list of members can be found in the Inter- Scholastic or by calling the WVSSAC office.

February 2, 1999
From: wrestling fan
email: comments for the forum
comments: JP Stanley has been doing great this season just wondering why he has not been mentioned very much, without losing his first match till WSAZ...

February 2, 1999
From: Jenny Sullivan
Email: sullivj2@oak.cats.ohiou.edu
Comments: Although it's a little late, here's another comment regarding the coaches' polls. Sure, there are some wrestlers who probably should be on the poll but may not be, but that could be due to a number of reasons. Maybe the wrestler's record isn't well-known and he hasn't made a name for himself within his own region. Another case could be the timing of the poll. For instance, it was mentioned that Josh Barrett defeated Jon Delligatti. More than likely, this match was contested after the poll had already been sent to press. And it's to be sure that things will change after the conference tournaments, but if the coaches waited for the perfect time to put out the poll, it would never be produced.

Don't get upset if your name or the name of your favorite wrestler isn't where you think it should be. I know people probably get tired of hearing me mention him, but in 1996, Parkersburg South's Jason Johnson wasn't even ranked in the coaches' poll, but that didn't stop him from winning the state title that year, being named the outstanding wrestler at the '96 state tournament, and going on to become a three-time state champion. So don't get too worked up over the polls, because the only wrestling that counts is done on mats, not paper.

February 2, 1999
From: Wrestling Fan
comments: Congratulations to Tucker Brown (103 lb) and Roger Kupfer (112 lb) from Cameron. Freshman OVAC placewinners. Brown (4th) and Kupfer (3rd). Both also won the Bellaire Ohio tournament on January 30th.

February 1, 1999
TO all my friends from OAK GLEN
Thanks for the compliment and I can't wait to talk to you all down at the states. Hope you all are doing good and having fun. See you soon

February 1, 1999
From: Wrestling Fan
comments: To Homer Southwood
I am glad to hear that Region 1 rotates its regionals. For example, Region 2 didn't rotate until the past several years and now the rotation is 2 years at the Fairmont Armory and then 1 year at an Eastern Panhandle team. The center mat at the armory is "home court" every 2 years for their wrestlers. I favor a different location every year. - Good idea for the state tournament! Football has shown that the Charleston/Huntington area is not the only place that can handle a state tournament. As long as the facility was large enough to handle the crowd, I would agree with rotating that also. I don't agree with your logic that it is much harder to get 4th place at Region 1 than other regions. By looking at the dual meet results, there are some teams around challenging Region 1 teams. Taking a full team to earn points at the state has some real upsides for team championships. - Don't get me wrong, Region 1 is tough. But Region 2 has its share of good wrestlers also. Maybe the coaches of the teams closest to Region 1 you mentioned perceive themselves as the only ones to knock off the Region 1 teams in the States after they have to battle through the other Regions. I don't think it is fair to make other teams farther away travel longer distances because of that. But no matter who's perceived as tougher and how ever else you cut it, it's still not a "fair deal" to any wrestler or team when they put 7 teams in one region that sends 4 to states and then put 12 teams in another region that can only sends 4.

February 1, 1999
Word is that Calhoun wrestler Jimmy Johnson was in an accident. Reported to be OK, but in hospital as of Monday. Latest word is that he may be ready for the LKC.

February 1, 1999
From: spiderman
email: bigjunk@hotmail.com
comments: I've updated my AA polls on my homepage--come take a look, there are A LOT OF changes. Many teams have shuffled places and a few have dropped of the team poll entireley. In addition, there are numerous individual changes. If you do visit please sign my guestbook and leave your top 6 predictions for 125, (since i don't do this class) thanks for helping out with the polls everyone.
spider http://homepages.infoseek.com/~da_spider

the results of the AA toughest weight class poll are in!!!!
**(this poll was setup so that only one vote from each individual computer was accepted...i.e-no one could vote twice)**
**106 total votes**
#1.125lbs. (44 votes)= 42%
#2.119lbs. (14 votes)= 13%
#3.145lbs. (11 votes)= 10%
tie #4. 189 & 171lbs. (9 votes)= 8%
thanks for voting everyone,

February 1, 1999
From: cutting weight
comments: congratulations to nicholas hedrick from fairmont senior on his 151 win from all your friends from OAK GLEN. So how is your team doing. hope to see you win states with me again. your friends from OAK GLEN

February 1, 1999
comments: I heard Roane Co. was coming back to the LKC in the near future. Is there any truth to that?

February 1, 1999
From: Mat observer
As a wrestling fan and parent, I'd like to sincerely thank the Coaches who are involved in the Coaches polls. I count 226 kids who are accounted for in these polls. I am thankful that we have dedicated professionals who care enough about our sport and our kids that they would take the time to do this. Name one other sport in WV where you have a group of coaches who make an effort to seriously look at what our young athletes are doing in every region in the state. I don't see any attempt to come up with recognition for 226 basketball players. Go ask your local basketball coach who the top 8 point guards are in WV. Sure, there may be some kids left off the list that maybe should be included. If so, they will have a chance to show their stuff at regionals and states. Other sports come out with these "All-State" teams after the season is over. How do we know if a kid who is named 2nd string all-state running back should really be first string? At least in our sport, coaches do thier picks BEFORE the big dance, and if someone is left out he has a chance to prove everybody wrong. What's the alternative to all this work the coaches do with the polls and such --do nothing to promote the sport? Personally, I'm glad we have some dedicated professionals who are trying to pay attention to what our kids are doing.

February 1, 1999
From: Jim LeMaster
comments: In regards to the same school hosting the regonals on consecutive years, I agree that the home court advantage can be a problem . . . but I feel a far worse scenario is to stage the event in small bandbox gyms with limited seating and nearly non-existant sound. Perhaps the facility should be taken into account. Just a comment with no malice intended. I hope all the wrestlers out there are still eligible on grades. I lost three excellent guys off my middle school team because they did not take the classrooom seriously enough. They not only hurt themselves but the team as a whole. Looking forward to seeing how things develop in the next few weeks.

February 1, 1999
comments: TO WV_WRESTLER
The coaches vote on the rankings.That is why it is called a coaches poll. they watch everyone wrestle for about half a year then vote.

February 1, 1999
From: Ken Chertow
email: chertow@olympianwrestling.com
comments: 39,000 plus hits...that is awesome. Doc, you are doing a great service! Not only are you promoting our special sport, but you are promoting reading. I am sure wrestlers are reading more now than ever before because of your page. Speaking of reading, I am now expanding my Olympian Camp newsletter to the internet. I have published a free monthly newsletter for my summer camp students throughout the past decade and sent it via postal service. It is filled with trtaining tips, upcoming tournament info and news of campers success. I now going to publish this newsletter via e mail. It is FREE to anyone who wants to recieve it. IF YOU WANT TO GET ON MY NEWSLETTER MAILING LIST, SEND ME YOUR E MAIL ADDRESS IMMEDIATELY. February issue goes out soon. Write me at chertow@olympianwrestling.com

Additionally, I have extra tickets to the NCAA Tournament at Penn State. They are in the Edinboro section and are available to a couple WV boys (or father and son) who want to go cheer on Mark Samples. Mark is a senior at Edinboro and former WV State Champ. He was one match from placing last year, losing in double OT. Do you realize only two WV natives have ever placed in NCAA's? Mark has chance to be #3. Who wants to go cheer him on March 19-21?!

February 1, 1999
From: Nick Busick
email: bu118@ovnet.com
comments: Pulled a good one on two different ref's this weekend at East Liverpool Youth tourney. As it sometimes happens, our kids wound up wrestling each other. On two of the matches I coached with our kids wrestling each other, I deferred. Both refs got a good chuckle out of it since it was a long day and everyone was tired. HEY DOC...did that ever happen to you????
Editor's note: Far be it from me to speak for the good Dr. Welker, but I doubt that there's much that Dr Welker hasn't seen at a match... (smile).

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