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February 6, 2000
From: Bob Staats
email: bsspeak@hotmail.com
comments: Congratulations to Ravenswood's Ash Gandee (112) Adam Schindler (145) and Dana (Moose) Raban (215) on their individual weight class championships at the Little Kanawha Conference tournament. Great job!

February 6, 2000
From: C Smith
comments: Can someone submit the 93-94 state tourney results? PLEASE!!!!!

February 6, 2000
From: wrestling fan
comments: Can anyone tell me who is wrestling at 130 for Capital and Logan. There is never any results from there matches to go bye.? Thanks. Also in the 125 class?

February 6, 2000
From: FAN
comments: Congratulations to Cory Auvil on achieving your 100th career wrestling win at the BIG 10 TOURNAMENT this weekend. Keep up the great work. Also Congratulations to Coach Rod Auvil - Big 10 Coach of the Year and to the Grafton Bearcats for winning the BIG 10 for the third straight year. Way to go guys! We're proud of you!

February 6, 2000
From: Big 10
comments: I'd like to congratulate Drew Toth of South Harrison. He was the MOW this year in the Big 10 tourn. Also good job to Cory Auvil for picking up his 100th win. Matt Jones keep your head up!

February 6, 2000
comments: does anyone know what the score was between gandee and hosey at the point pleasant olympic pool tournament

February 6, 2000
From: Stephen M. Stiles
email: sstiles@mail.fscwv.edu
comments: Iím attending Farimont College and I would like to get some mat time to prepare for the Mason county open. If any of the area high school coaches would like me to work out with your 215 and/or hvt please e-mail with times and directions. I qualified for states twice at hvt and twice at 215. Thanks Stephen.

February 6, 2000
From: wrestling fan
comments: Did Childers not wrestle in the LKC?

February 6, 2000
From: kanawha wrestler
comments: Are you not going to post the individual results from the MSAC? Sounds like there were a lot of upsets.
Editor's note: We have posted everything we have, and will post everything we get.

February 6, 2000
From: Virginia
email: va68@hotmail.com
comments: I would like to congradulate all of the LKC placers. I can't wait to see how the guys do at their regionals.

February 6, 2000
From: ex-Big Red
comments: In response to Northern Panhandle Fan's comments on any other team having all weight classes but 1 at State's and dominating like South did in 1995...check out results to 1988 State Tournament. PHS dominated with 7 state champions 1 runner-up 2 thirds 1 5th and 1 6th (only 13 weight classes then). Team results were as follows: PHS 261 Oak Glen 125.5 (AAA then) John Marshall 109 Wheeling Park 104 and South 72.5. So to answer your question of "has anyone known of such domination"....yes I have I was there!

February 6, 2000
From: The Editor
WV-Mat Legal Department
From time to time, fans will cut-and-paste an article from an on-line newspaper and submit same to the forum. You may have noticed that I never (well, seldom) post such, and here is why:
Before I started this enterprise, I wrote to editors of several newspapers to inquire about taking match results from newspapers and publishing them on this website. I was worried about copyright infringement and such. Here is what I learned. Facts cannot be copyrighted, but the written account or description of the facts are copyrighted. Information such as scores and match results can be lifted from newspapers with impunity, because no newspaper can lay claim to "rights" to such info. However, the written description of these events is the property of the newspaper. So, I thank those who cut-and-paste such accounts and submit them to the forum; but, I hope you understand why I choose not to make wholesale use of such accounts.

February 6, 2000
From: Ken Chertow
Details for 2000 Gold Medal Camp System have been finalized. Check out www.kenchertow.com for all the details. If you know anyone who would like to be included on my mailing list, have them contact me.

Plans for my 3rd annual Womens Wrestling Camp have been finalized. Dates are June 24-28 in Huntington, WV. I conduct my camp in a nice convention center hotel. You will have an awesome training situation with first class facilities.

You will have an outstanding group of coaches working with you. The featured female clinician will be Shannon Williams-Yancey. Shannon is a class act and is one the most successful women in the history of US Wrestling.

Shannon is a 6x U.S. National Champion & 4x World Silver Medalist. Since retiring Shannon has been the head coach of U.S. Cadet National Team and assistant coach of 1999 Women's World Champinoship Team.

As we head into major tournaments, make sure you are focused on achieving your highest goals. Dream about what you plan to achieve daily. Visualize yourself doing whatever is necessary to defeat your toughest opponents. Think positively!!! Most importantly... Rise to the Occasion at your most important events so you have a Peak Performance!!

Good Luck on your quest for Success!!!
Ken Chertow

Ken Chertow Olympian Wrestling Camp http://www.kenchertow.com

February 6, 2000
From: just wondering?
comments: does anyone have the results from the coalfield conference???
Editor's note: Got them courtesy of Big Creek staff just as you spoke, and a big thanks to Coach McKinney

February 6, 2000
From: Pan handle fan
comments: Cary Kolat a now WVU assistant coach and Dominick Black a past WVU wrestler and assistant are both on the US World Team. They are wrestling this weekend in D.C. during the world Cup.

February 6, 2000
comments: http://sundaygazettemail.com/display_photo.php3?iid=707

February 6, 2000
From: East Fairmont Fan
comments: I would like to congradulate the BEES for a good showing at the NCAC Tournament! You boys work hard and it shows! A very special Congrats to our 2 NCAC Champions - Shane Eakle at 152 and Matt Miller at 171. Keep up the good work!

February 6, 2000
comments: Congratulations Calhoun on your 3rd place finish at the LKC Tour. Saturday I can't wait until 24-25-26.

February 6, 2000
From: DK
email: waddles_wv@yahoo.com
comments: Congrats to the Braxton County Eagles on their win at the LKCS as a team 27-0. You guys did an excellent job. We are all very proud of you. Hey Coach can't wait to see the new blonde hairdo. Shu what color hair did you agree to? Again Good job EAGLES keep up the good work. Good luck at Huntington on Thusday. Take it to the mat guys!!!!

February 6, 2000
comments: i would like to know how exactly do u rate these coaches poll things shane eakle beat jon ross neptune and rick hickman in the same day at the ncac championships respectfully ranked 3 and 5 i think u should please give it some thought great job shane!!!!!!!!! shane won the tournament neptune was 1 and hickman 2 defeating both of them also jeff noechel beat matt cinalli

February 6, 2000
From: Steve Everhart
email: hartfam@erols.com
comments: Mr. Berry
I tried to E-mail you but it got kicked back. Was interested in hearing what you had to say. Please contact me. Thank You.

February 6, 2000
From: Bob PIckens-Head Coach @ Williamstown
email: terbo@citynet.net
comments: I would like to give a special congratulations to the Braxton Co. wrestling team and to Coach Sterling Beane for their performance in the LKC tournament. Your team showed a lot of class and should be very proud of their victory. I would also like to give a hearty THANK YOU to all the fans from all the schools who traveled to WHS to witness the tournament.

February 6, 2000
From: 152 pounder
comments: To all the people that beat me and didn't place at WSAZ's HA HA HA.

February 6, 2000
From: Old Coach
comments: Congratulations to the Harpers Ferry Wrestling team for defeatig Clarke County (VA) 60-15 and Timber Ridge (VA) 76-3 on Thursday to raise their season record to 32-0. Keep up the good work guys your coaches are very proud of you!

February 6, 2000
First I would like to say I enjoy your web very much. Read it every day.
Second: Last week a wrestler from Roane Co. was knocked out by a slam. The wrestler that did the slamming was disqualified for that match only, but went on to wrestle the rest of his matches. The Roane wrestler cannot wrestle for the rest of this week, due to the injury. Maybe, just maybe next week he can return. So who receives the punishment. The wrestler that did the slamming was not punished, he was losing the match, so what punishment was this. I think the rules committee should think a bit about this ruling. Thank you for your time.

February 6, 2000
From: Erwin Berry
email: Citrus@ovis.net
comments: to Hedgesville Fan:
I arrived home at 3:00 am after travelling to the sparsely attended Hedgesville quad last night. I thought I would get to watch my son wrestle a top notch Hedgesville kid. I didn't get to. I'd like to have your name and email address because I would like to share some things with you. I prefer not to vent over the forum but since you leave no email and remain relatively anonymous I have no recourse but to try to contact you in this manner. Thanks...good luck at States. EB

February 6, 2000
From: talon
comments: I know this is kind of irrelevent... but I saw something about the olympics..... and it made me wonder about the wrestling team for the USA. Does anyone know when they do the trials... and if there are any WV guys in contention?

February 6, 2000
comments: Okay how do you get to the Ohio Wrestling Page?
Editor's note: Check the links page. There is a link to an Ohio page, but I don't know if it is the one you want.

February 6, 2000
From: factman
comments: to all in the forum!!!!! All regions should have as cllose to the same amouunt of teams as possible that way most people actually have to win a match to get to states and no no no i dont think anyone doubts that parkersbug south is a good school. you guys have as good as shot as any at a state championship with the only teams in your way trying i stress TRYING to prevent you from winning is Fairmont Senior and Hedgesville. two very good teams. and stop comparing matches: well this kid beat this kid whom beat this kid who lost to thsi kid. therefore so and so is better. certain wrestlers match upw ell against other wrestlers. so anything can happen. I PRAY THAT SOEMONE WILL GIV ME SOME FEEDBACK ON WHAT I HAVE PUT OUT FOR ALL TO SEE!!!!!!!!!!

February 5, 2000
From: northern panhandle fan
comments: Every year at this time the forum seems to be flooded by complaints about the number of teams in Region 1. This year is no different and now the complainers have expanded there whining to say that Parkersburg South is not deserving of the respect they receive. As far as South receiving too much respect I feel that they have earned it. People have complained that we are living in the past but that is where respect is earned. In 1995 Parkersburg South had a wrestler in every weight class except for 275 I know this because I stood with there whole team on the mat on Saturday night during the pre-finals introductions. Does anyone know of anyone else ever accomplishing this feat.

February 5, 2000
From: Wrestling Supporter
comments: There is an article under "WV Mat Thoughts" discussing TRASH TALK IN WRESTLING. I'm with the South Fan .... it's time for the adults to grow up and the wrestlers take it to the mat. "Such talk is cheap lessens the dignity of our sport".

February 5, 2000
From: David Darst PPHS Wrestling Coach
comments: All of Point Pleasant High School's wrestling matches have been put on the WV MAT or the Ohio Wrestling Page.
Warren Local Tournament
Point Pleasant Olympic Pool
Gallipolis Olympic Pool
Jackson Co. Invitational
Winners Choice Tournament
WSAZ Tournament
New Lexington OH - Ohio Wrestling Page 1-31-00 (5th place)
Athens Olympic Pool - Ohio Wrestling Page 2-7-00
SEOAL Tournament at Athens OH - Ohio Wrestling Page 2-14-00
Regional Tournament at PPHS - WV Mat
All of our wrestling is done in tournaments. We didn't schedule a dual tri or a quad. We think our schedule is one of the tougher schedules in the area. During our season we see the top AA at The JCI Tourn. At the Winners Chioce we see All Region 2 and alot of Region 1. The WSAZ Tourn. allows us to see Region 4 and Region 3. After the WSAZ tourn. we see Lakewood St. Ed. and all of the top southern Ohio teams at the New Lexington Oh tourn. This tournament along with the Athens tournament allows us to see ALL of the teams in our SEOAL Conference. Hope this clears up any confusion.

February 5, 2000
comments: Just for a point to ponder...... Mat George of Parkersburg lost to Jonny Williams of Loraine South View Ohio by the score of 8-2. Ash Wenmoth of Williamstown beat the same wrestler at the Mid West Classic in December by the score of 10-6.

February 5, 2000
From: christine
comments: South is the best team in the state and I think that PHS is going to do very well in the states. As for everybody saying everything about the wrestlers of all the schools don't be trashing them b/c all they are doing is going and trying their hardest. So give them some credit at least they are trying.

February 4, 2000
From: South wrestling fan
comments: I love to read the forum. It does seem however that the adults who write in are very competitive and try to match this wrestler against this one and this team against that one. We may be missing the most important factor about high school wrestling and that being that it builds character and leadership. We sometimes as adults forget that these young kids are just that young kids and I for one have never seen a loser from any school in a young person who has the dedication to become a wrestler.I enjoy a great match between two good wrestlers or teams and applaud every young person who leaves their best effort on the mat.Maybe as adults it is time we give all kids from all schools the credit they so deserve because in my mind they are all winners!

February 4, 2000
From: mat man
comments: when all is said and done all the people from these other schools that have been talking there team up you all will find that PARKERSBURG SOUTH is far better than any other team in the state. how maney schools can say they are going after there fifth state championship in six years

February 4, 2000
From: wrestling fan
email: cradcli2@wvu.edu
comments: Why does everyone have to bicker and argue over who's the #1 team in the state. It's fun to have a rivalry but come on this is getting out of hand. I just want to wish all of the wrestlers the very best of luck at regionals and state. All of this will be put to rest in 22 days!

February 4, 2000
From: Northern Garrett Fan
comments: To Hedgesville wrestler: What I am saying is we would beat you head to head because we are very solid 103-275. You guys have some great wrestlers to compare Stein to Regalbuto is unfair to compare Regalbuto to anyone is hard. I have been watching local high school wrestling for 12 years and Regalbuto is the best I have seen since Kolat. You guys are in the top 3 AAA in WV no doubt in my mind. When you compare the BEST in MD to the BEST in WV I feel they are similiar I am not saying AA in MD is better than AAA in WV. Our top 4 AA schools and top 4 AAA schools would match up well or even with the same in WV. Best of luck to your team. I will be reading this forum to see how you are doing. There is a new forum go.to.allmarylandwrestling.com that you might like.

February 4, 2000
comments: I was just looking at the coaches polls for AAA and i was wondering how Mark Evans from Wheeling Park is ranked ahead of George and Stanley. Nothing against Evans i just think that he should be 3rd with George 1st and Stanley 2nd. Also id watch out for Danny Lord of hedgesville he gave Wenmoth a heck of a match losing by 2 and Stanley got beat by 5. By the way im a AA wrestler.

February 4, 2000
comments: ya about Parkersburg not posting matches on here. I know for a fact that all there matches are in the Parkesburg News so if ya wanna know how the big reds did go buy one!

February 4, 2000
From: wvaa
email: wv_aa@hotmail.com
comments: Hi the following pages have been updated
- Predictions Page
-Weight Class Round Up
-Williamstown Team Page

February 4, 2000
From: Swil
comments: To: Hedgesville Fan
I am getting a little tired of hearing how much easier it is to win out of Region 1 and how much harder it is to win the state when Region 2 has 12 teams. Do you realize that Region 2 has 4 teams that have sccored a total of 65.5 points in the State Tournament during the past 5 years? All of Region 1 teams have at leat 50 points. So I think that Region 2 really has 8 teams and Region 1 has 7. By the way the top 5 in total points in the Last 5 years:
1. Parkersburg South - 1066
2. Fairmont Senior - 600
3. Parkersburg - 499.5
4. North Marion - 478
5. John Marshall - 476
16. Hedgesville - 181.5

February 4, 2000
From: LKC FAN 1
comments: Most of what is posted here on this great forum is our school is better than your school. Well here we go. The Hotbed of wrestling in the state of WV is most certainly is the AA LKC. There is no tougher conference in any division in the state. On a percentage basis the LKC produces more state champions than any division AAA or AA. The LKC has been producing year in and year out for a very long time. This is another reason to say it is the best conference because of longevity. If we went a little further (and included some other teams-dont worry about divisions) you would have to say the toughest part of the state to wrestle in is not the panhadles it is not the south it is not the north but in the western part of WV. The list goes like this. The parkersburg schools St. Marys Ravenswood Ritchie Williamstown Wirt Ripley Pt pleasant Calhoun Braxton Roane... There is no place in the state with more talent as close together as this. But AAA aside the LKC for sure is an awesome tournament with some fierce competition.-THE BEST IN THE STATE

February 4, 2000
From: another old south fan
comments: To the former south fan who has now become a cabell midland fan....it is unfortunate that you have changed loyalties but I hardly think 6 years constitutes a "true south fan". WE who are part of the South wrestling family are committed for a lifetime.-that is what makes our program strong and will keep it strong for future generations of fans and wrestlers-'fly-by-nighters'can hitch a ride on some other shooting star. You didn't even give a reason for your change of heart...

February 4, 2000
From: Hedgesville fan
comments: To the Sout Fan that told me to look in the wrestling USA magazine. Maybe you should. I know that McGuffey has a great team and they have some kids ranked national. HOW MANY KIDS DO YOU HAVE RANKED NATIONAL. HEDGESVILLE HAS ONE and will have one next year. And at all of the major tournaments you have been to how many champions did you have. It's no big deal that you go there it's if you can do well in those big tournaments. It is not the Hedgesvilles wrestlers fault not being able to wrestle South in a dual match. Most of Hedgesvilles wrestlers they go all over the country seeking tuff competion and win alot of those tournaments.

February 4, 2000
From: hedgesville wrestler
comments: to Northern Garrett Fan. You are right abuout us beating Martinsburg 44-31 but did you go into past forums from November to December we beat Martinsburg 55-13. I know this for a fact because I wrestle for Hedgesville. You guys have a great team and probably the best team in Maryland A or AAA. But if you are trying to compare and say that A Maryland is just as tuff as AAA West Virginia better check into the subject alittle more. Here is one example Regalbuto AAA state champ Stein A state champ the final score was 22-5 Regalbuto in the second period that about sums that case up. But you still have a great team and good luck the rest of the year.

February 3, 2000
From: all around fan
comments: A simple question why do some teams not post match results....some just post a score others don't even post that much....I would love to see some individual results from Parkersburg...Point Pleasant...and others. I can only see how this would help programs more publisity the better afor all...If coaches are trying to hide something I would think all the good coaches have ways of finding out and scouting other teams...Just seems to be hurting the fans..Maybe some of the coaches ought to take the lead from some of the great teams around the state...South Hedgesville Fairmont Huntington Cabell Midland Nitro all seem to get most if not all match scores posted and it doesn't seem to be hurting thier programs...

February 3, 2000
From: Northern Garrett Fan
comments: Northern Garrett has a better team more depth and would beat Hedgesville. Sorry just the facts.On this forum the Hedgesville vs. Martinsburg score is 44-31 not what you stated.

February 3, 2000
From: Hancock Resident
comments: The biggest congrats goes out to the Oak Glen Golden Bears on being named USA Today Wrestling team of the week. Great job guys and the best of luck the rest of the season. You know you make the community proud!!

February 3, 2000
From: Panhandle Fan
comments: To "forum-observer" take a chill pill buddy and turn down the caps. I didn't bring up the stuff about Northern Garrett somebody else did. Here is the age old argument. Does double the student body mean double the potential talent. This may hold true for "team" sports such as Football Baseball Basketball etc. Does anyone think that applies to wrestling which is more an individual sport than anything. Maybe maybe not what are your thoughts. Never denied that Northern Garrett had a good team never denied that they were a smaller school just said that I believe head to head at this point in the year Hedgesville would take them regardless of matches and scores with other teams. Just an opinion nothing derogatory intended.
****Next hey Parkersburg South as far as Hedgesville versus you in a dual meet just show up at Wheeling Park next year and that'll solve everything.

February 3, 2000
comments: Good Luck to everyone in the LKC Saturday. My predictions:
2 and 3 could flip it all depends on the averege wrestlers for each team they need to score some points and/or an upset or two. Williamstown I believe have it in hand if they wrestle hard. It is the LK and anything can and will happen.

February 3, 2000
From: JJ
email: comments for the forum
comments: Gosh come on South everyone knows your team is probably one of the best in the state but come on you guys aren't the only good team in the state. Looking down thru the forum you'd think it was Souths homepage. Oh well everyone is entitled to use the forum. As for the LKCS at Williamstown the old adage "it ain't over till the fat lady sings" Get ready Braxton sure will be singing (and so will the fatlady me) when they bring home another first place. TAKE IT TO THE MAT EAGLES!! Best of luck.

February 3, 2000
From: Parkersburg Wrestling Fan ( Red & Blue!)
I think you should read wrestling USA & check out the national rankings before you say that Mcguffy only a few good wrestlers not a good team. As for Jeff Breese he is injured but will be back & yes he is one of the best along with the rest of his team.

February 3, 2000
From: A South Fan
comments: To the Hedgesville Fan:
To acknowledge such a ridiculous comment as Region 2 being tougher than Region 1 that is just stupid. When it's all over see how many Region 1 champs there are compared to Region 2. Everyone wants to complain about Region 1 only having 7 teams but who wants to volunteer to come over? The powerhouse Oak Glen went to AA-A from Region 1 and so did Weir and we picked up Morgantown and University. We could grab Ripley Point Pleasant and Roane County since they are the closest or does someone else want to volunteer? Hedgesville? Fairmont? Cabel Midland? I didn't think so. No matter where you would put PHS or South they would probably take more wrestlers than they do now.

I'm glad that your wrestling team has come a long way but wrestling the same schools every week doesn't prove anything. Next year maybe you can ask your coach to go to the Iron Man Tournament at Walsh Jesuit and face the top ten teams in the nation or the Brecksville Tournament in Ohio or go to Reno Nevada and face the top 20 or 30 teams in the nation. Then tell me Region 2 is tougher than Region 1.

By the way South will be wrestling at Fairmont Sr on February 9th too bad Hedgesville probably has all their weigh-ins or they could come over to wrestle with us. Oh that's right Hedgesville didn't want to wrestle South or we would have seen you in a dual earlier this year.

And to criticize the South fans? I think you need to look at your own before making any judgement calls.

February 3, 2000
From: Matt Smith
comments: Braxton Co. will have a shot but I believe that Coach Pickens will have his team ready to go in the LKC. Go Jackets!!

February 3, 2000
From: wrestling fan
comments: There has been alot of talk about who has the better team between Hedgesville and Parkersburg South.I guess the only way to find out is for these two teams to wrestle a dual match.I do know the eagles have the best trio Regalbuto Moats and Bowers in the state.What a joy it was to watch Regalbuto wrestle.So please watch Regalbuto in states you will see this kid put on a clinic it maybe the best you will get to see in along time.Best of luck to all teams at states.for the forum

February 3, 2000
From: forum-observer

February 3, 2000
From: mc
comments: To the "Wrestling Expert"
I wrestled in WV but lived in PA during college and for several years afterwards. PA is known for having great teams as well as individuals. 4 of the top 20 nationally ranked TEAMS are from PA right now. As for State Champion Jeff Breese of McGuffy PA being the starter at 112 but not wrestling against South. He injured his knee during soccer season and has been out all year (He attempted to wrestle in their opening match this year but had to default. He then had knee surgery and hasn't wrestled all season). In fact he is helping announce wrestling matches for a radio station. As for McGuffy LAST YEAR they were one of the best teams in the country. This year they are only the 3rd or 4th best team in the WPIAL (similar to a WV regional).
Although I'm no expert I don't claim to be one.

February 3, 2000
comments: Anyone know what time the finals are at the LKC tournament? Is there a set time or will the tournament be run straight through? Please post if you know.

February 3, 2000
From: 160pounder
comments: I heard that Snider is gone the rest of the year from a knee injury from Murphy of St. Mary's. I don't know how much truth is in that but I haven't heard of him wrestling anywhere lately. If he has were is his results? THANX

February 3, 2000
From: C Smith
email: smittyc_69@hotmail.com
In 94 i backed up Jeremy Hart at 112 but i did get a few chances to start do to injury to Hart i did well placing 2nd at Jackson INV losing to Brandon Clark 4-3 in the Finals I also placed 4th at WSAZ losing to Clark and Silverstein in close matches. Clark took 1st 2nd was Hart Silverstein was 3rd but I felt I was the 4th best 112 pounder in the state but didn't get a chance that year the season ended with 1st Chad Burge 2nd Brandon Clark 3rd Jeremy Hart 4th Corbin: I beat Corbin at Jackson INV alot of you probably would say why didnt you bump up to 119 well Kevic Acord was at 119 and finished 2nd in the state and i couldnt get down to 103. I feel i coould of easily placed 4th that year.

February 3, 2000
From: Just a wrestling fan
comments: Polls are like headaches everyone has one of their own. The results of the LKCS will look like this BRAXTON WILLIAMSTOWN CALHOUN RITCHIE. No brags just facts. Number 1 comes to whoever wants it the most. Polls don't mean that number 3 ranked kid can't beat number 1 or 2. If you have any extra money I'd bet on Braxton.

February 3, 2000
From: pshsfan
comments: Congratulation to PSHS so far this season. Goodluck the rest of the remaining matches regionals and state finals. Goodluck especially to Matt Bosley and Clint Radcliffe.

February 3, 2000
From: mousemom
comments: Question for the forum. At the Mason-Dixon tournament last Saturday a rumor was heard that Jason Koontz of Moundsville is no longer with the wrestling program. Any truth to this??

February 3, 2000
comments: Picks for LKC finals
103 Morris Cal vs Hosey Rit
112 Gandee Rav vs Brookover Will
119 McCartney Cal vs Haddox Will
125 Wenmoth Will vs Johnson Cal
130 Hayhurst Rit vs Westbrook Will
135 Cross Wirt vs Childers St.M
140 Cummings Roa vs Zlya Will
145 Schindler Rav vs Koslosky Rit
152 Smith Rit vs Seckmen Will
160 Hardaway Brx vs Murphy St.M
171 Hart Brx vs Nestor Rav
189 Delebreau Will vs Hart Brx
215 Raban Rav vs Karr Wirt
275 Naylor Rit vs Ritter Brax

How the teams will finish
1 Williamstown
2 Ritchie County
3 Ravenswood
4 Braxton County
5 Calhoun County
6 Wirt County
7 St Mary's
8 Roane County
9 Clay County

February 3, 2000
From: Stef Montgomery
email: jmetz@rtol.net
comments: Good Luck to the Braxton County High School Wrestling Team at the LKC tournament this week-end. These guys have worked very hard to achieve many of their goals this year and I expect this week-end to be no different. Look for another Braxton Eagles win in Williamstown this week-end. Good Luck Guys!!

February 3, 2000
comments: Does Hurricane have a team this year? I notice they are in the MSAC but have not seen a result...

February 3, 2000
From: Wrestling Expert
comments: I havn't really seen anybody bad mouthing south wrestlers on the forum but as a team they are very good exellent. but I have watched them wrestle and I dont think that there is one kid on the team that can compete at a Divion 1 level. I may be wrong but that is my opinion. Where as Hedgesville may have 3-4 kids compete at a Divion 1 level. Regalbuto Lord Moats Bowers Ballam. I also know that you did a great job against Mcguffey and they are a great wrestling team but PA is not known for good teams just great wrestlers. I also know that MCguffey did not have there starting 112 JEFF BREESE he won states last year and beat Stevens convincingly. That makes it 7 MCguffey ad 6 South.

February 3, 2000
From: Eagle Wrestler
comments: To the Northern Garrett Fan. We beat Martinsburg 55-13 forfeiting 103. They only won 2 matches. Thats pretty impressive. Northern Garrett wrestled West Fairmont and lost by 10 points and we beat West Fairmont by 5. So that means West Fairmont beat the man and we beat West Fairmont so that makes us the MAIN MAN.!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO EAGLES. But you did beat us at the Berkeley Springs tournament. BUTTTT Moats did not wrestle that makes the difference.

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