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February 15, 2001
From: Jeff Hughes Sr.
email: Bodean44@aol.com
comments: I have posted some lengthy articles this year so I'll try to keep this one short. Overall Cameron is as ready to make a run at the region and states as they have been since '94. Qualifying 11 wrestlers out of region I is the goal. With a little luck it will come to pass. Eight or more of them can score highly at states. At this point Oak Glen looks formidable as does Williamstown (in our region). Independence and Wirt impressed me greatly at Berkely Springs. States seem as close to wide open as they may ever get. Good luck to all comers.

About Tyler Hughes and the Haddox match. I would never put pressure on Tyler to even try to pin Haddox (should the score get comfortable enough to try) but haddox is not Wenmoth (as good as he may be). Tyler has never went out of his way to do the "team' thing and go for pins. Physically it has never been to his advantage nor did it lend itself to his style of wrestling. Desperate wrestlers do occasionally get pinned making that last ditch effort to salvage a win. This could happen to anyone. Let's just hope for an exciting match with good officiating where the official doesn't feel obliged to try to force both wrestlers to score twenty points each just to please the crowd. These matches are for the wrestlers not the spectators! Good luck to each and every participant. May you all remain healthy and have fun.

February 15, 2001
From: Simmons
comments: How many 135's are there from reigon III?

February 15, 2001
From: A Real Wrestling Fan
comments: Go Miss Erica Dye!!! I wish you all the luck in the world. From watching you at the Calhoun Invitational luck is not what gave you 1st. You wrestle hard and give it 110%. Congrats Wirt Coaches for a job well done!! I'm not from Wirt Just an Erica Dye Fan. Again I say Erica "ROCK THE HOUSE!!!"

February 15, 2001
From: Swami
comments: To Swami fan. Swami's crystal ball shows the following state placers from schools. South (11) Huntington (7) Parkersburg (7) Herbert Hoover (6) Nitro (6) John Marshall (6) University (5) East Fairmont (5) Fairmont Senior (5) Wheeling Park (4) Ripley (4) Point Pleasant (4). Swami picked East Fairmont 8th behind University because he likes University better. You asked. Ain't I allowed to have favorites also?

February 15, 2001


February 15, 2001
From: Region I follower....
comments: To 'Curious Mat Fan'.....
You ask the question.....how can a wrestler be at one weight class all year and move up at regionals. If you're referring to the 215 pound weight class you have your facts wrong. The top seeded wrestler has wrestled back and forth at 215 and 189 this year. In fact I've seen where he's defeated such wrestlers as Magnolia's Weaver JM's Wells ..... I've seen him wrestle at OVAC's and liked his chances at 189 but like them a little better at 215. I believe the latter will increase the team's chances.

February 15, 2001
From: youth coach
comments: i would like to take this time to let the coaches of mineral wells know that there hard work does not go unnoticed. they truely run a class program . not only that they put on one of the finest youth tournaments i have ever taken one of my teams to . although this past season was not one they had hoped for the kept there kids beleiving that they are winners . so for andy bill and jason keep doing the things your doing and look foward to next season . one last note the jr. highs and high schools should thank you three because if not for you guys where would there program be .

February 15, 2001
From: wrestling fan
comments: Good Luck to all the South wrestlers this weekend at Regionals!

February 15, 2001
From: south fan 67
comments: i would like to make a little prediction of my own about the upcoming aaa state championships . pickens and both dagget boys should when states but lets not over look metz and morrison . morrison hasn't wrestled since pee wee not a bad season for a young man that hasn't walked on the mat for four years . as for metzs he is as tough as they come good work ethics really does pay off . keep up the good work guys.

February 15, 2001
From: Chris Basford
email: Basford2@hotmail.com
comments: I would just like to wish Grafton best of luck this weekend at regions. Chris Cory Keener this is it for you guys. Kick some butt! I'd also like to wish Drew Toth and Buff the best of luck. This is it buds win it all! I might get the chance to see you all next weekend at states but I guess we'll see. Wrestle tough!

February 15, 2001
From: Coach
comments: For EJ:
I hope this will answer your questions about AAA region 1 seedings. First Garvin and Humpfries(sorry if mispelled) have not wrestled head to head this year. Garvin was out of the line-up the night the two teams met. Hope that helps there. But this should solve all the questions. No coaches for Wheeling Park attended the seeding meeting on Monday so not all was discussed at the meeting.

February 15, 2001
From: Phanatik
email: PhanatikWV@yahoo.com
Are the AA/A Region II seeds correct?

From: Wrestling Coach
comments: Region 2 A/AA only wrestlers with winning records were seeded

From: To Answere A Question
comments: The seeds for Region II A/AA are correct. There are at least four wrestlers in each weight class but only those with winning records were considered for seeds.

February 15, 2001
From: You never know
comments: To the "one" that said that Riverside has beaten Hurricane twice so far this year in the 152 class. It is wrong. They have only wrestled once so far this year and it was right after Tornifolio got stitches in his mouth and was forced out of wrestling for a while. I think it will be a good class with good competition.

February 15, 2001
comments: Just wanted to wish all all Region 1 wrestlers and teams good luck this weekend especially OG. Its going to be a close team race this year I jsut hope all wrestlers wrestle to the best of their ability and nobody gets hurt. Once again good luck to all!!

February 15, 2001
From: Robert Hickman
email: SHickman@aol.com
comments: To the East Fairmont coaches and team. Thanks dearly for the card and for thinking of Mathias and the rest of the family. It really meant alot to Mathias and myself. Someday you'll understand how much support really means. I've worked with many of you through the years and care deeply for your personal and athletic success. Thanks again and wrestle like mad men this weekend.

February 15, 2001
comments: Good luck this weekend in the reigionals PPHS............Matt (Herman) Warner you better get 1st place!!!!!!!!!! and to the team you all better get 1st place!!!!!\

February 15, 2001
From: madman
comments: goodluck to derrick knapp from parkersburg high. i believe if it wasnt for your your injury in the early part of the season you would be at the top of your class in wrestling but you are still at the top of your class as a person and a young man. also goodluck to ryan metz. it seems the times you spent in the wrestling room insteed of hunting is paying great divadens for you now. i am proud of you both

February 15, 2001
From: Curious Mat Fan
comments: How does a wrestler be at one weight all year and move to another weight and get top seeded when they haven't wrestled that weight class?

February 15, 2001
comments: To Region I watcher
Ryan Delebreau was a returning regional finalist at 189 thats why he was seeded ahead of Magnone. Anyways what is the difference between 2 seed and 3 seed in a 8 man bracket tourny.

February 15, 2001
comments: so did Region II AA just not seed people with losing records or is there going to be many bye's in state coming out of that Region.

February 15, 2001
From: squeks
comments: Every time i get on website I could throw up. For all the trash talking is just plain stupid. What does trash talking do? The answer........nothing. That is all it does. Trash talking gives something for loser to do. Ok!!!!!! The only way to find out if miller dagget noechel or mcartney has what it takes to win states youll just have to go and watch! Thanks for your time.

February 15, 2001
From: T
comments: Well first off to answer a question O'niel will definately have to wrestle 215 at states. Also if you look at the criteria for seeding Delbreaugh(sorry for spelling)of Williamstown has one up so to speak on Magnone for seeding. Although I don't approve of Cameron's move to put O'niel at 215 he does prolly have a better chance of winning it there.

February 15, 2001
comments: yes of course if he wrestles 215 in reagonals he must wrestle the same weight at state.

February 15, 2001
From: :::To Swami
comments: How can u pick East Fairmont 8th come on they will most likely place hi at 145 place at 160 and send 4 to the finals and all with great shots at the title. When you add in some guys that win a match or two you have to have East at least 2nd South however will have shot at 5 champs with prolly 3 winning and with there region all there guys go and have chance to wrestle back and place but if East can get 10 down there it will be closer than expected. Also a good luck to all Marion Cty. teams at Regionals let's show Wood County what we're made of!!!!

February 15, 2001
From: HuskieWrestler
email: To: Observer
comments: Hey this is Joey Joplin. I'd like to say thanks for the support but just let my wrestling do the talking ok? No offense i appreciate your comments but let's just see what happens at regionals and states. Thanks

February 15, 2001
From: A Braxton Eagle Fan
comments: Good Luck Eagles. Wrestle hard and you'll be fine. The Regionals are taking you one step closer to what you worked for all year....The States!!!! I just wanted to tell Erica Dye You go girl Bring the house down at the regionals like you did at the Calhoun Invitational!!!!! I wish all the wrestlers the best of luck the rest of the year...Oh Yeah Cliver from Clay (a wrestler who deserves everything he tries for. You're a great kid!!!)Take them to the mat!!!

February 13, 2001
From: concerned
comments: if wyatt oneil wrestles 215 at the regionals then will he have to wrestle that at states? aomeone answer me.

February 13, 2001
comments: when will the AAA region 2 seeds be coming out i think they should be for that is the toughest region thank u and have a wonderful tournament

February 13, 2001
From: Region I watcher
comments: I find it ridiculous that Vince Magnone of Weir received only a #3 seed in Region I despite a 39-2 record with with both losses coming to the defending state champ--one on penalty points and the other in a match which was 1-0 with a minute left. What is the criteria for seeding? Since Wyatt moved up to 215 a #2 seed should have been a no brainer. Please post this as I hope to generate serious discussion on the regional seeding process.

February 13, 2001
From: EJ
I am questioning how seeds for regionals were picked as a couple of weight classes seem out of place. first of all the 112 lb class in region 1 leaves Brian Humphries of Wheeling Park out of the seeding but he beat both Griffin Stipetich of JM and Jared Garvin of Morgantown. He soundly defeated both wrestlers in their head to head matches yet they were awarded seeds above him???? Also in the 145 lb wt class. Joel Gramlich of WP beat Dowler of Parkersburg, by fall, yet is seeded behind him in the Region. Someone really missed the boat here folks as especially in Joel's case it certainly affects his chances to finish second instead of third since he hasn't wrestled the Park South head to head and maybe could beat him in the semi. That also effects their potential seeding in state tournament. I am not real happy because the first seeding qualification should be head to head matches. Please explain how this happened.

February 13, 2001
From: TOF

103-1)Gorayeb WP
    2)Cappas M
    3)Campbell U
    4)Howard JM
112-1)Grogg PS
    2)Turnbull U
    3)Garvin M
    4)Stipetich JM
119-1)Stevens P
    2)Metz PS
    3)Kennedy WP
    4)Durbin B
125-1)Bosley PS
    2)Williamson P
    3)Kinsley U
    4)Shaw B
130-1)Kennedy WP
    2)George P
    3)Pickens PS
    4)DeVault M
135-1)Duncan PS
    2)Muldrew JM
    3)Knapp P
    4)Perroots U
140-1)Bliss B
    2)Moore WP
    3)Schmitt PS
    4)Corncelli P
145-1)George JM
    2)Dye PS
    3)Gramlich WP
    4)Dowler P
152-1)Pickens PS
    2)Filby JM 
    3)Pintus M
    4)Gross U
160-1)Ca.Daggett PS
    2)Wallace P
    3)Taylor JM
    4)Hill U
171-1)Ch.Daggett PS
    2)Thomas P
    3)Anderson JM
    4)Thompson U
189-1)Marks P
    2)Boyd WP
    3)Williams M
    4)Wright PS
215-1)McCartney PS
    2)Wells JM
    3)DeBerry P
    4)Cook WP
275-1)Morrison PS
    2)Johnson P
    3)Blosser U
    4)Henry JM

February 13, 2001
From: B. Hughes, Assistant Coach
I would like to start out by saying congratulations to all Region I A-AA wrestlers on making this one of the most exciting years of wrestling I have ever seen. I also would like to take a moment (don't think me rude for commending my own team) to congratulate Tyler Consolidated High School on a fine season. It looks as though (God willing) we will have state qualifiers at 125,135,140,152, and 275lb weight classes. While this is no great feat for exceptional teams such as Cameron, Williamstown, and Oak Glen, it is a milestone for our small team which has only 9 wrestlers competing in the regional tournament ; which in my opinion, is by far the toughest region in the state. Tyler gets little or no recognition during the course of the year for our wrestlers' hard work and determination which is largely overshadowed by the outstanding acheivements of the larger schools.. I am proud of all of our boys..(oops and one girl). Give us another 5 years and we just may surprise some of these grappling giants! May all wrestlers be granted strength and safety in the upcoming regional and state tournaments.

February 13, 2001
From: Superman
comments: To the person commenting on the regional pick of Ryan Bird to be regional champion: that prediction came from "one" of the most talented wrestlers in the state show a little respect. If he says Bird is gonna win... well maybe he will. I was suprised to see the Keyser kid beat Bird Brid beat that kid twice earlier this year. He must have gotten alot better and Bird will beat Pruit at regionals you have my "super word".

February 13, 2001
From: lady patriot
comments: good luck shane grogg this weekend at regions. always remember the hard work and practice that has gotten you this far. i heard you even wrestled in tulsa so the regions shouldnt be no big deal. good luck.

February 13, 2001
From: Observer
comments: My predictions for the 145 pound weight class in Region 4 and team standings
1st and 2nd--Morris (hh) dec. over Glass(lc) 5-4
3rd and 4th--Sayre (Rip) dec. over Tingler(pb) 8-2
5th and 6th--Smith (nc) dec. over Workman (gre) 2-1

Team Standings:
1st:Herbert Hoover
3rd:Lewis County
5th:Nicholas Co.
6th:Greebrier East
7th:Roane Co.
9th:Phillip Barbor

February 13, 2001
comments: where is householder wrestling 215 or heavyweight i know he is ranked at 215 but im not sure what he is wrestling

February 13, 2001
comments: Whoever thinks that Mcartney Dagget and Morrison is going to win states is WRONG!!!! Miller Noechel and Satterfield will win state titles this year that is a guarantee these boys are for real Miller has the strength of a horse Noechel has the technique of Gable and Satterfield is Quick like a cat look for these boys to take home the gold in huntington lets go BEEES!!!!

February 13, 2001
From: Coach Stef
email: bsmontgomery@rtol.net
comments: Good Luck to all of those Braxton County High School wrestlers who will wrestle in the regionals this week-end. Wrestle hard and as you go into your final weeks of the season keep in mind all that you've done to get you where you are. At Braxton we don't complain about injuries or the reason why. We're tough and we'll show how tough we are at regionals. Good luck from Coach Bryan and Coach Stef.

February 13, 2001
From: "The Observer"
comments: I would just like to comment on joey joplins big win against nitro and for him to keep hes head up after a close 12-8 decision lost to thomas of phs. well keep strong joplin and stay with it--and dont forget to bring our game to the states ill be there cheering for ya the whole time. I believe he has been over looked all this year and hes going to be a big surprise come time. So cournty miller dagget guy you better be ready to wrestle

February 13, 2001
comments: Herman Warner of Pt. Pleasant is going to blow away the 152 class. His hard work and determination will lead him to victory.

February 13, 2001
From: "Been Around"
comments: Isn't if funny? Everyone is eager to see the "predictions" and no one can wait for the coaches polls. Once they're posted everyone whines and complains about it all. The fact remains that ANYTHING can happen! Some choke some step it up but NOBODY'S a given. That's what makes our sport so exciting. So quit criticizing and start making things positive. Best of luck to everyone with special thoughts to Miller Mayle Stanley Starsick Abshire and Miss Erica Dye.

February 13, 2001
comments: IS the Region II AA/A tournament at BSHS a two day thing like most years or is it just on Saturday.
PS- Go Chris Leach beat u know who in the fianls for me.
Editor's note: Information I have is that it is one day. Webster moved to III, leaving 8 teams in AA/A 2, which would allow a one day tournamet. Howver, double check with your coach or school official to be sure....

February 13, 2001
From: Super UNCLE
comments: With the regionals coming this weekend I would just like to wish everyone good luck! Especially the Calhoun Co RED DEVILS!! Ya all be safe this weekend!!

February 13, 2001
comments: OH MY states is getting closer but first we got regionals. South of course will be on top at both and yes I am biased but I realize the facts South is untouchable in the state. And again I am biased so I am saying a toss up between Casey Daggett and Aaron McCartney for MOW. Casey is good really really good he has skill and sportsmanship that is also what matters although some people have forgot that being a good sport does matter. The same goes for Aaron. Chris will beat Miller at States. Grogg will win states I am thinking him and Easter in the finals they have wrestled one another before keep your eye on that match it will be a good one. Then Conley I belive will be back so he will finish in the top although because he didn't wreslte for South last year he missed a little competition so I am not sayin first for him. Ryan will wrestle in finals against Stevens best of luck to both but I am rootin for Ryan I say he has it in double overtime. Bosley will win states. B. Pickens will have a good showing although I am not predicting a first place for him either. I say John Duncan will win state and he also may be a canidate for MOW he has class about him. I see J.J. in the top three I have to take in consideration he has been out for three weeks. I also am counting Dye up there he has shown a lot of what he can do this year he is a great wrestler look out next year for a State title for him if not this year. Nathan has it all to take home with him just as long as he wrestles like he can. Wright has stepped up some during this latter part of the season keep working Matt you'll get it. Chris Morrison has the potential to be first in the state keep your head up and wrestle hard make them wrestle don't tie up heavy weights love that you wrestle like you are in the 145 pund weight class you have the speed and the skill to beat any HWT in the state. Best of luck to all the teams. Go South keep up the tradition.

February 13, 2001
comments: whoever made those predictions for aaa region 1 is crazy lol monica daugh is not even wrestling at regionals and i hope the other ones are just a joke becuase if so ur very funny

February 13, 2001
comments: So much to say. First off the hole thing about a parent from one school taping another team. That sounds like NOTHING to me I mean come on if your team is wrestling someone weather it is going to be a good match or not and you tape it is that not the same thing. So are you saying that both things are wrong. You can learn a lot from watching other wrestlers I know I am one you can learn new moves or you can learn new techniques on the moves you already have. You aren't nessecarilly scouting someone but but maybe learning from that wrestler or maybe you are wrestling and your parent tapes it then you have to wrestle that guy/girl at lets say states you watched the tape from the last time you wrestled him/her and you learn from your mistakes. Or maybe you are using it as a coaching tool for helping kids. So think before you speak. Secondly I agree mostly with Superman's predictions although for some I do not but that goes with the territory. South has a lot of potential some wrestlers on any team have there good days and there bad days some wait until the end to turn it up. Some of the predictions on here are unreal some people are just daydreaming about who can walk farther because they aren't talking wrestling.

February 13, 2001
From: salami-swami
comments: Im back once again kiddies with my latest installment of future happenings. I foresee South taking team title at states but not without a hassle from the rest of the pack. My prediction for OW will be Matt Miller that is if he survives the tough weight class of 171 with most of the competition coming from his region. cant leave out a few stars look for Bonasso Easter Johnson and Ripley to come through with a good tourney although johnson has his work cuz out for him he will pull his weight and be in the finals. Whether or not he wins is a foggy detail. Just want to say that jonathan Delligatti will come through with a great regionals and a great state tourney with a finals appearance once again against matt easter. I tried not to be too biased with my predictions for i am form the region II area and havent had the chance to follow as much this year as i have had in teh past couple of years. I wish all wrestlers good luck all teams safe travels and a great two weekends of wrestling.
Truly yours the SALAMI SWAMI.

February 13, 2001
From: Youth Coach
comments: To: David Walker
Nice Job on the Heartbreakers Tourney i know you had little time to prepare and there was a few screwed up things but hey that happens i know your tourney will grow in the future to be a highly recognized tournament But bring back that huge trophys i know its not the size that matters its whats on it But the kids exspecially the small ones like those big trophys But all in all good job Another thing how about posting the results on here of the top 3 teams and the top 4 finishers in each class. these youth kids need some recognition too Thank You and i Hope you post If not send them to me and i will post

February 13, 2001
comments: about the 140 weight class and the fighting i just wanted to point out that Ripley pinned Mayle.. so i guess that proves scores doesnt mean anything...

February 13, 2001
From: Dean Moore Patriot Wrestling Club
comments: I would hope that all this talk of kids at the Junior level of wrestling who is bragging is written by kids. If any parent of our club is doing this i sure hope you stop. It is childish and imature. I am sure my good friend Mike Litton feels the same way. We have always ran a class act from Parkersburg . I have had the pleasure of coaching with Mike Litton at the Cougars for several years before taking over the Patriot Club. I have never known any parent boasting from the Cougars or the Patriots. So If you are a parent from our club you will be excused if i find out this childish act was done buy you. Kids have enough pressure on them with all the hard work and time it takes to be sucessful at this sport. Results in the WV Mat page should be enough to see who has won or lost.

February 13, 2001
From: Superman
comments: To Editor is there a specfic reason for not posting my region II predictions? I worked on them for over an hour I didn't do it for my health. They weren't trash talking I just called it like I see it.
Editor's note: Sometimes it is hard to read between the lines and tell if a contributer is pumping up a wrestler or poking fun at him. I've been scratching my head over some of your posts all season. The one you sent in earlier this season (I think it was you) referring to somebody as "Hannibal Lectre" almost got by me. Your contribution in question made reference to a wrestler as ...... John "Above Average" Doe........ This is clearly a dis, and thus leads me to suspect that your other sobriquets may be insults disguised as catchy nicknames. That's the way I see it.

February 13, 2001
From: The one
comments: yo for the dude who said region 3 was going to be Warner beating Tornfolio at 152 is just plum stupid. Riverside's 152 has beaten Hurricane twice this year both time in the 2nd round with a pin. I predict that Cochran will take the region with ease or at least get 2nd. You shouldn't underestimate Huntigton at 152 either Look for this class to be a good class in region 3.

February 13, 2001
From: curious george
comments: Hey I heard that Blennerhasset and Edison Jr Highs went to Waynesburg Jr high tournament. Anyone have any results? I heard Edison finished third but how did individuals do?

February 13, 2001
From: Wrestling Fan
comments: i would like to congratulate all of Camerons wrestlers on a great year and good luck in regionals and states. also i would like to congratulate Wyatt Oneil (SR.) Tyler Hughes (SR.) Roger Kupfer (JR.) and Tucker Brown (JR.) for reaching the 100 career win mark all this season.

February 13, 2001
From: Pap & Nan

February 13, 2001
From: informed person
comments: swami is correct state all stars would get crushed by wood county!!

February 13, 2001
From: Source
comments: Wyatt O'Neil from Cameron is seeded first in the 215 weight class in region 1. He did move up and Magnone stayed at 189 and is seeded third.

February 13, 2001
From: eastern panhandle observer
comments: For the person who picked Bird to win the Region II Championships Pruitt from Musselman beat Bird 3 out of 4 times this season only loss coming 1-0 also Hoover from Keyser just beat Bird the other day.

February 13, 2001
comments: To J Hughes
Yes your brother may be better than anyone from Oak Glen BUT there is still STATE CHAMP TIM HADDOX in his weight class and TIM doesnt get pinned.

February 13, 2001
From: calhoun 160
comments: Webster is participating in region 3 this year . Good Luck to everyone who wrestles this weekend from any team.

February 13, 2001
From: Swami
comments: Swami has come out of retirement to make his annual predictions
Region 1 - 1 South 2 John Marshall 3 Parkersburg
Region 2 - 1 East Fairmont 2 Fairmont Sr. 3 Jefferson
Region 3 - 1 Huntington 2 Nitro 3 Point Pleasant
Region 4 - 1 Herbert Hoover 2 Ripley 3 Nicholas County
Early State Outlook - 1 South 2 Huntington 3 Parkersburg 4 Herbert Hoover 5 Nitro 6 John Marshall 7 University 8 East Fairmont 9 Fairmont Sr. 10 Wheeling Park
It would be great to see Marion County put an all-star team together but even a Region 2 all-star team couldn't beat South this year. If Wood County would put an all-star team together a state all-star team would have a hard time beating them.
Imagine 103 Conley 112 Grogg 119 Metz 125 Stevens 130 Bosley 135 Duncan 140 Schmitt 145 Dye 152 Pickens 160 Daggett 171 Daggett 189 Marks 215 McCartney 275 Morrison.

February 13, 2001
From: cameron fan
comments: i think all the cameron wrestlers r doin good this year even small fry the one to notice in small fry is kyle neely he is on a roll first year hasnt lost one. and the one who is never noticed d.j. yoders not doin bad this yaer for being the one who always has to gain weight or loose it. first he wrestle 135 then 140 whatever is conveinant for the coaches to fit him in but all u guys are doin great and dont forget about the ittle one coming up way to go kyle neely (small fry wrestler)

February 13, 2001
From: Marion Co. Wrestling Fan
comments: Comments: It is time MS gets out of the "Dark Ages" and gets in touch with WV wrestling. "That Miller kid" is Matt Miller from East Fairmont. He is a two time state champion---look for him to make it three and he will probably be the OW at states in 2001. By the way MS that Miller kid beat Dagget in an exhibition match last spring. In another matter good luck to all the East Fairmont wrestlers at the Region II tournament in Keyser this weekend---you can win the championship with extra effort from each team member. GO BEES!!!!!

February 13, 2001
From: south fan
comments: casey daggett is an outstanding wrestle but his younger brother and nathan pickens are on dirrerent levels than casey. casey is on the level that most seniors in high school reach as seniors but chris daggett and nathan pickens are on that same level as juniors. chris will take millers 3rd state championship away from him and pickens will walk through the state tournament!!!

February 13, 2001
From: J Hughes
email: JH145DEADSEXY@aol.com
comments: To Region 1 observer I still have my money on Wyatt. I think Oak Glen is going to find out how good Cameron's good kids are this weekend. Oak Glen is still going to win the region but No one from OG is as good as Tyler Hughes Kupfer or O'Neil when they wrestle 100 percent except for maybe Noel. I predict that Hughes and Kupfer pin their way through the regionals. Also I predict regional victories from Brown O'Neil Kotson and maybe Casey Hughes. No one is going to touch Hughes or Stewart when they are juniors. If they both stay serious and improve I predict 2 years in a row undefeated for both of them. Casey is going to be in the hunt this year as a freshman and when Stewart gets healthy next year I predict that they may both win it as sophmores. That is my opinion though. I think it will be a good tournament this weekend and please don't be afraid to stop by and say hi if you see me at OG Saturday!

February 13, 2001
From: Hedgesville Fan
comments: I just wanted to say goodluck at keyser and bring home a regional championship.I believe with champions at 112 130 140 145 and alot of place winners at 119 152 160 171 189 and 215 we can do it.so good luck and wrestle hard.

February 13, 2001
From: Hedgesville Fan
comments: I just wanted to say goodluck at keyser and bring home a regional championship.I believe with champions at 112 130 140 145 and alot of place winners at 119 152 160 171 189 and 215 we can do it.so good luck and wrestle hard.

February 13, 2001
From: Just a Fan
comments: Most of these people polls are not worth the paper they're written on. Polls are like rules they were made to be broken. I predict Region 2 Braxton will do better than expected. The SWAMI has spoken. Best of Luck to all wrestlers!!!!!

February 13, 2001
From: pphs fan
comments: Congratulations to PPHS for winning the SEOAL championship. Also congratulations to Jason McCoy Jesse Nott D.J. Dewesee and Justin Carr for winning their weight classes. Good luck at regionals this week!

February 13, 2001
From: "The Observer"
comments: I was looking up some scores from the past and I came across the WSAZ's. I seen that in 1997 joey joplin placed 2nd. this just adds to my point. He was a 9th grader and he placed 2nd!! He hasnt made it to the state tournament yet but everyone better keep there eyes on him HIS COMIN

February 13, 2001
From: wrestler
comments: Joey is the real deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

February 13, 2001

1.Cappas M      4.Howard JM     7.Cline P
2.Gorayeb WP    5.Smith B
3.Campbell U    6.Boone PS

1.Turnbull U     4.Garvin M
2.Grogg PS       5.Stieptich JM
3.McFarland B    6.Humphrey WP

1.Stevens P      4.Rose U      7.Ruckle M
2.Metz PS        5.Taylor JM
3.Durbin B       6.Douge WP

1.Bosley PS      4.Evans WP        7.Warman M
2.Kinsley U      5.Williamson P
3.Shaw B         6.Mull JM

1.Kennedy WP     4.DeVault M
2.Pickens PS     5.Simmons JM
3.George P       6.Flynn U

1.Duncan PS      4.Corncelli P     7.Nelson M
2.Muldrew JM     5.Durbin B
3.Perroots U     6.Metrovic WP

1.Moore WP       4.Rengers U      7.Moss P
2.Bliss B        5.Schmitt PS
3.Jones JM       6.DeMedici M

1.George JM      4.Gamlich WP    7.Anderson U
2.Dye PS         5.Dowler P
3.Belt M         6.Speece B

February 13, 2001
comments: to the observer: you 71 predictions are way off these are more accurate:
6.up for grabs

February 13, 2001
comments: how can you say mayle will win the state title just because he beat a kid worse than ripley did. lord beat carnifex 12-5 while suffering a broken nose in the process i still think it will be between ripley and lord

February 13, 2001
From: spectator
comments: Hey Braxton. I sure hope you are getting ready for regionals. You gies better work hard this week. We've all got faith in you boys. You can do it. May God be with you. Rmember it's just how bad you want it...

February 13, 2001
From: state champ 98
comments: good luck oak glen at regionals. lets get ready to party after the big victory.

February 13, 2001
From: geno
comments: I would like to wish all the eastern panhandle wrestlers good luck this weekend at regionals. I am not going to be to get off work this year and would like to know if it is possible to get a video of the AAA semifinals and finals from the State tournament. If this is possible please let me know how I go about this. I would also like to thank the editor for the fantastic website. Keep up the good work. Ty geno

February 13, 2001
comments: Good Job Chad Porter Porter Parkersburg South Patriot Beating Parkersburg Cougars Andy Thomas in the 11-12 year old division 13-0 at the Southern Mat Club Tournament.

February 13, 2001
comments: to Andy Thomas
Congratulations for your win this weekend you deserve to be recognized for the hard work you do also and as the man said I guess you did show the hard work and dedication this weekend. There are alot of people that know how hard you work and how far you've come keep up the good work.

February 13, 2001
From: AB
comments: I would like to wish the East Fairmont Highschool Wrestlers and Coaches good luck this weekend at Regionals. You guys proved you are the best in the NCAC's now do it again in the Regionals. Brad and John get on them this week!!! Look forward to seeing you all at States.

February 13, 2001
From: Kanawha Valley Fan
email: Region III Picks
103 Frerichs Nit M.Dec over Riner Hunt
112 Easter Nit pin Ray Hunt
119 Stanley CM pin Fullen Hunt
125 Johnson Nit Dec over Arnold St.A
130 Williams Hunt Dec Gibbs CM
135 Roberts St.A Dec over Nott Pt.Ples
140 Ripley Nit M.Dec over Pumphrey Pt.Ples
145 Mays Hunt Dec over Deweese Pt.Ples
152 Warner Pt.Ples Dec over Tornifolio Hur
160 Bonecutter Pt.Ples pin Diamond CM
171 Thomas Hunt pin Carr Pt.Ples
189 Carr Pt.Ples Dec over Emmerson CM
215 Hastings Hunt Dec over Frazier CM
275 Pauley GW Dec over Wellman CM

February 13, 2001
From: South Fan
comments: A lot of great wrestlers have already been mentioned as the Dutton and Outstanding Wrestler award candidates but one name that has been omitted from the list is the best wrestler on the best team and that is Casey Daggett. Just ask his little-big brother Chris and Nathan Pickens who the best wrestler on the team is. Casey has beaten the best wrestlers from five states this year and his only lost was to a top rated wrestler from Ohio. Casey is being recruited by division 1-A College teams and will finish High School in the top five in career wins at South. A great achievement in itself. Stevens and Miller may finish with three state championships but the best wrestler this seasaon is Casey Daggett. All the way Case!

February 13, 2001
From: Huntington High Wrestling Fan
comments: Best of luck this Saturday Highlanders!

February 13, 2001
From: Youth wrestling coach
comments: I think it is great that Southern Mat Club submitted its youth results and I wish other youth tournaments would do likewise. Also I think the youth weight classes in the Wood County Rec. League should be adopted for the youth state tournament. A class every 3 pounds or so for the little guys is much fairer and less conducive to "weight watching" which is the bane of our sport. Right now the current system at states does NOT allow for a little boy to grow a pound or two over the season without moving up to a seriously different weight class.

February 13, 2001
From: C T
comments: I would like to comment on MS's comments about "that miller kid" not to take anything from chris dagget he is a great wrestler but miller is the 2 time defending state champion in 171 and the #1 ranking should go to him until someone takes it from him. I guess we will all see in less than 2 weeks in Huntington.

February 13, 2001
From: south predictions
comments: i predict a hundred point difference between south and the second place team at state i also predict south will have 7 state champions.

February 13, 2001
From: Region 1 Observer
comments: Point well made I should have worded my previous message better. I apologize if I offended Mr. Magnone and Mr. O'Neill. They are both great wrestlers and I didn't mean to disrespect them. I just don't believe they can beat Bellville...

February 13, 2001
comments: I really have no clue where MS has been. I mean "who's this Miller kid?" It is Matt Miller of East Fairmont! Remember a two time state champ. That is who Matt Miller is! Chris Daggett is worthy of a #1 ranking but right now he only has one state title...

February 13, 2001
From: Bee Fan
comments: I'd like to wish all 3 Marion County Teams the best of luck this weekend at the Regional Tournament. We have a lot of great kids in this county and I'd love to see a Marion Countian in every championship spot!!! Wouln't that be great. Work hard at practice and remember--Sometimes it comes down to who wants it the most. Make us proud boys!

February 13, 2001
From: TOF
103-Gorayab(WP)dec Cuppas(M)
112-Grogg(PS)dec Turnbull(U)
119-Stevens(P)dec Metz(PS)
125-Bosley(PS)dec Williamson(P)
130-Kennedy(WP)dec George(P)
135-Duncan(PS)dec Muldrew(JM)
140-Moore(WP)dec Schmitt(PS)
145-George(JM)dec Dye(PS)
152-N.Pickens(PS)pins Filby(JM)
160-Ca.Daggett(PS)dec Wallace(P)
171-Ch.Daggett(PS)dec Thomas(P)
189-Marks(P)dec Boyd(WP)
215-McCartney(PS)dec Wells(JM)
275-Morrison(PS)dec Johnson(P)

Team Finish:
1)Parkersburg South
3)John Marshall
4)Wheeling Park

February 12, 2001
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: I would like to wish all the South wrestlers good luck this weekend at the region 1 tourney in Morgantown.J.J.Schmitt showed alot of guts and courage wrestling last week after having a knee scoped.The South fans expect tons from you guys but we also know how hard you have worked for this moment all your lives.Don't let anyone steal your dreams...go for it all!!

February 12, 2001
From: #1 Wrestling Fan
comments: Don't sweat the small stuff like getting beat by a 5th grader. Just keep your head up and don't pay attention to comments like the ones in the forum. Stay true to yourself and the sport and remember you don't have to tell people how good you are you have to show them. I've watched you since pee-wee wrestling and you are getting better and wiser every year. You are a great kid and "those who try to tear you down only make you stronger!!!"

February 12, 2001
From: "The Observer"
comments: I would just like to comment on the 171 pound weight class. With thomas leaving and joe jackson out for the season there are a few new names people should be looking at! For one joey joplin from hebert hoover. I have seen him wrestle at the WSAZ's and he is for real. he is about 6'9" and you better beleave those legs are comin! He is the real deal! And being a Grafton fan am goina have to talk about Drain. He is a very exciting wrestler to watch. I have made my own AAA-171 perdicitions
1st Miller
2nd Daggett
3rd Jopin
4th Linger
5th Courtney
6th Everhart

February 12, 2001
From: M S
comments: I don't understand how you can't make a returning state champ like Chris Daggett the number one wrestler in state. I dont know who this Miller kid is but I am going to wish him luck because Daggett looks like he is on a mission.

February 12, 2001
From: J Hughes
email: JH145DEADSEXY@aol.com
comments: To Region 1 Observer
no one is going to run from Bellville. He might have claimed wins over O'Neil and Magnone but they weren't so lopsided that these 2 men will run.Wyatt was my practice partner in high school and I know that if he wrestles his "A" match Bellville won't touch him. Now that being said Bellville is still a very good wrestler and he has earned his #1 ranking but remember this without all the penalty points at OVAC O'Neil beats him. Wyatt won't throw a fit at regionals because of a questionable call and lose 3 to 4 points on penalty. Factor that into the mix and reconsider your thought.

February 12, 2001
comments: to Region 1 Observer:
Next time you congratulate someone do it with some class. You truly showed a lack of intelligence. i wouldn't be to sure about anyone fleeing to 215 either. I know Mr. Oneil would like another shot at Mr. Bellville. I bet the 6-3 loss at the OVAC (the one where bellville was awarded five penalty points from the ref) isn't sitting to good. The only win that matters will take place in Huntington.

February 12, 2001
From: marion county fan
comments: how can u pick noechel and satterfield losing in the regional tournament correct me if im wrong but noechel decisioned householder and satterfield pinned bird also i would like to wish fairmont senior and north marion good luck at regionals and states represent us proud.

February 12, 2001
From: jeff fan
comments: i think the coaches poles have a few problems in the rankings. whats up with griffith no even being ranked?? and whats the deal with mcdonald being ranked 4th when he has a strong chance to win the whole thing.and day and everheart should be moved up in the ranks because jackson wont me making it to regionals because of a problem.

February 12, 2001
From: Crab Ride
comments: Can u believe it less than two weeks before States and things are just getting started. South looks poised to win region 1 while 4 solid teams in Region 2 will be clustered at the top and its anyone's guess. South will probably qualify 12 and with those sheer numbers they'll be hard to catch down at Huntington but if East Fairmont can send 10 and make 4 champs it should be close. .... watch out for John Marshall they may have enough fire power to sneak into the top but not if Nitro has anything to say about it. My top 5 for States.
1. Park. South
2. East Fairmont
3. John Marshall
4. Nitro
5. Huntington Hedgesville Fairmont Senior

February 12, 2001
From: Wrestling chick
comments: Looks like this year's Region III (A/AA) will be a sort-of predictable contest. Alot of people see Calhoun as dominating this year (Thanks to Coach Mike Stump who has built an excellent team) And Clay comming in a close second. Good Luck to all the teams.

February 12, 2001
From: Superman
comments: Sir William I'm very disappointed in you. Do you have no self confidence? Why not be bold....predict yourself. Also Grizzly Bird looks real good but not good enough for Satterfield. Starsick has a reputation of coming alive at regionals look for him to beat Drappo at regionals. Hickman also beats McDonald but that will be a wild one. Other than that they look pretty good however I will be releasing "Super Picks" for region II soon real soon.

February 12, 2001
From: David Walker IJHS Coach
comments: First I would like to thank all the workers who made the 1st Heart Breakers Youth Tournament a success!! Second I want to thank all the wrestlers and their parents for making it possible. I apologize for the slow start of the tournament; my only hope is that the wrestlers had good competition and the parents had a good show. To the concerned parent who thought that the tournament was a failure I am sorry for your unfruitful day and hope that my apology is taken seriously. All I wanted was to keep a great tradition alive. Your compliments about the Barnett family are all true and I do know that they are a first class act because I use to coach their son Aaron. Alan was a great mentor to me and my only hope is that I did not cause shame to their family. Again I apologize for your inconvience and hope next year you will be back. Thanks again to all who came. I am looking forward to seeing you next year.
David Walker

February 12, 2001
From: Big Bird
comments: I think the comments concering the Heartbreakers tourney are a bit harsh. Aside from the slow start the tournament went rather well. Sounds like someone has some sour grapes to me!Let's keep a positive outlook on things...at least someone was willing to keep the tournament going regardless of the driving forces behind it.

February 12, 2001
From: Chris Basford
email: Basford2@hotmail.com
comments: Is Greg Six out for the rest of this season? Does anyone know about Anthony Valles either?

February 12, 2001
From: cameron fan
comments: Congratulations to Tyler Hughes of Cameron for tying the school record for most wins (140) at Edison Local against Derick Maple. It has been a real pleasure watching you the past 4 yrs!!!

February 12, 2001
From: Region 1 Observer
comments: Congratulations to Philip Bellville for once again beating Vince Magnone (twice in less than a month). Bellville is awesome and will probably beat Magnone yet again as well as Wyatt O'Neil on the next two Saturdays. But a hunch is they both will avoid Bellville by "fleeing" to 215...

February 12, 2001
From: Sir William
email: AAA Regional 2 Champs

comments: 103 Bonasso (Fairmont Sr.)                         Teams:
112 Delligatti (Fairmont Sr.)                   1)Jefferson
119 Drappo (Hedgesville)                        2)Hedgesville
125 Griffith (Jefferson)                        3)East Fairmont  
130 Hawes (Jefferson)                           4)Fairmont Sr.
135 Abshire (Jefferson)                         5)Martinsburg
140 Lord (Hedgesville)
145 Moats (Hedgesville
152 Mcdonald (Jefferson)
160 Durst (Martinsburg)
171 Miller (East Fairmont)
189 Sternthal(East Fairmont)
215 Householder (Jefferson)
275 Ryan Bird (Martinsburg) 

February 12, 2001
From: Coach Stef
email: bsmontgomery@rtol.net
comments: As an old coach who has coached wrestling track and cheerleading religiously since 1975 I hope wrestling fans realize that "young coaches" may not have the youth tournament experience to organize the same tournament that we "old coaches" have the expertise to do. I'll never forget the first invitational track meet at GSC when I was the tournament director. I hope everyone else has! Our young wrestling coaches are the future of wrestling in WV. Let's applaud them!! Trust me - they don't do it for the money!!!

February 12, 2001

February 12, 2001
From: hedgesvillefanm
comments: Good luck this weekend at regionals to all the eastern panhandle wrestlers. Potential is there to take home 8 or more individual championships to the panhandle. Would love to see a team like Hedgesville or Jefferson rise up and bring back the team title. Anyway good luck to the eagles iron eagles and eastern panhandle wrestlers.

February 12, 2001

February 12, 2001
From: youth wrestling parent also
comments: To the Youth Wrestling Parent
I was just wondering if we attended the same tournament this weekend.....We thought everything moved smoothly and the matches kept going all day and the referees were great and the plaques were a welcome change. Great job to the tournament directors for taking over a tournament that would have folded if not for you guys. Hope to see you next year. Congratulations to the Mountain State Wrestling Team for taking home the 1st place Team Trophy.

February 12, 2001
From: Heartbreaker observer
comments: To-Youth Wrestling Parent
Your comments about the Heartbreaker Tournament this weekend are way off. It was an excellent run tournament after getting the matches started. For your informatin the people running the tournament are the very same people that have worked the Blizzard for years. The only people missing were the Barnetts and Alan Barnette was there for a while and complimented the directors on how well the tournament was going. We had many compliments on the tournament and very few complaints. The trophys changed because we are not the Blizzard and had to start our own tradition this year. If you are coming to a tournmant for the size of the trophy you are missing the point of wrestling altogether. It's what the trophy says not how big it is. Thank you to all the tournament directors and workers for the great job you did this weekend and to the youth wrestling parent I challenge your team to start a tournment and get the number of WV and out-of-state teams that we had this weekend and try to please everyone. You cannot make every parent coach and wrestler happy no matter how hard you try.

From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: Hedgesvillefanm: First--There may have been a South parent taping a match for her son but South as an overall team doesn't have to watch anyone else.You can catch all the South home matches on Community Antenna cable service Ch.45 and watch all the South matches you want.It is really a mute point because Saturday night in late Feb. you can watch them recieve the AAA team trophy and...you can tape that!!

February 12, 2001
From: RG
comments: Good Luck to Ryan Metz from South at Regionals and State. You deserve to win You've worked you butt off this year and it shows. It won't even be close. #1

February 12, 2001
From: wrestling parent
comments: First of all is was one parent taping at the MSAC not the team. One team complained. I have been around wrestling for years and I know for a fact that my son has been taped on several occasions. I know one parent that probably has more tape of my son than I do. That's something we all deal with. The team that complained also has lots of tape on other wrestlers. They should practice what the preach and quit being babies about the taping issue. Everyone involved with wrestling has a one time or another said to their child watch this kid you wrestle him next.

February 12, 2001

February 12, 2001
comments: Region 4 Picks
103-Blake(Ind) Hawkins(Lib) Littleton(BC) Highlander(GW)
112-Davis(SS) Brown(MB) Snuffer(Ind) Thorn(WE)
119-Bell(GW) Conley(Ind) Hildebrand(OH) Ackison(Fay)
125-Sexton(Ind) Daniel(Lib) Stonestreet(Fay) Smith(GW)
130-Lynch(SS) Morello(GW) Fitzpatrick(MT) Mills(Ind)
135-Walker(OH) Shrewsbury(WE) Rhodes(Ind) Crouse(Lib)
140-Walker(GW) Hunley(BC) Gilson(Ind) Bowles(MB)
145-Wood(Ind) Kirby(Lib) Williams(Fay) Miller(GW)
152-Pack(SS) Bolen(Ind) Carico(Lib) Lester(BC)
160-Lively(GW) Rhodes(Ind) Dillon(BC) Lewis(Lib)
171-Brown(Ind) Flook(GW) Beketjan(Lib) Mc.Dougal(SS)
189-Jones(WE) Lafferty(Lib) Tincher(GW) Boone(BC)
215-Stewart(Ind) Stover(Lib) Whitley(OH) Kincade(SS)
275-Dequaise(OH) Keeton(Ind) Bowes(GW) Harrison(Lib)

February 12, 2001
comments: I look for Mayle to win AAA states at 140. He beat carnefix from Hoover 15-4 and ripley wrestled him to a 6-3 dec. Look out for Mayle at

February 10, 2001
From: youth wrestling parent
email: We miss the Blizzard
comments: After attending the 1st Annual Heartbreakers Tourney this weekend just a few comments to share. First this weekend proved how valuable the Barnette family is and missed. You truly knew how to put on a first class Tourney and your direction was sorely missed this year. It takes a class act to put on a smoothly run event and this weekend proved the point. People who only put on events with only monetary gains in mind never get the gist of what it's all about we truly miss the Blizzard.

February 10, 2001
comments: I would to like to wish all the kids who worked so hard at camp regalbuto last summer good luck at regions and states.Moats Ballam Hess Griffith Abshire Lord Drappo and anyone who I may have forgotten.I would like to send a special thanks to Tony R. and Kevin B. for makeing my son a better wrestler.GO KICK SOME TAIL.

February 10, 2001
comments: Congratulations Nicholas Munday for placing 1st in the Wood County Championships! Your friends and family are very proud of your performance today and always! Let's go for State next!!

February 10, 2001
comments: Great job out to Andy Thomas of the Parkersburg Cougars for beating the three time county champion and OW Felix Osuna-Cotto 4-3. Also great job on beating Zac McCray. Not too shabby for a 5th grader!!!!!!

February 10, 2001
From: Wrestling Fan
comments: Good Luck at regionals to Cameron's Roger Kupfer Joel O'Neil Tucker Brown Justin Kotson and Curt Meyer.

February 10, 2001
comments: I would like to set the record straight. I've seen several predictions in AA. Many have listed Robert Stotler of Berkeley Springs as one of the favorites. He is very good and certainly deserves the recognition but his name is not Robert it is RICHARD.

February 10, 2001
From: wvfan
email: AAA Region I picks

comments: 103 Cuppas(M)dec Gorayab(WP)
112 Grogg(PS)dec Turnbull(U)very close
119 Stevens(P)dec Metz(PS)4-3 in a tough one
125 Bosley(PS)dec Kinsley(U)
130 D.Kennedy(WP)dec B.Pickens(PS)
135 Duncan(PS)dec Muldrew(JM)
140 Moore(WP)dec Schmitt(PS)
145 George(JM)dec Dye(PS)
152 N.Pickens(PS)pins Filby(JM)
160 Ca.Daggett(PS)dec Taylor(JM)
171 Ch.Daggett(PS)dec Thomas(P)
189 Marks(P)dec Boyd(WP)
215 McCartney(PS)dec Wells(JM)
275 Morrison(PS)pin Allenby(WP)

Team Finish:
1.Parkersburg South
2.John Marshall
3.Wheeling Park

February 10, 2001
comments: to jefferson fan how can you say your 215 will win regionals over noechel or delligati both will beat him and east will not only be in the top 3 as a team but will prob win region 2

February 10, 2001
From: eagle fan
comments: just want to congratulate the eagles or there impressive wins last nite also would like to wish all the wrestlers luck in the regional i would like to wish bill fultineer a happy birthday and hopefully the eagles can make it special not only to him bur bill whittington also good luck eagles at regionals like they say the talent is there just how bad u all want it.

February 10, 2001
From: hedgesvillefanm
comments: First all this talk about a Parkersburg South parent video taping the mcas tournament. First thanks for proving what I said earlier this season about South scouting their opponents. Second I don't see anything wrong with this. I would like to see a time when dual meets and tournament finals are televised so everyone can see them. It probably will never happen since this sport doesn't get nearly the respect it deserves. But when you start banning people from video taping for scouting purposes what about those who just want to have a good match on tape. I have some dual meets from my alma mater against teams outside their state just because they are great matches. Again I don't see anything wrong with video taping matches even for scouting purposes and mcas isnt the only place south has been doing this there also was the Winners Choice tournament. I'm also sure that there are other teams doing this and again I think its the intelligent thing to do.

February 10, 2001
comments: I say Jefferson wins the team title at regionals and wins the 119 125 130 135 152 160 and 215 weight classes. These are my predictions Jefferson #1 Fairmont Sr. #2 Hedgesville #3.

February 10, 2001
From: pickum
comments: My picks for the Region II regional wrestling tournament this coming weekend.
103: Bonasso(Fairmont Sr.)
112: Ballam(Hedgesville)
119: Drappo(Hedgesville)
125: Griffith (Jefferson) rumor is he is moving down to 119 but I don't see where half his weighins are at 119 if somehow they are then he wins 119 and Reynolds (Jefferson) if back wins 125.
130: Hess(Hedgesville) although Hawes (jefferson) could win it with Hess still nursing an injury.
145: Moats(hedgesville)
152:Hickman (North Marion)
160: tossup Osuch(Jefferson) or Durst(Martinsburg) I say Osuch.
171:Miller(East Fairmont)
189: Sternthal(East Fairmont)
215: Noechel (East Fairmont)
275: Satterfield (East Fairmont)

My picks may seem pretty obvious by looking at state rankings but I just don't see many chances for upsets. Except as stated 130 160 possibly 112 171 152 Anyway onto teams
1.Fairmont Sr.
2. Jefferson
3. Hedgesville.

Jefferson has been talking about upsetting Fairmont Sr. for the title but I just don't see it even if Griffith has enough weighins for 119 and Reynolds comes back at 125 I just don't see them beating Fairmont Sr. They may want to watch out for Hedgesville sneaking up on them for runnerup. Anyway should be an exciting and competitive tournament.

February 10, 2001
From: hedgesvillefanm
comments: Like to congratulate the eagles for winning their two duals last night against Petersburg and Frankfort. The eagles looked impressive and hopefully are not getting lethargic by the lack of state level competition that they have faced the past few weeks. Really hope that somehow they have kept up the intensity and are ready this year for regionals. Anyway good luck this coming weekend at regionals the potential is there to go far.

February 10, 2001
From: Athena
comments: Congratulations to Coach Whittington and his Hedgesville Eagles for a great season. I want to wish my best to all the Eastern Panhandle wrestlers during regionals this coming weekend in Berkeley Springs/Keyser. My heart belongs to the Eagles but I'm very fond of all the wrestlers and their coaches from Morgan Berkeley & Jefferson counties. Lets make some noise!! Good luck all! Luv ya - A

February 10, 2001
From: comments
comments: Well to be honest the 140 class at A/AA is a little off because Justin Dennis of wirt beat Schmitt from Parkersburg south 11-7 cause I watched the match and the scores in the paper and on the internet were wrong and Eckleberry from oak glen only beat him 5-4 so you might want to reconsider your thoughts on that class.

February 10, 2001
From: Wrestling fan
comments: Nice wrestling Tommy Stiles CB for the win over DeVault of Morgantown with a score or 15-5

February 10, 2001
From: wrestler
comments: if you had to rank the 145 pound weight class 1 through 15 who would they be???? place your coments

February 10, 2001
From: Huge Mat Fan!
comments: Hey its only 1 week from tonight that REGIONAL COMPETITION BEGINS! I can feel the excitement already! Here are my pre-regional thoughts. I have paid good attention so I think these should be good.

103: Erica Dye (Wirt) dec. Jesse Biddle (Will)
     Nick Blake (Ind) dec. Dustin Bartrug (StMarys)
     Anthony Valles (WM) dec. Noah O'Neil (Cam) 
112: Ash Gandee (Rav) dec. Casey Biddle (Will) 
     Jeremy Wince (RC) dec. Gary Dankovchik (Weir)
     Matt Morris (Brax) dec. J. Brewer (Calhoun)
119: Chris Morris (Cal) dec. Corey Auvil (Graf)
     Ryan Bumgardner (Rit) dec. Justin Kotson (Cam)
     Pat Bell (GW) dec. Daniel Whiteman (Hun)
125: Tyler Hughes (Cam) dec. Tim Haddox (Will)
     Garrett Six (OG) dec. Steve Sexton (Ind)
     Jeremy Lobis (Rit) dec. Erik Metz (Cal)
130: Casey Hughes (Cam) dec. Gaelen Lowers (OG)
     Scott Lynch (SS) dec. Derek Metz (Cal)
     Tommy Stiles (CB) dec. Alan Tracewell (Will) 
135: Eric Noel (OG) dec. Joel O'Neil (if healthy) (Cam) 
     Shane Smith (Will) dec. Adam Leach (Graf) 
     Frank Gregg (BS) dec. Devin Bosley (Frank)
140: Chris Leach (Graf) dec. Kyle Eckleberry (OG)
     Justin Dennis (Wirt) dec. Tyler Westbrook (Will)
     Derek Bosley (Frank) dec. Chad Snider (Tyler)
145: Roger Kupfer (Cam) dec. Ben Wood (Ind)
     Terry Childers (StMarys) dec. Brad Nicka (WM)
     Steve Flowers (OG) dec. Corey? Smith (Wirt)
152: Tucker Brown (Cam) dec. Robert Stotler (Clay)
     Matt Seckman (Will) dec. CJ Foster (Brax)
     ??? Bolen (Ind) dec. Chris Miller (Wirt)
160: Derrick Stickles (OG) dec. Drew Toth (SH)
     Jamie Dent (Hund) dec. Trampas Efaw (Graf)
     Lee Lauderman (Will) dec. D. Lively (GrWest)
171: Ronnie Hebrock (OG) dec. Robert Stotler (BS)
     Curt Meyer (Cam) dec. C. Brown (Ind)
     Jake Pyle (Weir) dec. ??? Burge (Cal)
189: Phillip Bellville (OG) dec. Wyatt O'Neil (Cam) 
     Vince Magnone (Weir) dec. Josh Moyer (Ind)
     Ryan Delebreau (Will) dec. Josh Clark (BS)
215: Donnie Peck (Clay) dec. Nick Stewart (Ind)
     Joe Weaver (Mag) dec. Dana Raban (Rav)
     Thomas Karr (Wirt) dec. Chris Gibson (Cal)
275: Thomas Naylor (Rit) dec. Joey Caughey (OG) (watch out! this one is going to shake the
     Heath Cliver (Clay) dec. Ken Hollenbach (Graf)
     Pat Berg (Pet) dec. Jeremy Laughlin (Cal)

Team: Cameron High and Oak Glen will be CLOSE it will depend on a few matches at Regionals for State tourney spots and seeding..
2.Oak Glen

I hope no one is offended these are my true honest picks. I hope you guys enjoy reading them as I enjoyed making them! I can't wait to see some of these matches materialize at Huntington but I think I can hold out another 2 weeks! But its going to be hard! Good luck to all wrestlers and coaches you all are in the times of your lives have fun!

February 10, 2001
From: T-Mag
comments: Hey guys I think Shawn Fullerton of has a real good shot at states this year. Watch out for him at whatever weight he is at.

February 10, 2001
From: Superman
comments: I just got back from the Martinsburg-Jefferson-Berkely Springs tri meet. In matches of note "The One" Billy Barbour wrestled "one" of his best matches ever against number "one" ranked Devin Abshire losing a 6-2 minor decision and "Sir William" had Abshire on his back at the end of 2nd period but didn't score any backs because time ran out. I think everybody needs to consider "Sweet Billy B" "one" of the top wrestlers in the state. In another big match Travis Durst decisioned Rob Osuch 7-4 making "The Human Suplex Machine" the odds on favorite for the regional title. Also congrats to "The Rabid Wolverine" Sean Agoney for winning both his matches by Tech Fall. Finally I regret to say that Brandon Kolb and Joe Jackson won't be finishing the season.

February 10, 2001
From: Braxton Middle Fan
comments: Congratulations to the wrestlers continuing to wrestle in open tournaments for Braxton County. Braxton took 8 wrestlers Feb. 3 to the Ripley Rumble all 8 placed. This was the first open tournament for most of the team. Nick Woods place 2nd in 95lbs. Adam Ridler place 2nd in 90 lbs. Nick LeFever place 3rd in 110 lbs. Brandon Digman placed 3rd and Shane Belknap placed 4th in the 116 lb. class. Daniel Cottrill received 4th in the 123 lb class. Glen Tanner brought home 1st in his 155 lb. weight class. Kenny Hacker placed 2nd in the HWT division. These young men have been wonderfully coached during the school season by Stephanie and Bryan Montgomery and in the open season by Randy Woods. Congratulations Knights. Keep up the good work.

February 10, 2001
From: bhs_fan
comments: hey i would to grongradulate phil bliss at 140 lbs. he just got over an injury to his hip good luck at regions.Also i want to say to braden shaw good match with kinsley from university.remember braden your only a freshman and to lose 5-4 is real good job.good luck to all bhs wrestlers.

February 10, 2001
comments: Does anyone know where Griffth from Jefferson is wrestling ? What about Renolds ?

February 10, 2001
comments: I would like to congratulate of the the wrestlers that are listed for acedemic honors. It's great to see that there are still young people out there who are just as dedicated to their education as they are to the sport they are participating in.

February 9, 2001
From: JR
comments: is WEBSTER COUNTY going to participate in Region 111 this year?
Editor's note: The best information that I have at this date is that yes, Webster will be in AA/A Region III this year, according to the WVSSAC publicaton "The Interscholastic." Of note, this particular publication does not mention which region Hundred and Hurricane will be in, but it seems a safe bet that Hundred will be AA/A I, and Hurricane will be back in AAA III. Capital is still listed in AAA III, but they did not have a team this year. Webster Co attended the AA/A II tournament last year, but info from Region II for this year does not list them there.

Exact dates of some of the tournaments (Friday and Saturday OR Saturday only) are still up in the air. Reliable sources from Oak Glen tell me that the AA/A Region I tournament will probably be Saturday only, but may go Friday and Saturday. This will be decided at the seeding meeting next Tuesday. Similarly, reliable sources tell me that AA/A III at Clay County may go Friday and Saturday, but they won't know for sure until their seeding meeting Monday when the brackets are drawn. Eight man brackets can be wrestled in one day, but brackets with greater than 8 men cause problems in one-day tournaments. While most regions have greater than 8 teams, by the time all the teams with empty weight classes are accounted for and the brackets are drawn, it may turn out that a region with more than 8 teams might still have no more than 8 on a given bracket and thus be able to wrestle the tournament in one day (and save everyone $$$$ on travel and motel expense).

It is safe to say that AAA I (seven teams) at University will be one day. AAA II (ten teams) at Keyser is scheduled for 2 days as of this time. I have no word on AAA III (ten teams, several forfeits). Reliable sources indicate that AAA IV (ten teams) at Ripley will be two days. AA/A II at Berkeley Springs (8 teams) will be one day, and I don't know about AA/A IV.

February 9, 2001
From: Cristie
comments: Not bad Superman. I think your picks are pretty close. The only one I might disagree on is Matt Bosley. But hey...we're allowed to disagree. I would also like to congratulate PSHS on a terrific season. Keep up the good works guys! Enjoy the rest of your season.

February 9, 2001
From: wrestling fan
comments: On 171 Daggetts behalf i wou ld like to say that he did defeat Courtney and him an Miller did wrestle over the summer and it was a one point match i think that Daggett's going to pull it off in the state finals no matter whom it is. WAY TO GO WEDNESDAY CHRIS and good luck to the whole team at regionals and state!!!

February 9, 2001
From: N.Y.
comments: I was just wondering why Lou Thomas of PHS did get to wrestle as a freshmen. I know he went to court to get this. If you look at it realisticly there have been several wrestlers who wrestled of either PHS or South that could have won titles as freshmen but they didnt get the chance. Why cant South bring up someone? Heck then ya got schools like Independence who is only 10-12 they would have had some tough freshmen in the past if they were aloud. It just seems strange why the do this now. I personaly think that if a kid is a freshmen in an indivdual sport he should be aloud to compete even if the school is only 10-12. There are some years that these freshmen that are held down cause they are Junior High would have made teh difference in State Team titles.
Editor's note: There is no point getting in to this discussion here since we don't have all the facts.

I had some commentary on here for about 4 hours, got an additonal post, thought about it, and have decided to take my comments off.

February 9, 2001
From: Superman
comments: To the Jabroni who thinks I'm hilarious:
I'm glad you've been following me but I think you need to learn how to read.....a little more carefully. I only pick South to win states for the obvious reason that they are.... they are in wrestling USA listed as one of the top teams in the country. I give you my "super word" that I'm not from south actually I'm from the other side of the state. If I was from South why would I say Martinsburg would beat Hedgesville or brag about "The One" Billy Barbour ? who happens to be "one" of the most under rated wrestlers in the state. Hope this makes you laugh :)

February 9, 2001
From: WHS fanatic
comments: i think you guys are doing a great job! especially the fact that you guys have gone an entire season as an undefeated team...that says alot right there. sorry to hear about coach pickens and our prayers are out there for him. as well with you guys. keep you minds and hearts in the right place and go down to state and show those oak glen boys who deserve that floor! you have worked hard for it now its time to show us and them and receive what we all know you deserve it! we will be there cheering you on to victory at states! dont ever give up and wish you the best of luck at the regionals...we know you guys will pull through with NO problems because your a strong team. pickens has done well and so have you! lets just aim to take every member of your team to state and show everyone down there what williamstown is all about!
Editor's note: We received a report that Coach Pickens required emergency eye surgery just prior to the LKC. Best wishes to Coach Pickens

February 9, 2001
From: Brent Sams
comments: Fairmont Sr. / South video clips added to Cauliflower Club website. South Seniors #1 Metz vs #6 Michalski unranked Dye vs #8 Hartleib #1 Pickens vs #6 Holt #2 Daggett vs. #4 Courtney. click http://www.casinternet.net/~brentster/lkcc/ be patient for download.

February 9, 2001
From: To Superman
comments: You Know I have been watching your predictions throughout this season.You are hilarious!!!! It's very evident that you are from South oh yes you are.What I want is to be able to watch your face when of course your so called predictions slap you in the face!! Just keep on making us all laugh Superman.

February 9, 2001
From: ddt
comments: I don't mean to cause any trouble but after reading the wrestlers predictions. It just seems obvious that you are probally from nitro you have 4 predicted state champions from nitro i give them alot of credit they do have alot of talent but 4 state champions COME ON!!!!

February 9, 2001
From: Southflag holder
comments: Congratulations Patriots on your awsome victory over FSHS. We are truly the best team in the state . I really enjoyed the wrestling no one will tough pickens or the dagget brothers . Aron mcCartney looked good too. Fairmont had some very good young wrestlers . I was very impressed with the 215 pounder Delligatti is he really only a freshman . well as we all know it SOUTH will run away with it AGAIN

February 9, 2001
comments: MEATBALL215 is not Matt Delligatti he doesnt talk crap on here .Its probly someone from east side

February 9, 2001
From: the_booner_wgjhs
comments: r u gonna move western greenbrier up in the rankings? b/c they beat braxton and cabell midland and both of those teams r above them and the last time they wrestled shady springs they lost 31 to 32 so will u move them up?

February 9, 2001
From: True Fan
comments: CORRECTION: The congratulatory letter to the magnolia wrestler mfor moving up to score the first points against Thomas Naylor this year is not correct. Several points have been scored prior to this match. The information was supplied by the announcer at a recent tri without being verified. Thomas has a few matches this year when opponents have scored escape points and also a penalty point was awarded as well (such as to cause his only loss by DQ). t is to the Magnolia wrestlers credit that he did move up and to score the takedown against Naylor. However the information given about this being the first points was in error. Naylor did in fact win the match by a pin shortly after the takedown was scored. Thanks

February 9, 2001
From: south fan
comments: would like to congradulate shane grogg on a good match against delagotti. keep him in the center of the mat and youll do fine. cant wait to see you at the states. good luck shane and to all the other south wrestlers.

February 8, 2001
From: Coach Stef
email: bsmontgomery@rtol.net
comments: Cudos to all of those Braxton County Middle School Wrestlers who are still wrestling at youth tournaments. We have no youth program in our county but Coach Randy Woods and Melissa Tanner has taken it upon themselves to transport these kids and insure that they continue to wrestle. With parents and the support personnel that we continue to have in Braxton County how could we not be successful??!! Thank you Coach Randy and Missy!!

February 8, 2001
From: AB
comments: To: Superman
I like your predictions with the exception of a couple weight classes. I think you need to watch Noechel THIS year rather that compare to last year. He is in TOP form this year and has had an explosive turn around from last year. I promise you he is on a mission and NO ONE is going to defeat him in February. The others I think you need to look over again is 189 and 275. Look for big things from Sternthal and Satterfield. They have been very impressive lately and I think they will surprise many come Saturday night in Huntington. Other than those I agree with you especially at 171 with Miller complete domination.

February 8, 2001
comments: toff you forgetting someone at 140? what about lord hes wrestling excellent this season i think you are wrong not to have him in the top 4

February 8, 2001
comments: South dominated Fairmont Senior last night. With out a doubt Fairmont Senior's Matt Delligatti (Freshman) held his own against South's number one rated McCartney (Senior) last night by giving up one takedown and losing 5-0. Great job Freshman! I can't wait to see what you do at the 2001 states and over the next three years! It's gunna be fun. Pickens is in a league of his own at 152. Miller will defeat Daggett. Look for a Miller v Courntey State Final which will be very entertaining as usual. J Delligatti was pretty impressive over Grogg. Keep up the great work! "Noechel" is already printed on the 215 state championship award. Bank on it!

February 8, 2001
comments: It disturbs me to see "congratulations" go to anyone with "a classy loss". Where I come from that is called SPORTSMANSHIP. Is that not expected? If not it should be.

February 8, 2001
comments: To: TOF
Who is the Williamson you predict to place in the top 4 at 125? Where is he from?

February 8, 2001
From: to:SAKiller
comments: I have reason to beleive you are **** from ***** and that you were referring to me in your post. You have alot of nerve insulting MY wresting skills at least I know how to wrestle which is more than can be said for you. I know you think you're really good because you are ***** but the only tough opponents you have wrestled are ***** and ****** I am far from the best 215 in the state and you can't beat me in a straight up match just wait until you run into***** and ***** at states. By the way if we meet at regionals are you going to grease yourself and run from me again? As I final note I apologize if that post was in regards to someone else.

February 8, 2001
From: Superman
comments: As I promised my "SuperPredictions" for this years AAA state Champs!
Coming in at 103 Following in his Brothers Footsteps ......SAMMY BONNASO with a win over ...well everybody he is the "super" pick at 3.
112 One of the best technical wrestlers if not the best defending state champion MATT EASTER Grogg a serious condender but I give the "superedge" to the man with state tourney experience
119 I really like the way this guy handles himself at the states. Two years ago he pinned the defending state champion Alex Reed and teched the guy in the finals last year he beat former state champion Chris Johnson and had an incredible turn around win to retain his title. Big Reds MATT STEVENS dominant in every aspect of the game .... will handle Metz in a rematch and defeat another state champion Justin Stanley.
125 I have wrestled this guy on several occasions the first time he was so smooth he seemed to glide from move to move He's been under rated this year but none of the rating are gonna matter at states. CHRIS JOHNSON loses in the final to Alex Reed defeats Samples for the title loses to Stevens and in 2001defeats the "Bruiser" Matt Bosley....
130 This is a tight one to call Gibbs Kennedy Williams who will it be? I give the go ahead to KENNEDY hes a very strong neutral wrestler not real flashy but he gets the job done.
135 Lots of names here hard to pick which "One" it will be: Lane Duncan Muldrew Abshire ...is that all? Seems like I forgot "One" ... and I think everyone else has to. "The One" Billy Barbour should make his presence felt at states .... but the "SuperPick" goes to ABSHIRE dropping to 35 he already holds one win against "Sweet Billy B." After States The headlines back in Martinsburg will read "Abshire Defeats 'The One' in double OT"
140 I can think of four major contenders for the crown at 40 Ripley Mayle Ott Lord. Mayle is HUGE at 140 the guy must be hollow but he not consistant enough... Lord and Ott have both traded matches Lord winning the most recent at Winners Choice. But none of these guys have showed me enough to make them my "super pick" for 140 ROBBIE RIPLEY will make it 3 champs for Nitro as I name him the "Super #1 Contender" going in to states.
145 A loss to Flanagen in the finals 2 years ago a stunning set of losses at states last year but I give Moats the go no triple AAA wrestler has been beating him on points when they stuck him I don't think any can A cautious MOATS will defeat :George Mays and Sean Agoney to win his 1st State Title.
152 This one is a little more simple PICKENS defeats Schindler again with that little Russian Duck Under thing he does. 3rd place match should be a good one to watch pitting McDonald and Hickman.
160 Again another simple call DAGGETT's pure technique defeats the superhuman strength of " Travis Durst Wallace and Taylor.
171 This one is not as close as most people think MILLER will make it number 3 his closest match.....against Daggett or Courtney? It Doesn't really matter. Miller is the "Super Pick" for 71.
189 Very Simple nobody beats THOMAS at 89 at 71 he would be 4th at best but different weight class different story. Thomas uses brains to avoid 3 deadly opponents and is my "Super Pick" for his "Super Brains"
215 I saw "Super Star" Brad Davis put Noechel out without breaking a sweat at last years states thats why McCARTNEY will defeat Wells and Moales to claim his title.
275 Clay was runner-up last year to my man Heath put hes just big he doesnt know how to wrestle. My "Super Pick" Chris Morrison the wrestler from South will take Wellman and Satterfield this is folkstyle-wrestling not Sumo the win goes to the guy who can move.

February 8, 2001
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: Thanks wvfan and Doc for submitting the "pill" info.I looked up the site and I'm still confused!Seems it would be easier to seed the wrestlers.All I know is that the semis still can have the two best wrestlers from a weight class going against each other.I witnessed South last evening put on another clinic against Fairmont Sr.The 112 match between Delligatti and Grogg and the 171 match between Courtney and Daggett was very entertaining.I have said all along that Chris Daggett was being counted out too soon as he defeated Courtney 10-8.Those two and Mr. Miller from Fair.East will battle at states much to all the fans delight!

February 8, 2001
comments: To pphs fan
Point Pleasants needs to beat Ranked WV teams not the sub par Ohio teams to get ranked.

February 8, 2001
comments: is WEBSTER COUNTY going to participate in Region 111 this year?

February 8, 2001
From: MaGNoliA ObSERveR
comments: Nice job to Joe Weaver for bumpin' up against Thomas Naylor and scoring the first points on him all year.

February 8, 2001
comments: INDEPENDENCE Predications for STATES

Team 2nd

103 Blake 2nd
119 Conley 6th
125 Sexton 4th
145 Wood 1st
152 Bolen 1st
171 Brown 1st
189 Moyer 2nd
215 Stewart 1st
275 Keaton 5th

Go get em PATS

February 8, 2001
From: Cody
comments: Congradulations to Neal Wright!!!!!!!!! PVC CHAMP!!!

February 8, 2001
From: fan
comments: i would like someone to justify how marks isn't ranked higher than #5 in the coaches poll at 189. lost to one kid in the state of wv and that was earlier in the season and wouldn't lose to him again. if you haven't forgot he did he's wrestled and beat sternthall phalen boyd and barber. not to shabby. just an opinion. im open for comments. i just believe that he's earned a higher ranking if not a #1 ranking. even though it means nothing till Feb. 24 it's nice to have some respect. he's worthy of #1 and his name can be used in the same sentance as state champion.

February 8, 2001
From: wrestling fan
comments: could someone give me the url for the ohio high school wrestling site thank you

February 8, 2001
comments: What's wrong with the wvspn site? since they "revised" the site I can't find the message boards.

February 8, 2001
From: wc
comments: I enjoy the predictions everyone has sent in. Let me give you another. Josh Evans from Woodrow Wilson High School will have a good run at the States. Possibly win it all. The sleeper has awaken!!!!

From: SUPERMANS UNCLE (the origional one)
comments: First of all Iíd like to apologize for the comments I made about the referees at the ----------- last weekend! I never wanted to start a WAR of words here. I know you guys have a very difficult and trying job not only do you give up your weekends to do your part time job but you have to take the abuse that ignorant folks like me dish out while doing that job. I myself did not agree with a few of the calls at the ------------- but then on the other hand I wasnít as close to the action as you guys were. So let me formally apologize to each and every referee that reads this page and if you have a friend that donít have a chance to see this please pass this on to them. THANKS AGAIN DOC FOR THE OPPROTUNITY TO EXPRESS MYSELF HERE! And yes I am the REAL SUPERMANS UNCLE!!!!

February 8, 2001
From: Meatball215
comments: Noechel from East Fairmont should get more credit he will be on top of the podium on Saturday night Though McCartney may give him a decent match you can pretty much bank on a Noechel victory!!!

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