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February 17, 2002
From: Observer
comments: Congrats to Fairmont Senior wrestlers, you guys looked good. Jeff Courtney its yours for the taking. I would like to give credit to this Poling kid from Keyser, where did he come from. GO SENIOR!!!!!

February 17, 2002
From: Midland Trail Fan
comments: Josh Workman (103) from Midland Trail appreciates whoever wrote about him wrestling at Regionals this passed weekend. I appreciate it, also, because it is refreshing to know that someone still has their eyes open. Thanks for sending that out:) Nice job, Josh--you deserve to go to states!! Congratulations should also go to Drew Fitzpatrick (140) for placing 3rd, and Kris Roberts (HWT) for placing 4th. Along with those guys, Keith Kenney (119), Bud White (171), and Cody Bennett (215) will be attending states as alternates; whereas all of them placed 5th. It's been a great year for Midland Trail and it can only get better!! Also... congratulations to RB Burwell (HWT) from Meadow Bridge for placing 3rd at Regionals--I wish you the best of luck at states and I hope you are completely better by then! :) Sheldon Brown (112) from Meadow Bridge who placed 1st at Regionals--you deserves the best wishes possible and I know you'll kick butt at states! Nice job you two! On another note, Robbie Belcher (103) from Liberty did well at Regionals and I know he'll do even better this weekend. Good luck to everyone who made it to states!

February 17, 2002
comments: Congratulations to all of the NCHS wrestlers who qualified for states. I know some of you were disappointed in the "places" that you finished but you have worked hard all year. Keep working over the next three days and go to states and make something happen. GOOD LUCK AND GO GRIZZ!!!!

February 17, 2002
From: pro-seeder
comments: Courtney and Daggett meeting in the semis instead of the finals is a shame to the tournament and takes away from the finals. But I'm sure the South fans won't be complaining.

February 17, 2002
From: Region III Observer
comments: The Region III, AAA wrestling tourny was exciting on many levels. Huntington High clearly dominated, but they might have been out matched when it came to head to head matches with Point Pleasant. Maybe not. Don't quote me on that. Point Pleasant fell victim to lack of wrestlers. They started with no 103 or HWT, then, their 189 didn't make weight and their 215 got slammed so hard he thought he was a 103 pounder, so he couldn't continue. Nitro had a strong showing, with, surprise surprise, the Easter brothers both winning. If you ask me, the qualifiers from region III should fare well in the state tourny.

February 17, 2002
From: DogFan
comments: First off Congrats to Martinsburg on qualifing six to states. Second off one man wont be going to states which is a shocker to probaly most. Billy Barbour, I mean the boy from preston is going to the states and Barbour beat him Friday 19-9. I am going to complain on this illegal slam they called on Barbour. I taped his match and I watch him and Kesseler. I have to disagree with the Slam against Davis. Barbour wrestles aggressivly all the time just like he did against Davis. Now to the Point! Barbour is winning. He takes a shot on Davis and gets deep. Like always, he lifts the wrestler in the air. The while in the air he hits the coolest finish I have ever seen! He hits a firemans carry in the air and comes down to one kneethen Davis's Body hits hard on the mat straight to his back. Now this is when the ref stops the match and says its illegal. After the match I watch the tape and Barbour had his arm and his knee hit before Davis hit the ground. Just because Davis hit flat on his back the ref thought it was illegal? Anyhow this tied the score. So, Barbour being the intense one takes him down again 8-8. Then Davis would get the escape and when the match. Now, you think if Barbour gets the takedown and possibly back the match is over no contest. But, since he was charged with a illegal slam whcih he slams alot of opponents and always has control he loses and cant go to states. He had control on the takedown I have the film and that is totally unfair to ruin someones chances like that exspecially a Wrestler liike that.

February 17, 2002
From: time for fun
comments: i cant wait to watch states............

February 17, 2002
From: Flying Eagle Fan
comments: Congratulations to the boys from BECKLEY on their 2nd place finish at the region 4 tournament. Ripley is still just a little too strong for you, but you did manage to finish ahead of Nicholas County and Buckhannon Upshur. Early in the season both teams out placed you at Nitro. Buckhannon did it again at the Winner's Choice and Nicholas then took 1st ahead of you by a hair at the Coalfield Conference. You then caught and past Buckhannon at the W.S.A.Z. and it took you till the region to catch and out score Nicholas. Your hard work and dedication in the mat room is paying off and if you keep it up you will continue to gain respect state wide. Give it everything you've got during the 3 days of practice this week and make some noise at the State Tournament. To the state qualifiers- Sean Meade-103, Ryan Bostic-112, Zack Evans-130, Joe Mcquillen-135, Jay Thomas-140, Justin Boyden-145, Josh Evans-152 and Jeremy Good-189, GOOD LUCK AND WRESTLE TOUGH !! YOU'VE GOT NOTHING ! TO LOSE AND EVERTHING TO GAIN !!!!

February 17, 2002
From: region 4 spectator
comments: to everyone who ranked mccutcheon above linger, you were wrong. he got pinned. same for people who ranked phalen above rector. rector looked like he was toying with him. final score 7-3. as far as A/AA, lively is the man. remember he is one of only 2 wrestlers who beat GE's caplado, the other being jeff courtney. by the way, lively was outweighed by almost 20 pounds. though he's had several losses, that says a lot for him. speaking of GE wrestlers, what about burns? he is small compared to most heavyweights and he destroys the majority of them with something i heard caplado call the "dream."

February 17, 2002
From: gw_130_gf
comments: Congratulations to Greenbrier West on their regional title. You have all worked really hard and have all done a great job. Brandon, Mark, and Jeremy...congratulations for your first place finishs. Alex, Jared, and Maner...congrats on your second place finishs. Pat, Jeremy, and Alex...you all have been excellent senior leaders and it would've been impossible to reclaim the regional title without your leadership and encouragement. I wish you three the best in the states and I hope you all get what you want. Give it everything you've got and come off that mat for the final time with no regrets. To the rest of the team...I wish you the best of luck in the states and next season. Make next season as good (if not better) as this one was. We all know you can win the regionals now so we'll be expecting you to bring it home again next year!

February 17, 2002
comments: Does anyone know what the score was in the region 1 AA 145 lbs. finals between Smith Will. and Wharton O.G.? Was it a good match? It seems to me that the top 4 place winners at the region 1 tournament should place at the state tourney.

February 17, 2002
From: murr
comments: Oak Glen will take the state tourney again. They will crown more than 2 champions. Stickles, Caughey, and Hebrock will repeat. They will have many, many placers. Garrett Six will also become a champ. Almost every1 will repeat.

February 17, 2002
From: wrestler
comments: based on regional competion.. id like to see some pics for downstate now.. if anyone has some predictions please post them..

February 17, 2002
comments: I am a Parkersburg fan for wrestling, once again I would like to establish that I said "Pakersburg". It was very disturbing to go to the Regional match and watch Parkersburg South cheer when one of Parkersburg High wrestlers lost a match. I think this showed very bad sportman ship from the fans of a good wrestling team. Come on guy's we are all from Parkersburg and I think it is great to see anyone from this city win. South has a good wrestling team but the fans being so rude!!! does not make them look very good. I think it is great to see PHS coming back in the sport of wrestling, and I know they have worked very hard to get there. They may not win state but they are going to make a good run at it. They are a very young team so the future is looking bright. Let's go out and support both Parkersburg teams at state, they both have a good chance at winning it would'nt 1st & 2nd be nice for the city of Parkersburg.

February 17, 2002
From: Blue Devil fan
comments: Congratulations St Marys on qualifying 9. Way to go guys.

February 17, 2002
From: Bill Futten
comments: As a parent of an East Fairmont wrestler, I want to congratulate my son, Aaron, on winning the Region II championship at the 152 weight class. Not only am I proud of him, but I am proud of the entire East Fairmont team. I send my best to each of these wrestlers for their outstanding performance this weekend. Good Luck to each of you at the state tournament.

February 17, 2002
From: A friend of your Dad's
comments: To Aaron Futten: It was a pleasure to watch you wrestle in the Region 2 tournament. You were composed, focused and intent on winning.....Good smart wrestling. I wish you very best of luck at the States. Keep wrestling strong on your feet. You can take it all if you keep intensity. Tell your dad that Joe sent this.

February 17, 2002
From: frenchfry
comments: Congratulations Oak Glen!! Good Job! All but one weight class going to states.
how about Justin Goneau @103? what would have happened if they weren't saving his shoulder for states, he didn't look like it bothered him to much tonight but Coach Shaw knows what he's doing with that boy. Who ever wrote in and said Goneau should be thankful he got Shaw as a coach was 100% correct. He took that kid who had never seen a mat until 2 1/2 years ago and really developed him into a true up and coming. I hope he goes on to wrestle in college, we might hear the words olympics appling to him one day.

Great work Oak Glen!!! February 17, 2002
comments: Oak Hill High had its first regional champs EVER . The two young men have been focused from day one and deseve to be commended. They are Shawn Garland at 140lbs. and David DeQuasie at 275.lbs. Congratulations guys I'm very proud of you.

February 17, 2002
From: South Wresling Fan
comments: Congratulations to Parkersburg High on their close win over South in the Region 1 championship.I can assure you one thing and that is the South wrestlers watched your celebration and they will go to Huntington with a little fire in their eyes!Congrats to the 6 South regional champs...you guys must now lead your team at the state tourney and bring home what is yours...a 4th sraight championship!You 4 captains are awesome and some of the best to put on a South uniform.Boz..you looked like the Boz of old and your desire will take you to the top.Ryan and Nathan..you are simply amazing.Chris...South has never had a heavyweight champion,be the 1st!How about a blue and white celebration in Huntington and make the others see red!!Thanks guys for entertaining us old fans with your expertise and flare!Good luck and may God bless each of you!

February 17, 2002
From: Hannah~BSHS Statistition
email: CarCutie28@hotmail.com
comments: CoNgRaDuLaTiOnS To my berkeley guys!!!! we are now 2nd in Region 2 and all of the team except for 2 are goin to states!!! Good Luck Guys !!! :-)

February 17, 2002
From: madman
comments: i am a south parkersburg grad but i am tiered of the south side complaning of miss treatment when it comes to scores. it happend in the wsaz and now in the region. time to face facts, sometimes you do loss

February 16, 2002

February 16, 2002
comments: To Kryptonite: Sorry to burst your bubble, but looks like Courtney and Daggett will be meeting in the semis.

February 16, 2002
From: Brent Sams
email: brentster@casinternet.net
comments: I double checked the top 2 team scores from Region 1 AAA and they are correct. Danny Tennent did a good job. There's nothing wrong with his math.

February 16, 2002
From: sore
comments: i am asking that u not post my "diatribe" that i just sent less than an hour ago. i am upset but don't need trouble. it is true, but spare me if u can. thanks.
Editor's note: No problem. Wouldn't have posted it anyway...

February 16, 2002
From: a mom who had to work
comments: thank you so much for posting the regional scores, i sat here with me knees knocking and hands shaking but all is well. keep up the good work

February 16, 2002
From: Rat teaser teaser
comments: Just completed watching Region I at Parkersburg....Rat teaser must of had some good luck with the Scoring...Cant figure how you can win Region I with only 4 Champs only 2 with pins....The other side of the river had 6 Champs with 3 of them had Pins well. one forfiet but that is as good as a pin due to the fact that its was @ 125 and Mr. Metz would have scored a fall in the first. Wonder who the teaser selected for MOW......If it wasn't one of the 6 South Champs it will be a discrace to the Sport. Great job to all the State qualifiers. Rat Teaser...See ya in Hunington...

February 16, 2002
From: south fan
comments: I just came from the big reds and they won but I think someome at south should recheck the points > Why would the fans have one score and the table have another, something not right.

February 16, 2002
From: Watcher

February 16, 2002
From: Supermam
comments: wow...Mr. Capital Letters, maybe I was being totally serious when I wrote that....or maybe

February 16, 2002
From: East fan

February 16, 2002
From: Ken Chertow
email: chertow@olympianwrestling.com
comments: I look forward to seeing the most dedicated WV Wrestlers compete at State. I will be attending the semis and finals.

Looking forward, I have finalized my summer camp plans. Our long time huge host hotel covention center has been converted to a nursing home. Huntington is my hometown, but rather than stay in far western part of our state, I have moved my camp to a more central location. This summer our Gold Medal Training Camp will be conducted in the best Western Convention Center in Ripley West Virginia. This great camp facility is easiliy accessible to everyone in WV, located less than 1/2 mile from I-77 Ripley exit.

For complete camp details, click on www.kenchertow.com. To receive a camp brochure, e-mail chertow@olympianwrestling.com

Strive to Rise to the Occasion at the State Tournament!

Ken Chertow
U.S.A Olympian

February 16, 2002

February 16, 2002
From: ol time south rat boy
comments: AAA Predictions:
103:Easter over Shyver, (dont count out Osno- cotto making it to Sat night though, but no one will beat easter)
112:Rader over Turnbull
119:Easter over Grogg, (although could be closer than some think, Grogg has dealt with better competiton)
125:Mr.Metz over Frierichs, (easily!!, same with Easter if he had stayed)
130:Williams over Smith (maybe best match of night)
135:Smith over Durbin
140:Bliss over Layne
145:Lord over Pickens, (again closer than ya think)
152:George over Walters,(I saw the OT match between them, kyle will have to garner points on his feet cause he cant contain george from the top, a few takedowns for Kyle though and look for an upset!!)
160:Pickens over Mays, (hey im a south rat but this match may be close, nate worries me in close matches against kids he cant dominate on his feet)
171:Taylor over Geary,(potential for a close one)
189:Courtney over Daggett, (not that close either)
215:Starsick over Thomas
275:Morrison over Satterfield

PHS with a little too much overall talent, Ill pick them in a real close one with my alma mater: SOUF PATRIOTS!!!! one for da pinky!!!!!

February 15, 2002
From: Dayne Priester
email: daynetricia@madbbs.com
comments: Has anyone played "GRAPPLE"??? Its the worlds only scholastic wrestling card game. Perfect for bus rides, educational and really fun to play. see "GRAPPLE" at www.wegrapple.com
. Please let us know what you think ???

February 15, 2002
From: Coaches are special people, don't run them off
comments: To: Wrestling Parent, Your making a strong allegation there for as little facts as you are stating. I have been around wrestling many years and can honestly tell you the if a coach "shoved/laid a hand on a child in a fit of rage" that that person would no longer be a coach. Wrestling practices have many people watching what is going on at any time. Do you think that the rest of your team is supporting what you are alleging? I can think of several instances where a coach might "shove" a kid for a purpose. Such as to get him out of danger or to show how terrible his stance is. I know not exactly what you are talking about. Was your child hurt? Did you see this occur? Perhaps, your child is exagerating what actually happened. Perhaps, your child is burnt out or not able to compete at a level that is acceptable and is wanting to quit and you won't let him unless something happens. There are alot of things that could be addressed here, perhaps, you could go into more detail. At this point, the only thing that I would like to stress is that I know of no pee-wee coaches in this state that gets a paycheck for what they do. And that they must be special people to still want to help someone else's child in this sue-happy world today. Last, if you have any doubts about your coaches, there are many programs out there, maybe you could find one that will suit you.

February 15, 2002
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: Time for my annual predictions(which are never 100% because of upsets):
103 Anthony Easter(Nitro)
112 Brandon Rader(PKG)
119 Matt Easter(Nitro)prove me wrong Shane Grogg!
125 Ryan Metz (I think Ryan is the best wrestler in WV!)
130 Robbie Williams(Huntington)
135 Mitch Smith(Ripley)
140 Chris Gibbs(Cabell Midland)He has a good coach!
145 Danny Lord(Hedgesville)
152 Kyle Walters(South)It's prime time !
160 Nathan Pickens(South)(If Metz isn't the best then Pic may be!)
171 Brandon Geary(East Fairmont)
189 Jeff Courtney(Fairmont Sr.)South fans will be rooting for you Mr.Courtney!)
215 Lou Thomas(PKG) I think you can do it Lou!
275 Chris Morrison(South)If he wrestles his match!

Teams: 1)South 2)Parkersburg High 3)Huntington High 4)John Marshall Please don't read anything into these,because they are just opinions and are not slams on any wrestler or team...I think you are all great just to compete in this super sport!Good luck to each of you!! February 15, 2002

February 15, 2002

February 15, 2002
From: Superman
comments: It would be difficult to respond to all the comments made on my super predictions so I'll just make a couple. Yes, I made a few errors on weight classes, and regional conflicts. No I didn't forget Futten , I just think Hayes will beat him at states. Yes, Billy is the greatest wrestler ever and no one will stop him at states.

February 15, 2002
From: matman
comments: To hs wrestling fan 2/14
Here is an idea about your region 1 changes. How about you just throw in Huntington, Fairmont Sr,and throw in Nitro and we'll just call it the state tournament. You can just send in the other teams in the state to be matmaids and to blood time.

February 15, 2002
From: NP Wrestling Fan
comments: I think that Oak Glen will pull away during the second day of te state tornament as usual. They will have 7 champions this year and set a record for 6 titles in a row.

February 15, 2002
From: gw_13o_gf
comments: I'd just like to say good luck to Greenbrier West's 130 Pat Bell and 135 Brandon Boone, as well as, all of the rest of the team. Independence...you better watch your backs cause these guys are gonna give you a run for your money to claim the region IV title.

February 15, 2002
From: Larry

February 15, 2002
comments: be ready
for phs to shock the state
its coming whether you like them or not
Only if psouth was healthy, they
are not like oak glen, who can still win the title=injured
good luck to the easter boys, first 2 brothers to win titles undefeated

February 15, 2002
From: A.S.
comments: to superman, i agree with all of your first place predictions except for and obvious 3 mistakes, at 135,152,and 171... at 135 if you ask anyone with some sense they will tell you mitch smith is definately the man to beat, i mean come on, he pinned griffith without much of a match in fairmont, and grifith has lost a few matches this year, even with the experience, im sure myself and most of west virginia will seriously doubt an upset from him over this super frosh, next 152, derek george in my opinion is the front runner, i saw a close double overtime match with he and walters at south and if there is anyone to overcome him it would have to most likely be kyle walters, not taking away from your "one" but did he even place last year?... at 171 granted its not too tuff this year but come on.. basing a prediction on support of the forum? that is totally ludacris, have you even seen him wrestle? not taking away from mccutcheon but taylor is the front runner if he drops, if not i look for geary.. and also at 160 it is right but do look for matt bender to place, matt smith-robbie williams should be a very exciting rematch.

February 15, 2002
From: Vengence189
comments: From:wrestling fan
Superman I would have to agree with almost all of your predictions for the state competition in AAA. All except for one, the 215 class. If it is Householder in finals with Starsick it will not be close, unless Starsick wants it to be. Starsick is by far the most talented wrestler in that weight class. I know that there are some fine athelets in that weight class, that are good wrestlers, but none of them have the talent and skills Starsick does. Starsick has the strength, agility, and skills that far surpass Householder, Miller, Thomas, or any other wrestler in there. Everyone is so sure about Courtney, and Easter, and all the other great wrestlers that dominate their weight classes. Well I think this young man should get his due. He is in "my" opinion the 215 champion this year and garanteed next year (if he doesn't get any bigger).

February 15, 2002
From: Weatherman
comments: Hey Superman, Great picks! Just SUPER. I love them and I don't see any bias anywhere in your picks. You might want to rethink Kennedy at 119. I haven't seen where he has been wrestling as of late and can't find him entered in the regional tournament. I am looking forward to seeing the great one on top of the podium come Saturday night. As for this weeks forecast, I see the South front is weakening and is about to be overcome by a warm front from the north (Parkersburg and John Marshall). A strong front coming out of the west (Huntington) mixed with some scattered showers coming from Nitro is in the forcast for "THE PERFFECT STORM" next weekend. The forecast is for the hot air of Parkersburg prevailing this weekend. Look for the eye of the storm hovering around Parkersburg to move down river where South winds will regroup and blow over the rest of the state come the following weekend. The key for South will be if their 135er can place in the top three. Good luck to all and try to stay dry.

February 15, 2002
comments: TOP 6 103lbs of the 90's

1st Chad Burge Cam 92
2nd Mike Miller Wirt 96
3rd Jimmy Johnson Cal 97
4th Scott Williams Will 91
5th Branden Clark SS 93
6th Ash Wenmoth Will 98

1st Dewitt Stanley Brk 96
2nd David Saterfield Parkb 93
3rd Matt Stevens Parkb 99
4th Steve Higgins Parkb 92
5th Jeremy Lowe Brk 94
6th Paul Richardson Nit 95

112 soon to come
submit all votes on forum

February 15, 2002
comments: Good Luck to the East Fairmont team tomorrow and Saturday. You can win the Regional Championship is you work as a TEAM. Wrestle your hardest and take the Championship. Good Luck to the seniors.....Futten, Ingram and Satterfield. This is your year, so make the best of it.

February 15, 2002
comments: superman; your picks for AAA 171 aren't too good. First you dodn't have Taylor from J. Marshall, but if you were to have known this you would seen that their bracket has your number five pick " morrison " facing Taylor in the first round. A loss here will knock Morrison down where he will have to beat either Marks or Tominack just to qualify for the States, which I don't see happening.

February 15, 2002
From: curious
comments: Could someone post the regional sites where the wrestling will take place. I am particularly interested in the Berkeley Springs matches.
Check the Regional pages....

February 15, 2002
comments: To those of u that keep predicting crookshanks(GW) at 6th u are crazy it will be a toos up with lowes(W) roberts(MT) or that kid from (TYLER) 275 is the best matches ive seen this year and u have to be really good to hang with them this year

February 15, 2002
From: Midland Trail Fan
comments: Good Luck to all the Midland Trail wrestlers for Regionals this weekend!! Everyone knows and expects Josh Workman (103), Drew Fitzpatrick (140), and Kris Roberts (HWT) to all kick butt, but MTHS might just have a few tricks up our sleeves so watch out people :) Oh & by the way, Roberts was having a bad day but I won't use that as an excuse. Bottom line, no one on our team will be having a bad day at Regionals--so we'll find out who can do what, when there. I am sure you'll see...

February 15, 2002
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: I see some predictions on here of Parkersburg High finishing as low as 5th....look for them to contend with South for the state title.This weekend will tell a little story,but the "pill" pairing the brackets at the state tourney will be the real story.Some always say that South qualifies their entire team for states,but I only look for 11 or 12 this year.I think PHS and John Marshall will qualify just as many and the state tourney may be decided by who meets whom on Friday night in the semis.Good luck to my Patriots and don't let anyone,and I mean anyone,take away number 4 and a little bit of wrestling history!

February 15, 2002
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: Superman: Okay...so Batman is the caped crusader,but after looking at a few of your predictions I'm not so sure you even have a cape! First of all..as I predicted..a certain 152lbr was going to be one of your misses! My guess here is your"One" will finish no better than 3rd or 4th and Walters for South will be wrestling on Saturday evening as a sophomore! Also..Frerichs will wrestle Mr.Metz on Saturday night.Loosen the strings around your caped neck and try again,this time without prejudice!

February 15, 2002
From: Watcher
comments: superman.....how can u say that Barbour is gonna win and u don't even have Foltz ranked....they are tied 2-2...another thing i saw Wes Greer wrestle and he will not place either....because if he gets fifth then u have Lou Thomas below him which means Greer would beat him...not gonna happen...Matt roach might place if he gets there....chantz will have a hard time winning also....In my opinion Mays for Huntington will win too

February 14, 2002
From: wrestling fan
comments: I would like to wish Point Pleasant Good luck this saturday in the regionals. They have a lot of great wrestlers in which i think over half the team should quaify for the states. Duncan,Nott,Dewees,Warner all should make it. I watched them last weekend at the SEOAL and they were awsome. I won't be surprise if one of them upsets some of your perdictions in there weight classes. When there wrestling good they are unbeatable.They don't get half the recognition they deserve. Good luck Point go showem what you got!!!!!!!!!!!!

February 14, 2002
From: M W

February 14, 2002
From: To Superman
comments: You're obviously not from Roane either or you'd not leave out Bender (160) completely. Anyone familiar with this young man knows what he's been through and that he is due for something big. Health? Will he be at 100%? Maybe not. But he'll bring 100% of whatever he's got, and that's more than most of his competition will be able to deal with. I know he's been careful about wrestling with injury, but he still hasn't been beaten and is favored to be a region champion. If champions are made from adversity, then he's more than ready.

February 14, 2002
From: yoyoyo
comments: first to the John Marshall fan: I believe that you will be a top ten team but i'm not to sure about top 5 and with a region that has at most 7 guys in a weight class it isn't to hard to send 13 guys to state now if they sent 13 guys to state with 10+ teams i would be impressed. second to superman- how did I know you would pick barbour to win 152 I think he has a chance but i dunno... Geary will place higher than Marks at states in 171 because he has major decisioned him 2 times already and i think you overlooked Futten at 152 he has beaten HAyes the last 2 times they wrestled and finally Miller of Preston can and has beat Householder with ease

February 14, 2002
From: CA fan
comments: to cameron fan: just a note, Magnone beat Starsick

February 14, 2002
From: WVU Wrestling
See the Mountaineers in action Friday, February 15 in Morgantown, WV at 7:30 pm to take on #21 Pittsburgh. Some of the interesting matchups include:
141 #9 Shane Cunanan (WVU) vs. #18 Blaise Mucci
157 #8 Joe Carr (WVU) vs. #18 Zach Doll
165 #5 Tom McMath (WVU) vs. #15 Carl Fronhofer
!97 Brent Miller (WVU) vs. #19 David Sandburg

This will be a great meet. See you Friday night!

February 14, 2002
From: fan
comments: i agree that mabe the hwt from Midlan Trail was having a bad day but even if so Lowe still would have beat him. you can not get tech-falled and say you were having a bad day and that you should have won. and i agree that having Whitlock ranked is totaly messed up as well. good luck to all wrestlers.

February 14, 2002
From: BiG StMaRyS FAN
comments: LET's UPSET the Regionals this Weekend BOYS! I know you'all can do it!

February 14, 2002
From: OG Fan
comments: I would just like to inform all readers of the Forum that Oak Glen Wrestling now has an official website. Oak Glens website has many different things to choose from. It has articles about all of OG matches through out the season. It has the links to different wrestling websits. It has a message board that is somewhat like that of the Forums. And it also has various articles by reporters concerning OG's success. It has a new article about the OG wrestlers that were ranked in AA/A coaches poll that was released February 12th. OG has ten guys ranked in the top 5. So Check it out. It is pretty interesting...The adress is http://www.clik.to/bearsforsix make sure you dont add .com at the end or it won't work.
Thank You

February 14, 2002
From: Pirate_Mann in reply to ravenswood ran
comments: The individual who chose Gibson to finish above Peck and Raban was "predict" man not "pirate" man.

February 14, 2002
From: Former 152
comments: Good luck to East Fairmont this weekend and Futten go get'em kid!

February 14, 2002
From: Region One Observer
comments: Prediction : 14 of 16 Region 1 Wrestlers 103 To 125 Will make All State at Huntington... Any Takers ??? How about 16 of 16.

February 14, 2002
From: stripes
comments: those refs at the allen/ashley match wouldn't let the coach get him and they did the same thing to another wirt wrestler and to williamstown. he may not have been completely out but he wasn't completely conscious.

February 14, 2002
comments: I agree that Jacob Carr of P.P. has been looking good this year. But when he gets to states he needs to go with the horse that got him there and that is "smart wrestling." He took Everhart (Hedgesville) into overtime last year at the St. Albans duals in one of the best matches I've seen but when he faced him at states he tried to man handle him and made a mistake and got stuck. If he uses his head he'll do just fine.

February 14, 2002
From: Superman
comments: Now for the moment you've all been waiting for. The "Super" unveiling of the "Super" state tourney picks. I've done meticulous research and I will have no bias towards any wrestler even if they have attended my camp. Also, to Patriot Fan, I am not the Caped Crusader, that is Batman. You seem to have your Super Heroes confused. Anyway.....

103 Anthony Easter Nitro He's beaten all comers and he'll keep doing it Impressive pinfall win over Shyver
       2. Shyver
       3. Osuana-Cotto
       4. Lucas Cappas
       5. Kurt Shumate
       6. Jeff Clark

112 Bryan Rader Parkersburg This is a very loaded weight class but the "Super" money is on Rader. I know that Riner beat Ballam who beat Turnbull who beat Garvin who beat Ballam..... but I think Rader will win, if he does beat Riner who beat Ballam who beat Turnbull who beat Garvin who beat Ballam
       2. Garvin
       3. Ballam
       4. Turnbull
       5. Humphries
       6. Riner

119 Matt Easter Nitro 3 time state champion but he'll have to settle with beating some one other then Dellighetti this year.
       2. Shane Grogg
       3. Adam Kennedy
       4. Litton
       5. Faseloutos
       6. Hodges

125 Ryan Metz Parkersburg South MOW--- he is pretty good "It takes guts to get into the ring with a guy like that"--Mick in Rocky II
       2. Reynolds
       3. Brandeu
       4. Frerichs
       5. Casto
       6. Shaw

130 Robbie Williams Huntington He has beaten Matt Smith, he looks like the one to beat, but no one's going to
       2. Matt Smith
       3. Matt Bosely
       4. Knapp
       5. Mull
       6. Mikey Barbour--- with a brother like Billy, its like walking in a shadow as big as the earth, but this is his time to break out

135 Chantz Griffith Jefferson Chantz will win the rematch with Smith because he is a Senior with State tourney experience and he will do whatever it takes to win
       2. Mitch Smith
       3. Young
       4. Duncan
       5. Williamson
       6. Durbin

140 I can't find out if Robbie Ripley is wrestling or not, if he is he is the "Super" pick if he is not the "Super" pick is Blane Mayle East Fairmont
       2. Gibbs
       3. Wes Lane
       4. Justin Kessler
       5. Gustines
       6. George

145 Danny Lord Hedgesville he is pretty good
       2. Bryce Pickens
       3. Hawes
       4. Boyden
       5. DeWees
       6. Hoxter

152 "The One" Billy Barbour or as he is known to his good friends BILLY Martinsburg Fueled by emotion, Billy is the very definition of a momentum wrestler and the momentum will be going his way He has only one unavenged loss to a WV wrestler which came in controversial fashion. Look for Billy to use his trade mark short offense move the "Famasser" which is widely considered the most devastating pinning combination move in amateur wrestling I know that many people are doubting Billy's chances but just like a cornered animal Billy will be more dangerous then ever
       2. Derek George
       3. Casto
       4. Warner
       5. Walters
       6. Hayes

160 Nathan Pickens Parkersburg South His match with Jason Mayes could be the most exciting of the tournament
       2. Mayes
       3. Anthony Dellighetti
       4. Watkins
       5. Geary
       6. Snyder

171 Pat McCutcheon Nicholas County This is a tough weight class to call but McCutcheon seems to have a lot of supporters on the forum and conventional wisdom tells me who ever gets a lot of attention on the forum always wins
       2. Darren Marks
       3. Geary
       4. Linger
       5. Morrison
       6. Roach

189 Jeff Courtney Fairmont Senior Watching Courtney wrestle is like watching poetry in motion, its like a twist of fate that he has to wrestle Daggett in the finals but Daggett will go out like a whisper in the wind Jeff Courtney to the extreme, picking Jeff Courtney just feels right
       2. Chris Daggett
       3. Taylor
       4. Frazier
       5. Phalen
       6. Rector

215 Andrew Starsick North Marion Close one between him and Householder, this is my "Super" Hunch
       2. Dustin Householder
       3. Miller
       4. Chuck Files
       5. Wes Greer
       6. Lou Thomas

275 Chris Morrison Parkersburg South He has 2 close losses to the No. 1 guy in the country and a win over Caughey He ain't gonna lose
       2. Satterfield
       3. Tony Blosser
       4. "Grizzly" Ryan Bird
       5. McCourt
       6. Tyree

Well, we all know that Superman can go back in time by counter rotating the Earth's rotation so all of this has already happened, so theres no point in any one even trying to debate any of this

I think these picks are pretty cool, but as a genius in his own time Buddy Whittington once said to me, "Superman, you couldn't be cool even if you froze to death" Words I'll never forget. And now the legal jargon

I am not from or associated with any of the following schools Parkersburg, Parkersburg South, Nitro, Huntington, Cabell-Midland, Fairmont Senior, North Marion, Jefferson, Hedgesville, Musselman, Keyser, Nicholas County, Weir, Oak Glenn, Cameron, Williamstown, Wirt County, John Marshall, JJWA, Harpers Ferry Middle School, Rosemont Grammer, Faith Christian Academy, Tucker County, and I'm telling you for the last time I'm not from Clay-Battelle

February 14, 2002
From: Predictions for Region 1

103:                        112:                  119:
1.SHRIVER(PHS)           1.RADER(PHS)          1.GROGG(PS)
4.HOWARD(JM)             4.GARVIN(MRG)         4.SHINSLER(MRG)

125:                       130:                    135:
1.METZ(PS)               1.BOSLEY(PS)          1.YOUNG(PS)
2.SHAW(BRK)              2.KNAPP(PHS)          2.WILLIAMSON(PHS)
3.KOONTZ(JM)             3.DURBIN(BRK)         3.DURBIN(BRK)

140:                        145:                  152:
1.BLISS(BRK)             1.PICKENS(PS)         1.GEORGE(JM)
3.SMITH(PS)              3.HOXTER(UNV)         3.DOWLER(PHS)
4.ADKINS(JM)             4.DAVIS(BRK)          4.DEMEDICI(MRG)

160:                       171:                   189:
1.PICKENS(PS)            1.TAYLOR(JM)          1.DAGGETT(PHS)
2.FILBY(JM)              2.MARKS(PHS)          2.ANDERSON(JM)
3.PINTUS(MRG)            3.MORRISON(PS)        3.WILLIAMS(MRG)
4.COON(UNV)              4.MALONE(MRG)         4.RADCLIFF(PS)

215:                         275:                TEAM FINISH:
1.THOMAS(PHS)            1.MORRISON(PS)        1.P-SOUTH
2.WELLS(JM)              2.BLOSSER(UNV)        2.PARKERSBURG
3.COOK(WP)               3.HENRY(JM)           3.JOHN MARSHALL
4.SHANNON(UNV)           4.ALLENBY(WP)         4.UNIVERSITY

February 14, 2002
From: To: yoyoyo
comments: To yoyoyo
Have y9u ever heard of the John Marshall Monarchs? I think that you FORGOT to add them to your top 5 teams list at the state tournament. They will be qualifying at least 13 this weekend in Parkersburg for the state tournament. Derek George will win at 152 also. If everybody wrestles up to their full potential the Monarchs could be turning some heads in Huntington next weekend. I look for them to finish 2nd between PS and Parkersburg with Ripley coming in fourth

February 14, 2002
From: Proud Calhoun Parent
comments: To All Calhoun Wrestlers: Just want to say how proud the parents and all fans are of our wrestling team, not only are they great athletes, they show great sportsmanship, and are fine young men that have set great examples for future athletes of our county. Do your best in the upcoming regionals and at the state tourney. That is all that is asked of you. You are a fantastic group of young men. We have all the faith in the world in you and know you are going to do an outstanding job. Good Luck and give it your all. See Ya there!!!!

February 14, 2002
From: Golden Bear
comments: Rumor has it this is the last year for the state tournament being in Huntington. If so, serious consideration should be given to the Civic Center in Wheeling. They have run the OVAC tournament for years and they do an excellent job. I also think you would get a larger crowd in Wheeling because Region 1 in both AAA and AA-A is the strongest region. Typically the stronger teams have the larger following. And without doing my geography homework I'm guessing most Region 1 teams are closer to Wheeling than Huntington (or Charleston). In Wheeling you would get a huge Oak Glen and John Marshall fan base. And the Parkersburgh South fans will travel anywhere. They are truly impressive the way they support their team. There is a lot more to do in Wheeling than Huntington. Don't get me wrong, I really like going to Huntington once a year, but if the tournament is going to move Wheeling is the ideal place. I realize it is a long drive for y'all in the Southern part of the state, but it is only one weekend out of the year...

February 14, 2002
comments: Hughes got hurt and could not finish in a good match with Six, as far as I'm concerned, that's not losing, that's saving yourself to wrestle another day. Don't you remember?

February 14, 2002
From: East Mat-maid
comments: I just wanted to wish all the guys good luck and have fun. I know this year has been a little hard on everyone due to the lose of our coach and friend Brad. The reason I believe in you is because you never give up and always try your hardest. I know you guys can win it all and I wish all of you the BEST of luck. Good luck to our senior guys Futten,Satterfield and Ingram this is your last year so make it your best. Wrestle smart and remember everything you have learned and try your hardest and you will win!! GOOD LUCK BEES!!!

February 14, 2002
From: fan
comments: with donnie peck from clay county moving up to heavyweight this will make both the heavyweight and 215 division very interesting. this will also make the region 3 tournament very exciting. with Peck,Raben,Gibson, and Lowe it will make the compation even tougher at both regionals and states.good luck to all wrestlers.

February 14, 2002
From: are you kidding me?
comments: To say Allen was knocked out, what a joke? Was Ashley's pipewrench to much for him? What about the two ref's that were less than three feet away on the edge of the match, don't you think they would have said something.

February 14, 2002
From: J. D. H.
comments: I would like to wish my nephew Glen Tanner the best of luck this weekend. I think you will be fine. I would also like to wish my friends from Calhoun luck in there quest for a state title this season. You guys have a very strong team and I hope to see you guys finish the season strong. Last but not least, I would also like to wish my coaching friends from Parkersburg South and Williamstown the best of luck. See you all at the States!

February 14, 2002
comments: I wanna know how the Cameron Fan thinks Kupfer is underrated? Last time i checked people who won state titles werent underrated.

February 14, 2002
From: dg
comments: To Cameron fan:
I think you may be underestimating Williamstown. They have some very good wrestlers.

February 14, 2002
From: ravenswood ran
comments: to pirate man how can you think charlie gibson will get second b/c dana raban beat him and donnie peck also beat him. and if im not mistaken i read you lost twice to peck. just wondering how you thought he would get second. and comments

February 14, 2002
From: to predict man
comments: Why is it that most all your picks end up with a South wrestler winning when its obvious that some of them are not going to win. its cool to predict weight classes but its a whole lot more fun when they are realistic.

February 14, 2002
comments: How can they have crookshanks ranked ive watched him wrestle several times and most of the time he doesnt win yes lowe beat roberts at 275 but roberts was having a terrible day and everybody has those. Whitlock ranked that is just wrong nothing mean bye it but please look at his comopition. And DYE will win 103 not Valles 3rd will be neal 4th snuffer 5th Gungle 6th snowburger he has beat rawls and if workman had not dropped from 112 rawls would have bit the dust at BIG 16

February 14, 2002

February 14, 2002
comments: Magnone already beat Whitehill at the duel meet and is by far the best in the state so dont be foooish

February 14, 2002
comments: Six beat Hughes at OVAC's this year dont you remember?

February 14, 2002
comments: Railing never wrestled Geiske so where was the upset

February 14, 2002
From: hs wrestling fan
comments: with the loss of 7 schools from AAA, this is my idea for the way the regions should look for next year. There are a couple of schools that I list that doesn't have wrestling, but because they can at any time I listed them anyway.

Region I : Brooke, John Marshall, Morgantown, North Marion, (8 schools) Parkersburg, Parkersburg South, University, Wheeling Park

Region II : East Fairmont, Fairmont Senior, Preston, (9 schools) Hedgesville, Jefferson, Martinsburg, Hampshire, Mussleman, R.C. Byrd

Region III : Capitol, Cabell Midland, Huntington, (9 schools) Hurricane, Nitro, Riverside, Ripley, St. Albans, South Charleston

Region IV : Buchannon Upshur, Elkins, Princeton, (8 schools) Greenbrier East, Nicholas Co. Woodrow Wilson, Spring Valley, George Washington

February 14, 2002
comments: To Region III Observer- of Nitro's 11 wrestlers in the regions- 7 wrestlers live in Nitro with their parents, 3 live in St. Albans, and 1 in Putnam Co. Doesn't matter what feeder school they came from.

February 14, 2002
From: stripes
comments: to "fan":
i totally agree with the allen/ashley match...he should have won that match if he wasn't knocked out...i'm hoping for allen to take the victory there.

February 14, 2002
From: Kanawha fan
comments: For consumption- WVSSAC SCHOLARSHIP RULE
127-2-6 Scholarship.

6.1 A student is required to do passing work in the equivalent of at least 20 periods (four subjects with full credit toward graduation) per week. Failure to earn passing marks in four full credit subjects during a semester shall render a student ineligible for the following semester.

(a) Two of those four full credit subjects must be in English-Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics or Science, and may or may not be in the same area.

(b) If a student has completed all state, county and school requirements for graduating, he or she may select four full credits from any area of the curriculum offered by the school.

(c) If a student is taking a multiple period subject, such as vocational courses for a full morning or afternoon, it may be counted as more than one subject. The number of subjects counted will be equal to the units of full credits given; however, part (a) above must also be met.

(d) If a student has been declared ineligible according to the standards outlined above, he or she may attend summer school and have his or her eligibility reinstated if the student meets the standards at the conclusion of summer school.

(e) If a student has been declared ineligible according to the standards outlined above, he or she may have his or her eligibility reinstated at mid semester if the student is meeting the standards at that time.

6.2 Note: Full credit is defined as one-half credit for a semester or 4050 minutes as taken from the West Virginia Department of Education, "Graduation Requirements for West Virginia Public Schools: Adolescent Education (Grades 9-12) (March 1982)."

6.3 Schools providing for planned programs of independent learning during the regular school term may not wish to require all students to attend classes for 4050 minutes during a semester. In such instances, full credit may be awarded for satisfactory performance provided that it meets standards established by the county and West Virginia Department of Education.

6.4 Full credit may be awarded for subjects in addition to those offered by the school as well as experimental programs developed by the school itself provided that it meets standards established by the county and West Virginia Department of Education. Such credit must be earned during the regular school term.

6.5 In order for a withdrawn student, an expelled student, or a student not attempting four (4) full credit subjects during a semester to regain eligibility, said student must complete one semester of school work.

6.6 Any student who withdraws from school and does not re-enroll within 10 school days of that withdrawal date will lose his/her eligibility for the remainder of that semester.

6.7 Credit deficiencies cannot be made up after the last day of the semester, except in a case where a student whose final examinations and course credit are delayed due to illness which can be verified by a physician.

6.8 In all cases, the official school transcript will be used to determine a student's eligibility and will be regarded as final.

6.9 On August 12,1983, the State Board of Education adopted Policy #2436.10 (C-Rule). Students must maintain a 2.0 average to participate in interscholastic athletics and cheerleading. Be sure to read this policy for details, (See Appendix)

This rule is supposed to be enforced and if you are a senior on a block schedule with county requirements to finish for graduation, [not state requirements, Kanawha County requires 25 credits for graduation], you are out . The WVSSAC does not allow a student with a 2.0 or above to participate if you don't have and pass 2 majors-math, english, social studies, or science-per semester. A canvas of the coachs and students, etc, of other schools that have been consulted, not many people even know the rule--the WV Dept of Education didn't know about it, Kanawha Co. Board didn't know about it. Its is not published in their rules--they only give the 2.0 Rule as the eligibility requirement. Just think about all the athletes who are participating on Drivers Ed. credits, or Health or Phys. Ed. across the state, I've seen them in summer school getting the credits to play.

Editor's note: We got into a problem with the eligibility rule a couple of years ago at our high school over an athlete who was decalred ineligible and we were required to forfeit all the basketball games for the season. I was on the BOE at the time, and I recall it had something to do with block schedules, and the timing of the taking of required courses. As I recall, I couldn't understand the rule then, so I don't presume to understand the rule now. I'll stick to something easier to grasp, like surgery.....

February 14, 2002
comments: To the Cameron Fan, you are way off on the Regional predictions, you should wait till the seeds are made before you write that much. Becasue there are guys u have in the finals that are going to meet in the semi's.

February 14, 2002
comments: To Cameron Fan: On your AA Predictions posted 2/12 Bill Whitehill from Oak Glen did not beat Starsick. Starsick beat Whitehill at North's Quad.

February 14, 2002
From: gm
comments: What are the rules governing a wrester jumping up in weight class for the regional/state tournament after wrestling at a lower weight class for the majority of the season?
Editor's note: This is a frequently asked question. The key is the number of times the wrestler WEIGHED IN at a given weight, rather than the number of times he actually wrestled at a given weight. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but a wrestler could weigh in at, say, 125 the entire season, wrestle at 130 the entire season, and be eligible for 125 at regionals.....

February 14, 2002
From: To: Cameron Fan
comments: Varner from Weir won't be wrestling this weekend

February 14, 2002
From: thinker
comments: to:hahaha actually some of us did take it into acount that Brackets haven't been selected yet, but did it ever occure to you that some of the wrestlers that will be in finals to gether are in the same region? that means they will be split up at states.

February 14, 2002
From: yoyoyo
comments: Predictions for AAA
103 Easter over Cappas
112 turnbull with the upset over Radar
119 Easter over Grogg making it a swept for the Easter Family
125 Metz over anyone at anytime but I think Ferrichs will be the lucky one
130 Smith over Williams
135 Smith over Durbin Smith brothers bring ripley 2 titles home
140 Mayle over Gibbs Next year will become East Fairmont's second 2 time champion
145 Lord over Pickens
152 Casto over Futten Futten is always capable of knocking off the big dogs as he did to qualify for states his soph year and I think it will carry over at states his final year
160 Pickens all the way with no problem Mays runner-up coulda been champ at 171 in my opinion
171 Geary with a close decision over McCutcheon will be a great match
189 Courtney over Daggett and convincingly
215 Starsick repeats over Matt Miller of Preston Miller has impressed me this year it's a shame he has to share the name with another great Matt Miller from EF
275 Satterfield won't let this one slip by another great match and Morrison will take home second

top 5 teams
4.East Fairmont

February 14, 2002
From: BU Fan
comments: McCourt is back and will be back for regionals and to take them again...

February 14, 2002
From: The Truth
comments: WE all know who is going to win the 171 weight divsion!! Pat McCutcheon of Nicholas. You wait and see who will win the states. You guys under rate him. You will see him in the finals and then take the first place trophey. WAIT AND SEE!!!!!!!

February 14, 2002
From: fan
comments: to region III predictor - at 171 - Jacob Carr of Point Pleasant will beat Halstead of Hurricane. Carr is already been named the # 1 seed. Good Luck Point Pleasant!

February 14, 2002
From: WOW
comments: acording to region 3 seedings, Donnie Peck from Clay moved up to HWT. this will make the region and the states realy interesting in the heavyweight division.

February 14, 2002
From: Nitro171
comments: Correction. Nitro has 5 wrestlers who went to St. Albans feeders, 3 wrestlers that went to Nitro feeders, and 3 wrestlers that went to Poca feeders.

February 14, 2002
From: fantacycle
comments: I am not sure who the fan was who predicted that South will win first place in 6 weights but apparently he is a South Grad. I am also a South grad but am not so optimistic. I hope he's right. However, South is indeed vulnerable this year as some PHS fan said earlier on the board but I believe that we have enough to make it four championships in a row if everyone is relatively healthy in Huntington. I predict that South will have two champions; R Metz and N Pickens. I think that Patriot_49 is off base when he predicted Thomas from PHS will finish 5th at 215. I saw him at the MSAC Championships and was impressed. I wouldn't be suprised if he finished first in Huntington. However, his predictions on how South wrestlers will finish were just about spot on as far as I am concerned. There sure is a lot of comments on the forum with the regionals approaching. See you in Huntington.

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