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February 21, 2003
From: New SouthFan
comments: Wood County schools are the only schools statewide that face the top competition nationwide. A wrestler from either wood county schools with an 8-8 record can have a better chance of beating any other wrestler that has a better record. A good record against subpar opponents is nothing to brag about. I went to the Beast of the East tourney and seen first hand how tough the nation is. Blair Academy, Great Bridge, Walsh Jesuit just to name a few. Most of you forum subscribers probably do not know who these schools are. The wrestlers from Wood County sure do. They are just a few of the toughest teams in the nation. Wood County schools need some credit for facing the toughest schedule of any schools in this state. Good luck to PHS and South. My heart is with South but I am sure PHS will look good at the Regions and the STATES.

February 21, 2003
rom: 007
comments: To ZZZ: Dilworth almost teched Valentine, Valentine beat Dearman. I don't mean to be rude, but Dilworth is a talented HWT in a weightclass with some marginal wrestlers.

February 21, 2003
From: hhs eagle fan
comments: I dont know how your new poll has in the 125 AAA class has nelson- wheeling park 15-13 and bailey-parkersburg 8-6 ranked and not hedgesville grim 7-2 who is the number 2 seed in region 2 tournment at east fairfont

February 21, 2003
From: W

comments: OVAC wrestlers could very well compete with the wrestlers you mentioned from Parkersburg. 112: Lucas Huffman, River High (Ohio State Runner-up, OVAC Champ 2002) or Mickey Nicola, St.John's (Jr.High Ohio State champ, OVAC Champ 2003 over Huffman) could easily compete with Shyver, both would probably beat him. Rader and Grogg are exceptional wrestlers ANYWHERE, and both probably wouldn't be greatly challenged, but both rarely are (Clay Tucker, Martins Ferry, 2x OVAC CHamp Ohio Placewinner could compete with Grogg probably though). Thomas would be GREATLY challenged against Adam Hoppel of Beaver Local High who is a 3X OVAC Champ and an Ohio State Champ who tech-falled in the finals of the STATE last year. Dearman would have to contend with OVAC champ and Ohio State Champ Koel Davia from Union Local, or his nemesis from Harrison Central Tony Carothers. Walters would have his hands full with David Bertolino from Buckeye Local who is an Ohio placewinner, 2X ovac champ and ranked #2 (also undefeated) in Ohio this year. Here's a short list of possible matches...
103:Hays PHS vs. Rush WPHS-we'll see this one soon!
112:Nicola BSJHS/Huffman RHS vs. Shyver PHS
119:Rader vs. Emery HCHS
125:Grogg PSHS vs. Tucker MFHS
130:Litton PHS vs. Shaw BHS-on tap for regionals
135:Knapp PHS vs. Schuller BLHS (ranked freshman in OHIO)
140:Williamson PHS vs. Hoppel BeavLHS (rank top 8 in OHIO)
145:George PHS vs. Flowers OGHS (WV State Champ, won class over Ohio state runner-up and placewinners.)
152:Norman PSHS vs. Bliss BHS-Regionals...
160:Bertolino BLHS vs. Walters PSHS
171:Pickens PSHS vs. Dimmerling MCHS-(ranked in Ohio)
189:Williams BeavLHS (Ranked top 6 in Ohio) vs. Anyone in wood.
215:A.Hoppel BeavLHS vs. Thomas
275:Davia ULHS vs. Dearman PHS

The way I see it, OVAC would win 112, 135, 140, 145, 160, 189, 215, 275, with 103, 130, and 152 to be settled this weekend, 119, 125 to Wood, and 171 a toss up. Anyone care to comment?

February 21, 2003
From: OVAC vs Wood County
comments: Though I don't think they have ever wrestled on the mat, Wood County's rep at 160 wouyld be Williamstown's Shane Smith, not South's Kyle Walters. I say this because Smith won the WSAZ which Walters injury defaulted at. Also, Wood's rep at 145 would be South's Seth Young, who has defeated North Marion's Hayes, who defeated Parkersburgs George. My question, why has Seth dropped off of the Coaches Poll? Just because he is currently injured shouldn't take away from his overall state ranking.

February 21, 2003
From: Just wondering
comments: Is quill ward wrestling 125 or 130, you have him 6th at 125 and 8th at 130?
Editor's note: Guess we'll find out this weekend....

February 21, 2003
From: wood co fan
comments: Don't forget that Williamstown is in Wood Co. Shane Smith 160#!

From: Wood Cty
comments: Shane Smith is the best 160# in the state, AAA or AA. Consider him in your wood county/ovac talk. Better yet, don't consider him and just shut up about it already.

comments: For you OVAC FANS on this Vs Wood County crap. Well the best 160lber in Wood County isn't from PHS or SOUTH. I dont think he would lose either.

February 21, 2003
comments: Lots of interesting posts on OVAC wrestlers vs. Wood County wrestlers. Is anyone out there feeling energetic enough to set something up? Maybe not this year, but next. I bet it would draw a good crowd. Good luck all wrestlers at state.

February 21, 2003
From: Wrestling Fan
comments: Class?? That statement seems to get said alot and seems there isn't a whole lot of it. You may think that because you have won many championships that you show lots of class...but I believe when you show your ability to take the loss's with the wins and keep your head held high that speaks of class. The wrestling fans in the stands aren't what makes you who you are, it's whats inside that counts and how you deal with it, when you may feel the urge to lash out. What people don't seem to get is that their behavior is what all of these kids are watching. Our example needs to be something we can be proud of.

February 21, 2003
From: ZZZ
comments: oxymoron? i dont think so...i have also wrestled with dearman and he is very fast and quick on his feet and does what other HWT's never do... he shoots alot.

February 21, 2003
comments: hayes only beat george 6-2 i dont know where you got that hayes pinned him

February 21, 2003
comments: Good luck to ROBERT RASH of INDY he is the first freshman ever at Independence High, good luck on your quest for a state title.

Good luck to Bryan Snuffer on Sr year go for the title. February 21, 2003
comments: How can you set there and say this or that weight class is tougher than the rest? They are ALL tough, every weight has tough, quality young men who are all sore, tired & hungry.

February 21, 2003
From: sa fan
comments: who ever wrote the predictions for the regions i think that the heavyweight from St. Albans couod beat cook from Hunington and should be predicted as in the region.

February 21, 2003
From: wrestler
comments: what are the predictions for region 4 AAA. What time do the tournment start.

February 21, 2003
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: I really think South would crush Brooke in a dual because we stack up well against Brooke's strength and are top-to-bottom far stronger,but this weekend will tell something as far as to who has the best tourney team."Brookie"...it's state time...look me up!

February 21, 2003
From: fan
comments: OVAC has an all ovac team, and this is how it would round out if a wood co. team would wrestle them.
103:hays-wc dec. rush ovac
112:shyver-wc dec.nicola ovac
119:rader-wc m-dec.emery ovac
125:grogg-wc dec.tucker ovac
130:shaw-ovac dec.litton wc
135:shuller ovac dec.knapp wc
140:hoppel-ovac m-dec williamson wc
145:flowers ovac dec.george wc
152:bliss-ovac dec.norman wc
160:bertilino ovac m-dec walters wc
171:dimmerling-ovac dec.pickens wc
189:william-ovac dec.wilson wc
215:hoppel-ovac dec.thomas wc
hwt:dearman-wc dec.davia ovac

wc-wood couny=16 ovac-ohio valley athletic confrence=29 ovac rolls wood county-no excuses

February 21, 2003
comments: TO UNDERDOG:
This is concerning your 145 prediction.. I believe Hays has already pinned George... not real possitive, but I know Hays beat George..George is a talented wrestler, but Hays, words cant express on what an excellant wrestler he is.. 189 Starsick is back.. so I'll agree with you there.. 189 Geary and Starsick will be yet another good match to watch... I believe Hays has it all already.. Good luck to all wrestlers tomorrow at regionals

February 21, 2003
From: gm
comments: did anyone else notice the oxymoron from underdog? "fast HWT"!!!???

February 21, 2003
From: Monarch Man
comments: Wood Co. Fan, I think it would be a great match to watch (OVAC vs. Wood County). I have listed who would be matched up from the OVAC against your "who is going to beat these guys" list and as much as I know about how the OVAC wrestlers have performed in last year's state tournament.
112 Shyver vs. Mickey Nicola, Bellaire St John's Freshman,2003
OVAC champ, 2002 Ohio Jr High State Champ. He beat Lucas Huffman, River High Sr. in 2003 OVAC finals. Huffman placed 2nd in 2002 Ohio Div III state tournament.

119 Radar vs. Jesse Emery, Harrison Central High.
2002 Ohio State qualifier Div III,lost to eventual champion 10-5. 2003 OVAC champion.

125 Grogg vs. Clay Tucker, Martins Ferry High
placed 4th in 2002 Ohio state Div III tournament. 2003 OVAC Champion.

160 Walters vs David Bertolino, Buckeye Local High
5th place 2002 Div II Ohio State Tourn. At that tourn. he beat Joe Hoke of St Paris Graham who earned 2nd place at the 2002 Ironman 189lb. 2003 OVAC Champ and OW award.

215 Thomas vs. Adam Hoppel, Beaver Local High
State Champ in 2002 Ohio Div II state tourn. T Fall in the finals 17-1. 2003 OVAC Champ, beat Josh Stansbury of East Liverpool High in the finals who was 4th in 2002 Div I Ohio state tourn.

275 Dearman vs Koel Davia, Union Local High
2002 Div III Ohio State Campion. 2003 OVAC Champ who beat Michael Price of Cambridge High in the finals who placed 5th in the 2002 Div II Ohio State tourn.

All look like good match-ups. I would especially like to see Hoppel and Thomas go at it. Good luck to all at regionals this weekend, give it all you got!

February 21, 2003
comments: south cant beat brooke in a dual. brooke is in the ovac.

February 21, 2003
From: ZZZ
comments: to underdog: i think 103 could go either way but lets not count out kelly from south he is 1-1 against hayes this year. 112 i think the only person who can beat shyver would be turnbull.160 is a toss up all 3 gibbs casto and walters are great wrestlers. 171 i know mayle beat pickens 4-1 at WSAZ but pickens was suffering torn cartilage on his ribs. so if pickens is healthy im sayin pickens wins it. and for HWT dearmans gonna give dillworth all he can handle...dearmans placed at the ironman and runner up at the powerade...who had dillworth beat? later

February 21, 2003
From: MC
comments: Can anyone tell me the schedule for the A/AA Region I tournamnet at St Mary's? What time will the finals start?

February 21, 2003
comments: i give my props to garvin of motown for not running from rader like some other people did this year

February 21, 2003
From: Large Growler
comments: What good is prediction, without a signature, It has no meaning.

February 21, 2003
comments: i have wrestled with dearman and i am tellin you this kid is in shape and is quick on his feet

February 21, 2003
From: greenbrier east
comments: to west good luck at regionals expetionally smith, tincher, and crookshanks. also thank you for the snow day wendsday

February 21, 2003
From: Warrior Fan
comments: To Yosemite Sam- please the the article on Riverside, and look at the predictions again please. Lowry at 140 has been up against the toughest in the state, against Duncan lost 4-2 and Duncan could not continue on at Nitro Tourn. Tucker at 145 should win region 3, (if healthy ) and the one that gets no respect is Richards at 275 which has beaten Valentine EF, Richardson CM, Greenbrier East 275. When he wrestled Phaylan it was double overtime loss, wich was really determined by the coin toss, Riverside has 6 returning state quailifiers as sophmores now juniors, watch them and then maybe you will believe also. Thanks

February 21, 2003
comments: From:PHS Fan
To: All those that think WSAZ, OVAC, MSAC, etc. are tough tournaments. Try competing in the Ironman, Beast of the East, or Powerade and realize what the definition of "tough tournament" really is. Also, undefeated records mean nothing if your not wrestling any competition, enough said...

February 21, 2003
comments: We need an updated individual poll :)

February 21, 2003
From: 2003 predictor st.champs
comments: MY predictions on the 2003 state champions!!
103 Easter or Hayes
112 turnbull
119 rader
125 grogg
130 easter
135 knapp
140 smith
145 hays
152 lord
160 casto
171 mayle
189 geary
215 thomas
hwt dearman

February 21, 2003
From: South Wresling Fan
comments: Anyone else notice the 112 bracket for region 1 AAA? Shyver,Turnbull,Cappas and Osuna Cotto.The 4 top rated AAA 112 class in one region!Could end up the same way at states.I also agree that 112,152 and 160 are the toughest weight classes in the AAA.Good luck to A-AA participants Wirt Co.,Calhoun and Williamstown.The LKC conference is very well represented by each of you at the state tourney.

February 21, 2003
From: Wood Co Fan
comments: What's funny is OVAC has no team or teams who can compete with PHS or PSHS!!!

February 21, 2003
From: PHS Fan
comments: oldbuheavy
I think you are very wrong, Dearman will beat Dilworth. I will tell you why. Dearman might have lost to Dilworth in off-season tourney and he is undefeated. I have to wonder what kind of competition he has wrestled. I know he never wrestled in any tournament like Iron Man, Beast of the East, and Powerade. Thats why I think Dearman will win because he has worked very hard and has wrestle against some the best competition.

February 21, 2003
From: AAA predictor
comments: Here is whatthe AAA individual state champs will probably be:
103 Easter
112 Shyver
119 Radar
125 Grogg
130 Easter
135 Knapp
140 Smith
145 Hays
152 Lord
160 Walters
171 Mayle
189 Geary
215 Thomas
275 Dearman
Good luck to all wrestlers at regionals!!

February 21, 2003
From: Wood Co. Fan
comments: To OVAC fan
I think your wrong I don't think it would be close. Who in the OVAC is going to beat Radar, Shyver, Grogg, Thomas, Walters, and Dearman? Thats just a few of the good wrestlers in wood co.

February 21, 2003
From: region 3
comments: while i'm at it, does anyone else notice that region 3 has 4 returning state qualifiers that i know of at heavyweight. dilworth (BU) (215 last year), phalen (RIP)(#4 at 189 last year), burns (GE)(heavyweight last year), and richards (RIV) (heavyweight last year.) whoever wins this region at 275 wins this state hands down at 275! good luck to all these outstanding wrestlers who keep the 275 class entertaining. say what you want about heavyweights, i've watched these guys, all of them wrestle as hard as anyone in WV or anywhere else.

February 21, 2003
From: Ashe140
comments: Good luck to Stewy, Devin, Shawn, Phillip, and all the other Falcon wrestlers. Coach Peer and Coach Hesse have worked their team hard all year and they should hold their own in region II. I am not saying they are going to win it, but they will not give up and that counts for something.

February 21, 2003
From: underdog
comments: AAA states possible upsets
103: Hays and Easter, Hays wrestled tough and could take it all at states

112: Turnbull, Cappas, and Shyver- Cappas or Turnbull could give Shyver a match but by the looks of it they will battle for 2nd in state, they will all meet at regionals along with osuna-cotto

119: Garvin and Rader Raders good

125: Grogg and Casto, Grogg is good

130:Litton and Easter- Easter is solid, Litton is tough, this is more likely than some may want to believe

135:Knapp, Reynolds, and Smith- Knapp coming off of an injury. We will see at Regionals how he wrestles

140: Smith, Williamson, Gustines, and Ray- a slim chance of an upset here

145: George and Hays- If George wrestles like he has been he will take it all. Looked good at MSAC

152: Lord and Bliss- another close one could go either way

160: Casto, Gibbs, and Walters- Walters has been out to long, Gibbs could win. The MSAC was a close one, Casto scored at the end of the 3rd to win

171: Mayle, Pickens, and Dowler- Dowler may not be at Pickens and Mayles level but hes tough, Mayle or Pickens whats your thoughts

189: Starsick and Geary- from what i heard Starsick is out for the states but if not this one will be good, Geary has the will and Starsick has the build

215: Thomas and Geary- Thomas will win but he has caught Geary both times in a cradle, it will be closer but Thomas will be on top of the podium Sat. night

275: Dearman and Dilworth- Dilworth is the favorite but Dearman is a fast HWT. They have not met this yr but this could be a possible upset

Comment on what you think, if I missed any possible upsets. Upsets are one of the great things to see down in Huntington.

February 21, 2003
comments: to oldbuheavy: well lets remember last year mays from huntington was 44-0 and then pickens from south pinned him in the finals. and also shyver pinning easter in the sem finals last year. anything can happen at state.

February 21, 2003
From: Tex
comments: Well, finally. It is here. Last two weekends. I will be at a few Regional tournies this weekend. I am looking for upsets to occur everywhere. Why? I am the upset kinda guy. I've seen kids that are now seeded 4 in their region, physically dominate kids seeded 1, but get caught. I am looking to see how those rematches turn out. Mark my words, there will be at least three champs in Region IV, AA that were not expected at all. I am excited, you are excited, it's go time!

February 20, 2003
From: oldbuheavy
comments: there is no way...i repeat no way dearman will come close to beating dilworth. dilworth defeated him in an off-season tourney the way dilworth has been wrestling and working at it he wont be touched down at states. and he still is undefeated. jp tenney and chad marsh have done an excellent job at turning that program around. as of posting the first round matches. most of upshur county hasnt had power since last week and just now starting to get it back. and its about time that regionals get to buckhannon.

February 20, 2003
From: watcher...
comments: whats the predictions for the top 6 at 152-215...

February 20, 2003
From: Region 2
comments: Can someone please post the region 2 AA pairings

February 20, 2003
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: To "another Big Red Fan": Yeah 3 in a row is pretty good...South did that dance twice before! Class? I think South shows that at all times...their coaches demand it.I think PHS will win it all this and maybe next year too,they have a very talented team.Hopefully South can hang close and make it interesting but the northside has several possible state champs this year.Good luck,4 is hard to achieve.

February 20, 2003
From: region 3
comments: to yosemite sam: you forgot greenbrier east's vance at 125, and bennet at 215. and also i think griffin from nicholas county will beat smallridge. and i pick bird over valentine in region 2. just an opinion, though. good luck to east, nicholas, and woodrow.

February 20, 2003
From: Region 3 fan
comments: Could someone from Buckhannon please post the brackets or at least the first round matchups and seeds for the Region 3 AAA Tournament please ?

February 20, 2003
comments: Danny Lord only needs 6 more wins to reach 200. He will be the first person in Wv history to do it and only the 11th to do it in the nation. Good luck to him and the rest of the Eagles this saturday as the compete in the Region II tourny.

February 20, 2003
From: Wood Co. Fan
comments: W or whoever
Your right Phil Bliss or Codi Norman have very good chance of beating Danny Lord. I'm tell you just my opinion that I think Danny Lord is going to win. I also think that 112,152,and 160 are the toughest weight class.

February 20, 2003
From: ovac fan
comments: OVAC would roll on to victory with ease against wood county-thats funny

February 20, 2003
comments: The Brackets for AA Region 2 and 4 were in the Parkersburg News today. Its good and stuff, but the problem is they way they put them in there u cant its hard to tell who is wrestling who and who is seeded.

February 20, 2003
From: crazy person
comments: Oh my editor please put this on the forum i beg you! the ovac is the hardest tournament in west virginia by FAR. wood county tyournament or whatever would not stand a chance for sure

February 20, 2003
comments: As of the 14th, Danny needed 7 or 8 more wins to reach 200. He'll be cutting it close... I know they were trying to find another meet before regionals in order to insure it... not sure if they did or not..

February 20, 2003
From: To PHS Fan
comments: A matchup of OVAC vs. Wood County would be spectacular. However, I believe the OVAC would win convincingly if the Ohio schools were included because this would give the OVAC about 40 teams to draw from. Approximately 2/3 of the OVAC schools are from Ohio and almost half of the West Virginia schools are single A. (The OVAC has four classes - AAAA, AAA, AA, A.)

February 20, 2003
comments: Hey... when u say Josiah dorotn will beat Dearman.... there is no way! I have wrestled with Dearman before at some of PHS's practices and the kid has some of the quickest feet for a HWT that I have ever seen! There is no way he will loose to PBS HWT!

February 20, 2003
From: Richardson CM
comments: I would like to wish good luck to Justin Stanley and Jared Walters in the NJCAA Nationals in Rochester MN.

February 20, 2003
I just wanted to let you know that Braden Shaw - the 130 lb weight from Brooke High School - is only a Junior... he is not in the 12th grade.

February 20, 2003
From: W
comments: You might be wrong about OVAC having no AAA champions. I think, for one, Phil Bliss has a very good shot at upsetting Danny Lord at states. However, Bliss better not look ahead because right on his heels ready to catch him doing so is a freshman from that dreaded wrestling county of Wood, Codi Norman, PSHS.

February 20, 2003
From: Wally Backman
comments: OVAC vs. Wood County, I love it! That would be a great dual!

February 20, 2003
From: A Fan
comments: To BIGCHUCK
I'm not going to badmouth Josiah but there no way he will beat Dearman.

February 20, 2003
From: Yosemite Sam
comments: I understand that lineups will be switched and people not wrestling, but this is just a list of who "I" think the top three are in each region.... If there are any lineup changes, injuries, etc. feel free to say so....
103 Region I     Region II     Region III    Region IV
1 Hays(Pkb)      Greynolds(EF) Phalen(Rip)   Easter(N)
2 Kelley(PS)     Shetler(Hed)  Willis(NC)    Fraley(Hunt)    
3 Shaw(Brk)      Closson(Mart) Carter(Riv)   DeBoard(CM)
1 Shyver(Pkb)    Shumate(NM)   Ward(BU)      Riner(Hunt)         
2 Turnbull(Univ) Hartley(EF)   Bostic(WW)    Evans(N)         
3 Cappas(Mgt)    Zimmerman(Hed)Villafana(Rip)Wilson(CM)
1 Rader(Pkb)     Lodge(NM)     Cooper(Rip)   Dixon(Hunt) 
2 Garvin(Mgt)    Smith(Jeff)   Meade(WW)     Nidia(CM)     
3 Humphrey(WP)   Ford(FS)      Kesecker(NC)  Creameans(SV)
1 Grogg(PS)      Conner(Mart)  Casto(Rip)    Hetzer(Hunt)       
2 McFarland(Brk) McHenry(NM)   Ward(BU)      Casto(N)
3 Nelson(WP)     Michalski(FS) Kinser(Riv)   Grubb(GW)
1 Shaw(Brk)      Dorsey(Jeff)  Smallridge(BU)Easter(N)
2 Litton(Pkb)    Henry(Mart)   Griffin(NC)   Jenkins(SV)       
3 Mull(JM)       Ford(FS)      Whorton(WW)   Cook(Hunt)
1 Knapp(Pkb)     Reynolds(Jeff)Demastes(BU)  Nelson(Hunt)      
2 Durbin(Brk)    Morgan(EF)    McQuillen(WW) Evans(N)            
3 Campbell(Univ) Jones(Muss)   Coutz(Riv)    Ratcliff(CM)
1 Williamson(Pkb)Gustines(Jeff)Smith(Rip)    Ray(Hunt)           
2 Richey(JM)     Moore(EF)     Madia(RCB)    Meyers(N)           
3 Durbin(Brk)    Jarvis(Muss)  Wilson(WW)    Sobonya(CM)
1DeVault(Mgt)    Hays(NM)      Boyden(WW)    Waldeck(Hunt)       
2 George(Pkb)    Hawes(Jeff)   Rhodes(BU)    Midkiff(N)          
3 Davis(Brk)     Barnes(EF)    Longacre(GE)  Allen(SV)
1 Bliss(Brk)     Lord(Hed)     Evans(WW)     Meyers(Hunt)        
2 Norman(PS)     Gustines(Jeff)Rexrode(BU)   Young(N)            
3 Adkins(JM)     Hamrick(EF)   Toth(RCB)     Smith(CM)
1 Walters(PS)    Ray(EF)       Keiper(NC)    Casto(N)            
2 Lindamood(Pkb) Young(Hed)    Thomas(WW)    Gibbs(CM)           
3 Mestrovic(WP)  Hoyland(NM)   Thorne(GE)    Patick(Hunt)
1 Pickens(PS)    Mayle(EF)     Sayer(Rip)    Cremeans(CM)       
2 Dowler(Pkb)    Ammons(Hed)   Workman(GE)   Bogges(N)           
3 Coon(Univ)     Efaw(NM)      Reed(BU)      Warner(Hurr)
1 Tominack(WP)   Geary(EF)     Linger(Elk)   Nelson(Hunt)        
2 Ewing(JM)      Starsick(NM)  Hambrick(GE)  Varney(CM)          
3 Thompson(Univ) McKinney(Hed) Weaver(Rip)   Ollom(N)
1 Thomas(Pkb)    Geary(EF)     Casto(Rip)    Hutchinson(Hunt)    
2 Hercules(WP)   Nicholson(Hed)Bryant(NC)    Lucas(SV)           
3 Davis(PS)      Beerbower(FS) White(Elk)    Emerson(CM)
1 Dearman(Pkb)   Valentine(EF) Dilworth(BU)  Howard(SV)          
2 Dorton(PS)     Bird(Mart)    Phalen(Rip)   Richardson(CM)   
3 Staub(WP)      Jones(Hed)    Burns(GE)     Cook(Hunt)
1 Parkersburg    East Fairmont Ripley        Huntington
2 Park. South    Jefferson     WoodrowWilson Nitro
3 Brooke         North Marion  Buckhannon    Cabell Midland    

February 20, 2003
comments: I heard that JUSTIN CHAPMAN is moving up to 140. Is this true?

February 20, 2003
From: predictions on AAA individual champions
103 Easter
112 Shyver
119 Radar
125 Grogg
130 Easter
135 Knapp
140 Smith
145 George
152 Lord
160 Walters
171 Mayle
189 Starsick
215 Thomas
275 Dearman

February 20, 2003
From: Todd Moore
comments: I would like to give my best wishes to Wirt County this weekend at the regionals and a special thanks to Bob Moore for stepping in as assistant coach this year. With the absence my brother, due to medical, and myself, due to relocation, my father came out of wrestling retirement to help with this years program. Even though I'll be with Chesapeake this weekend at our sectionals in Dayton my thoughts will be with you...good luck and use your conditioning to own the third period. Keep pulling the trigger Tim and you cannot be stopped, Chris turn on the animal instinct and go for the pin, Matt dance and play takedown, Brandon keep looking for that deadly craddle, Jacob keep pumling inside and take out those big guys.

February 20, 2003
From: Sean Smith
comments: www.OVAeCwrestling.com
Brackets for Wheeling Park Region this Saturday. The Tournament will be update live all day long!

February 20, 2003
From: D. Stanley
comments: Justin Stanley, former Cabell Midland champ will also be competing in the NJCAA Nationals in Rochester MN. Justin and teammate Jared Walters wrestle for 5th Ranked Lassen College in Susanville CA. Justin is wrestling 133 and Jared 141.

February 20, 2003
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: Seems to be a war going on between the MSAC and OVAC/Nitro and WSAZ,etc.I have seen all of these tourneys and the answer for which is toughest is....they are all tough! Anytime a wrestler steps on the mat they can be beat.The fact that a student wrestles makes any tourney tough because the person staring you in the eye wants to win too.I have seen almost all these tourneys have some brackets that are tougher than the state tourney,but overall the talent and pressure that you face at the state level is more intense.Bottom line is all these tourneys are tough and hard to win the championship.Thanks for letting me ramble on. Good luck to all the wrestlers the next two weekends.

February 20, 2003
From: Marion County
comments: I would like to wish all the Marion County wrestlers GOOD LUCK!! Especially North Marion. Go out and wrestle your best and be proud. You have done a great job. We've had alot of injuries but we have stuck it out and done a great job. Good Luck to Coach Roy Michael in his retirement. You will be missed! Go Dawgs!!!!!

February 20, 2003
From: another big red fan
comments: Regarding south winning 4 in a row....and phs winning once in awile, I do recall PHS winning state 3 YEARS IN A ROW! not too shabby...92,93,94. The win was so huge is 93 that it was wrapped up saturday afternoon. The tee shirts had been printed and the fans had them on for the finals saturday evening. And don't even get me started about the 88 team.......WOW! So we have been there before and have the "class to know how to act like we have been there before".

February 20, 2003

February 20, 2003
From: PHS Fan
comments: Your right OVAC will have more then 2 individuals champions A/AA but none in AAA. To the person who said OVAC is the toughest confrence is also correct. I would like to see the best from the OVAC wrestle the best from wood county and see who wins.

February 19, 2003
comments: ratteaser: Ya gotta win one every 10 years or so.....try 4 in a row!!

February 19, 2003
From: MT
comments: Everyone in region 3 watch out for midland trails 112 josh workman (not hurt) 125 keith kenney 145 drew fitzpatrick 171 bud white (Not Hurt) 215 randy stroupe 275 kris roberts
I belive all will go to states
Lets go to states trail and see if we cant turn some heads boys

February 19, 2003
From: youth wrestling fan
comments: can someone please post the results from the dupont youth tournament this past weekend at riverside high school.thanks

February 19, 2003
From: Wrestler's Dad
comments: I have been watching many young men trying their best since December, and it is finally at the end of the road. I would like to wish these words of wisdom upon all that read it: "Let the boys wrestle." I know we all have our opinions of who should be #1, but to all of us parents out there, we would just assume consider our boy #1. I happen to be fortunate enough to have a great son that is around many great wrestlers at his school. He has done the best he could all year and has made me proud, win or lose. So, enough with the predictions. With only two weekends left, the most important two, let our boys wrestle and end all of these petty discussions.

February 19, 2003
From: South fan in Huntington
comments: Does anyone know anything about the region 1 tournament in Wheeling. What is the starting time? Location change?

February 19, 2003
comments: state champions
103-hayes(he CAN beat easter)
112 shyver-very close with turnbull
119 rader easy
125 grogg
130 easter
135 knapp
140 smith
145 hayes
152 lord
160 casto
171 mayle
189 geary
215 thomas
hwt dearman
REGION 1... 7 state champs

February 19, 2003
From: Tru facts (iffy)
comments: This is just my thought but I think the O.V.A.C. is harder than some of the weight classes at state. But, the reason I say that is because i ehar alot of talk about people sayin the o.v.a.c. is a joke.

February 19, 2003
From: To PHS Fan
comments: The OVAC (Oak Glen, Cameron, Brooke, John Marshall, Madonna, Weirton, Tyler, Wheeling Park, Magnolia, etc...) will have more than 2 champions!!!

February 19, 2003
comments: I dont see why you didnt post my message about doing away with regionals and just having everyone wrestle in state. What in the Hell was wrong with saying that?????????????
Editor's note: Well, er, um, it is down the page. Unless the one that is posted is from somebody else wanting to do away with regionals, but I can only recall one post with such sentiment in recent weeks....

February 19, 2003
From: PHS Fan
comments: To the person who thinks the MSAC tour. was the weekest. You may be right but you will see the MSAC crown 10 individual champions! Name another confrence that will have more then 2.

February 19, 2003

February 19, 2003
comments: With the weather conditions being what they are does anyone know if and how regionals will be effected? Will they all go on as scheduled or be cancelled or postponed? Just wondering what the situation could be. If anyone has any information it would be greatly appreciated.
Editor's note: The only official communication regarding the regionals I have received is from Dr Welker regarding the weight allowance. I have received a rumor that the site of one of the regionals has been changed, but I'll not publish any such information unless I get it from a named reliable source. I just talked to my family in Roane County and learned that they have been without electricity since the weekend. Thus, there may be many computers in the state which are out of commission at present. According to my usage stats, I see that readership is off about 50% so far this week.

February 19, 2003
comments: Does anyone know when there going to put up the new polls.
Editor's note: WV-Mat does not plan on putting up any more polls this year. Don't know if the coaches will release any more or not.

February 19, 2003

February 19, 2003
From: Just a Fan
comments: How many wins does Danny Lord need to get to 200.

February 19, 2003
From: jyd
comments: Toughest of the Tough
1. 25 mile radius of PKB
2. 40 mi radius of BRK
3. 40 mi radius of FAIR
4. Far east
5. Central & Southwest
6. Southern
There have been great wrestlers from all areas though. From the Quarter Finals on, the championship brackets will have the names of those who paid the TRUE PRICE. Where their from is secondary.
Good Luck to all.......Spot the Wrestlers

February 19, 2003
From: fAnZ
comments: I think that Whiteman and Bartrug will go for First and Second at Regionals and that it will be a reallly good match!!!!
Good luck to both of you!!!

February 19, 2003
comments: region II AA/A predictions anyone?

February 19, 2003
From: fan
comments: if you want to talk about a weak tour the msac was the weakest all year

February 19, 2003
From: A parent
comments: South's lineup that was posted was almost correct. Sean smith will wrestle at 145 and Ryan Mather will be at 140.

February 19, 2003
comments: I think PHS will win the state easy. I also think they will have 6 state champions and a total 13 kids place.

February 19, 2003
From: Wally Backman
comments: Regional 1 Predicitons AA/A (Post-Seeding)
103:Valles vs. Cumpston
112:Goneau vs. Antill
119:Bartrug vs. Whiteman
125:Biddle vs. O'Neil
130:Mahan vs. Dankovchik
135:Yoders vs. McIntosh
140:Elder vs. Whittington
145:Flowers vs. Bennett
152:Tracewell vs. Wharton
160:Smith vs. Stewart
171:Lauderman vs. Gieskie
189:Potts vs. McNeely
215:Hashman vs. Whitehill
275:McGillian vs. Manning

3rd and 4th
103:Miller vs. Bartrug
112:Hintzman vs. Gianni
119:Biddle vs. Baker
125:Wright vs. Northcraft
130:Hughes vs. DiMarco
135:Varner vs. McGlumphy
140:Whipkey vs. Everett
145:Cumpston vs. Merico
152:Hughes vs. King
160:Railing vs. Hashman
171:Northcraft vs. Cooper
189:Miller vs. Blake
215:Hunt vs. Gessler
275:Fegal vs. Shepherd

Oak Glen 14
Cameron 12
Williamstown 7
St.Marys 7
Tyler 6
Weir 4
Hundred 3
Madonna 2
Magnolia 1

Big matches
103-Valles vs. Miller, Cumpston vs. Valles
112-Goneau vs. Antill
119-Whiteman vs. Biddle, Stoneking vs. Baker, Gianessi vs. Baker
125-O'Neil vs. Wright
130-DiMarco vs. Dankovchik, Dankovchik vs. Mahan, Hughes vs. DiMarco
135-Yoders vs. McIntosh, Richie vs. Kouns, McGlumphy vs. Varner, Varner vs. Richie, Kouns vs. McGlumphy
140-Elder vs. Whittington, Everett vs. Whittington, Whipkey vs. Wright, Whipkey vs. Brewer, Everett vs Brewer, Everett vs. Whipkey
145-Cumpston vs. Bennett, Cumpston vs. Merico
152-Tracewell vs. Wharton (/insert Hughes), Tracewell vs. King, Wharton vs. Hughes, Hughes (/insert Wharton) vs. King
160-Stewart vs. Smith, Stewart vs. Railing, Railing vs. Hashman
171-Gieskie vs. Northcraft, Cooper vs. Owings
189-Zucker vs. Blake, McNeely vs. Miller
215-Hashman vs. Whitehill, Whitehill vs. Hunt
275-McGillian vs. Manning, Manning vs. Fegal, Shepherd vs. Loar, Fegal vs. Loar, Fegal vs. Shepherd
Have fun, and good luck to all!

February 19, 2003
From: Just a Fan
comments: What does everyone think about 140 @ Regionals? Duncan from Point is good. Anyone else have thoughts on this?

February 19, 2003
From: Just a Fan
comments: What does everyone think about 140 @ Regionals? Duncan from Point is good. Anyone else have thoughts on this?

February 19, 2003
From: SSgrapler0548
comments: To the person that said region 4 from last year is the weakest in the AA states, you might be taking back that comment come March 1 at about 6 o'clock. We'll see, good luck to everybody in the state and hopefully there wont be any injuries so we can see the true champions.

February 19, 2003
From: ex-stat
comments: I've been watching the arguments about what region is toughest for some time now. With nothing better to do this wrestling season than watch and considering the snow days, I had spare time to devise a way to break down each region and prove Region 1 is toughest. All the results I had were based on the 2002 State Tournament. Yes, I realize that there have been some changes to regions etc but I think this proves that Region 1 is by far the strongest region in the state.


Region 1 (Parkersburg, Parkersburg South, John Marshall, Brooke, Wheeling Park, Morgantown & University)
State Champions: 8
State Runner Ups: 6
Place Winners: 26
Total points in State Tour: 661.50
Total place winners: 34

Region 2 (North Marion, Preston, Fairmont Senior, East Fairmont, Mussleman, Jefferson, Maritnsburg & Hedgesvile)
State Champions: 2
State Runner Ups: 4
Total points in State Tour: 397.50
Place Winners: 20
Total place winners: 22

Region 3 (Buckhannoan-Upshur, Ripley, Nicholas County, Woodrow Wilson, Greenbrier East, Elkins, Riverside & Robert C Byrd)
State Champions: 2
State Runner Ups: 0
Total points in State Tour: 217
Place Winners: 8
Total place winners: 10

Region 4 (Cabell Midland, Huntington, Nitro, St. Albans, Spring Valley, Hurricane & George Washington)
State Champions: 2
State Runner Ups: 4
Total points in State Tour: 306
Place Winners: 15
Total place winners: 17


Region 1 (Oak Glen, Cameron, Weir, Madonna, Bishop Donahue, Wheeling Central, Magnolia, Tyler Consolidated, St. Marys, Hundred, Williamstown & Clay-Battelle)
State Champions: 10
State Runner Ups: 4
Total points in State Tour: 719.5
Place Winners: 26
Total place winners: 36

Region 2 (Petersburg, Grafton, South Harrison, Frankfort, Lewis County, Keyser, Philip Barbour, Liberty Harrison, Berkely Springs, Wirt County & Ritchie County)
State Champions: 1
State Runner Ups: 5
Total points in State Tour: 361.5
Place Winners: 20
Total place winners: 21

Region 3 (Liberty, Independance, Oak Hil, Midland Trail, Greenbrier West, Iaeger, Big Creek, Meadow Bridge, Fayetteville, Wyoming East, Shady Spring & Logan)
State Champions: 0
State Runner Ups: 2
Total points in State Tour: 11
Place Winners: 247.5
Total place winners: 11

Region 4 (Point Pleasant, Calhoun, Ravenswood, Winfield, Sissonville, Wahama, Richwood, Webster County, Clay County, Roane County & Herbert Hoover)
State Champions: 3
State Runner Ups: 2
Total points in State Tour: 268.5
Place Winners: 14
Total place winners: 17

All Divisions (combined AAA, A/AA)

Region 1
State Champions: 18
State Runner Ups: 10
Place Winners: 52
Total points in State Tour: 1381

Region 2
State Champions: 3
State Runner Ups: 9
Place Winners: 40
Total points in State Tour: 795

Region 3
State Champions: 2
State Runner Ups: 2
Place Winners: 19
Total points in State Tour: 464.50

Region 4
State Champions: 5
State Runner Ups: 6
Place Winners: 29
Total points in State Tour: 574.50

February 19, 2003
From: Lloyd Christmas
comments: First off i would like to say good luck to all the wrestlers this comming weekend it can be very stressful, I know. But a speacial good luck to Point this weekend. Good luck guys, just go out there a wrestle hard thats all I ask.

Jason McCoy - J-Bird!!! no-one deserves this more than you kid, you have worked your butt off all year. Don't let anyone take this away from you. Good Luck buddy.
Nick Russell - haha, Keep your head!!! lol, you got your chance this weekend at the guy you want. Wrestle hard and you will be regional champ, and maybe ever more (at States).
Nick Duncan - You already know what you have to do. Good Luck. If you keep your head and do what you know how to do, Ill be cheerin you on March 1st around 7:00 or so. Good Luck.
Jesse Nott - good luck this weekend and next weekend jess, just go out there and give it your all.
Andy Knopp - good luck andy, make this your best year man...wrestle hard and make it to state this year.
Also good luck to all the other BIG BLacks this weekend!!! And to the other teams this weekend, Roane, Hoover, Calhoun among other.

February 18, 2003
if schools are cancelled all the way up till Friday will they still have the region tourneys?

February 18, 2003
From: observer
comments: i go to a neutral school i guess u could say, so im not biased, i traditionally cheer for whoever wrestles against these teams :) hehe, no offense, and i have seen both snoberger and morris of braxton wrestle at various times this season, and whoever said that morris wouldnt stop snoberger from a state title..... hehehehehe have u ever seen a wrestling match before?

February 18, 2003
From: Eric Bosley
comments: From: Eric Bosley (real Frankfort Parent)
If a Frankfort parent actually wrote (which I doubt) the previous post attributed to "Frankfort Parent" please don't involve my son in your ignorance. We like to think that we've raised Devin to be confident about himself not conceited and arrogant which this post portrays. I've had the opportunity to talk with Casey and Jeff at matches and they are two excellent young men both with state champion wrestling ability (already proven once by Casey). Good luck to my son Devin and also to Casey and Jeff at Regionals and States.

From: Devin Bosley
comments: To whomever wrote the comments about the three Frankfort wrestlers walking through states, I ,and my two team mates, dont appreciate it. There isn't a person who is guaranteed a state title in any weight class and we realize that. A championship can only be achieved through hard work and dedication to the sport and we would like to wish everyone luck at the state tournament and let the best man win. Once again we are sorry about that statement, it was not us.
Editor's note: Sorry, Devin. I'll take the post down. I think it may have been sent in from some well meaning fan, but you sure have a point. Good luck to your and your team mates this weekend...

February 18, 2003
From: Hedgesville Fan
comments: To:Wrestlingfan
The Hedgesville wrestlers have been given the opportunity to again be under the direction of Coach Whittington.. Many of the Hedgesville followers are greatful to him for the many hours that he spends with the team. Each year many of us hope that a replacement is not found.. His shoes are hard to fill!!!! Thanks Coach Whittington..

February 18, 2003
From: 40 security envelopes
comments: Region 1 Finals

February 18, 2003
From: oldschoolsmalls
comments: I think it was the Watcher who said that Sampson from calhoun would beat Mahan from Clay,and go on to beat leithead.Let me remind you that Mahan has beat Sampson 2 out of 3 times,and if Sampson does happen to beat Mahan,he's definetly not gonna beat Leithead.

February 18, 2003
From: Tex
comments: Well, if you are talking AA powerhouses, and you DON'T mention Point, you are truly a non-fan. If you have seen them at all this season, you would clearly see a team that is going to dominate MANY teams at state. MANY is that word that is really big...so ya don't miss it. I have seen them from top to bottom, wrestle with some of the toughest names in both AA and AAA. Their 140 is by far the best in the state, with their 130, 135, 145, 152, 171, 215, and HWT definitely going to make alot of noise at regionals and all of which have the ability to place in states. So, if you want to talk powerhouse...talk Oak Glen...and POINT PLEASANT...

February 18, 2003
From: To: Wrestling Observre
comments: In the last six years, AA State Tournament:
Region (as of 2001-02 alignment), Upsets, (Upset)
I: 13 (5)
II: 7 (5)
III: 12 (5)
IV: 1 (18)
I don't think that will support your case as Region 1 being the toughest, but it will support that the former region IV (Indy, GW, etc.) is the weakest.

February 18, 2003
comments: In the days when then people want full inclusion. People want everyone to participate. Why dont we just do away with regionals and have everyone wrestle in the state tournement. In AAA there is what less then 30 teams and in AA something like 45. I bet you could use a 32 man bracket for both of them and still wrestle the meet in 3 days. It would bring in even more money into Huntington with every wrestler in the state going. More schools, more parents and fans. The only problem you would have with this is seeding it. Yet in a small state like West Virginia i am sure they could seed it.

February 18, 2003
comments: Hello. I am the person who said Nitro's tournament was a tea-party. I only was trying to respond to someone's letter who said the WSAZ's was weaker than Nitro's. I think, that compared to the WSAZ's it was weaker.

February 18, 2003
From: gwhs fan
comments: Im from Greenbrier West but i want to make a comment about Josh Neal from Shady. I have watched the kid wrestle since he has started. And i give him all the credit in the world he has improved a lot over the years and really impressed me at the coalfield conference. I dont think there is a kid in the state that can beat him when he wrestles his best. Good luck at regionals and states Josh and stay focused

February 18, 2003
From: Cabell Midland Fan
comments: To: Guy
Richardson from CM did wrestle Hutchinson from Hunt & pinned him in the second period.

February 18, 2003
From: Nathan Ackison
comments: For everybody spelling my name wrong-- it's Ackison, not Atkinson or whatever, and I wrestle for Oak Hill, and moved up from 135 to 140. So please spell my name right!

February 18, 2003
From: Mike
comments: I see that injuries have caused some high schools to lose wrestlers during the season. Could a ninth grader who wrestled Jr high all season move up to the high school team for regionals?

February 18, 2003
From: wvmat forum reader
comments: i don't know enough about wood county wrestling to have a favorite, but who's gonna allow ratteaser at center ring, anyway? and graplin guy, you must be joking about superman's predictions. he's as accurate as a water pistol 300 yards away.

February 18, 2003
From: Dana Walters
comments: Jared Walters, a former student and wrestler at Cabell Midland High School, just qualified this weekend to participate in the NJCAA Nationals in Rochester, Minnesota, on February 28 - March 1, 2003. Jared was previously a state champion in 1999 and placed in the top four in his four years at Cabell Midland. He presently wrestles for Lassen College in Susanville, California, where he is a Sophemore. He qualified for the Nationals by beating his opponent 9-0 in the NJCAA Regionals held in Tuscon, Arizona. Good Luck in the Nationals Jared!!!!

February 18, 2003
From: Tobacspitter
comments: Region 1 a/aa Championship Matches My predictions
103 Valles vs miller
112 Ganeau vs Antill
119 Biddle vs Bartrug
125 Biddle vs Wright
130 Mahan vs Dimarco
135 Mcintosh vs Yoders
140 Whittington vs Elder
145 Merico vs Flowers
152 Hughes vs Wharton
160 Smith vs Stewart
171 Lauderman vs Northcraft
189 Potts vs Miller
215 Hashman vs Whitehill
275 Fegal vs Mcguillin

February 18, 2003
From: wrestling observer
comments: Ok, i think you missed the point on what Region is the toughest. Yes Oak Glen, Cameron, Williamstown, and St. Mary's all have close to full squads and will qualify most of their team. But it just is not about teams here it is about the individuals. Look at Hundred, they only have 5 kids on their team, yet all five are pretty good. It is impossible for them to win a dual match cause of the forfeits they give up. Weir has a few outstanding wrestlers, Tyler Consolidated has a few good wrestlers, oh yeah Magnolia has a few itself. And while I am it Weirton Madonna has a few outstanding wretlers, like their 103 lbs. So it is not easy for quality wrestlers who are good make it to state. So you can not tell me or even think that it is easier to make it to states in Region 1. ADMIT IT, I AM CORRECT IN THAT REGION 1 IS THE TOUGHEST REGION!!! If you do not think so then Like I said before, Prove It!! Show me and everyone else on here the Statistics. You know it is funny but I cannot count the number of times in the past 3 years or mor that a Region 1 4th place finisher beat a Champion from another Region. Maybe that is what I'll do I'll go through and check that out and let you know what that statistic is. And that would prove my point about how the 5th and 6th place finishers are better than most people that are at States. Ok enough from me. I watch all regions and no I am not from Region 1. Our team is in Region 3, I am just observing the facts.

February 18, 2003
From: forum supporter
comments: to tell you the truth all the people saying things about people trash talkin are doin nothin but trash talking them selves this is a place for wrestling fans to put whut they think about the sport and trash talkin comes along with it. just let it be if you do not have no to say about the sport besides stop trash talking atleast when there talkin trash its about wrestling. And im sure after you stop trash talking youll start correcting peoples grammer...

February 18, 2003
From: folisha
comments: whoever said that Matt Easter has beat all the people in the state that would give him compotition and they weren't even close, let me recap your memory, I think I recall a match with Chance Litton at the MSAC that was only 7-5.

February 18, 2003
From: Guy
comments: Would someone please tell me if Richardson beat Hutchinson at the Huntington match on the 13th, And if he did what was the score?

February 18, 2003
From: West Fan
comments: To East Fan: I agree -- the trash talk needs to stop, so heed your words. East started all the trash talk about West being good for nothing but snow days, so East needs to put a stop to it. We have wonderful wrestlers (and other athletes), bands, choirs, students, parents, people, communities, and schools. We are happy living in the western end of the county !!! and we have A LOT TO BE PROUD OF!!!!! GOOD LUCK TO GREENBRIER WEST AT THE REGIONALS!!!!

February 18, 2003
From: OG Alumni
comments: I wanted to wish all the Oak Glen wrestlers and coaches good luck this coming weekend. You guys have worked so hard this year and it's time to show the state again who the best wrestling team is. Go get 'em BEARS!!! Good luck to all the other wrestlers also.

February 18, 2003
comments: The South lineup for the regionals is
103 Aaron Kelley
112 Felix Osunna Cotto
119 Chad Porter
125 Shane Grogg
130 Steven Boone
135 Shawn Smith
140 Sean Smith
145 I don't know
152 Codi Norman
160 Kyle Walters he' better he wrestled in the duals verse Fairmont Senior and Marietta he pinned the Fairmont boy and got a forfeit from Marietta
171 Bryce Pickens
189 Curt Radcliff
215 Josh Davis
275 Josaiha Dorton

February 18, 2003
From: me
comments: is walter back yet is he goin to be back

February 18, 2003
From: Graplin Guy
comments: I see Superman has promised to make his annual predictions...We haven't heard to much from this guy this season. I for one am interested to see what the man of steel has in store for us. As always I'm sure his predictions will be full of humor, colorful nicknames, and suprisingly accurate descriptions about how the state tournament will unfold.

February 18, 2003
comments: I dont know why people are predicting the 130 weight class for AAA because Matt Easter is going to beat everyone and he all ready has beaten everyone that would give him compotition and they werent close matches either.

February 18, 2003
From: Ken Chertow
comments: Sat. March 15 Big 12 Wrestling Champ. 5:00pm Tape Delay
Sat. March 15 Big Ten Wrestling Champ. 7:00pm Tape Delay
Sun. March 16 EIWA Wrestling Champ. 1:00pm Tape Delay
Sat. March 22 NCAA Semifinals 1:00pm Tape Delay,

From: Ken Chertow
comments: Thursday, February 27 from 7-9 PM at Sissonville Middle School. This clinic is sponsored by the Mountain State Junior Wrestling League. To register contact rotyler1dt@aol.com or 304-988-0813.

Ken Chertow's Gold Medal Summer Wrestling Camp will be July 13-17 at the Charleston Civic Center Inn. It is for wrestlers ages 6-18. To learn more call Chuck and Bev Easter 304-776-6650 or visit kenchertow.com.

February 18, 2003
From: sshswrestling fan
comments: I herd wat the wvwrestler said about josh neal winning states and i agree and believe that its is very true.And graplergirl i think that you are right in a way, there really shouldnt be any trash talkin unless its a serious matter.But to me and 90% of the people on this website think that wrestling is a serious matter.

February 18, 2003
From: 189 Fan
comments: Congratulations to Josh Clark (Berkeley Springs, 189). At a meet in Martinsburg on the 14th, he broke two school records- # of wins in his varsity career/# of pins in a single season- during the same match against Joe Philips of Hedgesville. Good job, sweetie!

February 18, 2003
comments: Please do not call Point a Powerhouse in AA because they have only been in AA for this year and have even lost to 2 or 3 AA teams wether in tournaments or Duals. So please do not call them a Powerhouse, if you are gonna call anyone a Powerhouse then give that name to OaK Glen. Thank You

February 17, 2003
From: About Coach Whittington
comments: You did see Coach Whittington at Winner's Choice this year. He actually retired two seasons ago, but decided to stay on at Hedgesville because of the school's inability to find another coach. Whenever, IF ever, Hedgesville finds another coach, Coach Whittington will finally be able to enjoy his retirement.

February 17, 2003
When will we know the seedings for regionals this week?

February 17, 2003
From: Grappler Girl
comments: I love wrestling and i don't see the point in trash talking USUALLY. unless it is a serious matter. but all this petty stuff is stupid and there is no need for it.

February 17, 2003
comments: To PHS fan:
South is the most dominant wrestling school in Wood County. PHS is the most dominant football school in Wood County. Once in a blue moon, the dominance can switch, and this is one of those years. PHS will win it this year, but the overall trend will be in South's favor in wrestling. Just like the football trend for PHS. Deal with the facts.
Good luck to both schools at the state tournament.

February 17, 2003
From: ratteaser
comments: ratteaser would like to say..this is a great page..and i can take all the hits leveled at me...because i have waited for phs to have a team that i hope crushes my rival...this is sports..and yes...i'll be in the center ring at huntington regardless of wether my boys win or lose..but this year..look for ratteaser to stand with arms raised in a V!!

February 17, 2003
comments: If McCoy is number one why isn't Scarbro over McCoy when Scarbro beat him ?????????????????????hum Someone tell me that one.

February 17, 2003
From: To PHS fan 50
comments: I think your confused or just put the wrong day because parkersburg didnt wrestle saturday , they wrestled thursday against Herbert Hoover and Nitro...but Knapp still did a great job.

February 17, 2003
comments: Hey, a lot is two words! (i.e. "A lot of you don't have a clue."). Not one....alot, like most of you spell it.

February 17, 2003
From: Another PSHS "Out-of-State" Fan
comments: To South Wrestling Fan: You said in a 17 Feb post that Seth Young at 145 is gone. What did you mean by that - out for the season or just the duals against FS and Marietta? If anyone has the projected South lineup for the regionals please post it.

February 17, 2003
From: Wrestling Fan
comments: There is no talk on here about the Predictions for the 135lbweight class in the highschool division AA I think that for AA in the state tournament We will see Chapman (shadySprings) and Atkinson(unknown). Thes are both excellent athletes and both maintain a great GPA in school. Which has noaffect on their wrestling skills. I would like to see some talk and gossip about Chapman and Atkinson get stirred up on here.

February 17, 2003
comments: Dose anyone know if Wes Young of Parkersburg South will be back for regionals??

February 17, 2003
From: Fan in the stands
comments: I think Point wrestling team has a lot of talent. Most of the kids on this team work really hard to be the best! The boy at 140 Duncan {I do belive is his name}is very talented but needs to know that losing come to everyone. He is good but talent can only go so far your heart needs to be in it! So on this note Good Luck to The Point's team and all who Wrestle at Relionals!

February 17, 2003
comments: in reply to the person who stated that jason mccoy from point could beat timmy mccoy from wirt...point and wirt wrestled and timmy beat jacob...i believe timmy mccoy has earned that number 1 ranking.

February 17, 2003
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: WVer in Georgia: South wrestled Fairmont Sr. and Marietta last Thursday evening and only lost two matches,one to each team.Yes, South has juggled their line up around.Seth Young(the #1 ranked 145 lber)is gone.Wes Young is still out at 215.What I heard last week was that Steve Boone and Zac McCray may wrestle off for the 130 weight class with Sean Smith moving to 135.That will surely be up to the coaches and I'm sure they will do what is best for the team.It is nice that Doc has this site for you to stay abreast of all the happenings in WV wrestling.Take care!

February 17, 2003
From: Fan
comments: This is for the person who asked about Brennon Chambers. He had reconstructive shoulder surgery before the season. Thats a huge loss for Oak Glen.

February 17, 2003
From: Region 1 supporter
comments: If you are questioning the strength of region 1, then you are nuts. Every year near half of the State Champions are from Region 1. Last year 10 of the weight classes in AA were won by Region 1 wrestlers. That is a pretty amazing statistic. And the year before that, 11 weight classes were won by Region 1 wrestlers. And if you look at the team scores of the past two years, Region 1 had 3 of the top 5 teams for the past two years. I think that is enough said on that topic.

February 17, 2003
comments: I think that everybody should just wait til the regionals are over and stop trash talking everyone. All that really matters is what happens between 2 wrestlers on the mat and not in anyones mind. Whatever happens happens., and if the best guy looses he had a bad day and maybe next time he will have a better one. Whoever places goes to the states it doesn't matter who anyone wants to win all that matters is what hand the referee raises in the end.

February 17, 2003
From: marion ct fan
comments: i believe every conf has a few liget wrestlers but winning the state championship is the main goal. the campion will come from wood ct.

February 17, 2003
From: PHS fan 50
comments: Congratulations to Derrick Knapp on his comeback win Saturday night. Its great to see you were able to make it back. Everyone knows you can still win states , including yourself, so go out there and prove it! 2 weeks left....work hard, believe in yourself.We're all behind you!

February 17, 2003
comments: This is to the person who thought region I was overated. Those top four teams you said should probably be in the top five and will at states. You say too that this region doesnt have anybody else. You maybe right but what other region has more than 4 top 20 teams? I think region I is the hardest this year and be the best show on the weekend. Go to st marys to watch region I.

February 17, 2003
comments: OG beat Brooke 58-18 (Brooke forfeited 6 matches) and OG beat Weirton 80 - 0 (Weirton forfeited 5 matches)...

February 17, 2003
From: wrestlingfan
comments: I wrote earlier with a question. Saw Whittington from Hedgesville at the winner's choice this year. what gives? thought he was retiring. ive been following the eagles somewhat and was just wondering. any info would be great! thanks.

February 17, 2003
From: phs fan
comments: you know south fan...i do believe in the paper that it did say 9 of those championships came before south was a school, so why even repeat what was said? I have heard of people reading something and comprehending it the first time. i think you might just be a little upset. Over what? I really don't know. plus, i've heard a lot this year about south being a young team. please don't use this as a built in excuse. If you lose, you lose. If you win, you win. and that's, that. phs had a young team last year, no one said anything about that.

February 17, 2003
From: point fan
comments: the big blacks did not wrestle half of the varsity team aganist wirt last thursday. and wirt is acting like they have won the states. in my opnion wirt is a very good AA team, but point was a good AAA team that has dropped to AA where they have become a(n) POWERHOUSE and they have showed that aganist all the top AA teams. there really is no comparison between wirt and point when the wrestle both varsity's!

February 17, 2003
comments: TOP 10 Conferences!!!
4. LKC
7. Mason - Dixon
8. Coalfield Conference
9. PVC
10. Big 10

February 17, 2003
comments: WIRT co. did beat up on point pretty bad, but come on give point some credit, have their team didnt come.

February 16, 2003
comments: I dont belive that Region 1 in AA is as tough as everyone says it is. When u get past Oak Glen, Williamstown, Cameron and St Marys. I beleive that this region is highly overated. Yes there might be 4 teams here that crack the top ten but after that is there one that will crack the top 20? Also reading on here someone was saying that the 5th and 6th place kids in region 1 are better then half the state. Well that person must not have been to very many Region 1 tourements. There might be 1 or 2 kids in this region that it holds true but not for most. Does it really make a region strong cuz there is two or three teams that are stong or does it give them an easier road to state?

February 16, 2003
From: DUDE
comments: I've seen alot of wrestling this year and read alot that has been posted on this sight.Wood Co. seems they are the only one's in the state.Granted PHS and PSHS are excellent teams. Take a look around the state and you will see some of the best scattered across the state.Take a look at my conference,NCAC,possibly they have 5 to 7 legitamate state champions. Eastern and Northern panhandle team has 3 to 5 each.
February 16, 2003
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: Superman: You say "you" have the most accurrate predictions on here?!?! Go back to the forum last Feb. when you and I picked the state champions and it was not even close! You even picked Kyle Walters to finish 5th and Lou Thomas 6th! Better do a little more research this time round!

February 16, 2003
comments: Did Oak Glen and Brooke wrestle on Sat?? If they did does anyone what the score was.

February 16, 2003
From: Full Nelson
good luck to all the NCAC wrestlers this week and next. Our conference will be well represented in Huntington - as usual.

February 16, 2003
From: j
comments: I would like to thank Dr.Miller for giving us this page. it doesn't matter how many people give him grief, he still runs this page and keeps it up to date to the best of his ability. to the ppl who complain about not posting what they say, lets use this as an example. say i am joe bloggs from richvale high. my brother john bloggs is a good 140 at RHS. he wrestles this kid from rival school drysdale high school named tim smith. he loses is a controvertial match. well i am upset about the match b/c the referee missed a controvertial call. so given the match is over, i am upset so i jump right on here and release a post. i mention how the referee needs glasses and how smith is lucky and he isnt any good and so on. well, first off, that is a verbal assault. any good sportsman does not verbally assault another, it has nothing to do with doc. say smith or the ref has a problem with this. who is responsible? well in actuality, i am not as responsible as doc because he controls what the public eye can see here. second of all, its not your page. you dont do the work to keep it up everyday, so why do you get a say in what's posted or not? that's right you dont. we're not going to change our page for you. wrestling is a sport, not a set of conspiracies which you try to make it out to be. third of all, this site is my view should be for congratulations and information. if i have such a big problem with the match, i should probably talk to the ref about it (althought that wont change anything either). now where do i really have any room to talk? ok, look. once upon a time, my senior yr i was #1 in WV going into the state tournament. i won regions easily and was confident i would get my state title. in my semi-finals match i dropped a decision by a point due to a call where after watching it on film legally no 2 back points should have even been rewarded. but the point is god wanted me to lose that match for some reason. yes, it may have been a mistake by the ref. yes, he may have made some bad calls. in the end, it was his decision and i knew in my heart that i should have won that match but even furthur down in my heart, i knew for the good of the sport i had to let it go and not get on here and complain about the ref or the other kid stalling.god has a bigger plan for me in life and i accept that. it happened, its over, what could i do? all i could ask for is a pity party and i know any wrestler with any respect wouldnt want that. 11 years of wrestling and my dream was lost in one controvertial call. life goes on, i still love wrestling today and i will try to help anyone i can get to the top of the mountain. it is really a shame that the people on here complain about the stuff they do. consider how many people would be upset if doc decided to stuff the forum because of complaints (possibly yours). then you wouldnt even have anywhere to complain if you felt the need. so i guess i'm asking for him since i know he wouldnt ask you to stop sending posts. i am asking that everyone give it a rest. these are teenage kids and this site is supposed to be fun and informative. not derrogatory. a kid should feel good about himself reading posts congratulating him instead of saying how he's no good because he cant beat so and so. If you dont have anything nice to say, then dont say nothing. maybe this is "Dr.Miller's" page, but i dont see you abandoning it or anyone else for that matter. so he must be doing a pretty good job eh? (smile)
Editor's note: Well, I have received a number of posts in the same vein, and have not posted them, because this forum should not be about itself, but should be about the sport. However, someone put so much time in to the above post, I hated to just delete it. Thanks to others who have responded with similar sentiments.

I am quite sure that there are some perfectly innocent posts which don't make it on here. I have to spend some time reading between the lines to see if there is a hidden something going on. For instance, a few years ago I received a post from a parent thanking everyone in sight for his son's success in the sport - the grade school principal, the pee-wee coach, the assistants, the guidance counselor, everyone was thanked. I thought, "Here is a nice positive post." Problem was, everyone got thanked except the wrestler's current high school coach, and this post was in reality a dis on the coach. And I heard about it.

I'm always a little leery about posting nick-names of wrestlers. Some people are pretty touchy about nick-names. While nick-names may be O.K. when used in a close circle of friends, I never know if the alleged nick-name is really OK or if it has been hung onto some wrestler by someone trying to play mind games.

In the past, a poster insisted on referring to a wrestler with the moniker "Hannibal Lectre," e.g., Joe "Hannibal Lectre" Smith. That almost got by me, until I realized that Hannibal Lectre was the character in the movie who, er, um, dined on human flesh, and this nick-name was in reference to a biting incident a'la Mike Tyson.

As I have pointed out before, I don't like such phrases as "Smith totally dominated Jones" or "Smith wiped the mat with Jones." It's hard enough to lose a match, but these wrestlers don't really need to read this kind of stuff. Wrestlers know (or should know) that it is fair game to report the results of the match ("Smith tech falled Jones"), but, beyond that, I just don't think that the wrestlers need this kind of embellishment. Just my opinion, though.

One has to be careful with seemingly innocuous posts, such as "Good luck to Billy Jones. I know that if you dedicate yourself and work hard in practice, you will beat Bobby Smith the next time." I have posted such in the past, and then received complaints from the parent who took such comments to imply that Billy Jones is not dedicated and has been loafing in practice. Again, put yourself in the shoes of the wrestler. You have just wrestled your guts out at a tournament, and now you have some Monday morning coach wanna-be getting on here and giving you advice on how you can improve your performance.

As for the growth of this site, that is all due to the readers, fans, and coaches who submit scores and such to the site. Actually, I don't write much at all, but rather just catch what comes in. If anyone is interested, there is a little link at the bottom of the front page, Usage Statistics, which tabulates the number of hits to the various pages. Every year, readership sets a new record at State Tournamet time. This year, we have already surpassed last year's peak readership. In the month of January, the web site received 109,982 visits. There were a total of 624,863 documents viewed. Last week there were 26,724 visits to the web site. The most popular areas are scores, forum, and the youth tournament listings. So far, the entry form for the Parkersburg Youth States has been viewed 1,696 times. And so on.

So anyway, good luck to the wrestlers. Thanks to the fans.

February 16, 2003
comments: i believe the score from wirt vs. point was wirt 38 point 13 but that's not definite...it's give or take a few points on both sides. Congratulations Wirt boys!

February 16, 2003
comments: I cant believe no one has mentioned anything about Matt Stevens wrestling for OU. Since he did win his match against WVU.

February 16, 2003
From: WVer in Georgia
comments: I am a little disappointed in this forum's audience's inability (not the editor's responsibility) to update high school teams match results. Living in Georgia, I am unable to get WVa high school results (especially in-state dual matches) at any other source except for this web page. Being a South grad, I myself have had to submit the scores on South's out-of-state results a couple of times (which I obtained from other internet links) because no one else would update them. A couple of times, the scores would not be updated for over a week.

The reason this is frustrating is because I know South wrestled on Feb 13th, yet I do not know how they did, whether their lineup is still shuffled, is Walters back in the lineup or not, and so forth. Even one of your forum's commentators stated they were there to see South wrestle on the 13th yet they did not mention anything except how they were disappointed in the crowd turnout. Come on folks; update the scores for those of us who enjoy our only link to WVa High School Wrestling. If South can't get their scores updated here, I can only imagine how many other matches are never recognized as having happened.

February 16, 2003
comments: The Guy who said Williamstown Trash talks need to read the forum just little closer. Its not Williamstown doing that.

February 16, 2003
comments: Who was it that put the predictions on the forum that said this is who will place in states at 130. You have Timmy McCoy from Wirt at 1, Derek Scarbro at 2, and Jason McCoy at 3. Hate to break it to you, but Jason McCoy from Point would beat either one of them. And then you have Andrew Stuter from Keyser and A.J. Burks from Braxton on there, but you dont have Jeremy McCarty on there anywhere, and you know what? He beat Stuter and teched Burks, I hope you rethink your thoughts of 130.

February 16, 2003
From: Go South
comments: I agree with All about South! South Fans you need to stand behind these fine young men win or lose. Yes its been a difficult year for that young team but the want in their hearts is as strong as any team before them! Lets get some SouthSide excitment in the air and let this TEAM know its not over till its over. GO SOUTH

February 16, 2003
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: There was an article in the Charleston Gazzette and quotes were made that are a bit misleading.Yes Parkersburg High does have more state titles than South but not since South became a school in 1967.More importantly,South has a state record 4 consecutive state AAA titles...sorry PHS but those are just the FACTS!!

February 16, 2003
From: comment
comments: Everything I send you, you edit or don't even put it on. I use no bad language and I mention no names unless I am complimenting but still you keep it off the page. Maybe instead of this being a forum it ought to be called Dr. Miller's page. You make me sick. It is nice to have this page but someone else should be running it. It is okay for Cameron and Williamstown to trash talk each other but nothing else is fair game. If there is no foul language and no name calling then this forum should be open to anything. That's what a real forum is suppose to be. You have become a joke and this page is political. Your probably a Little League baseball coach also. I know you will read this but I am quite sure you will just edit it as you normally do. What ever happen to free speech. You say that you have to worry about law suits. Well, what about law suits over free speech. You need to change your line of thinking and start putting things on here as you recieve them. Or else maybe some one else can start their own page. Have some guts and print this.
Editor's note: Hey, no problem. To tell you the truth, I'd be tickled to death if someone else did start a page which allowed anything to be said that anyone wanted to say. Why don't you start one? Just be sure to put your name, address, and phone number on the page so everyone will know who is responsible. I'll be glad to post a link to your new page.

February 15, 2003
comments: lets not get the EAST and WEST thing started. are you talking about Fairmont or Greenbrier?

February 16, 2003
From: Ashe140
comments: A few weeks ago I posted a message that congradulated two wrestlers on their 100th wins and winning the viking Smash (if you didn't see it before Devin and Stewy congradulations). In my post I gave them a few words of wisdom that I thought would help them in their quests for a state title, like most people on here do. There were no swear words, no complaints, no put downs, or anything else of that nature, but for some reason my post was banished from the forum. The reason I brought this up is I saw this post today.....
February 15, 2003 From: I HATE STUPID PEOPLE comments: This page is a joke, there is hardly anything on here that is true, except that Easter will win the state
...and wondered why it was allowed to stay and mine wasn't. If you could please tell me I would greatful.
If you don't post this then please email me with the answer if post this with your answer then you do not have to email me just please leave this part off I don't wish other people to know my email address
Editor's note: Truthfully, I cannot remember what post you submitted. The "I HATE STUPID PEOPLE" post was pretty much a put-down of this forum, and I don't mind taking criticism. As for your post, why not re-submit your post which didn't make it and I'll take a look at it. I sometimes have trouble with "words of wisdom" directed to specific individuals, and sometimes cannot tell if such posts are meant to encourage the wrestler, or if it is a thinly disguised "put-down."

February 16, 2003
From: Ashe140
comments: Bosley and Morris have wrestled this year at the Braxton Big 16. Bosley won the match, but i cannot remember the score.

February 16, 2003
From: Pat Bell
comments: To the GWHS wrestlers......Guys this is what you have worked all year for, and i know that you guys have been sick, injured, tired and god knows what else. But after last year i know that you boys are the toughest group that i ever got the privilage to wrestle with. You guys are going to be the underdogs again just like every year thats why you have to dig down and wrestle your best. Every one of you has the heart of a lion.....now you need to get the eye of a tiger that you had last year and bring that regional home with you again. I'll be there to cheer you on along with the rest your supportors...Good Luck Fellas

February 15, 2003
comments: congratulations to Matt Morris from Braxton on his 150th career win at the Big 5. make that a couple more and go win states!!

February 15, 2003
comments: No Duncan and Dye did not wrestle at Wirt. I do not think Duncan made weight

February 15, 2003
From: whatever
comments: could someone fill me in on the dates for the mason county open.

February 15, 2003
From: Fan in the stands
comments: Jason McCoy is a great wrestler and is very talented. He may be down right now but he will shine at regionals. Good Luck to Jason and the Point wrestling team.

February 15, 2003
From: wrestler
comments: what are the predictions for region 3 AAA?

February 15, 2003
From: TM
comments: Comments:Good luck Timmy McCoy in the Regionals and the States.

February 15, 2003
comments: did duncan and dye wrestle at wirt the other night?

February 15, 2003
From: vike fan
comments: 36-36 is a tie! and if an official does break a tie, (which they wait until after the tournament to do in a duals tournament,), it would still go to other criteria later if all records are all the same, and berkely had less pins, a team point taken away, and fewer individual champs in the tournament

February 15, 2003
From: egor
comments: Was there a Big 10 conference tournament ?

February 15, 2003
From: Superman
comments: With Regionals approaching, the time is drawling near for this years "Super Predictions",...As always the predictions will be without bias, based upon sound logic, and the most accurate predictions made all year.

February 15, 2003
From: wreslting fan
comments: For All the wrestlers at 171 if you have not heard Andrew Schindler is out now and if you don't know much about him you will soon enough. The last name is all you need to know and he backs it up.

February 15, 2003
From: Z
comments: hi imfrom northern virginia and i was wondering if there were any off season tournaments near wva or near northern VA?
Editor's note: Check the Youth/Open page.

February 15, 2003
From: All about South
comments: I just wanted to say ever since PHS beat us in the dual meet it is like are fans jus gave up on them. I mean when i showed up thurday night to see some great wrestlers i was disappointed at the fans. Its like they lost to PHS there no good, and we wonder where south wreslters attitudes come from. But seeing them practice lately and watch the captains lead the team. Make no misstakes it will be a close battle at state this year. It will come down to the last penny. Just quit sayin PHS has it wrapped up this year. We may not have a full team and some of our kids quit but we have very tough kids. Most of them will place in the top three. Plus remember when PHS beat South but South came back and won the state. We could see it happen again. Support the kids and keep them in a revenge attitude and South will come out on top once again.

February 15, 2003
From: stuffin
comments: to the fan of wrestling neutral: I think Jimmy Johnson was one of the best and quickest on his feet i had the pleasure to watch, I also think that's a pretty elite group of mat men you chose.

February 15, 2003
comments: Elson the 215 from Cameron is out for the year with a knee injury. The backup 215 from Cameron is also out with foot and shoulder injuries. Cameron most likely will not enter a 215 at regionals. Big hit to the Dragons' point scoring chances.

February 15, 2003
comments: Where is Brennan Chambers from Oak Glen and who got MOW at states last year they had to of been good for Sticks not to get it

February 15, 2003
From: state watcher
comments: did point pleasant and wirt wrestle last night or not?? if so, where are the results?

February 15, 2003
From: Unknown Fan
comments: Has anyone ever read the poem below This might be a bit long but maybe some of these people would understand a wrestler just a little

He Stands Alone
What high school sport makes the demands on the individual that amateur wrestling does?
When a boy walks onto the mat, he stands alone.
No one will run interference, no one will catch a high fly if he makes a bad pitch.
He stands alone.
In other high schol sports, where individual scores are kept,the contest is dtermined in time, distance, and in height.
But in wrestling, the score is kept on a boy's ability to overcome an opponent in a hand to hand contest, where a two second interval at anytime can mean a loss or a win.
If an opponent gains an advantage, there will be no help, no substitute;
there will be no time out and all can be lost in two seconds.
Yes, the boy stands alone.
There is no place on a wrestling team for the show off, the halfhearted, or the weakling.
When the whistle blows, a boy puts his ability, his determination, and his courage on the line,
We who are close to the young men on our high school wrestling teams have watched the range of human emotions from elation to heartbreak.
We have seen coaches with tears running down their cheeks as they try to console a young man who has given his all...yet lost.
Wrestling is a tough, hard sport, a life like, it is the survial of the fittest.
The young men who enter and stay with the team know this. They also know that the time comes and the whistle blows....

the author of this poem was not with it when I received it,but it one of my favorites, so if any one knows who wrote please post.
so for all of you predictors read this and remember it's the wrestler out there standing alone he might be preoccuppied with other thoughts,like college, sickness in the family, trouble within a family, so many things can be on these young mens mind, give credit where credit is due every young man that walks on a mat deserves a standing applause for he walked out on that mat alone.............

February 15, 2003
comments: Predictions of who will win the state at the 130 weight class.
1.Timmy McCoy,Wirt County
2.Derek Scarbro,Shady Spring
3.Jason McCoy,Point Pleasant
4.Brian Mills,Independence
5.Jessie Mahan,Oak Glen
6.Andrew Stuter,Keyser
7.Anthony Dimarco,Williamstown
8.A.J.Burks,Braxton County

February 15, 2003
From: marion county fan
comments: well we are coming to another state tour, parkersburg will win parkersburg south second, here is a few ? i would like to ask first why do these schools always win championships parks one yr parks south the next etc. could it be coaching maybe ,could it be a good feeder program peewees ,a good jr high program maybe ,could it be competion well there is the anwser competion. has anyone taken a look at these schools schedule try this on for size mcguffey pa ,ironman inv ,breckville inv ,oak glen ,va duals ,warren o ,nat wrestling coaches ass ,quad ,beast of the east ,powerade tour ,grundy va ,the list goes on ,can any other county match this schedule i don't think so another point is summer wrestling this is where wrestling is taugh ,not during the season ,summer wrestling ,tour summer camps, weekend camps ,the dedicated wrestler will do this the average joe will sit home and play nintendo and watch tv and wonder why they did'nt win.
believe me i been there

February 15, 2003
comments: I think Timmy McCoy is going to win the state title in 130. After what I saw last night at Wirt County when Timmy McCoy beat Jason McCoy at a 8-3 match.

February 15, 2003
From: not even a herbert hoover fan
comments: andy anderson at 275 if he is still wrestling i predict him to be at least 1rst 2nd or 3rd he is really good

February 15, 2003
From: JLS
comments: I think Cappas from MHS has proven himself to be a legit contendor for a state title. I know Shyver is the odds on favorite, but Cappas is wrestling as well as anyone and is peaking at the right time. I am going to predict that MHS will have 2 or maybe three finalists... and at the very least they will have 4 wrestlers finish in the top 4. That's pretty impressive considering they only have 9 weight classes filled. The wrestlers and head coach T.Powers should be commended for what they have accomplished this season. Congratulations and good luck.

February 15, 2003
comments: Why bash kids on here instead of congratulating them on achieving their goals. Why is it that you have to put others down, is it for some self-satisfaction? Let the kids wrestle.

February 15, 2003
comments: You will see a clinic come March 1...

February 15, 2003
comments: Go Bees!!!!!! Good luck to all the East Fairmont wrestlers this year. Go kick some butt!

February 15, 2003
From: Fan
comments: I don't know how any school can expect to win the state title unless you are from Oak Glen. This school has to be the most dedicated school to wrestling in the state. The kids there work so hard and they get nothing but positive rewards. They don't know how to lose there. They have downs there but when it comes to tournament time, the kids come to win. They have a contender at almost every weight class. The light weights (Brandon Miller and Justin Goneau) will finish in the top 3. Second year wrestler Shane Wright has really stepped up this year. I don't know how defending champ Steve Flowers isn't the favorite to win. He has done nothing but impress this season. (Congrats on OVAC championship and 100 wins Steve). Freshmen Jesse Mahan has to be at the top of people's prediction. He a one tough freshman. Junior Garret Railing has improved this year and will finish strong. Seniors Sean McIntosh, Ian Whittington, Matt Wharton, Billy Whitehill, and Patrick McGillian have as good a chance as anybody to win individual titles. Don't count out sophomore Cody Potts either. People think this is a down year for Oak Glen but I think they aren't going to dissapoint anybody this year when tournament time comes rolling around. I feel a SEVENTH straight title coming home this year. Good luck bears.

February 15, 2003
comments: How come every time a person writes to the forum it is modified, sometimes to the extent that the original letter does not even have the same meaning. I called Nitro's tournament a tea-party, and wanted that phrase posted! Mysteriously, like this letter will be, it was earased.
Editor's note: Well, to call that tournament a tea-party is really disrespectful to the school which put it on, the teams and wrestlers who entered it, and the champs who won it. I'll tell you what -- Look over the champs at that tournament. Contact their coach. Volunteer to come to their practice and go a few rounds live in the room with each champ. (of course, that ain't gonna happen, but just suppose....). Then, send in another post with your name, address, and phone number, and tell us that wrestling all these guys is a tea-party. Smile.

February 15, 2003
From: East Fan
comments: This is just a little note to West,not trash talk but this is all just getting out of hand. We really don't set over here and talk trash about you all . Yes you all do have some good wrestlers and so do we so lets all just stop with the trash talk!

February 15, 2003
comments: Comment: Timmy McCoy (Wirt) beats Jason McCoy (P.P.)last night at Wirt 8-3!!!!!!!!!!

February 15, 2003
From: Pirate_Mann
comments: Region 3 AA predictions
Robert Rash (Ind)
Josh Lester (SS)
Godfrey (Log)
Travis Highlander (GW)

112- Tough weight to call past 1st
Josh Neal (SS)
Josh Workman (MT)
Todd Bragg (Ind)
Corey McGraw (WE)

Bryan Snuffer (Ind)
Colby Painter (GW)
Shawn Coleman (Fay)
Chris McGraw (WE)

Anthony Harvey (SS)
Sheldon Brown (GW)
Cobin Thorn (WE)
Daniel Bailey (Lib)

Derek Scarbro (SS)
Brian Mills (Ind)
Brandon Wilburn (OH)
Keith Martin (GW)

Justin Chapman (SS)
Rocky Scarbro (Lib)
Larry Neece (Log)
Harrison Palmer (GW)

Josh Daniel (Lib)
Nathan Ackison (OH)
Adam Justice (WE)
Barry Hodges (Ind)

Shawn Garland (OH)
Drew Fitzpatrick (MT)
Chuck Meadows (SS)
Daniel Miller (GW)

Brandon Boone (GW)
Adam Lattie (WE)
David Betkijian (Lib)
James Avis (MB)

Brandon Browning (Lib)
Osbourne (GW)
Stafford (OH)
Levi Wood (Ind)

Mark Smith (GW)
Buster Carico (Lib)
Dusty Thompson (SS)
Bud White (MT)

Robert Ward (Ind)
Chad Tincher (GW)
Alouf (Fay)
Carver (SS)

Cline (WS)
Jeremy Canterbury (Lib)
Chad Crookshanks (GW)
Randy Stroupe (MT)

Maynor Crookshanks (GW)
Lincoln Harrison (Lib)
Kris Roberts (MT)
Justin Whitlock (Ind)

Team            1st       2nd       3rd       4th      Total
Greenbrier West  3         4         1         4        12
Shady Spring     4         1         2         1         8
Independence     3         1         1         3         8
Liberty          2         4         1         1         8
Midland Trail    0         2         1         2         5
Wyoming East     0         1         2         2         5
Oak Hill         1         1         2         0         4
Fayetteville     0         0         2         0         2
Logan            0         0         2         0         2
Westside         1         0         0         0         1
Meadow Bridge    0         0         0         1         1
Gilbert          0         0         0         0         0

February 15, 2003
comments: Garrett Railing over Isaac Stewart...bold pick, but not a bad one. I think Ike Stewart will be the man across from Smith come March 1, but that both better keep an eye on the down-state competition like Stewart(Braxton) or they may both end up watching the finals from a seat in the bleachers.

February 15, 2003
comments: Petersburg and berkley springs did not tie the offical on the mat broke the tie after the match using the rulebook
All three teams were 3-1

February 15, 2003
comments: This page is a joke, there is hardly anything on here that is true, except that Easter will win the state

February 15, 2003
From: GUY
comments: I just wanted to know if this was true. My friend told me that Richardson from Cabell Midland (who wrestles heavy weight) dropped to 215 at Huntington and beat Hutchinson at 215 is this true or not?

February 15, 2003
From: PHS Fan (Former Wrestler)
comments: PHS looks like they will win State with ez and they deserve it.Good Luck to all the wrestlers in State and bring it home PHS.

February 15, 2003
comments: There is no doubt that it will be OG and Calhoun fighting for the title in A/AA. I dont think any of the other teams will be competing come the final day of the tournament. I do think that OG and Calhoun will still be in a dead heat come the last round. We will just have to wait and see.

February 15, 2003
From: Lively
comments: Hey there boys it's me again I just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking about the regionals like you should be. I just wanted to let you guys know that there's a lot of adversity against you guys this year just like every year. I expect my boys from Greenbrier West to pull through in the regionals and win it all. Good luck guys and in case you didn't know I'm coming in especially to watch my boys in action on the 20th and for that matter through the whole state tournament. So you all try to get your stuff together and do us alums from West proud!!! Good luck boys you know I'm there til the end.

February 15, 2003
comments: I've traveled this road for 14 years from peewees to college. And the bottom line is that what 'really matters' happens on the mat....not this forum. Good luck to all!

February 14, 2003
From: fan in the stands
comments: Good Luck to Point in Regionals...Nick Duncan along with the rest of the team have a lot of talent. I am sure they will make it far!

February 14, 2003
comments: Shane Smith will win states for sure. But who is wrestling against him in the finals may surprise a few people. I believe that Garret Railing will be the one on the opposite side of the mat on March 1.

February 14, 2003
From: Reality Check
comments: Takedown records and such mean very little in my opinion. Especially when a good wrestler puts on a takedown clinic against a mediocre or poor wrestler. Only a handful of wrestlers from West Virginia have ever been able to put on a clinic agains very tough or elite wrestlers (Doug Moore, Matt Easter, Brandon Rader), and all have State titles to their credit. State titles are impressive, padded stats are trite. Maybe if a few more of those take downs came against Bliss, Gibbs, or even occurred in the state tournament, they would be a bit more impressive.

February 14, 2003
From: Nitro info
comments: McCoy from Wirt lost to Chapman from Shady Spring at 135 at Nitro. Not Scarbro, Scarbro wrestled 130.

February 14, 2003
From: to TRIBE FAN and anonymous poster
comments: first of all... at the PVC tournament... Petersburg, Keyser, and Berkely Springs were not all 3-1... Petersburg was 3-0-1 (tied berkely and beat everyone else) Keyser was 3-1 (lost to p'burg, beat berkely springs and everyone else) and berkely springs was 2-1-1(loss to keyser and tie to p'burg) therefore, petersburg was undefeated on the day and rightfully the champs (i am not from petersburg but they never lost so they get the trophy no argument) thats how the winner was determined.

then someone else asked "how can a team be sick?" easy, several schools around the state have been closed periodically over the last month thanks to the flu epidemic and if that gets into a wrestling room where guys are cutting weight it spreads like wildfire... i feel sorry for anyone cutting weight and getting the flu at the same time and wrestlers (although no excuses can be made, its part of the sport) do perform at a lower ability when sick

February 14, 2003
From: wrestling observer
comments: I really don't know why everyone on here tries to figure out who is going to place at states. I have been observing wrestling for a long time throughout the state. There are 4 regions and I will just let you know that REGION 1 ist by far the toughest. In most weight classes some of the kids who took 5th or 6th are better than half the kids that are in their weight class at the state tournament. Just to give you an idea. There are 14 weight classes and 6 kids place at each weight class, (This is in A/AA only) and so that means 84 kids place each year so 84 x 3 = 252. In the past 3 years 112 have placed in REGION 1!!! And out of 42 Champions that have been crowned 29 yes that is correct 29 REGION 1 wrestlers have been crowned CHAMPION!!! So if you can beat that than you find a region that can match it or come close to it!!! So when everyone does their little guessing game on who will place you might as well look for definetely two kids from Region 1 in each weight class if not three wrestlers. Hey it is just a thought. I hope that one of these days that whoever makes up how the regions are finds a way to seperate Region 1, cause I know that every year the 16 wrestlers in each weight class are not the 16 best wrestlers in the state, some of the better ones are left at home in the Northern Panhandle called Region 1. Maybe they should start letting the top 6 in each weight class go on to state. If that was the case then you could bet even more Region 1 wrestlers would place. Ok enough from me, just observing the facts!!!

February 14, 2003
From: The Watcher
comments: any predictions for Region II...??

February 14, 2003
comments: Whoever said that Nitro's tournament was tougher than the WSAZs needs to have a reality check.

Snuffer from Independance placed 7th, Harvey from Shady (Who beat Matt Vance by the way) only placed 4th, Derek Scarbro from Shady placed 5th, Justin Chapmin from Shady placed 5th, Williamstown's Elder placed 4th, Sam Dennis from Ravenswood placed 6th, and Josh Evans from Woodrow Wilson took 3rd.

February 13, 2003
From: wrastlin' watcher
comments: everyone is talking about scarbro (shady) and mccoy (point) but u are forgetting another mccoy... Tim McCoy from wirt. I have seen both of his matches against scarbro and both were great matches and very close. the one that took place at the nitro tournament was controversial... i have to say i think timmy should have won that one. anyway, i know he is working hard and will turn heads at states. Wirt wrestles Point tonight... McCoy vs. McCoy- it will be a good one!

February 13, 2003
From: W G

February 13, 2003
comments: In response to MoMoney and Jordan's Region 1 A/AA predictions, Wheeling Central had their program cut this year due to lack of participation, therefore that is why you don't have any information on them.

February 13, 2003
From: GWHS Wrestling Fan
comments: To Greenbrier County -- You stated that our wrestling team is good because we have a youth league on the western end (something else besides snow that the eastern end doesn't have). That statement is not entirely true. There is a youth wrestling program in place, but several (6) of the West guys started wrestling when WGJHS opened (8th or 9th grade) and were never members of youth league wrestling. I know for a fact that East has some team members (who have not lived here all their lives) who did participate in youth wrestling in other areas. Let us glory in the fact that our little A school can beat a big AAA school. Also, I don't feel West wrestled to their potential in the Coalfield's, and they had some team members who were ill and didn't even wrestle.

February 13, 2003
From: Tribe Fan
comments: Berkeley Springs HS had 3 PVC champions
Matt Mason 160
Jamie Moore 171
Josh Clark 189
Dont understand how the team champion was arrived at Berkeley Spring, Keyser, and Petersburg were all 3-1

February 13, 2003
comments: I have to agree with "Unknown Fan" and "Tired of IT", in regards to the 130lb AA weight class, let the boys wrestle. I am a parent of one of the boys. Though Scarbro and McCoy have never met on the mat, I have watched each, and they are excellent wrestlers. Let's wait and see what happens.

February 13, 2003
comments: A pin scored in the consolation semi's scores seven points. the round is scored 5 -7 points. If Blankenship from Braxton Had pinned the guy from Calhoun, he certainly would have scored seven. I suppose the point is moot, though. I guess we gotta "give the DEVIls their due."

February 13, 2003
comments: whoever has been saying burge will lose to smith is crazy. burge will take states.

February 13, 2003
From: A Wrestlers Dad
comments: Wanted to say congratulations to Jared "Mouse" Garvin of Morgantown High on his 100th career victory last night. Keep up the good work, son.

February 13, 2003
From: Old Man on the HIll
comments: To sfan I agree with your opinion about Smith, Rader & Easter,but don't forget another machine.SHANE GROGG.Wrestling USA Magazine has them ranked: Mitch Smith #11, Shane Grogg #15, Brandon Rader #16 and Matt Easter #17.

comments: Shane Grogg has lost 4 times this year. 3-2 to #4 Robbie Preston of Blair Acad. NJ,5-3 to Josh Zupancic (130) of Walsh Jesuit OH, 1-1 dble OT rideout to #5 Dustin Schlatter of St. Paris Graham OH ( defeated Schlatter 6-5 at IronMan)and 1-1 double OT rideout to Provini(130) of Nazareth PA. at Virginia Duels. Pretty Impressive Mr. Grogg.

February 13, 2003
From: ~ Just a fan of Wrestling Neutral ~
comments: Wrestling is a great sport. A great Wrestling has to be good from the top, better from the bottom and Great on their feet. I love wrestling neutral. As I set their in my seat at the state tournament i look for wrestlers who feel comfortable on their feet. Wrestlers who get the job done when they have to from their feet. Here is a list of great wrestlers on their feet in my opinion, in no order. (If i miss any feel free to add to this list).
Anthony Regalbuto 
Casey Daggett
Matt Easter
Dereck Stickles
Nathan Pickens
Alex Reed
Chris Johnson
Nick Hedrick
Matt Stevens
Matt George
Joe Thorpe
Jason Ward
John Bonecutter
Mitch Smith
JP Stanley 
Robbie Ripley
Ash Gandee
Adam Schindler
Ash Wenmoth
Jason Hayhurst
Drew Toth
Shane Smith
Nick Duncan

February 13, 2003
From: Cameron scorer
comments: Unfortunately the results for the Cameron-Edison-Salem tri were never turned in to the Wheeling News Register (my best source of scores and info) and I can't remember all the match results so I can't post the full results. However, I can tell you a few things. 103 T.Cumpston-1 pin 1 forfeit 112-Antill-1-1 on the day 119-Stoneking-2-0 125-O'Neil- loss against Salem, dnw against Edison 130-Hughes-2-0 145-Cumpston-1-1 152-Hughes-2 pins 189-big win against Edison 275-Manning-2-0. Cameron won both duals despite missing 135 Yoders (ACTs), 140 Whipkey (injury), 160 Stewart (ACTs), 171 Cooper (???), and 215 Elson (injury). Hope that helps a little.

February 13, 2003
comments: Hold your horses cowboy, no one said Blake from Cameron would place at states and Potts wouldn't. Blake will probably place 3-4 in regionals. Potts will most definitely be in the money at states and will win the Region. Read the posts, then make the remarks...

February 13, 2003
From: Senior Class of 2003 Greenbrier East
email: chubbyhands10@hotmail.com
comments: We want the state of West Virginia to know that we have one of the most dedicated wrestling coaches in the state. He has gone out of his way on many occasions to see we made every match possible. It has been a great 6 years of our lives. When we were down and out he was there, when we got into situations he bailed us out. We have spent a many winter hour with him ans as we look back we realize he is by far the greatest friend we could ever have had and we will always remember this part of our lives. We hope you will read this Coach Pickenpaugh and take a bow. We will never forget the years at East with you and hope you continue to coach wrestling. We have come a long way MR. PICKENPAUGH. Thanks a million. We Are Family. From your SENIORS. E A S T ALL THE WAY EAST.

February 13, 2003
From: Chris Satterfield
comments: I would like to congratulate Jared Garvin on his 100th victory,he has worked hard throughout highschool and has been a good friend of mine. Also I would like to wish Blane Mayle luck on his journey on beating Bradley Petracca's record of takedowns,and Nick Hedrick's Marion County Win record and good luck to the rest of the East squad. For you seniors, time is running out!!! Give it all you got and make us proud.

February 13, 2003
From: sfan
comments: i was at the MSAC tour. and was well pleased. i had the privelage to watch the 3 best wrestlers in the state(in my opinion). matt easter,mitch smith, and brandon rader.three wrestling machines. i watched the easter/litton match, i believe litton only scored when easter released but litton did look good considering who he was wrestling.i would be surprised if smith and rader didnt end up being ranked #1 in the nation before their high school careers were over. very impressive.even though i `m a south fan i have to give credit where its due .good luck to all even to those #%$&* northsiders.

February 13, 2003
From: harry
comments: first i would like to comment on the person who said i wasnt "a good wrestling fan" first off, he placed 3rd...not 4th...and second off ... why dont we just let them wrestle and cheer for the one we want to win, I find that a lot of the post on here are old out of shape men/boys who think they just know it all about wrestling. when people rank kids on here everyone gets all bent up out of shape. it is ridiculous!

February 13, 2003
comments: to tired of it: keep your comments to yourself, no one cares what you think anyway.

February 13, 2003
From: Tony Shillingburg
comments: I'd like to thank the person who said i was going to get 3rd in the 215 weight class in our region i guess it was but i'm not from Petersburg. I'm actually from Keyser. I just wanted to clear that up but thanks a lot.

February 13, 2003
From: Mike Olson
comments: Thanks guys, but I think that is a long shot...I don't run camps in the Va Beach area either. Sorry for any confusion.

February 13, 2003
comments: St. Marys is a good team and look to be better at regionals. They have region I at there place. So look for them to have a top 3 position even though this is obviously the hardest region for AA/A this year. Good luck to you guys and everybody that are st. marys fans come down and support them next weekend.

February 13, 2003
From: Tired Of It
comments: People, people, people. Scarbro, McCoy, Duncan, Smith. You can not predict on matches with past matches. NO LOSS IS A FLUKE. Your record is 32-1, not 32-0-and 1 fluke. Put em' on the mat, let em' wreslte, and then see what happens.

February 13, 2003
From: Nate Olson
comments: I think Mike Olson from Cabell Midland is the best wrestler in the state of all time. He graduated in 1998 and now runs many wrestling camps in Va. Beach. You all should check him out. You are the greatest Mikey. Much love, Natedawg, Jarrod, & Fisher. Please Respond.

February 13, 2003
comments: Daniel Hill from B-port looks to be doing pretty well for his team already and that is great... its good to see that a Matt Kenseth fan can succeed in this world!

February 13, 2003
comments: Has Morris wrestled Bosley yet this year. If so, who won and how did the match go?

February 13, 2003
comments: Even though WSAZ is a larger tournament in size, I don't believe that it's a tougher tournament than Nitro. Sure South was there this year but they hardly ever go, the last time they were there was what, 2000? Nitro may be a smaller tournament but I think they have a higher conecentration of quality teams.

February 13, 2003
From: to momoney and jordan
comments: ok where do we start, first of all your AA region II predictions. they're bad... you have kids on there that arent wrestling this year, kids name's with the wrong team name beside them... and there are wrestlers in your top 4 of a couple weight classes that were pinned in the first period by wrestlers you have left unranked... care to try again??

February 13, 2003
comments: I would like to know how someone came up with the idea that Blake from Cameron is going to get 3rd or 4th at states and Potts from Oak Glen wont even win a match??? Potts Got 3rd at OVAC's and Blake didn't even place...Not only that but Blake has losses to Antonik, Tominack, Green, And Ewing and Potts has beaten all four of them... So who ever put that please explain what you based your prediction on?????????????????????????

February 13, 2003
From: Unknown Fan
comments: AA - A to add to the sega McCoy at 130, McCoy has only wrestled Kelly 3 times. Kelly caught McCoy for a pin first, then McCoy beat Kelly to place 3rd at Nitro not 4th as you mentioned.Now on to WSAZ's , I think Scarbro was beat out before McCoy, could that be why they didn't meet...? McCoy also pinned Kelly at WSAZ,and beat Mills in double overtime, if you are going to to make comments about someone make sure you have your facts straight. Scarbro and McCoy have never wrestled so how can you say one will beat the the other, just because this one beat this one and he beat that one. Every wrestler knows anything can happen at anytime during a match.You can make a prediction just like anyone else on this forum, to me they are just list >>>>
Good Luck to all wrestlers on their journey to Regionals and States and remember this...
To every thing there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven. ECCL. 3:1

February 13, 2003
From: Wrestler!!
comments: Was the match with Easter and Litton as close as the score said, did anyone see it?? Sometimes there not as close as they look??

February 13, 2003
From: Wrestling Fan
comments: I wanted to congratulate the East wrestling team for their 3rd place over all win at Coalfield Conference this past week. All wrestlers did well but not all wrestled to their potiential. Thorne definately didn't wrestle to his potiential he lost twice and should have won. Thornes lose to Jay Thomas by pin because he got stuck in a bad move , but the whole match itself was very close and I expect their next match together to be different. And for P Burns watch out heavy weights because he is doing great this year!! Vance hasn't wrestled much this year but still he has great potiential. To the rest of the team you all did great! Good luck at Regionals !

February 13, 2003
comments: Dude, your comments about the Ashley/Biddle match in the final's of the LKC, do not give either wrestler or the official, justice. First of all, the call...it was the right one! Secondly, I recall seeing Ashley's hand being raised at the conclusion of wrestling! Third and most important, the match was tied one to one before the takedown was awarded to Ashley...so how in the world can you say that Biddle won the match? Either way, both wrestler's are as tough as nails and I wish them the best of luck at the states!
Editor's note: OK, I messed up and let the words "controversial call" slip in here. To me "controversial call" does not mean "bad call." "Controversial call" means a call that somebody might have disagreed with, which I suspect is a frequent occurance in any tournament. At any rate, nuff said.

February 13, 2003
From: Pirate_Mann
comments: How can a team be sick?

February 13, 2003
From: greenbrier county boy
comments: i graduated from greenbrier east several years ago, and during high school, i always had a rivalry with some west wrestlers. it was all in fun, and when i got out of high school and on to college and, more importantly, the real world, i realized they are just like us. today, i have several friends from the western end. here's an argument worth fighting about: if east and west were consolidated into one big AAA high school, we wouldn't lose a match south of wood county. by the way, i'll explain to the rest of the world the significance of snow days. most days when school is cancelled because of snow, there is little or no snowfall in the eastern end of the county. since the western end gets a lot more snow than we do, we get the day off too. the statement was made a long time ago, and rehashed many times since, that us on the eastern end would like to separate ourselves from the westerners, but if we did, we'd never get a snow day. from then on some easterners have deemed west "good for nothing but snow days."

February 13, 2003
comments: no one is saying cameron will win state, this is true. but i am saying cameron will beat calhoun at states. or in a dual if they'd like.

February 13, 2003
comments: Just wanted to commend the Greenbrier West mat maids for all their hard work at the Coalfield Conference. Each one is a shining example of true sportsmanship.

February 13, 2003
comments: Keep in mind that Shane Wright from Oak Glen has only wrestled last year and now this year. He is a perfect example of how strong Oak Glen's program is. You'll definetely see him on the podium March 1st

February 13, 2003
From: to: FED UP
comments: It's about time someone said something I agree 100%

February 13, 2003
email: Region One Observer
comments: Feb. 21st & 22nd will tell the tale. Wiser teams keep quiet and prove their ability on the mat.

February 13, 2003
From: Greenbrier County
comments: Ok I will be fair on this EAST/WEST thing. GOOD luck west at states and regionals espcially, Mark Smith and Chad Tincher.Good luck EAST at regionals and states also. Lets get one thing straight though West has a youth league and we don't so don't try to pull we are A and you are AAA. You have a full team and we have only 12 guys and only 11 wrestled at Coalfield. But last word said thanks for the snow days and good luck at regionals and states.

February 13, 2003
From: Souf fan
comments: Anyone have directions to WP HS,(where I ssume the region one tournament is being held)? I will be taking 77N to I70 to Wheeling, Thanks, lets go get that" wheeling feeling"!
Editor's note: Check the Wheeling Park team page....

February 13, 2003
From: fan
comments: You know I come onto this site everyday just to see what people have to say and I think its rather funny when someone makes predicitions and its obivous where they are from or who they are against i mostly see people putting down Oak Glen and Calhoun. Why is that, are they jealous because they are the 2 hot teams in the state at AA/A. You know what Good Luck Calhoun and Oak Glen I hope you two teams dominate the whole state and whoever comes out on top will be the best team for this year.

February 13, 2003
comments: Well Matt Dye was beat by Lance Hines in the semi's at LKC,Dye was the second seed and Hines was the 3rd, Hines scored a reversal and back points in the last 10 seconds of the match to beat him by like a score 6-5. Then Dye didnt wrestle in the Con-Semi's againt Goodrich of Calhoun. Then again if you were at LKC you would have know this.

February 13, 2003
From: dg
comments: Couple of comments about comments:
1. Biddle could win the state by beating Ashley in the finals. But Biddle did not win the championship match at the LKC. The call was correct.
2. To the guy with the real long post touting the Cameron wrestlers, the comment that Calhoun doesn't have as many big guns as Williamstown. I think the fact that Calhoun had five wrestlers in the LKC finals to Williamstown's seven and that Calhoun won four titles to Williamstown's two rather blows a hole in your theory. Either way both should finish well up in the standings at state -- they may even be able to finish ahead of Cameron.

February 13, 2003
comments: You know thats crap, YOU SAY YOU WILL POST FACTS. Yet i sent in a comment about 130lbs involving some LKC wrestlers and u didnt post it and they were FACTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yet you post BS like someone saying Biddle had a takedown in the LKC match. Although it was a very intersting call and i thought it should have went into overtime. The FACT was Biddle lost. Then you let these people talk about Cameron and pee wee. YET I had a comment that was FACT and it didnt make it. Thats kinda being TWO FACED as an EDITOR isnt it. Saying my comment wouldnt have gotten you sued, ALL it was , was match scores.
Editor's note: Er, um, don't remember what the post was you sent in which didn't get posted. Re-send it and I'll give it another look....

February 11, 2003
From: ?????
comments: Scarbro should be seated over Mccoy from point because Kelly from Huntington beat him not once but twice and Scarbro pinned him in the first period at that smaller tourney as you call it. Also Mills from Independence beat him earlier in the year and then Scarbro has beat him twice and pinned him once the last time he wrestled him.

February 11, 2003
From: reggie
comments: you guys in the eastern panhandle need to get real. east fairmont will run away with the regionals probably taking like 12 guys to states, 5 or 6 champions and a few 2nds. 1.EF 2.Jeff 3.NM 4.Hed 5.Mart 6.Fair Sr 7.Muss 8.Pres. im not even from east fairmont.

February 11, 2003
comments: whoever summited the region 2 A/AA preditions you are wrong, and you can't go by the viking smash because half of the teams were sick there and alot of wrestlers did not even wrestle both days.

February 11, 2003
comments: pvc
130 1st jones musselman 2nd suter keyser
140 1st kyle keyser 2nd moore b.s.
145 1st weatherholtz musselman 2nd mellott keyser

February 11, 2003
From: fan/parent
comments: I have put some thought into these predistions for region 1 based on my thoughts. I have seen most of these kids wrestle.


1.Valles 2.Cumpston- he wrestled tough and was beating valles for a while at ovac's so dont be shocked if theres an upset here.
2.Macintosh-Im looking forward to watching this match. I think this will come down to the wire.
2.Railing-This was a tough decision putting railing over Stewart but i just have a feeling that Railing will win.

February 11, 2003
From: FED UP
comments: Im sure everyone else is agreeing with me on this one that Cameron IS NOT going to win States. You have to do the things building up to the state tournament in order to be a Champion.

February 11, 2003
From: /??/


February 11, 2003
From: Grappler
comments: I think that the light weights from Oak Glen are going to make some noise at states. You got miller 103, Goneau at 112, and wright at 125. Dont be suprised if you see these three wrestles in the finals at states

February 11, 2003
comments: still no PVC results??? who were the champions in each weight class? how did the top wrestlers fare? did kimble win 125, the three frankfort champions were posted, what about 130? 140? 145?

February 11, 2003
From: East Wrestling Fan
comments: I would like to take a second to congratulate East Fairmont High School on their second straight NCAC win. I would also like to take a second to challenge the Bees and their leaders to keep swarming in the Regional Tournament. We all know that Ben,Brandon,and Blane are great wrestlers on the mat. My challege to these three and the rest of the Bees is Quailify 11 wrestlers for the state tournament. I would also like to commend the Hornets on a great season and 8th grader Jobey Knapton who went 45-0 this year and i believe went 39-2 last year as a 7th grader for a jr. high record of 84-2 in two years that is impressive continue to work hard to be ready for next year as well as the rest of the 8th graders who will be going to the high school Terry Rogers, Zack Morton, Jenson Valentine, Zac Eakle, David Plum and Ashley Ray. Lets go East you have nothing to loose so go get it!!

February 11, 2003
comments: TO /??/: it could be because McCoy place above Scarbro at WSAZ (A BIGGER TOURNY THAN Nitro). You said that McCoy never made it to Scarbro, looks like Scarbro never made it to McCoy at WSAZ???

February 11, 2003
comments: Did I acutally just read this: "i saw that very controversial call at the LKC and biddle won that match." So you not only say that Ashley's takedown was controversial but you think Biddle should have been awarded the takedown. Maybe Biddle would have been awarded the takedown, oh except for the fact that he couldn't hip over because he was being controlled by Ashley. Goodnight!

February 11, 2003
From: eastern panhandle fan
comments: i noticed that Anthony Regalbuto posted a message about his camp and i would just like to say if your from west virginia you should seriously consider going to it. I was looking at the rankings the other day and out of the 12 kids he had at his one camp 5 of them are ranked #1 in the state. He also had 3-4 kids from MD that are ranked in in the top 3 in the state. Get the message!!!! He really cares about the kids in the state and wants them to get better.

February 11, 2003
comments: u say that dye had criteria over lance hines... did dye wrestle that day? who beat him? i didnt see his name in the place winners

February 11, 2003
From: /??/
comments: Why is McCoy and McCarty over Scarbro when McCoy has never made it to Scarbro any time this year. And Scarbro pinned McCarty not once but twice last year in the first period. And both of them placed under him at nitro. So you might want to thing again.

February 11, 2003
comments: No one is saying Cameron WILL win state this year, but they will be shocking some people this year with how well they do. They have a very young team this year, and should qualify 13 wrestlers, most of which could be place winners in state. I see it like this at regionals...

103-Cumpston-2nd, but don't be surprised if he comes out 1 or 3, will place in the top 4 at states no doubt.
112-Antill-2nd, could place at states. 119-Stoneking-5th, may not qualify but is always very close with Magnolia's King so who knows?
125-O'Neil-2nd, maybe third, his match with Wright will be a good one. He will place again this year at states (3rd straight placement)
130-Hughes-4th, but could finish 1-4. Is much better than he finished in matches and tourney's earlier this year due to conditioning. Very capable of placement at states.
135-Yoders-1st, maybe 2nd if he wrestles poorly, but Yoders probably won't and is a very good pick for placement, if not a state champ here.
140-Whipkey-3rd, if he returns at all from his injury last Wednesday. We all hope he does return as he is a possible state placer this year.
145-Cumpston-2nd, tough wrestler who's only real obstacle is a late start to the season and conditioning. State placement material with a little more conditioning, its only a shame he came out so late.
152-Hughes-1st to 3rd-depends which Hughes shows up for regionals and states. If the real Casey (who we've seen of late i.e. River, Meadowbrooke, parts of OVAC) shows NO ONE in state can beat him, but if not he may fall to a middle (2-4) state placement.
160-Stewart-2nd-only Shane Smith stands between him and a state/regional championship.
171-Cooper-3rd-promising sophomore who could raise eyebrows at states despite wrestlign up 2 weight classes.
189-Blake-4th, maybe 3rd. Works hard, also a sophomore who could surprise some people.
215-Elson-3rd, maybe 4th. Very much like Blake, but larger and stronger with a better ability to stick people. Must also come back from an injury though.
275-Manning- 1st-3rd, CJ just gets better and better. Has gone into double overtime with two very good in-state heavyweights (Fegal,Lowe) who he could have just as easily have beaten. CJ has a great motivation and I guarantee you he will be a state placewinner this year (and could be a dark horse finalist). Cameron is not to be overlooked this year, and especially next year as they will only lose Yoders out of this entire group to graduation. If you don't believe me, just watch them the next few weeks and see for yourself.

February 11, 2003
From: to marion fans
comments: why worry about how many wins a person gets in a season when most of the good wrestlers in marion came before they raised the number allowed matches a season. most of these wins were in the loser brackets in tour there frosh soph jr years. can anyone tell me the top 5 winning percentage in marion county. the first one is easy DOUG MOORE.

February 11, 2003
From: snowfall
comments: Congrats to Daran Hays on a victory at the NCAC's on Saturday. He beat Barnes 1-0. Hays also got 1st place in the 145 weight class. Also congrats to Geary, 189 who took first as well.

February 11, 2003
comments: i just wanted to say good luck to point at regionals since there in the same region as CALHOUN this year. Calhoun has a solid team and they will be ready to claim another regional title.

February 11, 2003
From: Mothman
comments: Congratulations to Nick Russell, Nick Duncan & Jacob Carr on your SEOAL titles. Let's get fired up for Regionals and take it all!

February 11, 2003
From: Hedgesville FanK
comments: We only have to wait a little over two weeks to see who should be ranked and where they should be Dont underestimate the Eagles

February 11, 2003
From: www.wrestlingpic.com
comments: pictures from the NWCA All Star classic, Greg Jones and many others on www.wrestlingpic.com

February 11, 2003
comments: It may sound strange, but if Calhoun's 215 wrestler had been at the LKC's last weekend, Braxton would have wrestled him in the Consolation semi's. Blankenship from Braxton may have pinned him and Braxton would have scored 7 points in that round, instead of collecting a whopping 1 bye point. That would have made the score Braxton 156, Calhoun not quite enough. It's hard to figure that Braxton was 13th in last weeks Coach's Poll. Congratulations to all of the LKC wrestlers. I thought it was a great Tournamant.
Editor's note: Er, um, interesting point. But I'm not sure the difference would have been that many points. I believe it is one point to advance in consolations, and 2 bonus points for a pin, 1.5 for tech fall, and 1 bonus for major. The place points would have been the same, or is there something I'm missing.....

February 11, 2003
comments: To whoever predicted AA. Youre stupid. Wheres Brian Mills at for 130.He is one of the top 3.duh

February 11, 2003
comments: in reply to the person who thinks cameron will only take 7: -who does cameron have that will be at the state tournament:

103- Tim Cumpston. The kid has beat better 103's in the OVAC than there are in the LKC. Totally different wrestler, doesn't weigh 90 pounds anymore. look for him in the top 3 or 4.

112- Brandon Antill- Moved down from 119. Could win the region with a good tournament, yes that means he could beat Goneau and he should find himself surprising some ppl with a top 6 finish, probably higher.

119- no qualifier (tough region)

125- Noah O'Neil - should qualify 3rd. Oak Glen kid looks good at 125. will score points and could crack the top 6 at 125.

130- Kelly Hughes, tough regional, but should get out about 3rd but he has to win a big match or else he could go 4th. a #3 in this class should beat most other regions #2. look for him to score and this kid should place high given he has a good tournament.

135- D.J Yoders- Most underrated 135 in the state. Only losses at 135 have been to OVAC opposition. Owns a victory over mcintosh and should win region 1, giving him a good draw into the semis. i wouldn't be surprised to see him in the finals.

140- josh whipkey- can pin anybody. should finish 3rd or 4th in the region barring he catches someone, then he could finish even higher. will be close to placing in states if he doesn't do so.

145- Jeff Cumpston- beaten everyone in the region or finished higher than them in the meets he has competed in. 8-1 thus far, wrestling higher than he should but he has great technique. won tulsa nationals and other national tournaments as a youth. just coming back out after an injury at waynesburg his frosh year. should finish at least 2nd in region and could find himself in top 3 or 4 given he gets the rustiness off.

152- Casey Hughes- state champ, got hurt a year ago and defaulted to 6th (claimed only victory over state champ leach that year 5-2 dec.) had struggled early, but lately has gotten on track with decisive victories in the last 2 weeks, running off 9 straight. looks like tracewell and wharton will be having some real problems at st.mary's. i like this kid's speed. if he is on, then u better forget about it. i like him to bring home the dragons only individual title. he wont lose again this year.

160- isaac stewart- isaac is one of those kids u dont know about. he beats most of his kids, then he'll lose one he shouldn't. but then again, shane smith cant seem to figure him out. escaping the first match 3-2, smith may have trouble beating him 2 more times. i would look for isaac in the finals across from smith, or going for 3rd given he slips up to andy stewart.

171- Adam Cooper- just came back out, should qualify in the region as he posts a winning record. app. 7-4. could win a match or 2 at state.

189- Steve Blake- could come out as 3 or 4 in a weak region, potts would probably be hopeful that he does qualify and win a match at state.

215- Matt Elson- if he's going, he's going 4th. but due to weak other regions at 215, some regional champ might not want to get a hold of him. he checks in behind whitehill hunt and hashman (1,2 and 3 in the state) should be some points.

275- C.J Manning- Very determined kid. Good heavyweight who could make it through to the finals. he wrestled the only returning heavyweight placer to a rideout loss (Fegal 1-1) and if fegal gets called for stalling, he doesnt win. if c.j puts together a good tournament, i think he has a real shot at winning it, but he could drop to 6th or farther if he doesn't. heavyweight is that even this year.

therefore cameron should be taking 13, but given the injury bug i will say cameron will lose a spot somewhere and take 12. 12 is more than calhoun is going to take so i would rank cameron second. they are 14-3 in duals, in which their wins are mainly over AAA OR AAAA schools in the OVAC. They are unbeaten in state with the exception of the opener against a very good Brooke team.
i would say:
1- Oak Glen (no question, could be close though)
2- Cameron ( will score throughout)
3- Williamstown (lots of placers)
4- Calhoun (not as many big guns as williamstown)
5- braxton (solid throughout)
6- Shady (good solid young team, should get alot out of their region)

February 11, 2003
From: eastern panhandle
comments: To the Editor: About the print on East and West the other day, it was fair game . You did the right thing. You run a great web-site, we love it here in Eastern panhandle. Keep up the good work, besides I know you know the difference between "fair game " and "trash talk". And to the person who said don't count out Hedgesville...... misprint,"Dont count out the entire Eastern panhandle wrestlers,they all will turn heads in Huntington...Good luck too all!!

Editor's note: Well, I can't always tell the difference between fair game and trash talk. I perceive that that there is some significance to the term "snow day" in Greenbrier County which escapes the rest of us....(smile).

February 11, 2003
From: Anthony Regalbuto
email: aregalbutowvu@hotmail.com
comments: Over the past two years I have ran a couple of camps every summer and from my first camp to my second the numbers have doubled. I run a very good camp, reasonable prices with personalized teaching. I also bring guys from the WVU wrestling team to help. If you are interested and would like some information about my camps please email me or call me at 304-283-1538 and I will give you all the information you need. Thank you.

February 11, 2003
From: another snowy day fan
comments: one of these days you will wake up and realise whether it be greenbrier west or greenbrier east, we are all greenbrier county. I graduated from greenbrier east and all the time west make playoffs i support them 100% we here in the east part of the county have feeling just like you at west. I have always supported the blue and gold when in playoff posistions I have went to several football game if east won west would be out of a home feild advantage anf truly cheered for the cavaliers. It ia really time be a true neighbor and may the best team win. when someone ask you where are you from say the great greenbrier county not west or east. we have one of the best places to live anywhere right here the hills of greenbrier county. BE PROUD BE STRONG AND SUPPORT THE BEST OF GREENBRIER COUNTY THE CAVALIERS AND THE SPARTANS,

February 11, 2003
comments: Predictions for state A/AA
1. Oak Glen
2. Calhoun
3. Williamstown
4. St. Marys
5. Cameron

February 11, 2003
From: Mo Money and Jordan
comments: Region 2
1.Jonathan Geary(Petersburg)
2.Nathan Durr(Keyser)
4.Aaron Wolford(Frankfort)
1.Matt Morris(Braxton)
3.Shaun Snoberger(Frankfort)
4.Lucas Andrews(Berkeley Springs)
1.Daniel Allen(Wirt)
2.James Adams(Braxton)
3.Bobby Rawls(Grafton)
4.Grilli(Liberty Harrison)
1.Wes Kimble(Petersburg)
2.Brandon Digman(Braxton)
4.Mathony(Liberty Harrison)
1.Tim McCoy(Wirt)
2.Jeremy McCarty(Lewis)
3.Mutschelicnaus(Liberty Harrison)
4.A.J Burks(Braxton)
1.Drew Myers(Frankfort)
2.Jordan Flynt(Braxton)
3.Joey Lobis(Ritchie)
4.Jeremy Smith(Wirt)
1.Lance Hines(Braxton)
2.Matt Dye(Wirt)-needs to be healthy
3.Chris Moore(Berkeley Springs)
4.Robinson(Liberty Harrison)
1.Kevin Efaw(Grafton)
2.Jeremy Wince(Ritchie)
3.Dustin Miller(Wirt)
1.Devin Bosley(Franfort)
2.Brandon Dye(Wirt)
3.Randy Waugh(Berkeley Springs)
1.Andy Stewart(Braxton)
2.Matt Mason(Berkeley Springs)
3.Darrin Post(Lewis)
4.Davis(South Harrison)
1.Jamie Moore(Berkeley Springs)
2.Chris Miller(Wirt)
3.Charnoplosky(Philip Barbour)
4.Patrick O'Malley(Braxton)
1.Josh Clark(Berkeley Springs)
2.Trampus Efaw(Grafton)
3.Joey Moore(South Harrison)
4.Glenn Tanner(Braxton)-good showing at LKC's
1.Travis Boone(Ritchie)
2.Charles Blankenship(Braxton)
1.A.J Freda(Lewis)
2.Jacob Lowe(Wirt)
3.Colby Simpson(Frankfort)
4.Jon Lee(Ritchie)

3.Berkeley Springs(6)
9.Liberty Harrison(4)
10.South Harrison(2)
12.Philip Barbour(1)

February 11, 2003
comments: Outstanding job to Eric Metz for winning the LKC champ.(in only :56) Flowers may have some competition.

February 11, 2003
comments: Well boys it's time for that regional tournament. I just wanted to wish all of you Greenbrier West wrestlers good luck!!! I know that times get tough out there on the mat but you have to remember that now it's a different ballgame and you have to pick it up and work like you never have before for the next two weeks. This is for my seniors, I want you all to know what your senior season will mean to you in the future and I want you all to make the most of these final two tournaments because out of all the matches that you wrestle these will be the most memorable. Good luck guys I'll be there cheering you on at Shady and at Huntington so make all of us old guys proud and bring home another regional title. Coach Tincher you better work them like there's no tomorrow cause there's not for some of them. I know you will. GO CAVS!!!

February 11, 2003
comments: I believe that who ever did the predictions for 130lb. AA/A, had better take another look. DO NOT underestimate the potential of Shady's Derek Scarbro. In any tounament that McCoy wrestled with Scarbro, McCoy never made it to him. Take another look.

February 11, 2003
comments: To WV Mat Polls: East Fairmont also beat Huntington at Nitro by 11.5, they lost to huntington at WSAZ's by 17.5 and beat Ripley at Winners Choice by 38,and in a dual pretty handily 45-21.

February 11, 2003
comments: I think that casey biddle will surprise everyone by upsetting ashley of calhoun in the state finals. i saw that very controversial call at the LKC and biddle won that match. so look for biddle being crowned state champion saturday night at states

February 11, 2003
From: Bobby Thompson
comments: Anyone interested in a dinner, honoring Coach Dix Manning of Shady Spring High School, please notify me:
Bobby Thompson
P.O. Box 574
Beaver, WV 25813
Phone: 304-255-0904
or you may email, Dottie Scarbro at
This dinner will hopefully take place in the spring of 2003.

February 11, 2003
comments: To all the West wrestlers I know you all have always beat East in head to head competition but for once we finally beat you guy's so let us have our moment of glory and just live with the fact we beat you all for once. I know that we have talked alot of trash but we did earn it in a way. Thank you

February 10, 2003
From: Proud Supporter
comments: Congratulations to Steven Flowers on his 100th career win!! You are a great wrestler and fun to watch!! Good luck at Regionals and at States....Do your best to bring home your second title!! Good luck to the rest of OG wrestlers!! Wrestle good and fair...maybe #7 really can come home with you!!!

February 10, 2003
comments: I could have told everyone who was going to win the LCK's and the SEOAL, because they all wrestled each other last week.

February 10, 2003
comments: Every just keep on counting hedgesville out...they are gonna surprise everyone at regionals and states...and those rankings...i will put money on more people than that will place...they give their everything for Coach Whittington...they won't let him down...those rankings make those kids more determined every day to better theirselves...they will win when it counts...So all hedgesville boys...the only rankings u need to worry about are the ones at the end of saturday in Huntington...Go Eagles

February 10, 2003
From: Region II 160
comments: Just wondering how the coaches have Young (Hed) over Ray (EF)when in the only match those two have had this year Ray pinned him in the second period (Wheeling Park Duals, Day 1). Billy Ray only has AAA in-state losses are to Casto (N) and Lindamood (Pbg).

February 10, 2003
comments: I was at the phs,williamstown,morgantown,cabell midland and the msac to watch the big reds in action. I was blown away!! i think that its going to ruff at the states to beat phs or come close to them.I am all for the blue and white(south) to win again this year but i dont think thats going to happen with phs around. Sorry south but the big reds are that good.All the phs kids lokked good on the mat the state will be in shock after seeing the big reds on feb 27.A couple of the big reds stuck out to me 103 Jake hays, 119 brandon rader,145 michael george. hays looks like he should be on top at 103. rader is great on the mat! he is like ali in the ring floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee. i think that he will be a 4 time state champ. george he is looking like an animal on the mat. if george keeps up the great work he will win states!! good luck to south and phs bring back the title to parkersburg!

February 10, 2003
comments: I have a question. Why has South changed their line up it starts to change at 130 to 145. I mean Seth Young hasn't been wrestling lately and Sean Smith has been wrestling 145. I was just wandering if Young was injuried or what and if so will he return?? Plus will the line up stay the same??

February 10, 2003
From: Nate Olson
comments: To: Ken Chertow
I watched the broadcast of Penn State vs. Iowa, and I thought you did a great job! I hadn't seen or talked to you in a long time, and it was good to see you are doing well!

February 10, 2003
comments: Predictions AA:
1. Justin Ashley
2. Casey Biddle
3. Anthony Harvey
4. Daniel Leach
5. Wes Kimble
6. Brandon Digman
Note: I put Leach at 4 because he shows alot of initiative and strengths in alot of area's

1. Jason McCoy
2. Jeremy McCarty
3. Derek Scarbro
4. Jessie Mahan
5. A.J. Burks
6. Timmy McCoy
Note: Jeremy McCarty is an outstanding wrestler. I saw him wrestle at the Big 10 this weekend and let me tell you, he can wrestle. As for Jason McCoy, I look forward to seeing him win a state title.

1. Steve Flowers
2. Kevin Efaw
3. Eric Metz
4. Chuck Meadows
5. Dustin Miller
6. Jared Miller

February 10, 2003
From: To Fan
comments: Lets be realistic, Calhoun definitely wouldnt have dominated the MSAC. They probably would've finished around 4th place.

February 10, 2003
From: BEES FAN #1
comments: For those of you overlooking Robert Barnes of East Fairmont better watch out. The Bee's senior has over 30 wins already this season and just this past weekend wrestled Darren Hays (NM) to a 1-0 last second thriller. Barnes is one of the hardest workers I have seen in the high school ranks, day in and day out he gives his team 100%. He will be ready come crunch time, you can count on that. Robert, keep your head held high and keep up the good work, it'll pay off in the end.
For those who like records, just thought I'd throw it out there that 171 pounder Blane Mayle is on pace to break the school record in takedowns in a season, (123-Brad Petracca)and the Marion county all-time wins record (165- Nick Hedrick, Fairmont Senior). Blane has 161 career wins to date.
Also congratualtions to East Fairmont Junior High's 100 pounder Jobey Knapton on his undefeated 8th grade season. Jobey didn't have a point scored on him all year until the finals match at WSAZ's (Wright, Edison Jr.)in which he won by fall. Good job this year and keep up the work in the off season. Can't wait to see you next year at the high school level.
I want to thank the Bee's on a great season so far, its been fun to watch you guys improve week in and out. Just hope the final three weeks of your season you don't leave anything behind. Remember you can not go back and undo anything once it's over, so give it your best while it still lasts.

February 10, 2003
comments: Yes Ryan Elder was the Number 1 seed, 140 was reseed because Matt Dye Had Critiea over Lance Hines that was not addressed at the origional time of seeding. Anyone at that Tournement would have know of these changes.

February 10, 2003
From: A fan from the stands.
comments: Congrats to Jason McCoy and Nick Duncan along with the rest of the Point wreslting team, on a job well done at the SEOAL on Saturday.

February 10, 2003
From: west
comments: I will give east credit they got 3rd in the coalfield. But there is no point in bragging about beating west. We are a class A school you guys are AAA. Now i have given east credit time to talk about our guys. East has never won head to head they even moved wrestlers around to try for a victory a ccpl weeks ago and still got beat by 20 points. So therfore i guess we are good for something other than snow days

February 10, 2003
From: Jim LeMaster
comments: I would like to recognize 3 of my Milton Wrestlers who passed the 100 win mark in 3 seasons of middle school wrestling. Way to go Nathan Wood, Chris Miles and Adam "Chappy" Chapman. To average 33+ wins is tough especially your 6th grade year. Your hard work and dedication really payed off. Also Congrats to Nate and Chris for being the first ever 3 time county champs in Cabell County and to Chappy for winning WSAZ. Let's go eat!

February 10, 2003
From: PPHS parent
comments: great job nick duncan on your impressive win at SEOAL!!! also great job nick russell on your 4-2 victory in the finals, and Jacob carr on your conference crown. Good Luck at regionals. You all have a good shot of making states! 12 of you placed at seoal, lets make it all 13 at regionals.

February 10, 2003
comments: Congratulations to Calhoun for winning thier second LKC title in a row. 10 guys in the top 3 places with 4 champs, and a close second place 8-7 (you'll get him next time gungle). Good luck to you at reigonals. It'll be the 4th straight reigonal championship won't it?

February 10, 2003
From: Region 4 Observer
comments: Has anyone else noticed Shawn Garland and Nathan Adkinson from Oak Hill?

February 10, 2003
comments: your wrong about the LKC all number 1 seeds as champs....ryan elder from williamstown was a 2 seed

February 10, 2003
comments: i dont see how anyone can say that cameron is gonna win AA/A this year.
team predictions:
1. Oak Glen
2. Calhoun
3. Williamstown
4. Point Pleasant
5. Wirt

who do they have that will advance?
103: Cumpston
112: Antil
125: O'Neil
130: Hughes
135: Yoders
152: Hughes
160: Stewart
7 wrestlers that might place...

February 10, 2003
From: Cameron Justice
comments: I noticed on the main page, in the article about the Mason Dixon Tournament, that Cameron and Weirton Madonna were scheduled to wrestle, but never showed up. Well, if Cameron WERE scheduled, we most definetly would have showed up. There is not 1 thing on our schedules about any mason dixon tour. Coaches were never even informed of it. You may ask "well, where were you"? I'll tell you. We were at Edison, Ohio beating 2 very good and respected teams. I didn't know they wanted to be beat so much as to want us to come down there. Oh well, sorry for this, but to say that we were supposed to be there, when we weren't and then "didn't show up", that gets me a little angry.

February 10, 2003
comments: http://www.intermatwrestle.com/
vote for WVU's GREG JONES!!
(scroll down and look on the left)

February 10, 2003
From: Snow Day Fan
comments: My,my, my. So East Beat West at the Coalfields! It seems like West recently beat East at both the East Duals and the Covington Duals. How many times has East beat West in head to head competition since the schools first opened in 1969? I think the answer is -- ZERO! To the editor: I know you probably won't print this is your column, but you printed trash talk from East, so please give West equal space.
Editor's note: There is a fine line separating "trash talk" from "fair game." I think it is fair game to point out factual information, such as who won a given match, or how many places Team A was ahead of Team B in a tournament. In your post, you point out presumably factual information which would seem to be fair game and, if incorrect, I'm sure someone will draw to our attention.

February 10, 2003
From: MOMoney and Jordan
comments: We have put our predictions together and came up with what we think are the regions placer.
Region 1
1.Anthony Valles(Madonna)
2.Tim Cumpston(Cameron)
3.Cody Bartrug(St.Marys)
4.Brandon Miller(Oak Glen)
1.Justin Goneau(Oak Glen)
2.Brandon Antill(Cameron)
3.David Taylor(St.Marys)-depends on if he's still wrestling
4.Cole Heintzman(Tyler)
1.Dustin Bartrug(St.Marys)
2.Daniel Whiteman(Hundred)
3.Jesse Biddle(Williamstown)
4.Alex King(Magnolia)
1.Casey Biddle(Will)
2.Shane Wright(Oak Glen)
3.Noah Oneil(Cameron)
4.Alex Northcraft(Tyler)
1.Jesse Mahan(Oak Glen)
2.Anthony Dimarco(Williamstown)
3.Kelley Hughes(Cameron)
4.Gary Dankovchik(Weir)
1.D.J Yoders
2.Sean McIntosh(Oak Glen)
3.Scott Konus(Williamstown)
4.Brandon Varner(Weir)
1.Ryan Elder(Williamstown)
2.Ian Whittington(Oak Glen)
3.Dale Everett(St.Marys)
1.Steve Flowers(Oak Glen)
2.Mike Merico(Weir)
3.Chad Bennett(St.Marys)
4.Josh Whipkey(Cameron)
1.Alan Tracewell(Williamstown)
2.Matt Wharton(Oak Glen)
3.Casey Hughes(Cameron)
4.Dylan Hashman(St.Marys)
1.Shane Smith(Williamstown)
2.Issac Stewart(Cameron)
3.Garette Railing(Oak Glen)
4.Angelo Magnoe(Weir)
1.Lee Lauderman(Williamstown)-stick to 171
2.Rhett Northcraft(Oak Glen)
3.Adam Cooper(Cameron)
4.Jimmy Helmick(Magnolia)
1.Cody Potts(Oak Glen)-Hes a surprise because we dont know how good he really is
2.Keith Miller(St.Marys)
3.Jesse McNeely(Tyler)
4.Steve Blake(Cameron)
1.Pete Hashman(St.Marys)
2.Brendan Hunt(Hundred)
3.Bill Whitehill(Oak Glen)
1.Patrick McGillian(Oak Glen)-wrestled 215 his sophomore
2.Andy Fegal(Weir)
3.Bobby Loar(St.Marys)

1.Oak Glen(12)
7.Tyler Consolidated(3)
8.Madonna(2)140 4th
10.Bishop Donahue(0)
11.Wheeing Central(0)-mystery do not have any information on them
12Clay Battle(0)

February 10, 2003
From: j k
comments: Does anybody have results from the Cameron High quad at Edison?

February 10, 2003
From: fan
comments: i think calhoun would have dominated the msac also

February 10, 2003
From: why
comments: why post the results of msac on forum when its in the scores result,

February 9, 2003
From: gehs parent
comments: I was in attendance at the coalfeild tournament and I loved everything about the green and gold there sportsmanship was the best. They had a lot of heart and stood behind all and one of the brightest things I saw was when the whole team cheered the 2 wrestlers from gehs in the championship round hats off to Matt Vance on his 2nd place finish, to P. Burns on taking the heavy weight title, as a team all you guys simply were the best. good luck to all of you East men and remember you are top of the class.

February 9, 2003
comments: Do we have any of the PVC results? I saw the three frankfort kids who won their weight classes, who were the other champions?

February 9, 2003
From: Former Wrestler
comments: Congratulations to steve flowers on his 100th win as an OG wrestler

February 9, 2003
From: DUDE
comments: Another ho-hum NCAC tournament.Two great matches for the day 112Cappas-Turnbull,160Hays-Barnes.Three others not bad,125Gerasimivoch-Hefner,140Moore-Demastes,189Geary-Linger.These all were for championships and all were won by decesion,the rest were run-a-ways.

February 9, 2003
From: Woodrow man
comments: Boyden was at Coalfield, but do to rustiness didn't have a good performance. Look for him to rebound as he gets more mat time.

February 9, 2003
comments: If no one didnt notice ALL the LKC CHAMPS were the number 1 seeds in their weight class.

February 9, 2003
comments: good job calhoun on your second straight and second only lkc title everyone wrestled hard and coach stump got his second title and is looking forward to the first ever region 4 title then for the first ever state title..good luck guys and especially to you coach stump

February 9, 2003

February 9, 2003
From: frankfort parent
comments: there is a mistake on the scores page the frankfort vs. keyser match with no date under the msac conference scores. if it is opened it has fake scores in it and fake names too. Frankforts's 171 william castillo and 140 balasubramanian ? from frankfort did not beat their keyser opponents. Devin Bosely also did not get teched
Editor's note: Thanks for calling that to my attention. I shoulda knowed better.....

February 9, 2003
From: wrestling mom
comments: "Congratulations!" go to A Cappas on his victory at NCAC's

From: Holly
comments: "Congratulations!" go to A. Cappas on his victory at NCAC's. Great job Cappy.

February 9, 2003
From: ???
comments: Just want to say heck of a job braxton for your 2nd place finish at the lkc tourny.

February 9, 2003
From: ZZZ
comments: to 103 wrestler....jake hayes won the msac 103 title...also shyver DID wrestle..he beat riner from hhs in the finals 5-0 and A easter did not wrestle because he did not make weight...neither did nelson from hunt. (135)

February 9, 2003
From: oldschoolsmalls
comments: id like to know what peoples thought are on what the order is for regionals in the 112 AA division,who will finish were

February 9, 2003
From: I was there, Shyver wrestled
comments: Answering the question about Shyver, He wrestled Shyver tech fall over Jeremy Wileman St Alban, Shyver fall over Villafan Ripley and for the championship it was Shyver over Steve Riner Huntingtion 5-0. I don't know where the newspaper got their information, I can assure this is correct. Also Anthony easter wrestles 103 and did not make weight . Shvyer wrestles 112 this season. I hope the newspaper will correct their mistake, wrestlers work hard at tournaments as well as coaches and to say some one wasn't there is a great injustice. Thanks for the question.

February 9, 2003
From: Edison Wrestling Parents
comments: Congratulations to all of you for your outstanding performance through regular season and the county. A special recognition to Matt Dunn, Jake Baldwin, William Powell and Nick Munday on your first place wins at the county. You boys show alot of respect and dedication to each other in this sport and feel the losses as well as the wins. You had a fantastic season and worked hard to become first. Runner up in the county looks pretty good too. Keep up the hard work and we will cheer you on for State and Eastern Nationals.

February 9, 2003
From: Tom
comments: Parkersburg had 12 wrestlers in the finals with 9 of the 12 taking the MSAC Title. We had 3 - 2nd finishes and 2 - 3rd place finishes.

103- Jake Hayes 1st Place
112- Robert Shyver 1st Place
119- Brandon Rader 1st Place
125- Josh Bailey 2nd Place
130- Chance Litton 2nd Place
135- Casey Ice 1st Place
140- Brian Williamson 3rd Place
145- Michael George 1st Place
152- Billy Cornecelli 1st Place
160- Joey Lindamood 3rd Place
171- JW. Dowler 1st Place
189- Chad Wilson 2nd Place
215- Lou Thomas 1st Place
275- Ryan Deaman 1st Place

MSAC Tournament Results
Place School Points
1. Parkersburg 262.5
2. Ripley 160
3. Huntington 137
4. Cabell Midland 86
5. Nitro 73
6. Spring Valley 63
7. Riverside 50.5
8. Hurricane 4
9. St. Albans 3

Individual Stats
Weight Name Score Won or Lost
103 Jake Hays Vs. Debord Maj. 9-0 W
103 Jake Hays Vs. Phalen Tech. 16-1 W

112 Robert Shyver Vs. Wielman Fall W
112 Robert Shyver Vs. Villafann Fall W
112 Robert Shyver Vs. Riener 5-0 W

119 Brandon Rader Vs. Allen Fall W
119 Brandon Rader Vs. Slayton Fall W
119 Brandon Rader Vs. Cooper Tech. 17-2 W

125 Josh Bailey Vs. Kinsher Fall W
125 Josh Bailey Vs. Casto 1-8 L

130 Chance Litton Vs. Jenkins Fall W
130 Chance Litton Vs. Cook Maj. 10-1 W
130 Chance Litton Vs. Easter 5-7 L

135 Casey Ice Vs. Brown Fall W
135 Casey Ice Vs. Coutz Fall W
135 Casey Ice Vs. Ratcliff 1-1 OT W

140 Brian Williamson Vs. Olson Fall W
140 Brian Williamson Vs. Ray 3-13 L
140 Brian Williamson Vs. Woolwind Fall W
140 Brian Williamson Vs. Myers Fall W

145 Michael George Vs. Allen Fall W
145 Michael George Vs.Good Fall W
> 145 Michael George Vs. Waldeck 8-1 W 152 Billly Cornecelli Vs. Young Fall W
152 Billly Cornecelli Vs. Dudley 9-2 W

160 Joey Lindamood Vs. Casto 4-8 L
160 Joey Lindamood Vs. Villers Fall W
160 Joey Lindamood Vs. Patrrick 4-2 W

171 J.W.Dowler Vs. Bogess 10-6 W
171 J.W.Dowler Vs. Creamons 8-3 W
171 J.W.Dowler Vs. Sayre 6-4 W

189 Chad Wilson Vs. Varney 7-4 W
189 Chad Wilson Vs. Weaver 7-3 W
189 Chad Wilson Vs. Nelson 4-10 L

215 Lou Thomas Vs. Linville Fall W
215 Lou Thomas Vs. Lanam Fall W
215 Lou Thomas Vs. Hutchinson Fall W

275 Ryan Dearman Vs. Racer Fall W
275 Ryan Dearman Vs. Howard 3-1 OT W
275 Ryan Dearman Vs. Phalen 3-2 W

February 9, 2003

February 9, 2003
From: wrestle
comments: Well it looks like once again PHS dominated all the teams at the MSAC...good luck at the state guys!

February 9, 2003
From: 103wrestler
comments: who won 103 at msac

February 9, 2003
comments: Congratulations to Parkersburg High on winning the MSAC tournament. 12 in the finals, 9 champs, 3 runner-ups, and 2 3rds. great job...

February 9, 2003

Congratulations to Devin Bosley (152), Shaun Snowburger (112), and Drew Myers(135)of Frankfort on winning the respected weight divisions at the PVC tourney.

February 9, 2003

February 9, 2003
comments: Does anyone know why Shyver and Anthony Easter did not wrestle at the MASC tourn. this weekend?

February 9, 2003
From: to woodrow man
comments: did boyden wrestle the coalfield conference? i didn't see his name anywhere

February 9, 2003
comments: miller, goneau, baker, wright, mahan, mcintosh, whittington, flowers, wharton, railing, northcraft, potts, whitehill, and mcgillian...
i think maybe it is calhoun that should be careful at states this year...

February 9, 2003
From: crazykid8705
comments: Heres who I think is gonna win the AA states in the 112lbs weight class.I think Josh Neal will win because he has only ben beaten by AAA wrestlers both in overtime and both in finals matches

February 9, 2003
From: Wrestling Dad
comments: I would like to congratulate OG on their big victory in the Montour (PA) tournament. It was a good weekend for you guys and you wrestled very well. To win a tournament by 98 points is outstanding, expecially if the tournament is in Western Pennsylvania. OG had 9 in the finals with championships coming from Shave Wright(125), Steve Flowers(145) career win 100, Matt Wharton(152), and Cody Potts(189). Those who lost in the finals were Brandon Miller(103), Justin Goneau(112), Garret Railing(160), Billy Whitehill(215), and Patrick McGillian(275). Everyone on Oak Glens team placed in the tournament except 119. I would also like to congratulate Coach Larry Shaw on being rewarded The Dappler Dan Wrestling Coach of the Year award. Looks like Oak Glen is going to be very tough to beat AGAIN this year, but you never know what could happen.

February 8, 2003
From: Beckley Booster
comments: Congratulations to Josh Evans on winning your 3rd Coalfield Conference title and good luck in the regional and states. You can win it all if you set your mind to it. Congratulations also to Joe McQuillen and Tyler Wilson on your 1st place finishes.

February 8, 2003
From: Steve-O's #1 Fan
comments: Congrats to Steve Flowers on his 100th win!!!!! Your a machine.

February 8, 2003
From: curious fan
comments: i noticed that matt dye was not listed in the place winners at the LKC's this weekend... did he not wrestle?? what are some 140 lb rankings?

February 8, 2003
From: Dan Lass
email: danlass@att.net
comments: Full regular season results and brackets for the upcoming Wood County Youth Wrestling League Championships can be found at http://www.eteamz.com/woodcowrestling/ . Also, a WV Junior State Wrestling Championships entry form is available in Word format if you are having difficulty downloading the PDF entry on this site.

February 8, 2003
From: Coalfield Observer
comments: Congratulations to Woodrow Wilson on their Coalfield Conference Title. Evans, Wilson and McQuillen did a great job finishing 1st, but don't forget to congratulate Jay Thomas for wrestling an outstanding tournament after a devastating football injury sidelined him all season. He pinned Bishop,WE , Wood,Indy , and Thorn,GE and wrestled a great finals match with Keiper,NC. I have watched Thomas wrestle for many years and this comeback shows what a tough kid he is.

February 8, 2003
comments: Well i was just wondering how Greenbrier West did at Coalfield....Oh ya I know they got 6th, 3 places behind Greenbrier East!!!!!!!!....(snip)
Editor's note: I get the feeling that there is quite a rivalry between Greenbrier East and West.....

February 8, 2003
From: Big East Fan
comments: Way to go East on your 3rd place finish at the coalfield conference over greenbrier west,independence,and nicholas county very impressive guy's. And congrads to Mike Hambrick for the close double OT match with ward at 189 and way to go P. Burns with your 1st period pin in the finals. Go East!

February 8, 2003
From: Woodrow man
comments: Congratulations to WOODROW WILSON on winning the COALFIELD CONFERENCE overall title ! Congratulations also to SHADY SPRING on placing 2nd overall. The FLYING EAGLES are peaking at the right time and should be strong from here on out. The contribution by all team members made the win possible and if everyone continues to wrestle tough you guys will make some noise in the region. Great job to Joe McQuillen-135, Tyler Wilson-140 and Josh Evans-152 on winning individual titles and to the other placewinners on wrestling back tough in consolations. Placewinners for the Fling Eagles were :
Joe McQuillen, Jr- 135
Tyler Wilson, Soph- 140
Josh Evans, Sr- 152, 3X Coalfied Conference Champion

Runners up
Ryan Bostic, Sr- 112
Jay Thomas, Jr- 160
Nick Llado, Jr- 215

Sean Meade, Soph- 119
Garland Ward, Sr- 125

Justin Wharton, Jr- 130

February 8, 2003
From: AA/AAA
comments: After or during states, combine A, AA and AAA to find the ultamite champion!!

February 8, 2003
From: Woodrow Fan
comments: I think the eagles did a great job with winning the coalfield conference tourney on Friday. Great job to Josh Evans, Tyler Wilson, & Joe McQuillen on their 1st place finishes. And to Jay Thomas, Nick Llado, Sean Meade, Garland Ward, Ryan Bostick on their place finishes. Josh Evans had an awesome day with his wrestling as usual. Good luck at states and regionals josh! Tyler Wilson had a very good day pinning Sean Garland from Oak Hill was a big victory! Good luck Tyler! Joe McQuillen came back after Justin Chapman . He came through and proved that he can beat anyone he wants! Good Luck Joe! Good luck to all Woodrow Wilson Wreslters and Coach Sarrett!

February 8, 2003
From: WV Wrestling FAN
comments: Congrats to Blennerhassett for Winning the WOOD County Junior High Championship..Brandon Wolfe 105 Champ, Jesse James 135 Champ. Jesse way to go young man.....You overcame a season ending injury (Broken Elbow 12/18/02) and finished 1st...Keep up the hard work. Hats off to all the participants....See ya all in the JR State Tourney....
Go Wood County Wrestling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

February 8, 2003

February 8, 2003

February 8, 2003
From: /??/
comments: 112 neol is looking good this year along with 125 harvey 130 scarbro 135 chapmen and meadows. All of this boys wrestle for shady and will place high in the state so others might want to look out for this wrestlers. Scarbro placed 4th last year and neol placed 5th and both of them was FRESHMEN last year and should be up there again. I hope to see this boys in the finals at the states.

February 8, 2003
From: region 4 watcher
comments: I think that soon the polls will be changed in the AAA 125 class Vance from greenbrier east is back and he will most definately be a strong contender, just figured some people need to know that.

February 8, 2003
comments: Congratulations to Thad Duvall, Ryan Flowers and Mackenzie Peters of Williamstown on becoming champions in the Wood County Jr. High Championships tonight. Ryan won his second straight championship and remains undefeated. Mackenzie was voted OW by the coaches. Great Job Yellow Jackets.

February 8, 2003
From: wrestling1010
comments: I have to agree more with NONBIAS's predictions for the state finals. Especially Easter, Easter, and Mayle. PHS looked very tough on Wednesday (Morgantown, Cabell, Williamstown, PHS) . Their #1's all came through. Rader vs Garvin was a pretty entertaining match with Rader handling him in an 8-2 decision. Shyver and Cappas was a close one up until the very end. Cappas looked tough on top, but Shyver came up big with the cradle again. But the most entertaining match was by far George over Devault 3-0. George looked fantastic, and people need to start talking about the Devault kid (Where did he come from). The two best matches I have seen this year have featured this kid. Hayes and Devault at Winner's Choice was a great one. Very exciting! And Devault and George is the second, as they put on quite a display. Last note: Smith is the best 160 in the state, bar none.

February 8, 2003
comments: MSAC starts at 11:30

February 8, 2003
From: Grafton Fan
comments: Kevin Efaw 145 Pinned Dennis (Rav.) and Wince (Rit.) in either the first or second period. He needs to be on the rankings.

February 8, 2003
From: Old School
comments: I believe Bridgeport used to have a wrestling team back in the late 70's. On their team page it says this is their first year ever for wrestling.
Editor's note: You know, I think your're right. Bridgeport scored 9 points in the '73 state tournament, and I see that Steve Burkett BP was runner up at 167. They are listed in some other state tourneys in the '70s and '80s. I'll buff that up....

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