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February 9, 1998
From: bp26555
comments: IT is true that North Marion is a consolidated school but its not true that all the state champions came from Mannington.

February 9, 1998
From: a fan
comments: Maybe someone out there can verify this - I understand that North Marion is a consolidated high school from several small communities. Is it true that EVERY state champion in the school's history has come from only ONE of those communities, Mannington? What a feeder program must come from there!!

February 9, 1998
From: Wrestlefan
comments: Does anyone have the URL's for newspapers that carry wrestling stories? I have found the Chas. Daily Mail. (not bad) as well as a couple of Wheeling papers and The P'Burg Sentinel but all you get when you click on sports is national stuff. I noticed some links to the Fairmont paper on this site. Does anyone have any more?

February 9, 1998
From: Jim LeMaster
comments: Congratulations to all the winners at the MSAC in both divisons! As a Cabell Midland fan, I would have loved to topple South from their perch atop the standings, but give them credit . . . they have really improved since the first time Midland wrestled them. I do think the state tournament will be very interesting this year and it is wise to remember that bracketed tournaments and dual meets do not correspond to each other.

Also, I would be remiss if I did not mention the outstanding job of Justin Stanley of Cabell Midland. Wrestling in his first varsity competition and vastly undersized (he wrestled 83lbs at the WSAZ) Justin went 5-0 against some of the finest teams in the state. Jack Chapman who has stepped into the heavyweight spot for Midland also went 4-1 in his first active wrestling in several years. If Midland can get Olson, Copley and possibly LeMaster back and healthy by the time the regionals roll around it could be a tough Knight for the competition.

I look for region 3 to make some great strides in the caliber of wrestlers that qualify for the state tournament. HHS, Point, Nitro, etc. all some excellent individuals that should do well at the state tournament. Both Midland and HHS could possibly send 14 each to the state tournament. Look for fireworks at the regionals and even more at the Civic Center!!

February 9, 1998
From: Steven "Conehead" McCarty
email: smccarty@wvu.edu
comments: Congratulations to the Acedemic All-State and Honor Roll members!! It takes a great deal of hard work to keep on top on the mat and in the classroom. Special consideration goes out to a few eastern panhandle boys, especially Ryan Zombro of Jefferson, who not only sports a 4.500 GPA but is also one of the handful of undefeated wrestlers in the state, this after an injury-plagued campaign last season. Jason Seville (currently ranked 3rd in the state at 145) and Tommy Widmyer (currently ranked 5th at 152) from Berkeley Springs are also doing an outstanding job. About the rankings that recently came out: looks can be decieving. As far as the 189 class goes, Dan Lahman is not the second coming of his brother (1996 189 lb. AA-A state champ Nick Lahman), so watch out for these rankings to be proved wrong at the end of the month, as Justin Underwood (if he can prove that he is in shape) should make good on his jump from the state finals last year at 152 to the state finals this year at 189. I think a healthy Underwood has a leg up on Kupfer, who has the physical tools but may need to polish up on technique. Strength is not everything. The only other real problem that I see in the polls is at the 152 pound class where Chad Purpura of Bishop Donahue is only ranked second. If he only improved a little bit from last year's dazzling state tournament performance as a sophomore (he took two-time finalist Justin Hovermale wire to wire), he should win the title easily. Finally, where have all of the heavyweights gone?!! After the top three, the talent seems to be dispersed a little too evenly. Watch out for unranked Jason "Pud" Waugh and Richard "Buff" Stotler from Berkeley Springs in the 160 and 171 weight classes respectively. If they can stay focused, they are strong contenders for placings in Huntington.

February 9, 1998
From: Robert Hickman
email: SHickman@aol.com
comments: Watching WVU wrestle is a real treat. They are a nationally ranked team that wrestles top rate competition. If you can put together a group of 10 people the price of a ticket is only one dollar. Compare that to the price of a WVU football or basketball ticket. The team could use the support this Friday when they wrestlle 14th ranked University of Pittsburgh. Crowds usually run well below 1000. Craig Turnbull, Nate Carr and company have done a great job through the years and should be commended. They also run a great wrestling camp in the summer for kids. Its amazing how well these individuals can work with both college age and grade school age kids. Great job guys, keep up the great work, LETS GO MOUNTAINEERS!!!!!

February 8, 1998
comments: Congratulations to Devin Abshire, Charles Town Jr. High. First Charles Town Jr. High wrestler to complete the three years of wrestling undefeated. Devin completed the three years with an 80-0 record, 66 of those by falls. During the three years he captured 10 Tournament Championships. In addition Devin just broke the 500th career win mark with a Championship in the Mechanicsburg Pa. Tournament.

February 8, 1998
Memo to: To the poster named "Response to Ken Chertow"
From: The Editor
Well, it's Sunday night and I need to tie up a few "loose ends." Perhaps you have been checking the forum and have wondered what happened to your post. I decided that many of your concerns were primarily with Ken, so I forwarded your post to him.
In regards to your concerns which relate to this website --- that is, commercialization of the website:
I don't want this website to become a "commercial" venture. I thought about such issues before I undertook this project, and decided early on not to try to sell advertising. This is truly an "interactive" website - we depend on contributions (of information, not money) from coaches, parents, and fans in order for the site to work - and I don't want anybody to think that this is some money making scheme for me. I make no money with this venture. My expense for the ISP account, postage to mail letters twice a year to coaches (with SASE), printing of "Academic All-State" certificates and such, I just justify as my hobby money (I bet some men spend more on hunting equipment, autos, etc - to each his own). Anyway, having said that there is no "commercialism" shown here, I suppose that there is to some extent. When I get an e-mail from Nancy Shultz asking me to post info regarding a Dave Schultz Memorial tournament or event, you can bet that I will post it - I'm flattered just to know that Nancy is aware of this site, not to mention that I would get e-mail from her from time to time. Also, I will glady post notices of West Virginia related camps and clinics and have done so frequently in the past. For instance the Marion County Clinic in early summer, the RCB clinic last year, etc. We have also received notices of people with mats to sell (or want to buy) or other equipment. This info is tucked away on the trading post page. I see this as providing a service and passing along info. What the reader does with the info is his business. This forum is part gold mine and part graffitti board and that's part of the fun - the reader has to separate the wheat from the chaff. So, our policy is this: We will post items even if there is a mildly commercial angle "written between the lines" if there is a West Virginia connection there somewhere, (or anything from Nancy Shultz). (smile). Ken and I have bounced ideas back and forth, and he and I have a clear understanding of each other in this regard. We don't post info from Nutritional Supplement Manufacturers (even when they offer me a 10% discount on thier products - wow), equipment suppliers, and shoe salesmen, and others whose singular interest in this page is for their own commercial gain.

February 8, 1998
From: Jason Seville
email: seville@intrepid.net
comments: Hey Basford. What's your new e-mail address???

February 8, 1998
From: Eagle
email: Chevy_Rules69@yahoo.com
comments: does any one have any predictions for the NRVC

February 8, 1998
From: Wrestling Dad/YOUTH COACH
comments: OK! What is all this nonsense the kids do all the work? It's Sunday night, two days of youth tournaments, watching and worrying if the sophmore is eating and sleeping like he is suppose to while I was at these youth tournaments, fighting with the 7 year old because he lost the new headgear I bought on Sat., literally blowing the third match of Sunday's tournament because I was so mad he did not listen to me about keeping it on his singlet or gym bag, then trying to coach him on the mat and he gets pinned by a kid he beat two weeks ago and now I feel like a heel because he wrestled his heart out the last two weekends. Oh, did I mention the oldest missed his last tournament because he got the flu and started practicing again only last week. Did I say I bought one headgear...no it was two...because the youngest didn't want his older brother not to have a new one too. By the way, I am glad I can type this because I have no voice left from screaming instruction to the team over the crowd...you know.."work to your knees..shoot! shoot!.. don't reach back...half half!..chest to chest - on your toes - head up! In closing, if anyone prays out there...HELP ME THANK THE DEAR LORD FOR GIVING ME MY BOYS AND THE KIDS ON THE TEAM AND THE SPORT OF WRESTLING! GOD I LOVE IT!
*Laugh Out Loud* Ain't it great?!
Editor's note: Somehow, this story reminds me of a story I heard from a youth coach. He had a youngster who was a real tiger in practice, but seemed to sleep-walk through his matches on tournament day. No pep. Wrestled like he was asleep. Turned out that his mother had a habit of loading the youngster up with Drammamine for the trip to the tournament so he wouldn't get car sick, and ......

February 8, 1998
Boy did Parkersburg South ever wake up following their setback against John Marshall. Looks like they have a shot to repeat as state champions again. I liked your comment as to where will everyone else sit at the regionals at South. You do a very good job with the page keep up the great work

February 8, 1998
From: Sarge
comments: Congratulations to the Wirt County Tigers for a victory at the Little Kanawha Conference. There were some real good championship matches. Wirt had 7 contenders in the finals and crowned 5. David Drennen of Wirt is now a 4X LKC Champion.

February 7, 1998
1998 NCAC Champions

103 11 Greg White North Marion
112 12 Daniel Bonasso Fairmont Senior
119 10 Joey Mayle Buckhannon
125 9 Jonathan Holt Fairmont Senior
130 12 Adam Gorby North Marion
135 12 B.J. Sailor East Fairmont
140 11 Nick Hedrick Fairmont Senior
145 12 Mike Cinalli Fairmont Senior
152 12 Eric Cadogan Fairmont Senior
160 12 Ryan Besedich North Marion
171 12 Bobby McDonough Fairmont Senior
189 12 Jason Conaway North Marion
215 12 Mike Zebuhr Buckhannon
275 12 Zach Kerns Elkins

Team Champ - North Marion

Outstanding Wrestler - Adam Gorby

February 7, 1998
From: wrestlingdad
email: russell-williams@usa.net
comments: If we are mentioning those wrestlers who have reached 100 wins, I would like to add Robbie Williams from Cammack Middle who reached his 100th win in two seasons at the Cabell County Championships last weekend. 33-1 this year to date and 68-12 last year. Robbie has maintained at least a 3.0 during the past two years as well as competing in football, track and baseball. Look for him to keep improving as he steps up to Huntington High next year.

February 6, 1998
From: Huskie Fan
email: Mimaadlo @ aol.com
comments: North Marion should be sending some strong wrestlers to the state tournament this year. 160 will be one of the most exciting classes to watch with BESEDICH, Nibert, Kirby, Wilson, and Dearth. GO DOGS !!

February 6, 1998
103 Ash Wenmoth vs Ash Gandee
112 Willie Westbrook vs Jimmy Johnson
119 Jason Hayhurst vs Josh Cross
125 Michael Miller vs Justin Wince
130 Justin Wenmoth vs Mark Lowe
135 Zac Johnson vs Eric Mcartney
140 Jason Miller vs Nathaniel Smith
145 Scott Burgy vs ritchie countie 145
152 Howard Melrose vs Sam Stewart
160 Josh Ramsey vs David Drennen
171 Jason Ross vs Chris Villers
189 Mark Snyder vs Justin Underwood
215 Jeremy Boatright vs Ritchie Counties 215
275 Luke Salmons vs Buddy Hawkins

February 5, 1998
comments: Predictions for the LKC finals:

103 Wenmoth VS Gandee
112 Johnson VS Schindler
119 Hayhurst VS Cross
125 Wince VS Miller
130 Wenmoth VS Lowe
135 McCartney VS Johnson
140 Smith VS Miller
145 Burgy VS Goff
152 Stewart VS Drennen
160 Hardway VS Drennen
171 Ross VS Nester
189 Underwood VS Snider
215 Smith VS Boatright
HVW Salmons VS Hawkins

February 5, 1998
comments: Could someone please tell me the times for the State Tournament! I would really appreciate it. Thanks.
Editor's note: Check the State Tournament Page for a link to the schedule for this year's tournament.

February 5, 1998

February 5, 1998
From: HHS Fan
comments: I would like to wish all of the Huntington High wrestlers good luck at MSAC this weekend. I know you can do it and I know you can beat Cabell Midland once again. Good Luck and I will see ya all there

February 5, 1998
From: Calhoun Fan
I would like to wish the Calhoun team good luck this weekend at the LKC. They are a very young team and have been working very hard to achieve their goals. Every year this team really suprises me...Coach Stump and McCartney deserve a lot of credit. From what I've been hearing they have some wrestlers to watch out for: Jimmy Johnson, Eric McCartney, and Josh Ramsey. I hope to see some Red Devils on the winners platform this weekend. Best of luck!

February 5, 1998
From: Jim LeMaster
comments: Does anyone know the start time for the MSAC at Capital on Saturday? It should be great to see South, Midland, HHS, P"Burg, and all the others go head to head. It was a great event last year and I think this year will be even better.

February 5, 1998
From: Red Devil
comments: Westbrook and Z. Johnson champs. I'm not so sure about those predictions, but others are plausible.

February 5, 1998
To: AAA 112
Since that loss to Stanley, Johnson has stepped up his intensity and will be more than ready for Schindler!!

February 5, 1998
comments: LKC Chapions for this weekend.
103 Ash Wenmoth WILL
112 Willie Westbrook WILL
119 Jason Hayhurst RIT
125 Justin Wince RIT
130 Justin Wenmoth WILL
135 Zac Jonhson WILL
140 Jason Miller WIRT
145 Scott Burgy WIRT
152 Sam Stewart BRAX
160 Josh Ramsey CAL
171 Jason Ross RIT
189 Mark Snider RIT
215 Jeremy Boatright CAL
275 Luke Salmons Rav

February 5, 1998
From: AAA 112
comments: I saw Johnson from Calhoun get beat by Stanley from Cab. Midland. I saw Schindler from Ravenswood PIN Stanley at WSAZ. Enough said!

February 5, 1998
From: Jenny Sullivan
email: sullivj2@oak.cats.ohiou.edu
comments: Yikes! I thought the wrestling match between John Marshall and Parkersburg South would be cancelled last night. Boy, I think I must have missed a pretty exciting match! Congratulations to John Marshall for the victory. This should make the Region 1 tournament pretty interesting now, huh. Homer, I'm pretty sure I know the answer to your question, but I'll let someone else answer it. By the way, do we know each other? I promise not to reveal your identity!

February 5, 1998
From: Homer Southwood
comments: THE KING IS DETHRONED (Temporarily)
Cabell Midland didn't do it. Parkersburg failed in it's attempt. North Marion gave it a good try. Huntington quit trying years ago. But the honors of dethroning the Kings of West Virginia Wrestling goes to (drum roll please, Da da da, Da da da)... the Monarchs of John Marshall. For the first time in four years, Parkersburg South's wrestling team was defeated by a West Virgina team in a dual match. There were no excuses for the Patriots, they were just out wrestled by the Monarchs. Congrats to John Marshall. The Team title in Huntington is going to be a doozy. John Marshall won the battle this week, now let's see if they can follow it up and win the war. Trivia question for the day, Which was the last West Virginia team to defeat Parkersburg South in a dual?

February 5, 1998
From: Edju Garkavich
email: solo@aol.com
comments: I would like to congratulate John Marshall for defeating Parkersburgh South last night. They won 9 out of 14 matches and forfeited 112. I was impressed with there intensity through the whole match. The best match of the night was at 145 when Adkins defeated Johnson. The Final score was 43-23. So watch out for JM at states they're coming on strong.

February 5, 1998
From: Red Devil
comments: To: Browns
I heard a rumor that you may have lost your HWT! Is that true or just a nasty rumor??????? Please respond this time or you will not get the info that you want!!!!

February 4, 1998
From: Schenerlein
email: guicer1@wirefire.com
comments: Hey Berry, Scheny here, Although you know I fully agree with what Rookie said, it was not a Schenerlein. We try to stay away from this page considering two of us coach at PHS and sometimes really want to reply to some of the comments, I just dont think it's a good idea. So quit pointing fingers and you'er never invited to a Schenerlein family function again!!!! We don't scream that much do we?

February 4, 1998
From: The Stalker
comments: I would just like to congratulate Jason Ward for all of his great accomplishments, they could not have gone to a greater guy. I would also like to wish him luck at the MSAC this Saturday, and I know that he will do awsome, like always.

February 4, 1998
From: Miss Kitty
comments: Good Luck to Jason Ward of Cabell Midland this weekend at the MSAC. Stay focused and I know you and the rest of the Knights will be victorious. No one else deserves it more than you. With the support of such a great team and loving family, I know you will always succeed at all of your goals.

February 4, 1998
From: 3quarters
comments: Sure Shindler will be big in the 112 weight class but he still will not win it. I don't think he will even be in the top 4 -- maybe 5th -- because there are a lot of good wrestlers in 112. Johnson will beat him this weekend. Johnson will be 112 champion again but not by much.

February 4, 1998
A weekend full of excitement awaits at the LKC this weekend. There will be some battles between some great wrestlers:
112-Johnson and Shindler
119-Hayhurst and Cross
125-Miller and Wince

I would like to wish all the teams in the LKC good luck and may the best men win!

February 4, 1998
comments: Forum:
I haven't heard much about Adam Schindler from Rav. moving to 112. Is he going to be a force in this weight class? Who are his losses to this year?

February 4, 1998
From: mat fan
comments: I predict that Jason Jones from Oak Glen will win at 152 in A/AA. Every time he wrestles a match he improves.Watch out all other 152 wrestlers.

February 4, 1998
From: Monkey Boy
comments: Someone had asked if Mike Cinalli was going to wrestle at 145 the rest of the year: the answer is yes, and he could place high at states after beating Hosaflook of Ripley.
Also, to ROOKIE: Fairmont Senior did NOT have a full team in the Winners Choice, as they have forfeited 215 all year long. Also, you claim that in the dual between Parkersburg & FS that Pkb spotted FS 18 points. WRONG!!! Both teams received 2 forfeits each, meaning neither team was spotted anything. Had Bobby McDonough wrestled at 171, the score would have been 47-30 (with Parkersburg being spotted 6 points with 1 less forfeit) instead of the close 5 point margin that it was.

February 4, 1998
From: EB
email: Berry@citynet.net comments to rookie: I certainly hope the title stays in the Mid Ohio Valley where it belongs, I just hope you Wood Countians don't incite the rest of the state...you know...like give them something to "hang their hat on"...There are a couple of teams in Marion County that could use comments like that to inspire their teams...they could be the ones to beat this year...Good luck (and lay off the cap lock, I hate it when you Shenerlein's scream!!)

February 4, 1998
From: Newberry
email: newberar@Prodigy.com
comments: As a Parkersburg High School wrestling parent, I appreciate the apparent loyalty of the fan who calls Parkersburg the "Mecca" of wrestling. However, there are some really good programs throughout the state, and I think that there will always be a challenge to stay on top. But don't misunderstand, I am very proud of our programs here. I just believe, as I have watched an awful lot of W.V. Wrestling over the last 6 or 8 years, that there are teams and guys to beat scattered throughout the state, and the "Dominance" factor is dwindling down to produce some really nice and interesting competition. I personally don't regard too highly any of the team rankings, as so few have actually been head to head at the proper time in the season (Late Football Programs) when the conditioning of some of the top wrestlers is at it's peak. But, lets face it, it will all start "Counting" from here on in to the "State!" After having said that, "Go Big Reds"!

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