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February 8, 1999
From: Christopher
comments: Talon,
On your page you have everyone at 125 except Hale of Big Creek. He beat Blankenship in the finals at Coalfields, they will wrestle again at regionals. SO you better not forget about him. One more thing, you have Wirt finishing first, how is this? Williamstown beat them by 40 points at LKC. Wirt finished 3rd. I think Williamstown will finish strong, let's not forget Cameron. well that is all...............

February 8, 1999
From: matfan
comments: Correction: Oak Glen is AAA in the OVAC conference.

February 8, 1999
From: From: Fan ---- to Patriot Fan
comments: About the lightweights of PSHS they might have gotten a little bit better. I watched Duncan this weekend and he has improved but I still predict Samples. I think Stevens and Samples will walk away with the title this year!! And for George we all saw what happened with him last year. He won it and he will be back to defend his State Title this year and I don't think anyone will stop him. But for Sample's and Stevens they will just be claiming their first but it will just be one of three title's these guys will take home!
C-ya in Huntington

February 8, 1999
From: Jason McDaniel
comments: I would like to apologize to Ryon Anderson and his mother that I'm sorry for calling him Brian instead of Ryon. I want to wish Ryon and Drake Good Luck in their Region and the rest of the season

February 8, 1999
From: Adam Leach
comments: From: Adam Leach
To: Jason McDaniel
Thank you for congratulating Grafton on their Big 10 win but there was one other flaw in your typing. Not to be picky but my name is not Ada Leach, it's Adam Leach. I don't know you but thanks for thinking I'm pretty good!
P.S. I had to do this to you.

February 8, 1999
comments: Valles is tending to an injured knee--thus his not competing this weekend and not placing in the OVAC. Unsure if he will be 100 percent for the states.

February 8, 1999
comments: A little more on the comments by Mr. Hayhurst. The referees need to be consistant in calls made. If a ref gives points one time and not the next on the same situations the wrestlers don't know what to expect. One other thing I think needs looked at again is the new stalling rule. If a wrestler is up 3 points going into the third period he can ridout the match without running out of stalling calls. 3 stalling calls should be enough.
Editor's note: In all fairness, I put up this post (and one other) regarding refs, but I'll probably not put up any more on this thread unless they are signed. Mr Hayhurst did express some strong opinions, but he signed his post and included his email. From an editor's viewpoint, I think that if one chooses to lay some serious critisism one should include his name... In regards to the above post, I think most refs would agree that consistancy is a virtue. The opinion on the new stall rule may be one that others share. We'll have to wait and see what the final verdict is on this one.
February 8, 1999
From: Donna Anderson
email: ryjaydona@iolinc.net
comments: To Assistant
In answer to your question, does Liberty have an assistant - No, they do not. There was a very good article in the Sunday (2/7/99) Exponet-Telegram on the front page of the sports section. Also, Monday's (2/8/99)Clarksburg Exponent has an editorial that puts things into perspective on the situation. If you don't have access to the Clarksburg papers, their web address is http://www.cpubco.com

February 8, 1999
comments: Where was Valles of Weir at this weekend?

February 8, 1999
From: Assistant
comments: In regards to Liberty not being able to wrestle, don't they have an assistant coach? I thought having an assistant was a requirement, just to make sure situations like this never occur!

February 8, 1999
From: MidKnight Rider
comments: Congratulations to the Cabell Midland Knights who won the MSAC this past weekend. This should help to justify their disputed #1 ranking. Also congratulations to Justin Stanley, J.P. Stanley, Dave LeMaster, Jared Walters, Todd Arbes, and Jason Ward who went 5-0 for the tournament. A special congrats to J.P. Stanley who showed incredible guts. After an unintentional headbutt during the Huntington match that open a gash in his head, J.P. got taped up and finished the match with a win. During the break they sewed up his head (3 stitches) on the spot and he went out and beat the last guy to go 5-0. What guts! Go Knights!

February 8, 1999
comments: Does anyone have any info on Luke Salmons?

February 8, 1999
From: Ryon's Mom
comments: To Jason McDaniel
First, thank's for your support of Liberty Harrison in their lost opportunity to wrestle in their conference tournament this year. It is truly a shame that there was no contingency plan in place for these boys to compete when their Coach was ill. Hopefully, that situation will be corrected for the future. Second, you mentioned Brian Anderson from Liberty and the good chance he had of placing in his weight class. Thanks for the recognition, but his name is Ryon Anderson. Sorry, just had to get that straight. You know how moms are!

February 8, 1999
comments: I agree with Mike Hayhurst. I think the Ritchie wrestler had a take down and back points. I was right beside the mat where it happened.

February 8, 1999
From: talon
comments: I added a wrestling page to my college webpage last night. Its still a work in progress, but its sort of a summary of all my predictions/opinions. Check it out, and email me what you think OK?

February 8, 1999
comments: Just a few comments. First, Bear Trapper is confused. Oak Glen is in AA both in footbal and wrestling. Perhaps he saw an OVAC conference football ranking in a Wheeling paper or something--the OVAC, unlike the WVSSAC, runs from 4A to A. Also, I attended a youth tournament in Cameron this weekend. Besides the fact that you must travel Rt. 250, the trip was very enjoyable. Each youth wrestler was given a free bottle of Powerade at the weigh and the trophies were magnificent for the first 4 places--not to mention beautiful 6-inch, marble based participation trophies for every youngster. The team trophies were taller than my son. The whole Cameron environment is geared to wrestling--lots of wrestling trophies and photos on the walls. Thanks, Dragons.

February 7, 1999
comments: Throughout the season I have participated in many tournaments with Ripley and would just like to comment on how helpful their matmaids seem to be. I wish that our team had those lovely ladies working for us!!

February 7, 1999
From: Fan of Grapplin'
comments: Does anyone know what happened to Matt Cinalli, Holland Dotts, and Cecilio Besares of Fairmont Senior at the NCAC Tournament?
Editor's note: Cinalli and Dotts reportedly did not wrestle this tournament

February 7, 1999
From: D145
comments: For a site with information on wrestling in West Virginia go to this site.

February 7, 1999
From: spiderman
email: bigjunk@hotmail.com
comments: I updated my page: http://homepages.infoseek.com/~da_spider


February 7, 1999
From: Jason McDaniel
comments: I would like to congratulate the Grafton Bearcats for winning the Big 10 for the second straight year. Congratulations are also in order to Andrew Richards of South Harrison for being named MVW in the Big 10 for the second straight year. I would also like to send congrats to Rod Auvil for being named the Big 10 Coach of the year again. I believe that all the coaches in the state are over looking many wrestlers from Grafton and the Big 10. In my opinion Grafton has quite a few wrestlers who could place in the state tournament. Jody Cunningham, Buddy Barcus, Chris and Ada Leach,and Cory Auvil are just a few of the wrestlers from Grafton who I believe has what it takes to place in the state tournament. I also believe that the Big 10 as a conference is being overlooked as well.

To a completely different subject I understand that Liberty's Coach was sick, and Liberty didn't make the tournament. I think that Drake Jenkins, and Brian Anderson both had what it took to place in their respective weight classes. So I'm sorry for the Liberty wrestlers who didn't have the chance to compete.

I would like to say good luck to the Grafton Bearcats, and the rest of the Big 10 the rest of the season.

February 7, 1999
From: chop-chop
comments: i would like to say congratulations to all winners in all tournaments this weekend

February 7, 1999
From: patriot fan
comments: In reponse to "Fan" the lighter weights at PSHS got off to a slow start but have really come on in the last few weeks. 103 Reed, Stevens and White...but at 112 I will look for the upset. John Duncan has really improved and I don't think Samples can beat him again. At 119 it will be George's to lose,... Should shape up to be a great tournament this year.

February 7, 1999
From: Mike Hayhurst
email: hayhurst@ruralnet.org
comments: In response to the LKC tournament commentary and scores posted on WV-Mat, Parkersburg News and in paticular to a posting on the forum pages earlier this month entitled the referee never had a chance. This is called the wrestler never had a chance. Particulary the 125 pound class.This can be documented on two different camcorders where the referee clearly did not give points for takedowns.

The first period was scoreless, fact. The second period the Wirt wrestler released the Ritchie wrestler the score 1-0. FACT. This is where the controversary begins. During the commentary about the different weight classes on the scores at the LKC the person watching the event clearly states that the Ritchie wrestler underhooked the Wirt wrestler to his back in bounds. Point, this is a takedown. The score at this point should be 3-0. The Ritchie wrestler clearly held the Wirt wrestler on his back for at least a two count before the Wirt wrestler fought off his back and shoved the Ritchie wrestler out of bounds. Again this can be documented by anybody who filmed this match. The out of bounds didn't happen until Wirt wrestler fought off his back. Spectators from all teams witnessed and. dismayed, booed the referee. Clearly at this point the score should have been 7-1. Two point takedown at least two back points for the Ritchie wrestler and 1 escape point for the Wirt wrestler. Again the Wirt wrestler had to fight to get off his back for at least a two count.and can be documented by camcorders.

In regards to the cowboy like maneuver, this was a cowboy. The Ritchie wrestler did cowboy the Wirt wrestler straight to his back -- again another takedown missed by the official. Again the Wirt wrestler fought to get off his back -- this was not an immediate roll through or counter. Again I stress the Wirt wrestler fought to get off his back. The Ritchie wrestler did not hold him long enough this time for back points but it was clearly a takedown, at this point the score should be 9-1. The Wirt wrestler at this point did manage to escape 9-2 as can be documented with films and crowd disgust. Immediately after this so called flurry the Ritchie wrestler got a single leg with 20 seconds remaining and on a move taught to him by the Ritchie coaches was awarded by the referee a two point takedown. Final score should have been 11-2.

I'm not making excuses for my son, but this match was almost decided by the referee. One question I have and I'm not making accusations: Where did this referee come from? My son has been wrestling since he was seven years old and I have never seen this referee at any tournament or match. Don't you think a tournament as important as the LKC should have seasoned impartial referees with proven track records? In regards to the Parkersburg news, were they even there? They state that the Ritchie wrestler was taken to the limit by the Wirt wrestler and that another wrestler in 215 class from Ritchie was a defending state champion. NOT TRUE. In conclusion anyone wanting to see for themselves the film on the 125 championship at the LKC is more than welcome to see the match from two different angles mat side and from the crowd. You will hear and clearly see that the referee had a big part in the final score of this match. I challenge the referees to get better training and gain knowledge about their profession. This is not a hobby! I challenge WV Mat to post this on the forum for serious discussion!
Mike Hayhurst, proud father of a Ritchie wrestler.

February 7, 1999
From: Ohio girl
email: crafty@ecr.net
comments: I don't know a whole lot about WV wrestling, I just stumbled onto this web page and thought I'd let you know that Oak Glen was in an Ohio tourney this weekend and placed first overall. They are a pretty good team. To anyone with some knowledge about past WV state champs, I'd love if someone could post a little info about 2X state champ John Brown. He was in the late 70's/early 80's and he lived in Clay Co. That's about all I know. Anyone know more?

February 7, 1999
From: Steve Buck
email: bucksb@wirefire.com
comments: This response is to the gentleman that said to quit talking about the LKC. Yes, Oak Glen is a great team, however, You should have went to Calhoun, the best wrestling I have ever witnessed. From the quarter finals through the finals these men were in for the fight of their lives. Williamstown came from 15 points down to win, and crowned 5 LKC champs. And yes we will continue to savor the victory at Calhoun at least until Monday!!

February 7, 1999
comments: Justin Underwood has transferred to Richwood. I spoke with him a week ago, and he said he will wrestle at 171. However, he will not be able to play basketball for remainder of the season due to SSAC rules and regulations. The rules state that you cannot go from one team to a superior team which Richwood's basketball team is (ranked #1 in AA), and since Braxton is not ranked at all, he is ineligible to play for Richwood. Since ineligible to play basketball, he decided to return to wrestling. Best of luck Justin!!!
Editor's note: Now there is a rule I have never heard of. Not disupting the existence of the rule, and I'm sure there are plenty of rules I have never heard of, but I have never heard of this one...

February 7, 1999
From: A South patriot and all around wrestling fan
comments: I cannot believe everybody gets so torn up over everybody else's rankings-everybody is an individual with their own opinion, but I don't see that as a reason to slam everybody elses' picks.... A wrestling program is only as good as it's contributors-that is athletes, coaches,parents, and fans! I'm not relying on anyone elses observations-THAT IS MY OWN!!! I think there will be a lot of upsets at the regionals, and state. And I agree with whoever said the boys(and girls) have to be in shape to give their best performances. That means good conditioning and healthy eating-its not too late..... Good luck to all the wrestlers as we are coming down to the wire, and especially the GREAT boys at Parkersburg South!:-)

February 7, 1999
From: Fan
comments: I just got back from the MSAC tourney and I would like to put my two cents in to to the 112lb weight class. I think that Chris Johnson of Nitro will not win the state title this year. I know he is a good wreslter but I don't think he can hang with the Parkersburg Big Reds Clayton Samples. However they didnt get to meet up today Because Sample's has a leg injury and did not wrestle. But I am going to give some predictions for the first three weight classes for the states -- here they are:
1) Stevens (Parkersburg)
2) Reed (Point Pleasant)
3) White (North Marion)
1) Sample's (Parkersburg)
2) Kinsley (University)
3) Johnson (Nitro)
1) George (Parkersburg)
2) Stanley (Cabell Midland)
3) ????????
But good luck to all!

February 7, 1999
From: patriot BD
email: plowboy81@hotmail.com
comments: In response to the Ward vs. Dearth controversy.
What if's don't matter at state time. Go for the win when you've got it or go home. Josh has wrestled hard in the off-season like Ward did. Dearth is a fine young man and has should beat Ward when it really counts.

February 7, 1999
From: D145
comments: For Information on the PVC's. Go to this site.

February 7, 1999
comments: The LKC's is over enough talk about it move on to something else and the talk about wirt or some body else going to win states. Oak Glen will win hands down come on people and am not even from oak Glen.

February 6, 1999
From: IGOR

February 6, 1999
From: South Fan
comments: I would just like to say that Josh Dearth works very hard. You said that Ward gained more then Dearth did by losing, but the truth is Josh gained a lot more, he is confident and ready to do it again. He has worked very long and hard for this and he deserves the state title. I also feel that Casey Daggett at 119 for the Patriots should probably be ranked higher. He is an outstanding wrestler and I have a feeling that he will impress a lot of people at Huntington. Go South!!

February 6, 1999
From: Nick Busick
email: bu118@ovnet.com
comments: Chris Bradford mentioned Justin Underwood is not wrestling. Approximately 3 weeks ago I spoke with his father and it is my understanding he will be out. I sure would hate to loose a quality wrestler to "WHATS THAT OTHER SPORT THAT IS PLAYED DURING WRESTLING SEASON?" Also, good luck to Chris' brother and speedy healing.

February 5, 1999
comments: If you notice at state the LKC will have more state champs and finalists than any other conferance.

February 5, 1999
From: From a big fan
comments: I would like to wish Adam King the best of luck this weekend and at states. The title of yours if you want it.

February 5, 1999
From: from a Viking Fan
comments: I would like to wish the Viking wrestlers the best at MSAC's this weekend. You can win it if you try hard and MAKE WEIGHT.

February 5, 1999
From: Joanna Kay

email: snowbunnie_68@hotmail.com
comments: Good luck to Nicholas Hedrick at states. I personally think is a GREAT wrestler and deserves the title.
>From An Interested Fan

February 5, 1999
comments: To Chop-Chop
In response to your letter on Ward, whom seems to be on a lot of peoples minds. As far as the traveling, he turns his seasons into150-200 matches seasons, you can only get better by this. In this state we tend to not count losses to "out-of-state" wrestlers. He goes after the best guys in all states year in and year out, and won far more than he has lost.This includes state champions. He has probably beaten more state champions and multi-state champions then al the wrestlers in this state combined. Not counting this Jr. State stuff. Also, has been the highest national ranked guy from this state the past four years, according to Amateur Wrestling New, USA Wrestling, and Wrestling USA. wonder why, because he is a 2x WV State Champion, no because they have seen him wrestle the best in the country. Now, wonder why he is signed to wrestle Div-1 when some of the better guys from this state have not been recruited. Rank him wherever. At times he can look vulnerable, but consider against his 160 or so wins, he has what maybe 6-8 losses. He could finish 3rd, 4th or whatever, but then again, he could rip thru everyone, we will just have to see in Huntington. He will be there and he will do his best, you can count on that.

February 5, 1999
From: Chris Basford
email: Basford2@aol.com
comments: Well, with all the talk about the LKC's, does anyone know about Big Ten's this weekend? I know there is only four teams in the conference, but there is a lot of good wrestlers in it. My picks will be:
103: Corey Auvil G
112: ___________
119: Adam Leach G
125: Drake Jenkins L or Chris Leach G
130: Matt Jones SH
135: Scott Cottrill SH
140: Jody Cunningham G
145: Drew Toth SH
152: Matt Queen RCB or Buddy Barcus G
160: Andrew Richards SH
171: ___________
189: Ben Taylor G or Jeremy Wright SH
(this will be the biggest match of the night)
215: John Media RCB
275: Timmy Knotts G

team finishes: Grafton, South Harrison, RCB, Philip Barbour, and Liberty.

I would also like to note that my 5' 11" 215 pound younger brother is done for the season. After coming into the season with an injury in football, he just got back into things, and was starting to wrestle good. Now after a match this past week, his season ends short. I hope that he can heal soon. As for the question about Justin Underwood, from what was told to me, he is in Richwood playing basketball and will not wrestle

February 5, 1999
From: Eastern Panhandle Man
comments: The PVC (potomac valley conf) is a growing conference, watch for it to become a power house in years to come. I admit it is will never be the OVAC or LKC, but it does contain some quality athletes from schools like: Keyser(AAA), Petersburg, Mussleman (AAA), Frankfort, and Berkeley Springs Here are my predictions for tommorrow's tournament (dual format):
119-Reed-Berk. Springs
152-Waugh-Berk. Springs
160-Widmyer-Berk. Springs
189-Kuykendall-Frankfort 215-Lahman-Petersburg


February 5, 1999
From: hook up
email: bigd@access.mountain.net
comments: Does any know any thing about Justin Underwood like what team and weight class he is at

February 5, 1999
From: The Eye
comments: Here is my LKC picks for this weekend:
103 Gandee
112 Wenmoth
119 Johnson
125 Hayhurst
130 Wince
135 Cross
140 Miller
145 McCartney
152 Johnson
160 Hardway
171 Villers
189 Houser
215 Smith
Hwt Nailor


February 5, 1999
From: Jason Seville
email: seville145@hotmail.com
comments: Just cutting in on the Brian Reed/chop-chop conversation.....I would have to disagree with your thoughts chop-chop. I, too think that Ward should be #1. In my opinion (which may not count for much), I think that the fact that Ward lost to Dearth is even MORE of a reason that he should be #1. Think about it, if Ward would've tech-falled Dearth, he would've learned nothing, and it would have set the stage for an upset because Dearth would be the one with nothing to lose. However, I am pretty sure that Ward learned a great deal more by losing that match than he would've if he would have teched Dearth. Now, Ward is the one with nothing to lose, no perfect record to protect, and some vengeance to get. Oh yeah, the fact that Ward did more than his share of off-season wrestling DOES matter. He didn't just "travel around" and wrestle in some tournaments....he went to tournaments that would make most people nervous just thinking about, and he crushed his opponents.....! I think that changes things alot

February 5, 1999
From: Bear Trapper
comments: Why is Oak Glen still in double A? Their football team was in AAA so how come the wrestling team isn't. Besides, they crushed North Marion and North Marion is expected to do well at AAA.

February 5, 1999
From: Bee Killer
comments: I am a past reader of the forum pages and a week ago I came across a man's comments on the Petersburg Smash. The anoynomous person went through all the weight classes talking about how he thought a certain wrestler would do better at the next meet (regionals). I went to the tournament to and I found some wrestlers to be in seemingly very bad shape. A good wrestler must be in good shape!!!!

February 5, 1999
comments: I would like to thank Jenny Sulivan for all of her research on wrestling as a sport. I think that what she does is awesome and probally takes up a lot of her time. Thank you Jenny!!!

February 5, 1999
comments: Here are my pics for the LKC
103 Gandee Rav
112 Wenmoth Will
119 Johnson,Miller,Westbrook (It will be a WAR)
125 Hayhurst Rit
130 Lowe Wirt
135 Cross Wirt
140 Miller Wirt
145 McCartney Cal
152 Johnson Will
160 Drennen Wirt
171 Villers Wirt
189 Houser St M
215 Smith Rit
hwt Salmons Rav

February 5, 1999
From: The Rebel
comments: LKC predictions

Individual                                     Team
103 Gandee Rav                         1st Ritchie
112 Wennmoth Will                     2nd Williamstown
119 Johnson Cal                          3rd  Wirt
125 Hayhurst Rit                          4th Calhoun
130 Wince Rit                              5th Braxton
135 Cross Wirt
140 Miller Wirt
145 McCartney Cal
152 Johnson Will
160 Hardway Brax
171 Villers Wirt
189 Houser St.M
215 Smith Rit
275 Naylor Rit

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