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February 10, 2000
comments: Braxton Co. Eagles: I have had the opportunity to watch you guys wrestle for the last 4 years. It has been a thrill a minute every time you step on the mat. I am thrilled for you ALL for the success that you are experiencing this year especially you Coach Beane and the Seniors on the team. continued success will come to you if you continue to work hard both as an individual team and wrestler. Keep up the good work. You will achieve much despite the lack of respect that your rivals and the news media have for you (exception: Jenny).Good luck in Huntington Greenbrier West and at your home mat for the Regionals. TAKE IT TO THE MAT! p.s. SUPERMAN RULES

February 10, 2000
comments: To the AA source Laughlin Beat Ritter in the third period.

February 10, 2000
From: The Editor
To: Hedgesville Fan M
I got your long reply to Mr Berry. I know you spent a lot of time composing this. I will hold on to it and forward it to Mr Berry if/when I get an email address from him. I double checked the address he gave, and I don't know why it is not working. Mr Berry, are you out there? Please send me an email...

February 10, 2000
From: comments
email: Fan from Braxton
comments: Coach B and Coach Shu have the team this year to continue their undefeated record. The boys and the coaches have worked their rears off this year. Just a big GOOD LUCK at the regionals. That trophy sure will look nice in the BCHS trophy case. Take it to the mat guys and bring home the gold. I hope to see more eagle team parents and supporters at the regionals. GO EAGLES.

February 10, 2000
comments: Jenny Sullivan's column points out the scoring mistake found by Braxton in the early going. Interesting thing is that the mistake wasn't found by Braxton but by another team who pointed it out to them.

February 10, 2000
comments: Congratulations to Matt Bosely on his win over Sammy Bonasso in 112lb weight class 4-0. Go MATT!!!!!!

February 10, 2000
From: A true wrestling fan
comments: I've noticed this past week how PSHS have cooled their jets on how they are the best team. I think they realized they might of bragged a little too much. I believe in congrats but geez there are teams that can do as good if not better than South. Wrestling is a sport unlike football where it more or less relies on teamwork. Wrestling is all on the person that's on the mat. To everyone that wrestles keep your head up the statics can always be just that statics. Good luck Region 2 at the regionals. Oh by the way it doesn't matter if a team only won by a point or ten points they still won. Good job Fairmont Senior!!!

February 10, 2000
From: tapout
comments: Congatulations to Matt Stevens on his win over Chris Johnson 6-2

February 10, 2000
comments: Fairmont Senior beat Parkersburg South Oak Glen beat Fairmont Senior. AA better watch out Oak Glen is a strong strong team. Oak Glen also beat East Liverpool. They were the OVAC Champions. They also beat the 3rd ranked team in Ohio Martins Ferry and they took the Worthington Tournament in which Thomas Worthington is ranked 11th in Division 1 Ohio.
Good job BEARS

February 10, 2000
From: fan
comments: Does anybody know why Stanley from Cabel Midland did not wrestle at the Ripley matches held last night. Just wondering why if anybody knows it seems strange since he is tied for first in his weight class at 112lbs.

February 10, 2000
From: hello
comments: to the comment on matt corder not having won "big ten wrestler of the year" well if u were there u would have seen him been taking down with two double legs by a first year wrestler from grafton.Drew Toth earned that award and if not him then why not Cory Auvil who surpassed his 100th victory there a feat few wrestlers ever do. so that is why matt didn't get the award.

February 10, 2000
comments: Congrats to Fairmont Senior for beating Parkersburg South! FSHS led from the first match and never looked back! Each and every wrestler contributed to this great win! A BIG congrats to Coach Delligatti and his staff!

February 10, 2000
From: WOOD Co.
comments: To who ever said Marion County was a toss up with Wood County as far as best wrestling for the century Well Wood had roughly 197 individual state champs and Marion had about 68 Wood County had 29 team titles Marion had 4 team titles. Both counties have the same number of schools with wrestling too! Before even say that Marion is second how about Marshall and Ohio Counties have had each 8 teams titles

February 10, 2000
comments: cangrats to all fairmont senior wrestlers you did a heck of a job defeating parkersburg south 32-30 i would watch out for this team b/c they are peaking at just the right time and i feel they can do some real damage now im from harrison county so im not a huge fairmont senior fan but i just decided to check the coaches polls and they have fmt. snr. ranked third when the beat hedgesville in 2 tournament without eavn having a full line up and as you all know now the beat parkersburg south and i don't see any reason why they should be ranked 3rd they seemed to have everybody in the state one way or another i think whoever does the coaches poll nedd to rethink their picks. GOODLUCK TO ALL RCB WRESTLERS AT REGONALS AND STATES GO EAGLES!!!!!

February 10, 2000
From: Zeke Jones
email: zjones@wvu.edu
comments: West Virginia Wrestlers and parents I would like to announce that West Virginia University will be hosting the:
JUNE 25-29 2000

We will be featuring:
2000 World Cup Champion
1999 Goodwill Games Pan Am and National Champion
Head Coach WVU
NCAA Champion WVU
Head Coach American University

Coaches will be paid to bring and supervise team! Coaches will can earn college credit!

It is our committment to provide a quality camp with great instruction and character building among the young men that attend. We are committed!

FOR MORE INFORMATION: 304 293 5383 EXT. 5597 OR zjones@wvu.edu
Zeke Jones
1999 US World Cup Coach
Assistant Coach WVU

February 10, 2000
1. Marion (Fairmont Senior East Fairmont North Marion)
3. Wood
4. Cabell
5. Berkeley

I have studied wrestling in WV for the past 50 years. And this year Marion county is the best barnone. But over the past century it would be very close between marion county and wood county.

February 10, 2000
From: Brad Petracca
email: bapetracca@hotmail.com
comments: For those who annually attend the "CIRCLE OF HONOR" WRESTLING CAMP I am in need of your opinion. The intial dates of wrestling camp for 2000 were May 29th - June 2. Memorial Day falls on May 29th this year and is the first day of camp. Would it be better to move camp to June 22-June 26?
The next issue is the thought of having a wrestling tournament the Saturday immediatly after the last day of camp.
If a preference please e-mail me with your concern!

February 10, 2000
From: the AA source
email: theaasource@hotmail.com

Morris (Cal)
Zubay (OG)
Hosey (Rit)
Biddle (Will)
Borror (Peter)
Blake (Ind)

Gandee (Rav)
Auvil (Graf)
Roberts (OG)
Prater (BC)
Fullerton (Cam)
Brookover (Will)

McCartney (Cal)
Sexton (Ind)
Kotson (Cam)
Andricks (Rav)
Haddox (Will)
Stiles (CB)

Wenmoth (Will)
Johnson (Cal)
Hughes (Cam)
Harris (Brax)
Eckleberry (OG)
Hunley (BC)

Hayhurst (Rit)
Kupfer (Cam)
Noel (OG)
W.Westbrook (Will)
Leach (Graf)
Lynch (SS)

Cross (Wirt)
Lowers (OG)
Leach (Graf)
T.Westbrook (Will)
Bragg (Rich)
Jones (SH)

Prather (Win)
Glass (OG)
Wood (Ind)
Zyla (Will)
Anderson (LH)
Bosley (Frank)

Schindler (Rav)
Hughes (Cam)
Poole (OG)
Koslosky (Rit)
Kesner (Frank)
Boggs (Rich)

Litten (Frank)
Holdsworth (OG)
Toth (SH)
Smith (Rit)
Hall (CB)
Justice (Brax)

Hardway (Brax)
O'Neil (Cam)
Stickles (OG)
Zuccolotto (Weir)
Sims (GW)
Brown (Ind)

Magnone (Weir)
Nestor (Rav)
Barnette (Ind)
Stotler (BS)
Kimball (StM)
Butler (Frank)

Bellville (OG)
Moyer (Ind)
Delebreau (Will)
Parsel (BS)
Hart (Brax)
Meyer (Cam)

Busick (Weir)
Six (OG)
Pugh (LR)
McKinney (Ind)
Raban (Rav)
Kincaid (SS)

Naylor (Rit)
Taylor (Graf)
Laughlin (Cal)
Ritter (Brax)
Caughey (OG)
Cliver (Clay)

Feel free to email me with any of your comments or my mistakes! Thanks!

February 10, 2000
comments: Congrats to Fairmont Senior for beating #1 Ranked Parkersburg South 32-30!

February 10, 2000
From: Nunya Business
comments: I hope everyone now knows that the Braxton County Eagles are the LKC CHAMPIONS and I thought that the team should be recognized. I think that the Eagles are doing GREAT this year. Even though they were the underdogs going into the tournament they had no doubt in their mind thaey were going to win by how much 1/2 a point over Williamstown.

February 9, 2000
From: link man
comments: The fairmont senior - north marion dual match will be thursday feb 10th at 7 pm at the fairmont senior gym.

February 9, 2000
From: confused williamstown fan
comments: Congratualtions to the Williamstown wrestling team for their perfromance this past weekend at the LKC championships. I thought that it was a total rip that they lost the team championship trophy by 1/2 point. I think that they deserved it more than any team there not becaue I am a fan of Williamstown but because of their overall team performance.

February 9, 2000
From: Wrestler
comments: Good luck to all of the Liberty High School Wrestlers at the Region IV Tornament Next Weekend.

February 9, 2000
comments: Reply To Eakle Comments…
Gee what gave it away that I support FSHS…could it be the closing line…"Go FSHS"?!?. I also want East and North to do well in competition. If you're looking for a " bitter rivalry…look elsewhere. In no way did I "degrade" anyone in my comments. As a matter of fact my comments were nothing but positive towards any wrestlers mentioned. I am not sure why you threw in the "who wants to watch Tech Falls" comment?!? However I agree... especially when you are on the receiving end. Please do not put words in my mouth. I agree with your last point… this weight class is close. It's great to see Marion County well represented at 152!
Go FSHS……..and EFHS and NMHS…..
p.s. If you have not done so already check out the new rankings…Eakle is ranked ahead of Hickman and Neptune.

February 9, 2000
comments: I would like to congratulate all of the PB wrestlers who brought home Big Ten titles. Matt Corder who won his second tilte in a row and 28-1 this year was not given "Wrestler of the Year" I just don't understand that. Good Luck to all the PB wrestlers heading to the Regionals.

February 9, 2000
comments: East Fairmont finished 3rd at ncac's ahead of buckhannon and university and 5 pts behind north marion and without matt sternthal(3rd in the the state at 189) who by the way pinned starsick twice and has dec. and maj. dec barber who won the final. way to go east!

February 9, 2000
comments: Who is the WV Wrestling Coaches Association? How do they select the poll? It needs more research because it turns kids off who know they have better records or have beaten the people listed. Either do a good job or don't do it at all. Good wrestlers deserve recognition. Those with inferior records that are listed send the wrong message to our kids. Again someone please tell me who is the WV Wrestling Coaches Association?

February 8, 2000
comments: i think there is to much debate on which region is tougher between region 1 and region 2 and not enough debate on region 3 and 4 are. region 3 has only 19 guys ranked in the top 8 and only one ranked #1 and region 4 has only 20 guys ranked in the top 8 and only 2 ranked #1 and those two have already won state titles.Now compare those numbers to the 30 guys ranked in the top eight in region 1 and the 45 guys ranked from region 2 and i think the results speek for themselves. in the past years i've been to the state's it has been astonishing how many 4th place region 1 and 2 people have knocked off 1st place region 3 and 4 guys and this shouldn't happen very often maybe 1 or 2 times per year. i think it's stupid that you have teams like west fairmont north marion hedgesville and jefferson county fighting for a region title and a trip to the states, and the other regions may be less competitive. i feel the regions need split more by tallent and tredition and less by geography!

February 8, 2000
From: South wrestling fan
comments: We fans only have 16 days to wait for states! It really does not matter which region is better than that one because the cream always rises to the top at states. There will upsets as there are every year and we will cheer or cry depending on the outcome but let us not forget that these kids have given their very best and left their hearts on the mat.Best wishes to every young wrestler in their region and state championship quest. Remember--you are all nothing but winners!!

February 8, 2000
From: Reply to Eakle Comment
comments: It is obvious your from West side. It is even more obvious that you have alot of pride in your wrestlers. . . That is Fantastic! Don't degrade anyone nor say Neptune or Hickman underestimated Eakle. Neptune beat Eakle 4-3 early in the year and Eakle beat Hickman 4-3 at the North---East Dual. So they all knew each match with each other was going to be tough. And most definelty so will the matches to come. But isnt that what you want. . . ? Who wants to watch Tech Falls. Rankings in this weight class are a toss up!

February 8, 2000
From: from: Wirt Fan
comments: i believe that Justin Dennis at 130 will beat will westbrook from williamstown.

February 8, 2000
From: Wrestling Parent
comments: To:Coach I agree with you that refs need to more consistant. It is not fair to the wrestlers to have different refs call things in different ways. Once again I want to say that not all refs do this but there are those that do.Also to Big Bird there are refs that you can ask questions to and others become very offended if you ask them a question about a call that was made. As for parents not understanding the calls a lot of parents have been around wrestling for many years and know a lot more than given credit for.

February 8, 2000
From: wrestler
comments: There is a rumor that Ryan Anderson is injured. I looked in the big 10 results and did not see his name. Can anyone post his position(wrestling hurt took a break or did not place).I know he is a good wrestler and might place big at states.

February 8, 2000
From: Wrestling fan
comments: Big Bird Thanks for your comments. I think wrestling parent needed a comma between out of bounds and back points. Out of bounds calls and back point calls were 2 different situations I believe. I still believe stalling should not be so hard to call. It is no wonder fans get bored or upset with inaction. Work for a takedown work to improve your position to escape or reverse and work for a fall. Reasonable time should be given for all. The best officiating comes from those who have wrestled at a competitive level. Again many do a good job and yes parents need to understand the sport.

February 8, 2000
From: Wrestling Parent
comments: To Big Bird The question was not back points out of bounds it was back points and out of bounds calls. When it was posted the coma was left out between them. I understand what you are saying and I agree that most referees do the best job that they can but sometimes it is very obvious that calls are not the same sometime in the same match. Just wanted to give eveyone something to think about besides which region is superior.Thanks

February 8, 2000
From: comments for the forum
comments: "WAY TO GO BRAXTON WAY TO GO" I have to say you guys have come a long way this year. Traveling with you guys has been a joy. You have the true meaning of dedication and responsibility down to a T. Keep up the excellent work. Good luck on Thursday and Friday. Do your best that's all we expect. I really believe the outcome of the regionals is going to be a good one for the EAGLES. Believe me I'll be front row cheering for you guys. I'm so proud to be a part of the EAGLES. It is truly an honor. TAKE IT TO THE MAT GUYS!!!

February 8, 2000
From: Swil
comments: To: Region II Fan
Remember the rankings are only a poll. These are people's opinions. I suggest that you wait until after the tournament to determine the best region. Most years Region I has more finish in the top 4. (Last year the score was R1 = 26 R2 = 11 R3 = 9 R4 = 8) I have a question: If a team let's say South has more top 4 finsihers in the State Tournament than any other team do they still have an unfair advantage because of the fewer teams in the region? Wouldn't these same wrestlers have finished in the top 4 in any region? Therefore If Region I has more that finish in the top 4 (as they have 4 of the last five years)wouldn't that make them the better region.

As for having more teams if Region I had Region II's 4 lower teams (who have scored a total of 65.5 points in the past 5 years combined. That's 2.5 points per team per year) that would give Region I 11 teams and Region II would have 8. Do you think that this would change the outcome? I know that you will always have the number of teams in the region to use as an excuse. Please explain how during the Winners Choice Tournament did South (a Region I team) win by 56 points. Did they have more wrestlers? Good Luck in the tournament.

February 8, 2000
From: Calhoun Fan
comments: I would like to say what a good job Chris Morris and Jimmy Johnson is doing.. Keep up the good work boys you have come a long ways

February 8, 2000
From: Steve Everhart
email: hartfam@erols.com
comments: Mr. Berry....sorry your name did not ring a bell with me. Your son was the 152lb. wrestler from Mercersburg Academy who got a forfeit the night in question against Hedgesville correct?
(a bunch of stuff snipped)
Feel free to e-mail me if you don't wish to respond on the forum. I tried to keep this confidential and e-mail you as you directed but it keeps coming back to me saying you won't accept any e-mails. I will be looking forward to any response or feedback you might have.

February 8, 2000
From: Big Bird
comments: To Wrestling Parent:
In response to your questions on out of bounds back points and stalling.....There is no such thing as out of bounds back points. If a wrestler's shoulders are out no points may be awarded. It is very difficult to see from the stands if the shoulders are close to the line. Many people do not fully understand that situation so don't feel bad:) If any part of the wrestler's shoulder is out then no points shall be awarded. It is written in the rule book very plainly. If an official did award points in a situation that appeared to be out of bounds I feel certain that it was close to the line but appeared that the wrestler was out. As for the stalling situations that is not spelled out as clearly for the officials. It is a hard call to make in some situations but should be made the same in all situations. Usually you will find that officials from the same board will call stalling the same. It does vary from board to board. As an official I come in contact with parents who do not completely understand the rules of wrestling. We understand that and try to be patient in explaining them....So please be patient with us in return:) If you have a concern feel free to ask us in a polite manner and I am sure that we will try to help you out. Thanks.
P.S. Pat you did a great job with the Cabel County Championship Tournament....Best of luck next year!

February 8, 2000
From: wrestler
comments: in response to the question posted of Feb. 6 I don't think that Capital has a 130 pounder...however i do know that Josh Thumm is their 125 pounder

February 8, 2000
comments: I dont know why everyone complains about the regions..... i dont think any region is that tough.. i think all the teams are spread out good.. if u cant place top 4 in your region.. how are you going to place top 6 in the states??

February 8, 2000
comments: http://wvaa.homepage.com
Check out the new layout!

February 8, 2000
From: coalfield spectator
comments: did anyone watch the match between Brown (Webster) against Boggs of (Richwood)? Well i think that brown did an excellent job wrestling and had the match in the bag.. ...congradulations to mr. brown of webster!

February 8, 2000
From: Wrestling Fan
comments: Can someone please post the individual results from the MSAC tournament. I would be very appreciative if one of the coaches or anyone who has the results would do this. Thank you

February 8, 2000
comments: In reply to the Eakle (152) comment dated 2.6.00 regarding rankings. Rankings are merely educated guesses. If you believe everything that you are read then there is no reason to finish out the year. Give South the trophy today! Eakle stepped up to the challenge and proved that he could beat Neptune and Hickman. Up to that point I do not believe that he had beaten either wrestler this year prior to the NCAC's hence the coaches "educated guess". That's why they wrestle. Eakle will have his hands full since he now has Neptune's and Hickman's FULL attention. Never overlook a wrestler based upon his ranking or experience. The same holds true for Parkersburg South. They too are very beatable. Don't buy the hype!

February 8, 2000
From: Coach
comments: Wrestling Parent Your observations on the officiating are good ones. Although most officials don't change calls by who is wrestling many make very inconsistent calls from match to match or official to official. Again many do a good job but it is infair for a wrestler to have such incosisent calls from match to match region to region. The officials talk about all of their meeting to make sure calls are more consistent but you don't see it followed out in matches. One match you can stall for a period and the next your called for backing out of the circle once. I also agree with the back points called. The rules are clear. Lets get it right.

February 7, 2000
From: Calhoun Fan
comments: Great job Morris and McCartney. I hope Mr. Johnson will be better by the states. he does such a great job

February 7, 2000
From: Buddy Barcus
email: smcgin5571@aol.com
comments: Congrats to grafton on a great showing at the Big Ten this past weekend. also congrats to cory auvil and chris leach on both obtaining there 100th win this year. keep it up boys.

February 7, 2000
comments: to people saying that there have been close matches between wrestlers and look for upsets in the state tour it doesn't mean a darn thing what you do during the year...Anything happens at the state tour...I know a guy who beat the same person 4 times in one year...they all said it was hard to beat someone that many times... they all thought the one losing would end up winning in the end...well first match was 13-11 ot second 3-1 third 2-1 and fourth in the state finals it was 7-0 then he pinned him...so come on people close matches don't mean anything...you should know that by now. That goes for team rankings also...1994 is an example...

February 7, 2000
comments: Listen Region II fan...At the state tour. the top 2 finishers in the state will be from region 1...

February 7, 2000
From: Red_Thunder_189
comments: This fourm goes to Frankfort Hs.....I've noticed that your team has been doing pretty good this season seening names like Litten Butler and some others in the top but one thing that concerns me is that I haven't been seening one my greatest opponents and that is Kuykendall (sorry if misspelled)he is one opponent that I greatly respect.Has he been injured or what? Because I'll tell you one thing if anyone he should be ranked in the top three in the state in AA/189.if anyone knows any thing about Kuykendall please inform me wheather it be on the fourm or by E-mailing me.. I would really appreciate it greaty.....
As for the rest of the fans through out the state talking about the 189/AA top three preditions: Belville Delebreu and Moyer.We'll see what happens at states in three weeks...... good luck to EVERYONE and I wish you all the best of luck...... Thank everyone for their time reading this fourm.And remember if anyone has any information please let me know as soon as possible.Thanks again.

February 7, 2000
From: north panhandle fan
comments: to: Ex-Big Red
I was asking if anyone else has ever had as many or more than 12 wrestlers in the championship finals. Many teams have succeeded in placing all or most or their wrestlers. I am not trying to offend any PHS fans because the Big Reds are another team that is always ready for the state tournament. I was merely pointing out a reason that PSHS deserves the respect they get

February 7, 2000
From: Region II fan
comments: If anyone does not think the regional strength has not shifted to region II (from Region I) just look at the state rankings. Region II has 44 wrestlers ranked in the top 8 in the state compared to 32 for Region I. Furthermore Region II has 18 wrestlers ranked in the top 4 compared to Region I's 17 wrestlers. Sure with the regions aligned as they are now it is going to be a Region I team winning the state title in most years simply because it is easier to get more wrestlers through to the state tournament with only half the teams that region II has.

February 7, 2000
From: Wrestling Parent
comments: I just wanted to pass along something that I noticed this past weekend at the MSAC in Huntington. There were six referees working the four mats over the course of the day. I noticed that none of the refs in attendace call out of bounds back points or stalling the same way. I also noticed that the same ref would change they way that he called them from one match to another. Is it that the rule books arent clear on these things or do the refs change depending on who is wrestling.

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