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February 27, 2001
comments: big ups to my boy BYRON WELLMAN on winning the stste championship this year. i witnessed firsthand in the room and he worked very hard every day to achieve his goal. Also congrats to CHRIS GIBBS on your second place finish! you are only a sophmore and the next two years you will be a force to be reconed with!!

February 27, 2001
From: 2 oak glen people
comments: We just wanted to say congrats to everyone that participates in the Oak Glen Wresling program. You guys work all season and you deserve every honor you receive. A special congrats to Coach Shaw on getting the coach of the year. You deserve it all the way =) Also congratulations to the six individual champs way to go guys! You guys make us proud to say we go to Oak Glen High School. Best of luck next year and good luck in the future to the graduating seniors.And to coach Weirsbickie thanks for putting up with everyone giving you a hard time you are a great coach.

February 27, 2001
From: Jason Bryant
email: datwink@erols.com
Some questions have come up, but makes checks payable to Virginia Challenge.


Flyers available on either page.

Jason Bryant
Media Director,
Virginia Challenge

Doug "Psycho" Sillex (165) (25-0) (Harpers Ferry) February 27, 2001
From: Wrestling Fan
comments: I agree with the Youth Coach that would like to see the Parkersburg Youth seeding posted. It gives the athletes a chance to be both recognize and to see their competition. Good luck to everyone this upcoming weekend.

February 27, 2001
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: It is great to see so many family members wishing their sons,brothers,daughters(sorry Erica) their best on here.I was especially impressed by the comments that Mr. Carnefix stated on here about his son.He did wrestle well and I'll bet you would love him just as much if he never qualified for the tournament.Great job Dad!

February 27, 2001
From: PAP & NAN

February 27, 2001
comments: We would like to say congratulations to the Oak Glen wrestling team. They worked hard and deserved every award they got. To all the state champs, you guys are the best! TJ put some bullets in those guns. Ian you did a good job, next year its all you. Six next year we want to see your tricks. Gaelen #1 stunner. Noel 2 times!Kyle, the marines can really use a champion wrestler (even though you just want the sword.) Stevie has flower power. Matt watch where your grabbing. Stickles really knows how to stick 'em. Ronnie rocked this year and you can bet he will next year. Phil gave us two thrills. Pat, was once a JV slug and now a varsity stud. Joe bring us the third next year. Caughey is the #1 stud! No more 18 seconds Joe! The coaching staff works hard training the wrestlers and Coach Shaw deserved coach of the year! Bring home number six next year! To all of the stat girls thanks for the encouragement to all of the wrestlers! Shannon, we missed you so much! Christine, thanks for all the help on the team and off, we couldn't have made it without you. Becca, don't think too much. Susie, we love you! Congrats once more!

P.S. Joey we love you! February 27, 2001
From: from wva dad
comments: reference to middle atlantic national championship dean moore mentioned that not many wva wrestlers have won it i know 2 wrestlers for sure that won it mike viani and chris courtney.

February 27, 2001
I just want to say congrats to FRANKFORT WRESTLING team for there great showing &placing at state this year. Derick I know you did not accomplish what you set out to do. But be proud of what you have accomplished in only wrestling 4 yrs went to state as a soph, place 6 as a jr & place 5 as a sr, and you also have a113 wins. Thats something to be proud of! Devin way to go place 4 as a fresh good job,you will do well the next three years. Cody 4 as a soph great job you got alone to look foward to. Dustin great job for only weighing 170 and wrestling 189 and place 6 at state keep up the good work. Neal 6 place you did a great job. Drew work hard next year its yours for the taking. From one of your biggest fans, good luck next year and GOD BLESS !

February 27, 2001
From: North Marion Fan
comments: Congratulations to all the Huskies that made the trip to Huntington last week. We were proud of all of you!!
Jed Ott-6th-140
Rick Hickman-5th-152
Jason Starsick-4th-119
Daran Hays-4th-135
Andrew Starsick-Champion-189
NM made a very respectable 7th place showing, you did a great job all year. Let's make some noise next year.

February 27, 2001
From: Midland parent
comments: Someone asked if there are any other brothers that have won state titles in the same year. J.P. and Justin Stanley from Cabell Midand did it last year. I would also like to congratulate my long lost nephew Byron Wellmen on his state championship.

February 27, 2001
From: Wrestling Fan
comments: Congratulations Wirt County Matt and Brandon Dye, twin brothers, Erica Dye, Brian Smith, Jeremy Smith, brothers, Tommy Karr, Chris Miller, Daniel Allen, Justin Dennisfor fine performance this past weekend at the States. You all worked hard and wrestled well. Also the State Placers were Matthew and Brandon Dye, Erica Dye, Brian Smith, Justin Dennis, Daniel Allen, and Chris Miller. Thanks Coaches for your time, dedication, respect, and enjoyment that you have taught these kids. Looking forward to next year. Wirt County is alive. Also, Contratulations, Erica Dye for making history. She also leaves Tuesday, for the Klippans Womens Nationals. Wish you all the luck and have fun. You go GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

February 27, 2001
From: CC41
comments: J.P. and Justin stanley both won state championships in the last year in the 112 and 125 pound weight classes... I would also like to say good luck to Jared Walters at nationals... And.... To my brother: I want you to know that I am truly proud of you and your accomplishments this year... You have been through alot these past 4/5 months and you seem to be heading in the right direction now.. You need to take full advantage of this opportunity... Trust me you will be so much more prepared for the next level than I was. Its not gonna happen automatically, you need to put the time and effort into it as well... You have the ability to be the best wrestler in the state next year... Its up to YOU... Stay on the mat... I Love You, Joey

February 27, 2001
From: Bartrug Fans
comments: Congratulations Dustin Bartrug on your State Championship! We are all so proud of your determination and great sportsmanship. You looked awesome out there. Keep up the hard work & prayers, and you will be making 3 more trips to Huntington!

February 27, 2001
From: WHS Fan
comments: Good job to Shane Smith. Everybody in Smiths weightclass better watch out next year. Go Jackets!!!!!!!

February 27, 2001
From: Looking for Results
comments: Why are there no updates on the youth tournaments? Are the directors of the tournaments just not sending them in? I would like to continue to see these results, as would the athletes competing in them.

February 27, 2001
From: Proud Parent
comments: Congratulations to the Braxton Co. Youth who qualified to go to the Tournanament of Champions in Columbus Ohio. Patrick O'Malley, Glen Tanner, Shane Belknap, Brandon Digman, & Nick LeFever. Great Job guys. Good luck to the rest of the team trying to qualify.

February 27, 2001
From: Jenny Sullivan
email: sullivj2@ohio.edu
comments: To Cory Auvil: Please email me! The email address you have listed on this website's email directory won't go through.

February 27, 2001
From: Susan Bushko
comments: Congratulations to all the Marion Co. wrestlers. Special congrats to my nephews Matt Miller and Jeff Noechel. We are so proud of you on and off the mat. God has blessed you both with so many talents. I wear blue and gold with pride. You never thought I would say that did you? YOu must know how important to all of us you are. Hey, you got Aaron to fly over 1000 miles to watch you!!!!!!!!! Your uncle Mick has no voice!! And to Jeff Courtney, congratulations on your State Championship. YOu still make me proud to have worn the blue and white. We wish you all the best for next year. Keep up your great work ethic and you will be standing in the same spot on the podium next year. And this is to AB. YOu said after the stress of this past weekend, you hope you have all daughters. I have two words for you ERICA DYE.

February 27, 2001
From: salami-swami
comments: First i would like to say kudos on a great tourney, Congrats are in order to a few people, matt easter and the rest of the nitro state champ trio-great job, and johnson turned heads like i said he would. Delligatti-wonderful 4 years you turned a few heads yourself with your performance. Courtney-pulled off maybe the biggest upset of them all, heck of a job. and comments on the 275 class which looks to be laoded next year, satterfield and hoover look to be two very talented wrestlers. Congrats are in order to erica dye, i wish a safe and happy off season to all, great season. Adios!!!!!

From: former Wrestler
comments: Lets see some of thos Seniors Get to the Senior Nationals, there is only 2 signed up from WV so far, i want to see a good showing for WV

February 27, 2001
From: Chuck Smith
email: smittyc_69@hotmail.com
comments: Congrats to the Beckley Central Boys Im proud of the way you wrestled this season and wish the ones thats going to the youth states this weekend the best of luck I know you will do fine. We placed 10 boys in the Raleigh County Youth League This Year
They Were:

Drew Sauls 50lb
Zack Amick 75lb

Justin Selleck 45lb
Tyler Toney 55lb
Rusty Shelton 65lb
Drew Ball 85lb

Chris Sodosky 70lb
Carter Wicks 115lb

John Hopkins 80lb
Jake Weidensal 105lb

GOOD JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

February 27, 2001
From: Wrestler10
comments: I would like to say congratulations to Coach Shaw and the OG wrestling team on a job well done. I know that the wrestlers win the matches that score the team points but if it wasn't for Coach Shaw and his coaching staff the OG team would be nowhere near the level they are at now. OG has had to work through a lot of adversity that nobody else knows about but they battled through it the whole time and it really shows how much character that they have to win the state tournament. Coach Shaw definately deserved the coach of the year award as well did Coach McCartney. Once again Congratulations to OG and Parkersburgh South. Everyone knows who the best teams in the state are and I am looking forward to our dual next year. I'm sure it will be a good one just like it was this year.

February 27, 2001
From: Eric Noel
email: wvwrestler@hotmail.com
comments: If anyone is going to Senior Nationals would you please email me I need to get some information. Thanks in advance.

February 27, 2001
From: HuskieWrestler
comments: The Wehrle brothers won state championships at 152 and 189 in 1999. So, the Hughes brothers aren't the first. I would like to congratulate them, however. I don't know Casey, but if he's Tyler's little bro, he's gotta be tough. Also congrats to Roger Kupfer...HS wrestling's a lot easier than freestyle, huh guys? lol

February 27, 2001
From: Matt Stevens
comments: I just want to say good luck to all the cougars this weekend at the State you guys have worked hard Good Luck!!!!!!!

February 27, 2001
comments: Someone asked if any other brothers have won the states in the same year. i can remember when Gary and Richie Tuttle both won in 1988 from Parkersburg high School and Cliff and Chris Ward also did from John Marshall in 1995

February 27, 2001
From: OG Fan
comments: Congratulations to the OAK GLEN WRESTLING TEAM!!!! That was an awesome performance you put on. 5-Time State Champions, that is very impressive, plus it is the first time that has ever happened in WV. A special shout out to Gaelen, Eric, Kyle, Derrick, Ronnie, Bellvile, and Joey for making it to the finals. Good job guys!!!

From: Frankfort Fan
comments: Congratulations to the Frankfort wrestlers who placed at this year's tournament. Way to go Cody Shirey for your 4th place finish in the 112 A-AA class. Also would like to congratulate Devin Bosley on his 4th place finish in the 135 pd class, Neil Wright on his 6th place finish in the 130 pd class, Derik Bosley on his 5th place finish in the 145 pd class and Dustin Bosley for his 6th place finish in the 189 pd class. Way to go boys, you made us proud back here in Short Gap, WV. Keep up the good work.

February 27, 2001
comments: Hey I would just like to say congrats to Jeff Courtney on winning state. You did a great and I cant wait till you win another state title netx year. Also Good Job to Sammy Bonasso on his state title and to Jonathan Delligatti on finishing 2nd you did a a Great Job this year. To John Duncan WAY TO GO!!!! you are a great wrestler and person and you kicked butt this weekend. To my brother Ryan you did a great job and I'm very Proud of you. You never gave up and gave it your all in my eyes you are a true champ. Good Luck next year I know you will kick butt.
~* Love your lil sis*~

February 27, 2001
From: Hoover Wrestling Parent140
comments: I would like to say thanks to the Herbert Hoover High School coaching staff, Coach Hall, Coach Geary, and Coach Canterbury for all the hard work and dedication you have shown Derek in his 4 years in your program. Good luck in the future!!
Allen Carnefix

February 27, 2001
From: Hoover Wrestling Parent140
comments: I would like to personally congratulate the 5 state place winners from Herbert Hoover High School. You guys did an excellent job in the state tournament.
130# 5th Place Randy Botkin
135# 3rd Place Wesley Lane
140# 5th Place Derek Carnefix
152# 2nd Place Mike Staley
171# 6th Place Joey Joplin
I would also like to congratulate Robbie Ripley for winning the 140# class. I will always remember the battles that you and Derek had from Pee-Wee's on up to the state tournament.

February 27, 2001
comments: Derek Carnefix,
Just wanted to congratulate you on the Mat Page for your 5th place finish at the State Wrestling Tournament in AAA 140# class. You had to wrestle the number 1,4,5,6,7th, ranked kids in the state and also one with over 30 victories for the season. You prevailed in 4 of those matches with only two narrow 2 point losses, one being in overtime. The boys you wrestled are very good wrestlers and you should be proud that you were able to compete with and beat some of the best! As a father I am as proud of you for your outstanding performance and finish as I would have been if you had finished first.
Your Loving Father,
Allen Carnefix

February 26, 2001
From: Youth Coach
comments: Can someone post the seeds to the Parkersburge Youth States this weekend i think it will be good to let the kids be recognized Thank You Good Luck to all kids trying to capture their dream of being a Wv youth State Champion many has went on to become a High School State Champ.

February 26, 2001
From: Dana Walters
comments: Congratulations to Jared Walters for qualifying for the NCWA Nationals in Dallas, Texas, the weekend of March 10th-11th. Jared is a former Cabell Midland State Champ and is now wrestling at The Apprenctice School in Newport News, Virginia. He is currently ranked #3 in the nation in the NCWA polls. He qualified for the nationals by tech falling his first two opponents in his Regionals held last weekend in Easton, Pennsylvania. He lost his third match to Jesse Dixon (the #1 ranked NCWA wrestler) by two points in overtime. Jared's progress can be tracked at www.claywolfsports.com. CONGRATULATIONS JARED!!!!

February 26, 2001
From: Dragon
comments: Congratulations to all the Cameron wrestlers! Tyler: You have worked your whole life for this, now it is yours! Have a little fun and enjoy what your hard work has finally accomplished for you! Casey: Congratulations! You now can be a 4 time champion! Not many people can say that, just keep up the work and it is yours my friend! It sure is sweet huh man? GREAT TOURNAMENT! No one thought you could do it but guess what? YOU DID! Roger: You're probably one of the hardest workers I've ever met. You spent countless hours training to be the best, and now you are. Keep up the work, you've only got one more year of it left of it. Lets go for a two-time championship! Wyatt: You did it my friend! Finally your work and technique has got you that illusive championship. Hopefully this will fill the space on your shelf you were saving for that State Football Championship, huh? Great job, we'll miss you! Noah: Great job this year! A lot of people thought you wouldn't even qualify for states but you came out of your shell and won regionals, made it to the semi-finals, and placed 5th in the state as a Freshman. You got 3 more years to win it man! Keep up the work and you'll be there! Brandon: Way to go man, you made it to state as a first year wrestler! That's big whether you know it or not. Keep up the great work and you'll be in the money before you know it! Justin: I saw a post before that said it all. "From a wheelchair to regional champ in one year!" From a wheelchair, to regional champ, to 5th in the state! What you've done is truly remarkable! Keep up the great work and the title is yours next year! Joel: Stay HEALTHY! You did a great job this year, 5th place is pretty darn good man. Stay in shape, and out of the ER and you'll be a state champ next year. No one can match upper body wrestling with you! D.J.: You did a heck of a job moving up and doing what you did at a weight that much higher than your normal weight. Imagine what you can do next year! Stay tough, you can do great the next 2 years! Tucker: Hey, you had the bad-luck-of-the-century man. You were winning big, that title was right there. You know what you can do? Come back and win BIG next year, because you know you can, and I know you can! You earned it this year, just keep up the work and you will be THE MAN next year. Luke: Great job this year! You are a great athlete, keep up the work, get in shape, and you will be a tough wrestler next year. Curt: You had it tough this year man, I don't think you came to wrestle this year, but without even "being there" you got 6th. You are a great wrestler, you just need to keep up the work man! That title is RIGHT THERE, just reach out and grab it! Justin: You just came out this year, but we couldnt' have done half of what we did this year without you! You are a hard worker, and you have the ability to be a monster the next two years! Keep it up and you will be great! To everyone else out there, keep up the work, and you too can be great!

February 26, 2001
From: Chicago Connection
comments: Multi Snaps to Jacob Frerichs!!! We were all rooting for you last weekend and are all EXTREMELY!!! proud of you and all the hard work you have done. You have a big group out West that wishes we could be there with you and your Mom, Dad, Bro and Sis right now and tell you how much we love you. Keep up the good work!!

February 26, 2001
comments: Jeff Noechel finished undefeated in West Virginia. His only lost was to a wrestler from North Carolina. NOECHEL IS A BEAST.

February 26, 2001
From: Randy
email: wrestlinghhs@yahoo.com
comments: i would like to say congrats to huntington high on their state runner up performance. i would also like to say great job to the senior place winners-Joey Thomas,Billy Barrett, and Mitch Hastings(who i rember from way back(when he was a little kid) when me and his brother todd wrestled together at hhs) your leadership will be missed and it was nice seeing you guys wrestle. robbie williams i have a feeling you are going to be working hard in the offseason. and Jason Mays great job Champ! i hope all the wrestlers had a safe trip back home.

February 26, 2001
From: Robert Hickman
email: SHickman@aol.com
comments: Can someone tell me why Capital High School did not have a wrestling team this year?

February 26, 2001
From: South Fan
comments: Congratulations to all the South wrestlers. I can't wait to see you win State next year!

February 26, 2001
From: Nitro Fan
comments: Way to go Nitro! Third in state's as a team, not bad for only having 9 on the team. Matt, Robbie, and Chris, you were great as always. Jacob, third is great for a Freshman, guess you will have to settle for being a three-time state champ. Chris McGhee, Paul, and Mitch, great job this year, you will all be back in the mix next year. And last but not least, to Marhsall and Josh, the two often unmentioned members of the team. The two of you have come a long way in a short time. Just qualifying for the state tournament as in your first year exemplifies the hardwork and dedication you put in. To Hudson and Chuck, two others not often mentioned, thank you for all your time and effort with all of these young men. Hey coach, eight of nine are coming back (Good luck in the future Chris Johnson) and look who comes to high school next year. Thank you all for a wonderful season!!!

February 26, 2001
From: HuskieWrestler
comments: I'd just like to say thanks to my coaches: david hall, joel geary, and steve canterbury. You guys are great. And i'd also like to congratulate mike staley on his state runner-up finish. You almost had it. This year hoover had the most place winners we ever have before (5). You guys that are still gonna be there next year better beat that record.

February 26, 2001
From: Matt Jones
comments: Drew, you did a great job this year!I know it didnt turn out like you wanted, but you still did a wonderful job, i wish i coulda been there to see you wrestle

February 26, 2001
man it is really cool how the top six in your coaches poll for AAA 112 was dead on the top six in the state!

February 26, 2001
email: cbrown2@usa.net
comments: Does anyone have any information on the senior nationals in Pittsburgh, where can I get an entry form? And when they are held and where at in Pitt. Thanks, If you can help me out please write to my e-mail or on the forum.

February 26, 2001
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: Their is one young man I left out of my last post because I thought he deserved one of his very own.Matt Stevens...you are now a 3 time state champion and very deserving of your MOW award.I would have been very disappointed to see Ryan Metz lose to anyone,but losing to you made it a little easier to accept.Your comments about Ryan winning it all next were very classy Matt.Congratulations on an outstanding career and for winning in style as you are also an outstanding young man.

February 26, 2001
comments: Does anyone know if there's ever been another pair of brothers to win a state championship in the same year? I know the Hughes accomplished this task this year, but I was wondering if they are the only ones.

February 26, 2001
comments: Congratulations to the Wirt co wrestlers on your performance at the states. You showed great sportsmanship by shaking your opponent and his coaches hand after the matches whether you won or lost. To coaches Toby Ray and Scott Moore be proud. You had a great group of kids this year. Looking forward to the tigers roaring again next year.

February 26, 2001
comments:complimenting.....hey way to go stevens!...you never lost a match in huntington in three years!..impressive!...build it scheny!!

February 26, 2001
From:one of many south fans
comments: congratulations to parkersburg south winning the team championship again. Next is the time to break the record and make it 4 in a row. it was great to see duncan have a fine tournament and win the championship when other people in the state was picking him to place no higher than 3rd. You showed great intensity and never let up during the matches. also congrats to caset daggett. another deserving winner who came up two weight classes and wrestled at a level that very few can match. to all the rest who will be back next year, keep up the hard work all year and next year will be yours. nathan pickens, we know that you are disappointed about your finish, but we know that no one will even come close to touching you next year. again, congratulations and can't wait for next year.

February 26, 2001
From:Robert St Clair
comments:In responce to the question about the A-AA 112 6th place being vacant. The wrestler in question had to forfeit because he didn't make weight for the final day of competition. If a wrestler doesn't make weight he is removed from competing any futher and forfeits any awards.

February 26, 2001
From:South Wrestling Fan
comments:I have stated many times on here that the semi-finals at the state tourney may look like a finals match and this year was no exception.Many could have taken place Sat.night such as Grogg/Dellaggatti Bosely/Johnson Lane/Duncan Shindler/Pickens and Daggett/Miller.I was impressed by several young men from other schools such as Chris Johnson,Sam Bonasso,Matt Easter,Adam Schindler and Mike Staley and we were all very proud of Jeff Courtney.What a courageous young man.Excited his dad right out of his jacket! I would like to say to the young men at South who didn't quite live their dreams this weekend that you have another year or two to do so and you are still the state championship wrestling team in WV.

February 26, 2001
comments:As a final remark for the year of 2001, I would first like to congratulations to Jeff Noechel on his State Chmpionship, Matt Miller and Chris Satterfield on their second place finishes. Also congrats to the rest of Marion County....Sammy Bonasso, Jonathan Delligati, Jeff Courtney, Andrew Starsick. This was some of the best wrestling I have seen in a long time. You all sould be extremely proud of yourselves. You showed everyone that Region II can hang with anyone. I was very impressed with the class everyone showed and the great coaching you had. Hope everyone heals and enjoys their victories.....until next year.
Aaron Bushko

February 26, 2001
comments:Way to not print the good stuff about south!!! That makes you about as stand up as a lot of other people!!! NOT!!!

February 26, 2001
comments:I heard that the triple A 152 finals match was right down to the wire. I'd just like to say good job to Staley and Schindler for great senior years.

February 26, 2001
From:CaLeB StRiCkEr FaN
comments:You did a good job and we are very proud of you. Keep up the good work. Hope to see you soon.

comments:Caleb good job this season even though I didn't get to come see you wrestle. I hope you pinned some of those guys like you pinned me!!! Talk to ya later!

February 26, 2001
From:B. Byrd
comments:Congratulations to Coach Archer, his coaching staff, Connie and the Huntington High Wrestling Team for your second place finish in the State Tournament. You all did a wonderful job this year. Special thanks are in order for the senior leadership of Joey Thomas, Mitch Hastings and Billy Barrett. It was a pleasure watching you guys for the past three years. Congratulations to Jason Mays on your state title and Robbie Williams for coming back and placing third. I wish you all the best.

February 26, 2001
From:Wirt fan
This is for the comments made on feb. 17 2001 .
wirt co. has the greatest coaching it has ever had now with Toby Ray and Scott moore they are very intense and have alot of love,and respect for there kids. Wirt co. loves there coaches and will sopport them 100%.
Editor's note: O.K., I fear that we have inadvertantly stumbled into a debate on who the greatest coach is. When a person make a statement that in their opinion "John Doe" is the greatest coach in the history of Thusandsuch High, this should not be interpreted as a disrespect to other coaches. Usually, complementing one person should not automatically mean disrespect to another, but perhaps some people may interpret it that way. .

February 26, 2001
If a forfeit removes a contestant from the tournament ..... I feel (the involved school) has good reason to appeal this decision.
Editor's note: You raised some points. Such concerns can be aired by the appropriate school officials to the appropriate sanctioning body.

February 26, 2001
From:Bob Staats
comments:Congratulations to the Ravenswood wrestlers that earned their way to the state tournament. A special congrats to Ash Gandee on his third straight state championship in the 112 pound class and being selected as this year's tourney Most Valuable Wrestler by pinning his way to the title. Look for Dana (Moose) Raban (215) to move into the winners cirle next year.

February 26, 2001
comments:Congratulations to North Marion's Andrew Starsick. From 4th in Regionals to State Champion. Glad to see that injury didn't stop you. Way to Go Champ!

February 26, 2001
From:Alicia Miller
comments:*Congrats to Matt Morris on his placing among the top 3 in the 112 lb. weight class this year at States! Way to go Matt. You knew you'd bring something home, and you did. Way to be!

*Congrats to Donnie Peck, placing among the top 3 at States in the A/AA 215 lb. weight class.

*Congrats to the Biddle Boys and Ash Gandee on their placing at States also, you guys have the coolest names!!!

*Note to the Editor.... A few days ago I submitted a message that was never posted, and there was nothing negative written in, I'm very upset that it was never posted, and would really like to know why.
Editor's note: Dunno. I looked in the trash file and could not find any deleted posts from Alicia Miller. We had several days last week when no email or forum posts were coming through, and I'm not sure that even now all the mail is coming in.

February 26, 2001
From:supportive sister
comments:I just wanted to congratulate my brother, Chris Johnson, on a fantastic job at the states! You really had some excellent matches,. You showed not only that you're an outstanding wrestler but also a humble winner. It's been a joy to watch you wrestle over the past 10 years but especially your high school career. What an impressive record to end up with 180-5! I was dreading last night because I hated to see your career come to an end, although it did end with your dream coming true, another state title! Thanks for all the wonderful memories, I'll definately miss watching you wrestle Good luck in all you pursue in the future and may all of your hopes and dreams come true!! I love you with all my heart.

February 26, 2001

February 25, 2001
From:willy fan
comments:posted for the forum.
congrats to williamstown high! 9 for 9 2 straight years in a row. to casey and jessie biddle way to go!!!!!!! imagine a freshman and a sophmore coming home in 2nd place. you two should be proud of yourselves

February 25, 2001
comments:Good job to all of the Hoover wrestlers on a great season. And special thanks to Coach Hall, Geary, and Canterbury!

February 25, 2001
From:Heath Cliver's fan
comments:To everyone that watched Heath wrestle, I'd just like to let you know he was happy to be in the finals and very excited that he got to be in the parade of champions. That was the most amazing thing to him. He got to wrestle someone new, and experience something he never had before. I'm so proud of him.

From:Cameron Mat Fan
comments:Congratulations Cameron Wrestling Team! Four State Champions. Congratulations to Casey Hughes - you wrestled great and the Cameron Fans are very proud of you. Great Job Wyatt O'Neil, Roger Kupfer and Tyler Hughes! Coach Potts -- with 7 of 9 state placewinners returning -- hard work and dedication next year will bring home a 1st place Team Championship! Go Dragons!

comments:Congratulations to the Cameron Wrestling Team!!!!!!!! State Champions Casey Hughes, Tyler Hughes, Roger Kupfer, and Wyatt O'Neil. You guys should be proud. Casey Hughes stay focused and work hard. You have a great opportunity. (4 time state champ) Hard work and dedication will get you there. Congratulations to all of Cameron's placewinners in the State Tournament. Noah O'Neil, Joel O'Neil, Justin Kotson, Tucker Brown all 5th place and Curt Meyer 6th place. Next year may be a 1st Place Team Championship.

February 25, 2001
From:Dean Moore Patriot Wrestling Club
comments:I would like to remind all wrestlers that one of the STRONGEST National Tournaments is coming up. The District Tournament is in Parkersburg March 17 at Parkersburg South High School. The regional tournament will be at Millersville University on April 7&8. the top 4 of this tournament will advance to the All Area Finals of the Middle Atlantic National Championships to be held at East Stroudsburg University on April 20 and 21. The Top 4 from each regional will advance to this tournament. This Tournament has always had over 11,000 kids in it. Not many High School wrestlers from West Virginia have Won this Tournament. the High School division is FOR REAL!! Thanks for another Year of Outstanding wrestling at the State Tournament. There is information on this tournament on the wrestling form!!!!

February 25, 2001
comments:Wrestling enthusiasts from Friendly, WV wish to congratulate champions Dustin Bartrug and Matt Stevens. Also congrats on a fine tourney: Tommy Stiles, Chad Snider, Pete Hashman, Craig Wallace, Lou Thomas, and Darren Marks.

February 25, 2001
From:impressed friend
comments:Congratulations Adam Schindler on a fine performance at states. You have a lot to be proud of, hard work and discipline got you there,your will to win kept you there. The backflip was impressive,but not as impressive as watching you defend your state title at a higher level. You raised my eyebrows a few times. Congradulations CHAMP !!!

February 25, 2001
From:MaGNoliA ObSErvEr
comments:Nice job Weaver. Don't be so disapointed, you made it very far and still have another year left. She will be all yours next year.

February 25, 2001
From:Mat Maid Gurl
comments:Hey ripley guys ya did well. congrats to matt smith, josh casto, and schindler. all of us are really proud of you guys and hope that you guys do this well or better next year. oh yeah and next year hopefully we'll get to spell everyone's name on our chests!!!! hahaha! way to go RIPLEY

February 25, 2001
To whom it may concern,
I was a competitor in the A/AA 135 lb. weight class in the State Tournament and was wondering if all the matches are taped and if specific matches can be bought to watch. There were some matches of mine that I wanted to see and have but was unable to get anyone to tape them for me. Being a senior, this was my last year of wrestling; I barely missed placement by one match. If you could give me some information as to whether I could purchase specific matches from the tournamnet, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.
Richard Lockhart, Wahama

February 25, 2001
comments:does anyone know why the 112lb AA was vacant???
Editor's note: According to the rule book, "A forfeit shall eliminate a contestant from further competition in a tournament, except when the forfeit is because of an injury or illness which occurred during the tournament."

February 25, 2001
comments:I would like to congratulate Jeff Noechel on his State Championship victory this weekend. I would also like to congratulate Matt Miller and Chris Satterfield on there 2nd place finishes, you boys did a heckuva job this weekend also all 3 defeated there South nemesis, way to go BEEEEEEEES!!!!!!!!

February 25, 2001
From:independance wrestler
dont worry, being a sophmore and getting 2nd at the states in the 145 weight class is nothing to be ashamed of! that is a tough weight bracket buddy...dont worry, hang in there you have two more years! i saw mike miller, your brother there as well and he looks pretty good. miss watching him out of the mat though!

February 25, 2001
From:Wrestling Fan
comments:I attended the state tournament and was amazed at the wonderful wrestling that took place. The match between Miller and Courtney was a good one. Way to go courtney!! The heavyweight match between Wellman and Satterfield was explosive. What a great match that was! Way to wrestle boys!

February 25, 2001
comments:Congratulations to Tyler Hughes, Casey Hughes, Roger Kupfer, and Wyatt O'Neil on their STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS! Roger, great tournament, you have earned this it by far and away! Wyatt, senior year, you have worked so hard for this, its finally yours! Tyler and Casey, congratulations on being the first brothers in quite some time (if ever) to win state championships in the same year! Tyler, you have had it so hard for all this time, you finally claimed what has been rightfully yours! And Casey, what an exciting match! Nobody thought you could do it, but you beat Lynch, you beat Lowers, and you proved to the state you were the best! Congratulations again to these 4 amazing wrestlers!

February 25, 2001
From:M S
comments:I would just like to say thank you to everyone who supported me and if you didnt support me thats alrigth too i jus wanna thank everyone who has ever helped me and especially my dad for always pushing me to do my best I LOVE YA DAD and too all the guys on the team good luck next year thanks for letting be your captain and craig we have been through all three years together man i love ya dude and i gotta give one more shout out to sweaty butt and green jeans haha......thanks to all my dogs supportin me at states

February 25, 2001

February 25, 2001
comments:hey way to go adam schindler matt smith and josh casto you did a good job. Schindler you did a great back flip. Now everyone knows who the best in the state is. Well hope you come back to see all of the rest of us wrestle next year. And id like to say a good job to all the other vikings that went to states even though you didnt place you did good. And matt smith you did an excellent job

February 25, 2001
From:South Wrestling Fan
comments:Congratulations to Parkersburg South on winning your 3rd straight title.Special congrats to John Duncan and Casey Daggett on becoming state champions.To all the coaching staff...your reward is the state championship..Thank you! Congratulations to Mr. Courtney of Fair.Sr on a great victory over your nemisis Matt Miller.You showed the heart of a champion.Your victory celebration was shared by all of us.Erica Dye...the 1st female to place in the state tourney..and if you wouldn't have faced the champion the 1st round...well...you should still be very proud young lady.

February 25, 2001
From:Micki's Aunt
comments:Congratulations to Jeff Courtney on your outstanding performance at the States. You are a Champion and MOW. We were all pulling for you. Once again congratulations & keep up the good work and go get them again next year.

February 25, 2001
From:Jason Roberts
comments:CONGRATS!!!! A huge congratulations goes out to my boys. Way to go guys I knew you could do it. A special congratulations to Coach Shaw, very well deserved. Im soo proud of you guys for getting number 5 and breaking that record we all worked so hard for. Way to go champs Eric, Kyle, Derrick, Ronnie, Phil, and Joe. Also congrats to Chris Johnson, I told you you'd get it. Congratulations to all champions and to the teams of Oak Glen and Parkersburgh South. Two powerhouses that wont go away anytime soon.

February 25, 2001
From:butch pennington
comments:we here so much about parkersburg south lets look at musselmans team they had 2 go to states and one of those was 103 jeff clark this kid has only been wrestling for two years his first year at states and he placed 5th i think thats a great feat so lets keep these kids in mind that did not place first or the team that placed last they all did a great job

February 25, 2001
comments:Congratulations Matt Stevens on your 3X State Champion WIN!!!! and "Outstanding Wrestler Award" ... tuff stuff

February 25, 2001
From:Kyle Frerichs
comments:Congratulations to the NITRO wrestling team!!! Jacob, Matt, Chris, Paul, Mitch, Robbie, Chris, Josh, and Marshall. All of you qualified and performed in OUTSTANDING fashion! We are proud of you all and are looking forward to next season. Also special congrats to Matt, Chris, and Robbie for Championship performances and to Jacob for being the only freshman in AAA to place in the top three. With a full team next year might go from making a little noise to the shot heard round West Virginia!!! Remember, it's only 364 more days to the finals and training starts TODAY!!!
I would also like to congratulate all of the finalists, there were some outstanding matches wrestled throughout the weekend in all weight classes and we as fans are very appreciative of the hard work and dedication each of you have put in over the years. For the seniors thanks for the memories and for the underclassmen we look forward to next year!!!

February 25, 2001
comments:Big Congratulations go out to the Cameron Dragon Wrestling team who placed second in the state tournament with no less than FOUR STATE CHAMPS! Way to go Casey Hughes, Roger Lee Kupfer, Wyatt O'Neil, and Tyler Hughes!

February 25, 2001
comments:It hasn't been fair of me to call Sean Agoney the "Rabid Wolverine",after seeing Sean's performance at state. Sean would rip a rabid wolverine to bits. As for "The One", "One" thing is for certain, he may not have placed in 200 "1" but, he came within 2 points of it, not bad considering "one" year ago, not "one" person on the forum had "one" thing to say about him. An early "super prediction", not "one" person will stand higher than "the one" at the medal stand at states next year. Unless the guy he beats in the finals is really tall.

February 25, 2001
From:Duane Kaufman
comments:Congradulations Patriots....As a graduate of the Class of "77" and living 650 miles away in Wisconsin the computer has kept me in touch with you. You earn the respect of wrestling teams in Wisconsin. When I mention that I am from South Parkersburg, WV they always mention the outstanding wrestling program that we have. Hey Tim...Bring them to Wisconsin and show them what wrestling is really like. I can set it up for you. Again, Way to go Patriots.

February 25, 2001
From:Cam fan
comments:Tyler Hughes,Casey Hughes- What can I say? Last weekend you guys came out of regionals 2nd place finishers, this weekend, you show the state that you guys are the best wrestlers in the state in your weight class. Tyler, you knew you were due and you came through when the cards were down. Casey, winning it as a FRESHMAN? Wow!!!! I was impressed how you took it to Lowers after he dominated you last weekend. Way to stay determined and reach your goal! Roger Kupfer- Wyatt O'Neil. You guys were due as well and you guys capitalized on a great opportunity as well. Aren't you glad you came back out for wrestling Wyatt??? :) Roger, way to wrestle Wood tough and keep the pressure on. He eventually cracked and you took advantage of it by keeping on him. Great job fellas!!!!!

February 25, 2001
comments:Way to go Mike Staley from Herbert Hoover....No one give you credit on here but you showed what you were made of......

February 25, 2001
From:Disapointed fan
comments:IM a former WV state place winner and am now in the military and was pleased last season with continuios updates after each round but what the heck happened this year I am very disapointed try to get back next year, Congrats to Easter a future 4X state Champ Will someone please stop Oak Glen and PSouth Next Year damn im tired of them winning.
Editor's note: In answer to your question, we had data transmission problems from the hotel to the server.

February 25, 2001
From:Steve Gaudreau
comments:I have listings of OVAC Champions as far back as 1954 if anyone is interested, needs info, or copies of same.

February 23, 2001
From:big wes
comments:how can u rank householder so low but yet he only lost to well man at states last year by 1 point.i think billy barbour the one will place third or so cuase he is about the strongest kid [besides lane]i have ever seen wrestle

February 23, 2001
comments:i think u need to show some respect to werstern greenbrieru have them tied for eighteenth on the top 20 schools when cabell midland and braxton co. are ranked above them when western greenbrier beat both of those teams they lost to harper's ferry by 3 and shady springs by one so they need to be moved up they are seriously under rated bad

February 23, 2001
From:tony hale
comments:I am a parkersburg south grad(84) and have recently moved to florida. I have been following south this year via internet. I am proud of the wrestling program there and am looking forward to seeing them crowned state champs again. good luck nathan pickens and the rest of the team!!!

February 22, 2001
From:husky fan
comments:Way to go Lane.........nobody can stop you and you know it!!!!!! First take out Duncan and then you and Abshire can square off and we all know how the outcome will be.

February 22, 2001
comments:Superman, You are talking "The One" up pretty big. I hope his oponents are reading YOUR comments. Good luck to all this weekend.

February 22, 2001
From:Uncle D
comments:Hey Superman
You make me laugh!

February 22, 2001
email:Hey Spector
comments:Check the brackets before you do your predictions.

February 22, 2001
comments:i just have one question. whats the reasoning behind picking thomas of huntington to win state at 189. ibelieve it will be marks and thomas or miller in the finals maybe i am being a little impartial because darren is my little brother. but i know he has learned from my mistakes at states. its known that he is physically tuff but he is eaqually mentally tuff. i feel sorry for the men who stand in is way. hes fired up how the coaches poll has snubbed him the whole season. the mind set he has now is unbelievable. he knows there is not one wrestler who can hold a candle to him on the mat. so he we go darren make your dreams come true. im already the proudest brother in the world. so dont hold back, your the best. i love you and ill be there for you.

p.s. i'll be at state thursday evening, if somebody would like to explain the reasoning of the predictions to me....... i'm just curious. JASON

February 22, 2001
comments:I would just like to let all you A/AA fans that there is going to be a HUGE surprise Fri. when Foster(152) from Braxton wins the semi-finals and goes on to the finals. The kid is a animal!!!!!!!!!GOOD LUCK TO ALL BCHS WRESTLERS!!!!!

February 22, 2001
From=EP Fan
comments=Well it's here. Most, but not all of the best wrestlers are on their way to the states. To you few guys who should have but didn't make it for one reason or another NOW is the time to begin to work harder, put in that extra effort and prepare for next season. But before I end I must thank all of those pepple who helped prepare the Eastern Panhandle wrestlers for this trip. I don't mean their High School coaches ( although without you all none of this would be possible) but thanks to all of the people who volenteered their time to youth leagues. Thanks to Greg Hess, you started it all. Thanks to Pete Moats, Doug Jones, Tony Regalbuto, and everyone who ever put on a Berkeley County "BEARS" coaches shirt.You guys are where it all began. We miss you all at the 'BEARS"

February 22, 2001
comments=Good Luck to Jason Litten from Frankfort. Go down to Huntington and win number two JASON!

February 22, 2001
From=The Rock
comments=My AAA champs
130-The Hess/Kennedy winner

February 22, 2001
comments=STERNTHAL IS BACK !!!

February 22, 2001
From=Ballam faimly
comments=Congratulations to the Hedgesville Eagles for their regional win. Special thanks to the Regalbuto family for all their support and dedication they have given to the area wrestlers the past several summers. Any wrestler willing to work was allowed to come to their home and work out. Thanks also to Pete Moats and Greg Hess for their dedication to the sport. They started the Berkeley County Bears and look how many area wrestlers made it to states which came out of their junior league program. Good Luck to you all!!!!

February 22, 2001
comments=JONATHAN DELLIGATTI-good luck at states i know you can do it just keep moving and pin em love ya

February 22, 2001
comments=good luck to the whs wrestlers at state you guys can do it, JESSE BIDDLE-keep your head in it buddy and take her down!!! CASEY BIDDLE-good luck i know you can do it!!! ALAN TRACEWELL SHANE SMITH LEE LAUDERMAN TIM HADDOX-the next whs state champ!!!! all the way TYLER WESTBROOK RYAN DELEBREAU
south team good luck to you guys to you have all worked very hard and as a first year watcher of south you guys have been awesome i wish you all the best of luck and bring home the state boys!!! BRYCE PICKENS-good luck NATHAN PICKENS-good luck you have worked very hard and its all going to pay off just keep your head in it and pin em!!!!! CASEY DAGGETT-good luck i know you can do it!!! CHRIS DAGGETT-good luck !!!!

February 22, 2001
comments="The One" Billy Barbour--- Hopefully, you guys will get to wrestle again when you are both healthy.... or sick :) Seriously though, "Sir William" you are a perfect example of where hard work and determination can get someone. I know for a fact that no "one" wants to face "The One" healthy or sick, at states because chances are they will end up implanted into the mat.
"The Rabid Wolverine" Sean Agoney--- Great job making it back to states again. Tough loss to Futten but don't worry you'll get another chance at him. You've been under rated all year long, you are capable of beating anybody, except Moats.
"The Human Suplex Machine" Travis Durst--- Regional Champion, that's right. But you ain't done yet. Nobody can match strength with you, its going to be you and Daggett in the finals.
Justin Kessler--- You are coming on at the right time. Nice job pinning Ott and good match against Lord. Everybody's predicting Ripley, Mayle, Lord, or Ott at 140, it seems that everybody forgot about you. Well, they know who you are now and they're going to know who you are at states.
Last year, every state qualifier for Martinsburg placed at states and this year "The Rabid Wolverine" Sean Agoney, the man with the best arm bars in the state, "The Human Suplex Machine" Travis Durst, the man with the best throws in the state, Justin Kessler, the best darn technical wrestler in the state, and "The One" Billy Barbour, the man with the best ring entrance in the state are all going to place.

February 22, 2001
From=South Wrestling Fan
comments=To AB: Thanks for explaining yourself in the same class that I saw you wrestle...a champion.No,you probably don't know me and I have never revealed my name on here before,but my name is Steve Gates(no kin to Bill!).I have followed high school wrestling since my senior year at Parkersburg South in 1970.I do remember how tough you were in high school AB and enjoyed watching you wrestle.You were always the aggressor.
Texas....I have turkey hunted down their several times.Love the state.Hope you can make it back to WV for the state tourney,and if you do,look me up and say hello.As a true lover of WV wrestling,I respect the quality of Marion County wrestlers and only hope the respect is mutual.Best wishes to you on your endeavors AB.

February 22, 2001
From=The Spector
comments=HEY HEY!!! I'M BAAAAAAACK... Anyway though, PHANATICK I totally disagree with your rankings. The first thing is the 112 class. Ballam lost to Dellegatti at regionals, so that's the first thing that's wrong. The second thing I noticed was your 135 class. Billy Barbour, defeated Dellegatti in third period. Also Barbour, get's a very close match with Abshire. At Jefferson Abshire beat Barbour 5-3. At regionals, Barbour made a few mistakes and ended up losing 9-3. Not the last thing I seen wrong with them were, your 140 class. Justin Kessler, placed second in our region with a very close match to Danny Lord. So I don't see how you think he is not going to place. Then we have your 152 class. You have Durst below Osuch, when Durst has defeated him the last two times they have stepped on the mat opposing each other. It's been a pleasure, Later days.

February 21, 2001

PHANATIK's AAA State Tournament Predictions

1 Bonasso FS
2 Frerichs NIT
3 Gorayeb WP
4 Cappas MGT
5 Howard JM
6 Shumate NM
Semis: Bonasso vs. Cappas; Frerichs vs. Gorayeb
1 Easter NIT
2 Grogg PS
3 Ballam HED
4 Delligatti FS
5 Turnbull UNV
6 Wilson NM
Semis: Grogg vs. Delligatti; Easter vs. Ballam
1 Stevens PKB
2 Metz PS
3 Stanley CM
4 Casto RIP
5 Kennedy WP
6 Drappo HED
Semis: Stevens vs. Casto; Metz vs. Stanley
1 Johnson NIT
2 Kinsley UNV
3 Bosley PS
4 Barrett HUNT
5 Smith RIP
6 Williamson PKB
Semis: Bosley vs. Johnson; Kinsley vs. Barrett
1 Kennedy WP
2 Gibbs CM
3 Williams HUNT
4 Hess HED
5 Pickens PS
6 George PKB
Semis: Kennedy vs. Hess; Gibbs vs. Pickens
1 Abshire JEF
2 Duncan PS
3 Lane HH
4 Shell BU
5 Muldrew JM
6 Delligatti FS
Semis: Duncan vs. Lane; Abshire vs. Delligatti
1 Lord HED
2 Ripley NIT
3 Mayle BU
4 Ott NM
5 Bliss BRK
6 Moore WP
Semis: Ott vs. Ripley; Mayle vs. Lord
1 George JM
2 Mays HUNT
3 Moats HED
4 Futten EF
5 Agoney MAR
6 DeWeese PP
Semis: George vs. Moats; Mays vs. Futten
1 Pickens PS
2 Hickman NM
3 Schindler RIP
4 McDonald JEF
5 Staley HH
6 Holt FS
Semis: Pickens vs. Schindler; Hickman vs. Holt
1 Daggett PS
2 Taylor JM
3 Wallace PKB
4 Osuch JEF
5 Durst MAR
6 Bonecutter PP
Semis: Daggett vs. Osuch; Taylor vs. Bonecutter
1 Courtney FS
2 Daggett PS
3 Miller EF
4 Thomas PKB
5 Linger ELK
6 Day JEF
Semis: Dagget vs. Miller; Thomas vs. Courtney
1 Thomas HUNT
2 Marks PKB
3 Miller PRE
4 Key NC
5 Starsick NM
6 Boyd WP
Semis: Marks vs. Key; Miller vs. Thomas
1 Noechel EF
2 McCartney PS
3 Moales HH
4 Householder JEF
5 Wells JM
6 Hastings HUNT
Semis: McCartney vs Householder; Moales vs. Noechel
1 Morrison PS
2 Wellman CM
3 Satterfield EF
4 McCourt BU
5 Adkins LOG
6 Hoover KEY
Semis: Morrison vs. Satterfield; Wellman vs. McCourt

1 Parkersburg South 220
2 Huntington 96
3 Fairmont Senior 95
4 Nitro 94
4 Parkersburg 94
6 Hedgesville 92
7 John Marshall 87
8 East Fairmont 86
9 Jefferson 81
10 Wheeling Park 78
11 North Marion 70
12 Cabell Midland 67
13 Ripley 66
14 Herbert Hoover 54
15 Buckhannon 48
16 University 39
17 Point Pleasant 32
18 Morgantown 26
18 Martinsburg 26
20 Preston 21

Notes: Look for one of the closest races ever for 2nd place…Nitro's fab-4 alone will score 90-plus points…John Marshall will make a run at knocking off Parkersburg South next year - the Monarchs have 1 senior in the line-up…

February 21, 2001
From=B. Byrd
comments=Good luck at the State Tournament Huntington High.

February 21, 2001
From=Joe Roberts
comments=Good luck to Jansen Arnold in the states.

February 21, 2001
From=Wirt Wrestling Fan
comments=Best of luck to Erica Dye and all of the Wirt wrestlers!!!!!!! Wrestle hard,pin to win and make Wirt Co. proud!!!!!!!!

February 21, 2001
comments=I will have to disagree with the person who said that Tommy Stitles from C-B is the best 130 pounder in the state.If he makes it to the semi-finals I believe that Lowers from Oak Glen will beat him by at least 5 points. No, I'm not from Oak Glen just a wrestling fan who calls them as I see them!!!!!!!

February 21, 2001
From=Jason Roberts
comments=I would just like to say good luck to all wrestlers going into the state tournament. Good luck to Coach Shaw and Wells and the rest of the golden bears. You guys have given it all this year and the community and myself are real proud. I wish I could be down there rootin you guys on but I know you guys will do very well. Also, id like to say good luck to Corey Auvil and Chris Johnson, two friends of mine that I know will do very well at states. Everyone have a great and safe weekend!! Go Bears and get number 5!!!

February 21, 2001
comments=I just want to say we are very proud of our WAHAMA wrestlers and the coaching staff! Good Luck at the STATES Adam Rickard, Carl Rickard, Bradford Clark, Richard Lockhart, Robert Brinker and Brandon Hodge! You have all gave it everything that you have and don't ever forget the scripture on the back of your shirts! Philippians 4:13, believe it!

February 21, 2001
From=Christy Wilson
comments=I have seen a couple of comments in the forum about a wrestler and I think they said from Lubeck, that was not receiving encouragement and therefore, quit wrestling. I am a proud parent of a Lubeck wrestler and I believe we have the best program in Parkersburg. I say this because we have some of the best coaches. I do not always agree with everything that Rick, Scott, Bud, Bill, Randy, Randy, Terry and Kevin do with these boys and girls; however, I wholeheartedly believe that they are there for one reason only and that is to make these kids the best wrestlers that they can be. Some kids are cut out for the sport and others are not. Wrestlers are a special breed and they must have the drive. If they do not have the drive, they will never make it, no matter how much encouragement they are receiving from their coaches. Someone asked about why Parkersburg South is such a strong wrestling team and all of those coaches will tell you that it is because of the strong feeder programs. I love our coaches and I believe they give their all to the program and to making these wrestlers they best they can with what the wrestlers are willing to give. My son is not perfect, but he is good and they coaches see potential in him. They don't spend their entire practice building up his self-esteem. They spend their practice building his wrestling skills. It's my job to build his self-esteem. The coaches are there to coach and Lubeck coaches are the best in the business. I wouldn't trade them fb>February 27, P.S. Good luck in the state boys and girls!!!!!!

February 21, 2001
to Matt Stevens
Being able to call yourself a 3 Time State Champion is a pretty prestigious award, there are not many men out there with that accomplishment, you have an opportunity to become one of the few, you have worked very hard over the years and have paid the price to get where you are today, You are a true champion of the sport, on and off the mat, take what is yours.

February 21, 2001
From fan
comments Good luck Casey Hughes this weekend at states!

February 21, 2001
From ccourtney comments To Jeff and Ryan Courtney:
Good Luck this coming weekend in states and regional competition. The two of you have invested a great deal of time and have exhausted much effort into this great sport. Remember, the key to success in these big tournaments is to take each match one at a time, remain mentally sharp, and take each man as equal value. The two of you have special qualities hidden within I hope you reveal those this weekend. The only thing left is to prove it to yourself, no one else. I already know the champion inside the two of you. In addition, I would like to extend congratulations and best of luck to my cousins Ben and Brandon Geary this coming weekend. Best of Luck Boys, Chris

February 21, 2001
From: AB
For some reason the forms aren't working......anyway,
TO South Fan: To let the cat out of the bag, Matt Miller and Jeff Noechel are my cousins and when someone posts something about them and my comments are not posted i return, I got a little angry. It was nothing personal to South and I commend them on their season and fan support. I just heard some drama about the West / South match and was (puzzled about how some off-the-mat events transpired in regards to East spectators). Anyway, I think the competition is great this year and since I live in Texas now, I am very excited to see this state tournament. I wish I could have seen more this year. I wish all the WV wrestlers the best of luck and for and injury free tournamnet. I am very proud of East, West, and North and look forward to this weekend. I also want to wish Matt, Jeff, and the rest of the guys good luck. I appreciate all that Doc for has done to post what he can, I realize he can't print everything, but out in Texas, I depend on him for info. One last thing, do I know you and when did you see me wrestle? Just wondering.

February 20, 2001
To: macattack
From: Region 1 Observer
I thought the Region 1 tournament ran very well on two mats. There are only 7 teams in region 1 so why do you need 3 mats or more? All tournament workers were volunteers from University AND Morgantown high schools. These people are volunteering their time to our sport and you are accusing them of WHAT?? Maybe you should look at the team scores and you would see University came in Fifth and Morgantown even lower. Everything done in that tournament was FIRST CLASS!!! I have been tournaments all over the state and this ran just as well as any other if not better. By adding more mats what difference would that make other than getting out of the tournament earlier. If you don't enjoy watching wrestling then you should not attend. Besides the fact that these kids need resting time between matches. What experience do you have running tournaments?

February 20, 2001
To All East Fairmont Wrestlers:
YOU GUYS ARE FANTASTIC!!! I am so proud of each and every one of you! I stand tall with BEE PRIDE each time I hear your names and I am sure that after this weekend I will stand even taller!! I BEElieve you can do it and you KNOW you can!! I BEE watching!!!
Love, Mom

February 20, 2001
from: Dad, mom, and Ang
comment: We just wanted to wish Chris Johnson good luck at the state tournament this weekend. Also congratulations on your career record of 177-5, which is a state record. GO DO IT--you're the best! We love you!!

February 20, 2001
From: Ritchie County Fan
I can't believe someone making comments about a wrestler from another team such as the one posted on the January 22nd forum. Not only is there no credibility to the comment, it is totally asinine. Before casting stones, need I remind you of some that team's actions of recent that have been well documented? I also feel the editor excersised very poor judgement by allowing the comment mentioned above to be posted. He claims to sort out the name calling, but obviously missed this one. An apology is in order.
Editor's note: I regret that you are upset about that post. I have removed said post and apologize to the Ritchie County wrestlers, coaches, and fans.

February 20, 2001
FROM: A Marion County Fan
Congrats to 3 Marion County Wrestlers that showed a lot of HEART at Regionals -- Andrew Starsick (NM), Jonathan Holt (FS) , and Anthony Delligatti (FS). --- Each overcame injury and/or sickness to qualify. Good luck at states.

February 19, 2001
Good luck to all the U.H.S. Hawks this weekend. Congratulations Kyle; Nathan; Jeff; Josiah; Scotty; Jason; Donnie; Matt and Brian! Wrestle hard and have fun. God bless. -- Ken, Tonia and Kenny Griffin

February 19, 2001
From: Bee Fan
comments: I would like to congratulate all three Marion Co. teams for their showing at the Regionals in Keyser. I know East and North didn't do quite as well as they would have hoped but work hard this week and you'll do great this weekend. Special good luck to all of our great senior wrestlers this is the last time that many of you will ever step on the mat again. I know it's hard for you all to realize it but one of these days you'll wish you could go back if even just for one match. Have fun and make this coming weekend something to remember.

February 19, 2001
From: Ravenswood Wrestling Fan
comments: Congratulations to the Ravenswood Wrestling Team on their many wins at the Regionals. For a small in numbers team you're sending an impressive number to the States. Good Luck Guys! Your're hard work has paid off and will continue to do so at the States! You all can do it if you want it bad enough. Show 'em what you got!!!

February 19, 2001
From: Anthony Regalbuto
email: aregalbu@wvu.edu
comments: Kevin Ballam- You have put yourself in another tough situation with out the win at regionals. It is alright. To be the best you have to beat the best. What film study your opponents and study yourself more importantly. You have errors in your wrestling and to win states this year you must have non. Wrestle to win but don't over wrestle. You will be fine

Jason Drappo- You have done a good job this year. Don't stop now with just one more week to go. You will have Stevens in the Quarters. WHO CARES. You have nothing to lose. Go out there and have fun and place as high as you can. Good season.

Jared Hess- Long time friend and wrestling partner. You have gotten a pretty good draw. Take advantage of it and i will see you in the finals Saturday night. Kennedy is tough but so are you. You have to much experience to lose to him. See ya Saturday night.

Bryan Moats- My brother. They have you ranked 2nd in the state and you will see George in the Semi's who is ranked 1st. Just what you want. I will see you saturday night also. Go get'em smoke dog. It's your last one

Andrew Everhart- They spelled your name wrong on the bracket. Just extra insentive to go harder. You have a tough first match but give it all you have. Bounce back strong and do your best and place as high as you can.

Jason Baker- I am really proud of you. I knew you could do it. I have had faith in you the hole time. You beat the kid that was ranked 1st in the state and got cought in the finals. All that tells me is that you are the best wrestler in the state. You have a tough way to the finals but nobody is tougher than you. Marks is good but not good enough. Key will be a tough match but did he beat Sternthal. NOPE. You did and use that as motivation and i will see you with some more eagles in the finals. Great job.

Chuch Files. Great regional. But don't stop now. You can place. You have done a great job this year and nothing better than to have a medal at the end of the season. Keep it up and have great tournament.

As for the team. Great job and it's about time we won that tournament. But just remember that the state tournament is just another tournament. There will be alot of upsets and i expect you guys getting them. Don't make it harder than the tournament really is. Stay focused worry about yourself and your opponent and everything will be fine. Good Luck. Also. Rank us 6th in the state again. Ignorance is very common in Rankings. Now lets show them how it is done.

February 19, 2001
From: macattack
comments: congratulations to the region 1 wrestlers and good luck at the state! what is the deal with the organization at the region 1 tournament. Needs to be someplace where they can get 3 mats at least. Also strange things happened on the clocks when the home team was wrestling at times.

February 19, 2001
comments: Sammy Bonasso of Fairmont Senior beat Frerichs 7-4

February 19, 2001
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: Looking at the matchups which could take place on Friday night during the semis..one could only assume that some of the "state championships" will take place then instead of Saturday night.Until WV installs a seeding for the state tourney we will continue to see this.I can only comment on the South wrestlers who may face some other grapplers in the semis that may look like the finals match.Grogg vs.Dellagatti...Bosely vs. Johnson...Duncan vs.Lane...N.Pickens vs.Schindler...Ch.Daggett vs.Miller...Morrison vs.Satterfield are some great matchups that may take place(unless upsets occure)that are legit finals matches.Some wrestlers are going to finish 3rd when they are actually the 2nd best wrestler in the state.Happens every year.Sorry I rambled on about this but it is true. Also..what's up AB ? Doc doesn't print every post on here including mine.And what's with the PSHS comment? Doc is not from Parkersburg and why trash South?!?! I have watched you wrestle and never saw that from you.This Marion Co.vs.Wood Co.thing is crazy enough.Lets just enjoy the competition.Thanks!

February 19, 2001
From: spectator
comments: Congrats to Braxton County on their first place finish in regionals. I knew you boys could do it. A big congrats goes out to the coaches. Beane keep it up. You're the best. Now take your boys down to Huntington and show em' what real wrestling looks like. Don't hold back now boys this is it. Give all you got. God bless and keep your heads high. Go eagles!

February 19, 2001
comments: Way to go South! I can't wait for states I know it will be just as impressive as regionals! Congrats to Casey and Chris Daggett and good luck next weekend I know you can both go all the way! You're both the best! Give it all you've got against Miller Chris and I know who will win!

February 19, 2001
From: Clark-103
comments: congrats to all of the hedgesville jefferson martinsburg and musselman wrestlers who made it to states. Guys all you need going into states all you need is heart just remember that one. Pruitt and i will see yawl in states.

February 19, 2001
From: Rick
comments: Who won the Most Outstanding Wrestler in each of the AAA regions? Especially Region 2?? Thanks.

February 19, 2001
From: Joe Guttmann
email: guttman1@marshall.edu
comments: I'm a Marshall University graduate student who has contributed to this forum a few times this year under the name "Another Hedgesville Fan." I am currently doing a cultural geography research paper about prep wrestling in Parkersburg. Looking over the list of team state championships I've noticed that the Parkersburg schools combined have won over half of them not including AA. I'm curious about the reasons why they have been consistently dominant. What level of emphasis does the community place on wrestling? Is it the same for all sports? I've also been impressed with the level of fan support given to the two schools particularly the numbers of fans that travel to away matches. The Parkersburg schools will have more fans at states than the Cabell county schools. Many schools just have a small core of parents relatives and fans attending matches. Basically I'd like to know why/how wrestling in Parkersburg differs from the rest of the state. I'd appreciate comments and opinions from people in and out of Parkersburg. I look forward to talking to many of you at the state tournament. My email address is guttman1@marshall.edu Thank you.
Editor's note: Please reply directly to Mr Guttmann....

February 19, 2001
comments: Congratulations to the Wheeling Park wrestling team and their coaches for a fantastic job this year and their second place finish at the Region I tournament. Best of luck at states!

February 19, 2001
From: Ken Tonia and Kenny Griffin
comments: Good luck to all the U.H.S. Hawks this weekend. Congratulations Kyle; Nathan; Jeff; Josiah; Scotty; Jason; Donnie; Matt and Brian. Wrestle hard and have fun. May God bless each of you. Sincerely the Griffin Family

February 19, 2001
From: Brandon Cox

February 19, 2001
From: For Ryan Metz
comments: Proverbs 24:16 "For a righteous man falls seven times and rises again" Even the best can suffer defeat but always bounce back! Take it one match at a time.

February 19, 2001
From: Hedgesville wrestler reportedly
comments: i would just like to congratulate the hedgesville eagles for their impressive win at the region II tournament. congratulations to bryan moats jared hess and myself for winning individually and also to kevin ballam jason drappo and jason baker for placing second. kevin i know you can win the whole thing so do it drappo you just had one bad match thats all you will see him again at states baker you already beat the #1 kid in the state and i know you can win it all. special congrats to coach W im going to miss you a lot and im glad the whole team pulled through and won you that regional tittle. its a hellava way to end it and im glad to be a part of it. i would also like to congratulate johnny dunham hey man your like a brother to me and you gave it all you had and you had a hellava year same to shawn schell nice job you had a great year. stump ive known you for a long time and i wish you could have made it your a great wrestler and a great friend. i would also like to congratulate chucky files and andrew everhart for their third place finishes you guys helped the team out a lot. im going to say something about coach F so he doesnt get all raged about it thanks for always being there you helped the hevy guys out a lot. i would like to thank both coaches for always being there when we needed them the most its a great way to end it and were going to try our best at the state tournament. love ya guy. good luck eagles

February 19, 2001
From: Re: Erica Dye at Calhoun Invitatonal
comments: It was my mistake. I meant the LKCS. Excuse me. I attend a lot of wrestling matches and sometimes I do make a mistake. Anyway the point of the matter is I SAW ERICA BEAT the Williamstown person in overtime. She did it with an over under throw. Go Erica (Best Of LUCK!!!)

February 19, 2001
From: Oak Glen Middle Wrestler
comments: I just wanted to wish my brother Derrick luck in the state wrestling tornament this weekend and goodluck to the team. Go for #5!!!! GO BEARS!!!

February 19, 2001
From: just wondering
comments: is john marshall's 215 still wrestling?

February 19, 2001
From: Calhoun Stat 'CS'
comments: Being the one who watches every Calhoun match the guys worked their hearts out for every win they earned. 22 pins out of 37 matches is great! And congrats to our Region III Champs: Chris Morris (119lbs) Derek Metz (135lbs) Jeff Morris (140lbs and Most Valuable Wrestler) Denny Cottrill (160lbs) Ray Burge (171lbs) and Pat Mace (189lbs). The whole team placed above 5th and will ALL be traveling to Huntington this Thursday. I would also like to acknowledge our seniors: Moe Riddel Casey Stewart Jason Valdes Denny Cottrill Pat Mace and Jeremy 'Budda' Laughlin. We will certianly miss you next year. Great job this weekend boys! The 2nd Region Championship in a row. We are off to States now! I am glad to be there EVERY day of practice EVERY match from Duals to Tourneys (Even if sometimes I just couldnt get to the bus) and so far its been well worth all the work you've done. Great job guys! Good Luck at States I'll be right there to watch you 'all the way'.

February 19, 2001
comments: FOR FORUM

February 19, 2001
From: Fan
comments: Congrats to Chris Johnson on Breaking 175 wins at Regional tournament this weekend he now has 177 wins in his 4 year career!! Good Job Chris and Good Luck at States.

February 19, 2001
From: Weir Fan
comments: Good luck to all the Weir High Wrestlers at states next week. Let's get a couple more names on the wall. Vince Magnone WILL beat Bellville!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

February 19, 2001
comments: Way to go Calhoun!!!!! Back to Back Team Championships! Jeff Morris MVW 6 Champs 3 runners-up 3-thirds and a 4th rather impressive! Good luck at states and keep working hard!

February 19, 2001
From: OG FAN
comments: I would like to congratulate Oak Glen on their Region 1 Championship this past weekend!! Congrats goes out to everyone who made it to States wrestle hard and makes us proud. I would like to say great job to Garret Six for beating the defending champion and Ovac runner up this weekend now everyone knows that you are for real this year. Good Luck to all teams at states and bring home 5 for us.

February 19, 2001
comments: what happened in the Stotler vs. Butler match at regionals? I saw where stotler won by injury default. Anyone know what happened?

February 19, 2001
From: PAP

February 19, 2001
From: mike
comments: I would like to congratulate Tommy Stiles from Clay Battelle on becoming the first 4 time regional champ in school history. Good luck at states. Wrestle hard and bring home a state title. My family will be cheering you on from home. You are the best 130 pounder in the state.

February 19, 2001
From: hedgesvillefanm
comments: Just like to congratulate and say how proud I am of the Eagle wrestlers. They captured the region 2 team title becoming the first ever eastern panhandle AAA team to win regionals. Like to congratulate Jared Hess Bryan Moats Danny Lord on their titles and all the rest of the wrestlers. This was a total team effort with everyone contributing. Many people thought Fairmont Sr. or East would win again. But this year was the year of the eastern panhandle finally. Hats off the Jefferson for giving the eagles a great fight with the team title not clinched till the 160lb match made the finals much more exciting. I think this says alot about the strides the eastern panhandle is making. This is not going to be a one year thing the eastern panhandle is here to stay and improve. Jefferson will be tough again next year Musselman is improving Martinsburg has some young kids to watch out for and Hedgesville next year should boast 14 starters all with experience. So Marion Co. we will be coming hard again next year. I would like to say thank you to some of the people who were involved with the regional title including Pete Moats and Tony Regalbuto who contributed greatly to my nephew winning his regional crown. I would like to thank the others that also helped. In 1988 when I was a freshman in college and the Berkeley Co. Bears Jr. league was formed. Moats Hess and myself were there. Jared Hess and Bryan Moats were the only wrestlers from that year that lasted in this sport through their senior year. Both of them commited to the team and the dreams that we all had of regional and state team titles and individual titles. Seeing those two win their individual titles and lead their team to the team title is a dream come true. Words can't describe how proud I am of these two young men and the other eagle wrestlers. Again congratulations and good luck at states. See you there.

February 19, 2001
From: Anthony Valles
comments: hey predictors I'm from WEIRTON MADONNA not Weir High so please stop writing me in as from Weir High

February 19, 2001
From: Cameron fan
comments: To OG fan:
Six was underrated but we don't wrestle states at OG. Hughes will bring the A game and Six will get beat Saturday. See this is great. Six beat Hughes this is the best thing that could happen ever. Trust me no one beats Hughes 2 times. Hughes doesn't trip over his own feet stalling doesn't get called and Hughes wins. Good lcuk Cameron it's going to be close next weekend give the bears a run! Good luck to OG let the best team win.

February 19, 2001
Could somebody tell me the score of region 3 finals at 135 between casto and nott.....

February 19, 2001
From: wrestler
comments: ADAM SMITH got hurt at regionals i hope that he gets to wrestle at states. Schindler is going to beat pickens at states but i cant believe that they have each other in the semi finals. that should have been the final match. but i wish the 12 ripley wrestlers going to states the best of luck and i hope to be there to see all of yall win.

February 19, 2001
From: jay b.
comments: I would just like to congratulate all of the cm wrestlers that made the state tournament. A special congratulations goes out to Jarrod Diamond on his well deserved Region III championship at the 160 pound weight class over John Bonecutter and also to Chris Gibbs on his BIG win over Robbie Williams at the 130 pound weight class. Well guys congratulations on your victories and good luck at States.

February 18, 2001
Editor' note:
Thanks to all the regional tournament directors and host coaches who got results to me last night. This year was the best ever in terms of getting results. Also thanks to Coach Archer who phoned the pill number and all the excellent support he has provided. Also thanks to Brent Sams and also thanks to Newton Nichols of Calhoun who continues to be of considerable help in providing input to this website.

I have posted brackets. I'm trying out a new database macro to spew these out -- I hope they are accurate and would appreciate someone pointing out any errors that there may be.

Best wishes to Pat Vance, Athletic Director at Nitro High School and former wrestling and football coach, reportedly hospitalized over the weekend with a sudden illness.

February 18, 2001
From: wrestling fan
comments: Please submitt this: After reading the article in the Parkersburg News about the Calhoun article I will have to say. I was there and disagree alot with what the interview says. They scores were wrong and the statements were not true. I am not going to point out and mention names but if you were there you knew the difference. I wish the statements would have been the actual wrestling results instead of the way that the coaches seen it or wanted it to be. Maybe you coaches need to watch the tapes and see it for the way it was. These kids read the articles and they were very disappointed in what was said about them. But pull up the actual results from the tournament and it will tell you how it actually happened with the correct scores. News article interviews sounds good but they are only statements from the editor and the person they interviewed. IF you are going to interviewed please state the facts. These are kids involved here not politicians.

February 18, 2001
comments: What was the score between Snuffer and Blake at wrestle offs Congrats to both for winning Regional Titles If Moyer wasnt hurt I would say Indy could win it.

? Who beat Ferichs of Nitro and Who gave Easter his 2 losses also who was his only loss last season I still think he will win his his 2nd title

February 18, 2001
From: Fan
comments: I would just like to congratulate the Hoover Huskies for there 2nd place finsh. At first you started off real slow letting Ripley jump out to a big lead but you fought back hard! Great job Wes Lane you looked really impressive. Randy Botkin keep your head you you were winning the whole match and just got stuck we seen it happen not just to you but to 3 others! Mike Staley what can I say? You looked like you were in control of the whole match everything was going your way you just got stuck. Schindlers a great wrestler so keep your head up! Larry Conn the match could of gone either way but for you it went the other way. Trust me youll see him again at states. Joey Joplin you wrestled hard the whole time you looked good. Just something about the night air I guess it looked to me we were right were we wonted to be just got stuck. Jon Moales or should I say "Overtime King" you did it again. You wrestled your match and you won. Great job guys!

February 18, 2001
From: Fan
comments: I would like to congradulate Nitro on sending 9 out of 10 kids to the state tourney. Go get em guys!!!

February 18, 2001
From: wrestling fan
comments: Congratulations Wirt county for an outstanding performance at the Regionals. You all did an great job and you have great coaches who cares and supports you every step of the way. Good Luck to all 8 going to the States next weekend. Keep up the good work. Great year Wirt COunty.

February 18, 2001
comments: I would just like to congradulate the 3 wrestlers from preston high who will be going to the state tournament this week. MUNKUS great job at regionals man. way to step it up. RICKY you wrestled great this week...good luck at states. MILLER what's next man? Keep your cool and bring it back home for us. All 3 of you guys have been extraordinary this year. You guys have worked hard all year and have really picked up the pace in the past couple weeks. Again...great job and do you best down there. we all are behind you guys. Go get em PHS.

February 18, 2001
From: Your Dad
comments: All the hard work payed off yesterday buddie I am really prould of you Thanks Billy B.!!!

February 18, 2001
From: Just a Fan
comments: Congrats to Braxton for their 3rd Regional 1st place in a row. you really wrestled your hearts out. As a Fan I am very proud to be an EAGLE! Best of Luck at the states. Congrats to Miss Erica Dye. You go girl. We've known for years Erica would be a State Champ!! Best of luck Erica!!!

February 18, 2001
From: mb
comments: congratulations matt miller and jeff noechel and the rest of the east side team and coaches good luck at the states. Also congrats to west fairmont lets get some victories at the states..

February 18, 2001
From: Calhoun

February 18, 2001
From: The one
comments: Alright now who was right? I think that Eddie Cochran could of gotten 1st or 2nd. He wrestled very great the whole time and only got beat by Chaney by a couple points. Good luck to everyone at the states and my prediction is Nathan Pickens in 152.

February 18, 2001
From: AB
comments: To: Editor
What you can print everyone else's material but you can't print mine??? Obviously you are from PSHS!!! I have figured that much out!! GROW UP!!!!!

February 18, 2001
From: Coach Bryan and Coach Stef
comments: Congratulations to Coach Beane and Coach Shuman on their Region II championship. They've worked hard in developing these kids into championship wrestlers even though we have no feeder program or youth wrestling in Braxton County. We are very proud of all of Braxton's wrestlers and we'll be there in Huntington to support Jordy Matt Bub Colin Mark Josh C.J. Adam Matt Noah Brent and Chris. Take it to the mat Eagles!!!

February 18, 2001
From: cameron fan

February 18, 2001
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: Congratulations to Miss Erica Dye for becoming a Regional champion ! Regional champ LKC champ..State champ ?? Good luck young lady and you can do it!!

February 18, 2001
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: Congratulations to Coach Tim McCartney all his assistants and the Parkersburg South wrestlers on an impressive win of the region 1 title.No one disappointed anyone and each of you contributed to the team title.8 regional champions...quite impressive !!Keep the focus guys and walk the walk Saturday night and live out your dreams.No one knows how hard you have worked for it! Southside is so proud of each of you !!

February 18, 2001
From: wrestling fan
comments: Congratulations to the Parkersburg South wrestling team for an outstanding job at the Regionals. Every kid on the team made it to the State Tournament. Maybe now everyone can say what a great job South did instead of trying to run them down. South Rules!!!!!

February 18, 2001
From: the_booner_wgjhs
comments: i would like to say congratulations to chad tincher of greenbrier west for winning the regionals good job chad that is real good 4 a second year wrestler

February 18, 2001
From: bigolhic
comments: good luck to the mhs beast that have a chance to states clark jonsey fatboy ray and suds good luck guys

February 18, 2001
comments: To: A. Delligattii
From: A Monkey's Uncle
Drink plenty of fluids consume lots of chicken noodle soup and get plenty of rest. The bug will work its way out. Then claim what is rightfully yours at the states!

February 18, 2001
From: Wrestling Fan
comments: I would just like to express my concern to John Bonecutter. John was hurt during his championship match with Diamond Saturday. Hope it is not serious.

February 18, 2001
comments: Congratulations to the Oak Glen Golden Bears. Good showing at Regionals only one more event to go. A HUGE congrats goes out to Garret Six the most underated 25 lb'er in the state. Great match against Hughes. Also a big congrats to Eric Phillip Derrick and Gaelen. Hopefully you will be on the top of that podium next week. Good showing by Cameron and a valiant effort. Good Luck Oak Glen and bring home number 5!!

February 18, 2001
From: Sir William
comments: I would like to congradulate Travis Durst Sean Agony Justin Kesseler and myself "The One" Billy Barbour for qaulifying for states.

February 18, 2001
From: Braxton Fan
comments: Congratulations BRAXTON!!! Great Job!!! Braxton County is proud of you!

February 18, 2001
From: Crazy Monkey
comments: Congratulations to Devon Bosley for his win over Adam Leach this weekend and regionals!!

February 18, 2001
Do you know if Ohio has a web site for youth tournament wrestling thank you.
Editor's note: Nope, I don't know...

February 18, 2001
From: Jefferson fan
comments: Kudos to Hedgesville and Jefferson for 1st & 2nd place at Region 2 AAA tournament. It's about time the Panhandle gets some recognition. Everyone did a great job!.

February 18, 2001
From: Superman
comments: Congrats to "The One" Billy Barbour for his 3rd place finish a win over Delighetti tough break on the loss to Abshire ... watch out State Tournament "The One" is comin....!!!!

February 18, 2001
From: CHSAlum
comments: Way to Go Justin Kotson. From a wheelchair to region champ in one season. I knew you could do it. For all the Dragons Great job at regionals. Could this be the rebirth of the Dragon Dynasty?

February 18, 2001
From: BS Fan
comments: Congradulations to Brandon Clark for getting outstanding wrestler at regional.

February 17, 2001
comments: TO:southfan
Hey Scott Thank you for your words of encouragement. Yes b-ball is part of it and us getting together may help. He is just one of those kids that needs alot of encouragement when it comes to wrestling. I am not saying this because I am his father but he has a lot of raw talent in him I know you have seen it too he just needs that extra added push that some other kids may not need. My letter as I put it was NOT a knock on you or anyone else on the Lubeck staff. You guys do a tremendous job it's just difficult to pay attention to everyone which sadly is what my son needs. By the way it is obvious that you have spent a lot of spare time with Ethan he did very well this year keep up the good work and maybe I can get FLIP to comeout next year?

February 17, 2001
From: wrestling fan

February 17, 2001
From: ??????
comments: Brooke high will have 2 champs Phil Bliss and Bradon Shaw

February 17, 2001
From: Region4_fan
comments: WHy is everyone leaving out sophomore JOhn SMith he is a very talented wrestler

February 17, 2001
From: The One
comments: Again we will all see the results when it is done and over with and i guarentee Cochran from Riverside to place in the top 3 which means he will probably wrestle Tornfolio again. Believe me He will win. My bet to make finals are Warner PP Cochran Rhs or Chaney Hun And probably Warner will get 1st

February 17, 2001
From: JDK
comments: Devon Abshire how many wins do you have? How close are you from the the school record for wins? I know your gettin close so Good Luck on chasing that record and break it but most important is to win the STATE TITLE. Devon I have seen you wrestle since I can remeber so I know you have worked so hard to be at where you are today. Your dreams are right infront of you so stay focused and keep your eyes on your goals and win states but also break that record. Good Luck These next to weeks.

February 17, 2001
From: Jeremy Berry
congratulations to bill brizindine and his team (everrets, hashman boys, childers, bartrug and cornell) for their strong showing at LKC's. matt, michael and darren...remember, "head up, hard hands, toe line heel line, cut the angle, turn the corner, shoulder knee relationship, and ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK! this ain't no baby sittn' service! you've paid the price. no one works harder. PERIOD!!" -ML- (greatest wv coach of all time...next to EB!) good luck mike litton!

February 17, 2001
From: southfan
comments: To PSOUTHfan
Tell him to come back out. He wrestled for 2 years you know the coaches phone #'s WV peewee state's deadline is postmarked Monday get him in. Every team has a child/parent like this. It's up to the coaches and the parent to come together to encourage the kid to keep wrestling. If the kid doesn't want to because he wants to play b-ball and I think that I know he does then he can still get together with his old team and wrestle in the state tourney on the 3rd and 4th. I've seen you around Chris don't be a stranger.

February 17, 2001
From: Dean Moore Patriot Wrestling Club
email: wvmatman@hotmail.com
comments: To the South Fan: Parent Of the 8year old that quit.:: I am not sure why anyone would not credit a child that wrestles no matter what place he finished. If you would contact me will will discuss getting your child back into the sport of wrestling!!

February 17, 2001
From: a devoted fan
comments: I just wanted to wish Oak Glen good luck in the Regional tournament and in the State Tournament as well. Especially good luck to T.J. Glass Derrick Stickles and Joey Caughey i love you guys......and to coach Shaw Wells Brown W and Six you guys are great too!!! =)

February 17, 2001
comments: The final Harpers Ferry team page was updated last week and lists final individual and team results along with notable individual achievements by some of their wrestlers. Don't know why this wasn't mentioned last week but worth checking out.

February 16, 2001
comments: I have been around wrestling for a while and wrestled four years in high school and I have never seen the weekend of Regionals and a week before the state tournament and still no AA/A coaches individual poles. Why is this?? Did the coaches not submit rankings or is the website not posting them?? Good luck to all wrestlers at states and good luck to South and Oak Glen. Two great teams that will take home the crowns.
Editor's note: For the record: The coach who coordinated the AA/A polls the last several years retired from coaching this year. Perhaps the AA/A coaches didn't have the opportunity to re-organize the polling process and appoint a new coordinator. (A time consuming and probably thankless job, I would imagine). I speculate that they will address this issue in coming weeks and be back up to speed for next year....

February 16, 2001
From: OG FAN
comments: I WOULD JUST LIKE TO SAY GOOD LUCK TO THE OAK GLEN WRESTLING TEAM AT REGIONALS THIS WEEKEND AND STATES NEXT WEEK!!! Mr Elliott keep plugin the noses. Derrick win a state title for Jen!! We luv Ya! Good Luck OG!!!

February 16, 2001
From: Charlie Thomas
comments: I would like to wish all of the Hoover wrestling team the best of luck at regionals. Derek you know and I know you can get it done and be C4 at the states. Wes bub this your year my man. Joplin you have finally quit being so nervous and just doin what you can Im proud of you. Clay get them down first and its all over. Also I would like to wish Chris Johnson good luck everyone is underestimating you for some odd reason so show them why you've been in the finals every year.

February 16, 2001
From: J. Taylor
comments: Good luck to HHS wrestlers this weekend at regionals bring home another title. I'll see y'all at states.

February 16, 2001
From: Bulldog
comments: Good Luck to all Big Reds this weekend sorry I couldn't make it I've got my Courtland Cougars to coach in Va. Craig Wallace I hope that little beating I put on you did some good! GO bring it home! do something that I never did. Remember the State tournament BEGINS at the Regionals! don't look past it. (that last statement was mainly for those south siders) Good luck to South also and whatever happens keep the title in Parkersburg!!

February 16, 2001
From: Rose
comments: Haven't you people realized that university is much better than they get credit for? They came in 3rd at winners choice 1st at westmar and first at NCAC! If they haven't turned heads yet then wait till after regionals. There are at least a good possible 6 regional champs and they will have state champs this year!!! Good luck Nate Scotty Jeff Kyle David and "O".

February 16, 2001
From: Randy
comments: i would just like to wish the guys from huntington high the best of luck this weekend at the regionals! i have you guys to root for and i got the guys i work at with here in florida(crystal river) to cheer for! see you guys at states.

February 16, 2001
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: Good luck to the Patriot wrestlers this weekend in Morgantown and next weekend in Huntington.You guys have a big bullseye on your chest everytime you go out on the mat.Everyone wants to beat you and you have to be focused to meet that challenge.The state championship runs thru you guys and you can't let up for anyone...if you do they will steal your thunder of a walk down the aisle on Saturday night! You are the most talented team I have witnessed at South from top to bottom.Now go PROVE it!!God bless each of you!

February 16, 2001
From: whsfan
comments: just like to say good luck to all the williamstwown wrestlers this weekend in regionals and next week at states!!also a very special good luck to souths NATHAN PICKENS and fairmont seniors JONATHAN DELLIGATTI CASEY BIDDLE CASEY DAGGETT.good luck and bring home the states love ya!!!

February 16, 2001
From: Bill Moore
email: wvmoose@hotmail.com
comments: Wirt County Youth Wrestling. I want to take this opportunity to thank the coaches parents and wrestlers of this organization! They allowed me to come into their program dispite being unable to give a full commitment due to school guard work or family matters&illness. What makes this unique is that I have been in their area for LESS than 8 months and they made me feel like family! I only hope that I can make up the absence of this year next year if the program will have me. Again I thank everyone in the program but mostly Mark Jeff John and Matt. Congratulations on a great year!

February 16, 2001
From: Wirt person
comments: Good luck to all wrestlers in every region this weekend. We are looking forward to some very intense wrestling and some great action. To all who have paid the price in the room great things await for those who have been slacking...see you on your back in the 3rd...and remember "OUT OF SHAPE IS NOT AN INJURY!" Oh yes we are in shape you can count on Wirt Co. being tough at the start and dominating the 3rd period and overtime. Once again I am sure PSHS PHS Williamstown and Wirt Co. will represent our area with the dominating style we love.

February 16, 2001
From: PSOUTHfan
comments: I am not one to miss someone when I am giving out credit where credit is due so here I go. I know there have been a lot of people thanking the coaches at the youth level for the success of the patriot program and I too congratulate them on a job well done. But let's go a little further. I have an eight year old son who wrestled for two years and just gave it up. He was good too. Finished third in his weight class both years(regular and tourny in wood county) which i though was very good for him. In all the effort to convince him that he could be state champ someday I finally realized that it is the parents that we have to give a lot of the credit to because it is the parents that are there practice after practice with words of encouragement even when the child had a bad practice and coach let him/her know it. Tourny after tourny when he/she comes home with a thrid place trophy and the parent lets him/her know it's ok all the hard work will pay off. For the reason my son gave up wrestling was not because my wife and I didn't encourage him (I still want him to wrestle some day which he probably won't) it's because no matter how good he did on the mat he never got any credit or pat on the back from the coaches. This was devistating to him and at the same time made me realize that wrestlers are a different breed and my son just may not have it in him to be a wrestler so we need to remember as parents and coaches that our sons and daughters go out on the mat for themselves. Too many times do we try to have our second childhood at the expense of our children. In closing I want to say that there isn't a coach on the southside of Parkersburg that I don't respect. They all have tough jobs and give up a lot of their own personal lives to coach these teams. I just wanted everyone to remember how much of the success of the South program IS because of the Parents. Thank you and good luck to my buddies on the South wrestling team.

February 16, 2001
comments: I got 2 question wanting to know if anyone might know. Who was the last defending state champ not to quailfy for state? Also who was the last defending state champ not to place at state?

February 16, 2001
comments: I cant believe you would Let Mr Hughes basicly insult Tim Haddox. When the score get comfortable enought to try to pin him??? The score of that match will be very very close going either way. Tim Haddox won a state title last year when no one thought he could and he tore people up at state last year. He is tough as nails. Let me tell u something else Williamstown wrestles a much tougher schedual than Cameron does that is for sure and it will show the next 2 weeks.

February 16, 2001
From: Wrestling Fan
comments: For EJ: (Region 1 - 112) Humphrey beat Stipetech Stipetech beat McFarland McFarland beat Humphrey. Stipetch was suppose to have a better record than McFarland and Humphrey that is how he got 4th seed

February 16, 2001
From: B. Byrd
comments: Best of luck Saturday Huntington High. Go Highlanders!

February 16, 2001

February 16, 2001
From: JR
comments: Good luck to all the St.Albans Wrestlers this weekend at the Region III Torn.

February 16, 2001
From: Old Friend
comments: To Steve Reynolds--best of luck representing Jefferson at 125 lbs. at Keyser for regionals. A lot of people wrote you off when you broke your hand and was out for five weeks. But you showed real grit when you hung in there kept in shape and earned your way to regionals. I never doubted you and believe you will once again rise to the top. You are the most underraated wrestler in the state so just go out there and do what you've always done--doing your thing and being a champ on and off the mat!

February 16, 2001
From: Calhoun Fan
comments: Best of luck to the Calhoun Boys in the Regions this weekend. Chris Morris show them what you got.

February 16, 2001
From: Former Champ
comments: The 152 in region 3 will be a good matchup. Look for Tornifolio to win out over the kid from Riverside

February 16, 2001
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: Just a quick note of THANKS to some coaches that have helped build the South powerhouse.Guys of name such as Dean Moore The Porter boys Steve Bosely and the many coaches at the pee-wee level deserve so much credit.You can proudly sit back and watch your champions over the next two weeks make their dreams come true.Super job gentlemen!!

February 16, 2001
From: Cristie
comments: Okay first of all nothing in wrestling is guaranteed. Whoever said that apparently has no background in wrestling. There are upsets all the time. Secondly I would like to wish all of the South wrestlers good luck this weekend at regionals. Remember to stay focused. Now's not the time to get cocky!

February 16, 2001
From: wvfan
comments: Good luck to all teams and the individuals wrestlers in the reagions this weekend I hope there are no injuries to any participants. All of your hard work all season is going to pay-off over the next two weekends. Make yourself your team and your schools proud. Special good luck to Parkersburg South Parkersburg Williamstown and Wirt.

February 16, 2001
From: Anthony Regalbuto
email: aregalbu@wvu.edu
comments: KEVIN BALLAM-You have put your time into the sport. You have wrestled all the top copetition in the country over the years. You believe you can win and so do i. Now lets go out there and prove it. You trained very hard and are prepared for anything. go get'em.
JASON DRAPPO-I heard you have been putting some extra time in with my dad and Kevin. Thats great. Nobody else is doing that. Now you have an edge on everybody. Take advantage of that edge and get in that top 5. Good Luck.
JARED HESS-what can i say. Your a senior you have wrestled longer than me. You have worked hard. Now lets show everybody and win the hole thing.
DANNY LORD-I Know what you want. Get it. You have a tough weight class but you have the ability to over come any of them. Wrestle smart and take some chances. Don't hold back and don't underestamate anybody. Your the best in the state. Finish there.
BRYAN MOATS-I'm only going to say one thing. State championship. We have been threw alot together and now we can both share something in common. A state championship.
JUSTIN SNYDER-Go hard. give it everything you have. I want you in the top 5. You can do it.
JOHNNY DUNHAM-I know you are all about fun and games. The fun stops now. You have alot of raw ability that you have shown over periods of time. Now you show it every match from here on out. I want you in the top 4. I don't care who is in your weight class and you shouldn't either. Go for it.
ANDREW EVERHART-You are faced with another tough regional tournament but who wants an easy one. You trained harder than i have ever seen you train. Now wrestle above your ability. I want you in the top 6. Do it.
JASON BAKER-I am tired of all the talk. All the distractions. You should be too. You have worked your butt off the past 3 years and have nothing to show for it as of now. You have 2 weeks left to have something to show. You are very good and have the ability to over come anthing you want. Go get that state championship and i will be there to watch you get it.
CHUCKY FILES-Your a great friend and work hard. Not as hard as i would have liked to see you work this summer but you are having a good season. Make the most of it and win some big matches for the team because every point is important. Go get'em As for the team. You guys will do as good as you want to. If you want it bad enough you will get it. You blew a great chance last year don't do it again this year. Anthony Regalbuto

February 16, 2001
From: Superman
comments: I want to say good luck at regionals to "The Rabid Wolverine" Sean Agoney the man with the best arm bars in the state "The Human Suplex Machine" Travis Durst the man with the best throws in the state and of course "The One" Billy Barbour the man with the best ring entrance in the state. Take it to them guys!!!

February 16, 2001
comments: The Real wrestling fan who says Erica Dye got first at the Calhoun Invitational must not be that real of a fan cause Wirt went to WSAZ that weekend.

February 16, 2001
comments: To Williamstown fan:
Tim might not get pinned but I think that Tyler Hughes may have only got taken down 1 time in 42 matches. Tyler has been a machine this year and he isn't about to stop. Trust me he can pin Tucker Brown and he gave Haddox all he wanted. don't worry about it so much because what is going to happen is inevitable. So lets watch this unfold this weekend!

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