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February 27, 2002
From: The Editor
I would be remiss if I didn't thank Coach Archer for the fine hospitality and help he has provided throughout the season. He has responded to every request, and I haven't had to make very many requests - most things were taken care of without me even asking. Also thanks to tournament scorers Cathy St. Clair Curry, Bob St. Clair, Mrs. Archer, Mrs. Murrell for their help and assistance, and thanks to Mac and Arden for their help.

The Saturday night of regional tournaments is somewhere between exciting and frantic. Coach Archer has been jonny-on-the-spot in making the pill number available to us. Contrary to popular opinion, the pill is drawn by persons other than Coach Archer at a distant location. Two years ago he called me from a cell phone on the team bus on the way home from his own team's regional to give us the pill number after he got it. This year, he picked up the number from his answering machine, called me, my phone was busy (I had a call from the hospital), and then emailed me the number. We still had it by 10:00 PM.

Many thanks to the regional tournament directors who got me their results on Saturday night. Getting regional results by FAX requires that eight different tournament directors FAX results to my single FAX machine at roughly the same time. They are also, more importantly, responsible for getting results to the official tournament pairer so that the official brackets may be drawn, released to the media, and made available to the printers to get the tournament program ready. It is understandable that the first priority of the regional tournament director must be with the official responsibilities in this regard.

Thanks to several fans and others who electronically transmitted results (Newton Nichols, Coach Gilson, Bob Koch, someone from Roane County, Brent Sams).

To make a long story short, getting regional results on Saturday night requires that eight people send results to two differernt locations, involving eight fax machines sending to two fax machines -- plus throw in phone calls which must be passed from cell phone to answering machine and back, somebody's phone is busy, everybody's computer has to be working and nobody's ISP is temporarily down, not to mention that I'm not the fastest keyboard jockey in the world -- and the end result is that getting everything on Saturday night is probably more luck than anything else despite everybody's best effort. Maybe someday we'll think of a better mechanism.

I freely confess that I'm behind on the academic awards this year. I know that many Coaches like to present the academic all-state certificates at their awards banquets. I've been bird-dogging this the past few days and hope to be getting this caught up soon. I've had to get another batch of certificates printed, and hope to have these ready to start mailing out next week.

As to the other accroutments such at getting the tournament results re-formatted and linked up, the "Top Wrestlers" page, the conference pages, etc, etc, I'm working on it....

February 27, 2002
From: The Editor
Thanks to the many fans who submit items to the forum. The forum only exists because fans take the time to submit stuff.

Having said that, I freely confess that I'm not posting much of what is received. I regret any disappointment that might cause the fans. Passions are still running high. I do not want this forum to be responsible for fanning the fires of controversy.

I don't want to get sued, either. I've got enough legal troubles to deal with now (smile). Follow this link if you are interested (BTW - my part time job is in addition to my full time surgery practice....).

If you don't see something you sent and are dying to know why I didn't post it, resend it and ask why it wasn't posted. Within reason, I'll try to respond (in some way). However, you gotta send me the post. I have 992 messages in my trash file, and I don't have the time to go sorting through all of them....

February 27, 2002
From: Jim LeMaster
comments: I have a humble request to make. Someone who is affiliated with Jr. States could you please post the brackets after the tournament is over? The place winners list is wonderful but those of us who follow the sport closely at all levels from the little guys through High School states are truly interested in who wrestled who in the earlier rounds too. I have gotten to know a large number of kids through coaching middle school. I know some of them will not place but I'd like to see how they do. If this involves keying them in by hand then it's probably too much time and work. If you are using computer software similar to that used at the WSAZ then it's simply an upload. Anyway thanks to all those who post results. It's a great way to get your "wrestling fix" in the off season to go back and read about past events.
Editor's note: Good sentiment, Jim, but a caveat is in order. I've been out of the youth wrestling loop for a few years, but I don't know of any youth tournament directors who have had success running a youth tournament on computer. It requires setting up 50 or more brackets (all the weight classes in all the age groups), compared to 14 for a standard HS or JR High tourney. Plus, with youth matches running 1 minute per round on several mats, the results come in fast and furious. Setting the brackets up in advance is out of the question, as most youth tournaments completely re-do brackets the morning of the tournament at the scratch meeting, and there just isn't time to make the needed adjustments on the computer to get the tourney started anywhere near on time. Plus, youth tournaments do unique things like running round-robins and best-two-of-three which is not supported by any wrestling tournament software with which I am familiar. (Althought admittedly haven't fully explored TWT V.7 yet). TWT V7, which is used for the State Tournament, the Winners Choice, the WSAZ, and others, is good software, but I wouldn't want to try to single-handedly run a youth tourney on it.

There may be people out there running youth tournaments on a computer, and if so, I'd be interested in knowing how you do it. Those who I have talked to who have tried have said it was a disaster. The only way I can think of to run a youth tournament on a computer would be to have 5 experienced operators with five laptops, one computer and printer for each age group - and it would still be a hair-raising experience in my opinion. If I ever get back in the youth tournament director business again, I might try it....(smile).

While we are on the subject, often I get FAXES of brackets from tournaments. In order to post these, I would need to run all the faxes through a scanner and then post the pages as a .gif images. Trying to scan and post over fifty pages of brackets from a youth tournament would be, frankly, entirely too time consuming. Brackets are difficult to reproduce on the internet. TWT works pretty well, but I notice that their brackets run off the edge of the page and you have to do horizontal scoring to see the entire bracket. They don't print off reliably. 32 man brackets scroll off so much that they are often unintelligible. However, this is a necessary evil because one has to use the pre-formatted tags to get the brackets to reproduce. You may have noticed that many of the "brackets" which I post in the state tournament archive are in "table" format -- they don't exactly look like brackets at first glance, but they do have the info along with the added advantage of not scrolling off the page and automatically adjusting their width to any browser width setting.

February 27, 2002

February 27, 2002
From: lesson learned
comments: I don't know how to begin to explain how proud I was of Mat Bosley at the state. After a hard senior year to sit through with an injury Mat never gave up. I'm sure the thought crossed his mind , but the important thing is he never quit. This shows that even at his young age he understands the importance of being a leader and a team. Mat there is know doubt you had several long painful hours with your knee that we the fans did not see. Many of us probably forgot your pain the minute we left the gym and didn't give a second thought to the sacrifice you were making. I can only hope the pain was worth it for you. Mat should be an example for coaches for years to come. I have watched you wrestle since you were six years old and have enjoyed watching you grow into the champion you are. The person doing the teaching doesn't always have to be older you sure did teach this old man a lesson in life this year and I thank you for it.

February 27, 2002
From: Chris Basford
comments: I just wanted to congradulate Adam Leach on his state title. Trampus, I am sure you'll have your shot at it again next season. I would have liked to have been there to see it, but test kept me from making the trip down. Congratulations to Grafton for a top 10 finish as well. I was also wondering about the MAWA District Tournament. Are they having one at Brooke like they have in the past, or are they at Parkersburg from now on? If anyone could fill me in, let me know... Thanks...

February 27, 2002
From: yoyoyo
comments: i hate to bring this up but i think the regions need to be divided up as even as possible. Look at region 1 there are 7 teams and a total of 56 qualify for states. that means that on average 8 guys from each team will go to states. now take a region with 10 or 11 teams only about 5.5 guys per team greatly reducing the chances of one of those teams winning states i think that there are a few solutions that may work 1.top 2 teams from each region send their whole team to states 2.realign the regions evenly 3.ever wreslter go to state but with almost everything problems arise with these solutions the tournament would become very lengthy if more wrestlers were added and it is tough to realign the regions to the point where every team is pleased with the region they are in... but it's just my thought on the matter

February 27, 2002
From: Jeff
comments: I would like to congratulate all of those individuals (ie., tournament director, officials, fans, wrestlers, etc) involved with the state wrestling tournament. I was not in Huntington, but everything I have read indicates that it was a great weekend. It is exciting to read about wrestling in West Virginia. People in West Virginia have a passion for the sport, and the kids involved in the sport get a weekend they deserve. I was a part of the state tournament in 1983 and it is something I will never forget. Congratulations!

February 27, 2002
From: Big Red Fan
comments: Congratulations to south for breaking the record but also keep your heads up phs your only loosin 2 starters from this years team so im lookin for you guys to win it all next year good luck and work hard over the summer

February 27, 2002
From: Dean Moore Patriot Wrestling Club
comments: There is a zip code mistake on the MAWA District Tournament Form for the Parkersburg District.
It should be 26143------------------------ NOT 226143 My mistake and sorry . If you get a return form in the mail bring it with you and it will be the same as an early entry.

February 27, 2002
From: Region 2 Fan
comments: Just wanted to say congrats to my fellow wrestler Danny Lord for the "Rocky-Like" performance this past weekend at the State Tournament. His acts of folkstyle wrestling and sportsmanship towards his competitors will be remebered in the many State Tournaments to come.

February 27, 2002
From: South Alumni
comments: I just want to say great job to the PSHS wrestlers I knew that you would come out on top once again. Matt you showed a lot of class this past weekend and you are a champion to me...Ryan I always told you that it would happen you were definitly the best on the mat lets see it in college...Shane next year is your year make it the best...Kyle there was no doubt in my mind you were going to do it lets go for three. Great Job guys now keep your head up and work hard this summer and bring it all home next year once again.

February 27, 2002
From: WVer in Georgia
comments: I'd like to send my gratitude to the editor of the Forum. This website has been my link to the most indepth WV high school wrestling news anyone could hope for. This past season, I have checked the news almost daily, even to my wife's dismay. You have done a tremendous job of updating scores as they happen, and of listing links to newspaper articles throughout the year. Even though I am from South, I really like to get the news on all of the best wrestlers in the state, and your site does that. Thanks for keeping me updated nightly during the State Tournament, I don't know if I could have taken not knowing the results until Monday. Please keep up the great work, you are really appreciated down here in dixie!
Editor's note: Thanks for the kind words. I also appreciate the other notes in a similar vein which I have received, and have not posted. I don't want to go overboard with self-aggrandizement.....

February 27, 2002

February 27, 2002
comments: Kyle Walters 152 pounder, is one of the best wrestlers in the state. He is awesome. I think he was underestimated all year, but he finally proved to be the best last weekend as he walked away as the 152 pound champion. Everybody is now realizing he is a great wrestler after knocking off the senior from JM. He will be a three time champion, and you can count on that. Keep up the good work Kyle!

February 27, 2002
From: Bearcat Fan
comments: I would like to congradulate Adam Leach for taking the 1st place AA/A 135 title. You sure have worked hard for it. That record was nothing to sneeze at either finishing 166 and 20 for a high school record. I also want to congradulate Trampus Efaw an a job well done, to finish second in the 171 lb. class is a great accomplishment, next year you'll have #1 in whatever weight class you wrestle.
Also, good luck next year Casey Hughes, if you stay healthy I know you will get another state championship. Good luck Erica, you've shown you can be successful at what you want to do, I hope that stays with you. And to Jeff Courtney, you have had a splendid career, congrats. And to all the rest of you Seniors that wrestle, I hope you use what you have learned and apply it in everything you do from this day forward, the hard work and dedication that you have shown is a testimony to you all, whether or not you came out with a state title to show for it. Your coaches and parents have put a lot of time and effort into helping mold you. Make them proud.

February 27, 2002
comments: next year could b one h*** of a 215 pound weight class lou thomas ,starsick and delligatti (with out a hurt shoulder). This might b one tough weight class hoprfully they move up or down to win titles. Starsick is very strong so is thomas, but delligatti might b the one of the fastest 215 pounders in a while .Boy this will b somthign to watch

February 27, 2002
From: Brad Petracca
comments: Congrats to East Fairmont on a fantastic season. NCAC CHAMPS, Regional CHAMPS and 5th in WV State Tourney. I would be the first to say that is another wrestling first in EFHS History. Great Year! Great Kids! Great Coaches! To the seniors, Steven, Aaron, & Chris,. . . Great careers! I could'nt be happier with the way you guys have grown up. Not everything in life revolves around wrestling but it does teach you a life lesson. Always remember where you came from and be good to those who took care of you! Best wishes in your future & THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES!

February 27, 2002
From: how bout that

February 27, 2002
From: ratteaser
comments: well well well...after getting some big help from the brackets south squeaks another one out..but the real story was the fine performance of the many young big reds who stood up and were counted...congrats to the whole big red team and the coaching staff (which is head and shoulders above the rest of the state) ...the big red team showed improvement the whole season becasue of the staff's dedication to them!

February 27, 2002
comments: TO Hancock County proud
Oak Glen had 4 champs not 5, so that means only 6 champs for Hancock County. By the way if you know anything about WV it is not the smallest county that is Pleasants County, where St Mary's is and the smallets populated county is Wirt County and if ya noticed they were both in the top 10 in the state.

February 27, 2002
From: PHS and Williamstown Fan
comments: I would like to say congrates to all PHS wreslters!You all did great.I think next year you guys have STATE!!.... I would also like to say congrates to the WHS wrestlers!! And Ryan Elder you improved alot.

February 27, 2002
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: Very seldom do schools have 4 state champions in one season and 3 of them are seniors as is 1 3rd place winner.All 4 were South's captains this year and all 4 were the ultimate competitors.Ryan Metz..you improved beyond belief over your last 2 years and finished as an undefeated state champion..your academic achievement will take you just as far as your wrestling ability.Nathan Pickens..you were as exciting to watch as any wrestler I have ever seen.Several times you moved up in weight to help your team or just to wrestle the best competition you could find.You were six minutes of unbridled motion and you always laid it all on the line for your team.Chris Morrison..in two short years you finished 3rd and as state champion.They say 275 is a boring weight class but one only to watch in ammasement as you perfected your game plan on the mat,and, you never lacked confidence in your own ability.Matt Bosley...I saved you for last my man.I watched you all week help others off the mat even with one good leg you remained the ultimate gentleman and competitor.You could have packed it in after your knee gave out on Friday night..but just like you did for every match you ever wrestled you toughed it out and gave 100% of yourself for the team.When you stepped up on that podium Saturday every South fan in that building saw you on the top step.Your all heart and guts Matthew!You 4 will be missed tremendously but you have laid the foundation for all who follow at South High.We love you guys and know that whatever road you choose to follow you will go at it 100%! God bless you all!!

February 27, 2002
comments: After being at the state tournament I am going to have to say that I believe that the 145 pound weight class was the hardest weight in AA. It was filled with high caliber kids pretty much all through the brackets. Here are those kids and thier placed and weight classes respectively from throughout thier careers.
Shane Smith 2nd place as a freshman at 135. Ranked 14th in the Country amongst freshman and sophomores. 135 wasprobably the second hardest weight class last year.
Eric Metz 6th at 125 as a freshman.
Brad Nicka 4th as a junior at 145. One of the toughest weight classes last season.
Ben Wood 2nd as a junior at 145. 5th as a sophomore at 140. Again from the toughest weight class last season.
Matt Wharton 3rd as a sophomore at 152. Not a very hard weight class last year but some quality wrestlers.
Devin Bosley 4th as a freshman at 135. Anotherhard weight class last season.
Dustin Miller is a sophomore but comes from a long list of top flight wrestlers in his family, so im sure he has the potential to win.
Terry Childers 2nd as a freshman at 135. He was injured as a sophomore and didnt compete, and as a junior he didn't place at one of the hardest weight classes last year; 145.
That leaves 2 great wrestler that wont even place. Feel free to tell me if you agree/disagree with me about this being the toughest. If you don't I would like to see what class you think is the hardest.

February 27, 2002
From: spectator
comments: Comments for forum. Will someone from Braxton that is reading this please talk to the coches about having an open wrestling tourney. Braxton is centrally located and it is a perfect spot for an open tournament. It will give the gies more oppurtunity and experience and plus it will give us older fellows a chance to get back out there and do what we dearly miss and love. Please consider it. It would be a great oppurtunity. Braxton might even make a little money off of it. That never hurts. Braxton has a armory and a highschool. So please think about it. It could be somthing.

February 27, 2002
comments: where can i find info no the high school senior nationals

February 27, 2002
From: Bill Futten
comments: Congratulations to the East Fairmont team for their fifth place finish at the state tournament. I know several of our wrestlers were disappointed about their own places at the tournament, but you have to be proud of how you did as a team. I am proud of each of the young men who represented EFHS in Huntington.....especially Chris, Brandon, Aaron, Ben and Blaine.....each of you are champions on and off the mat. In closing, I want to thank my son, Aaron Futten, for the 13 years of excitement, dedication and memories he has given me through the sport of wrestling. I am EXTREMELY PROUD that you are my son. Aaron and Satterfield did a wonderful job as this year's team captains in leading the team. Good luck next year to those returning to the team. I will miss Aaron being a part of your success next year. To our coaches, John and Adam, thank you both for everything you did for the team. You both have helped develop good, moral and polite athletes. You can lose a championship, but that does not take away your pride and dignity.....East Fairmont wrestlers have both.

February 27, 2002
From: Randy
comments: A couple observations on the past INTERESTING wrestling season:

1 I'm sure this was the first year that the AA champ (Oak Glen)beat the AAA champ (Parkersburg South) in a dual meet. If anyone has different information, I'd be interested to see it.

2 For all those who think that Region I AAA is too small: Jump right in! Region I has been 7 or 8 teams since 1977. Ripley was in the region for a year or two and only qualified a couple wrestlers both times. Pt. Pleasant was in for a year and also only qualified a couple wrestlers. I think it's interesting that the people who want to add teams to Region I always want to add someone ELSE's team, not their own. Someone else had the stats on here for the total place-winners and champs. Other regions produce the occasional contenders, but year-in and year-out, Region I is amazing in its consistency to produce champs, finalists, place-winners and team champions.

3 The person who commented last week that "a top 5 finish for John Marshall seemed a bit high" obviously didn't know much about the team. They lost to only Parkersburg and South (no disgrace there), beat Oak Glen in a dual, and handed Huntington it's only dual loss all year. They had 4 place-winners returning this year and a mostly senior line-up, so they figured to place high. Congratulations on a fine season.

4 Everyone who submitted predictions got some right. A lot got quite a few wrong; it's hard to predict when you don't know the brackets and haven't seen all the wrestlers.

Congratulations to all the teams and wrestlers for another highly-entertaining and interesting season!

February 27, 2002
From: bigreip
comments: I attended the state tourney, and watched some of the best wrestling I have ever seen. Congrats to the Calhoun wrestlers for a job well done. For the people that are upset that an oak glen wrestler did not get the mvw, you can't deny that Chris Morris did not deserve it, after all he was undefeated, neither one of oak glens wrestlers were undefeated. And for coach of the year, Larry Shaw is a fine coach, but a good man, and a great coach got an award he deserved for putting Calhoun were it is, and were it is going........

February 27, 2002
From: Mike B.
comments: I would just like to first of all congratulate Robbie Williams and Jason Mays on their excellent careers and 2nd place finish in the State. I also want to say congratulations to the rest of the placers Jeremy Ray , Steve Riner , and James Nelson. I just want to say to Robbie and Jason , it has been great watching you two the last 4 years , you two are definately two of the best ever and its been a pleasure to watch you both. Its too bad it ended the way it did.

February 27, 2002
From: WV Wrestler
comments: I was wondering who will take the Dutton Award? I believe Courtney from Fairmont Senior will take that award for this year. Because he never lost his match and he is the best wrestler in this state. he always show his heart on the mat all of the time. He is a nice guy that I ever met before. Good Job Jeff.

February 27, 2002
From: A Greenbrier West Fan
comments: Hey Guys~! Ok this is the LAST thing like this for the season. You all done such a great job at state's. Pat, I hope your shoulder gets better soon!! Senior's it will be very different without you all there next year so from all the fans we would like to say that you all were great and we love you, we hope that you all get the best out of life that you can. To everyone else you all are great, I hope you continue on with wrestling until you graduate. Guy's you all had a great season and I would like to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for doing such a great job throughout everything! I can't wait until next year!! **LOVE ALWAYS**

February 27, 2002
From: dg
comments: First let's just say Oak Glen has a great program. Six state titles in a row do not happen by accident. They have great individuals and a great coach. Oak Glen deserves every accolade it received.

That said let's take a look at this year's tournament and why Calhoun coach Mike Stump was named coach of the year and Calhoun wrestler was named most outstanding wrestler.

Since Oak Glen has dropped to AA/A it has won every state tournament. The closest margin in the past was 51.5 points. This year Oak Glen won by 19 and it had to break a championship round tie to do so. This year's Calhoun team gave Oak Glen its toughest challenge in AA/A ever.

Calhoun wrestled almost the entire season short two weights. It never had a 189 pound wrestler and it lost its 275 pound wrestler about a third of the way into the season forcing its 215 pounder to wrestle up. During the season, actually during the tournament season, Mike Stump lost his mother and his mother-in-law within a week of each other. Neither he nor the team gave up. They came within a gnat's eyelash of beating what is arguably the best program in the state
-- Oak Glen.

Mike Stump won the award because he deserved the award since he had every wrestler the team had wrestling at their capability throughout the season. While it is impossible to give 110 percent like coaches are fond of saying, Calhoun's wrestlers came as close to giving 100 percent -- as a team -- as is possible.
As for the AA/A Most Valuable Wrestler Award that is pretty much the opinion of the coaches who voted on it. While Joey Caughey did pin his way through the tournament and Derrick Stickles was awesome in winning the title, Chris Morris had an excelent tournament too with three pins and a major decision while winning the state title at 125 and finishing the season 44-0. Over the past two years he has a record of 84-1. Maybe that is why coaches voted for him. No matter what the reason he is as good a choice as anyone else and as deserving as anyone else would have been.
Oak Glen is awesome. You don't win six straight titles without being awesome. But this year, at least, Calhoun County was pretty awesome too.

February 27, 2002
From: disappointed fan
comments: i was wonderin if anyone seen the semi finals match between flowers and dennis and what their opinion on the match was

February 27, 2002
February 27, 2002
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: I wanted to congratulate the outstanding perfomances of the Parkersburg High Big Reds and Calhoun High.You made the tournament very interesting and the rivalries with South and Oak Glen only add to make an exciting a state tourney as I've witnessed in many years!Congrats to all the state champions from PHS..Brandon Rader,Robert Shyver and Lou Thomas.Lou...I knew you could do it and predicted it on here on Feb.15th.Wood county can be very proud of every young man that dons a singlet and represents their schools with pride and championship wrestling.We have the best right here and it is a pleasure to witness all your atheletic ability!Way to go guys!!

February 27, 2002
comments: With seven teams dropping from AAA to AA, when will we know the new regional alignments for next year?

February 25, 2002
comments: The one thing i have noticed over the years, is that when a AA/A wrestler loses in the semi's some of them seem to fold and give only half hearted efforts in the matches on Saturday moring. They usally get pinned or default out for 6th. Yet in AAA the wrestlers who the same thing happens to they lose or what not. Well they dont seem to fold and default or get pinned. They seem to get p.o.ed and get themselves disquaified. There just seems to be alittle bit more fire then there should be in them. Neither of these things are good. Yet when these kids get to a point in there life they are going to realize they shouldnt have folded and got 6th or hit a kid and got DQ'ed, they are going to reget what they did and wish they would have tried there hardest and got what they could get. Because there were 12 other kids in that weight class that would trade places with them not to mention all the other kids who never got to make it to state to have that chance.

February 25, 2002
From: luke underwood
comments: I just returned from the 7 hour drive to Huntington for the 2002 tourney and i gotta say it was exciting. congrats out to Vince Magnone, Anthony Valles, Derrick Stickles, and Joey Caughey on the individual titles. congrats to Oak Glen and all the coaches on the 6TH TEAM STATE CHAMPIONSHIP in as many years. I know, but don't understand, why coach shaw was not given the nod for coach of the year...after 6 titles, i think he earned it. people need to put aside their prejudices about oak glen and give them what they earn. and they have earned it. can't wait till the 2003 tourney and hope to see alot of the same faces that i saw this year.

February 25, 2002
comments: I want to say congradulations to the Ripley wrestling team. I am so proud of all of you. Coach Sayre, the team did what you wanted them to do. Matt, Mitch, Josh, Willis, Steve, and Ty, everyone overlooked you guys all year and you proved them wrong, way to go. Now next year lets see if you guys can take home a plaque from the States.

February 25, 2002
comments: WOW, South did it again. I never had any doubt in my mind that we could and we would. This will only be the beginning for the next four years! I would like to congratulate Walters, Mo, Ryan, and Nathan. The entire South team were remarkable though, showing class and heart. It is truly what it takes to be number one. Bosley really had the PHS crowd talking, they all told me that you weren't going to finish the tourney because you were only there for a State title for yourself, and i told them all that they obviously didn't know you. You heart and dedication to the team is something that doesn't come around very often. I watched you help numerous people off the matt when you could barely walk yourself. I watched you hug and congratulate your team mates, not once thinking of yourself. Wrestlers like you are what make the sport worth watching. Don't ever think about what may have been, think about what you helped you team accomplish. Never lose the personality that we ! all love. Walters, I never doubted you would be at the top. Keep up all the good work. To the Roane County wrestler that finished the match with Pickens, that was class. It would have been so easy not to finish the match, you should feel very good about yourself, not everyone would have done that. WOW, what a tournament...full of upsets and surprises, can't wait til next February!

February 25, 2002
From: Larry Talbott
comments: I, being from Ohio was at the state tournament over the weekend and saw some very good matches but would like to know how the heavey wieght from Oak Glen was left out of the outstanding wrestler award after pinning his way through the matches, . only going passed the 1st period in the finals.I think Caughey was right there .

February 25, 2002
From: smokedogg
comments: Danny Lord-enough said

February 25, 2002
From: southfan02
comments: WOW I can't belive it is over i wan't to say congrats to Kyle and ryan also to Matt Bosley. I am so proud of you all i can't belive it is coming to a end you are great young talented men i have watched you wrestle since you all were little. I am proud to be a part of the history made this last weekend we have the best fans in the state. I also would like to say congrats to courtney you are a great person. Lets try for five next year boys. WAY TO GO SOUTH

February 25, 2002
From: wreslingdad@aol.com
comments: Does anyone know who won between WVU's #3 Greg Jones and defending NCAA champ Josh Koscheck of Edinboro this Saturday? The WVU website has not been updated as of Monday afternoon. Thanks.

February 25, 2002
From: RE: Past Jr. State Champs
comments: All you young wrestlers getting ready for the jr. state tourney this week in Parkersburg should go back in the archives of this website for 1997, 98 and 99 and look at the names of the top jr. wrestlers those years. It reads like a who's who of this year's high school state champs and proves that the hard work when you are younger pays off. Good Luck to all.

February 25, 2002
comments: Since the Regionals and State are a week later next year, does anyone know if the WSAZ Tournament will be the same weekend, or has it changed too. What will the date of the WSAZ be?

February 25, 2002
comments: I would just like to congratulate Oak Glen on a great season. I know it had its ups and downs but we finished on a high note and thats all that matters. 6 in a row is really something to be proud of(expecially since it has never been done before). This season along with every season in the past has been filled with triumph. Always remember that you were a part of something special when you were with the Oak Glen program. It didn't just form you into outstanding wrestlers but also outstanding people and everyone who goes through Coach Shaw's program is a better person in life because of it. When you put on that powder blue singlet, you should be proud to be a part of it. Many wrestler who would have placed in the state never even made it into the varsity lineup for Oak Glen so if you are one of the ones who have the oppertunity to show everyone what you are actually made of be sure to capitolize on that. Congratulations are also in line for Coach Shaw on another great season. Hopefully you are with Oak Glen for many more years to come because Oak Glen Wrestling and Larry Shaw go hand and hand.

Oak Glen truely is at the top of WV since they beat the top 3 AAA teams also...#1 Parkersburgh South in a dual(38-27). #2 Parkursburg at the Brooke Classic(137-106). #3 John Marshal at the Brooke Classic and OVAC Tournament(137-119.5)(209.5-203.5). All three of these teams are outstanding teams though. Congratulations to Parkersburg South on a great season and for thier 4th straight. Next years dual is going to be another outstanding one. You guys are filled with young talent and im sure you have more kids coming up next year. Can't wait to see it.

I would also like to add that Oak Glen, in my opinion, should have had two kids coming home sharing the Outstanding Wrester Award. Joe Caughey was a 3X State Champion and PINNED HIS WAY THROUGH THE TOURNAMENT, and Derrick Stickles was also a 3X State Champion. Derrick did not pin his way through but he just destroyed everyone that he wrestled. They both should be sharing the Award. Stickles' only loss of the year came in a contraversial match against AAA State Champion Nathan Pickens.


February 25, 2002
comments: Congratulations to Pat and Nate for their 3rd Place finish in the states. To all the other seniors - you have been great leaders and fine examples for the underclassmen to follow. Good luck with the rest of your life and whatever you endeavor to do. I'm sure the lessons you have learned in wrestling will help you in your life. Good luck and "thanks for the memories".

February 25, 2002
comments: Did anyone notice that the SMALLEST COUNTY in WV produced SEVEN state champs? Thanks to Larry Shaw's program we had 5 from Oak Glen, and thanks to our close proximity to PA and OH we produced one from Weir (Magnone) and one from Madonna (Valles). It shows that a 40-plus win record does not mean a thing if you wrestle the same WV kids all the time. Coaches need to enter at least one PA or OHIO tournament each year. Work for the gold at the end, even if it means a few tough losses on your record. Oak Glen's pee wees wrestle in a Pennsylania league and its jr high and high schools wrestle in an Ohio dominated league.The results speak for themself.

February 25, 2002
From: Proud to be a Wrestling Fan
comments: I also saw the match when a wrestler continued on after a slam, even losing the match and not going into the finals. This boy should be extremely proud of himself and his father for his actions on the mat. Some wrestlers don't want to win by being dirty. I wish alot more parents and coaches would encourage their kids/wrestlers to behave in this manner. Bosley from South was injured and continued on in his senior year. Some went for the leg, some didn't. I watched 2 matches where his cross-town rival didn't go for the leg. This is what wrestling is about. Those 2 wrestlers showed alot of class,I do wish the fans would cheer these individuals on. These are our future leaders, My Hat goes Off to Them. Congratulations to everyone who participated in the State Championships this year, it was a great tournament to watch. South & PHS made it exciting to watch the totals board. My Congratulations to Erica Dye on her performance and her career.

February 25, 2002
From: region watcher
comments: a lot of talk at the beginning of the season again about what AAA regions has it easy and what ones are the toughest. here are the stats for those who are interested. the numbers are not exact due to some disqaulifications and forfeits at the end of the saturday morning session, but here they are:
champ bracket

             matches won   1st  2nd  3rd  4th  5th  6th  total
Region 1        83          8    6    7    4    5    4    34
Region 2        52          2    4    3    4    4    5    22
Region 3        36          1    3    1    3    2    1    11
Region 4        39          3    1    4    2    2    4    16

Region 1 may have the fewest teams, but once again have proved that the have the toughest region in the state. they placed all 4 of their region finishers in two weight classes and placed 3 region finishers in two other weight classes. except for 171 they placed two region placers in the rest of the weight classes. the other regions had a couple of weight classes where they did the same thing, but not with the consistancy of region 1. the new realignment will be interesting and i am sure there will be a team or two complaining about having to come to region 1. look at it like this, to be the best you have to wrestle the best.

February 25, 2002
From: south fan "82"
comments: congratulations to all the south wrestlers for a great season. ryan, nathan, kyle, and mo was fun to watch all year and are very deserving champs. was a shame matt had the bad knee injury all year or it would have been 5 champs this year. you are still a champ to many of us and thank you for all the excitement over the last 3 years, it was great. there will be more state champs next year for those who came close this year, keep up the good work.

February 25, 2002
From: hs wrestling fan
comments: what a weekend. congratulations to all the wrestlers this weekend. you all are champions the day you step into the wrestling room for the first day of practice. the dedication, sweat, tears, and determination that is put into a season is matched by no other sport. except for two sad instances, this was a very good tournament concerning sportsmanship. cant wait for next year already

February 25, 2002
From: Kyle Frerichs
email: Luvtobeno1@aol.com
comments: To the many:
I would just like to say THANK YOU to everyone who over the past 8-10 years have had an impact on my son Jacob's wrestling career here in West Virginia! From the first Pee Wee match he ever wrestled at the Mineral Wells tournament to the State High School Finals this past weekend I would not trade a moment of this time for anything in the world. (I might change a few of the details but.....). From the rivalry's and the friendships; to the many victories and yes the defeats IT HAS ALL BEEN VERY SPECIAL TO OUR FAMILY!

I would like to believe that Jacob has helped to bring out the best in his opponents as I personally know his opponents have helped to bring out the best in him. We will always cherish our time spent in West Virgina no matter where we might go in the future. I know we will be watching next season to see where and how everyone is doing. (Might even wrestle some of you next year.)

TO THE NITRO TEAM AND SUPPORTERS GREAT JOB THIS YEAR! Matt, you are the man and 4x is waiting for you next season! (Jacob is better for having you in the room.) Anthony, John, and Mitch Next year is your year to WIN IT ALL!

Special thanks to:
Ken Chertow-Your support has been huge over the years!

Steve White-You have truely helped Jacob to mature in more ways than just wrestling.

Dean Moore-Allowing Jacob to be part of the Patriot organization and truely treating him and us as part of the group!

Chuck and Bev Easter-Over the years we could not have done it without the both of you. From Tulsa to State College and every gym and wrestling room in between we consider you and your family as if they were part of our own, you have treated Jacob as one of your own boys and we have done the same for yours. We will greatly miss all of you! You know where we live and are welcome anytime! Thanks!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST I WANT TO SAY THANKS TO MY SON JACOB! I LOVE YOU SON! Without you none of the great times and friendships would have been possible. I am so proud of you and know that the best is yet to come!

To everyone else Thanks for EVERYTHING!
Kyle Frerichs

February 25, 2002
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: My vote for the most outstanding wrestler goes to Nathan Pickens. This kid is incredible. He faces undefeated Bender in the semi final round and hands him a major decision which would have been a pin had it not been called a slam. Then in the finals he faces undefeated Mays. This is where you see how deadly Pickens is, he is like a snake. The match seems to be a close fight and the next thing you know Pickens pins Mays like nothing. This kid will turn some heads at the senior nations and should be fun to watch in college. Way to go Pick!!

February 25, 2002
From: South Fan
comments: Way to go South! You guys were absolutely incredible. There is absolutely no doubt you guys are number one. To Matt, Nathan, Ryan, and Chris it has been amazing watching you guys get to this point. Bosley, you show more dedication and heart than I have ever seen, you should be commended. Nathan you just make wrestling look good. To Shane and Bryce, you'll be on top next year when you go for 5. Kyle, one down, two to go! You guys were all awesome. Congrats also to the big red champs, I'd love to see Rader be able to go for 4. To Chris D., you may not have won but you are still a champ in many South fan's eyes. Also to Jeff Courtney, you have been amazing to watch, South fans love you and will miss you. Great season and incredible weekend, you guys made history. Can't wait till next year!!

February 25, 2002
comments: Congratulations to Casey Hughes on a great sophomore year. I think with every triumph in life, we must succomb to some adversity. Wrestling the last 2 weeks, with possibly severe knee damage now takes alot of guts. Casey never had to go out there and wrestle, but he did anyways because he thought that he had something to prove. He wanted to show the state that he was the best 135 lb wrestler in the state. Well, he didn't get to prove it as he defaulted out, but he proved to everyone that he has alot of guts, making it to the semifinals while using basically one leg. He did prove to the state though that he has alot of guts and that even on his worst day, you will have problems. Casey proved to me a long time ago this year that he was the best 135 lb wrestler in the state when he dominated Leach in the finals of tri-state when he was healthy. (Not taking anything from Leach, you definitely deserve the title you earned this weekend. Lots of hard work was put in and it would be wrong of me to say you didnt deserve it because Adam Leach definitely did earn it.)Casey will be back next year and with some work this summer and with some rest to get his knee healed back up, I think Casey has a good shot at getting his 2nd and 3rd titles and very possibly could finish out his high school career without another loss.

February 25, 2002
From: Ritchie Fan
comments: In regard to the 2/20/02 comment from a cameron wrestling fan. Morris deffinetly wasn't going to walk through the tournament, but he sure didn't have to worry about Whittington who got knocked out the 1st rd., or Kotson who was defeated in the semi-finals. Morris knew Bumgardner would beat Kotson all along and he would tell you today he knew Bumgardner would be his match in the finals. Next time, take all wrestlers and what all could happen into consideration. Congrats to Bumgardner, very contraversial call in the finals, and to Lobis, we all realize you were very sick and you did the best you could do. Also to all wrestlers who stuck with it through the whole season and never gave up. Keep trying and best of luck in the future.

February 25, 2002
From: PSHS Fan
comments: Coach Mccartney, You have been so great this year. You have been through a lot with the wrestling program this year, and you stuck with it and came out on top. Your faith in this team is incredible. You have such a big heart and so much love for the South team and for the fans. You are such a great man, don't let anyone tell you different. I hope that some day my kids can be coached by someone exactly like you. I have so much respect for you and all that you stand for. May God bless you. You are a great CHAMPION. Never forget that.

February 25, 2002
From: South Fan
comments: You guys did so awesome this weekend. I started to question whether you guys would accomplish your 4-peat. But you without a doubt proved everyone wrong. You should be so proud of yourselves, you made history and noone will ever forget you.I know that this will be something that will live with me forever. I wouldn't have missed it for the world. I know that South wrestling is still going strong and you guys help restore everyone's faith in the South wrestling program. I'm so proud of all of you.

February 25, 2002
From: Vengence
comments: I fear all you have done is awakened a sleeping giant. He'll be back.

February 25, 2002
From: Matt Stevens
comments: I just wanna say great job to the BIG REDS and the toughness they showed all year. Good job to South for another championship. And good luck to the big reds next season work hard this summer!! Im predicting the BIG REDS to win the title next year NO DOUBT!!!

February 25, 2002

February 25, 2002
From: Jacket Fan
comments: I would just like to say congradulations to Shane, Tyler and Casey on their state championship titles they won this weekend. You all were amazing. I also want to say a special congradulations to Ryan Elder. You placed second at state your first year there, which was so much more than alot of people ever expected. You proved so many people wrong and everyone is so proud of you so hold your head high. You did awesome. I also want to say congradulations to Alan(3rd), Deli(4th), Jesse(5th), Bobby(5th), and Lee(5th) for a terrific season and a great tournament. Everyone had an awesome year and we are proud of all of you. To the seniors: We love you and we will definetly miss you. Good luck in whatever you decide to do from this point out. You are a wonderful group of young men who deserve all the best. Congradulations everyone. Can't wait 'til next year!

February 25, 2002
From: Parkersburg wrestling
comments: Wow!!! Who expected PHS to pull some of the upsets they did? First of all Robert Shyver upsetting Anthony Easter in the semi's. Then maybe one of the biggest was Thomas at 215 beating Andrew Starsick in the fianls 3-2 that was a heck of a match. That just goes to show you what can happen down in Huntington
Also Great Job to the South boys on beating the state record with four in a row!!! good job guys

February 25, 2002
From: yoyoyo
comments: I couldnt make it down til about 2 on saturday but i saw a great final round a few teams that impressed me in how they finished were calhoun, east fairmont, and john marshall courntey deserved the mow without a doubt. easter showed me that he will be the next 4 time champ seemed like he controlled the whole match the geary taylor and satterfield morrison matched were close coulda gone either way in my opinion turnbull came inches close to being a champion this year with a take down that just went out of bounds ,,,,overall i was impressed with the competition this year way to go guys and miss dye

February 25, 2002
From: East fan
comments: CONGRATULATIONS jeff courtney on 2xstate champ, Brandon Geary and Chris Satterfield on 2nd place!!congratulations to EAST FAIRMONT on 5th place

February 25, 2002
comments: fist of all, i have never written to the forum in the past... i have only read the forum (on a regular basis)to get information and be updated on various opinions around the state. i would like to commend the editor and all else envolved for this website. BUT i must comment on incidents i witnessed this weekend at huntington.......
Editor's note: Sorry, this season and all this animosity needs to be over......

February 25, 2002
From: brooke wretler
comments: congrats to all of the brooke wrestlers that placed down state ( mcfarland, shaw, durbin, and bliss ) and congrats on the good effort to all of the other brooke wrestlers that did not place you guys worked hard and better luck next year and i hope to make it there to with you guys

February 25, 2002
From: east fan
comments: congratulation to satt and brandon on 2nd place in states this year!!congartulations to east fairmont on there 5th place finish

February 25, 2002
From: 215 Observer
comments: I am not being biased because I wrestle 215, but I must say in the triple A division...it was by far one of the toughest divisions. We saw the top four placers in region three go a whopping 1-8...that is tough. Three of the four were very good wrestlers...two went two and through...and one, Hutchinson, beat a boy from University, but didn't fare well his next match. We also saw great matches...Householder vs. Nicholson 1 and 2 were good...and the championship was great...Congrats to all placers

February 25, 2002
From: Hannah Colie~Berkeley Springs Stat
comments: CONGRADULATIONS to my berkeley guys, you did so well! I know that we had a few heart breaking matches but you guys did awesome and you should look past all of that and think about all the great things that you have experienced. We have had a great season and there is nothing that I would have rather done for the past 2 months than Stat for you guys and i am looking forward to next year. I hope you are all proud of your achievements, you have come a long way both as a team and as individuals.
FRANK-I know that you have had a rough time at states, but despite all the disapointments and nerve racking moments, dont you think it was all worth it?
JAMIE-I could tell that you were disappointed at states, but just let it go and come out for the team again next year and give it all you've got You TRULY have talent and if your heart is in wreslting then you could come out on top!
RANDY-You, just like Jamie have real talent when it comes to wrestling and i just hop that you stick with it and keep praticing and wanting to become better, because you will.
MATT-You've got the talent and I can tell that your heart is really in it, so just keep doing what you're doing and dont let a few bad calls or a few losses get you down.
Josh-Well, it sure has been one heck of a season...I hope that you never lose your love for wrestling and that you keep working at it...I know that you have really had a couple heart breaking matches, but dont let it keep you down just stay dedicated and you will get what you deserve...you have what it takes to be state champ, you just have to have the right mind set. Dont ever change...
Allison-Hey girl! Stating with you has been great, i know that when we Lifeguarded together over the summer we had our problems, but I'm glad that we worked everything out and i hope that you Stat with me next year!!!
RoseMarie---We love you! you have been the absolute best and i hope that somehow you can be stat mom again next year!! (keep alli away from the cotton candy...lol)
All my Berkeley guys---congrats and next year...lets blow 'em away :-)

February 25, 2002
From: Brooke Fan
comments: Congratulations to the Brooke Wrestling Team, 9th place AAA. Congraduations to 119 Jonathan McFarland-6th Place; 125 Braden Shaw-4th Place; 135 Dave Durbin - 3rd Place; 140 Phil Bliss-3rd Place. Great Job.

February 24, 2002
From: Debbie Dye
email: debbie_dye3@yahoo.com
comments: I would like to thank all of the people who have supported Erica in her wrestling career, who have helped her dreams become a reality. Thank so much to her coaches and all they have done. Good luck to all of the Wirt County wrestlers next year.

February 24, 2002
From: Ex-HuskieWrestler
comments: Wes and Joe Mike, i couldn't be prouder of you two than if you were my own little brothers. Wes, you always missed the big one by a hair, and you finally got it.,...Joe Mike, i remember when you were in the seventh grade and didnt' win a single match. And now you are a state runner-up. That's one heck of a turn around. Just goes to show that you can do anything through hard work. And one more congratulations to Lou Thomas. I told you last year while we were sittin in the chairs waiting to get our medals that you woudl win it all before you graduated. Well, you've done that. Now win two more.

February 24, 2002
From: South Fan 88
comments: WOW!!!! What a week-end!!! We came, we saw, we made HISTORY! I want to congradulate our boys, job well done!! I knew that in the end we would prevail. I know what kind of kids make up our team and there was no doubt in my mind that against all odds they would come out on top. The season was unbelievable, and no matter what happened our boys kept going. I know that our 4 captains constantly boosted morale and showed leadership and backbone like nobody else could. Thanks so much Nathan, Ryan, Matt, and Chris. You are all stand up and now the whole state knows it!!!! (Nathan the kindness you showed Courtney this week-end was true class) Congrats to each of you for all your accomplishments this year both on and off the mat. And team there are only great leaders when they are leading outstanding teamates. Felix, Steve, Shane, Seth, Sean, Bryce, Kyle, Steven, Curt, and Wes everyone of you made us proud. You all went down there as a team and won it working together encouraging one another every step of the way. Besides great captains, and a great team we had great coaches!!! Thanks Coaches for never once giving up on our boys even when a few fans gave up on you. When you all knelt and gave thanks at the end the week-end was complete. Dave Poe said it best in Sundays paper when he talked about the class act South truly is from its wrestlers to its coaches- its entire program is truly remarkable. We had a great section of fans this week-end I am proud of how we supported our boys 100% and in the end all of southsides dedication and perserverience paid off. Remember guys united we stand......divided we become like everyone else. To those of you who walked away this year before it was finished.....turn around and take a good long look at what a 4 time state champion team looks like, truly a sight to behold!!!!!!!!!! South wrestlers- We love you guys, hey what you say we do it again next year- same place, same time, 5 in a row!!!!!!!

February 24, 2002
comments: Ryan and Mo you guy's did a GREAT job you both worked hard all year and it has finally paid off! Way to go you should be proud of yourselfs. You never gave up on your hopes and dreams and you have accomplished something no other team has you guys are defending state champs four years in a row! You will leave behind something South will greatly appreciate and I know all the fans will miss you both. It's been a joy watching both of you wrestle this year. Good Luck with whatever you do after your senior year... Ryan can't wait to see you wrestle in college keep up the good work!

February 24, 2002
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: Congratulations to Parkersburg South wrestlers and Coach McCartney for making history...4 in a row!!!Sorry ratteaser...the cream rose to the top,again, and they are not so vunerable are they!?!? Back on the forum on Feb.15th I picked all 4 of the South state champs and their would have been a 5th had "Boz" not been hurt.Ryan..you had a close call early,but survived and finished undefeated..WOW! Nathan Pickens...you handed two undefeated wrestlers their 1st losses and did so easily..you too deserved the MOW award!Chris..you told me the night before the finals how you were going to win and your strategy was performed to perfection and you became South's 1st heavyweight state champion.Kyle..I told superman on here that you would be wrestling on Saturday night and predicted your title and said you were "Prime Time"...you certainly are that!!I think Matt Bosley sumed up the attitude of the entire South team in the hallway Saturday morning.With his knee messed up pretty bad we thought he wasn't going to wrestle, but the gutty South captain said"There's no way I'm going to let the Big Reds win this thing"!If that is not what champions are made of then what is?You guys amaze me!!Thanks for all the thrills you gave us!!

February 24, 2002
From: Calhoun Stat 'CJS'
comments: As any fan would say, Great job guys... Yet, in witnessing every practice, every tournament near and far, every hardship and every triumph... great job could never come close to expressing how remarkable you guys were this year. Looks like 2 more champions will be on the wall with Chris Morris this year, and many more in the years to come. Congratulations to the team and Coach Mike Stump. You guys earned everything you have worked for and much much more.

February 24, 2002
From: jyd
comments: My Wrestling Person of the year.
A father, whose son, undefeated, wrestling in semis, state tourney, already fighting injuries, recieved another injury that would win the match if he doesnt continue, would put him in finals. The father/the coach (same person) refused the win, for reasons that i believe this sport was founded on.
Coach&Father Gary Bender, Salute.

February 24, 2002
From: An Exiting Leg Rider
comments: I want to congratulate the other members of the Ripley wrestling team on our 4th place February 27, 2002
From: The Editor
I would be remiss if I didn't of the best teams in the state. Thank you all for four great years. Steve, Ty, and Josh- you all have what it takes to take your place wins a step higher. And to Mitch- four state titles are out their for your taking, so work hard enough to get them all. Good luck to you guys and the rest of you next year and in years to come.

February 24, 2002
From: WrestlingMom:Pam
comments: To Coach Schenny I would like to thank the PHS wrestling program and the High School itself for the way you have accepted Chris into your School. You and your coaches should be commended. Chris was accepted with open arms and treated with the respect he deserves. I only have one regret though and that is I wish you would of had the oppurtunity to have all three of my sons. There is no words to express what a class act you guys really are. Thanks for everything. Sincerely Pam Daggett

February 24, 2002
From: proud calhoun parent
comments: Congratulations to Calhoun County for their second place win at the state tournement. Big congratulations to Justin Ashley, Chris Morris, and Derek Metz, our state champs. Congratulations to Jared Brewer 4th place, Gary Wager 5th place, Jeff Morris 2nd place, Eric Metz 4th place, Ray Burge 3rd place and Charlie Gibson 2nd place. Also congratulations to Bryan Gungle, Damon Merola, and Joey Moore, you are winner too, You played a hugh part in placing your team at 2nd place in the state. Congratulations to Coach Mike Stump, Coach of The Year. Congratulations to Chris Morris Most Outstanding Wrestler. Calhoun County has a lot to be proud of in our fine young men.

February 24, 2002
From: justanotherbigredfan
comments: WVSSAC Rule Change Validated.
Thanks to a change to the rule exculding freshmen from varsity sports if they attend a junior high, PHS crowned three champions at the WV State Wrestling Tournament - one freshmen - and the sophmore who challenged the rule last year as a freshman.

Today in Huntington, freshman Brandon Rader won the top AAA state honors, and sophomore Lou Thomas unseated a defending state champ to grab his crown. Rader and freshman teammate Chance Litton are on the squad after Thomas broke new ground at PHS last year by becoming the first 9th grader to join the PHS varsity wrestling club. Even though he was only eligible for about 1/2 of the season, Thomas still placed fourth in the state tournament as a freshman.

At the time of the change, many said it would destroy the junior high system. However, that has not happened. Instead, only a few gifted and dedicated athletes have stepped from the ranks of junior high to test their mettle. Examples from this area include our two state champs, Rader and Thomas, as well as Chance Litton, who probably placed third behind powerhouses Easter and Grogg, and Ossuna-Cotto from South, who I think is a freshman and probably placed forth. Also, there are the basektball players Louden at PHS and Dawson from South. All of these frosh have amply proven they are among their peers at the varsity level.

This is as it should be. The philosophy of the WSSAC is that the best interest of the student athlete should be the paramount consideration. To me, that means that--just as in academics--no student athlete should be denied the opportunity to realized his or her full potential. The former rule excluding junior high freshmen denied athletes 25% of their varsity eligibilty, but with the rule change, we now see two freshman starting their run for 4 straight state titles. This is as it should be, and is certainly in accord with the SSAC philosophy.

Anyway, I congratulate South on their record-breaking 4th title, but look forward the PHS grapplers starting their own run next year. Way to go Big Reds.

February 24, 2002
From: Calhoun Fan
comments: To Coach Stump and the rest of the RED DEVIL team "Congratulation" on a well deserved LKC, Regional & State tourny!!!!! I have been to many state tournaments in the past several years and have yet to see a season like this. This is a season to be proud of yourselves. Coach Stump you deserve the "coach of the year" award.

February 24, 2002
From: Young Wrestler
comments: Does anyone know if they will post the seeds of the jr state

February 24, 2002
From: jenny
email: clumseygal@wirefire.com
comments: WAY TO GO SOUTH!!! Good job guys i had faith in all of you a special congrats to ryan I love you bud and we are very proud of you. Also big congrats to MO your part of the family and we love ya too. You both did great and wish ya luck in whatever you do in the future. Bosley good job you have great talent and heart.

February 24, 2002
From: A N
email: aricinwv@hotmail.com
comments: Its a fact that some regions are stronger than others and very unfortunate that most of the time the top two wrestlers in the state meet in the semi final round. The toughest match I ever wrestled was in the semi-finals my senior year against Mark Roberts, he was the only wrestler from West Virginia to beat me in two years (with the exception of Lindsey (P.S.), in the previous state finals). The match went into overtime and would have been an awesome final bout. Imagine how much more exciting the state finals would be if the tournament was seeded. I think the coaches around the state know who the best wrestlers are. Give the wrestlers what they deserve, an even shot. Congratulations to all the wrestlers who made it this year, enjoy the experience because you'll miss it later in life. and good Luck.

February 24, 2002
I would like too know all of the wrestling matches results in the class A/AA as well as the class AAA division , as the night goes along beginning with the very first group of matches which should naturally begin in or around the time of 6:30 p:m eastern standard time. I would also like to find out how Parkersburg South High School, the school that I went too does as they try too be the very first school in high school history to become a four time state high school wrestling championship, {doing it from 1998 - 1999 season all the way too the 2001 - 2002 wrestling season,} and not only would I be so very happen too see it happen once again, but I would apprecaite it so very much if you can help me out with any or all information that you can happen too send to me about this here very thing.

I was just wondering for us folks who couldn't make it to Huntington until the finals if next year there could possibly be real-time results in the civic center itself, even if you need to recruit and put someone with a laptop and internet access in the civic center or at the head table if would give those of us looking forward to the finals a chance to know just how everyone is doing. I will even volunteer for next years state tournament to do so of head it up. thanks.

Is there anyway to get updated AAA scores before the finals start at 6:00. I would love to be in Huntington, but I am six hours away.

From: CL
comments: When Leah asked where ahe could get the latest scores from the tournament, your answer was of no help. She, like me, is most likely not in Huntington and can not even call the civic center. I think you could have come up with another answer other them "uh, um,,, the civic center. Perhaps you could have provided her with a web site when she could have found her information.
I am still looking for Saturday afternoon's results.
Thanks anyway,


Editor's note: My apologies to those fans who did not find results posted in a timely fashion. I will say that complete results were posted by 11PM each day of the tournament.

I did once toy with the idea of posting results in "real time" from press row at the Civic Center. This would require me buying a dedicated telephone line and having it run in to press row. I inquired about the cost, and decided that I didn't want to spend the money (which would be out of my own pocket) to do that. I gotta draw the line somewhere.

Regarding posting the Saturday results of the first session prior to the finals: I have done that in years past. By the time the Saturday AM session is finished, it is pushing 3PM. By time I get back to the hotel with these results and get them formatted and uploaded, it is pushing 4PM or later, with the finals to start in two hours or less. It occurs to me that anyone who is going to the finals would not see the Saturday AM results, because for the most part they would be on the road by the time they are posted.

Finally, my apologies to Leah. In answer to your question, no, I don't know of any website or "hotline" which provides real-time State Tournament results.

February 24, 2002
From: Wrestler
comments: I dont see what the big deal is everybodies wrestle hurt some how in their life time its not that big of a deal. I wrestled at the AAA Regional Tournment this past weekend with my mouth stitched up.

February 24, 2002
From: email: smaep1@aol.com
comments: Requesting information on MAWA District Qualifiers. Is Brooke hosting one again this year? If so, any way to get a registration form- Thanks!

February 24, 2002
From: mom
comments: dear editor,
you were totally right on in your comment to the person asking why you didn't post his message to the injured wrestler. It is a personal thing, and speaking from experience my son doesn't like people to talk about his injury, he believes they'll pre-judge him based on the fact that he has an injury, rather than his heart and determination. if a wrestler wants it to be know, he'll tell us. right? thanks.

February 23, 2002
From: leah
comments: Who can tell me where to get the most updated information on the WV state tournament?
Editor's note: er, um, that would be the Civic Center in Huntington...

February 23, 2002
From: Greenbrier West Fan
comments: ~Ok I will only write one more thing after this one for the season I promise guys!! I was just looking at the site and I seen the winnings were have so far, and I wish I could just be there right now and hug each and everyone of you! You all are awsome! I continue to give you the good luck and the congrats speech I think you all know it by heart now. So GOOD LUCK and CONGRATS! (Oh and Seth, even though you didn't go, your still awsome!) **Love Always**
February 22, 2002
From: Slim Da Rat
comments: I'm picking three major upsets right here, and giving these outstanding wrestlers the credit that no one else will give them....

Bryce Pickens could very well beat Lord this weekend in Huntington... People are always predicting the Lord state championship, but Bryce has been unstoppable as of late...

Kyle Walters gave George a run for his money when they met earlier this season.... Walters is one of the most explosive wrestlers in the state, and can beat anyone on any given day... I've also seen George wrestle, and without a doubt, the boy is great. If he wins the state title, he would be a deserving champion. But I think that Walters is being underestimated, and he could walk away with the upset.

This is my biggest upset, and I think that it is more likely to happen than any of the others. While most wrestling fans in West Virginia look upon Matt Easter as the best we have to offer, history does mean something. Shane Grogg and Easter have quite a history, and Grogg has a good record against him. I think that Grogg will turn EVERYONE's head in Huntington this weekend and walk away with the 119 title and possibly MOW honors after dethroning a two time state champion...

**Final Predictions**
103: Easter   (Nitro)       d. Cappas      (Morgantown)
112: Rader    (Parkersburg) d. Ballam      (Hedgesville)
119: Grogg    (P. South)    d. Easter      (Nitro)
125: Metz     (P. South)    d. Frerichs    (Nitro)
130: Smith    (Ripley)      d. Bosley      (P. South)
135: Smith    (Ripley)      d. Williamson  (Parkersburg)
140: Bliss    (Brooke)      d. Gustines    (Jefferson)
145: Pickens  (P. South)    d. Lord        (Hedgesville)
152: Walters  (P. South)    d. George      (J. Marshall)
160: Pickens  (P. South)    d. Mays        (Huntington)
171: Taylor   (J. Marshall) d. Geary       (E. Fairmont)
189: Courtney (Fairmont Sr) d. Frazier     (C. Midland)
215: Starsick (N. Marion)   d. Thomas      (Parkersburg)
HWT: Morrison (P. South)    d. Satterfield (E. Fairmont)

**Team Predictions**
1) Parkersburg South
2) Parkersburg
3) Nitro
4) Huntington
5) John Marshall

Good luck to all those involved in this weekend's festivities.. You all are already winners just by making it there, now enjoy your stay and have fun!!!

Good luck Parkersburg South, especially to Shane Grogg, Felix Osuna-Cotto and Chris "Mo" Morrison... Bring back those individual state titles and that fourth straight team title back to the South Side where they belong....

February 20, 2002
From: Brooke Parent
comments: In regards to the recent Brooke Youth Tournament. Because of the wrestlebacks, I was not able to get accurate weight finisher to send in. The team trophies were Wheeling - 1st, Brooke - 2nd, I think McGuffey got 3rd. and I do not knows who got 4th. Sorry

February 20, 2002
From: MrAAPredictor

 1st Oak Glen
 2nd Calhoun
 3rd Williamstown
 4th Wirt
 5th Cameron
 6th Independence
 7th Berkeley Springs
 8th St. Marys
 9th Grafton
10th Greenbrier West
11th Shady Spring
12th Frankfort
1st Valles Mad
2nd Dye Wirt
3rd Snuffer Ind
4th Goneau OG
5th Neal SS
6th Ellis Wah

1st Ashley Cal
2nd Allen Wirt
3rd Biddle Will
4th Bartug StM
5th Morris Brx
6th O'Neil Cam

1st Biddle Will
2nd Chambers OG
3rd Clark BS
4th Brewer Cal
5th Whiteman Hun
6th Shirey Frank
1st Morris Cal
2nd Kotson Cam
3rd Bumgardner Rit
4th Chapman SS
5th Whittington OG
6th Brookover Will

1st Lobis Rit
2nd Scarbro SS
3rd Metz Cal
4th Dye Wirt
5th McIntosh OG
6th Sexton Ind

1st Six OG
2nd Hughes Cam
3rd Leach Graf
4th Dye Wirt
5th Wager Cal
6th Everett StM
1st Morris Cal
2nd Dennis Wirt
3rd Gregg BS
4th Flowers OG
5th Wright Frank
6th Tracewell Will
1st Smith Will
2nd Wood Ind
3rd Wharton OG
4th Childers StM
5th Metz Cal
6th Hodge Wah

1st Westbrook Will
2nd Cashdollar OG
3rd Brown Cam
4th Snider Tyler
5th Miller Wirt
6th Mason BS
1st Kupfer Cam
2nd Dent Hun
3rd Smith GW
4th Lauderman Will
5th Moore BS
6th Rhodes Ind

1st Stickles OG
2nd Efaw Graf
3rd Burge Cal
4th Lively GW
5th Carico LR
6th Tucker Rav

1st Hebrock OG
2nd Barnette Ind
3rd Delebeau Will
4th Clark BS
5th Bosley Frank
6th Lafferty Lib

1st Magnone Weir
2nd Hashman StM
3rd Weaver Mag
4th Jones WYE
5th Whitehill OG
6th Redman Pet

1st Caughey OG
2nd Peck Clay
3rd Gibson Cal
4th Raban Rav
5th Dequaise OH
6th Crookshanks GW

comments: I think Williamstown , Parkersburg and Parkersburg South could put together there own 3 all time dual team that would crush the Oak Glen team. 5 years of success doesnt add up to decades of success.

From: room slammers
comments: We the room slammers have finally came out with the 1st and 2nd placers for the state tournament. ENJOY!

103: Easter(NIT)over Cappas(MRG)
112: Rader(PHS)over Turnbull(UNV)
119: Easter(NIT)over Grogg(PS)
125: Metz(PS)over Frericks(NIT)
130: Williams(HUN)over Smith(RIP)
135: Smith(RIP)over Griffith(JEF)
140: Gibbs(CM)over Lane(HH)
145: Lord(HEG)over Pickens(PS)
152: George(JM)over Casto(NIT)
160: Pickens(PS)over Mays(HUN)
171: Taylor(JM)over Gearey(EF)
189: Courtney(FS)over Fraizer(CM)
215: Starsick(NM)over Miller(PRE)
275: Satterfield(EF)over Morrison(PS)

comments: You're not going to let Dave Helmick or Clayton Burch represent the "All time Oak Glen Dual team"? Think Again!

comments: Check out North Marion's 103,, he'll be on the top spot on the awards stands come Saturday night... bet on it!!!!

From: A Former Wrestler comments: I think a lot of you people are counting Jason Mays out way to soon. Mays has had a great year. Plus he has been there before.Last year everyone picked Moates to win, but Mays stepped up, and took it. I feel he'll do the same this year. He has way to much funk for Pickens to handle. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

From: J R
comments: To whomever put me in the All-Time team, thanks a lot but I agree with putting some other people in there. Coach Brown was a guy I wouldnt want to wrestle I know that much. I want to say good luck to the Golden Bears and that I wish I could make it down to root you guys on. Wrestle every match as hard as possible so you don't have any regrets when the dust settles. Good luck guys!

comments: New Huntington High All Dual Team:

103 Steve Riner
112 Ryan Fullen
119 J.C. Chirgwin
125 Joe Thorpe
130 Robbie Williams
135 Byron Murrell
140 Zach Myers
145 Jason Mays
152 Jerry Singleton
160 Blake Cicenas
171 Chris Copley
189 Jason Cox
215 Mitch Hastings
275 Blaine Crabtree

From: dg
comments: To: Cameron Fan
Subject: 125 Class AA/A
OK, I am going to type this real slow so that maybe you can follow along.
1. Some Region I booster came on here and picked Region I wrestlers to win every state title except 125 which he called "wide open."
2. Some Calhoun people said that Chris Morris, since he was 40-0 and ranked No. 1 in the polls voted on by the coaches, thought he should be favored instead of it being considered a "toss up."
3. Nobody said it was going to be easy, just that Morris should be favored.
4. Morris beat Kotson in a 4-1 victory in the Tri-States at Cameron. Kotson beat Whittington so Kotson must be better than Whittington.
5. If Morris advances to the finals and if Kotson can beat Bumgardner of Ritchie County to get to the finals then it could be an interesting match.

No, nobody was saying it was going to be easy. People were saying Morris, by virtue of record, rank in the state and the fact he beat Kotson who beat Whittington, should be favored. And those comments were only made in light of a bunch of woofing by some Region I fan who picked ALL the wrestlers from Region I to win state titles.

Now, do you understand?

If not, and if form follows fashion and Morris does indeed win the state title as everything preceding the state tournament would indicate, would you understand then?

From: Wood County Recreation Wrestling Coaches
comments: The 2002 West Virginia Junior State Wrestling Championships in Parkersburg will prove to be the best ever.
* New weight classes added to lower age groups.
* Each participate will receive a silver medal at weigh-ins to celebrate the 25th Anniversity.
* Over $5000.00 was spend on trophies for state.
* Officials from 3 different districts will be used.
* Officials at we do weigh-ins.
* Each family will get a 25 Annual WVSJC Program.
* Free Shirts for Champion and Runner-up.
If you have not registered you have missed out. Coaches seeding meeting will be Sunday, February 24th at the Dils Center in Parkersburg. The Dils Center is located on Market Street in Downtown Parkersburg. Market Street is located off Route 50. Parking can be found behind the Dils Center.

From: Superman's little brother comments: Here are my predictions for state

103-Valles Mad  over  Dye Wirt
112-Biddle Will over  Ashley Cal
119-Biddle Will over  Clark BS
125-Morris Cal For sure 
130-Lobis Rit over  Sexton Indy
135-Hughes Cam over Leach Graf
140-Flowers OG over Tracewell Will
145-Smith Will over Woody Indy
152-Westbrook Will over Brown Cam
160-Kupfer Cam over Reed Clay he is one tough nut Reed but Kupfer will win in the end
171-Efaw Graf over Stickles OG
189-Clark BS over Barnette Indy
215- Magnone Wier over Hashman StM
275-Peck Clay over Caughey Og peck is a stud Caughy is a pud

Team rankings are 


February 20, 2002
From: scooby
comments: Every year at the state tournament there are upsets, and this year will be no different. Some possibilities are
1) shryver over easter
2) turnbull over rader
3) griffith over smith
4) walters over george
5) mays over pickens
6) geary over taylor
7) miller over starsick
8) morrison over satterfield
* Not all of these will happen and some that are not mentioned will. But watch at the state and see how many #1 kids in the weight class gat knnocked off. Youll be surprised.

February 20, 2002
From: *Lisha
comments: Just wanna say GOOD LUCK to all my boys from Braxton. You guys have definately worked hard to get where you are this year. Congrats to my fellow juniors, Andy(152) and Matt(112) for a Great Season, and to the freshman and 1st year wrestlers for making it this far...Ridler(103), Digman(119), Zck(145), Glen(160), Pat(171), and Charles(215). Don't worry guys, I didn't forget about the rest of ya too...A.J(125), Lance (130), and Brandon(135).
Also...Good Luck to all my Clay Boys...Jimmy(160), Donnie(275), Tommy(152), and Victor(145).
And I can't forget my Houners either...Brewer(119) and Ray(171).
Oh Yeah, Way to Be Adam(135)!! Bring home the gold your senior year!!

February 20, 2002
From: EP Fan
comments: I'm sorry I forgot to mention former Berkeley County "Bears" Coby Foster and Troy Foltz for finishing in the top six in their weight classes. Guys this was your first try and you made a great showing. Next year guys, next year. To Ballam, Grim, Jones, Lord, Kessler, & Snyder. Best of luck, you ALL earned it.

February 20, 2002
From: One Greenbrier West Fan
comments: Congratulations to Greenbrier West on winning the Region IV Championship Title. GOOD LUCK TO ALL AT THE STATES! A special good luck goes out to the senior team members. I don't think anyone could fill your shoes. Some will try, but it will never be the same. Team you all have done a Wonderful job this year and I just want to say congrats to everyone, you all had a great year! Can't wait til next season!!

February 20, 2002
From: Cameron fan
comments: For all you Calhoun fans who think morris is going to walk through the state. Your Wrong!!.He has to get through Whittington and Kotson first. And it wont be EASY for him

February 20, 2002
From: NeoTiger (EHS Former wrestler)
comments: First and foremost,
Congragulations to Ray Linger. Hell of a finish at regionals this year. Also, I'd like to thank Region 4 fan saying that ... "Also, linger is a great wrestler and he made a lot of people wake up." I finally see someone besides myself who gives him some credit. Also, there are 2 Taylors wrestling in the 171. Are you all talking about taylor from Huntington or JM. Whoever this Region 4 fan is I am giving you gratifcation for telling people how good of a wrestler he is. He won over McCutcheon at regions. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I like watching the big names in HS wrestling, but look at schools like Elkins. You don't give them credit. I hardly see anyone how gives Elkins a little credit on there abilities. I know they've gotten a new coach and all, the new coach use to coach me in pee-wee's. I would bet anything that Linger will end up in the finals. It will be him and Geary from East in the semi's and Ray will win. I believe that he will. He did well last year in states and will dominate again this year. For the rest of Elkins, you who graduate this year, good job and work hard if you go to college to wrestle. The rest of you bust your a**es this off-season to get better for next year. To the rest of the state qualifiers good job for getting this far but it ain't over yet. To some it up like in TOP GUN, "There are no points for second place." Good luck to all.

February 20, 2002
comments: Does anyone have or know where I can find an itenarary for this weekends tournament

February 20, 2002
From: just another GE fan
comments: everyone wrestling AAA heavyweight can't forget burns from greenbrier east. i haven't seen his name on any predictions, but you can bet he will perform. i have watched him several times this year, and it was worth the price of admission to see him "dream" some considerably larger opponents. also, to region 4 spectator, capaldo lost 2 matches in kentucky in addition to his 2 losses in state. but he is a great wrestler and it's a real shame he got hurt at meadow bridge against his own teammate. he would have won that tournament and several others through the season. but on the bright side, good luck to all greenbrier east wrestlers who qualified for states. make some noise boys!!!!

February 20, 2002
From: BM
comments: Codie believe in yourself, you belong with the big boys!!!! Keep it up and hopefully we will have another JJWA reunion at 6:30 sat.

February 20, 2002
From: as
comments: to the chief... i agree with you 110%, i wrestled in the finals last year as a senior and it isnt that big of a deal about the humvee but it did take away from the moment, i was on the floor and could barely hear it some of the times, it would be a shame to let another class of top wrestlers have to have that part of the experienced have a big flaw to it.

February 20, 2002
From: To Oak Glen All Time Dual Meet Team
comments: I wouldn't have Jason Roberts as my 112 pounder. I hope you gave some of the 80s guys like Rick Brown, John Bailey, JC Hayes, and Frank Crain a lot of consideration. I would have had Matt Holdsworth at 152 and Jones at 160. Maybe Stickles at 171. What about Greg Six for 215?

February 20, 2002
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: To Ryan Metz and Matt Bosley: I've watched you two grow up wrestling and know both your daddys well and know how proud they are you.Ryan,I've said all year that you are the best in the state...now it is time to showcase your talents.Matt,I began to question if you could win it with the injury,but you never showed any sign of that this past weekend.If heart and guts count for anything you can pull this off!You both have worked hard and led your team all year...best wishes to you both and "Thanks so Much" for a lifetime of memories guys!

February 20, 2002
From: Da Predictior
comments: My Predictions for AAA State Finals:
103:Easter over Cappas
112:Turnbull over Rader
119:Easter over Grogg
125:Metz over Reynolds
130:Williams over Smith
135:Smith over Griffith
140:Gibbs over Lane
145:Lord over Pickens
152:George over Casto
160:Pickens over Mays
171:Geary over Taylor
189:Daggett over Frazier
215:Starsick over Miller
275:Satterfield over Morrison

February 20, 2002
From: gwestfan
comments: Congratulations to Greenbrier West on reclaiming the Region IV Championship Title. Everyone on the team gave it his best shot. Congratulations to the three first place winners -- Boone, Smith, and Lively. All three victories were pin-falls and were EQUALLY important. Congratulations also to Miller, M.Crookshanks, and Morrello on placing second, to Painter, Tincher, Martin, and Bell on placing third, and to C. Crookshanks on placing fourth. GOOD LUCK TO ALL AT THE STATES! Thanks to the senior team members on the good job they have done providing leadership and encouragement -- especially to Bell, who spent extra time practicing, sparring, and working out with the sophomore team members. Finish your year with your head held high!

February 20, 2002
comments: GOOD LUCK to the ten EFHS wrestlers that qualified for states. Remember to wrestle hard and wrestle smart and you will win. Good luck especially to Futten and Satterfield, the two senior captains of the team. Both of you have worked hard this year.....you both can win state championships. JUST DO IT!!!!!

February 20, 2002
From: fan
comments: good luck to all parkersburg wrestlers, Big Reds may not have enough to win state but their future is looking bright!!! Look at some of their freshman and sophmores, rader could win state as a freshman, litton, shyver, and their heavy weight dearman when he catches up with the size of all these seniors he has been wrestling their will be no stopping him. The Big Reds are looking strong for the future and their regional win was something they worked very hard for. I think South knows that PHS is knocking on their door something they have not done for a while, they may not have enough for a state title this year but look out for 2003.

February 20, 2002
From: me again
comments: i am the one who wrote u following the matches sat talking about how hard it not to wrestle when hurt. what happened to it? it seems you don't print a fair amount of stuff for mysterious reasons. there was no trash talk and the wrestler i referred to will defend at states. i was just trying to make him feel better. thanks
Editor's note: Which hurt wrestler are you referring to? You are right. I have not been posting a lot of stuff lately. If I were to post everything I received, we would conclude that a significant number of wrestlers who lost a match last weekend was either the victim of poor coaching, poor officiating, or was wrestling injured.

Injuries are rather personal. Do you really want it reported that someone was wrestling with sore ribs or some such, so that his next opponent can be sure to zero in on the injured body part? I'm not so sure you are doing your friend a favor

February 20, 2002
From: Friend
comments: Comgrats to Justin Boydon, Josh Evans, and Aaron Futten for their performances at their regionals

February 20, 2002
From: wrstlingdad
comments: Will the recent Brooke Youth tournament results be posted like last year? Who won the team trophies?
Editor's note: I post what I get, usually. Haven't received any Booke results....

February 20, 2002
From: IMP
comments: good luck Wirt County. I know you all can do it. i can't wait to see erica dye win her first state title and get the MOW award. good luck to you all.

February 20, 2002
From: fan
comments: Good luck to all the wrestlers in the states this week. Good luck to the wirt county tigers hope you do your goal.

February 20, 2002
From: Brad
comments: I think that two wrestlers are being highly underestimated in the polls. Pickens is an increadable athlete, but will have his hands full with Mays in the AAA 160. Look for Mays to come out on top in the finals matchup. This will end up being one of the best matches of the night. Another wrestler who hasn't been given full credit is Williams in the AAA 130. Let's face it, he hasn't been touched all year. Smith and Bosley are great wrestlers, but I believe Williams will handle them like he did Lakia in the WSAZ. Look for Mays and Williams at the awards ceremony. It's all decided this weekend.

February 20, 2002
From: fan
comments: mays over pickens best match of the state.dont forget about bender.

February 20, 2002
From: HuskieWrestler
comments: Even if a wrestler is injured, he should still have enough heart not to "give" his opponent points. As a former HS wrestler, i can say that i never "gave" anyone points. As a matter of fact, if there are wrestlers that have ever "given" their opponents points, then they deserve to lose the match. You gotta have guts to wrestle, otherwise they'd call it basketball. Wes and Joe Mike, i'm expecting big thigns from you two at states. VERY big things. Rankings don't mean anything. Also, to Region IV spectator...of course rector was exhausted after his match. That is because he gives 110% throught the whole match, EVERY match. I used to pick on him constantly at practice when i was in HS, but he always gave me a good match. He will open some people's eyes this weekend~!

February 20, 2002
From: The chief
comments: I have one request for this years finals. I look like to have the input from anyone that would like to agree or disagree. This year for the parade of champions PLEASE play the rocky theme over the loud speakers instead of having the national guard hummvee play it. I thought that took so much away from the wrestlers last year. You could barely hear it in the stands. I know that when I was in the finals and when I heard that music it was one of the most exciting times of my life. Please don't ruin theses wrestlers experinces by doing it again. Any other thoughts on this matter?

February 20, 2002
comments: Here are my picks for the AA State Tourney
There will be a few upsets guranteed!!

1st Snuffer Indy
2nd Dye Wirt
3rd Valles Mad
4th Goneau OG
5th Neal SS
6th Gungle Cal

1st Ashley Cal
2nd Allen Wirt
3rd Biddle Will
4th Bartug StM
5th Morris Brx
6th O'Neil Cam

1st Biddle Will
2nd McCoy Wirt
3rd Clark BS
4th Brewer Cal
5th Whiteman Hun
6th Shirley Frank

1st Morris Cal
2nd Bumgardner Rit
3rd Kotson Cam
4th Brookover Will
5th Gibbs LH
6th Chapman SS

1st Lobis Rit
2nd Scarbro SS
3rd Sexton Indy
4th Dye Wirt
5th Metz Cal
6th Hines Brx

1st Leach Graf
2nd Hughes Cam
3rd Six OG
4th Dye Wirt
5th Wagner Cal
6th Everett StM

1st Tracewell Will
2nd Flowers OG
3rd Dennis Wirt
4th Morris Cal
5th Wright Frank
6th Knight LH

1st Wood Indy
2nd Smith Will
3rd Childers StM
4th Metz Cal
5th Wharton OG
6th Phillips Graf

1st Westbrook Will
2nd Brown Cam
3rd Miller Wirt
4th Stewart Brx
5th Mason BS
6th Cashdollar OG

1st Kupfer Cam
2nd Dent Hun
3rd Reed Clay
4th Lauderman Will
5th Smith GW
6th Rhodes Indy

1st Stickles OG
2nd Efaw Graf
3rd Burge Cal
4th Ward Indy
5th Tucker Rav
6th Lively GW

1st Barnette Indy
2nd Hebrock OG
3rd Clark BS
4th Delebeau Will
5th Lafferty Lib
6th Tincher GW

1st Magnone Weir
2nd Hashman StM
3rd Weaver Mag
4th Hollenback Graf
5th Jones WYE
6th Redman Pet

1st Caughey OG
2nd Peck Clay
3rd Gibson Cal
4th Raban Rav
5th Dequaise OH
6th Pumprey SH

5th WIRT

February 20, 2002
From: All Time Oak Glen Dual Team
103- Calvin Price
112- Jason Roberts
119- Garret Six
125- Eric Noel
130- John Crain
135- Ed Weible
140- Rob Lamb
145- Denny Lebec
152- Jason Jones
160- Derrick Stickles
171- Mike Minnis
189- Phillip Bellville
215- ------------
275- Alex McClung

That in my opinion is the All-Time Oak Glen wrestling dual meet team. Nobody in WV could compete.

February 20, 2002
From: Calhoun Fans
comments: Anyone saying that the weight class 125 is wide open in A/AA apparently has forgotten Chris Morris from Calhoun County. Predictions look good on paper but lets take it to the mats. GOOD LUCK to the Calhoun County team!! You are a fine group of gentlemen and we are very proud of you.

February 20, 2002
From: Patriot_49
comments: Final...

      103                 112           119            125
1st: Easter (N)       Rader (Pkb)    Easter (N)     Metz (PS) 
2nd: Cappas (Mgt)     Turnbull (Univ)Grogg (PS)     Ferrichs (N)
3rd: Shiver (Pkb)     Ballam (Hed)   Litton (Pkb)   Reynolds (J)
4th: Osuna- Cotto (PS)Humphries (WP) Fullen (Hunt)  Shaw (Brk)
       130                135           140            145
1st: Williams (Hunt)  Smith (Rip)    Mayle (EF)     Lord (Hed)
2nd: Smith (Rip)      Griffith(J)    Gibbs (CM)     Kessler(Mart)
3rd: Bosley (PS)      Durbin (Brk)   Gustines (J)   Pickens (PS)
4th: Mull (JM)        Duncan (PP)    Lane (HH)      George(Pkb)  

       152                160           171            189
1st: Casto (N)       Pickens (PS)    Taylor (JM)    Courtney (FS)
2nd: George (JM)     Mays (Hunt)     Geary (EF)     Fraizer (CM)
3rd: Futten (EF)     Geary (EF)      Linger (Elk)   Daggett (Pkb)
4th: Hayes (NM)      Bender (RC)     McCutcheon(NC) Rector (HH)

       215                HWT
1st: Starsick (NM)   Satterfield (EF)  
2nd: Miller (P)      Morrison (PS)
3rd: Householder (J) McCourt (BU)
4th: Thomas (Pkb)    Blosser (U)

February 20, 2002
From: Murphwrestler
comments: Satterfield will crush anyone at states no matter who the opponent. He will be STATE CHAMPION. At 171# Geary will prevail, even though it will be a close match. No question about 189#, Courtney is unstoppable. East will take 5th as a team.

February 20, 2002
From: Ken Chertow
comments: I encourage youth wrestlers and parents from throughout the State to travel to Huntington this weekend. It will be a very valuable experience and it is great competition. When I was in 7th grade I watched the State Tournament and have been wrestling and coaching year-around ever since. With NCAA Tournament out east this year, I encourage WV Wrestlers and Coaches to attend. It is March 21-23. The NCAA Tournament is an awesome experience. I drove with a teammate and his dad to NCAA Tournament in Oklahoma when I was sophomore in high school. It was an incredibly motivational experience. Two years later I was signing a college scholarship.

I will be the featured clinician along with Olympic Gold Medalist, Kendall Cross, at the National Wrestling Coaches Association (NWCA) Coaches Clinic between rounds of the NCAA Tournament on Saturday March 23. This annual clinic is one of the great parts of the NCAA Tournament. There is also a huge memorabilia show between sessions Friday.

I look forward to seeing our states top competitors battle for State Titles this weekend!

Ken Chertow

February 20, 2002
From: J. D. Hoover
comments: Calhoun County has thrived in competition all season. Having won their first ever LKC Title and winning a very tough Region are only a few accomplishments to share. I have a great deal of respect for Mike Stump and his deserving wrestlers. It is my opinion that if Mike Stump and his Calhoun County Red Devils finish either 1st or 2nd in the State Tournamnet this week he hands down wins the Coach of the Year Award for the perserverance he has had to personally endure. Mike Stump you are all Class in my book. Best of Luck at the States. I look forward to seeing how you do with your potential head to head match ups with Oak Glen.
Also Good luck to my friends and family from Braxton.
J. D. Hoover

February 20, 2002
From: Sharpe
comments: this is like five years ago when Luke Smith and Chris Neptune met in the semis when they should met in the finals. That is just the way the cookie crumbles. I wish the both of you Daggett and Courtney the best of luck

February 20, 2002
From: just another wrestler
comments: i think the jr. states are all wrapped up in the 275 pound weight class by david wojo he's already won wsaz

February 20, 2002
comments: PHS # 1

February 20, 2002
From: IMP
comments: Does anyone know what time the wrestling will start thursday,friday,and saturday? Thanks

February 20, 2002
From: Randy
comments: It's interesting when people make the comment "It's a shame Smith and Jones have to meet in the Semi-finals; one will lose and the other will be state champ. This is why they should seed the state tournament".

I wish I had a nickel for every time I've read that remark the last 6 or 7 years. I wish I had a dollar for every time NEITHER of the wrestlers mentioned won the state. There's a good reason why the state isn't seeded: records only mean as much as the schedule you wrestle. And it is very few people (coaches included) who've seen ALL the top wrestlers in a weight class. The numerous predictions in this Forum bear this out: many times they don't include some of the top wrestlers. Most of the time, you can figure out where a person resides by their predictions...they predict who they know. The cream will eventually rise to the top....

Good luck to all the teams and wrestlers this weekend.

February 20, 2002
comments: To spectator
Caughy will pin Lowe in the first period. It wont be that good of match at all. I Have seen Lowe get beat by wrestlers who dont last a min with Caughy. You must see life through rose colored glasses if you think that will be a match. There are much much better matches in the first round anyways. Such as Metz vs McIntosh at 130, Clark vs Whiteman at 119, Metz vs Nicka at 145 and Stewart vs Snider at 152. Those matches will be far and away better than any heavyweight frist round match.

February 20, 2002
From: Mark Roberts
comments: I have always believed that the states should be seeded, looking through this year's brackets I see some weights where the best 2 meet in the semis. this happened my senior year with myself and aric naternicola from farmont senior. Even though I ended up being beat in the finals by chris ward all year long neither naternicola or myself had lost to ward and naternicola had only lost to me. I know I would have felt cheated had I lost the semi final match that ended in overtime!

February 20, 2002
From: region II fan
comments: I would just like to add about the Gustines/Mayle match that Mayle was winning 4-0 in the first 30 or 40 seconds of the mmatch with a takedown and a set back points then got caught in a head-and-arm.. Mayle will be there saturday night at 6:30

February 20, 2002
comments: Congratulations to North Marion's Andrew Starsick. You are a fine young man. You can do it again for that 2x title. Good Luck to all the wrestlers from North Marion, East Fairmont and Fairmont Senior. You make Marion County proud!

February 20, 2002
From: Wrestling King
comments: I think it will be easter and cappas in the finals at 103. Thats going to be a dandy

February 20, 2002
From: Wrestling Fan
comments: O.k. I am a BIG PHS fan. Even though they edged South at regionals I don't know if they can take it at state...but good luck to all of you PHS boys.

February 20, 2002
From: dg
comments: To Region I or States:
Class AA/A is wide open at 125? Calhoun's Chris Morris is 89-1 (40-0 this season) over the last two years. He is the defending state champion at 119. What part of that do you not understand when you call that weight wide open?
There are other good wrestlers in that division to be sure but Morris should be favored and should he not win the state title it would have to be considered an upset -- a big upset.

February 20, 2002
From: AAA Fan
comments: Looks like the State pairings for AAA 103 is going to be a battle with 4(Easter,Shyver,Osuna Cotto & Shumate) of the top 6 wrestlers in the same lower bracket. Cappas & Howard are in the uppper bracket. My picks are:
1. Easter
2. Cappas
3. Shyver (unless Shumate turns up the heat then Shyver he'll meet Osuna Cotto early in the loser bracket)
4. Osuna Cotto or Shumate (these two will meet early in the loser bracket and one of them won't make it in the top 6 which is a shame for both wrestlers)
5. Howard
6. ??????

Good luck to all wreslers and pray no one gets injured.

February 20, 2002
From: EP FAN
comments: I want to congratulate all of the former Berkeley County “Bears” who qualified for the States this past weekend, Kevin Ballam, Josh Grim, Justin Jones, Danny Lord, Justin Kessler, & Justin Synder. Also to Jimmy Weatherholtz & BJ Pruitt for their great effort in placing in the top six. And to BJ, you would have been there if not for some bad luck. This is what you spent all those years of hard work and dedication before High School preparing for. Best of luck this coming weekend. Let ‘em all know where you came from !

February 20, 2002
From: MB
comments: I just want to say to my brother Matt you did a great job in the region. This is your time to shine. I have thought this all year long that you WILL be on the top of the podium. I will be there to see you do what many people don't think you can "Win a state title".
PS: Don't put any match in the hand's of the REF, TIME KEEPER, or TAPPER.

February 20, 2002
From: none ya business

comments: I think Jeremiah McCourt will take the State Championship. And i would like to say good job to all the B-UHS wrestlers.

February 20, 2002
From: a williamstown fan
comments: Iam so sick and tired of the feuding between PHS an PSHS. That's all people talk about. I would like to mention that Williamstown never gets mentioned in the Parkersburg News and Sentinal. I was at state last year when all they talked about was the Daggett boys . I would like to mention that Williamstown had 2 brothers wrestling by the last name of Biddle. Nothing was ever said about them in the newspaper. Both Biddle boys will be back at state this year with a good chance of winning. I would like to see the Sentinal do an article on them, but i forgot they dont't go to PHS or PSHS so why bother with a little no name school like Williamstown.

February 20, 2002
From: Waldo
comments: Just wanted to wish Williamstown the BEST OF LUCK this weekend at state!

February 20, 2002
From: suprised
comments: what was the score of the flowers-tracwell match in the region finals did they wrestle before and if so what was the score then

February 20, 2002
Best of luck to the Jefferson boys in Huntington with a special smile to Blane Mayle. Even though you're with East Fairmont, we all know where you came from and are very proud of you. Just remember that a wrestling match only lasts for a few minutes but friendships are for a lifetime. Good luck to you and your fellow bees!

February 20, 2002
comments: To Steve Reynolds and Mike Davis: Just wanted you guys to know that there are a couple of "old coaches" in the state who are very proud of you and think that you guys can pull it all off at states. Stevie, you've been underrated all year, but I think (always have and always will) that you will bring home the big one this year. And Mike, I know your confidence level has got to be soaring. Just go out and wrestle like you've always done. You're strong as a rock and know all the moves. Don't believe for a minute you can't take it all. You've got everything you need inside of you. Good luck to both you guys!

February 20, 2002
comments: Hashman pinned weaver in the semi's at the regional tournament.

February 20, 2002
From: Alli
comments: I'm going along with Hannah, and saying congrats to all our boys, even Randy and Jay, you all tried your hardest. And as for the journal who claimed Martinsburg had the most qualify for states with seven, 11 BABY! I'm so very proud of all of you. You know you should have won Regionals! A special congrats to our first place guys, Frank, Brandon, Jamie, and Josh! Matt, hun, you know you should be there too. Good luck guys, I know you'll do great!

February 20, 2002
comments: To the administrator of this forum:
If the WV State Championships ever do get seeded, check the IP addresses of all those who wanted them seeded this year and see if those are the same ones crying about the way they were seeded that year. Just an observation.

February 20, 2002
From: Blue Devil Fan
comments: Whoever wanted to know who Hashman beat in semis He beat Weaver. He pinned him rather quickly in the 1st period.

February 20, 2002
From: BuffordP
comments: Smith beat Wharton 4-2.

February 18, 2002
From: Wrestling Fan
comments: To: Region III Observer,
I couldn't agree with you more! Not to mention a 60% Matt Warner. He probably shouldn't have wrestled at all but that's Matt Warner. He made it to the finals and lost to a good wrestler from Nitro. A better wrestler? Not if Warner is 100%. I wish Nitro would have been at Winner's Choice!

February 18, 2002
From: Alan Davis (Millersville U. 1988)
comments: Just wanted to inform the fans of wrestling of the passing of one of the former greats. Floyd "Shorty" Hitchcock lost his battle at the age of 50. Shorty was a NCAA National Champion for Bloomsburg University, US World Cup team member and Head wrestling coach for Millersville University since 1984. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

February 18, 2002
comments: If a team scratches a wrestler the day of tournament, is it a forfiet or bye??????????

February 18, 2002
From: KF
comments: I would like to congradulate williamstown on a great job at regionals. Way to go Case and Jess Biddle and to all the other wrestlers you guys are the greatest. However you do at state you guys have been a pleasure to watch this year. Good luck at state and leave it all on the mat. Way to go coach Pickens youre doin a fine job.

February 18, 2002
From: region 2 observer
comments: I would like to congratulate Cody Gustines of Jefferson on his win over Blane Mayle in the regional finals. Look out for Gustines this Saturday night.
February 18, 2002
From: a fan
comments: I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the official rule was regarding coaches going on the mat while a match is taking place. I see a lot of that at meets and was just wondering what was actually allowed.

February 18, 2002
From: how bout that
comments: my predictions for aaa 112 and 103
1 easter
2 cappas
3 shiver
4 cotto

1 raider
2 ballem
3 turnball
4 humphries

it will be cappas and easter in the finals. cappas was not my orginal pick for second, but the way the brackets fall, cappas has a cakewalk to the finals. raider will beat ballem in the finals. turnball will not beat ballem. some reason he has trouble with him. good luck to all!!!!!!

February 18, 2002
From: AM
comments: I just want to thank everyone at the Region III wrestling tournament who came out to check on me before I was sent to the hospital. Even though I don't remember anything, I still greatly appreciate it!

February 18, 2002
From: spectator
comments: good job lowe from wirt, you drew joey caughy first round. for those of you that has never saw either of these wrestlers wrestle, or seen one with out seeing the other, you are in for a good match. it will be a different match. i have watched both of these boys wrestle and they both are alike. they both do a lot of the same thing. they are both built exactly alike. i can't wait to see these boys wrestle. its just a shame that they had to meet the first round. it will be a good match. good luck to the both of you and to all wrestlers as well.

February 18, 2002
You need to up-date your website a little more frequently than once a year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Where is all the stats for 2001-2002 season?????????????????????????????????

February 18, 2002
From: Lloyd Christmas
comments: AAA State Finals
103-Easter vs Cappas
112-Turnball vs Rader
119-Easter vs Grogg
125-Metz vs Reynolds
130-Bosley vs Smith
135-Smith vs (winner of Griffith and Duncan)
140-Lane vs Gibbs
145-Lord vs Pickens
152-George vs Walters
160-Pickens vs Mays
171-Taylor vs Geary
189-Courtny vs Anderson
215-Starsick vs Housholder
275-Satterfield vs Morrison

Team east fairmont, huntington, phs, and south will be going for the STATE CHAMPIONSHIP!!! PICK YOUR CHAMP!!!!

February 18, 2002
From: Making sure everyone knows...
comments: Some of you seem to over-look Calhoun, but dont forget, they have been a powerhouse this year and have shown complete dedication and have kept unwavering eyes on the prize.

February 18, 2002
comments: Who did Hashman beat in the semis Whitehall or Weaver? And how bad did he beat them?

February 18, 2002
comments: I think everybody is underestimating Chris Daggett from PHS.Has anyone making comments ever seen him wrestle. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. This young man has alot of heart. If anyone deserves to win it should be him. You don't have to like him as a person, but you gotta love him as a wrestler. Daggett vs Courtney will be a good match. I give Daggett the EDGE in this one. Good luck Chris!!!!!!

February 18, 2002
From: IMP
comments: i think that it is a shame that Courtney and Daggett will have to meet in the semi's. one of them will come out of this tournament with there second state title and the other will take home third place. that shows a good reason why the states should be seeded just like any other tournament. if you took 4 placers out of each region and seed the tournament according to there records. good luck to all wrestlers and i will see you at states.

February 18, 2002
From: Sara from South
comments: I would like to give the highest congrats to Parkersburg High on the win Saturday. You finally got what you have worked all year for, a win over the best. What we work all year for is a State title, we will also reach our goal. Hope you enjoyed the win at Regionals because we are now on fire. Can't wait to see you in Huntington. Good luck to Bosley, we all know who the best is no matter what the outcome at States. Your determination and dedication makes you a champ in all our eyes. Good luck to all of the team. I am predicting we will come home with three state champs along with the fourth straight state title!

February 18, 2002
From: to region4 spectator
comments: GE 189 pounder is named Capaldo, not Caplado. Also, anyone can lose on any given day. It doesn't make someone a better wrestler. I do agree with you on Burns. He's awesome!

February 18, 2002
From: patriot4life
comments: Congrats to South on their performance at the Region I tournament. They may have lost the meet by a few points, but its looks like they are still in the drivers seat to win the state with six champions. Just wanted to let you guys know that I believe in ya, even if the News and Sentinel doesnt! Take advantage of this oppurtunity and lay to rest the debate over who has the best team in the state! When you put on that uniform with the word "South" across the front, make sure it means something to you.

February 18, 2002
From: Da man
comments: I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate everyone that is wrestling in the state tournament this weekend on a job well done. I would also like to say congrats to all the underdogs who didn't care about all the rankings and just went out and wrestled. One that comes to mind is Smith(112) from Brooke. Nobody gave him a chance,and I would say without a doubt he had the toughest region in the state, but he turned it up and qualified. So to all you underdogs out there I say who cares if the kid is 90-0 and hasn't been beaten in 3 years. How many people gave Rulon Gardner a chance in the Olympics or Buster Douglas a chance against Mike Tyson? Nobody, but it didn't matter to them. So go out and give it your all every match no matter who you are wrestling.And you will be a champion

February 18, 2002
From: region I or states.
comments: Just everyone in region I A/AA is going on to win states. Here are my predictions.
103)Vallace or Goneau
119)Biddle or Chambers
125)wide open
130)Mcintosh or Fullerton
135)Six over Hughes
145)Smith Wharton or Wood
152)Westbrook or Cashdollar
160)Kupfer without a doubt
171)Stickles without a doubt
189)Hebrock or Barnette
275)Caughey without a doubt

February 18, 2002
From: wrestling fan
comments: hey ratteaser the war is on

February 18, 2002
From: east fan
comments: I want to wish East Fairmont good luck at states , you worked hard to get there, go wrestle hard,do your best, and you will be a winner, in our eyes.

February 18, 2002
From: A South Fan
comments: If you have been to a State Tourn. in the last few years you would have seen(and heard)that the South fans were very supportive of the Big Reds. Very seldom did you hear a Big Red cheering for a Patriot. Some fans are rude but that is on all sides, you shouldn't put every fan into the rude category. Good Luck to all of Parkersburg. The Big Reds will make a run for it but I think South will come out on top where they belong! Go Patriots!!!

February 18, 2002
From: Parkersburg fan
comments: I am a big wrestling fan for many years in several states. My comment is why would anyone boo at an awesome event? I direct this comment to Adults! Or should I say suppost be adults. Your responsibility is set good examples for the fine young men who work hard to enjoy the sport and the personal and team rewards. If they give their best effort why can't the fans? As we go to the state tournament let us show the boys some class' and real classy support for all of Parkersburg. Thank you for letting me express my opinion. Good Luck to PHS and South Wrestlers. Grandma

February 18, 2002
From: BHS wrestler
comments: I would like to congratulate Brooke High School with qualifying 7 wrestlers to states. They are as follows: 112-Matt Smith, 119-jon jon mcfarland, 125-Braden Shaw, 130-Mike Durbin, 135-Dave Durbin, 140-Phil Bliss, 145-Dana Davis. All will do good in states and good luck everyone.

February 18, 2002
From: Disagree with top 6 103 lbs in the 90's
comments: To WV WRESTLING FANATIC: U are missing an amazing wrestler Alex Reed, he may have only won 1 state title but through his Jr & Sr years he was ranked #6 & #3 in the country. He also was a HS ALL-American placing 4th at the High School Nationals losing to the #2 & #4 guys in the country at that time. He is also wrestling at WVU. He has also won many Freesyle & Folkstyle National Championships, so i think u should relook your picks; i mean cmon he only lost 8 matches in his HS career.

February 18, 2002
From: HD
comments: Predictions from a WVU WRESTLER:
103: Cappas over Shyver
112: Turnbull over Rader (third times the charm)
119: Grogg over Easter (sorry easter your cockyness caught ya)
125: Metz over Reynolds (shoulda been wrestling easter)
130: Bosley over Smith ( its time for a Bosley to win a title)
135: Griffth over Smith (what goes around comes around)
140: Gibbs over Mayle
145: Lord over Pickens
152: George over Walters
160: Pickens over Mays
171: Taylor over Geary
189: Dagget over Frazier (seed the tournament,the finals are supposed to be on Saturday not Friday)
215: Starsick over Miller (close match)
275: Satterfield over Morrison (cant bet against a heavyweight that rides legs)

February 18, 2002
From: Region 4 fan
comments: I would like to say great job to all the qualifiers, and to Ripley for winning back-to-back titles. i would also like to say to region 4 spectator that Rector did not toy with Phalen, Phalen gave him 6 points and also Phalen has 2 ligaments torn in his shoulder and he is not close to 100%. So look forward to seeing him in the states place high. Also, linger is a great wrestler and he made a lot of people wake up. I would like to say good luck to Mitch and Matt Smith they will both be crowned champions at states. Good luck to all the wrestlers at states.

February 18, 2002
From: CCHS Fan
comments: I just want to say that Nickerson did an exceptional job against the #1 seed Six. Even though he got stuck in the last 25 seconds of the match, he did well. This is not cutting on Six in any way, he is a very well respected wrestler, and I hope to see him and Hughes in the finals down at Huntington... A note on the Six vs. Hughes match in the finals at Cameron, Hughes did the right thing by forfeiting to Six. He reinjured his knee pretty bad wrestling Everret in the Semis, and I feel that he did what he had to do to get to finals, SO why take the chance of wrestling, tearing it up for good, and missing out on being able to defend your state title in Huntington? You make the call? Best of luck to Hughes and Six, hope to see you two in the finals.

February 18, 2002
From: Just the Facts
comments: If the regional ONE title is not enough for wrestling fans to realize something good is happening at Parkersburg HIGH, the state title will answer all your doubts. So Daggett meets Courtney in the semis on Friday night at 7:30 p.m. This IS the state final although it is not in the "finals." And If I were from Parkersburg High, I would laugh at South for boooing Daggett because Parkersburg High won by finish at the states. We were overlooked this year and came out and proved we were one But Saturday has the answers. Lets go Hedgesville.

February 18, 2002
From: B. Byrd
comments: Good luck Huntington High at the State Tournament, especially to seniors, Jason Mays and Robbie Williams. Also, the best of luck to two fine wrestlers and outstanding young men from Cabell Midland; Ryan Frazier and Chris Gibbs.

February 18, 2002
From: Wrestling Fan
comments: To Region 4 spectator - For someone so observant, you failed to mention Phalen had a shoulder injury and Rector was not toying with Phalen. Rector had all he could handle and was exhausted. If Phalen had been 100%, the outcome would have been a different story.

February 18, 2002
From: To: Dog Fan
comments: By the scenerio that you described, it sounds like that was an illegal slam. Because I don't see how the wrestler could have caught himself, so therefore it is the wrestler's responsibility to return him to the mat safely. That is just my opinion.

February 18, 2002
From: HOBO
comments: I am a SOUTH fan, but I don't like to see the 2 best wrestlers in any weight class meet in the semi's.LETS ROLL SOUTH!

February 18, 2002
From: to dogfan
comments: yeah barbour did beat the boy from preston but the boy from preston beat foltz who beat barbour on saturday for fifth place.

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