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February 28, 2003
From: frankfort parent

comments: dear editor,
i am sorry to point out mistakes, but there is an error in the A/AA state tournament bracket. Shaun Snoberger form Frankfort is a junior, not a sohphomore. i would also like congratlate drew, devin and shawn on their victories yesterday. colby, keep trying, you've worked hard this year and do not let it go down the drain. i think we are going to see three state champions and a 3rd place return to frankfort. we are proud of you. you guys are truly the beset in the state.

February 28, 2003
From: family
comments: Yes...Chris Miles plans to wrestle at the Junior States at 115

February 28, 2003

February 28, 2003
From: Zack Zubay
comments: Just want to say good luck to all the OG wrestlers. All you have to do is stay focused and wrestle hard and you will get the job done. Also good luck to Valles.

February 28, 2003
From: Binca
comments: Wes i am proud of you. I know that you can do it. Good Luck at STATE! Good Luck WES KIMBLE

February 27, 2003
From: OGer @ WVU
comments: Good luck to all the Oak Glen wrestlers this weekend. Raise to the occasion and show the nay-sayers that the Golden Bears are showing up to wrestle this weekend and won't accept anything less than perfection. Bring home a 7th title!!!

February 27, 2003
From: big guy
comments: here's my predictions for 189 215 and 275. i actually printed brackets and worked these out. i guarantee them 100%.

1. Geary
2. Starsick
3. Linger
4. Tominack
5. Halstead
6. Ewing

1. Thomas
2. Geary
3. Bennett
4. Hercules
5. Casto
6. Bryant

1. Dilworth
2. Phalen
3. Dearman
4. Bird
5. Richards
6. Winner of Burns vs. Valentine

February 27, 2003
From: Tracewell FAN!!
comments: 1st round
Tracewell md Detmar
Bonecutter fall Lattie
Bosley dec king
Morris fall Avis
Fawley dec Boone
Hughes fall Bolyard
Morris fall Ward
Wharton fall Waugh

Tracewell dec Bonecutter
Bosley fall Morris
Hughes md Fawley
Morris dec Wharton OT

Consolation - 1st round 
Detmar dec Lattie
King fall Avis
Boone dec Bolyard
Waugh fall Ward

Consolation - 2nd round
Fawley fall Detmar
Wharton dec King
Bonecutter dec Boone
Waugh dec Morris

Championship - Semifinals 
Tracewell dec Bosley OT
Morris dec Hughes

Consolation - 3rd round 
Wharton fall Fawley
Bonecutter md Waugh

Consolation - Semifinals 
Wharton dec Bosley
Hughes fall Bonecutter
Tracewell dec Morris
Hughes dec WHarton
Bosley md Bonecutter

February 27, 2003
From: happydays
comments: good job bulldogs, just going to states is a really big deal, and we are prould of you guys here in the panhandle.. hey mike just tell them who you are!!!! dad

February 27, 2003
From: happydays
comments: good job bulldogs, just going to states is a really big deal, and we are prould of you guys here in the panhandle.. hey mike just tell them who you are!!!! dad

February 27, 2003

February 27, 2003
From: NoUseForAName
comments: Good Luck P. South. Make it 5 in a row!!

February 27, 2003
From: One prediction JMK Clay
comments: i have a lil prediction i predict that 4 of the reigon 4 AA teams will place in the top 10
i also say that region 4 in AA is the 2nd toughest reigon in AA
here are the predictions for the team standings
1 Calhoun 215
2 oakglen 210
3 Point Pleasent 198
4 Williamstown 189
5 Braxton 182
6 Camron 174
7 Wirt 171
8 Hoover 162
9 Rone 160
10 Frankfort 154
oh and the mvw goes to Justin Ashley of Calhoun

February 27, 2003
From: Og39
comments: I just want to wish the Oak GLen Wrestling team good luck this weekend and pull off #7. Good Luck to Pat, Matt, Ian, and Bill. Bring home your individual titles and we can party it up!

February 27, 2003
From: 115 pounder
comments: Does anyone if Milton Middles Chris Miles is wrestling 115 at the Jr. States.

February 27, 2003
From: 119 lbs
comments: Ive wrestled about everyone in 119. The predictions are

February 27, 2003
From: RaLeIgH CoUnTy

February 27, 2003
From: Big Head Fan
comments: Big Reds will have 8 or 9 in the finals and crown 5 champions. The senior leadership for the Big Reds will be a factor if there going to win a team championship.

February 27, 2003
From: Fannn
comments: Predictions--
103 Hayes
112 Shyver
119 Radar
125 Grogg
130 Litton
135 Knapp
140 Smith
145 George
152 Norman
160 Walters
171 Pickens
189 Starsick
215 Thomas
275 Dearman

February 27, 2003
From: Indy fan
comments: Hey Bugs Stover!!!! Best wishes this weekend. You are a class act. Westside couldn't have gotten a better coach. I'm sure this "States 2003" will be the first of many!

February 27, 2003
From: dmanmetz
comments: Good luck to all the wrestlers and especially good luck to my team Calhoun, you all have the potential to do great, And would like to say best of luck to the 4 horsmen you can go all the way Eric, Jeff, Ray, and Justin!

February 27, 2003
comments: I wont consider Biddle over Ashley an upset. They are pretty even really.

February 27, 2003
From: bees fan
comments: good luck this weekend ef boys you guys have worked hard all season!! keep it up!! billy ~ i think hes gonna make into the 3rd period alrite and be able to walk off the mat... so he should be makin some noise(good luck).tyler robert blane ben brandon~ this is it boys last time... i kno your gonna do great!! chris andrew shane and shawn~ good luck and wrestle hard... lets go bees!!!

February 26, 2003
From: Tex
comments: Match of the night will be the 215's Thursday, it will be found in AA/A...Hunt vs. Tench. Bridget pinned Hunt and decisioned Tench 3-1. Definitely should be a thriller from those two big men. Good luck to all!! I won't be on because I'll be spending the night in Huntington, so not to miss a match. I don't feel like drive 2 hours both ways, so I am just going to stay there. I wish you all the best, and good luck!

February 26, 2003

February 26, 2003
From: BUfan
comments: Everyone has predictions,here's mine.103Lucas Ziems-112Ike Ward-125QUILL Ward-130 Drew Smallridge-135 Thomas Demastes-140 Brandon Demastes-160 Johnny Rexroad-171Mike Bickel-275John Dilworth.OK it might be a wish list, but dreams are what keeps us going.GOOD LUCK BUCS and to all the other wrestlers too!!

February 26, 2003
From: fan
comments: everyone be looking for a upset at 125 semi finals match with biddle and ashley.....biddle will win 4-3

February 26, 2003
From: ZZZ
comments: BIGCHUCK i agree with you 100 percent, i would like to see hayes upset easter and i would also like to see litton do the unthinkable and catch easter in a cradle and pin him.

February 26, 2003
comments: Good Luck to all the Oak Glen Bears Wrestling Team. Seven will be heaven and we know you can do it. We think you have proved it. Do your best and it is yours.

February 26, 2003
From: Indy Fan
comments: Good luck Independence in your quest for states. You have trained hard and Know what you have to do to be "Warming up" Saturday. Just remember its not the quanity of wrestlers that matters its the quality. Believe in yourself and your be on your way to sucess. GO INDY

February 26, 2003
From: Kristyn Wilson
comments: I want to wish good luck to my brother Tyler this weekend at States. . . I hope you do good. Be safe and wrestle smart. all you have to do is keep your head in the game and do what you know how to do. I hope you place! I love you and always will!
Your lil baby sister!

February 26, 2003
From: joe
comments: in AA/A 112 most of u all are over looking josh neal from shady cuz he beat morris(BRAX) 8-2 and he pinned shaun snoberger. and josh shouldnt have lost at wsaz. and chuck meadows can make some noise if he wrestles like he has. in AAA 152lbs. wieght class will be a shoot out. good luck to woodrow wilson and shady!!!!

February 26, 2003
From: Kevin Wilson
comments: To: comment
I was relating some positive experiences that I have had with various wrestlers at Woodrow Wilson. I hoped that it would give them some motivation in the upcoming State Tournament. I also have the utmost respect for Mitch (he has pinned my son twice this season) and realize the facts that you stated. By the way who are the buddies you were mentioning ? Maybe you could post their names and yours.

February 26, 2003
From: woodthatmakesitgood
comments: Doc, thanks for a great site. Please post this on the forum (if appropriate). I feel for this parent, he needs to know that the wrestling fans around the state are sometimes rowdy, but would certainly help him find a way to watch his son wrestle.
From woodthatmakesitgood
If your son made the tourney, find a way to go. The lack of a hotel room can be fixed. There were hotel rooms still available this evening (Wed) in Barboursville. The extra few minutes of a drive will pale in comparison with the memories you might miss. If they are not available, find a South or PHS fan, tell them your predicament and offer a 12 pack for some floor space. We wood county folks will generally barter. Have a safe trip and tell Eric (your assistant coach) that the wood county guys from the Bison Inn said "Told ya so". Wood is too good.

February 26, 2003
From: John Bonecutter
comments: Well its states and everyone is excited to see who will become champions....First off Good Luck to Coach Cullen and the Big Blacks going into states....J-Bird and Nick go get ya a state title....Both of you have nice brakets and have a good chance...I wish you both the best of luck...Dave, buddy I am proud of you and wish you the very best luck ill be there right behind you all the way....LETS GO BIG BLACKS!!!!!!!

February 26, 2003
From: Superman
comments: My judgement of appearances has NEVER been in question. Editor I'm surprised that you would allow such an insult to be posted. Ratteaster when I read your post I was pretty upset (psychotic), I guess thats because I've never been good at defending myself against insults, especially one that cruel. So I'm going to list several come backs and you can just pick the appropriate one.
1) "Takes one to know one"
2) "I know you are but what am I"
3) "I'm rubber and your glue, so what ever you say bounces of me and sticks to you"
4) "I don't make trash, I burn it"
5) "I'm telling!!!!"
Switching gears gracefully, I stand corrected on Matt winning Tulsa. And Zen Machine at least you recognize Mikey's wide array of skills, as for the flying triangle I wouldn't be surprised if we saw an attempt.
On a positive note, I know there are a lot of AA fans on the forum, and maybe next year I will do predictions for both...I also appreciate the comments on my keen sense of humor. The way I see it, and Doc you can appreciate this, in almost any situation laughter is the best medicine...unless of course you are a diabetic, then NPH Insulin is probably better.

February 26, 2003
From: Jim LeMaster
comments: To the person who commented on the newspaper coverage of wrestling ... they are not all bad. It sounds as if one article failed to mention or give credit to someone you care about. I am most greatful for the extensive coverage that the Herald-Dispatch gave to the WSAZ tournament. I know for a fact that Dave Walsh of the Dispatch was at almost the entire tournament. I also read the Charleston Daily Mail, Charleston Gazette, Parkersburg News-Sentinel and Braxton Citizen's News and various other papers from around the state online. The Wheeling Papers also feature articles by Dr. Welker. While we would all like to have more coverage (at least equal to @#$% Basketball!) I do think the papers are doing a much better job than in the past. Any time I have called in an article or score, the Herald Dispatch has gotten it in and I feel sure that if coaches provided up to date results they would get into the papers. The Dispatch has also put in articles about Ohio teams like Chesapeake as well as several about Point Pleasant in adddition to those expected with the local schools (HHS, Midland & SV.) They have also made any corrections needed. Rather than slamming them, let them know you appreciate what is there and would appreciate more coverage in the future. My grandma always said "the squeaky wheel gets the grease." Call or e-mail the paper in your area and see what happens - all you can lose is a little time. :}

February 26, 2003
From: X-Man
comments: Who is ready for the state tournament becuase i feel there could be very very many upsets becuase this is really what its all about Good Luck to everyone at the State tournament...

February 26, 2003
From: Region 3
comments: How do those polls work in the 215 AAA class Colin Bennet is 8th under Nathan Bryant and Adam Casto two wrestlers he beat at regionals to take the title. if someone like the editor can answer this please do.

February 26, 2003
From: Region 3
comments: How can East Fairmont fans keep saying that the Geary Boy's will walk through the tourney I know they are both very good and the 189 geary i think can win the title but i dont think that there is much of a chance for the 215 against lou thomas. So why dont you fans quit putting so much pressure on the boys and let them wrestle. Oh one more thing Mayle will beat pickens again.

February 26, 2003
From: Mat Maid
comments: After seeing Oak Glens Justin Goneau at regionals, I'm sure he'll take home a state title No one can stop him

February 26, 2003
comments: all doubters will be made believers thursday.....GO EAST!!!!

February 26, 2003
comments: I think East has surpassed North an West as the best team EVER in MARION COUNTY.

February 26, 2003
From: comment
comments: TO KEVIN WILSON: Kevin I think your a fine guy but when you mention being in Evan's corner when he beat Mitch at Independence. Let's put this into perspective about how Mitch had just beating a VA state champ in the finals of his weight class. Then walked off the match and got beat at a higher weight class by Josh.At the time Josh was 2 years older (MATURITY MATTERED ALOT THEN) and 10-20lbs bigger. If I am not mistaken he won 1-0 and you guys acted like it was the world championship. But I know most of the people do not put their kids in two weight cause they are scared of the loss. Most of your buddies fit into this category with their kids.

TO SUPERMAN: I know the Easter's and without a doubt they are WV's number one wrestling family. They work hard and deserve everything they get. But your comment about Matt winning TULSA NATIONALS is wrong. Matt has never won it but Anthony and Seth have. I wish all the EASTER's good luck and espeically MATT and ANTHONY this weekend . You deserve everything you get, you have earned it. Good luck and kick some butt. ( ANTHONY: thanks for the soda at the WSAZ)

TO SWAMI'S LITTLE SISTER: Your predictions are way out of line. I know where you must be from. Winning and championships only comes to those who work hard. Not from dreaming about it.But beleive it or not I hope they do come TRUE because I REALLY like some of those kids. Hopefully you can prove me wrong, or maybe just that it's a weak weight class.

February 26, 2003
comments: TO W
Those are rankings not predictions. Biddle and Ashely are the two best kids in that weight class so they are going to be ranked 1 and 2. They just happend to meet in the semi's instead of the finals, but they both have to get there first. Its like that in several weight classes with another being 152 in AAA with Bliss and Lord meeting in the semi's.

February 26, 2003
comments: to who ever wrote if john dilworth is on his A game he will walk throug states no one walks through states i think he will win states myself but it wont be know walk in the park he will have to defeat dearmen in the semifinals that will be just one of his big task that is on hand

February 26, 2003
From: Nicholas County Fan!
comments: I would like to congratulate the boys on a fine job at Regionals...a total of 8! That is wonderful. You are all champions no matter if you when or lose. Try your best and go your hardest and have faith. Dont be intimidated! At any given time you can beat someone who has beat you before, you just have to put it in your head and beleive it... WE ARE VERY PROUD OF YOU ALL FOR A WONDERFUL SEASON! We will miss you Brandon & Glenn (Seniors). And off to STATES we go... You guys can do it!!! Good Luck!

February 26, 2003
comments: To The Buzzzzz: Blane Mayle is a very talented wrestler, but by no means "the best wrestler to come out of Marion County". You seem to forget 4 time State Champion Doug Moore; 2 time State Champion Matt Miller; 2 time State Champion Ryan Courtney; 2 time State Champion Nick Hedrick; and here is one from the 1960's---2 time State Champion Bill Glover. (Glover was not only a 2 time State Champion in wrestling, but 2 times AAA All State fullback in football. He was pound for pound the toughest kid I personally have ever known.)I wish Blane and the rest of East Fairmont's team good luck at states.

February 26, 2003
From: tehwrestler
comments: sam.. plz dont make predictions.. your way off.. some people want realistic predictions.. dont pick favorites

February 26, 2003
From: From PA
comments: To the individual who wondered how WV state champs would do against Western PA, I can say that the Wpial team would very likely dominate a WV all star team (you never know though). I think Easter, Grogg, and Mitch Smith would have the best chances. Consider that Rader(one of the tougher wrestlers in the country) would probably only be ranked fourth or fifth in the WPIAL with losses by fall (primus) and a 14-4 major desision (McNight). I think the idea of a dual with the two all star teams is a very interesting thought. I just think Western Pa has too many schools and a very long wrestling tradition that would be tough to compete against.

February 26, 2003
From: ZZZ
comments: to the room slammers: those are the worst predictions ive ever seen 103 through 130 were pretty good but 135 knapp 5th? doubt it 140 how could you have durbin above williamson when williamson pinned him at the regionals? then for 160 gibbs 3rd? casto 5th? whats the deal with that. 171 dowler 6th? no.and 189 starsick 3rd? more like first.

February 26, 2003
From: B. Byrd
comments: I wish the best of luck to Coach Archer and the Huntington High team this week at the State Tournament. Also, good luck to Chris Gibbs and Andrew Sobonya of Cabell Midland and Nate Howard of Spring Valley.

February 26, 2003
comments: Cody Potts from Oak Glen is out for the season. It is a shame too. He could have won states. He had as good of a chance as any one else in his weight class. Oak Glen also is short 2 other outstanding wrestlers...(Tim Cashdollar and Brennon Chambers), with those three out of the line-up does Oak Glen still have a chance???.....YOUR DAMN RIGHT!!!

February 26, 2003
From: ratteaser
comments: may the predictions of superman be as bad as his judge of appearance!!....GO BIG REDS

February 26, 2003
From: Ripper
comments: For the SOUTH WRESTLING TEAM, Go South!
"A CHAMPION is someone who is bending over to exhaustion when no one else is watching"
"Excellence is not a singular act but a habit. You are what you do repeatedly"
It is yours if you want it(5) guys and don't stop until you get it. Do it for the TEAM.

February 26, 2003
From: AP
comments: Good Luck at states D-Te from Point...

February 26, 2003
From: WahamaFAN
comments: I thank that Coach from Cabel Midalnd, Jason Ward is the best in the state.

February 26, 2003
From: The real Frankfort Parent
comments: please dis-regaurd the remarks made by "Frankfort Parent" He is a childish highschool kid.

February 26, 2003
From: Tuefry CHamp145
comments: 145:
State Champ
1.Daran Hayes (NM)
2.Dustin Ritchey (JM)
3.Justin Hawes (Jef)
4.Micheal George (PHS)
5.Micheal Madia (RCB)
6.Sean Smith (PS)

. February 26, 2003
comments: no offense to blane mayle because he is a very good wrestler, but when you mention the best wrestler marion county has ever seen, wouldn't you think names like doug moore(only 4 time champ, until march 1, 2003 that is) ,nick hedrick, adam gorby, or any courtney brother?????

February 26, 2003
From: fan
comments: has anybody seen this bennett boy from GE wrestle i have just started hearing about him.

February 26, 2003
comments: Superman you're predictions always crack me up! You never fail to entertain us all, keep it up! It's only too bad you don't do AA/A. Maybe you should...

February 26, 2003
From: slamfan
comments: How can Hunt be ranked over Bridgette, when Bridgette pinned him?????????????????????????????????

February 26, 2003
From: wv fan
comments: to the boys of wyoming county...you are the under dogs, still young to the sport and trying to make a mark. I love stories of under dogs rising to the top....so go to state and come back with one of those stories. To all wrestlers heading to state congradulation and good luck this weekend

February 26, 2003
comments: to superman: The name easter might intimidate you but it doesn't intimidate anyone from parkersburg, don't be surprised if there are no easters on top of the podium saturday night

February 26, 2003
comments: To: G
Billings 2 losses have came from Rash of Independence. Rash tech falled him 28-12.

February 26, 2003
From: free4all
comments: 119
1. Brandon Rader, Parkersburg High
2. Jared Garvin, Morgantown
3. Robert Conner, Martinsburg
4. Bobby Cooper, Ripley
5. Shawn Dixon, Huntington
6. Justin Lodge, North Marion
7. Alan Ford, Fairmont Senior
8. Chad Porter, Parkersburg South
haha nice predictions..

February 26, 2003
comments: Why is it in every article i read none of these papers can write a wrestling article right. I think it is very sad that these papers pay that little attention to wrestling. I dont think people realize how terible it is. Yet they complain about coaches not subitting their scores to the papers. Maybe if they did thier job and went to some of these matches they could get them. This is a legit grip, I think these kids who wrestle should get the best coverage out there, not some articles which half the time are inacutate. You really should post this too.
Editor's note: Well, the newspapers you mentioned don't bad-mouth this website (to my knowledge), so I'm not gonna bad-mouth the papers.
February 26, 2003
comments: Results
AAA 103
1st Easter
2nd Hays
3rd Rush
4th Kelley
5th Shaw
6th Shelter

1st Turnbull
2nd Shyver
3rd Ossuno Cotta
4th Riner
5th Capas
6th Bostic


February 26, 2003
comments: AA 103 predictions

Rd 1
Valles pin Howrylk
Godfrey dec Durr
Billings mdec Bartug
Lester pin Rogers
Geary pin Highlander
Cumpston dec Sasser
Rash tech Smith
Gungle dec Miller

cons rd1
Howrylyk mdec Durr
Bartug pin Rogers
Sasser pin Highlander
Miller pin Smith

Valles pin Godfrey
Billings dec Lester
Geary dec Cumpston
Rash mdec Gungle

cons rd2
Cumpston mdec Howrylyk
Gungle pin Bartug
Sasser mdec Godfrey
Lester ot dec Miller

cons quarters
Gungle dec Cumpston
Lester dec Sasser

Valles mdec Billings
Rash dec Geary

Cons semis
Billings dec Gungle
Geary dec Lester

Gungle dec Lester
Billings dec Geary
Rash ot dec Valles

1st Rash
2nd Valles
3rd Billings
4th Geary
5th Gungle
6th Lester

Remember this!!!!!!!

February 26, 2003
From: Zen Machine
comments: LOL at Superman's predictions. Very entertaining as always. But I've got to disagree with a few of them.

I don't think Mike Barbour can wins states, even if he is lucky enough to be Billy's brother. He definately brings a lot of intensity and has a lot of crazy, unorthodox moves. LOL at the flying armbar. Rumor has it he's going to try a flying triangle choke at the state tourney :)

I'm taking Reynolds at 135, Hayes at 145, and Deerman at Heavyweight.

February 26, 2003
From: EF Fan
comments: I agree with Blane I feel East can make some noise at States but it is true they will have an uphill battle. I feel that East Fairmont's program has slowly turned around in the past 4-5 years, and East has made great strides to become one of West Virginia's top AAA programs. I do believe that South and Parkersburg has worked hard to earn everything they have achieved in the past and until someone can prove (or knock them off) they are rightfully the two elite programs right now. Continue to work hard guys and for all the the wrestlers making the trip from East give it everything you have because you have nothing to loose you can only win. And to the East fans that have put what I consider unfair posts to both our kids and the rest of the state please support your team but do it with class and respect. Both two very important traits to truley become a top program and very important at East if you are a true fan you would know this. Good luck boys!!!

February 26, 2003
From: Larry Hardway
comments: Good luck to all wrestlers from Braxton, and Calhoun. Hope to see many old friends this weekend. Go Eagles!!!!Also good luck Cody Norman.

February 26, 2003
From: yo yo yo
comments: I'm abig East Fairmont fan but i feel at best they will finish 3rd. I know alot of people are hyping them up but they could be a sleeper if they can get everyone to win some matches and pull of a few upsets. I think that thomas is a better wrestler than geary but if he says his brother and blaine win before him it might give him the adrenaline to pull off the victory

February 26, 2003
From: to: Views From My Perch
comments: that's definitely from your perch

February 25, 2003
From: Superman
comments: To Superman: Man Your predictions are really good, and funny, you are so talented...and good looking.

February 25, 2003
comments: I would say that Williamstown would be ranked over Cameron for the fact they had more Reional finalist and champions then Cameron. They will score more points at state because of that, having more at state doesnt always mean you will do better.

February 25, 2003
From: Proud fan in the stands
comments: Great job to Jason McCoy and Nick Duncan from Point for a job well done 1st place at Relionals. To the rest of the Point team good job. States here we come......

February 25, 2003
From: room slammers
comments: OK, heres the rest!

145: 1.Daran Hayes (NM)       152: 1.Danny Lord (Heg)
2.Dustin Ritchey (JM)           2.Codi Norman (PS)
3.Justin Hawes (Jef)            3.Phil Bliss (Brk)
4.Micheal George (PHS)          4.Isaac Myers (HUN)
5.Micheal Madia (RCB)           5.Josh Evans (WW)
6.Sean Smith (PS)               6.Corey Adkins (JM)

160: 1.Kyle Walters (PS)       171: 1.Bryce Pickens (PS)
2.Brandon Keiper (NC)            2.Blane Mayle (EF)
3.Chris Gibbs (CM)               3.Steve Sayre (Rip)
4.Jay Thomas (WW)                4.Micheal Cremeans (CM)
5.Mitch Casto (Nit)              5.Brad Ammons (Heg)
6.Billy Ray (EF)                 6.JW Dowler (PHS)

189: 1.Ben Geary (EF)           215: 1.Lou Thomas (PHS)
2.Ray Linger (ELK)                2.Brandon Geary (EF)
3.Andrew Starsick (NM)            3.Colin Bennet (GE)
4.Cody Tominack (WP)              4.Nathan Bryant (NC)
5.Eric Halstead (HUR)             5.Kenny Hutchison(HUN)
6.Micheal Hambrick (GE)           6.Bud Hercules (WP)

275: 1.John Dilworth (BU)         MOW:Matt Easter
2.Nate Howard (SV)             Team Champs:PHS or South????
3.Ryan Dearman (PHS)
4.Josiah Dorton(PS)
5.Jesse Valentine(EF)
6.Adam Richardson (CM)

February 25, 2003
From: w
comments: can somebody tell me how in the world justin ashley and casey biddle, are predicted to be in the championship in the 125 lb. weight class?whoever put that up had better go back and look at the state tournament brackets again.both of them are in the upper bracket,which means more than likely they will meet in the semi finals.which also means they both cant be in the finals.only will be.

February 25, 2003
From: Wondering
comments: Ok, coaches, how can you still say that Williamstown should be ranked over Cameron?

February 25, 2003
From: Ashe140
comments: To the supposed "Frankfort Parent" let me start off by saying you are a liar and an idiot. Devin, Stewy, Shawn, and Colby all are good wrestlers, but if you were a real "Frankfort Parent" then you would know that Greg Carlo quit at the beginning of the year. Not only are you not giving true information, but you are hurting the reputations of Devin, Stewy, Shawn, and Colby. I know and have wrestled with all of these guys since they were freshman and some before that. The last thing that these guys do is talk, they are some of the most humble young men you will ever meet. You make them out to be the most arrogant wrestlers in the state. That is not the case at all. These young men know that action on the mat and hard work is what wins a State Championship. Not talking from some trouble maker running his mouth on this forum. Why don't you stop acting like a "Frankfort Parent", tell us who you really are, and quit hurting these young men's reputation.

February 25, 2003
From: Blane Mayle- East Fairmont
comments: To East Fairmont Fans
I would like to thank everyone who has written to the forum in support of the Bees, but leave no doubt that we are not walking away with anything, its got to be earned and we are just beginning to build our program into a contender. I would also like to say that we as a team are taking no one for granted and know it will be a steep uphill battle to even place in the top 5 at states. We also know that we, as a group, have worked as hard or harder than anyone in the state and have put in the time and effort it takes to make champions. To my teammates I would like to thank each of you for the hard work, extra hours in the room, blood, sweat and tears that you have given this year and know that each of you will wrestle to the very best of your ability.... Give it 100% and you will reach your individual goals and in turn we will be the best we can be as a team. Remember matches and championships are won in the wrestling room not on this forum. Good luck to everyone that has reached the state tournament and for the seniors, this is your last chance, leave it all on the mat and have no regrets......

February 25, 2003
comments: Shane Smith from Williamstown dec. my brother in the state finals in overtime and wsaz finals last year, he was an outstanding wrestler, i kind of figured he would go undefeated this year, seeing how he made it by the wsaz's with Casto and Gibbs, both great wrestlers. So i was suprised to see he has a loss on his record while i was looking over the state bracket sheet. Whow was it to? Was it out of state?

February 25, 2003
From: Alyssa Evans
comments: Good luck to all the Woodrow wrestlers! (Yes ALL of you) You guys have come a L-O-N-G way! Lets try for a 10 ten finish!
Dont be suprised if you see alot of my Beckley Boys up on the podium this year!
And Josh- Winnn it allll! You know you can!
"Your little baby sister"

February 25, 2003
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: To Superman: You crack me up man...and as usual your cape is wrapped too tight around your neck! I miss your stories about "The One" but at least you slipped in his little brother!Good luck man of steel!

February 25, 2003
From: Lloyd Christmas
comments: Nice pics Harry but i think you could be off a bit.
103 - Easter over Hays
112 - Shyver over Turnball
119 - Radar over Porter
125 - Grogg over Mcfarland
130 - Easter over Litton
135 - Knapp over Smith
140 - Smith over Williamson
145 - Hays over Richey
152 - Bliss over Norman
160 - Walters over Casto
171 - Mayle over Pickens
189 - Geary over Starsick
215 - Geary over Thomas
275 - Dearman over Phalen
MOW - Phill BLISS (Brooke) or Matt Easter (Nitro)???
COW - Scheny Schinderlin (PHS)

103 - Vallas over Rash
112 - Neal over Morris
119 - Allen over Biddle
125 - Ashley over Wright
130 - McCoy over Scarbro
135 - McIntosh over Yoders
140 - Duncan over Elder
145 - Metz over Nott
152 - Morris over Tracewell
160 - Smith over Railing
171 - Burge over Smith
189 - Clark over Efaw
215 - Hashman over Whitehill
275 - McGillian over Fegal
MOW - Jeff Morris (Calhoun Co.)
COW - Mike Stump (Clahoun Co.)


1. PHS
2. South

1. Oak Glen
2. Calhoun Co.
3. Cameron
4. Point Pleasant
5. Shady Springs - Williamstown

February 25, 2003
comments: I have seen both Grogg and Casto wrestle. I think Grogg will major desicon him. Casto has lost to Biddle of Williamstown 2x and Grogg Majored Biddle in the WSAZ finals.

February 25, 2003
From: E
comments: To John: Grogghas not wrestled Casto. He lost 3-2 to Robbie Preston(Blair Acad. NJ), Dble. OT rideout toDustin Schlatter(St. Paris Graham Ohio),5-3 loss to Josh Zupancic ( Walsh Jesuit Ohio) And Dble. OT rideout to Nazareth,Pa 130#

February 25, 2003
From: South fan
comments: Shane Grogg and Josh Casto havent wrestled this year.....Shane only has four loses. One is to Robbie Preston was ranked first in the nation at the time 2-1 from blair academy. Second to Josh Zupanic ranked 5th in the nation, 6-5. Then he wrestled dustin schlater ranked second in the nation, and beat him once and then losted to him in double overtime.then he lost to a kiid from Nazereth but i dont know the name but it was in double overtime.

February 25, 2003
From: Kevin Wilson
comments: Good luck to the Flying Eagle team at the State Tournament. I have enjoyed watching and coaching you guys at different levels. I will miss watching and being around you Seniors. Josh Evans, Justin Boyden, Ryan Bostic and Garland Ward, you guys have been the foundation for this team for 3 years and have done a great job! Justin Boyden and Jay Thomas, I remember being in your corner as you both won Junior Titles at Parkersburg, it was possible then and it's just as possible now for both of you. Josh Evans, you have beaten the best in the state at various times and I remember being in your corner when you beat Mitch Smith at the Sophia Tournament 3 years ago. Be confident in your abilities and you will wrestle for it all Saturday night. Ryan Bostic you can be on the medal stand if you just believe in yourself and wrestle your match. Nick LLado, you have come a long way in a short period of time. You continue to get better with each match and could surprise some people this weekend. Garland Ward and Joe McQuillen, best of luck, you two have surprised people already this season and can make some noise if you let it all hang out this weekend. Sean Meade, I have been in the corner of just as many of your matches as I have my own son's. I have seen you win Championships and know you have the Heart of a Lion. You are never intimidated and always give 110%. Wrestle with the same intensity you always have and good things will happen this weekend. Tyler, good luck this weekend. I am proud to be your Father and hope to see you on the medal stand Saturday night. Wrestle smart and it will happen for you. Coach Sarrett, good luck at the States and bring home a Top 10 finish.

February 25, 2003
comments: Everyone has their own opinion just to say i have my own . Bartrug will face biddle in the finals. Just like your predictions for regionals. WRONG And batrug beat snuffer earlier this season and the match wasn't even close..

February 25, 2003
From: predictor
comments: .. predictions are very off thought.. you cant take a kid that took 1st in region 2 or 3 and put them over a region 1 4th place kid because of the place in that region.. region 1 is by far the toughest region out there..half the other teams dont see 1 good team till regionals in states ..it just doesnt make sense and for that your predictions are pretty off thought

February 25, 2003
From: to Brandon Keiper
comments: Brandon, don't go into the tournament intimidated. You have the ability to win the state. Trust me! If you don't give 100% you will never forgive yourself. Go get it kid!

February 25, 2003
From: repo man
comments: just making a general statment to whoever's eye it catches. didn't know anything about the match in question. there are many posts on this page as to why someone lost.

February 25, 2003
From: Alex Reed
comments: Point Pleasant wrestlers now is the time to clear your minds & focous on the task at hand. Remember wrestle smart & dont try to force anything let the points come to you. You guys know you are one of the top teams in the state, so show everyone that you are! I will be looking forward to seeing 2 of you guys on top of the podium- you have worked hard & improved enough to do it. Maybe if the cards fall right, or a few upsets happen we will have some more champions. J-bird & Duncan its great to see you 2 finally come around- God knows you deserve it. The rest of you guys never stop until that last whistle is blown, "If you see & its there, GO GET IT". I'll be down there to watch make YOURSELVES proud- its ALL for you & nobody else!! Good Luck POINT

February 25, 2003
From: Pburg Fan
comments: It is never a sad day to be a Big Red or a Patriot no matter what you say. The State title will stay in Parkersburg where it belongs. I believe that the state tournament might as well be in Parkerburg because nobody else has had a real shot. If you are at State you can stop by to see a two team race.

February 25, 2003
comments: SHAWN GARLAND is the biggest underdog, and he will place in the TOP 3 at 145 in AA. I heard he was sick at regionals and still placed 2nd in Region 3. Because of this he will be overlooked as a chump. This is why when no one expects it, he will emerge the victor.

February 25, 2003
From: frankfort parent
comments: hey aa predictor...
what the heck makes you think that drew meyers and devin bosely will finish in third and second respectively. there is no way they are losing. they are gonna be state champions this year. the 112 state champ will be shaun snoberger no doubt. but i like your predictions for 189, i agree whole heartedly. but greg carlo and colby simpson are gonna win states at 145 and 275 respectively too.

February 25, 2003
From: to repo man
comments: you didn't read the post correct. no one is making excuses for Thomas, he chose to wrestle this year so he wouldn't lose an entire year even knowing he wouldn't be 100% and that isn't taking anything away from the other wrestler it is just stating the facts even if you don't want to admit it. If you saw the match you would know exactly what we mean.

February 25, 2003
comments: I think that the people who keep predicting the winners at 119,should think again about there preditions. I've seen all the 119 wrestle this year and the match for the Championship will be Bartrug vs. Whiteman and hopefully Whiteman will win!!!!!!!

February 25, 2003
From: room slammers
comments: Here is the first half of are picks.
103: 1.Anthony Easter (Nit)     112: 1.Kyle Turnbull (UNV)       
2.Jake Hayes (PHS)                2.Robert Shyver (PHS)
3.Abbie Rush (WP)                 3.Felix Osuna Cotto (PS)
4.Aaron Kelley (PS)               4.Lucas Cappas (Mor)
5.Zach Fraley (Hun)               5.Steve Riner (Hun)
6.Jarrod Shaw (BRK)               6.Ryan Bostic (WW)

119: 1.Brandon Rader (PHS)         125: 1.Shane Grogg (PS)
2.Chad Porter (PS)                   2.Josh Casto (Rip)
3.Justin Lodge (NM)                  3.Jon McFarland (Brk)
4.Matt Smith (Brk)                   4.Quill Ward (BU)
5.Jarred Garvin (Mor)                5.Chris Conner (Mar)
6.Robert Conner (Mar)                6.Shawn Heffner (UNV)

130: 1.Matt Easter (Nit)            135: 1.Chad Nelson (Hun)
2.Chance Litton (PHS)                 2.Shaun Smith (PS)
3.Brandon Shaw (Brk)                  3.Josh Evans (Nit)
4.Darrel Dorsey (Jef)                 4.Dave Cambell (UNV)
5.Eric Jenkins (SV)                   5.Derrik Knapp (PHS)
6.Matt Vance (GE)                     6.Mike Durbin (Brk)

140: 1.Mitch Smith (Rip)        2nd half Coming Soon!!
2.Jeremy Ray (Hun)
3.Codie Gustines (Jef)
4.David Durbin (Brk)
5.Brian Williamson (PHS)
6.Shawn Moore (EF)
February 25, 2003
From: madman
comments: to all the people that are picking smith over knapp, did any of you see the match ? knapp went into overtime with smith using just one arm, this week he will be using both i hope all the predictors like to eat crow

February 25, 2003
From: The buzzzzz
comments: The only competition that Geary will have at 189, will be his brother at 215. They will walk to the #1 position in 2003! B. Mayle is the best wrestler that ever wrestled in Marion County. Go killer bees, sting em.

February 25, 2003
From: John
comments: For the forum
Could someone tell me who Grogg lost to this year and if him and Casto from Ripley have wrestled this year.

February 25, 2003
From: Yosemite Sam
    103                112                   119
 1 Easter (N)         Turnbull(Univ)        Rader (P) 
 2 Kelley (PS)        Shyver (P)            Garvin (Mgt)
 3 Rush (WP)          Cappas (Mgt)          Conner(Mart)
 4 Hayes(P)           Osuna-Cotto(PS)       Ford(FS) 
 5 Shaw (Brk)         Riner (Hunt)          Lodge(NM)  
 6 Fraley(Hunt)       Ward (BU)             Smith (Brk)
   125                130                   135
 1 Grogg(PS)          Easter(N)             Reynolds(Jeff)      
 2 Casto(Rip)         Litton (P)            Knapp (P)
 3 Conner(Mart)       Shaw(Brk)             Smith (PS)       
 4 McFarland(Brk)     Dorsey(Jeff)          Campbell(Univ)
 5 Ward(BU)           Vance(GE)             Nelson(Hunt)    
 6 Hetzer(Hunt)       Bowers(NM)            Evans(N)

   140                145                   152
 1 Smith(Rip)         Hays (NM)             Bliss (Brk)
 2 Williamson(P)      Richey (JM)           Norman(PS)
 3 Gustines (Jeff)    George(P)             Lord(Hed)
 4 Ray (Hunt)         DeVault(Mgt)          Adkins(JM)  
 5 Durbin (Brk)       Barnes (EF)           Cornecelli(P) 
 6 Moore (EF)         Hawes(Jeff)           Gustines(Jeff) 

   160                171                   189
 1 Casto(N)           Mayle(EF)             Geary(EF) 
 2 Gibbs(CM)          Pickens(PS)           Starsick(NM)
 3 Walters(PS)        Dowler(P)             Linger(Elk)
 4 Lindamood(P)       Sayer(Rip)            Tominack(WP)
 5 Young(Hed)         Ammons(Hed)           Nelson(Hunt)
 6 Keiper(NC)         Cremeans(CM)          Hambrick(GE)

   215                HWT                   TEAMS
 1 Thomas(P)          Dearman(P)            Parkersburg
 2 Geary(EF)          Phalen(Rip)           Parkersburg South
 3 Hercules(WP)       Dilworth(BU)          East Fairmont
 4 Lucas(SV)          Bird(Mart)            Nitro
 5 Hutchinson(Hunt)   Howard(SV)            Huntington
 6 Nicholson(Hed)     Valentine(EF)         Brooke

February 25, 2003
From: 3 timer
comments: oak glen will win easy lets go boys

February 25, 2003
From: G
comments: Predictions?
In Class AA-A at 103 pounds, don't count out Ravenswood freshman Judd Billings. He's the real deal! Only two of his five season losses were to an AA-A opponent.

February 25, 2003
From: E
comments: On your state tourn bracket and info : Shane Grogg is 33-4 not 32-4. Josh Grimm of Hedgesville cannot be 94-0 as he finished 4th.

February 25, 2003
From: AAA predictor
comments: to region 3, and anyone else who doesn't like my predictions, i have a news flash: MAKE YOUR OWN! criticizing other people's predictions seems to be a popular pastime among those too stupid to take time and effort like some people on this forum do, and make their own list. i didn't agree with some predictions before mine, so i made my own. i said NO ONE is 100% right, and i took into consideration some UPSETS? pretty modest, if you ask me. i thought that would be insurance enough against your ignorant opinion; apparently not. if my predictions don't make you happy, fine. quit being lazy and make your own.

February 25, 2003
From: swampdonkey
comments: If John Dilworth brings his A game to States he will walk to the 1st place spot. This summer he defeated Dearman on his feet and has only had few offensive points scored on him this year. I pick Dilworth to win 275 in style

February 25, 2003
From: Swamina
comments: Swami's crystal ball blows a fuse when he attempts to look into AA/A. So Swami asked me, his kid sister Swamina, to pick the AA/A champions. Swami says I only pick the cute ones and I don't look at talent. But that's not true, I know talent when I see it. hubba, hubba.

103: Rash in a high scoring decision over Valles, 15-12.
112: Morris pins Goneau. Whoever goes to their back first will lose as neither wrestlers lets go of the pin.
119: Snuffer, 7-5 over Bartrug.
125: Harvey wins in third period over Biddle, 6-4.
130: Scarbro dec. McCoy, major.
135: Chapman pins Myers.
140: Elder 5-2 over Whittington, Region 1 revenge.
145: Flowers majors Metz.
152: Morris 4-3 over Bosley.
160: Smith to quick for Stewart, 21-5.
171: Burge 9-4 Smith.
189: Freeland 3rd period back points over McNeely, 7-5.
215: Cline decisions Hashman, 6-4 overtime. Who is Cline? Where is Westside? I love the mystery man.
275: Freda pins Harrison.

Oustanding Wrestler: Smith, Williamstown

February 25, 2003
comments: south wrestling fan...regret to say i will not be there. i don't have a place to stay as of yet. my son did qualify in hwt division. i am not a happy camper to say the least. if i happen to find a room u may see me. i can't believe i won't be there to see my "bubby" on the mat and neither can he. i'm still trying. good luck to all the boys regardless of there placement. say hi to the brooke hwt....derrick..GREAT kid!

February 25, 2003
comments: To those of you, who get on here and down play parkersburg and say your team is gonna beat them, give them credit they have proven themselves against all opposition throughout the season. I have seen them wrestle and they are solid from top to bottom...and until someone around here beats them no one should say anything! There is no reason to talk trash on here...if the wrestlers you are cheering for have prepared themselves and are mentally focused, then they will come through come clutch time (regionals and states). I don't see any other team in the state stacking up weight class to weight class with Parkersburg...but with that said I would like to wish the East Fairmont team the best of luck. They are a good solid team and I think that they will do very well at states. And to the seniors, you dont have to have the people on here predict you to win...bc that means nothing. When your face to face with your opponent and you still believe in yourself, then YOU can achieve anything at STATES! Leave it all on the mat and wrestle your best tournament ever Tyler, Robert, Blane, Ben and Brandon! GO BEES

February 25, 2003
comments: Anyone have any thoughts about the pee wee state tournament on Mar 8-9 in Parkersburg? A few new wt. classes and a new "age as of Jan.1" rule may make things interesting. I wish we had a regional qualifying tournament rather than relying on a seeding committee.

February 25, 2003
comments: I'd have to say my sleeper for AAA would be Keiper from Nicholas County at 160, every tourny I've seen him in he wrestles harder than anyone else till the last second. He has a lot of heart and a cool head, look for him to put up some competition.

February 25, 2003
From: rats
comments: sorry to bust all of your bubbles east fairmont, but you'll be lucky to be top 5 at the state tourny. you wont have any state champs but about 3 runner ups.

February 25, 2003
comments: to all east fairmont fans: WHAT MAKES YOU SO SURE THAT GEARY IS GOING TO BEAT LOU THOMAS?

February 25, 2003
comments: Manning will NOT beat McGillian! Manning will not even wrestle him, he will lose his first round match to Crookshanks. McGillian will instead defeat A.J. Freda to claim the title.

February 25, 2003
From: State tournament
comments: I have a feeling they might be combining AA and AAA in the next few years. I don't want to start any rumours, this is just my opinion. But it is a dying sport and there are less and less kids wrestling every year. Thoughts anyone?

February 25, 2003
comments: The sun will rise on East this weekend.......sad day to be a Big Red and a South Patriot!

February 25, 2003
From: Fan
comments: Wrestlers are awesome!! Win or lose they are all winners for just stepping out on that mat. Good luck to all teams at State, LETS WRESTLE!

February 25, 2003
From: To: PHS 05
comments: The match between Smith and Knapp was nothing but a boring match. There was never any back points. I think the question was in double over time. Knapp was on bottom and Smith picked him up and carried him off the mat. Some people thought that was fleeing and knapp should have been award a point. The ref didn't see it that was and Smith won the match.

February 25, 2003
From: Region One Fan
comments: Thanks for replying on Whiteman's grade. Just curious... the rest of Hundred's team was listed. There was no intention to offend...sorry.

February 25, 2003
From: Brooke Fan
comments: Good Luck Brooke Wrestlers: Jarrod 103; Matt 119; Jonathan 125; Braden 130; Mike 135; David 140; Phil 152; Nathan 171; Devin 215; Derrick 275 this weekend

February 25, 2003
From: Views From My Perch
comments: I've never been a big South or PHS fan but I do respect the level of talent that comes out of P-burg year-after-year-after-year.... I've watched & read this forum closely this season and, over time, started to believe that this may be the year that South is knocked off the champion's pedastal. PHS looked like a 1st class team that couldn't be beat. I'm starting to wonder if I'm like the majority of posters on this site that WANT South lose but know deep down these kids may have what it takes to squeeze out #5.

They show up to Huntington every year, put on the headgear, walk on the mat, and begin a "wrestling clinic" that is fun to watch but hard to oppose.

I'd like to see another team's name etched on the championship trophy this year but I don't think it's going to happen. I think the people of Huntington may want to require the payment of property taxes from South because the Patriots OWN the Civic Center!

February 25, 2003
comments: to Ms Manners
Yes I agree with your comments. The most shocking thing that I've seen happened this year. A coach screamed to his wrestler, "BREAK HIS ARM!" The wrestler did exactly what his coach said to do and if the referee hadn't stopped it, my son would not be going to the states or probably ever wrestle again. I actually have it on video. I wonder sometimes if people realize how foolish they look. My biggest question is: Don't people see what they are teaching the children around them? I must say that I've seen alot of great things come from this sport, though. This weekend the bleachers had the school's names sectioned off. It was interesting to watch the wrestlers moving around, sitting with each other, laughing, having a great time. I'm especially proud of the Raleigh County wrestlers. They are all supportive of one another. And the wrestlers,(no matter what school they're from) is what really matters.

February 25, 2003
From: Wrestling Fan
comments: Rateaser, You will see South's faces Saturday night but I think you will be the one dissapointed. South will be on top. Bleed Blue!

February 25, 2003
From: Superman
comments: Over the last three years I’ve posted my end of the year predictions. I want to say out in front that I respect any warrior who steps on the mat to test his skills against another man, and If I predict one warrior to be victorious over another that is simply my opinion of who has the most skill, speed, strength, and most importantly heart. My intention is not to hurt any ones feelings, and I hope if I don’t pick you to win that it drives you that much harder just to prove me wrong. Recently I have found the most truth from the saying that "The Best Athletes Are Those Who Make Themselves Their Greatest Opponent.”

103- “Bigger guys aren’t better” a great line from the movie Vision Quest and as a fellow light weight man I believe it. As it always is with the little guys, there is a tremendous amount of skill and speed being thrown around. We have Abbie Rush the freshman Phenom who came out and stunned Jake Hayes in the Regional finals. Hayes who had beaten Kelly, Shetler, and Phalen earlier in the year has been very consistent. Then we have Anthony Easter, just the name Easter is intimidating in West Virginia wrestling, who handed Hayes a 4-3 dec earlier, and Kelly an 8-2 dec.

I have to go with EASTER from NITRO on this one. Here’s why:

1) He’s Matt’s brother, which means pressure to win, and the benefit of practicing with a 3x state champion since you were a baby.
2) He’s Got state tourney experience, which could be an advantage over wildcard freshman Abbie Rush
3) The guys an animal…He’s beaten everyone else in the division, which makes him the logical choice.

112- This is probably the most competitive division in AAA. The talent is unbelievable. Shyver, Cappas, Turnball, Osuna Cotto, Riner, Shumate these guy are unreal. Plus this division is close. Shyver beats Cappas 5-2, Turnball beats Cotton 10-2, Cotton beats Shyver 4-3, Cappas beats Turnball, Turnball beats Cappas 2-1, Turnball beats Cotton 9-5. Makes your head hurt when you look at it long enough. It’s gonna come down to who wants it most.

I have to go with TURNBALL from UNIVERSITY. Here’s why:

1)The guys on a hot streak, avenging his loss to Cappas 2) His dad coaches a Division I school, so you know he’s practiced with the team 3) State Tournament experience…which pretty much isn’t a factor because they all have it 4) The guys an animal, which is always helpful

119- Rader just pinned Garvin in 44 seconds. Rader may be the best pound for pound wrestler in the state. He’s just great, I mean this guy will jump up for your arm, come down with your leg, leave you tied in knots, thinking “Rader….wow”

RADER, PARKERSBURG…do you need to know why??
125- We got another tough one to call. Two guys seem to be having their way with this division. There’s Josh Casto, winning Fairmont, getting a 11-5 dec over Region II champion Chris Conner, and returning in his weight class from last year trying for the title. On the other hand there’s Shane Grogg, winning WSAZ and beating the always tough John McFarland from Brook 16-3 in the regional finals.

My call Shane GROGG takes it home to PARERSBURG, why?

1)Flipped a coin
2) I just like his style better, he seems more aggressive…

130- The winner of every major invitational (that he went to) for the last 4 years. Matt Easter is the evolution of folkstyle wrestling. I first saw his name in an issue of wrestling USA after winning Tulsa nationals and I made a point to watch this guy. On the ground -standing up, It does not matter, this kid can do it all.


1) 2002 state tournament
2) 2001 state tournament
3) 2000 state tournament
4) 2003 season

I am going to mention that Chance Litton is very tough, and should make for a good match.

135- The Big story, Shaun Smith and hands Knapp, and Campbell to very close loses. Mean while on the other side of the state Steve Reynolds continues is inning ways, already defeating Campbell in to close matches. The whole state will have to wait for this one to unfold.

I am going ruffle some feathers like only I can, and go with the dark horse. Every year I try and pick one dark horse and this year I’m picking Junior, Mike BARBOUR from MARTINSBURG, why?

1)Known to most of his friends as the “twenty-second wonder of the world” Mikey has really turned it on late in the season beating bitter rival Justin Jones at regionals.

2) Intensity, No one in the state can match it
3) I’ve seen tape on him, I’ve wrestled with him in the off season, the kid is unpredictable. Flying armbars, Hurricane gator rolls, misdirectional slidebys, moves you’ve never seen, and probably won’t ever again,
4) He’s the brother of the greatest wrestler in the history of the universe, and that should be reason enough

140-Defending State Champion Mitch Smith, only gets better and better. The hype was on him last year, and I didn’t believe it. Seeing him beat “Jefferson Beach Bad Boy” Chantz Grifith twice was good enough for me. I’m a believer. Already holding a win over closest challenger Codie Gustines in a 5-2 dec. Look for Smith to pick up some more hardware at states this year.


1)Defending Champion
2)Beaten Gustines
3)Shakes off knee injury, the guys a warrior

145- Lot of Talent here, in a traditionally weak division. When I say weak I mean one really tough wrestler and everyone else trying for a title runs up or down. This year that is not the case. Darren Hayes, the master of lay and prey, coming off a regional title win. Dustin Richey shocking George in a 8-1 dec, Seth Young turns up MIA, and the division blows wide open.

I gotta go with RICHEY from JOHN MARSHALL, why?

1) I’ve never seen George beaten like that
2) Turning around from the 6-2 loss earlier in the year to George, shows he’s fired up
3) I don’t think Hayes can beat him again, especially not by fall (but who knows)

152- Outstanding Wrestler at Winners Choice and defending State Champion, Danny Lord has beaten state champions from Virginia, . Phil Bliss is the obvious choice to challenge Danny. Beating Codi Norman, among other top 152 pounders Bliss is a senior hungry for the title. Dominating the OVAC and not losing since the Brooke Invitational finals

Its hard to bet against Danny, so I won’t…LORD, HEDGESVILLE

1)When these guys wrestle..and they will, there is gonna be fire works
2) Lord hasn’t lost, Bliss has…only real reason I picked Danny
3)Plus it’s the Champs title, you gotta take it from him

160- Mitch Casto has been so tough all year, beating Joey Lindamood 11-4, and beating Chris Gibbs Twice. Then Regionals roll around and Chris Gibbs takes and overtime win? Kyle Walters is another tough dude, even after dropping a loss to Gibbs he should be considered a serious threat to the title.

My Pick, I think CASTO from NITRO, will rebound from the close loss

1)He’s been very consistent, all year
2)I think he’ll be fired up after the loss to Gibbs, someone he beat twice
3) The guys an animal

171- Blane Mayle,…man he’s tough, and hes beaten everyone one: a Fall over Ammons, Tech Fall over Coon, and a 4-1 dec over closest rival Bryce Pickens. In the past Mayle has been inconsistent, but not this year.


1)He’s beaten everybody
2)Needs the title to impress brother (former champion Joey Mayle)
3)Very consistent all year, with a win over Pickens

189- Ben Geary and Starsick have been battling all year, with Geary taking two out of three including the last win at Regionals. All matches have been close, and we can probably look for another close one.

I’m going with Ben GEARY from EAST FAIRMONT, why?

1) Has taken 2/3, including the last win over Starsick
2) Has his brother, and Blane Mayle in the practice room to push him on the stretch
3) The guys an animal

215- Lou Thomas, what dominance he’s shown this year. Winning a 6-1 dec over Brandon Geary, Tech Falling Hercules (Not the son of Zeus) , and taking Casto for a fall. In the past, luck has played a large role in who wins states, the seeding? Officials? Lots of things can go wrong. But as the old saying goes, the more skill you have, the less luck you need.


1)Because he’s the best, and he’ll continue to prove it

275- Lots of tough heavy guys. Dearman, Phalen, Burns, Valentine. Dilworth is thought by many to be a favorite, pinning Valentine, and twice defeating Phalen. Ryan Bird has also been impressive. The guy has wrestled 275 for four years now, and every year he gets better, last year he shocked many placing 4th. This year I think he’ll shock some more. He is probably the best clutch wrestler in the state. Win the chips are down, he finds away to pull it off. Well…the chips are down. Losing a 2-1 dec, to Valentine who he beat 6-1 earlier in the year, Bird seems to be down and out, and just like a cornered animal, this “Grizzly” Bird is very dangerous.

BIRD flys high MARTINSBURG, why?

1) Great in the clutch
2) Has a lot of skill for a big guy
3) Very Aggressive
4) Bird’s the word

Conclusion, Lots of tough guys. Matches to watch for Turnball-Cappas, Casto-Grogg, Litton-Easter, Smith-Reynolds, Rickey-Hayes, Lord-Bliss, Casto-Gibbs, Geary-Starsick, Bird- Dillworth

Outstand Wrestler- Matt Easter- four time champion

February 25, 2003
From: weighty issue
comments: To the person who said that the new weigh in rule (making weight each day) will hurt all wrestlers, it won't hurt the ones who aren't pulling more weight than they should. If it's that difficult to make weight, wrestle in the next class up. If your skills and strength are where they should be, you will be able to compete. The rule is to discourage unhealthy weight loss practices.

February 25, 2003
From: yo yo yo
comments: a few years back joey mayle won the state title his senior year and walked over a gave his brother blaine a hug. this year blaine will win but wont have far to walk, just to his corner, to hug his brother and coach after his victory over pickens

February 25, 2003
comments: some east fairmont fans are a little cocky, i wish all east fairmont wrestlers luck at states because i know it isn't them putting this junk on here. just do your best, some ignorant fans are giving you a whole lot to live up to.

February 25, 2003
comments: Good luck at states to all of Indy's Patriots. From: All your fans (girlwise!) at Appalachian Bible College We are rootin' for ya. Stay tough and keep your heads level. You're in our prayers.

February 24, 2003
From: Region 3
comments: who ever has phalen at 103 getting 4th...are we forgetting joe shetler from h-ville has beat him not 1 time but 2...both by major decision...and Geary will beat Thomas...And there is no way Evans will get 2nd at 152...and to whom that said Billy Ray from east fairmont will make some noise...he will make some noise if he pins his opponent in the 1st or 2nd period...if u take him to third period he is done..for sure...the kid is good but not in shape...it looked like he needed to be on life support in his regional finals match in the 3rd period...and Hawes will be in the top 3 at 145...

February 24, 2003
comments: Hey SWAMI your AAA pick's look pretty good what about AA?

February 24, 2003
From: west gal 03 (aka your cousin)
comments: I just wanted to say congrats to Shady's Andrew Lester. I realize that it's not easy being a freshman in all these high school tourneys, but you're doing an awesome job! We're proud of ya for gettin third and you should be too. Well, keep it up and I'll be cheerin for ya down at the states. C-ya Thursday!

February 24, 2003
From: let the complaints begin..........
email: aapredictor@hotmail.com

Team Results:
Oak Glen
Shady Springs
Point Pleasant
St. Marys
Berkeley Springs

Robert Rash, Ind
Anthony Valles, WM
Judd Billings, Rav
Tim Cumpston, Cam
Bryan Gungle, Cal
Brandon Miller, OG

Josh Neal, SS
Matt Morris, Brax
Justin Goneau, OG
James Moffatt, Win
Shaun Snoberger, Frank
Brandon Antill, Cam

Dustin Bartrug, StM
Bryan Snuffer, Ind
Jesse Biddle, Will
Daniel Whiteman, Hund
Daniel Allen, Wirt
James Adams, Brax

Justin Ashley, Cal
Shane Wright, OG
Casey Biddle, Will
Anthony Harvey, SS
Noah O'Neil, Cam
Caleb Stricker, HH

Derek Scarbro, SS
Timmy McCoy, Wirt
Jessie Mahan, OG
Jason McCoy, PP
Brian Mills, Ind
Jeremy McCarty, Lewis

DJ Yoders, Cam
Sean McIntosh, OG
Drew Myers, Frank
Matt Howrylak, Win
Joey Lobis, Rit
Nick Russell, PP

Ian Whittington, OG
Ryan Elder, Will
Nick Duncan, PP
Corey Kyle, Keyser
Lance Hines, Brax
Matt Dye, Wirt

Eric Metz, Cal
Steve Flowers, OG
Jeff Cumpston, Cam
Kevin Efaw, Graf
Jesse Nott, PP
Jeremy Wince, Rit

Jeff Morris, Cal
Devon Bosley, Frank
Alan Tracewell, Will
Casey Hughes, Cam
Matt Wharton, OG
JR Morris, HH

Shane Smith, Will
Isaac Stewart, Cam
Garrett Railing, OG
Andy Stewart, Brax
Matt Mason, Berk Springs
Darren Post, Lewis

Ray Burge, Calhoun
Mark Smith, Green West
Jamie Moore, Berk Springs
Lee Laudermann, Will
Rhett Northcraft, OG
Buster Carico, LR

Josh Clark, Berk Springs
Trampus Efaw, Graf
Chad Tincher, GW
Robert Ward, Ind
Dwayne Freeland, Roa
Jacob McCoy, HH

Pete Hashman, StM
Brendan Hunt, Hund
Bill Whitehill, OG
Tyler Bridgette, Siss
Justin Bishop, HH
Charles Blankenship, Brax

Patrick McGillian, OG
AJ Freda, Lewis
Andy Fegal, Weir
CJ Manning, Cameron
Lincoln Harrison, LR
Kris Roberts, MT

February 24, 2003
email: AAA region 3
comments: Ive got a sleeper pick for third or fourth in the state at 145. Even though Boyden didnt win his region you would still half to consider him a threat at states cause remember anything can happen in hunting on those three givin days and i predict he will turn it up and surprise everyone... Good luck Boyden

February 24, 2003
From: Don Stiles
comments: I’d like to congratulate the 3 young men from Winfield that qualified for the state tournament, Andy (the animal), Mat and James. It’s been fun watching you guys all season. GOOD LUCK. I’d also like to congratulate the rest of the team for a great season. You’re a young team and you have wrestled your hearts out this season. It’s been a learning season for most of you. I’m expecting a lot out of all you for the next several years.

I’d also like to thank all of the wrestlers from the state of West Virginia for the excitement, enthusiasm, and sportsmanship this season. There’s been a lot a flack about this one and that one in the forum. But you know what? I’m glad that each and every one of you stuck it out and got on the mats to entertain all of us spectators.

To everyone that made it to states this year, GOOD LUCK!

To everyone else that is not going to the states, work hard and maybe next year you will be there. Thanks for the hard work.

Ok now a little negative. Charleston papers cover bowling better than wrestling.

Back to the positive, thanks Herbert Hoover on a well run regional on short notice. Thanks to the refs that are by definition wrong 50% of the time. Thanks to the Winfield coaches, the best three in the state. Thanks to this site. And finally thanks to every wrestler in the state that makes it through the season.

February 24, 2003
comments: if AAA and A/AA wrestled for a state championship everything would be the same except for shane smith winning 160...everyone else that would win would be AAA

February 24, 2003
From: Out-o-stater
comments: Which pill was drawn?

February 24, 2003
comments: To Yosemite Sam,
From your comment to Ingorant Fans, I believe you know exactly what situation that is being discussed. It seems to me as though "your fans" always point the finger at other and how they act, instead of looking at your own. Hometown crowd or not, good sportsmanship needs to be practiced. Just a thought!

February 24, 2003
From: forum
comments: Shane Smith lost to Dexter Hough-Snee from Mentor High School in Ohio.

February 24, 2003
From: Harry Dunn
comments: Prediction Time!!!!
103-Easter(N) over Kelly(PS)
112-Cappas(M) over Shyver(PHS)
119-Rader(PHS) over Garvin(M)
125-Grogg(PS) over Casto(RIP)
130-Litton(PHS) over Easter(N)
135-Smith(PS) over Knapp(PHS)
140-Smith(RIP) over Ray(HUNT)
145-Hays(NM) over Richey(JM)
152-Bliss(BK) over Norman(PS)
160-Gibbs(CM) over Casto(N)
171-Mayle(EF) over Pickens(PS)
189-Starsick(NM) over Geary(EF)
215-Geary(EF) over Thomas(PHS)
275-Dilworth(BU) over Valentine
* MOW 125-Shane Grogg

comments: Im Back with some AA/A Predictions...My partner Llyod Christmas will be making his assumption on how the finals will turn out soon!!! Dont ya just luv this time of year!
103-Rash(IND) over Valles(MA)
112-Goneau(OG) over Morris(BC)
119-Bartrug(SM) over Biddle(WIL)
125-Ashley(CAL) over HArvey(SS)
130-McCoy(PP) over Mahan(OG)
135-Yoders(CAM) over Howrylak(WIN)
140-Duncan(PP) over Hines(BC)
145-Flowers(OG) over Efaw(GF)
152-Hughes(CAM) over Tracewell(WIL)
160-Smith(WIL) over Stewart(BC)
171-Burge(CAL) over O'Malley(BC)
189-Clark(BC) over Efaw(GF)
215-Hashman(SM) over Whitehill(OG)
275-Manning(CAM) over McGillian(OG)
* MOW Justin Ashley(CAL)

February 24, 2003
From: repo man
comments: Excuses are like rearends. Everybody has one. If a wrestler isn't 100% and then decides to go ahead and wrestle, he and the people involved should accept the result without comment. It is a disservice to his opponent and to the sport of wrestling to look for a way out when the desired result isn't achieved !

February 24, 2003
From: please tell
comments: Well, All I want to kno is if his loss was to david Bertolino? Everyone from my school is saying it! (weir)

February 24, 2003
From: Chantz
comments: i just wanted to say good luck to all the jefferson wrestlers who made it to states, esp. daryll, stevie, codie, and corie. daryll, wrestle hard and make the top 4, stevie, its in the bag!, codie, wrestle mitch hard and win you got it!, but no matter what dont give up!, and corie, wrestle real hard and place high! and justin wrestle hard and dont do anything diff. keep wrestling like YOU dont change anything and you'll place high!, and jon i only saw you wrestle once and you looked okay just try real hard and place! marshall and joe try hard and score some points for j-high!!!!! good luck cougars

February 24, 2003
From: PHS Fan05
comments: Can anyone tell me what happened in the Smith-Knapp match at regionals? I heard a ref should have given 2 back points to Knapp and he didnt but i wasnt there to see the match. I also saw comments from yesterday by a wrestling fan who said it was the right call and that Knapp was stalling. Someone please explain the match to me, Thank you and good luck to all parkersburg wrestlers at states

February 24, 2003
From: sugazane
comments: corie gustines will be a contender at 152 he's worked hard all year and has two close ones with lord (ot& 4-2)expect great things from this one. steve reynolds will win 135 he wants to be on the top of the podium and he will be.

From: sugazane
comments: i think leaving little gustines out of the running for 152 is not smart he's worked hard all year and had two close matches with lord (ot&4-2) expect great things to come from this one. and i wouldn't leave steve reynolds out of teh finals for 135 he wants to be at the top of that podium and he will.

February 24, 2003
From: fAnZ
comments: Daniel Whiteman is in the 12th grade and why do you want to know anyway?

February 24, 2003
From: www.wrestlinpic.com
comments: wrestling pictures Will be covering WVU at the EWL

February 24, 2003
From: Ken Chertow Clinic
email: Rotyler1dt@aol.com
comments: Ken Chertow will be having a wrestling clinic for Junior, Middle School and any High School wrestlers that are not going to WV State Tournament. The Clinic will be Thursday evening from 6:30pm til 9:00pm at Sissonville Middle School. Cost is $10.00 per wrestler. This would be a jump start to the Junior States coming up in March. If you have any questions or need directions, please contact Dana at 304-988-0813 or by the email address given.

February 24, 2003
comments: Swami Your predictions are the stupidest thing to hit the forum since Superman's predictions last season. Good luck with your picks, I hope your not beting those to win.

February 24, 2003
comments: to the east fairmont fan: not to take anything away from east fairmont, but none of the guys mentioned will just "walk through states." ben geary has starsick, tominack, and linger to deal with, brandon geary has thomas, bennett, hercules, and casto, valentine has dearman, dilworth, bird, phalen, and burns, mayle has pickens, dowler, and sayre, and hamrick has lord, bliss, gustines, evans, and norman. i predict blane mayle, and maybe ben geary. the others are just in tough weight classes.

February 24, 2003
From: Region 3
comments: I guess everyone in Region 3 got a real eye opener when Collin Bennet from grenbrier east took the 215 title and defeated 2 top ranked wrestlers.

February 24, 2003
comments: Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while and leave footprints on our hearts and we are never, ever the same.I just want you guys to know how proud we are of you and to say good luck at states.
J-Bird - spread your wings and soar, have fun and enjoy every moment, may your guardian angels be with you, good luck. Nick Duncan - You are like my own, don't forget our talks or the times me, you and bub have shared, I'll will treasure them forever. good luck
Jesse Nott - No more spending the nights together out of town,no more packing your nose,good luck
Nick Russell - Stay calm, keep your mind clear,good luck
Josh McCarty - "Stumpy" good luck, remember the fun we have had together. "Is Gonzo there?"
Jacob Carr - Is your christmas tree on fire ? Good Luck and and don't forget the times we have had together.Love ya.
Daniel Tench - You have improved so much, stay at it, and watch what next year will bring.Good luck.
Cody Pumphrey - Lead by example, don't follow. " Do you have blue lights?" , remember the fun times, good luck.
David Bonecutter - If you tried your best, that's all that can be asked, good luck.
Heath Shirley - Good luck, you have more fans than you think.We are proud of you.
Justin Cullen - Things didn't quiet work out how they should have been, be patient your time will come, take time to adjust, keep it in your heart that's where it's at, I'll be watching as I told you then I'll say, "Told you so." Don't forget our trip thru Nitro.
Josh Russell - You've sat on my lap since you were a little one, don't forget you are a stinger and stingers never quit.
Andy Knopp - Regionals was your last match, remember the times we have shared.
CC McConnihay - get ready for next year.
Coach Cullens - You are the best, but it is time for some of our family members to move on and just wanted you to know as a parent, it might have taken you four years to build confidence in one wrestler, you were patient, as you always are,and that you have succeeded in this. Jason has the upmost respect for you and holds you with highest regards. When he speaks of you you can hear the respect and caring in his voice. He tries to give you 100% + at all times. I just wanted to let you know what a great coach you are and thank you for what you have taught my son.
"Happy Birthday.", How old are you now? So you see, you all have left footprints on my heart and in my soul, Good luck where ever life may lead you, I will miss being apart of this family, but it is time to move on our journey is almost over.

February 24, 2003
From: Raleigh County Wrestling Fan
comments: Good luck to all of the great kids from Raleigh County who qualified for the State Tourney. A special shout out to the Flying Eagles ( The old Beckley West Rams, and Beckley Eagles have come a long way ). Justin, Josh, and Ryan - you guys need to let it all hang out,this is it.Jay, don't get in the way of your natural ability, let it flow. Everybody stay focused and on goal. The hard work you guys have put in over the years will shine through.
Go get em Turtle! Robert Ward you will make us proud as well, you are a class act. Can't forget Shady, Chapman- get tough and leave them a name to remember. Don't mean to forget anybody or overlook any one so good luck to all of Raleigh County.

February 24, 2003
From: ZZZ
comments: AAA picks
103- easter vs. hayes, close but easter wins
112- shyver vs. turnbull, very close.. could see this go into OT shyver wins.
119-rader vs.garvin, rader pins
125- grogg vs. casto, grogg majors him
130- litton vs. easter, easter will take em down let him up the whole match. easter wins
135- reynolds vs. nelson, reynolds beats smith, nelson will beat knapp....reynolds wins
140- smith vs. ray or williamson, doesnt matter who smith faces he wins.
145- hayes vs. richey, hayes wins.
152- lord vs. norman...lord wins by 3 or 4
160- casto vs. gibbs, whoever wants it more will win this match.
171-mayle vs. pickens, will be closer than what everyone might think....pickens by 1
189- starsick vs. geary, with a hurt starsick, geary wins.
215 thomas vs. geary, thomas wins convincingly
HWT.- dearman/dillworth vs. phalen, whoever wins the dearman/dillworth match will win state.

February 24, 2003
From: To Editor:
comments: Hey Doc, how come the wrestler information doesn't appear for the 215 and 275 weight classes in both AAA and AA/A? Is this a "bug" in the software? The same thing happened in another tournament I was viewing. It was the same software package, but on a different website...
Editor's note: Thanks for pointing this out. To tell you the truth, I had not tested all the pages on this "website" creation feature. The latest version of TWT 7.0 which many are using has a feature which allows one to create a website. This spews out approx 140 files and results in those green pages which pop up all over net. In answer to your question, looks like a bug in the software. The software generates all these files and gives them names. For some odd reason, the software calls for the file 03aaarosWt015.htm when you click on link for the 215 names. Unfortunately, this file is named 03aaaroswt015.htm. For these two files, the "w" is a different case (capital instead of small). Websites and servers operate on a UNIX operating system, and UNIX recognizes capital letters and small letters as two distinct characters -- i.e., they are case sensitive. That is why a password typed in the wrong case won't work.

I fixed the pages on this website by changing the case on the these two letters in the referral page. If you go back to the sites where the links dont work, get the page which says "file not found," and change a capital letter to a small letter, I bet you will get to the page.

February 24, 2003
From: AW
comments: West Virginia should merge to one champion. I have no clue why we have two state champions, but wrestling has two components. It is a very individual sport, and has a team element as well. The individual wrestling should NOT be split. If you are a good wrestler in AAA that doesnt mean that someone from a A school couldnt whip your butt. I vote for going back to the way it was in the early 70's and before, and go with one state champion. If you want to have a team element, have a duals tournament like the rest of the great wrestling states. Until WV only has one state champion, the question of whether or not you were the best in the state will always play in the back of your mind. Every person that wins, is NOT the state champion, because to be the state champion you have to be the best in the state, not the best in the state, in your respective division. Hopefully more share my thoughts and concerns, and I will continue to push for this rule change.

February 24, 2003
From: the buzz
comments: Predicion for AAA M.O.W.. a tie!! The Geary brothers will share the M.O.W. award. Go bees!

February 24, 2003
comments: East Fairmont will overcome and beat everyone at the states...12 are going, 12 will finish at the top of the podium. East will not be denied!!!!! With the aswome feeder program they have, I predict that they will repeat in 2004,and 2005.

February 24, 2003
From: Ms Manners
comments: Just a few words on good sportsmanship: I've been to several wrestling matches this year and observed lots of unsportsmanlike conduct. I've heard coaches (gasp) yelling and cursing at kids. I've heard mat maids telling their wrestlers to beat their opponent's A**. I've heard parents booing and yelling ugly comments. Just remember when you yell at the other wrestlers , you are yelling at someone else's child, and you probably wouldn't want anyone to treat your child that way. I've observed wrestlers throwing off head gear, and refusing to go through the line and shake hands at the end of a match because they lost. It's truly a shame that people have to act this way. The funny thing is, I've observed this conduct at probably every match I've been to, and I've observed it from the same team (that shall remain nameless) who has posted comments about what good sportsmanship their team exhibits. I think we all really should think about what we say and how we act. Other teams may not perceive us to be as perfect as we think we are. GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP IS CONTAGIOUS. LET' HAVE AN EPIDEMIC!

February 24, 2003
From: The Ritchie mat maids
comments: Congratulations to Joey Lobis (135) Jeremy Wince (145) Brad Swiger (189) and Travis Boone (215) on making it to States! We are so proud of u. We have faith that each and everyone of u will do exceptionally well. Best of Luck and once again Congratulations. We love u all! :)

February 24, 2003
From: No. 1 Fans
comments: Good Luck Ty and Seth, go get States. We love you, Mom,Dad and Maw Maw.

February 24, 2003
From: Viking Fan
comments: Congrats to the Ripley Vikings on winning regionals, now is the time shine. Wins and losses can be throwed out the window, each of you can be the best of the best. Good Luck to the seniors, Josh, Bobby, Steve, Adam and Ty. Each of you will face a capable opponent and each of you can and will rise to the top. You guys must be the man. Just Do It! Mitch, you are the man, this will complete 2 of 4. Seth,Jr.,Bobby,Richie,Derek and Tyler, you guys go in and make some noise and you'll be right there in the thick of things. We are proud of everyone of you guys, you can leave Huntington Sat. night as the best Ripley Team ever. Believe in yourself, believe in the blood, sweat, hard work and tears you've endured over several years of your life. Believe in your coaches and believe in your heart. It's right there in front of you, all you need to do is TAKE IT!

February 24, 2003
From: watch out now

February 24, 2003
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: Danny Lord will have his hands full with Phil Bliss and Cody Norman.Likewise for 112 where any of the 4 region 1 qualifiers could win on any given night.

February 24, 2003
From: To wrestlerwayback
comments: Your observations of the Region III AAA match between Keiper and Thomas was great except you need to know Keiper didn't wear down his opponent, his opponent was just wrestling in his 12th match of the year after having major surgery this past October. Considering this we think Thomas is wrestling great and just doesn't have enough matches to be 100% this year but should be bigger and stronger next year.

February 24, 2003
From: Wrestling Fan
103: Anthony Easter-Nitro
112: Kyle turnbull-Univ
119: Brandon Rader-PHS
125: Shane Grogg-South
130: Matt Easter-Nitro
135: Shaun Smith-South
140: Mitch Smith-Ripley
145: Darren Hayes-N.Marion
152: Codi Norman-South
160: Kyle Walters-South
171: Bryce Pickens-South
189: Ben Geary-E.Fairmont
215: Lou Thomas-PHS
275: John Dilworth-BU

February 24, 2003
comments: I know who Shane Smith lost to but i am not Telling. If your smart you can find it on the net.

February 24, 2003
comments: I think Swami's turban is on just a little to tight!!! Pickens will figure out Mayle??? Maybe figure out that Mayle is for REAL. This kid has worked way too hard to let it slip away. He has always had the technical ability but lacked confidence. This year he believes in himself and his ability. Remember Blane...a true champion believes in himself when no one else does...Believe!!! This is not to take anything away from Pickens, he is an outstanding wrestler, in a great program. This should be the best match Saturday night. With Mayle taking home the championship.

Don't be surprised if the Killer Bee's Billy Ray (160), Blane Mayle (171), Ben Geary (189), Brandon Geary (215) and Bub Valentine (275) all make a LOT of noise in Huntington. Remember Fellas...it's nice to be the underdog, nothing is expected of you and the pressure is all off! Just do what you have been taught to do, relax and enjoy this event.

Barring some freakish upsets the true battle in the team race is for third. The Big Reds and Patriots will duke it out for 1st and second leaving East Fairmont, Brooke and Huntington scrapping it out for third.

And to all of you who keep talking about how many champions everyone will have...yes that is important but ask any wrestling authority..you make all your gains in the wrestlebacks! GOOD LUCK EAST!

February 24, 2003
From: AAA predictor
comments: here are my predictions for top 4 at states, i took into consideration some upsets. i know no one is 100% right at these predictions, but these should be close.



Q. Ward









February 24, 2003
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: East Fairmont has several good wrestlers...some may win state titles,but it is depth and winning matches in the consolations rounds that win state championships.East is not as deep as PHS or South...with that said the only thing that Parkersburg needs to "look out for" is Parkersburg South!!

February 24, 2003
From: region 3
comments: i agree with half nelson on danny lord. i've seen him wrestle and beat the best. i don't think he'll run over bliss, but i'm looking for a major decision.

February 24, 2003
From: Ripper
comments: South wrestling was said to be done; never count them out. Nice job kids and coaches, you're timing couldn't have been any better. You kids did a great job of picking yourself up after being let down by some. Way to keep pushing them Coach McCartney, Pat, Lee and Terry. A few Quotes for the kids at PARKERSBURG SOUTH WRESTLING:
"If you are honest with yourself and can look into a mirror and believe you have given 100 percent, you should feel proud. If you cannot, then there is more work to be done."
"Succes is not the result of spontaneous combustion. YOU must set youself on fire."
"You've got to believe deep inside yourself that you're destined to do great things."
"It is harder to stay on top than to come up from the bottom."

February 24, 2003
From: Wresling fan of all teams
comments: comments to: u don't need to know: Remember that saying "Never say Never!" Any wrestler can be beaten on any day. Sounds like the Osuna Cotto win over Shyver left a bad taste in your mouth. Both are outstanding wreslers and deserve credit where credit is due. These wrestlers don't need all the negativity from this forum. Remember there is life after wrestling.

February 24, 2003
From: boonesy
comments: yo brandon, congrats on the 2nd regional title; rock on at states cuz...we're pullin for ya down here in va

February 24, 2003
From: Ashe140
comments: Good luck to Stewy, Devin, Shawn, and Colby in the State Tournament. You all wrestled real well down at Ritchie Country this past weekend. Stewy your match in the finals with Lobis was one of the best matches I have seen this year. You kept working and pushing him hard and it work out real well for you. Colby if you wrestle like I know you can than you could surprise some poeple down in Huntington. Not saying that you could win the whole thing, but placing down there is an achievable goal. Devin you had a scare against Dye and things looked bad for a minute or two, but you didn't give up and you recovered well. I know you don't think you wrestled well, but you had to be doing something right to win the tournament. Keep wrestling hard and keep going at your opponents you have great endurance use it to your advantage. Shawn I know that your match in the finals didn't exactly go as planned, I've been there myself. Don't dwell on it. You have an excellent chance of placing very high at this tournament. Take it one match at a time and you will do fine. You guys had a great season and if you all come home to Frankfort with medals then it will be even better.

February 24, 2003

February 24, 2003
comments: East Fairmont is taking 12 to Huntington and those 12 are taking the state title home....look out Parkersburg! East State Champions Ben Geary[walk through states, no challenger for him], Jesse Valintine, Jarrod Hamerick, Mayle, Brandon Geary{walk through,no challengers for him, possibly 2 lower weight class wrestlers but not surewho yet

February 24, 2003
From: I wanna know
comments: Does anyone know who shane smith's one loss was to?

February 24, 2003
From: Region One Fan
comments: Would someone please post Daniel Whiteman's grade on the state bracket. Thanks.

February 24, 2003
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: My annual predictions for state champions:
103: Anthony Easter-Nitro
112: Robert Shyver-PHS
119: Brandon Rader-PHS
125: Shane Grogg-South
130: Matt Easter-Nitro
135: Shaun Smith-South
140: Mitch Smith-Ripley
145: Darren Hayes-N.Marion
152: Phil Bliss-Brooke
160: Kyle Walters-South
171: Blane Mayle-E.Fairmont
189: Ben Geary-E.Fairmont
215: Lou Thomas-PHS
275: Ryan Dearman-PHS

I know I have several South/PHS wrestlers listed(there could be more) but I think the strength of their schedules will show in the state tourney.Upsets could abound this year and change the outcomes and predictions esp. in the 135,145,152,160,171. and 189 weight classes.It should be a fun state tourney and all you great wrestlers from all schools,don't read too much into predictions...they are just for fun and don't mean much on the mat.Good luck to all and may God keep you healthy!

February 24, 2003
From: Merriam
comments: Comment to SWAMI
I 99% agree with you, but I do believe that Darren Hays from North Marion (145) Should be in the run for Outstanding Wrestler. I like your picks. Nice job!

On your 189, Starsick? Is he back? I saw where he placed 2nd at regionals.

Good luck to all wrestlers at states.

February 24, 2003
comments: hey Swami , how you figure 103 finals in the semi's, then easter majors Jake hays ....mabee you havn't been keeping track of matches but hays only lost 3to4 to easter.

February 24, 2003
From: Highlander Mom
comments: As a parent of a Huntington wrestler I'd like to thank Coach Archer for a great year...but the reason for the post is i'd like to tip my hat to Cabell Midland for running such a fine regionals....

February 24, 2003
comments: Thanks for a great year ....Midland pulls out 11 of 133 to the state ....young except for Gibbs .....keep an eye on us next year.

Thaks Coach for a good year and a great Regional tournament best ran tournament all year.

February 24, 2003
comments: this post is in regard to the new trend of stalling to win a match. I write this to plead with officials to start being more strick about calling it, especially when it is clearly impeding on the outcome of a match. I was at regionals this past weekend and couldnt help but notice that the best wrestler didnt always win..in most cases this was a result of one wrestler not wrestling, but stalling instead. I also plead with those wrestlers who stall to win, try wrestling the glory is better and the winner of the match will really be the better wrestler.

February 24, 2003
From: J-Bird
comments: I want to congrads to Point Pleasant on a great performance at the Regionals. It was a thriller w/ calhoun coming from behind and beating us by 3. I want to congrads to Justin Ashley of Calhoun for MOW, hope you keep your record clean good luck in the states. Seniors this is our last and final wrestling tournament together we have been wrestling with each other since we was in biddy-league. When we step on the mat for final time lets go out there and do what we have to do, and you could see us on top. We have had a great year this go out with a bang. I want to congrad. our 2 freshmen on qualifying for states 112-Cody P. and 275-Heathe Shirley. only 1 sophmore 125-Josh McCary, juniors 152-Dave Bonecutter, 171-Jacob Carr and 215-Daniel Tench and finally the seniors 130-Jason McCoy, 135- Nick Russel, 140- Nick Duncan , and 145-Jesse Nott, i just want to say its been fun wrestling with you guyz you have been great. Your 130 pounder Jason "J-Bird" McCoy

February 24, 2003
From: wrestling fan
comments: I think Parkersburg should be proud of all the Parkersburg and Parkersburg South wrestlers who have qualified for the state tournament. It looks like for at least four years there are going to be alot of talented kids coming from PHS and PSHS.Good luck too you all and thanks for the quality wrestling you all have provided this area.

February 24, 2003
comments: Predictions for AA finals
103 Valles WM v Rash Indy
112 Neal SS v Morris Brax
119 Bartrug StM v Biddle Will
125 Biddle Will v Harvey SS
130 Mahan OG v McCoy Wirt
135 Myers Fran v Lobis Rit
140 Duncan Pt P v Elder Will
145 Flowers OG v Metz Cal
152 Tracewell Will v Hughes Cam
160 Smith Will v Stewart Brax
171 Smith GW v Burge Cal
189 Clark BS v Efaw Graf
215 Hashman StM v Hunt Hun
275 McGillian OG v Freda Lewis

Predictions for AAA finals
103 Easter Nitro v Hayes PHS
112 Cappas Mor v Shyver PHS
119 Rader PHS v Porter South
125 Grogg South v Casto Rip
130 Litton PHS v Easter Nitro
135 Reynolds Jeff v Nelson Hunt
140 Ray Hunt v Smith Rip
145 Richey JM v Hays NM
152 Bliss Brk v Norman South
160 Walters South v Casto Nitro
171 Pickens South v Mayle EF
189 Geary EF v Starsick NM
215 Thomas PHS v Geary EF
275 Dearman PHS v Phalen Rip

February 24, 2003
From: a fan
comments: I think a definite sleeper this year that everyone is ignoring is Norman 152 from South. He is going to suprise a lot of people.

February 24, 2003
From: Half-Nelson
comments: Ok...the only thing bad bout this state tournament is there is gonna be alot of finals matches in the semi's....like Gustines/Smith at 140...Bliss/Lord at 152...the 160 semi's also....and the Gearys will win state titles...and Lord will major decision Phil Bliss and Who ever is in the finals with him...i seen him wrestle before at wheeling and at regionals...he will go through state tournament untouched...

February 24, 2003
From: Eagle Claw
comments: Glad you brought the oversight to my attention. I agree, Beckley Wrestling is a TEAM, and all of the boys, not just a select few, should be recieving the credit they are due for the hard work they have put in this season. Especially RYAN BOSTIC, GARLAND WARD, JUSTIN BOYDEN and JOSH EVANS who are the Senior leaders !

February 24, 2003
From: ReddNeck
comments: Congratulations to the boys in region 1V....i think that's it now use to be region III....

First of all i'd like to congratulate Cabell Midland for putting on a very well ran tournament.Everthing went as scheduled as a matter of fact they were ahead of schedule through out the day. The gym was laid out well for the fans to see all the action....wrestlers had plenty of room to warm up..... a complete mat on the side of the gym for warm ups... The one thing i saw that i really like was for the most part the coaches and officals let the boys wrestle ....and after all that's what this sport is about the kids doing it on the mats....

There were some very good wrestlers that should represent there schools very well this week...

103 Athony Easter.. Nitro
112 Steve Rinner..Huntington
125 David Hetzer..Huntington (very young but watch for the futher)
130 Matt Easter...Nitro ( maybe the best in the state
135 Chad Nelson...Huntington
160 Chris Gibbs... midland & Mitch Casto... Nitro (both are gonna place high maybe 1 and 2)
171 Mike Cremeans...midland
275 Nate Howard Spring Valley
Best of luck to all wrestlers this week.

February 24, 2003
From: west wreslter 02
comments: way to go Brandon Boone on your 2nd regional title.......you showed a lot of heart saturday night in the finals and proved that if you dont give up you will always have a chance.. I hope you wrestle as hard this thursday - saturday b/c if you do then you will turn a lot of heads at hungtington

February 24, 2003
comments: here's my picks going in to the states for the toughest weight class in AA/A......152
1.Boseley (frankfort)
2.J.Morris (calhoun)
3.Tracewell (williamstown)
4.Hughes (cameron)
5.Wharton (oak glen)
6.JR Morris (hoover)
7.Boone (west)
8.Bonecutter (point)

February 23, 2003
From: Swami
comments: It's time for Swami to wipe the dust off his crystal ball and give his annual predictions. So all you amateurs get ready to copy and fine tune your predictions off of mine.

Outstanding Wrestler: Top Candidates: 112 Pound Champion, Shane Grogg, Matt Easter, Mitch Smith, 152 Pound Champion, 160 Pound Champion; Winner - Matt Easter

103: Championship match is in the semis where Easter defeats Rush in overtime and then majors Hayes in the finals.
112: Turnbull gets revenge over Shyver, 8-5
119: Rader tech Porter.
125: Grogg, pins his way through tournament and over Casto in the finals.
130: Easter outdoes Grogg with a takedown clinic of his own but can't get the pins. Majors Litton in the finals.
135: Rematch of Smith and Knapp. Smith gets confidence after his first go around. Decision 7-3.
140: Smith goes untested and is bored with the tournament. Plays cat and mouse for fun. Majors Ray in the finals.
145: Hayes decisions Richey, 9-5.
152: Bliss is spent from his semi match with Lord, loses a close one to Norman, 5-3.
160: Ditto for 160. Gibbs is spent from his semi fianl match with Walters and loses in the third period to Casto, 6-5.
171: Pickens figures out Mayle, 10-6.
189: Linger turns it up for the state and pulls the big upsets. Pins Geary in the finals.
215: Geary wins the most boring match of the finals, 1-1 OT over Thomas, unless the ref calls stalling, then it will be 2-2 OT.
275: Dilworth pins Phalen.

February 23, 2003
From: heart break stud
comments: Good luck to my buds on the Big Red Squad. You know what you have to do, so go out there and prove to everyone what and who you really are. Can you say Big Reds 2003 State Wrestling Champs.... DK, JW, BC, and MG, take no prisoners and bring the pain!!!!!

February 23, 2003
From: South Alum
comments: The AAA brackets list Jake Hayes from PHS as a PSHS wrestler. I know you worked hard to put this out and hate to point out errors but thought you may want to know. We (South) would gladly take the points he's score and still let him waer that Big Red jersey!
Editor's note: Oops. I fixed it. Thanks for calling that to my attention....

February 23, 2003
From: eagle fan
comments: Good luck at the states to the Beckley Team. Congratulations to Josh Evans-152-1st, Ryan Bostic-112-2nd and Garland Ward-125-3rd on your regional placements. It's your Senior year and I hope all of you are on the medal stand come Saturday night. Good luck also to the Juniors, Joe McQuillen-135-2nd, Jay Thomas-160-2nd and Nick Llado-215-4th. It's time to show if you've got what it takes to wrestle on Saturday. To the Sophomores Sean Meade-119-2nd and Tyler Wilson-140-2nd, you carried your weight in the Regional, now make a name for yourselves in Huntington.

February 23, 2003
From: wrestling fan
comments: I havw watched much wrestling in my years,this years aaa could be best race ever...phs,you are very good team...rader,thomas,are as good as any in state but i have seen south go to st tmt for years...they win the ones they should win and a few more,thats what wins team titles,as far as the question to refs,it was the right call on smith-knapp,he can walk out of bounds 1 or 2 times than it becomes stalling,ref should call stalemate if top man holds bottom in air or call stalling....what about that OG,whaT A program,GOOD LUCK TO ALL WRESTLERS....take it all in guys,you will remember it forever....

February 23, 2003
From: Superman
comments: "The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a man's determination."

Congrats to JC Quinn on his AAA qualification

February 23, 2003
comments: Dear Mr. Editor-
Have you been busy today?
Editor's note: Well, since you asked...
Went on duty as ER physician at 7AM.
Busted loose for church at 10AM to deliver lesson.
Back home at 11:30AM. Caught phone call from Coach Archer.
Picked up brackets from FAX machine.
Back on duty in ER at 11:45
In between seeing patients, keyed in AA/A brackets on laptop, while updating forum from computer in hospital triage area.
Back to church at 6:39 to give evening lesson (was late).
Back to ER at 7:10.
Home at 7:30.
Have been finishing up keying in AAA brackets.
Now, 11:06 PM, picking off the rest of the forum posts.
I think the end is in sight.... At least I didn't have to load mats into the U-Haul in the middle of a snowstorm (been there, done that)

February 23, 2003
comments: To: "The Other Wrestlers in Wst Virginia:
Better think twice Wood Co. should bring home more state titles than tou think. It might help if you would do a little research before commenting. The OVAC is possibly a tough tournament which I have never been to, but Abbie Rush is a good wrestler and should be commended. But you also should not forget Easter, Hayes, Kelley, and Shaw. There could be an upset at any given time and day. The thing that is going to hurt all wrestlers this year at states is weigh-ins every day. This could and will have alot to do with their performance. Hope everything works out they you want but I DO NOT THINK SO.....

I hope you print is I was not being disrespectful. I was just saying what was on my mind about his comment on the mat page. Hope you have a wonderful weekend at states, I have the pleasure of seeing my son for the first time this year at states.
From: Go Bubby

February 23, 2003
From: Largw Growler
comments: These predictions really get interesting, some people need to do there homework. Comments for the ones who predicted Lord, bliss, Myers. @ 152 in the State . This cannot be. Maybe Bliss, Norman or maybe Lord Norman or just maybe Norman Bliss or Norman Lord, don't think Myers fits in there Norman beat him 13 to zip, Don't count our Gustines Good luck South No. 5 could be on the horizon.

February 23, 2003
comments: after seeing which pill was drawn, phs looks to be the winner

February 23, 2003
From: REGION II Watcher
comments: I was at the region II A/AA tournament this weekend and I saw Braxton County take care of what needed to be taken care of. They had i think 5 champions and Won the region by like 75 points. I was really impressed with the way that team wrestled. I think that if they wrestle the way they did that Oak Glenn better be watching there backs for those tough Braxton County boys. I truely beleive they could actually win a State Title.

February 23, 2003
comments: to slimwitatiltedrim: WRONG shaun smith will not win 135 he will get beat by either knapp or greynolds from jeff., walters will not win state he will get beat by both gibbs or casto, pickens will not win state mayle will beat him he already has. walters has been beaten by gibbs already anyways 2 times. enough said

February 23, 2003
From: eagle claw
comments: you forgot to mention ALL of Woodrow Wilsons place finishers congratulations also to:
#112 Ryan Bostic 2nd
#125 Garland Ward 3rd
#135 Joe McQuillen 2nd
#160 Jay Thomas 2nd
Beckley Wrestling is a TEAM so lets congratulate them as a TEAM

February 23, 2003
From: To - Eagle Claw
comments: How could you forget to mention Jay Thomas who also finished 2nd after wrestling one of the most exciting matches of the regional tournament against Keiper. Great job Jay, keep up the good work at the state tournament.

February 23, 2003
From: wrestlerwayback
comments: I have read and heard a lot about Mitch Smith, Sophmore powerhouse out of Ripley, for the past two years. So, I decided to go to Buckhannon-Upsher this past weekend to watch him wrestle in the Region 3 Tournament. Needless to say he is a very solid wrestler. Also, Nicholas county 160lb Brandon Kieper showed a lot of heart during his match in the finals. He wore down his opponent from WW and came from behind with a last second takedown to win. I would love to see you upset the 160lb bracket at the State Tournament.

February 23, 2003
From: wvrabbithunter
comments: Way to go Ray Burge and the rest of the Calhoun Wrestling Team!!!Now lets see you guys go out and win the STATE!!!!

February 23, 2003
From: Nicholson
comments: i would like to congratulate the Roane County Raiders on their fine performance all year. They have wrestled tough all year, especially for a team that is as young as they are. Coach Bender and Coach Kendall have done an excellent job with these guys and they look to have most of the team back for a couple more years. They made a very good showing this weekend at regionals and i look forward to them doing well this weekend. I want to give a special congrats to the 2 seniors on the team, Dwayne Freeland and Rocky Swisher. Both have great years and I am very proud of them both. You 2 guys remember that this will be your last weekend of high school wrestling. Give it everything you got this weekend and leave it all on the mat. You guys wont understand what it i mean until its over, and it will be here quicker than you realize. Give everything you got the whole time and you will have no regrets. Go out and make the memories that will last a lifetime. hope to see y! ou guys this weekend. If not goodluck to all the raiders and Coach Bender and Coach Kendall.

February 23, 2003
From: oldschoolsmalls
comments: like to say "way to go joe" and good luck at states, just keep in mind our little "speeches" before the matches and you'll win states

comments: i also would like to say goodluck to kingcole "coleman price" and bruce thorne,just remember the "speeches" we had before the matches and you guys will do fine

February 23, 2003
comments: 1st period: Phalen T-2,NF-2
Dilworth E-1
2nd period: Dilworth E-1
Dilworth P-1 (stalling)
3rd period: Phalen E-1
Dilworth P-1 (stalling)
Dilworth T-2 w/6sec.

February 23, 2003
From: Sherry
comments: We have been traveling to open tourneys. One thing that concerns me is the weight difference in the heavyweight division. At the Monster Brawl, 13-15 the last weight class was 150. Anyone weighing 151 to 275 can wrestle in this class. I feel that the weight difference will lead to someone getting hurt. Also, I know of several kids that would come to these open tourneys if a specific weight class was open to them, instead of having to wrestle someone that could very well outweigh them by 100 lbs. I would suggest having a light heavy and a super heavy class. This problem is not only in the 13-15 age group, it is also in every age group. We had a 10 year old giving up at least 60 lbs to his opponent. Just something to think about for the tournament directors.

February 23, 2003
From: forum reader from region 3
comments: why are parkersburg fans so cocky about their team this year? you guys always have a good team, but south is usually better. i don't know osuna cotta or shyver, but any win that can happen once can happen again. i've seen the state tournament before, and south always comes ready. i can assure anyone in WV you will see south's A-game come Huntington.

February 23, 2003
From: Eagle Claw
comments: Congratulations to Josh Evans-152 on your 2nd Regional Title. You can go all the way if you set your mind to it. Congratulations also to Sean Meade-119, Tyler Wilson-140 and Justin Boyden-145 on finishing 2nd at Regionals. Great job to Nick LLado-215 on taking 4th while injured. Keep working hard and make us proud.

February 23, 2003
From: SlimWitDaTiltedBrim
comments: How anyone here can say that Parkersburg High School has the AAA state title WRAPPED UP!?!? They win by a very slim margin over Parkersburg South in regionals, and people continue to say that they will demolish all comers in the state tournament?

I don't see how this is much different from last year. PHS won in region I. That happened. Let's take a look at the 2002 state tournament. That's right. Parkersburg South stood atop the podium once again.

I'm not saying that PSHS will be state champions again. I'm not saying that Parkersburg High School will be state champions either. What I am saying is sit back, enjoy the ride, and one March 1st, that's when we find out who the best team in this state is.

State Champions for South: Grogg (125), Smith (135), Walters (160) and Pickens (171).

State Champions for PHS: Rader (119), Thomas (215), Dearman (HWT)

February 23, 2003
From: to yosemite sam
comments: i believe i know what the situation that ignorant fans was talking about and they were booing the kid if its the same situation but the ignorance failed because when they started booing most all of the people that wasnt with that team started cheering so once again ignorance doesnt prevail

February 23, 2003
From: oak glenn fan
comments: how much chink in the armor can there be? oak glenn quailified 13 out of 14 kids for states!!! good god please tell me where the chink is?

February 23, 2003
comments: Daran Hays lost to seth young of p-burg south 6-1 I believe

February 23, 2003
comments: Oak Glen has taken A LOT of hard breaks this year, yet they still win the Region by almost 70 pts. To me, that is pretty amazing. All 3 of of the wrestlers that they have lost had VERY good chances at a state title. First off Brennon Chambers had shoulder surgery before the season began. Second, Tim Cashdollar quit the team due to an injury and personal problems. And finally Cody Potts dislocated his elbow two days before regionls. Good teams win when things are going good for them. GREAT teams win when they are faced with adversity. Great job guys. Keep up the Good work!! It also looks like Oak Glen may get their first EVER Freshman state place winner. Jessie Mahan won the regional crown, and looks to be in good shape to place pretty high at States. Good luck Jessie, put your name in the recordbooks at OG.

February 23, 2003
From: ZZZ
comments: to AAA state champion winners: are you serious? im going to correct you on a couple 112 riner? more like shyver- turnbull....135 knapp-greynolds(jeff)...140 smith, gustines...189 nelson are you kidding more like geary, starsick.....and for 215 is where you really messed up it will be thomas, geary.

February 23, 2003
From: wrestling watcher
comments: Shady is looking pritty good. They have alot of talent. I hope to see a few titles go home with them this weekend.

February 23, 2003
comments: no phs won the region by about 6 points last year....but south will have probably 3 people in the finals phs will have 7 to 8 people in the finals

February 23, 2003
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: ratteaser: Seems you might be sweating a little on the northside!Could be the big upset is near along with #5!

February 23, 2003
From: Lloyd Christmas
comments: to AAA predictor: nice picks, though i see you have many kids from Huntington in your pics....hmmmm....tell coach acher i said hey :)

February 23, 2003
I just want to say good luck to my brother Drew Myers at the State Tourney this weekend in Huntington. I am very proud of you, not just for your wrestling accomplishments but for your overall attitude towards life it self. I know you get upset sometimes because i am always pushing you to become better, but i know it will all workout in the end. I am very proud to call you my brother.
Good Luck
Colin Myers

February 23, 2003
From: Question??
comments: How do you guys think a WV all state team would do against the WPIAL (western Pa) all star team? The Wpial crushed the OVAC last year. What do you think????

February 23, 2003
From: Other Wrestlers in WV
comments: In my opinion, the OVAC would run over Wood County. There are too many good Ohio Schools representing the OVAC. That Abbie Rush is TOUGH. PSHS and PHS can save some money on food during states, because they are going to eat their predictions. Home town pride is one thing, disrespect is another. Here are your Wood County State champs as I am predicting. 119 Brandon Rader, 125 Grogg, 140 Smith, Thomas 215. Only 5 champs (which is still impressive). I'd say 3 out of the state's 4 top wrestlers are from Wood County. PHS and South have the best teams in the State and the toughest schedules. But to think that WV doesn't have any wrestlers that will challenge them is ridiculous. Make all the presictions you like, the kids will wrestle it out in the end. And for all the Wood county fans who have forgotten about WV's other tough wrestler's (Rush, Turnbull, Kappas, Bliss, Lord, Hayes, Hawes, Connor, Gibbs, Campbell, Casto, Rhiner,etc,etc...), you will be destined t! o remember.

February 23, 2003
From: Rebel Fan
comments: After watching the Region 2 tournament I'm thoroughy convinced that this region has the best 135,145 and 189 classes in AA/A. Congratulations to the Rebels for sending 4 out of 5 wrestlers to States! Lobis(135)gave Myers of Frankfort all he wanted with a contraversial 5-4 loss. Wince(145)almost defeated Efaw of Grafton with a last second pin that was not counted; and Clark is a man amongst boys in the 189 class. He defeated Efaw with a pin in the 3rd. Swiger(Ritchie) came in 3rd and Moore of South Harrison came in 4th. Swiger was up 18-6 before pinning him in the 3rd. Moore suffered a finger injury in the 2nd. Boone was runner-up to Blankenship in the 215. Congratulations guys and good luck at States.

February 23, 2003
From: forum
comments: Congrats to Williamstown on qualifying 7 out of 10 wrestlers. Good luck at state and let's see if we can place all 7 men.

February 23, 2003
From: u dont need to know
comments: to all you south fans who think that u are going to come home wit 5 straight states need to relize it isnt going to happen at regionals yes there were upsets but at 112 Osuna-Cotta will never beat shyver again and For the Dortain and Dearman i thought it was going to be close according to you, but that match looked pretty taken care of by dearman wit a 1st period PIN!!!

February 23, 2003
From: WV observer
comments: Without a doubt.............Shane Smith is the best wrestler in the state. I wouldnt be suprised if he is not even tested at the state..... Pay attention to this kid!!!!

February 23, 2003
From: Monica Beane
comments: Congratulations to BRAXTON COUNTY Wrestling team. FIVE consecutive Regional Championships. Way to go guys! Also, Congratulations to Coach Sterling Beane, Sr. on EXCELLENT coaching.

I don't think any other Region had such a wide margin of victory in AA competition. That says a great deal for the Braxton County Boys.

Way to go X-C boys (Lance Hines - Champion 140#)

February 23, 2003
From: Dustin Bosley
email: To: Devin Bosley
comments: Little Brother,
Good job at regionals, and with this whole season so far. You have accomplished alot of things this year 100 wins, conference champ, and regional champ. Only one more goal is on the horizon, and that is a state title. All you have to do is keep your head and know that you can do it, it's not going to be easy but I have faith in you. Remember your family and friends, we are all proud of you and are there for you. Also when I come down to Huntington I'm bringing a big cheering section with me from Bethany. I'll see you in a couple days, Good luck!

February 23, 2003
From: dirt
comments: to dean moore: 7 in the finals for south. grogg, possibly walters(depends on if he has gibbs or casto in the semis) and pickens, thats it. PHS could have hayes, shyver, rader, litton, knapp(he will beat smith if they meet again), possibly williamson, thomas, and dearman.

February 23, 2003
From: just a fan
comments: States are in 4 days and I can't wait to see some of the great wrestlers. Great Job at regionals on your 3rd place finish. i have to say that i'm pullin for Woodrow to place in the top 10 at States. or atleast I'm hopin for a top ten placement. Good Job at regions guys and good luck at states. good job to josh evans on his 1st place finish.. tyler wilson on his 2nd place finish.. justin boyden on his 2nd place finish.. good job guys. now you can get recognized!

February 23, 2003
From: Tex
comments: Time for the states, and the states couldn't look more promising. I am a big fan of the big men, so I am gonna talk about them for a while. First off, Pete Hashman, winnin it all with the flu. Congrats. Next, Hunt defeating Whitehill...huge. Region I will be tough to match-up with in the 215 weight class at states. What region can? Perhaps IV. IV showcased some great talent, with Bridgette winning it all. He defeated Tench 3-1 in a thriller in the semi's, and then Bishop 7-5 in a OT ironman match to take the crown. Bishop took second respectively, while Tench turned some heads winning third. I am excited to watch that 189 weight class as well. HH and Roane both have outstanding chances of placing their big men at states. Finally, 171. What more can you ask for? Calhoun looks to make a run for first place in the states. Every other weight class, well, I'll let you lightweights pick those winners.

February 23, 2003
From: Julie Surbaugh
comments: Webster County High School has five wrestlers going to the State Tournament, not four as listed. Thanks!

February 23, 2003
comments: ehhh i don't really know. i see south getting 3 in the finals, 125, 135, 171.

February 23, 2003
From: Region 1 fan
comments: Tough break for Oak Glen losing Potts at 189 for states. He is a tough competitor and would have taken first!

February 23, 2003
From: to ratteaser
comments: the target is on your back not souths.is it getting hard to breath yet

February 23, 2003
From: Woodrow man
comments: Congratulations to the Flying Eagles on taking 3rd at Region 3 Tournament. You guys didn't get much respect as a team from the polls and you showed you can score this weekend. Buckhannon edged you guys for Runner-up Honors by 6 points. You guys are peaking at the right time and the time you have put in over the years is working for you. Some of you guys have had adversity to deal with this year and rather than lay down you rose to the occassion in the last month. Good luck at States and beleive in yourselves, YOU CAN DO IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

February 23, 2003
From: FaNz
comments: Daran Hayes record is 38-1...Who did he loose to?

February 23, 2003
From: old golden bear
comments: you say there is a clink in are armor well there are 4 including oakglen ranked teams in region 1 AA and oakglen won by 68 points it is going to be another long year for all other AA teams

February 23, 2003
From: Grandpaw
comments: Good job South and PHS. Special congrats. to Shane Grogg and Chad Porter. Shane; you are ready for ANYONE at HUNT,go get what is yours. Chad; you proved the polls to be wrong, you have to be in the top 3 now. To both of you; beleive in yourself, you have the talent. GOOD LUCK

February 23, 2003
From: Cavalier Mom

February 23, 2003
From: AAA State Champion Winners
103- Easter,Rush
112- Shyver,Riner.
119- Radar,Garven,
125- Grogg,Casto.
130- Easter,Litton..
135- Knapp, Nelson..
140- Smith, Ray
145- Hays, Im thinking him n George will have at it, but Hays has already beat everyone..
152- Lord, Bliss, Myers
160- Gibbs
171- Mayle,Pickins
189- Geary, Nelson
215- Geary, Hutchinson
275- Deerman, Dilworth
Good luck to every wrestler attending states.. and the ones that didnt make it to states, good job on an excellant season:)

February 23, 2003
From: Yosemite Sam
comments: The score of the Phalen/Dilworth match was 7-4, Dilw
February 23, 2003
From: Yosemite Sam
comments: To Ignorant Fans:
I'm not sure about the situation you are talking about, but when the fans get involved usually it isn't toward any of the wrestlers. In most cases it is a hometown crowd that didn't get the call they wanted from the official (ex. stalling). The fans of our sport usually have had something to do with wrestling wether they are parents, ex-wrestlers, etc. So I seriously doubt that they would be 'booing' a wrestler off of the mat knowing all of the time and hard work that they put in. Just a thought!

February 23, 2003
From: ????
comments: Could someone explain the PILL and tell me who wrestles who at the states? champion from which region wrestles who from what region? and so on?
Editor's notes: Look on the State Tournament page, then look for the link for information on how the tournament is seeded. After all the regional results are in, WVSSAC officials draw either Pill 1, two, or three. Which ever pill is drawn, that determines how the brackets are set up. I have brackets in hand, and am hope to have them up this evening....

February 23, 2003
From: Another Region 3 Spectator
comments: To reg3spectator:About your comments that Shady and Indy have "quality" while West has "quantity" -- All of the West wrestlers qualified for the states, so I guess that is what you meant by "quantity". I guess you know the West guys had to have "quality" in order for them to have 3 first place finishers, 4 second place finishers, 2 third place finishers, and 4 fourth place finishers. They are a hard working bunch of young men, and they deserved to win the regional title for the second year in a row! Facts are facts -- Greenbrier West is the A/AA REGION 3 WINNER!!! Forget the sour grapes. Maybe your team can win the regionals next year.

February 23, 2003
From: region III WATCHER
comments: Dilworth, Phalen great match.Phalen took Dilwrth down to his back in the first period.But wth a 4-1 lead, it looked like Phalen want to just hold on to that score.With an escape and a staling point and close to 10 seconds left,Dilworth shot for an ankle,down goes Phalen, Dilworth 5-4,great match!!!

February 23, 2003
From: To Dean Moore Patriot Wrestling Club
comments: Phs beat south last year by 5 points not. Phs has got this rapped up.

February 23, 2003
From: DragonSportsMom
comments: I would like to say good job to Dj Yoders of cameron for taking the 135 championship in A/AA Region 1. Plus i would like to give the rest of the dragons a pat on the back for all those who are going to states and all of those who didnt make it good job you will get there next year.Dragons keep your heads high becouse the big challenge is up next lets show how powerful we really are work hard this week and lets bring home the championship.LOVE AND LUCK A TRUE DRAGON SPORTS MOM

February 23, 2003
From: nobody
comments: The person who mentioned about the tuff tournaments that the wood county teams go to are exactly right. I am not from wood county but truly respect their schedules. When they go to the state tournament it's just a small tourney for them. The BEAST, POWERADE, and IRONMAN are three of the best high school tournaments in the nation.....

February 23, 2003
From: Region 2-AA Fan
comments: I was a general fan at the Region II- AA/A match yesterday. I just wanted to express my view of a very talented and kid that looked like he really loved what he was doing. That young man was the 152 wrestler from Frankfort. I would just like to express my thoughts and wish that kid good luck in States (he is going to be a hand full).

February 23, 2003
From: To Smoothdog
comments: Cody Potts, Oak Glens 189 disclocated his elbow at practice this week and was unable to wrestle at Regionals

February 23, 2003
From: matfan
comments: I've got a question for any Ref's out there.In a match Sat.,It was double O.T., the bottom kid stood up,the top kid bear hugged the bottom kid, picked him up off his feet, and walked him from the center of the mat,all the way across the mat and out of bounds.Is this legal?If so,whats to keep the top kid from just picking the bottom kid up, and holding him for 30 secs?

February 23, 2003
From: Dean Moore Patriot Wrestling Club
comments: Last year PHS won the Region 1 Tournament by i think 12 points. South came back to win the Team Title . After seeing what pill was drawn i now think Parkersburg South could pull off a stunning Team Title after getting beat pretty bad in a duel with PHS. Looks like 5 in a row could be in their grasp. Congradulations go out to all the wrestlers. Shaun Smith a job well done. Remember that at least 3 top wrestlers coming into the State Tournament have been up set for several years in a row. So we could see as many as 7 South Wrestlers in the State Finals?? Great Comback at the right time of the year!!!!!!!

February 23, 2003
From: ratteaser

February 23, 2003
comments: hey, Pete shyver and all the rest aint in one 119 there in 112!

February 23, 2003
From: region 3 AAA observer
comments: My hat has to go to Greenbrier East Wrestlers, they were the best conducted team there and they are sending 7 to the states. I want to say to one individual from east wrestling the 275 lb. class you sure have the spunk to go against people weighing some 50 lbs more then you, you cant weigh more than 215 as to dilworth defeating you, he will win states bar none. I hope to you place in the 275 class you can. Good luck east from the buc-ups.

February 23, 2003
From: reg3man
comments: Region 3 may be on the upswing many of the wrestlers should be state contenders. Shady Spring looked great all weekend starting from the bottom almost all the way up. Lester wrestled Rash better in the finals; Neal is on the way to a state title; Harvey could shake it up & win 125; Scarbro can win 130; Chapman may slow it down a notch to beat the seniors that stand in his way to a title; and even 145 lber Meadows won the OW at the region. (An award more appropriate for 3 time regional champ Bryan Snuffer.) Maybe next week Indy can steal some spotlight with Rash, Bragg, Snuffer, Mills, and Ward. A dismal season to say the least beside a second place finish at Braxton. Those boys are due. Liberty finished a strong third and should have a few placers in Daniels and Carrico. Alas, West qualified everyone winning the region by a slide with Smith and Tincher the only real threat at states. Best of luck & represent the south well.

February 23, 2003
From: wvmat fan
comments: does anyone have an updated poll for 152 AA/A?????

February 23, 2003
comments: I remeber reading on here awhile back about how someone from Cameron said something like Shane Smith couldnt figure out Issac Stewart or something to that extent because they wrestled a 3-2 match. Well i think Smith figured something out with a 14-5 win.

February 23, 2003
From: reg3spectator
comments: Congrats to all of the state qualifiers. Greenbrier West really put on a show, running away with the title!!! That made it two in a row, but if I remember right Indy finished ahead of the CAVS at states last year. The bottom line is both Shady and Indy have quality, while WEST has quanity. Ease the celebration until the big show is over!!! Best of luck at the states.

February 23, 2003
From: Ignorant Fans
comments: Yesterday at regionals, a young man was wrestling..no names mentioned.. which I might add took home the first place trophy, and had great sportsman ship towards other wrestlers, and espically his opponets.. He was boo'd completly off the mat, not only by teenagers but by parents. I believe that shows very low class. This young man has worked his hind end off for wrestling and it shows. There are very ignorant jealous fans out there that need to not only grow up, but learn that you don't always get what you want. Some of you adults should be ashamed.

February 23, 2003
comments: After Watching Region 1 AA, I do not believe that Oak Glen looks as sharp as they have in years past. Maybe there is a chink in the armor that we can break open.

February 22, 2003
comments: anyone know the score of phalen dillworth?

February 22, 2003
From: Clay Matmaid MMP
comments: Congrats to Joey Adkins of Clay- 160 lb. Region IV AA/A champ! I'm proud of you, and good luck at states next week!

February 22, 2003
From: Pat Bell
comments: Congrats to gwhs.......i knew that all of you guys had it in you to bring another one home........I will admit that it was a little different sitting and watching this year. But etheir way you guys deserve what you got. I told you all that you were the hardest group of kids that i ever worked with....For all the guys that didnt get first dont worry your time will come. Colby you wrestled a good match man.. Next year you will be the big dog in the region. Just dont follow in my footsteps b.c we know what that leads to.......absolutley nothing.....Mark your probably the best in the state at 171 right now so next week go prove it...Chad the same goes for you at 89.......Good luck at states guys go get us a better finsish than last year

February 22, 2003
From: Capaldo
comments: congratulations to greenbrier east on their performance at regionals. you boys are the best group of wrestlers we've ever had at east. make coach pickenpaugh even more proud at states, hope i get to watch you guys next week in huntington. good luck!

February 22, 2003
From: AAA Predictor
comments: Good AAA prospects.
103- Easter,Rush,&Fraley,Phalen..are extremely tough wrestlers.
112- Shyver,Riner,&Turnbull..upset will happen.
119- Radar,Garven, dixon
125- Grogg,Casto..a good match..un expected
130- Easter,Litton..A BATTLE..
135- Knapp, Nelson..."this match will turn heads"
140- Smith,Willianson, Ray
145- George, Hays
152- Lord, Bliss, Myers
171- Mayle,Pickins
189- Starsick, Geary, Nelson
215- Geary, Thomas, Hutchinson
275- Deerman, Dilworth

.Good luck to everyone.

February 22, 2003
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: Only 131/2 points separate the Big Reds and South at the region 1 championships! You never know...South qualified 1 more wrestler than PHS too. Also,for the uninformed Brooke fan that said South could not beat Brooke in a dual...if you look at the regional results it looks to be about 49-7 and not in your favor!Sorry dude!Step it up South this weekend and 5 in a row is not impossible!

February 22, 2003

February 22, 2003
From: Wheeling Fan
comments: OVAC vs WC
Way to go A. Rush(Wheeling Park)

February 22, 2003
From: a greebrier county fan
comments: Way to go East on your fourth place finish in the AAA region 3 Tournament. Good luck to all who did qualify for the states E-A-S-t ALL THE WAY EAST. EAST THE BEAST.

February 22, 2003
From: Greenbrier County Wrestling Fan

February 22, 2003

February 22, 2003
From: Jefferson fan
comments: I don't understand how you got charnpolsky on the polls and Northcraft beat him

February 22, 2003
From: west gal 03
comments: Just wanted to congratulate Greenbrier West on their second consecutive regional title! You all swept house and didn't allow any of the teams to even come close to all your points. We are all so proud of you not only because of winning the regionals, but also having every wrestler qualify for the states. That's awesome! I know you all will continue to make us a proud in Huntington next weekend. Good luck to all of you, but I know that you won't need it.

February 22, 2003
From: Cavalier Mom

February 22, 2003
From: Violet
comments: What does everyone think about Region III's Robert Ward? (189)

February 22, 2003
From: Pete
comments: To south wrestling fan,AT region 1 AAA how about Kyle Turnbull,Felix Osuna Cotto,Robert Shyver,and Lucas Cappas at 119.AT Huntington we will see who will come out on top. Turnbull did it at the regionals.

February 22, 2003
From: Shane Eakle
comments: I would like to take a minute to Congratulate East Fairmont High School on winning the class AAA region II tournament. East will be sending 12 wrestlers to Huntington. You have to beilieve in your selves and do the best you can. Give 100% and we will be happy with your performance. I would also like to wish Coach Roy Michael and his North Marion Huskies Good luck. For those of you that do not know this is coach's final year. I would like to take a minute to tell coach THANKS FOR EVERYTHING he has done for the sport of wrestling in this area and your presence will be greatly missed. Coach Michael is a class act and really cares about the kids. I am just glad to have had a chance to know you coach. Again congrats to East Fairmont go get 'em and Coach Michael "Punk" you will be greatly missed.

February 22, 2003
From: Smoothdog
comments: Does anybody know why Potts from Oak Glen was out for regionals? Just curious, He was my favorite at 189.

February 22, 2003
From: Wrestling Fan!!
comments: Watched the finals at Region 1 AAA, the 130# final between Litton and Shaw wasn't as close as the score said, yes it was 3-1 Litton but he did control most of the match!!!

February 22, 2003
From: MC
comments: Saw the info on the Greco/Freestyle series being planned for the summer. I hope they meant Spring. The State Freestyle tourney will be in June? If there aren't tourneys before the State tourney, I think many wrestlers will be hesitant to enter. They need to schedule 4-5 tourneys prior to that so guys have a chance to get their feet wet. Also June seems a little late, as some of the best guys may not feel like they are still in wrestling shape. Would rather see it in Mid-Late April, but I understand some guys will be involved in other sports at that time. Good Luck with the plans. I will come out and support.

February 22, 2003
From: Monarch Man
comments: Wood Cty, nice job telling us to shut up, that shows lots of class.

February 22, 2003
From: watcher
comments: Can someone please post region 3 brackets

February 22, 2003
From: oldbuheavy
comments: plain and simple dilworth will win, the ward boys will step it up next weekend and look out for the other young guys at b-u. and im not saying he is invensible (dilworth), he has a tough regional tournament this weekend with phalen and burns both being there and if any of the senior heavy weights from last year wrestled this one they would have mailed us our medals at the begining of the year and told us not to worry about showing up the last weekend in february. but im just telling you watch for an old country boy from upshur county to be on top of the podium with one of you city folk from parkerswburg under him.

February 22, 2003
From: yermom
comments: Good luck to all the BU wrestlers Saturday. Seems like the year just started, and here we are. Make evey shot count.

oh and ZZZ...go back to sleep :) February 22, 2003
comments: Why dont you have Lauderman of Williamstown ranked at 171?? he has beating Carico of Liberty Raliegh 2x, and beatin Carr of Pt. Pleasent and beat Miller of Wirt in there last match, on top of that he is a 2x state place winner from Williamstown. Pluss i think you are overlooking Northcraft from Oak Glen.

February 22, 2003

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