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February 20, 2004
comments: In 1995 both Kevin Wigal and Zac Hasse wrestled as B teams at WSAZ for South, So Wigal wasnt really 0-0 at regional. Both started the year as B teams and Hasse won state and Wigal was 2nd. Also Hasse was said to have an Undefeated record that year, but lost to Danny Life of Wirt at that WSAZ, so he wasnt undefeated.

February 20, 2004
comments: Just some facts:
2004 : Brian Humphrey is 43-0 this year. Ranked #2 by WVMat and Coaches. *Seeded Forth in his region??

2003 : Brian Humphrey was 5th in his region. Behind - Brandon Radar , Chad Porter , Jarred Garvin , Matt Smith. The Top for in the State in 2003. At the Region: Garvin dec. Humphrey 2-0 and Smith dec. Humphrey 3-2. So it is safe to say that Humphrey would have placed at state if in another region.

2002 : Humphrey was 4th in the state in 2002!

2001 : Humphrey was 6th in the state in 2001!

February 20, 2004
From: Harry Dunn
comments: How can anyone justify Hays and McCray being ahead of Humphrey? It really is wrong what they did to both Turnbull and Humphrey. Why would anyone in their right might not see that. And for the statement about Lloyd Christmas not knowing what he is talking about, your wrong. It is good that someone pointed out this mistake. It absolutly positively DOES NOT matter what the competition level Wheeling Park wreslted. It really doesnt. Your telling me that a kid that is 34-0 and the OVAC champion and tell that kid that he is the number 4 seed in his region. Man what more can you ask from him. He didnt make up his team schedule. He went out there all year and WON every match he wrestled in. REWARD the kid. He did everything you could have asked him to do. And if there are some "special seeding" policies region I has, they need to be changed.

February 20, 2004
From: Huntington Fan
comments: Whats the deal mouthing Region 4??

February 20, 2004
comments: to wrestling fan and parkersburg observer. the issue is not who is one . it's who should be two. I agree with LLOYD, Humphrey should be two. hayes and mccray did not beat him. he and Turnbul being undefeated should be one and two. he is second best.

February 20, 2004
From: YucatanMan
comments: i agree with lloyd & alabama. the aaa region I 119 braket is screwed up! this is a crying shame. the coaches at this seed meeting robbed some of these kids. it is just wrong.

February 20, 2004
From: REDFAN204
comments: Lloyd, will you not talk about your Humphrey argument anymore? How about if he doesn't place 3rd or better in region, will you be quiet for a week? Maybe Mom and Dad Humphrey don't like the pressure you're putting on him. Anyway, your getting old...

February 20, 2004
I just wanted to say that I think Ryan Flowers at Williamstown High has great potential. We want to wish him lots off luck. And go out there and do the best you can do and we are proud of you.
LOVE D.C. M.C. B.C. M.F.

February 20, 2004
From: Lmob
comments: Kevin Wigal (South '95) wrestled before the states because he tore a ligament in his knee during the last meet of the year and wrestled even after the injury with a bulky brace on his leg...

February 20, 2004
From: Lloyd Christmas
comments: Humphrey should be second! Yes they are both unbeaten. 28-0 and 34-0. In this situation Turnbull should be #1 because he was state champ last year. How can any of you say that Humphrey should not be second?? He has not lost a match all year? This is screwing Turnbull as well because he has the tougher road to the Finals.

The tourny will look like this:
First Round
Turnbull U fall Kotson JM
Humphrey WP fall Shisler M
Hays P dec. Smith B
McCray PS bye

Conso 1st Rd
Shisler M fall Kotson JM
Smith B bye

Turnbull U dec. Humphrey WP OT
Hays P dec. McCray PS

Conso 2nd Rd
McCray PS dec. Shisler M
Humphrey WP dec. Smith B

5th & 6th
Smith B fall Shisler M

3rd & 4th
Humphrey WP MD McCray PS

Turnull U dec. Hays P

February 20, 2004
From: Lloyd Christmas
comments: Let me tell you something buddy. Yeah my team is in region 4 now. But back when I was in AAA Region 3 I beat the crap out of a lot of AAA region 1 wrestlers. In fact when i was a sophomore a I dominated one of your unbeaten wrestlers in the Semi's. I think I only lost to one region 1 wrestler. So yeah that does explain it! 8-1 against region 1 wrestlers.

February 20, 2004
From: alabama
comments: what are u talkin about not a perfect record......mccray is bareley above 500!!!! i mean come on.....i dont care about his competition...i saw him at wsaz's....and he's not the #2 guy in that region

February 20, 2004
From: Jenny Sullivan
comments: In 1995, another South wrestler named Kevin Wigal came in to the region at 0-0 because Scott Camp, the first string wrestler at that weight (171) got hurt in the last match of the year. Kevin had wrestled junior varsity matches for three years and stepped up to the plate (or mat, rather) when he was called upon to do so. And for the record, he finished runner-up in the state that year with a 5-2 record!

February 20, 2004
From: mathMATician
comments: Thanks Coach Sparks for the Region IV seeding. I know that neither has measured up in head to head competition with PHS or South, but from the seedings it appears that Huntington and Cabell Midland are BOTH positioned to send 14 to the State Tourney. As some of the champion South teams from the past will tell you, you don't need a lot of champions to sneak up in the points race.

February 20, 2004
From: 500
comments: To little pinks teaser: Your preditcions will die early. Your def. for south, but obviously have no knowledge whats been going on this year.

February 20, 2004
From: wrestling fan
comments: to: lloyd Christmas
Your question to the editor really made no sense....you say that Turnbulls record is 28-0 and Humphreys is 34-0 you think Humphreys should be seeded 2nd....you make no sense of what your saying...if you think that they should go by records then why do you think Humphreys should be seeded 2nd....I mean after all....the record shows he has a better record....huh!!!

February 20, 2004
comments: Region 1 AAA 119- Championship match Turnbull vs. Hayes.....3rd place match Smith vs. Humphry. TiCk's breakdowns were good....I enjoyed them. It's just his prediction and oppinion....were all guilty of that, just because he didnt pick your guy doesnt mean you gotta bash him. You dont see PHS or Brooke fans on here complaining do you? Only South fans are getting mad.

February 20, 2004
From: Iron
comments: How does South already have 21 points? I honestly have no clue who will win the region. South should qualify more, but PHS will probably have more champs. South I say is the favorite for regionals and state. I'm not gonna lie....I hope PHS proves me wrong though. Important match-ups for the region will be the whole 119,125, 145, and 189's weight classes. Kelly/McFarland is big, Hayes/Smith is big, Ice/Richey will be very imprtant for Ice. Bailey/Miller semi's......really the whole region is full of studs, it sucks that some of the people wont qualify because their weight is stacked.

February 20, 2004
From: Shay and Todd
comments: We are the proud Aunt and Uncle of Devin Bosley,senior at Frankfort High School. We want to wish him good luck at Regionals this weekend at Keyser High School.
Shay and Todd

February 20, 2004
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: Someone asked on here if a wrestler could enter the regionals with a record of 0-0? I don't know about today,but several years ago PHS had a wrestler named Rick Walters who sat out all year with a broken arm,got the cast off before regionals and pinned his way thru the regionals and state tournament.

February 20, 2004
comments: Are thier any predictions on top 4 in each regions both AA & AAA You know the sweet 16 come on any one take a shot at it!

February 20, 2004
From: Casual Fan
comments: Could someone explain in general terms the rules for weights? What is a certification? When and how may a wrestler move up and down weight classes? That sort of thing. Not technical just an overview. Thanks.

February 20, 2004
comments: Is it possible for a individual with a 0-0 regular season record to wrestle @ REGIONALS? Because I herd that there was one in AA region 4 & didn't think that could happen without Atleast having so many matches in reguar season frist thank let me know!

February 20, 2004
comments: To: Lloyd Christmas
That explains it all for us now. You're from region 4. We understand.

February 20, 2004
From: pkbg observer
comments: To: Lloyd Christmas
You should look at the criteria for seeding the regionals, before you go off and critize wrestlers you seem to know nothing about. Yes, PHS and PSHS have some kids whose records are not perfect. But they have wrestled alot tougher schedule than other wrestlers you mentioned, where the Brooke Classic would be by far their toughest challenge. You also need to look at the brackets, there's no way Humphrey can wrestle both Hayes and McCray. He had the chance to wrestle. He was at PHS that night. And whoever posted McCray might be watching and Smith will be in...won't happen, Smith evidently took a lower seed to avoid him and Humphery.

February 20, 2004
From: Bluewavesmom
comments: Good Luck to all OVAC wrestlers this weekend. Make us proud both in WV and Ohio competitions.

A special Good Luck to Braden Shaw of Brooke High, and a Thank You for letting me be a part of your high school wrestling career. Your consistent hard work and dedication will pay soon...and they will hear us back in Follansbee as we celebrate your victory! We LOVE YOU!

February 20, 2004
From: Region 4 AA Fan
comments: As we know Region 1 AA is pretty tough. Three of the top five ranked teams are there. The thing that caught my attention, however, after looking at the Region 1 teams, is that beyond these top three teams there are so few wrestlers. I'm not trying to insinuate anything at all- just making an observation. When I compared the number of wrestlers in Regions 1 and 4, the brackets in 4 are more full throughout the weight classes. There are more total wrestlers in Region 4 (25 more). In Region 1, 60% of the field will qualify. In Region 4, 40% will qualify. In Region 1, 6 of the teams have 5 wrestlers or less and a combined total of 25 wrestlers. This is not nearly as bad in Region 4, where teams are able to fill more weight classes. Again, I'm not suggesting one is any better than the other. Certainly, Region 4 has as many as 4 top 10 caliber teams, but my real point is this: There are 11 teams in each region and both are able to essentially use an 8-man bracket. Is this a statewide problem of several AA teams not being able to fill the classes? Are the other two AA regions thin as well? It seems to be particularly bad in Region 1, at least this year. Is this unique to AA or are numbers down in AAA too? Oh well, congratulations to all those wrestlers who have participated, done the work, and made the sacrifices, that you might reach your goals this weekend and next. You are all to be commended.

February 20, 2004
From: Jenny Sullivan
comments: The AAA Region 1 tournament will start Saturday at 11:00 a.m. according to Coach Powers of Morgantown High.

February 20, 2004
From: AAA Region 2
comments: Region 2 will be sending some good wrestlers too. So everbody stop thinking if it doesn't come from region 1 its a fluke.

1. Knapton
2. Haislip














See ya'll in Hun.

February 20, 2004
From: to: Peter Pan
comments: Your predictions are crap! What about Jeremy Hayhurst or Thomas McIe in the finals? Here are my Predictions.
1st Ashley,Cal
2nd McIe,Web
3rd Hayhurst
4th Cellen,PP

February 20, 2004
comments: My predictions for region 4 AA/A for 140 Casto and Young in the finals. 130 Mcie and Ashley in the finals. 215 Harris and Craddock in the finals

February 20, 2004
From: a wrestling fan
comments: by chance could someone tell me where the region 1 tourny is being held at....thanks
Editor's note: Tournament locations are posted on the AA/A and AAA Region maps. Check the links near the top of the front page. Directions to the schools are found on each school's team page, which can be accessed from the region map or from the page "Team list with links."

February 20, 2004
From: little pinks teaser
comments: Green 103 Rush 112 Turnbull 119 Kelley 125 {Tournaments Biggest Upset} Rader 130 Porter 135 Smith 140 Litton 145 Smith 152 Norman 160 Walters 171 Lindamood 189 Thomas 215 Dorton HWT The other upset of the tournament, depends on the Pill draw! MOW AAA Litton or Walters Best wrestlers in the State!! AA-A MOW ?? Probably Smith SOUTH & Oak Glenn Team Champions. I was 13 out of 14 on my picks last year!! This year was really tough but i will stick with these!!

February 20, 2004
From: Coach Sparks
comments: AAA Reg IV seeds

1)Fraley Hunt
2) Wilson Midland
3)Matheny GW
4) Marshall N

1)Easter N
2) Barreto Hunt
3) Turner Midland
4) Snodgrass SA

1) Rinner Hunt
2) Shaffer Hurr
3) Workman N
4) Nida Midland

1) Dixon Hunt
2) Allen N
3) Woolwine SV
4 Wilson Midland

1) Evans N
2) Hetzer Hunt
3) Miles Midland
4) Donahoo SV

1) Myers N
2) Worland Hunt
3) Ramsey Midland
4) Brunner GW

1) Dunlap N
2) Cook Hunt
3) Roohollahe GW
4) Wood Midland

1) Nelson Hunt
2) Litton GW
3) Page N
4) Dailey Midland

1) Dudley Hunt
2) Chapman Midland
3) Young N
4) Roohollahi GW

1) Rnyon Hunt
2) Moye Midland
3) Shaffer Hurr
4) Christian GW

1) Cremeans Midland
2) Woodford SA
3) Barnes Gw
4) Hensley Hunt

1) Nelson Hunt
2) Sparks Midland
3) Ollum Nitro
4) Eades SA

1) Hutchitson Hunt
2) Varney Midland
3) Linville Hurr
4) Ryder SA

1) cook Hunt
2) Richardson Midland
3) Johnson Hurr
4) Crow GW

Wrestling begins at 11:30 on Saturday in the Midland Gym.

February 20, 2004
From: Proud coach and parent
comments: I am from the Wood County area and with few exceptions if a kid doesn't start early in wrestling he has a tough road to drive. It can be done at a later age but around here 6 is the average starting age. You can't push the kids at that age they have to have fun. Yes we lose kids at a later age but they usually return after a year break. Younger kids are easier to teach the correct skills than older kids and those skills become habit. But my real concern is parents that don't get their kids involved in anything. Kids need an outlet or they will most likely find an alternative outlet that usually spells trouble.

Wrestling teaches kids goal setting and discipline. If they want it they have to obtain it. Its the ultimate lesson in life. So if your kid wants to wrestle, the age doesn't matter its the commitment and lessons learned that does. Most kids don't eat, live and breathe wrestling like we wnat them too but it does teach them the values to get them through life.

February 20, 2004
From: pd
comments: From: WV Wrestling Fan
To: Iron
South already has 21 points in Region 1. A bye automatically gets 6th place, but there is no way South 7 westlers get bonus points. The Big Reds have 3 byes. Who is going to win the Regionals in your opinion?

February 20, 2004
From: Former Big Black
comments: Good Luck this weekend Point Pleasant. You guys are a young team but you work hard and its time for it to pay off.

Josh Hart & Cory Atkinson - you guys are both really young and have a ways to go. Stick in there and keep working hard and good things will happen.

Kris Dewitt - You have to turn it up this weekend. I have faith that if you do you will be sitting in the finals with cross county rival Perry Ellis.

Justin Cullen - Just come wrestle kid. JUst forget about everything and come wrestle.

Nathaniel Roub - Probably the most improved wrestle on the team from day way. Plus your Bone's adopted son, you have to do well.

James Casto - well freshman its been a great season for you this year!! Take this regional crown and finish it off the right way!

Dave Bonecutter - You finally are where you need to be. Your hard work over the last 4 years is about to pay off. Wrestle smart and hard and you will get you reward you are looking for. Me and your brother will be there for you these next two weeks.

Brent Hereford & Brandon Warner - time to pick it up you two. Your both seeded 4th in the region. Lets pick it up and make your parents have to make some reservations for next weekend. (BW - the #1 seed only beat you 4-0 early in the year, you can pull it off)

Jacob Carr - Its your last chance Jake! Take this regional crown and let the momentum ride into states! One match at a time!

Justin Smith - Have FUN!

Big Dan Tench - well Danny boy its time to make your mark. You beat Harris last year. I want to see it again in the Semi's. Good Luck Dan.

Heath Shirley - Just take your time and wrestle smart Heath. Thats all I ask!

Coach Cullen - Lets try and get all 13 there! Me and Bone will be up Saturday. - Weed Hopper!

February 20, 2004
From: River Rat 1000
comments: Go get um McCray!!! will dat region

February 20, 2004
From: Yucatan Man
comments: Good luck to all wrestlers this weekend

February 20, 2004
From: Lloyd Christmas
comments: I dont know who the crap Alabama is. I am from Region 4 AA/A. I just think it is a bunch of crap. I hope Humphrey beats both hays and mccray like a drum.

February 20, 2004
From: the wolverine
comments: i've been looking at all the predictions at the hwt spot, and i think they are all pretty good, but i have noticed that there is one guy that has been out for most of the season with an injury. but i hear that the kid is back and feeling better, an is wrestling regioals, so i think u might want to change your preditions for the region 2 AA and add that Joe Delph kid from berkeley springs, i think he might be a big factor this weekend and next.

February 20, 2004
comments: Cody Norman will show that he is the best wrestler in his weight class. No way will anyone stay within 6 points of him in the regional. I am not sure that alot of people that make all these predictions know alot about our sport??? South 4 State champions! PHS 3 Yes thats right 3 max!!

February 20, 2004
From: From: wrestling fan
comments: Why dog another wrestler if you have never seen them wrestle each other I do not know how you make your predictions TiCk. But we will know when Saturday comes, I hope your there to see some of you predictions go down the drain with the Tidy Bowl man! Parkersburg Teams have some of the most talent to come through these two schools in a while. Although next year one of these schools will prevail with alot of talent. Good Luck to ALL I wish that people would think before they type.

February 20, 2004
From: To pburgeer
comments: God knows I shouldn't question the knowledge of someone from Parkersburg BUT when you said ... "only 4 go and the others go home, where #8 in region 1 is a Top 4 in all the other regions." How is it possible for there to be a #8 in region 1? I thought there were only 7 teams (PHS, South, Motown, UHS, JM, WP, & Brooke). Maybe your intended point was that a non-starter from one of these teams could beat a #1 seed from another region? Maybe, but the only one that I have personally witnessed that might be able to do that is the Munday kid from South.

February 20, 2004
comments: Is it not a rule that when you jump up two weight classes, you are not allowed to go back to your original base weight? If this is true, then Region 1 needs to be re-checked. Recently a few wrestlers have gone up and are now seeded at base weight. So we can now pick and choose who we want to wrestle - and then go back if it doesn't work out. This is not a romantic relationship - let's play by the rules!!
Editor's note: This question has been discussed multiple occasions here. A wrestler may weigh in at one weight class higher than his "base weight," and may wrestle one weight class higher than which he weighed in. If a wrestler has a base weight of 152, weighs in for a particular even at 160, he can wrestle 171 that night without recertifying. However, if he weighs in at 171, he has recertified. It depends on THE WEIGHT AT WHICH YOU WEIGH IN, NOT THE WEIGHT AT WHICH YOU WRESTLE. At least that's the way I understand it.

February 20, 2004
comments: Souths Chad Porter again should be in the State Finals. While no one gave this kid a shot at even placing in the top 4 he proved them all wrong. I have watched this kid mature to an excellent wrestler. State Champion is more than possible at 135. Should be MOW . MOW shouldnt be based on what had been done in previous years. Same goes for the Dutton Award!! South should take all of their wrestlers to the state!!

February 20, 2004
From: riverside fan
comments: people better watch out riverside could surprise a few people this weekend at the region 3 tournament.

February 20, 2004
From: comment
comments: Looking forward to the high school states next weekend. One thing I do not like is that the finals are together. Back in the early 80's the AA/A wrestled first then AAA came in and wrestled later. These wrestlers deserve the spotlight without having to share it. I am from a AA school but tend to watch AAA in the finals. I am constantly missing something with two matches going on. The state tournament is already drawn out with a non-needed Thursday session. But it is about the money they want. If you want more money than have two sessions for the finals. You could have AA at 5pm on Saturday and run AAA at 7pm. What does anybody else think about this.

February 20, 2004
From: PPMS Fan
comments: Just a well deserved "Good Job!" to the Pt. Pleasant Middle school wrestling team. True Champions.
1. Tri-State Middle School Champs
2. WSAZ Champs
3. Wood Co. Champs
4. Perfect season 10-0
Starting to see the fruits of the youth league paying off. Good job guys and girls! The future looks very bright for Point Pleasant Wrestling. Thanks Coach Darst, Coach Clandros, and Coach Clement for your time and effort, you are putting in to our youth.

February 19, 2004
From: 500
comments: I think that Lloyd Christmas and Alabama are the same people, because we all know theyre talking about the turnbull/humprhy semi.

February 19, 2004
From: Girl who loves wrestling
comments: I attend a small school that is located in Region I, and I am one of the stats for the team. We ended our season with a record of 17-3. I am very proud of my team, and we may only be a small school but we have defeated many AAA schools, but we havent competed against all of the A/AA teams in our region. So it makes it hard to predict the out come of the regional tournament. I think in the future teams should compete against the other teams in their regions. This would elimiate alot of the controversy. Of course the teams should still seek out formidable opponents in other areas.

February 19, 2004
From: TiCk

comments: 160: Norman and Davis of course will be the final match. Should be the state championship match also. I've seen both wrestle and I say Davis wins. If Combs can get a first round win, he can probably place 4th, will be tough.....another one of PHS's guys that need to step it up and qualify. DAVIS=champ

171: Walters pins his way through the region, Simmons beat Myers earlier this season 8-5, so its hard to tell who'll win because scooters on a hot streak right now. But I think myers and loughran go for 3rd. WALTERS=champ

189: The most stacked weight in region 1. Lindamood semi match is important, he did pin ewing, BUT the score was i think 5-4 when he pinned. Everyone wants to see Lindamood Tominack part 2. If that happens, I hope it is as exciting as the first match. Radcliffe and Ewing go for 3rd. LINDAMOOD=champ

215: Lou Thomas the obvious favorite here. I see him and Davis from South in the finals. Anderson and Hercules battle for 3rd.

HWT: Again...the obvious favorite here is Dearman. Molnar and Dorton will be an important match for both wrestlers, but I see another PHS/South final. DEARMAN=champ

February 19, 2004
From: region 1
comments: 103,112,119 park champs
130-easy rader
189-tominack if his back is better
215-big lou

February 19, 2004
From: JBird
comments: I just wanted to say good luck to point this coming weekend @ Roane Co. You guyz can compete w/ the best just pull together and you guyz will be on top. You probably haven't heard it from but if you guyz "see it and its there go get it" Jake you will be standing on top @ regionals and states you will be in the finals just wrestle your butt off like you have all year and i will be keeping in touch w/ you guyz through the next 2wks to see how everybody is doing. The 3 seniors the season is almost complete @ the states wrestle w/ everything you have in your hearts and you guyz will be very successful

February 19, 2004
comments: Panther prowl 2004 will be posted shortly. And yes it does take time when you are still practicing and still going to tourneys, getting the mats taken back to where they come from. Please have patience because we do want to give these kids the recognition that they deserve.

February 19, 2004
From: mr wrestling III
comments: Litton-Richey II or Litton-Osuna Cotto II cant happen till the finals not round one alabama.

February 19, 2004
comments: To Iron:
The only way a bye hurts a wrestler is that he will not be able to get points for a pin, t-fall or maj decision that he may have gotten with a weak opponent.

February 19, 2004
comments: To Iron:
The only way a bye hurts a wrestler is that he will not be able to get points for a pin, t-fall or maj decision that he may have gotten with a weak opponent.

February 19, 2004
From: TiCk
comments: My region 1 AAA breakdown:
103: Green obviously is top dog, Stilgenbauer could possibly upset bartolo, Kellar has a good shot at makin the finals. GREEN WP=champ

112: Townsend gonna have a tough time makin it to state, Rush vs. Ewing rd 2 is the match to be seen but shaw might have somethin to say about that. No pins this time....but rush win region 1. RUSH WP=champ

119: Turnbull rules this weight, but there is Hayes from P-burg who has given turnbull his closest match all year. But first the semifinal rematch between the PHS and South foes. McCray won in double OT last time but Hayes is ready for this one and he will prevail...Dark Horse could be Smith from brooke. Hayes will have a hard tourny. The much talked about Humprhy will battle either smith or mccray for 3rd. TURNBULL=champ

125:Kelley has the toughest toruny here....could be upset by mcfarland whom he faces first. then garvin in the semi's but We will all probably see shyver and garvin face off for the finals. SHYVER=champ

130: Rader will win with ease. I know South fans want to see dunn face rader. Could happen if Dunn beats Durbin though. Brewster wants revenge on dunn though, they will be battling for 3rd. RADER=champ

135: Shaw vs. Porter...whos it gonna be? We'll see saturday. Ice and gerasimovich battle for 3rd, Ice needs to step it up for PHS and get at least 4th. SHAW=champ

140: Shaun smith vs. Who? nooone knows. Bailey could post an upset in the semi's vs. miller. But I see bailey and lee battling for 3rd. Smith=champ

145: The least people, but the most stacked. 3 studs in this weight. Richey vs. Cotto rd 2 will happen in the semi's, Richey won at the last second last time, I think he'll do it again. Litton is a monster though, and he is my pick. LITTON=champ

152: Campbell mvoes up and get the 1 seed, but I think will have his hands full with adkins in the semis. Smith would like to prove he is not 2nd and win regionals. Dowler I see losing his first match, but battling back for 3rd. SMITH=champ

Thats all for now, I'll break down the other weights later

February 19, 2004
From: Wu-Drow
comments: Good luck to the woodrow boys this weekend at regionals! you got this!

February 19, 2004
From: alabama
comments: it's very upsetting to see the BEST match of the region 1 AAA being wrestled in the semi's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i trust that everyone knows what match that i speak of

February 19, 2004
From: dad/coach/fan
comments: In regard to youth wrestlers, being committed, etc., I believe that parents must help their children make the right decisions and that joining a team should not be something on a whim. There is a commitment by the child and the parent. My experience has been that too many parents let their kids off the hook too easily these days. I realize there are circumstances when we don't want to keep our kids in a particularly bad situation, but generally speaking, to start something and quit often sets a bad example that the child will more easily repeat in the future. It trivializes concepts such as "team" and "accountability". It is somewhat disturbing to me that so many kids are not involved in anything. It has become fashionable just to go to school and then "hang out", basically doing nothing that is productive. As parents, I think we should try to guide our children through those times when they may not be having that much fun so that they can realize the positive things they stand to gain from sports. There will be some difficult times when kids are learning their skills and especially when they compete. Try to keep things positive and encourage them to go further. Make sure you can devote at least some of your time to watching your child's progress. Having fun is an integral part of learning, especially for the little kids. When a wrestler is ready for that next level, he will give up some of the fun and games, but there will still be some other positive reinforcement to take its place. While I'm giving my experienced opinion about this, let me add that just because some other child starts at a very early age does not mean that yours should. All kids aren't "ready" at the same time. While some kids under six years old can handle this, and you may say your six year old has already won 3 state titles, I believe it is inappropriate for most kids to compete under the age of around eight. Many middle school and high school coaches will back me on this when I say that too many outstanding little guys never make it to the school mats. Sure, some do. All I'm saying is don't feel like your kid is behind if he doesn't start wrestling until 5th or 6th grade.

By the way, don't youth teams consider themselves as a vehicle for present and future school wrestlers, or do some clubs let eligible school wrestlers choose the club route instead of being on the school team? Ours won't and we think it's the right way to handle it (exception would be if a kid is too small). Our school wrestlers travel to youth tournaments prior to and after their school schedules. WVSSAC rules actually allow them to go to youth tournaments during there season under certain conditions, but they seldom do. Our club also requires all our kids to maintain a "C" average. Some other clubs probably do this, too. Our numbers are building, and hopefully, our youth team will continue to grow, with the ultimate goal being to send kids on better-prepared to the middle school and high school teams. Hopefully there are some future state champions in our group, but if not, there are sure to be kids that will be successful and better citizens because of the influence wrestling has had on their lives.

February 19, 2004
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: Justin Ashley: Good luck on your goal of another state championship. Played a little softball with your daddy and he is a good man and a pretty fair(4 Timer!) wrestler himself!

February 19, 2004
From: marte francis
comments: Good luck Corey Cronin at regionals this weekend. This is the guy to watch out for at 130 pounds. He is a freshman and he will soon be the champion. Good luck we are sooo proud of you. You are our hero.

February 19, 2004
From: Raider Fan
comments: Good luck to the Roane County Raiders at regionals this weekend. I know that the team is young and that some people won't expect you to finish in the top 3 this weekend, but let me tell you, I know you've worked hard in the practice room. You'll be at home, and we expect your best effort to qualify as many as possible for the state tournament. I look forward to you guys showing what you've got. You've had success this season, but it's time to dig down for a little extra. If all of you will do your best, get some pins, and get a few wins where you're not expected to, you can finish right up there with the best. Can you qualify 7? 8? even 9? Are you that sophomore who needs to have your best day? Are you that upperclassman who needs to reassert yourself? You have the skills, you have the conditioning. Now, it's inside you. Bring a hungry attitude to the mat with you for every bout and let that attitude be an example to your teammates. Believe in yourselves team, and you will do great things.

February 19, 2004
From: Countdown
comments: 1 Day. The bullseyes on the backs of the 1-4 seeds at regionals could not possibly be bigger. The excitement builds...

February 19, 2004
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: To Zac McCray: Zac,you've hung there all year despite the tremendous weight loss.Everyone seems to think your win over Hays was a fluke,but we know better.Wrestle with the confidence you've gained over the years and be the aggressor...that's when you're at your best! Do it X-Zachary like you you want it and win it all!!

February 19, 2004
From: FanOf Wrestling56
comments: all of you out there watch for this 10th grader Rowsey as hwt .4th in the state and from a school that is not known too well for wrestling Riverside.And there 215 is not so bad either hes another top 5

February 19, 2004

comments: Lloyd christmas.......dont forget about smith from brooke.....dont count him out.....mccray might be watching states and smith in

February 19, 2004
comments: I would like to say good luck to the PPHS seniors Dave Bonecutter, Jacob Carr, and Daniel Tench as they are gearing up for there last Regional and State Tournaments these next few weeks.........You will be remembered by what u do at States.....so leave it on the mat!

February 19, 2004
comments: While we are all arguing, complaining, and jabbing each other, take a second to reflect on what we have and say a prayer for the wrestling family at Hofstra. The head wrestling coach (Coach Ryan) lost his 5 year old son to a sudden and unknown illness, see details on themat.com.

February 19, 2004
From: Region One Fan
comments: South should have a clear shot at winning states this year. PHS will have a tough time qualifying at regions. South will have 13 out of 14 wrestlers and PHS only 11.
103: Kellar got a good draw. He beats Taylor and Felton. Stilgenbauer goes 0-2
112: Townsend has a tough bracket. Might not make the Final four. Rush in the first round is rough. Ewing will make fourth.
119: McCray has to match up with Hays or lose and take 4th. Hays should place 2nd
125: Shyver smooth sailing. Kelley should place 3rd.
130: Rader smooth sailing. Dunn will place 3rd.
135: Porter can easily place 1st and Ice will have to fight to get 4th.
140: Smith will win hands down. Bailey will get in as well.
145: Litton , Felix, Richey, ????
152: Smith vs Campbell should be a great match. Dowler will be watching from the bleachers next week.
160: Norman vs Davis will be next weeks championship rematch. Combs won't make this cut either.
171: Walters will beat everyone. Myers has been impressive lately. Myers should place 4th in region.
189: WOW!!! Tominack vs Lindamood II. Radcliffe vs Ewing. Radcliffe will place 4th. Lindamood 2nd
215: Thomas no brainer and Davis 2nd. Davis is very impressive lately.
HWT: Dearman and Dorton easily make the States!! Good Luck to everyone. South will have 3 state champs. PHS will have 5. State Champs will be SOUTH PATRIOTS again 5 out of 6 years isn't bad!!!!

Champs : Green, Easter, Turnbull, Shyver, Rader, Gustines, M. Smith, Litton, Smith, Norman, Walters, Tominack, Thomas, Dearman.

February 19, 2004
From: Linear Algebra Man
comments: As a coach I would insist that my wrestler compete where they would be most successful. Why should a wrestler settle for placing 5th or 6th in their natural class. While someone whom they could beat places third or fourth in the next class up? I don't think many wrestlers would want this. I find that most people who grumble about "running" as it is called, are either wrestlers who have had someone move into their weight class and who will place lower as a result, or spectators who just want to watch two really good wrestlers go at it despite that one of them leaves without a championship. Similar too comments I've heard on this forum. "I hope Brandon Radar and Mitch Smith end up in the same weight class next year, that would be great." Despite the fact that if this happened one of the best wrestlers in the state would not win a championship. The same could be said on a smaller scale. It's easy as a fan to be only concerned with being entertained but put yourself in the wresstler's place and try to see things from their perspective. To me moving up to better your chances doesn't seem cowardly but rather logical. I have more respect for someone using a wheel-barrow than someone moving the bricks by hand even if that is "tougher." Being successful is about more than just working hard it's about being smart too.

February 19, 2004
From: Lloyd Christmas
comments: Editor: please help me understand something.....Kyle Turnbull 28-0....Brian Humphrey 34-0 how are these two going to have to wrestle in the semi's. This is not right. The #2 seed in Zac McCray who is 14-12. This is terrible. How could any of these coaches let that happen. That should be the final. the seeds should have been. 1. Turnbull 2. Humphrey 3. McCray 4. Hays .... I think Hays is better than McCray but McCray did beat him. Instead Turnbull will beat Hays in the final and Humphrey will beat McCray in the conso finals. Please tell me why an undefeted wrestler got seeded 4th. Some may say it is because he didnt make states last year. WHO CARES. Its a new year. He doesnt lose a match all year and gets rewarded with a 4th place seed. AAA Region 1 should feel terrible about this CRIME. (This is crap)

February 19, 2004
From: fan
comments: the only one that thinks that someones running when they move up for states is the guy or fan of the future #2,#3, etc. see ya at states

February 19, 2004
From: Pointer
comments: Good Luck to Point Pleasant this weekend at regionals. You all have worked hard this year, and I'll be there cheering you guys on.

February 19, 2004
comments: I see people saying " the true champion will win state no matter what the pill" Well, if that is true......then certain people need to stop complaining about the regional seeding of one individual!!

February 19, 2004
From: mr wrestling III
comments: What time does Region 1 AAA start Sat?

February 19, 2004
comments: What's all this talk about THE PILL hurting PHS or South? I'm personally glad to see the WVSSAC taking a proactive stance about birth control.

February 19, 2004
From: west fan
comments: Just wanted to say good luck to Greenbrier West's wrestling team in the regionals this weekend. I hope that you all do well and that your hard work pays off and you get everything that you want and deserve. I especially want to send luck to my favorite wrestler and sometimes favorite brother, 152 lb. Brandon Boone. Even though I never willingly admit it I have always been jealous of your awesome talents in every sport you play. You just have a natural talent for everything you take part in. But like I always pick on you about, since you stole all of the "good athlete genes" I hope you're putting them all to good use. I am so proud of you and I hope that all of your dedication to this sport and the countless hours of hard work you've put into this pay off for you. I would've never guessed that when you started doing this stuff back in 8th grade that you would come so far or that I would ever like it. Well, I like the matches anyway...I don't care much for being your personal stunt dummy when you like to demonstrate moves for dad or having you practice take-downs on me when I'm not paying attention. Ha ha. I can't wait to see you take your third consecutive regional title. You are an awesome wrestler and I hope to see you go far in the states in your final year of high school. Hopefully this won't be your last year of wrestling though...I mean who knows maybe you'll get to wrestle up at WVU next year. ;) You have really impressed us all. So good luck this weekend and the next...I know you will get everything you want and more. Much love from your favorite Concord College girl.

February 19, 2004
From: Question for coaches
comments: After regionals....the week before states. Do you push your kids harder? Harder practices...more inteense? or are your practices laid back? The school I went to the week before state our practices were shorter and pretty laid back.....we just drilled constantly, and went live. No hard running or sprints or anything.

February 19, 2004
comments: Letting everyone go to the state wouldnt be a bad idea.....but the regional makes you work harder so you can qualify. Going to states is a privelege, not something just given out. But that could be a possibility....just start wrestling thursday afternoon and have 2 rounds thursday.

February 19, 2004
From: Iron
comments: Region 3 fan: PHS only does the drum at home matches. Also not sure but how would a BYE affect the outcome of a tournament.....like region 1?

February 19, 2004
comments: How's Demastes lookin? Well I think pretty good!

February 19, 2004
comments: Git Er' Done Bo!

February 19, 2004
From: F.E.R.D.
comments: Comments for the forum:
I have a suggestion for the state tourney. I would like to hear some input as to pros and cons of this idea. It seems to me to not be as climatic, etc to have both class finals wrestling at the same time (2 mats...one for AAA and other for AA/A) for the state championship. I think that all of the wrestlers in the finals deserve to be the ONLY match being watched. I realize there are time/scheduling issues to consider. But it just has always seemed a shame to have the attention drawn/divided among two matches at once.

February 19, 2004
From: Admirer
comments: Good Luck to the Gustines men from Jefferson at Regionals.

February 19, 2004
From: Pburgeer
comments: I see people yelling agout the PILL, what about Region 1 that has the Brass of the Class. only 4 go and the others go home, where #8 in region 1 is a Top 4 in all the other regions. Solution forget the Regionals and add a day to the State and they all go

February 19, 2004
From: region 3 fan
comments: i think the drum at parkersburg is good for the wrestlers. i've never seen it in person, but i would've enjoyed it back in high school when i was pinning an opponent. to paraphrase what's been said earlier in this forum, "if you don't like the drum, then stay off your back!" it's not rocket science, just beat parkersburg, and you won't hear the drum. st. edward's, great bridge, and erie cathedral have all beaten parkersburg this year. my guess would be that they aren't bothered by the drum.

February 19, 2004
From: JR wrestling parent
comments: To the coach building a program: My son started wrestling last year. Before he started wrestling he played many sports. When he started he did not really enjoy going to practice. Let's face it, running, doing pushups, situps, and drilling for an hour....where is the fun? Most kids would rather be at home playing play station. His team had a little dual with another team. he wrestled a boy that had been wrestling for a few years and got beat. He came off the mat and said to his coach "I want to try again." The coach set it up and he pinned the kid. He was very proud, as were we. Next practice he tried a little harder. We brought him to his first tournament and he actually got 2nd! He was pinned in 15 seconds in the final but he placed 2nd, having to wrestle 4 matches to get to the final. He then tried even harder!!! Last year he wrestled and played basketball. By the end of basketball season, instead of rather being at basketball practice he wanted to be at wrestling practice. This year playing basketball was not an option in his book....wrestling only!!! He even requested to have wrestling practice throughout the summer and fall instead of baseball and football. He said he would play them next year this year he wants to "catch up."

We knew nothing about wrestling before last year and now are big fans. I know most kids are not as intense as my son but there are some out there. As a parent, if my children join a team I make my kids see it through one season. If they don't like it they never have to do it again but they have to see the season through. Maybe in the beginning of the next season have a parents meeting and talk to them about there comminment. In wrestling the parents have to be as commited as the kids. My son is hoping to place in states this year. With his commitment I would be suprised if he doesn't!!

Keep your head up, work hard, and educate your parents. You will make your team!! Look at how far my son has come!!

February 19, 2004
comments: I would like to commend the person responsible for sending in the seeds and brackets for Region 1 AAA. I would hope the other Regional directors or responsible persons will follow their example soon.

February 19, 2004
From: wrestling fan
comments: year in year out south fans are at the state win or lose they just dont go when south has a chance to win they go no matter what the outcome can you say that ratteaser i dont think so

February 19, 2004
From: Batman and joker
comments: What is this Batman and robin think they are talking about they don't know wrestling from Basketball. I don't even think they have ever seen a wrestling match.Also this Superman fool is got to be joking me he is the funnies person I have herd when they talk about wrestling.

February 19, 2004

February 19, 2004
From: Past_wrestler
comments: Is the region two AA/A tournament a two day and if it is what time does it start on friday?

February 19, 2004

February 19, 2004
From: Big Dubb Deisel
comments: For region 1 AAA I think PHS captures the regional title. I see PHS having champs in: Ewing, Shyver, Rader, Litton, Lindamood, Thomas, and Dearman. South: Smith 140, norman, and walters. With all the advancement points PHS will get for the winners brackets should be enough to win convincingly. Though there would be some upsets from both sides, I still see PHS winning it. 5 of PHS's guys I think are a lock for champion. South only a lock for 2 champs. Could get interesting, I cant go so someone post the results ASAP!!

February 18, 2004
From: The Dirty Rat
comments: Before the regionals get under way, I would like to commend all the teams out there that have run a clean program and put the student athletes first...Let's all ALWAYS keep the best intentions of the wrestler in mind and keep winning in second. The important thing is that sportsmanship, fairness, and work ethic are instilled in the young men, and wrestling is the best sport to do that with.

February 18, 2004
comments: holy cow. if I hear one more thing about humphrey's being seeded 4th, it'll be the death of me. The reason has been mentioned numerous times on the forum. For the last time, it comes down to criteria. for the love of God, please get it through your head...

February 18, 2004
From: Past_Wrestler
comments: Doc i have posted 2 messages this week and seen neither

February 18, 2004
From: Countdown
comments: 3 Days till post season wrestling. All the seeds are set, brackets are ready, and the underdogs are working hard. One of the two greatest weekends of the year. And so it begins...

February 18, 2004
Moving from one weight class (one that you wrestled all year) to another,to better your chances at placing at states, seems to me your running from better competition. Is it better to place second in a weight class with less top quality competition, or better to place fifth in a stout weight class,where 1--8 are about one take down or escape from winning it all.

February 18, 2004
From: HWY Watcher
email: To Peter Pan
comments: How can u pick Shirley Over Anderson??? Shirley and Anderson will meet in the Semisfinals, not the finals, and Evans pinned Shirley, and Evans was JV behind Anderson all year, It will be Anderson and Harper from clay in the finals, it should be a good one

February 18, 2004
From: Flabbergasted in Clarksburg
comments: Before you ask to have the WVMAT/WVCA team poll done away with, stop and think about the amount of FREE PUBLICITY it has generated for wrestling with the news media. I have seen many articles from around the state citing these polls in stories about our great sport. For goodness sake, I saw the AA/A poll flashed up on my television screen on a local sports program in Clarksburg! That's right, Clarksburg! In this era of Title IX and budgetary cutbacks, you should get down on your knees and thank the coaches for making polls and this web site instead of complaining when your team of choice isn't in the top ten. Remember, almost all press is good press.

February 18, 2004
comments: why ask for predictions if ur gonna complain about them....

February 18, 2004
comments: Region I AA/A seeds
103                    112                  119
1-Brandon Davis OG       Brandon Miller OG  Anthony Valley WMad
2-Ryan Flowers Will      Joey Henry W.Cen   Noah O'Neill   Cam
3-Chris Wells  St. M     Tim Cumpston Cam   Dirk Baker   OG
4-Jimmy Blake   BishDon  Matt Stevens TC    Josh Gust   TC

125                   130                   135
1-Shane Wright  OG       Jesse Mahan    OG  Brennon Chambers OG
2-Jesse Biddle  Will     Cory Cronin  St.M  Jeff Pettit  Cam
3-Kelly Hughes  Cam      Alex King Magnolia Dustin Bartrug  St.M
4-Thomas Miller St.M     Brandon Antill Cam Isiah Richie  TC 

140                   145                   152
1-Jeff Cumpston  Cam     Casey Hughes  Cam   Rhett Northcraft  OG
2-Anthony DeMarco Will   Ryan Elder   Will   Junior Yost  TC
3-Joel Timmons OG        Drew Stevens  OG    Josh Whipkey  Cam
4-David Gianessi Weir    Mike Merico  Weir   Donald Gianessi Weir

160                   171                   189
1-Shane Smith Will       Alan Tracewell Will Lee Lauderman  Will
2-Dylan Hashman  St. M   Issac Stewart  Cam  David Foltz   OG
3-Garrett Railing  OG    Chris Stevens  OG   Michael Gessler  TC
4-Adam Cooper  Cam       Ronnie Stevens TC   Chris Flynn  Weir

215                   275
1-Cody Potts  OG         Andrew Fegal  Weir
2-Brian Barnhart  St. M  CJ Manning  Cam
3-Elijah Richie TC       Lance McKeever TC
4-Scott Wade  Magnolia   Matt Wiseman   OG

February 18, 2004
From: Don't get your panties in a bind! ...lol
comments: Don't worry about the coaches polls, they don't carry much weight. Besides my boy has 5 boys rated above him and he has beaten all of their common opponents more convincingly. The truth will come next weekend, just be patient.

February 18, 2004
comments: why the hell is humphrey ranked 4 in region.....when he's #2 in the state

February 18, 2004
From: Just Wondering
comments: Would someone who has followed wrestling closely this year please be kind enough to post some predictions for region 3 A/AA just individuals please and all weight classes. Thank you

February 18, 2004
comments: how can you say that Allen will get first over McCarty? McCarty major desicioned Allen at winners choice...

February 18, 2004
comments: WOW....if i were a top 6 guy in 152....i would be seriously thinking about a move to 160! February 18, 2004
comments: why did wojo from riverside go from being ranked 3rd in the last poll to not being in this poll at all? He's beat both 6. Josh Davis - Parkersburg South and 7. Nathan Bryant - Nicholas County this year. whats up with that?

February 18, 2004
comments: How about them Eagles?! :)

February 18, 2004
comments: Delligatti did not break his foot and hes ready for the post season. GO get em

February 18, 2004
comments: I for one am getting a little tired of complaints about the polls. It never ceases to amaze me how much weight some of you put on these polls. They mean absolutely nothing. If you do not like the way they look, make you own list. The actual list will come out next Saturday. I am sure some of you will still complain about the results then.

I regards to 6 of 7 of the AAA teams being from Region 1, this may be true in a dual meet tournament, but there won't be enough wrestlers to qualify from some of the lesser teams in the region to compete with the sure numbers that will be sent by the top teams in Region 2 - 4. Look back at past results. You will see that no region has ever placed that many.

February 18, 2004
From: Pburgeer
comments: To the coach who is building a program. The secret is keeping the kids out all season, not all kids are used to the discipline. You have some in scouts and others who have school obligations. If you start with 40 and end up with 30 your doing the job. Kids are funny, until they get that 1st win, they frustrate you death, and we the coaches blame it on practice. After a kid wins his or her 1st match, the 2nd and 3rd comes easier and they show up more often. The time to punish the kids for not showing is on league nights County's and States. Our purpose is to keep them around till the end and you have a better chance that next year they deside to wrestle and drop the other activities they tried to cram in the year before. We encourage all our wrestlers to go to the weekend tournments, because that is where they get better and start wanting to learn. Practices can be awesome, but until they get it on the weekends they are kind of spinning their wheels for nothing

February 18, 2004
From: Woodrow fan
comments: Since some teams are complaining about Jefferson and Ripley in the AAA poll, thought I might add some spice. Buckhannon Upshur finished ahead of Jefferson and Hedgesville at Winner's Choice, they also out placed Cabell Midland at WSAZ. Woodrow Wilson defeated Cabell Midland at their duals tournament and Nitro Tournament. Woodrow also finished ahead of Jefferson at Winner's Choice and right behind Hedgesville. Am I complaining ? No ! Several teams have been up and down at different tournaments and to complain about a ranking at this point is crazy. Injurys have hurt us at Woodrow ( Tyler Wilson got hurt at Winner's Choice and sat out WSAZ. He's still nursing a shoulder injury). At WSAZ Woodrow also had 3 wrestlers who had scored points in previous tournaments knocked out in the first round (single elimaination round). That's the nature of the beast and you live with it. Would Buckhannon Upshur and Woodrow Wilson like a little "love" ? No. Both teams hopefully will perform at States and then what they'll be looking to get is, "Respect".

February 18, 2004
From: HedgesvillefanK
comments: I wonder if the WVMat/Coaches poll are handed to the basketball coach or maybe the band director to fill out. That is the only way I can make sense of the latest version of the polls. The good news is that they are just someones best guess and we only have to wait to Saturday to see what really counts.

Go Eagles Bring Home a Regional title

February 18, 2004
comments: cameron beats #10 AA Lewis 61-12, #6 AAA east fairmont 40-36, #8 AAA John Marshall 39-31, #2 AA Williamstown by about 11 points in a dual without Stewart, numerous other quad and triple A Ohio schools and they have dropped all the way down to 5th in AA. I really just don't understand that. I think you should do away with the coaches polls, just based on the fact that the coaches can't get to every match in the state and analyze what's going on or maybe they just need to read some of the results coming in. I can understand for example, if you wrestle in the LKC and a team is dominating all the teams around a region, if I were a coach of another one of those teams then maybe I'd give that dominating team a higher vote than a team that you wont see until states. But I am guessing alot of coaches haven't seen the northern teams or followed them. For example, I think Tyler and St.Mary's would probably beat alot of the teams in the poll, but since we already have OG, Will and Cameron in the top 5, you probably wont see them there, although they both should send alot of wrestlers to state and score. However, I think the AAA poll is more accurate, 6 region 1 teams in the top 10! wow! although this is totally accurate. but seriously AA/A coaches... do your homework or do away with the polls.

February 18, 2004
comments: Region 3 predictions anyone? Team and individual.

February 18, 2004
From: E. Pan Fan
comments: Weather your ranked 9th or 10th your still 8 or 9 away from being #1. Think about that! Does it really matter that munch?

February 18, 2004
comments: To the person posting about predictions between OG Cameron and Williamstown, all I have to say is you never know. I remember the last time the regionals were at Oak Glen (2001), that the team score was OG 258 Cameron 244 and OG's heavyweight was upset in the finals by an 18 second pin. While this would have no bearing on the team score, the heavyweight was not disqualified which would have negated all the points he had earned, therefore giving Cameron the regional title. So yes.. we all think Oak Glen is going to win this weekend, they have a great team and they are the odds on favorites. But who knows what will happen? There are lots of classes where the guys from Cameron and Williamstown are real close to the Oak Glen guys and if either one of the teams get on a roll, then Katie bar the door it will be on. Good luck to all wrestlers this weekend and God bless

February 18, 2004
From: fan
comments: Humphreys ranked above hays in state polls yet, but gets 4th seed in regions, defies reason even if no head to head, still undefeated. Most teams from the eastern panhandle have yet to wrestle any of the parkersburg schools as of yet, so that would also mean that if a wrestler were to be 50-0 he still isn't qualified to be seeded above any of the highly revered region I wrestlers that happened to be from parkersburg. There are kids in the eastern & northern panhandles with records better than those ranked above them in the coaches polls. Some good kids got axed from the polls probably unjustly. Could be some surprises come states.
Editor's note: I should stay out of this, but, what the hey....
Rankings are not necessarly the same things as seedings. The NF Wrestling Rule Book, under "comments on the rules," (and my book is a little out of date, 1997, and the current book may say something different), lists the following criteria for seeding a tournament:
"a) Record against common opponents
b) a returning champion or runner-up in the same weight class
c) a contestant with an exceptional record against acknowledged strong opposition, and
d) a contestant with the best over-all record.
The order listed is not mandated and it is not an all inclusive list. Tournament directors should establish criteria for seeding prior to commencing the actual seeding meeting."

None of the wrestlers in this bracket are returning champs or runners-up in the weight class, but some are returning regional finalists. Coaches may choose to put weight on this criterion. It is generally recognized that a defending champ returning to a tournament in the same weight class is entitled to top seed for that tournament - even if that returning champ has a terrible record in the current year. I know that many coaches are of the opinion that defending state champs in a given weight class deserve top ranking in the polls, regardless of what they have done in the current year. Again, ranking is not the same as seeding - or at least, many coaches and tournament directors don't see ranking and seeding as the same.

And someone wanted to seed the state tournament....

February 18, 2004
From: dad/fan/coach
comments: Again, we ask that youth tournament results please be submitted. This has been a little disturbing that they are not available. Does anyone have a good explanation as to why these results are not being sent in? We went to a couple recently, at Robert C. Byrd and Riverside, that we'd like to see some results from. There have only been a couple tournaments post these on here this season and I'd like to know why. It's not hard. Assign someone to do it, such as a club officer, go to the submit scores place and type them in. It's easy and would probably take about 10-15 minutes. If submitting results is not important to you, send these to someone you know who will do it for you. All the literature I've read suggests that good public relations and communications are important in promoting a successful program. Lets celebrate wrestling and get the word out proudly to show what positive things our children are involved in. Don't keep it secret.

February 18, 2004
From: Region 1 fan
comments: I heard Delligatti of Fairmont Senior broke his foot? Is there any truth to this?

February 18, 2004
From: 500
comments: To mathMATician: I made those predictions before I saw the pairings. But anyways, I liked your picks, yes Ewing did get pinned rather quick by rush BUT Ewing had him pinned also, just lost control. Could go either way there. I believe that kelley can beat garvin also, might see a shyver/kelly rd 2. Bailey lost to miller like 10-6 or something earlier, but Baileys tough but I still dont see him beating miller. After seeing Dana Davis, I think another Bruin could be in the way of norman. We'll see though. Lindamood wrestles with alot of emotion, if he gets fired up buddy, then he's on.....just ask tominack. I see a lower scoring match for those 2 since theyve seen each other. Molnar could upset dorton, I see them going into OT, but dearmans a beast. Nice picks though.

February 18, 2004

From: WAH
comments: What the ?? How did Lewis County get in the mix if the top 10. HHHS beat everybody from #7 down and thier not even ranked . Come on you gatta be kiddin me. They just drop out all of a sudden for Lewis county. they almost shut them out.

From: WVredneck
comments: Unbelievable! Cabell Midland beats Ripley in a dual and a tournament and Ripley is ranked and Midland is not! Maybe some one should look at the level of competion Midland has wrestled as compared to some of the others in the top ten! Seems to me if you beat a team in both tournament and dual you should be ranked ahead of them !!!Disappointed in the "offical " polls!

comments: why is ripley still in the top 10 in the team polls? Theres no way they should be as high as 9! Cabell Midland isnt ranked and handed it to Ripley by 20 or so points a couple of weeks ago didnt they?

From: hedgesvillefan
comments: hey...why isn't hedgesville ranked 10th ahead of jefferson...they beat them i think 2 times in duals and finished higher in winners choice and jefferson invitational...u will see who is better come regionals and states....coming out fired up...its all business now... go eagles..i believe in ya...just show the rest of the state what u got...

From: jonjon
comments: How is Lewis County ranked?

Editor's note: Current team rankings would seem to be based on individual rankings, and anticipated number of place points wrestlers may score for their team in the state tournament, and thus state tournament finish. Try this: Go through the individual rankings and assign team points based on rankings thusly -- 16, 12, 9, 7, 5, 3, 2, 1. Add up the points and see what you get. I guess we'll find out soon enough...

February 18, 2004
comments: How is Andrew Weaver of Ripley ranked 3rd in AAA at 160. He didnt place at Winners Choice or WSAZ and was only 4th at JCI. He didnt place at the MSAC's either. Im only stating facts from the results. Im just really confused here, i know rankings do not mean much. Don't these coach who makes these rankings look at any results??

From: former knight
comments: How come no one gives Cabell MIdland love? They get ranked 9th, absolutely SMASH Ripley, and then move out of the poll. Even individually they get no love; Adam Moye at 160 TECH FALLED Andrew Weaver from Ripley and is still ranekd below him. Why the bias?

Editor's note: While I can't speak for the coaches, two previously ranked wrestlers at AAA 160 will be unable to complete the season. Others in that weight moved up, new names were added. We had a report (perhaps in error) that Weaver has defeated Moye this year.

February 18, 2004
From: ratteaser
comments: comments: Parkersburg High will win Region 1 and Parkersburg South will win the State just like 2 years ago!! Remember hard work, dedication, being honest, good leadership usually finds it way to the top!!!

I saw this post..and if i read it right...honesty, dedication and leadership all are great predictors of success..but the only team that exhibits those in the comparison above are the big reds..especially hard work...their season's schedule and kid's accomplishments are all a reflection of the above..they'll SCHINE in huntington because of the same also!

see you down there! and south fans please stay for the whole coronation ceremony...you headed north all saddened way early last year!

yours truly,

February 18, 2004
From: mathMATician
comments: Longwinded reply to 500 with your picks, my comments, my picks (in all caps):

103-Green pin Bartolo
Can't happen--see brackets. The first round matchup Bartolo/Stilgenbauer will be close. Loser probably stays home. Green wins but the fight for second in the bottom bracket semis will be fun (Kellar/Felton). If Kellar loses in the semis, and Stilgenbauer loses to Bartolo, then Kellar or Stilgenbauer will stay home. GREEN MAJ DEC KELLAR 16-6

112-Ewing dec. Rush 6-4
I hope you are right. Rush pinned Ewing quick last time. Have things changed that much in three weeks? I think Rush wins this one. Don't know much about the Townsend kid, but it looks like he got a tough draw. RUSH MAJ DEC EWING

119-Turnbull dec. Hayes 8-2
Turnbull wins but it remains to be seen if the second place finisher is Jake or Zack. Bottom bracket semis will be good (again). It makes sense to me that Humphrey is a 4th seed: Turnbull beat Zack & Jake & is an undefeated returning state & regional champ, Humphrey forfeited to Jake, Zack beat Jake. Regardless of seeding, the 4th place finisher in this weight is a nightmare for the champ that he runs into in round one next week and could purn around and place high/win states. TURNBULL DEC HAYES 10-3

125-Shyver dec. Garvin 9-3
I like a Shyver/Kelley final. Garvin is good but Kelley has stayed close with everyone (including Shyver). Wanna bet on # of cradles attempted by Shyver in the finals? SHYVER DEC KELLEY 8-4

130-Rader pin Durbin
I'm beginning to sound like a member of the rat pack, but I would not count out Dunn as the runner up. Brandon Rader is the cream of the crop and if the team needs a pin, then he will pin whomever he wrestles. Historically he was satisfied to get his major decision, pins are needed this week and next. RADER PIN DUNN

135-Shaw dec. Porter 5-2
Still shuddering from visions of Chance, Porter comes out on top in this one. BTW how is Ice seeded above the kid from Morgantown? PORTER DEC SHAW 10-8

140-Smith dec. Miller 10-4
Maybe, but don't count out Bailey to make the race for 2nd interesting. SMITH MAJ DEC BAILEY 14-2

145-Litton dec. Richey 7-0
Chance is the top dog and this weight is really another race for 2nd. Richie vs Felix. Last time it was a late takedown that won it. Felix upset Shyver last year in regional semifinals. I'll go with another Felix upset in the semis. LITTON MAJ DEC OSUNA COTTO 10-0

152-Smith MD Mestrovic 17-5
Like 103, your pick can't happen due to the brackets. The UHS staff can look smart by moving Campbell or they can look like goats. I think Campbell will place higher at 152 so it was a smart move. Either way, Smith wins the weight. SMITH MAJ DEC CAMPBELL 9-0

160-Davis dec. Norman 3-2
Right finalists, inverted score. Davis stumbled at regionals last year and will be looking to make up for it this year. NORMAN DEC DAVIS 3-2

171-Walters pin Myers
I agree. Kyle is the best in this weight and won't be challenged. It's a feather in the PHS staff's hat (pun intended) that Myers had made this improvement. NO ONE thought he would be mentioned in the same sentence of regional finalist at the beginning of the season. Congrats Scooter & coaches. WALTERS PINS MYERS.

189-Lindamood dec.Tominack 7-5
I hope not. For Joey to win state I think Tominack will have to beat him at regionals (does that make sense to anyone else). TOMINACK DEC LINDAMOOD 7-3.

215-Thomas pin Anderson
Lou wins and pins but his opponent will be the familiar face of Davis from South. Davis beat Anderson in regular season. THOMAS PINS DAVIS.

HWT-Dearman pin Dorton.
Probably, but Molnar might beat Dorton in the semis. DEARMAN PINS MOLNAR.

When you add it all up I have as few as 11 and as many as 14 qualifying for PHS. I think 13 is correct number.

South should also send 13 to the dance.

There is always an upset or two. I hope no one gets injured and we have the close two horse race at regionals and states that everyone is calling for. When South beat Huntington by 100 at WSAZ and PHS destroyed Brooke, all of the arguments about a dark horse stopped. The runner up at regionals may be your state champ.

February 18, 2004
From: WV Coach
comments: We have been trying to bulid a program here for a number of years. We have started a youth league, found several practice facilities when none existed, workked full-time jobs as well as coached, transported wrestlers to and from matches, practice ,etc, etc,.

We have started to have a little success ,with an eye on progressing in the next few years to a poition of strength.

However, I have a gipe. Is it just unique to our area or do other coaches have a hard time maintaining a sense of dedication in their wrestlers. I understand that we don't have the long standing tradition of the Wood Cty area where your granddad , dad, uncles, brothers et. al. wrestled and you were expected to wrestle too. We have been faced with cutting "good" wrestlers from our team simply because they didn't feel the need to come to practice. We instituted punishment for not attending practices,but we have consistantly missed wrestlers because they didn't feel like coming.

Parents have also been facilitators of this mentality. One parent returned the wrestler's gear for him instead of making him return it on his own and offer and explaination. It has been discouraging to place so much time and effort into trying to do things right to ensure the success of our program only to have the wrestlers show so little appreciation or dedication to the team.

We have faced the same situation for several years, We start out with 20 or so wrestlers and end up with a dozen or less. We know this is a hard sport and we try to prepare our wrestlers to face whatever comes their way. Are kids today just softer? Are we not supposed to do anything to hurt fagile teenage psyches? Should we just cut all but the most serious wrestlers? Is it unreasonable to expect parents to insist of their child to follow through on a commitment ?

I would appreciate some feed back from other coaches. We have enjoyed the success that we are starting to see, but we would like to deal with these negatives to make our program stronger.

February 18, 2004
From: to peter pan
comments: Hey buddy i would like to let you know that your predictions for region 4 AA/A are quite funny and arent even close to accurate in the upper weight classes 189 and 215. In 189 you hafe Fisher from webster county in the finals and he isnt even wrestling varsity. then for 215 you have tench and mullins from richwood. craddock will beat mullins in the semis and dont count out Josh Harris to be Tench in the semis. I look for it to be Craddock and Harris in the finals.

February 18, 2004
comments: if you only weigh in one weight above your normal amount you can wrestle up 2 weight classes, so...
Editor's note: I'm quite sure that if there are ineligible wrestlers out there, there will be some coach somewhere who is on the case who will ask the appropriate questions at the appropriate time and in the appropriate place, which is not the WV-Mat forum. We're not gonna get in to that here...

February 18, 2004
comments: for the person asking about region 1 AA/A prediction for oak glen, williamstown, and cameron. are you asking for a prediction of the points spread? just predicting the winner is a little to easy.

February 18, 2004
From: E M
comments: Could someone please post the schedule for the state tournament.

February 18, 2004
From: Iron
comments: Doc, got these region 1 pairings out of the parkersburg paper today:
103: Ron Green WP vs. BYE
Stilgenbauer PHS vs. Bartolo Univ.
Kellar PS vs. Taylor JM
Newbrough Mgtn. vs. Felton BRK

112: Rush WP vs. Townsend PS
Logan Hartle JM vs. BYE
Shaw BRK vs. Earle Univ.
Hall Mgtn. vs. Ewing PHS

119: Turnbull Univ. vs. Kotson JM
Shisler Mgtn. vs. Humprhy WP
Hayes PHS vs. Smith BRK
Zach McCray PS vs. BYE

125: Shyver PHS vs. BYE
Kennedy WP vs. Waldron Univ.
Kelley PS vs. McFarland BRK
Garvin Mgtn. vs. BYE

130: Rader PHS vs. Brown Mgtn.
Doyle JM vs. Brewster Univ.
Dunn PS vs. Nelson WP
Mike Durbin BRK vs. BYE

135:Chad Porter PS vs. BYE
Sappington Univ. vs. Gerasimovich Mgtn.
Ice PHS vs. Richey JM
Leifheit WP vs. Shaw BRK

140: Smith PS vs. BYE
Durbin BRK vs. Lee JM
Bailey PHS vs. BYE
Kneirilm WP vs. Miller Univ.

145: Litton PHS vs Johnson Univ.
Hill WP vs. BYE
Osuna Cotto PS vs. BYE
Richey JM vs. BYE

152:Campbell Univ. vs. Henderson
Adkins JM vs. BYE
Mestrovic WP vs. Dowler PHS
Smith PS vs. BYE

160:Norman PS vs. West JM
Bowman Mgtn vs. Gibson WP
Leukenhoff Univ. vs. Combs PHS
Davis BRK vs. BYE

171: Walters PS vs. Broker Univ.
Brown Mgtn. vs. Loughran BRK
Myers PHS vs. BYE
Kettlewell WP vs. Simmons JM

189:Tominack WP vs. BYE
Radcliffe PS vs. BYE
Ewing JM vs. BYE
Lindamood PHS vs. Hastings Univ.

215:Thomas PHS vs. Rickman JM
Dulany BRK vs. Hercules WP
Anderson Univ. vs. Warnick Mgtn.
Josh Davis PS vs. BYE

HWT: Dearman PHS vs. Fortney Univ.
Staub WP vs. BYE
Molnar BRK vs. BYE
Hooker JM vs. Dorton PS

now seeing that here are my finals predicitions

103 Green vs. Kellar- green pin
112 Rush vs. Ewing -ewing dec
119 Turnbull vs. Hayes-turnbull dec
125 Shyver vs. Kelly- shyver dec
130 Rader vs. Durbin- rader pin
135 Porter vs. Shaw-shaw dec
140 Smith vs. Miller-smith dec
145 Litton vs. Richey-litton dec
152 Campbell vs. Smith-campbell dec
160 Norman vs. Davis-davis dec
171 Walters vs. Simmons-walters pin
189 Tominack vs. Lindamood-lindamood dec
215 Thomas vs. Davis-thomas pin
HWT Dearman vs. Molnar-dearman pin

February 18, 2004
comments: So does WVU have no class because they shoot a gun everytime they score a TD?

February 18, 2004
From: Gramby Roller
comments: To HWY Watcher: Shaw flipped Potts and Wiseman to counteract Brooke's juggling wrestlers. Potts will be back at 215 for regionals and states.

It's good to watch when crossing the highway, by the way. Commendable.

February 18, 2004
From: Gramby Roller
comments: "About the drum at parkersburgh. You guys have no class. You act like you've never seen a pin before. Parkersburgh has an awesome team and they dont need to prove anything so why do they have to show such lack of class."

Ummmmm... It's called tradition. Sort of like the band breaking into the fight song when the football team scores a touchdown. You'd think they never saw a touchdown before.

Methinks posts like this demonstrate the psychological effect traditions-- starting with the one called winning and the corollaries that follow have on people. Someone said a couple of weeks ago that teams that don't worry about being pinned 14 times don't get so upset. It's true.

comments: please post if [McFarland] is aloud.
I've never heard Jon McFarland speak, but I'm sure that he does. Braden Shaw is aloud. He's real good about shouting encouragement to his mates while they're on the mat.

February 18, 2004
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: Glad to see PHS back on top of the rankings in the state....that means South can pull off the upset again at the state tournament!!

February 18, 2004
Region 2-A/AA
1. Haws
2. Blankenship
3. Smailes
4. Richards

1. Geary
2. Stuart
3. Markley
4. Durr

1. Snoberger
2. Andrews
3. Piraino
4. Smith

1. Digman
2. Grilli
3. Woford
4. Greco

1. Adams
2. Haws
3. Leach
4. Durr

1. McCarty
2. Allen
3. Burks
4. Guthrie

1. Flynt
2. Dye
3. Robey
4. Feaster

February 18, 2004
From: khsfan
comments: Good luck to all the wrestlers this coming weekend at regional.Wrestle smart and with agression and you will have no regrets when you come off the mat. wether it be with a win or a loss

February 18, 2004
comments: Anyone got preditcions for region 1 AA with oak glen and williamstown and cameron?

February 18, 2004
From: Lmob
comments: I stumbled across this website...seems like it could be an interesting movie and I figure the census doesn't seem like too bad of an idea either...

February 18, 2004
comments: Parkersburg High will win Region 1 and Parkersburg South will win the State just like 2 years ago!! Remember hard work, dedication, being honest, good leadership usually finds it way to the top!!!

February 18, 2004
About the drum at parkersburgh. You guys have no class. You act like you've never seen a pin before. Parkersburgh has an awesome team and they dont need to prove anything so why do they have to show such lack of class.

February 18, 2004
From: fan
comments: I watched Jessica Teeters at the county rec league championships and why do you need a girl league. She didn't compete she dominated the boys and if I was a betting man if she would have wrestled for Edison probably would have won a County Championship there also. There was alot of great wrestling there and if these kids stay in it for the long run South is going to be stacked for years. I saw alot of kids give 130% out there and I saw alot of upsets also. Championship Tournaments always brings out the best in kids and I can't wait till the Junior States.

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