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February 17, 1999
comments: Was their an NRVC tourney or not??? If so what were the results?
Editor's note: The results I received indicate that it was a duals tournament among Braxton, Webster, Fayetteville, Richwood, and Midland Trail on February 13, held at Midland Trail. Braxton County 4-0 1st, Fayetteville 3-1 2nd; These results were posted Feb 16.

February 17, 1999
comments: Please......what are the seeds for Region III AAA?

February 17, 1999
From: Chris Basford
email: Basford2@aol.com
comments: As regionals come closer, the Grafton Bearcats are getting ready. Last season, we were not even expected to win our region or even place second. When it was all said and done, we came out on top. Although this season kind of looks out of the picture, Grafton will still make a strong showing. If the wrestlers that are there at GHS wrestle the way they know how, it will be hard to beat them. It just depends on witch wrestlers show up. I think that Grafton has a good bit of wrestlers that want to make the season longer than they can. If all goes well, look out for everyone of the varsity wrestlers to be headed to states next weekend. Two Bearcat wrestlers look to be on top of their games finally, so I think Chris Leach and Ben Taylor will better their finishes from the Petersburg Tournament. Good Luck this weekend to all of Region 2 Oh yeah, to Dan Lahman and Ryan Dingess, I'll get you two a sucker as soon as I can...

February 17, 1999
From: Old Matfan
email: to Lucas(for the forum)
comments: As far as the Dearth vs. Ward thing in the polls, maybe you didn't see these boys wrestle each other? I was there, and it was a sight to behold! We all have been awaiting the rematch all season, and I think it will come down to who wants it the "baddest" - burnout seems to be running rampant among some teams, but I don't think you'll find that at Parkersburg South! GO PATS! BEAT EVERYBODY!!!

February 17, 1999
From: JM wrestling fan
email: LWRON13@aol.com

February 17, 1999
Region II AA/A top 4 seeds

Cory Auvil (G)
Bob Yurkovich (BC)
James Lane (WC)
Bucky Borror (P)
Tommy Stiles (CB)
Dustin Culverhouse (BC)
Zach McIntyre (LH)
Neal Wright (F)
James Harris (BC)
Adam Leach (G)
Chase Coleman (F)
Chris Stonestreet (SH)
Drake Jenkins (LH)
Sean Junkins (F)
Chris Leach (G)
Billy McCann (BS)
Ryan Anderson (LH)
Scott Cottrill (SH)
Anthony Spadafore (G)
Tyler Crislip (BC)
Dereck Bosley (F)
Robbie Brown (WC)
Jimmy Riffle (G)
Greg Wolford (P)
Phillip Kesner (F)
Jody Cunningham (G)
John McElwain (WC)
Denny Moyers (P)
Jason Litten (F)
Jason Seville (BS)
Drew Toth (SH)
Cory Tharp (WC)
Jason Waugh (BS)
Chip Kimble (F)
Buddy Barcus (G)
Brian Justice (BC)
160 (SH)
Tony Hardway (BC)
Tommy Widmyer (BS)
Mike King (CB)
Ryan Dingess (P)
Ben Godman (BS)
Bobby Hart (BC)
Matt Crookshanks (CB)
Jeremiah Kuykendall (F)
Richard Stotler (BS)
Ben Taylor (G)
Jeremy Wright (SH)
Dan Lahman (P)
Chad Nettles (BC)
Danny Long (F)
James Moore (G)
Justin Ritter (BC)
Tim Knotts (G)
Robert Berg (P)
Albert Timmons (BS)

February 17, 1999
From: talon
email: comments: To answer the question a few people have asked: the region 2 seeding meeting was held today. The meeting was rather trivial though, due to the fact that with very few exceptions, every wrestler in the region has faced all the other wrestlers (thank you Viking Smash). So it can be done on head to head competition. All of the weightclasses had at least the top 4 done by seeding. A wrestler was not seeded if he had a losing record (unless in the top 4), they were seeded by drawing. I thought of adding a page to my web site for regional predictions, but regionals are rather easy to predict, and I didn't think there would be a big point to it. I'm sure there will be a lot of great close matches though. I don't mean everything is cut and dry by any means, but if you base things on stats its pretty straightforward (like the seeding meeting). The fun is when you get to states and have a lot of matches where the wrestlers have not met before. Teamwise though, it should be a close race between Frankfort and Braxton County, coming down to the final matches to see which team pulls it out. The order after that... I'm predicting Grafton, then Petersburg, then Berkeley Springs.

February 17, 1999

February 17, 1999
AAA Region I seeds:
1) Matt Stevens PHS
2) C. Burnworth UN
3) A. Kennedy WP
4) Layner PS
1) Kinsley UN
2) D. Kennedy WP
3) Samples PHS
4) Duncan PS
1) George PHS
2) Stanley BK
3) Daggett PS
4) Marshall UN
1) Hefner UN
2) Evans WP
3) Kotson JM
4) Radcliff PS
1) Griffin UN
2) Bosley PS
3) Moore WP
4) Hildebrand PHS
1) Flanegin WP
2) Gunchoff JM
3) Coen BK
4) Balasko UN
1) Trusty PHS
2) Ebert JM
3) Gillespi BK
4) Tatar UN
1) Reitmire PHS
2) Hoover UN
3) Taylor JM
4) Pintus MG
1) Williams PHS
2) Emerick PS
3) Hill UN
4) Credo BK
1) Dearth PS
2) Boyd WP
3) Skrypek JM
4) Wallace BK
1) Nichols BK
2) Jones JM
3) Daggett PS
4) Drain UN
1) Alexander BK
2) Pickens PS
3) Strunk JM
4) Flynn UN
1) Ball PHS
2) Ochap WP
3) Mccartney PS
4) Gray JM
1) Padovini MG
2) Heldreth WP
3) Boyd UN
4) Sleeth PS

February 17, 1999
From: Region 2 fan
comments: To Kimble
It's interesting that you are excited about reviewing the Region 2 seedings and brackets today (Wednesday). Our team is travelling so that the coaches can make the seeding meeting supposedly scheduled for tomorrow (Thursday) night. I didn't think they drew up brackets until after the coaches seeding meeting. I would be interested in a link to see what things are looking like for the weekend. Where can I find it?

February 17, 1999
From: evans murador
comments: to RKB go getem at the regionals i know you will win if you think you can make sure the team thanks they can go getem wish i could be there but ill see you at the state tourny

February 17, 1999
From: wrestler
comments: I think that who ever wrote Leach and Jenkins will never meet again is mistaken -- they will meet in the regional finals. Dont get me wrong, I think Junkins is a pretty good wrestler, but I really think that Chris Leach will beat Junkins this time. My predictions for the top 3 at 125 this weekend is:
1st: Chris Leach
2nd: Drake Jenkins
3rd: Junkins

Also I would like too congratulate Chris for beating Drake and honestly I think that he can and will do it again, cause he has been working really hard.

Grafton has a good team this year and I predict that they will send the following wrestlers to states: 103 Cory Auvil
119 Adam Leach
125 Chris Leach
130 Anthony Spadafore
135 Jimmy Riffle
140 Jody Cunningham
152 Buddy Barcus
160 Brian Miles has a good chance if he recovers from an injury
189 Ben Taylor
215 James Moore

I would also like to predict that The Grafton Bearcats will have an excellent chance at winning the Regionals this year if they win it will be two years in a row.

February 17, 1999
From: Blue Devil Fan
email: Cyclone15@hotmail.com
comments: Just looking back on a lot of peoples comments and predictions. A lot have people keep talking about Cross at 135. Dont forget about Childers. He has beaten Cross 2 times already and has taken Wenmouth to the limit 2 times. Also I think Arnold Houser is gonna surprise some people at 189 the real test for him will be in the regionals this week against Kupfner from Cameron.Also St Marys shocked some people at LKCs by finishing 5th. I do believe they beat 2 of the top 12 teams in A-AA. A lot of you prediction whizes picked them to finish last.The rebuilding of what used to be the class of the small schools is still under way.

February 17, 1999
From: Marion County Wrestling Fan.
comments: Did North Marion Participate in the Buckeye Local, OH Tournament? If so, I would like to see the results.

February 17, 1999
From: Kimble
email: chip.069@hotmail.com
comments: Has anyone thought of putting up the predicited winners for the other regions? Whoever did the region 1 seemed to be pretty accurate. Maybe someone else will write in exclaiming their predictions. Also, they just did the seedings for our region (region 2). Just going through the pairings makes me excited. I hope everyone is ready to wrestle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck everyone!

February 17, 1999
From: D145
comments: For news on wrestling go to this site....

February 17, 1999
From: an OG Fan
comments: Good Luck to all the OG wrestlers who are seeded. Go Big Al at 215! Bring home the title and make me proud. Also, good luck to Andy Wharton! You've come a long way, Andy! I wish you the best of luck.

February 17, 1999
From: adam
email: adscboy@aol.com
comments: can anyone tell me who all is there when they pick what pill goes to what weight class. it is people from the wvssac right? no coach should be in the room for the fact that they could fool around with the choices

February 17, 1999

February 17, 1999
From: S Robinson
email: srr@neumedia.net
comments: How come Region II (AAA) has 12 teams which compete for 4 slots to the state tournament while the other regions have 7, 10, 10 ?

February 16, 1999
comments: who ever voted on the rankings...well lets just say i dont agree....we beat parkersburg an they didnt drop they went up..no

February 16, 1999
comments: the three pill choices for the state tournament were posted last year on february 9th....does anybody have any info on them for this year...(attn. Tim Miller)
Editor's note: I have been in contact with Coach Archer, and he has been most helpful as usual. I have plans to receive a phone call Saturday night of the regionals with the Pill Number for this year. I will post the pill number as soon as I get it. It will be either Pill One, Two, or Three, drawn at random after the regional results are reported. The "pill page" is also linked to the State Tournament Page.

February 16, 1999
comments: what happened to the AA coaches polls.

February 16, 1999
From: Lucas
email: mlucas61@aol.com
comments: The latest individual coachs'polls prove that polls mean absolutely nothing. Dearth being ranked over Ward is a travisty. Where was he last year whenever Ward didn't lose a match? Also, how many other times has Dearth lost this year as opposed to Ward, who has only lost one match all year. I realize that much is based on head to head match ups, but even taking that into consideration, there aren't many people in this state who would agree that Dearth is better than Ward. Past and present records show that Ward by far is the better of the two. I guess it will just have to be proven in 2 weeks at the state tourney.

February 16, 1999
From: wrestling fan
comments: With all the talk about looking at making regions fair, this latest look at looking at realigning based upon full teams makes the best sense of all. I hope someone in the WVSSAC keeps tabs on this page for worthwhile suggestions.

February 16, 1999
From: old man
comments: concerning HHS Delong:
Is there not a rule stating that a athlete has to have two 15 practices under his belt before he can compete. I know he wrestled in Ohio all season but does though count toward his WV season? Just wondering.

February 16, 1999
Top 4 seeds, Region One A/AA
1 - Tucker Brown-CAM
2 - Chad Snider-TC
3- Zach Zubay-OG
4- Keith Hixenbaugh-MAD
1 - Ash Wenmoth-WIL
2 - Roger Kupfer-CAM
3 - Jason Roberts-OG
4 - Daniel Folger-TC
1 - Will Westbrook-WIL
2 - Eric Noel-WR
3 - Gaelen Lowers-OG
4 - Joel O'Neil-CAM
1 - Tyler Hughes-CAM
2 - Joel Zyla-WIL
3 - Justin Graham-OG
4 - Boe Barker-WR
1 - Logan Glass-OG
2 - Matthew Valles-WR
3 - Caleb Lucey-CAM
4 - Tim Haddox-WIL
1 - Ed Weible-OG
2 - Justin Wenmoth-WIL
3 - Terry Childers-SM
4 - Logan Van Dyne-CAM
1 - Andy Wharton-OG
2 - Jeff Hughes-CAM
3 - Mitch Buck-WIL
4 - Jonathan Henderson-BD
1 - Rob Lamb-OG
2 - Dave Green-BD
3 - Matt Seckman-WIL
4 - Terry Kimball-SM
1 - Zac Johnson-WIL
2 - Matt Holdsworth-OG
3 - Jason Snider-TC
4 - Wyatt O'Neil-CAM
1 - Jason Jones-OG
2 - Chad Purpura-BD
3 - Brent Zuccolotto-WR
4 - Howard Melrose-WIL
1 - Robert Kimball-SM
2 - Drew Snider-OG
3 - Chris Wood-CAM
4 - Nathan Switzer-MAD
1 - Brandon Kupfer-CAM
2 - Arnold Houser-SM
3 - Phillip Bellville-OG
4 - Ryan Delebreau-WIL
1 - Robert Busick-WR
2 - Greg Six-OG
3 - Brendan Welsh-BD
4 - Curt Meyer-CAM
1 - Alex McClung-OG
2 - Buddy Hawkins-WIL
3 - Matt Haught-MAG
4 - Randy Tuttle-TC

February 16, 1999
From: just a fan
comments: What conference is Preston County in? I know they used to be in the Big 10 and thought they moved to the NCAC. They don't show up anywhere on this site's conference page unless I'm just not seeing them. Help me, Doc!
Preston withdrew from the Big 10 and remains independant - not in any conference.

February 16, 1999
From: WV Wrestling Fan
comments: Matt Miller is going to take the state title at 160 home this year.

February 16, 1999
comments: When is it going to show the results from Cabell Midland and Ravenswood. I wood like to know the results from 103's Justin Stanley and Ash Gandee.

February 16, 1999
From: Nick Busick
email: bu118@ovnet.com
comments: HIYAAA Jenny...Robert and Dan will probally never see 189 AGAIN! My scouting tells me both have significant strength training regiments combined with the goal of being STATE CHAMPS. Don't think for one second an upset couldn't occur for either one before reaching the finals. Anyone who can say without doubt it will be Busick & Lahman at 215 has not done their homework. Regionals will tell alot. The other side of the coin...everyone better be ready and peaked. I know one wrestler that is.
Good Luck to all in the regionals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

February 16, 1999
comments: To Jon: Your preditions re pretty good except for the 160lb class what about Andrew Richards. WHy isn't he in the hunt he is the #1 seed in the region above both Hardaway and and the boy from Berkley. so i'm just wondering why you never said anything about him.

February 16, 1999
comments: Seedings for region 3 has been completed it seems that Salmons will wrestle. An interesting occurence at 145 as Dauch moves away from McCartney and Smith to wrestle at 152.

February 16, 1999
From: Jim LeMaster
comments: Regarding all the uproar over J. Delong's transfer to Huntington. The comment was made that he may cut to 130. The last time I checked the rulebook said that a wrestler must wrestle at least 1/2 of his matches at the weight he enters for the regionals. Also, the seeding meeting has already been held for the region III tournament. So any weight change is a mute point. To the fan who remarked on Adam Cyrus's webpage, we must remember that this is a kid who is making his first efforts at a web page and can not be as refined as WVMAT. I'm sure that he did not mean to elevate J. Ward to the status of a God. However, perhaps someday he may dwell with the rest of the olympians ala mythology. The comments about regional realignment are valid and the problem should be dealt with, but I feel that more than just 4th place wrestlers should be taken into account. Good luck to everyone at regionals and let's hope the snow and ice hold off!

February 16, 1999
From: Patriot Wrestling fan
email: Scorpion_145@hotmail.com
comments: Good luck to all IHS Patriot wrestlers this weekend in the regionals.Work hard and make weight.

February 16, 1999
From: Jenny Sullivan
email: sullivj2@oak.cats.ohiou.edu
comments: To the person who made the comments regarding the regional realignment: WOW! You read my mind! In preparation for this week's article, I discovered the same thing about the teams in the AAA regions. My spreadsheet for region 2 is jam-packed, while my region 3 spreadsheet has several holes. I think you made some keen observations and some very valid arguments. I too agree that region 1, although having only 7 teams, is still one of the toughest regions, but region 2 needs to be pared down a little. Perhaps the WVSSAC should take your comments into consideration. You have certainly done your homework!! And now, speaking of homework, I can't believe someone hasn't called to my attention the colossal goof I made in the last Mat Lines, which listed Robert Busick and Dan Lahman as being in the 189-lb class. Don't know what I was thinking. Where were you, Nick? Sleeping??!! LOL

February 16, 1999
From: jayman
email: jrm@wvadventures.net
comments: I think that Chad Mullins is being overlooked, at the msac he beat Jason Trusty, he beat Moles earlier this year, and beat Callahan. I don't know what the poles are based on, but the only person Mullins has lost to is Callahan (He actually pinned himself) and Ebert in Overtime.

February 16, 1999
From: matMISFIT
comments: check out my new wrestling site: http://www.angelfire.com/ak2/romansden

February 16, 1999
From: to the comment about the Leach/Jenkins Region final
comments: if i am correct Junkins from Frankfort beat leach, and will be more than likely seeded second, what makes you so sure Junkins will lose to Leach this time. I doubt Jenkins and leach will ever wrestle again! You don't think Jenkins gets enough credit, how about giving Junkins some credit?

February 16, 1999
From: Regional Re-Alignment Petition
comments: Several people have voiced their opinions recently in regards to re-aligning certain AAA regions in order to get the best possible wrestlers into the state tournament. One person had suggested that Region 1, only having 7 teams, should give up one of its spots (thereby sending only 3 placewinners) to Region 2 (which has 12 teams) would send its top 5. While I am a fan of Region 2 wrestling, this scenario would NOT be fair, and I will explain why and offer perhaps a better alternative.

If we look at the past 2 state tournaments - just seeing which region had the strongest 4th place finishers: (These statistics are only of the 4th place finishers in each region)

Region 1: Combined record of (29-57); (4) 4th places, (1) 5th place, (1) 6th place finish.
Region 2: Combined record of (16-58); (1) 4th place, (2) 6th places.
Region 3: Combined record of (7-56); (0) placewinners!.
Region 4: Combined record of (19-55); (1) 3rd place; (2) 4th places.
So as you can see, Region 1, with only 7 teams, still has the strongest 4th place finishers! Surprisingly, it is Region 3 which is by far the weakest, not having a single 4th place wrestler place in either year! This weakness can be attributed to this reason: A combination of consolidation and lack of full teams. Over the past several years, Barboursville and Milton have merged into Cabell Midland, while Huntington and Huntington East have merged into "Huntington". This has eliminated 2 competitive teams from region 3. This has left a total of only 3 strong teams in the entire region! (Huntington, Cabell Midland, and Point Pleasant). This explains why Huntington and Cabell Midland can qualify most of if not their entire teams for the state tournament year after year, which is unfair for the rest of the state. The other teams (Nitro, St. Albans, Capitol, George Washington, Logan, and newly added Spring Valley) do not field full teams! Some of these schools have some good individuals, but forfeit many weight classes. Compare the number of "Full" or close-to-ful! l teams in each region:

Region 1: 6 full teams (only Morgantown is not capacity or close-to-capacity)
Region 2: A whopping 10 or 11 full teams!!
Region 3: Only 3! (PP, Hunt, Cab-Mid)
Region 4: 6 or 7 full teams

So as you can see, the balance needs to be shifted not from Region 2 to Region 1, but from Region 2 to Region 3. My suggestion: Move more perennial "full teams" into out of Region 2 and into Region 3.

Re-alignment could have several different options, any of which should involve some of the following scenarios to make all 4 regions equally competitive:

1) Consider moving either Preston or Ripley to Region 1
2) Consider moving Elkins and/or Philip-Barbour to Region 4 (depending on whether or not Preston goes to Region 1)
3) Definitely place the new Riverside High (opening next year - a merge of East Bank and DuPont) into Region 3
4) Consider moving Ripley (or another "full squad" school if Ripley goes to Region 1) into Region 3
5) Move Capital and George Washington from Region 3 to Region 4

This situation would leave either 6 or 7 full teams in Region 1; 8 or 9 full teams in Region 2; 7-9 full teams in Region 4; and would have 5 full teams in Region 3, slightly evening out the power throughout the regions. In this scenario the 4th place finishers from Region 3 would fair much better than they have the past 2 years, as they would be stronger due to better numbers.

I hope the coaches make some changes this year, and I pray they donít put Riverside into Region 4, as this will only add to the problem! Letís hope they make it as fair to all wrestlers from every region, so that each has the best possible chance to make it to the big dance!

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