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February 16, 2000
From: Who Knows
comments: Look for 3-5 guys from GREENBRIER WEST to place highly at states. Among these Morrelo Simms Lively and Callison. Best of luck to all the West wrestlers.

February 16, 2000
From: JC
Editor's note: Check the Youth page on this website...

February 16, 2000
From: Judge Judy
comments: You be the judge. According to the coaches ratings if Hedgesville was in Region 1 they would have 3 top seeds yet in Region 2 they will have 5. On the other hand South should have 7 seeds in Region 1 but would only have 5 in Region 2. Fairmont would have two top seeds in either region.

February 16, 2000
From: appalled at "BP"'s rankings
comments: this comment is for "BP" who submitted his predicted results for the AA state championship final rankings. i am appalled at these rankings because obviously this "BP" has not researched his wrestling at all this year and has not seen most of these people wrestle. the 2 that i am most appalled about would be the predicted rankings for Ryan Delebreau and Ash Wenmoth of Williamstown. I am not appalled because I am a fan of Williamstown but because they are obviously wrong. You have Delebreau ranked fourth (im pretty sure). You have Moyer ranked 1st. If you would follow your wrestling you would know that Delebreau has bea Moyer at least once this year and maybe multiple times. And Ash Wenmoth losing to Johnson....I dont think so Ash Wenmoth is one of the best if no the best wrestler I have ever seen come out of the state of West Virginia. His wrestling skills are so much more advance compared to Johnson's its comical. There is no way that Ash Wenmoth is going to lose to Johnson. If you will remember correctly Johnson would not wrestle Wenmoth in the LKC finals. There was nothing wrong with Johnson but he defaulted. There was something up there. I cant wait until they wrestle at states and your "projected" rankings are shown wrong. You need to research your wrestling before you make predicitons.

February 16, 2000
From: Phanatik
email: PhanatikWV@yahoo.com
comments: I believe that I can sum up the argument between Region 1 vs Region 2.

No one seems to be saying region 1 is weaker for anyone can look at past state champions placewinners etc. and see that region 1 has more than any other region year in and year out.

I think those who are saying region 2 is stronger are really trying to say that region 2 is just more competitive overall; as far as individuals qualifying for the state tournament due to the sheer number of teams involved.

In every region there will always be a few weight classes where there are more than 4 good wrestlers deserving of making it to states and some of these wrestlers have even beaten several wrestlers from other regions who DO qualify for states. It just seems that region 2 has almost every weight class in this category and many weight classes with 7 or more wrestlers deserving of states.

Take for instance region 2 at 152: you have Jonross Neptune (FS) Shane Eakle (EF) Rick Hickman (NM) Justin Snyder (HED) Matt Phares (ELK) Travis Durst (MART) and John Maybury (KEY) all pretty good wresters. That's 7 throw in Rob Osuch (JEFF) and Joey Thorne (PB) and this class is loaded and many of these other wrestlers could easily qualify in other regions.

Also look at 171: Matt Miller (EF) Jeff Courtney (FS) Joe Jackson (MART) and Jacob Morton (JEFF) are 4 out of the top 5 ranked wrestlers in the state. That leaves no room at all for Caleb Tennant (NM) Andrew Everhart (HED) and Jeremy Boetjer (ELK) who all could qualify in other regions.

For these reasons it is very difficult for a region 2 team to qualify more than 10 wrestlers for the state tournament. The stronger teams in other regions like Parkersburg South Cabell Midland and Huntington almost regularly qualify 13-14 wrestlers. Competing in a less competitive region definitely has its advantages because there is a chance to have more wresters available to score points at states.

Reviewing the final individual rankings from 2/14/00 region 2 has:
4 of the top 8 at 103
4 of the top 8 at 112
2 of the top 7 at 119
3 of 10 at 125
2 of the top 7 at 130
3 of the top 7 at 135
4 of the top 8 at 140
3 of the top 5 at 145
4 of 9 at 152
4 of the top 7 at 160
4 of the top 5 at 171
4 of 8 at 189
2 of the top 4 at 215
and 3 of the top 9 at 275

Overall here is how the regions break down in ranked wrestlers:
103 0 4 1 3
112 2 4 1 1
119 4 2 2 0
125 3 3 3 1
130 4 2 2 1
135 2 3 1 2
140 3 4 11
145 1 3 1 3
152 3 4 1 1
160 2 4 1 1
171 0 4 2 1
189 2 4 1 1
215 3 2 0 2
275 2 3 2 3
TOTALS (117) 31 (26.5%) 46 (39.3%) 19 (16.2%) 21 (17.9%)

These numbers prove a couple of facts:
Region 1 holds its own weight
Region 2 has way too many good wrestlers in it - more than regions 3 and 4 combined!
Therefore Region 2 fans do have a legitimate reason to complain but they should be complaining about regions 3 and 4 as opposed to region 1.
This is a problem that is only getting worse with the emergence of the eastern panhandle schools like Hedgesville Jefferson and Martinsburg plus a stronger East Fairmont and will get a lot worse next year when Grafton moves up to AAA.
A time for an overhaul is now lets hear some comments/feedback and I will post my solution in a couple days just in time for regionals!

February 16, 2000
Wow! That was all I could think when I saw your page. I had logged onto IWON.com and just for the fun of it did a search on my name. You have no idea the surprise I received when I saw my name come up under the 1980 WV State Wrestling Tournament. (University High School, UNL Weight) Obviously, I immediately clicked on it and saw the brackets. Talk about a walk down memory lane. Having wrestled Mel Reed, the giant from Poca High School. I then spent the next half hour looking at the entire site. What a plus for wrestling in WV.

It's been sometime since I have been involved in wrestling. My last season was 1993, having coached (assistant) Northeast High School in Pasadena, MD to a state championship. Just two weeks ago I had the opportunity to see Cary Kolat, from Morgantown, take the Gold at the World Cup in Fairfax, VA.

I don't believe anything like your page exists in the state of Maryland, but what a wonderful promotion for the state of West Virginia. Keep up the great work!!!! I'll certainly be checking in to see how the states turned out!!!

Once again, thanks for the trip down memory lane!!!
Chuck Yocum
Baltimore, MD
Editor's note: Thanks for the kind words, Mr Yocum. I hope you don't mind that I share this with our readers, and also with Brent Sams who dug up the 1980 results for us...

February 16, 2000
From: informed person
comments: last year wood county had more finalist and went #1 & #2..right?...

February 16, 2000
comments: To: RE:anonymous &Just concerned
From:Greenbrier West & company
Wrestling is a contact sport . A sport that takes dedication and determination. Without either of the two you're not going to make it anywhere in wrestling. West wrestlers showed you that and mixed some guts in with it. You should respect that. Yes maybe it was poor sportmanship but the reaction crowd displayed is one and the same. Also if you don't like this style of wrestling then you'll be wasting your time going to Huntington cause that is what you"ll see there and what is expected to happen(crossface's from downtown). Goodluck Braxton at regionals. THANX

February 16, 2000
From: Coach Blankenship
comments: Update: Josh Waugh is 17-7 on the season and is 9-1 over his last 10 matches. Good luck Josh as you go for you second All-American honor.

February 16, 2000
From: Article on Grafton$rec=689cbgCurrentSports?cbgCurrentSports

Youth Matmen to Converge At LCHS

February 16, 2000
From: fan
comments: Goodluck to South Patriots at the regions and state. I know you guys can do it. Goodluck especially to Matt Bosley go get'em Matt!!!!!!

February 16, 2000
From: just wondering
email: question for the forum?
comments: Could someone tell me who won the New River Valley Conference? I know it was held at Greenbrier West but never have seen any results. I'd really appreciate the info. Oh by the way I'm not even from south and I know their going to take the states. It seems since I started going to matches south has had a very good team. I know it's hard to swallow but South will probably take the states in AAA. Double A is another story. I think there's only one person who knows who will win in AA because there are a lot of exceptional teams this year and the only person who knows has to be God.

February 15, 2000
From: Region 2 fan
comments: Saw the comment asking tournament directors to provide wvmat information on the upcoming regionals so you could have the info for wvmat. But in case they don't can someone clear up the Region 2 AAA location for me? WVMAT says "at East Fairmont High School" but normally they're held at the Fairmont Armory every year and just ran by a different team. Is it the same this year or is it really at East Fairmont High?
Editor' note: Good question. I double checked, and the info posted on the website was incorrect. The AAA Region II will be held at the Fairmont Armory.

February 15, 2000
From: Ken Chertow
email: chertow@olympianwrestling.com
It was good to read the comments about Dave Miller and it sure did bring back some memories. Dave was an awesome wrestler. I am all for pumping Dave. I have a great deal of respect for him, having hosted him at my home a couple times for tournaments in Huntington and also going to Jr Nationals with him. You are correct that I did not win the OW award in 1985 - I was a freshman at Penn State that year.

February 15, 2000
From: wrestling fan
comments: i want to wish the south patriot wrestling team GOOD LUCK at the state. i think you can bring home the title. i'd like to especially wish MATT & MICHAEL BOSLEY Good Luck!!! you're both the best.

February 15, 2000
From: other county
comments: Yes Wood co. does dominate but until we (in the other counties) get the suport from our parents and fans this will always be. We love our Kanawha Co. wrestlers but have no suport. Come watch our boys. They are good. Me I'm a Hoover fan but where are the fans? They are good and will be for a few more years. Please come cheer our boys to victory.

February 15, 2000
From: Anonymous
comments: I think that if you look back at the previous editions of the forum you will find that the negative comments started when someone called Region II wrestler started complaining about the number of teams in the their region. He stated that the only reason South wins all the time was they were from a weak region. Making a statement like this is bound to make some people mad. South takes pride in it's wrestling as do the people from all teams. Good Luck to all the wrestlers. By the way to the person who counted the State Champions for Wood County South has 49 not 47.

February 15, 2000
From: wrestling fan
comments: i want to wish the south patriot wrestling team GOOD LUCK at the state. i think you can bring home the title. i'd like to especially wish MATT & MICHAEL BOSLEY Good Luck!!! you're both the best.

February 15, 2000
From: C Smith
comments: I feel that INDY may not win the states this year but i bet they will be a top 3 finisher But next season watch out because INDY will have eveyone back on the team. They will bring back at least 6 or 7 state place winners next year and COACH GILSON will be looking for his 2nd state championship GO PATS.... Also watch out for JEREMY HART at the NCAA CHAMPIONSHIPS this year hes on fire at 141 hes 26-2 on his senoir year Jeremy Hart was INDY's only 2x state champ

February 15, 2000
From: Chris Basford
email: basford2@hotmail.com
comments: To whoever asked about Leach wrestling 130 or 135. Well there are two of them wrestling. Adam is wrestling 130 and Chris is wrestling 135. Both of them are very good wrestlers and I wish them all the luck this coming weekend. I would also like to wish the rest of the Grafton wrestlers best of luck. Hopefully they can take as many as they can to states. I know it would be well deserved as hard as they practice. Good luck this weekend...

February 15, 2000
From: Unknown Matmaid
comments: To Fishboy: I regret to inform you that most Matmaids are like that and it sickens me. For example there are 6 matmaids from our school and only two of us know what we are doing. It has taken my love of the sport and made it to where I dred going to the matches. The matmaids that do actually do know what they are doing usually don't get reconized and the ones that don't get all of the attention. I would like you to keep in mind that most of us are ashamed of that behavior.

February 15, 2000
comments: Here are my final rankings for AAA and AA dual teams combined…
1 (tie) Fairmont Senior
1 (tie) Hedgesville
1 (tie) Oak Glenn
4 Parkersburg South
5 Cabel Midland

Final State Predictions…
1. Pakersburg South (Region I)
2. Fairmont Senior (Region II)
3. Hedgesville (Region II)
Coach of the year…Delligatti (FSHS)
Outstanding Wrestler…Moats (Hedgisville)

South will win the 2000 State title due to the number of wrestlers they will have in higher seatings due to the few number of wrestlers and team talent in region I. South is a great team but the road to the states is stacked against any team in Region II.

February 15, 2000
From: theaasource
comments: to just wondering
Grafton has a Leach at both 130 and 135.

February 15, 2000
comments: Jason Jones from West Liberty recently placed 4th at the Edinboro Open on 2/12.

February 15, 2000
From: wrestling fan
comments: good luck to all in regionals and states.....

February 15, 2000
From: RE: anonymous
comments: We attended a tournament at your school on Friday (NRVC). I have to say you're right. Personally if I had been the one on the mat when the cross face came from down town or the head butt you would of gotten exactly what you deserved. Wrestling is not NWO. Stop watching the NWO and learn to use legal moves before someone really gets hurt. It could be one of your kids. Unsportsman like conduct should not be tolerated in any sport.

February 15, 2000
From: Husky Fan
comments: Does anybody have results of the Buckeye Local (Ohio) Tournament which North Marion Wrestled in?

February 15, 2000
From: Marion County Fan Re: To South Fan
comments: First of all this is Wrestling not Basketball. (By the way Woodrow Wilson is #1 as of 2-15) But anyway that does not matter. Marion Countians can handle being number 1 and not let it go to their head.

February 15, 2000
comments: Why is it ever time someone says they get beat they have an excuse? I mean they say well they beat us cause we had the flu or the referee screwed us. It makes me sick to hear people cry about it. For once why doesnt't someone just admit they got beat because who beat them was better. Yes people will get sick and yes sometimes bad calls are made but its not every time you happen to lose. If you are sick then what are you doing out there in the first place? If you go out and get beat you shouldnt have any excuses what so ever of why you lost except for you were not the best person or team on that day.

February 15, 2000
From: quarternelson
comments: It was nice to see West Liberty upset #5 ranked Ashland in NCAA Div II action. Although Ashland was missing two key wrestlers Josh Waugh pulled an upset over #7 Ranked Clell Cox at 197 this was probably the key match to put it away for West Liberty. There are plenty of other WV talent on the West Liberty making this a good victory for WV wrestling in general.

February 15, 2000
From: anonymous
comments: I do not agree with the comments made about BP's list being off the wall. I think Greenbrier West deserves a lot more credit than they're being given. How many times last year did anything about them pop up? Personally I got tired of hearing about all of the AAA high schools.It's about time someone gives Greenbrier West the recognition and respect they deserve. Good luck to Greenbrier West in the regionals and the states. I'm sure you'll do better than "others" expect.

February 15, 2000
From: informed person
comments: yes..the facts speak in favor od wood county..this is very clear!..i know thatw restling has improved in other regions..it needs to for the sport to survive...but for now it will be many years for the rest of the state to eclipse wood county's dominance!..thank you!..go big reds!!..

February 15, 2000
comments: The number 4 ranked wrestler in AA-A from Ravenswood is Issac Andrick not Jason. Jason is Issacs older brother who had a good career at Ravenswood and graduated in 1991.

February 15, 2000
comments: what happened to Weirton's Zuccolotto. I thought he had a chance to win state.

February 15, 2000
comments: Does Weir not have a 160 pounder?

February 15, 2000
From: South wrestling fan
comments: Someone was asking about South's 103# Munson--I was informed he fell victim to grades the last semester.Also someone wrote a nice article on the past histories of Wood and Marion counties and they are right both counties have a very storied and proud tradition and are still sporting excellent teams to compete for state titles.Another writer said to just enjoy the fun of the competition and I agree--let's enjoy all these great kids from each school and praise them for their accomplishments. They have certainly sacrificed much during their careers.Thanks.

February 15, 2000

comments: ROSES ARE RED VIOLETS ARE BLUE BRAXTON EAGLES ARE GONNA RULE REGION 2. GO BRAXTON EAGLES!!!! BEST OF LUCK GUYS!!!! To indy fan yeah you did beat Braxton but every team has a bad day and you won't be able to do it again. Half our team had a stomach virus that night but they still wrestled. So enjoy the fame because I'm sure it will be short lived. GO EAGLES!!!

February 15, 2000
From: Patriot Pride :(
comments: I'm a South fan and I want to congratulate Fairmont on their upset victory over the #1 team in the state. They did what people said couldn't be done this year and have every right to celebrate. It's a hard pill for South fans to swallow but give credit where credit is due Fairmont beat South bottom line. In the dual Fairmont won 6 matches and South won 8 so that tells me that Fairmont was very aggressive in getting the pin and South was going through the motions and getting decisions. Remember Pin to Win and I am looking forward to a great tournament in Huntington.

Another thing on regionals with approxiamately 40 teams in AAA and 40 teams in AA/A why not break down regionals into eight regions of five teams and let the top two qualify for states. Isn't that the same as 4 regions averaging 10 teams each and qualify 4 wrestlers. It would cut two days of regions into one or 1/2 day and free up much needed gym time for the precious basketball teams. Every High School in the State would then get the oppertunity to host regions in their home gym with only five teams participating.

Remember to keep your studies up.

February 15, 2000
From: overlooked
comments: To the A/AA coaches polls-individual rankings: Justin Dennis of (Wirt) beat Frank Gregg of Berkely Springs at the Berkely Springs Tournament and at the Super Quad at Independence. Dennis beat him last time 10-2.

February 15, 2000
From: very surprised
comments: To BP: How can you have Jimmy Johnson of (Cal) ranked above Ash Wenmoth of (Will) at 125 pound weight class.

February 15, 2000
From: just wondering
comments: To the AA source: Is Leach of (Grafton) at 130 or 135 pound weight class. Please respond.

February 15, 2000
From: talon
email: lantmir@charlie.cns.iit.edu
comments: I'd like to wish good luck to all the Frankfort guys heading to Braxton this weekend! I wish I could be there to see all of you kick butt... but alas... school calls. I'll see you in Huntington though! I'd also like to congratulate Philip Kesner on getting his 100th win the other week! I wish I could have been there to see it!

February 15, 2000
From: mac attack
comments: we are getting a little childish with this garbage about region 1 any of you guys want in that region come on up the vast majority of the state championships in the 2 class format have come from that region with the only recent one outside of it being North Marion and last year we placed first and 2nd team and placed more individuals than any other region I think that says it let your actions on the mat talk for you

February 15, 2000
comments: http://www.dominionpost.com/archive/dailys/sports/000212I/000212I.HTM
University Pins Preston

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