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February 22, 1999
comments: Good luck to all the ripley wrestlers at states this weekend!!!!!! Bring home a champ!!!!!!!

February 22, 1999
From: Goose
comments: I would just like to say that there was alot of great wrestling at the region II tournament this weekend. Congratulations to Braxton and Grafton for placing 1st and 2nd. Also I would like to commend the Frankfort team. Although they were supposed to finish 1st or 2nd they were surprised by only taking third. I think that the falcons will do much better at states than thet did at regionals. Reasons: Kesner wrestled an off-match where he let Cunningham up and then couldn't take him back down, In this case I think Kesner is the better wrestler and he should do well at states. Litten put on a good show and took home first by beating Seville 1-0. He was also named outstanding wrestler of the tournament and is expected to take states. Kimble had Waugh beat 2-1 with 8 seconds left but decided to look up at the clock and let his guard down, ( what a boneheaded move). I expect Kimble to place high, let's hope it's Kimble and Waugh in the finals!! Finally we have Kurkendal who beat Stotler every time except for when it counted. O Well, I expect to see him place very high at states. Look out Kupfer!!! Well, good look all you wrestlers that are going to Huntington this week. Practice hard and be ready.

February 22, 1999
From: "Old Friend
email: bapetracca@hotmail.com
comments: CONGRATS, to Matt Miller (160) & Matt Sterntahl (189) of East Fairmont for qualifing for the state tourney! BEST OF LUCK THIS WEEKEND!

February 22, 1999
From: Petersburg fan
comments: Good luck to everyone this weekend in the state tournamennt. My predictions for the 215 weight class would have to be Lahman because he really determined this year plus is bigger and stronger so get ready Busick.

February 22, 1999
From: MidKnight Rider
comments: There was I am sad to say a lot of poor sportsmanship at the AAA region III tournament. This included fans, coaches and wrestlers. All are to blame. There was a minor altercation between two spectators but they were not ejected. On another occasion, two fans (the same two were ejected last year) charged accross the floor to confront another teams fans during a match. There were a few wrestlers who refused to accept their awards if not first place. As I said all are to blame, but as a long time observer I feel compelled to also place a lot of the blame squarely on the shoulders of the officials who let things get out of hand. There were no less than 10 matches (3 in the finals) that were decided by very controversial calls. This is not to say that the officiating was biased towards any school in any way. As the referees rotated, what was allowed by one was illegal to another. Out of bounds to one refereee was considered in bounds by another. A legal crossface to one was a penalty point to another, etc. In addition, the fans who were involved in the altercations should have been ejected. I have attended tournaments where the officials simply said no more wrestling until Mr. X and Mr. Y are out of the gym. The announcement was made that any fans or wrestlers not on deck on the side of the mat would resultin a loss of team points, yet this was not enforced. To further add to the melee, one official actually sat in the mat corner with a coach, laughing and joking during a match. Even if all were above board this certainly looked inflammatory to the fans of other schools. I feel that the staff at Pt. Pleasant did all they could to keep things under control, but that the officials needed to get and maintain control both on and off the mat. I know there job is tremendously difficult and they have to make a lot of split second decisions, however consistency would have eliminated much of the controversy.
Editor's note: Well, this post comes close to the delete key, but the poster obviously spent a lot of time in composition, it is not directly aimed at any specific individual, and it raises some concerns about the sport which probably should not be glossed over or ignored. I'll accept the critisism for posting this if there are those who feel it is unwarranted. I hate to sound like an apologist for the officials, but I honestly don't know what the officials can do about the behaviour in the stands. I always thought they should pay attention to what is going on on the mat, and intervene in other situations only if they clearly interfere with the action on the mat (fans throwing things, fans crowding the mat, etc). I may be wrong on this. Tough problem.

February 22, 1999

February 22, 1999
From: Homer Southwood
comments: I expect 3 of the top 6 teams in AAA will be from Region 1, and it wouldn't surprised me if 3 of the top 4 teams will be from Region 1. If you don't like it, Region 1 is taking applications for more teams, any volunteers?... I didn't think so. I also expect the same type of team results in AA/A.

February 22, 1999
From: Christopher
comments: Talon:
I know your from frankfort but please. They will not finish that high at states. If anyone beat OG I think it would be Williamstown, they finished higher then Carmeron at regional. At 140 your forgetting about Sam Lilly of Shady Springs. McClug beat him at regional in the finals but I have a feeling he will do well. At 189 your forget Moyer of IHS who beat Lewis of Liberty, he will do pretty good.

February 22, 1999
From: Randy Elliott
email: randyell@yahoo.com
comments: To the fan that wanted to know the condition of the Weir High wrestler, he suffered a concussion, a sprained neck and shoulder, he is doing alright. Weir had another injury to Valles also, by the way,Wagner was the name of the athlete. Both are fine young men. The Region 1 tournament was excellent, hats off to the Williamstown, they did a great job hosting the event. Good luck to everyone this weekend.
Randy Elliott, A.T.C.
Oak Glen High School

February 21, 1999
From: Region II Looker
Looking over all the ranked wrestlers from the AAA Coaches poll who didn't qualify for the states....
135 - Jonathan Holt (FS) and David Henry (Martinsburg) --- Region II, eliminated
152 - Shane Eakle (EF) -- Region II, eliminated
160 - Brian Pauley (StA) -- Region IV, Don't know what happened
171 - Chris Altobello (Key) -- Region II, eliminated
189 - Holland Dotts (FS) -- Region II, injury, did not wrestle
275 - Loren Heldreth (WP) -- Region I, Looks like he didn't wrestle
275 - Robert Fortney (BU) -- Region IV, eliminated

And these are just the ranked wrestlers who didn't get out of their regions. There were a lot of other good wrestlers who didn't make it out of region II.
For instance Holt from FS didn't make it out, but during the season here are some wrestlers he defeated who did make it to the states from other regions: F4 Sharpless, WW, pin at Winners Choice; T1 Cross, PS, Tech fall; Nash from Huntington, R3 at 140, tech fall; split with C4 Jese Allman (BU); R1 Coen (Brooke) md.
Eakle pinned T4 Nicholson from Roane, and majored T1 Hill from Univ. Altobello from Keyser pinned C4 Coulter from Nitro at the Kiwanis. There's probably more examples. You can argue that Region 1 is the toughest to get out of, but I doubt you'll convince these guys.

February 21, 1999
From: talon
comments: I've updated my predictions page (http://www.iit.edu/~lantmir/talon.html). So far I've only changed the individual things on that page - I've thought about moving around some of the bottom teams on my team predictions but have decided to stick with them. I might do some more editing of my explanations page if i have the time, and include information that's according to the brackets. But for now, go read my individual rankings if you would like to. And before people ask me - YES, I still don't think OG will take first....

February 21, 1999
From: D145
email: http://www.geocities.com/Baja/Outback/2777
comments: For the News on wrestling in Wv Go to this site.

February 21, 1999
From: spiderman
email: http://www.angelfire.com/wv/spider
comments: Check out my new site!

February 21, 1999
From: told u so
comments: see i told u so....Leach beat Junkins looks like i know what i'm talking about!

February 21, 1999
comments: To Mac Attack, out of the last 26 years how many state champion teams have came from outside of region I in AAA? None other than last year. So exactly how weak is region I?

February 21, 1999
From: Old matfan
email: for the forum( to Lucas)
comments: Poor sportsmanship in Region3? I am glad to say it had to be pretty nonexistent in Region1 - Personally, I didn't see any at all. Hope those people that need to, remember that wrestling is an honorable (if under-supported) sport, and those of us who know how to behave will try to set a good example for the poor losers who don't! We'll be watching you , region 3 (AAA).....

February 21, 1999
From: Blue Devil fan
email: cyclone15@hotmail.com
comments: Does anyone know the condition of the 135 pounder from Weir. Our thoughts and prayers are out with him?

February 21, 1999
From: Observer
comments: To anyone who is interested. I was just looking through the results of the regional tournaments and would like to make this comment. In region I there are 9 wrestlers with losing records who are going to the States while in region II and region IV there are only 3. Not to mention the fact that there are 12 teams in region II. I really think that something needs to be done so that the best wrestlers in the state are wrestling for the state championships. With the current regions, I don't believe that this is possible. OBSERVER

February 21, 1999
comments: Congratulations to Brad Davis for getting his 100th career victory at regionals this weekend.

February 21, 1999
comments: The Eastern Panhandle turned out a lot of quality wrestlers this year. There are 25 wrestlers from the Eastern Panhandle that will be making the trip to the state tournament. This is by far the best year that we have had. Also congratulations to Martinsburg for making their best showing ever at Regionals. We qualified 10 guys and finished ahead of Fairmont Senior (a Marion County team). So whoever said at the beginning of the year that the Eastern Panhandle could not finish ahead of any team from Marion County might as well just take back the comment because Martinsburg, Hedgesville, Jefferson, and Musselman are teams not to be taken lightly.

February 21, 1999
From: Doug
comments: I don't have any boys who wrestle and I think the sportsmanship shown by the coaches and wrestlers from Winfield Sissonville, Calhoun and Ritchie should be recognized. I enjoy the sport of wrestling and go to all the matches I can get to. In the tourney that Mr.Lucas was referring to I saw team points taken away for unsportsmanlike and then after the coach talked to the ref he changed his mind. Another thing that happened that happened was a boy was flat on his back and it looked like the ref slapped the mat for a pin. Then after he called it an injury time out the wrestler form Calhoun who was on top only received 3 back points. The crowed did get loud at times but if you wanted everyone to go to watch a match and set quiet all day you would be wrestling in front a lot of empty bleachers.

February 21, 1999
comments: Good Luck to all Marion County Wrestlers who will travel to Huntington on Thursday. Matt Miller bring home the title - YOU CAN DO IT. God Bless you all.

February 21, 1999
From: LHess42364@aol.com
We want to know how we did? Anyone who attended the Bears tournament at Hedgesville High on February 14th we are interested in your comments or suggestions. Thank you!

February 21, 1999
comments: If anyone wants to see my perdictions for the AA-A STATE TOURN. feel free to see them at http://www.angelfire.com/wv/matman

February 21, 1999
comments: lowe and wince had another close match going into double over time with lowe losing good luck to all the wirt wrestlers

February 21, 1999
From: Lucas
email: mlucas61@aol.com
comments: This past weekend at the region 3 tournament, there were many poor displays of sportsmanship. One involved a father getting way too upset because of his son losing to another wrestler. He got in the face of another parent and almost started a fight. This is very unsportsman like and childish and hopefully he will not start this crap at the state tourney next week. Another very poor display of sportsmanship involved a few other fans. During the 189 finals, they couldn't handle the fans cheering for their kid and got in the faces of a few of the students. These sad acts really gave Region 3 a black eye in the minds of many and these people really need to grow up and apologize.

February 21, 1999
From: Eastern Panhandle Fan
comments: To Tim Jones
On your question if Gusic, Martinsburg wrestled Logan,Ripley. They did not wrestle this year. Last year at 160 at the Fairmont Winners Choice, Gusic beat Logan 12-6.
February 21, 1999
email: redrules@hotmail.com
comments: I was think about wanting to become a ref. Someone told me I have to take a test to become a ref.

February 21, 1999
comments: does anybody know the score between wince and lowe in the finals of region 3. Glass was beating valles 7-0 in the second befor valles got hurt. So i just wanted to see how wince and lowe did against each other.

February 21, 1999
From: Stud
email: AMAIMAL
comments: I would just like to congratulate all the fine wrestlers from Region II that are making the trip to Hunington this week. Great Job! Region II is and will be the toughest region!

February 21, 1999
From: Tara
comments: I just wanted to say congratulations to all the young men that will be traveling to Huntington this weekend. Anyone who follows wrestling knows that it is a tough sport both mentally and physically and I am proud of those wrestlers that are my friends, family and acquaintances. Good luck guys, I look for a very interesting State tournament this year!

February 21, 1999
From: mac attack
comments: Dual meets mean nothing, who comes out on top at the end is what counts, usually region one, still to see who does it this year

February 21, 1999
From: mac attack
comments: If all these teams that qualify 14 wrestlers were in that weak region 1 in AAA they sure would not qualify that many

February 21, 1999
From: Tatar
email: tatarpatch@aol.com
comments: We just returned from the Region I tournament. University High placed 11 wrestlers going to states. Congratulations to all of the Hawks who have worked so hard to make it this far. Good luck next week at States. Stay focused and keep up the hard work. GO HAWKS!

February 21, 1999
From: chop-chop
comments: congratulations to everyone who will be traveling to huntington for the states next week on a further note i have looked at both regions 1 and 2 and seen teams from both and overall 2 is the better i think if 2 and 1 got an all star team and wrestled off it would be region 2 on top dont get me wrong region 1 has some great teams there are just too many in 2 thank you and good luck

February 20, 1999
From: Lipps
comments: Let me ask everyone a question....If region one is so tough, then why is a region 3 kicking everybody's sacrococcygeal area? Tell me that..I don't see but maybe one guy from region 1 winning the states... most are from region two and three.

February 20, 1999
comments: Anyone wanting to see my new website feel free to go and see it at http://www.angelfire.com/wv/matman. This website is nothing awsome compared to spiders. I am hoping to get my own wrestling polls that cover all wv sports and not just wrestling.

February 20, 1999
comments: It's after 10:00pm on the 19th. Please update the forum.

February 20, 1999
comments: About reigion two having more seeded wrestlers than region has teams. Well its quality over quanity

February 20, 1999
From: region 1
comments: The reason that Region 1 only has 7 teams is that no other teams want into this region. Region 1 is the toughest region and it shows Saturday night at the state tournament on the podium. By the way, has anyone noticed that Oak Glen has won the State AA tournament the last two years and are looking for a three-peat this year, they have come from Region 1 AAA to Region 1 AA and are dominating. Whether it is AAA or AA, Region 1 a step higher than all the rest!

February 18, 1999
From: AAA Region 2
comments: Region 2 AAA Seeds:
1 Greg White (NM) 30-2
2 Jonathan Delligatti (FS) 32-8
3 Kevin Ballam (Hed) 35-6
4 Adam Weaver (PB) 20-7
5 Justin Willaims (Jef) 28-12
6 Jonathan Miller (Mus) 18-11
7 Andy Stickley (Key) 16-15
1 Dustin Bowers (Hed) 40-3
2 Dustin Barnes (FS) 20-17
3 Jason Starsick (NM) 14-25
4 Brad Faulk (Key) 19-12
5 Justin Miller (Pre) 18-18
6 Jon Taylor (Elk) 19-9
7 Chris Lindner (Mus) 17-13
8 David Clopton (Mar) 25-20
1 Jim Shetler (Hed) 40-3
2 Devin Abshire (Jef) 26-7
3 Justin Kessler (Mar) 31-11
4 Imani Beckwith (EF) 18-18
5 Josh Shockey (Pre) 17-20
1 Anthony Regalbuto (Hed) 41-1
2 Brian Floyd (NM) 35-2
3 Josh Staubs (Mar) 35-10
4 Shawn Sigley (Pre) 8-27
5 Canon Fazenbaker (Key) 11-16
6 Kevin Dunigan (Mus) 12-11
1 Ian McBride (Jef) 33-6
2 Sean Agoney (Mar) 34-10
3 A.J. Tasker (Pre) 28-10
4 Wes Kees (Mus) 18-8
5 Jed Ott (NM) 20-19
6 Nathan Shephard (EF) 11-18
1. Bryan Moats (Hed) 29-1
2 Victor Beard (Mus) 27-2
3 Billy Gatian (NM) 29-10
4 Jonathan Holt (FS) 26-12
5 Adam Wolfe (PB) 22-8
6 Andre McDonald (Jef) 19-6
7. Beechard Howell (Elk) 19-7
8 David Henry (Mar) 17-11
1 Derek English (Hed) 39-4
2 Keith Keller (Mus) 22-7
3 Brad Davis (Mar) 37-7
4 John Bland (FS) 26-10
5 Lee Mullenax (Elk) 19-10
6 Josh Zafarmand (NM) 14-14
7 Frank Krizner (PB) 15-12
1 Nick Hedrick (FS) 39-0
2 John Ramsey (NM) 32-8
3 Josh Phillips (Elk) 12-2
4 Aaron Futton (EF) 11-8
5 Jacob Morton (Jef) 20-18
6 Eric Neely (Mar) 19-17
Justin Snyder (Hed) 23-19
1 Matt Queen (RCB) 23-2
2 John Maybury (Key) 19-12
3 Robbie Webb (Jef) 32-8
4 Nick Foster (Mar) 28-17
5 Rick Hickman (NM) 22-15
6 Matt Cinalli (FS) 20-11
7 Shane Eakle (EF) 15-7
8 Rick Derring (Elk) 14-13
1 Matt Miller (EF) 37-1
2 Jeff Courtney (FS) 26-11
3 Joe Jackson (Mar) 37-9
4 Jeff Wratchford (Jef) 17-12
5 Freddie Harrison (Pre) 21-17
6 Matt Ravenscroft (Key) 16-15
7 Jeremy Boetjer (Elk) 10-10
1 Scott Gusic (Mar) 40-4
2 Bobby Hawkinberry (NM)
3 Mookie Mayer (RCB) 20-5
4 Jonross Neptune (FS) 20-8
5 Brad Phillips (Elk) 13-8
6 Chris Altobello (Key) 25-8
7 Jeff Noechel (EF) 21-9
1 Jarrett Jennings (Pre) 33-6
2 John Madia (RCB) 20-3
3 Matt Sternthal (EF) 25-12
4 Josh Alderton (Mar) 35-10
5 Mike Triviso (NM) 13-10
6 Josh Burner (PB) 15-15
7 Brandon Robinson (Elk) 13-13
1 T.J. King (NM) 20-11
2 Matt Corder (PB) 18-6
3 Drew Day (Jef) 23-8
4 Curtis Barber (FS) 18-16
5 Mike Renner (Mus) 14-12
6 Josh Robinson (Mar) 26-17
7 Brian Michael (Key) 20-10
275 1 Jim Gaines (NM) 31-8
2 Nick Shomo (PB) 22-8
3 Britt Sherman (Mar) 25-7
4 David Cutlip (Hed) 22-20
5 Matt Miller (Pre) 24-15
6 Dave Hearst (FS) 19-10
7 Mike Smith (Key) 13-11
8 Justin Hostutler (EF) 8-6

Some weight classes have more "seeded" wrestlers (8) than Region 1 has teams (7).
Fairmont Senior's 189 Holland Dotts (21-13) is out with a broken collarbone.
Jefferson's 112 Matt Sechler (10-9) is out.
East Fairmont's 125 Jeremy Starsick (13-9) is out.
Let's hope all can fully recover safely and gear up towards next season.

February 18, 1999
From: known source
email: comments for forum
comments: Braxtons Hwt. Justin Ritter broke his hand this week and will not be able to wrestle. That is a shame because he was #1 seed in his region and was picked to place in states. Get well soon Justin.

February 18, 1999
From: Ravenswood Fan

comments: In answer to your inquiry on 2/16
Gandee dec. Stanley 4-0

February 18, 1999
From: Yogi Bear at VT
comments: I would like to wish all of the Ritchie County Wrestlers good luck at regionals and at state. I also think they will place in the top 3 as a team in the state.

February 18, 1999
Additional comment from the Editor in relation to the post below:
After looking over the WVSSAC Website, I find that they do have a listing of Wrestling Officials (complete with average coaches rating). I'm pretty sure that the rating listed is the average coaches rating, which is one component of official's Classification (I, II, III, or IV). But the two are separate.

I'm working on a little document to try to understand how the referee's Classification is determined, and its pretty complicated. From what I've determined so far (with tongue firmly planted in cheek)...
a) It is easier to become a surgeon than a Class I referee
b) If physicians had to undergo a rating system similar to what the officials must go through, there probably would be far fewer physicians in this world
c) I'll stick to something easy like surgery....

If I can figure out some way to describe the process in a straight-forward manner, I'll stick it up on this website. The point is this: In a couple of weeks we will see 12 officials at the State Tournament. The question is asked "How do they go about choosing referees for the state tournament?" I can assure you that they don't pick these guys up off the street.

February 18, 1999
We need to list the wrestling officials around the state for coaches to contact.
Editor's note: We stand ready to do just about anything with this website that would be helpful to the coaches and officials. I can see that an "officials directory" might be useful to coaches. It is my understanding that such information is published in the WVSSAC Interscholastic but that having this info "on-line" with contact information might be useful as well. However, I don't want to give the appearance of trying to meddle with or supersede the workings of the WVSSAC. There may be some reason that the WVSSAC or other officials might prefer not to have such information on the Internet.

As for what I put on this website, as a general rule, information which one might expect to find in a completely public document such as a newspaper or telephone book is considered fair game for this website - match results, commentary on matches, information on past champs, etc. The email directory and contact information for the coaches is posted only after that info has been submitted by the person it pertains to.

There is other information which, while not a "state secret," is (in my opinion) considered to be available on a "need to know" basis. I'd be happy to publish an "officials directory" -- but I'm pitching this to the officials and coaches to decide. If someone wants to help me out, provide some guidance and info, I'd be happy to add such a page. However, I choose not to pursue this idea unless I get some clear guidance and advice from the officials. Anybody want to volunteer?

February 18, 1999
From: RC fan
comments: I think ritchie county will be highly succsssful this weekend at Wirt!!!

February 18, 1999
From: Fan from the North
comments: For all those Huntington fans who think DeLong is the hottest thing to hit Huntington since Camden Park, I've got two words for you to remember: Bryan Moats.

February 18, 1999
comments: Top four seeds for the regionals from A/AA, Region III:
Ashley Gandee, Ravenswood, 34-2
Ryan Bumgardner, Ritchie, 26-10
Chris Morris, Calhoun, 31-4
Mike Farinelli, Winfield,16-13
Travis McCartney, Calhoun, 31-3
Joey Sharp, Wirt
Scott Harkness, Ritchie, 19-14
Brett Cook, Sissonville, 11-6
Jimmy Johnson, Calhoun, 24-2
Nathan Miller, Wirt, 34-5
Chris Lutz, Ravenswood, 20-16
Andrew Hosey, Ritchie, 14-9
Jason Hayhurst, Ritchie, 28-1
Nick Prather, Winfield, 27-4
Derrik Shearer, Wirt, 29-8
Scott Bush, Ravenswood, 31-5
Mark Lowe, Wirt, 36-1
Justin Wince, Ritchie, 34-2
Bobby Ledbetter, Calhoun, 30-9
Josh Williams, Sissonville, 13-8
Josh Cross, Wirt, 32-6
Todd Snider, Ritchie, 24-12
Jeremy Ramsey, Calhoun, 21-17
Richard Jenkins, East Bank, 7-2
Mike Miller, Wirt, 33-1
Rhett Koslosky, Ritchie, 24-4
Shane Meadows, East Bank, 15-3
Jason Valdes, Calhoun, 11-17
Eric McCartney, Calhoun, 36-0
Nat Smith, Ritchie, 30-7
Justin White, Winfield, 25-9
DJ Tinney, Clay, 12-10
Jon Dauch, Ravenswood, 30-8
Mike Goff, Ritchie, 21-10
Josh Lott, Wirt, 11-8
Adam Higginbotton, East Bank, 15-3
Danny Drennen, Wirt,
Dewey Bostic, East Bank, 6-1
Denny Cottrill, Calhoun, 17-15
Richard Basford, Dupont, 6-4
Kris Villers, Wirt, 28-6
Brian Kenney, East Bank, 11-2
Jeremy Nester, Ravenswood, 22-
Clifford Underwood, Ritchie, 11-7
Bo Miller, Clay, 29-8
Tom Karr, Wirt, 11-16
Jordon Welch, Calhoun, 9-7
Chris Speece, Ravenswood, 10-23
Justice Smith, Ritchie, 32-6
Joe Baxter, Winfield, 23-10
Ronald Crow, East Bank, 12-4
Dana Raban, Ravenswood, 14-23
Luke Salmons, Ravenswood, 24-0
Thomas Naylor, Ritchie, 34-2
Jamie McDonough, Clay, 37-4
Jeremy Laughlin, Calhoun, 25-12

February 17, 1999
From: Corey Tharp
email: yahweh@mtec.net
comments: Thanx to whoever put up the Region II seeds. Great help!

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