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February 17, 2000
From: Phanatik
First let me re-iterate:

Facts: Region 1 has been and continues to be the STRONGEST region regardless of the number of teams and has proven this year in and year out. Top-notch individuals from Parkersburg Parkersburg South Wheeling Park John Marshall University and a few from Brooke and Morgantown will always produce at the state tournament. No one is arguing this point. But as for being the most COMPETETIVE region that hands-down must go to region 2 due not only to the overall number of teams but also the overall strength of these teams.

Case in point: this year (after reviewing results posted on this website):
Region 1: Morgantown and Parkersburg both have some forfeits mainly in the lower weights while Brooke and Wheeling Park also have forfeits mainly in the 152-171 areas. That leaves a total of 3 teams (Parkersburg South University and John Marshall) that field full squads and even Parkersburg South does not have a 103 anymore.

Region 2: Out of 12 teams only 3 (Robert C Byrd Elkins and Philip Barbour) have more than 1 forfeit. And of these only Robert C Byrd has several. That leaves a total of 9 FULL TEAMS competing in Region 2 -- 3 times as many as in region 1. This seems to be the only point folks from Region 2 are trying to argue; NOT that region 1 is weak just not as competitive overall for the reasons stated above.

Look at the Region 1 -- 112 lb weight class this year: Parkersburg & Morgantown do not have wrestlers in this class meaning 5 wrestlers will compete for 4 spots. Even worse some weight classes in regions 3 and 4 have had 3-4 wrestlers in a weight class before. Comparing these scenarios to a full Region 2 weight class where 12 wrestlers will compete for 4 spots just isn't fair.

Ask yourself these questions:
If you are a wrestler which would you prefer? Just showing up at the region or having to be better than 1 other wrestler? Or having to be better than 8 other wrestlers?
If you are a parent would you rather have your son (or daughter) competing for 4 of 5 available slots or just "showing up"? Or 4 of 12 available slots?
What about coaches and fans…of course we all would want a wrestler from our team to have the best chance to reach his dream: going to the big dance! Wrestling in Huntington!

Now for a possible solution:
Just by looking at the Regional map on this site:
Region 1: 7 Teams
Region 2: 12 Teams
Region 3: 10 Teams (Hurricane does not field a team)
Region 4: 9 Teams

Addressing other regions: Region 3 with the new additions of Spring Valley (which qualified a few kids last year) and Riverside (which should get 3-4 in this year) seems to be pretty well intact. The emergence of several good wrestlers from Nitro and Point Pleasant along with traditional powers Huntington and Cabell Midland will keep this Region strong and competitive. But in the coaches' final rankings region 1 proved to have its share (26.5%) but region 2 had more ranked wrestlers than regions 3 and 4 combined.

Possible Solution:

1. Move Elkins from Region 2 to Region 4
2. Move Preston from Region 2 to Region 1

This would create:
Region 1: 8 Teams
Region 2: 10 Teams
Region 3: 10 Teams
Region 4: 10 Teams

Why the moves of these teams?
Elkins is in the same area as Buckhannon and Lewis County why they aren't already in Region 4 I'll never know! Region 4 is one of the few regions that every few years or so must "forfeit" a position at the state tournament usually in the 103 or 112 lb weight class due to lack of qualifiers from the region. That means on some occasions these 9 teams have only been bale to fill 3 out of 4 slots. Elkins is not only in a perfect geographical location but usually fills out a full roster and always has a few good kids along with several scrappy wrestlers who could also knock somebody off and qualify. They also wrestle in the Hardwood duals every year where they see several region 4 teams. Moving to region 4 would make it easier for Elkins wrestlers to qualify for states make region 4 a little stronger overall would help in region 4's problem of having forfeits at the state tournament and would make region 2 a little less competitive.

Preston is in the same area as University and Morgantown both of whom already compete in Region 1. Preston is also covered by the same newspaper the Dominion Post and would make a perfect fit with these 2 schools. Fairmont Senior East Fairmont and North Marion are all in the same county so moving any of them would not be fair to the ones who must stay. Preston always seems to have scrappy wrestlers many who come a win or 2 away from a berth in Huntington. Some of those scrappy Preston kids who wouldn't qualify in Region 2 because there are too many wrestlers they cannot beat could knock off a couple of the lesser 4th place finishers in Region 1.

In 1998 Region 1 had 2 weight classes with only 5 wrestlers. Last year there were 3 and this year with all the combined forfeits from Parkersburg Wheeling Park Brooke and Morgantown there could be 4 or 5. Regions 3 and 4 continue to have weight classes with 3-5 wrestlers competing for 4 slots. The time to make a change is now before Grafton is thrown into the mix in Region 2 next year.

When Grafton is added to the mix next year coaches should consider placing them into region 4 especially if Elkins would get moved. This would help to insure better balance overall. Philip Barbour must also decide whether or not to compete in AA or AAA next year. I believe I read somewhere that they were planning on staying AAA much like Liberty (Harrison) did for a few years after officially being AA.

Keep on mind the goal intended: to give every high school wrestler the equal chance of reaching the state tournament. Facts prove that region 2 is not being given that opportunity. Let's hope the coaches from region 2 take a stand and coaches from the other regions support a fair re-alignment.

Good luck to all wrestlers this weekend at regionals! Phanatik

And also...

Attention Forum: Please note that I am not the same person that posted state tournament AAA predictions on 2/17/00 who spelled their name "phanatick". I have since taken steps with the editor to make sure no one else attempts to post using my screen name of "Phanatik". I refuse to make state tournament predictions before the brackets are released on Sunday night. Look for my detailed AAA predictions by Monday night. Thank you!

Editor's note: To tell you the truth, I had my doubts that the comment from the phanatick imposter below (whose pseuonym I changed) was from the real Phanatik because I didn't think the REAL Phanatik would try to pick finalists before the brackets are out...

February 17, 2000
From: King-Keeper
comments: I would like to wish good luck to Brooke Wheeling Park John Marshall University Morgantown and Parkersburg in there upcoming regionals. I would like to see them knock some of the south wrestlers off because of the little competition. Well good luck.

February 17, 2000
From: To Avid Fan:
comments: How do you have 5 guys from Cabell Midland in the finals but not have Cabell Midland as a team in the top 10?

February 17, 2000
From: Dragon Fan
comments: I would just like to congratulate the Cameron Dragons on a job well done. The dragons have won the O.V.A.C Duals. Good luck at Riegonals and States.

February 17, 2000
From: Avid Fan
comments: My Picks For the State Finals !!!!
103:Easter vs. Delligetti
112:Stanley vs. Bosley
119:Stevens vs. Kinsley
125:Stanley vs. George
130:Walters vs. Radcliff
135:Bosley vs. Mayle
140:Moats vs. Trusty
145:Regalbuto vs. Griffin
152:Mays vs. Pickens
160:Baisden vs. Daggett
171:Miller vs. Courtney
189:Coffey vs. Wherle
215:Ochap vs. McCartney
275:Wellman vs. Heath

My Predicted Team Scores:

1. Parkersbuurg South
2. Hedgesville
3. Fairmont Senior
4. Parkersburg
5. Huntington
6. Nitro
7. Buckhannon-Upshur
8. Wheeling Park
9. University
10. John Marshall

February 17, 2000
From: Panhandle Parent
comments: Couple of comments.....To ND:I disagree with you Marylands wrestling page (allmarylandwrestling) is nothing like this page..........and to Swami: with those team predictions your head must be full of water from swimming in the Swampi(lol)........good luck to Hedgesville this weekend

February 17, 2000
From: wrestler
comments: This is in regards to Wrestlingfan's submission on the 17th. You are making predictions about who will be state champs. I think you should get your facts straight before simply throwing out names. You put Daggett as the champ at 152. Well Daggett wrestles 160 not 152. People are into making predictions about who will win states. Well these predictions don't mean anything. It's going to come down to who is the toughest when it counts...and i'd also like to say to the person who predicted that wehrle would lose to coffey in the finals...I don't see that happening. Wehrle has beaten him every time they have faced each other this year. I mean no disrespect to Coffey he's a great wrestler. But i think Wehrle is the man to beat and he'll repeat as state champ

February 17, 2000
comments: I would just like to say that Anthony Regalbuto should win the MOW award with no other Co-MOW attached. In all respects Bryan Moats is a very good wrestler but Anthony is just in a class by himself. I have not seen someone so dominate like Anthony in a good while. I just think that since it is his senior year no one else should be apart of his shinning moments. Bryan still has another year and next year he'll most likely win the award. Both of them are National Champions but Anthony is a good bet to be an All American on the College level right out of high school. This reminds me of when Buddy McKeen had to share the honor with Ryan Painter... Buddy Dominated his senior season. If anything Josh Waugh should have been added to all that mess. Basically a Most Outstanding Wrestler Award should be given to a Most Outstanding Wrestler not wrestlers you know? I wish the best of luck to Hedgesville wrestlers at regionals and states though. It should be interesting to see Parkersburg South Fairmont Senior and Hedgesville make AAA States a run to the end...

February 17, 2000
From: South Girl
comments: I think that everyone that gets on here and mouths about the littlest things are very immature. This is only High School and people act like this is everything. These boys are supposed to be out here for fun not being under all this pressure. But anyways I think that at state there are going to be some suprises that every team is going to experiance. Anything could happen just dont be suprised.

February 17, 2000
From: tapout
comments: There are some SLEEPERS at PHS its going to be interesting come next Saturday night Arena Rumble!

February 17, 2000
From: brenda
comments: Good Luck to Jason Litten first match at reginals if he wins will be his 100th win in 3 years of wrestling for Frankfort go for it jason good luck Falcons and all teams

February 17, 2000
Well I would like to say that GREENBRIER WEST may be underdogs this weekend but don't count out independence and shady are to good teams but they also have a full team west has 11 wrestlers that have dedicated themselves to the sport for the past four months they won the BNI with the exception of indy it's the same teams it will be difficult for them to win it but there is 6-7 guys there going to have in the finals they took three in a row and I hope to see them take four they deserve it after all thee hard work and dedication best of luck guys.

February 17, 2000
From: Heath's Fans!!!!!
email: santasports@yahoo.com
comments: Everybody thanks Hedgesvill's 140 Moats or 145 Regalbuto will be the outstanding wrestler at state's but they all forgot about Joe Heath of Greenbrier East. Moats and Regalbuto are two of the best wrestler in the state so is Joe he is 36-0 all by Pin's. he is in the running for outstanding wrestler!!!!!!

February 17, 2000
comments: Now i saw in Region 2 at 130lbs that there was only 3 seeded wrestlers. Was that all that was in that weight class??? OR did they only seed the wrestlers with winning records and pull the rest from the draw?? IF there is only 3 competiors in that weight class that means there will be at least 2 byes in the first round of the AA state tounry cause Region 3 only has 3 103lbs. I would say this has to be a wake up call to everyone that we have too many weight classes there is no excuse that there should be 2 byes in the state tournement. Even 130lbs a weight class that is in the middle and is normally one easliy filled.

February 17, 2000
From: G-TV
comments: article on wvu's vertus jones

February 17, 2000
From: phanatick wanna-be
comments: here are my predictions for the AAA state finals:
103:Easter vs. Delligatti
112:Stanley vs. Bosley
119:Stevens vs. Johnson
125:Stanley vs. George
130:Walters vs. Radcliff
135:Bosley vs. Mayle
140:Moats vs. Trusty
145:Regalbuto vs. Lane
152:Mays vs. Pickens
160:Daggett vs. Baisden
171:Miller vs. Courtney
189:Coffey vs. Wherle
215:Ochap vs. McCartney
275:Wellman vs. Heath

These are going to be some great matchups and I predict everyone on the left side to win.

February 17, 2000
From: LR
comments: Great post from Phanatic! He backs up his statements with facts. The regions should definitely be adjusted before next year. I don't believe that this has a huge impact on the team scores at the state tournament but it's not fair to the kids who could have qualified to participate in another region. There are always exceptions but it doesn't do you much good to qualify your entire team if you send kids who are not capable of scoring points. You have just provided an easy win for someone from another region.

February 17, 2000
From: Your family
comments: Good Luck to Jeff Courtney this weekend in regionals. You can meet your goal.....

February 17, 2000
From: Your Family
comments: Good Luck To Ben & Brandon Geary in the regionals this weekend.You have had a great year!!!!!!

February 17, 2000
comments: Anyone who doesn't think Anthony Regalbuto is the best wrestler in the state doesn't know much about the sport.

February 17, 2000
comments: On the coaches poll page Terry Kimball at 171 should be Robert Kimball. Terry is Roberts older brother that graduated in 1999.
Editor's note: Thanks for the correction. I'll make the change...

February 17, 2000
From: AA
comments: Here are a few matches to watch in region II: 103 #5 Borror vs #6 Morris
135 #2 Leach vs #6 Jones
140 #5 Anderson vs #6 Bosley
152 #1 Litten vs #3 Toth
171 #4 Hart vs #4 Stotler
275 #3 Taylor vs #4 Ritter

February 17, 2000
From: Tennessee Fan
comments: I want to wish especially all of the Kanawha County wrestlers the best of luck at the regionals and at the states. May you all have success. I want to wish especially Herbert Hoover good luck. GO HUSKIES. A comment to the parents and fans lets get out there and support your schools regardless if your son is in the competition or not they all need your support. It makes a wrestler feel good if he looks out and sees familiar faces from his hometown so take the time and attend the states it is something that you will always remember.

February 17, 2000
Without agression what fun would wrestling be? I'm not saying be a poor sportsman I'm saying show them you have the determination to beat them even if you can't. It takes guts to step on the mat so why don't show some guts .THANX P.S. Trust me it'll be at the state tournament know matter what the rules maybe.

February 17, 2000
comments: Tomorrow is the big day Eagles. Take it to the mat guys show them what Braxton Eagles can really do. Best of luck tomorrow and at the states. Keep your head off the mat. Keep your head held high remember you're a Braxton County Eagle. You should be very proud. I know I am very proud of you guys.

February 17, 2000
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: I have been reading several predictions for team and individual titles in AAA and even though tough I would like to throw out some of my own.
103# Easter/Delligatti(great matchup)
112# Bosley/Stanley 119#Stevens/Johnson
125#wide open Evans/George/Stanley
130# Radcliff/Shetler/Samples(look for some upsets here!)
135 Bosley/Mayle(a barnburner!)
140 Moats(class act!)
145 Regalbuto(probably the best wrestler in the state for 2 years!)
152# Pickens/Williams(rivalry final)
160# Daggett(his to win or lose)
171# Miller(another great wrestler)
189# Wehrle/Coffey(good matchup)
215# Tough call here but looks like Ochap/Corder with Mccartney/Dotts in the running.
275# Heath(Tough!)
Finally team predictions:
My basis in own tourney finishes--
1)South 2)Fairmont Sr.3)Hedgesville 4)Cabell Midland.
There will be upsets and the team scores will be very close closer than many believe! We have many outstanding wrestlers and some great matchups.Best wishes to each team and wrestler.Thanks!

February 17, 2000
comments: To Psycho
If u wanna get ride of the politics then Harper's Ferry should schedual the Wood County School. I would say that the Wood County schools wouldnt have any problem with that. You just have to come to them since your school is allowed travel Wood now gets one overnight trip a year and they go to WSAZ.

February 17, 2000
From: Old Greenbrier West Wrestler
comments: My comment is to GW and Company.
The way i look at it I always think that wrestlers should bring pain because pain is apart of wrestling. I didn't know a lot of moves but I always tried to bring pain to my opponents. As long as you don't use illegal moves I think it is ok.

February 17, 2000
From: to wrestling fan
comments: I mean no disrespect to Courtney but I dont think he or Delligatti will prevail .
103-- Easter(Nitro)
112-- Stanley(Cabell Midland)or Bosley good match
119-- Stevens(PHS)
125--Stanley JP (Cabell Midland)
130-- Samples(PHS)* upset
135-- south
140- Moats
145 --Regalbuto* OW
160- Baisden
171- Miller
189- Wherle
215- Ochap or Corder Good Match

February 17, 2000
From: B. Byrd
comments: Good luck to all Huntington High wrestlers this Saturday at the regional tournament and next week at the state.

February 17, 2000
From: ND
comments: Mr Chuck Yocum
Maryland has a page like this and it is at http://go.to/allmarylandwrestlingforum.

February 17, 2000
From: informed person
comments: seasonal rankings are often skewed due to wrestlers not wrestling tough competition..region I wrestlers wrestle with the nation's best each season...so some of their unranked wrestlers may have missed ranking higher due to this competition..at the states region I consistently scores very high in all weights!..we'll see in two weeks..good luck to all!

February 17, 2000
From: Curious
comments: Does anyone know the final dual meet record of Parkersburg South? Thanks!

February 17, 2000
From: Thankful Fan
comments: Just wanted to say that I think it has been a great year in WV wrestling. All the kids who have excelled this year should be extremely proud of themselves as the overall competition has been very solid. I have been fortunate to take in several good tournaments and been very impressed with several kids. Even though I look forward to the state tournament and many interesting matchups in a couple of weeks I am sad to see the season winding down. Out of all the great wrestling that I've witnessed I think that the two most outstanding wrestlers that I've seen are Ash Wenmoth(Williamstown 125) and Anthony Regalbuto(Hedgesville 145). They are both dynamite with a capital "D". If I had to vote today for the most outstanding wrestler I would give Wenmoth the slight advantage. Any other thoughts from those of you who have seen several of our states best? Thanks to all the kids who leave it all on the mat. You are all winners!!!!

February 17, 2000
From: Psycho
comments: To everyone who reads this your about to encounter some messed up stuff. My dad told me politics didnt matter in sports. Today he was proved wrong. On the coachs poll Harpers Ferry Junior High was ranked #2 in the state. Harpers Ferrys record is 40-0. We are undefeated and broke a record for most consecutive wins. Blennerhasset however is 14-1. Dosnt anybody see anything wrong with this picture here. They are ranked over a team with a perfect season. 1 word politics. Even if you compare our match scores it clearly shows that we should be ranked #1. Politics Politics Politics PoliticsPolitics PoliticsPolitics PoliticsPolitics PoliticsPolitics PoliticsPolitics PoliticsPolitics PoliticsPolitics PoliticsPolitics PoliticsPolitics PoliticsPolitics PoliticsPolitics PoliticsPolitics Politics...

February 17, 2000
From: Parent
comments: Best of Luck!! Ravenswood High School Wrestling Team

February 17, 2000
From: just wondering
comments: My question is how does someone who has wrestled most of his matches at 130 qualify for 125 in the regionals. Would someone please answer this question for me?
Editor's note: Allow me to make this observation: The determining factor is not how many matches you WRESTLED at a given weight, but how many WEIGH-INS you have at a given weight. Many wrestlers will weigh in and then wrestle up. You cannot draw conclusions based on the number of matches wrestled at a given weight.

February 17, 2000
From: J. Hart
email: jh25806@appstate.edu
comments: I would like to thank C Smith for the wonderful comments he submitted to the page. I read the page very often and I think college wrestlers from West Virginia sometimes go unnoticed unless they are wrestling for WVU or West Lib. I know the editor does his best to keep up with everyone but sometimes it is impossible. I think that it is important to encourage the wrestler who are out of High School and have moved on to the next level. I would just like to say that I am training harder than ever and am looking very foward to Conference and the NCAA's (hopefully). I would like to remind all the High School wrestlers that now is the time to peak and you only get there through hard work and dedication. Good Luck to Coach Gilson and IHS at the Regionals and States!!!

February 17, 2000
From: Eagle Dad
comments: Braxton won the NRVC Championship. Way to go Tony! You're a 4 time NRVC champ as well as a 2 time LKC champ. Good luck EAGLES in the regionals and the states. Remember work hard and leave nothing undone!

February 17, 2000
From: wrestling fan
comments: Yo Here are my predictions for AAA state titles.
Team--Hedgesville with a close win over South.
Outstanding Wrestler--(Tie) Regalbuto and Moats
Final Thought: This is how the states will go trust me and Anthony and Bryan will end the season undefeated and become the first teammates to share the outstanding wrestler award for the first time. Peace out.

February 17, 2000
From: wrest;ling fan
comments: How come none of the little schools kids never get rank in the polls. There's alot of our boys that have beaten those ranked but we sure don't see them on there. I think he all comes down to what school you go to anymore. Also I glad to see that everyone has already got who number one team is at the states and who the champions are going to be. I think there might be a few disappointed people come the states. Its who wants it the most.

February 17, 2000
From: Swami
comments: swami sees at the state tournament -
2fairmont sr
4cabell midland

February 17, 2000
From: RE: Greenbrier West and Company
I'm sorry to disagree with you on the Huntington issue. States will not tolerate such behavior. I'm sorry you would even believe for an instance that this type behavior goes on in Huntington without some team points being taken. I feel wrestlers should be taught respect and discipline from their very first trip on the mat. I agree wrestlers get angry when they are down on points but to cause undue pain with illegal moves is intolerable. The boys are out there to wrestle not to be subjected to moves such as the ones you described. There should be extra conditioning or some other punishment so the boys that are using these illegal moves will think twice before doing it again. I've been attendin wrestling matches for 12 years now and it totally pees me off for you to be making excuses for such conduct. I'm sure if the shoe were on the other foot you would feel the same way.

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