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February 29, 2004
comments: To the person who said will see Hayes and McCray next year, you're wrong. Hayes gave up his last year of elgibility as a ninth grader. He wrestled two years as a ninth grader. (... a bunch of accusations concerning various organizations and agencies, accusing them of cheating and being unethical, which, if proven, would result in a number of ruined careers..... deleted). You're right, it's my opinion, but stay focused to the PARKERSBURG NEWS in the near future and you'll see the outcome!! I'd love to write and tell you but like many of my opinions, you fall short to print. As far as this article, I'll be suprise if it makes it. ITS JUST MY OPINION. And remember in the future, there are two sides two every story and there is ALWAYS TWO SIDES OF EVERY RIVER!!
Editor's note: I'll tell you what. Print up whatever truth you want to tell. Send it to the Parkersburg News as a letter to the editor. When they print it, I'll post a link to it.

February 29, 2004
From: To Insider Looking In
comments: Sorry to hear you are upset about not getting your info posted here. I think it important that WV Mat stays out of as much controversy as possible. If you have something important to inform everyone about, perhaps you could go to WWW.TRISTATEPREPS.COM I know alot of wrestling fans, coaches, wrestlers, etc. follow that website,also. That will keep WV Mat neutral. I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

February 29, 2004
From: Youth Fan
comments: wanted to send a comment about the Point Pleasant Youth Tournament this past weekend. We have traveled all year long to several tournaments - when I walked in to that facility Saturday morning, I took a deep breath and thought.... it's gonna be a long day! However, I must say that this was by far the smoothest run tournament that I have ever seen! There was probably 400 - 500 wrestlers there and it was so organized it was amazing. Hats off to all of the people from Point Pleasant or Mason County for doing such a wonderful job. The hospitality was great, the sound system was great, the concessions were great, and most of all, the wrestling was awesome! You said that wrestling would start at 9:00am, and I looked at my watch as the first match was called, and it was actually 8:59 - I was impressed!! First tournament of the year that has actually started on time! Once again, Thanks Mason County - Your program sure is growing and you've got lot's of people involed and lot's of good wrestlers coming! Looking forward to coming back next year! Appreciate all of the hard work! GREAT TOURNAMENT!

February 29, 2004
From: Da man
comments: heyLloyd Christmas your going down at the mason co open you and harry dunn

February 29, 2004
comments: I would like to say good job to Shaun Smith for wrestling a smart match againist Mitch. On the other hand I would like to say, Mitch you have earned everyone's respect cause of what a CLASS ACT you are and TRUE CHARACTER you should. I just want to wish you the best of luck and keep your head up!!!! You are a very good person

February 29, 2004
From: fan
comments: i would like to say congradulations to justin lodge on his third place finish its a shame you souldnt have faced radar in the finals that was one of the best matches keep working hard you deserve a state title

February 29, 2004
comments: Congratulations to Jacob carr for never giving up and wrestling back to get 3rd Dave Bonecutter youve worked hard all season and broke two record congrats james Casto great freshman Brandon Warner Nobody expected you to place congat Justin Cullen way to go and to all the guys from point which made it It's an honer to be there

February 29, 2004
comments: PHS I think showed why they are the School of Champions, winning state and their fans were great also, did not cheer against any P-south wrestler...but clapped for them when they won. Great job PHS, the wrestlers and the fans are true champions. Also, I notcied in AA/A , I saw like 4 guys being taken off in a stretcher. Thats not a good thing, my prayers go out to them and their families tonight.

February 29, 2004
From: dadthatunderstandskids
comments: to coach lemaster from milton middle school good job this year coach, your team wrestled with alot of class. good job to point pleasant for doing so well in the wsaz. my question is who certifys the weights at base weight for middle schools. i have noticed the last few years alot of the middle school teams drop kids to the next weight class after the first of the year or later. aren't they suppose to make exact weight before they get the extra pounds? surely no coach would do this to give a kid an advantage. what are they teaching the kids, besides cheating the kids that work hard to wrestle at a certain weight. surely no wrestling coach would do this in a sport that teaches so much discipline.

February 29, 2004
From: Large Growler
comments: Congradulations to the South Team, My hat is off to the entire team and Coaching Staff, WoW what a season, What Class, The coaches deserve a lot of credit for their outstanding work with the boys on and off the mat. I wish I could say the same for another team that I can not mention, what a shame for the boys that they have that kind of leadership.

February 29, 2004
comments: To Sleepless In Huntington: Who hasn't been kept awake in Huntington by some rowdy wrestlers during the state tournament? Its all in good fun and the nature of the beast. I'm sure most of the coaches have a good idea of what their wrestlers are up to. They'll get paid back in a few years when they are old timers like us being kept up by the new group of kids.

February 29, 2004
From: Superman
comments: Thanks for the Support WV Mat Fan. I got lucky on a couple. As for AAA, who could possibly have for told an upset like that at 140. (Referring to Mike Barbour's injury default of course).

two quick comments:

1) I'm still hoping somebody would be interested in sending me some pictures of the states, to be posted on ZenGrappling.com

If you are interested email them to webmaster@zengrappling.com

Or If you only have paper photos and you really want, you can email me, and I'll give you a mailing address

2) Insider Looking In: I know Doc doesn't publish rubbish, and I won't either. BUT if you have something to say, and can do it in a clean educated manner, I will publish your opinion on ZenGrappling. You can email me at the above address, and I'll try and hook you up.

February 29, 2004
From: fan
comments: i would like to say congradulations to jusrin lodge on his third place finish its a shame you couldnt have facd radar in the finals that was one of the best matches all weekend keep working hard for next year you deserve a state title

February 29, 2004
From: PHS Fan
comments: I just want to congratulate the Big Reds for a great and classy tournament performance. Wrestlers, we love you all. Fans, you were wonderful. I think it's great when wrestlers get the support that some of the other sports get. Ryan, you are such a great kid. Two times, baby. Lou, I hope you get the Dutton Award, you're the best. Joey, you are Mr. Excitement and a pleasure to watch wrestle. Scooter, way to perform. You made us all proud. Chance, that wasn't you out there wrestling on Saturday night. But everyone knows you are a true champion, as you have been all year. Next year and after that will be your shining moments. Josh, you stepped it up. As soon as you get some confidence in your ability, you'll show what you can actually do on the mat. Casey Iceman, way to stay cool and wrestle like you are capable of doing. Great performance. Brandon, you endured the negative remarks and attitudes of some people there and showed what a champion you are. Robert, two times for you now, Mr. Laid Back. You do it with a quiet fire from within. Jake, some great matches. You came within a point or two of winning it all. Your weight group was tough and you hung in there through it all. Scottie, way to step it up and never quit, even when things were looking bleak. You showed great fight and spirit. To all the guys who didn't make it this year, thanks for supporting the ones who did. We're counting on you to step it up next year and get your just rewards for the hard work you have all put in. Coaches, we love you and believe in you, no matter what anyone else thinks. We know the true dedication, love and competitiveness you give the boys and school. There were some wrestlers who stand out in my mind for different reasons. From South, Kyle Walters, you are a true gentleman and a great wrestler. Shaun Smith, way to wrestle. That was a great match! Sean Smith, I've enjoyed watching you wrestle for a long time, and I'm truly sorry your knee caused you such problems. Cody Norman, great job. From University, David Campbell and Kyle Turnbull, I was happy to see you win. From Wheeling Park, Humphrey, you did a great job. Ron Green, excellent wrestling. Abbie Rush, you should have been in the finals. I'm sure you will be on the victory stand next year. I am sorry that Shaw and Gustines in the 135 never won a state title, you were enjoyable to watch and were too good to have never won one. To Lodge from North Marion, you are a very good wrestler and gave Brandon a heck of a match. To Garvin of Morgantown, I know it must be tough to wrestle at a school where wrestling is not given much attention, I think you do a great job. Mitch Smith and Bobby Cooper from Ripley, way to be there and show everyone your skills. I am sure you will win number three next year, Mitch. You're a true technician and competitor. Also, congrats to Shane Smith and Alan Tracewell from Williamstown. You're three sport athletes and winners in all of them. That makes you really special. I left a lot of wrestlers out who impressed me due to the length of this. Great state tournament to all of the competitors. You were all a pleasure to watch.

February 29, 2004
From: AAA guru
comments: Here's some food for thought.

Place winners in each region and number of teams with place winners.

Region 1
42 place winners from 7 teams (P.S.-10, Park.-11, W.P-6, Brk.-5., J.M.-5, Unv.-3, Morg.-2)

Region 2
15 place winners from 6 teams (E.F.-4, Hedg.-3, Fair. Sr.-3, Jeff.-3, N.Mar.-1, Mus.-1).

Region 3
15 place winners from 6 teams (Rip.-4, W.W.-4, Nic.-3, B.U.-2, R.C.B.-1, G.E.-1)

Region 4
12 place winners from 4 teams (Hunt.-6, Cab.Mid.-4, Nitro-1, Hurr.-1)

Huntington and Cabell Midland each qualified 13 wrestlers which was the most for any team in the AAA Tournament.

February 29, 2004
From: Sleepless in Huntington
comments: I hope that the xxxx coach slept good Friday night at the ... The boys you had in room xxx kept us up all night long, with what sounded like a destruction on the room. At three in the a.m. my head board actually rattled from whatever it was they were doing. It was miserable, for three soild hours. I wish I could have known which room was yours coach, cause I would have made sure you were up with us.

February 29, 2004
comments: From GK:
Congratulations to all of the winners and also to all of the losers in the state tourney. It was one of the hardest wrestled tournaments that I can remember. I really enjoyed officiating the tourney this year and sharing memories with a lot of old friends. Thanks to the fans who support the tourney, thanks to the many volunteers who work in it, but most of all thanks to the great kids who make it fun for me!!!! AFTERALL IT'S ALL ABOUT THE KIDS.

February 29, 2004
From: Super South Fan
comments: I would just like to say, Mitch Smith you are one class act! I kno things didnt go as you would have hoped, but I've followed your wrestling since you were a little kid. You are the best there is hands down! No one likes losing and the way you took it should be an inspiration to us all! I look forward to watching you next yr and in the future. God bless you and your wonderful family, you all are great people. I think I speak for everyone when I say we'd love to see you in a South singlet....you'll always be Jr.Patriots to us!

February 29, 2004
From: Red Devil Fan
comments: Hey good job to all the Ravenswood wrestlers on a great tournament.Judd You wrestled great don't hang your head down It could have went either way. Sam Way to come back. Josh And David wait till next year no more nerves you will be ready.Great job guys

February 29, 2004
From: homer southwood
comments: This is one south fan who would like to congradulate the Brooke wrestlers on their sportsmanship this weekend. Derrick I was talking to your mom before the finals, and I want to wish you luck with football in college. Braden, Mike and Dana what class acts you guys are. Wrestled your hearts out to the very end and showed all people how to act when things don't turn out for the best. You guys have great futures ahead of you stay just as you are. Brooke fans should be very proud of these guys and good luck in the future. Mrs. Molnar it was very nice to meet you and thanks for compliments about the South program.

February 29, 2004
comments: Congrats Matt Delligatti on ur title and finishing udefeated in the state. Also good job not giving up a single takedown to a west virgina wrestler. Meatball YOU ARE THE MAN i cant believe u won the title with a broken foot. YESSSSSS!!!!! BEARS

February 29, 2004
comments: To Yucatan Man,
Craddock's shoulder went out before the toss. Look at the scores of each round. Potts is a good wrestler but didn't dominate.

February 29, 2004
From: #1 Fan of JWW
email: jjmj245@hotmail.com
comments: To anyone who attended the Point Pleasant Youth Tournament on Saturday, February 28: If you found a black Nike bag please contact me (e-mail address above). Among other items, my son's shoes were in there that he saved his money to order over the internet. He has only had them one week and would greatly appreciate getting them back. We understand it gets crowded and hectic and someone may have picked up the bag by accident. Therefore, we thank you, in advance, for returning it.

February 29, 2004
From: Bobbi Jo
comments: I just want to say congratulations to Bonecutter. You are living proof of what hard work can do. We all are proud of you. Seven Championships, Breaking two school records, regional champ, and placing third in the state! Way to go, I'm proud of you!!

February 29, 2004
From: anon

February 29, 2004
From: WVUstud
comments: Congradulations to Oak Glen for bringing home #8. Special congrats to Brandon Miller, Brennon Chambers, Rhett Northcraft, and Cody Potts for winning a well deserving individual titles. A special thanks and congradulations goes out to Coach Shaw, he is the keystone of the Oak Glen wrestling success. Brandon, way to fight through that knee injury, Brennon, amazing semi's match, Rhett, everybody doubted you against Metz and you pulled through, Cody, you da man! This was supposed to be a "down" year for Oak Glen Wrestling but you guys pulled through the adversity and showed the state that Oak Glen doesnt rebuild, they reload. Have a great off season and come back next year and do it again, because all of us OG fans no you can keep it rollin'! Thanks Again for a wonderful season, it has been fun watching and following you guys all year.

February 29, 2004
From: region 3 fan
comments: boy, people just underestimate oak glen every year. i thought it was supposed to be a close one this year by what i read on the forums. i don't care either way. i wrestled in region 3, and AAA at that, but whoever predicted oak glen to lose is too dumb to find their a** with both hands. another blowout for oak glen.

February 29, 2004
From: One rowdy South Fan
comments: Id just like to say Congrats to South's State Champs- Chad Porter, I knew you could do it, said you would all along! What a talented kid you are. Shaun Smith, Most Outstanding Wrestler!!!! WOW! Amazing, what a match!!! You are the BEST! Codi Norman, should of won last year, came back with a bang this year and took that state title you deserved- knew you could and would do it!!! Kyle Walters, awsome job! You are an outstanding Wrestler and we as South fans are going to miss watching you wrestle- loved watching you throw them other boys around like rag dolls! Congratulations to all of you. And to our 3rd place finishers- Aaron Kelly, great job, love to watch you wrestle- what awsome moves you have! Felix Osuno Cotto, way to go, we will miss your talent on the team next year. Josh Davis, wow... you just keep getting better and better!!! Josiah Dorton, what can I say.... you have the HEART of a CHAMPION, you give up so much weight to those other heavy weights and still come out on top, what a wrestler you are! To Zach McCray, you've been great all year we are so proud of you. Sean Smith- I think I'll miss you most of all, your Senior year didnt end the way we thought it would, but no one can take away what an OUTSTANDING CLASS ACT wrestler that you are, you have always been one of my favorite South Wrestlers and you'll always be a Champion in my eyes. Travis Townsend you'll get them next year, keep up the good work! To Kurt Radcliff, wow... to wrestle after your knee injury... now thats what it means TO TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM!!!!!! Others should learn from you!!!! As for Hueston Kellar, there is no doubt you'll be kicken butt at the state next year! Matt Dunn.... I guess you really scared them over there on the other side of the river seeing that they needed to take you out of contention! They must of felt like they needed to do that to win. What a shame, it would of been nice to see who really had the better team. Oh well, WE WILL GET THEM NEXT YEAR! Again, great job to all you boys! Congrats to Coach of the year Tim McCartney... you dont have to share that title with anyone in our eyes!!!!!!!
To Chance Litton and your family.... what upstanding people you are! Thank you for doing what was right! Chance I wish things would of come out differently during your match, you were the one PHS wrestler that I really wanted to see win the most of all.

February 29, 2004
From: assistant asst.
comments: Just wanted to say congrats to wirt co. taking 5 to states placing 4 of those and still coming in at number 9 not to shabby guys. Win or lose you guys came out every match wrestling like it was ur last. Gonna miss you guys next yr.

February 29, 2004
From: BLUE
comments: Way to go BUBBY!!!. YOU DA MAN!!.

February 29, 2004
From: parkersburg observer
comments: Great State Tournament!...How about all the close matches at 119AAA....Turnbull,Humphrey,Hayes,Mccray and Riner all wrestled some of the most exciting in the tournament, like 6 matches decided by a total of about 8 points. And a great showing of class and sportsmanship by all four. Great Job Hayes and McCray, can't wait to see you next year.

February 29, 2004
From: STate tourney follower
comments: Who else has beaten Mitch Smith??? He "NOW" has 2 losses. I hope Shaun Smith will sit back on Sunday and realize how outstanding it was to beat Mitch. You controlled the match. You had all the offense. You went out and got it done. You should be proud. Mitch is a great wrestler, he just never had any offense against Shaun. Shaun went after the leg in the first period and nearly got it. He kept after it and in overtime , he GOT IT. Way to Go Shaun.

February 29, 2004
From: To: G I jo
comments: Don't forget about Ryan Cambell who also got 3rd after a first round loss.

February 29, 2004
From: INSIDER LOOKING IN ....Doc I know you dont like to publish some stuff on here but something has to be done. I was as nice as I can be on this subject....
Editor's note: Then, it should be done by someone who is in a position to do it, which isn't WV-Mat.

February 29, 2004
From: WV Mat Fan
comments: Just some random comments:

I noticed that Superman (zengrappling.com) picked 13/14 right for AA/A. Thats pretty amazing. However, he only picked 8/14 for AAA. That kinda average, but in his defense there were some pretty big upsets (Mitch Smith).

The interesting thing is, Superman never does AA predictions.

February 29, 2004
From: WV Mat Fan
comments: Just some random comments:
I noticed that Superman (zengrappling.com) picked 13/14 right for AA/A. Thats pretty amazing. However, he only picked 8/14 for AAA. That kinda average, but in his defense there were some pretty big upsets (Mitch Smith).

The interesting thing is, Superman never does AA predictions.

February 29, 2004
comments: way to go fegal on your win over freda congradulation

February 29, 2004
comments: i am so tired of hearing about how region one is so much better, and the crying about the other kids who dont make it to the states from that region that would place if they did. Just stop your crying, suck it up and either win or train harder for next year!

February 29, 2004
From: Mike Prince
comments: Congratulations to Shaun Smith of South for the biggest upset in a while at the state tournament. Great match. Mitch you are a CLASS ACT!!!! Mitch Smith you showed the state what a true first class person you are, unfortunately it came at the hands of a loss. Mitch, my family and I have watched you and have rooted for you for years. My son has been at many camps with you and has always looked up to you. It is a shame that so many people wanted to see you get upset. People were just dying to see how you would take a loss. (I saw you get beat at the Silver Dome and Tournament of Champions and you was always classy) Mitch, you are one of the greatest wrestlers to ever come from this state and you have nothing to be ashamed of. Mitch my family and I still talk about the lateral drop you did on that guy in the Silver Dome in the last 15 seconds to win. That was one of the best matches I have ever seen. Mitch, I know your heart is aching but I wanted you to know that my family's heart is aching with yours and we still think you are the best!!!!!!! Mitch, keep your head high you are special!!!!!!!!!

February 29, 2004
From: congrats
comments: congrats to my man casey hughes and the whole cameron team. great job you have proven you are #1 again. my hat goes off to the point pleasant kid your only challenge this week end that should have been your finals.casey good luck in the future.

February 29, 2004
From: G I jo
comments: Sam Dennis Jacob Lowe and Jacob Carr all came back and got 3rd after losing in the first round!

February 29, 2004
From: Proud PPHS MOM that is Mom #2
comments: Justin, I might not have been there in person but I was with you in heart and soul, what a way to finish the year, just remember what I've told you. One step at a time and it is time to set goals and become the leader I know you can be, you just have to beleive in yourself, everyone else knows what you can do,it's just you have to beleive it yourself. You will grow and mature again this year and I'll be there to watch. I will follow you until you finish. Now say good bye to this year and get ready for next. Remember it's all mind over matter. Love Ya,
Mom #2.

February 29, 2004
From: Mommy #2
comments: Hey Jacob
Way to go! I'm so proud of you. I knew you would do it. NOW, YOUR SENIOR YEAR HAS COME TO A FINISH, hang on to what is left the rest will fly by. You won't understand until next year, how much you will miss your wrestling family.You all grow and go you seperate ways, but always remember I love you and the times we shared traveling together, especially New Lex.
Love You, Mommy #2 PPHS

February 29, 2004
From: The Fan
comments: I've been thinking about the State Tourment and have come up with a solution to all the woes of getting the best kids in the States, mainly region 1. The majority of the kids in Region 1 are better then the rest of the State. Why not wrestle the States on 2 weeks rather than one,or wrestle A/AA on week and AAA the next. By doing this all the schools go to the State with full teams and eliminate the regionals. This way the best place regardless.

February 29, 2004
From: PPHS Mom
comments: Congrat. Dave Bonecutter
Way to end the year!

February 29, 2004
From: PPHS Mom
comments: Way to go PPHS wrestlers!!
Keep the team alive and get ready for next year.

February 29, 2004
From: Gregg & Cindy
comments: Congratulation to Shaun Smith for an amazing run at the State Tournament. We are all so proud of you. How does it feel to be on top of the world.

February 29, 2004
From: WAH
comments: WOW!!!!! Mitch Smith geting beat in OT! are you serious what a match .. congratulations Sean Smith H*L* of a match.

February 29, 2004
From: Proud Big Black
comments: Dave, great year. All the guys said you worked harder than ever, and it definitely showed on the mat. From what I understand, you have two new school records and a third place finish on top of that, great job.
Jacob, you shocked everyone. You lost match one to a stud, and came back and showed why you are a stud. Beating Burgess for third took alot of guts, and you definitely have that. We could not be any prouder.
Casto, outstanding freshmen campaign. Fifth in the state, defeated a few guys that placed higher and looked good the whole time. Unbelievable beginning. Cullen, you weren't given much credit this year, and look what you did. Worked hard and placed.
Warner, same for you. You were not given a chance to place this weekend, and you did just that, defeating a few good wrestlers along the way.
To the rest of you boys that qualified, great work. To our beloeved 215, nothing is fair about getting a stomach virus and losing 6 pounds before the tournament. And we all know you told us it was no excuse, we are all going to use it as one. You beat the #3 guy, and you are still our #3 guy. Great senior year. Good luck to everyone next year and can not wait to be back in Huntington.

February 29, 2004
comments: Gas to the state..$40.00
Food ... $50.00
Hayes beating Zac McCray when it counted,with so many doubters....PRICELESS!

February 29, 2004
From: Rebel Fan
comments: Congratulations Brad Swiger! 4th place in AA/A 275, not too shabby for a kid who has only wrestled 4 years.

February 29, 2004
From: to: Yucatan Man
comments: Thanks for the compliments about Mike. He did fall short and it has been sad for all of us because we wanted to see him place, but he gave it his all. All I can say is that I am so proud of him to for making it to states in the first place.

February 29, 2004
From: I -B- OLD
comments: Just maybe, just maybe CHAD PORTER will get the respect he deserves on the POLL next year. Good job South guys, you made it close. Real fun weekend. See ya next year.

February 29, 2004

February 29, 2004
From: Yucatan Man
email: comments:
103 - Robert Rash made up for last year with a fall in the second period over Oak Glen Freshman Brandon Davis, who is going to be a nice little wrestler down the road.
112 - Classic Region one battle between Brandon Miller and Tim Cumpston. Looked like Cumpston gave up points at the wrong times.
119 - Battle of Champions - Won by Neal 6-5 over Billings, little longer and Judd might have done it again. Great Match though.
125 - Dereck Scarbro....this kid is tough! 6-2 over Wright on way to his second title.
130 - Although the championship match was friday night in this class, Ashley showed up in the finals and looked great. Took home the OW as well.
135 - Brennon Chambers over Andrew Cummings in a hard fought final, look for Cummings to be tough next year.
140 - Jeff Cumpston , BEST wrestler in the class, Dominated the whole final 15-0!
145 - Again the finals was on Friday night! Hughes dominated the match from the start.
152 - Northcraft is a stud!!!!
160 - Great match, good to see Shane Smith go out with a win, not only a great wrestler but also a great kid.
171 - This was and interesting match a little dirty which made it fun. Tracewell looked in control the whole match.
189 - Wild. Mark Smith and Robert Ward put on a show, both of you hold your heads high, great match.
215 - Potts, nice toss man.....animal of the class.
275 - The beast was tamed tonight, I didnt think it could happen, Fegal....great job man.

See you all next year!

February 29, 2004
From: Iron
comments: Way to go Big Reds......everyone placed....everyone really stepped it up, especially stilgenbauer(103) almost had a first round upset against knapton..ended up coming back to place 4th. Congrats to Lou, Dearman, and Shyver for all going out champions. Chance, you still got one more year. Shaun Smith....UNBELIEVEABLE!!! I am still in shock over that OT win against Mitch. Great Tourny.....12 of the champs were from region 1 by the way I think. Big Reds fans did a great job by showing class, not booing any south wrestler nor cheer when they were losing.... Many upsets in the tournament, who woulda thought sean smith would place 5th??? and rader almost getting upset by lodge. Great tourny.....see ya in december.

February 29, 2004
From: KuHn
comments: Great job Casey Hughes on your senior season. You DOMINATED the finals.

February 29, 2004
From: Lloyd Christmas
comments: Well well well........I am proud to say Great Job Brian Humphrey. You proved that you were the #2 guy in the state and in the REGION. Maybe this will give region 1 a better seeding procedure. And the the Parkersburg Observer: I thought you said I was stupid for saying Humphrey would beat both Hays & McCray??? Well he did :). Great Job Brian!!!! Proud of you big guy.

February 29, 2004
comments: Congratulations Putts on coaching your third state champ.

February 28, 2004
From: parent
comments: as i said before the prulude to the st tour was at mgt where the region 1 tour was they have have 20 of 26 wrestlers in tthe finals

February 28, 2004
From: EB
comments: We're proud of you Mitch, Dustin, Brandon, Chance, Casey, Lou and Ryan. GO COUGARS!

February 28, 2004
From: JBird
comments: I was wondering if there is any Open wrestling Tournaments in Northwest Ohio because i'm attending college up there and wanting to wrestle is some open around the Lima,oh area if you know any will please notify me @ poke_em_hard_6_9@hotmail.com thanks

February 28, 2004
From: cal fan
comments: how bout that strength golden gram

February 27, 2004
From: dg
comments: TO SAIYAN PRINCE: You want to tell me one more time how Mahan is going to beat Ashley?

February 27, 2004
From: Kastanza
comments: Great job Point Pleasant I am so proud of you all. Justin Cullen, James Casto, Jacob Carr, Brandon Warner, and Dave Bonecutter.....you all wrestled great! Good luck tomorrow boys, lets keep moving up.

February 27, 2004
From: Youth WV. State Lover
comments: To: "Youth Fan" who commented on the WV Jr. States. No, I am afraid you are wrong about where the best are! All of the best will be at the Jr. State Tournament in Parkersburg. The ones who want to be a true "West Virginia Jr. State Champion" are there! Those who are not, are either running or whinning and choosing not to be a part of the True West Virginia Jr. State Championships! It's too bad parents are so "Bull-Headed" that they choose not to let their "great wrestlers" wrestle in a "Great Jr. State Tournament!" Wipe your tears, suck it up, and come wrestle the best! If you choose not to, just remain quiet and ..............mmmmmmm......maybe try basketball!

February 27, 2004
From: weaver
comments: Good job on your first match Alex King. Take it all, I know you can if try.

February 27, 2004
From: m m
comments: man did you see that standing grambe bonecutter pulled off in the match with dye. WOW he then went in to a peterson then step off a cowboy to pin in the first period. he is on a roll, look out.

February 27, 2004
From: JB
comments: Litton says: Head up, cut the angles, elbows in, feet in the mat, attack, attack, attack.

Good luck Mitch, Dustin, Brandon, Chance, Casey, Lou and Ryan.

February 27, 2004
From: CrossfaceU
comments: Youth State Tournament
If you want to have a true state tournament then I suggest that a governing body would have to break the state up into regions and you would have to qualify in your region to advance to the TRUE state tournament. The kid must wrestle a minimum # of matches at the same weight they will wrestle at regionals and state. This would help the coaches get a true seeding. I believe that they use this process in P.A.

February 27, 2004
From: Mat Girl
comments: I think that Cameron will win states this year and not Oak Glen All of Cameron's wrestlers are really determined and ready for the state tournament

February 27, 2004
From: WVUstud
comments: Ut Oh! Look out for them Golden Bears again. Keep up the good work, keep your heads high and don't get caught up in the hype, and bring home number 8!

February 27, 2004
From: hedgesvillefanm
comments: Great job in the first round guys keep it up. Grim you've got a very tough weight class but just keep fighting and do your best. Big upset by Nicholson good job. Lets go eagles prove the polls wrong.

February 27, 2004
From: Lloyd Christmas
comments: Hey Nott: Why dont you tell Greg Pettit to step up and wrestle Lloyd Chrismas if he wants a good match. And after I get down with him Harry Dunn said he wants a piece, so tell Mr. Pettit to BRING IT! Me and Harry will both be waiting for him at the Mason Co. Open.

PS - Me and Harry will not be at the Wirt Co. invit......Quit using our screennames.

February 27, 2004
From: Yucatan Man
comments: a supportive fan: congrats to your little brother Mike Merico, he wrestled very well. Just came up a little short. Keep wrestling hard Mike.

February 27, 2004
comments: AAA Regional Records after Round 1

Region 1 43-13
Region 2 28-28
Region 3 23-33
Region 4 18-38

Region 1 VS:
Reg 2 15-5
Reg 3 14-2
Reg 4 14-6

Region 2 VS:
Reg 1 5-15
Reg 3 11-9
Reg 4 12-4

Region 3 VS:
Reg 1 2-14
Reg 2 9-11
Reg 4 12-8

Region 4 VS:
Reg 1 6-14
Reg 2 4-12
Reg 3 8-12

February 27, 2004
From: nott
comments: Greg Pettit called in himself and 5 california high school wrestlers for the Mason County Open March 27th.Greg wants to wrestle in the 200 and 220 class this year. We had some good open competition last year. Looks like this year is going to be good as well.

February 27, 2004
From: a supportive fan
comments: I want to wish the boys from Weir High good luck this weekend, especially my brother, Mike Merico. I know you have it in you; you go out there and turn it on. This is the last one! Make it count! I'm proud to be your big sister!!!!!!

Good luck to all wrestlers this weekend, especially the seniors.

February 27, 2004
From: old 140-152
comments: goodluck calhoun, show them what your made of, and never give up guys ( go get em metzy )

February 27, 2004
From: momma j.
comments: Best of Luck to all the Greenbrier West Wrestlers. You have done a great job all year and just getting to the states shows that. Pizza and cheese fries are just around the corner, stay focused. Love Momma Janette. I do hope that all the "fans" who sit with us are truly rooting for us, not so at the regionals, right!! Also, hope they have people to tag at the end of time, not like the coalfield conference, right again????

February 27, 2004
comments: Is is true that the parkersburg jr states will not have a 13-15 age groug next year? If so, why?

February 27, 2004
From: old149
comments: reply to Pirate_Mann:
I am all for geometric proofs, but let's look at a real life situation. Wrestler A is ranked first, and wrestler B is ranked second. Let's say wrestler A enters his regional with an injured back. He gets to the finals to guarantee himself a trip to states but defaults in the finals to save his back from further injury. Wrestler B is healthy and wins his regional (not same region as wrestler A). Now the pill is drawn, and wrestler A is in the same quarter-bracket as wrestler B. There you go; the two best wrestlers in the state will meet in the quarter-finals... kinda makes you not want to miss friday morning's session, huh? an added note to all who post things on this forum-- there is no greater feeling in wrestling than being underestimated. think about that next time you talk about how great your favorite wrestler is... that's bulletin-board material for somebody else baby!

February 27, 2004
From: Paulverizer
comments: Don't dis the superdude's predictions eh? I do think however that at the 103 lb. class. Blankenship will definitely find a spot in the top 5 this year. He's only a Freshman, but he has been wrestling well lately, soooooooo watch out! Well let's watch Oak Glen win another title, lol.

February 27, 2004
From: BOB
comments: It's the state not the states.

February 27, 2004
comments: hey doc, what does it look like the frequency of updates will be during the state tournament??? like, do u know how often we that cannot attend all 3 days, will be able to know results via the webpage??
Editor's note: Planning an update at least at the end of each day, if not the end of each session. If all goes well...

February 27, 2004
From: Batman and Robin
comments: Well the time has came it's time for the 160 pounder from BS to take the state title. We have all been waiting for this time.


February 27, 2004
comments: headin off to the state tournament....should be great...good luck to all the participants

February 27, 2004
From: Lloyd Christmas fan
comments: For any and all who want to see Lloyd strut his stuff, then just be in Wirt County on March 20, 2004. I know he may be a little over the upper age bracket but otherwise I'm sure he'll qualify. They would undoubtedly want him to wrestle, given his credentials.

February 27, 2004
From: Ed P
comments: to JIM leMASTER I agree with you,the wrestler should be able to cont. The key is being checked by medical staff and being cleared by them. We all do not want to see further injury. There are rules to allow that and should be followed. I've been around this sport 30 years and know that most wrestlers compete with pain and hurt most of the time.

February 27, 2004
comments: Uhs Fan, look at the brackets though, east fairmont got "dream draws" and should have 4 guys in the finals if not 5.

February 27, 2004
From: Youth Fan
comments: How can they list the seeds of The WV JR. States, when you have teams holding tournments, or electing to have their own version of a State Title. You figure how to get everyone on one page then you can Show the kids off!! The way it is, it's just a large tournment with a state Championship theme. In other words not all the best are in one place.

February 27, 2004
From: Pointer
comments: One last shoutout to Point before the big show. go out there and give it all you got. i cant say enough how proud i am of you guys. as individuals and as a team you have really stepped it up. keep it up and youll be there on saturday. GOOD LUCK!!

February 27, 2004
From: Mr. AAPredictor
comments: Here are the predictions everyone has been waiting for:

Team Scores:
198 Oak Glen
144 Williamstown
127 Cameron
112 Calhoun
103 Shady Spring
86 Braxton Co.
67 Greenbrier West
64 Point Pleasant
53 St. Marys
52 Independence

Rash, Independence
Davis, Oak Glen
Flowers, Williamstown
Boggs, Roane Co.
Highlander, Greenbrier West
Blankenship, Berkeley Springs

Moffatt, Winfield
Cumpston, Cameron
Miller, Oak Glen
Stuart, Bridgeport
Geary, Petersburg
Hanson, Herbert Hoover

Neal, Shady Spring
Billings, Ravenswood
Valles, Weirton Madonna
Sampson, Calhoun Co.
O'Neil, Cameron
Snoberger, Frankfort

Scarbro, Shady Spring
Wright, Oak Glen
Biddle, Williamstown
Ellis, Wahama
Digman, Braxton Co.
Leithead, Sissonville

Ashley, Calhoun Co.
Harvey, Shady Spring
Mahan, Oak Glen
Haws, Bridgeport
Adams, Braxton Co.
Cronin, St. Marys

Chambers, Oak Glen
McCarty, Lewis Co.
Cummings, Calhoun Co.
Bartrug, St. Marys
Chapman, Shady Spring
Allen, Wirt Co.

Cumpston, Cameron
Dye, Wirt Co.
Flynt, Braxton Co.
Dimarco, Williamstown
Casto, Point Pleasant
Price, Calhoun Co.

Hughes, Cameron
Elder, Williamstown
Hines, Braxton Co.
Stevens, Oak Glen
Bonecutter, Point Pleasant
Duryea, Grafton

Metz, Calhoun Co.
Northcraft, Oak Glen
Efaw, Grafton
Bosley, Frankfort
Miller, Wirt Co.
Wince, Ritchie Co.

Smith, Williamstown
Goodrich, Calhoun Co.
Mason, Berkeley Springs
Railing, Oak Glen
Hashman, St. Marys
Hodge, Wahama

Tracewell, Williamstown
Carr, Point Pleasant
Stewart, Cameron
Tanner, Braxton Co.
Thompson, Shady Springs
Burgess, Roane Co.

Smith, Greenbrier West
McCoy, Herbert Hoover
Ward, Independence
Foltz, Oak Glen
Lauderman, Williamstown
Blair, Grafton

Potts, Oak Glen
Craddock, Roane Co.
Boone, Ritchie Co.
Tench, Point Pleasant
Barnhart, St. Marys
Blankenship, Braxton Co.

Freda, Lewis Co.
Fegal, Weir
Campbell, Wyoming East
Harper, Clay Co.
Murphy, Gilbert
Poland, Petersburg

February 27, 2004
From: Superman
comments: Johnboy, thanks for the correction....
Freda is very good. But I saw him get pinned in the finals of big ten....so....I had trouble ranking him #1. I know he's good. He has a great chance

February 27, 2004
From: dg
comments: SOMEONE ASKED: "Does anyone know any wrestlers who have not lost to in-state competition ... Mitch Smith comes to mind."
OK, here's a tip ... find everyone with an unbeaten record and you can pretty well determine they have not lost to anyone in-state. Then you can go from there with guys who have a loss.

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