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February 26, 1999
From: chris satterfield
email: crssat318@aol.com
comments: what did i tell everyone at the beginning of the year miller as a sophomore would be state champ and look he is in the finals against dearth which he will beat ward should have one i am sorry for him but miller will prevail!!!!!!! 3x state champ

February 26, 1999
From: old man
comments: the new stalling procedure is horrible. The old rule made the kids wrestle. This new rule just enables the old wrestler to continue to do it because there is no real penalty. I would rather see the point given then to have to wait for the match to stop and restart again. If points were given it would force the kids to wrestle. I guess it is officiating and there will never be a right way.

February 26, 1999
From: David Drennen
email: drennen3@marshall.edu
comments: Well I think that the (most controversial) call of the states was on Mark Lowe's and Logan Glass' match in the quarterfinals. Going in to sudden death ... Mark jumped forward (on a restart from referee's position)and received his third caution and it cost him the match. No one will ever know if Mark would have got an escape, but no one also knows if Logan would have held him down......

February 26, 1999
From: OG Wrestling Fan
comments: To Talon, you are totally wrong about Mc Clung losing at 275. He is one of the hardest working and dedicated wrestlers around. He won the OVAC's with very little trouble. He will succeed this year and bring home the state title to where it belongs, Oak Glen. I looked at your webpage and I can't blame OG Fans who were disgruntled with it. GO OAK GLEN! Let's see a three-peat!!!! Go Big-AL!!!

February 26, 1999
From: Best Region?
comments: Battle for the strongest region after day 1:
Region 1: 35-21 .625
Region 2: 29-27 .518
Region 4: 27-29 .482
Region 3: 21-35 .375

February 26, 1999
Thank you for trying to keep those of us who are at home posted on the state results!!

February 26, 1999
From: Evannie Roberts and Karryssa Toliver
comments: I'd just like to say thanks to all the wrestlers, coaches, and tournament directors for their kindness. My sister and I wrestle and we've never been in a state (not even our home state) who supports us as girls as much you do. Thanks for giving us a chance, we owe much of our success to you. Thanks!

February 24, 1999
From: Lippser
comments: I think the top 5 teams will finish as follow:
1. Cabell Midland
2. Parkersburg
3. Parkersburg South
4. Huntington
5. North Marion

This is just an opinion. This means I would like to hear noone complaing about it. If you disagree then lets see your picks.

February 24, 1999
From: The Big L
comments: This is just what I think may happen in the state tounament. It's just a wild guess. I would like to see quite a few more people just guess, I'd like to compare this to everyone else's thoughts.
Reed PP
White NM
Stevens Park.
Johnson Nit
Samples Park.
Duncan PS
Stanley CM
George Park.
Stanley Brk.
Regalbuto Hed.
Floyd NM
Lemaster CM
Walters CM
Bosley PS
Brookes Hunt.
Moats Hed.
Arbes CM
Delong Hunt.
Callahan WW
Trusty Park
Moles HH
Hedrick FS
Burgess WW
Rhodes Rip
Williams Park
Queen RC B.
Wehrle HH
Ward CM
Miller EF
Dearth PS
Logan Rip
Gusic Mart.
Nichols Brk.
Cox Hunt.
Wehrle HH
Roach PP
King Rip
Coffey CM
Ochap WP
Heath GE
Gaines NM
Wellman CM

Team Champion: Cabell Midland
Outstanding Wrestler: Jason Ward CM
Like I said this is only my opinion. I would like to see other people's opinions. So if you would, send them in.

February 24, 1999
From: adam
email: adscboy@aol.com
comments: good luck to all marion county wrestlers,bring that title back where it belongs.

February 24, 1999
From: MidKnight Rider
comments: Good luck to all the Region III wrestlers at the state tournament. Let's hope you can show that Region 3 is pretty tough too! I hope my post about the regionals didn't stir up a controversy and I thank the sysop for allowing it to be posted. I do feel that all officials in all sports should strive to be consistent. The strike zone can not change from pitch to pitch. And ... out of bound should be out of bounds, etc. Here's hoping that all the wins at the tournament no matter who comes out ahead are clean victories and well deserved. Even though I am a Midland Fan, I feel that unless someone steps up and rises to the occasion, the way the pills came out, the title could very well head back up north. Look out boys, the South may rise again! To all the outstanding wrestlers who got stuck in the same side of the bracket and will have their best opponent in the semis, until someone comes up with a true seeding process, we'll just have to live with it! Go Knights! Live true, fight fair and right wrongs!

February 24, 1999
comments: I wish I knew what everyone is talking about..... as to which region is the strongest. In the top ten coaches polls region 1 has 3 teams, region 2 only has 2 teams, region 3 has 3 teams and region 4 only has two teams. That would tell me that the strongest regions are region 1 and region 3. According to those polls region 4 seems to be the weakest by far.

February 24, 1999
From: Brent Sams email: samsbt@citynet.net
comments: Jr. High Wrestling Tournament in Wood County.
The wrestling boosters in Wood County are in the beginning stages of planning a 32 team, one day, double elimination Jr. High tournament for next year. I would like to take a straw poll to see if there is enough West Virginia Jr. High/Middle School Coaches interested in coming to Wood County. This would be a state sanctioned Jr. High event. Please email me with school name, conferance affiliation, city location, head coach, address, phone number, your average team size the past three years and team accomplishments. or see me at the State High School Tournament.

February 24, 1999
From: Blue Devil Fan
email: Cyclone15@hotmail.com
comments: Maybe the regions do need realligned but who would you stick where? Geographically the regions are ok. It makes no sense to have a team move to a different region halfway across the state. A lot of you disgruntled fans aren't going to be happy either way. If it's not one thing its another. Now as far as the officiating goes I wrestled and I know there does seem to be some favoritism in some areas of the state. By no means am I saying there is, it just might seem that way. Heck its like that in every sport no matter where you go. The refs aren't always going to make every call (it would be nice if they could) so there is no use in crying over spilled milk. 99.9 percent of the matches are won by the wrestlers. If you are in that .1 percent I'm sorry but to everyone who keeps using the ref as an excuse give it up.

February 24, 1999
comments: I must agree with most of what the Region I fans are saying, they have traditionally been the power region in the state, there is no doubt about that. But I think the times may be changing a bit. You see I coached for a region I team last year and this year I am coaching at a Region II school, and the talent is very formidable in both regions. But the impact the eastern panhandle schools have added to region II has been remarkable. A lot of people treat the eastern panhandle as being an outcast or not really part of WV. This weekend will prove that this area is an up and coming hotbed for quality wrestlers.

February 24, 1999
From: Chris Basford
email: Basford2@aol.com
comments: Just a reminder, Oak Glen is having a wrestling tournament next weekend on March 6. Everything you need to know is on the youth/open page. So for all those wrestlers who want to get in their last matches this season, come up to Oak Glen next weekend. Have a good weekend....

February 24, 1999
comments: I was at the Region 3 AA/A tornament and what I saw in the finals at 160 was unbelievable....(snip)
and I saw this for myself. There are some other things that happened at the Region 3 AA/A tornament that should be mentioned but it is over now and STATES are here.
Editor's note: I agree...

February 24, 1999
From: D145
email: http://www.geocities.com/Baja/Outback/2777
comments: For the news about wrestling go to this site.

February 24, 1999
From: the varmint
email: flanigwr@hotmail.com comments: GOOD LUCK to all OAK GLEN WRESTLERS!!! I am along time mat fan and previous wrestling parent.I know how much hard work it takes to be to be a wrestler. JUST REMEMBER--IF YOU THINK YOU CAN-YOU MIGHT- IF YOU KNOW YOU CAN--YOU CAN!!!! Just look at a state map. You are already at the top in WEST VIRGINIA..GO BEARS!!!

February 24, 1999
comments: Huntington High did an outstanding job in winning the region 3 AAA title. Good Luck to the 14 going to the state. I think Region 3 will have it's fair share of state champions this year.

February 24, 1999
State Tourn. admission prices
Adult $6.00 (Book $30.00)
Student $5.00 (Book $25.00)

February 24, 1999
From: Cabell Midland Fan
comments: Just curious! Why were the same fans involved in an incident that happened at the regionals this year were the same fans that were involved last year? Hmm?? Maybe they should be closely watched? If an altercation happens, maybe the fans shouldn't be allowed to return to a State run meet. Just wondering. Go Knights!

February 24, 1999
From: to: marion county wrestler
comments: Would like to thank you for letting me know you reasoning behind not shaking hands after every match. Also want you to understand this was not to insult any wrestler our any coach that is in the wrestling program.

February 24, 1999
comments: READ IT AND WEAP
As much as I hated to see the State Champs come from another Region last year, it was the best thing for High School Wrestling in recent years. However, look for the CHAMPIONS for both classes to come from Region 1 this year...Oak Glen will dominate in A/AA and whoever gets the most pins (PS or PHS) in AAA.

February 24, 1999
From: Blue Devil Fan
email: cyclone15@hotmail.com
comments: to Just Curious
I have seen some wrestling this year. I haven't seen some teams just going on word of mouth with some wrestlers. I wrestled at the same time as some competitors brothers did so I kinda know what to expect out of some. As far as who has the Blue Devil mascot, St Marys. Graduated in 1992.

February 24, 1999
From: A/AA FAN
email: superstar_16_99@yahoo.com
comments: I think that at 103 Chris Morris from Calhoun will come in secound! I think Travis Mccartney will take secound also. While Eric Mccartney and Jimmy Johnson will both take first.

February 23, 1999
From: Christopher
comments: Talon:
I'm sorry but you do have a Bias for Frankfort,there is no way they are gonna finish that high. If OG doesn't win states Wirt will not, Williamstown is very strong. I think since you havn't seen anyone wrestle or you must not be looking at the scores that why your picks are so off base :)

February 23, 1999
From: Region One Supporter
comments: Personally I think Region I is the toughest region in the state. Region I consitently has more top place finishers in each weight class than any other region. This is a proven fact and if you need further proof look for yourself. Each of the schools in this region wrestle a very difficult schedule. Among the roughest would have to be John Marshall. So if any one wants to criticize or should I say cry about any of these wrestlers qualifying for states with losing records why don't you check out the schedules and see for yourself how difficult each Monarch season is.
My Predictions:

The Monarchs will have 3 Champions:
125-Mattt Kotson
140-Brad Ebbert
171-Tim Jones
And high finishes by Trapper Skrypek,Kevin Strunk,Brett Grey,and Josh Suprenant

February 23, 1999
From: Waldo Ino
comments: Congrats to University for having the moxie to wrestle in Region 1 and qualifying 11 wrestlers to the states. The other teams can run from Region 1, but they can't hide. I'm still confused as to what happen in Region 3 AA/A. I would hope that if a wrestler passes out, that his coach and the official would have enough sense to stop the match and award it to the other wrestler. I see lawsuit if they had continue and suffered permanent brain damage from a concussion or something else.

February 23, 1999
From: Just Curious
comments: To: Blue Devil Fan
Just wondering - how did you base your predictions for AA/A finishers? Do you know anything about the wrestlers you chose, is it based on their records this year, is it based on how they finished the regionals? Not agreeing or disagreeing, just interested. Also, what school has the Blue Devil mascot? Thanks!

February 23, 1999

comments: I have made my 2nd update on my webpage at http://www.angelfire.com/wv/matman .On this webpage it has some good advise to wrestlers that are going to the state tourn. for the 1st time. It also has some good comments about all the wrestlers i have grown up with.

February 23, 1999
From: Old matfan
email: (for the forum)
comments: Good luck to all wrestlers in the coming State tourney-this is what you've been working for all season!! And especially to Parkersburg South, who has been underrated all season! GO PATS!!

February 23, 1999
comments: In regareds to what happend in region three, isn't if a kid is knocked out a doctor must be present to clear him to continiue with the match?

February 23, 1999
From: Marion county Wrestler
comments: To the concerned marion county fan: How can you characterize a team as poor sports merely by them just not shaking an opposing coaches hand. I feel if you ask anyone in the state if the team you are referring to does show poor sportsmanship than you would be sad to find out that everywhere this team travels they are greeted warmly and their coach is one of the most stable figures in the sport of wrestling today. In my opinion after my match I feel it is more important for me to report to my coach to better myself and allow for him to correct my mistakes for me while they are fresh in my mind. I also would like to ask you out of all the wrestlers who ran to the opposing coach how many of them ran to him after they lost. They run over very joyfully after a win as if to taunt. May I also ask how long have you seen wrestlers shake the opposing coaches hand after a match. The answer is not very long. It used to be outlawed. It was felt that wrestler was taunting the opposing team by coming over and shaking their coache's hand after they had just been defeated.May I also ask out of all of the college matches that you have been too how many times have you seen a college wrestler after he losses or even wins go and shake the opposing coaches hand. I understand the point of the hand shake, but how many times is a good hand shake given and not just a quick smack just to acknowledge what they wrestler has done. There is also time set for after duals for the opposing teams to shake hands with their opponents and the opposing coach. This is the time when a wrestler should talk to the opposing coach about whatever it is that he needs to talk to him about. I also feel that if you are going to judge a team on sportmanship you must look to the quality of the wrestlers not just on the mat but also off of the mat. May I ask when this team has ever lost a team point for unsportmanslike conduct in a match, or even how often have you heard of a wrestler of this team getting in trouble at school or out with friends.Wrestling is a sport that that runs deep in tradition and must be loved and respected by all to be appreciated and I feel by you calling this team poor sports you insulted this team and its coach. I may be mistaken but this is the first complaint on one of the greatest coaches ever to coach in west virginia high school athletics and to be able to make a comment like this one you must not know anything about the man and his team that you speak of because to his team he is the way and also to them he is their coach!

February 23, 1999
From: Eagle
comments: Could someone please post the ticket prices for the state tournament. By session and package.

February 23, 1999
From: Chris Basford
email: Basford2@aol.com
comments: We now enter the pointless time of the high school state tournament. Everybody will be making their wishfull picks, and 9 out of 10 will never happen. Although I would like to wish Mike Miller the best of luck on adding #4 to his state title wall. Also, Jason Ward will not get beat! Dearth caught him at the beginning of the season, but this is when it all counts. With all the e-mail trash talk most Park South fans send him, I know it is all going to sink in, and Ward will dominate the whole match. I know there is a draw that not a lot of people know about, but last seasons state final between Logan Glass and Mark Lowe will rematch in the quarterfinals. Most likely, whoever wins that match should make the finals, and win the state tournament. I know I step my bounds being a Region 2 product, but region 1 A-AA will dominate most of the state tournament. I've watched a lot of northern wrestling being here at West Lib, but I do not see anyone placing ahead of Oak Glenn, Williamstown, and Cameron. There is just too much talent in the region, but don't count Wirt Co. out. For the past few years Wirt has made a habit of placing in the top five, so they might even surprise a few non believers. The matches to watch out for should be:
Matt Stevens and Alex Reed at 103
Jason Ward and Josh Dearth at 160
Jason Litton and Rob Lamb at 145 and Alex McClung and Luke Salmons.
Dan Lahman and Robert Busick will be the biggest match though
Good luck to all wrestlers

February 23, 1999
From: Mick
comments: I think it's kind of funny how so many people want to complain about Region 1 in AAA having only 7 teams and they get to send 4 to State. Ummmmm, it seems to me that since about 1968 the State Championship team has come from Region 1 all but 1 time! Why don't you come over and join us if you think it will be so easy.

February 23, 1999
From: WV Wrestling Fan
comments: My top three predictions for AAA 160
1. Matt Miller, East Fairmont
2. Josh Dearth, Parkersburg South
3. Jason Ward, Cabell Midland

February 23, 1999
From: David Drennen
email: drennen3@marshall.edu
comments: Yea, the calls were all in favor of Wirt County, that seems kinda weird to me too, but do you really think that Wirt had that planned, think logically. And to Animal, have you listened to the tape of Kris Villers match, he said this while pointing at Toby Ray, "Yeah, I'm in the finals!" dont even try to say that he said something bad to your wrestler. I have no clue why the ref changed his mind, but would one point really have mattered, he could have taken ten points and it would not have mattered. There was one guy in your stands who did say something to my brother, Ii believe it went something like "You lost you little p*&^%". And the ref never did consult the Wirt coach when Danny got hurt, which was before the pin if I might add, the first thing he said when he slapped the mat was to run injury time, then when he went to the scoreboard and told both coaches of his decision. Also on Joey Sharps match, Harkness did not have the spladle in tight enough to get back points, I have seen many calls on that subject and although I didnt like them, they were good calls. I would just like to say that enough talk has been wasted over the regionals, the big one is right around the corner, good luck to evreyone, especially Mike Miller and Dan.

February 23, 1999
From: Just a Fan
comments: I think a wrestler that is not getting enough recognition is Frame from Nicolas He was in the semis of the WSAZ before hitting another wrestler I am not quite sure who it was he also won his regional tournament at Roane co. I look for him to do good at the state tournament. I also think that Chris Johnson Is the best wrestler in the state of WV.

February 23, 1999
From: Blue Devil Fan
email: cyclone15@hotmail.com
comments: Heres my picks for the A-AA state tournament. These are in order of how I think they will finish.:

103            112              119            125             130
Gandee         Wenmouth         Johnson        Hayhurst        Glass
Snider         Kupfer           Noel           Blankenship     Wince
Brown          McCartney        Westbrook      Prather         Lowe
Auville        Sharp            Miller         Jenkins         Anderson
Zubay          Prater           Harris         Bush            Lucey
Yurkovich      Stiles           Leach          Barker          Lynch

135            140              145            152             160
Weible         Miller           Lamb           Waugh           Jones
Childers       McClung          McCartney      Johnson         Richards
Cross          Wharton          Litten         McClung         Hardway
Wenmouth       Kesner           Smith          Daugh           Purpura
Toney          Hughes           Boggs          O'Neill         Zuccolotto
Van Dyne       Koslosky         Saville        Holdsworth      Drennen

171            189              215            275
Kinley         Kupfer           Busick         McClung
Dingess        Stotler          Lahman         Salmons
Villers        Kuykendall       Smith          Naylor
Nestor         Houser           Kincaid        Hawkins
Kimball        Belleville       Welsh          McDonough
J.Underwood    Lewis            Farr           Berg
As far as the team championship is concerned here is my top 5:
Oak Glen- won't runaway but will win 3rd in a row
Williamstown- could be the only team to come close to Oak Glen
Ritchie County- solid team could be darkhorse
Wirt- another solid team with what it takes to win
Cameron- Not as strong as years past, but still will be very tough
Most Outstanding Wrestler- Mike Miller - Wirt
I think that is the consensus choice.
See you all in Huntington!

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