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February 22, 2000
From: WVAA
comments: Hey Be sure to put those final votes in on the Poll Page the Actual State Brackets are up and the predicted team points are posted as well. thanks for visiting throughout the season. http://wvaa.homepage.com

February 22, 2000
comments: Matt Dolly from Petersburg lost to Matt Jones in the semifinals and to Tyler Crislip of Braxton County in the consolation semifinals. He did not get hurt!

February 22, 2000
From: crystal ball
comments: Chris Basford's predictions for AA are pretty good. Here are mine:

103                       112                        119
1. Chris Morris (Cal)     1. Ash Gandee (Rav)        1. Travis McCartney (Cal)
2. Andrew Hosey (RC)      2. Jason Roberts (OG)      2. Tucker Brown (Cam)
3. Zac Zubay (OG)         3. Corey Auvil (Graf)      3. Ryan Bumgardner (RC)
4. Casey Biddle (Will)    4. Bobby Prater (Big C)    4. Isaac Andrick (Rav)
5. Bucky Borror (Pet)     5. Shawn Fullerton (Cam)   5. Tommy Stiles (CB)   
6. Matt Morris (BC)       6. Drew Myers (Frank)      6. Steven Sexton (Ind)

125                       130                        135
1. Ash Wenmouth (Will)    1. Roger Kupfer (Cam)      1. Josh Cross (Wirt)
2. Tyler Hughes (Cam)     2. Eric Noel (OG)          2. Chris Leach (Graf)
3. Jimmy Johnson (Cal)    3. Jason Hayhurst (RC)     3. Gaelen Lowers (OG)
4. Kyle Eckleberry (OG)   4. Will Westbrook (Will)   4. Matt Jones (SH)
5. James Harris (BC)      5. Scott Lynch (SS)        5. Tyler Westbrook (Will)
6. Lewis Hunley (Big C)   6. Frank Gregg (BS)        6. Levi Bragg (RW)

140                       145                        152
1. Nick Prather (Win)     1. Jeff Hughes (Cam)       1. Jason Litten (Frank)
2. Derrick Bosley (Frank) 2. Chris Poole (OG)        2. Matt Holdsworth (OG)
3. Ben Wood (Ind)         3. Adam Schindler (Rav)    3. Drew Toth (SH)
4. Logan Glass (OG)       4. Rhett Koslosky (RC)     4. Brian Justice (BC)
5. Joel Zyla (Will)       5. Philip Kesner (Frank)   5. Matt Seckman (Will)
6. C. J. Foster (BC)      6. Brad Nicka (WD)         6. Harry Rhodes (Ind)

160                       171                        189
1. Wyatt O'Neil (Cam)     1. Richard Stotler (BS)    1. Phillip Bellville (OG)
2. Tony Hardway (BC)      2. Aaron Barnette (Ind)    2. Josh Moyers (Ind)
3. Derrick Stickles (OG)  3. Bobby Hart (BC)         3. Ryan Delebreau (Will)
4. Jason Snider (TC)      4. Jeremy Nester (Rav)     4. Mike Callison (GW)
5. Russell Sims (GW)      5. Ronnie Hebrock (OG)     5. Jeremy Goodwin (BS)
6. Mike King (CB)         6. Vince Magnone (Weir)    6. Ashley McNeely (WE)

215                       275
1. Robert Busick (Weir)   1. Thomas Naylor (RC)
2. Jarrod Pugh (LR)       2. Ben Taylor (Graf)
3. Greg Six (OG)          3. Joey Caughey (OG)
4. Steven McKinney (Ind)  4. Michael Ball (SM)
5. Dana Raban (Rav)       5. Justin Ritter (BC)
6. Tommy Karr (Wirt)      6. Jeremy Laughlin (Cal)

February 22, 2000
From: E Berry
email: citrus@ovis.net
comments: Oops...I forgot a cougar in my previous post. Good luck Jason Hayhurst from Ritchie County...you forgot too Jeremy!!

February 22, 2000
From: Musselman fan
comments: I would like to say great job to all the guys how wrestled this past weekend. Even though we only sent one guy to the states we still looked impressive for a young team. 103 Clark is a first year wrestler and took 5th. 119 Jones just fell 1 point shy of going to states. Weatherholtz Miller Linder Dunnigan Watkins Nowak and Wright all wrestled well. Good job to 152 Triggs you hung in their with Neptune and Durst. Congradulations to Renner Kees and Pruit for their sixth place finishes. And a big GOOD LUCK to Victor Beard 140 at the states this weekend.

February 22, 2000
From: pickle-dickle
comments: hello all. i want to wish everyone from williamstown to have a nice safe trip to state. good luck wrestlers now im not going to get on here and brag about our wrestlers or how good we are (like south). i just want to wish everyone good luck! :)

February 22, 2000
comments: What happened to 28-1 Matt Dolly 135 from Petersburg. I guess he got hurt? Cuz no one with a record that good misses States! I thought he was good. I thought he and Leach wound be the State Finals.

February 22, 2000
From: Big Creek Wrestler
comments: I'm a current wrestler from big creek high school and I would just like to congratulate all of my teamates that made it to the state tourney and wish them luck.

February 22, 2000
comments: Swami please just go back to the swamp.... =}

February 22, 2000
comments: To: The WV State Wrestling Tournament Director
Has any thought ever been given to separating the AA & AAA mats when you get down to two or four mats? If the "AAA" mats are centered in front of the "AAA" crowd and the "AA" mats centered in front of the "AA" crowd everyone could have a good view. Most spectators are there to watch either "AAA" or "AA" not both. Those watching both can sit in the middle. It would make it much more enjoyable for all spectators. Please give it some thought. Does anyone else agree with me?????

February 22, 2000
From: Eagle Fan
comments: Best of luck to all Hedgesviile wrestlers.Anthony and dustin let the whole state see your skills and feel your power dont forget take it lovarrrrrrr!!!!!!

February 22, 2000
From: Wrestling Mom
comments: Good Luck Big Creek Bobby Lewis Mike Steven & Michael - here is where all of your hard work will pay off.

February 22, 2000
From: wrestling fan
comments: I cant beleive somebody predicts a regalbuto loss thats areal stretch.He will win all his matches by pins or major decisions if all his opponents wrestle to win and not to surive.best of luck to all wrestlers.

February 22, 2000
From: Fan
comments: Looks like 119 Stevens has it in the bag another year think he can pin his way through again? I do!!!!!

February 22, 2000
From: East fan
comments: Good luck at states guys. Bring us home another title Miller. Ride'm Boys!!!!

February 22, 2000
comments: I'm tired of everyone predicting the finals without checking out the brackets first. Some of the predictions will happen in the semi finals or even sooner.

February 22, 2000
comments: I say that Region one will bring home the 119lb title with Matt Stevens of Parkersburg

February 22, 2000
comments: Congratulations to Tim Haddox on his regional championship. You worked hard and you deserved it. Good Luck to both Tucker Brown and Tim Haddox at states. You're both good wrestlers. Good Luck Bears!

February 22, 2000
From: andy from braxton
comments: hey i was just wondering what happend at the region 3 in the 145 lbs. class how did matt miller from wirt beat adam shinler from ravenswood? if anyone knows e-mail me and tell me

February 22, 2000
comments: south will definitely take the team title home to region 1 but i have a strong feeling region 2 will have the most individual champs. The 119 140 145 160 and 171 titles and maybe the 103 title will all go home with region 2 wrestlers. good luck eastern panhandle wrestlers.

February 22, 2000
From: Bob Staats
comments: Cogratulations to the six Ravenswood Red Devil wrestlers that qualified for this week's state tournament especially regional champs Ash Gandee (112) Jeremy Nester (171) and Dana (Moose) Raban (215) along with runners-up Josh Currey (125) and Adam Schindler (145) and third place finisher Isaac Andrick (119). Only Nester among this group is a senior so things look pretty good for the Devils in the future. Lots of luck Devils in the state tournament.

February 22, 2000
From: Rock the House
comments: i have a feeling that Saturday night is going to be a sight to see. Parkersburg South has really cranked it up this last two weeks. i really dont think the state is ready for what is going to hit them. i predict as many as ten in the finals from south any one of them can win it. it is going to be awesome. ROCK THE HOUSE SOUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

February 22, 2000
From: comments for the forum comments: This could happen !!!!
Good Luck University High at the state tournament
103 Easter vs. Burnsworth
112 Kennedy vs. Flynn
119 Stevens vs. Kinsley
125 George vs. Perroots
130 Radcliff vs. Rengers
135 Mayle vs Bosley
140 Moates vs. Hoover
145 Regelbuto vs. Griffen
152 Williams vs. Tatar
160 Davis vs. Hill
171 Miller vs. Frum
189 Wehrle vs. Coffey
215 Ochap vs McCartney
HWT Heath vs. Wellman

February 22, 2000
From: comments for the forum
comments: I realize wrestling is a sport. An awesome sport. Some of these parents that attend these tournaments could care less how their kids do. I know on our team one lady is out to start trouble among team parents. She's done quite a job. Between trying to seduce all the dads and trying to keep her kid from being ejected from matches for unsportsmanship like conduct. I think people like her should stay home and get a life. A team is suppose to work together. Not worry about some wannabe trying to fulfill her fantasys. Go somewhere else and stop drawing attention to yourself. No one is worried about how much money you have or what kind of clothes you wear. The fans are out to see our team not you.

February 22, 2000
From: South Matmaid
comments: I would just like to say BEST OF LUCK to all the South wrestlers and a special good luck to Matt John Mike Clint Nathan and the Daggetts!!!! Good Luck boys you've got everybody behind you now is the time to show everyone why we are ranked 1st in the state!!! GOOD LUCK!

February 22, 2000
From: Coach O
comments: I would like to congratulate Huntington High School for qualifying all 14 wrestlers for the states. Also for Jason Mays(152) and Jeremy Ray(103) work hard and take it to them on the mat.

February 22, 2000
From: Chris Basford email: Basford2@hotmail.com
comments: From looking at the brackets this is how I see things finishing out at states this season. If Jenny Sullivan is reading any of this would she please e-mail me... I would like to wish the best of luck to all wrestlers at this weekends state tournament.

Team Finishes
1 Oak Glen
2 Cameron
3 Williamstown
4 Independence
5 Ritchie County
6 Calhoun County
7 Braxton County
8 Ravenswood
9 Grafton
10 Frankfort

1 Zack Zubay OG
2 Chris Morris Cal
3 Andrew Hosey RC
4 Casey Biddle Will
5 Bucky Boorer Pet
6 Dan Dankovchik Weir

1 Ash Gandee Rav
2 Jason Roberts OG
3 Cory Auvil Grafton
4 Bobby Prater BC
5 Bob Brookover Will
6 Joey Lobis RC

1 Travis McCartney Cal
2 Tucker Brown Cam
3 Steve Sexton Ind
4 Tommy Stiles CB
5 Ryan Bumgardner RC
6 Tim Haddox Will

1 Ash Wenmoth Will
2 Tyler Hughes Cam
3 Jimmy Johnson Cal
4 Kyle Ecklberry OG
5 James Harris Bx
6 Scott Harkness RC

1 Jason Hayhurst RC
2 Eric Noel OG
3 Roger Kupfer Cam
4 Willie Westbrook Will
5 Chad Snyder TC
6 Mike Minger Clay

1 Josh Cross Wirt
2 Chris Leach Grafton
3 Gaelen Lowers OG
4 Tyler Westbrook Will
5 Matt Jones SH
6 Levi Bragg Rwd

1 Nick Prather Win
2 Joel Zyla Will
3 Logan Glass OG
4 Ben Wood Ind
5 Derick Bosley Frank
6 Philip Wiseman SS

1 Jeff Hughes Cam
2 Philip Kesner Frank
3 Adam Schindler Rav
4 Chris Poole OG
5 Sam Lilly SS
6 Chris Miller Wirt

1 Jason Litton Frank
2 Matt Holdsworth OG
3 Drew Toth SH
4 Nat Smith RC
5 Matt Seckman Will
6 Harry Rhodes Ind

1 Tony Hardway Bx
2 Jason Snyder TC
3 Derick Stickles OG
4 Wyatt O'Neil Cam
5 Russell Sims GW
6 Chris Brown Ind

1 Vince Magnone Weir
2 Ronnie Hebrock OG
3 Richard Stotler BS
4 Jeremy Nestor Rav
5 David Hart Bx
6 Aaron Barnette Ind

1 Philip Belville OG
2 Randy Delebreau Will
3 Josh Moyer Ind
4 Micheal Callison GW
5 Pete Hashman St Mar
6 Donnie Peck Clay

1 Robert Busick Weir
2 Greg Six OG
3 Jered Pugh LR
4 Dana Rabon Rav
5 Tom Karr Wirt
6 Steve McKinney Ind

1 Thomas Naylor RC
2 Joey Caughey OG
3 Ben Taylor Grafton
4 Jeremy Laughlin Cal
5 Justin Ritter Bx
6 Heath Cliver Clay

February 22, 2000
From: BC baseball 25
comments: Good luck to Kevin Jason Dustin Danny Jimmy Jared Bryan (brother) Anthony (co-worker) and Bake. Bring it home Eagles. Also good luck to Joey and Blane Mayle (former Atlas St. neighbors.)

February 22, 2000
From: East Fairmont Fan (esp. 189)
comments: I haven't seen much talk about East Fairmont who is a much improved team this year. They are sending 8 wrestlers to the state this weekend and last year only sent 2. Their upper weight classes are their strongest. GOOD LUCK BEES!!!!February 22, 2000

February 22, 2000
From: wrestler's sister
comments: Everyone keeps talking about who beat who in dual meets. Sure dual meets count but this weekend is a tournament. All season long South has proved to be a good tournament team. They placed 6th at the Ironman 4th at Breaksville (40 teams) and 1st at the Winner's choice and WSAZ. In the end I think that is what will help them. We'll just have to wait and see! Everything's up to the boys this weekend. We can sit here and say all we want but they're the ones on the mat. Good luck to everyone!

February 22, 2000
From: Swami
comments: Forecast calls for a warm weekend at Huntington. That's not favorable weather for the Polar Bears to rule at states. Swami does respect Fairmont Sr and Swami thinks they can steal the championship if they get semi-final wins at 152 and 215. Fairmont pulled off a regional win against a heavily self-favored second place team. It will be a two team race for first and a three team race for third. Huntington forecast calls for SOUTHerly winds to dominate the weekend. That's how Swami sees it.

February 22, 2000
From: the varmint
comments: Good Luck to all OAK GLEN wrestlers at the state tournament.You young men have worked very hard to get to this point. Keep focused for one more week. GO BEARS

February 21, 2000
From: Knight fan
comments: We're very proud of the seven Tyler Consolidated Knights headed to the State tournament. Go Knights!!!!!!!!

February 21, 2000
comments: I am getting really sick of all you people coming on this thing and mouthing about everything. This is just High School. Its not the most important thing in this world. Everyone on here talks trash on Parkersburg South. I personally am not a South fan but you dont hear me saying anything. South has always been a dominating team. And from where I stand they deserve the state tital because they worked very hard for it. I wish everyone would just get a life and stop acting like 2 year olds.

February 21, 2000
From: Eastern Wiseman
comments: Beware of wolves in sheep clothing. Wiseman from the east is actually a wicked witch from the west. This wiseman sees a bright star shining over the little town of Hedgesville that will guide you safely and victoriously to Huntington and back. Good luck Eagle wrestlers.

February 21, 2000
From: teresa
comments: GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!

February 21, 2000
From: the-salami-swami
comments: Fairmont Senior deserves more recognition than they get. They upset heavily favored Hedgesville in the regional tourney and I think they will pull it off at states. I also forsee a Bowers-Johnson final at 119 being the best match of the tourney. Regalbutto will come out victorious as soem people of the forum have said upset. In AA I know this is a shocker Oak Glen(who may be the best team in WV) will bring the title home. Watch out for Bucky Borror of Petersburg in 103. The outstanding wrestlers Regalbutto(145 AAA) and Litten(152 AA). Coach of the year delligatti(senior) and Braxton countys coach. Good Luck to all and I wish everyone a safe trip and tourney. Remember any wrestler can win on any given day dont give up no mwtter what the score(Jason Drappo is a good example of that).

February 21, 2000
From: Region I Fan
comments: Yes I am bias. I am a former wrestler of Region I. First of all I agree that if it is feasible teams should be shifted to allow a like # of teams in each region. However there are dollar/budget issues that might limit the feasibility of shifting teams. Secondly for all the people claiming that there are a limited # of teams in this region they should also look at the quality of wrestlers in each weight class (in Region I). There may be fewer teams however I think that you will see the majority of the regional qualifying wrestlers placing in the state tourney. Shifting additional teams to Region I might even hinder a wrestler from another region to qualify for "states'. Not taking away from the other regions...there are teams (and individuals) in other regions that might/will win state but if you review the history of Region I the strength speaks for itself. Good luck and good health to all wrestlers in the state wrestling tournament this year!
February 21, 2000
From: Bub Yurkovich
comments: Tony Hardway got beat by Billy Baisden from Buchannon Upsher in OT. Tony had a takedown late in the match but he didn't receive credit for the 2 points.

February 21, 2000
From: Steve Everhart
comments: Good luck to the Iron Eagles this weekend. Also good luck to the other E. Panhandle wrestlers from Martinsburg Jefferson and Mussleman.

February 21, 2000
From: Coach Stef and Coach Bryan
comments: Congratulations to the Braxton County Eagle Wrestling Team on their Regional Championship and their superb wrestling season. Special congrats to Coach Beane and Coach Shuman for the outstanding job they've done in teaching these young men on and off the mat! Good luck to the team and all of the parents and fans who will follow the Eagles to Huntington this week-end. Go Braxton! The last goal is within sight!!!!

February 21, 2000
From: The Lark
comments: Well wrestling fans it is that time of year once again when every West Virginia wrestling fan is wondering about who will be the next group of young men who can call themselves champions and more importantly a time when ever wrestler (who qualified) is preparing himself for the big dance. The state wrestling tournament will be very competitive and very intersting this year to say the least. I must say it is shameful to see so much trash talk and nonsense predictions on this page. I believe everything is up in the air this year including South's claim that they are the best team in the state...I apologize to all South fans but I The Lark believe that the best most solid team in the state is Fairmont Senior with Hedgesville following close behind. I must say after attending the Region 2 tournament that Hedgesville looked extremely strong (Regalbuto looked incredible but Moats looks beatable) while Fairmont seemed to be a bit sluggish. The state tournament is going to come down to the wrestlers who do not get a lot of attention. Both Hedgesville and Fairmont (Drapo and Bonasso) have competitive 112 pounders and one of those two can make a big difference this weekend for their team . Hedgesville in my opinion has one definite...Regalbuto ....Jonathan Holt gives Moats a good match and he could pull in a lot of points for Fairmont along with Jonross Neptune (who can be a huge asset to Fairmont if he wrestles well). However we can never count out the legendary Parkersburg South; with the most qualifiers South if they wrestle well can easily walk away with the title once again. It will be an extremely fun three days in Huntignton and before I decide to quit preaching I hope that either Bill Whittington or Mark Delligatti receives the coach of the year award. Bill has built a heck of a team and it seems the kids really love the guy Delligatti has always been a fine coach and he too shows the kids a lot of attention. Well now that The Lark has spoken his piece I wish the best of luck to all the wrestlers making the trip this week...give everything you've got boys and in the end you will have the bragging rights. It is he who makes himself hurt it is he who can crawl to his feet after the fall it is he who defies adversity it is he no matter what the result who gave all he had ...he is a CHAMPION
The Lark

February 21, 2000
From: Dirty South
comments: Hedgesville may have two of the state's top wrestlers but anything can happen at state. We could even lose the title who knows. A 140 Daggett vs. Moates and 152 Williams vs. Pickens re-match may happen. Moates may be good and so may Williams But every year SOUTH pulls off magic and that is why everyone trash talks us all season long. So good luck to everyone and a special good luck to Scott Moore former SOUTH state champion and Wirt County Coach. Also two brothers on the same team from SOUTH have never won the state together. Look for the BROTHERS Daggett and Bosley Bros. to make SOUTH history this weekend.
Coach of the year:(back to back) TIM McCartney
P.S. South is going to Reno Nevada next year. Is anyone else from West Virginia going?

February 21, 2000
From: matman
comments: Congrats to all wrestlers who wrestled this weekend at regionals. I hope to see some good matches at states. Congradulations to BRAXTON COUNTY for their Region II victory. Way to stay undefeated in tournaments. I am sure you guys can stick your noses in at the state tourney. Congrats to James Harris 4 time Regional Champ Tony Hardway Regional Champ and Justin Ritter also Regional Champ. All You guys did a very good job and I wish you luck this weekend.

February 21, 2000
From: Mr Amigo
comments: Well states are this week and here are the finals.....
103 Delligetti vs Easter -Delligetti
112 Stanley vs Kennedy -Kennedy
119 Kinsley vs Stevens -Kinsley
125 George vs Evans -Evans
130 Walters vs. Radcliff -Radcliff
135 Bosley vs Mayle -Mayle
140 Daggett vs Moates -Moates
145 Regelbuto vs Griffin-Griffin (Regelbuto's due for an upset and Griffin is wrestling extremely well right now)
152 Neptune vs Williams winner Williams
160 Daggett vs Baisden -Baisden
171 Courtney vs Miller -Miller
189 Coffey vs Wehrle -Wehrle
215 McCartney vs Ochap -Ochap
HWT Heath vs Wellman -Heath

Team Places
1. Parkersburg South
2. Fairmont Senior
3. Hedgesville
4. Cabell-Midland
5. Parkersburg
6. Nitro
7. Buckhannon-Upshur
8. Wheeling Park
9. University
10. Herbert Hoover

February 21, 2000

February 21, 2000
From: jeremy berry
email: jeremy_berry@mercersburg.edu
comments: Good luck Wemmoth Stevens Samples and George. Ash is three for three Stevens is one for one and George is two for two. George and Stevens will be strong contestants for MOW. Good luck to all former Cougars.

February 21, 2000
comments: I would first of all loike to congradutlate Braxton Co. on qualifying all 14 wrestlers to the state tournament and remaining undefeated in tournament action this year. Also i would like to wish JAMES HARRIS (125-Braxton) the best of luck at states. HE IS ONLY ONE WIN AWAY FROM TIEING THE STATE RECORD FOR CARREER WINS WHICH IS 165. Way to go James. GO BRAXTON.

February 21, 2000
comments: good luck to each and everyone who qualified to go to the states. this could be some of you seniors last time on the mat so make it count. What we wouldn't give to be there again. go for it!!

February 21, 2000
comments: After reviewing Region I AAA results the numbers speak for loudl! Region II beat each other up this weekend and South will should walk away with it.. pending a miracle. FSHS Hedgesville East Fairmont and North Marion and the rest of R II battled each other while Region I participated in which didn't amount to more than a large "quad match"

R II wrestlers worked to hard to be beaten by the system.... Congrats to ALL of the RII wrestlers...FSHS or Hedgisville is the best in WV in 2000! Hey Matman...take of some of your own advice...the rest of WV says shut up!

February 21, 2000
comments: Congrats to those kids from the three year High Schools which never get the BIG number of matches as do the 4 year schools. Should be seperate divisions as far as records 3 year and 4 year records just can't be compared. When a kid wins over 100 in three years they should also be recognized. Good luck to all W.Va. wrestlers at States.

February 21, 2000
comments: I was wondering what Pill One means and how it differs from Pill 3? I went to the Region I tournament and was rooting for UHS. They did very well. Ken Maisel is a great coach who has a great rapport with the kids. He is very enthusiastic very knowledgable and really works well with the kids. The school is lucky to have him. They may be a top 5 team next year with several talented juniors returning. I agree with comments that Parkersburg South may be a little over-ranked. They are like the NY Yankees of WV wrestling I guess. We kind of expect them to win. At region I they seemed more mortal than usual. Although I was really impressed with the freshman Matt Bosely. Although he finished 2nd he looked like he could "turn it on" whenever he wanted to. My view (based on Wheeling Park Duals) and other matches I've seen is that it will likely come down to Hedgesville vs. Fairmont Sr. Speaking of Hedgesville I don't know their coaches name but he sure seems to have a great rapport with his wrestlers.
My last comment is that every year I see one wrestler who just stands out as memorable. Ryan Courtney and Jason Ward come to mind in recent years. This year I see two that I won't forget - Regalbuto and Mark Evans of Wheeling Park. We all know about Regalbuto but this Evans kid is phenomenal and deserves some press. He defeated Matt George (who I think is one of the finest wrestlers in the state) at region I last week - and that match was pretty much controlled by Evans from the start. Very impressive.
Editor's note: Go to the High School State Tournamet Page on this website. Look for the link "Pairings for State Wrestling Tournament" I think this page explains it.

February 21, 2000
: From: Marion County Wrestling Fan.
comments: I would like to wish all Marion County Wrestlers a safe trip to Huntington and the best of luck at the states. Good luck Fairmont Senior Bring the State title back to Marion County.

February 21, 2000
: From: Randy Elliott
email: randyell@yahoo.com

February 21, 2000
comments: Congrats Braxton County Eagles for the regional win!!!!! WOW the whole team made it to the states. You guys did what needed to be done at Regionals. Now all you have to do is States. You guys have what it takes you've already proven that. Use your head keep it off the mat (your head). Best of luck at the states. An extra big good luck to Raymond. You all are awesome!!!!!!

February 21, 2000
: comments: last year was definitely pill three so someone must have their facts confused.

February 21, 2000
: From: E. Panhandle fan
comments: I realize everyone is getting sick of hearing about regional strength but I do not care about who wins the state team title. I care about fairness to individuals. Do you realize that there are 8 wrestlers from region III and 9 wrestlers from region IV that are going to states with a .500 or worse record. This is a travasty. There are several tough wrestlers(some even ranked in the state-ex.Maybury Key) from region II that did not even qualify for states. And when there is a team like University(which is a quality team) from region I that qualifies 11 kids and Jefferson which finished above University at the Winner's Choice only sends 6 there is something wrong. If University was in Region II they would not qualify more than 4 wrestlers. Something needs to be done if we want the truly best 16 wrestlers in the state competeing for the state title.
comments: Just a little follow-up there was only one wrestler who qualified for state from region II with a losing record and one with a .500 record. Also there were a total of 3 wrestlers that were ranked in the state that did not qualify!!!!

February 21, 2000
: From: Wise Man from the East
comments: Reality check says that we are a 4th or 5th place team at state. We are about 5 wrestlers shy of a complete team. Maybe if we were in the weak region 1 we could have qualified more. But with a little luck we can sneak into the top 2. Go Eagles!

February 21, 2000
: comments: TO SWAMI: You should think again ! How about Samples at 130? Did you go to regionals? OT match.

February 21, 2000
: From: Terry Ballam
email: tjkball@racinfan.com
comments: I would like to congratulate the Hedgesville Eagles for a great job this year.A special thanks to the jr. leauge that gave these kids what kids what they needed to have a great high school program. Thanks to people like Tony and Nancy Regalbuto Cindy and Pete Moats And to Greg and Lynn Hess for starting the Berkely Co. Bears.We will not forget the hard work and support that you gave for our kids. THANK YOU!!!!

February 21, 2000
: From: WISE MAN
comments: Please all this talk about hedgesville is making me sick sure they have some good kids but there in the weight class with some good kids for instance Bowers may lose to stevens trusty is the toughest guy in the state he may not be the best wrestler but he is to tough for moats you guys are gonna be suprised when PARKERSBURG brings the title back this year good luck to all PHS wrestlers you guys have worked harder than any other team this year and its yours to win guys go get it

February 21, 2000
: From: BuLlDoG wReStLiNg FaN
email: ReEd2210@hotmail.com
comments: My predictions for winners at states:
103 Easter
112 Kennedy
119 Stevens
125 George
130 Radcliff
135 Mayle
140 Moates
145 Regelbuto
152 Williams
160 Davis... ALL THE WAY BABY
171 Miller
189 Wehrle
215 Ochap
HWT Heath

February 21, 2000
: From: guess whos Dad?
comments: Jeremy Berry: WV resident HONORS STUDENT wrestling for Mercersburg Academy is a 4 time Pennsylvania Prep champ!! This weekend he is vying for a National title at Lehigh University.

February 21, 2000
: From: E Berry
email: citrus@ovis.net
comments: What do Clayton Samples Matt Stevens Matt George Keith Pratt (what happened to Keith?) Jeremy Berry Joey Sharp Ash Wenmoth and Darren Marks have in common? good luck this weekend boys!!

February 21, 2000
: comments: Who did Tony Hardway lose to this year? I cant imagine him losing to any WV wrestlers. Please respond. THanx in advance

February 21, 2000
: From: WVAA
comments: ALright this has been the last update of the season All the brackets have been ran through on the bracket page Team Scores are tallied on My Predcition page And the Polls are back up for the FINAL week of fan voting. Luck to all the wrestlers see ya at states. WVAA

February 21, 2000
: From: vmi guy
comments: Good luck to Brad Davis Justin Kessler Travis Durst and "GrandPa" Joe Jackson at states...Go down and show that the Panhandle can wrestle. Go Dogs and let Britner wear a suit on Saturday night.

February 21, 2000
: comments: Congratulation to Huntington High for sending the entire team to State Meet. Good luck in the state. Special best wishes to the Seniors Ryan Fullen 130 Paul Brooks 135 Zack Meyers 140 Joe Roubieu 145 Mel Cummings160 Josh Taylor 189 Craig Morgan 275. Finish Strong

February 21, 2000
From: the original Swami
comments: Moates and Regelbuto can't score in 14 weight classes. Stevens and George will score as many points as Moates and Regelbuto. Williams and Trusty will score as many team points if not more than Bowers and Lord. That leaves Samples and Cabell's Walters beating Shetler and placing Midland and Parkersburg ahead of Hedgesville. That's how Swami sees it. 1-South 2-Fairmont Sr 3-Parkersburg 4-Cabell Midland 5-Hedgesville. In a dual Hedgesville would win four matches against Parkersburg that's another reason Swami picks Parkersburg ahead of Hedgesville (the fifth best dual tema in the state). Swami and Tapout has conferred on this.

February 21, 2000
From: Curious observer
comments: I find it extremely interesting that there was a conversation last week on the forum about throwing matches and taking chances on how the pairings will fall in the state tournament. A top ranked wrestler from region X was upset thus pitting him against region Y and region Z wrestlers. Region A wrestler now has a cake walk to the finals as does the runner up from region X. It could be that the champion from region X just wrestled better and wanted it more. But after watching the runner up all year I feel he is one of the best wrestlers in the state. I hope he just had a bad day and that he did not drop his level to take a fall and take a chance to get to meet the tougher wrestler in the finals.
Note: I did not mention names or teams because I feel people can make their own judgements. I feel this is a very legitimate subject to talk about on the forum. It should be talked about so as too put some negativity on this practice(if it is the case). If it is the case hopefully some press here will put the self consiousness to work on wrestlers who try it. Thus convicting them to never do it again. This type of stuff does not belong in wrestling NO MATTER IF IT DOES GIVE A WRESTLER A CHANCE TO MAKE IT TO THE FINALS! Thank you. I feel very passionate about this subject. We should do all we can keep this sort of thing out of our sport.

February 21, 2000
From: Hoover fan
comments: Congrates to Hoover wrestlers. You had some upsets and showed you deseved more than the rankings showed. You boys have good coaches that believe in you even when nobody else does. Keep up the good work. good luck in the states! You beat Parkersburg Ripley Nitro and B.U. you know you can do it!!!

February 21, 2000
comments: Congratulations to Herbert Hoover High School for winning Region 4!! Congrats Caleb Robbie Wes Randy Charlie Mike Joe Mike Larry Matt W. Matt C. and Derek. Good luck at the States!! See ya there!

February 21, 2000
comments: Who picks the pill number? I think whoever it is sits at home all day and see how many people they can (deleted)!

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