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February 25, 2000
From: Phanatik
email: PhanatikWV@yahoo.com
AAA Individual weight classes:

Here are my individual predictions. Good luck to all wrestlers especially the underdogs!

1. Easter (Nit)
2. Delligatti (FS)
3. Smith (Rip)
4. Ballam (Hed)
5. Miller (WW)
6. Brandau (Pre)
Darkhorses to place: Gorayeb (WP) Grace (NC)

1. Stanley (CM)
2. Casto (BU)
3. Bosley (PS)
4. Kennedy (WP)
5. Griffith (Jef)
6. Bonasso (FS)
Darkhorses to place: Wilson (NM) Drappo (Hed)

1. Bowers
2. Stevens
3. Johnson
4. Kinsley
5. Gibbs
6. Michalski
Darkhorses: Metz (PS) Starsick (NM) Tyree (WW) Barrett (Hunt) Duncan (PP) Rogers (Brk) 

1. Evans (WP)
2. Stanley (CM)
3. George (Pkb)
4. Lane (HH)
5. Williams (Hunt)
6. Lord (Hed)
Darkhorses: Barnes (FS) Duncan (PS) Hays (NM) Ripley (Nit) Cooper (Rip)

1. Radcliff (PS)
2. Walters (CM)
3. Samples (Pkb)
4. Shetler (Hed)
5. Abshire (Jef)
6. Fullen (Hunt)
Darkhorses: Kennedy (WP) Shell (BU)

1. Mayle (BU)
2. Bosley (PS)
3. Brooks (Hunt)
4. Ott (NM)
5. Bliss (Brk)
6. Hess (Hed)
Darkhorses: Kessler (Mar) Moore (WP) Muldrew (JM)

1. Moats (Hed)
2. Daggett (PS)
3. Trusty (Pkb)
4. Gatian (NM)
5. Beard (Mus)
6. Arbes (CM)
Darkhorses: Mayle (BU) Taylor (JM) Holt (FS)

1. Regalbuto (Hed)
2. McDonald (Jef)
3. Lane (Cap)
4. George (JM)
5. Griffin (Unv)
6. Travise (BU)
Darkhorses: Warner (PP) Futten (EF) Zafarmand (NM)

1. Williams (Pkb)
2. Pickens (PS)
3. Mays (Hunt)
4. Eakle (EF)
5. Neptune (FS)
6. Nash (NC)
Darkhorses: Hickman (NM) Bonecutter (PP) Durst (Mar)

1. Daggett (PS)
2. Davis (Mar)
3. Baisden (BU)
4. Noechel (EF)
5. Cinalli (FS)
6. Marks (Pkb)
Darkhorses: Credo (Brk) Saunders (Cap) Tetrick (NM)
1. Courtney (FS)
2. Miller (EF)
3. Jackson (Mar)
4. Thomas (Hunt)
5. Morton (Jef)
6. Altizer (Log)
Darkhorses: Skrypek (JM) Wallace (Pkb)

1. Coffey (CM)
2. Wehrle (HH)
3. Sternthal (EF)
4. Moles (PS)
5. Burner (PB)
6. Boyd (WP)
Darkhorses: Taylor (Hunt) Baker (Hed)

1. Ochap (WP)
2. Dotts (FS)
3. Corder (PB)
4. McCartney (PS)
5. Morris (WW)
6. Rawlings (Rip)
Darkhorses: Hastings (Hunt) Lowther (LC) Satterfield (EF) Edwards (Log) Childers (CM)

1. Heath (GrE)
2. Wellman (CM)
3. Morgan (Hunt)
4. Findling (Brk)
5. Hearst (FS)
6. Householder (Jef)
Darkhorses: Utt (Rip) Shomo (PB) Bosley (PS)

February 25, 2000
From: ramsey
comments: My predictions on AA/A State Champions
And I would like to say good luck to CCHS and that the LKC will dominate the state tournament again this year!

February 25, 2000
comments: I wish Swami would quit referring to himself in the third person. What gives?

February 25, 2000
From: Shane
comments: This goes out to Mexicano. Hey buddy get your facts straight or get out of the forum. How can you say that Hedgesville didn't wrestle anybody. They won the Wheeling Park Duals...argueably the toughest dual meet in the East...to you PA fans I said argueably. Hedgesville has three guys undefeated and six more with very impressive records. They have two of the top three wrestlers in the state and have the BEST FANS in the state. Go Eagles this weekend. Show how great you truly are and shove Mexicano quotes.......you know the rest.

February 25, 2000
From: Brandon
comments: i think that derick bosely will get 2 and jason litten will get 1st and kense from frank. will get 2nd also bultre myers and wright all from frankfort will place!!1

February 24, 2000
From: Re: Swami
comments: I see now not only can you dish it out you can take it. You go Swami!!! You should really be easier on some of the schools though these are kids you're dealig with. Some of them don't understand your dark humor and take alot of what you say to heart. All boys that wrestle need commended for even stepping out on that mat. Wrestling will definitely make a man out of a boy in a hurry. Good luck to all wrestlers making the trip to Huntington!!!!!

February 24, 2000
From: Tennessee fan of WV wrestling
comments: I would like to say that I am very proud of the Herbert Hoover wrestlers and their coaches. I want to wish them all the best but I want to especially wish Matt Wehlre all the best in the world at the finals. You can do it again and we are all rooting for you at this household. My question is will you be posting the results all through the tournment so we can keep up with it as they wrestle? If so will there be a special web site to go to. Again best of luck to all the wrestlers you are all winners already and your parents and your fans are all so very proud just to have known you.
Editor's note: I'm getting ready to leave for Huntington now, and I plan on doing updates to the website from Huntington.

February 24, 2000
From: Fairmont Senior Fan:
Wishing all wrestlers success at the states. Don't let the excitement of the states get to you ,just do the best you can and listen to Coach Delligetti and you can all come home winners. Best of luck to all.

February 24, 2000
From: John Jackson
comments: I am jj on the other picks and I ment to put Miller at 103 not Smith
I was a 2x state champ in 96-97 and this years state tour. is as tough as it was in 96. Good luck to all the Easter Panhandle wrestlers.

February 24, 2000
From: Swami
comments: WRONG! Sgt Hulka's response (from the movie Stripes) was "Lighten up Francis" not "Put a lid on it Francis". Where have all the John Candy fans gone? Swami doesn't mind the bashing. It shows some spunk and a fan that is willing to fight for their team right or wrong. Swami likes that in a fan and it will help raise the roof in Huntington. Freedom of speech allows you to root for your tin eagles and I'll root for the Boys from Burger Hole (Calhoun County for the non-Golden Horseshoe Winners). Just keep my dog out of this. Me my wife and kids OK but don't say anything bad about my dog.

February 24, 2000
From: unknown
comments: I think Josh Moyers will come out with the title at 189. Sorry Bellville. If you looked Moyers had to wrestle Culper from cameron.So good luck to you Josh Moyers and bring yourself home a state championship. You been working hard.

February 24, 2000
From: Wrestling Fan
comments: here are my predictions 2000 champions
103 Matt Easter
112 Matt Bosley
119 Ryan Metz
125 J.P. Stanley
130 Clint Radcliff
135 Mike Bosley
140 Casey Daggett
145 Anthony Regubuto
152 Nathan Pickens
160 Chris Daggett
171 Jeff Courtney
189 Matt Werhle
215 Steve Ochap
hwt Househoulder

February 23, 2000
From: Dave Drennen
email: bulldogka@home.com
comments: This is the first time i have been to the site in about a year looks great by the way. I cant wait for the tournament this weekend. I work at the radisson and i started checking in teams today i havent been this pumped in awhile. Want to say good luck to all former cougars the bloodline is still running. Also want to say good luck to all my WIRT boys. Josh Cross is the hardest working man i have ever met in my life and hopefully it will pay off this weekend. Good luck to my cousin Kris Miller i know he will have some upsets. Also if anyone needs help finding a hotel room i might be able to help.

February 23, 2000
From: Concerned Official
comments: To The wreslting parent: I have been around the officials in this state for 16 years. Your comment about officials should not decide the match is unfair. Each and every official takes pride in promoting the sport and more importantly getting these young kids ready for LIFE!. NO official wants to decided the match. I realize sitting in the bleachers you can see it all. However if you want it fix. Put on the stripped shirt and walk a mile in our shoes. Then you will know what it like to have to choose. I once had a great coach the live and dies by this statement "Do not put yourself in a situation where the official has to make a close call and you will never have to worry about." He taught me the most important thing I ever learned in life. Only the individual controls his future no one else.It sad I am repling to your ignorance. However people like you are the ones that make these young officials get out of the sport.

February 23, 2000
From: E.Panhandle Parent
comments: To MEXICANO........what do you mean Hedgesville hasn't wrestled anybody....are you saying nobody was at the ST.Albans duals....nobody at the Wheeling Park Super Duals........nobody at the Winner's Choice at Fairmont (30+teams)...........nobody at the Jefferson Invitational...........Nobody at the Max Horz in Berkely Springs...........come on ...who do you want them to wrestle.....and are they willing to make the trip over here for a change.........check your facts.......or are you dissing all the teams who participated in all of the afformentioned events..........please explain .......

February 23, 2000
From: Sean
email: junkins@ab.edu
comments: RE:100 wins
I agree whole heartedly. A student can't help if they are forced to change schools. But there wins and their loses should go with them. There yes Josh should be Frankfort's first 100 win man.

February 23, 2000
comments: In the 125 AAA weightclass on the brackets it has R4 then nobodys name what does that mean?
Editor's note: It means I messed up. Should be Derrick Cooper, Ripley, jr, 24-13

February 23, 2000
From: ramsey
comments: I would like to say good luck to the CCHS wrestling team and that chris morris travis mccartney and jimmy johnson have a great shot at winning the states. I think that johnson will tear wenmoth up! well good luck boys and congratulations on the regional victory but bring back the title I know that you can do it ! Good luck and beat oak glen!

February 23, 2000
comments: To: Swami Bashers
The only reason you guys don't like the swami is that he doesn't agree with you. If he said that the winds were blowin from the east you guys would have said he was a genious. Now for the guy who said that Fairmont Senior upset a heavily favored team from Hedgesville why was it such an upset? Fairmont Senior beat them at Winners Choice and only lost by 5 points in a dual. Seems fairly even match to me. The individual records that the Hedgesville team have are quite good 48-0 47-2 45-5 46-0 49-0. but the real question is who have they wrestled? Who was your toughest competion this year? How many teams in the top ten did you wrestle?
Swami I like your forecast. Keep on Rockin.

February 23, 2000
From: C Smith
email: smittyc_69@hotmail.com
comments: CONGRATS TO INDEPENDENCE!!!!!! Region 4 Champs!!!! All 14 wrestlers qualified look for them to do well this weekend. GOOD LUCK INDY.

February 23, 2000
From: Rick Jackson
103- Easter Toughest weight-class Nitro continues to produce great 103 pounders
119- Stevens To physical for these boys
125- Stanley
130- Walters Very even weight-class
135- Bosley he'll win in OT
140- Moats His toughest match in the semi's he always turns it up in the finals
145-Regalbuto- M.O.W.

February 23, 2000
From: me
comments: I think that you people should stop trying to predict who will win states just by looking at the brackets just because someone won regionals in a tough region means nothing. what matters is the determination and training

February 23, 2000
From: DK
email: dkuykendall@webtv.net
comments:: Please correct me if I am wrong but if a wrestler tranfers to another school his high school win loss record goes with him.This being the case my oldest boy Josh had way over 100 wins when he graduated in 1998. That's two years ago an he graduated from Frankfort. Point being I think he was first to reach that 100 mark from Frankfort. How about it.

February 23, 2000
From: AA Opinion
103: Zach Zubay
112: Jason Roberts
119: Tucker Brown
125: Ash Wenmoth
130: Eric Noel
135: Josh Cross
140: Nick Prather
145: Jeff Hughes
152: Jason Litten
160: Wyatt Oneil
171: Vince Magnone
189: Phillip Bellville
215: Roberts Busick
275: Tom Naylor
Oak Glen will win the team championship fairly easily contenders for second will be cameron ritchie and maybe williamstown.

February 23, 2000
From: billybob
comments: Good luck Braxton at states. Bring home the gold.

February 23, 2000
From: Jim LeMaster
comments: It was like old times to hear from the "Merry Mex" again. The board has turned into a who's region is tougher discussion as opposed to which wrestler is better or which team is better. You can always count on Mexicano (or should I say MEXICANO) to stir up the place a little! Remember Mexicano sometimes it's not who wins the most it's who has the best souveniers! Antlers Up! Here's wising good luck to your not so little Bro' as he attempts to win em back to back!
See you at the Civic Center...

February 23, 2000
From: Sean
email: Junkins@ab.edu
comments: This goes out to the Frankfort guys:
- Litten let's get it done buddy you've come a heck of a long way. This is the year it's gonna happen for ya. Good Luck.
- Phil some bad brackets and the "White/Miller fiasco of 1998" kept you from being on the podium. But come Saturday Night we all want to see ya standing on that podium closer to the top the better.
- Drew You have surprised alot of people many still under-estimate you. If you wrestle hard and stay focused you'll still be wrestling come Saturday.
- Cody Steven Sidaway Butler and Chucky guys it's been a good year. You have each shown that you can compete with the best of them. Keep you heart in it and don't pay attention to what anyone says. Only YOU can decide how far YOU want to go!
- Coach Lantz Coach Peer You guys play such an important part in the development of each wrestler. Coaches I miss not seeing you guys on a regular basis but wishes you the best of luck. Hope you guys have your suits ready cause your gonna need them Saturday night.
- Frankfort Parents and Fans thanks for supporting these guys. I know how important it is to have a strong wrestling "family". Without all your support the Frankfort program could never have blossomed so well.

February 23, 2000
From: RE: Swami
comments: If you're a weather forecaster I'd leave it at that. The only hot air blowing around is you. I predict a lot of the hot air arriving in Huntington tomorrow will be coming from your so-called predictions. Your always bad mouthing and I'm sure no wrestlers or fans appreciate it. This page is for support not cutdowns. Did you wrestle? That's what I thought. Besides "IT AIN"T OVER TILL THE FAT LADY SINGS" and I'm still practicing my victory song for our big win at the states. Until then put a lid on it Frances!!!!

February 23, 2000
From: To Clark K.
comments: I would not go so far as to say that Meyer from Cameron could have qualified at any other region in the state. Hashman was 4th in region 1 and Meyer couldn't get in. Stover from Liberty who was 4th in region 4 has beat Hashman earlier this year (see WSAZ results) so if he couldn't beat Hashman why would you think he could get in in region 4?

February 23, 2000
103-Delligati or Cappass
119-Bowers or Kinsley
171-Miller (great match)

February 23, 2000
From: salami-swami
comments: I would like to say that i like Fairmont Senior battling it out with South for the title and very closely behind Hedgesville and dark-horse midland. Senior has some favorable mathch-ups as compared to Hedgesville and a few upsets they will win. South is good no matter what region btu not as good as they are touted to be. Everyone but Midland has a real chance of winning with an equal chance of placing third. I like the 103(hopefully Deligatti Vs. Easter) championship as the best match of the tourney maybe delligatti will come through on a very tough Easter. Lokk for possible rematches from the region 2 tourney of Regalbutto and Mcdonald and Miller and Courtney. Lets go Region 2 the best in teh state and i wish Jason Litten all the luck and dont get hurt carrying home your state title. Good luck to all who are wrestling this weekend on a safe tourney and trip.

February 23, 2000
From: Wrestling Parent
comments: I just wanted to say that I hope that the officiating at the state tourn. is better than I have witnessed at Conference and at Regionals. The officials should not play a part in who wins and who loses. Whoever is over the officials should come out to regionals and to the state tourn. and watch some of the calls that are made and the way that some of the officials act then maybe something would be done to correct it.

February 23, 2000
From: Wrestling Fan
comments: Best wishes to Ash Wenmoth!! Watch the head-butts from your opponents....

February 23, 2000
From: Voice in the wilderness
Every year this time some people are always crying for "true seeding" at the state tourmament by the coaches. I've seen comments like "they seed the OVAC tournament" why can't they seed the states? Well, what is seeding? It is a bunch of coaches sitting around guessing at who the top 8 wrestlers are in the weight class. We have that already in the coaches poll. Everybody gripes about that too, and says the poll stinks and is no good. So, until everyone is ready to have seeding at the state tournament done by the results of the final coaches poll, then we should leave it alone.

February 23, 2000
From: Swami
comments: I am the Huntington weather forecaster. My name is Francis but my friends call me Swami. Nobody calls me Francis or else I'll... Oxymoron: anonymous request asking for someone's identity. The weather forecast is not always right. Sometimes a lot of hot air blows around causing turbulent winds. Currently there are hot winds blowing from the East and the South causing a high pressure build-up in Huntington. We should seek shelter in the Civic Center and by Saturday night one wind will prevail while the other one dies down. I'm afraid all areas of the state should be under a disaster watch and be warned of low depressions to set in. All we can do is wait and see if the forecast is right. Sometimes the truth hurts but everyone deserves to be warned.

February 23, 2000
From: Clark K.
comments: I was at the Region I AA tounrement. Now Cameron they had a 189lber that was ranked in the state and he didn't quailfy. Now if he was wrestling in any other Region he would have made it to state. Yet no one made a big deal about him not going to state no one has gotten on here and complained. Yet it makes me sick to see these people from Region II AAA cry about every thing. My cousin got a 3 month old girl who doesnt wine and cry as much as those people. Hey I got an idea for all those school unhappy in Region II I say lets make a new region with some girls teams and some pee wee teams form them to quailfy for state. Maybe then they would be happy. I would also like to say about Region II i seen all those schools wrestle and half of them wouldnt make good AA teams.

February 23, 2000
From: Just a fan
comments: I try to look at comments on the forum at least once a day. South has once again made the forum their homepage. Although South will probably take the AAA title enough is definitely enough.

Let's talk AA. All the polls everyone has submitted don't mean squat. The best can and will get beat. When wrestlers step on the mat it's not whos ranked number 1 it's who wants it the most. I predict some big upsets at the states. They're are going to be boys from Clay Webster and "Braxton" who will definitely prove most poll guessers wrong. Look out for the Eagles they've packed a lunch and are ready to kick butt. A big congratulations to Jason Litten of Frankfort. He's one of the nicest kids I know. Best of luck at states Jason. I told you I'd put something nice about you on here.
Go EAGLES! TAKE IT TO THE MAT GUYS!!!!! Best of luck I know you guys will do above average. Look at the so called polls after the states and see how many little schools were left out and how many little schools kicked butt and then took names.

February 23, 2000
comments: I have told everyone all season long about the SOUTH PATRIOTS.. SOUTH WILL WIN THE STATE WITH VERY LITTLE PROBLEM !!!! Guess what they will even be stronger next year!!!!!!

February 23, 2000
From: Ravenswood Fan
comments: To: Andy from Braxton
Re Miller over Schindler at regionals
Miller appeared to me to be the better conditioned wrestler.

February 23, 2000
From: AK
comments: I would like to wish all the Ripley Viking wrestlers good luck at the state tourney. You guys know your potential and go down to Huntington and kick some butt and at least one of you make Coach Sayre have to wear a suit on Saturday night.

February 23, 2000
From: LR
comments: One thing to keep in mind about the 9 wrestlers from Parkersburg South that finished 1st or 2nd in their region; 5 of them are ranked 1st in the state 1 ranked 2nd in the state 1 ranked 3rd and 1 ranked 4th. This indicates to me that they would do well in any region.

February 23, 2000
From: GW wrestling fan
comments: Congratulations to Jr. HWT Jody Pauley and Sr. 189 Andrew "Gomer" Marshall for making to states. Good luck and have fun you are two of the best underrated wrestlers in the state

February 23, 2000
From: phs wrestler
email: www.n2wrestling.com
comments: Is moats from Hedgesville undeafeated. if not who beat him?
Editor's note: Looks like he is 46-0

February 23, 2000
From: JJ comments: My picks for states this year
103-Smith The top five ranked kids in this weight class could win
119-Stevens The top three wrestlers are tough
125-George This has a few good wrestlers in it
130- who ever wins between Radcliff and Abshire in the quarters
135- Bosely and mayle should be a great match PS always find away to pull out the close ones
145-Regalbuto He will put a show on and his closest match won't be by ten pts. He will be the MVP.
152- Pickens
160- Daggett
171- Courtney This should be a great match with him and Miller but fairmont Sr coaches will have him prepared.
275- Morgan Anyone can when this weidhtclass it's heavyweight

February 23, 2000
From: panhandle kid
comments: Good luck to frankfort and especially good luck to Jason Litten who is going to win states. Philip Kesner will proably come home with fourth or fifth in the states. He always blows it at state. Jason has been working hard all year and deserves it . Congratulations on your 100 win at frankfort you did it in three years and still gets no congratulations from the coach. It took philip four years and they think its everything. Jason is a lot better than philip so quit talking about philip and start talking about frankforts next state champion JASON LITTEN. good luck JASON. GO GET THEM AT STATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

February 23, 2000
From: JAM
comments: Good Luck to all the Frankfort Wrestlers and especially to Jason Litten at states. Congratulations on your undefeated season this year.

February 23, 2000
From: from richwood fan
comments: could it be that everyone is overlooking Bragg from Richwood?

February 23, 2000
From: KING-Keeper
comments: I would just like to say that not only is marion county the best wrestling county in WV but marion is also in the toughest region which is region 2. And i would like to wish good luck to the oak glen bears.

February 23, 2000
From: AA/A fan
comments: I liked the crystal balls prediction because I think that Hosley will beat Zubay and Morris will beat Hosley. Morris has come a long ways this year and he is looking good. He has made a big turn around this year

February 23, 2000
Editor's note: To paraphrase old Ben Kenobi, "Mexicano -- now there's a name I haven't heard in a long long time..."

February 23, 2000
comments: To E.Panhandle Fan Your statistics were not quite accurate. There are 8 wrestlers in region 3 AAA with .500 or below record 7 in region 4 and only 2 in region 2 (This Year). But you forgot to mention that there are 9 wrestlers in region 1 with .500 record or less. What does being RANKED mean? It is just a bunch of coaches getting together and bringing up names. Unless someone shows or proves that to be different that is what every wrestler in the state believes unless of course your name is on the list. In that case I'm sure you believe it to be scientific analysis.

February 23, 2000
From: arden sansom
email: ardens@dellnet.com
comments: I think the position of the mats especially during the finals depends largely on the lighting. Not saying that the situation couldn't be changed but just wanted to let spectators know that many times there is a reason for apparently arbitrary decisions.

February 23, 2000
comments: My predictions:
145:Sould i even put a name in this spot????

February 23, 2000
comments: After getting home from the Region II tournament in Fairmont I checked the results from the other regional tournaments. The difference in depth is just incredible. I think there were many very deserving wrestlers from Region II that weren't able to qualify and almost certainly could have in any other region. I made a list of wrestlers who impressed me and I think deserved to be going to Huntington...... David Clopton 112 Justin Jones 119 Justin Miller 125 Adam Wolfe 140 Sean Agoney 140 John Bland 145 John Mayburry 152 Matt Phares 152 Andrew Everhart 171 Mookie Mayer 189 and Curtis Barber 189. The other regions probably had some deserving wrestlers who didn't make it to but not nearly as many. Some body should start working on reallignmnet or its going to be the same way next year.

February 23, 2000
From: Fan
comments: I would like to wish the best of luck to Matt Jones and Drew Toth. These two men have worked hard all year and will represent South Harrison well. Good luck boys I know you will both be in the finals!!!

February 23, 2000
From: Anonymous
comments: I agree with the guy who said that in the finals the AAA should be centered on the AAA crowd and the AA mats should be centered on the AA crowd. Also when wrestling on 4 mats it is very difficult to see the mat closest to the stands. I think it would be better if the 4 mats were lined up in the center. If this cannot be done can we move the higher seeded mat to the side away from the fans. We miss a lot of good third place matches because we cannot see the edge of the mat.

February 23, 2000
comments: TO : SWAMI i think swami should identify himself ah he does is talk and he probally doesn't know a thing about wrestling abviously not i think everybody in the state should know who you are cause i know a few people personally that strongly disagree with the way that you talk on here GOOD LUCK TO ALLWRESTLERS AT THE STATE TORUNEY

February 23, 2000

February 23, 2000
comments: i look to see an upset in 145 weight class this year look for aaron futten of the bees to show up in the finals at states

February 22, 2000
From: Phanatik
email: PhanatikWV@yahoo.com
Phanatik's State Tournament Predictions:

I hate to say this but the state tournament was probably decided this past weekend. Why? Parkersburg South wrestled extremely well and qualified their entire team (all 13) while Fairmont Senior and Hedgesville needed a similar showing in order to have a chance to knock off South this weekend. Fairmont Senior North Marion East Fairmont Hedgesville and Jefferson all beat up on each other in region 2 each team posting some key upsets but also having some wrestlers get knocked off. Parkersburg South must now be the odds on favorite to run away with the state title. 9 of their 13 wresters finished either 1st or 2nd meaning several wrestlers will get to face 3rd or 4th place finishers from other regions in the 1st round Thursday night many of which will be quick pins. Look for South to take a big lead and never look back.

Region 2 was the only region not to qualify all of its ranked wrestlers as 4 ranked region 2 grapplers will be watching from the stands this weekend. John Bland (ranked 5th at 145) and Curtis Barber (Ranked 8th at 189) both did not qualify for Fairmont Senior and would've scored 10-20 team points between them at states. Several wrestlers finishing lower in the region than expected also hurt Fairmont Senior and these wrestlers will now have a tougher time placing.

Hedgesville was hurt by Ballam's loss to Delligatti at 103 as he is now in the lower bracket with Easter and Smith. Hedgesville's 152 Justin Snyder was injured and did not wrestle while Dunham at 160 and Everhart at 171 failed to qualify in very competitive weight classes.

Cabell Midland had a great showing in region 3 and now has as good a chance as Hedgesville and Fairmont Senior to challenge for 2nd. They could easily have several finalists (as Mr. LeMaster stated below) and will definitely be right in the pack. Parkersburg with many solid individuals will round out the top 5.

If there is to be any chance of one of these 4 teams knocking off South (like Fairmont Senior almost did in 1996) then the entire state must gang up on South's wrestlers and upset several of them hoping they get beat quickly in the consolations instead of roaring back to finish 3rd. Hedgesville and Cabell Midland are the 2 teams best positioned to capitalize on this scenario as they have several strong individuals that will score a lot of points. If South falters look for either of these 2 to step right in and battle for the championship.

All things considered including regional finishes bracket placement and upset factors here are my top ten teams:

Parkersburg South wins big CM HED and FS battle for 2nd (any of these can surge into second with a good tournament) Parkersburg in 5th Hunt and WP Battle for 6th BU and EF fight for 8th with Jefferson 10th

1. Parkersburg South - Should win by at least 35 points
2. Cabell Midland - Not to be overlooked - slight edge over Hedgesville due to number of overall qualifiers
3. Hedgesville - Very tough lightweights not enough upper weights
4. Fairmont Senior - Toughest all-around dual team in the state will have too few high placers to contend with the top 3.
5. Parkersburg - Many of their top kids missed a good portion of the season and proved to be human after all
6. Huntington - Qualified all 14 in a veteran line-up
7. Wheeling Park - 2 state finalists will have them battling Huntington for 6th
8. Buckhannon - Some very good individuals some holes in the line-up keep them from placing higher
9. East Fairmont - The surprise team this year - 1st top 10 finish since.
10. Jefferson - Some top-notch wrestlers most of who will be back next year.
11th - 13th - Nitro Herbert Hoover and North Marion
14th - 15th - Martinsburg and University
16th - 18th - John Marshall Philip Barbour Ripley
19th - 20th - Will be filled by Brooke Woodrow Wilson Greenbrier East or Point Pleasant.

Good luck to all teams but especially to the underdogs. Look for my individual predictions tomorrow.

One final note on the competitiveness of region 2:
This problem will only be magnified next year if no action is taken. Consider this: Region 2 has the fewest amount of seniors (18 of the 56 who qualified for states) when compared to the other 3 regions (all of who have at least 21). Add in the several good wrestlers coming back next year who either qualified last year (like Barber FS Mookie Mayer RCB Sean Agoney MAR Justin Snyder HED) or were good enough to qualify in other regions this year. Now add in all the good Freshman/Junior Varsity wrestlers who will step in next year to fill the losses of the graduating seniors. And finally as if that won't be tough enough throw in Grafton who will be returning 9 AA QUALIFIERS to the AAA Region 2 tournament next year! Talk about a loaded region next year!!! If nothing is changed there will be many more disappointed wresters come this time next year.

February 22, 2000
comments: i look to see an upset in 145 weight class this year look for aaron futten of the bees to show up in the finals at states i think he will win because of his huge triceps good luck ary are

February 22, 2000
From: AA states
comments: After looking the brackets over this is how i see things in AA

103                       112                    119
1 Zubay OG            1 Gandee Rav           1 McCartney Cal
2 Morris Cal          2 Roberts OG           2 Morello GW
3 Hosey Rit           3 Auvil Graf           3 Haddox Will
4 Biddle Will         4 Prater BC            4 Brown Cam
5 Borror Pet          5 Brookover Will       5 Bumgardner Rit
6 Blake Ind           6 Myers Fran           6 Andrick Rav
125                       130                    135
1 Wenmoth Will        1 Hayhurst Rit         1 Cross Wirt
2 Hughes Cam          2 Noel OG              2 Westbrook Will
3 Johnson Cal         3 Westbrook Will       3 Lowers OG
4 Eckleberry OG       4 Kupfer Cam           4 Leach Graf
5 Harris Brx          5 Lynch SS             5 Bragg Rich
6 Currey Rav          6 Dennis Wirt          6 Wiseman SS
140                       145                    152
1 Zyla Will           1 Hughes Cam           1 Litten Fran
2 Glass OG            2 Poole OG             2 Holdsworth OG
3 Prather Win         3 Schindler Rav        3 Toth SH
4 Wood Ind            4 Kesner Fran          4 Smith Rit
5 Bosely Fran         5 Koslosky Rit         5 Seckmen Will
6 Wiseman SS          6 Nicka WM             6 Rhodes Ind
160                       171                    189
1 Hardway Brx         1 Magnone Weir         1 Bellville
2 O'Neil Cam          2 Nestor Rav           2 Moyer Ind
3 Stickles OG         3 Hebrock OG           3 Delebreau Will
4 Snider TyC          4 Stotler BS           4 Callison GW
5 Sims GW             5 Kimball St. M        5 Yetts WM
6 Murphy St. M        6 Hart Brx             6 Hashman St M.
            215                         275
        1 Busick Weir                 1 Naylor Rit
        2 Pugh LR                     2 Taylor Graf
        3 Six OG                      3 Laughlin Cal
        4 Raban Rav                   4 Ritter Brx
        5 McKinney Ind                5 Stewart Ind
        6 Karr Wirt                   6 Cliver Clay
This is probley the least talented team i have seen come out of Oak Glen but they will score more points than any of there previous state champion teams. Over all the AA is not as good as it has been in the past. The top wrestlers are as good but is the rest of the place winners that is not up to par.

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