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January 10, 2001
From: kywrestler
comments: AAPredictor:
Gandee has dropped to 112 this seaon he wrestler 112 at the JCI's.

January 10, 2001
comments: Heard a rumor that Huntington is coming to the Musselman tournament this year. Anyone know if this is true its not on their schedule. ???

January 10, 2001
From: Seniorstar
comments: Anyone know why didn't Shell from BU didn't wrestle against Elkins or Braxton?

January 10, 2001

January 10, 2001

January 10, 2001
comments: this is to the aapredicter: some of your predictions were a little strange but that's cool you have a right to predict who ever you want. But at 189 you had 5 people from the same region. Only 4 can wrestle at states. Bellville Hashman Delebrou Magnone O'Neil are all good wrestlers and I agree that they would all place if they all could go this however is not the case. Otherwise good predictions it would be boring if everyone's were the Same.

January 10, 2001
comments: Does anyone have full results from the Jackson County tournament from this weekend?

January 10, 2001
From: wondering
comments: Why didn't Stevens and Knapp from PHS wrestle at John Marshall? Is Stevens staying at 119? or 125?

January 10, 2001
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: I had a great time at Oak Glen last Sauturday..1st I witnessed two great teams battle down to the wire and got to talk to several of the Oak Glen fans.They are not so different than the South fans.We love our sport and love our teams.Everyone that I met was very cordial and nice to talk with.I know we will extend the same welcome to them next year in Parkersburg..and you might want to get their early..I expect another large crowd and nothing less than one more exciting dual with a classy Oak Glen team!Thanks Oak Glen for you hospitality!

January 10, 2001
From: Gump
comments: Can anyone tell me who will be at the Andrew Jackson Iron man tournament this weekend? And i would like to wish Beckley-Stratton good luck at this very tournament.

January 10, 2001
From: fan
comments: Does anyone know what weightclass Chris Morris from Calhoun is really wrestling this year 112 or 119?

January 10, 2001
From: southfan6515
comments: I would just like to wish all of the South wrestlers good luck this weekend at the Virginia Duals. Also congratulations on your win against Oak Glen. I wish I could've been there!

January 9, 2001
From: cc41
comments: The 140 pound weight class looks to be an interesting one this weekend in Fairmont. Ott (NM) Lord (HED) Abshire (JEFF) Westbrooke (WILL) Kessler (MART) Smith (RIP) and Mayle (BU).. I think the wrestler who WANTS IT the most will be the one on the top of the podium Saturday evening.. I'd also like to say good luck to EFHS.....

January 9, 2001
From: Ripley Fan
comments: Congratulations Ripley High School for having another fine tourny this weekend at the JCI's. You guys have wrestled really well all season. Keep up the good work and you will surprise alot of people come state tournament time!! Good Luck at Fairmont this weekend.

January 9, 2001
From: EB
comments: to Tiger Grappler: You are right about the Cougar Tradition in Parkersburg. The men you mentioned as coaches that worked with Mike Litton don't take his expertise for granted. Many of them learned from Mr. Oldham and other coaches as well. And don't forget the coaches that have worked at PHS inlcuding Radar Schenny Owens and Satterfield. I'm proud my sons were Cougars...thanks for the post...and thanks Mike.

January 9, 2001
From: Superman
comments: Congrats to "the one" Billy Barbour for his 3rd place finish at JIT. "B.A." Billy Barbour has really got a lot better. Sir William should be one to watch for at CVAL and regionals. All that off season practice with the "Superman" also known as "Little Rocky" has really paid off for "Sweet" Billy B.

January 9, 2001
From: aapredictor
email: aapredictor@hotmail.com
Valles Weir
Dye/Allen/Ashley Wirt
Bartrug StM
Biddle Will
Snuffer Ind
Ross Cam
Morris Cal
Blake Ind
Biddle Will
Morris Brax
Dankovic Weir
Wince Rit
Gandee Rav
Bumgartner Rit
Auvil Graf
Whiteman Hun
Dye Wirt
Clark BS/Myers Frank
Hughes Cam
Six OG
Haddox Will
Sexton Ind
Lobis Rit
Metz Cal
Lowers OG
Hughes Cam
Stiles CB
Culverhouse Brax
Harkness Rit
Noel OG
Leach Graf
O'neil Cam
Smith Will
Gregg BS
Bosley Frank
Leach Graf
Westbrook Will
Bosley Frank
Eckleberry OG
Stewart Cam
Smith Wirt/Morris Cal
Kupfer Cam
Wood Ind
Childers StM
Snider Tyl
Dennis Wirt
Nicka WM
Brown Cam
Bolen Ind
Seckman Will
Stutler Clay
Miller Wirt
Moore BS
Stickles OG
Toth SH
Rhodes Ind
Dent Hun
Roupe Cam
Efaw Graf
Hebrock OG
Stotler BS
Brown Ind
Butler Frank
Yetts WM
Meyer Cam
Bellville OG
Moyer Ind
Magnone Weir
Hashman StM
Delebreau Will
O'neil Cam
Six OG
Peck Clay
Dillon Rich
Keener Graf
Weaver Mag
Gibson Cal
Naylor Rit
Caughey OG
Laughlin Cal
Hollenbach Graf
Cliver Clay
Bowes Graf

Please email me with any comments.

January 9, 2001
comments: Good Luck Beckley-Stratton at Andrew Jackson this weekend ! We're hoping you repeat as team champions. We know it will be tough with Tyler Wilson (110) 34-1 and Zack Evans (123) 10-1 out for the season with shoulder injuries. But we know you have what it takes as a team to step up and get the job done ! Get well soon Tyler and Zack and GO DOGS !!!!!!!!!!!!

January 9, 2001
From: Mat Fan
comments: Hey this year is getting underway great! We have seen some great match-ups and there are many more to come! Here's a sneak preview of some big match-ups soon to come!

103. In their second Varsity meeting ever Erica Dye of Wirt and Jared Ross of Cameron will be one to watch in the A-AA field. In AAA watch out for Jacob Frerichs of Nitro and Sammy Bonasso of Fairmont Senior in a clash of the titans later in the AAA season.
112.Shane Grogg the Sophomore sensation from South will get to take his chance against Kevin Ballam from Hedgesville and both will take their shots at Jon Delligatti of Fairmont Senior!
119.Ash Gandee looks for the three-peat with opposition from returning power Ryan Bumgardner of Ritchie County who if I am right decisioned Gandee in a scrimmage earlier this year which adds a little spice to this battle. Lets not overlook Corey Auvil of Grafton or Justin Kotson of Cameron in this little mix either! In AAA look for Ryan Metz of South to again square off against Matt Stevens of Parkersburg in a match that is sure to please all!
125.Returning runner-up Tyler Hughes of Cameron attempts to avenge his loss to Williamstown's Ash Wenmoth by taking on another State champion from Williamstown Tim Haddox. AAA-Chris Johnson of Nitro aims for another title as faces like Matt Bosley of South and Nathan Kinsley of University try to steal it away from him!

Well that's all the time I have for now I'll be back with a look into the 130-152 pound divisions and then on to the big boys in my 160-275 preview! Good luck to all and have a great year!

January 9, 2001
From: ....um in reply to chs alum
comments: I read somewhere on here that it was a close match between beseford and weaver. Beseford a great wrestler. Who wrestled excellently against weaver but the score was 8-0 when he got pinned

January 9, 2001
comments: look who beat weaver from magnolia (215) at the 2001 cameron tri state tournament it was keener from grafton 7-4 everybody better look out for the grafton heavyweights in states.

January 9, 2001
comments: What teams will be at the Andrew Jackson Tournament? please post. id like to know

January 9, 2001
From: Beckley wrestling fan
comments: I am a big wrestling fan here in Beckley(Raleigh Co.)especially with jr high.But my question is why do you not here alot about Woodrow Wilson high school i know they now have two freshman that dominated there weight classes in jr high Josh Evans and Justin Boyden if they can get that program up and running like it should be in the next year or two they will be a top contender in the state they will have the likes of Jay Thomas Joe McQuillen Sean Meade Tyler Wilson Zack Evans and still have Josh Evans and Justin Boydin plus Park Jr high will send a group of good wrestlers fom there school sorry guys but i can't think of your names right off So look for the return of Flying Eagle wrestling in the next year or two.Hopefully that program will be a contender then like they should be.

January 9, 2001
From: swf
comments: Would like to congatulate both oak glen and parkersburg south on a fine dual match. oak glen should be proud to have wrestled so well and it shows that they have a great program. south didnt give or take anything at oak glen. They had to work hard to win and came out on top. an earlier posting this month was saying that south was the one that wanted oak glen and that oak glen never said that they wanted south. during the last two years at the state tournament i heard on a few occasions oak glen chanting "we want south". you got them and showed that you have a great program that can compete with south. you will get south again next year and south will probably prevail again because of the incoming sophmore class next year. good luck to oak glen at the state tournament this year i am sure they will win again. good luck to south this year at the state tournament i know that you will win it again. Go Patriots

January 7, 2001
From: Dan Lass
email: danlass@hotmail.com
comments: Just want to let everone know about about the web page for North Parkersburg Jr. Wrestling.go to www.eteamz.com/npjrwrestling Yes there still is a team although we are rebuilding(10 out of our 14 wrestlers are 1st year wrestlers). Also to all former North Parkersburg wrestlers coaches and parents if you have any info on the history of the team please let me know. Brent Sams does a fantastic job with the history of all the southside teams and I would like to do the same for our team.

January 7, 2001
email: comments forum
comments: congrats to brian moats for winnng first place at jefferson

January 7, 2001
comments: Congratulations Calhoun for there preformance this weekend at Nitro and especially to Chris Morris for being the only A-AA wrestler in the finals. Good luck this weekend at the Braxton Inv.

January 7, 2001
From: wrestling grandmother
comments: for forum: there are other teams in the state that wrestle other than Parkersburg South and OAK GLEN but you would never know it by the forum. Some people would like to read about other wrestlers and events There are alot of other boy`s that deserve to be reconizared for wrestling.

January 7, 2001
From: South Alumni
comments: I would just like to congratulate South on their win against Oak Glen on Saturday! It was a very good match. I was very impressed with SOuth's turn out! We made a very good showing. I also think our fans presented themselves in a very mature manner. Sometimes our fans tend to get a little juiced with blue and white blood flowing a little too fast. I would also like to say I thought the official did a very good job of being fair in his calls. Everyone seems to blame the official for the outcome of certain matches. But all in all he did well. I would just like to say I am so happy that South proved that they are the best team in the state. I knew they would !!!!

January 7, 2001
comments: I haven't had any time to watch any matches this year but would like to know some prospects for 160 AA. I know Stickles of OG is a tough customer but I don't see much of anyone else. Feel free to e-mail me with anything you got. THANKS

January 7, 2001
From: Larry Deem Jr.
comments: SOUTH WRESTLING!!!!!!!!
I would like to congradulate the South wrestling team for their victory over Oak Glen. Oak Glen desreves a lot of credit also as this match lived up to it's billing. As a wrestling fan I would like to see this dual match scheduled every year. Oak Glen's program has come a long way and it is apparent that there is some competition in the state for South. Again good job South!!! Keep up the good work Oak Glen. See you at the state.

January 7, 2001
From: old south fan
comments: I attended the dual match between South and Oak Glen Saturday and was treated to one of the best matches in a long time. There was an excellent crowd on both sides with a very well behaved student section on the end.Good school spirit all around. Make no mistake AAA fans this Oak Glen team is for real with Quality wrestlers from top to bottom! Their B team just flat out kicked our butts. I for one certainly hope this match is continued every year.

January 7, 2001
From: CHS Alum...
comments: Watch out! Cameron finally has all its wrestlers at weight and with a little work has the ability to take it all!! Jared Ross finally made 103 along with Noah O'Neil either is a force to be reckoned with at 103. 112 pounder Brandon Antil is quick enough and has enough mat skill to beat anyone in the 112 field with some practice. Along with Noah O'Neil who may be bumped back to 112 by Ross they are a 112 pound force as well. Justin Kotson is back and has made 119! He is rusty and needs to build his strength back though but he should be nearing 100% around States. Give him credit he's coming off what was supposed to be a career ending injury was laid up in bed for over 6 weeks but he will be a force in Huntington! 125 pound Tyler Hughes is simply put the man to beat. 130 Casey Hughes has defeated a lot of good wrestlers in showing he has the ability to take top honors in his weight this year so keep your eyes peeled for this Freshman! Joel O'Neil at 135 has lost only two matches one to an out of state wrestler and one by running out of blood time at the Tri-State tournament last weekend and is going to be a contender at state! 140 Isaac Stewart is ready and waiting for all comers as Chris Leach saw at Tri-State. Leach won that round but watch for a reverse result next time! 145 Roger Kupfer remains unbeaten and on top of the class. He is looking for top honors this year. 152 Tucker Brown is very good and may just have what it takes to pull out the championship this year after growing 6 weight classes from the 99-00 season! Luke Roupe has been getting better by the day and has shown he can compete with the best with his 8-5 match with Drew Toth in which Roupe had Toth on the ropes the whole time only to have Toth flex his muscules as a contender with the clutch win. 171 Curt Meyer gave Stotler of Berkeley all he wanted at Tri-State and is a very good wrestler at times. He will be in the money at states wait and see! 189 Wyatt O'Neil has only one set-back on the year with that being a close 5-4 loss to Magnone of Weir but O'Neil has what it takes to win it all. He needs to hit stride soon if he is to peak in time for OVACs but he will be ready for states so watch out to the 189 field. 215 Justin Beresford has shown he is a force one way or another wrestling Joe Weaver of Magnolia to a tough 2-0 match until the final minute of the match in which he got tired and pinned by Weaver. He will be in shape at states as will other competitors of course but he has the strength and aggressiveness to make an impact. And 275 Turd Timmons has a competitive fire that shows when he wrestles anyone. With a season's worth of learning he could qualify and score at states for the Dragons pushing them over the top. Take note WV! These Dragons are not taking 2nd place without one huge fight!

January 7, 2001
From: Robert Hickman
email: SHickman@aol.com
comments: The Nitro tournament had good competition but terrible sportsmanship. There were many examples of good wrestling and I'm afraid to say way too many examples of poor sportsmanship. I will site a couple of examples but will name no names. 1) I witnessed a coach wave a wrestler off that had come over to shake his hand after a hard fought match. 2) A finals winner for some reason angerly tossed his headgear after the match and cost his team a team point. This could have been a critical point loss had a few matches changed directions......

January 7, 2001
From: A St. Albans Wrestler
comments: Joe Roberts From Saint Albans is 18-5. He went 9-1 in the JCI torn. on Jan. 5th&6th.

January 7, 2001
From: Jenny Sullivan
Email: sullivj2@ohio.edu
Comment: In case anyone missed it, on December 30 on this forum, bobby9mac predicted a final score in the Oak Glen/Parkersburg South match to be South 33 Oak Glen 29. Not too shabby!

January 7, 2001
From: Dragons Fan
comments: Congratulations Cameron High School Dragons at the Tri-State Wrestling Tournament the 6th! Way to go Roger Kupfer Casey Hughes Tucker Brown Wyatt O'Neil Joel O'Neil DJ Yoders and Jeremy Timmons on your great performance!!!!!!

January 7, 2001
From: Randy Elliott
comments: I would like to thank the great fans of Parkersburg South and Oak Glen. Saturday's match was outstanding no one was disappointed. It goes to show that we have a great sport in our state and some of the finest fans and athletes. Everyone will be talking about this one for a long time. Also I thought that everything went very well not one problem. Over 800 fans was packed in the fieldhouse and not one problem! That shows that we have some of the finest fans in the world. Great job done by both teams mat maids coaches and the Athletic Directors. Hope to see everyone in Huntington it won't be very long...

January 7, 2001
comments: BONECUTTER IS FOR REAL.at jci's he went 9-0 noone went lasted very long with him.

January 7, 2001
From: Tiger Grappler
email: tigergrappler@yahoo.com
comments: For those South fans cheering the so-called end of the cougar program had better remember their history. Dean Moore (Edison/Patriots) Bob Moore (Edison) Scott Moore (Edison/South/Wirt) and Todd Moore (Edison/Wirt) learned and fine tuned most of what they teach from Mike Litton and the cougar program. As a matter of fact Dave Koreski another stand-out cougar is helping out at South so why bad mouth the people who are responsible for a great deal of your success. Hats off to Mike Litton and his great legacy...many of you so-called die hard wrestling fans could learn alot from him. No one coach has ever or probobly will ever match his success or sacrifice as much for the pure love of the sport. Take any team you want from WV in the past 20 years and stack them up against his original team when they hit high school in 1985 for both PHS and South and we would have crushed them...and you know it. Everyone hates those who dominate and we dominated everyone for years. Now we teach that dominating style to your kids so next time you see Mike thank him. Wirt County individual results will be listed later today. For now the Tigers went 6-2 and both Independence and Ripley will acknowledge most of the state is wildly underestimating this team. Keep underestimating and we'll see you at state. And yes we are very young...seven starting freshmen so watch out we are just getting started.

January 7, 2001
From: J.C.
comments: Does anyone know what happened at the Nitro Invite???

January 7, 2001
comments: Mid East rankings from USA Wrestling
by Bill Swink
Fredericksburg VA

1. Blair Academy NJ
2. Grundy VA
3. Paulsboro NJ
4. Great Bridge VA
5. Parkersburg-South WV
6. St. Marks DE
7. Phillipsburg NJ
8. Kent County MD
9. Oak Glen WV
10. South Oldham KY

Others to watch:
Colonial Forge VA Western Branch VA Lee-Davis VA Christiansburg VA Brick Memorial NJ Kittatinny NJ South Plainfield NJ Delaware Valley NJ Caesar Rodney DE Hodgson Vo-Tech DE William Penn DE McDonogh MD Arch Bishop Curley MD Northern-Garrett MD East Fairmont WV Hedgesville WV Huntington WV Woodford County KY St. Xavier KY

January 7, 2001
comments: USA Wrestling announces top High School Seniors 119
Honorable Mention: Ash Gandee Ravenswood WV State Champ 2x
Special Mention: Justin Stanley Cabell Midland WV State Champion

14. Matt Stevens Parkersburg WV State Champ 2x
Special Mention: Chris Johnson Nitro WV State Champion

Special Mention: Eric Noel Oak Glen WV State Champion

Honorable Mention: Casey Daggett Parkersburg South WV 1st Ironman

9. Matt Miller East Fairmont WV State Champ 2x

Special Mention: Phillip Bellville Oak Glen WV State Champion

Special Mention: Aaron McCartney Parkersburg South WV 2nd Ironman

January 7, 2001
comments: to the person who said that 215 AA is not as good as 215AAA well you're wrong Donnie peck from clay beat Frazier who was seated 2 and peck beat him by 3 and Mitch Hasting from Huntington only beeat Frazieer by 1 in ot. So you should rethink that.

January 7, 2001
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: The South/Oak Glen match was just as advertised..one great dual!Both teams won 7 matches -the difference in the 33-28 score was the 4pins for South and 2 for Oak Glen with O.G. winning a match by major decision.The Casey Daggett/Derrick Stickles match was worth the price of admisssion and both young men wrestled their hearts out.Congratulations to both schools and "Thank you" for entertaining those in attendance with something very special.I really can't see any other school touching either of these teams at state time!

January 7, 2001
From: wrestler_2001
comments: due to another shoulder injury Zack Evans the 123 pounder from beckley stratton will not be returning this year.

January 7, 2001
comments: Id like to be the first to say congrats to South on there win at Oak Glen... south got the job done so they deserve some credit. Good job goes out to Garret Six Eric Noel and Kyle Eckelberry on great performances.. Very proud!! Good Luck against Martins Ferry

January 7, 2001
comments: Reply to writer concerning what is in the newspapers (concerning a report I posted on Forum about the JCIT that Roane County would not compete) It is true that Roane was reportedly not coming according to the newspaper. However I know from experience this is not due to seeking the correct information by the newspaper....

January 7, 2001
From: Edward Purton
comments: the Oak Glen- Parkersburgh South match was the best wrestling match in this part of the state it lived up to it's billing of to state champions going for the gold.

January 7, 2001
From: Coach Stef
comments: To Roadrunner - I know nothing about Coach Bennett's record other than what you have shared on the forum but I do appreciate his coaching ability and sportsmanship. Thank you for sharing his record. I for one appreciate Coach Bennett's expertise as he talks to this "old-new coach" when sharing experiences on the mat and with the rule changes in the WVSSAC. He has my respect.

January 7, 2001
comments: AA 215 might have alot of state qualifiers but they dont have close to the same talent of the AAA wrestlers. your right AA has more good guys but not as many great guys

January 7, 2001
From: mike
comments: What teams will be at Winner's Choice this year? Great tournament wouldn't a website with past results/updates after each round be a nice addittion?
would love to see it.

January 6, 2001
From: A Wrestling Follower
comments: I am really excited to see all the hype on the South/OG match today. Without going into wt.classes/individuals I think a more pin-oriented South team will be battling a more conservative team (much like John Marshall's past squads' philosophy). If OG is successful in staying out of pins in classes where they are clearly outclassed they will narrowly outpoint South. But if South gets on a roll early pinning the first 4-5 classes a comeback will prove extremely difficult.I favor neither team but South could use a loss now. Oak Glen may get their loss in-class at States/Regionals.

If you have been watching Cameron has quietly gotten their missing 119lb.er back at weight and he's getting healthy (Justin {Jay} Kotson). Kotson seemed to keep ending up in or near the finals every tourney last year opposite teammate and state runnerup Tucker Brown. Their wrestleoffs were often one or two point decisions with Kotson coming back as far as 3rd at Berkeley I think. Second at many others. Also Luke Roupe has managed his weight to drop to 160 allowing Curt Meyer to drop to 171 this week. Moving state placewinner Meyer to 171 opens 189 to state runnerup Wyatt O'Neil. Wyatt is shaking off the ring rust while learning how different 189lb'ers are from middle- weight kids. But he's a very adaptable wrestler who will make the transition fairly quickly. We hope his winning mentality allows him room to absorb the losses it takes (and their dissappointment) before he catches fire for tourneys later in the year (regionals/states). As tough as 189 looks this year I expect to see Wyatt finish his stellar career with the dignity and brilliance he has always shown.

Lastly Cameron expects to see two decent 112lb'ers make weight at 103 today. Jared Ross/Sr& Noah O'Neil/Fr). A full lineup for the first time in a few years will be the result. Two heavyweights joined the fold a couple weeks back and are wrestling their way through a learning season in which they could play a huge role at regions and states. Of the 4 upperclassmen two are freshman (Josh Yoho and C.J. Manning) one is a sophomore (Justin Beresford/an animal about a year away from terrorizing his class) and Jeremy Timmons is a 300lb benchpressing senior with no fear but may only be able to break in at hvwt even though he weighs in the 180s. A 230 lb walkup from the junior high (Matt Elson)only strengthens next years team also. The two Hughes brothers wrestling for Cameron now (Tyler125/SR & Casey 130/Fr) expect younger brother Kelly to make some noise at 103/112 next yr as well. Is this a vain attempt at Oak Glen's glory? Possibly we'll know in a few weeks. But somehow I expect this year's states to be a lot more fun than in years past. Triple A-smipple A small schools are coming on (check Independence Wirt Calhoun Grafton Williamstown St. Marys and Cameron for sure). Win or lose we love that Dragon brand of wrestling and encourage the whole team to keep their eyes on the bigger goals (regionals/states/fun)while remembering the honor and glory that older Cameron wrestlers have challenged them with. Its all about TEAM. It always has been. Go Dragons!!!!

January 6, 2001
From: Nick Busick
comments: Six vs. McCartney 215
I enjoyed the post breaking down the weightclasses for Pksbrgh vs. OG. The Six / McCartney match will be decided by who gets the first take down ... IMO. No telling what happens if no take down occurs in the first period. Six is raw bone strong and sources tell me McCartney is weight trained upper body strong. Six is no stranger to weight trained wrestlers this I know for sure. Six by 3 points!

Good Luck Greg and OG. Great job by all who brought these teams together. I wish a safe trip to Parkersburgh wrestlers and fans.

January 5, 2001
From: Eagle Fan
comments: Culverhouse is back so look out 130!!!! Better have your head somewhere besides the mat when he gets the famous spladle wound up. He's a very tough tough wrestler

January 5, 2001
comments: good luck to the bees this weekend at the nitro invitational for there will be teams there such as cabell midland huntington and other tough squads i look for the bees to make an impressive mark at the tournament !!!!!!!!!!!

January 5, 2001
From: wrestling girl
comments: Yes the South/Oak Glen match is the most talked about match of the year so far and no matter who wins really don't mean a thing because both South and Oak Glen are the best in the state by far and everyone knows that. So good luck and try your best.

January 5, 2001
From: Brent Sams
comments: The tournament committe of the Clash of Champions would like to recognize the following individuals to their All-Tournament Team.
80 - Matt Dunn Edison
85 - Jacob Hayes Jackson
90 - Chad Porter Blennerhassett
95 - Brent Hereford Point Pleasant
95 - Felix Osuna Cotto Blennerhassett
102 - James Kelley Huntington
110 - Corey Porter Blennerhassett
116 - James Bee VanDevender
116 - Drew Munson Blennerhassett
123 - Adam Jackson Hamilton
123 - Shaun Smith Blennerhassett
128 - Seth Young Blennerhassett
135 - Codi Norman Edison
135 - Alan Tracewell Williamstown
145 - Kyle Walters Edison
155 - Robert Beatty Edison
165 - Curt Radcliff Edison
190 - Aaron Ferguson Beverly Hills
HWT - Ryan Dearman Hamilton
HWT - Josh McCormick Point Pleasant
HWT - Ryan Williams Blennerhassett

The committee would also like to recognize the following individuals for going undefeated at their team tournament.
80 - Brandon Wolfe Blennerhassett
85 - Justin Cullen Point Pleasant
85 - Sean Shultz Hamilton
90 - Zac McCray Williamstown
90 - Dustin Piggott Blennerhassett Reserves
95 - Jesse James Blennerhassett Reserves
102 - Josh Bailey Jackson
116 - Josh McCarty Point Pleasant
135 - Patrick Maack Huntington
155 - Brad Maynard Huntington
155 - Chad Wilson Jackson
165 - James Nelson Huntington
190 - Cummings Cammack

Thanks to all who attended and good luck the rest of the year.

January 5, 2001
From: Chicago Connection
comments: Big Guy heard you're doing well and wanted to convey our congrats! Keep up the good work and keep us posted. Love you!

January 5, 2001
comments: AA 215 is a tough weight class as it features 13 retuning state qualifiers. Regional Finishes:
Region 1: Greg Six(OG) 2nd 215(00) 2nd 215(99). Joe Weaver(Mag)4th 215
Region 3:Donnie Peck (Clay)2nd 189 Dana Raban(Rav)Champ 215(00) 3rd 215(99) Brandon Bess(Sis)Champ 189(00) Tommy Karr(Wirt)Champ 189(99) 2nd 215(00) Charles Gibson(Cal) 4th 215(99) Shane Dillon(Rich) 3rd 215 (Region 4)
Region 4: Nick Stewart (Ind) Champ 275(00) 4th 171 (99).Ashley Mc.Neely(WE) 3rd 189.Derrick Stover(Lib) 4th 189.
Region 2: Micheal Keener(Graf) 2nd 215 Devin Alt(Pet) 2nd 189
All total regional finishes 1st-4 2nd-6 3rd-3 4th-4 plus at the state level they have had one finish at 2nd(Six) 3rd(Peck) 4th(Six99) and 5th(Weaver) in additionto that these 13 men have won a total of 27 matches in the state tournament

January 4, 2001
comments: Does anyone have Fairmont Senior-Northern Garrett results?

January 4, 2001
From: WV wrestling fan
comments: I am was wondering if it were true if Moats had been pinned in one minute and fourteen seconds by Hartlieb from Fairmont Senior. If so was it a legit pin. I mean was Moats sick or hurt. Or is the score page just wrong.

January 4, 2001
comments: I believe Easter lost by default at Knight's Inn due to a leg turk when he was leading.

From: ohio coach
easter was dq'ed after an "illegal" slam... all i talked to said it was a bogus call.

January 4, 2001
From: studd145
comments: I would like to say that Scotty Marshall for University wrestled a heck of a match against Scott Hartileib for Farimont Senior. I would like to see those two go again. It could have gone either way. Good luck in the rest of the season to both of those two.

comments: I just want to congatulate Kyle Turnbull for beating Jonathan Deligetti Wensday night. Kyle you wrestled a smart match. Good luck in the rest of the season.

January 4, 2001
From: south fan
comments: I just wish you wouldn't compare south wrestlers with the oak glen wrestlers we will see the real thing and see what happens saturday! Sonny Dye has the potential to do well. GOOD LUCK SOUTH!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!

January 4, 2001
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: to the Big Red fans: I agree that we shouldn't be degrading other programs and wrestlers.I will say that anyone can get on here and say they are South fans and that may not be the case.Someday South may go thru a rebuilding phase that Parkersburg high is currently going thru and I'm sure it will be broadcast on the forum.We have good wrestlers on both sides of the river in Parkersburg and that is good.I wish PHS wrestlers and coaches best of luck this year and the future.(by the way I attended both PHS home football games and sat with many of my PHS graduate friends and rooted for them to win.)Best wishes!

January 4, 2001
From: Ed
comments: Ref the O.G. South match on Sat. J.V's start at 1 or as soon as they can get started.

January 4, 2001
From: The Guy
comments: I was wondering where the Braton County results were??? Does anyone have any???

January 4, 2001
From: neutral man
comments: Durst was dq'd at the Wheeling Park Super Duals and had to sit out the rest of the tourney. he started the year at 152 but has been wrsstling lately at 160 ... still no word through the grapevine on Osuch from jefferson as to where he's been. Kephart from keyser has dropped to 160 but word has it he's too weak dropping that much weight after football season. watkins from mussleman who is only a second year wrestler handled him with ease. renner has not from what i get through my sources been able to make the 215 weight so far this year. if he wants to make it to states he better hurry up as the halfway point for weigh ins is quickly approaching for some teams.

January 4, 2001
From: Randy
comments: doc
yep 4th place is vacant in the 95 program.

January 4, 2001
From: South Fan
comments: does anyone know if the varsity south/oak glen match starts at 1:00 or is jv at 1:00?

January 4, 2001
comments: does anyone know how easter lost at the knights inn tournament?

January 4, 2001
From: observent person
comments: To: Informed Person
The fact that you say and I quote " Parkersburg High School does not make the same comments about other sports where we hammer our lesser skilled south opponents" is the exact same thing you were complaining about. I for one am completely tired of everyone's (phs and south both) trash talking. Whatever happened to being a good sport and take care of everything on the mat field court or wherever the event may take place. I take exception to your talk of the less skilled south opponents you have hammered. These kids have left there hearts on the mat field court or whereever and it is those kids that you are knocking. People everywhere need to think before they write something .. anything that is going to feed this hatred that has done nothing but grow over that past few years. Let me finish by saying that I personally want to see all of the local teams do well and can prove it.. can you?

January 4, 2001
From: Wrestlingfan234
comments: Fellow fans wrestlers coaches etc.
I realize now that I made a mistake with my last post. I guess I should've been a little closer than I was with the score that I predicted. Do you wanna new prediction a little closer or do I need to go ahead and give the AA guys the win? Either way my prediction is about as good as betting on the score of the Superbowl it's just a biased guess. Tennessee 31 Minnesota 28. South ____ Oak Glen _____. Fill in the blanks with what makes you happy. ;>)
Flounder nice analysis you ought to leave wrestlers' names out of your post though. Someone recently told me to just shut up and let them wrestle I'm gonna try.
The Dude

January 4, 2001
From: Coach
comments: Concerning the Jackson County Invit.
Williamstown is not coming due to a prior comittment to a tournament in Ohio. Roane County will be there. Dont always believe what you hear from the newspaper. Some of the papers around here do not get the facts before they publish misleading or erroneous material.

January 4, 2001
From: 215
email: radams@rcvideo.com
comments: In reply to mike
You say 215 is harder in AAA. Then why is everyone predicting six to beat mcartney this weekend. I don't know he will but....
I know that weaver beat mitch hastings last year in an open tourney too. Those are just a couple of things out of the names you listed.
I think that weight class is slightly ahead in AA than in AAA.
This is one of the first years since 215 was added in WV that it has become a tougher weightclass. It looks to have much more talent and more wrestlers filling out spots.

January 4, 2001
From: Wrestler
comments: This is coming from a wrestle i personally wish that you all would just let us wrestle and not talk all this trash.

January 4, 2001
From: talon
email: lantmir@iit.edu
comments: I'd just like to wish good luck to the OG wrestlers in their match against South this weekend. I wish I could be there!

January 4, 2001
comments: when will the individual rankings come out for this season and team too thanks?? or if anyone could give there own predictions about each please will u

January 3, 2001
From: jefferson wrestler
comments: heres jeffersons lineup for the J.I.T
103-Tyler Moore
112-Ryan Smith
119-Chantz Griffith
125-Stevie Reynolds
130-Justin Hawes or Darrel Dorsey
135-Justin Hawes or Brad davis
140-Devin Abshire
145-Warren Stewart
152-Andre McDonald
160-Rob Osuch
171-Drew Day
189-Ryan Ferraro
215-Dustin Householder
275-dont have one
we'll also be wrestling our J.V. team also

January 3, 2001
From: Bob Staats
email: bsspeak@hotmail.com
comments: To the person inquiring about the Jackson County Invitational wrestling tournament concerning who are supposed to be there. WV teams besides co-hosts Ravenswood and Ripley are Big Creek Wirt County Ritchie County St. Marys Pt. Pleasant Independence Wahama Greenbrier West St. Albans Midland Trail Liberty Raleigh and a B team from the Parkersburg Big Reds. Out of state teams are Prestonsburg (KY) and Southern Local (OH). Unlike the past 25 JCI tournaments the 2001 tourney will be scored as duals. Williamstown and Roane County who competed last year are not entered this year (according to a local newspaper report).Understand the action will be held on four mats (two in the high school gym and two in the adjoining new facilities building.

January 3, 2001
comments: why so much trash talk park south

January 3, 2001
From: babybop
comments: I want to wish both teams ps/og good luck this weekend in the match. I do think that south will win but i'm sure it will be a good match. I will be there cheering on for those south wrestlers!!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!

January 3, 2001
From: Biggest Braxton Fan EVER
comments: Congrats Eagles! 11 1st places Saturday!! Way to go Eagles! Keep up the good work guys! See you at Buchannan Monday!!! Go Eagles!

January 3, 2001
From: 215 Fan
comments: What happen to renner from Musselman. I understood he was supposed to be a standout for Musselman this year and possible placer at the states. I haven't seen him this year. Who is Musselman's top wrestlers ? I heard this would be their turn around year.

January 3, 2001
From: informed person
comments: thank you to the pompous south fan who discounts the efforts of the current young and talented big red coaching staff...these comments will make the coaches work even harder...parkersburg high school does not make the same comments about other sports where we hammer our lesser skilled south opponents..so again thank you!!

January 3, 2001
From: flounder
email: southfan@n2wrestling.com
comments: I have the Oak Glen/South match on January 6 2001 at 1:00 p.m. to be South 34 - Oak Glen 33. These are just my predictions can't wait to watch and see what goes down on Saturday afternoon. It will be a match a person will never forget. Eventhough I have it to be 34-33 in South's favor there are some questionable matches that could very easily turn out different. South better be up on the lower weights cause Oak Glen will come on late and most likely take most of the higher wieght classes. THIS ONE IS GONNA BE CLOSE.

103 - Justin Goneau (OG) vs. Justin Conley (PS)
Many may think Conley is a newcomer but he has around 10 years wrestling experience under his belt. I look for him to pin Goneau.
South - 6
Oak Glen - 0

112 - T. J. Glass (OG) vs. Shane Grogg (PS)
I look for Grogg to dominate this match pinning Glass in either the 2nd or 3rd period.
South - 12
Oak Glen - 0

119 - Ian Whittington (OG) vs. Ryan Metz (PS)
South needs a big performance out of Metz Coach McCartney would probably like a pin but I don't think he will get it. I think it will be Metz most likely by a technical fall.
South - 17
Oak Glen - 0

125 - Garrett Six (OG) vs. Matt Bosley (PS)
This will be a tough match could go either way. I look for Bosley's strength to give him the advantage. Bosley wins by a major decision.
South - 21
Oak Glen - 0

130 - Gaelen Lowers (OG) vs. Bryce Pickens (PS)
It will be a shocker if Oak Glen doesn't take the full six points in this match. Lowers pins Pickens in second period.
South - 21
Oak Glen - 6

135 - Eric Noel (OG) vs. John Duncan (PS)
Noel is a great wrestler so is Duncan. I am excited about this match on Saturday. My take though is there will be no pin in this match. Duncan will keep this thing close. Noel by a decision.
South - 21
Oak Glen - 9

140 - Kyle Eckleberry (OG) vs. Jeff Schmitt (PS)
I look for Eckleberry to win this match the question is...by how close Schmitt can keep the score. South is gonna need the points later on. I think Eckleberry by a decision.
South - 21
Oak Glen - 12

145 - Steve Flowers (OG) vs. Sonny Dye (PS)
Flowers will be Dye by how much? I predict a pin for Flowers. South - 21
Oak Glen - 18

152 - Matt Wharton or Tim Cashdollar (OG) vs. Nathan Pickens (PS)
Whoever Pickens ends up wrestling he BETTER PUT IT ON THEM. South is gonna be scrambling for points come the last three weight classes. Pickens by a technical fall.
South - 26
Oak Glen - 18

160 - Derrick Stickles (OG) vs. Casey Daggett (PS)
This is the match to watch. Two great wrestlers. All i am saying is Daggett better step it up they are in need of some big points. Daggett by a major decision.
South - 30
Oak Glen - 18

171 - Ronnie Hebrock (OG) vs. Chris Daggett (PS)
I look for Daggett to win fairly easy. Probably by around 11 or 12 points. Good enough for a major decision.
South - 34
Oak Glen - 18

189 - Philip Bellville (OG) vs. Matt Wright (PS)
Bellville is a good wrestler. I look for him to pin Wright.
South - 34
Oak Glen - 24

215 - Greg Six (OG) vs. Aaron McCartney (PS)
Six is strong upper body. So is McCartney. McCartney speed will definitely help him there. But Six's strength may be too much. Six by a decision.
South - 34
Oak Glen - 27

275 - Joey Caughey (OG) vs. Chris Morrison (PS)
Morrison is good take nothing away from him. I think Caughey is too big and strong for him though. Caughey will pin Morrison.
South - 34
Oak Glen - 33

January 3, 2001
comments: The heart of the season is about here wrestlers and I'd just like to say good luck to everyone! Also i was wondering about when the coaches polls are expected to be out???

January 3, 2001
From: Roadrunner
comments: Questions have been posed and statements have been made on this forum about dominant Jr. High teams. One team has not been mentioned. Wayne Bennett's Park Jr. High team in Beckley won numerous tournament championships in the 1980's including the WSAZ tournament four times from 1987-1990 10 county championships from 1983-1994 and 65 straight dual matches. I believe it is safe to say that they hold the record for most consecutive dual meet victories in a row in the state of W.V. for the Jr. High/Middlee school division. I believe that this total surpasses Harper's Ferry's total of 46 in a row by about 19 matches.

January 3, 2001
From: mike
comments: i think 215 is much tougher in AAA than AA . they have better wreslters like jeff nocheal mccartney frazier that boy from fairmont and mitch hastings

January 3, 2001
comments: There is an Error in the 1994 state tounry placers at 145 6thp place Bill Haddox is from Williamstown not Berkely Springs He is the older brother of state champ Tim Haddox

comments: ya in the 94 states Jesse Crouch of Hurricane was disquilfied from his place winning match and didnt place 4th cause of it he was kicked out of the Tourny so 4th place should be vacant
Editor's note: If someone has a '95 program, can you look at the AAA 103 from '94 to see if 4th place was vacant...

January 3, 2001
From: Wrestling Fan
comments: If no one has heard yet Parkersburg South's Ryan Metz (119) and Matt Bosley (125) were the first WV wrestlers to win at Brecksville Holiday Tournament. And Parkersburg South also won the whole tourny as a team. Other placers: Casey Daggett-3rd Chris Daggett-3rd Nathan Pickens-2nd Shane Grogg-2nd John Duncan-8th Chris Morrison-6th Congrats Guys great win!! And Good Luck against Oak Glen this weekend

January 3, 2001
From: og fan
comments: The gates will open at 11:00am on Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

January 3, 2001
email: handyman2@charter.net
comments: I was wondering if someone could please give me a list of teams to be at Jackson County I would appriciate it.

January 3, 2001
comments: I agree I think 152 is loaded but look at 160. It seems to be even worse. Bonecutter /Shindler/ Durst/ Daggett/ Hickman/ Osuch/ Holt. Thats just off the top of my head.

January 3, 2001
From: wrestling fan
comments: re: Dude's comments on South and Oak Glen. South has been the one wanting this match Oak Glen has nothing to lose South brought on the challenge they are the ones that will be shutting up. Good Luck Oak Glen!!!!!!!!

January 3, 2001
comments: To South Fan:
I really do not think it is quite fair for you to say that there will be no more North End Rival- there is still a Cougar Wrestling Program maybe not as big as it used to be and what about all the wrestlers that are looking forward to being Big Red wrestlers as southside is to be Patriot wrestlers. We still have North Parkersburg & Vienna youth programs there are still 3 junior highs on North Side. Don't cancel us out completely Sure South will rise again they always have but have a little respect for these kids coaches & Big Red Staff who are working to make these programs better. Would it be as much fun if there were no cross town rivalry's?

January 3, 2001
From: george
comments: hey bruce how about a contest to pick the outcome of og/ps match?
also how many people think everyone will be at their regular weightclasses? i think some maneuvering may occur and matches will not all be as Dr. Welker has broken them down.

January 3, 2001
From: Coach Shoe
comments: I was wondering if anyone could provide directions from the central part of the state to Oak Glenn High School. Weare open this weekend and I thought about Making the trip. That is if I thought I could get in the gym. Any idea what time the gym will open. I imagine one would have to arrive quit early to get in there the way South's fans travel.

January 3, 2001
comments: Oak Glen's AD should think about moving the PS match down the road a mile to the new arena at Mountaineer Park where ESPN hosts boxing matches. There is nowhere near enough capacity at OGHS for the expected crowd.

January 3, 2001
From: hedgesvillefanm
comments: First like to express my best wishes and condolences to the Files family. Upon returning from the Wheeling Park Duals they found their home had been burned to the ground. The Files family are very nice people with great kids. I know this must be rough for them at this time of the year. Again like to wish best of luck to them and anything you need just call. Next like to talk about this "match of the millenium" this weekend. I think I saw something by the editor on here a couple years ago about what it would take to video tape a match and sell it. Who would a person need to get permission from etc. I bring this up because I'm very interested in seeing this dual but the eagles are wrestling this weekend and obviously I'll be with them. I'm sure there are people all around the state in the same boat I am. I'd love to buy a video of this match at the right price. I think this match will promote the sport in this state and getting it out to people all over the state who are interested would promote it even more. Maybe someday matches like this could be televised but that's probably just me dreaming.

Anyway I saw Dr. Welkers preview of this match and Coach McCartneys comments about favoring a dual meet state tournament. This is something I've said I would like to see for some time. How do other coaches and fans feel about it? It's not hard at all to set up a dual state tournament and like Maryland it can be completed all in 1 week. Next since people are doing previews of the "millenium match". I'm going to do a quick preview of the Jefferson Invitational. It will be especially strong this year. Have to say Fairmont Sr. has a definite chance to repeat as tourn. champs with Berkeley Springs Inv. champs Sherando hot on their heels also Archbishop Curley is in the running as well I feel possibly Hedgesville and Herbert Hoover. As for weight classes 152 appears to be the strongest with a possibility of Mcdonald (Jefferson) Durst (Martinsburg) Holt (Fairmont Sr.) Staley (Herbert Hoover) Boettcher (Archbishop Curley) and Snyder (Hedgesville). Other tough weight classes 112- Ballam (Hedgesville) Delligatti (Fairmont Sr.) Frey (archbishop) currently ranked #1 in MD and Fanus (Boiling Springs). 140 pounds- Lord (Hedgesville) Abshire (Jefferson) Kessler (Martinsburg) and Smith (Broad Run) currently ranked #1 in VA. The tougherst wrestler in the tournament may be Darian Kess 125lb currently nationally ranked #3 by NHSCA. Will be interesting to see how he does with state ranked Bango (Loudon Co. VA) and Reynolds (Jefferson) who did well at the Eagle Holiday tourn. and the Ford boy from Fairmont looked good at wheeling. Anyway should be a great tournament. Good luck Eagles.

January 3, 2001
From: Oak Glen fanatic
comments: This is to South fan 234 how do you guy's are going to score 48 points first of let's start at heavyweight and move on down first caughey will pin Morrision Six will decision Bellville will pin. you guys will probably win 71 60 52 but all by decision then you get in to the heart of are line up with flowers Eckelberry nole lowers and six you guys will probably have us in lower weight classes but you still won't score 48 points. Then your saying how oak glen wines unbleivbvable we will se who the better team is come Jan.6 but I already know who the best team is it's the Oak Glen Bears my prediction is 33-27. Oak Glen

January 3, 2001
From: To The Dude
comments: Why dont you shut up and let them wrestle. Thats it! Thanks

January 3, 2001
From: 215 question
comments: why isn't pugh wrestling this year?

January 3, 2001
comments: Ash Gandee defeated Ryan Bumgardner 15-6 at Point Pleasant. John Bonecutter did not wrestle at St. Albans. He was taking his ACT Test along with Jeremy Nott and Justin Carr. Jacob Carr wrestled at 160 at St. Albans. Bonecutter is currently 10-2. He also lost to Fisher of Lancaster Ohio 9-7.

January 3, 2001
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: Does anyone know where we can get the scores and/or brackets from the Brecksville Ohio tourney that South won this past weekend?

January 3, 2001
From: Fan
comments: Yes Ballam was winning 5-4 with about 25 sec. left against Huber Ballam is a tough wrestler wrestled his match and lost 9-5 at the end. The last 30 sec. count just as much as the first 5 and half min.

January 2, 2001
comments: 1 to C215: Jarrod Pugh is not wrestling.
2 I would guess that HANDfan was probably being sarcastic with his "each point" suggestion. So lets not get up in arms about it.
3 I was Just examining the AA state tournament results and I discovered that there was only one pin scored in the AA state finals. The was Derrick Stickles(OG) win by fall over Wyatt O'Neil(Cam). I thought that was intersting.

January 2, 2001
From: Superman
comments: I've noticed that so far the 152 lb. class in AAA Region II is totally loaded. Fairmont Senior's Jonathan Holt North Marion's Rick Hickman Hedgesville's Justin Snyder East Fairmont's Aaron Futten ( I think) Jefferson's Andre McDonald and Preston's Pat White are all there. Also Musselman's Mike Triggs and Martinsburg's Justin Bird who are inexperienced but very athletic and could make a difference by the end of the season are also there. It looks like it could be a repeat of last year's regionals when John Mayburry Matt Phares Rob Osuch and Pat White couldn't make state. Also how come East Fairmont was missing so many people at Super Duals? I didn't see Flint 103 Keeney 145 Futten 152 or Sternthal 189 and I think they were missing others too. I haven't seen Martinsburg's Travis Durst 160 or Jefferson's Rob Osuch 160 either lately. Are they still wrestling? Finally I think everyone will be happy to know I have no comment on the hand shaking controversy because I don't think it is important.

January 2, 2001
From: south fan 234
email: jscBOWhunter@HOTMAIL.COM
comments: I believe this weekend will not be as much of a contest as some of the critics that have posted think. I predict South by 9 matches (48) and Oak Glen to score only 26 points. Oak Glen is a good team and would probably come in 2nd or 3rd in AAA but they could never get the job done when they had the chance. One last chance for the Baby Blue grapplers to prove their worthiness. Region 1 always has been tough and when Oak Glen dropped to AA I for one missed them at the regionals. I know the South fans will make their wrestler's proud of their following by showing up at Oak Glen and I know the wrestler's will shake off the hum-drum drive up Rt. 2 to New Cumberland and let the animal loose on these guys. These guys have been talking for a year it's time to shut someone up.
May the best team win.
Your's truly
The Dude

PS: Check out the Clash of Champions scores. There are junior high kids right now in Wood county that could/can/do compete at high school levels and until the rest of the State stops treating their young'ns with kid gloves and instead reat them young men and women then Wood County will rule the state for some time. AA will come Bob Pickens always brings class to the state. Be ready...S-O-U-T-H will rise again.

PSS: Cougars are no more so you can forget about the future of our North side rivals.

January 2, 2001
From: pshs fan
comments: I'd like to wish Parkersburg South GOOD LUCK this weekend against Oak Glen. I know you can beat them. The whole team did great at Brecksville.

January 2, 2001
From: wrestlers mom
comments: The match of all matches OG and Parkersburg South. Both are great teams and both have won their titles with class. What ever happens on Jan 6th I hope they both win and lose with class. This is a sport of skill strength and luck but it is a sport. These fine young men work hard and give their best. As fans we owe them the respect of also winning or losing with class. I hope they all do their best give their all and walk away with their heads held high.

January 2, 2001
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: Time to stick my neck out and make a prediction on the South/Oak Glen match.Being a little(okay-alot)biased I'll go with South 36/Oak Glen 21 with South winning 8 matches and Oak Glen 6.The difference may be the pins in the match and some matches could swing to Oak Glen on home field advantage.But..South will bring their fans and even that advantage.How could you miss this one! Good luck to both schools and may good sportmanship overide the intensity of the competition.

January 2, 2001
From: Current Grappler
comments: I would like the best of luck to all the Oak Glen and Pakersburgh South wrestlers this weekend and the rest of the year. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

January 2, 2001
From: fan
comments: was bonecutter the 160 lb. for point pleasant at st. albans? if not who was....and if not where was bonecutter....and if it was who has he lost his lost to so far this year?

January 2, 2001
From: pirate fan
comments: Can someone post the teams attending the Buchannon-Upshur Middle school duals and what the format is ?

January 2, 2001
From: WHSMD.fan
comments: Ballam was winning match with Huber with 30 sec. left and got thrown for 5 pts.

January 2, 2001
From: Current Wrestler
comments: I don't see the point in even shaking my opponent's coach's hand after the match let alone after every point scored the coach isn't the one doing the wrestling plus each match would take an eternity. That's just my opinion.

January 2, 2001
comments: You know this shaking hands crap makes me sick. I am soooo tired of people talking about it. I tell you when i was in high school i never shook one coaches hand but my own coach. Does that make me be less of a Sportsmen NO it didnt. I never took a cheap shot anyone nor did i act disrespctful to anyone nor did i throw a fit after getting beat. I mean i wasnt the greatest wrestler in the state nor was i the worst i placed in state. Yet you know after my match the last thing I thought of was shaking the coaches hand. I mean it is retarted to talk about this over and over and over. I mean talk bout beating a DEAD HORSE this horse has been dead for months and you are still beating it. I suggest to the editor that he should stop posting all the hands shaking stuff. i mean enough is enough. What happend to people acctualy talking about WRESTLING.

January 2, 2001
From: BG
comments: From reading the forum and seeing the posts on handshaking I know that my favorite team is one of the teams in the state who is being branded unsportsmanlike by following the new rule limiting handshaking to before each match and after each match. I also have watched X wrestle and know that their wrestlers also obey the new rules. Coach Y is a gentleman and all of his wrestlers seem to be gentlemen and as far as I can tell Coach Z also promotes good sportsmanship as well as citizenship. I hope that by obeying rules whether we agree with them or not also teaches young people to submit to those in authority even when you disagree with what they may say. If there are any other teams who are obeying the rule on handshaking please post their names as I would like to know who they are.
Editor's note: I have deleted the names here because I don't think we want to start making lists of hand shakers vs non-hand shakers. However, I can vouch for BG that some teams and coaches come under criticism over this issue of supplementary handshakes. Over the past few years, even prior to this year when this became a hot topic, we would receive posts highly critical of certain wrestlers and Coaches who, for whatever reason, engaged in too few handshakes to suit someone. I usually did not post such observations because I think it is inappropriate to accuse someone of poor sportsmanship and perhaps damage a Coaches reputation (or career) over something like this.

January 2, 2001
From: C215
comments: If you rank Dana Raban(Ravenswood) then Tommy Karr from Wirt should be rank because at Ritchie Karr beat Raban 8-4 and was looking to be good wrestler this year. So i do believe that Karr should be in front of Raban and Jarrod Pugh should be in the top 3.

January 2, 2001
From: pshs fan
comments: would like to say job well done to the wood county junior high wrestling programs. I couldnt make it to Brecksville so i went to your Clash Of Champions. it was a well ran tournament that showed some good wrestling. hats off to Blennerhassett for winning and also to Edison for coming in second. AS far as im concerned theres nobody in this region that can compete against these two schools. nobody in the state. im just glad that these two schools are both feeding South. i dont get to watch much jr. high wrestling so can anybody tell me if theres a team that can compete with either of these two schools?

January 2, 2001
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: To PA wrestler: Had to throw that one at ya--you obviously are still a wrestling fan who cares about the sport.Yes it is rare for South to beat McGuffy..we caught you when we are strong this year.You mentioned you see a decline in the sport in your area from the bottom up?Perhaps young men like yourself can make a difference in the youth programs in your area by passing on the passion and experience you developed while you wrestled.Our area is full of good young men who are passionate about the sport and knowledgable and willing to pass it along as asst. coaches or as a coach in the pee-wee programs or Jr. highs.I know you are only one person but you can make a difference.Good luck to you!

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