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January 11, 1999
From: Another fan
comments: To the Rock on his Winners Choice Predictions-
I think the three 171 lb wrestlers you listed will be in the hunt along with Hawkinberry, North Marion and Hayhurst, Southern.

January 11, 1999
From: Jenny Sullivan
email: sullivj2@oak.cats.ohiou.edu
comments: To DELBERT103@aol.com: I've tried responding to your e-mail and it keeps bouncing. First I sent it to DELBERT@aol.com, then to delbert@aol.com. If you can re-send your question, I'll try to send you a response again. Thanks!

January 11, 1999
From: Brian Reed
email: BEREED1@aol.com
comments: Hello everyone!! I just wanted to take a brief moment to give praise to a certain someone. Her name is Jenny Sullivan, and, I feel, that she so profoundly deserves a succinct letter of compliment. She makes a great contribution to wrestling in this state, even if her efforts may go without recognition. There just are not enough adjectives to describe a wonderful person such as she. Thanks for reading this concise memo. And, I urge each and every one of you to take a minute or two and commend her as well. Goodbye.

January 11, 1999
Editor's note: I haven't been able to get in to the chat room for the past few days. Is anyone else having this problem or is it just me?

January 11, 1999
From: swinger
comments: In the winners choice heavy weight division what about Buddy Hawkins of Williamstown he has looked pretty impressive so far this year. He could suprise a bunch of people

January 11, 1999
From: Fan
comments: Whoever made the predictions for the Winner's Choice has a few glaring errors. First of all Regalbutto has already defeated Floyd of NM at the Domino Duals. Floyd is much improved this year (maybe the most improved in the state) but Regalbuto is undefeated and has earned outstanding wrestler in every tourmament he has entered. It is a real long shot to think Floyd will upset him. At the 112 weight class lets not forget University's Nathan Kinsley he was a All-American at this summer's National High School Open as a freshman! And he will be a force to reckoned with for the next 3 years?

January 11, 1999
comments: to "THE ROCK" who predicted the top 3 picks for the winners choice tournament. Could u please tell me what team u r from because u r pretty partial to a couple of teams.

January 11, 1999
comments: The Jackson County Tournament was limited to one day because of the lack of teams, due to the bad weather. Only nine teams showed up five of which traveled from region 4. The weather was bad, but Greenbrier West, Independence, Liberty, Midland Trail, and Big Creek all showed up and did relatively well. Independence edged out Greenbrier West for fourth place, with an upset at 160 when Brown defeated Simms for the first time this year. Individual champions from region four were McClung (GW)152, Kinley (Lib.)171, and Moyer (IND.)189. Moyer won on a disqualification via an illegal slam from Lewis. Good luck to region four teams in all of their meets.

January 11, 1999
From: Jonesy
email: Studsrus69@aol.com
comments: This is my first time writing on here. I thought I would bring you up to date with our wrestling team. Our 140 pounder Justin Wright was injured in practice and will be out for the Big 16 and is still ify about the rest of the year. This will be a big loss on our team. Justin is a great wrestler and a good motavtor. Next we have Jeremy Wright (189) who is out with illness. Jeremy will not be with us at the Big 16 but will return to action at the Smash. Jeremy is 3-0 on the year and is looking very tough, we will be really glad to have him back. As for me and the weight class thing I'm trying hard to get back down to 125 but I guess we'll see what happens

January 10, 1999
From: Jared Hess 130
comments: I just wanted to tell everybody about two of the best wrestlers I have ever watched step on a wrestling mat. Some people say they just had a natural talent but I've grown up with Bryan Moats and Anthony Regalbuto I have wrestled with them all my life and I think they just worked so hard they became great. I practice with them and they work so hard they deserve every win they get. I also would like to say one more thing about Hedgesville's powerhouses Anthony Regalbuto and Bryan Moats.They have great attitudes they never get cocky and think they are the best and they never take anyone lightly. Hopefully they win states this year because if there was two wrestlers I would like to see win it I hope it is them -- they really deserve it.
GOODLUCK my friends

January 10, 1999
From: Kathy Eakle
email: sportsmom@imagixx.com
comments: Slick - I was informed by the Athletic Director at East Fairmont High School that the final decision is left up to the individual coach. East Fairmont tried to attend the Nitro Tournament, we all met at the High School at 7:00am and decided that it was just to dangerous to attend. North Marion, to my understanding traveled to Nitro the night before. Unfortunately we do not have enough funds to stay for 2 nights and therefore had no choice as to when we could leave. Hope this helps clear things up. Kathy

January 10, 1999
From: Robert Hickman
email: SHickman@aol.com
comments: Does anyone out there know why North Marion competed at the Nitro tournament and East Fairmont did not compete? Do individual schools or do county schools have a county policy?

January 10, 1999
From: kid
comments: i have noticed that everyone is choosing justin wright of south harrison to fair well at the big sixteen. i would choose this as well if justin hadn't hurt his shoulder. he will miss the big sixteen and likely the rest of the season. it is a shame cause justin is an excellent wrestler and could have helped SH out during the season.

January 10, 1999
From: swinger
comments: does anybody have any predictions on the winners choice tournament at fairmont this weakend. especially 112, 119, 135, 152

January 10, 1999
comments: Top three Picks For Winners Choice
103 Reed PP, Delligatti FS, White NM
112 Wenmoth WILL, Casto BU, Russell PP
119 Shelter HED, Westbrook WILL, Abshire JEFF
125 Floyd NM, Regalbuto HED, Hayhurst RIT
130 Wince RIT, Mayle BU, Griffin UNV
135 Moats HED, Allman BU, Wenmoth WILL
140 Mullins RIP, Callahan WW, English HED
145 Hendrick FS, Smith RIT, Baisden BU
152 Queen RCB, Shell BU, Ramsey NM
160 Miller EF, Jackson Mart, Birthisel RIP
171 Gasic Mart, Logan RIP, Neptune FS
189 Dotts FS, Jennings Pres, Roach PP
215 King RIP, Bryant PP, Robinson Mart
275 Hearst FS, Persinger LC, Fortney BU
Outstannding Wrestler- Floyd NM

January 10, 1999
From Ken Chertow
Have you ever seen a Penn State Dual Meet? Penn State will be wrestling at home against Ohio State Saturday January 23 @ 7pm and Iowa on Sunday January 24 @ 1pm. A crowd of over 8000 will be in attnedance at Iowa match.

I will be running intense training sessions at Olympian Wrestling School precededing both dual meets.

Saturday 1/23
3-5 pm Workout
7-9 pm Penn State vs Ohio State

Sunday 1/24
9-11 am Workout
2-4 pm Penn State vs Iowa

For $50 you can get 4 hours of training and see two great dual meets! If you want food and housing during your stay, add $25.

Limit is 50 out of town wrestlers as we only limited ticket allotment for Iowa vs Penn State dual meet. Reserve your spot by e mailing Olympian School Event Director, Jack Galloway at gwg@vicon.net

This will be well worth your trip! To be the best you have to see the best in action. Come for a memorable experience and great workouts.

January 10, 1999
comments: no offense to Justin Wright he is a great wrestler but jody cunningham has already beat him once this year at the South Harrison Duals.

January 10, 1999
From: WV Wrestling Fan
comments: I know its early in the season but does anyone have predictions for the top wrestlers in the state for triple AAA ......103- 275

January 10, 1999
comments: Fan Poll,
Is that Butcher From Braxton? I've heard that he dropped to 125.

January 10, 1999
comments: Did anyone hear if the Jackson County Inv. was cancelled completely? I understand that it may have ran one day on Friday. Someone let us know.

January 10, 1999
From: observer
comments: Fan poll I like your predictions too but I know Auvil (103) and Leach (125) will place top 3. A lot of people are dropping a class look out.

January 10, 1999
From: Christopher
comments: I don't really know that much about AAA but it looks like Winners choice is going to be between North Marion and BU. From what I've read on here Fairmont may do pretty good too. Most all the AAA teams will be there. What does anyone else think?

January 10, 1999
comments: Well spiderpoll i actually like your predictions,
here are my top 3, in classes
103- 1st Gandee 2nd Whited 3rd Yurkocv
112- 1st Culvington 2nd McCartny 3rd Sharp
119- 1st Harris 2nd Johnson 3rd Miller
125- 1st Jones 2nd Bush 3rd Prather
130- 1st Lowe 2nd Minger 3rd Butcher
135- 1st Cross 2nd Toney 3rd Brown
140- 1st Miller 2nd Wright 3rd Cuningham
145- 1st Toth 2nd Whie 3rd Dauch
and now i'm ging to jump to 160 because it holds my most outstanding wrestler Andrew Richards. I will post the rest up tomorrow!

January 9, 1999
From: wrestler
comments: anyone have predictions for big 16 besides spiderpoll?

January 8, 1999
comments: Hi Cam - Unfortunately East Fairmont did not get to attend the Nitro Tournament either. Winner's Choice is next weekend and I am sure that our 160 pounder will be looking forward to meeting yours.

January 8, 1999
From: Nuetral Observer
comments: Hey Spiderman,
I'll help you out a little in your prognostication for the Braxton Tourney this week. Watch out for Hardway from Braxton at 160. He lost a close match early because of a mistake, but has absolutely pounded everyone since. Richards from S.Harrison will be his toughest match, unless I am missing someone, somewhere. Good calls at the predictions you made with the other weight classes. Mc Cartney will run away with 152. I think 171 will be very tough, Dingess from Petersburg vs Kinley from Liberty Raliegh. Lewis from Liberty is a cinch at 189, Villars will be second unless Hart from Braxton can pull off an upset. He really does have some potential, but gives up a lot of weight. Lahman from Petersburgh at 215. NO doubt about heavyweight. Salmons is king of the hill. Who will finish second to him will be interesting.

January 8, 1999
From: Jenny Sullivan
Email: sullivj2@oak.cats.ohiou.edu
Comments: I sincerely apologize to all of the readers out there who are waiting to see a weight class report for the AA division. My schedule (not to mention Mother Nature) has prevented me from having the time to work on the article this week, but I am going to get it out as soon as I possibly can.
I want to say a HUGE thank-you to everyone who has sent me information. It will be such a great help. If anyone still wants to send anything, you can send me email at home this evening at reklus@juno.com (it's working now).
Editor's note: Yikes - certainly no apology needed. Regular readers of this website will know that a AA/A report is in the works, and will be ready when, er, um, its ready...., and in the meantime will be well worth the wait.

January 8, 1999
From: Cameron Shell
email: iamcam@yahoo.com
comments: B-U will not be participating in the Nitro invitational, unfortunately. School was cancelled and the school board would not permit us to go. This is unfortunate because we have been forfeiting one and two weight classes in dual meets and were looking forward to showcasing our strength as a tournament team. Our 160 made his first appearance in Wednesday night's dual with N.Marion and scored 6 team points with a pin where we usually forfeit 6. This proved to be a 12 point turn-a-round and was the difference in the match. It will also be the difference in many matches to come. Even with a loss it will be better to give up 3 than 6. Now B-U is for real.

January 8, 1999
From: Fan
comments: Due to the weather it has been reported that (fill in the blank) will not be competeing in the (fill in the blank) this weekend.
Editor's note: I suspect that the weather will play havoc with this weekend's schedule throughout the state. We will be glad to post info regarding cancellations, "stay homes," etc., but such info MUST be telephoned or emailed to me by a coach, tournament director, or other team representative -- with a verifiable source and call-back information. You may contact this website at (304) 329-3830 (home) or send email. We don't want to add to the confusion by posting rumors.....

January 7, 1999
From: Spiderman
email: da_spider_112@hotmail.com
comments: Here are my picks for the Braxton Big 16: FYI-- I am not wrestling in this tournament!
you'll have to forgive my overlooking of AAA wrestlers-i am not up to date on them!
103--Gandee,Rav should have no real trouble, watch for Whited, Roane. other finishers should include Morris(cal),Yurkovc(Brax), and maybe J.Lane(Web) to round out the group.
112--This could provide an exciting rematch between McCartney,cal and Culverhouse,Brax. Yet, watch for Culverhouse to prevail However, there are many others which might make the trip to the finals difficult like:Sharp(wirt),Auvil(graf), and Keaton(roane)
119--Johnson,cal could have a tough match in opponent Matt mitchell(roane), however johnson has done well in tournament finals!! Watch for a surprise upset by either Harris(brax) or Miller(wrt) in the semi's.
125--this should be all Bush,rav. Possible contenders include:lEAch(graf),Prather(win),Shearer(wrt).
130--Lowe(wrt) will have no trouble! possible runner-ups cottrill(south har) or Minger(clay), Knotts(graf) may possibly place high.
135--Cross(wrt) could fight a new-comer to this weight class in the finals,like Jones(south har).Toney(ind) should finis third without trouble. Brown(web) and Bragg(rich) should round out the place winners.
140-Miller(wrt) WILL coast to victory and possibly pick up most valuable wrestler. Cunningham(graf) and wright(south har) will be an interesting semifinal rematch also possibly the region II finals. others include Dillon(lib-ral) Truman(rich) and McElwain(web).
145--The TOth(south har) and Dauch(rav) should be an nteresting rematch. White (win) may pose a semi-final threat!

i will do 152-275 later this weekend. as well as team scores!
these are my predictions, please respect my ideas!
if you don't agree with me, write your own!
PLEASE do not send me any rude e-mails criticizing my choices, these are my feeling not yours, from my spiderpolls, i have recieved numerous rude gestures via e-mail, i'm sick of it!

January 7, 1999
From: Jason Seville
email: seville145@hotmail.com
comments: To BigJunk: Yeah, I'm staying at 145. As for the rest of our lineup (FYI), Jason Waugh is staying at 152, Tommy Widmyer is dropping to 160 and staying for the season, Ben Godman is at 171, and Richard Stotler is at 189. It is also rumored around school that Daniel Gilley is coming back and wrestling 140. Also, Corey Reed is back and wrestling at 119.

January 7, 1999
From: Wrestler
comments: Does anyone have any picks team or individual for Braxton's Big 16?

January 7, 1999
From: WVWrestler
Looks like BU may be for real. N. Marion bumped several wrestlers up and Ramsey didn't wrestle but the BU fans believe that the team may match up even better with everyone in their normal weight classes. I guess we will see at Nitro.

January 6, 1999
email: bigjunk@hotmail.com
comments: you need to stop talkin trash bigjunk
besides that, have any of u guys seen berkeley springs yet, they're awesome. Hey, jason seville r u staying at 145 or just moving around

January 6, 1999
comments: Brooke Tournament rated as 17th toughest tournament in the nation http://www.WrestlingReport.com/Classic/rg-t-rank99.htm

January 6, 1999
From: half nelson
comments: Hey Jon,
Have you checked out the latest AA coaches poll? Oak Glen #1, Cameron #2.

January 6, 1999
To: Forum
From: WVWahoo
This Friday and Saturday will be the 26th annual Jefferson Invitational Tournament (JIT) held at Jefferson High School. This will be as usual a loaded tournament with quality teams such as: Sherando H.S., Turner Ashby H. S. from Virginia, Hedgesville, Martinsburg, Fairmont Senior, from West Virginia, and couple of Pa. schools from Lebonan, Pa. This should be an exciting weekend with numerous state palce winners and several state champions from their respective states. Wrestling starts at 5:00 P.M. on Friday.

January 5, 1999
From: jon
comments: I believe that everyone is really looking past Oak Glen and Cameron this year. Has everyone forgotten that OG is the 2x defending state champions and Cameron was 3rd last year and has won 4 state titles this decade? You don't hear about them because they wrestle alot of out of state competition and week in and week out challenge themselves. This is why they often find themselves on the top of the heap. Roger Kupfer is 20-0 at 112, so let's hear about him a little bit also Tucker Brown is 18-1 at 103, not bad for a pair of freshman. Tucker Brown lost in florida and is now 18-1 at 103.

January 5, 1999
comments: I don't think that Eric Noel of Weirton is getting the respect he deserves. I think Noel will be a contender for the 119lb weight class come state tournament time. I recently watched him at the Wheeling Park duals, his 2 losses came to 2 great wrestlers Dan Stanley of Brooke and Jim Shelter of Hedgesville, he was winning both before losing both matches 10-5.

January 5, 1999

January 5, 1999
From: half nelson
comments: To the ROCK,
What about Johnson from Calhoun at 119? Cameron has a nice one in O'Neil as well.

January 5, 1999
From: The Editor
Just a couple of quick notes
1) Congratulations to Steve Shaffer and the folks at Wheeling Park for another fine edition of the Wheeling Park duals. The event was at Linsly this year -- a super facility. The main gym area easily accomodated 6 mats with space to spare with plenty of room for spectators and the auxiallary gym accomodated two more mats. Parking was ample, and the excellent directions and signs made it easy to find. Thanks to the folks in the parking lot who braved the weather to direct parking all day (Wonder if they were from WP or Linsly?).

2) It's sure good to get our youth tournament (Preston Mat Club) over for another year. Every year I'm finding that we get entries from a wider area. I think this is in part due to the exposure that the youth tournaments get on this website, and also due to the listing in the Columbus Ohio Tournament of Champions fliers.

As a tournament director, I'm always looking to see how we do with the pre-paid, call-in, and walk-in entries. Every tournament director's nightmare is that only a fraction of the "call-ins" will show up or that huge numbers of unexpected walk-ins will show up on Saturday morning making the tournament unmanageable. This year we had 189 pre-paid entries and 139 call ins, for a total of 328 on the brackets before the tournament started. Due to winter storms warnings (last Saturday was a nasty day), we had more scratches than usual -- 29 pre-paid entries and 53 call-ins didn't show up. That's about 38% of the call-ins which didn't show up, a number I can live with as a tournament director, particularly considering that the 86 call-ins which did show up paid $12 instead of $10. However, we partially made up for the no-shows by adding 39 "walk-ins" and ended up with about 287 on the brackets. The only down side to call-ins and walk-ins is that it takes a little longer to get the brackets straightened out at the scratch meeting. But, on balance, I didn't get too many complaints in that regard. With a split format (younger kids in the AM and older kids in the PM), we only did scratches up to age 8 in the morning. We started the afternoon scratch meeting while the morning session was finishing, so there wasn't excessive down time (about 45 minutes). We were done before 5 PM.

So what's the point? Far be it from me to tell people how to run their tournaments. That is strictly up to the tournament director, and each tournament has its own "flavor." In our case, I think that taking call-ins and walk-ins is a plus which has more advantages than disadvantages.

January 5, 1999
comments: Paulie stated no doubt about the 215! What was the score between Lahman and Busick at states last year?

January 5, 1999
comments: I think the two to watch at 119 in AA is Eric Noel of Weir and Willie Westbrook of Williamstown.

January 4, 1999
From: Jason Seville
email: seville145@hotmail.com
comments: To Mr. Smith: I see that you have a question mark for the 160 lb. weight class. Well, I guess this is a bias pick, but watch out for Tommy Widmyer from Berkeley Springs. He has been wrestling 171 but is dopping to 160 from this weekend on. Also Ben Godman will be tough at 171 (sorry...another one of my teammates).

January 3, 1999
comments: Congratuations to Josh Staubs of Martinsburg who eclipsed the 100 career win mark at the Wheeling Park Duals. Good Job Rainman

January 3, 1999
From: Fan
comments: Mr Smith,
I think Harris (Br) will give Johnson (Cal) a run for the money. I saw them wrestle at Webster, and Harris put up a good fight.

January 3, 1999
From: Paulie
comments: To:Mr. Smith
Look for Andrew Richards from South Harrison at 160lb weight class... he has defeated Chad Purpura from Bishop Donahue...so he should be the clear favorite... and at 215 there is no question mark(?) about that one... it has to be Dan Lahman from Petersburg.. I dont think there is a 215 in the state who will compete with him...

January 3, 1999
From: Fan
comments: Why dont we get some predictions for the AAA Individual standings? Iam kind of looking forward to seeing who you will think will win what weight classes this year in AAA So why dont you give us some good predictions Go For It!

January 3, 1999
From: mr. smith
comments: here are my AA picks

103- Ash Gandee(Rav)
112- Travis McCartney(Cal)
119- Jimmy Johnson(Cal)
125- way too tough to call
130- Mark Lowe(Wirt)
Watch out for Logan Glass(OG)
135- Josh Cross(Wirt)
140- Mike Miller(Wirt)
145- Jason Seville(BS)
Watch out for Nat Smith(Rit)
152- Eric McCartney(Cal)
Watch out for Jason Waugh
160- ???
171- Steven Kinley
189- Mike Thompson(SS)
251- ???
275- Luke Salmons vs. Alex McClung(this one will be close!!!)
Question: Where are Ash Wenmouth and Adam Schindler?

January 3, 1999
From: efhs wrestler
email: crssat318@aol.com
comments: is there any way you can post the teams that will be at the nitro tournament so that we have an idea who will be up there if you can thanks!!!!
Editor's note: If anyone has the particulars on the Nitro event, pass them along and we'll be glad to post it...

January 3, 1999
From: Nick Busick
comments: The quality of wrestling this Saturday at a youth wrestling tourney in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania was outstanding. There was so many mat technicians I could not believe it. Just guessing, I would say 80% of all matches had the first period battling for just the take down. These kids just refused to give takedowns up. You can just imagine what the other periods brought. My youngest (Branko) said "MAN DAD, THIS AINT GETTING ANY EASIER!" LOL He took fourth and another Oak Glen wrestler took first. I believe that is all we placed. I will get Ryan's information (kid that took first) last name and post it if someone else does not.
For those who are keep track..Robert Busick went 10-0 at Wheeling Park in the 215 lb. class. He will stay 215. Things are taking shape ....now aren't they!

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