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January 16, 2001
From: The Predictor
comments: My State final predictions:(note some may meet in semis these i feel are th best 2 in every weight class)
103 - Bonasso(FS) d. Ferichs(NIT) 6-2
112 - Easter(NIT) md. Ballam(HED) 10-2
119 - Stanley(CM) d. Metz(PS) 6-4(OT)
125 - Kinsley(UNV) d. Stevens(PARK) 4-3
130 - Williams(HUNT) d. Kennedy(WP) 5-0
135 - Abshire(JEFF) d Lane(HH) 7-3
140 - Lord(HED) d. Ripley(NIT) 4-2(OT)
145 - Mays(HUNT) p. Moats(HED) 3rd
152 - Pickens(PS) d. Mcdonald(JEFF) 6-0
160 - Dagett(PS) d. Schindler(RIP) 7-1
171 - Miller(EF) d. Courtney(FS) 6-2 (MOW)
189 - Sternthal(EF) d. Key(NC) 3-2 (Thomas-Huntington will be champ if he stays at 189 ???)
215 - Noechel(EF) md.McCartney(PS) 11-2
275 - Lane(HH) d. Satterfield(EF) 4-3

January 16, 2001
comments: To aapredictor and GeoMetroRacing. J. McFarland 112lb from Brooke beat Dankovich from Weirton the other day and swept the Cameron Quad. Check out phanatickwv predictions.

January 16, 2001
From: WV mat fan
comments: Well midseason is here and so is the OVAC tournament the largest tourney of its kind in the nation. This will be a sight to see. I hope everyone can make it there to see some great wrestling! Oak Glen is poised to make a title run also Cameron Wheeling Park John Marshall and Brooke will be looking for some top billing in Sunday morning's paper. Here are a few seeded wreslters at weights for these teams.
103. Joshua Gorayeb WP John Howard JM?
119. Adam Kennedy WP
125. Tyler Hughes Cam #2 Garret Six OG
130. Derrick Kennedy WP #1 Gaelen Lowers OG
135. Eric Noel #1 Joel O'Neil Cam #3 Mike Muldrew JM Dave Durbin Brk?
140. Kyle Eckleberry OG
145. Roger Kupfer Cam #2
152. Derek George JM #2 Tucker Brown #3
160. Derrick Stickles OG Chris Taylor JM?
189. Phillip Bellville OG Vince Magnone Weir
275. Joey Caughey OG

As you may have noticed Greg Six of Oak Glen may have been a bit slighted...and where was Jared Ross of Cameron? Well here's the midseason MIA wrestlers report.

In the 103 pound class the highly touted Jared Ross of Cameron has quit the sport of wrestling due to some unknown problems. We wish him all the best in the rest of his senior year. And in the 215 pound class Greg Six of Oak Glen has broken his fibula and will be out for most to all of the year. It sure is a shame to see two wrestlers as fine as these two not be able to finish the year. Six as we know is a returning runner-up at 215 and is ranked #1 in most polls. Ross was a state qualifier who has shown he can wrestle with the best all year. He had already scored a victory over returning 103 6th place finisher Gary Dankovchik at the Weir Red Rider Inv. He was ranked rather high in a lot of polls throughout the year and with his drop to 103 was a favorite of most Northern WV pollsters to win the championship.

We have some good wrestling behind and in front of us let us keep our heads about us and wrestle a smart clean second half of the year! On a final note if you can get to the Wheeling Civic Center this weekend starting Thursday night at 6:00 p.m. for opening ceremonies to the greatest tournament in the country! It is a spectacular show that will please all mat-patrons so be there or miss out! Hasta La Vista!
-Chris Wood.

January 16, 2001
comments: where was sexton and snuffer for independence at braston county?

January 16, 2001
From: wrestling coach
email: dwmatdaddy@citynet.net
comments: Heads up. There will be a wrestling tournament at IJHS.Feb 10th. It is the old Sophia Blizzard. The new name is 1st Annual Heart Breakers Youth tournament. This tournament is a qualifier for the tournament of champions. If you have questions please Email me.dwmatdaddy@citynet.net.

January 16, 2001
From: Wrestling Fan
comments: I would just like to know when the coaches polls would be posted .I would also like to say that all the wrestlers at Braxton wrestled hard but I disagreed with some of the seeding. Just because they were in the upper braket.To answer some questions about Ash Gandee he was sick that is why he did not wrestle at Braxton and to end on a note for the predictors. I think Whiteman from Hundred at 119 dislocated his shoulder so he might be out for the season.

January 16, 2001
comments: how does the jan 18th north marion - fairmont senior dual match not make it into the highlight events??
Editor's note: I overlooked it. Thanks for reminding me....

January 16, 2001
comments: I just want everyone to know that Parkersburg South did very well at the Virginia Duals. They got beat by St. Marks of Delaware and Nazarath of VA. They went 3-2 defeating Hampton VA McGuffy Penn. and Lee Davis great job. Also I would like to add that Ryan Metz Casey Daggett and Nathan Pickens were the only ones on the team who went undefeated this weekend 5-0 great job

January 16, 2001
There are a few guys on the Greenbrier west team getting no respect. Jeremy Livley at 160 is one who has got a little but not much. Alex Morello at 130 hasn't got ant either. Pat Bell at 119, Travis walker 140, are also to people that deserve some. All four are right in the mix to place in there weight class.

January 16, 2001
comments: Does anyone know the score of the Brown Vs. Burge match in the finals at Braxton?

January 16, 2001
From: wv wrestler
comments: Is it true that satterfield from east is out for the season with a broken collar bone can someone inform me please thank you?

January 16, 2001
Mouse's Dad
comments: To Casey Hughes
Yes that is the same Mike DeVault who wrestled for South last year and yes he is 130 for MHS. I'll pass the word that you wanted to talk to him.
Congrats to Luke Cappas and Mike DeVault for their 2nd and 4th place finishes at Winners Choice.

January 16, 2001
comments: Just wanted to say way to go Cahoun Co. Winning at Braxton County
112 Chris Morris - Calhoun - 1th Place
119 Jared Brewer - Calhoun - 5th Place
125 Eric Metz - Calhoun - 3rd Place
130 Derek Metz - Calhoun - 2nd Place
135 Gary Wager - Calhoun - 6th Place
140 Jeff Morris - Calhoun - 3rd Place
145 Casey Stewart - Calhoun -2nd Place
152 Jason Valdes - Calhoun -5th Place
160 Denny Cottrill - Calhoun -2nd Place
171 Ray Burge - Calhoun -2nd Place
189 Pat Mace - Calhoun -6th Place
215 Charles Gibson - Calhoun -4th Place
275 Jeremy Laughlin - Calhoun -2nd Place

January 16, 2001
From: RHS Wrestler
comments: Ash Gandee wasen't at Braxton because he has been sick.

January 16, 2001
From: Beckley Central Eagle Fan
comments: Congratulations to the coaching staff of BC for doing a wonderful job in preparation of this past weekends tourneys in a basketball driven town it's nice to see the commitment from these volunteers who give their time and hearts to a group of kids that truly love this sport. Keep up the good work and many thanks. John Sauls and Chuck Smith you are a class act.

January 16, 2001
From: Calhoun FAN
comments: I just wanted to congratulate the team and coaching staff of the Cahoun County "RED DEVILS" on their overal win in the Braxton Co. Big 16!! Lets see if you can do it again this weekend on the home mat!!

January 16, 2001
From: Superman
comments: I'd like to say congrats to my friends Sean Agoney for finishing 4th at Fairmont and "The One" Billy Barbour for finishing 8th. If Devin Abshire wouldn't have dropped down and messed up the seedings "Sweet" Billy B probably would have finished higher. Probably 2nd. But the "B to the A" will be back next year. Gracefully switcing gears I was suprised by Elkins 171 pounder Ray Linger. He seemed to come out of no where to finish 3rd at Fairmont and win impressively against Joe Jackson. Is he a freshman? Finally I'm going to go out on a limb and make a bold prediction but I think they can do it I think MARTINSBURG WILL BEAT HEDGESVILLE at CVAL!!!!!

January 16, 2001
From: south fan
comments: Congratulations to South wrestlers for the great job at the Virginia Duals!! I don't think there's anyway you won't win the State Tournament. I look forward to watching you wrestle this week.

January 16, 2001
comments: gibson and peck beat keener

January 14, 2001
From: Chuck
comments: I would like to say great job to the Beckley Central Wrestling Team this weekend at the Clarksburg Panther Classic we took 8 boys and placed 7

Mike Denny 6&U UNL 2nd
Tyler Toney 9&10 55 2nd
Chris Sodosky 9&10 70 3rd
Zack Amick 11&12 70 3rd
Drew Sauls 7$8 50 4th
Drew Ball 11&12 85 4th
Eric Mcmillian 11&12 100 4th

Also at the East Fairmont Tourney we had 5 boys and placed all 5
Mike Denny 6&U UNL 1st
Drew Sauls 7&8 50 2nd
Chris Sodosky 11&12 70 2nd
Zack Amick 11&12 70 4th
Drew Ball 11&12 85 4th

Good job and keep up the good work.

January 14, 2001
From: old wrestler
comments: From what i saw at the AJ tournament i think two teams to watch for in the future at varsity level are Cabell Midland and Huntington Highs their Freshmen teams were both VERY impressive

January 14, 2001
From: wrestling fan
comments: Concern with your recent rankings of the 125# class your number 6 pick of Kyle Mull from John Marshall was defeated by the freshman from Brooke High School Braden Shaw at the John Marshall Triangular.

January 14, 2001
From: Wrestling fan
comments: Just wanted to say for Tommy Stiles being a from a single A school you really done well at the Winner Choice Tournament. Keep up the good work.

January 14, 2001
From: 215fan
comments: i would like to change my thoughts about 215 after watching the boys wrestle at the big 16.
1. Donnie Peck (clay)
2. Nick Stewart (independence)
3. Dana Raban (Ravenswood)
4. Charlie Gibson (calhoun)
5. Tommy Karr (Wirt)
6. Derril Stover (Lib. Rel.)

January 14, 2001
comments: Why didnt Ash Gandee wrestle at Braxton?

January 14, 2001
comments: Who won the OW award for the WInners Choice. I left before it was anounced and was courious If it was anyone it should have been the 119lber from St. Anthony's NY that kids was far and away the best wrestler in the tourny.

January 14, 2001
From: J. D. Hoover
email: jdhoover@totalsportsconsulting.com
comments: Thanks for the kind comments grateful parent. The Total Sports Consulting Team and myself enjoyed signing each and every student athlete up at the recent Braxton County Wrestling Invitational. As you already know our goal is to help every athlete get exposed to colleges at no cost. I am personally thankful for the opportunity to offer this recruiting service for free due to the Navy and their involvement with our business. If you would have any future questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at the above e-mail address. I will respond in a quick and efficient manner.

I also wanted to say thanks to Sterling Beane for allowing Total Sports Consulting to add to the excitement of your prestigious tournament.

J. D. Hoover
Total Sports Consulting

January 14, 2001
From: aapredictor
email: aapredictor@hotmail.com
Blake Ind
Valles Weir
Dye Wirt
Bartrug StM
Biddle Will
Ross Cam
Gandee Rav
Morris Cal
Biddle Will
Morris Brax
Dankovic Weir
Wince Rit
Auvil Graf
Bumgartner Rit
Whiteman Hun
Dye Wirt
Clark BS
Kotson Cam/Myers Frank
Hughes Cam
Six OG
Haddox Will
Sexton Ind ??
Lobis Rit
Metz Cal
Lowers OG
Hughes Cam
Lynch SS
Stiles CB
Harkness Rit
Metz Cal
Noel OG
Leach Graf
O'neil Cam
Smith Will
Gregg BS
Minger Clay/Bosley Frank
Leach Graf
Bosley Frank
Eckleberry OG
Dennis Wirt
Westbrook Will
Stewart Cam
Kupfer Cam
Wood Ind
Childers StM
Snider Tyl
Flowers OG
Nicka WM
Brown Cam
Seckman Will
Bolen Ind
Moore BS
Foster Brax
Miller Wirt
Stickles OG
Toth SH
Dent Hun
Cottrell Cal
Efaw Graf
Lively GW
Hebrock OG
Stotler BS
Brown Ind
Burge Cal Butler Frank
Meyer Cam
Bellville OG
Moyer Ind
Magnone Weir
Hashman StM
Delebreau Will
Jones WE
Six OG??
Peck Clay
Stewart Ind
Karr Wirt
Raban Rav
Gibson Cal
Naylor Rit
Caughey OG
Laughlin Cal
Cliver Clay
Hollenbach Graf
Berg Pet

Thanks for all the comments last time. Feel free to email me with more! Let me know who I am missing weight changes and your general thoughts.

January 14, 2001
From: Neutral Man
comments: Congrats to Jefferson's Rob Osuch on his third place finish at the Winner's Choice and his victory over Bonecutter of Point Pleasant. Phanatik-please re-do your picks as they were close but some in wrong weight classes such as Taylor from John Marshall is wrestling at 160 and Durst from Martinsburg is at 160 also. Abshire has also moved back down to 135 as of this past weekend at the Winner's Choice. I was very disappointed in Chantz Griffith's not being able to make weight after Friday Evening's wrestling at the Winner's Choice and I'm sure his team was also. Last observation is about the Miller vs. Courtney match. Is it just me or was there 2 points missing for Courtney? I thought that Courtney had two escapes and Miller had two take downs thus the score was 4-2 when Courtney got a reversal as Miller was fleeing the mat towards the scoring table and Jeff had a hold of Miller's leg and both feet in. I did not see the score change after the ref signaled reversal. Miller then tried to get a cradle in and Courtney then posted the arm and turned in and broke the hold to put Miller on his back and got two back points. Score at this time should be 8-4 in favor of Courtney at which time Miller took Courtney down and got two back points as time ran out. The score I had at that point as I saw it was 8-8 with Courtney injured laying on the mat. Anyone else see it that way or did I nod off? Someone enlighten me please.

January 14, 2001
From: Jason Roberts
email: jasonchad21@yahoo.com
comments: Hey everyone I would just like to say congrats to my bears so far on a great season. I would also like to say hi to all the wrestlers I became friends with over the years if you have a chance email me I would love to hear from everyone. Congratulations to Corey Auvil on the win this weekend i'll see you at states. Good luck to everyone on the rest of the season!!!

January 14, 2001
From: Northern Panhandle Fan
comments: Matt Wharton is Oak Glen's 152 pounder. That will only change if he is challenged by one of the other wrestlers. Greg Six broke a bone in hs leg. His return is slight. He might have to get screws in his ankle.

January 14, 2001
comments: Could someone tell me who the 152 pounder for oak glen is? i have seen 3 different ppl at this weight class for them this year and was just wondering who it will be. thanx

January 14, 2001
To Whom It May Concern:
There has been a Rainelle tournament the last couple of years as a qualifier for the TOC in Columbus Ohio. I was just wondering if the tournament is going to take place this year. I really enjoyed that tournament both years I went. It was run good and it was also a change of wrestling styles for me. Please let me know if that event will take place this year. My E-mail address is jmhs9810@aol.com.
Thank You

January 14, 2001
From: Grateful parent
comments: I just wanted to thank JD Hoover and his team of Total Sports Consulting for what they are doing for our children. I appreciate the effort they are putting out in helping to expose our kids to the next level. My son wants nothing more than to play football in college. Being a single parent I can not afford to pay for college and I was afraid that student loans and grants wouldn't cover the expense either. With Total Sports Consulting allowing us to put his stats out in cyber space to be seen by colleges all over the US we hope that he will be able to receive a scholarship. In talking to this young company I am encouraged that they will be able to help a lot of kids continue to participate in the sports that they love so much. Check out their website at www.totalsportsconsulting.com . Good luck with your new company and thanks again. We are truly grateful.

January 14, 2001
From: A Wrestling Fan--Just Wondering
email: plumbfullofit@hotmail.com
comments: Does anyone know if thereis an award for gettting beat in a match but not being pinned in almost 2 years? If this sounds crazy forgive me. I'm new to wrestling and just wanted to know!

January 14, 2001
From: WV Wrestling Fan
comments: I attended the Winners Choice Tournament this weekend and enjoyed the wrestling . What a fine young group of wrestlers that were there. I was impressed by the Marion County teams. It's always something to see when Courtney and Miller wrestle. They are both outstanding wrestlers. I did hate to see East's Miller and Satterfield get injured for they are both strong assests to East's team. Hope to see them soon!!

January 14, 2001
From: A Fan
comments: I would just like to say congratulations to Sammy Bonasso on his 1st place finsh at the Winner's Choice tournament.

January 14, 2001
From: unknown
comments: does anyone know what weight class mitch smith will be in at the wsaz tournament?

January 14, 2001
From: fan
comments: I don't there is anyone out there to give Wes Lane a good match. I haven't seen him have any trouble yet and he is undefeated. 135 seems to be wrapped up for him.

January 14, 2001
comments: Beckley-Stratton repeats as Andrew Jackson Ironman Tournament Champions. Congratulations and keep working hard to reach the top !

January 14, 2001
From: Jr high Fan
comments: I would like to congratulate Blennerhassett Jr High (#1 ranked jr high in WV) for defeating Moundsville (3rd ranked jr high in WV) and Hamilton today. Good job and good luck at WSAZ!!!!

January 14, 2001
comments: Congratulations to all Calhoun wrestlers for placing in the top 6 at Braxton County and for their 1st place overall finish defeating Independence by approx. 40 points. Chris Morris 1st Casey Stewart Denny Cottrell Ray Burge Derek Metz and Jeremy Laughlin 2nd Eric Metz and Jeff Morris 3rd Charlie Gibson 4th Jared Brewer 5th Pat Mace Gary Wager and Jason Valdes 6th.

January 14, 2001
comments: Jeremy Hart finally was awarded his year back and wrestled today as far as I know. Does anyone know the results of the NC State Duals NCSU haven't posted anything in awhile so I don't know if the #7th ranked wrestler at the begining of the year won. Rumor has it that Hart jumped straight in to 2 a days at APP State and looked good. Iowa City watch out!!!! He's back and Better than ever!!!

January 14, 2001
From: rankings
comments: Everyone is going to change their rankings for 215 because Six for Oak Glen broke his fibia Friday. He'll probably be out for the season. Sorry to here it.

January 13, 2001
comments: Whoever did those predictions for AA...I think they arent too bad. I think Garret Six will be in the finals on Saturday. He showed how much he improved from last year in his absolute domination of Bosley from Parkersburgh South. I also think the Brookover from Willaimstown will not be in the top four at 130. Kupfer will be challenged at 145 from Steve Flowers a young wrestler that has nothing but talent. Dont mark him in there so soon. the last 4 weight classes should go to Oak Glen but im not sure about Greg Six ..... I am looking forward to states and it looks like one for the thumb for Oak Glen.....nobody is gonna be close again...sorry everyone

January 13, 2001
comments: If Matt Bosley at 125 is the best juinor in the state of WV. Then Garret Six of Oak Glen is an amazing 125 lb'er. I dont get that one

January 13, 2001
From: Calhoun Fan
comments: Calhoun is looking real good at Big 16 at Braxton.. Keep up the good work boys

January 13, 2001
From: Casey Hughes
comments: Is Mike DeVault wrestling 130 for Morgantown this year? I am just curious if this is the same DeVault that wrestled for South Morgantown Jr. High last year I wouldn't mind talking to him. Thanks!!

January 13, 2001
From: Laughing right now.
comments: Whoever ranked Brookover at 130 at #2 over Hughes needs to seriously rethink their prediction. I have seen Hughes wrestle and he is very deserving of a higher ranking. Consider this also...Brookover in his only meeting with Fullerton of Cameron last year lost to the then Sophomore 1-0. This year Fullerton can't break the starting line-up anywhere from 130-160. Makes you think huh?

January 13, 2001
comments: My apologies on Lane!!! I am very sorry for the mix-up!! I must have been zoning out or something because I know Lane and he is a VERY good wrestler and I just wasn't paying attention! Again my apologies Wesley!

January 12, 2001
From: J Hughes
email: ehughes5@wvu.edu
comments: No offense but the reason why lively or any other Greenbrier West wrestler is being left out of the predictions is because no GW results have really been given. If you get the JCI's in and show us some key wrestlers they beat then we can rank them a little bit easier. I believe Lively is a tough wrestler but I would like to see his card thus far please. Thank you.

January 12, 2001
By Dan Fickel
National Editor

18. Matt Bosley Parkersburg South WV 3rd State
13. Nathan Pickens Parkersburg South WV 2nd State
11. Chris Daggett Parkersburg South WV State Champion
Special Mention: Derrick Stickles Oak Glen WV State Champion
Honorable Mention: Aaron Barnette Independence WV State Champion
Honorable Mention: Jeff Courtney Fairmont Senior WV 3rd State
Honorable Mention: Joe Caughey Oak Glen WV State Champion

January 12, 2001
From: parent
comments: Robbie Ripley is my favorite wrestler to watch. That boy can wriggle out of any hold. I miss watching him.

January 12, 2001
From: West Fan
comments: What about Lively from Greenbrier West at 160 he defeated Rhodes in the JCI's. Why is he left out of all predictions. So far this season he's 19-0 in the 160lb weight class. Even though most of your predictions are wrong it would be nice to recognize the correct wrestlers in each weight classes. I don't see any reason to predict state results this early in the season nobody knows about place winners until we go to Huntington. So keep the predictions to a minimum just out of respect for all wrestlers who deserve to be mentioned but are not.

January 12, 2001
From: Panhandle Fan
comments: To: Superman Hedgesville was missing Justin Snyder and Jason Baker at the Berkeley County Championship where the match between Martinsburg and Hedgesville was so close.

January 12, 2001
comments: to MAT FAN: ur predictions looked very good but i just wanted to let u know that Wesley Lane wrestles for Hoover not Hunington.

January 12, 2001
From: Brent Sams
comments: Phanatik great job on rankings. I just got from a businesss trip to East-Central Pennsylvania. Their local paper had state rankings and individual district rankings. So the challenge is there. Do you think you can rank the top four or so individuals from each region?

Babybop I have a contact attending the VA duals who will be updating me after each round. I will be sending the individual results in to WVMAT as soon as I can and I will also be updating The Little Kanawha Wrestling Club web page at http://www.casinternet.net/~brentster/lkcc/index.html. I expect Doc will be elsewhere on Saturday. To get immediate team results check out http://www.vaduals.org/results.html.

January 12, 2001
From: Coach Stef
comments: My team looks forward to seeing Harper's Ferry at the WSAZ Tourn. in Huntington. Obviously they're on the hunt of a new record and they have "blue-chip" athletes in Galford (80lb.) Davis (145lb.) and "Psycho" Sillex (165lb among others. Good Luck to Harper's Ferry on the rest of their season and hopefully we meet up at WSAZ's. We want another shot at Psycho. Good coaches good kids good program!!!!!

January 12, 2001
From: Coach Stef
email: bsmontgomery@rtol.net
comments: The Braxton County Knights Middle School Coaches and Athletes want to congratulate Coach Sterling Beane on his 300th win coaching the Braxton County Eagles. As always both Braxton County programs strive for the best in wrestling.

January 12, 2001
comments: Hey I'm back with my 130-152 match predictions!!! Watch out for these there are some big matches to look forward to here!

130. The A-AA field poses some interesting matches this year as the senior from Oak Glen Gaelen Lowers tops most polls and predictions at this time. What will be interesting is to see him square off against Casey Hughes of Cameron the Freshman who has been on somewhat of a roll since his the Berkeley Springs tournament. Lowers and Hughes match up very well it will be a very good match to see! Keep your eyes open we could see it this week at OVAC! In AAA as seen at the Nitro tournament Robbie Williams and Chris Gibbs is a very interesting match to see. I am excited to see them wrestle again they will meet again at regionals and then at states possibly! Also watch out for Derrick Kennedy who is pinning his way through the ranks and looking VERY strong in this his senior year!
135.A-AA Eric Noel looks to repeat as titlist with his opposition coming from a strong Adam Leach of Grafton. This should be an interesting match-up as will be Noel and Joel O'Neil (barring he's healthy didn't someone say he had a broken nose?). They will meet at regionals this will be an exciting match to watch also so look out! At AAA 135 will have one VERY good match concerning Wesley Lane of Huntington and John Duncan of South. Watch for this to be one of the more entertaining matches of the night come Saturday night in late February! Both are looking to claim a title before they go out and both have little to lose as no one is quite sure how this class will shape up.
140. AAA holds court to some very great match-ups with Jed Ott of North Marion and Robbie Ripley of Nitro squaring off later in the year. Throw in Danny Lord (who will see Ott again soon at the Winner's Choice in what will surely be a great match-up!) of Hedgesville and you've got the crock-pot mix for a very exciting tourney! In A-AA there is a great deal of talent. Heading the list are Grafton grappler Chris Leach and Oak Glen standout Kyle Eckleberry. Leach was a runner-up and Eckleberry was a 4th place finisher last year so both have tasted a prize at Huntington but only one will come away this year with the top honors!
145.A-AA Kupfer looks to be unstoppable! Some say think again! I think Terry Childers of St. Marys will put up an admirable fight here! They have two meetings before states though and we will get a good idea what to expect in these matches! For those of you wondering they meet at a tri with Magnolia later in the year and then again at regionals so watch out small school fans! Knowing Childers's firey nature this could be a great match-up to watch! AAA has Jason Mays of Huntington and Bryan Moats of Hedgesville looking to meet in the championship match. Since being pinned by Kupfer at Berkeley Springs Moats has really been a sight to see on the mat! Mays is always up to a challenge though so this will be a fierce match to see this year! Heads up!
152. Tucker Brown of Cameron heads the A-AA field but is being pressed hard by Matt Seckman of Williamstown right now. These two will be a match to see at regionals! Then seeing them at States again will be a real treat! Watch for a tough hard match out of these two it could go down to the wire! In AAA Nathan Pickens is the no-brainer here right? To those of you who think this look towards the panhandles! Derrick George of John Marshall and McDonald (excuse that I forgot your first name!) from Jefferson have been tearing up the field and look to take aim at that illusive title this year! This will be a great class to watch!

So everybody look ahead a few weeks we have some great matches for all of us huge mat fanatics! Keep your eyes peeled for my 160-275 matches! Good luck to all and goodbye!

January 12, 2001
email: GeoMetroRacing@hotmail.com
1. Ross Cam
2. Valles Weir
3. Biddle Will
4. Allen/Dye Wirt
5. Rawls Gra
6. Snuffer Ind
1. Gandee Rav
2. Morris Cal
3. Biddle Will
4. Dankovic Weir
5. Wince Rit
6. Morris Bra
1. Auvil Gra
2. Bumgardner Rit
3. Kotson Cam
4. Whiteman Hun
5. Dye Wirt
6. Myers Fra
1. Hughes Cam
2. Haddox Will
3. Six OG
4. Sexton Ind
5. Lobis Rit
6. Metz Cal
1. Lowers OG
2. Brookover Will
3. Hughes Cam
4. Lynch SS
5. Stiles CB
6. Culverhouse Bra
1. Noel OG
2. O’Neil Cam
3. A. Leach Gra
4. Gregg BS
5. Bosley Fra
6. Metz Cal
1. C. Leach Gra
2. Eckleberry OG
3. Westbrook Will
4. Bosley Fra
5. Smith Wirt
6. Morris Cal
1. Kupfer Cam
2. Flowers OG
3. Wood Ind
4. Snider TC
5. Dennis Wirt
6. Nicka Mad
1. Brown Cam
2. Childers StM
3. Seckman Will
4. Miller Wirt
5. Bolen Ind
6. Stutler Clay
1. Stickles OG
2. Toth SH
3. Dent Hun
4. Efaw Gra
5. Roupe Cam
6. Rhodes Ind
1. Hebrock OG
2. Stotler BS
3. Brown Ind
4. Butler Fra
5. Meyer Cam
6. Kreeger Gra
1. Belville OG
2. Magnone Weir
3. Moyer Ind
4. O’Neil Cam
5. Hashman StM
6. Delebreau Will
1. Six OG
2. Stewart Ind
3. Peck Clay
4. Raban Rav
5. Keener Gra
6. Weaver Mag
1. Caughey OG
2. Naylor Rit
3. Laughlin Cal
4. Patrick Ind
5. Hollenbach Gra
6. Cliver Clay

January 12, 2001
comments: Ash gandee is doing well this year. He recieved outstanding wrestler at JCIS. Why not his dad paid for the trophies. I think his closest match this year has been Casto rip. 7-8. Congrats ash and good luck this year.

January 11, 2001
From: Dynamo
comments: Let's be careful not to confuse Schell of Hedgesville and Shell of Buckhannon when discussing wins and losses

January 11, 2001
From: george
comments: Hey i know doc will be at Winner's Choice and may not be able to post results as quickly as we might hope. Maybe folks could post results on WVSPN.com wrestling message board from Braxton and Winner's Choice when they get home. Some immature posts on there but posts are put up instantly and those of us who will be unable to attend either tournament would appreciate the info.

January 11, 2001
From: wrestler 33
comments: i want to wish all wrestlers in the big 16 good luck this weekend and wrestle hard.

January 11, 2001
From: babybop
comments: I was wandering if someone would please post the scores from the Virginia Duals that Parkersburg South is at this weekend. It is Friday and Saturday so as soon as someone could update me that would be great! i would really appreciate it!! Thanks and GOOD LUCK SOUTH!

January 11, 2001
From: Point Fan
comments: The Point Pleasant wrestling team is really good. The 171 weight class is stacked with Jacob Carr Derek Spurlock and the German wrestler Max Pauge who gets no credit he is a star in his first year of American wrestling.

January 11, 2001
From: Marion County Fan.
comments: Does anyone out there know if it would be possible to get COMPLETE results of the Brooke and Nitro tournaments for this year. I would greatly appreciate this.

January 11, 2001
From: A Braxton Eagle Fan
comments: Big 16 starts tomorrow. Who will rule? Congrats Coach Beane on your 300th dual win. I hope you're still around when they win 300 more. Great team Great Coaches (don't forget Shu) Great Combination for great Wrestlers. Best of Luck Eagles!!!!! P.S. Great job at Buckhannon! I'm very Very Very Proud to be a Braxton County Eagle Fan!!!

January 11, 2001
From: Region3fan
comments: To Phanatik:
Intersting picks; both individual and team. For the most part I think you are accurate but I have to disagree with Nitro at #3 in the team standings. They don't have enough guns to finish that high. They do have three guys with ligit shots at winning state. But I'm not sure all three can pull it off. And after those guys and the 103 pounder the lineup is pretty soft. They are probably closer to a #5 or #6. E. Fairmont and Huntington will be tight at #2. Other than that I'd say you're accurate everywhere else. Thanks for the picks interesting to think about.

January 11, 2001
comments: Phanatik thanks for your polls. Can you explain why you have John Marshall at 16th place? They have beaten University in a dual 28-27 beaten PHS in a dual 51-18 and in the Brooke Classic JM had 78 pts. beating PHS with 69 pts. and not far behind Fairmont SR. 85 pts. thanks Mike.

January 11, 2001
From: pin33
comments: I think the 152 pound division will be interesting in AA and AAA. IN AA you have Stutler Brown Seckman Bolen and Miller. In AAA the list goes on and on so I'm not even gonna get into it. But I think Pickens is sure to go to the finals again.

January 11, 2001
From: Superman
comments: I'd like to say congrats to Travis Durst for his wins against Musselman and Hedgesville on Tuesday. By the way Martinsburg only lost by 6 points to Hedgesville and are looking forward to a rematch at CVAL.

January 11, 2001
From: To much time on my hands
comments: I went through all the dual match reports on this website. Out of 186 matches, the 103 lbs class was contested in 68 matches (37%) and was uncontested because of forfeit or double forfeit in 118 matches (63%). I don't have anything against the 103 pounders, but I'm wondering if this is a nationwide trend? Wonder if it is time for the powers that be to rethink the weight classes in face of reality? I wonder how many of the 103 pounders had to cut 10 or more pounds to get there anyway?

January 11, 2001
From: KF
comments: When will the actual rankings for team and individuals be out? Basketball rankings are out and updated weekly. I also am impressed with phanatiks knowledge of so many wrestlers throughout the state. Great job.

January 11, 2001
From: Superman
comments: Phanatik as usual your picks are very accurate as much as one can tell at this point in the season. However I do disagree with you on a few classes. I believe if Abshire stays at 140 there are rumors that he is dropping to 135 he would be able to take the title. Sure he lost to Lord and Lord lost to Ott and Robbie Ripley is very good but I think Abshire is due all those guys are even. If he does drop to 135 I think he's a more obvious pick.
145) I believe Moats will win if he can keep from being "Fruit Looped". Moats looked very impressive against Beard at the county meet.
171) No I'm not going to disagree with your pick for the title but Jackson is a better wrestler than Thomas. I have only one more problem and that is the absence of "THE ONE" Billy Barbour from your listing of 135. After all Sir William did thump Shell at county. I would venture as far to say that B.A. Billy Barbour would win a rematch with Delligatti. He was very sick at Wheeling Park and lost to kids he could beat any other time. Also he looked very impressive at JIT with a third place finish. Sweet Billy B. should not be looked over. I truely believe 2001 is the year for "THE ONE". I do have one final note I agree with your choice of Kinsley over Johnson. Kinsley looked real tough at last years state tourney. Ending Dustin Bowers undeafted streak and taking it to Stevens. I think anyone who saw that final would agree that Kinsley out wrestled Stevens he just gave up a 5 point turn (reversal and backs) not counting that exchange Kinsley dominated the other 5 1/2 min of the match.

January 11, 2001
From: Magnolia Observer
comments: Conrats' to Shane Cecil of Magnolia. An excellent wrestler who Looks to do well at states this year. Possible ovac placer. Job well done to Joe Weaver on his 50th career win on his first 2 years of wrestling. Now at 21-2 on the season. A couple of hard losses but keep your head up and get em back at states. Good luck to the rest of Magnolia. Keep improving. and lets do well at ovacs next week.

January 11, 2001
From: a fan
comments: How come Herbert Hoover quit giving out their results?
comments: HOW BOUT SOME JCI RESULTS!!!!!!!!
comments: Where are the Jackson County results?

January 11, 2001
From: Phanatik
email: PhanatikWV@yahoo.com

To Ripley Fan: I apologize for the oversight. There have been very few in-state results posted for Ripley and Point Pleasant. My rankings will be much more accurate after this weekend's Winner's Choice.

To Whiteboy: I have to agree with you 100%. It is impossible to have very accurate rankings this early in the season especially with so few results being posted. Again they will be updated sometime shortly after the Winner's Choice. Also everyone knows that anything can and will happen in Huntington - and that rankings are just that - rankings.

To South Wrestling Fan: Thanks for the kind words. I agree Grogg has been very impressive so far but I had very little to gauge his performance on as much of South's wrestling has been out-of-state so far. Had either Oak Glen Parkersburg or even McGuffey had a returning state qualifier at 112 this year it would made it easier. Rest assured he will move up upon defeating other ranked wrestlers.

And now for my AAA Team rankings (as of 1/10/01)

1 Parkersburg South
2 East Fairmont
3 Nitro
4 Huntington
5 Fairmont Senior
6 Hedgesville
7 Herbert Hoover
8 Jefferson
9 Parkersburg
10 Cabell Midland
11 University
12 Wheeling Park
13 North Marion
14 Ripley
15 Point Pleasant
16 John Marshall
17 Martinsburg
18 Buckhannon
19 Nicholas County
20 Musselman


January 11, 2001
From: chs alum
comments: To the person who commented on Beresford and Weaver's match. It was a very entertaining match in which Beresford kept it to about (roughly I may be off a point or two so don't quote me!) a 2-0 match until the last period when he got tired and pinned. Beresford can be a great wrestler at times but he can also wrestle poorly at times. Look for him to get serious toward the end of the season but also watch in the matches he loses. You'll se what I'm talking about. Thanks for asking though I am pleased to help!

January 11, 2001
From: room slammers
comments: to phanatic: we the room slammers say you better look again on wieghts 103 and 112 sure they will all be close matches but Grogg will get better than 6th and Conley will do also better than 7th. You will see when it comes down to the state tournament.

January 10, 2001
From: parkfan152
comments: Does anyone know the place finshers and scores for the 152lb weight class at jackson county? How was the tourney was there good competition?

January 10, 2001
From: Youngman 2001
comments: Here are my rankings as of right now.
1.Parkersburg South 98%
2.Ripley 96%
3.Herbert Hoover 89%
4.Jefferson 86%
5.Fairmont Senior 79%
6.Point Pleasant 77%
7.Parkersburg 68%
8.North Marion 67%
9.University 65%
10.Buckannon-Upsher 62%

January 10, 2001
From: dynamo
Shell didn't make weight for the BU Tri.

January 10, 2001
From: Musselman Fan
comments: Great job to Jeff Clark(103) Justin Jones(125) & BJ Pruitt(275) for going Undefeated at the Berkeley County Championships Tues. night. You all did an outstanding job. Next year it's our !

January 10, 2001
From: Ripley Fan
comments: Adam Schindler has dropped to 152 and will be wrestling at that weight.

January 10, 2001
From: wrestling fan
comments: does anyone know how many matches josh moyer from indy has lost.

January 10, 2001
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: Phanatik:I'm impressed that anyone knows that many wrestlers in each weight class and your predictions are pretty good.I think you may be surprised by Shane Grogg at 112 and I hope you are right on Johnny Duncan at 135 but that is wide open with several good wrestlers.The 171 class has 3 excellent wrestlers in it and should be exciting.Thanks for something to think about Phanatik and again good job on coming up with all the wrestlers in their weight class.See you at state time!

January 10, 2001
From: Whiteboy
comments: phatnic a lot of your rankings are way off and you will see when the state tournament comes. peace dun

January 10, 2001
From: Ripley fan
comments: To Phanatik:
Ty Phalen of Ripley had beaten Carr of Point twice this year!

January 10, 2001
From: Matmaid J to : wondering
comments: Derrick Knapp didn't wrestle in the JM - Parkersburg meet because he broke his wrist in a previous match.

January 10, 2001
From: Big Red Fan
comments: Derrick Knapp injured his wrist at D.C. tourney. Will be back for Regionals.(Maybe...hopefully.)

January 10, 2001
From: Phanatik
email: phanatikwv@yahoo.com
Phanatik's AAA Rankings 1/8/01

These rankings are based on who I BELIEVE are the top 10 wrestlers in each weight class as of 1/8/01. Enjoy!

103                             112                             119
1 Sammy Bonasso FS              1 Matt Easter NIT               1 Matt Stevens PKB
2 Jacob Frerichs NIT            2 Kevin Ballam HED              2 Ryan Metz PS
3 Lucas Cappas MGT              3 Kyle Turnbull UN              3 Justin Stanley CM
4 Joshua Gorayeb WP             4 Jonathan Delligatti FS        4 Adam Kennedy WP
5 David Campbell UN             5 Matt Wilson NM                5 Chantz Griffith JEF   
6 Jon Howard JM                 6 Shane Grogg PS                6 Jason Starsick NM
7 Justin Conley PS              7 Jeremy Ray HUNT               7 Jason Drappo HED
8 Kurt Shumate NM               8 McFarland BRK                 8 Brad Michalski FS
9 J.J. Flint EF                 9 Humphrey WP                   9 Baxter Fullen HUNT
10 Ryan Bostic WW               10 Jared Garvin MGT             10 Josh Casto RIP

125                             130                             135
1 Nathan Kinsley UN             1 Robbie Williams HUNT          1 John Duncan PS
2 Chris Johnson NIT             2 Derek Kennedy WP              2 Wesley Lane HH
3 Matt Bosley PS                3 Chris Gibbs CM                3 Mike Muldrew JM
4 Matt Smith RIP                4 Bryce Pickens PS              4 Cody Shell BU
5 Billy Barrett HUNT            5 Jared Hess HED                5 Anthony Delligatti FS
6 Jansen Arnold StA             6 Justin Hawes JEF              6 Jeremy Nott PtP
7 Nick Duncan PtP               7 Jesse Nott PtP                7 Jeff Perroots UN
8 Kyle Mull JM                  8 Randy Bodkin HH               8 Daran Hays NM
9 Brian Williamson PKB          9 Quentin Keaton RO             9 Shaun Shell HED
10 Justin Jones MUS             10 Derrick Cooper RIP           10 Billy Cornecelli PKB

140                             145                             152
1 Robbie Ripley NIT             1 Jason Mays HUNT               1 Nathan Pickens PS
2 Jed Ott NM                    2 Bryan Moats HED               2 Andre McDonald JEF
3 Danny Lord HED                3 Victor Beard MUS              3 Travis Durst MAR
4 Devin Abshire JEF             4 Sonny Dye PS                  4 Derek George JM
5 Adam Smith RIP                5 D.J. DeWees PtP               5 Jonathan Holt FS
6 Robb Pumphrey PtP             6 Willis King RIP               6 Rick Hickman NM
7 Justin Kessler MAR            7 Sean Agoney MAR               7 Mike Staley HH
8 Blane Mayle BU                8 Ryan Keeney EF                8 Josh Evans WW
9 Josh Moore WP                 9 Scott Hartlieb FS             9 Futten/Geary EF
10 J.J. Schmitt PS              10 Chris McGhee NIT             10 Justin Snyder HED

160                             171                             189
1 Casey Daggett PS              1 Matt Miller EF                1 Matt Sternthal EF
2 Adam Schindler RIP            2 Jeff Courtney FS              2 Robbie Key NC
3 Jon Bonecutter PtP            3 Chris Daggett PS              3 Darren Marks PKB
4 Craig Wallace PKB             4 Joey Thomas HUNT              4 Justin Carr PtP
5 Rob Osuch JEF                 5 Joe Jackson MAR               5 Matt Miller PRE
6 Larry Conn HH                 6 Chris Taylor JM               6 Andrew Starsick NM
7 John Dunham HED               7 Drew Day JEF                  7 Josh Boyd WP
8 Brandon Geary EF              8 Chuck Pauley NIT              8 Curtis Barber FS
9 Frank Krisner PB              9 Andrew Everhart HED           9 Jason Baker HED
10 Donnie Hill UN               10 Ray Linger ELK               10 Ty Phalen RIP

215                             275
1 Jeff Noechel EF               1 Matt Clay HH
2 Aaron McCartney PS            2 Byron Wellman CM
3 Mitch Hastings HUNT           3 Chris Satterfield EF
4 John Wells JM                 4 Chris Morrison PS
5 Johnathon Moales HH           5 Dustin Householder JEF
6 Ryan Frazier CM               6 Fred Persinger LC
7 Matt Delligatti FS            7 Jeremiah McCourt BU
8 Roy Moore RO                  8 Jody Pauley GW
9 B.J. Cook WP                  9 B.J. Pruitt MUS
10 Chuck Files HED              10 Jay Singleton FS

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