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January 9, 2002
From: a calhoun fan
comments: I have just looked at the top 4 rankings and we have a wrestler at 112 that should be ranked. He should be ranked because he has a record of 21-1 and he has beaten the wrestler from williamstown twice this year. The only loss that he has is to Daniel Allen from Wirt County and he is going to avenge that loss very soon.

January 9, 2002
comments: Shane Smith MIGHT be the best wrestler in the state. He still has to get through Lord from Hedgesville at Winner's Choice. Then at states he has to prove himself to Ben Wood from Independence. These two wrestlers are the best in the state in both AAA and AA/A. They have split their two matches. Good Luck Mr. Smith.

January 9, 2002
From: superman
comments: Metz from parkersburg south is staying at 125

January 9, 2002
comments: weaver did beat peck in an open tournament last year... not a big difference, plus i watched O'neil beat both of them, Weaver definately impressed me more.

January 9, 2002
email: mtanner@totalsportsconsulting.com
comments: I want to thank you for sharing your poem with us. I sat here and cried and cried, then I cried again when I read it to my wrestler son, his brothers and my husband. I have 4 sons who participate in football, basketball, baseballand, wrestling, so I have AMPLE opportunity to be proud of my childrens accomplishments. And I am very proud of my children'c accomplishments as well as the young men that they are turning into. However, I must admit that I cannot control my emotions when he wrestles. You know his heart, his devotation his goals. You are not only on edge for the 6 minutes or less that he spends on the mat but for the entire season. You worry about his health, his nutrition, has he rested enough, did he make weigh? Things that you do with all your children, but it is intensified with your wrestler. Wrestlers are a special breed. I have never been so proud of my sons devotion, his faith shows thru, his sportsmanship, his friendship with others, and hi! s desire to strive for excellence. I am PROUD to be a wrestlers mom.

January 9, 2002
From: hessy hessy bo bessy

comments: 103                      112                    119
                      1. Bartrug St M        1. Whiteman Hun 
1. Valles WM          2. Morris Brax         2. Clarke  Berk 
2. Snuffer Indy       3. Biddle Will         3.  Biddle Will
3. Gungle Cal         4. Allen Wirt          4.  Chambers OG
                                             5.   Shirey Frank 

125                      130                    135
1. Morris Cal                                 1. Hughes Cam
2. Kotson cam         1. Lobis Rit             2. Leach Graf
3. Bumgardner Rit     2. Myres Frank          3. Six OG
4. Dye Wirt           3. Elder Will           4. Dye Wirt 
5. Mills Indy         4. Metz Cal            
6. Whittington OG     5. Bell Gw                    
                      6. Sexton Indy
140                      145                      152
1. Dennis Wirt        1. Wood Indy           1. Carlo Frank
2. Floweres OG        2. Smith Will          2. Brown Cam      
3. Morris Cal         3. Childers St M       3. Westbrook Will
4. Wright Frank       4. Wharton OG          4. Miller Wirt
                                             5. Stewart Brax

160                      171                    189
1. Kupher Cam         1. Stickles OG         1. Barnette Indy
2. Smith GW           2. Efaw Hun            2. Hebrock OG
3. Dent Hun           3. Burge Cal           3. Deleabru Will
4. Moore Brax         4. Carrico Lib         4. Clark Berk
5. Seckman Will                           
6. Rhodes Indy                             
215                      275
1. Magnone Weir       1. Caughey Og
2. Magnone Mag        2. Raban Rav
3. Peck Clay          3. Gibson Cal
4. Hashman St M       4. Harrison Lib
                      5. Roberts MT
                      6. Crookshanks Gw

January 9, 2002
From: To AA predictor
comments: Who is Moore from Brax in the 160 weight that you have ranked 4th. Glen Tanner, a freshman up and comer wrestles at that weight. Keep your eyes on him in the future.

January 9, 2002
From: Lloyd Christmas
comments: Good Luck this weekend to all the Ripley High School Wrestlers.... Mitch Smith will win the crown, mark my word!!!

January 9, 2002
January 9, 2002
RE: Winners Choice this weekend at Fairmont
(Reprinted, presumably, from the Fairmont Times-West Virginian)
Like it is during basketball games at the armory, there will be a security check for all individuals at the tournament. All bags and purses will be checked at the front door of the armory due to the high level of security surrounding the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania. “It is a little bit of an inconvenience,” said (Fairmont Senior Coach) Delligatti, “but we have to do what we’ve got to do. We do what they tell us to do. The people at the Marion County Armory have been very good to us.”

January 9, 2002
From: gd
comments: To AA Predictions:
Got a couple of questions:
1. At 112 you have listed (1) Bartrug (Justin, I guess); 2. Allen; 3. Biddle and (4) Morris.
But, Bartrug suffered an injury -- I heard it was a broken arm -- and may not be good to go for a while. Also, Justin Ashley of Calhoun has already beaten Biddle twice this season, winning both matchups. Ashley, I think, is something like 22-1 now.
2. At 171 you has Grafton's Trampas Efaw ranked ahead of Calhoun's Ray Burge, yet Burge has beaten Efaw in both matches they have had. Burge, I think, is 23-0 now.
Just wondering what the predictions were based on.

January 9, 2002
comments: I also find it amusing that no one has mentioned Stevie Reynolds of Jefferson. Its like no one has heard of him. But someone keeps talking aboout Chantz Griffith and how great he is. Yes, Chantz is a great wrestler and hopefully will win states. But last year Reynolds was injured for most of the season, then came back just before regionals and took down Griffith in two straight wrestle-offs to earn a ticket to regionals (which he won) while Griffith stayed home. So if Reynolds could beat Griffith last year, and everyone says Griffith will win states this year at 135, then Mr. Reynolds should be able to take states at 125. Frankly, I KNOW he will!!!!

January 9, 2002
From: just wondering
comments: i was just wondering when the coaches polls for individuals for A-AA was going to be and why aren't they updated more often?

January 9, 2002
From: Jim LeMaster
comments: In view of the latest poll I would be less than loyal to my kids at Milton Middle if I did not speak up for them. I have the utmost respect for Coach Darst and the Point Pleasant team and of course the voters have a right to choose whom they vote for. However I must point out our record against Point Pleasant who is the only team ranked above Milton. We have met three times this season - the results are as follows:

1.Ohio vs WV Duals
Head to Head - Milton 60 Pt. Pleasant 27
Tournament Place - Milton 1st - Point Pleasant 3rd

2. Point Pleasant Olympic Pool Tournament
Tournament Place - Milton 1st (133.5)
Point Pleasant 2nd(115)

3. Tri State Middle School Championships @ Point Pleasant
Tournament Place - Milton 1st (232.5)
Point Pleasant 3rd (224)

4. Poll 1st place votes : Milton 7.5
Point Pleasant 1.5

We have travelled to Point Pleasant twice in the last few weeks to wrestle the best middle school competition we could find. The Olympic Pool event and Tri-State Championships had many of the other teams that are ranked in the top ten participating. All we could do to try to earn respect was to win the tournaments. I know this sounds like "sour grapes" and it is not intended that way. I can only say that if the same type of criteria that is used to seed wrestlers (head to head, tournament honors, etc.) was used perhaps the outcome would have been different. As I said in the first sentence I would be less than loyal to my team if I did not defend their showing.

Milton will continue to try to improve and wrestle good competition. Good luck to Point and all the other teams as they proceed through the remainder of the season.
Jim LeMaster
Milton Middle School Wrestling
Editor's note: I suspect that there are several teams who feel that they have been overlooked somehow -- Bridge Street comes to mind for example (I've heard some reports that they are really on a roll this season). We should point out that the polls are voted on by a number of coaches and others. Needless to say, our poll is no different that other polls done on a nationwide basis in the sporting world - sometimes teams get votes based on their name and past records. It will be interesting to see how subsequent polls come out, and the WSAZ should clarify some issues.

January 9, 2002
comments: To wrestling guy Its kinda funny how u say this kid from Frankfort who moved form Florida, That his older brother wrestles for Florida State. That is funny since Florida State does not have a wrestling team. No major southern colleges have wrestling teams.

January 9, 2002
From: St. Marys Fan
comments: To OVAC_Wrestler - The match between Weaver and Hashman this year was a brawl and one of the best matches I've ever seen. Hashman wasn't the only one on his back, he just happened to be the one that was caught there...from where I was sitting, it could've gone either way. To Just Tellin' It Like It Is - While it is true that Noah O'Neil did place ahead of the State Champ at the Regionals last year, they never met that day. Bartrug has met O'Neil twice and beat him both times. Although I must add, Noah is a promising young wrestler and a fine young man.

January 9, 2002
From: My son's BIGGEST Fan
comments: JO-ANN,
I just wanted to let you know that I sat here and cried thru your poem and them cried again trying to read it to my son who wrestles, other children and, my husband. I am so proud of my children and all their accomplishments, but I must admit that I cannot control my emotions when it comes to my son wrestling. Mind you that I have 4 sons who are involved in football, basketball, wrestling and baseball, so I have AMPLE opportunity to become emotional. It is so extremely different when it comes to wrestling. Your emotions are RAW, you're on edge not only for those 6 minutes, but the entire season, have I feed him what he needs, has he gotten enough rest, will he make weigh, is he healthy? These are things that we question with all of our children, but wrestlers are a special breed. I questioned myself when I allowed him to try out for the wrestling team. I didn't want him to wrestle. POINT BLANK!! First year I said NO! and when he asked the next year I decided to allowed him to give it a try and he has been very successful. We are now into our 2 year and I could not be any more proud of him. Thank you for sharing your poem with us. I am TRULY PROUD to be a wrestling mom.

January 9, 2002
comments: I think is funny how people say this person beat this person and should be ranked higher and yadda yadda yadda. The funny thing is there are no offical rankings so why are people getting so bent out of shape. Who cares who is ranked what. With any rankings and fifty cents that will get ya a cup of coffee and thats all it gets ya

January 9, 2002
From: AA predictions

comments: 103                      112                    119
1. Dye  Wirt          1. Bartrug St M        1. Whiteman Hun 
2. Valles WM          2. Allen Wirt          2. Clarke  Berk 
3. Snuffer Indy       3. Biddle Will         3.  Biddle Will
4. Gungle Cal         4. Morris Brax         4.  Chambers OG

125                      130                    135
1. Morris Cal         1. Bell Gw           1. Hughes Cam
2. Kotson cam         2. Lobis Rit             2. Leach Graf
3. Bumgardner Rit     3. Myres Frank         3. Dye Wirt 
4. Dye Wirt           4. Elder Will          4. Six OG
5. Mills Indy         5. Metz Cal            
6. Whittington OG     6. Sexton Indy         

140                      145                      152
1. Dennis Wirt        1. Wood Indy           1. Brown Cam      
2. Floweres OG        2. Smith Will          2. Westbrook Will
3. Morris Cal         3. Childers St M       3. Miller Wirt
4. Wright Frank       4. Wharton OG          4. Stewart Brax

160                      171                    189
1. Kupher Cam         1. Stickles OG         1. Barnette Indy
2. Smith GW           2. Efaw Hun            2. Hebrock OG
3. Dent Hun           3. Burge Cal           3. Deleabru Will
4. Moore Brax         4. Carrico Lib         4. Clark Berk
5. Seckman Will                           
6. Rhodes Indy                             
215                      275
1. Magnone Weir       1. Caughey Og
2. Magnone Mag        2. Raban Rav
3. Peck Clay          3. Gibson Cal
4. Hashman St M       4. Harrison Lib
                      5. Roberts MT
                      6. Crookshanks Gw
Forgive me I just do not know a lot about some of these Weight classes that are not full

January 9, 2002
comments: Shane Smith from Williamstown is very good! He will be tough to beat.

January 9, 2002
From: Wrestling Fan
comments: TO the OVAC fan talking about Weaver facing D. Peck last year and beating him 9-0..........Never happened. Peck never faced Weaver during the high school season. Get your facts straight before you post them on WVMAT forum!!!!!!

January 9, 2002
From: Wrestling Guy
comments: I have been watching the Frankfort wrestling team and they have been doing good but they have this new kid coming out from Flordia and he is good he is wrestling 152 now but might drop to 145 His name is Greg Carlo and his brother wrestles for Flordia State and was a Flordia state champ hes learned alot from him. So Watch Out!!!

January 9, 2002
From: Count the lights
comments: Some one posted that Metz from South is moving down to wrestle Easter at 119. I doubt this very much. South already has a fine 119 in Shane Grogg.South is having enough trouble filling out their weight classes because of injuries. Why in the world would they double up two fine wrestlers?

January 9, 2002
From: Phil Dobbins
comments: Would someone please submit the results of the Nitro Tournament? Thanks.

January 9, 2002
From: Hedg .Fan
comments: To Superman relating to comment on 1/5 Thanks for info.But I am not a Hedgesville guy and this is our first year of High school wrestling,and after 8 years of youth league this is a big change. Also I was just introduced to this Web Site the beginning of Dec.01 I didn't know there was a online dictionary.But thanks for taking yuor time to answer. Thanks to the Editor also for your info too.

GREAT JOB HEDGESVILLE WRESTLERS this past weekend at Jefferson.Congratulations to Danny Lord,Kevin Ballam on first place and toChuck Files on 2nd place.Good job to Troy Foltz on placing.Don't worry about your lose to Barbour.You each are 1 up on each other.Congrat.also to Justin Zimmerman,Mike McKinney,and I believe Jeremy Brinet also for placing.If I missed anyone I'm sorry.You all did great and once again you all gave 150%.Hang in there Brad Ammons.You did a good job,just keep trying and don't give up. I also want to congratulate Martinsburg's Chris Conner Great job and the rest of the team you all did good and Mussleman did good also. GOOD LUCK to HEDGESVILLE this weekend at Fairmont.Keep your spirit's up and your temper's down.(T.A.F.) Have a safe trip and don't drive the driver's (parent's) NUT'S!

January 9, 2002
From: j s
comments: how can you ever say that chantz griffith is an underdog. just wait til this weekend

January 9, 2002
From: J S
comments: why is nobody ranking stevie reynolds? he will place in the top 5 GUARENTEED.

January 9, 2002
From: Mohigan Man
comments: In two days of competition, four Morgantown High wrestlers went 6-0. At 103 pounds, Lucas Cappas ran his record up to 22-1, while Jared Garvin (112) is 21-0, Mike DeVault is 21-0 and Andy Pintus is 18-5.

January 9, 2002
From: To Jenny Sullivan:
comments: Hi Jen. Did you forget about this?

Wish ALL results posted were this detailed!!

January 9, 2002
From: Coach
comments: yes Mary Lou's nephew wrestles for miller i believe maybe 105 pound class he his pretty good wrestler if i remember right~ East Coach

January 9, 2002
From: midland moose
comments: At Nitro McCourt beat Satterfield! And he is ranked above McCourt...And he shoud be!!! satterfield is going 215 he only goes 216 right now and i think the match with satterfield and McCourt was lost on purpose... think back to wheeling satterfield lost to childers of cabell midland the only chance that satterfield would have to get revenge befor states. and when satterfield goes 215 he will be just as good if not better... and satterfield should be ranked 1st good luck to all

January 8, 2002
From: big high school wrestling fan and follower
comments: I dont see how everyone can name all these tough 145 pounders and leave out oak glen's. Matt Wharton has beaten alot of tough wrestlers thus far this season. Some of those names include Blane Mayle (via a pin), and domination of Sonny Dye (6-0). This is not even considering some of the tough out of state oppenents he has defeated so far compiling a 16-2 mark and returning from a 3rd place state finish last season. I am not awarding him a state championship yet but he by no means can be overlooked.

January 8, 2002
From: Nitro-Watcher
comments: How do you people think Riner will do from Huntington High? I heard he did good at the nitro tournament... did anyone see the finals match for the 112?

January 8, 2002
comments: What teams are going to be at Fairmont this weekend?

January 8, 2002
From: OgFan
comments: I am very proud of our boys from OG. I beleive that this weekend we proved that we are #1 in the state, yet again. I am very close with most of the boys and I know how much this win meant to them, adn my self. I must say that I am very proud of Patrick Vulgamore, TJ Glass, and Billy Whitehill, all pinning their opponents. They showed true heart. And to Derrick Stickles, i must say he impressed with me with his strength after the match had ended. Good Job Boys!!!

January 8, 2002
comments: Smith from Williamstown is the best wrestler in the state!!!!

January 8, 2002
comments: Hey, why doesnt someone down at Nirto get put some of the results up =), Alot of use would like to know who did what.

January 8, 2002
From: Monongalia Fan
comments: I heard that 1984 Olympic gold medalist Mary Lou Retton's nephews wrestle for Miller (Fairmont). Anyone know if this is true?

January 8, 2002
From: Jenny Sullivan
email: sullivj2@ohio.edu
comments: To: Just Wondering
The last time Parkersburg South lost an in-state dual was the first match of the 1999 season against Cabell Midland. It was also the second consecutive in-state loss for them as they lost their last match of the 1998 season to John Marshall. That one was the first in-state loss since losing to Parkersburg in 1993. The loss to Oak Glen was South's second straight loss at home (the first being to McGuffey, PA). I still haven't been able to find the last time that they lost two or more in-state matches in the same season.

January 8, 2002
From: The True Superman
comments: Everyone is saying Griffith is the man at 135. Well, I got news for yeah. I watched Mitch Smith wrestle Duncan at the JCIs and he defeated him. So, I would look foward to seeing them both in the finals at Fairmont and states and I see Mitch coming out on top! Ripley as a team looked solid as well. The real underdawg is Griffith. Good luck Mitch and to the rest of the Ripley team.

January 8, 2002
From: JD
comments: From: Wood County Fan
I watched the very impressive Oak Glen victory over a very strong (although somewhat injury weakened) Parkersburg South and had the extreme privilege of seeing the Stickles-Pickens match. Those are two very classy young men who happen to also be excellent wrestlers. I was confused about the scoring and still may not have it right, but I believe that "Parkersburg South Fan" had it wrong at 9-6. I don't have the benefit of reviewing the tape, but I agree that Stickles led 4-0 after two periods, they started period three neutral, Pickens got three takedowns and allowed two escapes to make it 6-6 with Pickens in the top position. After that Pickens was awarded a penalty point and as time was running down they were back in a neutral position. This must have meant that Stickles had another escape which should have made it 7-7. Pickens got a takedown at the end after a Stickles shot and the match soon ended. The final score must have been 9-7 ("OG Fan" said it was 9-8 which may be right if the ref awarded an escape when Pickens let go as time expired, but I didn't see any signal to that effect). I believe the scoreboard was showing 7-6 Pickens when it was really 7-7. If this is correct, then Stickles was very unfortunate because it could make a lot of difference whether you are tied or down a point in how you wrestle as time runs down in a neutral position. In any event the sportmanship exhibited by both young men in a confused situation near and at the end of the match was exemplary.

January 8, 2002
From: Jim LeMaster
comments: My deepest apologies to both Justin Cullen and Cody Pumphrey for my mistake on the MOW - I only had a copy of the team scores and was depending on a shaky old coaches memory. You are both outstanding wrestlers and great young men in my book. Once again congratulations to JUSTIN CULLEN for his award at the Tri-State Championships which he richly deserved.

January 8, 2002
comments: One has to wonder if South can still win AAA if they dont get there line up to full strength again. With a strong Huntington team and Nitro and PHS, it might get very intersting come febuary.

January 8, 2002
From: Bruin Fan
comments: Congratulations to The Brooke Bruins for placing 1st in the Steubenville Kiwanis Tournament. Congradulations to 1st Place Winners: 103- A. Mazzella; 112-M. Smith; 119-J. McFarland; 135-D.Durbin; 140-P.Bliss; 145-D. Davis; Congrats to 2nd. Place 130-M. Durbin; 3rd Place 125-J. Greiner; 4th Place: 152- A. Speece; 171-N. Loughran; ALSO CONGRATS TO: 119-J. McFarland & 125-B. Shaw for going undefeated in the Wheeling Park Duals

January 8, 2002
comments: OK, about the Pickens/Stickles match I was there and have watched the match on tv twice. Yes Nathan won but the score should have been 9-7. It was 4-0 when nathan got the take down making it 5-2 after he let him up. He then got another take down making it 6-4 after he once again let him up. Then did the entire thing again, take down and escape making it 7-6 then with the stalling point 7-7. Then Pickens got the take down at the end to win the match 9-7. Stickles would have had to get the escape point in order for Pickens to get the lat take down In the end it doesn't matter though, it was an excellent match by both wreslters, Congrats to both! Keep up the hard work! By the way, can anyone tell me where Billy Barbour is from? Just wondering! Thanks

January 8, 2002
From: Calhoun Fan
comments: I just saw the Braxton Pizza Hut AT Braxton County High Is this correct or will they be at the Armory as last year???
Editor's note: Yikes. My mistake. Its at the armory. Thanks for calling that to my attention.....

January 8, 2002
From: Wreslter
comments: To coach LeMaster.
It was Justin Collun, not Cody Pumphrey.

January 8, 2002
From: OG wrestling fan
comments: The Bears proved that they are undoubtably the best in the state!!!

January 8, 2002
From: another south fan
comments: Just wanted to say that after witnessing the 171 against oak glen, i am so impressed with both pickens and stickles. Mr. stickles is truly a gentleman and an all around class act. You may have lost a match, but the respect that you gained from the south fans is enormous. sometimes the south fans are a little out of control, but i can say that when you win the state title for oak glen you will have many of us stand and give you the respect that you deserve. thank you

January 8, 2002
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: I have watched Kyle Walters grow up to his current weight of 152 as a sophomore for South.I have also witnessed him become a very aggresive,strong young man who is going to contend for the 152 crown in Huntington this year.My earlier comments stated that he may be a year away,but after watching him the past month I think he is ready !Good luck Kyle,you are a great young man and deserve all that comes your way!To the South team....don't let anyone stand in your way of making history in AAA with your 4th consecutive team title ! When you're older you will have a great story to tell your kids and grandchildren.

January 8, 2002
From: george
comments: Can someone tell me why Bryce Pickens wrestled JV at PS/OG match? Also turning point of match was 160 when Oak Glen's Vulgamore (?sp) pinned Matt Wright, state qualifier at 189 last year. Crowd got quiet. Probably one of Oak Glen's least decorated wrestlers was largely responsible for the dual meet win. This was a match South expected to win and needed to have a good chance of getting the win.

January 8, 2002
From: Just wondering
comments: WOW this Oak Glen team must be really tuff to beat south. I was looking at the score page and wondering when the last time PSHS lost an in state dual meet match. I couldn't find any in state losses in like 3 years.

January 8, 2002
From: Ed Bailey
email: ebailey@williamsonschool.org
comments: We at the Williamson Free School Of Mechanical Trades in Media, PA are in the process of offering the chance for your student-athletes to be able to apply for Full Scholarship in one of our six Trade disciplines. We are recognized as the # 1 Trade School in the Nation. Unfortunately, we are also the best kept secret. The trades we teach at Williamson are Brick Masonry, Carpentry, Horticulture Landscaping and Turf Management, Machine Tool Technology, Painting and Power Plant Technology. Our student teacher ratio is 14-1 and our placement level is 99.9%. We also compete at the Junior College level in the following sports: Football, Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Soccer, Lacrosse and obviously Wrestling. We are currently ranked 5th in the country in the NJCAA Div III (non-athletic scholarship) rankings.

Please have any interested students E-Mail me at ebailey@williamsonschool.org or call me at School at 610-566-1776 ext. 235
Rob Beighley - Head Coach 610-361-3383

Thanks for your time,
Ed Bailey
Director of Enrollments

January 8, 2002
From: EF Fan
comments: good job, this past weekend at nitro, takeing 3rd, wish the team good luck at the winners choice this weekend, go bees!!!!1

January 8, 2002
From: telling it like it is
comments: 'Congrats to Calhoun on a well wrestled tourney saturday at Cameron. They looked well-schooled and in shape. They could make some noise at states since the comp. in their region should allow them to qualify nearly every wrestler to states seeded very well. I think they probably aren't Oak Glen beaters yet, though. Hope they continue to improve this year.

I was, however, a little underimpressed with that takedown and release game with (some) wrestlers. While sounding a little unethical, playing with an opponent can be very dangerous as well as demeaning for both wrestlers.

About Cameron's chances for the states, I see their 103 getting better daily (while weighing in at 91 lbs on sat). I see a very young 112 who beat last year's state champ to win the region not wrestling to his ability yet. I see a very quickly improving 119 fighting for every last point. I hear the backup 125 is going to 119 or 112 this week (the comp should improve both of them). 125 is a dangerous wrestler who could be champ on any given day, but again only wrestles great on occasions (hey, states is an occasion isn't it?). 130 is a quality senior who is suddenly catching fire as his confidence begins to match his strength and skills. This marine recruit should make us prouder of him than we already are. The 135 beat the boy ranked at #1 in the state and didn't even get OWT (go figure). He should only continue to improve as he gets comfortable at that weight and polishes his technique. 140 wrestled up to 145 this week, but he looked as dominate as I've ever sen him. With the limited practice time that his injury has allowed (compound fracture of forearm this past football season), conditioning could get him comfortable at 140 where he can keep his strength and not have to cut so hard (ditto for the 135). While 145 was state champ caliber last year, his recently broken thumb will limit his mat time until close to regionals. He is another pinner who loves to get physical and rock and roll, he is also extremely injury prone but has shown no fear of wrestling with most injuries. 152 is very strong and could easily have been a defending state champ with any luck at all. He beat Tyler's excellent 152 sat. and has a 1pt. loss to JM's D. George on a stall call. George seems to be the benchmark of most predictors this year for quality at 152 so we expect big things. 160 is defending state champ (145) and could easily wrestle 152. While Hundred's Dent has kept it close twice, I counted very few offensive attempts from Dent's feet and he certainly won't win the battle with Kupfer from top and bottom. Looks like money in the bank. Meyers finally got to 171 and lost big. He looked a little weak from cutting, but his strength is strength (excuse the redundency) since he only took up the sport in junior high or early high school. He made the same mistake 3 or 4 times for many points, but anyone can fix one mistake in their style. The jury is still out. Stickles he isn't, but maybe #2? 189 is a first year kid with 2 or 3 varsity matches so far (not counting forfeits). Seems fairly agile on his feet but needs to be on offense more (even if it gets him pinned occasionally). 215 is a seasoned wrestler who can't seem to get over the hump. He needs to trim down, get off the head (cowboy), and start taking his growing list of losses more personally. Whie not likely to win states this year, he could be contributing and growing better every match. Heavyweight is another pleasant surprise. While this boy had to cut plenty to get to 275, 250 would benefit him even more. This hard working soph. hits duck-unders, cradles, and slidebys like a smaller man. If he had better body control, he would pin a lot of the medicre 275s this year. He works hard in practice and has a great attitude for a kid who is in only his 3rd year (counting jr high).

Now for the help Cameron's lineup could really use. DJ Yoders, backup to state champ C. Hughes last year, is scheduled for a review of his football-damaged ACL later this month. A release would provide a high quality starter anywhere from 125-145. Yoders lost most wrestleoffs last year to Hughes by a point or two. He is an intense scrapper with good skills. Also a pinner. Roupe (160 last year) had a noteworthy year in football and improved greatly in wrestling. He is a fast learner with two years left to nail down a title. Lastly there is Justin Beresford, a quality football player who is pursuing dreams of Division I football scholarships with a personal trainer 3 days a week.

In short, Cameron needs to pull together as a squad one more time for a run at the title. State titles in team sports are hard to come by at small schools. Besides a girls cross country title, wrestling has brought the ONLY ones Cameron has ever seen. The students and the community seem to be taking for granted the tremendous efforts put forth by present and past wrestling teams. They are wrestling for the pride of everyone they know and love. Wrestling isn't just a team sport, it's bigger than all that! In today's society, it may not be "cool" to go out and battle when you can't bring home the individual gold, but life is about team goals earned working with others around you. See an opportunity and seize it. There won't be many (if any) more in your lifetime like this one.

In years to come, you will hear wrestlers lamenting the loss of soon-to-retire-or-resign coaches like legendary Jim Potts, Bob Baird, and technique guru Ron Trowbridge. All give more than their time to these boys. They bring a love of the sport that use to be highly contagious and uplifting. It 'ain't the winning, it's the battle! Let's do it again for the love of your Cameron pride as well as the sport!

January 8, 2002
From: Poem not to forget. Always remember it's for the kids.

A Wrestler's Biggest Fan

That's my little boy
Mat two
He's on deck
He's the one who tries to look so confident
While I sit here a wreck

I sit watching nervously
Biting my nails and shaking in my seat
Praying for a victory and not a quick defeat

Please don't let him be hurt
Please let him be all right
After all this is why he practices so hard
Almost every night

I'll just suffer through it and give him my support
Wondering why sometimes, he ever chose this sport
But when it's finally over and he makes it through "the three"
Nothing can beat the look on his face
That look of VICTORY!

The look that says "I did it, hey mom did you see?"
And when the ref holds up his hand
I know why he chose this sport

And when the victory goes the other way
I still give him my support
There's always next time as long as you try
A mom never fails to say
You're always a champion in my eyes son, and you'll always be that way

A mom is a wrestler's biggest fan
Cause she knows what's in his heart
She knows his dedication and how he tries so hard

It's hard for a mom to sit and watch
As her son gets pinned
And it's hard not to get emotional as you watch your baby win
Seeing his eyes search for you while you're sitting in the stands
Making sure you saw every move turn out just the way he planned
Because every wrestler knows
That his mom is his biggest fan!

by Jo-Ann

January 8, 2002
From: Fan
comments: I heard Metz at south is dropping to 119 to wrestle Easter is this true.

January 8, 2002
I vote For Zach Whisler, Moundsville Jr. High.

January 8, 2002
From: Long Distance Fan
comments: Looking for the Nitro Tournament place winners. Could someone please sumit the results?

January 8, 2002
comments: To PKBFAN: My picks for AAA
103 are: Easter, Cappas, Osuna-Cotto and Shyver. ALL these young men are great kids, honor roll students or holding a 4.0 GPA. Good luck to all of them.

January 8, 2002
From: Exciting Match 140 lbs.
comments: I just want to say that the 140 lb. championship match Mayle (EF) vs. Ripley (N) at Nitro was awesome. Mayle was down 1-0 going into the third and scored a reversal with 24 seconds left in the match. Instead of holding on Mayle tried to turn him with 10 secs left and Ripley popped his head and took the victory over mayle with 4 secs left in the match. I look for an exciting match between these to young men in the state finals and the end of Feb. GOOD LUCK BOTH WRESTLERS!!!!

January 8, 2002
From: ????
comments: to South fan: about teh pickens/stickles match if the score was 6-6 then stickles was hit with stalling and made it 7-6. Stickles would have had to gotten an escape if he shot a single leg and pickens countered and scored 2. So te final would have been 9-7 pickens.

January 8, 2002
From: ovac_wrestler
comments: Mr. AAPredictor, I'm gonna have to comment on your 215 predictions and say they might be shakey. I don't know how Weaver compares to Magnone since they have never wrestled. I'm gonna give Magnone the up since Weaver has 1 loss this year and Magnone hasn't been beaten. Weaver pinned hashman when they wrestled this year and last year he beat Peck 9-0. He might have 2nd spot in the predictions.

January 8, 2002
From: ex 2timechamp
comments: look for ripley to finish very strong at state this year as long as they stay healthy, congratulations to the whole team on an impressive performance at the jci's, especially to the four champs, bobby cooper 112 knocking off AA state champ bartrug in the finals, josh casto at 125, matt smith 130, and mitch smith at 135, these brothers are one heck of a back to back combo, mitch you impress me everytime i watch you, keep workin hard and no one can compete with you, matt, keep working hard, no one works harder than you and no one wants it more... good luck to you all keep up the good work

January 8, 2002
From: Superman
comments: Guys, nobody is gonna beat Chantz in West Virginia. "Gotta Luv the Under 'Dawg' ", saying that Moore or Kyle can beat Chantz is Absurd!!! Chantz beat Hunter alot worse than the score said.

January 8, 2002
comments: Congrats to all the Panhandle Wrestlers who took home titles at JIT, Congrats to Danny Lord for a dominating performance, and Congrats to Chantz Griffith who dominated the competion also. Chantz's victory in the finals , which was alot more lopsided than the score showed, proving He is a great athlete as well as a great sportsman.

Billy Barbour, after dominating the competion on Friday, came out flat on Saturday , taking two losses. Billy did get his retribution in the 5th place match against his only West Virginia loss, Troy Foltz.

January 8, 2002
From: Brent Sams
comments: I have video clips of the 3rd period scoring between Stickles and Pickens available at the Little Kanawha Cauliflower Club Website. For Pickens to have 4 takedowns, Stickles would have to have at least 3 escapes in the final period.

January 8, 2002
comments: to whoever was talkin about an upset over chantz griffith at regionals just wait and see. the match with him and dellagotti was not as close as it seemed. it was 6-2 with 10 seconds left and then griffith got called for unnecassery roughness for a crossface and then just kinda let him up. he beat kyle from keyser last year by like 12 points and then kyle beats moore from east fairmont. come on now upset? i guess you can think what you want.

January 8, 2002
From: Terra

January 8, 2002
From: Nitro watcher
comments: I attended the Nitro Inv. this weekend and must say that the finals were the best I've seen in years. Three matches stood out above the rest, the 135 lb final between Hutchison/Spring Valley and Nelson/Huntington was a barn burner that came down to double OT with Hutchison pulling out an escape for the win. The 140 lb match was also a real barn burner, Ripley/Nitro(2001 state champ 140) and Mayle/E.Fairmont(4th place 140lb 2001) went head to head for 3 periods, Mayle was behind 1-0 in the third when he hit a switch for 2 then locked up a cradle on Ripley with 20 seconds left, Mayle in his aggressiveness tried to turn Ripley and with 3 seconds left Ripley popped his head out for the win. The 171 final between McCutcheon/Nicholas County and Brandon Geary/East Fairmont was of the same intensity, Geary was leading in the third period 5-4 when McCutcheon took Geary to the mat with less than 15 seconds in the match, Geary had a crotch lock and no points were awarded until 5 seconds left when he could not hold on and McCutcheon got the takedown and win. These 3 matches made the long and numerous breaks during the day worth the wait. All six of these wrestlers showed great class and kept the whole place was rockin......

January 8, 2002
From: Justthefacts
comments: To Watchful Fan: Who are some of the challengers in the 125# division ? I love big matches. I would love to see Mr. Metz pushed. After winning the Iron Man and dominating two time Pennsylvania Champion Breeze, I can't see anyone touching him. But I would love to be enlightened. Who are your 125# picks ??

January 8, 2002
comments: Williamstown is off to a rocky start this year but they will come back and finish in the top 3 this year at state. This is how i see them placing
112: jesse biddle 4th
119: casey biddle 2nd
125: bobby brook. 6th
140: alan tracewell 2nd
145: shane smith 1st easy, possibly the best wrestler in the state and remember he is only a soph.
152: tyler westbrook: 1st he is tough, pulling off major upsets
160: matt seckman 6th
189: ryan delebreau 3rd
275: shawn staats 6th he is going to suprise some people this year
GOOD LUCK JACKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

January 7, 2002
comments: Those of you who research and study wrestlers records for your predictions might watch Robert Shyver, 103 pounder from Parkersburg. Shyvers record is presently 14-3. His only loss to a West Virginia wrestler at 103 is a 3-2 loss to Jon Howard of John Marshall at the Brooke Classic. This loss was avenged this week at the PHS & John Marshall Duel on 1/5, when Shyver pinned Jon in the 2nd period. Shyver was one of only 2 PHS wrestlers to place at Poweraid in Pennsysvania. Robert is not only an outstanding wrestler but is also an honor roll student at PHS, and as nice a young man as you will find, ANYWHERE!

January 7, 2002
comments: im cool because i wrestle

January 7, 2002
From: Calhoun Fan
comments: Congrats to the Calhoun wrestling team on their win at the Cameron Inv. Calhoun is looking really tough once again. They beat Cameron by nearly 80 points. They just keep getting better. Good luck at Braxton boys!

January 7, 2002
From: Jim LeMaster
comments: Congratulations to Cody Pumphrey of Pt. Pleasant and Jesse Jarvis of Spencer who won MOW awards at the Tri-State Middle School Championships at Point Pleasant this weekend. This event had 25 teams from 3 states. Also to Adam "Chappy" Chapman of Milton Middle who ran his undefeated streak to 25-0 with the championshipo at 145. I'm sure Coach Darst will post more details on this event but believe it or not he's helping with yet another tournament at Point today for Youth Wrestling.
The Top 15 Team Scores were:
Milton 232 1/2
Cammack 231 1/2
Point Pleasant 224
Spencer 174
Elkview 155
Ripley 133
Clay COunty 116 1/2
New Lexington, OH 116
McKinley 109
Beverly Hills 107
Stonewall Jackson 98
Jackson, OH 97
Nelsonville York,OH 95
Hayes 67
Calhoun County 67

January 7, 2002
From: MrAAPredictor
email: Mraapredictor@hotmail.com
comments: Here are some updated rankings after this past weekends action:

Oak Glen
Berkeley Springs
Greenbrier West

Anthony Valles, WM
Erica Dye, Wirt
Bryan Snuffer, Ind
Bryan Gungle, Cal

Dustin Bartrug, StM
Matt Morris, Brax
Daniel Allen, Wirt
Justin Ashley, Cal

Daniel Whiteman, Hund
Casey Biddle, Will
Brandon Clark, BS
Brennan Chambers, OG

Chris Morris, Cal
Ryan Bumgardner, Rit
Justin Kotson, Cam
Ian Whittington, OG

Joey Lobis, Rit
Pat Bell, GW
Drew Myers, Frank
Ryan Elder, Will

Casey Hughes, Cam
Adam Leach, Grafton
Garrett Six, OG
Brandon Dye, Wirt

Steve Flowers, OG
Justin Dennis, Wirt
Jeff Morris, Cal
Neal Wright, Frank

Ben Wood, Ind
Shane Smith, Will
Matt Wharton, OG
Terry Childers, StM

Tyler Westbrook, Will
Tucker Brown, Cam
Chris Miller, Wirt
Andy Stewart, Brax

Roger Kupfer, Cam
Jamie Dent, Hund
Mark Smith, GW
Jamie Moore, BS

Derrick Stickles, OG
Ray Burge, Cal
Trampus Efaw, Graf
Robert Ward, Ind

Ronnie Hebrock, OG
Aaron Barnette, Ind
Ryan Delebreau, Will
Josh Clark, BS

Vince Magnone, Weir
Donnie Peck, Clay
Pete Hashman, StM
Joe Weaver, Mag

Joey Caughey, OG
Dana Raban, Rav
Charlie Gibson, Cal
Kris Roberts, MT

Feel free to email me with your comments on the rankings and any wrestlers I have overlooked.

January 7, 2002
from: Coach Lubeck
comments: Lubeck Wrestling results from 1-6-02 @ Pt. Pleasant:
4&U 40# D. Alexander 1st
6&U 40# H. Cline 3rd
6&U 50# W. Schmidt DNP
7&8 50# T. Huffman 4th
7&8 55# J. Alexander 3rd
7&8 55# A. Patton 1st
7&8 60# J. Schmidt 2nd
7&8,9&10 65# E. Lockhart 3rd,DNP
7&8 70# Ty. Huffman 2nd
9&10 55# Z. Wilson 4th
9&10 75&80# J. St Clair 3rd,DNP
11&12 80# H. Watson 2nd
11&12 110# C. Miracle 1st
13-15 95# J. Watson 2nd
Congrats to you guys for a fantastic job, the weekends are making you tougher. Let's work even harder to bring home the County Championship.
Next action is 1-11-02 8pm duel vs Mineral Wells in Wood County Rec. League.
Practice Monday night @ 6, be there!!!!

January 6, 2002
comments: has anyone seen parks of riverside 9th he's undefeated at 115

January 6, 2002
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: To OG fan: I witnessed the great battle between Pickens and Stickles and watched the tape again today and the final score was 9-6.Stickles led 4-0 going into the 3rd period and Pickens chose the nuetral position.He took Stickles down and let him up(5-2)he scored another takedown and let him up(6-4).Another Pickens takedown made it 6-6 and Coach Shaw called time to check the score.The match continued 6-6 and went about 1 minute and Stickles was called for stalling(also warned earlier) making it 7-6 Pickens.With about 20 seconds left Stickles shot a single leg and Pickens countered with the takedown (9-6) and the match ended that way.This is not to say that Derrick Stickles is not an excellent wrestler because he is certainly that.I just don't know where you came up with 9-8.The Golden Bears own the bragging rights this year and I only hope these two great schools renew their rivalry and continue to give the fans the enjoyment of great wrestling.Thanks.

January 6, 2002
comments: Yes, the South-Oak Glen match was an excellent match but I personally think that South should of won!!!!Oak Glen is a AA school and they beat a AAA school,thats not right!!!I am still gonna give my Patriots a big yell cause we are awesome and we will be at state and ready for all of you!!!I also congratulate Ryan and Kyle,they are 2 very good wrestlers!!!And to all of the other wrestlers, YOU GUYS R AWESOME TOO!!!

January 6, 2002
From: gotta luv the underdawg
comments: griffith, from jefferson, has been the most popular pick to win states this year at 135. he only beat hunter delligati by two points at the jefferson invitational. Not only will he have to get past hunter at regionals, but also shawn moore of east fairmont(4th in the region last year), and corey kyle of keyser(3rd in the region last year). any takers on an upset???

January 6, 2002
From: Braxton Fan
comments: Congratulations to the Braxton wrestling team for winning the Garrett County Inventaional.I hope you guys keep up the hard work and stay focus for the rest of the season.

January 6, 2002
comments: Jeremiah did beat Satterfield at Nitro. 5-1 but Satterfield pinned mcourt earlier in the year and Mcourt lost to SINGLETON from Fairmont Senior.Satterfield and MCCOurt are both great heavys and nothing matters till tournament time so good luck to everyone and congratulations to ROBBIE RIPLEY on his victory and MATT EASTER.

January 6, 2002
From: Forever Fan
comments: Hat's off to Nitro for a great tournament. There were some fantastic final matches. One in particular, the 140 match with Ripley and Mayle. Mayle was winning until the last seconds and the excitement in that gym was unreal. Both are classy wrestlers and are fun to watch. Congrats to the top 3 teams, Huntington, Nitro & East Fairmont. We'll see you at States!

January 6, 2002
From: JIT watcher
comments: Gustines beat kessler in the semi'sat at JIT 5-2, He went all three periods wit lane and only lost 6-4. It was 0-0 going into the 2nd then gustines took bottom and got 1 and then took him down. then lane got away and took gustines down with 9 sec remaning in the 2nd. That was the match of the JIT's I thought. Gustines only being in 10th grade,i thought, he really proved himself. I look for him to place high at states this year

January 6, 2002
From: average fan
comments: to cchs fan:
I was at the Cameron tournament yesterday. calhoun was impressive in beating cameron by 80 points but they aren't going to touch Oak Glen. Cameron's puts alot of young kids on the mat this year due to injuries but they did get Joel O'Neil back yesterday and he defeated Metz from Calhoun in the finals 8-6 at 145, but he is going to be at 140, he bumped up. Stewart hopefully should be back before regionals at 145 to strengthen the line-up. Calhoun was impressive.. but they didnt exactly beat South, they beat a bunch of schools who struggle to fill their classes and Cameron who has 4 or 5 kids who would go to state that are out or at the wrong weight.
Oak Glen 47 Calhoun 15

January 6, 2002
From: Worth the price of a ticket
comments: If you would like to see an up and coming team go to the Braxton County Big 16 on Jan. 11-12. After losing several wrestlers because of grades The Red Dragons from St. Albans are starting to look better. They lost two potential State Placewinners before the season opened and then lost two wrestlers because of grades, but what is left are worth watching. They only took six wrestlers to the Jackson County Inv. but had four place. What is more impressive is that they had one junior, four sophs., and one freshman. Their seniors are out with injury/illness but could return this weekend. The local papers haven't seen fit to give St. Albans any print so I will name names here. 103 Brittain Bradley, Soph., has his record right at .500 and improving every match, 130 Joe Roberts, Sen., has to be considered one of the top ten 130 pounders in the state, 140 Jansen Arnold, Sen., should be back from Inj/Illness soon and will be in the top ten at 140, 145 Mike Thomas, Freshman, wrestled for the first time at Ripley this past weekend and placed, 145/ 152 Travis Weese, Soph., Only loss this weekend was to Warner Pt. Plesant and beat Miller Wirt Co., who was runner-up at 152 AA/A last year, not once but twice, 152/160 Luke Cooper, Sen., Also should be coming back from Inj/Illness soon and will likely wrestle for a place in the State Tournament, 160/171 Matt Ryder Soph., placed this past weekend and could qualify for State this year, 189/215 Heath Graley, Soph., Placed this past weekend at 215 but should wrestle the remainder of the season at 189 where he also will qualify for the State Tournament, 215 Amadi Wokpara, Junior, he is improving and was close to making the State Tournament last year, 215 Mike Potter, Sen., first year wrestler and improving in the practice room, 275 Aaron Racer, Junior, has his record close to .500 and looking better each match. They may not have the State Champions of Nitro or the full team that Huntington, Pt. Plesant, Parkersburg, or Parkersburg South has, but one thing is for sure, there are some wrestlers left in St. Albans and they are worth the price of a ticket to watch!

January 6, 2002
From: BU Fan
comments: All of you that ranked Satterfield above McCourt should have waited because at Nitro McCourt beat Satterfield! And he is ranked above McCourt...so you might want to rethink your rankings.Congrats Jeremiah!!(Big J)

January 6, 2002
comments: I was at the PS-OG match and I would like to congratulate both teams for a hard fought match all through the lineup. I understand that PS had a few injuries but I truely think that this shows that OG is the #1 team in the state. Congratulations!!

January 6, 2002
From: Jim LeMaster
comments: On behalf of the coaches and Milton Middle wrestlers and parents I would like to thank Point Pleasant Middle for hosting the First Annual Tri-State Middle School Championship. This was a huge undertaking bringing together some of the best teams from 3 states (23 teams in all + reserves.) I know this took a great deal of work on the part of Coach Darst and his support team. The involvement of the parents and other folks is something we all can envy. As usual the food was great and the tournament ran well. I encourage any other middle schools that can make it next year to enter.

The tournament was a real "barn burner" with Milton fortunate enough to eke out a slim 1 point victory over second place Cammack by a score of 232 1/2 to 231 1/2. Point Pleasant was hot on our heels just 8 points back. The outcome was in doubt until the final match of the night. Spencer-Ripley-Elkview and Clay County also turned in strong showings. The wrestling in the finals was some of the best and most exciting I have seen in a long time with no quick pins and most matches going back and forth. There were also two MOW awards given to two very deserving wrestlers and a coach of the year award. All the awards were first class and were given for 1-6 places in each weight class. I am sure Point Pleasant will post these results here on WVMAT. Good luck to all the teams we met this weekend in there respective events this coming week and we'll all see each other again at the WSAZ.

January 6, 2002
From: NCHS Fan
comments: Congratulations to Patrick McCutcheon for being named MOW at Nitro. Geary, you should hold your head high as well. Also congrats to Coach White and the rest of the Nitro staff for another well run tournament. Great idea to use wrestlers for "towel tappers". They understand how critical one or two seconds can be.

January 6, 2002
From: OG Fan
comments: Stickles only lost 9-8.

January 6, 2002
comments: Matt Wharton is the real deal!! He's probably the most unnderrated wrestler in the state.

January 6, 2002
From: Hedg.Fan
comments: Well Billy Barbour defeated Hedgesvilles Troy Foltz. Troy has the potential to win. It was a good match. Look for a good match come time for regionals. Foltz should be prepared.

January 6, 2002
comments: 112 watch out humphrey's back
January 6, 2002
From: Dark horse
comments: Congrats to Hedgesvile's place winners at the JIT this past weekend and to the team on their efforts,I think for the most part a majority of the team were trying their best....Nice job fellas and coaches.

January 6, 2002
comments: Has anyone been watching Midland Trail High School if they had a full line up i figure they would be good because they win a lot of 1 on 1 matches.

January 6, 2002
From: wrestling fan
comments: everyone is doing a descent job at predictions but u seem to not count any brooke wrestlers. especially shaw he is better then bradnuo from preston and people have him at number 5 ranked. over the weekend brooke won the stuebenville kiwanis and from 103 up to 145 every single one of the wrestlers were going for forst place exclude 125 which was braden shaws weight class (he was in hospital) but he would have won it to. they came out iwth 6 champions andrew mazzella 103 matt smith 112 jonathan mcfarland 119 dave durbin 135 phil bliss 140 and dana davis 145. im not saying to count them into ur predictions but just keep them in mind for ranking predictions in the future. keep up the good rankings.

January 6, 2002
From: Watcher
comments: Just got back from the Jefferson Invitational and saw many good matches....Everyone better start making predictions on the Gustines kid at 140....went all 3 periods with Wes Lane and only lost by 3 or 4...Congrats to Danny Lord and Kevin Ballam on winning their championship and congrats to B.J. Pruit on winning the championship also..

January 6, 2002
From: Golden Bear Fan
comments: I was at the Oak Glen-South match and I have to congradulate the Golden Bears on their performance. Coach Shaw did an awesome job of preparing you for today and you did a great job of going out and removing any doubt about who the best team in the state is. Good luck to both teams in the state tourney.

January 6, 2002
I have noticed some tie scores in some dual meets. Maybe this will help. The following criterion is suggested in order to determine the advancement of teams in dual meet tournaments or to eliminate a tie score in a dual meet competion.
1. The team whose wrestlers or team has been penalized the least number of team points for flagrant or unsportsmanlike conduct (shall be declared the winner.)
2. The team having won the greater number of matches (-)
3.The team having accumlated the greater number of points for fall, default, forfiets or disgualifications (-)
4. The team having the greater number of points for technical falls (-)
5. The team having the greater number of points for major decisions (-)
6. The team having the greater number of points for near-falls (-)
7. The team having the greater number of takedowns (-)
8. The team having the greater number of reversals (-)
9. The team having the greater number of escapes (-)
10. The team whose opponent has been penalized more often for stalling (-)
11. The team whose opponent has been warned more often for stalling (-)
12. The team whose opponent has the greater number of points for all other infractions (-)
13. If none of the above resolve the tie, either a tie shall be declared or the flip of a coin.

January 6, 2002
From: cchs wrestler
comments: i would like to congratulate calhoun county for smoking everybody at the Cameron Tri- State Invitational. They beat Cameron by like 80 points i look for them to give oak glen a run for the state title. Lets go Calhoun!

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