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January 13, 2000
comments: To Chris Basford: You left out two guys from region 2 160 in your picks. Russel Sims from GW & Chris Brown from Independence are two tough kids. Sims is undeafeated and Brown only has two in state losses one of them coming by a three point loss to Sims. Look for theses guys to make a impact at 160 this year.

January 13, 2000
comments: Here are my predictions for AA
103 Zach Zubay
112 Ashley Gandee
119 Jimmy Johnson
125 Ash Wenmoth
130 Jason Hayhurst
135 Terry Childers
140 Logan Glass
145 Adam Schindler
152 Jason Litten
160 Tony Hardway
171 Jermy Nestor
189 Phillip Belville
215 Robert Busick
275 Ritter

Some of these i am not to sure of because im not sure where some ppl are wrestling for Eric Noel what weigh is he wrestling 119 125 or 130. He will be right in the thick of things wherevever he is

January 13, 2000
From: link man
comments: Wrestling features



January 13, 2000
comments: I think Winner's Choice is a much tougher tournament than WSAZ.

January 13, 2000
From: wrestler
comments: I thank its crazy about websters 145 Robbie Brown who has a record of 22-0 and there is nothing said about him on here but I thank he is one of the top contenders that will be at the states. I hope everyone listens to me as a wrestler who has wrestled him.

January 13, 2000
From: the best matmaid
comments: Congrats. to Ash Wenmoth for setting the Williamstown record for the most wins in WHS history. Good job!!!!

January 13, 2000
From: Pain commenter
comments: Mr. Sams I did not see anything that suggested that the main objective is to hurt your opponent. Pain however does often go hand and hand with pinning. The best pinners use pressures which create a certain amount of pain (if they are applying it correctly) to turn their opponent to in fact pin.You DO want your opponent to make a choice whether to endure the pain (pressure) or turn. Pain (legal) in fact is a main component. (Well known clinician's name omitted) who has pinned more opponents in the history of the sport used and teaches pain as an important part of being a succesful pinner (the main goal as you suggest) A simple bar arm should have an element of pain. This should be enough on the subject. Officials do their job in keeping things legal.

January 13, 2000
comments: Just wanted to make a point about the Williamstown and Independece talk. If you add Will Westbrook to the mix I would say Williamstown would win.

January 13, 2000
comments: Where is Wirt Co. going this weekend it says they will be in both Fairmont and Braxton on the list of teams for each place. Where are they going?????

January 13, 2000
From: jeff givens
comments: with the 3 wins last night ash wenmoth career wins reached 126.he now has the all time win record for williamstown surpassing dan rowell who finished with 125.those wondering mike mason is next with 112 followed by bryan jones 109 and willie westbrook 106.pretty good company .

January 13, 2000
From: Joe Thorpe
comments: First of all I would like to say good look to all the teams out there by the looks of it it's going to be tough this year in all of the weight classes. HHS lets go fellas I hope to be up there for states and hopefully catch one before then. I missed last years because I was in basic training but hopefully this year You'll do even better. Fullen keep your head up and just wrestle hard you know what I talking about! if you can give me a call at (931) 647-9748. Also I still trying to find a tape of the 1998 State finals if anyone can get a hold of it or at least the 125 weight class please get in contact with me. Good luck HHS against MIDLAND it's are turn to get back on top.

January 13, 2000
comments: Tom Karr beat the boy from Independence.

January 13, 2000
comments: I would like to say that the tigers are coming on strong and are on the prowl. So watch out at the WSAZ.

January 13, 2000
comments: Could someone please post the teams attending and other information on the Andrew Jackson Jr. High tournament this weekend ?

January 13, 2000
From: Huntington
comments: Joey Thomas (171) and Jason Mays (152) form huntington are making a strong come on for the State and the WSAZ.

January 13, 2000
comments: Well I Checked My Calendar This Morning And It Seems That The Tournament We've Been Waiting For Is Only One Week Away Here The WSAZ Now We Will Just See Who Is The Best.

January 13, 2000
From: email: junkins@ab.edu
comments: X-Wrestler could u post an email address or send me a short email to my address above. Much appreciated.

January 13, 2000
comments: I just wanted to say congratulations to Oak Glen for defeating Martins Ferry 42-26. Martins Ferry recently finished 2nd in the Ohio duals. So I think everyone needs to start giving OG some respect.

January 13, 2000
comments: THIS IS TOO THE Fan that said that Independence had no chance at Beating Williamstown in a duel meet. well buddy we wrestled earlier this year at the super quad they only beat us by a couple of points. If Ben Wood would have won his match against a kid that he beat twice this week at the JCI's and when Moyer gets healthy lets just say it would have been a different story.

January 13, 2000
From: Independence 135#'er
comments: I thought that the JCI tournament was very well run and we got out of there at a decent time. There was a lot of good wrestling from all teams involved and everyone did a heck of a job. I would also like to respond to a comment from Wrestling fan. We did not need luck to defeat Williamstown this weekend. What you saw is the results of busting you butt everyday in practice and being prepared to wrestle in the Consolation bracket. We showed up ready to wrestle and we're ready to do it again. Good luck to all at Braxton County

January 13, 2000
From: Eagle Fan
comments: Good luck this weekend Hedgesville! Anthony wrestle your usual intense and legal style of wrestling.When your on the top everyone seems to look for a reason to discredit you.Dustin Bowers let them see your intensity and feel your power this weekend.TAKE IT !!!!!

January 13, 2000
From: Calhoun Fan
comments: I just want to wish our Calhoun Wrestlers the best of luck throughout the rest of the season. They have proven themselves to be one of the best teams in the state and I hope that this year it better then all the rest. Good luck guys!!!

January 13, 2000
From: WVfan
comments: In response to the PHS boys wanting a shot at the St.Eds. boys Lenhard and Jayne they will be everywhere this spring and summer go try your luck. And to Anthony Regalbutto just keep pounding. You are going to the next level soon and will be leaving these H.S. critics. Good Luck. See ya in Morgantown.

January 13, 2000
From: forum observer
comments: there has been so much talk about the ow award at the jit. what for. is dotts ranked 3rd in the country if he didnt pin those guys could he have beatin them as bad a regalbuto did regalbuto was winning 21-7 at the bginning of the 3rd period lets se how dotts and regalbuto do at fairmont this weekend if i had to pick the ow it would probably be regalbuto. i have never seen anybody dominate wrestlers like him.

January 13, 2000
From: Braxton Coach
comments: Our wrestling team was at Buckhannon the other evening and although there is good sportsmanship in wrestling almost everywhere you go I thought the Buckhannon wrestlers were extemely polite and had exemplary sportsmanship. I am sure that this is a direct result of quality school coach and and parental guidance.Good luck to them the remainder of the season.

January 13, 2000
From: Phoenix
comments: Congrats to Buckhannon-Upshur on their runner-up status at Nitro. The coaches' poll has them ranked @13th as far as duals are concerned but this is completely meaningless because there is no team dual championship. Futher more it is misleading concerning B-U's tournament power which was evident at Nitro where they placed ahead of North Marion Huntington and Nitro all of whom are more highly "ranked". With strong performances by Trent Casto (who defeated Previously unbeaten Gibbs of Cabell) Joey and Blaine Mayle Billy Baisden Travise and McCourt B-U will be a force at the State Tournament. Go Bucs!

January 13, 2000
From: x-wrestler
comments: These are some comments to Basford since I couldn't e-mail him. They are for his picks for states. At 145 he seems to be ok and I'm surprised that he mentioned Kesner in his picks. Thanks for not overlooking him. Anyone who knows Kesner knows hes a great wrestler and should place at states this year. At 152 Litton is a definite favorite and after being robbed in the match last year against Oak Glenn he deserves it. At 160 I'd give Wyatte O'Neil a little bit more credit. I think he'll make a run at the finals.

January 13, 2000
From: to chris
comments: dont forget about these guys:
103 hosey ritchie
119 haddox will
215 gibson calhoun (injured)

January 13, 2000
From: Brent Sams Co-Editor Jr. High/Middle School Page
comments: A parent from Wellsburg Middle School has promised to send me results from tournaments that Follensbee Oak Glen and Wellsburg have participated in. I will try to update the top 8 per weight after this weekend. Hopefully I will receive the Northern Panhandle results by then.

Also for those who confuse folkstyle wrestling with professional wrestling THE PRIMARY OBJECTIVE in wrestling is not to cause pain it IS TO PIN THE OPPONENT. Shame on you for suggesting otherwise.

January 13, 2000
From: re: fairmont sr. vs. N. Garrett
comments: I was attending the Fairmont Sr. vs. N. Garrett dual. Fairmont won and I think the score was 36-22. N. Garrett is strong in the lower weight classes. They are a very interesting team in that every wrestler seems to wrestle the exact same style: very defensive tough to score on almost with a collegiate style. They are an exceptionally well-coached squad. Fairmont Sr. is strong top to bottom. They overcame a 19-9 deficit to defeat N. Garrett.

January 13, 2000
From: panhandle fan
comments: I'm just a little surprised that very few people are talking about this weekend's Winner's Choice Tournament in Fairmont. This has to be the biggest tournament in WV and in my opinion tougher than states. With most of the best AAA teams and some of the toughest AA teams in addition to St. Anthony's N.Y. This is not only a great measuring tape individually but also to see where your team stacks up statewide. We will get an idea of where the big 3 in AAA this year (Park.S. Hedge. Fair. S.) rank within a large talent pool similiar to states! Come where is the HYPE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

January 13, 2000
From: Dennis Stanley
email: DStan81351@aol.com
comments: Some one was asking about the qualifier for Team West Virginia. We are looking at a much earlier date this year March 19. I have not recieved a commitment from Cabell Midland for use of the gym yet. If we can't get CM we may use Huntington High. We will communicate the date as soon as we get a commitment for a facility.

We are looking at March 19 for a couple of reasons;
(1) because it is the weekend before the Senior Nationals in Pittsburgh and some of the boys can use the qualifier as a tune up
(2) It is early enough in the year that Coach Archer can prepare the boys by attending some of the big Freestyle and Greco tournaments in April and May.

We haven't set a schedule yet because Indiana and Ohio haven't published a schedule that I know of. Some of the likely events that will be on the schedule besides Fargo are;
Northeast Regionals in Brockport NY (Juniors)
World Team trials in Chicago (Cadets)
Perry Meridian Open in Indianapolis (KIDS Cadets Juniors)
If you need any more info get in contact with me or Rob Archer at Huntington High.

January 13, 2000
comments: Joey Mayle has broken the record for "Career Wins" at Buckhannon-Upshur. Chad Casto held the record at 123 but Joey will enter the "Winner's Choice" with 129 wins. With a little luck he could very well end his career with 150 wins. WAY TO GO JOE!

January 12, 2000
From: Fan
comments: Congrats to Chris Johnson for reaching his 100th Career win! Keep up the good work

January 12, 2000
From: Braxton wrestler
comments: I just wanted to say what a good group of guys Buckhannon-Upshur wrestling team has this year. We wrestled there yesterday for a duals match and overcame a close victory (36-35) I would like to wish them the best of luck throughout the year!

January 12, 2000
Is Oak Glen Middle School part of the state or what. We get no respect in any sport. We have an awesome middle school. Thank you.
Editor's note: Go to the "submit team info" page and send info for a team page. We will be happy to post it. Go to the "submit match results" page and send some results. We'll be happy to post those.

January 12, 2000
comments: I was wondering if anyone knew when the qualifier for team wv was going to be held. Any idea?

January 12, 2000
hello, i am a wrestling mom of 2 boys ages 14 and 16. This is the 3rd year for our team and the 2nd year my oldest son has wrestled. This sport is NEW to us here but we are doing very well. Last year we had 9 boys place in the Region tournament, with metals from gold to bronze.

My problem is being that this is such a new sport we have NO community support. I am searching for ways to help introduce the sport to the community, as well as the school. We are also looking to begin a "take down club" but i have no idea where to begin. I was very impressed by your page and am hoping you might have some avenues for me to take in order for our team to have a successful season. Thank you very much for any help you may be able to give!!
Editor's note: OK, this is a good topic. What advice can the jury give???

January 12, 2000
From: fan
comments: I attended the JCI invitational on jan 8 and i thought that Independence got as lucky as a team can get to win that tournament. There wrestlers never give up but they are no match for williamstown in a dual match.

January 12, 2000
From: big fan
comments: I just want to announce that there will be a tremendous dual meet on Wednesday. It is betwee Martins Ferry (OH) and Oak Glen. This should be one of the best dual meets that I can remember. Up and down the list there are quality kids on both teams. I think that Martins Ferry will beat the Oak Glen Bears but it will be close. They are giving up 6 points at 275 which will hurt them. Good Luck to both teams and Ill be eager to see the results

January 12, 2000
From: rocky
comments: I was wondering if there is a 2 pound weight allowance for the fairmont tournament.
Editor's note: Today's Making the Call addresses that point , but.....
CHECK WITH YOUR COACH!!!!!! Your coach is your resource for such questions. This website holds no water at the weigh-ins.....

January 12, 2000
comments: I was dissapointed that St. Edwards didnt wresler there starters at 119 and 125 against PHS. At 119 they have Mason Lenhard who is a 2x Ohio Div I state champ and ranked 3rd in the nation by Wrestling USA magazine. Then Mark Jayne who is also a 2x Ohio Div I state champ and who is ranked number one in the nation at 125 according to Wrestling USA magazine. It would have been real intersting to see how Matt Stevens and Matt George would have done against these guys. It looked like Clayton Samples did get to wrestle Jayne in losing a 15-5 descion at 130.

January 12, 2000
From: Chris Basford
email: Basford2@hotmail.com
Top 10
1 Cameron
2 Oak Glen
3 Williamstown
4 Independence
5 Braxton County
6 Calhoun County
7 Ritchie County
8 Grafton
9 Frankfort
10 Ravenswood

Chris Morris- Calhoun County
Zack Zubay- Oak Glen
Casey Biddle- Williamstown
Nick Blake- Independence
Erica Dye- Wirt County

Ashlee Gandee- Ravenswood
Corey Auvil- Grafton
Jason Roberts- Oak Glen
Bobby Prater- Big Creek
Bub Yurkovik- Braxton County

Eric Noel- Oak Glen
Tucker Brown- Cameron
Joey Sharp- Wirt County
Travis McCartney- Calhoun County
Ryan Bumgardener- Ritchie County
Steve Sexton- Independence

Ash Wenmoth- Williamstown
Tyler Hughes- Cameron
Jimmy Johnson- Calhoun County
James Harris- Braxton County
Tommy Stiles- Clay Battle

Jason Hayhurt- Ritchie County
Roger Kupfer- Cameron
Tyler Westbrook- Williamstown
Adam Leach- Grafton
Chad Snyder- Tyler Consolidated

Terry Childers- St Marys
Chris Leach- Grafton
Willie Westbrook- Williamstown
Josh Cross- Wirt County
Galen Lowers- Oak Glen
Logan Glass- Oak Glen
Nick Prather- Winfeild
Ben Wood- Independence
Joel Zyla- Williamstown
Caleb Lucey- Cameron
Derick Bosley- Frankfort

Adam Schindler- Ravenswood
Jeff Hughes- Cameron
Philip Kesner- Frankfort
Rhett Koslowsky- Ritchie County
Ryon Anderson- Liberty (Harrison)

Jason Litton- Frankfort
Matt Holdsworth- Oak Glen
Drew Toth- South Harrison
Nat Smith- Ritchie County
Morgan Hall- Clay Battle
Bryan Justice- Braxton County

Tony Hardaway- Braxton County
Jason Snyder- Tyler Consolidated
Brent Zuccollato- Weir
Wyatt O'Neil- Cameron
Mike King- Clay Battle

Richard Stotler- Berkley Springs
Jermy Nestor- Ravenswood
Justin Altzer- Logan
Bobby Hart- Braxton County
Chris Wood- Cameron
Randy Seirs- Grafton

Jeramiah Kuykendall- Frankfort
Randy Delbreau- Williamstown
Josh Moyer- Independence
Philip Belville- Oak Glen
Aaron Parsel- Berkley Springs
David Hart- Braxton County

Robert Busick- Weir
Greg Six- Oak Glen
Steve McKinney- Independence
Jeremy Goodwin- Berkley Springs
Joe Weaver- Magnolia
Tom Karr- Wirt County

Thomas Naylor- Ritchie County
Ben Taylor- Grafton
Jeremy Laughlin- Calhoun County
Mike Ball- St Marys
Randy Tuttle- Tyler Consolidated
Justin Ritter- Braxton County

This is all based on what's been seen so far this season. if there are any other people that I have not included feel free to let me know who you think could be a state placer. Hopefully no one feels the need trash the picks. Good Luck to all wresters this season. I guess we'll see what happens at States....

January 12, 2000
From: braxton wrestler
comments: Does anyone know what the record for most high school pins is ?

January 12, 2000
comments: anyone have the results of fairmont sr. and northern garrett

January 12, 2000
From: Hedgesville Fan
comments: Congratulations eagles on 2nd place at Jefferson Inv. Congrats to the 6 champions Ballam Bowers Lord Shetler Moats and Regalbuto. Congrats on being named outstanding wrestler anthony you deserved it. As for comments about dotts being more outstanding and the move used in anthonys finals match. First sounds like sour grapes to me boys as a former referee I can say there was nothing wrong with anthonys move also I can't really see how someone would have been hurt from it. He really wasn't doing anything at the time. Anyway good luck to all eastern panhandle wrestlers this weekend at the Fairmont Winners Choice especially good luck to 1. The Hedgesville Eagles and 2. all former Berkeley Co. Bears wrestling now in high school. Eastern Panhandle lets show the rest of the state we've got some very good wrestlers up here as well. As far as comments I heard from some Fairmont fans that the Winners choice would be won by Fairmont. I have to say that you maybe overlooking not just us but also a little team called PARKERSBURG SOUTH. Up here were not cocky enough to think that Parkersburg So. won't be a major factor in this tourn and has a very good chance of winning it and also don't count the eagles out. We are looking forward to this tourn greatly. One match that I and others are looking forward to is a possible matchup between Nathan Pickens of Park south and Regalbuto. This weekend should be big and Fairmont teamwise we are now 1-1 against you. We won Wheeling you won jefferson still have Winners choice regionals and states to go. Anyways lets go Eagles and Eastern Panhandle.

January 12, 2000
From: Midland Dad
comments: I just wanted to say Great Job to the Cabell Midland Knights on thier win at Nitro this past weekend. A special congradulations to Justin Stanley J.P. Stanley Jarred Walters and Josh Coffey on thier individual championships.

January 12, 2000
From: Baxter Fullen
comments: good job to Cammack they won at hayes places as following: 75:3rd, 83:1st, 90:1st, 95:2nd, 102:1st!!!!!!!!!!!!!, 110:4th, 128:4th, and the county will be at HHS this year

January 12, 2000
From: south fan
comments: Congrats to South on their #1 ranking!! It is well deserved. They work hard year round. I want to wish Clint Radcliff and the rest of the guys good luck this weekend at Winner's Choice. Keep working hard!!

January 12, 2000
From: panhandle fan
comments: Just a little note: The comments I made about Regalbuto's final's match was not in response the criticism of him winning OW award but in response to the Fairmont Senior fans who deemed it neccesary to harass him after his opponent defaulted. Anthony was just being Anthony his usual intense and aggressive self. I'm sure he was not trying to injure his opponent just trying to cause pain (to make his opponent turn) which is the name of the "game" like it or not. But since you bring up the OW award at Jefferson OK maybe 145 was not a very strong weight class but neither was 215. There might have been other wrestlers deserving of the OW award such as the 112 from Broad Run Va. who dominated everyone (Tech. falling previous 20-1 wrestling from Jeff. in the semis and pinning in the finals in under :30). In defense of the coaches who voted for Regalbuto you can not punish a wrestler who is so talented that everyone ducks him or who injures other wrestlers using legal moves and by being more intense and aggressive....

January 12, 2000
From: Patriot fan 88
comments: First of all I am very glad to see the coaches pole for AAA finally come out. CONGRATES to PARKERSBURG SOUTH for being on top. South is doing a great job this year!!! I would also like to wish South the best of luck this week-end at the Tournament in Fairmont. Stay focused and do your best!!! Good luck guys. GO PATRIOTS!!!! Special good luck to Nathan Pickens!!!!

January 10, 2000
From: a fan
comments: I dont think that they should have over wight refs. some of them cant keep up and there out of breath by the time they're done.

January 10, 2000
From: a fan
comments: PUT! MY! FORUM! UP! YOU! IDIOT!

January 10, 2000
From: cmhsfanatic
comments: Congrats to all of the MIDLAND WRESTLER'S on their 1st place finish at Nitro. Special congrats to COFFEY BIG & LITTLE STANLY AND WALTERS. You guys keep up the good work!!

January 10, 2000

January 10, 2000
comments: I was at the JCI'S this past weekend and Gandee Wenmoth Hayhurst and Schindler all wrestled well. I also thought Smith of Ripley wrestled great at 103 even though 103 is weak. Independence put in a good showing by winning the team title but I must admit I thought Williamstown was gonna win it. What happened at 152? Does anyone know why Bonecutter did not wrestle? I heard he hurt his arm.

January 10, 2000
From: Rob.C
comments: Where are the Cameron boys going to wrestle at? I saw Tyler Hughes at 125 and 130 and Roger Kupfer at 125 and 130. This weekend I watched them both (Tyler at 125 and Roger at 130) and I think they will both claim state titles despite Wenmoth Johnson Hayhurst or whomever else but are they staying here? Also I saw Jeff Hughes drop to 145. Is he staying? I also think he and Wyatt O'Neil at 160 will claim state titles. If Hughes goes back to 152 I think it will be harder for him then 145. Everyone thinks Schindler will win but if you ask anyone who has seen them both wrestle then you will know that Hughes has an edge. Remember that the last person to beat Schindler was another Hughes (Tyler). So that may be a factor because after seeing them both wrestle at Cameron I think Jeff may be a slight bit better than Tyler ( no offense to Tyler I hope none is taken). As for teams look for Oak Glen to defeat all comers with Cameron and INDEPEDENCE (not Ritchie or Williamstown) to challenge the Golden Bears for the team title.

January 10, 2000
From: wrestling fan
comments: Regarding Regalbuto's OW award at The Jefferson Tournament. Two of his three wins were by injury default. West Fairmont's Holland Dotts pinned all of his guys in the first period.
From: panhandle fan
Just a little comment for the fans regarding Regalbuto: It was a legal move that Anthony used. Give me a break this is wrestling not Volleyball! If you have'nt noticed Wrestling is a combat sport if you can't stomach a little pain or aggresiveness don't come to the matches!

January 10, 2000
comments: Independence was very impressive in winning the JCI They had no champions and only 2 in the finlas. Yet there wreslted tough in consolations and won it by all the kids coming back in getting third. There is a heck of alot of fight in that team they dotn give up.

January 10, 2000
From: Wrestling fan
comments: Compliments to the Buckhannon_upshur coaches and everyone involved in their recent tournament. The sportsmanship displayed by the coaches wrestlers and fans was super. Sort of like the good old days. Everyone got along great. Also the refereeing was the best I've seen in a long time. It was very consistent and excellent the whole time. Didn't hear a single complaint which happens only once in a long time. Wish those guys worked every tournament in this area!

January 10, 2000
From: Calhoun Fan
comments: Calhoun boys Johnson Budda and Morris are looking real good this year. Keep it up boys and will go far in the states.

January 10, 2000
comments: http://www.timeswv.com/localspt.html
jefferson and nitro tour.

January 10, 2000
From: wrestling fan
comments: Just like to say Good job to Pt Pleasant Wrestling team at the Jackson Invit. I use to live in Point Pleasant and they have a great wrestling team program. The boys did a great job (even with a few bad calls). I think their sophmore and freshmen boys are going to be great this year. Congratulations boys/

January 10, 2000
Could you please tell me about any summer wrestling camps for high school students in West Virgina or western Virgina. Thank You CrazeyJoe@aol.com

January 10, 2000
From: Robert Hickman
email: SHickman@aol.com
comments: It was a pleasure to wrestle Harpers Ferry at Buckhannon on Saturday. They are well coached the kids are well behaved and it is good for everyone to wrestle good competition. Our team will be much better having wrestled a team of their caliber. If you have any extra million dollar booster club members please send them our way. I do have one question. Does Harpers Ferry have nineth graders on the team? If not my hat is really super off to you because you have built a solid program that any high school coach would love to have as feeder.

January 10, 2000
I was at a tournament yesterday,1/8/00. And was very dissapointed. The spokes person for the meet said they had been having this tournament for 9 years. But it was very unorganized. He had to ask parents from other schools to work the clocks and score tables.....
they decided to have single defeats, so they won't be there all night.... in my point of view they were only there to make money!
Now I'm new at this sport, and I am just learning. But it has always being said that wrestling is the most disaplined sport out there.Well, I beg to differ! At this tournament I learned that if a kid doesn't make his weight class then he/she may move to the next weight class. If this is disapline then why even have coaches meet and sit their wrestlers? When if it is disapline then if they don't make weight they don't wrestle!
Thank You,

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