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January 20, 2002
comments: Does anyone believe that Shane Smith from Williamstown is the best wrestler in the state yet. He has beaten the top AAA wrestler and he has beaten the favorite in AA. This kid is unbelievable. By the way, he is only a sophomore. Keep it up kid.

January 20, 2002
comments: Congratulations to Derek Metz for his victory over Joey Lobis of Ritchie.

January 20, 2002
From: yoyoyo
comments: To all the calhoun fans- sure you may have bet some of these good teams in duals but duals dont mean anything when it comes to deciding the best team in the state hedgesville use to be one of the toughest dual teams but they never won states all that matters is how many guys you can place to go to states and what they do when they are there

January 20, 2002
From: Wrestling Fan
comments: Good Job Nick Duncan...WSAZ 135lb Champion!!! Good luck at the States!!!

January 20, 2002
From: Tanya Munday
comments: Congratulations to all the local boys who placed at the WSAZ's. You all looked great and showed excellent sportsmanship. A special congratulations to all those who placed first. There were alot of tough matches for first and second place and you all looked great. To Josh Davis: I am really proud of the way you wrestled this weekend, you will get another chance against WoJo, but you did throw off the predictions for first and second. Take your second place finish with pride, you worked hard for it. To Nicholas Munday: Once again you made us proud, good luck at the county, put your mind to it and you can win!!

January 20, 2002
comments: Nicholas Munday is 12 years old and in 7th grade. I believe Shaun Smith is 15 years old and in 9th grade. As I said before, Shaun is one of the best wrestlers I have ever seen and has shown Nick very good competition.

January 20, 2002
From: LKC spectator
comments: To Well Informed Indy has not beat Wirt in dual this year, and wirt has beaten Cameron at the Berkeley Springs Tournament, lets see Calhoun does if they had to follow Williamstown and Wirt wrestling schedule I guarantee that if they went to the Winners Choice in Fairmont they would wouldn't break the top 20. But alls I am saying is that Wirt will prevail in February and that is a fact. Just wait and see.

January 20, 2002
comments: I would just like to say good luck to all of the OVAC all-stars when they face off against the WPIAL (PA) all-stars in March. IT will be great compeatition and a great honor to have the oppertunity to wrestle in this prestigous event. It is talked about all around the nation and will give the wrestlers great exposure to college scouts. I think that it also says a lot about the teams and individuals competing in the OVAC tournament. It is the biggest and one of the toughest conference tournaments in the country and OG won it so I think that OG will be a force to reckon with come february!! Good luck Oak Glen I know you can set yet again another state record with 6 straight!!!

January 20, 2002

January 20, 2002
From: Wrestling Fan
comments: Congratulations to "Seth Phalen" for placing 1st at the WSAZ Tournament and finishing the season undefeated.

January 20, 2002
From: Wrestling fan!
comments: OVAC's was a very competitive tournament!! Congratulations to all!! 152 was stacked and George won it! 140 pound class was the only one with the least studs but the kid from Brooke won it over the kid from Shadyside, but from 103 up look out, great competition!!

January 20, 2002
From: Jim LeMaster
comments: I would like to offer some congratulations and thanks to those involved with the WSAZ. As usual, there were a few P.A. problems and a boatload of snow. Also as usual the tournament ran well and the competition was great both in the high school and Jr. High Divisions

A few special words are in order from the Jr/Middle division:
To Shady Springs - What an awesome job. Your team is solid from top to bottom and as well conditioned as I have ever seen.
To Blenerhassett and Edsion - You guys were your usual cut above in terms of technique and your kids showed guts and good sportsmanship.
To Point Pleasant - My hat is of to the Pirates. Way to step up guys - even if it was to pull way in front of my team. You richly deserve your 1st place in the middle school division.
To Nick Munday - Congratulations on your championship - you dominated my wrestler (Adam Chapman) in the finals who was until then undefeated. It was a great thing for 2 seventh graders make the finals at a weight like 145. You are a great technician and a classy young man. I see a great future for you.
To Mike (OP) Cremeans - I knew you could do it. Congratulations Champ!
To the parents and fans who braved the snowy roads to get kids to the event and provide support for the young athletes who often get little respect due to that other thing going on that involves dribbling in your shorts - Thanks!
Finally - To my Milton Panthers - you guys continue to amaze me. We fell short of Point but I am still proud of each and every one of you.
I can hardly wait for the next one to roll around - see everyone next time.

January 20, 2002
From: old golden bear
comments: first of all congrats to oak glen for thier ovac title and to observer if the state belives we are AA then in states we wrestle AA that is just the way it is

January 20, 2002
From: Well Informed
comments: WOWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! what do you mean Calhoun has no competition!! For 1 Calhoun has already wrestled Williamstown twice in duals and came out victorious both times!! 2 they have wrestled in the Cameron tourney amd defeated Cameron By 80 points. 3 calhoun has also left Indy in the dust at the Braxton Big 16, who has already beat Wirt in anouther dual this year!! PLEASE before you post something, try to research it a little instead of just posting something from out of blue. And I for one can't waith to see Calhoun in action at the LKC's then we will see instead of just hearing talk that comes all to easy!

January 20, 2002
comments: I wanted to take a chance to congratulate Mannington Middle School on the excellent year they are having. Just a few years ago, MMS only had a handful of wrestlers and weren't contenders for anything. Now, MMS has enough wrestlers to fill all but it's 190 slot, and is ranked 3rd among middle schools. Many of the our wrestlers have near-perfect records. Hinerman is undefeated. Daft is a tough 6th grader wrestling at 75 who will no doubt make his mark before leaving MMS. Liggett at 80 broke both of his arms in late September then came back and wrestled his first match at Cameron Dec.8 and won second place. This team has an entire list of all-stars. Rogers, Watson, Efaw and Hickman are four wrestlers who possess more skill than most of the teams we have gone up against so far. The rest of the team is above average, as well. Rick Rinehart and Roger Watson have done an exceptional job of taking a bunch of boys and making them a team. A darned good team.
PS.:Sorry to hear that Eric Efaw broke his thumb and will be out for the rest of the season. What a bad ending to a good season.

January 20, 2002
comments: to wrestling fan: the picks were made before the brackets were out. some of us dont get to go to the seeding meeting and the brackets were never publicly posted so obviously one of the coaches is engaging in some trash talking in here maybe.good example for the kids. 2nd, i picked casey hughes over durbin because casey out wrestled him the first match i was told and casy is an outstanding wrestler. although casey may be out for a few weeks, i saw him injury default out of the ovac tournament tonight while wrestling Garrett Six in a very competitive match(2-1 3rd when defaulting). hard to tell if he'll be back soon or not. and for anderson and johnston... they're still both in the winners brackets so i must be right on the basis that they could stillbe the best 2 kids in the class, i figure the loser to finish 3rd.

January 20, 2002
From: Hville man
comments: Why does eveyone care if easter and Magniani wrestle. They never will so who cares. I like easter. He is a good student and a great wrestler. He will win WV states 4 times and no one will stop him. Good luck Matt and my boy Ripley You should know who i am we have the best matches (lol). Good luck to both of you guys

January 20, 2002
From: Mighty Mouse
comments: There is talk about Ferricks beating Metz, If this is possible then why did Easter leave 125.

January 19, 2002
From: wrestling watcher
comments: well the good ole ripley vikes won another one, i have a feeling that they will be doing alot of damageto oother teams this year....not to mention ty phalens excellent win over the wrestler from morgantown(the wrestler from morgantown beat ty in overtime at the winner choice tournament in fairmont) thats why he did a godo job at pinning him.

January 19, 2002
From: Superman
comments: I should have mentioned on my previous post that anything Thayer accomplishes He does because of his own hard work. It's the same way with everyone...even Billy Barbour.

January 19, 2002
From: to ratt easer from another phs fan
comments: aight who ever you are it was tottallt unnecessary to call parkersburg south rats it was un necesary and un called for please dont do it again it makes the whole north side look bad when its really only one individual keep that in mind soutrh siders good luck to both parkersburg especially to nathan pickens and chris daggett...

January 19, 2002
From: x-wrestler
comments: In reply to Golden Bear fan on what was the best single team in WV history...I would have to say Parkersburg High 87-88 team comes to mind.(7 champs in 12 classes),(most points scored)!

January 19, 2002
From: observer
comments: to all of the oak glen fans: i am not arguing that you aren't the best wrestling team in the state out of all classes. you do however, have the opportunity to prove it if you really want to put your money where your mouth is. you say (and do) that you wrestle and beat AAA teams, so why not wrestle at AAA all year, including the state tourney. Liberty used to wrestle AAA and they are one of the smallest schools in the state. it would definitely make for some interesting wrestling in huntington.

January 18, 2002
From: former ovac champ's mom
comments: WAY TO GO BEARS!!!!! Watching the OVAC standings from far away and very proud to say you are my boys. Keep up the good work, keep focused on your goals and remember win or loose to hold your heads high. YOU ARE THE GOLDEN BEARS!!!!! GOOD LUCK THE REST OF THE SEASON.

January 18, 2002
From: Superman
comments: To the person asking about D. Thayer. Its interesting that you mention those junior league coaches. Since I just so happen to be one of them.

January 18, 2002
From: small fry mom
comments: We wrestled in Clarksburg last weekend , they will not be hosting the youth wrestling championship . They said they are willing to help anyone who wishes to do so.I myself like to let my children participate in both events, however Parkersburg is recognized as THE STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS.

January 18, 2002
From: svwrestle215
comments: i heard they r making new weight calsses next yeat. like something between 215 and hwt. is this true?

January 18, 2002
From: phs fan
comments: you're right. 4 champs is good, but 4 out of 11 still terrible

January 18, 2002
From: jyd
comments: Best Team Ever

Thats Ez
Members of the 1987thru1900 PHS&PSHS Teams (when in jrs)
Mike Littons Parkersburg Cougars
Mike with this group of kids revolutionized Parkersburg Wrestling.
This group produced over 25 Individual State Championships.  This group started the run of Team Championships for both schools.
That run hasnt stopped many times.
There were many others from this area that fed into that run,
But no team have ever produced those results in high school.
To keep up, the rest of the area teams had to change,
Mikes style was copied, look out PA here comes Parkersburg.
To that group of kids, Hats Off, You were great to watch.
Remember the Fan Chant. If you liked that one, watch this next one...Crunch
In my opinion that the answer the the question awhile back about
why Parkersburg was so good.
Not to forget those before him, they built the base.
Mike took us to a leval from that base, the rest of the state hasnt duplicated yet. With all respect to Oak Glenn, they may be trying take over.
Thanks all, just for conversation.

January 18, 2002
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: Doc: I noticed you didn't post my last comments to ratteaser and thought that may be the case...however you also have to watch him saying "beat the rats" because that is what the north side of town call the South atheletes. Just a note,because I'm sure you did'nt know this.Thanks!
Editor's note: Nah, I didn't post it because I got a bunch of email downloaded onto a laptop and I didn't notice it until this evening. Its posted below, along with a bunch of other stuff from the 14th that got overlooked.

January 18, 2002
From: NeoTiger
comments: I haven't gotten the chance to get on here since the Va. Duals this past weekend. Congratulations to Coach McCartney and the entire P.S. squad. You did a hell of a job this year done there. I'm not going to give excuses for the loss they had against Freedom but I watched that entire match. I thought in my mind that Freedom's HWT. was stalling at least half of the match if not more. They called one stalling call on him. He was just backing up and pushing Morrison with his hand. I have to say that you men done a great job there. Hopefully, next year you all can win. I would also like to add that they almost beat the #1 team in Va. That would be Great Bridge. I didn't get to watch it but I bet you all did a great job against them. From Elkins, you don't get to see these great matches everyone has. But I'd like to congragulate Ray Linger on his 2nd place finish at the Winner's Choice. Whoever put done that he would place 3rd in the state, your wrong. I believe that he'll end up in the Finals against Morrison from P.S. or even the man from E.F. I'll tell you what, everyone in the AAA better watch out for P.S. They didn't have 2 of their starters and if there was a 5th and 6th finals P.S. would have won it. They looked good out there. Good luck to Coach McCartney and the rest of the Patriots squad. Win your 4th state title this year. Make it happen. Good luck goes out to the Fighting Tigers in Elkins. You boys can win some more matches just don't lay down in the 1st period like I've been hearing you boys doing. Danny, Ray, you boys better go to states this year. You saw your competition at Winner's Choice so work hard. For the rest of the state, if you didn't get to win in the top of any tourney this weekend, work hard and have faith for you will succeed if you put your mind to it. Good Luck Everyone.

January 18, 2002
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: To ratteaser: First of all you show no class calling the wrestlers at South "rats" and secondly..if you were a true wrestling fan you would have knew what happened to Marks in the PHS/East Fairmont match had you been there !

January 18, 2002
From: Watcher
comments: Once again i predict that you will see Blennerhassett on top at the WSAZ's, an will have champions like Chad Porter, Zach McCray, Shaun Smith, and Drew Munson... At LEAST! And I wouldn't doubt it if they have another big score this year again! I don't think anyone in Jr. High in this state can beat any of those for above, and Smith and Munson will be a great addition to south's team next year.

January 18, 2002
From: count the lights
comments: Is Nathan Pickens from South moving up to 171? Also why did Frerichs and Easter swap 125 and 119?

January 18, 2002
From: T H
comments: To: Just Another Wrestler:
You can get Ohio High school results by going to http://home.columbus.rr.com/owsp or to www.ohiowrestler.com

January 18, 2002
comments: Does anyone have any information on whether Clarksburg Junior Wrestling Team will be hosting its annual Junior State Wrestling Tournament. It has not been posted on this site. The only one listed is Parkersburg. Please make the information available some of us want to support Clarksburg not Parkersburg!!!!!!

January 18, 2002
comments: To Superman: I think you give yourself too much credit. You say that D. Thayer the freshmen this year is so great because of your camp. What about the hours that were spent with him by the youth league coaches. I Guess they had nothing to do with it. If you are so good why aren't you coaching for some really good high school?????

January 18, 2002
From: Turk
comments: Sorry to hear about Matt Grewell. 145 at the Wood county championships would have been a war. I think Matt could have, maybe, possibly have won it. Talk about a war. AAA 112 is stacked. Turnbull, Garvin, Humphrey, Rader, and Ballam. I look for a Rader and Turnbull final with Rader the winner in OT. Wow, what a match! At 152, look out for Kyle Walters. Will he win it? Not quite convinced yet, but he does know how to wrestle. Ask big brother.

January 18, 2002
comments: To: PHS Fan Get your facts straight. The 95 South team had 11 (13 weight classes)in the finals and had 4 champs.

January 18, 2002
From: Wrestler
comments: i just have a comment for the guy who talked about his pics for OVAC.. hwo could u say josh johnston and jarod anderson to be in finals.. THEY WILL WRESTLE IN SEMI's!! And Shaw has already beaten Josh.. And at 135 u have camern beatin durbin from brooke? other then that ur picks seem a little reasonable..

January 18, 2002
comments: Lucas Magnani would beat Easter. I think it would be close. I would love to see it. Magnani is a bad man. I agree with Superman, I think if Barbour weighs 145, He should be wrestling 145. That probably explains why a wrestler that good is losing to B+ A- wrestlers, when on pure ability He should be up there with A+ guys. I think Lord (A+) is the only one who could beat him...maybe. It would be a close match.

January 18, 2002
From: Trumble
comments: Just wanna say good luck to all the MUSSELMEN wrestlers this weekend. You guys have challenge in front of you but I'm sure you all will do great. Also Good luck to the SOUTH BERKELEY DRAGONS too in their match on sunday. I'll be in the corner rootin for you all.

January 18, 2002
From: just curious
comments: can anyone tell me what grade and how old nick munday and shaun smith are?

January 18, 2002
From: Superman
comments: All this talk of "Sleepers" at 152 and no one mentions Billy? Billy has had some rough spots through the year, and some trouble with Troy "Duce" Foltz. However, Billy's trademark short offense move is in my opinion the most devastating pinning combination in amateur wrestling, and if He can get his timing down, no man alive can stop it. Also , I heard rumors of Billy dropping down to 145. I would really like to see that happen. With the obvious exception of Danny Lord I don't think anybody there can take him.

January 18, 2002
From: PHS Fan
comments: Actually I believe South's 95 team has the most team points in a state tournament. they had 11 in the finals, but they only had 2 champs. big red's had 8 in the finals in 88 and captured 7 championships. so yes 88 team is the best

January 18, 2002
comments: to the comments made to the LKC spectator. First off Calhoun doesn't wrestle near the competition that Wirt and Williamstown do so saying they won a couple of tournaments doesn't make them better than Wirt and Williamstown. And saying that Williamstown placed ahead of Wirt at Fairmont is a teu statement, but it would have been a heck of alot closer if Wirt didn't have 4 of their starters out. So I am gonna update my rankings.
1. Oak Glen
2. Williamstown
3. Wirt
4. Calhoun

January 18, 2002
comments: Lucas Minghani I say would have no problem beating easter

January 18, 2002
From: Jeff Grewell
comments: I wanted to give an update on the Jr. High 145# weight class. Matt Grewell broke his hand yesterday, and had the cast put on today. He's done for the year. As a coach I'm disappointed, as a Father I'm even more so. Everyone involved in this sport knows how hard the kids work during the season, and they work just as hard in the off season if they want to be champions. Matt's no exception. Too bad. We were all looking forward to the County Championships, to see how it panned out. I'd like to wish good luck to Joey, Nick, and the rest of the 145# class May the best man win.

January 18, 2002
From: Senior Fan
comments: well west side beat north marion tonight by 2 points. 2 state champs could have battled it out but courtney moved up to 215 since delligatti was injured but starsick went to 275 to wrestle singleton.

January 18, 2002
From: mat king
comments: hey swami your predictions are right for mich and matt to win states except you need to put cooper from ripley in like 3rd and put sayre from ripley alil higher....and on your heavey weight predictions you need to take morrison down alittle bit and put mccourt alittle bit higher, so in other words mccourt will be either 1st or 2nd and singleton and morrison will be wrestling for like 5 and 6 or 3 and 4 and john henry from john marshall wont be that high up anyways... and daggett isnt going to 171 he will be at 189

January 17, 2002

January 17, 2002
comments: To LKC spectator
Wirt may have beat Williamstown in a duel but, at Winners Choice Williamstown had double the points Wirt county did and finshed 4th not 18th that Wirt finished, even if Wirt had there 140lb who defauled out and 171 who was not there, Williamstown still would have beaten them by a very large spread. As Far as Calhoun, Wirt Beat the the first week of the season, and Calhoun hasnt been beat since and they won 2 tounrements in arow by large spreads. Thats justification enough to rank them ahead of Wirt. Its a typical Wirt team, that peaked at the wrong time of the year.

January 17, 2002
From: The Count
comments: I didn't realize that Hurricane would not be at WSAZ's. So I must extract Lively from my predictions at 215, and replace him with Travis Keiper from Nicholas.

January 17, 2002
From: Husky Fan
comments: To Room Slammers: I believe that sleeping giant at 152 AAA could be Hays from North Marion. He could easily place 3rd or higher at States. He's stronger this year.

January 17, 2002
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: I would like to hear other's feelings on what constitutes being named MVW at the state tourney.I think politics are sometimes invovled and other times they get it right.Last year..Jeff Courtney,in my unbiased opinion,deserved the award he recieved.When a wrestler steps up and defeats opponents at this level and helps his or her team to a higher level they deserve the accolades that may come their way.When a favorite at a weight class struggles,but still prevails may also warrant the same.These young atheletes face a great deal of pressure at the state tourney and deserve our respect and admiration.Good luck to all our atheletes that participate in the great sport of wrestling.Thanks.

January 17, 2002
From: ratteaser
comments: way to go phs citizens..big red wrestling raised the bar with this year's elimination dinner!!!...beat rats!

January 17, 2002
From: wrestling fan
comments: Just a question to spark some healthy debate: for those of you that had the privilege of watching St. Anthony's (NY) 119 pounder Lucas Minghani dominate @ the winner's choice over the last 4 years, who do you think would win between Easter and Minghani?? That question was tossed around a little at this years tourney, the conscentious there was that Minghani would win hands down, I was one that thought it would be very close and a toss up. What do ya think?? The ultimate fantasy match, I guess maybe we'll have to wait a few years for college to see that possible match-up.

January 17, 2002
comments: Does anyone know the number of points scored at the state tourney by the 1988 Parkersburg Big Red team ?

January 17, 2002
From: To Ratteaser
comments: What happen with the Marks match? I saw he got DQ'd

January 17, 2002
From: Wrestling Mom Pam
comments: Why do people have nothing better to do then to slam kids these are kids.. No matter what your opinion noone should cut anyone else. It takes a very strong person indeed to get on the mat and wrestle at all. Wrestlers are definitely a different breed. As for one kid moving from one weight class to another that is the kids discretion. Noone wants to lose they don't think before hand......... hmmm I think I will lose this one. It is a very competitive sport when it is your goal to get on here and cut another wrestler down then your priorities aren't in the right place at all. I wish you well Chris Daggett and wish no ill will toward any other wrestler you will wrestle. As far as Chris and Nathan go they have been best buddies for a very long time. Chris knows Nathan well and Nathan knows Chris well.

January 17, 2002
comments: Region 4 will lose 3 teams next year but 7 (not 6) will remain.

January 17, 2002
From: pt l
comments: i think that wsaz is all wrapped up by wojo from riverside and turner from riverside. ithink it will be a very exciting tournament but it will come back to the two i predicted for first and second place

January 17, 2002
From: old golden bear
comments: to QP that team was very young it was my sophmore year and their was not a senior on the team in 97 thier was one senior and 7 juniors that is a huge diffrence

January 17, 2002
From: Wrestling Fan!!
comments: Whoever picked the finishers at the OVAC's must have not looked carefully, because in the 125# class you have 1st and 2nd posted and those kids are in the same end of the bracket together, and Shaw already beat Johnston earlier this season!! Also, 135# class 1st and 2nd place finishers are also in the same end of the bracket and Durbin already beat Hughe this season also!!

January 17, 2002
From: LKC spectator
comments: This is a response to the A-AA team ranikngs. How can you rank Williamstown and Calhoun ahead of Wirt, when Wirt has beaten them both in duals, don't get me wrong they are very strong teams and will finish high in the states, but you need to be able to back up your rankings if you are gonna post them on the mat page. So heres how I see the top 5.
1. Oak Glen
2. Wirt County
3. Calhoun
4. Williamstown
5. Independence

January 17, 2002
From: Stat ---Slave To All Team......(thats what they like to think)
email: ShimmerAngel2004@hotmail.com
comments: Hey!! Winner's Choice Tournament 2002 was a really tough one, and i'm really proud of my berkeley guys that made it to finals!!

January 17, 2002
comments: hey does anyone know the list of wrestlers first and last names from Musselmen ???? please post them

January 17, 2002
comments: does anyone have any ideas as to what the WVSSAC is going to do next year with the regions? The way it looks right now the AAA region I will stay the same with seven teams. Region II will lose Keyser leaving them with nine. Region III will lose Point Pleasant and Logan and with Capital not fielding a team will be down to seven teams and region IV will lose Lewis County, Roane County and P.Barbour leaving them with six teams. In AA the problem they have is having too many teams, right now there are 41 teams in A-AA and with the addition of the teams moving down from AAA that will put them at 48 compared to 29 in AAA. Maybe it is time for the WVSSAC to go to one division in wrestling.

January 17, 2002
From: curious
comments: how can you rank durbin from brooke ahead of griffith and duncan? he only beat sean moore from EF by 2 points. griffith pinned moore at WC. smith,griffith,and duncan are the 3 best wrestlers at 135 hands down. they will be the top 3 at states no question about it.

January 17, 2002
From: Wrestling Fan
comments: I was at the Winners Choice and I believe that the 145 match between Smith and Lord was a great match...for everyone that says Lord had control until he got hurt...well I believe Smith had control too and wrestled a good match...OK so maybe Lord was hurt and maybe you just cant take the fact the a AA wrestler beat a AAA wreslter come one he won lets leave it alone....and as far as Smith being the best in the state lets see what happens in February but iI think Smith IS the BEST WRESTLER in 145 weight class...GOOD LUCK SHANE AND SEE YOU AT STATE!!!!

January 17, 2002
comments: to curious person: I agree with you on the 130 prediction, that has Matt Smith as champion, but who do you think will beat Mitch Smith. I don't think anyone in this state can.

January 17, 2002
comments: when is the mat page gonna get the A/AA individual rankings. the season is nearly over and we have not got the first poll for individuals.

January 17, 2002
From: For Swami
comments: Your predictions are horrible. Especially at 140 and 171.

January 17, 2002
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: To The Weather Forecaster: I'm impressed that anyone knows the names of that many wrestlers in all the weight classes.Your predictions seem to be pretty accurate,but as you and I both know,when it comes "that" time upsets and injury always play a major roll in the final outcome.Thanks for providing so many names at all the weight classes ! We all know that they are just predictions and are just for the fun of it.Good job!

January 17, 2002
From: QP
comments: i noticed that Oak Glen has won the state every year since they moved down to AA classification, but they never won it when they were in AAA. Have they gotten that much better or was the overall competition better? In 1996 they scored only 2 points in the AAA state tournament and didnt place anyone. Then the very next year in AA the won the state. Somebody please help and explain this to me.

January 17, 2002
comments: i have some ovac picks (top 4)

103- 1st-Clay Tucker(Ferry) 
     2nd-Jon Howard (JM)
     3rd-Anthony Duffield (EL)
     4th- Anthony Valles (WM)
112- 1st-Brian Humphrey (WP)
     2nd-Lucas Huffman (River)
     3rd-Josh Hoover (Beav.L)
     4th-Chris Troyan (Ferry)

119- 1st-John Tierney (Ferry)
     2nd-Adam Kennedy (WP)
     3rd-Brennon Chambers (OG)
     4th- Mike Fasouletos (JM)

125- 1st-Jarrod Anderson(Barn)
     2nd-Josh Johnston (IC)
     3rd-Braden Shaw (Brk)
     4th-Justin Kotson (Cam)

130- 1st-David Tierney (Ferry)
     2nd-Jared Hoppel (Beav.L)
     3rd-Jason Lucas (Barn)
     4th-Clayton Benedict (Mon Cent)

135- 1st-Casey Hughes (Cam)
     2nd-Billy Barath (St.C)
     3rd-Dave Durbin (Brk.)
     4th-Garrett Six (OG)

140- 1st-Phil Bliss (Brk)
     2nd-Joel O'Neil (Cam)
     3rd-Steve Flowers (OG)
     4th-Jesse Irwin (Shady)

145- 1st-Jeremy Shaw (Beav.L)
     2nd-Matt Wharton (OG)
     3rd-Jeremy Cowan (EL)
     4th-Brad Nicka (WM)

152- 1st-Derek Roth (Ferry)
     2nd-Derek George (JM)
     3rd-Ryan Tacosik (UL)
     4th-Tucker Brown (Cam)

160- 1st-Roger Kupfer (Cam)
     2nd-John Propakis (Ed)
     3rd-David Bertolino(Buck.L)
     4th-Derek Sefsick (Harr.Cent)

171- 1st-Derrick Stickles (OG)
     2nd-Jordan Williams (Beav.L)
     3rd-Tyler Schumacher (Mon Cent)
     4th-James Lyons (Steub)

189- 1st-Chris Taylor (JM)
     2nd-Ron Hebrock (OG)
     3rd-Jared Williams (Beav.L)
     4th- Josh Boyd (WP)

215- 1st-Vince Magnone (Weir)
     2nd-Adam Hoppel (Beav.L)
     3rd-Joe Weaver (Magnolia)
     4th-Bill Whitehill (OG)

275- 1st-Joe Caughey (OG)
     2nd-Mike Price (Camb)
     3rd-Jesse Wells (Shen)
     4th-Koel Davia (UL)

1- Martins Ferry
2- Oak Glen
3- Beaver Local
4- John Marshall

AAAA champs- John Marshall
AAA champs- Martins Ferry
AA champs- Shadyside
A champs- Cameron

January 17, 2002
From: The Truth
comments: To whoever put barbour from martinsburg thrid at 152, he finished 7th at the winners choice behind all wv opponents,

January 17, 2002
From: parkersburg princess
email: princess_shorty26101@hotmail.com
comments: i know i shold know this but.....when is the next time PHS and South compete? and where is it. thank u:)

January 17, 2002
From: wv-wrestling-fan
comments: The 119 rankings that someone submitted failed to realize that the 119 pounder from morgantown high majored Hefner from University, and beat Taylor from East Fairmont by decision. I think the Morgantown kid (Garismovich) is only a freshman. If either of those two are to be considered for rankings, so should he.

January 17, 2002
From: gd
comments: Question for Weather Forecaster:
Did you forget about Roane County's Ray Bender or do really not consider him worthy of being listed in your top 12?
He is currently unbeaten -- 16-0 I think.

January 17, 2002
From: Mean Mike
comments: to Old Golden Bear: I don't get much OVAC results where I live, this web site is it, but looks like the Purple Riders are the team to beat in the OVAC tournament this year. I don't know how good East Liverpool is though. Off the cuff, I would guess 1. Martins Ferry 2. East Liverpool 3. Oak Glen. Looks like JM could be in the top 5.

to Cameron Fan: Didn't Cameron win the overall OVAC title one year? late 80's early 90's? or was it runnerup? Are they showing the finals on TV this year, what station and time? January 17, 2002
comments: To the Forcaster
Very interesting picks and predictions. Just after watching Winner's Choice I know of some dents in your picks. But who cares it's your right to pick 'em as your think. I have to agree with alot of it. Did you notice how may of your picks are Region 1. It is the most competative after all but think of who will not make it to states from there. Your top picks include at 103 (6), 112 (6), 119 (5), 125 (3), 130 (4), 135 (3), 140 (2), 145 (2), 152 (3), 160 (3), 171 (4), 189 (4), 215 (3), & 275 (4). And you even have some so so picks included.

January 17, 2002
From: midland fan
comments: Swami....Gibbs has beaten Mayle....Lane...and Bliss already he may lose to one of them later on but not all three. seems your crystal ball needs cleaned.

January 17, 2002
January 17, 2002
From: Statewide
comments: Bosley is hurt i've heard i also hear Diamond from Midland is hurt. Seems like several good wrestlers are getting hurt here toward the end of the season.

January 17, 2002
comments: Ripley Viking Winter Classic
The pools were just announced and there will be some good matchups between some of the teams.

Pool A
Greenbrier East
George Washington
Philip Barbour

Pool B
Roane County
St Albans

Key matchups maybe
Pool A
171 Linger - Krizner
152 Roohallahi - Sayre
189 Waner - Phalen
189 Bennett - Phalen
125 Vance - Casto
119 Cooper - Weaver
152 Sayre - Tingler

Pool B
119 Lupardus - Gerasimovich
103 Cappas - Bradley
103 Cappas - Sasser
160 Wickline - Pintus
160 Bender - Pintus
160 Wickline - Bender
152 Burgess - Weese
189 Williams - Graley
171 Tucker - Halstead

Just the thoughts of a rambling mad mat man

January 17, 2002
From: MT
comments: In reference to the comments about Nick and Shaun, They have wrestled twice and Shaun has beat Nick twice. Shaun is an excellent wrestler, and each time he and Nick wrestle it teaches Nick something new. The 145 weight class for Jr. High this year is full of wonderful talent, and I will agree that the county will be very interesting to watch. All of these boys have alot of experience and talent going for them. I wish all of the boys luck at the WSAZ's this weekend, especially my own!!

January 17, 2002
From: Wrestling Fan
comments: To "The Weather Forecaster": Better look at your predictions again for the 103 weight class. You have 5 wrestlers from the same region (I) and only 4 wrestlers from the same region/weight class advance to States in February. My picks are Shyver, Cappas, Osuna Cotto & Howard and not necessary in that order. Region I could have the top 4 positions in the State for 103.

January 17, 2002
From: south
comments: I think 105 will be the toughest this year. you have DUNN, PORTER,AND HAYS. All three are more caliber wrestler than 145

January 17, 2002
From: CMn
I've been overseas ever since I've been out of high school and always thought it'd be great if I could keep up with the wrestling scene back home. who thought such a site existed till I stumbled upon this in Yahoo. I'm glad you take the time to maintain such a great site. Thanks again!

January 17, 2002
comments: i dont think people should be alound to post things, as such as wins were flukes , that the person was hurt or etc. Why cant people just suck it up and be a MAN and except they got beat.
Editor's note: Point well taken.....

January 17, 2002
From: Hedg. Fan
comments: Everyone at Musselman Invitational better be ready for Hedgesville this Saturday because Buddy is really got the boys practicing hard. Especially watch out for Ballam, Foltz, Lord, and Files. Responding to Superman's latest post, I believe Troy "Duce" Foltz holds the winning hand over Billy. I look forward to more great matches between these two boys. Go get em "Duce"!!!!!

January 17, 2002
comments: so does anyone know what weight classes the Dye boys from Wirt County are going to stay at?

January 17, 2002
From: cam fan
comments: ok sorry but one more, some of these posts make me laugh so hard.. to the fan talking about pickens taylor or mays going to 171 to avoid daggett.... what are you talking about? mays is 160 pickens is 160 and taylor is 171 or 189, but i dont see him running from daggett who has been beat by 2 in state wrestlers this year. pickens pinned daggett so i dont know why you think nathan would run from a guy he could pin and mays wouldnt run either even if he were at 189 b/c he is a state champ and well he just wouldn't.... please do your homework before you start making posts that make no sense whatsoever

January 17, 2002
comments: the best HS wrestling team in WV ever was the 1988 Parkersburg team. they had seven state champions. thats right seven, and i think they also had a runner up and a couple of thirds. they also had the highest point total ever at the state tournament.

January 17, 2002
From: yoyoyo
comments: I want to say good job to Brandon Geary on his first place finish at winners choice. He defeated alot of good wrestlers and we saw that when he majored decision marks 12-1 and pinned linger in the finals. Dont be surprised in you see him and his cousin (Courtney) return from Huntington as state champs.

January 17, 2002
From: fan
comments: How come there is no coaches polls for AAA? Here it is the middle of Jan. and still not one poll.

January 17, 2002
From: wrestler
comments: nate tyree of nicholas county beat the oak hill kid 4 to 2 last night at nicholas and for your predictions travis kieper from nicholas has beaten the hunnington kid twice this year

January 17, 2002
From: room slammers
comments: We the room slammers believe there is a sleeping giant at 152 for AAA which no one thinks he'll do any good at states. We believe he will have a top 3 or better finish. GUESS WHO EVERYONE?????

January 17, 2002
From: Omniscent Predictor
comments: I have my favorites here and there, but I know when my guys are beat and some of these predictions are ridiculous. Lets try anyone other than Mitch Smith at 135 AAA...come on...or how about Roger Kupfer losing at 160 AA/A...get real! I've got a say and here it is, hope you all enjoy it.

103-AAA 1. Anthony Easter (N)  AA/A Bryan Gungle (Cal)
        2. Robert Shyver (PHS)      Anthony Valles (WM)
        3. Lucas Cappas (M)         Erica Dye (WC) 
        4. Felix Osuno-Cotto (PS)   Bryan Snuffer (Indy)
        5. John Howard (JM)         Justin Goneau (OG)
        6. Kurt Shumate (NM)        Sean Snoberger (F)
  bad bracket alternate: Conner(Mart)  alt. Rawls (G)
112-AAA 1. Brandon Rader (PHS) AA/A Justin Ashley (Cal)
        2. Kyle Turnbull (U)        Dustin Bartrug (St.M)
        3. Jared Garvin (M)         Daniel Allen (WC)
        4. Kevin Ballam (H)         Matt Morris (BC)
        5. Brian Humphreys (WP)     Cody Shirey (F) 
        6. Steve Riner (H)          Noah O'Neil (C)
      alt. Flint (EF)               alt. Biddle (Will) 
119-AAA 1. Matt Easter (N)     AA/A Brennon Chambers (OG)
        2. Shane Grogg (PS)         Casey Biddle (Will)
        3. Adam Kennedy (WP)        Brandon Clark (BS) 
        4. Mike Fausoletous (JM)    Daniel Whiteman (H) 
        5. Chance Litton (PHS)      Ryan Bumgardner (RC)
        6. Baxter Fullen (H)        Jared Brewer (Cal)
      alt. Hodges (CM)              alt. Hughes (C)
125-AAA 1. Ryan Metz (PS)      AA/A Chris Morris (Cal)
        2. Braden Shaw (Brk)        Justin Kotson (C)
        3. Jacob Frerichs (N)       Ian Whittington (OG) 
        4. Steven Reynolds (J)      Bob Brookover (Will)
        5. Rick Brandau (P)         Gary Dankovchik (W) 
        6. Josh Casto (R)           Todd Dureya (G)
      alt. Jason Koontz (JM)        alt. Church (H)
Well its far past this old wrestling fan's bedtime, so I'm going to call it quits for the night, I'll be back with more tomorrow. Have fun with these, I think its good to get deserving wrestlers a little recognition over the year.

January 16, 2002
comments: humphrey beat rader 4-0 at smitty's fall brawl and he was pretty out of shape so i dunno how rader can be first because when he got humphrey at brooke was a fluck and he was hurt with a concussion and still hung with him just wait til states and see and another 119 mcfarland pinned hefner so he should be ahead of him so those are bad predictions

January 16, 2002
From: wrestling fan
comments: whats up with bosley why is everyone saying make a comeback and we need you for leadership did he lose or get hurt or something

January 16, 2002
From: old golden bear
comments: anyone have any predictions for the ovac this year

January 16, 2002
From: from a Wood County Fan
comments: I agree with #1 fan about the junior high wrestlers in the #145 weight class. Joey Lindamood, Nick Munday, and Matt Grewell are all tough kids. I caught the match the other night against Grewell and Munday. Grewell was victoious with a 5-1 decision. This is a stacked weight class and anyone of the kids is capable of being county champ. Good luck at the county.

January 16, 2002
From: to: curious person
comments: Blosser from University beat dearman both times they wrestled

January 16, 2002
From: Cameron fan
comments: i have 3 things...... please put independence ahead of cameron in the rankings, b/c they deserve it. they outpointed the dragons heavily at berkeley springs. 2nd whoever picked the top 3 with south in the top 3 at every class.... get real.... bryce pickens is ranked 2nd in the state and he has beat beaten many times already.... and please note that you had no John Marshall wrestlers in the top 3??????? That's funny. Obviously you havent left Wood County much. John Marshall might beat South this year and you cant even rank one of there wrestlers? george is #1 right now at 152 in my book, yet he will finish behind kids he has beaten before.. ha ha no. howard will be in the money yet no rank. taylor will be top 2 or 3 yet no rank... and 3rd... to the people who seed the ovac tournament... casey hughes will finish higher than 4th.... i've seen the kid wrestle..... your bad ovac committee, but you'll find that out this weekend...

January 16, 2002
From: old golden bear
comments: well to the fan that loves to see AAA teams loose to AA teams go to Oak Glen matches they wrestle a AAA teams all year and beat them all year not that is always by alot but it usually is

January 16, 2002
From: just a fan
comments: To the HD fan ... The wrestlers you mentioned are very good and could be considered the states best, but personaly i can't overlook a teammate of one of your picks.. Metz from South is the best in the state.

January 16, 2002

January 16, 2002
From: Just a fan comments: To Curious person. Better reconsider your picks at 112. Garvin from Morgantown has provided Ballam with 3 of his 6 losses.

January 16, 2002
From: The Weather Forecaster
comments: Red Skies at Night, sailors delight. Red Skies in the morning, sailors take warning. Swami looked into his crystal ball and first saw dark blue skies. Shooked up the ball and looked again and saw the red skies. Did it a third time and the sky turned back to dark blue. The Big Reds have a chance to knock off the Patriots but the final answer is South. Here are Swamis fearless predictions and rankings.

1 Parkersburg South - 85 
2 Parkersburg - 67 
3 Nitro - 64 
4 John Marshall - 51 
5 East Fairmont - 50 
6 Jefferson - 41 
7 Ripley - 41 
8 Faimont Sr. - 38 
9 Huntingotn - 33 
10 Point Pleasant - 32 
11 Brooke - 27 
12 Morgantown - 27 
13 Hedgesville - 26 
14 Nicholas County - 24 
15 North Marion - 24 
16 University - 23 
17 Cabell Midland - 22 
18 Preston - 21 
19 Wheeling Park - 16 
20 Woodrow Wilson - 16 
21 Herbert Hoover - 12 
22 Elkins - 9 
23 Martinsburg - 8 
24 Spring Valley - 6 
25 Buckhannon-Upshur - 4 
26 Mussleman - 3 

1 Easter Nitro 
2 Shyver Parkersburg 
3 Cappas Morgantown 
4 Howard John Marshall 
5 Osuna-Cotto Parkersburg South 
6 Shumate North Marion 
7 Mazella Brooke 
8 Bumgardner Wheeling Park 
9 Clark Musselman 
10 Conner Martinsburg 
11 Grenolds East Fairmont 
12 Sasser Roane
1 Rader Parkersburg 
2 Turnbull University 
3 Garvin Morgantown 
4 Ballam Hedgesville 
5 Humphrey Wheeling Park 
6 Riner Huntington 
7 Taylor John Marshall 
8 Conner Martinsburg 
9 Flint East Fairmont 
10 Ward Buckhannon-Upshur 
11 Smith Brooke 
12 Ranson Ripley 
1 Easter Nitro 
2 Grogg Parkersburg South 
3 Fosouletos John Marshall 
4 Litton Parkersburg 
5 Fullen Huntington 
6 Hodges Cabell Midland 
7 Hefner University 
8 McFarland Brooke 
9 Taylor East Fairmont 
10 Glasser Buckhannon-Upshur 
11 Bolte Roane 
12 Cooper Ripley 
1 Metz Parkersburg South 
2 Reynolds Jefferson 
4 Brandaue Preston 
5 Frerichs Nitro 
6 Shaw Brooke 
7 Casto Ripley 
8 Koontz John Marshall 
9 Griffin Nicholas County 
10 Bowers North Marion 
11 McCoy Point Pleasant 
12 Ray Roane 
1 Smith Ripley 
2 Bosley Parkersburg South 
3 Kennedy Wheeling Park 
3 Williams Huntington 
4 Knapp Parkersburg 
5 Dorsey Jefferson 
6 Evans Woodrow Wilson 
7 Russell Point Pleasant 
8 Mull John Marshall 
9 Evans Nitro 
10 Demastes Buckhannon 
11 Roberts St. Albans 
12 Baldwin Greenbrier East 
1 Smith Ripley 
2 Durbin Brooke 
3 Duncan Point Pleasant 
4 Griffith Jefferson 
5 Hutchinson Spring Valley 
6 Young Parkersburg South 
7 Nelson Huntington 
8 Moore East Fairmont 
9 Williamson Parkersburg 
10 Delligatti Fairmont Sr. 
11 McQuillen Woodrow Wilson 
12 Miller Roane 
1 Ripley Nitro 
2 Lane Herbert Hoover 
3 Mayle East Fairmont 
4 Bliss Brooke 
5 Gibbs Cabell Midland 
6 Gustines Jefferson 
7 George Parkersburg 
8 Nott Point Pleasant 
9 Young Hedgesville 
10 Stover Ripley 
11 Lowery Riverside 
12 Thomas Woodrow Wilson 
1 Lord Hedgesville 
2 Boyden Woodrow Wilson 
3 DeWees Point Pleasant 
4 Hawes Jefferson 
5 Keiper Nicholas County 
6 Pickens Parkersburg South 
7 Patick Huntington 
8 King Ripley 
9 Hoxter University 
10 Tigler Philip Barbour 
11 Alvis Roane 
12 Hartlieb, Fairmont Sr.
1 George John Marshall 
2 Warner Point Pleasant 
3 Casto Nitro 
4 Futten East Fairmont 
5 Hays North Marion 
6 Walters Parkersburg South 
7 Evans Woodrow Wilson 
8 Froltz Hedgesville 
9 Sayre Ripley 
10 Barbour Martinsville 
11 Dowler Parkersburg 
12 Shaffer Preston
1 Pickens Parkersburg South 
2 Mays Huntington 
3 Delligatto Fairmont Sr. 
4 Diamond Cabell Midland 
5 Geary East Fairmont 
6 Watkins Mussleman 
7 Filby John Marshall 
8 Wilson Parkersburg 
9 Bird Martinsburg 
10 Bonecutter Point Pleasant 
11 Sturgill Woodrow Wilson 
12 Workman Greenbrier East 
1 McCutcheon Nicholas County 
2 Geary East Fairmont 
3 Linger Elkins 
4 Taylor John Marshall 
5 Marks Parkersburg 
6 Naternicola Fairmont Sr. 
7 Morrison Parkersburg South 
8 Krizner Philip Barbour 
9 Carr Point Pleasant 
10 Tominack Wheeling Park 
11 Halstead Hurrican 
12 Zinn Robert C. Byrd 
1 Courtney Fairmont Sr. 
2 Daggett Parkersburg 
3 Williams Morgantown 
4 Frazier Cabell Midland 
5 Phalen Ripley 
6 Anderson John Marshall 
7 Nelson Huntingotn 
8 Boyd Wheeling Park 
9 Ingram East Fairmont 
10 Knopp Point Pleasant 
11 Watson Roane 
12 Barr Woodrow Wilson 
1 Starsick North Marion 
2 Miller Preston 
3 Householder Jefferson 
4 Thomas Parkersburg 
5 Delligatti Faimont Sr. 
6 Wells John Marshall 
7 Files Hedgesville 
8 Dilworth Buckhannon-Upshur 
9 Hutchinson Huntington 
10 Cook Wheeling Park 
11 Nicholson Roane 
12 Richards Riverside 
1 Satterfield East Fairmont 
2 Morrison Parkersburg South 
3 Blosser University 
4 Bird Martinsburg 
5 Singleton Fairmont Sr. 
6 McCourt Buckhannon-Upshur 
7 Tyree Nicholas County 
8 Howard Spring Valley 
9 Henry John Marshall 
10 Roachell Ripley 
11 Dearman Parkersburg 
12 Childers Cabell Midland 

January 15, 2002
From: John Bonecutter
comments: Congrats to Matt Warner on your winners choice championship, keep working hard buddy it will pay off!!!

January 15, 2002
From: HD Wrestling Fan
comments: First off yes I have seen Matt Bender of Roane wrestle this year, and he does look great!!! But let me tell all of you this......Nathan Pickens, South...is the best wrestler in the state, by far! Also Jason Mays of Huntington looks very good also!.....ITs #1....Pickens....#2....Mays........and #3.....Bender.....

January 15, 2002
From: Lloyd Christmas
comments: O.W. at fairmont was:
103-140---Lucas Magnani, St. Athonys, NY....4X Winners Choice Champion.
145-275---Shane Smith, Williamstown......Beat Danny Lord...Overtime Criteria...in finals.

January 15, 2002
From: The Count
comments: These are my projected finals for the WSAZ. Please note that my predictions will not feature any out of state wrestlers. I am unaware there weight classes.
103 Anthony Easter (Nit) p. Erica Dye (Wirt) 2nd
112 Steve Riner (Hun) dec. Dustin Bartrug (St.M) by 4
119 Matt Easter (Nit) p. Casey Biddle (Will) 1st
125 Jacob Frerichs (Nit) dec Jeremy Ray (Hun) by 9
130 Robbie Williams (Hun) dec Russell (PP) by 3
135 Nick Duncan (PP) dec. Hutchinson (SV) by 2
140 Robbie Ripley (Nit) dec. Chris Gibbs (CM)by 1
145 Shane Smith (Will) dec. Ben Wood (Ind) in OT
152 Matt Warner (PP) dec. Mitch Casto (Nit) by 1
160 Jason Mays (Hun) p. Jarrod Diamond (CM) 2nd
171 Patrick McCutchion (Nic) dec. Carico (Lib) by 9
189 Aaron Barnette (Ind) dec. Ryan Delebrou (Will) by 5
215 Pete Hashman (St.M) p. Laramine Lively (Hurr) 1st
275 Nate Tyree (Nic) dec. Mark Childers (CM) by 2

MOW Matt Warner, Point Pleasant

January 15, 2002
comments: I'm not sure but I beleive you can add Oak Hill's David Dequaise to your undefeated list. Would someone from Oak Hill please confirm that and contact the editor with his exact record.

January 15, 2002
comments: yes it is true that Blake from Indy quit the team.

January 15, 2002
comments: TO:Wv-Wrestling-fan if you would have seen the 145lbs. match then you might remember that lord was in complete control of the match until he hurt his shoulder. The reason he couldnt finish was not because he wasnt in shape but injured. He was in better shape then the Williamstown kid. Good luck Lord.

January 15, 2002
From: Curious Person
comments: As far as the talk of Oak Glen and South are concerned. One thing will stop the talk...February 21-23.
As far as Daggett of PHS staying at 189 for a potential Courtney/Daggett nail-biter of a state final. Don't count on it. Parkersburg Wrestling is all about strategy like any other team in West Virginia.
I am interested in the rest of the state's input as far as Class AAA predictions go. Please respond, this means you.

1-Felix Osuna Cotto (South) Note-Went undefeated at Va. Duals
2-Robert Shyver (Parkersburg HS) Note-Winner's Choice Champion
3-Lucas Cappas (Motown) Note- 27-2 this season

1-Brandon Rader (PHS) Note-Winner's Choice Champion--FRESHMAN
2-Kyle Turnbull (University) Note-Beaten 2x by Rader
3-Kevin Ballam (Hedville) Note- 27-6 this season

1- Matt Easter (Nitro) Note- Four time State Champion soon...
2- Shane Grogg (South) Note- Don't let the last name fool you
3- ???

1-Ryan Metz (South) Note- Second Ironman Champion in School History
2- ???
3- ???

1-Matt Smith (Ripley) Note-Undefeated this season (24-0)
2- ???
3- Derrick Knapp (PHS) Note- 16-4 this season

1- ???
2- Mitch Smith (Ripley) Note- Undefeated this season (19-0)
3- Seth Young (South) Note- Won match over Grundy, Va. opponent

2- Blane Mayle (E. Fairmont) Note- 25-8 this season

1- Daniel Lord (Hedgville) Note- 30-2 this season
2- Bryce Pickens (South) Note-Bryce may go undefeated in 2003
3- ???

1- Matt Warner (Pt. Pleasant) Note- Undefeated 27-0 this season
2- Kyle Walters (South) Note- Remember his brother Chad from '95 South team which was nationally ranked under Paul Jackson ?
3- Billy Barbour (Martinsburg) Note- Good Linebacker, seen him play Parkersburg South, but this is wrestling

1- Nathan Pickens (South) Note- Va. Duals opponents forfeited 2x matches to him, unheard of
3- Anthony Dellgati (Fairmont Sr) Note- 22-3 this season

1- Chris Daggett (PHS) Note-Champion in 1999, Could be first to do so with two different Parkersburg schools?
2- ???
3- ???

1- Jeff Courtney (W. Fairmont) Note- Remember last year's 171 state final in which Courtney defeated Matt Miller?
2- Darren Marks (PHS) Note- Member of State Champion team in football, Member of State Champion team in wrestling ?
3- ???

1- Andrew Starsick (N. Marion) Note- Winner's Choice Champion
2- Lou Thomas (PHS) Note- 11-2 this season--SOPHOMORE
3- Dustin Householder (Jefferson) Note- 8-1 this season

1- Chris Satterfield (E. Fairmont) Note- Could make on of the best matches in the tournament
2- Chris Morrison (South) Note- Defeated Oak Glen's Caughey
3- Ryan Dearman (PHS) Note- 2003 State Champion

I would enjoy feedback and this is merely a prediction. Best of luck to all wrestlers in pursuit of the final arm raising come February 23, afterall that is what all the work is for.
How could I forget...
Class AAA Team Finishes
1- Parkersburg/Parkersburg South Note- Have not seen many teams capable of possessing a solid lineup such as theirs
2- Huntington/East Fairmont Note- The Highlanders always rise to the occasion and East Fairmont is dangerously good
3- Nitro/Hedgesville Note- Nitro is extremely underrated and Hedgesville has an excellent coach and leader in Bubby Whittington

Coach of the Year---Bill Archer (Huntington) Note- We will all be in his house Feb 21-23. Enjoy and please reply with your opinion

January 15, 2002
From: Marion Co. Wrestling Fan
comments: Congratulations to the East Fairmont team on their second place at Winner's Choice this weekend. There were great matches there for those of you that could not attend. Sorry that Courtney and Dagget did not get to wrestle. Marion County did well and went 6-0 in the championships. At l52, six of the best wrestlers in the state at that weight class faced each other---Warner,Futten, Hays, Evans, Miller and Westbrook. Too bad George was not there to round it out. Great matches between Warner and Westbrook in the championship and Futten and Hays for third. Congratulations to Warner and Futten for their wins. Also congratulations to Starsick, Satterfield, Brandon Geary, Mayle, Courtney and Anthony Delligatti for their championships. Marion County was well represented. Thanks to Fairmont Senior for a great, well run tournament.

January 15, 2002
comments: Congratulations to all of Calhoun wrestlers for their team championships during the past two weekends. By defeating #4 Cameron and #10 Berekley Springs by 80+ points at the Cameron Tri-State Invitational and then defeating #5 Independence, #7 Grafton, #8 Frankfort and #9 Braxton by 80+ points at the Braxton Big 16 Invitational you have opened a lot of eyes and earned your #2 ranking in the most recent West Virginia High School Wrestling AA/A Coaches Poll. Lets go out and bring home the championship at home this weekend and then hit the mat room hard in preparation of bringing home our first ever LKC Championship. You will have your work cut out for you with some very stiff competition from Wirt and Williamstown, but we know that there will be some revenge repaid on the mats! Good luck to the team throughout the remainder of the year!

January 15, 2002
comments: I've taken some interest in this Foltz-Barbour rivalry, I think it has gotten pretty funny. I noticed Foltz wearing a "The Real One" Shirt at Fairmont...and of course everyone knows about Billys "The One" Billy Barbour Shirt. It looks like "THE CARDS HAVE BEEN DELT" for CVAL and regionals. The question is which "ONE" holds the winning hand?

January 15, 2002
comments: Isnt it great when AA wrestles beat the AAA wrestlers and you hear the AAA guys make excuses why they lost, they just cant come to the grips that sometimes the AA kid is a powerhouse.

January 15, 2002
comments: I would like to say congratulations to Chris Morris of Calhoun County. His undefeated season continued at the Braxton County Invitational and will remain intact on his way to his 2nd State Championship Title. With his 2nd period pin at Braxton, he became Calhoun's career scoring leader. It is a shame to see two supposed Calhoun fans voice their congratulations to the wrestlers and fail to mention Chris. To an outstanding career at Calhoun and best of luck in the future, I congratulate you!

January 15, 2002
From: old golden bear
comments: listen oak glen and south are the 2 best schools in the state and both have outstanding programs every year but well here is a question what is the best single team in wv high school wrestling histroy just a thought

January 15, 2002
From: GS
comments: Good luck to Bosley in the rest of the season, I hope you make a good comeback.

January 15, 2002
comments: To Informed:
I don't think Six beating Hughes is pushing it to much, considering he beat Tyler last year. But we could find out this weekend at OVACs, because they will meet in the quarter finals. It should be a very exciting match. I hope I get to see it.

January 15, 2002
From: RedneckRiverRat
comments: hey i just wanted to wish ryan metz and chris morrison the best of luck and to say good job and keep up the good work. I wish both Parkersburg teams the best of luck.

January 15, 2002
From: wrestler
comments: does anyone know if Bowles from Meadow Bridge is wrestling this weekend at calhoun??

January 15, 2002
From: wrestlers parent
comments: I have diligently tried to impress upon the B.O.E. and the North Parkersburg and Vienna principals what a fantastic opportunity the WSAZ wrestling tournament would be for their wrestling teams and for the future of wrestlers that will soon be wrestling for PHS. The feed back I received was based on rules already laid down in writing ,insurance issues,and a lack of committment if it was not a school activity. It would be nice if the parents and principals could get together and come up with something suitable so our kids could particapatie in tournaments such as the WSAZ tournament. I hope there is enough interest in such a meeting. Parkersburg ( both North and South ) have a lot of talent to show the rest of the state and aid in the process of continually building better programs.
A Proud Parent

January 15, 2002
From: another calhoun fan
comments: I just wanted to say congratulations to charlie, joey, ray, eric, gary, derek, jeff, bryan, jared, and justin on your hard work at braxton this past weekend and all the rest of this past season. You are the heart of the calhoun wrestling team. Just remember you may not always come in first, though most of the time you do, you earn everything you get by giving it your all. You may not have the road ahead of you already paved for you like some do, but you will be better of by working for what you get. You may hit a bump now and then but that just makes for a better team and a better man.What you win you deserve, you have worked for it. Your families and fans are behind you every step of the way.You will never realize how proud we are of you. Keep up the good work!!!

January 15, 2002
comments: I'm a parent and fan that was at the Winner's Choice in Fairmont last weekend. I've been to many tournaments, and this was run very well. The seating was good, everything was on time, sound system easy to understand, well run concession with short lines, good refs, no confusion at the tables, very nice awards ceremony that didn't hold things up, nice programs, brackets kept up to date, health care people on the mats quickly after any injury, clean restrooms, good seeding, I could go on...but, thank you to all who put this on. I hope my team will be there for many years to come.

January 15, 2002
From: D3 Ohio Coach
comments: Here are 2 links that post OHIO results http://home.columbus.rr.com/owsp/
The first is the Ohio wrestling sports page. The second is baums page it mainly post for SW ohio i think. If you can't find it there here is a good forum for OHIO WRESTLING http://jjhuddle.com/wrestling.htm hope this helps

January 15, 2002
From: Hville Teacher
comments: What a match at the 145lbs. at the WC. I would pay 1 million to see it again. I believe if Lord didnt hurt his shoulder it might have been a different outcome. But, it was a great match I would love to see it again.

January 15, 2002
From: not be
comments: after the braxton tourny. there was what some of us consider upsets. Eventhough i think that they will most likely beat the kid again, does not mean anything. All that matteres is who makes it to states and does something there, so if you get an upset there, no matter what people can not say anything.

January 15, 2002
From: Patriot fan
comments: no way BE is from Indy if he picked Clark to beat Barnette (Barnette beat him at Berkely Springs) or Wood not to win.

January 15, 2002
From: KF
comments: can anyone tell me what the 112 and 119 AA stata is shaping up to be like. I am a williamstown fan and follow them but don't get to go to any tourneys so i try to keep up here.

January 15, 2002
From: Hedg. Fan
comments: Does anyone Know who got Most Outstanding Wrestler at The Winner's Choice 2002?

January 15, 2002
From: D N
comments: I would have to say with out a doubt that the three best heavyweights in Middle School would be the Ben from Ripley Middle, Shopshire from Cammack Middle School and Wojo from Riverside. Are three names that immeaditely come to mind

January 15, 2002
comments: Wonderer asks in his/her 1-13-02 post about Oak Glen's pee wee program. OG jr bears wrestle in the WAWA League -Western Allegheny (Pa.) Wresling Association. They usually have about 50-60 kids out ages 5-12 and their head coach is former OVAC champion Fred Miller. For some reason, OG always schedules its open youth tournament the same weekend as the Parkersburg Jr. States --probably to keep the kids humble--and so no one South of Wheeling usually sees these kids til high school. They wrestle mostly WAWA scrimmages and youth tournaments in the Pittsburgh area. The writer of this post is NOT affiliated with Oak Glen.

January 15, 2002
From: WV-wrestling-fan
email: wvfan@ziplip.com
comments: Comments, praise, and criticism: There was some excellent wrestling at the winners choice. Raider from PHS is hard as nails. 112 is a tough weight class, esp in region 1. Raider, Garvin, Turnbull, Humphries, and the boy from John Marshall are all very strong wrestlers. I'd pick Garvin to upset Raider because of contrasting styles, but he MUST get more physical in order to beat Turnbull. Your state champ at 112 will be from region 1. Lord from Hedgesville is a fine wrestler at 145. He is solid in all phases of the sport, but was unable to finish a couple takedowns late. If you get that boy in better shape, no one in AA, or AAA will touch him. Congrats to the Williamstown boy that won 145.

I didn't figure any 103 pounder could touch cappas from MHS, but Parkersburg boy did. Cappas needs to step it up against quality competition and work on bottom skills. Heavyweights need to get some offense going. Many of the matches resulted in double stall calls. Refs need to get on these big boys, or just go directly to overtime. These kids are good athletes, but definitely need to get after it a lot more. Hedgesville coach is a class individual. Winners Choice was an excellent tournament and kudos to the Fairmont senior people. Almost forgot the 135 pounder from Ripley and the 119 from St anthony's. They were the two finest wrestlers in the tournament. Look for both in college.

January 15, 2002
From: Hedg.Fan
comments: I would like to congratulate the Hedg.Eagles on some great wrestling this past weekend at The Winner's Choice.You all did a great job.Good Luck this Saturday at Mussleman. And yes,you all know who I am.Ol' well.And I am very proud of my son! And I want to share that pride with other's.I am also very proud of all of you.I have watched all of you grow from wild and goofy first grader's to fine young men,from the Berkeley Co. Bear's to Hedgesville Eagles. As for Superman's comment on Jan.9....Looks like Barbour has lost twice to the same WV wrestler...Winner's Choice...Foltz/Barbour 9-7 In Foltz favor. Great Job to both of these guy's. January 15, 2002
From: FAN
comments: I agree with yoyoyo That match between oak glen and south is for one to decide who the best team in west virginia is and for two bragging rights in WV I think that if the fans want to run their mouths or brag about the victory then let them but I know for a fact that to Oak Glen team has moved on they enjoyed the win but they are not about to waist their time focusing on a match that has already ended they have more important things to worry about.

January 15, 2002
From: parkersburg princess
comments: to : just another wrestler
try this link www.ohsaa.org/sports/wr/boys/default.htm
hope it works

January 15, 2002
comments: Is it true that Blake 112 of Indy is no longer with the team??

January 15, 2002
From: LKC Watcher
comments: The LKC winner will be Calhoun or Ritchie. Calhoun is toughest I've seen in years!!

January 15, 2002
From: motown man
comments: I was at the winners choice this past weekend and two west virginia wrestlers stood out in my mind. the first one would have to be mitch smith of ripley that kid is an outstanding wrestler and after he defeated williamson of parkersburg by technical fall,griffith of jefferson by pin in the 2nd, and duncan of point pleasant by a impresive 8-3 decision he has impressed me and seems to be at this time the #1 135 pounder in west virginia. Also i believe warner of point pleasant is a very impressive wrestler from neutral on the other hand it looks like he needs some work at top! because when he meets george of john marshall i'm sure he will not be able to let him up because he is one of the best wrestlers on his feet in the state! but besides george i believe warner is one of the best 152 pounders in west virginia. I was very shocked to see warner look that much in control of the match you are a good wrestler keep working!

January 14, 2002
From: just another wrestler
comments: can anybody give me the a link that would have ohio high school wrestling results. i would really appreciate it.

January 14, 2002
From: fan
comments: To whoever BE is you are wrong on your prediction for AA champion at 160 there is no way that rhodes from Indy will beat kuptfurt from cam. or Dent from hund. sorry but you are wrong on that on

January 14, 2002
From: wrestler
comments: does anyone have any predictions for the 275 weight class for jr. high middle school at WSAZ

January 14, 2002
From: To BE:
How could you forget Stickles at 171, Hebrock at 189, and Caughey at 275. They are returning champsm and also to who ever put that BE was from Oak Glen, noone from up here would forget those three.

January 14, 2002
From: Wrestler
comments: I went to Winners choice this weekend and i was really disappointed to see that daggett was hurt....i really would of liked to see the Courtney/Daggett match....who u think would of won?some say Courtney, some say Daggett....i personelly think Daggett could of pulled it off. ....that is definatly the finals match for the 189 class.

January 14, 2002
comments: yes there was alot of poor sportsmanship at winners choice. i saw a final for third place match, where the loser got behind and took cheap shot with a knee to the forehead. wont mention any names here but the loser got what he deserved and disqualified. by the way,

January 13, 2002
comments: Will someone come out with a new rankings for wv state AAA?

January 13, 2002
From: Calhoun Fan
comments: I just wanted to say Congrats to all the Calhoun wrestlers and coaches for the job they all done at the Braxton Big 16. Remember YOU WILL GET THE JOB DONE IN THE END Thats what it is all about! Ray, Charlie,Bryan,Jared,Derek,Jeff and Eric. You guys all got the heart to be winners and will make lots of noise this year! Go Red Devils!!!

January 13, 2002
From: a Wrestling Fan
comments: I attended the Winner's Choice in Fairmont this past weekend. I seen several wrestlers that didn't show good sportsmanship. One match, a boy got a quick knee in the groin before he got up. During a semi final, one wrestlers that was losing, started to push and throw around his guy. Where are these kids getting it from? Maybe their coach should put their foot down and suspend these wrestlers for a match or 2 until they know how to act. It's not all up to the referee's, everyone blames them for letting it happen.

January 13, 2002
From: LKC Fan
comments: I can`t wait for the LKC`s this year!!! There are going to be alot of good matches and alot of upsets. There should be alot of tough people in just about every weight class. Just woundering if anyone has any comments on who they think might win it as a team this year. please post

January 13, 2002
comments: Does anyone have the schedule of events for the WSAZ's

January 13, 2002
From: wrestling fan
comments: after watching the winners choice tournament this weekend, i seen that the smith brothers are the best wrestling in the state, you get to see great back-back wrestling. matt keep it up youll have 1st place. mich if you keep it up youll be a 4 time state champ....... well good luck to both of you and good luck to the rest of your team. congratulations on the 1 place wins at fairmont..

January 13, 2002
comments: I for 1 am very excited to see what happens between Shane Smith and Ben Wood. Shane Smith proved himself to Danny Lord at the Winner's Choice, but the other one of Lord's two losses belongs to Ben Wood. Wood has a different style and i am anxious to see how Smith handles it. I think it will come down to the wire.

January 13, 2002
From: QB
comments: I am from OG and in regards to the comment that people from OG are running their mouths about beating South this year im going to have to disagree with you. I know that the comments are from neither the wrestlers or coaches from OG because they are not allowed to make posts on this website. The comments are probably coming from another school that dislikes South because of their "outspoken" fans. I'd also like to quote a comment that was put on WVMAT on October 31, 2001. It was from "SOUTH FAN" and it said: "TO THE REST OF THE STATE, SOUTH IS ONCE AGAIN LOADED AND READY TO DEFEND ITS STATE TITLE THIS YEAR. 4 IN A ROW. IT HAS NEVER BEEN DONE IN AAA. GOOD LUCK TO ALL THE WRESTLERS IN THE STATE! p.s CANT WAIT TO SEE SOUTH DESTROY OAK GLEN AT 'THE PALACE'!".....
Could that possibly be the reason that people dont want to drop the fact that South got beat?

January 13, 2002
From: yoyoyo
comments: to the fan who said south didnt run their mouths last year after beating oak glen-since im a a neutral side i noticed that south and oak glen both ran their mouths after defeated each other. of course i would to after i beat the other top team in the state.ive noticed both teams running their mouths alot but until someone knocks them off their thrones id keep doing it

January 13, 2002
From: maddkat200
comments: well raider fan, granted bender is no slouch, he proved that by winning the big 16 with his ankle all torn up, but i'm not so sure pickens should be watching out for him. but with bender's history of horrible luck with injuries, it's about time for some good luck to come his way.

January 13, 2002

January 13, 2002
comments: I hate to keep bringing up the south and oak glen match, but why is it that when south beat oak glen last year you never saw them running there mouths, and now this year, oak glen just won't drop it?

January 13, 2002
From: wonderer
comments: i am from the parkersburg area and was just wondering what pee-wee feeder programs does oak glen have? i know that south has the jr. patriots and some rec. league teams. i have just never knew of a pee-wee team for oak glen. j/w.

January 13, 2002
comments: Someone Please post the results of the Andrew Jackson Invitational herd there was some grwat matches there.
Also to INDY FAN where is Blake 112 and Sexton 130 at

January 13, 2002
From: Raider Fan
comments: Congrats to Matt Bender from Roane. Great job this week at Braxton. Matt is now 16-0. He dominated the Big 16 and walked through the tournament. Matt is the real deal this year. All i can say is look out Pickens. Also congrats to Charlie Bolte who defeated Brewer of Calhoun in the finals. It was an excellent match. Both Bender and Bolte will make some noise at the state tournament.

Raider Fan comments: I was at the Braxton Big 16 and I have to say the Calhoun Red Devils look very tought this year. Great job chris morris. Also Roane county looked very good. They started to turn it up an notch. Great job all of u guys and good luck this year

January 13, 2002
From: matfan
comments: I was at the Cash of Champs and in the 145# finals saw Smith from Blennerhassett move up from 135# class to 145# to wrestle Munday from Edison and Smith pinned Munday. Was this an upset or a preview for WSAZ?

January 13, 2002
From: Nitro Fan
comments: NO, Frerichs from Nitro is not going to 112 he is staying at 125. To get to 112 he would have to cut off a limb! Also just a note from the Winners choice, To the person stating that Shane Smith is one of the best in the state I would have to more than agree. I think it's probably obvious to Danny Lord as well. It was a great match by both wrestlers. Congratulations on a great match Shane, I think your stock just went up substantially! Also in the 112 final at Winners Choice it appeared to me that Rader was dominant over Turnbull, I guess the first time was no Fluke.

January 13, 2002
From: Randy
email: wrestlinghhs@yahoo.com
comments: i was wondering if anyone that was at the midland quad(hhs,cabell midland,Herbert Hoover, John Marshall) yesterday(1-12-02) found 2 black battery chargers> email me at the above email addy or thundering_herd_football@hotmail.com one is a jvc and the other is rca

January 13, 2002
From: oldeaglewrestler
comments: i just want to congratulate the eagles, they are a very young team so watch for them to dominate tournaments in the next couple yrs. alot of them surprised me, good job on the 1st place stewart! and Morris good job on your 2nd good match there with calhoun 112.

January 13, 2002
From: ripley wrestling fan
comments: the high school wrestling team did good down in fairmont.The smith brothers won their weight division.Josh Cato placed 3rd.Willis King recieved a 5th place trophy.Andy Roachell finished 7th and Ty Phalen finished 8th!!! Good Job Ripley Wrestlers
your fan
ripley fan

January 12, 2002
comments: Will Chapman from Milton iddle be eligible to wrestle next year?

January 12, 2002
From: morgantown fan

January 12, 2002
comments: Id like to congradulate the WOOD COUNTY wrestling teams for there rankings. Four out of six in the top ten is not to bad. Also congradulations to BLENNERHASSETT and EDISON for there top two rankings. I also noticed that there are several coaches on the forum complaining why their teams are not ranked higher than what they are or not being ranked at all, and i never see any of the WOOD COUNTY coaches complaining. To me this shows me they do all their talking on the mat and not on the forum!!!! Looks like SOUTH will be loaded for several more years, these two teams have been one and two for the last several years.

January 12, 2002
From: south-side-river-rat
comments: I hate to beat a dead horse but the Stickles/Pickens match was exciting , however Stickles clearly had the match won when he was up 4-0 although for some reason he decided to become super aggressive and I belive he underestimated Nathan's quicknes when he repeatedly shot for takedowns and whiffed several times, take nothing away from him however, hats off to Pickens who once again moved up and beat an outstanding wrestler,

January 12, 2002
From: Informed
comments: Is it me, or is BE obviously from Independence or Oak Glen? Rhodes beating Kupfer at 160 is not going to happen, in fact, anyone beating Kupfer in this year may be a stretch. Also Six over Hughes may be pushing it as well..

January 12, 2002
From: SouthSideSlim
comments: I read a post that says that Ben Wood and Shane Smith are the two best wrestlers in the state. I have to disagree with that assumption, basically for the fact that there are better.

January 12, 2002
From: Wrestling fan!!
comments: No one is watching, but I think Casto from Ripley could be in the running for the title at 125#

January 11, 2002
From: Cowboy
comments: I would like to congratulate Coach Mike Stump, Bucky Stewart, and The Calhoun Red Devils on a great season so far. I noticed no one said anything about Brewer on the forum. It don't have to be said for it to be known.I wish the team the best of luck at the big 16and for the rest of the season. Wrestle with intensity and from the bottom of your heart. Good Luck Guys. I'll be there to cheer you on.

January 11, 2002
From: Mr. Bojangles
comments: Danny Lord is the reason that (some people are at) 152 rather than 145

January 11, 2002
From: southfan
comments: To all,
Placing so much emphasis on the South/OG match is ridiculous. The 160# match placed a guy with a 1-(some single digit#) against a guy who was 0-0. That match could've went either way and not taking away from any of the participating wrestler's it should just be remembered as a "decent" dual. That match was a 12 point swing match.
Good luck to both teams.
Get back in there BOZ, we need some more leadership!

January 11, 2002
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: ratteaser:Geez..I was just wondering if your submission name "ratteaser" is a slam on the people who live across the river from you? Being a true wrestling fan who gives credit where credit is do...the big reds do have a good young team and one that will be tough to beat the next few years.The state championship can be determined by the brackets in Huntington and who meets who early in these brackets.It should be interesting to see who wants it more.It seems that most teams(including South)have a few holes to fill that could cost them in the state tourney.I've said it before..the cream will rise to the top in the end! Good luck!

January 11, 2002
From: wrestling mother
comments: Good luck to all the boys that are being allowed to go the WSAZ's next weekend. It is a shame that the schools in this county will not allow all the boys to go. Alot of good competition will not be represented and that is not right. It seems the schools are more than willing to represent football, but alot of them will not stand behind their wrestlers. Parents need to stand up and fight for the rights of these wrestlers to compete in this tournament.

January 11, 2002
From: #1 fan
comments: I've been to alot of Jr. High matches this year to see who will be moving up to High School next year.It seems that the numbers of kids are way down from a few years ago.Does anyone have any figures comparing numbers over the last few years? Also after seeing most of the area kids wrestle this year, it appears to me that the toughest weight class in Jr. High is at 145#.It seems to be stacked full of tough kids.Lindamood, Munday, Grewell, are all very good. The boy from Blenn. is also good. This should be exciting to watch come County Championships.

January 11, 2002
From: Seen It Before
comments: To Coach LeMaster: I was also surprised to see Milton finish second behind a very good Point Pleasant team simply because I was aware that Milton had already beaten Point several times earlier this season. Overall, I thought most of the better middle schools were included, though I thought maybe one or two others should have been included in the top ten. However, I saw no semblence or order for the junior high teams after the top five. Go back and check the OVERALL team rankings, then check the junior high top ten rankings. You've got teams ranked rather high in the overall rankings, but way down at the bottom of the junior high rankings, or not even in the top ten at all. For instance, Charles Town finishes 11th in the overall poll (6th among junior highs) but just 11th in the junior high poll. Moundsville and Cameron are tied for 15th overall (tied for 7th among junior highs), but Cameron finished 9th in the junior high poll and Moundsville 10th. Hamilton finished 20th overall (9th among junior high, but a nifty 6th in the junior high poll. Park and Sherrard were both left out of the overall poll, but finished 7th and 8th in the junior high poll.

All I can say, is don't worry about the polls. I hate to say it, but it all comes down to politics, and yes, some voters completely leaving a good team out of the rankings. I can see throwing in a sentimental favorite, but only at the expense of a very low ranked team, not an obviously very good one. This reminds me of the great Harpers Ferry wrestling team of two years ago. They set almost every state record imaginable: the only known secondary school to win 40 games or matches in any sport in any year (they finished with a perfect 40-0 dual record); they defeated 30 different West Virginia schools in dual matches that year; they had five overnight trips and traveled over 3,000 miles to win another record SIX tournament championships in SIX different regions of the state; and their average margin of victory in EACH of those 40 matches was 67-15.Pretty impressive, huh? Apparently not to some of the voters, who placed Harpers Ferry 2nd overall in the final poll to a team that finished with a 14-1 record. Harpers Ferry was criticized for not wrestling at WSAZ; they couldn't. They had already expired all of their weigh-in's and had already spent over $5,000 on travel expense. Yet they did set up their schedule to include the top teams at the WSAZ from the year before (Sherrard, Independence, Moundsville, and McKinley), and all of those teams fell a combined eight times to Harpers Ferry in that 40-0 season. But then some teams complained that those teams had finished #1-4 in the 1999 WSAZ, not the 2000 WSAZ (Harpers Ferry was not the only team that did not compete at the 2000 WSAZ, as several other top teams elected to stay home. Then teams tried to "move up" their record by saying they were 82-1 or whatever because if they had beaten 30 other teams at the WSAZ (or other bracket tournaments), they should get a win for every team they finished ahead of in the tournament, whether they beat them head to head or not. The only way you get a dual win is to go head-to-head with another team, and Harpers Ferry did that 40 times and came away with 40 wins. Harpers Ferry was one of the most dominating teams in a long time, and their sportsmanship was talked about by coaches throughout the state.

The bototm line, Coach LeMaster, is that it was very obvious to the kids on that team that a few voters in the state purposely left Harpers Ferry off their ballots completely so that another team could claim the top spot. Why? Politics. In the end, the Harpers Ferry boys got over the snub, of course. They even joked how a team could claim to be 82-1 when in fact in only had 15 dual matches. And they could joke about it because they had set the records, not the other team. I think your boys will be doing a lot of joking when the season is over. Good luck to you! (And also to Point, Mannington, Buckhannon, Spencer, East Fairmont, Braxton, Clay, and all the other fine teams!:)

January 11, 2002
From: x
comments: im a big aaa fan but with no doubt oak glen is the best team in the state.they gave east fairmont their only in state dual loss and they took care of south. i think if they were in aaa they would still win the title. way to go oak glen and try to take it easy on the rest of the state!!!!

January 11, 2002
From: Superman
comments: I can confirm the rumor that Bill Barbour only weighs about 145. I've heard rumors of him wrestling 145. However, at this point in the season Billy , who has lost to only one WV wrestler and since avenged that loss, still believes He is the top dog at AAA 152. I haven't seen the weight be a factor this year even in the matches Billy lost. Most of those losses appeared to be mental errors, and not the result of being pushed around.

Also on the rumor mill, I can confirm that Bulldog senior Brandon Kolb has left the team. Replacing Kolb in the Bulldog line-up this weekend will be freshman phenom and another product of the Superman camp Derrick Thayer.

January 11, 2002
From: wrestler
comments: for your perdictions at 135 i dont think you should count out david durbin he has only lost one match and he was wrestling with a hurt sholder and at 119 jon jon mcfarland(10-0)(just returning) is having an eceptional year after coming off of a brokrn leg during football and braden shaw at 125 only a sophmore and taking 2nd at the brooke classics (way to go)now that is an accolmpishment

January 11, 2002
From: DogFan
comments: I would like to say good luck to Martinsburg at Fairmont. Also, on another note, Congrats to Billy Barbour on getting his revenge on Troy Foltz. I also heard rumor that Billy Barbour only weighs 147? Why would he be wrestling 52? I guess it's all his desicion. Anyhow, the match was great Billy you where in total control the whole time. Also, to the person wondering Billy Barbour wrestles for Martinsburg.

January 11, 2002
From: Jim LeMaster
comments: Thanks to Coach Jarvis for his kind words. In retrospect I have to concur in that I feel that once Point Pleasant gets back some of their injured kids they will be a better team than Milton at seasons end. I made the comment on this very forum that I thought they would be the best team in the state before the season started and without the injuries they would be a bonfide juggernaut. Milton is a very young team with only 3 8th graders in the starting lineup and just have not reached the physical level to compete with many ninth graders or even a very strong eighth grader laden team. I am also very impressed with the Spencer squad of Coach Jarvis as well as Dave Rigg's Cammack Blue Streaks and I am sure that there are a lot of great teams out there that we have never seen.

I suppose what bothered me about the polls was not that Point Pleasant was first (they are a great team and had 4 TIMES as many kids in the finals at the last event as we did) it was the fact that to be number 2 with 7.5 first place votes out of 10 there was only one possible scenario. That was for two voters to leave our team out of the top 10 entirely. We may not be the number one school in many voters eyes but we have defeated over 40 different middle school teams so far and over 35 from West Virginia. I would have to think that would land us in anyones top ten list. That was what stung my kids. To be snubbed from the voting altogether. We are past it and will not comment further after this post. I have instructed my team and asked their parents not to discuss it further. We know we have stiff competition ahead and will be very hard pressed at our county tournament by an excellent Cammack team that finished a slim one point behind us last week. Some of my sixth and seventh graders will get spanked by freshmen at WSAZ. Adversity is what builds character and we hope to be a closer knit and better team as the season draws to a close looking forward to a much improved team next season.

January 11, 2002
comments: Something to consider
Someone should not be told to change their predictions or that their predictions are wrong. A prediction is a guess about a future event, so until the event has transpired no one is right or wrong. What this means is if I predict a wrestler to place in the states above someone who has beaten him earlier in the year, I am saying that I feel he will place higher in the state tournament, so I can't be wrong or right until after the state tournament.

January 11, 2002
From: Greenbrier West Fan
comments: Congrats West on your victory at home your fans really enjoyed the show you put on! Congrats to everyone who won, and to those who didn't better luck next time! You are all really great, and I'm glad I got to see everyone wrestle. Seniors we will miss you next year! Congrats again on winning!!
Love Always,
Cavalier Girl

January 11, 2002
comments: My brother has been wrestling since I can remember and this is his senior year. I am so proud of him! I loved the poem A Wrestlers Biggest Fan. I agree that wrestler moms are great fans but I am also one of my brothers biggest fans and have been for years! My mom and I both enjoyed the poem. I am very proud to be the sister of a great wrestler and I know my mom is proud to be a wrestler mom.

January 11, 2002
From: Youth coach
comments: I have found the PA website of wrestlingreport.com to be very valuable in obtaining PA,WV,and OH youth tournament entry forms. Perhaps WVmat could add it to its links.

January 11, 2002
From: interested 112
comments: Is there any truth to the rumor that Frerichs is dropping to 112? Please post

January 11, 2002
From: NM Husky fan
comments: I just want to comment on the matchup between Starsick and Satterfield those are 2 great wrestlers and they showed it last night. Starsick decisioned Satterfield 4-2 in the remaining seconds of the match. I look for both to be in the finals in there respected weight classes on sat night in Feb GOOD JOB TO BOTH TEAMS GO huskys

January 11, 2002
From: ratteaser
comments: i'll try again..south is vulnerable..watch my young big reds roll!

January 11, 2002
From: Wayne Jarvis- Head Coach Spencer Middle School
comments: In response to Coach LeMaster and new poll rankings:
I appreciate you speaking up for your team and their accomplishments this season. Though I personally suspect that Point Pleasant, and maybe even a couple others, might rank higher than Milton in the end, I could not vote that way because I know that Milton has undeniably finished on top at all tournaments and dual matches they have been involved in. I think you have to respect that.

It's nice just to see one's team among those in the ranking, I suppose, but I obviously spent way too much time researching before I voted, because apparently some voters didn't. It's not an exact science. I know, some teams have never met each other and it's difficult to make comparisons, and somehow, sometimes, a team will be highly ranked with little if any in-state matches. We believe this year's SMS team WILL climb higher in rank than where we are currently listed. We'll just try to get better each time we go out on the mat and do the best that we can without worrying about it. Polls and rankings will take care of themselves. It's not the reason we do what we do. If my team does not get the recognition that I think they deserve, I am still confident that my wrestlers have had a good experience and are better-prepared for the next level.

Speaking of recognition, shouldn't the WSAZ Tournament award middle school team places to top 3 considering the shear number of middle schools involved? Top 2 places in Freshmen I understand- there are probably about a half dozen of them anyway. Jr. Highs are awarded to top 3, though it is very likely that as many as a half dozen middle schools will score more team points than the 3rd place jr. high. It may seem silly to bring this up, but what's one more team trophy...?

January 11, 2002
From: H E
comments: I think that a team to watch out for this year just like every year is indy. They have a lot of quality wrestlers. I think the best surprise this year has been Robert Ward at 171. He has placed at every tournament this year and won Jackson County. Keep it up buddy! Aaron Barnette has won St. Albans, Berkley Springs, and Jackson Co. and was a state champ as a sophmore. and everyone knows how talented ben wood is as he has a great shot at a state title. bryan snuffer, steven sexton, and harry rhodes were all regional champs last year, and don't be surprised to see brian mills at 125 standing on the podium in late feburary. Keep on giving it all ya got fellows

January 11, 2002
From: Wrastlin
comments: David Dequasie of Oak Hill and R.B. Burwell of Meadow Bridge are both undefeated so far at 275. These guys are often overlooked because their wrestling programs aren't very strong. I have seen both wrestle, and I believe they should be mentioned right up there with the best.

January 11, 2002
From: BE

103                 112                  119
Gungle Cal       Morris Brax          Chambers OG
125                 130                  135  
Whittington OG   Sexton Indy           Six OG
140                 145                  152
Wright Frank      Wharton OG         Stewart Brax
160                 171                  189 
Rhodes Indy      Carrico Lib          Clark Berk
215                 HWT 
Hashman St M    Crookshanks Gw

January 11, 2002
From: just-a-fan
comments: is dagget of phs moving up to 189?

January 11, 2002
From: tigershark
comments: to hessy hessy bo bessy i think in your prediction you missed one key person for the top spot at 103 and that is Erica Dye that girl beat snuffer from indy, actually i think she pinned him. well anyway i think you should re-evaluate your prediction and put her in the number one spot.

January 11, 2002
From: to hessy hessy
comments: at 130 Bell from Gw has pinned Sexton and Beaten Elder 12-4 but yet elder is 3rd just wondering

January 11, 2002
From: Dan Lass
email: danlass@hotmail.com
comments: Florida State does have a wrestling club that wrestles against the University of Florida, Georgia Tech, University of Central Florida, and other schools, as well as open tournaments. It is not an "official" sport at FSU, however there is talk of them joining the other teams in the ACC that wrestle, like North Carolina, Duke, N.C. State, and Virginia. Are the states of North Carolina and Virginia still considered southern?

January 11, 2002
comments: Riverside 9th has a new 190 he is from Indiana

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