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January 27, 2003
From: Shane Eakle
comments: I would like to take a moment to congratulate Coach LeMasters and his wrestling team Milton Middle school on their win team win at WSAZ. You have a fine program down there and I wish you good luck on the remainder of the year. I would also like to congratulate Point middle on their performance down at WSAZ. I wish coach Darst Good luck on the remainder of their season. There were many schools and coaches that i was impressed with down at WSAZ and the competition was very good i thought at the middle school/ jr. high levels. I would like to take a second to commend Rick Rhinehart of mannington middle and his kids on the job they did down at WSAZ. They finished 7th among middle schools with only 9 kids and with out perphaps their best wrestler at 115 Eric Hinerman. Again congrats to all and good luck on the remainder of your schedules.
Coach Eakle

January 27, 2003
comments: why is Buckhannon-upshur still on your top 10 team poll i really think it should be university considering they finished second at the muscleman invt. ahead of jefferson and hedjesville and buckhannon. Good job hawks.

January 27, 2003
comments: The Viking Smash will be wrestled this weekend, the 31 of January & the 1st of February.

January 27, 2003
From: Weirton Dad
comments: I just want to congratulate and thank Abbie Rush Sr and the rest of the Wheeling Wrestling Assoc. for an incredible youth tournament this Sunday at the Wheeling Civic Center. It had everything right--500 wrestlers on 8 mats and still done by 4:20 even with a scratch meeting and a parade of champions (complete with smoke and a spotlight!) WOW. Even the programs and brackets were accurate. I think the staging system they used kept all the mats full and the tournament moving. Great job, WWA.

January 26, 2003
From: WVU
comments: This is to the person who wanted to know the outstanding wrestler of the OVAC tournament. It was David Bertolino from Buckeye Local. He wrestled 160.

January 26, 2003
comments: I want to comment on the Easter's, I watched every match that all 3 wrestled this weekend at WSAZ. Well I will tell you that those 3 boys are some fine wrestlers and the most physical wrestlers I have ever seen in my 14 years around the sport. I just think people are jealous of there success. They are Champions because they want to be, they work hard and they deserve it, and when you meet a Easter in a match you better be prepared for the most physical match you have ever had. Congrats to all 3 of you on winning the WSAZ. And I have to say Seth Easter is the most physical middle school wrestler I have ever seen. So all you Easter haters be prepared because theres will be another one at Nitro in 2 years hes only a 7th grader. Heck he could probably give Grogg a run for is money at 125 i bet he could win 119 as a 7th grader.

January 26, 2003
comments: The Top Ten Reasons I Can't Wait For the 2004 ...
#10 I'll get to use my new hearing aids.
#9 (Since there were no shower.) Maybe my ringworm will be cleared up by then.
#8 I'll be able to feel that cool air down in the mat area and then get warmed up when I go back up in the stands.
#7 I'll be able to buy two lemonaids with my year's allowance.
#6 I'll get to see if the table workers have grown any.
#5 I'll get to stay up after midnight to wrestle.
#4 I'll get to go stay in the (luxury motel) again!
#3 I'll get to see how the wrecker works when it is towing our car away from Krogers.
#2 I'll get a refreshing jog around the building to the back door!
and the number one reason I can't wait to go to the 2004 ...is...
#1 I'll get to sit in those large comfortable seats again.
Editor's note: Well, I usually don't post complaints about tournaments. But this poster wins points on style. I just deleted the name of the tournament. Smile.

January 26, 2003
comments: yo yo yo... did da Vikin' Smash get rassled dis weekend 'o wut?

From: Wrestler
comments: Any AA, Region IV predictions? All weight classes included.

January 26, 2003
From: Jake
comments: Who cares what people put on here. Way to go Jordan Adkins for winning the Wsaz. You wrestled great.

January 26, 2003
comments: daniel allen was on second team because he wasn't planning on wrestling because he was hurt but when he got there he went ahead and wrestled.

January 26, 2003
From: Concerned fan
comments: It appears that the dirty little secret underlying our sport once again reared its ugly head this past weekend ..... I will be quite surprised to see this posted, as it is a subject that nobody wants to admit to.
Editor's note: The only thing that your post will accomplish here is to get me sued for libel. If you really feel so strongly about this, put your complaint in writing, sign your name, and forward same to the WVSSAC.

January 26, 2003
From: Park Fan
comments: Jake Justice should have won first at the WSAZ Invitational

January 26, 2003
From: wrestler
comments: If Mitch Smith got beat then the kid that beat him must be awesome!!!!

January 26, 2003

January 26, 2003
From: forum
comments: Congrats to the Williamstown wrestlers on your 2nd place AA finish at WSAZ by placing 7 wrestlers and to the Jr. High for placing 3 wrestlers. Good luck this Saturday.

January 26, 2003
From: Another E Panhandle Watcher
comments: Lord wrestled a good match, but He and Gustines tied up for what seemed the entire match. points were scored on escapes not offensive moves.

January 26, 2003
From: forum
comments: Who cares if someone thinks Duncan might beat Mitch Smith and Ray? He is a AA wrestler now and come March 1 he will be on the AA mats away from both of them.

January 26, 2003
comments: to MoMoney: I think your prediction concerning PPHS @ WSAZ was off to begin with , glad they proved you wrong.They finished WSAZ with 5 place winners and 9th place over all. Way to go PPHS.Congratulations to:
McCoy J. 130
Russell N. 135

Duncan 140 lb

8th :
Carr 171 lb
Tench 215 lb

January 26, 2003
From: Yosemite Sam
comments: MY RANKINGS... after a big weekend of wrestling (OVAC's, WSAZ's, and Musselman Inv.). Still alot of wrestling left to be done.

1. Anthony Easter, Nitro
2. Jake Hays, Parkersburg High
3. Aaron Kelly, Parkersburg South
4. Abbie Rush, Wheeling Park
5. Jarrod Shaw, Brooke
6. Chris Greynolds, East Fairmont
1. Robert Shyver, Parkersburg High
2. Kyle Turnbull, University
3. Lucas Cappas, Morgantown
4. Felix Osuna Cotto, Parkersburg South
5. Steve Riner, Huntington
6. Kurt Shumatae, North Marion
1. Brandon Rader, Parkersburg High
2. Jared Garvin, Morgantown
3. Justin Lodge, North Marion
4. Brian Humphrey, Wheeling Park 
5. Matt Smith, Brooke
6. Jon Smith, Jefferson
1. Shane Grogg, Parkersburg South
2. Josh Casto, Ripley
3. Jonathan McFarland, Brooke
4. Chris Conner, Martinsburg
5. Ronnie Nelson, Wheeling Park
6. Quill Ward, Buckhannon Upshur
1. Matt Easter, Nitro Jr
2. Chance Litton, Parkersburg High
3. Shaun Smith, Parkersburg South
4. Mike Durbin, Brooke
5. Darrell Dorsey, Jefferson
6. Kyle Mull, John Marshall 
1. Braden Shaw, Brooke
2. Derrick Knapp, Parkersburg High
3. Steve Reynolds, Jefferson
4. John Evans, Nitro
5. David Campbell, University
6. Jason Koontz, John Marshall
1. Mitch Smith, Ripley
2. Codie Gustines, Jefferson
3. Brian Williamson, Parkersburg High
4. Dave Durbin, Brooke
5. Sean Smith, Parkersburg South
6. Shawn Moore, East Fairmont
1. Daran Hays, North Marion
2. Michael George, Parkersburg High
3. Justin Hawes, Jefferson
4. Seth Young, Parkersburg South
5. Mike DeVault, Morgantown
6. Dana Davis, Brooke
1. Phil Bliss, Brooke
2. Danny Lord, Hedgesville
3. Codi Norman, Parkersburg South 
4. Isaac Myers, Huntington
5. Billy Cornecelli, Parkersburg High
6. Corie Gustines, Jefferson
1. Mitch Casto, Nitro
2. Chris Gibbs, Cabell Midland
3. Kyle Walters, Parkersburg South
4. Joey Lindamood, Parkersburg High
5. Billy Ray, East Fairmont
6. Derrick Young, Hedgesville
1. Blane Mayle, East Fairmont
2. Bryce Pickens, Parkersburg South
3. J. W. Dowler, Parkersburg High
4. Steve Sayre, Ripley
5. David Coon, University
6. Brad Ammons, Hedgesville
1. Andrew Starsick, North Marion
2. Ben Geary, East Fairmont
3. Ray Linger, Elkins
4. Cody Tominack, Wheeling Park
5. Josh Ewing, John Marshall
6. James Nelson, Huntington
1. Lou Thomas, Parkersburg High
2. Brandon Geary, East Fairmont
3. Adam Casto, Ripley
4. Kenny Hutchinson, Huntington
5. Bud Hercules, Wheeling Park
6. Wes Young, Parkersburg South
1. John Dilworth, Buckhannon
2. Ryan Dearman, Parkersburg High
3. Ty Phalen, Ripley
4. Ryan Bird, Martinsbug
5. Jesse Valentine, East Fairmont
6. Patrick Burns, Greenbrier East

Congratulations to Danny Lord on his 183 wins, amazing.

January 26, 2003
From: fan
comments: if he got beat 4-2 or 3-2 its not a fluke he did it and just leace it on the mat who cares!!! when Duncan got pinned by him everyone said it was an accident, how can it be an accident when u get pin, one great wrestler that i personally know made a comment after he lost to a kid that only won 3 matches on the year, i lost and there is no excuse i guess i will have to get him next time.

January 26, 2003
From: marte
comments: I would like to congratulate Nick Munday on his wins this weekend.I hope you have as much success in your Middle school wrestling as you did in your peewee years. I would also like to thank you for your sportsmanship that you have showed my son when he would wrestle an upper age group and he would face you . I think you have showed my son (Chris Francis)that there is caring in this wonderful sport. He has learned so much from you and we will miss seeing you at weekend meets.Much luck to you and you team.

January 26, 2003
From: fan
comments: Way to go J-Bird. You've almost obtained all the goals you set for yourself this year. Congatulations on your 3rd place finish at Nitro and 4th place at WSAZ. Good luck on the rest of the season.

January 26, 2003
comments: I see where Daniel Allen dropped to 119 and beat Snuffer but why was he 2nd team? and how are the injuries to Allen, McCoy and Dye?

January 26, 2003
comments: Lord might beat Bliss, but i dont think either of the will beat Norman from South.

January 26, 2003
From: TJ
comments: CoachP: Daran Hays record is 32-0

January 26, 2003
comments: Who got the Outstanding Wrestler Award at OVACs?

January 26, 2003
From: Excited Fan
comments: Congratulations to Jordan Adkins on his WSAZ 1st place win at 95lb. And to Jared Kleman on his 4th place at 100lb. And to Clay Co High School wrestler Joe Adkins on his 1st place win at Calhoun.

January 26, 2003
From: Eastern Panhandle Watcher
comments: yes..everyone has an opinion...Danny Lord WILL beat Phil Bliss...Guarentee everyone on that one...I know Danny and saw danny wrestle his finals match and there were several calls that didn't go dannys was...in my opinion the score should have said 3-1...that wasn't the score and it did go into overtime so oh well...Danny didn't get voted most outstanding wrestler even tho he broke the wins mark with i think 183....Hedgesville will wrestle in about 20-25 more matches this year...Lord will become the 1st person in the history of WV to break 200 wins...Also i think little Gustines will also beat Phil Bliss on the fact that his brother teaches him alot and Phil Bliss uses alot of strength than technique....sometimes good..sometimes bad...Bliss could make a run for it tho...anyone is in it if they make the state tournament... Andrew Starsick got 4th at regionals and won states...so it goes to show you anyone can take it home

January 26, 2003
comments: I would how many schools did not get to go to the wsaz because of weather so I can tell our school board how wrong they were to not allow us to go.

January 26, 2003
From: HHS
comments: ray lost to duncan because he hurt his back against sean smith....it was not a very good match between them..i was there...very boring match. but i know mitch will win state but we'll see what happens at the msac where ray and mitch should meet.

January 26, 2003
comments: I don't know your story. But there are times parents are asked to stay out becasue they distract there sons attention from the coach. Parents are great to have inthe room if the rememebr thats what they are . . . PARENTS NOT COACHES! You have made some statements that create the picture that you want to wrestle more than your son does. My adivce would be support and be a parent to your son and not a coach. tow different identities. I beleive that is why there are closed practices due to too many chiefs not enough indians.

January 26, 2003
From: Former WV wrestler
comments: For the parents concerned about not being allowed in practice: As a former wrestler from a long time ago, I would have to side with the coach. Even though the parents may think they are not interupting practice, their presence does cause a disturbance. We used to have a couple of parents hang around practice and it was distracting. The kids are in there to practice and prepare for upcoming matches. They are not there to entertain parents. If the parents want to be involved, they can start a booster club or something. Some parents just want to be involved with everything. Kids need time to grow & mature without parents always watching their every move. I'm sure the coach has his reasons for running a closed practice.

January 26, 2003
comments: Mitch Smith lost his first high school match ever this past weekend it was to Eric Lakia from riverside, ohio. It was an awesome match double overtime. I will have to give credit to Mitch he should class and sportmanship. All I have to say is that wasn't the state tournment. What matters it what happens saturday night March 1st!!!!

January 26, 2003
From: Woodrow man
comments: Congratulations to Josh Evans- 152 on your 3rd place finish at WSAZ. You avenged your loss to Myers from Huntington. It takes guts to loose in the morning to someone and then come back in the evening and beat them. Good job to Ryan Bostic- 112 on your 3rd placement in as many weeks at tough tournaments (Nitro, Winner's Choice and WSAZ). Keep your mind right and you can wrestle with anyone. Way to get back on track to Tyler Wilson- 140. After bad luck in 2 straight tournaments you kept your head up and showed what you are made of with a placement at WSAZ. Great job to Matt Terry for your placement at 215. Tough place to be for a Sophomore, but you are showing you can handle it well. Good luck to all of the Flying Eagles this weekend at Buckhannon. Keep working hard and good things will happen.

January 26, 2003
From: mom and dad
comments: Congratulations Nicholas Munday from Edison on your 2nd WSAZ win. You looked great out there and we are very proud of you. Next is the county, the state and the Eastern Nationals. We have faith in you to take them all!!!!!

January 26, 2003
comments: well from the person who said west showed east what the real sport of wrestling is well west has a good team but if u really was at the quad match then u would of realized that east did very well against west considering the fact that they forfeited 103 112 119 125 130 and im not sure but i think they forfeited 135 to thats what 30 or 36 points right there before u say stuff like "showed east what the sport of wrestling is all about" know the whole truth about the match just not the fact that west beat east and congrats to west for doing so

January 26, 2003
From: Jim LeMaster
comments: I would like to thank Coach Archer and his staff for putting on another excellent WSAZ tournament. After organizing some smaller events I can not even imagine all that must go into setting up something as large as that.

Secondly I would like to thank all my wrestlers for their hard work that allowed us to be fortunate enough to win. You four who wrestled with the flu and fevers and you guys who were injured and gutted it out for the good of the team, you proved what you were made of.

To all the coaches, especially Coaches Darst, Jarvis, Peters and Eakle - we have greatly enjoyed competing with you guys this year. Your programs are superlative. Your wrestlers, staffs and parents are all a class act to be sure. To Western Greenbrier and Mannington, WOW, you guys have fantastic programs, we have never gotten to wrestle you guys before but our first look was an eye opener!

In closing, overall, I saw some great wrestlng at both the high school and middle school/Jr. High levels and if you love the sport it was clear that the WSAZ was the place to be this weekend - and for the 1st time in recent memory there was NO SNOWSTORM!

January 26, 2003
comments: Everyone has an opinion and here's mine: At 152, Bliss will finish over Lord with Gustines in the mix. And at 171, Mayle will beat Pickens because he already has.

January 26, 2003
comments: CONGRATULATIONS, to Nick Duncan for his 1st place win (140)atWSAZ. HE had to meet JEREMY RAY(HHS) and defeated him 4-2. Way to go

January 26, 2003
From: comment
comments: A good young coach with enthusiasm and knowledge is great to have. He is like the spring time when new leafs appear.Eager to learn,willing to go the extra mile to help make his wrestlers better not only in wrestling but life. A motivational leader who instills discipline and self esteem through hard work and determination. He will go the extra mile for any of his young warriors as he leads them to battle. But unfortunately the good Lord does not let time stand still. So the good young coach turns old and so does his ways. Not willing to progress but hoping time stands still. The fall season has now come and the leafs are dying. The time is for CHANGE!!

January 26, 2003
From: comment
comments: I have a question which I would liked answered that has really been bothering me as a parent and a huge wrestling fan. Maybe a board of education member or possibly even a lawyer may need to tell me a ruling on this. Can a coach of the wrestling team deny parents the acess to watch their kids during practice. I understand if you may have a disruptive parent but we are talking about good parents who are not disrupting but just looking on as observers. The public school system is just that, public. How can a parent who has spent countless hours of time building their son up for a high school wrestling career have the door slammed in his face? This parent isn't wanting to interfere with practice but just would like to know what's going on behind those closed doors. I think most coaches would love to have parents who are interested in their program and most of all their kids life. Thats how you build a great program through community support.But this particular program does not only want parents to stay away but does not want even another coach of any kind to help out. No, this selfish coach would rather have no community support, no coaching staff but yet 4 kids wrestling at the same time at tournaments, three of the wrestlers without a coach in the corner. Is this fair to the kids coach? GET REAL!!!!

January 26, 2003
From: stud103
comments: I just want to say Mayle (171) from East Fairmont looked good this weekend and i htink the Indiviual Polls need to be looked at again
Editor's note: I'm sure everyone will be looking at the polls again this week. This year, for the first time, the editors of WV-Mat have been dabbling in our own polls in addition to the Coaches polls. Polls are a funny thing. You cannot release a poll until you have at least a little information to go on. There is always a tendancy to say "Lets wait until this tournament or that tournament is over so that we can make a more accurate poll and not look so stupid." Well, if you wait - wait - wait - to release your poll to make it more accurate, you might as well wait until the state tournament is over to release a poll. Polls are for fun. They are designed to promote fan interest. Polls are going to be wrong and the pollsters are going to be proven wrong -- and that is what the world of sport is all about. You cannot root for the underdog unless you know who the underdog is. I'm sure coaches are telling their kids to forget the polls and just make the grades, make the weight, and show up and wrestle their best match. The only poll that counts will be conducted in Huntington Feb 27 - March 1.

January 26, 2003
From: Confused WSAZ fan.
comments: I have some food for thought here for some people. This weekend at the WSAZ wrestling tournement Sheldon Clark won the AA divison over Williamstown. Acording to this web sight http://www.khsaa.org/football/finalfootballalignment20032006.pdf Sheldon Clark was classified as a 2A school for football. There are 50 some schools in that classification with enrollements ranging from 531 to 752. WV AAA enrollment is 590 for the smallest school. With 50 some schools in this classification in Kentucky could Sheldon Clark been one of them that was above 590 students? Since this was a tournament in West Virginia shouldnt they have classified them by West Virginia standards for AAA or AA? IT is possible that Sheldon Clark could be under that 590 number. Yet if they did have an enrollement past 590 was Williamstown robbed of the AA division championship without them knowing it? It might not be right then again it might totaly be right. Just something for people to think about.

January 26, 2003
From: Jr.High Guru
comments: Worland is one of the top wrestlers in Jr.High in the state..he had a great finals win along with a great semi finals FALL against miles..good luck worland!

January 26, 2003
From: red knight
comments: did anyone see the finals match between duncan and ray. well i did and duncan beat ray 5 - 2. That tells you that huntington was a fluke. and i would like to see some predictions if anyone has them for 103-152aa and aaa if anyone has them. thanks

January 26, 2003
comments: i would just like to know why boone from GW is never in any of the predictions for huntington...?i think he is quite a good wrestler.i have been wrong a few times but i think he will do better than expected

January 26, 2003
From: South F an email: comments: I heard Danny Lord had his hands full with the Freshmen from Jefferson (the younger Gustine) fill me in, if anyone was there? Also who was the M.V.W. of the Musselman Inv.tourn.? I am sure Danny Lord was, quote me if I may be wrong. Did it really go into overtime? The Lord & Gustine match. Please fill me in? We heard that the younger Gustine was going to be a great wrestler, and turn some heads. Good luck , keep up the good work.

January 26, 2003
comments: To the Editor, how can you let the post from The Cameron Fan and that Williamstown Fan who was complaining about Cameron make it to this forum. I dont think either of those people are truely fans of two if the best wrestling programs in AA over the last 25 years. It makes me physicaly Ill that you would post either of those.

comments: Sounds to me like that Cameron Fan is trash talking about Williamstown? How is that stuff getting posted?

January 26, 2003
From: EF fan
comments: what about some predictions for AAA 171? ill throw in my two cents Blain Mayle #1 and the rest i dont know good luck mr.mayle from your work out partner at anthony's boswell

January 26, 2003
From: magnolia guy
comments: is king from magnolia still at 152 if so why doesn't anyone predict him being in the top 6 at states beings he has already beat cassey hughes???

January 26, 2003
From: Tex
comments: WSAZ's are over. Was it worth it? Absolutely! Great wrestling was the key for this tournament. Of course, the Easter boys won. Surprise surprise. Duncan of Point Pleasant BEAT RAY OF HUNTINGTON...so Mitch Smith would lose to both Ray and Duncan now? Or do you retract your statement yet? In middle school action, congratulations go to James Casto from Point Pleasant. He went undefeated on the season and wrestled a great final. Speaking of a great final...215. Geary vs. Hashman. Unreal? You better believe it. Just when ya think Hashman has Geary beat, Geary comes back to put a victory on the big man from St. Mary's. I would definitely want to see those two go at it again. Congratulations to all placers, and see ya next year.

January 26, 2003
From: Capaldo
comments: congratulations to p burns on being ranked 5th in the coaches poll, i know you can go all the way. some others from east should have been ranked like thorne, hambrick, and bennett (who's 32-2 this year), just to mention a few, but you guys can prove it at states. good luck this season. work hard and never give up.

January 26, 2003
From: coachp
comments: Does anyone know Daren Hayes record? I think that boy will win states. Thank You

January 26, 2003
From: tehr0x0r
comments: "From: To HHS from Tex
comments: I was there when Ray pinned Duncan, and it was an accident. Hate to say it, but Duncan just made a mistake and got pinned. No excuse, but it was a fluke. Notice how Duncan finished ahead of Ray at Nitro. If Ray was so much better, it would have been Ray vs. Duncan in the finals. Not to mention Duncan couldn't wrestle finals. That is all beside the point. Smith over Ray via Fall in the first."
Wouldn't the fact that Duncan made a mistake prove that Ray was a better wrestler? If one has skills one makes little to no mistakes, right?
I wasn't there the entire WSAZ tournament but I saw Ray in 5-6 matches and he won every single one of them.

January 26, 2003
comments: anyone know whatever happened to Billy McCann of Berkeley Springs, I lost track of him a few years back...

January 26, 2003
comments: Question? Does P-burg South usually wrestle in the WSAZ's? I've been around WV Wrestling for about 7 years and i cant remember them being usuals. But i also have a bad memory... help me out

January 25, 2003
comments: Let' Clarify something. Regarding tapping out. That is no more than saying you are hurt. If criteria has been meet 1 to 4 count the other wreslter receives 3 back point only. If a five count has been meet he gets 4 back points. There is no penalty points on this situation. However, as an official we all feel something needs put in place to stop this. We are not doctors and will stop the match everytime somebody says he is hurt. Good tatic if you are being put on your back but very unethical. I think solution should be 6 back points less than five count and 8 back points after 5. This would make it harder to make up the points.

January 25, 2003
From: the informer
comments: to answer the ?? on the forum about the rule regarding gettin put on your back and tapping out. To recieve 4 back points there must be a 5 count on near fall if the 5 count is not reached the wrestler receives 3. 2 for the near fall and 1 for the penalty.

January 25, 2003
From: Cameron Fan
comments: In response to the disgruntled Williamstown fan, Cameron wrestles a AAA-laden schedule along with Max-Horizon and OVACs, both of which dwarf any of the tourneys you've finished respectably high in. We happen to have won our class 13 years in a row at the OVACs. I would match our state placewinners, champions, whatever, against your school over the last 25 years at regionals and states (I was there). What I do remember about that dual is your best wrestlers winning by very small scores. Cameron recently has had two veteran 171s return to the squad for the year (one qualified for states two years ago) and a 145 that will have enough practices to wrestle anytime after OVACs. Big deal? He is a multiple-time national champ from PA that wrestled small fry for Cameron, then opted to move to Waynesburg to wrestle. Don't look for him to take the mat until he's in shape and at weight, but he'll be disappointing someone planning on going to states. He is really a little lighter than 145, but is doing the team thing and wrestling up to fill a hole for Cameron. I assume you are predicting repeat victories by your two quality middle weights (152&160)in regionals? Barring injuries, there will be some turnarounds and fireworks. Look for Williamstown (self proclaimed state champs or runners-up as a team)to take a lower placement at states (somewhere behind Cameron). Look for Magnolia to make some waves at regionals also. Especially at 152,140, and 119. Cameron currently holds duals victories in 2002-3 over John Marshall, Bellaire, St. Clairsville, Wheeling Park(and other lowr ranked schols). They squandered a 30 pt lead against East Liverpool, only to go on to a one point loss. The only team Cameron shoud worry about in regionals is Oak Glen, who is wrestling on another plane in the OVACs with many new faces. They don't rebuild, they reload. Oh, by the way, Cameron's entire team has only two seniors, only one that is still starting. The returners are senior, junior, and an amazing sophmore. Barring an unbelievable state tourney, Cameron's shot at Oak Glen should be next year.

January 25, 2003
From: bearcat
comments: Whoever said, "I think Jeremy Ray will beat Mitch Smith this year because Mitch beat Duncan 8-5 and Jeramy Ray pinned Duncan," obviously knows little about wrestling. Have you ever heard of styles making matches?

January 25, 2003
From: ratteaser
comments: I would like to encourage fans to use the dictionary above. The word LOSER is spelled by posters her LOOSER countless times.

January 24, 2003
From: your buddy
comments: I would like to wish Matt Delligatti good luck on your recovery from another shoulder surgery. I am prayin for and I hope u heel up and nothing will stop u next. It is all yours next year.

January 24, 2003
From: fan
comments: who took 3 at 189 at cameron tri-state

January 24, 2003
From: Beckley Gurl
comments: Good luck Woodrow at the WSAZ's! Lets go boys! Welcome back Boyden!

January 24, 2003
From: comment
comments: can anyone tell me the score between parkersburg south and graham high school (OHio) last weekend in columbus?
Yes, the result has been posted for several days. Check the scores page.....

January 24, 2003
From: Lively
comments: I just wanted to inform everybody out there that doubts the Greenbrier West wrestling team that the reason that we stay ranked so high in the polls is because everyone out there in the world of high school wrestling knows that we are one of the hardest working teams in the state. You will see this when the state tournaments roll around in February. I also wanted to thank whomever complimented our team for the vast improvement in West's performance at the Braxton County tournament. Keep it up guys all that hard work is gonna pay off. Trust me I know.

January 24, 2003
comments: does anyone know where region 1 regionals will be held?
Editor's note: aaa at Wheeling Park. aa/a at St Marys

January 24, 2003
From: To HHS from Tex
comments: I was there when Ray pinned Duncan, and it was an accident. Hate to say it, but Duncan just made a mistake and got pinned. No excuse, but it was a fluke. Notice how Duncan finished ahead of Ray at Nitro. If Ray was so much better, it would have been Ray vs. Duncan in the finals. Not to mention Duncan couldn't wrestle finals. That is all beside the point. Smith over Ray via Fall in the first.

January 24, 2003
comments: You have no trouble posting what you want to!! Your a looser and this site is a joke!!! nobody even takes it serious anymore!! POLITICS! What a jerk

January 24, 2003
From: sm
comments: st. marys beat greenbrier west at jackson co., howcome greenbrier so high and st. marys is so low, and pete hashman gets seeded second for wsaz... what?!?!?! good luck to the devils at wsaz

January 24, 2003
From: HHS
comments: i think jeremy ray will beat mitch smith this year because mitch beat duncan 8-5 and jeramy ray pinned duncan

January 24, 2003
From: wonderer
comments: does anyone know anything about the 215 from herbert hoover because it seems to me i guess he is decent and did he just jump out of nowhere or has he been around awhile and everyone is expecting him to do whut he is doing.

January 24, 2003
From: Cameron Wrestler
comments: To the person who wanted to know who took 4th at 189 at our tourney. It was Jesse McNeely from Tyler.

January 23, 2003
From: wrestling fan
comments: I think the editor has the right idea, why should people verbally abuse two fine high school wrestling programs. If people in this city could come together, think what a statement that would make!!!!!

January 23, 2003
From: Tex
comments: I haven't posted lately, but I've been reading alot of Mo Money's predictions, and I must agree with the person who called him crazy. Not having Point in the top 10 at the end is just insane. I would like to comment about Nick Duncan from Point real quick. The boy broke his face, and he is already back. That is heart. I admire him for this. He broke his face at Nitro in the Semi-Final match, that is why he didn't get a chance at Dye. No matter, this weekend is the WSAZ's, and hopefully all the schools can make it. With this bad weather, some might not be allowed to go due to school closings. Hopefully it all works out and everyone is there for another year of great action. Good luck to all!

January 23, 2003
Editor's note:
Well, it was a big match last night in Parkersburg. I have received many forum posts regarding this match which I choose not to post. My darker side says to post everything that comes in from the fans, and then sit back and chuckle with the rest of West Virginia while a few fans from PHS and South try to verbally destroy each other. However, that wouldn't be fair to the kids, who I'm sure wrestled their guts out last night. So, congratulations to two fine programs, and let's move on......

January 23, 2003
comments: what was the score of the Easter-Greynolds match
Editor's note: Fall

January 23, 2003
From: south fan but big red at heart
comments: PHS Was totally dominate against South. If South is #2 then no-one is going to touch the Big Reds. I am a graduate of PHS but am a converted South fan because of my kids. South's freshmen looked real good exspecially Codi Norman. He could surprise quite a few people at 152. All the PHS kids looked good. They had intensity and fire in which I did not see from the Patriots. Good Luck to both at the states.

January 23, 2003
comments: There are many wonderful wrestling coaches working hard every day with their youth, jr. high, and highschool teams. I would like to acknowledge and thank one special group in particular - our PHS coaching staff. This fine group of young men work hard and sweat hard every day with the team. They teach, they drill, they lead by example. Thank you to each of them for their time, toughness, knowledge, and dedication. Thanks also to their families and girlfriends for sharing them.

January 23, 2003
From: Fan of Easter
comments: What is Anthony Easter's record? Will he win states?

January 23, 2003
From: To Ratteaser
comments: If you think loosing one dual match to PHS will ever silence the Patriots you are out of your mind!!! WE WILL ALWAYS BE HEARD LOUD AND CLEAR. We only lost a battle, lets wait and see who wins the war!!!!!

January 23, 2003
From: west gal 03
comments: Just wanted to say way to go to Greenbrier West. You guys showed Greenbrier East what the real sport of wrestling is all about.... You showed them what you're worth loud and clear! Best of luck to all of you this weekend at Calhoun County!
January 23, 2003
From: J-Bird
comments: Hey guyz they got us #9 in the state according to the polls, i say lets prove them wrong @ WSAZ and diserve to be up there in the top 3 again. We will make a suprise @ huntington @ the end of febuary when they see us @ the states. like coach says if you see it and its there go get it!!! i say lets go get em guyz Good luck this weekend @ wsaz ur 130 pounder

January 23, 2003
From: South Fan
comments: The South will rise again. However, PHS was the better team last night and gave South a wake up call. Good luck to both for the rest of the season. See you in Huntington.

January 23, 2003
From: gordan
comments: I know that jeff morris lost to bosley and congrats on the big win, but things will turn around at states. morris will be #1

January 23, 2003

January 23, 2003
From: Fan
comments: Who took third and fourth at(189)the Cameron Tri State tourny

January 23, 2003
From: MoMoney
comments: I didnt put Point Pleasant in the Top Ten. Dont get me wrong they have excellent wrestlers, I even ranked 1 kid Nick Duncan first which I believe he will win the 140 weight class but the other kids on the team need to step up now, if they want to be a contender at states they do have the ability to place in the top 5. Point Pleasant prove me wrong and good luck to each one of you!

January 23, 2003
From: Eagle watcher
comments: Justin Boyden returned to the mat room for the Flying Eagles today. Jay Thomas may possibly return before Coalfield. Will it help ? To the tune of 20 to 40 points a tournament !

January 23, 2003
From: Dtheman
comments: everyone might want to hold up on the hevyweight predictions word is that calhoun is going to have a heavyweight that will show some promise. Eventhough he is a senoir He is sure to cause some ripples

January 23, 2003
comments: OVAC is not the largest confernce in the nation its the Largerst East of the Mississippi River.

January 22, 2003
From: rb
comments: To MoMoney: how can you not put Pt. Pleasant in your top ten team poll. Just because they had one bad tourny at Nitro every one seems to be counting them out. I can promise you they will finish in the top ten EASY and probably top 5. That is just stupid not to think so.
1. Oak Glen
2. Williamstown
3. Calhoun
4. Pt. Pleasant
5. Cameron
6. Wirt Co.
7. Berkley Springs
8. Braxton
9. Independance
10. Shady Springs

January 22, 2003
comments: I would like for someone to post every AA/A and AAA team that will be at the WSAZ tournament by Friday. Thank you and good luck to all competitors this Friday and Saturday!

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