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January 22, 1999
From: ghs
comments: Barcus was not feeling well and let a jv take his spot against P.B. To answer the forum question.

January 21, 1999
From: Nick Busick
email: bu118@ovnet.com
comments: I was very surprised to see Kupfer seated 4th in the OVAC tourney. There will be some interesting matches in the 189 tomorrow. The Opening Ceromony seemed to have a low attendance also. It was mentioned to me the starting time was moved to 5:00 and that may of been the reason. If it was I hope they move it back to the same as last year. The OVACs is a great tourney!

Stop by and say hello at http://www.pwrlftr.com We are currently working on a scholarship program for these powerlifting competitions in the teen divisions. Would love to see a bunch of the wrestlers training to get strong! Teen divisions are on the entry form.

Now if I do not get through Saturday without a major nervous breakdown, stroke, heart attack or any other life threatening ailment due to watching your kid wrestle....when you say your prayers tell GOD the results of the state so it can be passed on to me...LOL

January 21, 1999
From: Jr. High/Middle School fan
comments: To Rick Welker: Why not rank Jr. High/Middle School wrestlers or programs? They are every bit as interested in wrestling as high schools. Why do we have youth league championships if we're not keeping track? Even T-Ball baseball has championships and all-stars. Why don't we give every kid an "A" in school if records or achievment is not important? Sure, everyone is interested in high school wrestling, but tell a kid in middle school no one is interested in what he does! Everyone likes to guage themselves, and if not, let's do away with high school rankings of wrestlers and team polls. It may not be important to you what these young kids do, but tell that to them. Frankly, I like reading today who'll I'll be reading about tomorrow. I always thought that wrestling was one sport for everyone, regardless of height, weight, size, etc.

January 21, 1999
From: Rainman
comments: AA/A has spiderman now AAA has rainman!!!! Here goes my predictions for February 27, 1999
103-Alex Reed Pt. Pleasant
112-Chris Johnson Nitro
119-J.P. Stanley Cabell-Midland
125-Anthony Regalbuto Hedgesville
130-Wide Open
135-Bryan Moats Hedgesville
140-Wide Open
145-Nicholas Hedrick Farimont Sr.
152-Brandon Williams Parkersburg
160-Jason Ward Cabell-Midland
171-Scott Gusic Martinsburg
189-Matt Wherle Herbert Hoover
215-T.J. King North Marion
275-Dave Hearst Farimont Sr.

Team Top 3
1. Cabell-Midland
2. North Marion
3. Not Going to say my prediction for the fear of a war breaking out

January 21, 1999
From: A Wrestler
comments: This is to the Grafton Team. What happened to Barcus at 152?

January 21, 1999
From: aawrestlefan@hotmail.com
comments: Here are my predictions for the Calhoun Invitational. Keep in mind that these exclude Woodrow Wilson (DC). I was going to try to give the OVAC and WSAZ a shot but that would be too great of a task. Let me know what you think.
103- Morris (Cal) or Bumgardner (Rit)
112- McCartney (Cal)...I want to see him match up with Winmoth (WiL) soon, that will be the test.
119- Johnson (Cal)...he should get a workout after being sick last weekend.
125- Hayhurst (Rit)...his match up with Blankenship (GW) should be interesting.
130- Wince (Rit)...I hope to see him match up with Bender (Roane) on Sat.
135- ?
140- ?
145- McCartney (Cal)...let's see if Smith (Rit) can give him a match.
152- ?
160- Hardway (Brax)
171- ?
189- ?
215- ?
HWT- Naylor (Rit) or McDonaugh (Clay)
I hope all the wrestlers have a safe day of wrestling!

January 21, 1999
From: A Fairmont Senior Fan
comments: CONGRATS to the under ranked FAIRMONT SENIOR wrestlers who beat the #2 team NORTH MARION. FAIRMONTSENIOR has a real shot to win the title

January 21, 1999
comments: I think that that people at certain weight classes should prove themselves before they can talk trash. For example Wenmoth and Hayhurst have already proven themselves last year and this year they deserve more respect. Just because they are A/AA does not mean that they are not tough wrestlers. Also there is a link between these two wrestlers -- they wrestled for the Parkersburg Cougars which I think is the best pee-wee wrestling program. So just because schools are A/AA does not mean they can not wrestle with AAA schools. I think A/AA state champs should wrestle the AAA state champs and you will see!!!!

January 21, 1999
From: A Miller Wrestler
comments: I would like to tell the "Ripley middle fan" that ripely middle didnt beat Miller they tied them. If they want the results I will type them. The score was 36-36.

January 21, 1999
email: richard_welker@hotmail.com
comments: I am finding it hard to believe that we are beginning to try and rank Junior High and Middle School wrestlers. This to me is ridiculous. Does it really matter if a 12 year old kid can beat another? Shouldn't we be more concerned that we use these Junior Highs for what they are intended to do and that is to feed the high school programs. And does it really matter if a kid wins some type of small fry state tournament? Absolutely not. I am sure that there has never been a college scout looking at any kid not competing at the high school level (exception Cary Kolat). Let these kids enjoy the sport and not push them -- they deserve that much, they will push themselves enough in high school. The state is still up and coming nationally in the sport; lets not ruin it.

January 21, 1999
From: chuck
email: smittyc_69@hotmail.com
comments: I think Adam Lewis isgoing to win the 189 state title this year

January 21, 1999
comments: Matt Bender is back as of two weeks ago he is looking good he has wrestled 130 but plans to go to 125

January 21, 1999
From: biggestmiller
email: millerboys@aol.com
comments: I think that wirt county is going to have a good year in 1999. They have already won the braxton big 16 and taken a couple second place finishes to some good AAA and out of state schools. If you would like to see a good dual match Wirt county is going to hold one with parkersburg south some time in the future. At the beginning of the year we had about three weight classes that needed to be filled with some kind of wrestler because we did not have any. But now we are full in every weight class and ready to go. So if we are at your tournament be ready to take a back seat. Oh yeah come and watch our tournament this year at home its going to be a good one.

January 21, 1999
From: well known source
comments: jimmy johnson did not wrestle at the Big 16. Harris ended up getting beat by Mitchell from Roane, but Harris, Johnson, and Mitchell will all be at the Calhoun Invitational this weekend. I look for Harris and Johnson in the finals.

January 21, 1999
From: Ken Chertow
comments: I have a new Olympian Web Page address and have recently added more training tip articles. Check out my web page at http://www.olympianwrestling.com. Wishing everyone much success during the final and most important part of the season.
Ken Chertow

January 21, 1999
From: noseie
email: nose@wvwresting comments: I Don't think they weigh the kids right. They should not have a 17 year old wrestling a 15 year old. Do you not think a senior should be able to beat a freshman?

January 21, 1999
From: RipleyMiddleFan
comments: I would like to point out a couple of things about the Jr. High and Middle School poll. Ripley Middle beat Fairmont Miller in a dual at Wheeling Sherrard Team Duals. They also beat Summersville in the McKinley tournament at the beginning of the year.

January 21, 1999
comments: Hurricane is not fielding a team this year. Not enough interest.

January 21, 1999
comments: I wrestled 119 at one point but thats when I was the top dog around certain parts but not anymore (before your time). I just think there are better group of wrestlers at 119. Yea the 125 pounder might be able to beat a 119. Last time I checked 125 pounder were too big to wrestle 119. Plus twenty five isn't all that great there is maybe three kids with a chance to win. The rest are just middle of the pack.

January 21, 1999
comments: To THE ROCK:
Do you wrestle 119? Because I wrestle 119 and I think that it is tough but if I went to 125 I know I wouldn't be doing as good as I'm doing now. So I think that 125 is tougher than 119.

January 21, 1999
From: spiderman
email: bigjunk@hotmail.com
comments: Hi everyone thanks for visiting my homepage, i've had over 275 hits in three days! I'm in the process of adding some more stuff. I'm adding a visitor poll for each weight class, right now i only have 112-125 but i intend to do all classes. Stop by my site and help me pick the placewinners. Thnaks for all the e-mails and guestbook responses. my site URL is http://homepages.infoseek.com/~da_spider

January 21, 1999
From: West Sider
comments: Congrats to the Fairmont Senior Polar Bears, who have upset North Marion 32-25! Good job David Hearst sealing the victory with a fall at HWT!

January 21, 1999
comments: To Thraser
Not taking anything away from Ledbetter, but i saw that match with Jones and him and Jones did not wrestle good as I've seen him wrestle. Rumor has it that Jones is moving to 135 but if he stays 125 i will say it now Jones pins or techs ledbetter!

January 21, 1999
From: biggestmiller
comments: Hello to all you wirt county wrestling fans. Just to tell you that wirt county did very well at braxton county last weekend and they intend on doing very well at the wsaz tournament this weekend in hunington. wirt county can expect some wins out of just about every one of our middle weights and some of our smaller and bigger weights. wirt county wrestling has really picked up in the intensity this year. we aquired new coaches toby ray and scott moore from parkersburg south. I expect this year to be great.

January 21, 1999
From: biggestmiller
comments: The wirt county tigers are really tough this year. I expect wins from the 119, 125, 130, 135, 140, 145, 152, 160, and 171 lb. weight classes. Just about anyone they wrestle will have a hard time with our middle weights. I have two brothers wrestling on the team Nathan & Michael Miller and I am giving them what I know and I hope it is enough for them to win a championship. If anyone would like to see a good match Wirt County is going to be wrestling Parkersburg South in the future in a dual meet. We are very excited we should do very well against the AAA team. Good Luck Wirt County.

January 21, 1999
From: jayman
comments: Matt Callahan, Chad Mullins are the two to watch at 140, one or the other will win states.

January 21, 1999
comments: I personally think that 119 is tougher (than 125) because there is at least six differnet kids who can win and I do not think the one who will win it will be the favorite before state.

January 21, 1999
From: Hurricane Biff
comments: I havent seen any results from Hurricane. Does anyone know if they are fielding a team this year?

January 21, 1999
From: Neutral observer
comments: You guys doing the Jr. High Polls better not leave out Braxton Middle School. They have lost only to Moundsville, Sherrard, and Independence in dual matches. They don't have the really outstanding wrestlers some teams have, but they are solid from top to bottom. Look for them to do well at the WSAZ's this week end , if they get a decent start.

January 21, 1999
From: wv mat fan
comments: who are the better junior high wrestelrs in the state..why isnt there a junior high state championship..like high school???

January 20, 1999
From: anonymous
comments: I was just wondering when the coaches were going to have a poll for the top AAA and AA/A wrestlers.
Editor's note: I'm looking for it the middle or end of next week...

January 20, 1999
From: Old Coach
comments: To A Wrestling Fan: I see Harpers Ferry has slipped from 5th to 7th in your Jr.High/Middle School page. It's tough for the team to do anything as it has had its last 15 duals cancelled because of weather (Sherrard, Charles Town, and Spencer). Overall, they're 14-3 with losses to Moundsville, Independence, and Sherrard. They won't get to wrestle at the WSAZ tournament because it is "exam week" in Jefferson County, but they'll be at the Moundsville brackett tournament and also host Sherrard in its own invitational duals tournament the first week in Feburary. Don't count them out yet. Their top five wrestlers are a combined 79-5, and all five will be back again next year.

January 20, 1999
From: Thrasher_4@hotmail.com
comments: In regards to the 125 pound weight prediction, There is a good posibility that Bobby Ledbetter could place in the top 6. Due to the fact that he beat Jones at the Braxton Tournament.

January 19, 1999
From: hegdesville fan
comments: I think if Hegdesville would have gone to Winners Choice it would have been so much different. Dustin Bowers at 112 would have (been a good match at 112 vs) Wenmouth. Bowers has already defeated Nathan Kinsely 13-8. Regalbuto vs Hayhurst and/or Floyd would have been a good match. Plus all the other Hegdesville lower weights would have placed in top 3.

January 19, 1999
From: AA fan
comments: Jason Hayhurst is a good wrestler. In the Winners Choice he beat Smith from Ripley 8-3. Regalbuto beat him 25-9 going into the third period.

January 19, 1999
From: A Wrestling Fan
comments: Thanks for all the feed back about the "unoffical poll" I made. Many of you were right, I did overlook several teams. Again, I did this on what I have read or seen. Nothing personal. I will submit another pre-WSAZ poll. Let me known what you think. Also, is the WSAZ the best Jr. High and Middle School tournament in the state?
1. Moundsville
2. McKinley
3. Edison
4. Sherrard
5. Williamstown
6. Independence
7. Harpers Ferry
8. Point
9. Miller
10. Summersville
10. Ripley Middle

January 19, 1999
comments: to the wvwrestler,
hegesvilles 125 is a good wrestler but that doesn't mean he can not be beat. i believe that aa is just as good as aaa. watch closely at the aa wrestlers before you judge them.

January 19, 1999
From: just guessings
comments: state aa/a picks
103 gandee
112 wenmouth
119 westbrook
125 hayhurst
130 perdue
135 cross
140 undecided
145 mccartney
higher weights later except 189 thompson

January 19, 1999

January 19, 1999

January 19, 1999
comments: To the person that thinks that Jason Hayhurst is the top 125 in the state at both AA and AAA. Well Jason is a fine wrestler; however the best 125 in the state hands down is Anthony Regalbuto of Hedgesville. Anyone who has watched him wrestle will, I am sure, agree. Anthony has beaten the best and refuses to run from anyone. No, I'm not currently a Hedgesville fan; however my sons did grow up wrestling with Anthony and he is the best both on the mat and off. He is a fine young man. It's too bad Hedgesville couldn't come to the Winners choice Tournament because if they had we wouldnt be having this conversation..

January 18, 1999
From: Old Coach
comments: Some comments on top junior high wrestlers: Look out for top guns from Moundsville, McKinley, Independence, and Sherrard. But don't overlook Harpers Ferry. They've got their own "top guns" in 3 former national champions: Stevie Reynolds (17-0 at 83 lbs.), Patrick Huber (18-1 at 95 lbs.--he weighs 91 lbs. and suffered his only loss at 102 lbs., and Michael Davis (12-1--his only loss when he forfeited because of loss of blood time). They also have Evan Whalen (17-1 at 135 lbs.) and Artie Badger (16-2 as a 175 lb. heavy weight.) You'll be hearing from these kids in the future--but all five will be back again at Harpers Ferry for at least another year! They also have 7th and 8th graders Chris (The Beast) Galfod (14-4 at 61-pounds), and Danny Schneider and John Stillions are 12-4. 9th graders include Eben Fritts, 13-2, Shawn Shaffer, 14-3, and Paul Fishbach, 10-3. I think the Tigers belong right up there behind the other top four mentioned teams!

January 18, 1999
comments: To R.S.:
I totaly agree with you having Michael Jordan wrestling shoes is like having Dan Gable basketball shoes. Just a friendly warning to you though: I wouldnt go calling out Micahel Jordan to the wrestling mats. He's the kind of guy, if you give him two weeks, could be the National Ping-Pong champion!!

January 18, 1999
comments: jason hayhurst is the best 125 in the state period. both aa and aaa. no one else will even come close at the state tournament.he proved that this weekend at the winners choice.he has beaten everyone. he always starts out slow and builds up steam.

January 18, 1999
From: spiderman
email: bigjunk@hotmail.com
comments: Hey everyone, thanks for visiting my site!! in one day alone i had over 130 hits. Also, i have added a poll to my site with the help of Danny Drennen. Thanks to him, and everyone!!! the url is:http://homepages.infoseek.com/~da_spider

January 18, 1999
From: "Jonny Reb"
email: jonnyrebel@go.com
comments: I would like to tell all the Wrestlers that wrestled in the BIG 16 that there was some good wrestling. I congratuate the winners, and everyone for being in the great sport of wrestling

January 18, 1999
From: Ice Man
comments: It is a shame that Travis McCartney isn't recieving the respect he absolutely deserves. Travis has an unblemished AA/A record, yet some people feel that Ash Wenmouth may be better than you. I on the other hand feel that you can find yourself in the finals of every tournament you participate in. Let's not take anything away from the Wenmoth, but give a McCartney his due.

January 18, 1999
From: Ice Man
comments: Jimmy Johnson!!!! Let's see, he's an accomplished young wrestler with two state championships under his belt, he is a very intelligent wrestler who gives up few points to his opponents. I feel that he has the potential to become another four time state champion, but he will have to take better care of himself in the future in order to maintain his supremacy. Hats off to your storied two championships Jimmy, now get better so the rest of the world can see the excitement you possess.

January 18, 1999

comments: It appears that Jeremy Laughlin form Calhoun had a down week at Braxton, but lets pause for just a moment, he is still hanging in there for the most part with Seniors and Juniors. The kid has a very decent record and could still be in the mix of the top six any day of the week so Jeremy keep your head up brighter days are just around the corner.

January 18, 1999
From: Ice Man
comments: I believe that Eric McCartney is the true standout at 145 this year. He has cruised through the competition this year building upon his elustrious wrestling career at Calhoun. It is my opinion that no one in this state will be able to stop this young mature wrestler.

January 18, 1999
comments: i would like to say good job to all the wrestlers at the big 16. You all wrestled well. Some better than others. I would like to point out a couple of things though. This tourt. means nothing at all. I saw serveral wrestlers have bad days and i would just like to say to those wrestlers keep your heads up record means nothing it is what you do at states is what really matters.

January 18, 1999
From: R.S.
comments: I was in Fairmont this weekend for Winners Choice and I saw some thing that made me sick to my stomach. It had nothing to do directly with wrestling but more on equipment. I saw a kid with a pair of Michael Jordan wrestling shoes. What right does a basketball player have marketing wrestling shoes. Lord knows we will never see him wearing those shoes on a mat. Then for any wrestler to buy those shoes is beyond me. Be it that his the best baketball player ever I just donot think its right he is pushing something in a sport he has nothing to do with.

January 18, 1999
From: just a hunch
comments: here are a few picks for the lower weight classes in AA/state 1-6
103-Gandee, Zubay, Morris, Baumgardner, yurkovich,Auvil
112-Wenmoth, McCartney, Kupfer, Culverhouse, Sharp, Hosey,
119-Johnson, Reed, Miller, Westbrook, Harris, Prather if he drops down
125-Prather, Bush, Hughes, Jenkins, Leach, Jones
Those are my predictions on places 1-6 in order. I will give my higher weight classes later. please tell me if u agree or disagree. u can call me(hoss)

January 18, 1999
From: spiderman
email: bigjunk@hotmail.com
comments: I just wanted everyone to know that my homepage has now been updated!!! i have included the results from Braxton big 16 and the winners choice, take a gander: http://homepages.infoseek.com/~da_spider

January 18, 1999
comments: Some people need to remember that the Big 16 was only one tornament. Things can change from weekend to weekend.

January 18, 1999
From: spiderman
email: bigjunk@hotmail.com
comments: Ravenswood could easily finish 5th with 2 state champions Gandee, and Salmons, and 2 place finish from Scott Bush. That's why I have Ravenswood fifth. spider

January 18, 1999
comments: Spiderman, I have a couple things to say to you about your pradictions. First, for the team predictions, Wirt defeated Cameron @ Berkely Springs. They also defeated Ravenswood, and Calhoun @ the Braxton Big 16. Thats the first complaint. The second one is that your indiviuals need to be reajusted. @ 119 125 130 160. If you would have went to the big 16 you would know what I mean. Thanks for your attention, and I don't to sound mean I just want some people to get credit where credit is do. KEEP DOING WHAT YOU ARE DOING THEY WERE NOT BAD OVERALL

January 18, 1999
comments: To the spiderpoll how can you have Ravenswood get fifth and only three guys placing. You need at least five people place to get fifth.

January 18, 1999
From: midfan
comments: I hear the region III champ has been moved...any word out there

January 18, 1999
From: AA Fan
comments: Here are my picks for AA winners if states were today
145-Undecided not real clear yet

January 17, 1999
email: aawrestlefan@hotmail.com
comments: I think that the spiderpoll is somewhat accurate. This poll needs to get the credit that it deserves. I don't see many others putting out the effort to make a poll. I think some people that didn't make the poll or aren't ranked where they think they should be are upset. If you have a problem with it make your own. It is just one person's opinion!

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