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January 28, 2001
From: jr. high fan
comments: To: Moundsville Wrestler here are a few other wrestlers to consider in those weight classes.
102- Justin Chapman- Shady Spring- 39-0 W.S.A.Z Champ
110- Cory Porter- Blennerhassett- 20-0 W.S.A.Z. Champ (defeated Koontz 5-4)
110- Tyler Wilson- Beckley-Stratton- 37-1 injured did not wrestle W.S.A.Z (loss to Russell 4-2)
110- Josh Russell- Point Pleasant- 43-2 W.S.A.Z. runner-up (loss to Wilson by pin loss to Porter 11-6)
123- Shaun Smith- Blennerhassett- 20-0 W.S.A.Z. Champ
123- Joe Mcquillen- Beckley-Stratton- 43-3 W.S.A.Z. runner-up (two losses to Shaun Smith)
128- Sean Young- Blennerhassett- 20-0 W.S.A.Z. Champ (defeated Kuhn 6-4)
128- Jay Thomas- Beckley-Stratton- 44-3 W.S.A.Z. runner-up (two 2-1 losses to Young)

There were 79 Jr. High Freshman and Middle school teams from WV OH and KY who scored points at the W.S.A.Z. Tournament. The fact that the Wood Co. teams now attend this tournament alone( 16 of the 21 top teams listed on the current WVMAT poll attend) makes it the toughest place to test yourself during the Jr. High/Freshman/Middle School season. I'd say that alone proves the quality of the above listed wrestlers.

January 28, 2001
From: jefferson wrestler
comments: CVAL RESULTS: #1:JEFFERSON(4-0) #2:HEDGEVILLE(3-1) #3:MARTINSBURG(2-2) #4:FORT HILL(1-3) #5:MUSSELMAN(0-4)

January 28, 2001
From: CR
email: chasman312@webtv.net
comments: I would like to know who the top 10 wrestlers in AAA and AA-A are in their respective weight classes for the year 2001. Thank You

January 28, 2001
From: Mat Alum
comments: Has the WVSSAC ever considered having the state tourny anywhere but Huntington??? I'm sorry but there are much better venues out and around the state.....Morgantown Wheeling Charleston. And to be quite frank the tournament as a whole has gone downhill over the last couple of years. We spend all weekend building up to the state final matches and they can't even get the parade of champions music right.....and the PA system is terrible. How many years have they been doing this?? The majority of teams who travel to the tourny stay over anyway so does it really matter if it's not in a central location?? I remember a fantastic tournament held at the Wheeling Civic Center several years ago. I think we're due for a change.

January 28, 2001
comments: would just like 2 congradulate jefferson 4 winning C.V.A.L.'s saturday yes it's true it's true!!!!! they beat hedgesville 39-34 yeah hedgesville was without 3 starters and so was jefferson.if all starters would have been in lineup jefferson would have won by more.congrats 2 all (both teams )it looks like jefferson is finally getting thier act together.

January 28, 2001
From: Dragon Mat Fan
comments: I must agree with those who believe that something should be done about the current state championship format. The current format is in no way fair to the true single A teams. We're recognizing the best AAA and AA teams in the state but not the best A. What's wrong with this picture? Very small single A schools who are powerhouses in their own class are being denied well deserved titles because their having to compete with schools twice their size in the A/AA division. The WVSSAC could learn a lot from the directors of the OVAC tournament. Let all classifications compete in one tournament and recognize team titles for ALL divisions. When all is said and done the 14 true individual state champs will sit atop the pile and every division will have a state champ. Two birds one stone problem solved.....Questions and comments encouraged.

January 28, 2001
From: Just a Fan
comments: Congratulations Cliver (Clay)! I think you're a great kid and deserve every win you get! Keep up the great work!

January 28, 2001
From: Former Red Devil
comments: Everyone keeps saying the polls are not accurate...Well my thoughts on polls are It doesn't matter which wrestler "should" win over another....every match is diffrent even with the same opponent. So I say whoever wants to post polls go ahead but remember they need to be taken with a grain of salt. NOW FOR MY PREDICTION: The Calhoun Red Devils will win the LKC and have at the following 8 place first in class!
119: Chris Morris
125: Eric Metz
130: Derek Metz
140: Jeff Morris
145: Casey Stewart
171: Ray Burge
189: Pat Mace
275: Jeremy Laughlin

January 28, 2001
comments: Bonasso di defeated Frerichs 7-4 was a good match and yes Easter defeated Delligatti by disqualification. At 140lb. Ripley defeated Mayle in first period by fall (Ripley was ahead 4-1 at the time).

January 28, 2001
From: tigerpins
comments: Does anyone have the results of the clay county invatational or the quad at cabell midland.

January 28, 2001
From: Brent Sams
comments: I have a short video clip of the Bosley - Kinsley matchup at the Cauliflower Club Website. http://www.casinternet.net/~brentster/lkcc/

January 28, 2001
From: CC41
comments: My opinions on where the top 'AAA' wrestlers in each weight class stand right now....

103: Sammy Bonasso      FS  (II)  112: Matt Easter      NIT (III)
     Jacob Ferichs      NIT (III)      Shane Grogg      PS  (I)
     Josh Gorayeb       WP  (I)        Kevin Ballam     HED (II)
     Lucas Cappas       MOR (I)        Kyle Turnbull    UNV (I)

119: Matt Stevens       PHS (I)   125: Chris Johnson    NIT (III)
     Ryan Metz          PS  (I)        Matt Bosley      PS  (I)
     Justin Stanley     CM  (III)      Nathan Kinsley   UNV (I)
     Adam Kennedy       WP  (III)      Matt Smith       RIP (IV)
130: Robbie Williams    HUN (III) 135: Devin Abshire    JEF (II)
     Derek Kennedy      WP  (I)        John Duncan      PS  (I)
     Chris Gibbs        CM  (III)      Wes Lane         HH  (IV)
     Bryce Pickens      PS  (I)        Cody Shell       BU  (IV)
140: Robbie Ripley      NIT (III) 145: Bryan Moats      HED (II) 
     Danny Lord         HED (II)       Jason Mays       HUN (III)
     Blane Mayle        BU  (IV)       Derek George     JM  (I)
     Jed Ott            NM  (II)       Victor BEard     MUS (II)

152: Nathan Pickens     PS  (I)   160: Casey Daggett    PS  (I)
     Andre McDonald     JEF (II)       Chris Taylor     JM  (I)
     Rick Hickman       NM  (II)       Travis Durst     MAR (II)
     Adam Schindler     RIP (IV)       Craig Wallace    PHS (I)

171: Matt Miller        EF  (II)  189: Matt Sternthall  EF  (II)
     Jeff Courtney      FS  (II)       Darren Marks     PHS (I)
     Chris Daggett      PS  (I)        Matt Miller      PRE (II)
     Joey Thomas        HUN (III)      Andrew Starsick  NM  (II)

215: Jeff Noechel       EF  (II)  HWT: Byron Wellman     CM (III)
     Aaron McCartney    PS  (I)        Chris Satterfield EF (II)
     Dustin Householder JEF (II)       Matt Clay         HH (IV)
     Mitch Hastings     HUN (III)      Chris Morrison    PS (I)

January 28, 2001
From: Steve Porter Blennerhassett Jr. High Coach
email: steventporter@hotmail.com
comments: I would like to take a second and congradulate all the kids that make up the Bobcat Wrestling team. Again you had an excellent year all the hard work and dedication in the practice room paid off. I would also like to say thanks to your parents for supporting you and the team without them there wouldn't be a Bobcat Wrestling team. To our ninth graders who will be going on the hill next year Good Luck!! With common sense and your desire to achieve you'll succeed in anything you do on or off the mat. Also I would like to thank my wife Raquel and the Blennerhassett Matmaids for their hard work throughout the season. I received several comments about how well they performed during our matches and tournament. Congradulation to all of you. Finally I would like to say thanks to my brother Gary. Without his help and dedication to the sport the Bobcat Wrestling team would not be where it is today: AND THAT IS AT THE TOP OF THE TOTEM POLE AGAIN!!!!!!

January 28, 2001
Editor's note: I haven't got complete results of any of those matches. I can tell you that Bonasso defeated Frerichs, and that Easter defeated Delligatti via disqualification. Apparantly this was a controversial call which didn't sit well with many of the fans.

January 28, 2001
comments: Congratalations to the HvyWt from Clay who pinned the hvywt from Calhoun yesterday at the Clay Invitational. It blew the roof off the place!

January 28, 2001
From: Mr. Panek
comments: What happened at CVAL's?

From: Mr.Ed
comments: How About some Caball Midland Spring Valley St. Albans Hurricane Quad Results!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

January 28, 2001
From: Observer...
comments: Just a point of note that the Wheeling News Register did post the 125 pound class wrong...Tyler Hughes of Cameron was the champion at the tournament not Scott Conrath of St.Clairsville. Not to take anything away from the paper the announcers also got it backwards at the awards presentation. But anyway Tyler is now 37-1 on the season and has 136 career wins...4 from tying the school record held by Chad Burge (3-time state champion). Thanks and good luck Tyler!

January 28, 2001
From: moundsville wrestler
comments: I think that moundsville does not have the best team but have about 4 wrestlers that could beat anybody in the state
102-Alex Lee
110-jason Kootnz
123-David Kuhn
145-Corey Adkins

January 28, 2001
From: common sense
comments: to BR. Im glad you put your opinions up on the forum. But sorry to say very unaccurate. I don't know what you are looking at. Maybe you are friends with those people anyway. I would next time decide my rankings by who is the best wrestler. Thanks

January 28, 2001
From: HuskieWrestler
comments: Congratulations to Wes Lane from all your teammate on getting your 100th career win today at the Roane Cup by defeating Cody Shell. Keep up the good work Weez

From: Jef.135
comments: To Wes Lane: Good job on the undefeated record. It will last another 4 weeks until the state finals. See you there. Lata

January 28, 2001
From: A Braxton Fan
comments: Thanks Petersburg for the great hospitality and the smooth running tourament. I have to say I really had a great time! If all tournaments went this well I'd be a happy camper. Again Thank You!

From: CC41
comments: If anyone has the results of the BU Fairont Senior Huntington and Nitro Quad could you please post the results.... there were many great matchups (Bonasso/Ferrichs Easter/Delligatti Michalski/Fullen Mayle/Ripley Courtney/Thomas/Pauley Hastings/Delligatti/Dilworth McCourt/Singleton). Thanks...

January 28, 2001
From: AB
comments: To Y2J
How can you justify Thomas winning 171? Once again check the Nitro finals. Miller.....2-time state champ 33-0 stronger quicker better wrestler!!! It is a lock! East can win 171 189 215 and possibly HWT.....ALL I ask is to justify it.

January 28, 2001
comments: Calhoun is doing great this year! with possibly the best calhoun team yet in Calhoun history! With the past three first place tourneys under their belts with wins over top teams like Independence Clay Braxton(and soon to be Williamstown!). they are looking great!! Still with LKC's and their Region three tourney comming up they should keep their game faces on and be ready for the hardest tournament's of the year. If they win the LKC and take their Region again they will surely be a force to be reckoned with and to coach Stunp who I'm am sure will be looking at this sooner or later Good luck! You have always been a great coach and the back bone of your team!!

January 27, 2001
From: B.R.
comments: To comment to "Mad Dogs Wrestlings Comments" About the 171 pound weight class. I don't why you picked Joe Jackson To Place Higher than Ray Linger. Ray has beaten Joe both times that they have met And Ray will do it agian if they meet.

January 27, 2001
From: Y2J

January 27, 2001
comments: Joe Bailey gave 110% of himself on January 24 wrestling with a Severely injured shoulder but defeated his first 2 competitors and continued to fight with everthing that he had in him even untill the 3rd period of the last match that he was ahead in point but had to default to injury timeouts this wrestler should be proud of himself for the strenght drive and heart this wrestler dug deep to find.

January 27, 2001
comments: I noticed some complaints with hotels. Well let me tell you last weekend I stayed at the ZZZZZZZZZZZZ and I couldn't beleive it when they QQQQQQQQQQQQQ! I was absolutly GGGGGGGGGGGG!

January 27, 2001
comments: The kids mentioned in the finals at the WSAZ Tournament that wrestle for the Patriot Jr program were from the Jr High Divison. Not the High School divison.

January 27, 2001

January 27, 2001
From: Dean Moore Patriot Jr Wrestling Club
comments: I would like to make a comment for the success of the Patriot Jr Wrestling Club which was mentioned in the forum. While it is true there was several boys in the finals from the club at the WSAZ tournament all the credit should be placed first to the wrestlers for all the hard work and the dedication that it takes to be an above average wrestler. Second to the dedicated parents that have driven several thousand miles spent several thousand dollars and have done all the hard work that this sport demands. I don't believe in head coaches . It takes a teamwork concept from all involved in the wrestling room to have a successful program. We are very lucky to have such coaching from the coaches in the Patriot Jr program and the Jr High coaches . Together we try to send the high school as good as wrestlers as we can. That is why we are so successful here in South Parkersburg.

January 27, 2001
From: AB
comments: TO: Bystander.....
Check out the finals of the Nitro invitational 171 pound weight class for that matter check out the finals of any of Matt Miller's matches in the last two years. I believe he has placed 1st in everyone of them not to mention he is undefeated thus far.

January 27, 2001
From: Mike Hart
comments: The latest NWCA/TheMat.com high school top 25 list was published in the 1/25/01 of USAToday and Parkersburg South was listed in the "Others Receiving Votes" section. By their votes Parkersburg South would be ranked #34 in the country.

Also Parkersburg South and Oak Glen are both ranked in the top 10 for the Mid-Eastern Division by WrestingUSA Magazine.

January 27, 2001
comments: I agree that they should combine AAA and AA in the states because if they dont then if you win the states your really not the State Champion because somebody else form AAA or AA is a state champion. So if they were to be combind then one could say that he was really the "BEST" in his weight class and be a true State Champion

January 27, 2001
From: Joanna
comments: ~Congradulations To Luke Roupe on a great season so far!~

January 27, 2001
From: S.A. Fan
comments: St. Albans could be a very good wrestling team if they didn't loose so many good wrestlers to other schools. St. Albans also has the problem of athletes that are in that school and were very good wrestlers that aren't wrestling now. It should only take a few of the really good wrestlers to stay at St. Albans rather than going to one of the other area schools to propel St. Albans into a good wrestling school. St. Albans has the opportunity to step up to a solid wrestling team with the addition of Pauley and Weese along with others from McKinnley Jr. High and Bradley and Myers plus others from Hayes Jr. High add these fine wrestlers to the pair of Arnold and Roberts that are currently on the team and the sophomores that are contributing this year this could be the next Hoover or Nitro in the Kanawha Valley. All I can say is lets see what happens next year will they show up or not?

January 27, 2001
From: fan
comments: I'm sorry but if Cameron finished 6th in the gigantic OVAC tourney then they are not going to finish 5ht in AA-A try maybe 2nd or 3rd. Indy may beat them and williamstown may but no way calhoun will and chs will probably beat one of the 2. oak glen will beat cam for sure though and anyone else.

January 27, 2001
From: raslin' fan
comments: those rankings are a joke. who made them up WWF. come on lets consider the circumstances. individual efforts equal team efforts. and we know those teams dont even make an effort. calhoun is going to take it. they got that new coach he knows what hes doing. go red devils. anyway whats up with braxton. theyre hot than cold. make a decision.

January 27, 2001
From: Superman
comments: Most wrestlers resort to cutting a man and taking him back down when their opponent won't wrestler them on the ground. It's pretty hard to turn a guy when all he wants to do is ball up and crawl out of bounds. So stop crying about people actually wanting to wrestle.

January 27, 2001
From: Cristie
comments: Someone said something about having a dual state tournament format and that would be nice. But what I think they should do is have a match between the AAA state champion and the AA/A state champion. That way one guy could truely say that he was the WV state champion. I know that that kind of takes away from the purpose of having two divisions but it would still be nice (in my opinion).

January 27, 2001
From: ErikRomanczuk
comments: What was not mentioned from January 25 was Joe Bailey (Beckley-Stratten) was wrestling with an injury and should be commened for wrestling with a heart of awesome wrestler

January 27, 2001
From: pshs wrestling fan
comments: I would like to congradulate both Blennerhasset and Edison on their performance in the County. I agree Blennerhassett is the better team and would of showed that if the 116 pounder didnt get hurt. Somebody told me the two boys are 1-1 this year but it looked liked Blennerhassett's night up until the injury. But as everybody knows the saying "that's wrestling". Has anybody approached the two Porter brothers from Blennerhassett to coach an all freshman team next year. I know its premature but with both schools sending ninth graders up to South next year and practicing with the states best upperclassman it has to help in the long run if they had dedicated coaches to just the freshman team and have the SOUTH BOOSTERS set them up with a schedule. What is SOUTH'S opinion on an all freshman team????????????

January 27, 2001
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: To:room slammers: I saw your post on here about you being only 12 years old.It is good to see young people who care enough about the sport as you must put their opinions on here and get involved with this great sport.Don't get discouraged by someone who doesn't respect your opinion just keep on enjoying the sport and expressing your thoughts and views.You stated that your mother always told you to say something good of others?...What good advice from her young man !Good luck!

January 27, 2001
comments: If you want to wrestle at the next level you'd better learn to wrestle on your feet.

January 27, 2001
From: To the Pollsters from Cameron
comments: Hey to all you people who like to predict how good someone is and what place they will get here's a little info I thought you might find useful...Isaac Stewart of Cameron is out for the year. He tore all sorts of things in his knee in a gruesome snowboarding accident and will not be back for states. Stiles of CB was defeated by Casey Hughes of Cameron at Tri-States so why is he ranked #4 behind him? Just a thought. Also Yoders a back-up 130 for Cameron has pinned Stiles twice...what does that tell you about the starter Hughes? O'Neil of Cameron at 103 was defeated by Bartrug of StMarys Thursday so he should probably not be ranked that high...also Tyler Hughes and Roger Kupfer are out for a little while with two practice injuries and Casey Hughes has been out since OVACs with a concussion suffered in the tournament (Kupfer-ankle C.Hughes-concussion T.Hughes-knee) but all three are expected back before their dual with West Greene. And finally O'Neil of Cameron technical falled Hashman of StMarys Thursday showing his mettle as one of the top 189s in the state. Those are things to think about adios!

January 27, 2001
comments: To Finals Watcher: There's no don't about that feeder program it's the best in the state. Dean Moore and the staff do a great job. Were you refering to the 1st - 8th place matches in both divisions? I know that the 103lb. and 112lb. high school champions spent some time with the south program but I don't believe any other champion did. Who were the other seven? If your talking 1st - 8th Huntington had 11 kids place and four were champions. And I don't believe any of them wrestled for south. Rob Archer Jr. has done a great job with the program there they are getting better and better every year. Both divisions ???? That's 120 wrestlers. The WSAZ results are on this page check it out.

January 27, 2001
comments: Does anybody know if Joey Thomas of Huntington has decided to wrestle 171 or 189 yet? In my opinion he should go to 189 because no one there can even touch him.

January 26, 2001
While watching the finals at the WSAZ last weekend, I couldn't help but notice the number of wrestlers in the finals that are currently wrestling or have wrestled with the Patriot Jr. Wrestling Program in Parkersburg. In fact there were at least 9 of these wrestlers in the Championship Finals not counting the consolation finals. Also not all of these wrestlers were from Edison or Blennerhasset, but other schools as well. Coach Dean Moore and Staff of the Patriot Jr. Wrestling Program has done an outstanding job in promoting excellence in these young wrestlers. Keep up the good work.

January 26, 2001
comments: .... this is for somebody's comment on sayin that wrestlers who turn other wreslters loose and take them down are not man enough to pin there guy or wrestle with them well i would probably bet they r man enough to take u down!!!!

January 26, 2001
From: A/AA Wrestling Fan
comments: I was looking over the forum and down towards the end I noticed the only A/AA team rankings on the forum up to date. I totally disagree with those rankings.......
1)Oak Glenn
4)Wirt County
5)Ritchie County
7)Williamstown (maybe)
9)Clay County
10)Greenbrier West

January 26, 2001
From: south fan
comments: Good job edison on your 2 point victory over blennerhassett. Both teams have proven to be top notch this year. best wishes to munson of blennerhassett whos injury default(while winning 4-1) proved to be difference in the outcome of the county tournament. These are two really good teams. Blennerhassett has beaten edison 4 out of 5 times this year. Its hard to beat a good team that many times. Both are feeder programs for south so the rest of the state better watch out when the two forces combine at the high school level.

January 26, 2001
I would like to mention some 119 pounders who have done well this year. Ryan Bumgartner is probably the best if Chris Morris goes back down to 112 if not they will be a good match Matt Dye is also pretty good from wirt. Pat Bell has off days but is really good when he wants b/c he's in great shape. He lost to Bumgartner by one point at the jci. Pat Conley from indy is good he beat bell 7-6 but has lost to dye twice. And Auvil from grafton is really good. also & whiteman of hundred has had a good season. I haven't heard a lot about Kotson but he's from cameron so i'd so he's very good to I predict the class to go like this.
1. Bumgartner
2. Auvil
3. Whiteman
4. Bell
5. Dye
6. Conley
7. Myers

January 26, 2001
From: Jenny Sullivan
email: sullivj2@ohio.edu
comments: To: Brent Sams
Justin Mulinex is a nephew to Jeff and (the late) Randy Mulinex.

January 26, 2001
comments: To: South Fan Cut us a break. Bragging about beating St. Albans that's a joke on you. St. Albans forfiet's seven weight classes.

January 26, 2001
From: tm
comments: wrestling is an ancient and needy sport. A world of sweat and grunts on squeaky mats where tough men toil in humid rooms off the back corridors of athletic areans built to showcase basketball volleyball swimming and track. wrestlers get no credit they never have but stick with it because only wrestlers know how great the sport is.

January 26, 2001
From: wvwrestling fan
comments: I just wanted to get some feedback on what others would think about having a dual format state tournament along with the bracket format. I think that we should have both and that the dual format could even be AAA and AA combined. Please give me some thoughts on what everyone else thinks.

January 26, 2001
From: spectator
comments: It's been mentioned that Braxton County should start a annual open tournament. It would be centrally located and a lot of great action. Consider it.

January 25, 2001
From: Raleigh County Wrestling Fan
comments: Congratulations to Jay Thomas for becoming Beckley Strattons first 3X County Champion and Raleigh Counties only 3X County Champion this year. Way to go Jay.

January 25, 2001
From: Chicago Connection
comments: Hey Big Guy good thoughts and big cheers going out to you from the Windy City crew. Two snaps and around the world for your victory last weekend. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

January 25, 2001
comments: I want to say a job well done to Jay Thomas at the Raleigh County Jr. High Wrestling Competition last night. You are a great wrestler and well desreved on your 3 county titles. Good Luck in High School next year. Go for a 3 year state title. GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shady MOM

January 25, 2001
From: The Count
comments: I see that SOME people have a problem with people making predictions. If you have a problem with predictions then don't look at them. Nobody is holding a gun to your head forcing you to get on the forum. Another thing wrestling from the top or bottom (to me anyway) requires more skill and technique than from nuetral. Yet too much emphasis is put on take downs; First the match starts nuetral second either wrestler may choose nuetral this is fine but my problem is that at any point in the match you are on top of your opponent you can choose to go nuetral. However a good mat wrestler can not choose to wrestle on the mat at any time. I beleive that this often causes good wrestlers to loose to inferior wrestler who just happens to be fast. Furthermore many wrestlers upon getting a small lead win release their opponent and dance around for the rest of the match capitalizing on their opponents mistakes. I propose the following solution: The willful release of your opponent should be ruled as stalling. This would require wrestlers to also be able to ride in order to be successful. I feel that a good wrestler should be able to wrestle from all positions and that through this method the better all around wrestler would generally prevail.

January 25, 2001
From: wvhswrestlingfan
comments: all this complaining about taking down an opponent and then letting him up is getting old. has anyone ever thought that maybe the wrestler letting up his opponent and then taking him down again is wanting to try and break a school record. nothing wrong with it as long as doesn't get caught in something and get pinned. records are meant to be broken and for a wrestler to set a goal at the start of the season is very common.

January 25, 2001
From: Busick
comments: Watch MAGNONE! Now you have his ATTENTION Yes I agree this should have gone in to over time. Bellville did do a great job but you have OVER TIME MAGNONE who will take the rest of the year!

January 25, 2001
comments: Way to go Beckley-Stratton on your repeat as Raleigh Co. Team Champions.
Beckley-Stratton- 206 1/2
Park Jr. High- 179
Shady Spring- 149
Independence- 69
Beckley-Stratton had 12 finalists

Congratulations to Individual County Champions : Sean Meade-85 Tyler Wilson-110 ( a gutsy performance wrestling with a shoulder injury ) Joe Mcquillen-123 Jay Thomas-128 Chad Pyles-135 and Nick Llado-165.

Good job to runners up : Joe Bailey-95 Jacob Antoine-116 Zack Evans-145 ( also wrestling with a severely injured shoulder. He was trying for a 3rd title ) J.C. Wellman-155 Mike Wilhoit-190 and Justin Ford-275.

Bulldogs you have come a long way in a short period of time and we are proud of all of you. Four seasons ago when Beckley-Stratton became a school due to consolidation Josh Evans and Justin Boyden ( sophomores at Woodrow Wilson ) were literally the only two wrestlers on the team. Thanks to all wrestlers and coaches past and present who have turned Beckley-Stratton into a solid program. Keep working hard to be one of the best teams in the state and we'll keep cheering you on win or lose.

January 25, 2001
From: South Fan
comments: Ok First of all the person who put predictions on listing only the top 3 in each AAA weight. Best Job so far!!!! (Jan 21st I think) Second of all Way to go South on the huge wins over St. Albans (78-0) and University (73-4)!!!!! Outstanding!!!!!!!!!!! I guess this answered some of the questions about Bosley and Kinsley and Grogg and Turnbull. Way to wrestle SOUTH!!!!!!!! We are ranked nationally and as one of the top 6 in the EASTERN US high schools. SOUTH PATRIOTS RULE THE MAT!!!!!

January 25, 2001

comments: Pictures from the WSAZ and OVAC tournament can be found at http://www.aspn.com/ListEvents.asp?SportID=23&StateID=65

. January 25, 2001

comments: personally i think that the takedown is more exciting to watch than someone getting pinned and if someone excels in the neutral position and has it down to an art form they should display their skills as much as they want anyone can throw a half nelson or a cradle but watching someone hit a perfect takedown is the most enjoyable part of wrestling

January 25, 2001

From: mc
comments: Just got back from South/University match. South dominated. 70 some to 4. University won 103 by major. Disappointed that Grogg/Turnbull didn't happen heard Turnbull was sick. Best match-up on paper didn't look so good on the mat. Bosley beat Kinsley 9-1.

January 25, 2001

From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: Just returned from the South Tri match with University and St.Albans.The South team seems to be peaking toward the regionals and state tourneys as they won impressively defeating St.Albans 83-0 and University High 68-4.The only loss of the night was the 103 match.The highly anticipated match between Turnbull of Univ. and Grogg of South never materilized as Grogg recieved a forfeit.The other great matchup was Kinsley of Univ. vs Bosley of South.Bosely turned it up a notch and even had Kinsley on his back in an impressive win. The predictors out there may want to run the 125 title thru Mr.Bosley !Tough matchup tomorrow evening vs.N.Marion for South.The way they looked tonight I wish NM all the luck in the world !

January 25, 2001

From: Mitch Smith
comments: My brother Matt Smith broke his wrist in practice wedensday. I HOPE he is back by regional and state time. Cause he stands a really really good shot at winning it!!!

January 25, 2001

From: Indy Wrestler
comments: to Indy fan:
lets keep team business in the mat room and off the forum. thanks.

January 25, 2001

comments: to the editor what time of the day do you usually get on and right down stuff on the forum
Editor's note: Usually start working on it in the evening for sure, and sometimes other times in the day as well.

January 25, 2001

From: Hedgesville parent
comments: To superman: How can you predict scores like you did. Just because some of are guys wrestle certain weight classes doesn't me we can't move them around. Come on. Did you think of that. No i guess you didn't. We will see. And don't bring up states because you won't have a kid place.

January 25, 2001

comments: I don't care for wrestlers letting their opponent up. For one thing it makes for boring matches. Another thing the object of wrestling is to pin your opponent when I see someone let up there opponent it tells me they're not man enough to wrestle on the mat or to score the pin.

January 25, 2001

From: room slammers
comments: To:A wrestling fan
I'm so sick and tired of everyone telling I'm wrong on my predictions when I wrote I said "THESE OUR JUST MY OPINIONS" I'm so sorry my pedictions were not good enough for you I'm only 12 years old jeez!!!! And my mom always said if you cant say somthing nice dont say it.
Sorry about one of my predictions I had Lord from HEG I accedentily skipped him. SORRY!!!!

January 25, 2001

comments: I would like to give congrats to the southside junior high teams! Edison's win over Blennerhassett by 2 points was impressive! Also way to go to Felix the 18th three time county champion. Can't wait to see him in a South uniform next year!!!

January 25, 2001

From: Brent Sams
comments: Correction: The first father/son county champion combination from Edison is not Carl and Curt Radcliff. The feat was accomplished in 1992 when Jason Duncan matched his father's title from 1972 and then John joined his father and brother on the list with his titles in 1997 and 1998. There was also champions named Randy Mullinex in 1972 and a Jeff Mullinex in 1974 and then a Justin Mullinex in 1992. I do not know if Justin is directly related to the older Mullinex's.

January 25, 2001

comments: Why on some rankings in the heavyweight division are these all the time
when clay has beaten wellman and wellman has beaten clay also when satterfield beat wellman then wellman beat satterfield
first match:Clay pinned Wellman
second match: Wellman dec. Clay 5-4
first match : Satterfield dec. Wellman 5-1
second match: Wellman dec. Satterfield 4-2 in overtime
so why do u still rank them top 3 because the state title is up for grabs between those 3 GOOD LUCK!!!!!

January 25, 2001

From: Pat Peters
comments: Congratulations to both Edison and Blennerhassett to well fought fight to the finish. Both teams and coaches showed sportmanship to the very last match. Congratulations to all champions especially Willie Broce of Ritchie Co. who was first wrestler from Ritchie to win a Wood Co. Championship and Zac McCray from Williamstown who as a seventh grader won his first Wood Co. Championship. Zac- we hope this the first of many for you at WHS.

January 25, 2001

From: mad dog's wrestling thoughts
comments: here we go-i think the top three weight classes in the state to watch are 152 160 and 171.
who knows who will win these classes? i know i don't but here are my predictions:
152- the finals will be Schindler 4 Pickens 2 schindler gets his aaa title.
the 3rd place match- winner's choice rematch- hickman 7 mcdonald 4
5th place- know its upset time warner 12 snyder 8. sorry tough braket(Holt Staley Geary
160- the finals will be Daggett 7 Taylor 3 both from region 1!
3rd- another rematch- Durst 6 Bonecutter 5 2ot.
5th- upset time again- Conn 2 Wallace 1.
Honerable mention (Osuch Diamond Geary Dunham)
171- here we go- Miller 9 Courtney 7 ot finals
3rd- daggett 10 Jackson 4 blow out!
5th- Linger 6 Joplin 0. (189- Thomas wins state)

Remember these are just my predictions who really knows what will happen at states it gets crazy!

January 25, 2001

From: #1 Wrestling Fan of BJHS Wrestler
comments: I just wanted to congratulate Blennerhassett and Edison Jr High Schools on a terrific season. Everyone of you are true champions! Can't wait to see all those ninth graders are at South next year what a team!!!! Also it was nice to see Felix Osuna Cotto receive his 3rd County Championship and for his selection as "co-winner" with Kyle Walters of Edison for the "Most Outstanding Wrestler Award"! The coaches also deserve praise for all their time and help with both teams. Thank you.

January 25, 2001

From: Brent Sams
comments: Congratulations to Coach Randy Beatty his assistants and the Edison Eagles on their thrilling Wood County Championship. A couple of firsts that I did not mention in my haste to get out results:
1 - Coach Beatty becomes the first former 'Outstanding Wrestler' award winner to coach a team to victory. He joins a short list of Franklin's Dan Cleavenger Washington/Edison's Marvin Pickens and Blennerhassett's Steve Porter to have claimed an individual county title as a wrestler and return to coach a county championship team.
2 - Edison's Kyle Walter joins his brother Chad as the only set of brothers to win Outstanding Wrestlers awards. chad won his award in 1994 and ironically was also a co-winner of the award with a Blennerhassett wrestler.
3 - Edison's Curt Radcliff and his father Carl becomes the Eagles first father/son combination to win county titles.

January 25, 2001

From: A Wrestler
comments: To Independence Predictions:
This is about your prediction for 189. True Moyer is a good wrestler and I believe he could place in the top 4 but I doubt that he wins states.

January 25, 2001


January 25, 2001

comments: has anyone heard about diamond from cmhs he has been placing high at nitro and wsaz and he has betten cann from hh and i think that he will snick through the back door at states

January 25, 2001

From: fan
comments: In order for Nick Stewart to win states he has to beat Donnie Peck

January 25, 2001

From: Another Hedgesville Parent
comments: Correction: sorry..my bad...Jackson beat Everhart 5-3 at the Jefferson Invitational not the BC Championships.

January 25, 2001

comments: Magnone vs. Bellville OVAC 189 Championship? Magnone gets called 2nd period first warning stalling. Third period both get called for stalling. Magnone now gives one point. Seconds left Belleville gets hit with another stalling. Should of sent the match into overtime.

None the less ... great match ... and I agree the stalling calls by the ref were a touch premature. This will be one to watch!

January 25, 2001

From: An Opinion
comments: If a wrestler wants to win a match by takedowns so be it. The guy wrestling has worked all year to be where he is. The harder you work the better you get. Who is to say how a wrestler wins but the wrestler. Let the guys wrestle! As long as no rules are broken quit complaining. Geez! Don"t you think there's enough bickering going on over the polls. Polls are just peoples opinions no one knows who will win. It ain't over till it's over! I saw the 125 match that was mentioned and it was truly a shame to see a top wrestler lose it (his temper) like he did when the match was over. There are always upsets and there will be many more. Believe it!!!

January 25, 2001

From: wrestler

Biddle Will
Blake Ind
Valles Wier
Oneil Cam
Dye Wirt
Bartrug StM
Gandee Rav
Morris Brax
Wince Rit
Dankovic Weir
Biddle Will
Brewer Cal
Bumartner Rit
Morris Cal
Auvil Graf
Kotson Cam
Whiteman Hun
Dye Wirt
Hughes Cam
Haddox Will
Sexton Ind
Six OG
Lobis Rit
Metz Cal
Lowers OG
Stiles CB
Lynch SS
Hughes Cam
Metz Cal
Harkness Rit
Noel OG
O'neil Cam
Leach Graf
Gregg BS
Bosley Frank
Smith Will
Leach Graf
Westbrook Will
Eckleberry OG
Stewart Cam
Dennis Wirt
Bosley Frank
Kupfer Cam
Wood Ind
Childers StM
Nicka WM
Flowers OG
Snyder TYL
Brown Cam
Stutler Clay
Bolen Ind
Seckman Will
Moore BS
Foster Brax
Stickles OG
Toth SH
Lively GW
Efaw Graf
Stewart Brax
Dent Hun
Stotler BS
Hebrock OG
Brown Ind
Burge Cal
Butler Frank
Meyer Cam
Oneil Cam
Bellville OG
Moyer Ind
Magnone Weir
Hashman StM
Clark BS
Peck Clay
Stewart Ind
Weaver Mag
Karr Wirt
Raban Rav
Gibson Cal
Caughey OG
Laughlin Cal
Naylor Rit
Cliver Clay
Hollenbach Graf
Berg Pet

January 24, 2001

WGJH Finshed Third as team at SBM losing to Harpers Ferry 39-42 and losing to Beckley Stratton 36-48 place winners are 90lb colby painter 3rd, 110lb keith martin 5th, 123 lb matt osbourne4th, 135lb brandon boone4th,145lb seth gatewood 3rd 155lb mark smith 1st,hwt manner crookshanke 1st . WGJH Finshed 1st as a team at the EGJH Christmas Duals Tournamet on 12/22/00 top place winners are 80lb sean kelly 3rd 90lb colby painter 1st 102 danny kessler 1st 110lb keith martin 1st, 116lb korey kincaid 2nd 123lb matt osborne 1st,128lb dustin hall 1st,135lb brandon boone 2nd, 145lb seth gatewood 1st 155lb mark smith 1st, hwt maner crookshanke 1st. WGJH Finshed 2nd at the IJHS Super Duals on 1/ 6/01 losing to Shady Springs 41-42 top place winners are 90lb colby painter 3rd,94lb larry crane 3rd,123lb matt osbrone 3rd,128lb dustin hall 3rd, 135lb brandon boone 3rd,145lb seth gatewood 5th, 155lb mark smith 1st hwt maner crookshanke 1st .the teams Dual meet Record is 25-6 they have beating Shady Spring once , and beating Mckinley jr high ,Park jr high, Braxton co,Bevely Hills ms, Milton ms, Cable Midland.and finshed 6th in the jr highs at the WSAZ and 8th overall .top place winners are 155lb mark smith 2nd lost to perry 6-5 in the Championship thats marks first lost in two years, marks two year rec is 56- 1 with 7 matchs left .90lb colby painter 5th lost to porter in the semifinals and lost to ellis 9-8. painters two year rec is 52 -6 with losing to Neal-SS, Mead-BS, Pumpherey-PP, Porter- BH .110lb keith martin 8th, hwt maner crookshanks was 6th maner has wrestled sick for three weeks his rec is 28-3. this is are secound year at at WGJH we are a new school and we feed Greenbrier West HS. GO TIMBERWOLVES!!!

January 24, 2001
From: Wvgrappler
comments: 1st off;guys ENOUGH is ENOUGH lets stop with the rankings and all the trash talk. Let the talking be settled on the mat I'm tired and I'm sure others are too of gettin on to see messages and having to scroll down half a page to get past someone's predictions. AND ANOTHER THING ABOUT THE COMMENT MADE ABOUT LETTING PEOPLE UP AFTER YOU SCORE WHAT IF YOU ARENT AS SKILLED AT TOP MOVES AS YOU ARE AS NEUTRAL. IN SOME CASES THAT MIGHT BE A WRESTLERS ONLY WAY TO SCORE.

January 24, 2001
From: Coach Stef
comments: Western Greenbrier Junior High did finish 3rd in the Junior High division of SBM Tourn. but Braxton Middle finished 3rd over-all behind Harper's Ferry and Beckley-Stratton.

January 24, 2001
From: To: Superman
comments: do you bleed orange & black??

January 24, 2001
From: Neutral Man
comments: To: Wrestling Fan
Let me know when you file your class action suit against these hotels and when you do we will combine it with one against YYYYYYYYY as I'm tired of them taking advantage of me only eating their breakfast bar on weekends and not weekdays and charging me more for it(lol).

January 24, 2001
From: Another Hedgesville Parent
comments: To: Superman
First things first..Hess' spot will be filled we may not get a win but dont guarantee 6 via forfeit..Moats to pin Agoney..Snyder to pin Bird..Durst to probably beat Dunham but Johnny wont let him pin him again..Jackson only beat Everhart 5-3 at the Berkeley County Championships so no major decision there..Mcdonald has been impressive lately and will get beat but not pinned as Baker will be a little rusty after lay off..and Barrett pinned "Grizzley" Bird at the Berkeley County Championships and will repeat again at CVAL. Now do the math and oh by the way it's spelled CRADLE.

January 23, 2001
From: Superman
comments: Hedgesville Parent do you honestly think! you could spot Martinsburg 10 pts and still come out with the win? I mean enough of the fantasy lets talk reality
Keep the tab running..... M H
Kolb pins Pifer 6 0
Ballam pins Greer 6 6
Drapo md "Above Average" M. Barbour 6 10
E.Kesler by fall 12 10
Pezzanite by forfeit (Hess' Ribs) 18 10
"The One" B. Barbour pins Shell 24 10
Lord d J.Kesler 24 13
Moats md "The Cripler" S. Agoney 24 17
Snyder md J. Bird 24 21
Durst pins Dunham 30 21
Jackson md Everhart 34 21
Baker pins McDonald (with a cradel) 34 27
Files pins Castleman 34 33
"Grizzley"Bird md Barret 38 33

So....... If you want to spot those points go ahead but the FACT of the matter is Martinsburg will beat Hedgesville at CVAL These are all reasonable outcomes to matches. They have either already happend or came close to happening. Oh yeah "One" more thing If you guys think "The One" Billy Barbour should be overlooked at states your making at least "One" mistake. "Sir William" will be looking to show case his skills and his kid brother "The Little One" has been calling for an upset against Drapo so we will just see. MARTINSBURG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

January 23, 2001
comments: When did Grogg beat Easter?

January 23, 2001
From: Wrestling fan
comments: Ok I understand that when the dominent wrestler isn't strong enough to turn the other wrestler he may let him up. But in this case he can't pin him therfore he has to let him up. I totally get it. I understand that sometimes a wreslter may want to get a better workout make the match a little longer or even give the other boy a chance. What I am sick of seeing is a wreslter that is just cocky. I know that we have seen them. The ones that know they are going to win the match and they are so good that they are no longer satisfied with just a quick pin. These are the wreslters that want everyone in the room to know that they are the best and they want everyone to see their skills. I just don't believe that is what the sport is all about. I think the best way to show that you are the best is to do your thing and then move on so your team mate can show how good he is next. And I am glad to see that someone out there will admit that when they continue to shoot take downs for three minutes that they are just being cocky.

January 23, 2001
comments: i would like to congragulate the calhoun wrestling team for there dominating performance at there invitational. i look forward to see them place in the top 5 this year and probably some state champions. i think coach mike stump has done a fine job with these boys and that it will show at the states. keep up the good work boys.
big ramsey

January 23, 2001
103 Snuffer 1st Regionals 3rd State
112 Blake 1st Regionals 5th State
119 Conley 1st Regionals 6th State
125 Sexton 1st Regionals 2nd State
130 Miller 2nd Regionals
135 Rhodes 3rd Regionals
140 Gilson 2nd Regionals
145 Wood 1st Regionals 2nd State
152 Bolen 1st Regionals 1st State
160 Rhodes 2nd Regionals 5th State
Lets Make it Happen
171 Brown 1st Regionals 2nd State
189 Moyer 1st Regionals 1st State
215 Stewart 1st Regionals 1st State
275 Keaton 1st Regionals 6th State

January 23, 2001
From: Mr. Ed
email: AAA State Rankings of Jan. 23

103                             112                             119
1 Sammy Bonasso FS              1 Matt Easter NIT               1 Matt Stevens PKB
2 Jacob Frerichs NIT            2 Kevin Ballam HED              2 Ryan Metz PS
3 Lucas Cappas MGT              3 Kyle Turnbull UN              3 Justin Stanley CM
4 Joshua Gorayeb WP             4 Jonathan Delligatti FS        4 Adam Kennedy WP
5 Justin Conley PS              5 Matt Wilson NM                5 Josh Casto RIP        
6 David Campbell UN             6 Shane Grogg PS                6 Chantz Griffith JEF
7 Jeff Clark MUS                7 Jared Garvin MGT              7 Jason Drappo HED
8 Kurt Shumate NM               8 Griffin Stepitich JM          8 Brad Michalski FS
9 Jon Howard JM                 9 Jonathan McFarland BRK        9 Jason Starsick NM
10 Brandon Kolb MAR             10 Jeremy Ray HUNT              10 Baxter Fullen HUNT

125                             130                             135
1 Nathan Kinsley UN             1 Robbie Williams HUNT          1 Devin Abshire JEF
2 Chris Johnson NIT             2 Derek Kennedy WP              2 John Duncan PS
3 Matt Bosley PS                3 Chris Gibbs CM                3 Wesley Lane HH
4 Matt Smith RIP                4 Justin Richart SA
4 Cody Shell BU
5 Jansen Arnold SA
5 Jared Hess HED                5 Mike Muldrew JM
6 Nick Duncan PP                6 Justin Hawes JEF              6 Anthony Delligatti FS
7 Kyle Mull                     7 Randy Bodkin HH               7 Jeff Perroots UN
8 Brian Williamson PKB          8 Bryce Pickens PS              8 Adam Smith RIP
9 Justin Jones MUS              9 Joe Roberts SA                9 Daran Hays NM
10 Doug Bailes NC               10 Quinton Keaton Roane
10 Bill Barbour MAR

140                             145                             152
1 Robbie Ripley NIT             1 Bryan Moats HED               1 Nathan Pickens PS
2 Danny Lord HED                2 Derek George JM               2 Adam Schindler RIP
3 Blane Mayle BU                3 Jason Mays HUNT               3 Rick Hickman NM
4 Jed Ott NM                    4 Victor Beard MUS              4 Andre McDonald JEF
5 Robb Pumphrey PP              5 Aaron Futten EF               5 Jonathan Holt FS
6 Justin Kessler MAR            6 Sonny Dye PS                  6 Mike Staley HH
7 Josh Moore WP                 7 Sean Agoney MAR               7 Matt Warner PP
8 Derek Carnefix HH             8 D.J. DeWees PtP               8 Josh Evans WW
9 Willis King RIP               9 Scott Hartlieb FS             9 Ben Geary EF
10 J.J. Schmitt PS              10 Scotty Marshall UNV          10 Justin Snyder HED

160                             171                             189
1 Casey Daggett PS              1 Matt Miller EF                1 Matt Sternthal EF
2 Craig Wallace PKB             2 Jeff Courtney FS              2 Robbie Key NC
3 Chris Taylor JM               3 Chris Daggett PS              3 Darren Marks PKB
4 Rob Osuch JEF                 4 Joey Thomas HUNT              4 Matt Miller PRE
5 Travis Durst MAR              5 Ray Linger ELK                5 Andrew Starsick NM
6 Jon Bonecutter PtP            6 Joe Jackson MAR               6 Josh Boyd WP
7 John Dunham HED               7 Chuck Pauley NIT              7 Curtis Barber FS
8 Brandon Geary EF              8 Andrew Everhart HED           8 Ty Phalen RIP
9 Donnie Hill UN                9 Drew Day JEF                  9 Jason Baker HED
10 Larry Conn HH                10 Alonzo Staats RIP            10 Ryan Fierro JEF

215                             275
1 Jeff Noechel EF               1 Matt Clay HH
2 Aaron McCartney PS            2 Byron Wellman CM
3 Dustin Householder JEF        3 Chris Satterfield EF
4 John Wells JM                 4 Chris Morrison PS
5 Mitch Hastings HUNT           5 Jeremiah McCourt BU
6 Ryan Frazier CM               6 Ryan Bird MAR
7 Jonathon Moales HH            7 B.J. Pruitt MUS
8 Matt Delligatti FS            8 Fred Persinger LC
9 John Dilworth BU              9 Jay Singleton FS
10 Mike Renner MUS              10 Jody Pauley GW

January 23, 2001
email: sagrappler@aol.com
comments: gandee beat delligati by about 10 or 12 points

January 23, 2001
From: anti rankings
comments: i think everyone should just quit looking at the rankings and quit arguing about them. If you are the best wrestler you will win . Rankings are just a good way to ruin self esteem or make a wrestler think he better than he actually is.

January 23, 2001
From: Smurf
comments: to Casey Hughes of Cameron - Congratulations on your 7th place finish at the OVAC tournament this past weekend! ~Smurf

January 23, 2001
From: Jason Litten
comments: When a wrestler gets taken down and let up repeatedly its usually embarresing and it should make them very mad.I think it is a good thing for them because if they don't want it to happen again they should train twice as hard as they did before so they don't ever have to feel that way again. Good luck FRANKFORT FALCONS! KICK some _ss.

January 23, 2001
From: Sir William
comments: I was just looking on this forum like most of the time and i noticed that someone wrote down state champs but how could you say someone is going to win states are predict they are when you dont know what is going to happen like for instance delligatti hurt his knee at winners choice and he hurt it really bad and couldnt even walk on it. So i think you shouldnt make any predictions are it could really make you fell dumb now the top ten in states are top in region now that is understanding. But when you sit there and say someone is going to win states that is crazy. records and everything are thrown out once you get to that level and it is a whole new ball game. I wjust wanted to include that for this forum. Thank You.

January 23, 2001
From: J Hughes
email: JH145DEADSEXY@aol.com
comments: Yeah maybe Magnone wasn't working that hard to take Bellville down but I was there and Bellville wasn't exactly shooting the daylights out of Magnone. I believe there should have been no stall calls in that bout. I honestly believe that 189-275 needs to be called less for stalling because we watch our light nimble wrestlers all day and get accustomed to fast paced matches won on speed. When we get to 189 we expect the same and then refs expect it too and then penalize when the big boys don't fly around. Congrats to both wrestlers but I think we need to give the big guys a break. Let them go ahead and muscle around a little bit!

January 23, 2001
From: Coach Stroud
comments: Just wanted to say Thanks to all the wrestlers at Western Greenbrier JrHigh for a total Team effort by each every member and Thanks to the matmads for your hard work. This was WGJH first time at the WSAZ.

January 23, 2001
WGJH finshed third as team at SBM Tournament on 12/08/00 losing to Harpers Ferry 39-42 and losing to Beckley Stratton 36-48

January 23, 2001
comments: New rankings from WRESTLING USA Top 10 High Schools Mid Eastern Region
by Bill Swink
Fredericksburg VA
1. Blair Academy NJ
2. Grundy VA
3. Paulsboro NJ
4. Great Bridge VA
5. St. Marks DE
6. Parkersburg-South WV
7. Phillipsburg NJ
8. Oak Glen WV
9. Kent County MD
10. St. Xavier KY

January 23, 2001
From: bystander
comments: i think everyone is making a mistake by overlooking joey thomas of huntington. has everyone forgot that he was in the finals last year. everyone is arguing over miller courtney and daggett and i think thomas is my pick for sleeper of the year. watch out!!

January 23, 2001
From: Indy Fan
comments: The Independence Patriots has a good shot of winning states this year if they get there lineup right. Snuffer needs to be at 103 and Blake at 112 you could have 2 State place winners instead of just at 103.
103 Snuffer needs to be here he is definatly a top 3 finisher
112 Blake could finish in the top 5
119 Conley 5th or 6th
125 Sexton 2nd or 3rd
130 Miller will score som points
135 Rhodes can score a few
140 Gilson can get some points on the board
145 Wood Potential State Champ a definate 2nd
152 Bolen A good shot to finish anywere between 1st and 3rd
160 Rhodes 4th to 6th depends on him
171 Brown Doing a great Job potential State Champ definate top 3
189 Moyer will return to State Finals and Bellville a good match
215 Stewart Most improved HE CAN WIN IT
275 Keaton Top 5 easy
The Patriots Have the Potential to place 11 guys at states and i think it will be enough to grab the title from Oak Glen With a few upset wins for INDY and with Snuffer 103 and Blake at 112 it s going to be hard to beat them.

January 23, 2001
comments: To everyone who said i said band junior high wrestling from WSAZ I NEVER SAID THAT. I said do not invite as many teams have an equal number of high school and junior high teams. that would make the tounrment run smoother

January 23, 2001
comments: Any Tulsa Results. how about some of the Young Guns like MIKE PRINCE and JAKE JUSTICE how did they do Congrats to WV boys that went and competed expecially the EASTER brothers National Champions. Someone give some results.

From: Wrestling Fan
comments: I just wanted to pass this information on. You see I stayed at the XXXXXXX in Huntington this past weekend during the WSAZ Tourney and the cost was $70.85. My stay was from Friday night till Saturday. Saturday the rate went back down to $35.00 dollars. I believe that this jacking up of prices and taking advantage if sporting parents and teams is rediculous. I would highly suggest that every team demand a better rate for their wrestlers in the upcoming state tournament. So just remember that XXXXXXX raises their rates nearly double during sporting events. Get the word out so nobody else is taken advantage of.
Editor's note: Serious charges here. Better delete the name of the Hotel/Motel

January 23, 2001
From: Ravenswood Follower
comments: To all the guys making predictions Dana Raban has quit the team. You might want to make note of it.

January 23, 2001
comments: CONGRATULATIONS!! To the KENNEDY brothers. Great job!!And more to come.

January 23, 2001
From: PM11:06
comments: actually when I take people down and let them up I'm just being cocky.

January 23, 2001
From: IHS Patriot
comments: to whoever asked Barnette suffered a knee injury in football and is out for the year. for whoever asked snuffer is way to small to wrestle 12 when you have guys that cut from 125 there. Also Sexton and Stewart didn't wrestle at WSAZ's due to slight injury and illness but will be back soon enough.

January 23, 2001

comments: My predictions:
112-Grogg(he has beat Easter before he'll do it again)
119-Metz (he is looking stronger than anyone I've seen)
125-Johnson(good match between him and Kinsley but he'll be on top)
135-Abshire(It will be a good match with Duncan)
171-Miller(good matches between Courtney and Daggett and Miller)
215-Noechel(with McCartney in a close 2nd)

January 23, 2001
From: Just a Fan
comments: I attended a Tournament this past weekend I won't say where. I saw a top seed 125 wrestler get beaten by a wrestler that wasn't even seeded (B-Team). I could not believe how the boy that lost acted. You Win some you Lose Some. Take your loss in Stride usually there's a next time you'll meet take it to the mat. Punching walls doesn't do anything___but hurt!!! Take your losses like you take your wins! Head Up Shake hands!!! Be A MAN!!!!!

January 23, 2001
From: WVgrappler
comments: I think that there should be a seperate forum for Junior High and High Schools so there would be less confusion.

January 23, 2001
From: Coach Stef
email: bsmontgomery@rtol.net
comments: Keep Middle School/Junior High Wrestlers out of the WSAZ??!!! You've got to be kidding!!!! WV wrestling is about getting kids involved in a fantastic sport that promotes grades sportsmanship and athleticism. Middle school and junior high wrestlers are the future of wrestling in West Virginia. Surely the person with the outrageous comment concerning "banning" young wrestlers from the WSAZ tournament only wrote into the forum to get a response from those who respond to the comments on the forum. Surely he or she was not serious!

January 23, 2001
email: SAGrappler@aol.com
comments: Does anyone know if Logan has a 130 or 135? If you do would you please send me this information. Thank you

January 23, 2001
From: a fan
comments: I have been watching and i think that Morgantown High has one of the biggest turn around teams this year they have improved a lot so good job for MHS.

January 23, 2001
comments: could any one tell me how delligatti from fairmont senior did against gandee saturday

January 23, 2001
comments: this is to the so called "wrestling fan" you know the one that thinks that taking people down over and over is cocky. you don't know much about wrestling do ya or you were one of those wrestlers that got takin down over and over did you ever think that some wrestlers are better on their feet than anywhere else so all i'm trying to say is think before you type.

January 23, 2001
comments: To Brent Sams: I still don't know how you do it but it seems as if you give a vivid description of each championship jr. high/middle school bout. It is with real pleasure to read your write-ups of each match. For those schools not making the trip it is like being at matside to read your descriptions. Keep up the good work on an excellent job and one that has got to be very difficult.

January 23, 2001
comments: Congratulations to Braxton County Middle School who came in 2nd in the Middle School Division of WSAZ and 10th overall. Also congratulations to Brandon Digman 3rd place in the 110lb; Pat O'Malley 5th Place in the 165lb; and Glen Tanner 7th place in the 155lb. GREAT JOB GUYS!!!!!! This is Brandon and Pat second year wrestling and Glen's first. We are extremely proud of you!

January 23, 2001
comments: i think everyone is over looking mike minger of clay he is wrestling really good and gave gregg of bs one yeck of a match last year and got stuck at the end but i think he will be in the top three well think about it thanks

January 23, 2001
comments: What happened in the North Marion/Fairmont Senior match?? any results???

January 23, 2001
From: forum reader
comments: Personally and no offense to anyone i kind of like all the trash talk.Not only does it keep things interesting but it also adds to the fun.Besides i don't think that Doc lets anything that bad on here.I enjoy reading all of the rankings and the discussions that follow.

January 23, 2001
From: Someone That Knowa
comments: Has someone forgot about Point Pleasant's 160 Jon Bonecutter. He won the WSAZ. People say that he had it won before he got there.Others say that in the states Shindler will move up and kill him. If shindler was at the Wsaz and moved up would he hve beat Bonecutter

January 23, 2001
From: OVAC Wrestler
comments: How do you consider the penalty poin against Magnon questionable? He clearly never tried to take Bellville down.

January 23, 2001
From: Casey Hughes
comments: Oops! Sorry about skipping Joe Weaver of Magnolia!! It sure is a feat what he has accomplished for Magnolia's wrestling squad isn't it? Thanks for pointing that out Uncle Bo and Brent are gonna be a mad at me huh? Congratulations Joe!

January 23, 2001
From: alphaOmega
comments: To Wrestling Fan.
In regards to wresters that score there points on there feet true it is only one part of wrestling but a very important part and thats also called tactics if your better than your opponent on your feet keep him there why not ? we are trying to win right ? I say use whatever means are at your diposal :)

January 23, 2001
comments: does anyone know what weight ash gandee wrestled this weekend at ripley

January 23, 2001
From: To Mr. ED
comments: Nice predictions its about time to see someone with actual ones that make since those are pretty good but dont count out Micheal Goerge from Pburg he will be near the top at the end And also Great job to Lou Thomas for his impressive match with Matt MIller keep workin Lou u can win it all buddy he should at least be ranked by the way.

January 23, 2001
comments: TO WRESTLING FAN: maybe sometimes u cant pin everybody and a person is hard to ride so whats the point of wearing yourself out trying to do something thats hard to do and get tired and get yourself pinned .. so i say if u cant ride someone but u can take them down do it!!!

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