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January 27, 1998
From: Mat Fan
email: comments: Couple comments:
Was at the giant OVAC tourny this past weekend.....490+, wrestlers....some 35 or so teams. How is it schools like Cameron and Bishop Donahue compete on the single A level while Oak Glen competes on the AAAA level??? How can they maintain a AA status in WV state?? Is there something wrong with the sytem? That's like sending WVU out to the nationals to wrestle teams like West Liberty. Oak Glen didn't seem to bode so well against other schools their size.
At any rate, was watching some of the 130 pounders in action.... seems like Glass of Oak Glen may be the man to beat at states. Miller squeaked by Hughes in OT. Was no competion for Glass.

January 27, 1998
From: Radclerk60
comments: Predictions for the state tournament for AA-A.
103: Ash Winmoth vs Eric Noel
112: Jimmy Johnson vs Mike Schlieper
119: Eddie Wible vs Jason Hayhurst
125: Mike Miller vs Justin Wence
130: Mark Lowe vs Josh Reed
135: Mike Withrow vs Eric McCartney
140: Jason Miller vs Andrew Richards
145: Jason Seville vs Denny Lebec
152: Chris Basford vs Chad Purpura
160: Bouge Parrish vs Adam Lewis
171: Adam Blevins vs Steven Kinley
189: Brandon Kufper vs Justin Underwood
215: Garrett O'Neil vs John Clayburn
275: Alex McClung vs Luke Salmons

The possibility of this hapening in Huntington is Impossible. The fact of the way we are seeded after Regionals, sometimes has #1 vs #2 in the semi-finals. Something needs to be done about that. If anyone would like to comment about this, please do so.

January 27, 1998
From: Robert Hickman
email: SHickman@aol.com
comments: Several years ago (1976) there was a high school freestyle tournament in the spring in Huntington. I was in it and it was a lot of fun. I would like to expose my sons to some freestyle wrestling, are there any freestyle tournaments in West Virginia? If not I'd be available, if possible, to help someone put one together or to promote it.

January 27, 1998
From: double leg

January 27, 1998
From: FAN
comments: to RKB. I would just like to say that Ripley wrestlers are in the best shape that they could be in. I would also like to say that Michael Hosaflook is one of the best I've seen.

January 27, 1998
From: Mike Riggleman
email: riggleman@starmail.com
comments: Big Fan: I don't think that Regalbuto is going to win at 112. I HEARD that he either broke a collar bone or a growth plate. Which would have him sidelined for the rest of the season.

January 27, 1998
From: Sarge
comments: The high school state rankings are no factor as of right now. The semester is just now ending for most schools. You all know what that means. It means if you don't have a 2.0 you are gone for the season. So this may result in loss of good wrestlers from across the state in both A/AA and AAA. comment: I don't see how people can make state champion predictions so early. I would like to see some A/AA predictions for state championships! Good job Wirt! They received 1st place in A/AA at WSAZ.

January 27, 1998

January 27, 1998
From: stiffy
comments: In regards to Lemaster, he is out with a knee injury for the season. I was also wandering about Besidich of NM, did he drop to 152? And Chaplin from John Marshall, is he going to 135, I haven't seen him at 135, he wrestled 140 at the OVAC.

January 27, 1998
From: hamster
comments: I was wanting to know who the top three runners for the state championships are in 130, 135, 152, 160, 275. If any one wants to comment, please do.

January 27, 1998
From: a scouting fan
comments: To: Ravenswood wrestler
One tournament doesn't make you a top team. Look at where you placed at Braxton and Jackson County with respect to these teams. I do agree that you should be ahead of Williamstown, though.

January 27, 1998
From: BIGfan
comments: I was in attendance at the very exciting and prestegious WSAZ invitational. I would first like to congratulate Huntington and Wirt county on their victories. I would next like to give info on Heldman, runner-up at 119, he is from Marietta, Ohio. Last I would like to offer a AAA poll that I have made after attending the Winner's Choice and WSAZ. Remember, this is only my opinion, I don't mean to offend anyone. Feedback is welcome.

103                              112
1.Jim Shetler (Hedg.)            1.Anthony Regalbuto (Hedg.)
2.Chris Johnson (Nit)            2.Danny Bonasso (FS)
3.Alex Reed (PP)                 3.Clint Radcliff (PS)
4.Jon Delligatti (FS)            4.Mark Evans (WP)
5.Ryan Fullen (HHS)              5.JP Stanley (CM)
6.Greg White (NM)                6.Brian Floyd (NM)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

119                              125
1.JC Chirgwin (HHS)              1.Joe Thorpe (HHS)
2.Matt George (PHS)              2.Joel Newberry (PHS)
3.Jeremy Burris (PP)             3.Brian Flanegin (WP)
4.Danny Stanley (Br)             4.Jarred Walters (CM)
5.Joey Mayle (BU)                5.Matt Kotzen (JM)
6.Ryan Ford (FS)                 6.Pat Whitmore (Hedg)

130                              135
1.Adam Gorby (NM)                1.Chris Wilson (Pr)
2.Eric Frazier (CM)              2.Jimmy Moles (HH)
3.Tim Bulford (Pr)               3.Josh Chaplin (JM)
4.Rick Stanley (Br)              4.BJ Sailor (EF)
5.Bryan Moats (Hedg.)            5.Mike Cinalli (FS)
6.Billy Payne (St.A)             6.Justin Coffey (CM)

140                              145
1.Nick Hedrick (FS)              1.Jason Johnson (PS)
2.Josh Craddock (RC)             2.Mike Hosaflook (Rip)
3.Chris Raines (EF)              3.AJ Monseau (WP)
4.Joe Cline (Jef)                4.Nathan Bexfield (HHS)
5.Josh Smith (PS)                5.Jason Marks (PHS)
6.Mark Kennedy (RCB)             6.Adam Dicken (EF)

152                              160
1.Jason Ward (CM)                1.Bob Wilson (JM)
2.William Steele (RC)            2.JD Kirby (Jef)
3.Ty Emrick (PS)                 3.Ryan Besedich (NM)
4.Eric Cadogan (FS)              4.Dallas Nibert (CM)
5.Bryan Williams (PHS)           5.Bo Burgess (RC)
6.Jason Coulter (Nit)            6.Jason Cummings (Mor)

171                              189
1.Ryan Zombro (Jef)              1.Jason Conaway (NM)
2.Bobby McDonough (FS)           2.Lonnie Sharp (Elk)
3.Bryce Cogar (LC)               3.Tim Wheeler (PS)
4.Jeremy Rickard (PP)            4.Matt Wehrle (HH)
5.Josh Blair (HHS)               5.Don Alexander (Br)
6.Todd Daggett (PS)              6.Simon Copley (CM)

215                              275
1.Mike Zebuhr (BU)               1.Zach Kerns (Elk)
2.Geno Ochap (WP)                2.Mike Hennessey (NC)
3.Scott Moore (NM)               3.Craig Morgan (HHS)
4.Josh Blair (HHS)               4.Matt Reed (LC)
5.Shane Alford (Hur)             5.JD Murphy (Hedg)
6.Trinton Ashby (Hedg.)          6.Ryan Murphy (Univ)
I am sorry if I left anyone out, I haven't gotten to go to as many matches as I would have liked to this year. As for AAA Team Champion, It is too close to call between Parkersburg South and Huntington High. I guess we will find out at the Conference Meet. If I am not mistaken, it is February 7 at Capital High. I know I will be there!

January 27, 1998
comments: I have a few comments reguarding two submissions to this page. On Jan.18 a fan, and on Jan.19 Luchador made their predictions for State Champs. I agreed with many of the predictions, but I was a little puzzled when I saw that on both polls Mike Cinalli was the predicted champ. With all due respect Cinalli is a great wrestler, but he has three in state losses at 135. Josh Chaplin of John Marshall defeated him at Brooke, and BJ Sailor of East Fairmont has defeated him twice this year. 135 has a lot of competition, and I think its to early for a clear cut favorite.

January 27, 1998
From: Ravenswood wrestler
comments: It amazes me that we have dropped out of the top 10. We came in second place at the WSAZ in AA and 9th overall out of 30 some teams AAA and AA-A. We beat out Independance, Winfield, and Williamstown who are all ranked ahead of us. It does not seem right that we are not at least mentioned around number 10.

January 26, 1998
From: Joe Altobello Keyser High School
email: jaltobello@mindspring.com
comments: Congratulations go out to Paul Jackson, retired Parkersburg South coach. Paul was honored as the National Wrestling Coaches Association 1996-97 Region 2 "Coach of the Year". Region 2 includes Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Maryland. Paul did an outstanding job at South and genuinely deserved this honor. Again congratulations.

January 26, 1998
From: The Editor We put up some results from the WSAZ Invitational, and there may be a few typos perhaps some of our readers can help with.
According to published results ...
Wood County finished with 48 points. Is this a shool in Ohio or Ky, or a typo?
Preston Co finished with 4 points. Preston Co WV did not attend. Was this some other Preston Co?
Heldman was runner up at 119. Where is Heldman from?

If anybody can help "buff-up" the results, we would appreciate !!!!
Addenum: Thanks to my good friend Red Devil who has already called some errors to my attention.

January 26, 1998
From: Just asking?
comments: In regard to wrestle fans comments about Cabel Midland... what happened to their 119 pounder Lemaster? He seemed to be a good contender to place at states. His replacement Arbos seems good too, if a little small.

January 26, 1998
From: 125 wrestler
comments: I was at WSAZ and saw Chad Mullins from Ripley get fourth place.
Also to Panther: who is Dawg Logan?
Go Joe Thorpe Champion 125 WSAZ

January 26, 1998
From: Mike Riggleman
email: riggleman@starmail.com
comments: This post is mainly directed toward Jason Seville but it applies to any one out there who is out there reading this. There is a difference between studing tapes on someone to see what kind of moves they do, what their tendencies are.....AND...checking up on other wrestlers to see what they are doing. As long as you wrestle the best that you can that is all anyone will ever ask of you. If you go out there determined to win the chances are much greater that you will. Not to take anything from Crow but his victory over Hovermale last year is a perfect example of what I said.

As far as the big topic on females wrestling. I've been assoicated with the sport of wrestling for 16 years, not bad for someone who just turned 20. And in this huge chunk of my short life I've seen many a female come and go and I would have to say any female that can go through a season or more of the kind of practices that a Blankenship, Gilson, Potts, or any High School Wrestling Coach gives out -- I say they diserve alI the respect, and chances as any other wrestler.
Sorry about the long post.

January 26, 1998
From: wrestle fan
comments: I would like to congratulate the Cabell Midland "WSAZ" Champs, Eric Frazier, Justin Coffey, Jason Ward, and Dallas Nibert. They looked very impressive. As for the team Cabell Midland finished behind Huntington, again. But watch out, because they have a tough 103 freshman coming up, Olson and Copley will be back soon, AND FOR EVERY ONE ELSE ACROSS THE STATE,MIDLAND HAS A BIG, BIG SURPISE.

January 25, 1998
From: Banana Split
comments: In regards to Jason Seville's inquiry on the A/AA 145 pound division, I have a few thoughts. I feel Morgan Sisk of Petersburg has shown the most promise thus far in the season. His best competition will come from Andrew Richards of South Harrison, Denny Lebec of Oak Glen and John Maybury of Keyser.

January 25, 1998
From: Jim LeMaster
comments: An interesting sidelight to the recent discussions on females in wrestling. This weekend Wirt County's 75 pounder Erica Dye, (yes, I said Erica) won the Jr. High Division of the prestigious WSAZ tournament in Huntington. She was the top seed in a 32 man bracket and certainly lived up to her billing. I had the pleasure of speaking with this young lady after her victory and she is every inch a young lady yet a tremendous technician as she proved in her victory. One more super job was done by Jamie Dean who placed fourth in his weight class despite being nearly totally blind. This is one of the truly unique and wonderful aspects of our sport that the only limitations are those that you place on yourself. Congratulations to Erica and Jamie as well as all those who participated in both the Jr. High and High school divisions.

January 25, 1998
From: S.F.
comments: Congratulations to Jefferson's J.D. Kirby for reaching 100 career wins this weekend. Kirby becomes only the second Cougar wrestler to reach this milestone. John Jackson ('97) is the only other Cougar to reach 100 wins. Kirby has had an awesome season so far this year (34-1 OW Jefferson Inv.), and along with Ryan Zombro (37-0 OW Winners Choice) gives Jefferson quite a 1-2 punch ate 160 and 171.

January 25, 1998
comments: Is it true that Hughes took Miller in overtime? I also heard that Logan Glass from Oak Glen beat Hughes this week 10-0. So who is the man to beat at 130???

January 25, 1998
From: WVMatGuy
email: comments: Comments on the Junior wrestling states:
It's a shame in that we can't have some kind of a Jr. High state tournament for these kids. As far as a little league state tournament, I've been travelling around the state and coaching young wrestlers for years and I've found that there is no true state championship tourney for these kids. The Parkersburg tourney is exactly that. A Parkersburg tournament. (Choice of seeds comes in to question) and the other top notch wrestlers from around the state seem to get shafted. Case in point. A couple of years ago, we had an undefeated kid seeded third. Second seed was another undefeated kid from southern WV. The top seeded kid scratched. The second seed should've been moved to top seed, but wasn't. No changes were made to the brackets. The two top wrestlers met in the semi's while a kid with a losing record scooted right out into the finals. 'Junior States' What a joke.

January 25, 1998
From: Chris Basford
email: CCat152@aol.com
comments: What is this stuff about females and wrestling? If they get the job done, or fill the spot, shouldn't that be all that matters? Maybe you should take a look at Amy Aleverio of Maddona. She is getting the job done, and it would be nice to see her make it to states. Never doubt anyone's abilities, because they will prove you wrong someday.

January 23, 1998
From: Jason Seville
email: seville@intrepid.net
comments: When do the state individual rankings come out? I am mainly interested in the AA/A 145 pound class. Anyone have any ideas?

January 23, 1998
From: TAG
comments: It sounded like the Fairmont Senior-North Marion dual was a real thriller on 1/22. I don't have any vested interest in who won, but it sounded like North Marion's stategy to wrestle Besedich at 152 paid off in big dividends. I have a question on how he was able to do that. He wrestled 152 at beginning of the year, then 160 later. In January against Morgantown, he wrestled 171. I thought if you went up 2 weight classes, the new ruling for minimum weight certification this year said your original certification was forced up 1 weight class making his new minimum 160.
Editor's note: I am certainly no expert in rules interpretation, but as I re-read Dr. Welker's commentary (Making the Call, 12/16/97) on this subject it appears that the important point is at what weight you weigh in rather than what weight you wrestle. The way I read the rule, you can weigh in at 160 and wrestle up one weight class - 171. You would still have the option of weighing in one weight class lower, in this case 152, and wrestle at 152. Can someone help us out here?

January 23, 1998
How is Grafton left out of AA poll top 10? Wow.

January 23, 1998
From: penality point
comments: TO: WV mat page, this is a outstanding wrestling site. It has anything you would ever want. I hope the para chat stays on. I think its great. Great job with this site. No site in the country has more amateur wrestling coverage than this one. Outstanding job done by every involved with the WV Mat page. Great job!!!!

January 22, 1998
From: Robert Hickman
email: SHickman@aol.com
comments: RE: Jr. High States: Both the Parkersburg and Clarksburg State tournaments are fine events but one must read carefully the age rules for both tournaments. They are different. Parkersburg's age requirement is your age as of the start of the tournament (March 7, 1998). However, Clarksburg's age requirement is the wrestler's age as of 1/1/98. This could result in a 13 year old legally wrestling in the 11-12 age group. Parkersburg is a 2 day event and Clarksburg is done in one day. Please keep these differences in mind when deciding which tournament is best for your wrestler.

January 22, 1998
From: Trip17
email: Trip17@hotmail.com
comments: I think females should be allowed to wrestle just as much as males. Has anyone seen the female from Weir Madonna? I have seen many guys struggle against her and lose.

January 22, 1998
From: Randy Bierce
email: Hummmbert@aol.com
comments: RE: Jr. High Wrestling
There is no junior high state tournament sanctioned by the SSAC. The closest thing to a state tournament in Jr. High is the WSAZ tournament in Huntington this weekend (Jan. 23-24). Usually there is around 60 Jr. High, Middle School and Freshman teams entered. It is well-representative of the schools in the Huntington, Beckley and Charleston areas, as well as teams north to Wood County (Wirt, Braxton and Ritchie Counties). Some years, Fairmont Miller and Mannington enters. Sherrard has entered 5 of the last 6 years and when I coached at Moundsville in 1984-85, we entered a partial team. However, outside of Sherrard, no one else in the Northern Panhandle travels. Also, the Parkersburg Jr. highs aren't allowed to participate outside their county, so it loses wrestlers from both of these good areas. Soooo...Jr. high wrestling is pretty much a hit-and-miss thing for now.

Just for discussion, here's a list of who seems to be the top teams in the state this year for this grade level..
FRESHMAN TEAMS: Cabell-Midland, Huntington, Herbert Hoover
JR. HIGH TEAMS: Edison (Parkersburg), Independence, Williamstown, Sherrard, Cameron, McKinley (St.Albans), Park (Beckley), Central Preston, Moundsville, Charles Town
MIDDLE SCHOOLS: Pt. Pleasant, Fairmont Miller, Oak Glen, Wirt County, Andrew Jackson, Milton, Triadelphia (Wheeling) , Ripley, Bridge Street (Wheeling)

The order would change depending on whether the teams were wrestling in duals or a bracket tournament; for instance, we're stronger in a dual than a bracket tournament. I'm sure there are some other tough teams I'm leaving out. I think we probably see more teams from throughout the state than anyone else; at any rate, it's fun to speculate and I'm sure there will be plenty of comments from others! But that's one of the things that makes wrestling (and sports in general) so interesting: the speculation!

OK...anyone else with any thoughts on this?

January 22, 1998
From: full nelson
comments: When is the best time to get on the WV para chat line? Also, any info on this up comin WSAZ tournament in Hungington? What time does it start this Friday? And Saturday???
Editor's note: RE the chat room: Sunday night at 9:00 PM seems to be the most popular time. I might point out that the chat is unmoderated, which is computer-ese for, er, um, it may not be what you expect ...... Many of the features on this website work well and some not so well. The chat room is definitely in the evaluation phase.

January 22, 1998
RE: Photo Quiz
Stan Robinson answered the questions correctly on picture quiz #2. Photo #1 is Nick Hedrick of Fairmont Sr winning his 100th high school match. Photo #2 is of Lonnie Sharpe of Elkins and Adam Bolden of Liberty; not too long ago Elkins was, for a year or so, the Forest Hills Timberwolves.

January 22, 1998
From: half nelson
comments: In the AA coaches poll there is one coach from region 4, one from region 3, one from region 2 and two from region 1. The entire state is well represented.

January 21, 1998
From: Jim LeMaster
email: lemasterjpmd@msn.com
comments: In response to the questions about Jr. High wrestling. There is no official Jr. High State championship. There are 2 places that run so-called Jr. States (Parkersburg and Clarksburg) but in actuality these are for ages 6 and under as the lowest and up through 13-15 for the oldest. They are both fine events and the competition is excellent. Also, for a few years, there was a tournament at Capital high school billed as the Jr. High State Championships. However you entered this as an individual.

Now for my pet peeve!!! As a middle school coach, I can have no out of season contact with any wrestler on my team. I have a lot of wrestlers that would like to wrestle in independent tournaments up through the end of April or at least up through Jr. States. I can't even legally go watch without jeopardizing their eligibility. I could not even coach my own son in the " off season" because of this rule. I would love to start a viable Pee Wee program for ages 13-15 for wrestlers from my county to continue, but I am unable to do so unless I resign my position. Because of this many kids wrestle without a coach or someone who hasn't been certified to coach. These volunteers have great intentions, but many have not had first aid training and do not attend the clinics to keep up on rules changes, etc. In other states, kids wrestle year round and this puts WV kids at a great disadvantage. If I were dishonest, I could probably get by with this for a while, but I would not risk a kids eligibility. There was even a well documented case where a female softball player at Midland was ruled ineligible because she played in a pick up game at her church where score was not even kept and team members switched after each inning! It's a shame that rules that are intended to protect kids actually end up restricting them!

Sorry about this long post, but I thought this would be of interest as to why schools do not wrestle past their county championships.

January 21, 1998
From: RKB
comments: Just wondering who votes on the top ten? Is this information public? Could someone help with this? No complaints,but it would be nice to know how state wide the voters are spread.

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