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January 24, 1999

January 24, 1999
From: AA Fanatic
comments: If the state tourney were today this is who I thin would win
103 Gandee Rav (More size this year)
112 Wenmoth Will (best pound for pound in the state AA or AAA)
119 Westbrook Will (One tough nugget,all guts)
125 Hayhurst Rit (Coming on strong)
130 Glass Og (repeat in the making)
135 Weible Og (finishing were he could have last year)
140 Miller Wirt (Can I say four times)
145 Lamb Og (Will not be sitting this one out)
152 Johnson Will (Not to be overlooked)
160 Jones Og (back in finals again)
171 Kinley Lib (going to be hard to beat)
189 Lewis Lib (Look real good at WSAZ)
215 Busick Weir (going one step higher on awards stand)
275 Salmons Rav (Best heavyweight in state any class)
With Outstanding wrestler going to Miller of Wirt

January 24, 1999
From: Ken Chertow
email: chertow@themat.com
comments: Congratulations to Midland Wrestlers, Coaches and Parents and Coaching Staff on your success this season, most recently at Nitro and WSAZ! Nick Hedrick- Congrats - Wishing you continued success! All wrestlers looking to peak for state tourney would benefit from Visualization article - http://www.angelfire.com/biz/grappler/ttips.html#vis
Ken Chertow

January 24, 1999

January 24, 1999
From: fan 103&119
comments: I don"t think 103 & 119 gets the credit they deserve, you never here anything good about them. 103 has a good tough title to beat some of them have been there for a while.

January 24, 1999
From: interested fan
comments: I would like to know if someone could tell me who wrestles AA/A in the 130 pound weight bracket ? Thanks

January 24, 1999
From: Dragon Fan
comments: I would like to echo Nick Busick's comments on WTOV ch.9's coverage of the OVAC wrestling tournament. This is the largest conference wrestling tournament in the United States. It's nice to see these boys finally getting the media attention they deserve. There were nearly 500 athletes who competed this past weekend in the tourney. Makes up for a pretty large audience of parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, and neighbors....doesn't it. Unfortunately, the (media type deleted) coverage was poor again. I fact, all of the (media type deleted) coverage of wrestling here in the valley is poor. I believe it hit an all time low last year when they covered the state wrestling tourney. There were several boys from here in the valley who brought home state championship titles. Not one picture appeared... This is a disgrace. So while you're emailing WTOV Ch9 to commend them, drop a line to with the (media type deleted) and echo you're thoughts on their coverage.
Editor's note: Er, um, we try to run a friendly little website here and the last thing I want to do is draw the ire of another media outlet. My meager budget does not include legal defense...(smile)

While on the topic, let me make my annual pitch that it sure would be nice if West Virginia Public Broadcasting could broadcast the State Tournament finals on a tape delay basis (as is done by Pennsylvania public broadcasting). The State Tournament finals truly would showcase athletes from across the state, and would be of state-wide interest to fans across West Virginia. Anybody out there have any connections to WVPB? It couldn't be that expensive -- for Petes sake, out local high school is having thier basketball games broadcast on a tape-delay basis by our local cable company...

January 24, 1999
From: Concerned fan
comments: I was at wsaz this weekend and saw a lot of good wrestling. Yet I saw something that made me sick, one kid who is claimed to be one of the best in the state did things that are not of the character of a wrestler of that level. He took cheap shot at kids when they would go out of bounds. He was rude and thought that everyone else was below him. He would not even shake the oppossing coaches hand, which is a gesture of good sportmanship. This does not look good because there are little kids who aspire to be like these wrestlers and I do not think that they set a good example. Yet there were others who showed what true champions they are with their humble way they approched wrestling this weekend. I know this is a rough sport but we do not need anymore jerks in it because its bad for the sport, I do not care how good the individual is.

January 24, 1999
From: AA fanatic
comments: If the AA sate were held today this is how I think the top ten will go
1 Oak Glen (almost untochable)
2 Williamstown (overlooked dark horse of the state)
3 Wirt (chink in LKC armour)
4 Cameron (? do not see much of the rest of the state)
5 Ritchie (soild through the middle)
6 Weir ( also heavly overlooked)
7 Braxton ( Going to be in it for LKC)
8 Ravenswood ( got three tough ones)
9 Calhoun ( Motor starting to stall out)
10 Liberty Raliegh ( got two who is going to score a lot a points)

January 24, 1999
From: chop-chop
comments:I am just writing to say congrats to Nicholas Hedrick on his school record breaking performance and I hope he breaks the county record. Out with the old and in with the new. But he had better make it a high win record because sophomore Matt Miller is also on the rise for that record. But good luck to both wrestlers and have a great season

January 24, 1999
comments: Greenbrier West finished third in the Calhoun invataional they defeated calhoun county and this SHOULD PLACE THEM IN THE TOP 10

January 24, 1999
comments: I do not feel that Ripley is getting the respect they deserve. They have a solid team form top to bottom. They will be in the hunt for it all come the last week of Febuary.

January 24, 1999
From: a wrestler

comments: dear female fan, I agree that sucking too much weight is bad, but dieting and getting down to your best condition is part of wrestling as well. I know we lose weight over practice, but its all water weight and by the time we shower and make a couple trips to the fountain, all of the weight we have lost is right back on. If the wrestler is as good as you say, I'm sure he is smart enough to know what his best weight is, and won't go so far as to hurt himself, to hinder his chances of getting to his ultamate goal.

January 24, 1999
From: jayman
email: jrm@wvadventures.net
comments: I think it is a little dissappointing that WSAZ is still using the same old awards that they have always used, how about some trophies for a change.

January 24, 1999
From: The Rankinator
comments: To "THE ROCK": As far as Dearth vs Ward, I also took the "upset" factor into consideration. It was the first match of the season, and Dearth had the element of surprise in his favor. I think most would agree with me that it will be a formidable task for Dearth to beat Ward again, that is why I still have Ward #1.

To "viewer": Walters has beaten Brooks?? The only results I see between these 2 wrestler are in the finals of the Nitro Tournament, where Brooks beat Walters 10-6 (Brooks moved up to wrestle Arbes in the CM-HHS dual). Walters has also lost to Bosley of PS, and hasn't faced Mayle or Griffin. Griffin is unbeaten, and Mayle wrestled him very close in the finals of the Winner's Choice. That is why Walters is #5. Walters moving down to 130 has forced Arbes to move up to 135, so even though he only has a few in-state losses, most of those were at 130. Arbes has yet to wrestle any of the wrestlers ranked above him, and until then we have little to go by. Now the team satndings - these are based solely on a mathematical formula applied to my rankings. I'll revise them in a few weeks after the conference tournaments and they will be more accurate.

To "WHY WONDER": I have only seen a few results of Robbie Ripley from Nitro, and they were at 119. Nitro wrestles at Fairmont Senior this Friday, so I will know where to rank him after those results are posted, based on how he fares against Delligatti and Huntington's 103.

Thanks, and hope I clarified a few things.

January 24, 1999
comments: i attented a high school tournament recently. the first in about 5 years. (i was inspired by this page and forum.) i must say that i was dissapointed by wrestler,coach and fan behavior. the booing, taunting and overall bad sportsmanship was shocking. i could have been at a wcw match rather than a high school event.

January 24, 1999
January 24, 1999
From: swinger
comments: Stanley of Cabell Midland was defeated by Williamstown's Willie Westbrook wich was a very exciting match. Congratulations to Williamstown on their 2nd place finish - a job well done. Keep up the hard work and you'll give Wirt a run for their money

January 24, 1999
comments: I would just like to say that the rankinator did a good job at 103 and 112 except don't count Robby Ripley from Nitro out of the top three in 103. He is a good wrestler. In 112 Clayton Samples from Parkersburg tech falled Nathen Kinsley this summer from University. And I wouldn't be surprised to see Samples place high in the the State at 112. Parkersburg High has a good (tournament) team and don't be suprised to see Parkersburg High end up with four state champs...

January 24, 1999
From: viewer
comments: to rankinator
You have very good predictions in alot of weight classes, but I am following up on some of the best teams and first of all I don't think you have put Cabell Midland high enough. I mean they're ranked first right now and they've had a lot of setbacks; fifth place, I mean come on you put Walters at 130 in fifth too, even though he beat Brooks from Hunt. and has the tendency to step it up in the state tournament. Also you have Todd Arbes at like eighth when he has only lost 2 matches this year against some tough competition. I think CM will at least finish top two, and I don't think the trophy will be heading to Wood county as you predicted, it just might go to Cabell or Marion county this year

January 24, 1999
From: fan
on your undefeated part of your homepage you have leftout Mike Miller only one lose to a Maryland wrestler. and Anthony Regalbuto was of 12-29 was 13-0 and I don't think he has lost since. Just thought I'd drop those names in.
Editor's note: Certainly wouldn't want to intentionally leave anyone out, but on the other hand we need information from a verifiable source. I have had some jokesters submit names of people who they say are 88-0 or some such. Send this information via email (not via the forum) with the name of person submitting the info and a call-back number for verification if needed. I don't publish the name of the sender or the number, but want it on hand in case there is some question and I need to verify. Requiring a name of sender and call back number helps eliminate pranksters who send me stuff like "Joe Schmo of Leftovershoe H.S. is 99-0."

January 24, 1999
comments: Congratulations to CABELL MIDLAND HIGH SCHOOL on your big win at the WSAZ wrestling tournament. Way to go to the wrestlers and coaches. Keep up the good work and looking forward to seeing you all at the State Tournament! YEA AND GO KNIGHTS!

January 24, 1999
From: Nick Busick
comments: WTOV, Channel 9, broadcasted LIVE the finals of the OVAC wrestling tourney. This was done on a Saturday night during prime time hours. Their email address is sports@wtov.com and would suggest to all who participate in this forum to drop them a line and tell them "JOB WELL DONE!" Put your remarks to the attention of Bill Phillips (Sports Director).

With WTOV doing this, competition in TV market may have some raising thier heads and causing the WV states to get the same recognition. Wrestling in WV has grown in popularity and I personally look forward to its continued growth and recognition. This web site is a prime example.

After all, what sport allows the competitor, coach, parent and spectator the emotional high like wrestling? NONE does it like wrestling....NONE!

January 24, 1999
From: Ritchie fan

January 24, 1999
From: South Fan
comments: I think everyone needs to think again because Parkersburg SOUTH is going to take the state once again ....... GO SOUTH

January 24, 1999
comments: To the Rankinator
Correct me if I am wrong but did not Dearth of South defeat Ward of Cabel Midland. If you are going on results Dearth has no instate losses and Ward does to Dearth. Shouldn't that put Dearth at one and not two?

January 24, 1999
comments: How about them AA boys down at WSAZ!!!! They showed then AAA boys in the finals. Ash Wenmoths victory over Chris Johnson WOW!!!!! Just goes to show that this year AAA is no better than AA.

January 24, 1999
From: Fan
comments: Well looks like the WSAZ's is over and we got something interesting. Johnson from Nitro was defeated by Wenmoth of Williamstown. But you should make your predictions over for AAA 112. I think it's Kinsley University!!

January 23, 1999
From: The Fireman
comments: i was just wanting to let everyone know that Fairmont Senior has beaten North Marion and BU. why are they ranked so low and behind both of these teams? they are coming on very strong. also to RAINMAN: your predictions (are inconsistant with my expectations...)

January 23, 1999
From: The Rankinator
I based these AAA Rankings on results posted to this website.

1 Matt Stevens Pkb......1 Chris Johnson Nit      
2 Alex Reed PP..........2 Nathan Kinsley UN
3 Greg White NM.........3 Trent Casto BU
4 Jon Delligatti FS.....4 Clayton Samples Pkb
5 Jeremy Layner PS......5 Robbie Williams Hunt
6 Justin Stanley CM.....6 Dustin Bowers Hed 
7 B.J. Miller WW........7 John Duncan PS
8 Adam Kennedy WP.......8 Ryan Russell PP
9 Kevin Ballam Hed......9 Mike Muldrew JM
10 Matt Smith Rip.......10 Derek Kennedy WP

1 Matt George Pkb.......1 Anthony Regalbuto Hed
2 J.P. Stanley CM.......2 Brian Floyd NM
3 Danny Stanley Brk.....3 Mark Evans WP
4 Jim Shetler Hed.......4 Wesley Layne HH
5 Matt Mitchell Ro......5 Matt Kotsen JM
6 Devon Abshire Jef.....6 David LeMaster CM
7 Ryan Fullen Hunt......7 Dave Hefner UN
8 Casey Daggett PS......8 Zach Myers Hunt 
9 Arthur Trusler BU.....9 Clint Radcliff PS
10 Derek Carnifex HH....10 Ian McBride Jef

1 Kenny Griffin UN......1 Brian Moats Hed
2 Joey Mayle BU.........2 Brian Flanigan WP
3 Paul Brooks Hunt......3 Jason Trusty Pkb
4 Mike Bosley PS........4 Jesse Allman BU
5 Jared Walters CM......5 Josh Cross PS
6 Chris Tull Jef........6 Bill Gatian NM
7 Chris Higginbotham Nt.7 Jonathan Holt FS
8 A.J. Tasker Pr........8 Todd Arbes CM
9 Sean Agoney Mar.......9 Beechard Howell Elk
10 Matt Bender Ro.......10 Charlie Thomes HH

1 Matt Callahan WW......1 Nick Hedrick FS
2 Chad Mullins Rip......2 John Ramsey NM
3 Jason Gillespie Brk...3 Jimmy Moles HH
4 Brad Davis Mar........4 Bill Baisden BU
5 Jeremy Abbott PS......5 Matt Burgess WW
6 Derek English Hed.....6 Jamie Nash NC
7 Brad Ebert JM.........7 Scott Rhodes Rip
8 Marcus Gray GW........8 Joey Thomas Hunt
9 John Bland FS.........9 Justin Snyder Hed
10 Jeremy Lane Cap......10 Brian Tatum CM

1 Brandon Williams Pkb..1 Jason Ward CM
2 Chad Wehrle HH........2 Josh Dearth PS
3 Ty Emerick PS.........3 Matt Miller EF 
4 Matt Queen RCB........4 Jeff Courtney FS
5 Cameron Shell BU......5 Joe Jackson Mar
6 John Maybury Key......6 Matt Bryant BU
7 Robbie Webb Jef.......7 Tony Frame NC
8 Matt Phares Elk.......8 Brad Credo Brk
9 Matt Cinalli FS.......9 Josh Taylor Hunt
10 Shane Eakle EF.......10 Trapper Skrypek JM

1 Todd Daggett PS.......1 Matt Wehrle HH
2 Nathan Logan Rip......2 Wes Pickens PS
3 Bobby Hawkinberry NM..3 Jason Cox Hunt
4 Scott Gusic Mar.......4 Mike Roach PP
5 Lonnie Nichols Ro.....5 Jarrett Jennings Pr
6 Joey Nichols Brk......6 Don Alexander Brk
7 Brett Huffman BU......7 Kevin Strunk JM
8 Tim Jones JM..........8 Adam Wilson WW
9 Chris Altobello Key...9 John Madia RCB
10 David Dille CM.......10 Josh Alderton Mar

1 Adam King Rip.........1 Joe Heath GrE
2 Josh Coffee CM........2 Rob Fortney BU
3 Steve Ochap WP........3 Brian Padovini Mgt
4 T.J. King NM..........4 Jim Gaines NM
5 Brett Gray JM.........5 Fred Persinger LC
6 Adam Bryant BU........6 Nathan Utt Rip
7 Robert Welch Ro.......7 David Hearst FS
8 Ryan Morris WW........8 Josh Suprenant JM
9 Mitch Hastings Hnt....9 Byron Wellman CM
10 Curtis Barber FS.....10 Craig Morgan Hnt
Keep in mind these are based on actual results posted on this website. Only about 25% of all wrestled matches have been posted here. If more coaches/parents/wrestlers/fans would take a few minutes to type in results from statbooks or newspapers it would make this site even better!

AAA Team Predictions (Tournament not Duals)

1 Parkersburg South
2 Parkersburg
3 Buckhannon
4 North Marion
5 Cabell Midland
6 Hedgesville
7 Ripley
8 Herbert Hoover
9 Fairmont Senior
10 Wheeling Park
11 University
12 Woodrow Wilson
13 Huntington
14 Brooke
15 Point Pleasant
16 Martinsburg
17 John Marshall
18 Nitro
19 Greenbrier East
20 Roane County

Looks as if the Team Trophy may be heading beck to Wood County!
Editor's note: Lest there be any confusion, Rankinator's work is his/her own and does not constitute an official poll by WV-Mat. We don't agree or disagree with Rankinator's poll. We do commend Rankinator for the effort...

January 23, 1999
From: Old Coach
comments: First, I thought the comments from Tim Miller were great regarding Jr. High/Middle School coverage! Second, regarding Rick Welker's thoughts that teams will travel all over the state to get good noticed in order to get a high ranking. Many teams in the state already do this, not to be ranked, but because they have no choice. Why? Because there may be a big tournament a hundred miles away that offers multiple dual matches or just good competition. And when a kid takes a championship at one of these tourneys and gets his first-place trophy, he's already climbed the highest "podium" available to him at his age. And he'll be on top of the world, even if it is, uh, only "Jr. High Wrestling. Other times, schools simply must travel for their programs to exist. To my knowledge, there are only two Jr. High/Middle School wrestling programs in the entire Eastern Panhandle, both in Jefferson County (Harpers Ferry and Charles Town). For years both teams have done extensive traveling to get matches--Harpers Ferry routinely travels through West Virginia, while Charles Town regularly travels to PA for top-notch competition. And the results? Both schools are crazy about their teams, with 40 or more kids going out for their squads each year. And they never have those empty weight classes that need to be filled (both even have J.V. squads and do their best to give everyone as much mat time as possible). All you need is excitement for your wrestling program, and these schools have that excitement. A final thought on the polls: while it's great to see Harpers Ferry ranked with the best teams in the state, Charles Town also belongs in the top ten. They're great every year, and the only reason they aren't ranked (maybe like the Wood County schools) is that many teams in West Virginia haven't seen them because it's easier for them to travel to PA to find good competition.

January 23, 1999
From: wrestling fan
comments: Does anyone know if Wheeling parks HWT is still hurt and for how long?

January 23, 1999
From: spiderman
email: bigjunk@hotmail.com
comments: Hi everyone, thanks for visisting my site!!! I 've added visitor polls after each of the "tougher" weight classes, so come to the site and help me pick the placewinners. Also, I'm having some trouble figuring out 152, I mean it has me completely perplexed! If anyone has an opinion on this weight class, e-mail me your picks or let me know by signing my guestbook. To connect to my site just go to-- http://homepages.infoseek.com/~da_spider
thanks everyone, spider

January 22, 1999
From: Marion County Wrestling Fan.

comments: I feel North Marion has a good shot at the AAA Title. They have a tremendous work ethic and Coach Roy Michael knows what it takes to be a Champion.

January 22, 1999
From: female fan
comments: while browsing through the forum I noticed comments that truly bug me.
#1 if you are an unbeatable wrestler (which there is no such thing) then why would any wrestler suck so much weight? If you are that great then sucking weight should not be necessary....
#2 Shame on you parents that allow your children to suck so much weight that their cheeks are caving in. Shame on you for your denial that your wrestler does not lose that much weight. It is very noticeable. Can't a good wrestler win no matter what he weighs as long as both wrestlers are equal in weight? Lets face it, these kids lose weight anyway by practicing everday. True that they also get stronger. Cant this be enough. We need to discourage weight loss. Just for the HEALTH of our children.

January 22, 1999
From: The Editor
I appreciate Mr. Welker's thoughts on ranking Jr High/Middle School wrestlers. I share his viewpoints in some respects and disagree in others, but that's O.K. We are all entitled to our opinions and sometimes the appropriate conclusion is to simply "agree to disagree." Since some of his observations relate to editorial decisions about this website, perhaps I should make the following observations:

We are making note of undefeated Jr High/Middle School wrestlers this year. I don't see this as an attempt to "rank" these wrestlers, but rather just a report of a fact that someone is undefeated. The reader can draw his/her own conclusions. I would like to expand the coverage of Jr High and Middle School wrestling in some way. A little more exposure can't hurt. I'm seeing many Jr High/Middle School teams with much less than a full roster.

In regards to Jr High/Middle School team polls, several readers have offered polls here in this forum. I think we can all understand that these are unofficial and represent someone's best opinion based on what they know. We don't have any "official" Jr High/Middle School championship tournament in WV. I don't suggest that we need one. However, I disagree that wrestling at this level should exist solely to "feed the high school." These kids work hard and their coaches work hard. They should be allowed enjoy the fruits of their labor in their own right, and not be viewed solely as a farm club for the High School.

We have made note of undefeated High School wrestlers for the past couple of years. Again, this is simply a report of factual information and the reader can draw his/her own conclusions. Information such as this is needed to correctly seed wrestlers in late season tournaments and regionals. Newspapers can pick up on this information to write more detailed stories on the sport. This year I chose to include a listing of those H.S. wrestlers with no losses to in-state wrestlers. I think these wrestlers deserve mention as there are some teams who travel out of state to look for the toughest competition and pick up some losses in the process. When it comes time to seed the regional tournament, who should have the higher seed -- a 30-1 record with a loss to someone else in the state, or a 29-2 record whose only losses have been to, say, a PA or Ohio champ? I don't even want to get in to seeding debates -- I'm glad to let the tournament directors and coaches thrash that one out.

Personally, I'm glad we have polls. If a wrestler (or a team) gets soundly defeated, perhaps some solace can be taken if the defeat comes at the hands of a highly ranked team or wrestler. Sometimes the blow to the ego can be mitigated to some degree. For instance my favorite team (Preston) is suffering through a 4-13-1 season so far. At least we can say we have lost to some pretty highly regarded teams (Midland twice, North Marion twice, Fairmont Senior twice, University twice, as well as Hedgesville, Ripley, Buckeye Local, Carrollton, and Northern). I bet for every kid who suffers a "blow to his ego" because he is not listed on some poll, there is another kid who can find some encouragement in the fact that a loss came to an undefeated or top ranked wrestler.

January 22, 1999
comments: You are absolutely right wrestling is a sport for all sizes. But let me say I have seen so many Jr High and Middle School wrestlers that survived off of nothing more than athletic ability. I have wrestled and coached these types of wrestlers. Also who will be the individuals determining the rankings. There are too many Junior Highs and middle schools in the state are we going to expect the schools to now travel to all ends of the state to get their wrestlers exposed. What I am saying is that we do not need to do this, we never have in the past so why start now. Believe me I feel exactly the same as you that the wrestlers do deserve recognition and they will when the climb to the top of the podium as a HIGH SCHOOL STATE CHAMP. And I promise you this if you start ranking these kids, you may never read about any of the kids tomorrow because you have destroyed their egos today.

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