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January 21, 2000
From: mc
email: curreyml@wirefire.com
comments: If you want to stick to high school accomplishments rather than college Ken Chertow still has to be the best WV wrestler ever. Check out the National results page quote on this site "Ken Chertow was Junior National Champion in 1984 at 123 lbs in both Freestyle and Greco-Roman and earned Outstanding Wrestler Award in Freestyle. He went on to win the Junior World Championship the same summer."

For anyone who has competed at the Junior National level they will realize what an amazing accomplishment this is. Ask the kids who went to FARGO this summer. Taking nothing away from the NHSCA national tournament but it is not the same caliber of competition.

Also back then WV didnít have their own team. You had to qualify in WV to go to a qualifying tournament in PA with 4-5 other states qualify for Eastern Nationals and then Nationals.

And who else has competed at the international level in high school let alone can say they won a Junior World Championship? I still have to mention his accomplishments after high school. Ken was a 3x All-American at Penn State Pan American Games Champion and 1988 U.S. Olympian.

January 21, 2000
From: link man
comments: http://wvgazette.com/news/Sports/2000012114/
article on WSAZ

January 21, 2000
From: smart@
comments: If we're gonna start all this junk with all-century teams and all-milleniumm team which by the way the millenium isn't over yet because there was no year 0000 but anyhoo we might as well do the greatest wrestlers of all time and I'm talking that have ever lived. so here are my picks: Marcus Aurelius, Jacob (from the Bible), Alexander the Great, Abraham Lincoln, John Smith (not the one that won all the medals but the one that settled america), Odysseus, and of course lets not forget (name deleted).

January 21, 2000
From: wvaa
email: wv_aa@hotmail.com
comments: I'll put together a poll page for the all 90's team AA. If everyone emails me their candidates i can put the top 7 seven candidates for each class on a poll. If I receive some emails I can get started anytime. thanks

From: WVAA
email: wv_aa@hotmail.com
comments: HI I have updated my site FINALLY! Ok BUB! Anyway it's all uploaded polls predictions you name it. Be sure to vote on the poll page for your favorites in each AA weight class. Also keep those AA All 90's team Nominees coming I will add that poll to my poll page. Thanks!

January 21, 2000
From: Forum Fan
comments: I don't know what it is about all the "All Millenium Teams" but I personally think that there is no point in it. There are too many good wrestlers to make them into just ONE team. If you guys and gals really want to make a team think about All of the othe small schools like Clay Braxton and Webster.

January 21, 2000
comments: I would just like toasay that no matter what everyone thinks The Winners Choice tournament in Fairmont is the premier pre-regional tournament in the state well of course The Powerade is a great tourney but i believe it is not held in WV although many wv teams compete in it. the wsaz is nothing compared to this! The Big 16 is the premier tourney for AA teams even though some AA compete in the Winners Choice. I also liek the Viking Smash. Please write your feedback in teh forum so i can be better informed ont he tournaments that may be better or as good as.

January 21, 2000
From: southgirl
email: south_girl01@hotmail.com

January 21, 2000
From: MFriderfan
email: MFridrefan@aol.com
comments: As of now both Gandee and Schindler from Ravenswood are both undefeated. Also I don't think Kupfer and Noel will meet in the OVAC finals.

January 21, 2000
comments: Schindler did not lose at Pt pleasant. He won his first match then became ill and went home.

January 20, 2000
email: smittyc_69@hotmail.com
comments: I say lets start nominating for the all 90's team and once we recieve nominations then have a poll to decide who is on the all wvmat.com's all 90's team AA and AAA. What do you guys and gals think?
For 103 I nominate
AA Mike Miller 96
AAA David Satterfield 93

January 20, 2000
From: D>K>
comments: Congrats to the Braxton County Eagles on being undefeated as a team. These boys have worked very hard this year. I have to say if it wasn't for the respect and dedication they have for themselves and the coaches they wouldn't be ranked third in the state for AA right now. As a parent I am very proud of the Braxton County Eagles. Expect a good showing at the states this year. As for Buckhannon-Upshur they have an awesome team. All their wrestlers have their heads where there supposed to be (winning). Best of luck to Buckhannon-Upshur ! Go eagles!!!!!! TAKE IT TO THE MAT GUYS.

January 20, 2000
From: Coach
comments: A suggestion for the all century team: Stick with the accomplishments that a wrestler has achieved during his high school career in West Virginia and dont worry about what he has done in college. . .

January 20, 2000
From: Lucas
email: mlucas@citynet.net
comments: Does anyone have the seeding information for the WSAZ this weekend?

January 20, 2000
comments: Phanatik missed the boat with Nitro! He even left out their 152 and 145 pounders. Maybe alittle more reasearch would help. Johnson will be first and so will Easter.

January 20, 2000

January 20, 2000
comments: Schindler from Ravenswood is not undefeated he lost in the Point Pleasant Tournament over Christmas

January 20, 2000
Polar Bear Wrestling says Thank You for the Winners - Choice / Rotary Tournament

On behalf of the Fairmont Senior High School wrestling team and coaching staff, I would like to express my appreciation for all of those who were responsible for making our 2000 Winners Choice - Rotary Wrestling Tournament a major success. This tournament which hosted 31 teams is considered to be one of the finest wrestling tournaments in West Virginia. In order to make this 2 day tournament run so smoothly, it took the generous contributions and hard work from the following: Winners Choice - Tournament Sponsor, Fairmont Rotary - Tournament Sponsor, Joe Naternicola - Tournament Director, Interact Clubs, Mac Corwine (voice of WV wrestling), Skeeter and Karen Delligatti - Official Scorers, Mat Maids from FSHS, East Fairmont, and North Marion, table workers from all three high schools, veteran workers Griff Fowler, Raymond Morgan, Dave Stephenson, and the Buck Yost family, the wrestling parents from EFHS, NMHS, and the West Fairmont Junior Wresting Club, and all those businesses and people from our community who donated so generously to our hospitality room.

I especially want to extend a thank you to our Polar Bear Wrestling Boosters for all that they do to support the Polar Bear Wrestling Program. You are the best!
Thanks Again!
Coach Mark Delligatti, FSHS

January 20, 2000
From: Regional observer
comments: First off i would like to thank fanatic for his predictions of state seeds he got three right this time. To all who didn't believe that Delligatti is the man i think he proved you all wrong. His showing in the Winners Choice tourney shows why he could be our next 103 atate champ. that is if matt easter doesnt have his say. If the brackets fall right i see easter and delligatti going at it in the state finals. Delligatti will win his region no offense to Ballum because he is a great wrestler and should place in states as well. Delligatti si experienced 4th and 5th place winner at states but Easter is just as good being only a freshman (he won amatuer national title). So beware for what could be the best match at states this year. Watch out for burnworth miller and smith. Good luck to all in your push towards states.

January 20, 2000
From: South wrestling fan
comments: comment or the forum: Ken Chertow was indeed a great wrestler who went on to great things after high school but if I could jog your memory a little with some interesting recall. You will notice that Chertow was "only" a 2X state champ and the reason being was he was beaten rather easily his sophmore year by a 3X state champ from P.South named Rich Underwood. The following year Chertow moved up and away from Underwood. When you start to mention an all Century team my 112 lb man would be underwood hands down !

January 20, 2000
From: Old Coach
comments: Congratulations to Steve Reynolds of Harpers Ferry who won four matches at the Spencer Duals last weekend to push his career record at Harpers Ferry to 103-4. Way to go Steve!

January 20, 2000
comments: I think that the team of the 90's should be Parkersburg South for AAA because they have won more State Championships in the 90's than any other team in the AAA has.

January 20, 2000
From: shutter bug
comments: I would just like to warn anyone who is going to have to wrestle the A-Train because he wrestles with the tenacity of a grizzly bear. Seriously this kid is good and I predict he will come out on top come regionals. Choo choo

January 20, 2000
comments: I am putting my money on noel in the showdown against kupfer...i know that kupfer has beat noel before but since noel has moved to oak glen he has improved alot and is a much better wrestler.

January 20, 2000
comments: I think you are wrong about Shetler defeating Radcliff the next time they wrestle. Once Radcliff gets the advantage and gains a little confidence...it's over! I guess we'll see though.

January 20, 2000

January 20, 2000
From: Brent Sams
comments: Your leading candidate for Unlimited on the All-Century team would be Duard Bennett of Elkins coached by Bob Irwin. If I recall correctly Bennett was undefeated with twenty some pins to accompany each one of his victories.

If you want to talk All-Millenium You have to consider Indian fighters from the 17th century Lewis Wetzel founder of Wetzel County and Mr. Wells founder of Wellsburg. Their training feats from military camps is still astounding today. Then there is also Simon Butler who survived several Shawnee Gauntlet runs and is held in high regard over two hundred years later. Simon's commander Colonel Clark founder of Clarksburg was the only man known to out-combat Simon. And of course you don't want to forget Kanawha County resident Daniel Boone.

I think we are best to stick with eight All-Decade Teams and then establish an All-Century Team.
Editor's note: Yeah, but did Daniel Boone ever have to make weight? (smile)

January 20, 2000
From: C. Newberry
email: tiggernewb@aol.com
comments: In reference to Harpers Ferry Junior High and Charles Town Junior High. I work very closely with the Junior wrestling program (JJWA)in which wrestlers from both schools wrestle for us a team. It seems to me that the rivalry between the two schools has been escalted by the adults in the area. Don't get me wrong a little rivalry is healthy but it seems that this rivalry has been taken too far. These wrestlers will be going to the same high school and we the junior and junior high program should have a common goal of preparing these wrestlers for the Senior High program. It has been forgotten that this is a sport and it is supposed to be fun!

January 20, 2000
From: halfnelson
comments: Consider these facts when talking about accomplished heavyweights. Josh Waugh during his senior year of '97 was 48-0. Only two of those matches went 6 minutes (both were w/ the state runnerup one during the regular season and one in the regional finals). No one scored a takedown or reversal on Waugh during that season. He only allowed a handful of escapes and most of those were intentional. Although he wasn't named the OW at the state tournament (I don't think a heavyweight has ever gained that honor) he was voted the outstanding wrestler for the state of WV by National High School Coaches Association. The perfect season w/o giving up a takedown reversal or back point is a remarkable feat that may not be duplicated.

January 20, 2000
comments: How bout a wrestler who performed an awesome feat in the 167 weight class in 84-85. Tom Schindler was unscored upon through the regional and state tournament to be crowned State Champ from Ravenswood. What makes this worthy of mention in an all century team? He wrestled in the toughest region in AA and one of the toughest weight classes that year. Lets talk about what a wrestler has done in West Virginia High school wrestling for a first criteria to get them on a team. Get people to nominate 6 wrestlers from each weight class for each decade. Take the highest percentage of wrestlers mentioned and put them in weight classes. You can have more than one wrestler at each class preferably 6 in each class.

January 20, 2000
From: Wrestling fan
comments: Trevor Thomas of East Fairmont beat Aarron Fleming in 1989 state tourney semi-finals. And Thomas lost in the finals to a kid from Ripley.

January 20, 2000
From: comment
email: for the fourm
comments: I agree with the statement "The greatest HWT wrestler to ever grace the mat in the state of WV was the incomparable Aaron Fleming."

January 20, 2000
From: Chris Basford
email: basford2@hotmail.com
comments: Picks for the 90's

A-AA                                 AAA
103 Mike Miller 3x sc: mow           Doug Rexroad 3x sc: mow
112 Chad Burge 3x sc: mow            Dewitt Stanley 2x sc
119 Danny Life 2x sc: mow            Jason Taylor 3x sc: mow
125 Jeremy Hart 2x sc: mow           Zach Hasse 2x sc: 
130 RC Anderson 4x sc: mow           Ryan Muldrew 2x sc: mow
135 Buddy McKeen 2x sc: mow          Jason Ward 2x sc
140 Mike Mason 3x sc: mow            Doug Moore 4x sc: mow
145 Josh Giagengo 1x sc              Jason Johnson 3x sc: mow
152 HL Parsons 2x sc                 Mark Samples 1x sc: mow
160 Mike Shepard 2x sc               Mike Viani 2x sc
171 Anthony Kennedy 2x sc            Ryan Coartney 2x sc
    Toby Ray 1x sc
189 Mike Payne 2x sc                 Robert Davidson 3x sc
    Matt Canady 2x sc 
215 Laramie Richmand 1x sc           Mike Sharpe 1x sc
275 Josh Waugh 1x sc                 Mike Fortier 1x sc
                                     Aaron Fleming 2x sc

Team of the 90's:
    Cameron                          Parkersburg South
    Oak Glenn

Coach: Jim Potts                     Paul Jackson
       Larry Shaw

MOW: Mike Mason                      Mark Samples

January 20, 2000
From: HHSWrestler
comments: I think that Rob Archer from Huntington would be a good choice for a "Millenium Team." Although he never won a state title he was an All-American his senior year and was a 4-year starter at Ohio State. Trust me he is my coach. 8^) Also James Branch would be a good choice. I believe he was a AA College National Champion for West Liberty. And obviously Kenny Chertow and maybe his brother Todd. Well enough rambling for now. Have a great day.
PS: Also there is no point in arguing this there is no way anyone's going to agree on a "final list." This is a very touchy subject... SHEESH!

January 20, 2000
From: Chuck Smith
email: smittyc_69@hotmail.com
comments: IS it possible to start a poll by the fans coaches and wrestlers to comply a WVMat.com ALL Millennium team or wrestlers of the 90's team to be named at a later date You could start with 103 and then have a new weight class every week. Just a suggestion your responce and comments please. I think it would be a great Idea
Editor's note: First off, as we know, the weight classes have changed around condiderably in past years. 95, 98, 102, etc. Someone would have to look through all the state tournament results back to the beginning, list all weight classes in order, then figure out how to organize them for starters...

January 20, 2000
From: Bobby Jenks
email: rhswrestlingcoach@hotmail.com
comments: I'm looking for links or info. for open tournaments for after the season. Please email any tourney info. or mail me a flyer. Thanks
B. Jenks Asst. Coach Richlands High Va.

January 20, 2000
From: pb legleach
email: saxguy@hotmail.com
comments: I would just like to acknowledge Matt Corder from Philip Barbour who hasn't lost to any in-state wrestlers yet and is having a terrific season. He was regional champ last year and took first at Winner's Choice this year and I believe he is going all the way. Although his style appears unconventional and he is light for a 215 he continues to persevere. It will be interesting to see how he does against Steve "The Locust" Ochap when that time comes. Keep it up Matt!!

January 20, 2000
comments: Good luck to all WV teams in the OVAC tournament.

January 20, 2000
comments: I was looking at the seedings for the OVAC and i saw a whole ot of AA wrestlers seeded in the top 5. Also look for a possible AA state championship show down at OVAC with Roger Kupfer and Eric Noel. Who do you gys think will win I have my money on Kupfer.

January 20, 2000
comments: I think that you should consider Randy Pryor a candidate for the All Mellienium Team he was undefeated and a 2x State Champion in High School. He went on to be a 2x All American for West Liberty.

January 20, 2000
From: Tom Janus
email: tjanus@nfis.com
comments: Why would the ranking coaches put Hedgesville behind Fairmont Senior? When I do rankings and somebody beats somebody head-to-head it removes all DOUBT.
C'mon back

January 20, 2000
From: Proud Wrestling Parent
comments: Congratulations!!!! Several West Virginia Wrestler went down to the Southern Nationals in North Carolina last weekend and had a strong showing for the State. 1st place winners were: Anthony Hall Derrick Knapp and Michael Prince. 2nd Place: Adam Barnette Brian Barnhart Bubby Page Matthew Prevette & Robert Shyver. Also Micheal Pervette 4th and Ryan Asbury 5th. Congratulations on a job well done!!!!!!!!!

January 19, 2000
From: wv wrestling fan
comments: I would just like to say what a great job Hedgesville hasdone in the last few years.I believe they will produce more then2 state champs:the obvious Anthony Regalbuto and Bryan Moats.They also have Kevin Ballam who has already defeated top ranked Delligetti this year.Plus Jimmy Shetler who I predict will Defeat SOUTH'S Radcliff the next time they meet.Also Dustin Bowers who is undefeated this year beat University's Kinsely with ease at the Winner's choice will go the distance to win states.And the outstanding freshman Danny L ord has proven to be a top contender at 125I think the Eagles will prove to be a force to be reckened with.

January 19, 2000
From: South wrestling fan
comments: If anyone is going to start an all millennium team you may want to start with a liitle stick of energy who was a 3X state champ at 95 lbs all three years in 70-71-72 . His name was Larry Dupay of Charles Town High !

January 19, 2000
comments: For The Forum -
Re: Junior High Report
Don't count out Braxton County Middle School at the WSAZ Tournament. Braxton placed third at the Spencer and their only loss in dual competition was to Wirt County Middle 42-46. Braxton also placed third at WSAZ last year and have a quality middle school team.

January 19, 2000
From: BP
comments: For those of you who critique wrestlers based on:
(1) The rate at which they score in the first period.
(2) Score at the end of each period. Accompanied by match score & result (DEC. MAJ.DEC. TF and/or FALL)

My complaint is that there are more ways to beat a wrestler other than score, TF, or by Fall.
(1) Controlling the tempo of the match dictating a fast or slow tempo which in turn will create the wrestler to be in bad position. Having the knowledge & ability to do so distinguishes between a great wrestler and those who show up just wear a singlet.
(2) Going hand & hand with the statement above is to physically demoralize your opponent. Mentally and physically with technique and with persistance. Which again creates the opportunity to put your opponent in bad position to score.

I don't intend for you to adopt this style but intend for you respect it. The match score might say (2-1) first period. Which again leads one of many 2nd period tap-outs by his opponent. My comment is match score can't not always mean his opponent is in the match! You wrestle your way we'll wrestle ours!

January 19, 2000
From: wolverine
comments: I have been watching the Buckhannon-Upshur wrestling team for some time and am very impressed. They seem to have a very strong team. I do not believe their standings in the coach's poll is completely accurate of their performance. They have finished ahead of some of the teams ranked ahead of them! I realize the poll is in dual matches but i believe this team has more potential than most realize. Joey Mayle is the backbone of this team cluttered with talented wrestlers.Good luck wrestlers

January 19, 2000
From: Phanatik
comments: Phanatik's Mid Season AAA rankings:
Little or No results posted from Logan Spring Valley Oak Hill & Greenbrier East.

1 Jonathan Delligatti FS
2 Matt Smith RIP
3 Matt Easter NIT
4 B.J. Miller WW
5 Kevin Ballam HE
6 Ricky Brandau PRE
7 Charles Burnworth UN
8 Adam Weaver PB
9 Aaron Glasser BU
10 Lucas Cappas MGT
11 Joshua Gorayeb WP
12 Dale Grace NC

1 Justin Stanley CM
2 Matt Bosley PS
3 Trent Casto BU
4 Chantz Griffith JEF
5 Josh Barrett HUNT
6 Adam Kennedy WP
7 Sammy Bonasso FS
8 Matt Wilson NM
9 Jason Drappo HE
10 Paul Creamer NIT
11 David Clopton MAR
12 Mike Fasoleutos JM

1 Matt Stevens PAR
2 Chris Johnson NIT
3 Dustin Bowers HE
4 Nathan Kinsley UN
5 Chris Gibbs CM
6 Josh Cross PS
7 Billy Barrett HUNT
8 Brad Michalski FS
9 Nick Duncan PP
10 Ryan Peckham JEF
11 J.K. Tyree WW
12 Jason Starsick NM

1 Matt George PAR
2 Mark Evans WP
3 J.P. Stanley CM
4 Danny Lord HE
5 John Duncan PS
6 Wesley Lane HH
7 Robbie Ripley NIT
8 Dustin Barnes FS
9 Zach Meyers HUNT
10 Josh Thumb CAP
11 Daran Hays NM
12 Derrick Cooper RIP

1 Jared Walters CM
2 Clint Radcliff PS
3 Jim Shetler HE
4 Derek Kennedy WP
5 Devon Abshire JEF
6 Clayton Samples PAR
7 Ryan Fullen HUNT
8 Mike Muldrew JM
9 Adam Smith RIP
10 Matt Simmons RIV
11 D.J. DeWees PP
12 Billy Griggs NIT

1 Mike Bosley PS
2 Joey Mayle BU
3 Paul Brooks HUNT
4 Jed Ott NM
5 Josh Moore WP
6 Justin Kessler MAR
7 Jeremy Nott PP
8 Jared Hess HED
9 Scott Hartlieb FS
10 Charlie Thomas HH
11 Phil Bliss BRK
12 Kurt Jones JM

1 Brian Moats HE
2 Todd Arbes CM
3 Casey Daggett PS
4 Victor Beard MUS
5 Billy Gatian NM
6 Jonathan Holt FS
7 Derek George JM
8 Rob Pumphrey PP
9 Sean Agoney MAR
10 Blane Mayle BU
11 Brandon Geary EF
12 F.D. Shay PRE

1 Anthony Regalbuto HE
2 Jason Trusty PAR
3 Jeremy Lane CAP
4 John Bland FS
5 Andre McDonald JEF
6 Kenny Griffin UN
7 Andy Travise BU
8 Josh Zafarmand NM
9 Willis King RIP
10 Matt Warner PP
11 Heath Taylor JM
12 Aaron Futten EF

1 Nathan Pickens PS
2 Brandon Williams PAR
3 Jonross Neptune FS
4 Jason Mayes HUNT
5 Jamie Nash NC
6 Rick Hickman NM
7 Matt Phares ELK
8 Justin Snyder HE
9 Travis Durst MAR
10 D.J. Tatar UN
11 Shane Eakle EF
12 John Maybury KEY

1 Chris Daggett PS
2 Jeff Noechel EF
3 Brad Davis MAR
4 Bill Baisden BU
5 Matt Cinalli FS
6 Chuck Pauley NIT
7 Brock Tetrick NM
8 John Dunham HED
9 Darren Marks PAR
10 Trapper Skrypek JM
11 Donnie Hill UN
12 Joey Joplin HH

1 Matt Miller EF
2 Jeff Courtney FS
3 Scott Coulter NIT
4 Jacob Morton JEF
5 Joe Jackson MAR
6 Joey Thomas HUNT
7 Jeremy Boetjer ELK
8 Caleb Tennant NM
9 Andrew Everhart HED
10 Joe Mike Rector HH
11 Jimmy Meadows RIV
12 Jeff Altizer LOG

1 Matt Wehrle HH
2 Josh Coffey CM
3 Matt Sternthal EF
4 Chris Moles PS
5 Mookie Mayer RCB
6 Andrew Starsick NM
7 Josh Burner PB
8 Chris Flynn UN
9 Curtis Barber FS
10 Jason Baker HED
11 Matt Miller PRE
12 Brandon Schirtzinger PAR

1 Steve Ochap WP
2 Matt Corder PB
3 Aaron McCartney PS
4 Holland Dotts FS
5 Ryan Morris WW
6 Ryan Rawlings RIP
7 Kenny Lowther LC
8 Mitch Hastings HUNT
9 John Wells JM
10 Ryan Frazier CM
11 Jason Shreve ELK
12 Jim Hood KEY

1 Joe Heath GE
2 Bryan Wellman CM
3 Craig Morgan HUNT
4 Jim Gaines NM
5 Nick Shomo PB
6 David Hearst FS
7 Dustin Householder JEF
8 Ryan Boyd UN
9 Jeremiah McCourt BU
10 Nathan Utt RIP
11 Fred Persinger LC
12 Mike Smith KEY

January 19, 2000
Editor's note: Wow! Fans are really interested in the "all-decade, all-millenium" team question. We are receiving lots of opinions on this topic which is great. Keep up the input coming. However, let me make it clear that this topic of discussion just sort of "came up" --- WVMAT is not in the process of naming any "all decade - all millenium teams" officially. The poor editor is not knowledgable to do justice to this project, but, there are some in the state who are. How about it coaches? Anybody interested in bringing up this topic at the coaches meeting at the State Tournament? Anybody want to form a committee to take this project on???????

January 19, 2000
comments: Maybe you better think about Steve Root for your 90's team...i am pretty sure Steve beat Josh Waugh 8-3 in the 96 state finals!

January 19, 2000
comments: does nyone have alst of teams hat will be in the WSAZ this weekend?

January 19, 2000
From: Panhandle Fan/Parent
comments: Good luck this weekend to the Hedgesville Eagles at the Rebel Invitational in Hagerstown Maryland. Eagles should dominate this one! They had an excellent showing at the Winner's Choice last weekend with a much improved third place finish only 1 1/2 points behind Fairmont Senoir in second. The upper weights have improved and will continue to improve the rest of this year and into the next. Hedgesville is only losing three wrestlers next year to graduation everyone else will be returning. They also have new recruits coming up through the feeder programs in the county that will enhance the the future power and dominance of the Eagles. One of thegraduates of the feeder program is Danny Lord who as a Freshman this year has already this year proved himself to be a formidable foe. Congrats to Parkersburg South on their hardfought and well deserved victory last weekend. A Special thank you to the organizers of both the Wheeling park Super Duals and the Winner's Choice Tournament for their outstanding job this year. Everthing was run in an orderly fashion and all volunteers at both events did everything they could to make the weekend enjoyable. All were very hospitable and hardworking kudos!

January 19, 2000
comments: How could you leave off Matt and Malcomb Ashley from an all time team. Matt was a 4XSC and I think Malcomb had 3 State Titles.

January 19, 2000
comments: without a doubt the best 152 pounder ever in WV was Gary Tuttle of PHS the best 185-189 pounder was Scott Schenerlein PHS and the greatest HWT wrestler to ever grace the mat in the state of WV was the incomparable Aaron Fleming. Tuttle was a 3x state champ outstanding wrestler and 4 yr letterman at WVU. Schenerlein was a state champ outstanding wrestler 2x All American and 2x NAIA runner-up....he has wrestled all over the world (russia europe) representing the usa. Greg Pettit PHS was never a state champ but was an olympic gold medalist greco roman in 1988 olympics for the deaf.....dont get caught up in these stupid lists....no one researches them enough....just go to Parkersburg Highs schedule page and you will find at least half of the all century team wrestled there. What about Leyland Merrill of PHS he was an olympic bronze medalist in the 1932 olympics. These lists are stupid. REMEMBER.....Dan Gable was not on ESPN's or SI's lists. All your lists are stuck in the 90's ....look at what the wrestlers on your lists did after college......90% did nothing....again go to PHS page and see what their wrestlers did after HS and what the people I listed above did.

January 19, 2000
From: Wrestler of 1989
comments: In reference to "TEAM MILLENIUM " what is the criteria for choosing your "DREAM TEAM?"Must they be Individual State Champs or can they have just placed in the top six in the state. (Alot of those who did not win state titles are better then those who won state titles due to injury and other info not known.) Or If we are going to choose by the decades (70'S 80's 90's) I suggest some of you do research of the past wrestlers of the state. For example Vinnie Monseau of Wheeling Park (138lbs) Jimmie Lamb of Fairmont Senior (185lbs) Gary Tuttle of Parkersburg (152lbs) Jason Hale of Huntington (130lbs Dave Koreski of Parkersburg (135lbs) Alex Shook of Brooke (HWT) Aaron Flemming of Parkersburg Robbie Archer of Huntington (135) "Crazy" Joe Naternicola West Fairmont Mike Kirby of Weirton (Currently an Official Now!) John Crain Of Oak Glen (119lbs). Including Ken Chertow Mark Samples R.C. Anderson Jason Barton Mike Mason Doug Moore Jay Michael Todd Kendall. What about the wrestlers of the future Matt Easter (Nitro (103) Johnathon Delligati (West Fairmont (103) Anthony Regalbuto of (Hedgesville (145) Matt Miller of (East Fairmont(171) and the list goes on and on. My closing comments pertains to the "DREAM TEAM" Coaching Staff Larry Shaw of (Oak Glen) Roy Michael of (North Marion) Joe Naternicola of (West Fairmont) Buzz Evans Of (Wheeling Park) Joe Handlan of (Parkersburg) and Bill Archer of (Huntington) Mark Delligatti of (West Fairmont) and Many of the Coaches from (Parkersburg South) WOW! Alot of tough choices.

January 19, 2000
From: KF
email: Luvtobeno1@aol.com
comments: I would have to agree with mc on the Millenium team. Ken Chertow was not only able to compile a tremendous HS record. He went on to not only the next level but again to the next and the next. Wrestling for Penn St. and then going on to make the Olympic Team. How many others from WV can actually say that they are WORLD CLASS. He has over the years continually been committed to taking the quality of wrestling in this state to a much higher level and continues to provide quality feedback and support to many wrestlers throughout the state even today. If this list were based totally on Wrestling accomplishments alone he would be at the top hands down but when you add what he continually has and is giving back to the sport there should be no doubt in anyones mind. Ken Chertow is the millinium wrestler from the state of WV! He is not only a WORLD CLASS ATHLETE but a WORLD CLASS INDIVIDUAL!

January 19, 2000
comments: In the all century team or whatever someone tried to compile how about Gary Tuttle Mike Mason Steve Higgins Ken Chertow David Satterfield Jason Taylor just to name a few. I think these people trying to compile this should rethink this one.

January 19, 2000
comments: I wanted to mention a few wrestlers who appear to have been forgotten. In 1982 Lester Hughart won his first state title as a freshman. He followed that up with championships in 83 and 85 finishing third in 84 due primarily to walking pneumonia and caulif;ower ear-perhaps the guttiest performance I've ever witnessed. His record indicates 28-4 27-1 30-1 and 28-0. His teammate was Larry Childers. Larry finished 5th as a freshman did not wrestle his sophomore year and returned to win state titles in 1984 and 85. He had only 1 loss his junior year went undefeated his senior season and both years was selected as the Outstanding Wrestler at the state meet. His senior season record of 29-0 was highlighted by 26 pins two technical falls and a 15-1 major decision. These are only two examples of clearly dominant competitors from the past who have been overlooked. It seems impossible to do justice to all who might deserve consideration because there are others from St. Marys (Paul Metz Oran Butler) that I have not mentioned so there must be plenty of others across the state that would be left off. two technical falls and a 15-1 decision.

January 19, 2000
From: Showtime112
comments: I would just like to say I think Anthony Regalbuto should have been outstanding wrestler at Fairmont instead of Moats. I'm not trying to take anything away from Moats the man took Dagget to school in the finals. I'm just talking about that close match with Holt. Nobody came close to Anthony. I also think they should start giving a sportsmanship award..... this year B.J. Miller has got my vote for the way he handeled his loss to big John and congratulated the Ref on a job well done.

January 19, 2000
From: wolverine
comments: I have been watching the Buckhannon-Upshur wrestling team for some time and am very impressed. They seem to have a very strong team. I do not believe their standings in the coach's poll is completely accurate of their performance. They have finished ahead of some of the teams ranked ahead of them! I realize the poll is in dual matches but i believe this team has more potential than most realize. Joey Mayle is the backbone of this team cluttered with talented wrestlers.Good luck wrestlers

January 19, 2000
From: Proud Parents
email: kb2_1998@yahoo.com
comments: I want to congratulate my son JUDD BILLINGS on being chosen as one of the members of the Ohio All Star Wrestling Team. He is from Ravenswood and a very awesome wrestler in my opinion. This year since Ravenswood does not have a midget league program he is wrestling for the Patriots at 70 lbs. He is very excited about being able to travel this summer with the Ohio All stars. He we travel for 6 weeks wrestling all across the western part of the United States and in the AAU Grand Nationals in Ohio. He is only the 6th wrestler from West Virginia to have ever been selected for the Ohio All Stars. We are going to work hard in getting sponsers and raising the money to send him because he is well worth the trouble and we know he will work hard to representing WV and the Ohio All Stars to the best of his abilities. We are so proud of his accomplishments.

January 19, 2000
From: Brent Sams
comments: Here's a few names to consider for any WV All-Century Team.
The 1951 tournament turned out to be one of the closest tournaments in the State's History. After finishing runner-up in his Sophomore year University's Lew Guidi won his first of two State Titles and would later go on to an outstanding amateur career. Some of his post-High School achievements were: West Virginia Southern Conference Champion 1954 1955 and 1956. Southern Conference Outstanding Wrestler 1956. Wilkes College Champion and Outstanding Wrestler 1955. NCAA Runner-up 1955. Texas AAU Champion. Two-time Runner-up National AAU Greco. Two-time Runner-up National AAU Freestyle. Three-time "All Army".

The 1958 tournament saw four former state champions claim another title for themselves. Fairmont West's Terry Dunscomb made history by becoming the second wrestler to win three State Championships. He was the first African/American to accomplish this feat in the state and had made history at the 1956 tournament when he became the first African/American State Champion.

Leland Merrill (PHS '37) was a Bronze Medalist in the 1948 London Olympics.

Greg Pettit (PHS '83) was a Gold Medalist in the 1988 Olympics for the deaf in Moscow

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