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January 27, 1999
From: To: The ROCK
comments: are you from Williamstown??

January 27, 1999
comments: Congratulations to Terry Childers for placing 4th at WSAZ's, and to Arnold Houser and Robert Kimball for placing 7th. That's good when up against all those AAA teams. Congratulations to St.Marys for AA 5th place finish and overall 10th place finish. Keep up the good work.

January 27, 1999
From: Just a Dad
comments: Congratulations to Nick Foster (152#) of Martinsburg in his upset win over previously unbeaten and last years state champ Seth Staley ( N. Hagerstown).. Also, I agree with the comments about Hedgesville's Regalbutto. I have watched him thru the youth league and now thru high school and I have not seen anyone more consistent, intense and aggressive on the mat....by the way, he's a great young man off the mat also.

January 27, 1999
From: a non rankanator fan
comments: Just wandering if u changed your rankings. I thought you should have not insalted me. thanks

January 27, 1999
From: half nelson
comments: A Follow-up on the comments about Regalbuto. He is definitely a primetime performer. It will take a fluke, like the one this weekend to deny him a state title. He is a class act and deserves the accolades. I have coached for many years and he is right up there with Mason, Moore and Chertow. BTW, you may be wondering what happened to Bryan Moats from Hedgesville. He fell and injured himself and did not wrestle this past weekend. He is also a primetime performer and will be a force at 135. If he is healthy he will be tough to beat.
Incidentally, Regalbuto is a junior and Moats a sophomore.

January 27, 1999
From: Jim LeMaster
comments: Sorry about not posting for so long, but the computer blew a video card! I second the comments about A. Reglabuto, the difference between his freshman abilities and now are phenomenal! He is without a doubt one of the best I've seen on his feet. He has the moves and the confidence that he can take anyone down. I have never met the young man, but I did see him wrestle at the Domino Duals this year and he looked excellent!

January 27, 1999
comments: I've attended many wrestling matches in the past years and I would watch out for the Richwood Lumberjacks. They have a very small team but they all have GREAT potential.

January 27, 1999
From: Too Extreme
comments: Like I said it was just a rumor and I appologize if I am wrong, but even if he does it will just be for the Wirt Invitational. It would be very unlikely that he would stay there for the regionals and states. Sorry for any problems

January 27, 1999
comments: I finally got a pin !!!!!!!!

January 27, 1999
comments: Just wanted to add a few comments from last weekends Rebel Inv. in Hagerstown, Md. Two teams from WV did compete - Hedgesville and Musselman. Hedgesville had one champion Bowers -112, and three runners-up Shetler-119, Regalbutto-125, English-140; and Musselman had one champion Beard-135. I was in attendance all weekend and the referrees were absolutely consistently (coming under question by several fans). Shetler lost a VERY controversial match 5-4 in the finals. And if anyone is wondering about Regalbuttos first loss, he was wrestling a Md. 3a-4a state champion in the finals. Anthony R. was dominating the kid 6-1 in the first period they were on their feet. Regalbutto ducked him and went into the crotch and lifted and took his opponent to his back relatively hard. The kid from Md. got injured. They stopped the match without calling anything until the injury time was up then they decided to call a slam. You figure it out. Shouldn't they call it immediatly? But anyway thats how he lost, in my opinion lost but not defeated. If you have not seen Regalbutto wrestle this year, you are sure missing out. He is the best pound for pound wrestler in the state (and I am not from Hedgesville!) And he maybe the best H.S. wrestler from WV ever ( with maybe the exception of M.Mason). I know this a extremly bold statement, but I have been around wrestling in WV for 16 years, won state championships, and wrestled in college, and I have seen and wrestled some of the greats; Tuttle, Moore, Crane, Greathouse just to name a few, and none of them were as good as Anthony at least on his feet! (at the H. S. level). And if you have never met or seen Regalbutto he deserves these accolades he works extremely hard all year long and is very humble and likeable.

January 26, 1999
From: WV_wrestler
email: wv_wrestler@yahoo.com
comments: Calhoun Invitational had some upsets. There was alot of good matches, will West be ranked? Blankenship was only 2 inches away from a peterson roll to beat Hayhurst. McCartney and Smith was a great match along with Johnson, Harris and McClung, Koslosky. Some fans traveled from as far away as Frankfort to see the tourn. it was an exciting place to be.

January 26, 1999
From: Youth wrestling pop
comments: Can anyone tell me who to contact to get an application for the junior state tournament in Parkersburg March 6-7 and the competing state tournament that was held in Clarksburg last year but apparently will be held in Wheeling?? Also, why was the Rod Oldham tournament in Parkersburg cancelled--it could not have been from lack of interest as youth wrestling is booming across the state. Thanks for any response postings. Also, thanks to our wv mat.com editor for the excellent volunteer job he does, especially with the youth wrestling tournament schedule.
Editor's note: I'll go out on a limb here. The last time I had occasion to procure an entry form for the Parkersburg Youth State event, I contacted the Wood County Recreation Commission, P.O. Box 228, Parkersburg, WV. Phone: (304) 422-7121. I have no information on the Clarksburg Youth State tournament, and a move to Wheeling is news to me...

January 26, 1999
comments: I live in the Northern Panhandle and can tell you that The Rock has hit the nail on the head for every one of our area's top wrestlers in his AA poll. Unbelievable. Keep his predictions and watch how close he comes to the actual state results. Great job.

January 26, 1999
comments: Can anyone tell me how the Wirt tornament will be wrestled? Is it a regular tornament or is it dual? If it is a dual, can anyone shed some light on which teams will wrestle each other?

January 26, 1999
comments: To: too extreme
Where did you get your information that Johnson was wrestling at 125 at Wirt?

January 26, 1999
To Rankinator:
Jason Trusty has wrestled 140 for PHS all year, he never wrestled 135 or 130. He was at 140 for the Powerade.

January 26, 1999
comments: Attn: The Rankinotor
I believe you need to rethink your rankings for the 130 weight class Jared Walters ranked 5th.

January 26, 1999
comments: To Chiris Basford
145 and 119 I think are the two toughest weight classes.
They both blow 125 out of the water. With Seville he is very capable of winning. Yet there is still alot of tough kids in there at 145. Really 145 is a tossup because alot of the top six I have only faced one other person In the group. As far a Reed I have not seen him wrestle when I saw Berkeley Springs he was not in the line up.

January 26, 1999
From: Midland Fan
comments: I would like to congratulate Jared Walters of Cabell Midland on his 100th win at the WSAZ's

January 26, 1999
From: Too Extreme
comments: It is rummored that 2 time state champ Jimmy Johnson is moving up to 125 weight class for wirt's invitational and Ledbetter for Calhoun is moving up to 130.
Good luck to their opponents

January 26, 1999
From: Fan
comments: First I would like to complement Martinsburg and Buckhannon Upshur for fine wrestling teams. Check out the scores from the Garrett Co. Inv. Tourn., I think you will see some suprises. For teams looking for a challenge and not a bunch of easy wins, this looks like the tournament for you. What do you think?
January 26, 1999
From: Chris Basford
email: Basford2@hotmail.com
comments: I think that the Rocks picks are good ones to finish as placers, but I would like for most of you to give the Berkeley boys another look Jason Seville will be in the hunt come states. I also think that Corey Reed will finish out good as well. Tommy Widmyer has gained a lot from last year, and he will be one to watch. After seeing the OVAC finals, I honestly don't see anyone beating Jason Jones though. Jason Waugh will hold his own soon enough. He has his bad matches at times but I know that this being his senior year he might be thinking of nothing else but going out on top. Another thing that I would like to give notice to is Scottie Bush. I never thought he would gain any confidence, but he is going to finish out this season with a lot of heads giving a second look at him. Honestly, with wrestling being 90% Mental and 10% physical, the only thing that can stop a wrestler would be the mental part. With Bush believing he can do it, he is going to do a lot better now. Just watch out for Chris Leach though! Finally, Luke Salmons and Alex McClung. Hopefully this final does not end up in the semi finals. This will definaitely be the match to watch come states.

January 26, 1999
From: spiderman
email: bigjunk@hotmail.com
comments: thank you everyone for visiting my site!!! I would just like to let everyone know of one the best summer opportunities--Ken Chertow's Olympian Camp. I took advantage of Ken's camp for the past two years, and have benefited greatly. Ken's camps teach more than wrestling technique, they also teach lessons in building self-confidence and being the best mentally (as well as physically). Ken's camp is the best wrestling experience, try to take advantadge of it. Thanks for listening everyone.

January 26, 1999
comments: Mullins and Callahan split at the WSAZ. Callahan won by pin in the third round of the championship bracket. Mullins came back and won 5-3 in the consolation finals for third.
and from Viking Fan
Mullins of Ripley was tilting Callahan of Woodrow Wilson for a set of back points and actually pinned himself. That match took place in the WSAZ quarterfinals. Mullins later came back to decision Callahan for third place in the tourney.
Editor's note: Thanks for clearing that up...

January 26, 1999
From: degenerationpac
comments: I think Ledbetter from Calhoun will do better at 130 and he has a better shot to place in the states. give me your comments about what you think.

January 26, 1999
From: Old Matfan
comments: By talking about sportsmanship on the mat, I have to agree with Jason Seville - you all think I'm talking about nitpicky things - NOT AT ALL - I know what wrestling is about - COMPETITION - that's what sports are about - any of them - there's always gonna' be some roughness, but I guess I just believe in a "higher" code of conduct by the classier ones. It is a fine line between arrogance, and confidence, but I still think you can see it! Those are the kids I want my kids to look up to and follow as examples!

January 25, 1999
comments: The OVAC 160 lb. finals produced some interesting strategy and tactics I feel are worth posting. Oak Glen's Jones let his Ohio opponent escape with the score tied 7-7 with 24 seconds left. Apparently Coach Shaw--from the newspaper accounts--felt certain Jones could get the takedown and win without the risk of overtime. Jones had used this same strategy seconds earlier to tie the match. However, his opponent brilliantly STAYED DOWN on all fours and Jones did not face him off right away while the clock continued to tick down to under 10 seconds. When Jones did face his opponent the one point escape was given but by then it was almost impossible to get a takedown on a sprawling opponent. I salute Jones--who I think is the best AA 160 pounder--for not "kicking the field goal" for a tie, but for going for the gold. What a gutsy kid. And to think it was LIVE on local TV...the best free entertainment you could ask for.

January 25, 1999
From: Joey Mayle
email: jowrstl30@aol.com
comments: About Rob Fortney (BU's 275); he had no major damage to his knee, but he is now in physical therapy and will probably return the week of N.C.A.C. Another thing I wanted to let everyone know about is that BU has also been forfeiting 3 extra weight classes (145-Billy Baisden, 152-Cameron Shell and 275-Rob Fortney); so if anyone was wondering why we aren't doing so hot, that is the reason. Starting 36 pts. down (3 additional weight classes: 189, 215 and occasionally 103) is hard to come back from. Don't count BU out yet, there is still alot of season left!!!

January 25, 1999
From: Ryan Scott
comments: To Jason Seville
I hate to tell you but that bad behaviour of slamming headgear and throwing stuff does go on in college. I saw Mark Smith Of Oklahoma State Flip off the Iowa fans at last year NCAA championships. I saw Clint Musser of Penn State taunt the the WVU fans after he beat Mike Mason in overtime at WVU. Just because its a higher level does not mean they act better just the spot lights bigger. I have seen a great deal of college wrestling following Mike Mason and when people get beat they act the same way they did in high school. I would say for the most part alot of the wrestlers are so intense they lose better judgement but there still is alot of sore losers at that level.

January 25, 1999
comments: This are my predictions for AA place winners More realistic than spiderpoll. These are based on result and from what I have seen and I have seen 95% of the state.

103 1 Gandee Rav          145  1 Lamb OG
    2 Brown Cam                2 McCartney Cal
    3 Zubay OG                 3 Smith Rit
    4 Morris Cal               4 Green BD
    5 Auvil Graf               5 Litten Fran
    6 Baumgardner Rit          6 Seville BS

112 1 Wenmoth Will        152  1 Holdsworth OG
    2 Kupfer Cam               2 Johnson Will
    3 Roberts OG               3 Waugh BS
    4 McCartney Cal            4 McClung GW
    5 Culverhouse Brax         5 Snider TY
    6 Stiles CB                6 Barcus Graf

119 1 Westbrook Will      160  1 Jones OG
    2 Noel Weir                2 Hardaway Brax
    3 Johnson Cal              3 Purpura BD
    4 O'Neil Cam               4 Widmyer BS
    5 Miller Wirt              5 Richards SH
    6 Harris Brax              6 Melrose Will

125 1 Hayhurst Rit        171  1 Kinley LR
    2 Blankinship GW           2 Dingess Pet
    3 Prather Win              3 Villers Wirt
    4 Bush Rav                 4 Nester Rav
    5 Hughes Cam               5 Hart Brax
    6 Zyla Will                6 Blevins Iae

130 1 Lowe Wirt           189  1 Lewis LR
    2 Glass OG                 2 Thompson SS
    3 Valles Weir              3 Kupfer Cam
    4 Wince Rit                4 Kuykendall Frak
    5 Lucey Cam                5 Wright SH
    6 Purdue SS                6 Houser StM

135 1 Weible OG           215  1 Busick Weir
    2 Wenmoth Will             2 Lahman Pet
    3 Childers StM             3 Six OG
    4 Cross Wirt               4 Welsh BD
    5 Toney Indy               5 Smith Rit
    6 Jones SH                 6 Farr LR

140 1 Miller Wirt         275  1 Salmons Rav
    2 Wharton OG               2 McClung OG
    3 Hughes Cam               3 Naylor Rit
    4 Kesner Fran              4 Hawkins Will
    5 Koslosky Rit             5 McDonaugh Clay
    6 McClung Gw               6 Ritter Brax
I will do AAA later in the week.

January 25, 1999
comments: Mullins did not defeat Callahan. Callahan pinned him. Actually Mullins pinned himself!
Editor's note: O.K., now I'm confused. Do we have a typo or what? Can someone clear this up??????

January 25, 1999
From: Jason Seville
email: seville145@hotmail.com
comments: I think that everyone is distorting the original thought submitted to the forum that has sparked the roughness/sportsmanship arguments. Someone began this by saying that they didn't like how certain wrestlers were getting "an attitude" while wrestling and how some wrestlers would give his opponent an extra push while standing up. I think intensity is great...like some people have pointed out, an Iowa match, for instance, is 10 times as rough as the roughest high school match. However, I don't think you'll see any Iowa wrestler (or any other D-1 wrestler) ever slam his fist into the mat, give his headgear a 90 mph toss into a wall, argue with a referee, or taunt a player or fan. These are examples, I believe, of the poor sportsmanship in the sport today. I also see some high school wrestlers, like one person commented on, be so arrogant or upset or whatever that they not only don't shake the opposing coach's hand, but they sometimes walk right past their own coach! . I agree that that is not only poor sportsmanship, but also a lack of respect for both coaches. I just wanted to point out what these submissions started out as, and that they are getting twisted around.

January 25, 1999
comments: To concerned fan:
Hello, and welcome to wrestling. There are a couple of issues that I would like to address.
Number One: This sport was designed around pushing, shoving, choking, etc. These put the opponent in awkward posistions which is needed to score points. If there is something unnecessary, penalty points should be given, or in extreme cases, dismissal from the match.
Number Two: You have misinterpreted cockiness and conceit for confidence and aggression, which are two main elements of this sport. It is much easier to break a man's will, than to break his body, which the sport and its levels of success depend upon.
Number Three: Shaking Hands, you are required to shake hands with your opponent before and after a match. Anything else is optional, and it is not disrespectful to the opposing coach. Some coaches encourage their athletes to do so, while others forbid it. And most coaches would rather not have to shake hands with a victor over his competitor as well as an unhappy loser. There are alot of things that happen at wrestling tournaments that we should be concerned with, and it happens at every tournament everywhere, such as fans booing, cursing, etc at athletes, coaches grabbing athletes, and of course athletes punching and cursing other athletes, fans, referees, etc. From now on, let's try to look upon the positive sides of the sport rather than lingering upon the bad. These intense athletes can still be role models to younger wrestlers because most of these young men are totally different people on the mat and off.

January 25, 1999
From: Big Dog
email: big10dog@hotmail.com
comments: Ryan Dingess is the best pound for pound wrestler in the state for as little experience as he has. I guarantee you he will win the 171 pound class this year. Just watch and see how he handles the competition at this weekends Viking smash. I hate to say I told you so.

January 25, 1999
From: WV FAN
comments: Many people are complaining about sportsmanship, or I should say the lack thereof. Well it is much worse in other areas than it is in WV, follow this link and see for yourself:

January 25, 1999
From: Rankinator
comments: To "non-fan of rankinator":
I take it as a compliment that the only faults you have with my poll are information that I didn't have, a few weight class changes, and results that happened after I released my poll. To address your points:

1) 103 "Smith beat Ballam" - There is not even a score posted of Hedgesville wrestling Ripley, let alone a link to the match results of each weight class. I cannot rank results that are unknown!..."Stevens would not beat Reed" - Stevens won the Brooke tournament at 112, and finished 3rd in the prestegious Powerade tournament in PA, his only loss coming to the #1 ranked wrestler in PA, freshman Jeff Breese of McGuffey. It was also Breese's closest match of the tournament. Needless to say, Reed will have a formidable opponent when he meets Matt Stevens. Judging by the competition Stevens has faced, I rank him ahead of Reed.

2) 112 "Bowers beat Kinsley" - Again, all that is posted to this site is a match score. No link with any results to see!

3) 135 "Trusty is at 130" - Well the most recent Parkersburg results had him at 140 for the dual vs John Marshall Jan 6th. If he has since dropped 2 weight classes it is news to most. I saw he was at 135 for the Powerade so that is why he was at 135 in my poll. Maybe Jenny can help with this one?

4) 140 "Mullins beat Callahan" - LOL this one was my favorite. I have several resources in determining my poll, but unfortunately the Psychic Hotline is not one of them! I posted my poll the afternoon of Jan 23rd, while the WSAZ results were not posted until Sunday evening (the 24th). I cannot predict the future, but I have since moved Mullins to 1st. My next poll will be out after the conference tournaments the weekend of Feb 5th & 6th.

5) 140 "Gray is at 152" - OK, so I missed that one. But GW has had very little results to go by, and Gray didnt make the semis of Nitro so I wasn't sure what weight he was at.

So, Mr. "non-fan of rankinator", just one more suggestion for you: Instead of posting negative comments mostly about information I either did not have, or results that happened after my poll, why not add something positive to this site and type in the results that aren't listed here, since you have them and we don't. If more people did that, my poll could have been much more accurate! Plus the info on this site would be much better!

PS: Does anyone know the status un Buckhannon's 275 Rob Fortney? I believe he tore his ACL at the Winner's Choice. Is that true? Will he return this season? Let's hope he has a speedy recovery!

January 25, 1999
From: Marion County Wrestling Fan.
comments: I think the AAA 160 title match is going to be Ward of Cabell Midland vs. Miller of East Fairmont.

January 25, 1999
From: Marion County Wrestling Fan.
comments: Does anybody out there know what is going on with Shady Spring Senior Mike Thompson. I know he was supposed to wrestling at 189, but I have not heard to much on him.

January 25, 1999
From: degenerationpac
comments: look out kids at 130 I hear Ledbetter is moving up with you, so look out

January 25, 1999
From: old fan
comments: I would like to get me 2 cents into the discussion about sportsmanship and behavior. There is a difference between being intense and show boating. At no time should taunting, playing to the crowd, cursing by fans, humiliating an opponent be a part of high school sports. This kind of behavior is what gives wrestling a bad name.

January 25, 1999
comments: To Noseie:
Age doesn't really matter in wrestling. A 15 year old can have more experience then a 17 year old.Everyone has the chance to be equal by training hard. I have loss to people younger then myself. It justs gives me the extra incentive to work harder. I don't like it when Seniors stay at 103 all four years. I don't think that it's not fair most of the time it's not healthy.

January 25, 1999
comments: I would like to congratulate the Ripley Viking wrestling team on their second place finish in the WSAZ wrestling tourney this weekend and Fairmont Winner's Choice last weekend. They are a great group wrestlers and the coaching staff is phenominal.(: We wish them the best of luck for the remainder of this year and hopefully they will win the state this year.

January 25, 1999
From: talon
email: talon98@hotmail.com
comments: I would just like to say something to those who are starting to question the "niceness" of the athletes in wrestling. Have you ever been to another type of athletic event? I think I have witnessed more negative comments and booing at my college's female volleyball games that I ever have at a wrestling match or tournament. Also - sometimes what may seem like conceited or agressive tendancies of wrestlers is just the way that they get ready to wrestle and its the mind frame they have to get in. It has nothing to do with what they are like off the mat. I think that they make themselves role models for young wrestlers when they talk to them after matches - or at practices, etc. I think this is a time of the season when you should be talking about how great the sport is - not its few problems like the occasional rough moment or weight problems...

January 25, 1999
comments: To WV WAHOO
I went to the NCAA wrestling championships last year. Its so rough it makes wv high scool look like they are playing patty cake out on the mat. Iowa, out there they are real mean. Well bascally all of the Big Ten is mean.

January 25, 1999
From: non-fan of rankinator
comments: 103-smith beat ballam and stevens would never beat reed.
112-bowers beat kinsley at wheeling Park.
135-Trusty has dropped to 130.
140-Mullins defeated Callahan.
140-Gray is at 152

January 25, 1999
From: WV Wahoo!
comments: I am in shock at the complaints about the "extra" roughness in this sport. Wrestling has always been hailed as one of the most intense and emotional sports around. When these two items become involved, of course you will have some extra pushes and shoves, it all comes with the territory. Has anyone ever watched an Iowa match? People could find alot of things to complain about if they did so.

January 25, 1999
From: spiderman
email: bigjunk@hotmail.com
comments: Be sure to vote on the spiderpoll, I am only taking 100 votes for the "toughest weight class" so hurry up and vote. As for the individual weight class polls once they reach 100 votes i'm ending them too, in order to free up space on my page. Thanks for visiting my page,everyone. http://homepages.infoseek.com/~da_spider

January 25, 1999
From: wvmat fan
comments: i love wrestling but i do not like how the kids think they are so much better than the other look how the kids acted at the calhoun tourment they think they have upper class boys.

January 25, 1999
From: former aa/a ow
comments: to the person wanting to know thhe people in the aa/a 130pounds
(people with a chance)
Glass-oak Glenn
Perdue-Shady Springs (has been out with a injury, may be back this week to wrestle his coach told me at WSAZs, but real tuff)
Schlinder-Ravenswood (so i hear,but not sure)

this could be a toss up

January 25, 1999
From: Old matfan
comments: After about a 10 year absence from the "wrestling scene", I have moved back to WVA and found it alive and well! Glad to check out the WSAZ this past weekend, but a little disappointed in some of the unsportsmanlike conduct on the part of the wrestlers. In reference to another's comments, there are younger kids looking up to them-they should keep this in mind before they "stick" their opponent with that unnecessary shove off the mat, or "pull an attitude". Where is the humility and discipline of days past? I may be getting old, but I think we could do with some of the strictness once enforced by the likes of the late (and revered) Rod Oldham (Parkersburg South). I can't imagine one of his kids acting so negatively in the public eye. At any rate, it's still a great sport, and I'm glad to be back in an area that dedicates itself to such endeavors! WVMAT is a great site, and I applaud all those who have worked to contribute and make it into the class act that it is! Keep up the good work!:-)

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