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August 30, 2001
From: CB
comments: I just tranfered into West Liberty State College in Wheeling WV, I would like to tell you that this is a great program and you sould chech it out. I won AAA in VA 2000 and was a HS All-American and would had got money to go D1 but I like this program a lot. Coach makes averge wrestlers into great one, and great HS wrestlers into Champions. We have six HWT this year and four are state champion in HS.

August 30, 2001
From: south fan 234
comments: South Wrestling looking tough for the upcoming year. Atleast 4 seniors should be in the finals, 2 juniors, and a toss-up between a freshman and a sophomore (HEY, it's not even time for wrestle-offs yet, give me a break).

On a more serious note, good luck to Casey Daggett @ WVU. They will be glad to see you show up and demonstrate the work ethic you have. Keep focused on school and wrestling, the hard work will pay off.

August 30, 2001
comments: I think Oak Glen is coming back down to earth this year.

August 30, 2001
From: coach
comments: The Buckhannon Pre-season tournament will be Nov. 3. There will be more information later. The tournament has been getting tougher each year. Parkersburg has brought wrestlers the last 3 or 4 years and so has Huntington. They finished first and second in the State meet. Last year wrestlers from four different states attended, one from Georgia. So to answer the young wrestler from Ohio I think the trip to Buckhannon will be worth it. You can wrestle as many weight classes as you want and we combine weight classes when necessary.

August 30, 2001
From: David Jeffrey
comments: To confirm the rumors about an AAU state tourney , the answer is yes> I will have the entry posted and available within the next ten days. It will be the weekend of Dec. 15th and 16th.

August 30, 2001
rom: Jim LeMaster
comments: In regard to the question about Casey Brewster. He is originally from Tenn. but attended numerous Camp of Champs and summer camps here with Ken Chertow. I have met both he and his father several times and they are fine folks. His nickname back in those days was "Rooster" around camp. Partly because of the obvious rhyme but also for his feistiness (sp?) and tenacity on the mat. He is an excellect technician from what I saw and I know he has placed highly in several national events in not only folkstyle but also freestyle. He pretty much dominated his competition in high school, too. I think he will be a great addition to the WVU team. I hope this has been helpful.

August 25, 2001
comments: There has been some talk about a proposed AAU sanctioned state youth tournament. Is there any news or details that can be shared? Let us know ASAP. Thanks.

August 25, 2001
comments: I will not be working the WV state tournament this year becouse of other commitments, but I will make a pridiction, Oak Glenn will win the state touenament by the largest point total ever in a state tournament.

August 25, 2001
From: Kevin
comments: I am from ohio and i am comming to an offseason tournament in buckhannon is there gonna be any good wrestling there .......would this trip be a waste of my time?

August 25, 2001
From: BS
comments: Did you hear that WVU landed Casey Brewster at 125lb, a transfer from Edinboro. He is suppose to be tough anybody know.

August 22, 2001
From: The Editor
It's kind of a slow wrestling news time now. In regards to the post which appears below, my apologies to those who were offended. I must confess I was in a frisky mood when I posted it, got quite a chuckle out of it, and thought I would share it with the readers. At risk of overstating the obvious, if the poster below doesn't know why his stuff doesn't appear on here, then it would be a waste of my time trying to explain it to him. If the poster would have re-submitted his posts which were rejected and specifically asked me why they weren't posted, then I would have gladly offered an explanation. There have been a few posts this summer which I have rejeced, mostly because of derogatory remarks directed to wrestlers. I don't know which specific posts he sent which I didn't post, but I suspect there was some reason they were deleted.

I have two computers at home from which I run this website, and they both crashed this weekend. My desk model is an anemic 6 year old P-100 (the first Pentium model which came out, just after the 486's), running at what is now a snails pace of 100 Hz. The modem transmits data at a whopping 9600 rate (today's modems are 56,000 at least). I plan on updating my desk top this fall, before the season starts. I plan on updating my database software in which I keep team info, email addresses, and academic lists. Hopefully I'll get all this updated well before the season starts.

My laptop, on which I had several day's worth of email, fatally locked and crashed. There is some email on it that I won't be able to retrieve (probably). Compaq won't even take it back. (Word to the wise - Compaq won't service their machines under any circumstances unless you purchase the warranty contract from them. Live and learn).

Email viruses are beginning to be more of a problem. I suspect my laptop may have fatally crashed because of the sircam virus which is making the rounds. I used to think viruses were a hoax, but now I'm convinced they are not. Unfortunately, my virus software is so far out of date I cannot get it upgraded. Another word to the wise: Invest in good anti-virus software and pay the money to keep it current. My new machine will have plenty of anti-virus protection.

People's machines get infected with these viruses and then they get sent out to others via email without the "sender" even knowing their machine is spreading the virus. I have received several fishy looking emails this summer with attachments which I chose not to open. As a general rule, I'm going to have to be more picky about opening email attachments unless there is a clear pertinent description in the text of the email explaining what the attachment is and why I should open it. A couple of years ago I got infected with the "Happy 99" virus, unknowingly emailed to me by an innocent coach with an infected machine. That particular virus was easy to get rid of, but some of the recent viruses are much more malicious.

Finally, thanks to Coach Archer for forwarding some state tournament results to archive. It will take me awhile to get these up, but I'll be working on it. Also, Randy Edrington, if you don't hear from me in a day or two, get back to me.

August 16, 2001
comments: you are a dic***** you never post any of my comments, or commentary, i really don't appreciate it... it's not like i'm an ass**** to anyone, or even make any bias statements, or any predictions, you need to drop whatever your problem is, you've never posted anything i submit and if you do, you tear it to shreds(and they aren't even bad). shit, it isn't even a free country anymore. but hey, it's cool, at least we're both in the right business, wrestling... i'd just love to see some of my posts make it, i mean you put some stupid sh** on here, and i put intelligent ones up... peace

August 16, 2001
From: Big Bird email: JBirdMU@aol.com
comments: Matt Warner is a pretty good technical wrestler from Pt Pleasant. He was an outstanding wrestler at the Jr High level, but hasn't reached his full potential at the High School level. I do believe he finished as runner up in the region, which isn't half bad. If he wrestles to his ability.....WATCH OUT! On a personal note, he is a very nice kid and one heck of a baseball player.....so let's keep the talk nice, alright?

August 16, 2001
comments: It is not true that Satterfield transfered to Fairmont Senior. He is at East Fairmont and is currently playing football. Too many bad rumors get started about too many kids.

August 16, 2001
From: josh
email: jososh@hotmail.com
comments: Hi, i have a friend from the Uk, he wants a national team singlet in size med. HE is willing to buy it for 40-50 dollars, or trade it for a Wisconsin national team jacket, or trade for videos he has. He wants one from the last three years if interested, mail me at jososh@hotmail.com Thanks

August 14, 2001
email: Maybarn1960@aol.com
comments: In response to a posting Aug.4 about last years seniors now wrestling in college: Jedd Ott from North Marion will be wrestling at West Liberty. He underwent knee surgery right after states last year and has been working hard rehabilitating all summer. Also,Eric Noel,two-time state champion from Oak Glen will be wrestling at West Liberty.

August 14, 2001
From: Terry Ballam
email: tjkball@racinfan.com
comments: The regalbuto's had a great camp last week.Anthony and several other wrestlers from WVU Did a great job!!!! Thanks Anthony

August 14, 2001
comments: Is it true, that Satterfield from East transferred to Fairmont Senior? If this is true than Fairmont Senior should be a powerhouse because there isnt a heavyweight in the state that will beat him this year!!!!

August 14, 2001
From: Intimidator3
comments: I would like to say Good Luck to Wes Lane from Herbert Hoover for the new high school season. I think that he has a great chance for a state title, but NOT at ANY weight class as stated from another forum post. He has a real good chance THIS year..........

August 14, 2001
comments: i do believe Lord and Ballam will be state champs.Chuck Files will also do good this year...some upcoming wrestlers that are really good are D.Young,J.Grim,and T.Foltz..watch for Hedgesville this year

August 14, 2001
comments: this ballam annd lord thing is a joke i seee no guarantees i mean lets look at allt he great wrestlers thast should of won that didnt pickens daggett miller delligatti . see you never really k now what s going to hapen therees so many great athlet5es you never really know i think those who lost last year will rise and take over next year . just wait

August 14, 2001
From: wrestling fan
comments: does anyone know what weight class joe roberts is going to wrestle? and has st albans started training yet?

August 14, 2001
comments: does anyone know what weight class Jansen Arnold is going to wrestle this year?

August 14, 2001
From: wrestling fan
comments: who is matt warner. what has he done.

August 7, 2001
From: EP Fan
comments: Does any one know for sure if Tony Regalbuto is going to have late summer practices? I have heard this but don't know how to contact him. can anyone help?

August 4, 2001
comments: Erica Dye has recently been choosen for the Asics Tiger Girls High School Wrestling team. 14 were picked. She is also leaving for training camp at the Olympic Training Center at Lake Placid, New York on Aug. 9th to train for the Womens Jr. Worlds which takes place Aug. 17-19 in Martingy Switzerland. Best of luck to her.

August 4, 2001
From: fan
comments: Are any of last years seniors wrrestling in college if so who and where??

August 4, 2001
email: teameaster@aol
comments: Way to go Erica! Your selection to the Aasics High school girls 1st Team all-american squad is outstanding! Continue leading WV wrestlers at the national level and lets see if the boys can catch up! Hit the weights and shoot for the AA state title!

August 4, 2001
comments: Ballam WILL win it at 112 this year, and Lord WILL win it at 145

August 4, 2001
From: Matt Smith
email: msmith_wrestling@yahoo.com
comments: I went to Fargo, and I got the privelage to see Jeff Courtney place in Greco and have a very good showing in Freestyle. He is an outstanding wrestler, and I wish him the best. I also got to see another very good wrestler, Anthony Easter. Placing in this tournament proves your real deal, but he actually won it. Very impressive on both their parts. Others did very good too, but came up short in placing. I wish the best of luck to those who earn the right to win in the off-season by going to these huge tournaments, attending camps, lifting, etc. I attribute any of the success I have had to doing these things, and hopefully I will be on top of the awards stand in Feb., along with any of the others of you who pay the price. email: marobert@nvl.army.mil

August 4, 2001
comments: Hey WV! I am Mark Roberts,formerly of Parkersburg and I am currently coaching at courtland High School in spotsylvania VA. I am building a team from nothing, basically, and am trying to fill a couple of open dates on my schedule so if anyone knows some good tournaments that some of the top WV schools are going to over christmas it would be appreciated. Thanks

August 4, 2001
From: Rob Archer
comments: I would like to thank some important people who were very helpful in Team West Virginia's trip to Fargo:
Brad Petracca (E. Fairmont)- Coach & Team Enforcer
Ryan Courtney (W. Fairmont)- Coach & Team Interpreter
Dr. Mike Gibbs (Cabell Midland)- Team Doctor & Life Saver
Roger Shaw (Brooke)- Team Driver
These dedicated men donated their time from work & family to support the trip. Without their help, there would be no way that our team could make it to the tournament. Thank you guys for your dedication to WV Wrestling!

August 4, 2001
From: Deezl
email: Deezl_59@hotmail.com
comments: Congrats. to Matt Herman Warner of Point Pleasant on his 3rd place finish in Orlando. Keep up the training. It'll pay off when you are in the state finals.

August 4, 2001
From: Wrestling Parent
comments: I just wanted to say Congrat's to Ryan Metz and Shane Grogg on becoming All-American's in the Alabama Tournament a few weeks ago. Great Job boy's you make your town proud!

August 4, 2001
From: kywrestler
email: blackcatwrestler@hotmail.com
comments: I would just like to inform everyone on this board that a fellow wrestler was killed in a car accident on Saturday. His name was Josh Francis of Prestonsburg Ky. He wrestled at many tourny's and duel meets in WV. This past season he attended the Coka Cola Classic held at Cabel Midland, the Jackson Co. Invitatoinal and the WSAZ tourny. He wrestled in the 215lb class. He will be missed by his friends, family and fellow wrestlers. Our prayers are with you Josh.

August 4, 2001
From: HuskieWrestlerAugust 4, 2001
comments: Yes, Wes Lane definately TF'd "the ONE" at the JCI last year. Then again, he pinned his opponent in the finals in :45. "The One" improved by the time states rolled around, but still not enough. I predict Wes Lane to win states this year, i dont' know at what weight.

August 4, 2001
From: Brian Davis
comments: Congrats to Team WV, Coach Archer and Staff on a nice performance in Fargo! Having seen Rob at a few clinics up here in Ohio, I can ensure you folks in WV that you have the right person running the show. Coach Archer has a great understanding of this great sport--keep up the good work!

July 28, 2001
From: Rob Archer
comments: Final Results from Fargo:
123-Matt Easter 2-2
123-Justin Stanley 1-1 Withdraw
132-Matt Smith 0-2
143-Chris Gibbs 0-2
143-Phil Bliss 0-2
154- Robbie Ripley 0-2
154-Willis King 0-2
165-Robert Chaney 0-2
165-Jason Mays 2-1 Withdraw
178-Jeff Courtney 4-2 (1 Point from All-American)

94.5-Anthony Easter 8-0 NATIONAL CHAMPION
112-Kyle Turnbull 3-2
112-Andy Mazzella 0-2
121-Pete Allen 0-2
121- Jacob Frerichs 2-2
132-Braden Shaw 5-2
132-Mitch Smith 2-2
154- Lee Lauderman 0-2
209- Josh Clark 2-2
209- Matt Delligati 2-2

These young men gave up 3 weeks of their summer to prepare for & compete in this grueling tournament. There are many 'national championships,' but this one is the real deal. The toughest kids are here. Outstanding performances by Braden Shaw (losing to eventual Freestyle champion & Greco champ 9-8); Matt Easter (gutsy performance, losing to All-American from Hawaii); Jeff Courtney (nearly placing in both styles); Kyle Turnbull (had some close losses, but showed what he is capable of); and of course, our NATIONAL CHAMPION --Anthony Easter (got behind early in the big matches, but he never got excited, or flustered. That's why he is the Champ.) All West Virginians should be proud of our new All-Americans:

Jeff Courtney (7th place) Junior Greco-Roman & West Virginia's 1st Cadet Freestyle National Champion: Anthony Easter (with a 9-6 decision)

Congratulations to these 2 young men, and to all the members of TEAM WEST VIRGINIA for our best year yet!

July 28, 2001
email: xconn42@aol.com
comments: Everyone needs to wait til the season starts before making predictions. Last year no one outside of east fairmont knew that jeff noechel wasnt wrestling 160 but 215 instead and no one predicted him to be the 215 state champion. so i think its a little premature to make predictions right now.

July 28, 2001
comments: Why are people trying to predict HWY in AA now, those are so unpredictable that its nuts to try, Heck probley 4 of the guys that place arent even mentioned, and some are going to be football players that never wrestled before more than likely

July 28, 2001
comments: U know i think people who are only serious about wrestling in Fargo should wrestling in the quailfer, cause the ones who arent they are takin spots away from someone who might wanna go.

July 26, 2001
From: george
comments: Freeestyle results from day one for Cadets found on themat.com
also have an article about Jeff Courtney being an all-american in greco.
94.5- Anthony Easter (Nitro) ??
112- Andy Mazzella (Brooke) 0-2
112- Kyle Turnbull (Morgantown)3-1
121- Jacob Frerichs (Nitro)2-2
121- Pete Allen (Nitro)0-2
132- Braden Shaw (Brooke) 3-1
132- Mitch Smith (Ripley)2-2
154- Lee Lauderman (Will.) 0-2
209- Matt Delligati (Fair. Sr.) 1-1
209- Josh Clark (Berkeley Springs)1-1

July 26, 2001
From: Wise Guy
comments: My predictions for AA heavyweight. feel free to comment
1) Caughy (of course)
2)Hollenback, he recieved a bad draw at states this year, thats the only reason he didnt place.
3)Hovermale, he is very underrated, and he comes from a great wrestling school.
4) Beresford, He is about the same as Hovermale. these could easily be switched.
5)Keaton, this guy finished the season like 29-9, and he wrestles at Indy. they dont have a cake schedule.
6)Burwell, from Meadow Bridge, he beat Dequasie, Burwell drew Naylor at states

July 26, 2001
From: youth coach
comments: Iwould like to know if anyone in the parkersburg area know of anyone who coaches greco for wrestlers under the age of 14 . This is something my son and other young wrestlers would be interested in but do not want to travel far to do so . any help would be much appreciated .

July 26, 2001
From: A wReStLeR
email: nat8896@yahoo.com
comments: To whom it may concern:
Some wrestlers can't afford to go to Fargo, or they had something they felt was more important. You can't say that the wrestlers of this state is scared to wrestle there. To many people's suprise some of us is more than just wrestling, and if you all can't handle that than that is your problem. I don't like when some tries to tell me that I am scared to do something, I will do basically what ever I decide to do. I qualified to go to Fargo, I decided that there was something more important for me to do so I did that.
Would you all please wait until at least everyone has wrestled during the season, before everyone starts making predictions on what they think someone is going to do this up coming season. I feel that it would be better it you waitted to see where the people acually are in the weight classes. Cause anyone can make false accusations, but it takes a little help to correctly predict something. Good luck to all the people who went to Fargo to wrestle, and I mean everyone it doesn't matter what school you come from.

July 24, 2001
comments: to wvmatwatcher.... pretty sure that wes lane TF the so called ONE at jefferson ..

July 24, 2001
From: Rob Archer - Team WV results (Greco)
comments: I am glad to see so many comments & discussions posted on the Forum about the trip to Fargo. Those of us who are out here are already planning for next years trip. We certainly hope that the interest will increase even more. Here are the current results from Greco-Roman competition.
112- Andy Mazzella (Brooke) 0-2
132- Braden Shaw (Brooke) 2-2
132- Mitch Smith (Ripley) 3-2
143- Lee Lauderman (Will.) 0-2
209- Matt Delligati (Fair. Sr.) 1-2

121- J. Stanley (Cabell Midland) 0-2
132- Matt Smith (Ripley) 2-2
143- Chris Gibbs (Cabell Midland) 3-2
143- Phil Bliss (Brooke) 1-2
154- Willis King (Ripley) 0-2
163- Robert Chaney (Huntington) 0-2
163- Jason Mays (Huntington) 3-2
178- Jeff Courtney (Fair. Sr.) 6-2 **7th place**

Notes: In Cadets, both Shaw & Smith had great tournaments. In Juniors, Justin Stanley lost to Wagner (Wisconsin), the eventual 4th placer. Chris Gibbs was only 3 matches from placing in the top 8. He was beaten by the Henning (Wisconsin), the eventual 3rd placer. Jason Mays was leading both matches that he lost, including the second loss to eventual All-American Morgan (Wisconsin), who finished 3rd.
Finally, Jeff Courtney has made all of WV proud with his gutsy All-American performance by finishing 7th. Jeff's only losses were to the eventual national champion (Halsey, from California), and the 3rd placewinner ( Kraemer, from Wisconsin). Jeff showed true guts and determination in his matches. He beat some of the best wrestlers in the nation, and captured the hearts of the crowd looking on.
Tomorrow (Wednesday), Cadets weigh-in for Freestyle, and begin wrestling. On Thursday, the Juniors begin. We are expecting an even greater performance in the Freestyle competition.

Team WV freestyle includes (besides those already mentioned): CADET
94.5- Anthony Easter (Nitro)
112- Pete Allen (Nitro)
112- Kyle Turnbull (Morgantown)
121- Jacob Frerichs (Nitro)
209- Josh Clark (Berkeley Springs)

121- Matt Easter (Nitro)
143- Robbie Ripley (Nitro)

This is a excellent group of wrestlers representing our state. I am proud of this group & their efforts thus far. We had a great Greco-Roman tournament, & we look for better results in the freestyle competition.

All West Virginians should stand up & applaud these young men & their efforts. Especially Jeff Courtney, who became WV's 1st Greco-Roman All-American since 1993.

P.S.- For up-to-date results & pictures of the action log on to: www.themat.com

July 24, 2001
From: Brian Davis
comments: Congrats to Jeff Courtney for gaining All-American status in GR at Fargo! This is truly a great accomplishment--keep working hard!

July 24, 2001
comments: First off you guys are predicting all these freshman to be 1-2-3 at 103. One guy you guys forget about is All American Lucas Cappas who place fourth last year he will be in the finals count on it

July 24, 2001
comments: The state finals where shown on tv? I didnt know that? WShat channel covered it? Where all matches shown in both classes aa/a and aaa ?And does anyone have a copy of the aa state finals?

July 24, 2001
From: Dude who knows stuff.
comments: Who will be the teams and wrestlers to beat in AA/A this year? I look for Oak Glen to be tough once again, despite losing three state champions and two runners-up. They keep two-time champions Caughey and Stickles, and returning champion Hebrock. Cameron will be tough again with returning champions Kupfer and C.Hughes, returning runner-up Brown, and a barrage of placers and qualifiers. Also Independence, with state champion Barnette healthy and runner-up Wood, and Williamstown with runners-up Westbrook, Smith, and the Biddle Brothers will be teams to watch. I also see Wirt having a good year returning all three Dye's, Miller, and Allen. Finally, keep an eye on returning Champions Morris from Calhoun and Bartrug from St.Marys to have a good indiviual year as well as returning runners-up Lobis from Ritchie, Magnone from Weir, and Weaver from Magnolia. Any thoughts on this, you let me know.
Thanks, Dude.

July 19, 2001
email: nd782@aol.com
comments: hi im looking for information on becoming a referee can anyone out there help me out or tell me who i could contact

July 19, 2001
rom: Rob Archer- July 18th
comments: I just wanted to let everyone know that Team West Virginia is training hard in Huntington. Some of the best guys in the state are pushing each other everyday. We will leave Friday morning for Fargo, ND. Cadet Greco-Roman will be first (starting Saturday). The coaches for the team are:
Brad Petracca- East Fairmont
Roger Shaw- Brooke
Dr. Mike Gibbs- Team Doctor

July 19, 2001
From: Tim Mayle
email: WVWRESTLER@aol.com
comments: Its true that the trip to Fargo is expensive in terms of money, and some can not afford it, But the $500. it costs this year is well worth it. I have made the trip with the team the last 2 years and in terms of wins/losses it was not real successful. However the experience of the trip as far as atmosphere and exposure was worth thousands. I know for a fact that other states charge well in excess of $1,000 dollars each year for the trip and they field teams of 100 or more(ie Maryland, Virginia, Ohio etc.)

Rob Archer does an outstanding job with the team and the loss of Dennis Stanley hurt tremendously. It is an experience that both my sons enjoyed and will miss this year Im sure. To everyone going to Fargo GOOD LUCK!!!!!

Due to financial constraints and events going on with my job I will not be able to attend this years tournament, however I wish everyone going alot of success. Keep in mind that most of the other states have freestyle and Greco seasons that start after the high school season ends. The reason why we have limited success, is because we have limited exposure to these styles. Its time for the state to step up and start competing in these styles and form teams for competition, in state as well as out of state. I know for a fact that there is already plans for a team in the Fairmont area next spring that will compete in several tournaments. If you would like to participate, please let me know so we can get an idea as to the number of wrestlers we are looking at.

July 19, 2001
comments: As far as the trip to Fargo being too pricey for some wrestlers I would like to say that the WV organizers do a great job of keeping the cost down. If you look at the costs from other states you would find them to be double what our wrestlers are charged. The cost includes one week of camp, transportation to and from Fargo, housing, food, and uniform (t-shirt, shorts and singlet). Some camps cost that much for only 4-5 days. The experience is priceless and could lead to college scholarships. Unlike most national tournaments Fargo has the very best talent from around the country and it is a shame that more of our wrestlers don't attend.

July 18, 2001
From: HuskieWrestler
email: Grappler6@Juno.com
comments: Last year the state finals were shown on television. I was wondering if that was going to happen again this year and, if so, when?

July 18, 2001
comments: yes what high schools are these people who are going to Junior and Cadet nationals go too?

July 18, 2001
comments: Good luck to all the boys going to Fargo.

July 18, 2001
From: WVWrestler
comments: Whoever said WV wrestlers are afraid to compete at Fargo overlooks the fact that some wrestlers can't afford such a pricy trip.

July 18, 2001
From: george
comments: For those who are wondering what the big deal is about going to Fargo, I copied the following post from the mesasgeboard at wrestlingreport.com. they will be providing daily coverage of the tournement and have a message board set-up just for fargo.

"Posted by Ruben Leon on 17:45:31 7/16/2001 from

Picture 22 to 27 mats with loads of room in a domed football arena, where you could have two guys up at the same time and they are city-block apart.

Picture 100 to 150+ for the larger weight classes and everyone their had to place top 3 in their state to qualify.

Now figure their are 50 differnt weight brackets. 13 for Cadet (15-16 year olds) Greco and 12 for Junior (anyone in HS) Greco and 13 for Cadet Freestyle and 12 For Junior Freestyle.

The 1st round is Saturday July 21st and the final Finals Match is Saturday July 28th. Their will be 50 National Champions crowned + 350 All Americans.

It is the BIGGEST wrestling tournament in the history of the planet, and it's getting BIGGER (and tougher) every year.

If you haven't been to Fargo, you ain't seen real wrestling yet. I've had several 15-16 year old's go to Fargo, fight like dogs to place, then come back and cut-through two-day 48-team tournaments with only six or seven mats on the floor. To make the finals you have to win 10 or 11 matches in row in the bigger weight classes. You have to win 7 or 8 just to place 8th.

You wrestle in a 7 day tournament and win or lose you'll come back with an attitude.

One of my guys who made the Finals in Fargo in 10th grade entered his State Tournament as a senior ranked 9th in the State. He had the #1 ranked wrestler in the state in the Semi's who had 45-1 record at the time, but he'd never placed a Nationals. I'm not sure he even went. My guy started out down 0-4. The final score was 18-8, with the additional 4 points the #1 guy got from getting cut lose 4 times. Good Freestylers are GREAT on their feet.

Also, when it's time for the medal matches look for all those guys lined up at the rail with clip-boards in their hands. Those are the guys who have the scholarships."

July 15, 2001
From: Rob Archer
comments: Here is the current list of those individuals on Team West Virginia, making the trip to the Cadet & Junior Nationals Tournament in Fargo, ND.

Jarod Shaw                  Anthony Easter
Andy Mazzella               Jacob Frerichs
Braden Shaw                 Alex King
Mitch Smith                 Josh Clark
Matt Delligati              Pete Allen
Matt Easter                 Matt Smith
Kyle Turnbull               Justin Stanley
Chris Gibbs                 Robbie Ripley
Willis King                 Phil Bliss
Robert Chaney               Jason Mays
Jeff Courtney               Blane Mayle
Lee Lauderman

July 15, 2001
comments: The website for the Richmond Invitational Come visit!!!!! Richmond Invitational @ Hermitage High School

July 15, 2001
comments: Whoever said Hovermale was being overlooked at heavyweight is right. I also had overlooked him but that was a result of something I read classifying him as a senior. I do see Beresford as a force next year at Heavyweight, and with a little schooling from some past wrestlers at CHS he still has my pick to take second place. Hovermale is not to be taken lightly at all though, he and Hollenbach are going to push for that space as well.

July 13, 2001
comments: Why are there so many people in WV that are affraid to wrestling in Cadet and Junior Nationals?

July 13, 2001
comments: Is the proposed AAU State tournament going to be in addition to the West Virginia Jr States in Parkersburg or will it replace the current tournament??? I intend to be fully supportive either way. I think it is a good idea and will give credibility to the fractured system currently in place in the state. However, as all wrestlers, parents, and coaches know, the kids have an up year followed by a down year, because of the two year age grouping. If the AAU tournament is replacing the current state I would urge you to run them both this year so as not to penalize 50% of the kids who have taken their lumps to get to their up year. I would also urge others who are running their tournaments, not to duplicate the age and weight groups in the state tournament. By having many different combinations of age and weight classes, you insure that the same kids don't keep wrestling each other week after week after week. Thanks.

July 13, 2001
comments: I've heard several people make the comment that they think Beresford will finish 2nd at heavyweight. I will admit he did well for a first year sophomore, and yes heavyweight will probably be kind of empty next year, except for Caughy. But there's at least one person who will most likely be at heavyweight, who I know he can't beat, and that's Hovermale from Berkley, he's a first year sophomore who beat some tough competion to place at states. I guess anything can happen, there's a unsuspecting number of wreslers who may turn out well at heavyweight, and who's to say at this point who will even be wrestling what weight. But as for right not I would predict: 1:Caughy 2:Hovermale 3:Hollenback 4:Addington 5:Beresford 6:Dequaise. Thank You

July 13, 2001
From: wrestlefan123
comments: Just wanted to get other's opinions on how much the coaches actions on the side of the mat affect/effect the wrestler's attitude out on the mat. I've seen several coaching styles over the years (20+ state high school tourneys) and I still think the coach that always challenges the ref's decision does more to hurt his wrestler's psyche/esteem/chances than help him. Not very often do ref's reverse their ruling and it can often play against you later.

How often did you see Bob Dutton, Rod Oldham, Dix Manning etc. raise a big scene like you see some of today's coaches doing? You didn't.

More often you see coaches feeling the pressure of the crowd and reacting instead of concentrating on how to best help their wrestler.

I've seen coaches bring some very strong, but technically defunct and out of aerobic/cardio shape wrestlers to the state tourney and get mad at their own wrestler because he/she can't keep up with the pace of their opponent. It's still the coach's job to do what will best prepare his wrestling team for their next opponent, isn't it. Often I've heard crowd boos when a kid stalls because he is completely out of gas, are they booing the kid or the coach, I wonder?

Good luck this coming season to all wrestlers!

PSHS fan for life!

July 13, 2001
From: Coach Davis
comments: I coach at Carrollton HS in Ohio. Two weeks ago I took 15 of my wrestlers to camp at WVU and would like to commend Zeke, Coach Turnbull and staff on a nice camp. Being a veteran of the competition camp circuit(Ohio State in '99 & Lock Haven in 2000) we thought the camp had a nice balance of competition and instruction. There were wrestlers and teams from all over the eastern United States such as WV, PA, OH, TENN, VA, NY, GA, and MASS. Add some world-class clinicians and great facilities and you have a top-notch camp. Outstanding job guys--we'll be back next year! Hope to see more competitors there; this is a great opportunity for both experienced and inexperienced wrestlers alike!!

July 13, 2001
From: Fan
comments: Okay, so someone lost some matches last year. Big deal, that was last year and besides anyone can have a bad day and I know that's what happened. I saw the matches and it wasn't anything to brag about. I thought it was kind of ugly seeing certain people make such a big deal out of his lost and then come on this website and brag about it. You should wait till the season starts before you start saying who's going to beat who. Good luck to all the wrestlers who keep there mouth shut and let their actions speak for them on the mat.

July 11, 2001
From: wrestler
comments: please dont tell us this person is going to do this or that that person is gonna beat this guy next year. Just let them try and see what happens

July 11, 2001
comments: Everyone better watch out for Braxton next year. they have a good bunch of kids coming up from the middle school that will be pretty competitive.And to all the 2001-2002 competitors good luck.

July 11, 2001

July 11, 2001
From: Shane's mat-maid
comments: congratulations to Shane Grogg on your great finish at Nationals sorry I wasn't there to watch.

July 11, 2001
From: wv wrestling fan
comments: 189 and 215 is going to be another good one. I think Gibson from Calhoun is moving down to 189 this year and Peck from Clay is staying at 215 as for Magone from Weir he is moving to 215, and Weaver is staying too. Dana Raban is going to stay at 215 he is my surprise pick this year he will be a big force. For 189 is going to be tougher than you think with Hebrock, Delebrau, Hashman and Gibson. It will be a thriller.

July 8, 2001
comments: To whomever ask if Conley would be able to beat those other three named. First off Grogg will probably not make it that low mabe to 119 but that would be the least. But I don't think Conley is even wrestling next year. That was just from a very good source. To all the other people making perdictions really it is not necessary yet wait until at least the first 3 matches of the season to see where everyone is going. Oh yeah and great job Shane.

July 8, 2001
comments: ok first of all cappas and humphrey are both going 103 so i would change my perdictions

July 8, 2001
From: Dean Moore Patriot Wrestling Club
comments: to the person that asked about the weight classes for the AAU State Tournament. I am not sure yet what the classes will be but probably be the same weights and ages that the AAU Nationals are. I am not sure till i recieve some imformation from the AAU Wrestling. I hope to have it posted soon as possible. Thank you !! This will have a open seating meeting and weight classes will NOT be given any weight.

July 8, 2001
From: East Fan
comments: Good luck to Meatball Delligatti, Kyle Turnbull, Jeff Courtney, Blane Mayle and all the other wrestlers in Fargo!

July 8, 2001
From: PC
comments: Congratulations Preston and Morgantown wrestlers, who prepared so well for nationals in Birmingham. Nice job by South Morgantown's Travis Newbrough 70 lb 6th grader on his victory in his first trip south, and special congrats to Micah Gerasimovich South's 8th grader on his 4-2 record, one short of all american status. Micah will be a force to be reconned with this H.S. season. Tough draw for M.H.S. Jared Garvin, who wrestled well and will surely repeat his all american status in the very near future. Preston high's Ricky Brandau has been making steady progress as evident in his 3-2 record in Alabama in a very tough wt. class. Congradulations to Lucas Cappas on achieving all american status, and his 4th place finish. Lucas used his heart and head to carry him where his battered body couldn't. Keep up the off-season work you guys, and the dividends will be paid many times over this wrestling season.

July 8, 2001
From: HuskieWrestler
comments: Wes Lane will dominate next year. It is his year. It doesn't matter what weight class he wrestles, it doesn't matter who he wrestles. He is on a mission, and no one is going to stop him. He lost on a questionable call in the semi's last year, and that just added fuel to the fire.

July 8, 2001
From: Brent Sams
comments: For any wrestling fans interested in playing ESPN fantasy football, I have created a league called wvmat. The password is wvmat. Thanks, Brent

July 8, 2001
From: hedgesville wrestler
comments: cleo must of had a memory lost when she entered the 145lbs. weight class. Lord is gonna when it all.

July 8, 2001
From: Heath
comments: Tarot Crad Reader- easter gets beat by grogg? i dont think so. and which smith from ripley will win it? Mitch or Matt?

July 8, 2001
From: South Fan
comments: I would just like to say congratulations on all the boys who placed at the high school nationals in Birmingham,Alabama.Shane Grogg form PS took 2nd at 119 high school divison,Lucas Cappas from MHS took 4th in the high school 104 divison,Ryan Metz from PS took 7th in the 125 high school divison,Kyle Walters took 5th in the middle school divison, and Braden Shaw from BHS took 4th in the 125 middles school divison.There may have been others who placed but these were the only ones that I could think of. Congratulations to all and I would watch out for the all of them next year cause they looked very good in Alabama.

July 4, 2001
From: Big Red Fan
comments: What about Jake Hays at 103 for Parkersburg Big Reds? Did something happen I'm not aware of? 103 is not a given for anyone. It's talented, crowded, deep and very exciting. Someone is going to get their heart broken.

July 4, 2001
From: george
comments: Looking over predictions for next year people are making. It struck me that people are predicting Osuna-Cotto, Grogg, Porter at 103/119 for South next year. Will Justin Conley-6th place 103 last year, be able to beat any of these guys?
Kind of reminded me of Jeremy Layner situation two years ago. Finished 2nd in the state as a junior. Senior year tried to wrestle 112-119, but beaten out by Bosley and Metz. So runner-up in the state was wrestling jv matches the next year. Even wrestled jv on Senior night. I felt they owed it to him to let him start that night. Jeremy Layner, never met you, but I certainly respect you. Good luck in whatever you are doing.

July 4, 2001
From: east coach
email: rick.a.bailey.g65o@statefarm.com
comments: This message is to Dean Moore...What will the ages of your AAU sanctioned state tournament?? Will it be "odd age" or be the 5/6, 7/8, 9/10, 11/12 and 13/15 as it has been?? This is important information as we come into the 2001-2002 Wrestling season.
I would suggest we make our tournaments throught the year match the state tournament for consistency reasons.
Just a thought.

July 4, 2001
From: george
comments: results after day 2 nhsca nationals at nhsca.com103 Cappas 3-0 in the semis

Garvin 0-2 
Grogg 4-0  in the semis
Brandau 3-2
Metz 3-1
Bosley 1-2
Pickens 3-2
Mayle 1-2
Wood 2-2
Geary 1-2
Pickens 4-1
Weaver 3-1 

July 4, 2001
From: Tarot card Reader
comments: I called Cleo the other day and Honey, she gave me the following triple A results for next year. Ha ha ha, she guarantees it.

103-NIT Easter beats PS Osuna Cotto
112-NIT Frerichs beats MRG Cappas
119-PS Grogg beats NIT Easter
125-PS Metz beats WP Kennedy
130-PS Bosley beats RIP Smith 
135-RIP Smith beats CM Gibbs
140-HUNT Williams beats HH Lane
145-NIT Ripley beats EF Mayle
152-HUNT Mays beats PS Walters
160-PS Pickens beats PP Warner
171-PS Daggett beats FS Courtney
189-PRK Marks beats NM Starsick
215-PREST Miller beats PS Morrison
275-EF Satterfield beats BU McCourt

July 3, 2001
From: Dean Moore Patriot Wrestling Club
comments: I would like to thank all the coaches that helped at the Patriot Wrestling Clinic featuring Wade Schalles. This is without a doubt the most outstanding clinic that i have ever attended. We are planning on having Wade back again next year. For those who missed this Wade has won more matches than any wrestler ever and had pinned more opponents than anyone. He is a 16 time National and World Champion . He also pinned more national and world champions than anyone.He is a 4time NCAA College Champion, Voted to the Wrestling Hall of Fame by coaches as the Best Wrestler ever. He is currently the Vice President of AAU Sports. Coaches from The Cougar staff of Mike Litton,Lou Thomas: Parkersburg South ,Tim McCartney, Dave Koreski: Will Schenerlein, Chris Way, Steve Rader,Parkersburg High: Scott Moore, Kenny Dye, Wirt County: Andy Norman Minneralwells: Ronnie Ratliff Ripley: The entire coaching staff and Mothers of the Patriot Wrestling Club. And a special thanks to Dave Jeffery for getting Wade to come. We are Planning on holding an AAU santioned West Virginia State Tournament . Details are being put togeather now. this will be posted as soon as possible.

July 3, 2001
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: It is always fun to see the predictions on here. esp. so early,before season begins.Pinhead...you may have missed one name in the 125 class...Ryan Metz from South, who lost 3-2 to Matt Stevens in last years 119 finals.Also Matt Bosely will probably go 130 this season and I would'nt be suprised to see Chris Daggett at 189 where Mr. Starsick would have his hands full! Also Chris Morrison pinned J. McCourt last year for 3rd place,but Jeremiah is a big,strong young man! Good luck.

July 3, 2001
From: Rob Archer
comments: This is the list of the WV team going to Fargo:
Shaw, Jarod
Easter, Anthony
Mazzella, Andy
Frerichs, Jacob
Shaw, Braden
King, Alex
Smith, Mitch
Clark, Josh
Delligati, Matt
Allen, Pete
Easter, Matt
Smith, Matt
Turnbull, Kyle
Stanley, Justin
Gibbs, Chris
Ripley, Robbie
King, Willis
Bliss, Phil
Chaney, Robert
Mays, Jason
Courtney, Jeff
Mayle, Blane
Lauderman, Lee

These young men will be competing in the Cadet & Junior Nationals in Fargo, ND.

July 3, 2001
From: wvmatwatcher
comments: Hello.....I havent been around to chat much because i was in australia watching some wrestlers...wow..what a nice sight. Anyways, I see people making predictions??? For one thing you all have Wes Lane and Cody Shell? I mean cmon not to be rude but i see you guys leaving out one man..Except for you superman.. Billy Barbour, the guys was a JV his sophmore year..then he had to work REALLY HARD during the summer cause he became the 135 pounder for martinsburg. He beat Anthony Delligatti in regionals recieved third!!! then came one point away from placing at states. now I am not braging for the man cause i dont know if he is wroking hard agian during the summer or not.. Now one more thing before I go.. In the quarterfinals at states im sure most remember that Billy Barbour had wes lane on his back twice and the victory just slipped away so dont keep tis guy out or you will regret!! dont let them get to you billy
chanting you on!!!

July 3, 2001
From: Gramdma
comments: To pin head: Robert is a 10th grader this year, Brandon is a 9th and Chance is also in 9th grade. Review your perdictions. A loyal wrestling fan to all parkersburg wrestlers, patical to the former Cougars. Excuse me once a Cougar fan always a Cougar fan. Good luck to all wrestlers this coming season, they are all winners.

July 3, 2001
comments: If Freichs from Nitro beats Grogg from south it would be a major upset. Been around to long and have yet to see it happen.

July 3, 2001
From: Fan
comments: The AAA 103lb weight class is going to be a battle this year between 1)Osuna Cotto(South, 2)Easter(Nit)& 3)Shyver (PHS). Does anyone know of others that will in this weight class?

July 3, 2001
From: Philip Bellville
email: eajco@core.com
comments: Nick Busick if you happen to read this will you please e-mail me. Or if anyone knows his e-mail address would you please e-mail it to me.. Thank you.

July 3, 2001
comments: As many of you know, there will be several new Cougars prowling the mat this year. For those of you who don't know, you will. Enjoy your predictions. Good luck.

July 3, 2001
comments: I was just wondering if anyone out there knew if there is any truth to the rumor that Daggett will be attending Parkersburg High School instead of South next year? I have heard it from quite a few people, just wondering if it was true! Thanks

July 3, 2001
From: Wrestling Fan
comments: I just want to say that I think it's crazy to be putting predictions up already. People don't even have these kids on the right weight class so how could they be right. Just wait until the season starts

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