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August 31, 2000
From: Swami
comments: When considering the best wrestlers for next season don't overlook the only wrestler to knock off two defending state champions and going for his third championship. As a sophomore this wrestler beat a senior who was defending his crown and won all-american status. As a junior he once again defeated a returning state champion. As a senior he'll try to become the next three time aaa state champion. No I'm not talking about East's Miller. As good as Miller is I don't think he has ever beaten a defending state champion. I'm talking about Parkersburg's Matt Stevens who beat All-American Alex Reed of Point Pleasant for his first title and then the following year defeated defending state champion Chris Johnson of Nitro. Stevens has to be the front runner going into the season as the wrestler to watch. Hedgesville's Moates East's Miller and Parkerburg's Stevens are the three top aaa wrestlers.

August 31, 2000
comments: To end on all speculation of who the best wrestler in the state is its Matt Stevens of Pakersburg. Hey no one in WV beat the boy yet during the winter.

August 31, 2000
comments: to the person who was saying belville is the best i thought that id point out that 2 of his 3 losses were at 171 and 1 of those loses was to courtney of fairmont

August 31, 2000
From: WHS fan

comments: thanks for correcting me and yes i am a good fan but some of us arent perfect and do forget some things i realize 3 people graduated but thanks for correctting me and i know what they placed i went to pretty much every match thank you

August 31, 2000
From: EP Fan
comments: I know there are a lot of tough good teams in WV. But keep your eyes on Musselman High this year. This is only their 3rd year back and things should get good this year. If Victor Beard can stay healthy (he defeated Moats at states last year) he will be a contenedr to go back this year.They have Renner at heavyweight you may come threw this year. But look for Justin Jones to be a stand out this year (at 119 last year he missed the states by one point and a bad call). These guys may not be State Champions this year but should look impressive considering how young this team is. Best of luck this year guys ! It will be here before we know it !

August 31, 2000
comments: I also am not from Oak Glen but I think the hands-down best wrestler in the state is Eric Noel. He recently won the WV state championship in one of the toughest wt. classes defeating a defending 2x state champ. He then went on to win the tough Tournament of Champions in Columbus out of 60 plus quality kids the second time he has done this. He previously won the incredibly tough OVAC tournament as a freshman at Weir High. Eric would have won the state tourney as a freshman but did not make weight in the regionals. He wrestled ALL summer at numerous camps and is now a one sport guy. Eric will be embarassed when this is posted but the issue was raised and the truth must out.

August 28, 2000
comments: To the WHS fan
You must not be that big of fan because we lost 3 wreslters from last year not 2. Ash Wenmoth 3x champ Will Westbrook 1x champ and 2 4ths AND Joel Zyla who was the state runner-up at 140lbs in 99 but was still return 6 place winners from 99 and one state champ in Tim Haddox.

August 28, 2000
email: Roaddog_69_98@yahoo.com
comments: Many times we look at the top schools for talent (ex. South Fairmont Senior and Cabel Midland) but if you look at some of the talent in Elkins this year you will see some names going to States and will finish in the top 10. The wrestlers I know will go to the Region 4 Championships are John Taylor, Jeremy Boetjer (whom I think will go the 189 spot replacing last year's Shawn Pennington (25-8; myself) and Brandon Robinson. Boetjer will prove his going to win but I have confidence he will win and place in the top 10 in the state.) Also I see Coach John Daniels having a better year with his team than last year. It was his first year as coach but I think he knows what needs to be done to have a winning season. I believe he will be coach of the year. Finally a shoutout to all of the EHS Tigers. Wrestle hard and have fun on all of your ways to #1.

August 28, 2000
comments: I have seen several comments on here talking about who the best wrestler in the state is (Miller Courtney Daggett). No denying they are all great wrestlers but I beleive the best to be Oak Glen's Philip Bellville. Not only did he win the states but he did it in a very tough weight class ten pounds underweight and finished with an astounding record (37-3 I think) and Oak Glen wrestles a very tough schedule. I am not from Oak Glen but I don't think anybody in the state could beat Bellville.

August 28, 2000
From: Christine
comments: 81 days as of August 26 2000.

August 28, 2000
From: south fan
comments: i would like all the fans to know that when daggett and miller had an exhibition in unuversity high school the score was daggett 3 to miller 4 . if they had to wrestle again i beleive it would be a very good match it could go either way . from what i here chris daggett is going to wrestle 160 again and his older brother casey is going to go for it at 171 who would also give miller or courtney a great match could go either way . we'll just have to wait till next year. good luck wrestlers .

August 28, 2000
From: Busick
email: http://www.pwrlftr.com
comments: Myself and others are having discussions in developing a summer tournament. The thought is to create an off season competition that may enable more to stay active. We plan on incorporating it with a sports and fitness expo next year in June. The proposed site will hold 6 to 8 mats easily. Your thoughts by email bu118@ovnet.com or posting would be appreciated.

August 28, 2000
From: Eastern Panhandle Fan
comments: Hedgesville has all but two wrestlers returning this coming season. Regalbutto and Bowers only senoirs to leave. Thanks for the respectful posting from the person who described Hedgesville as a possible "sleeping dog." Can football season end soon enough!

August 28, 2000
To all of the people that are wondering about coach Dugas (JM's head coach) yes he has retired. Coach Dugas has been with JM for 32 years , he was the assistant to Bill Hindegardner when JM opened their doors in 1968. He became the head coach in 1983 to the "99" season. Coach Dugas expected his wrestlers to be more than an average wrestler he expected them to be well mannered citizens on and off the mat. JM is not losing a coach and a teacher, they are lossing a legend. Coach Dugas will be greatly missed.

Ed West will now be the head coach or the monarchs. Ted Zervos will be his assistant. Bob Wilson (JM wrestler 160 lb of the "95" to "98" season) will be the JV coach.


August 28, 2000
comments: for the AAA watch.... ripley high will be very competitive this year... they have alot of quality wrestlers.... they are also havin the good fortune to pick up 145lb state champion Adam Schindler from ravenswood.... he has transfered and will be wrestling 145 this year..... look out... with matt smith and adam schindler plus a gangle of other good ones they will be tought and a team to watch!!!!

August 25, 2000
From: SWIL
comments: Mark this down on your calendars. On August 23 we have a prediction for MOW of the state tournament. WVREDNECK chimes in with his prediction a full 183 days before the tournament begins. This has to be some sort of a record!!!

August 25, 2000
From: Wrestling Addict
comments: Speculation and rumor has it that Adam Schindler may be transferring from Ravenswood HS to Ripley HS this year. Does anyone know for sure - else we will just hurry up and wait and see! Thanks.

August 25, 2000
comments: for the AAA watch.... ripley high will be very competitive this year... they have alot of quality wrestlers.... they are also havin the good fortune to pick up 145lb state champion Adam Schindler from ravenswood.... he has transfered and will be wrestling 145 this year..... look out... with matt smith and adam schindler plus a gangle of other good ones they will be tought and a team to watch!!!!

August 25, 2000
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: I agree with some of the writers to this forum.Individual match-ups are fun to think about but saying Courtney is better than Daggett or Miller or whovever doesn't mean anything until they hit the mats.Although I am a South wrestling I have witnessed all three of these outstanding atheletes compete and they are all superior wrestlers.I would dare say that all three probably will not be in the same weight class but if two are-sit back and enjoy it!I know that Daggett is only a junior and Courtney has accomplished some amazing career achievements but Miller is one of the best I have seen in awhile.I sometime get fired up on here and promise to tone it down a bit about South.I just love to watch good wrestlers and we are very blessed to have so many from all our high schools and jr.highs.I don't trash any schools or wrestlers because after all they are just kids and should enjoy every moment of their careers. Can football season end soon so we can hit the mats!!God Bless.

August 25, 2000
comments: Could someone put the 1993 State Tournament on the State Tournament page? I am sure some past wrestler has the complete brackets...

August 25, 2000
From: The Next 4-timer
comments: I am glad that people are responding and reminding me of people I missed. I have also watched Robbie Ripley and Wesley Lane wrestle for a while Robbie since I was a VERY young wrestler and they are very good wrestlers. I used to remember when Robbie would wrestle my friends and brother and I would think "uh oh they are in trouble" lol. I am glad people are reminding me of people because I don't want to leave out anyone that you feel needs recognized. I would also like to mention Matt Miller Matt Delligatti and Derrick George. South Fan not to be mean but I did say THE WHOLE SOUTH LINEUP in my first predictions take that as a compliment nothing less. Thanks for your time and remind me if I am still missing some deserving wrestlers!

August 25, 2000
comments: Ash Gandee will more than likely repeat his tear at 112 this season. No one will beat him in AA. I would watch out for Grafton though. Cory Auvil and Chris Leach will be the leaders and I think they carry themselves well. Add to that they have the most respectible coach in the state of WV. I believe that a placer from Wyoming East transfered to Grafton. He should help the uppper weights at GHS. Look for Grafton to have a big year!

August 25, 2000
From: south fan
comments: i would like to say that chris daggett and nathan pickens they ve worked together for 4 years now and are both outstanding wrestlers who were both in the state finals as sophomores and daggett won . they went to north dakota together there freshman year and went to alabama together this year .they were both all american they show a good example of dedication and determination there both favorites for next years state tourny good luck guys cant wait to see ya wrestle next year.

August 25, 2000
From: Jonesy
comments: I think alot of people are forgetting about Cory Auvil who should be tough this year.

August 25, 2000
From: south fan
comments: about the people who should be watched next year i think you forgot shane grogg ryan metz matt bosley got third last year casey daggett got third last year chris daggett state champ and all american arron mccaartney got third last year . good luck fellas

August 24, 2000
From: Wrestler of East
comments: To the gentlemen form Roane County It sounds like you from West. . . but thats OK! It is funny how you compliment every other coach from the county but East sides I don't think many recognize how far East side has came in the past few years. But I ask you to step back and find out some info about them. How did they get there? Luck!!! Sorry but a two time State champ and and a third place finish and a fourth with several who missed placing by one match. And placing 8th as a team means that there is some coaching going on. It is amazing how adults and youngsters get caught up in a sport. As for South best of luck to you you have a great wrestling program. And you should win another state title. Remember this. . . you DO NOT see Marion County teams on this website trash talking. Maybe because they were raised with respect!!!!
Discover it. . .Understand it . . . Give it!!!!!

August 24, 2000
From: WHS fan
comments: good luck to williamstown high and jr.high wrestlers this year. we should have a really good team so dont count us out. we've got some great talent coming up and come on we only lost 2 wrestlers so we've still got alot of the bys from last year. i look for us to send most of our team to state this year and maybe taking another runner-up.just dont count us out!!! also good luck to south and p.h.s south has a pretty good team and i think they will take state again. good luck to all wrestlers and i will see you during wrestling season!!!

August 24, 2000
comments: to the person who said that we all should be thankful that parkersburg was split in 2 and that not so much the 2 fairmont teams well if west and east were combined the total number of students still wouldnt surpass the total number of students at parkersburg or south... also west is one of the smallest AAA schools in the state therefore making it tough to compete in sports although they do it ever year in just about every sport

August 24, 2000
From: the next 4-timer

comments: I am glad that someone put up some predictions after mine. I nearly forgot to put Ashley Gandee on my wrestlers to watch. I have watched him wrestle for years and he is definitely awesome............ Oh I almost forgot also watch for Chris Leach I thought he graduated I guess I was mistaken.

August 24, 2000
From: south fan
comments: about the people who should be watched next year i think you forgot shane grogg ryan metz matt bosley got third last year casey daggett got third last year chris daggett state champ and all american arron mccaartney got third last year . good luck fellas

August 24, 2000
From: Anonymous
After reading some of the predictions and comments on this page, it makes you wonder where or how some of you come up with your selections. I'm a Nitro wrestling fan, and I think you have overlooked a few wrestler's and misjudged some of there kids. Yes they could have a strong team, but I don't believe they will boast about it on this page. There will be more than Johnson and Easter in there line up next year that's for sure. There not a bunch of individuals as the wvredneck stated, these young men train and work hard together they just aren't in the business of bragging like some others. So what if they are a little different personality wise, are college's handed out team scholarships? I don't think so.

I've noticed that Nitro's Robbie Ripley is missing from the wrestlers to watch pick list. If my memory serves me right he finished third at states last year in the 125 lb. class and defeated some good wrestlers. He will be a junior this year and has allot of talent.

Also, Wesley Lane from Herbert Hoover is a very talented wrestler that should be mentioned, he should be a factor no matter what weight he is at.

August 23, 2000
From: RW
email: rkwolfie@raex.com
comments: Suggested rules changes

(1) If the 1st period ends in a 0-0 tie coin toss winner must pick up or down. (Rationale: too many heavyweights are looking only for a throw or to "out condition" their opponent.)

(2) Eliminate present sudden death format. In lieu thereof position both wrestlers in the neutral position facing each other on all fours knees must maintain floor contact until the successful wrestler gains advantage at which point the match has ended. Overtime wrestling shall continue in successive 2 minute periods with 1 minute rest between periods until the match is decided by the WRESTLERS.

(3) The winner of the coin toss must pick up or down to begin the 2nd period knowing that he will begin the 3rd period in the opposite position. (Rationale: Too many takedown specialists are not good mat wrestlers. A winning wrestler should be required to demonstrate his overall wrestling ability.)

August 23, 2000
comments: AA Predictions
103 Gary Dankovchick but i look for Erica Dye to maybe pull it out
112 Chris Morris Calhoun
119 Ashley Gandee Ravenswood
125 Justin Kotson Cameron
130 Tyler Hughes Cameron
135 Eric Noel Oak Glen
140 Chris Leach or Gaelen Lowers(good match)
145 Roger Kupfer Cameron
152 Adam Schindler Ravenswood
160 Derrick Stickles Oak Glen
171 Wyatt Oneil Cameron
189 Phillip Bellville Oak Glen
215 Greg Six Oak Glen
275 Thomas Naylor Ritchie

August 23, 2000
email: To South
comments: I dont think any teams out there would say stuff about you guys if you wouldnt come on here running your mouths about how good you are I mean there is no doubt that you guys have an excelent team but you dont have to let the world know about it and you dont have to say how you are superior to everyone else. I see no other teams coming on here and saying stuff liek you do. I think you would get a lot more respet if you werent so cocky butt ahts just my opinion.

August 23, 2000
comments: Hello Folks!! How is everyone this fine spring? Well first of all to all the comments from south about 171.Come one patriots lets get real we know u want to believe that dagget will win states but deep down u really know that miller will beat him he dagget challenged him at that summer tournament called him out and who won. HMMMM!!!But on to the important things.We all know south is tough i mean come on there stacked but watch out for east and huntington.Well its been a good night see ya

August 23, 2000
From: wvredneck
comments: in response to the other PSHS that said the only person that could compete with dagget at 171 is courtney. i dont agree since matt miller already beat him last spring. i predickt matt miller to be the MOW of next years wrestling tournament. but its ok. we'll see next year. GO SOUTH!!!

August 23, 2000
From: The next 4-timer.
comments: I am sick of hearing all the trash talk from South and Huntington you really should think before you guys react to some of the crap on here.Anyways I have some predictions for the upcoming year I hope I don't make anyone mad with these but oh well right?
1.South although it won't be easy they can do it
2.Parkersburg they are good no denying it
3.Hedgesville hasn't been a force in the past but is my sleeper pick of the year. With a good run in Huntington they MAY be the only team that could stop South.
4.Nitro Chris Johnson will lead this team to a great year.
5.in real life who cares who's fifth?

1.Cameron quality depth many returning stars
2.Oak Glen great returning line-up but no one before 130
3.Ritchie good line-up not much comp in A-AA
4.Williamstown why not?
5.Braxton Co. setting themselves up for another good year

Here are my people to watch for the 2000-2001 season

1.Matt Stevens
2.Chris Johnson
3.Kevin Ballam
4.Danny Lord
5.The entire South Line-up!
6.Clayton Samples
7.Jonathan Delligatti
8.Matt Easter
9.Nathan Pickens
10.Adam and Derrick Kennedy
if I didn't mention someone and you think they deserve it tell me that's just people off the top of my head.

1.Tyler Hughes Roger Kupfer and Eric Noel. Simply put unstoppable.
2.Casey Hughes Curt Meyer and Isaac Stewart young but really good wrestlers
3.Tim Haddox Tyler Westbrook Ryan Delebreau
4.Phillip Bellville Gaelen Lowers Derrick Stickles
5.Chad Snider
6.Chris Morris Steven Sexton Aaron Barnette Josh Moyer(if he didn't grauate)
7.Casey Biddle Wyatt O'Neil
that's all for now tell me if I miss someone.

August 23, 2000
From: Mean Mike
comments: Any word on who will be replacing Ed Dugas? Will it be Ed West? I wrestled for these gentlemen in the mid 1980's.

August 23, 2000
comments: to roane co. fan. you are saying its a good thing that fairmont is divided into two schools.....better be glad that parkersburg is divided into two schools

August 22, 2000
From: The Department of Reliable Sources
Ed Dugas from John Marshall has retired.

August 22, 2000
From: wvreddneck
comments: Well school is about to start and most of the summer wrestling is over. I've got a chance to see several young men wrestle this summer and have noticed that I see the same faces in summer tournaments as I do in the place matches at the state tournament. Makes one say "Hmmmmmmm". Enough said about that I have thought long and hard and decided to put my two cents worth in early with a pre-season team poll. Thought about an indivdual poll but thought I'd wait until I saw where people had grown into over the summer. Well better or worse here is a prediction of teams.
1. P'burg South...(who eles)
2. Fairmont..... lots of depth
3. Huntington....first full class of the new HHS
4. Hedgesville...lots of talent but gotta wrestle well in Huntington
5. East Fairmont... been a long time since the East side was in the hunt
6. North Marion.... Coaching brings the Huskies this high
Cabell Midland ...Some talent but too many holes
8. Ripley.... keep an eye on this team could move up fast
9. University ....summer wrestling may finally pay off
Wheeling Park...rumor is a face from the past may be back
Teams to watch:
Parkersburg...new coach needs to get feet wet
Buch-Ups...need to be more contistant and peak later
Nitro....May have the third best team in the state talent wise but indivduals can not win has to be a team effort
John Marshall..very young but talented

I do believe that the fight will be for second again this year. South is just to deep for anyone to catch. Hope I haven't pissed on anyone's parade Cause remember what My Daddy always told me there are only two kids of peole who predict ... Profits and butt holes ...Well I am no profit ... One thing I do want people to remember It is for the kids...Go South

August 22, 2000
comments: Somebody said that the state is lucky that the 2 fairmont teams are split. I believe that the truth is were lucky the 2 parkersburg teams are split.

August 22, 2000
comments: To the person that made the rude comment from Hunington I would like to tell you that South will be ready for state and they will have a strong team this year so you better be ready for South to kick your butt. Also East and West Fairmont will both be good but I don't think anybody is going to stop South because we have all our starting wrestlers back besides 2 or 3. So it's going to be hard for someone to stop us at state. I'm not saying it can't happen I'm just saying that it's going to be hard.Oh and as for Dagget watching out for 171 the only person that could bet him would be Courtney from Fairmont Sr. Oh by the way what's this stuff about Hunington maybe having a chance at the state title give me a break you couldn't get it if you tryed and the only way you could is if you cheated. Oh but wait you always find some way to rip someone off. My advise get new time keepers because you blew a chamionship for someone that worked really hard for it. See you at state and will see who wins the state title. Bye

August 22, 2000
From: Tom
comments: Congratulations and thanks to Coach Handlan at his retirement let's salute a great career as a coach and wrestler was good to see some of his peers at his party thanks to Buzz Evans Bill Archer Bill Hindgardner Vince Monseau for sharing with the Big Red fans and Joe Thanks Joe

August 22, 2000
comments: Does anyone know if Edison Jr. High is in need of a wrestling coach for next season?

August 22, 2000
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: First of all wassup with the German message-could someone please translate to english! Last season there was a lot of hype about how South was not going to win the state and how one of the Fairmont teams was going unseat them or Hedgesville or Cabell Midland or whoever.I realize that when a school has such a winning tradition that others would like to see some parity in the state championship. However South just seems to reload every year and it is done by an extremely excellent Jr.high programs and the Patriot wrestling club and some excellent coaching staffs.South is blessed by not only a great head coach but many asst. coaches who make him look even better. Call the shots as you see them but at seasons end South will be among the elite once again.I know they welcome the competition.Thanks and good luck to all the great teams around the state.

August 22, 2000
From: JH
comments: I think it is time for an "official" jr.high state tournament. I see all these posts about how well teams are doing in there part of the state and then never compete against each other. I think you should split up the state into Regions like sr.high and place them through. Top 4 in each region no class division just 1 tourney. Best of the best. Like for example I think the Mason-Dixon would be a regional meet.Then you could have your Ohio River valley tourney with Edison Blennerhassett Wirt Ripley Tyler etc. then you would still have ur eastern part of the state and u could group them like the Greenbrier-Summersville Region. and then a metro valley region with Nitro Charleston schools and Huntington schools. Also throw teams like Harpers Ferry into that Mason Dixon area. Or actually 8 regions would be better with the top 2 going to state. Makes it more of an honor just to go to states. Well if someone would e-mail me with all the jr.high schools with wrestling in the state I would be more than happy to set up a region system to make it work I think jr.high kids are old enough to compete for state titles just like sr. high kids.I will be more than happy to draw up the boundaries and show a preview of it. Well ttyl later

August 22, 2000
From: south fan
comments: this goes to the person from huntington who thinks daggett should watch out next year . i mean look at it this way how many other people as a sophomore has became a high school all state wrestler and an high school all american all as a sophomore who else can meet them standards. even as a senior let alone a sophomore . to me he is definitely in the top 3 wrestlers if he is not number 1 and im talking about through out all the weight classes not just his . i think he'll be unstoppable next year . along with the team parkersburg south . a special good luck to you chris cant wait to see you next year . good luck south .

August 22, 2000
comments: I posted a message on here the other day taht said i dont know how P South can say they are going to win at all those weights against OG like they said without knowing OG lineup and my message wasnt posted why is that? I see alot of people write stuff on here that is twice as bad as that and it gets posted. So please post my message this time.

August 16, 2000
comments: riverside high school is going to have a very good team this year. sometime in the next 3 years look for them to be a hard team to beat.they have a lot of bright young wrestlers. including the cochran twins (eddie 34-3 in jr high competition and josh 17-4 in jr high competition) plus some other top wrestlers look for them to take a state title soon.

August 16, 2000
Like 98% of the stuff posted on here is Garbage. please post that so people understand

August 16, 2000
From: Roane County resident
comments: I am from near Spencer in Roane county. I am a Roane co. wrestling fan and before I was a that I was Spencer high fan which also is were I graduated from in 56. All 6 of my boys wrestled at Spencer. They had some tough teams. However my great nephew JED OTT has been a stater at North Marion High School so I have followed Marion county wrestling closley for a little while now. I would agree that West and East Fairmont both have a shot at the title as that fella from Huntington said but I have to go with west . Coach Delligatti 96 state coach of the year is one of the best around. The Courtney's sure seem to know they are doing Don (current ass. coach) Chris and Ryan are all state champs and I am sure that Ryan and Chris are helping out. Rocky DeLorenzo I think might coach too. My boy beat him 3 or 4 times though. Coach Micheal at North is in my opinion the best coach in the state. Fairmont west's staff is not too far behind. The rest of the state is lucky that Fairmont is divided in 2 teams.

Well I would like to wish everyone in the state good luck this season Roane co. will have some scrapper's out there in 00 01 but dont we always. This will probably be my only entry on the forum I always just follow everyone else's comments. When I saw what that man from Huntington was talking about I thought that I had some insight. Maybe you readers will take it into account and respond regaurdless Thank YOu Very Much For Your Time.

August 16, 2000
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: Everyone keeps making the comment that Aaron McCartney finished fourth in the state this past season when in reality he tech.falled Corder of Philip Barbour to finish third.Anyone out there that thinks South will tail off this season better think again-their nucleus is back and some incoming sophs should make this one of South's strongest teams in some time.Like I've said before the cream always rises to the top at seasons end!Have a great day!

August 16, 2000
comments: I would just like for every one to know that Shane Grogg's last name is spelled G-r-o-g-g not G-r-a-u-g.

August 16, 2000
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August 16, 2000
From: South
comments: I dont think it is right for "huntington" to be saying that stuff about south and daggett about needing to watch out i would like it if someone would take that off of the page that is very rude and disrespectful and i dont like it

August 13, 2000
From: huntington
comments: sup
South ..... u guys will never get the state title. we think either east or west fairmont we be at the top this year we might even have a chance but odds are not on our side were rutting for east. hey dagget u better watch out for 171.

August 13, 2000
From: pshs fan
comments: i would just like for every one who pays attention to wv wrestling to know that parkersburg south has a good chance to be nationally ranked after there next season i mean look at all of there outstanding wrestlers for next year shane graug whom is an numerous time national champion ryan metz matt bosley who went to many national tournaments over the summer brice pickens who became a national champion in the middle school division this summer in alabama casey daggett who from what i here would of became a high school all american but got hurt in a middle of a match he was winning nathan pickens who is a state runner up and an all american chris daggett who is a state champion and an all american who has a chance of bieng a three time state champion and a definite cantidate for most outstanding wrestler his senior year then we have arron mccartney at the upper end of the weights he placed forth in the state and placed in two out of state tournaments. good luck next season wrestlers cant wait to watch you again

August 12, 2000
From: junior high fan
comments: SouthSide Pride I agree with your comment blennerhaset will have another good year but edison coming in third or fourth cmon give em a break edison has very much potential coming up and returning wrestlers edison will give blennerhasset a good ruhn for there money but i do think that blennerhasset may come out on top. As for last years regular season match between edison and blennerhasset it was up and down until the bigger boys stepped out on the mat edison also made a couple switches with andy eaton dropping down and defeating munson but the switch they made with Beatty and Walters really made no sense. I think they thought Kyle Lough would have beaten beatty. Anyways give Edison a litle more credit especially this year with a new coaching staff you never know what can happen.

August 12, 2000
From: Jason Roberts
email: mightymouse@hotbot.com
comments: I would like to say that I am so excited for the dual match between Oak Glen and P. South. I think it will be one of the greatest dual meets in WV history. I would like to say from experience that Oak Glen has a lot more returning than just the guys that wrestled varsity last year. They have some real talents coming up and could crack the line up. I wanna say hey to all the wrestlers I became friends with over the years I wont forget any of you and I hope you do the same. All of you guys please e-mail me it would be great to hear from all of you. Good luck to all wrestlers next year and good luck to my Golden Bears I was with you for 4 lets make it 5!!!!

August 12, 2000
From: Hedgesville supporter
comments: I want to wish goodluck to the Hedgesville Eagles this upcoming year. I know you all have been working really hard all summer long and I am more than sure it will pay huge dividens this winter. I hope to see a good team showing at states. I know you are not as strong a Hedgesville teams of the past three years but I am sure you will be strong this year. I wouldn't count on the same sucess that the teams before you have had but you should have a respectful record and showing at states. I would also like to wish Anthony and Dustin the best of luck at the next level. I know they have what it takes to be stand outs at the next level. I know you will represent WV well on the college level.

August 12, 2000
From: KF
email: Luvtobeno1@aol.com
comments: Does anyone know if Nitro found 2 teams for their quad on December 6th or 8th? Is South open on these dates if not how about making the trip down to the Kanawha Valley? It would be great to have a very good program like South visit.

August 8, 2000
comments: Someone had asked earlier where Jamie Dent would be wrestling. He will be wrestling AT HUNDRED. Hundred IS having a wrestling team this year.

August 8, 2000
comments: Busick will wrestle at WLSC as a heavyweight.

August 8, 2000

August 8, 2000
From: Bob Moore
email: rmoore@hiperline.net
comments: To:Southside Pride
Referance: Your comments about Edison coaching change.

My name is Bob Moore I was involved with the Edison program for a long time. When I decided to retire I gave the South Boosters and parents of future wrestlers at least a 2yr notice I was planning to retire from coaching. I tried all areas to find my replacement no-one wanted the position no one wanted to give the hours homework travel giving up vacation days that would be required.

Knowing that i was about to retire Marvin Pickins agreed to be my replacment Marvin didnt want the job but he had sons on the team plus many boys were from the S/PKB JR Team that Marvin had coached. You have no idea how much personal time vacation time and money it takes to do the type thing. Its not like high school where most of that is taken care of.

Marvin did an outstanding job the proof is in the puddin. Edison continued to win the leauge each year beat a much superior Blenn Jr. High team in dual meet this past season place high in the WSAZ tourney and his first boys from the JYD room hit high school last season. Result place winners and 2-boys in finals 1 State Champion know of any other Jr high with those results this past season i dont think so.

In closing i think your comments were way of base and you need to have all the facts before degrading other peoples work or coaching abilities on a public forum.
JYD Forever

Editor's note: OK, I fouled up and didn't read the post from SOUTH SIDE PRIDE closely enough, and let some disrespect slip through. My apologies. Usually I can catch and delete 99% of the trash talking, but this one slipped by. I have deleted the comment.

August 8, 2000
From: Eagle 112
email: jas112@earthlink.net
comments: does anyone know what weight these wrestlers are trying for
Adam Kennedy - WP - 112
Matt Wilson - NM -112
Matt Bosely - PS -112
Justin Stanley - CM -112
Sammy Bonasso - FS -112

August 8, 2000
From: To Editor
comments: I posted on here a few days ago an address for a page taht I put up and you didnt put my post on the forum so here is the adress again www.maxpages.com/wvwrestling and I ask you to please put it on the forum this time.thanx

August 8, 2000
From: south fan
comments: just 3 months till the season starts i would like to say good luck to south though it is not needed the team has been working hard and is better than ever! january 6th is the date of the south oak glen match and what a sight to see ..... go get'em SOUTH!
I think that South has a great team coming up this year and is going to be very dominating again. Oak Glen needs to settle down and be prepared about South its going to be a tough match and I can not wait until wrestling starts...South wrestlers have been working hard during the during summer for the up coming season. Great Job guys. 103-Graug 119or125-Metz 130-Bosley 135-Schmitt 152-Pickens 160-Daggett 171-Daggett 215-McCartney

August 7, 2000
From: Wrestling fan
comments: I was wondering if anyone knows what the state record is for career wins in AA/A?

August 7, 2000
From: Eric Noel
comments: I would like to thank Mr Stanley Coach Archer and all others that helped all of us wrestlers prepare for nationals it was a great experience and I think that more of the WV wrestlers should come out and do it next year.

August 7, 2000
comments: To respond to jr. high fan. Both Edison and Blennerhassett are going to tough next year. Both have tough returners along with new kids coming from the younger division. I have to give the edge to Blennerhassett they have an excellent coaching staff with the PORTER BOYS. I expect wrestling at the bobcat school will be super tough for at least 3-4 years. PREDICTION FOR THIS SEASON BLENNERHASSET WILL BE THE TOP JR HIGH IN THE STATE (AGAIN) AND EDISON WILL BE THIRD OR FOURTH!!!

August 1, 2000
comments: Does anyone know the first allowed practice date in November?

August 1, 2000
From: dh
email: daran158@aol.com
comments: i have seen the previous postings on here about the eastern panhandle iron eagle team. I have much respect for eastern panhandle wrestling but as i read their posting on challenging marion county oak glenn and parkersburg i was attending a camp with some marion county and an oak glenn friend. After much thought and discussion we decided that we "Thought" we could put toogether a rather tallented duel team. Now im not going go on here saying we could beat you or anything to that affect but i think it would be a fun thing to do on a Sunday afternoon to make us all a little better and to pick up some summer mat time. If someone out there from the panhandle agrees with me and is interisted in comming into marion county for a duel match please email me and i'll give you my phone number and address and we can work out some details. Thank you for you time

August 1, 2000
From: Dale King
email: wvss2000@hotmail.com
comments: I would like to extend a special "Thank You" to Dennis Stanley Rob Archer and all others who made all the arrangements for Team West Virginia to travel to and participate in the tournaments in Fargo ND. The exposure to excellent competition and the opportunity you afforded these young men is gratefully acknowledged and appreciated. Your time and tireless efforts for the young men and the sport of wrestling in general bodes well for the health of the worlds oldest and greatest athletic competition.

August 1, 2000
From: south mat-maid
email: in2jesus@alloymail.com
comments: Well I am so excited for the upcoming wrestling season. And just to inform those who care it is only 107 days until the first day of wrestling practice which I believe is November 15 as of July 31. The line-up looks awesome again this year for South. What else is there to say except for "days please go by faster." Well I will see you all around wrestilng season although for some it never ends you know what I mean. Thanks :)

August 1, 2000
From: phs fan
comments: i know im from the north side of parkersburg and should be against the south side but i think oak glen has another thing coming there opening match next year. south is losing few wrestlers and gaining many other good wrestlers i say south wins 103 Shane Graug 112 Ray Munson 119 Ryan Metz 125 Matt Bosley 135 Jeff Schmitt 145 Casey Daggett 152 Nathan Pickens 160 Chris Daggett 215 Aaron Mccartney thats 9 of the 14 good luck wrestlers

July 28, 2000
From: Chris Morris
email: reddevil_103@yahoo.com
comments: This is out to the region fan i hope your right about me winning states but you forgot to mention Eric Metz (he took third at Parkersburg states but I think he got cheated in the semifinals match and he took first in Clarksburg states.) Jason Valdes (state qualifier.) and Ray Burge (state qualifier) well i was just wanting to put their names out there so there not left out.

July 28, 2000
From: Jefferson fan
comments: A belated congratulations to Artie Badger of Harpers Ferry's 40-0 team who achieved All-American status by finising 4th nationally in the 190 lb. middle school weight class at the NHSCA wrestling championships in Alabama. Teammate Doug Sillex tied for 11th in the 155 lb. class. Artie will be wrestling at Jefferson High next season. Also moving on to Jefferson will be Harpers Ferry teammates Danny Schneider and Tyler Moore who both made All-American last year in Alabama (both finished 6th in their weight classes) PLUS Steve Reynolds (113-4 career at Harpers Ferry) PLUS six other wrestlers who won over 30 matches this season at Harpers Ferry PLUS Harpers Ferry's heavy weight who finished 25-5. So what looks like "major" rebuilding at Harpers Ferry will be a very very solid Jefferson team that already is returning most of their top wrestlers from last season!

July 28, 2000
From: Erica Dye
comments: Due to political unrest in Peru the Womens Cadet National Team will not be participating in the Pan Am Games. They have arranged for the team to participate in the Klippan Ladies Open in Sweeden. The tournament will take place in March 2001. I would like to take this time to thank the individuals and bussiness who without their generous donations my trip would not be possible. All donations that were received will be used for my trip to Sweeden. Thank you very much. GO TIGERS!!!!!

July 21, 2000
From: Dennis Stanley
email: DStan81351@aol.com
comments: I won't get a chance to comment before we get to Fargo. We have one more practice in the morning before we leave. I have to day that this is a much stronger group than we took up last year also much larger. Rob Archer has done an outstanding job in preparing this team. You can't tell from the practices that these boys are short on freestyle experience. We are going to surprise some people.

Several visitors who came to watch the live wrestling sessions have commented on the intense battles taking place. If we are not as successful as we hope it won't be for lack of aggression.

Cadet Greco action starts on Saturday and Juniors start Sunday. I will try to give updates from Fargo as often as I can.

Dennis Stanley

July 21, 2000
From: April & Jade
comments: hey to Tucker Brown and Tyler Hughes - you guys are the best wrestlers in the state! Good luck this year and go Dragons! Love ya both!

July 21, 2000
From: hedgesville wrestling fan m
comments: As per my previous comments and needing info. Anyone interested in wrestling us contact head coach Tony Regalbuto his home phone no. is (304) 267-3887. This challenge is serious and open to anyone in any state. As for address I'm not sure if you want Tonys address in Martinsburg or where we would wrestle we have two facilities that we can get for matches two gyms. I don't know what else you need again call him if you're interested. To reiterate the challenge and the parts snipped. The teams I already mentioned are very tough teams and must have wrestlers competing in the offseason. We are seeking good competition currently we have to travel to DE NJ Ny etc. If a team wants to come up here and wrestle us thats fine we have the facilities if we have to travel we have no problem with that. We will even go halfs on the ref. If we have to travel just make sure we get plenty of matches prefer 4-5 per wrestler and not all have to be in weight class. A number of the kids are pumped up about this challenge and have even picked out opponents that they would like to wreslte this summer. I personally like this enthusiasm in the sport and hope to foster it by getting a match together with the power teams in this state.

Again I think a great idea would be to have something in Marion co. on a saturday with marion co wrestlers parkersburg south oak glen and us. Since marion co. seems more central to everyone. I dont know that this would be possible but again we will wrestle anywhere. The challenge I am offering is for folkstyle scholastic whatever you want to call it high school rules. Including incoming freshman and wrestlers who just graduated this past year. Now as for who we have and I didn't put any personal challenges on here last time I just stated who we have just like all these parkersburg comments on here so I'm not sure why they were snipped but anyway let me try again.

Some of the wrestlers we have competing for us are Devin Hewitt an incoming fresh. for williamsport Md who has placed 2nd in the AAU nationals. Cal Lesnoff a freshman starter at 103 for Hylton Va this past season. Kevin Ballam 4th at 103 states last season. Jason Drappo state qualifier at 112 last season. Chantz Griffith Jeffersons top placer taking 4th last season and pinning Bosley of Parkersburg South in championship round. Ryan Henson an incoming freshman for Hedgesville who has placed at AAU Nationals. Dan Lord state qualifier and regional champ at 125 last season who beat Duncan of Parkersburg South at Fairmont Inv. Jared Hess state qualifier at 135 last season. Bradley Ammons an incoming freshman for Hedgesville who has a number of years junior league experience. Bryan Moats 6th at last yrs states. Jason Baker state qualifier at 189 last season. Chuck Files hedgesvilles toughest Jv last year who lost wrestle off matches by 1 pt. Andrew Everhart who at 171 last season didn't qualify for states but would have in any other region he beat a number of state qualifiers including parkersburg souths van meter. Also have a number of tough Mussleman wrestlers who are now coming out. Again these are some of the people we have wrestling this offseason and coming into hedgesville next season.

This challenge is open to anyone anyteam MD PA VA WV etc. if you're out there listening lets get something set up. Contact TONY REGALBUTO AT 1-304-267-3887. Hopefully this will now be posted if there is still a question about the authenticity of this please contact Tony he will verify this. He is the iron eagles head coach I help out when work allows. sorry I don't feel like putting my name on here but people in the program know who I am.

July 21, 2000
From: region fan
comments: calhoun is looking good to win regions again this year despite losing Jimmy Johnson Travis McCartney. Ritchie is going to make a good run for them and clay is looking stronge. But calhoun has so many great wrestler they might when the state tournament. calhoun is going to make a great run for the title this year having a stronge team. they have all the weight class field up this year. chris morris gary wager denny cottril jeff morris pat mace charles gibson jeremy(budda) laughin and if he comes over to calhoun roy more are going to most likely place in the states. chris morris is gping to win states this year.

July 21, 2000
comments: What grade is Jamie Dent going into? He should definately wrestle for a HS team. I saw him wrestle last year and he is awsome.

July 21, 2000
From: Junior High school Fan!!
comments: I would just like to ask someone what they think Blennnerhasset Junior high school's roster is goin to look like next year and do you think they will be such a dominant force along with Edison. I now know why south wins state with schools like Blennerhasset and Edison Feeding into them

July 21, 2000
comments: Is it Seth Young or Scotti Wilkinson going to Edison next year?

July 17, 2000
From: hedgesville fan m
comments: I see comments here that a number of parkersburg wrestlers are working hard this offseason. Well there is another summer team that is also working hard and that is the Iron Eagles. The Iron Eagles are based in the eastern panhandle at Tony Regalbutos home. After talking to Tony and others there I am authorized to issue an OPEN CHALLENGE to any high school age summer teams out there. This challenge especially goes out to the Parkersburg teams Marion County and Oak Glen--- (snip)
Editor's note: I regret cutting the rest of this post, but there are a ton of names and challenges here from an anonymous poster and, before this can be taken seriously, we will need a name, address, phone number, etc. This may be legit, or it may be a hoax. Sorry.....

July 17, 2000
From: CH
email: SMUDGEPROOF20@aol.com

comments: I have a few comments to add to the forum. First of all to the guy who thinks Independence has a shot at Oak Glen...think about that one for a second. Look at the lineups Oak Glen and Cameron have coming back and ask yourself " Can we really beat them??" After lookin at the projected lineup I easily see that Cameron will be one tough team for ANYONE to beat and of course Oak Glen is going to be tough. Look at what they have coming back..Gary Six(5th in state 119) Eckleberry(4th in state 7th at the massive OVAC tourney) Noel(state champion OVAC runner-up) Lowers(2 time place winner in state OVAC place winner) Stickles(state champ 5th OVAC) Hebrock( 4th in state OVAC place winner) Bellville(state champ OVAC runner-up) Greg Six( state runner-up OVAC placer) and state champ Joey Caughey. Looking at those lineups anyone beating one of those teams other than themselves seems unlikely. I would also like to remind J H about Josh Whipkey an upcoming Freshman that had a 28-1 record in Jr. High that could be a force should he stay serious about the sport. I think that should Dent transfer to Cameron he may be the link needed to turn this team from the brides maids so to speak to the State Champions. I also think that once we find a heavyweight and if we can convince a certain person from our school that wrestling is the ONLY real man's sport not basketball this team may be simply unbeatable. Thanks for listening and don't hesitate to e-mail me with questions or comments.

July 17, 2000
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: First of all congrats to all the WV wrestlers who placed in Birmingham AL and esp. Brice Pickens who won it all ! Second-to Dennis Stanley-I believe God adds years to ones life who dedicates their time to youth-THANKS Dennis !Third-The Oak Glen/South dual in Jan.-a barn burner-bet South has a few fans there to support the troops ! Someone on the forum mentioned that Huntington may challenge South next season-I could only find about 3 state placers from last year-what do they have coming in to help? Thanks!

July 17, 2000
From: From A South Fan
comments: I think South will do great a the state tournment this year but I wouldn't count Fairmont Sr. out because the will have a good team next year to. I think South will still hold the state title tough because the have a lot of stronge and good wrestlers coming back and coming up from junior high so they will be tough to beat . Cant wait till season starts . BYE

July 8, 2000
From: J H
comments: Well I thnik that Marion County wrestling squads have a good shot of being in the money next year at states but I think that the trophy will probably stay in Parkersburg somewhere next year. If anyone can beat South in AAA then it is probably going to be Huntington who brings back a good line-up but I put my money on South they just have too much depth. I think they will run away with the AAA title and the Fairmont squads will both be in the top 10 at states. As for the south and oak glen dual I like Oak Glen to beat South at home. As for AA-A I think it is going to be tougher for Oak Glen to take the AA-A crown home this year. Oak Glen lost Zubay Roberts Glass Holdsworth and Poole to graduation but they return alot of firepower their top competition this season should come from Cameron. Cameron lost 2 1-time place winners (Wood-171 (6th)) and Lucey (5th-119-`98) a 4 time state placer (Hughes-145-6-3-2-4) and 2 state qualifiers (McIlvain-152 and Kotson-135). Cameron's projected line-up should be
103-Ross Sr. Qualifier
112-N.O'Neil Fr.
119-Kotson Jr.
125-Hughes.T Sr. State runner-up 98 00
130-Brown Jr. State runner-up 3rd as a Fr.
135-Hughes.C Fr. undefeated in junior high last year
140-Stewart Fr. National place winner
145-Kupfer Jr. 3rd and runner-up `99
152-O'Neil J Jr. 6th as a Fr. injured last season
160-Blake So./Yoders So./Fullerton Jr.(qualifier)
171-O'Neil W Sr.-runner-up and 4th as a sophomore
189-Meyer- 6th at 189
275-Vacant but cameron should get 1 by November

By the by does anyone know if Jamie Dent from Hundred is transfering anywhere? If he is is he going to Cameron or North Marion? I know coach potts would love to have Dent because they really don't have a set 160 yet and it would be a very solid addition to a already strong line-up. hey all you has beens like me e-mail me and let me know how ur doin! bye for now everybody.

July 8, 2000
From: hedgesville fan m
comments: first congratulations to Cary Kolat on making the US Olympic Wrestling Team and good luck at the olympics. Bring home the gold. Anyone interested in getting some good summer wrestling should get over to Tony Regalbutos place right now they are practicing every mon wed and frid. There is plenty of good competition there. Two incoming college wrestlers in Anthony (WVU) and Dustin Bowers (West Liberty). Both gearing up for college. Also plenty of state qualifiers and placers. Love to see even more people turn out. Remember to steal a phrase summer wrestling makes winter champions. Haven't been on the forum in awhile one thing though the probable lineups already starting. Well no offense to anyone its great to dream about next year but only two people know who is going to be at what weight next year. God and Mother Nature. But anyway it does show people who are excited about next year and hopefully that excitement carries over to the wrestlers who will be returning next year. Hopefully they are practicing and preparing now for next season. Anyway again good luck to Kolat and the US Olympic Wrestling Team and good luck to all wv wrestlers competing this offseason.

July 8, 2000
From: pshs fan
comments: I would like to congratulate Brice Pickens for becoming a national champion in Birmingham Alabama in the middle school division who is going to move up to south next year good luck brice. and another congrats to Nathan Pickens and Chris Daggett for becoming HIGH SCHOOL ALL AMERICANS Nathan got 3rd at 152 due to an over time match in the quarters goodluck next season nathan . and chris got 7th at 171 he lost 12 to 4 in the quarters. good luck next year chris. Casey Daggett had to default out due to an ankle injury early in the tourny. im really looking forward to seeing you guys wrestle next year.

July 8, 2000
email: curreyml@wirefire.com
comments: Results are posted for NHSCA Open at nhsca.com

High School
112 Gandee-2nd
119 Stevens 2nd.
152 Pickens 3rd
171 Chris Daggett 7th

Middle School
135 Pickens 1st
105 Humprey 5th
105 Garvin 6th

100 miller 5th
135 Miller 4th

July 8, 2000
From: Joe Stanton
email: jstanton@tri-countyymca.org
I wrestled at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro I also was an assistant coach at Ashland University. Now I live in Huntington WV and I am the Youth Program Director at the Tri-County YMCA. I started a wrestling camp the week of 4th of July (the worst week for a camp) and still got 20 kids. I plan to start instructional wrestling in the fall and also look to start a team. Could you give me some pointers as I am new to the area.

July 8, 2000
From: INDY fan!!!!!
comments: Everybody should be watchin out for independence this year.They are returning everybody but one kidd from a very strong team last year that finished in the top 5 in the state. Look for barnette moyer wood and some others to bring home a top 2 finish guys like sexton and brown that where injured during half the season should make a big impact this year.Watch for indy to make a run at oak glen!!!

July 8, 2000
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: Hey Bos-how did the South wrestlers fair in Dayton and Alabama ? It is great to see so many participating during the summer.It shows they have the desire to defend their state title.Thanks !

July 4, 2000
From: south fan!!!!!!!!!!
comments: sorry for being behind on reading the forum but vacation and personal things have made me put it on the back burner. to the BEEN THERE DONE THAT (but failed) statement made on MAY 26 about pee-wee tournaments. if you go and take a poll on all the college level wrestlers who are competing and winning id bet money they BEEN THERE DONE THAT AND WON

July 4, 2000
From: to "a very informed wrestler"
comments: Joe Jackson was 4th in the state at 171. Noechel was 4th at b>August Editor's note: Er, what are you talking about? An error somewhere????

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