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August 26, 2003
From: Wrestling Fan
comments: Ritchie County's Bounty Hunter Boone will suprise everyone at 215!

August 26, 2003
comments: Does anyone know how point pleasant is going to be this year? it seems to me that they lost alot of good wrestlers.....i know this has been a good team in the past.....has there run for a top place come to an end?

August 26, 2003
email: docholliday9745@aol.com
comments: Hi im am looking for information about becoming a referee, as far as people i need to contact, steps i need to take,etc if anyone could help me i would appreciate it

August 26, 2003
From: C. Easter
comments: Rob Henry, Please feel free to contact me about wrestling in your area. 304-610-9972

August 26, 2003
From: AAA
103: Shaw, Fraley
112: Easter, Hayes
119: Turnbull, Humphrey
125: Shyver, Garvin
130: Porter, McFarland
135: Rader, Osuna-Cotto
140: S.Smith, Gustines
145: M.Smith, S.Smith
152: Litton, Richey
160: Norman, Gustines
171: Walters, Cremeans
189: Tominack, Nelson
215: Thomas, Hutchinson
275: Valentine, Dearman

August 26, 2003
From: HUNT
comments: Good Luck Jeff Courtney for World champion Greco Roman. 96 kilo. get the GOLD from Turkey

August 26, 2003
From: D.Tate
email: dougtate68@yahoo.com
comments: Does anyone know the name and phone number for the coaches at Ravenswood High School?

August 21, 2003
From: WaRrIoR wReStLeR
comments: Watch out for the Riverside Wrestlers this year they have their whole team back and they have a lot of talent. People like Chris Lowery, Josh Tucker, TJ Richards, Paul Carter, Dustin Kinser, David Wojciechowicz (Wojo), also we have a lot of good 9th graders coming up.

August 21, 2003
From: AA-fan
comments: Its nice to see you guys have AAA predictions but what about AA no one seems to care about that so lets here it 103-275 top 3 in each class

August 21, 2003
From: LIBERTY (Harrison)fan
comments: I think MICHAEL GRILLI will be someone to watch out for in 119

August 21, 2003

August 21, 2003
comments: Does anyone know of any open tournaments in West Virginia before the season starts? If so, could you please post information on those tournaments.

August 21, 2003
From: Coach Powers
email: tpowers@access.k12.wv.us
comments: Attention AAA Region 1 Coaches: the Super Duals discussed for Wheeling Park High School in January could not be agreed too and will not occur this year. We will try to nail this down for the 2004-2005 season at MHS.

August 17, 2003
From: not important
comments: even though this wont get posted those predictions are about shinola, ill write my own on the mat

August 17, 2003
From: wv fan
comments: does anyone have any predictions for AA for 2004 lightwieghts maybe 103- 125? anyone know of some up and coming freshman in AA?

August 15, 2003
From: Whitey Chlebove
email: ichlebov@mix.wvu.edu
comments: Get a jump on your season with Mountaineer Wrestling Club. Practice starts on August 17 and will continue for 10 consecutive sundays. We will be accepting wrestlers throughout the 10 week span, so if you can't make it on the 17th just show up on during the following sundays. The club is dedicated to making West Virginia one of the premiere wrestling states in the country. Come on make it happen!

August 15, 2003
From: C. Easter

comments: I have just recieved my copy of WIN magazine. This issue covers the Cadet and Junior Nationals at Fargo. Now WV wrestling gets NO respect at Fargo,we are treated as second class citizens by most state deligations. HOWEVER,in the Junior freestyle tournament we had as many All-Americans as Minnisota, New Jersey,Indiana, and Wisconsin. We had more place winners than New York, Florida, Idaho, Kansas, Texas, Utah, Virginia,Massachusetts, and 13 other states not listed by name. Out of all of these states only Massachsetts would have a higher wrestler to placement ratio than WV. All of the other states are very well represented, organized, and dressed to the hilt. Our guys show up in a reversable singlet, one tee-shirt, and a pair of shorts. (not everyone had a WV singlet, Kyle Turnball had to wrestle in a generic singlet because we didn'have one to fit him)

The point is this , we may be few in numbers,not have the financial backing, and look like we are going to a practice session rather than the largest tournament in the world, when a WV wrestler takes the mat we are there to compete.

The Junior Freestyle team finished in 10th place overall which may not sound like it is very good, but this is a tremendous showing for our state. the combined Greco and Freestyle ranking is 26th.

Next year we have the chance to do even better, if the Parkersburg boys continue to wrestle Freestyle and Greco. This was their first 5 months of training for the different styles,when they get over the hump of the scoring differences I'm sure they will become place winners. The effort of Lou Thomas and Brandon Rader was good enough to get the attention of a number of D-1 coaches that scout this tournament. A job well done!

Anthony Easter and Kyle Turnbull both lost to the winner of 112, We were very close to having an all WV final. That would have been a first at Fargo! I'm sure Mitch Smith will pick it up another notch, even though he was a double place winner, Mitch always expects to win. A full year to train and he will be back on top!

All of our place winners will be eligible next year, so lets GO GET GOLD!!!!

August 15, 2003
From: Buz
comments: Region II will have another good freshman at 103 in the likes of Jobey Knapton of East Fairmont. Jobey (45-0 last year at 100lbs) was a captain of the Jr. High team which finished as one of the top teams in the state last year. Look for him at the top of the region with Colton Gustines(Jefferson)and Dustin Haslip(Mussleman).

August 15, 2003
From: Coach Boxman
comments: To E. Panhandle coach, i have been told that a Ben Wheeling from over in central Pa. will be in charleston wv, wrestling this year at 103, he has beaten Gustines every time they have wrestled, in past years. I have seen this kid wrestle and he might be your state champion at 103 AAA, i cant see anyone now that is any better.

August 15, 2003
From: hedgesvillefanm
comments: I have just recently been told that Justin Hovermale 1995 state champion for Berkeley Springs has died. I wish to send my condolenscences to his family and friends. Justin was a great young man and class act. I had the honor to help Justin on one or two occasions in open tournaments when he didn't have a coach. Like he really needed my help the young man was definitely skilled. I remember Justin in Jr. league wrestling against and edging out my own nephew by 1 point. Justin was a great kid that was well respected by friends and opponents alike. He was one of those kids that was not just a very good wrestler but also a great person. Since he graduated from high school I hadn't seen much of him at all but knew that whatever he wanted in life was his for the taking. The wrestling community has lost a very good person. Again my condolenscenes to his family and friends. Justin if your looking down from above know that you were well respected and well liked by all of us.

August 15, 2003
From: E. Panhandle Coach
comments: To: #1 Predictor. I have a kid for you to evaulate at 103, you are right they are ususlly freshman or sophs. Here is one I've known for along time he is one of the Gustine brothers. In 7th grade he finished second at the WSAZ and won in 8th at 100#.There is also another good kid from the eastern panhandle his name is Dustin Haslip, he will also be a contender if he can keep his weight down. Do you know of anyone else. If you do please post.

August 10, 2003
From: bu blue
comments: congats to John Dilworth for becoming a 2 time all american at nhsca national open. taking 2nd place. he will be walking on at west liberty this fall. congrats to all wv wrestlers that went to nhsca you moved the state up 1 knotch from last year.keep up the hard work.

August 10, 2003
Memo from: Ken Chertow

Olympic Gold Medalists, Bruce Baumgartner, Ed Banach, and Randy Lewis, along with my college coach, NCAA Champion John Fritz, and my college training partner, NCAA Champion Jim Martin, all gave unique motivational talks at my camp this summer, yet all three Olympic Champions and both NCAA Champions spent considerable time outlining the many goals they set for themselves throughout their careers.

GOAL SETTING IS FOR EVERYONE. Make the time to set goals, design a plan to reach your goals, and make a commitment to achieving them.

Below are ten goal setting guidelines.

1. Be Specific, setting technique and training goals, as well as performance goals.
2. Set a variety of goals, including a combination of short, medium and long-range goals.
3. Make your goals personal. Personal goals are more meaningful because they are what you want for yourself, not what others expect of you.
4. Make your goals challenging yet realistic. Many of your short-term goals should be easily achievable while others should be lofty. You accomplish in proportion to what you attempt.
5. Post your goals. Write your goals down and refer to them often. Post your most important goals in your bedroom, on the fridge and/or in your locker.
6. Do not fear failure. If you only set easily obtainable goals, you will never reach your highest levels of achievement. There is no crime in not reaching your goal but only in failing to set one.
7. Evaluate your goals. Refer to your goals regularly. Check them off as you achieve them and set new goals. You must constantly evaluate where you are and where you are heading.
8. Design a strategy for achieving your goals. Decide how much and what type of work it will take to achieve your goals. Then design and follow a training schedule that will allow you to reach them.
9. Make a Commitment to your goals and work plan. Anyone can set a goal. Those who achieve their goals have the discipline to stay focused on their training and the perseverance necessary to work through the inevitable frustrations.
10. Believe in yourself! “If you do not believe in yourself...chances are that nobody else will”. It does not matter who believes in you as long as you believe in yourself.

If you wish to excel in wrestling or life, you must have meaningful, concrete goals and you must believe deep down inside that you will achieve them. I encourage you to make a commitment to achieving your highest goals today!

I have proudly conducted my Gold Medal Wrestling Camp in West Virginia for 15 consecutive years. This year’s camp in the Charleston Civic Center went great! I look forward to working with West Virginia kids and coaches at future camps. My next visit to West Virginia will be Camp of Champs in Charleston November 21-23. To learn more visit http://kenchertow.com

As the school year grows closer, make plans to be a "Be a scholar athlete, not a dumb jock!"

August 10, 2003
From: hedgesvillefanm
comments: I have just recently been told that Justin Hovermale 1995 state champion for Berkeley Springs has died. I wish to send my condolenscences to his family and friends. Justin was a great young man and class act. I had the honor to help Justin on one or two occasions in open tournaments when he didn't have a coach. Like he really needed my help the young man was definitely skilled. I remember Justin in Jr. league wrestling against and edging out my own nephew by 1 point. Justin was a great kid that was well respected by friends and opponents alike. He was one of those kids that was not just a very good wrestler but also a great person. Since he graduated from high school I hadn't seen much of him at all but knew that whatever he wanted in life was his for the taking. The wrestling community has lost a very good person. Again my condolenscenes to his family and friends. Justin if your looking down from above know that you were well respected and well liked by all of us.

August 10, 2003
From: E. Panhandle Coach
comments: To: #1 Predictor. I have a kid for you to evaulate at 103, you are right they are ususlly freshman or sophs. Here is one I've known for along time he is one of the Gustine brothers. In 7th grade he finished second at the WSAZ and won in 8th at 100#.There is also another good kid from the eastern panhandle his name is Dustin Haslip, he will also be a contender if he can keep his weight down. Do you know of anyone else. If you do please post.

August 10, 2003
From: in_the_know
103 J Shaw-BRK/Z Fraley-HUNT
112 A Kelley-PS/J Hayes-P
119 K Turnbull-UNIV/A Easter-N
125 R Shyver-P/J Garvin-MGT
130 B Rader-P/J Lodge-NM
135 C Gustines-J/B Shaw-BRK
140 M Smith/ D Campbell-UNIV
145 C Litton-P/S Smith-PS
152 D Richey/C Nelson-HUNT
160 C Norman-PS/C Gustines-J
171 K Walters-PS/B Ray-EF
189 C Tominack/C Noechel-EF
215 L Thomas-P/M Deligatti-FS he wrestles)
HWT R Dearman-P/J Valentine-EF

August 10, 2003
comments: #1 predictor, your predictions were pretty good here are mine
103-i have no idea
112- easter, hayes, rush, kelly
119-turnbull, riner
125-shyver is the favorite, deadly with that cradle
130-rader here or 135 not sure, but ins both with ease
135-McFarland, rader
140-mitch smith no competition, maybe litton, shaw
145-sean smith,codie gustines ,cambell
152-nelson, moore
160-norman, corie gustines, richey
171-walters, young ray
189-lindamood cremeans
215 thomas, tominack....he did pin starsick last year
HWT-dearman, valentine thats about it

August 2, 2003
comments: Former State Champion Wrestler for Cabell Midland, Jared Walters, has signed a letter of intent to wrestle this year for Eastern Illinois University. CONGRATULATIONS JARED!

August 2, 2003
From: A. Fell
comments: I would like to congratulate Ryan Fell from Oak Hill for placing 7th @ the National High School Coaches Association's National tournament. Ryan has taken a big leap in his wrestling as he proved be defeating very good quality wrestlers from around the country to earn his place as an All-American in the cadet 155lb division. He will be a 9th grader this year. Look for him @ states, he'll be making history for Oak Hill.

August 2, 2003
From: #1 predictor
comments: My outlook on the next season,
103 who knows, usually consists of freshman and sophs.
112 Hays P, Shaw B, Kelly PS
119 Could be a loaded weight class, we will have to see how they spread apart. Turnbull, easter , Riner, Rush WP
125 Shyver is the favorite, most don't want to wrestle him cause he is so dangerous on top. also Garvin M, Smith B
130 Rader wins easy, also Porter PS Lodge NM
135 Open weight for now, McFarland B, Gerasmovich M, Marshall U
140 M Smith, S Smith PS, Campbell U
145 Litton P, Shaw B, Gustines
152 open weight, Nelson H, S Smith PS, Moore EF
160 Norman PS, Richey JM, gustines
171 Walters PS Young H, Ray EF
189 Tominack, if he can make 189, also Cremeans CM, Lindamood P
215 Thomas P, the rest may as well stay at home.
275 Dearman P, Maybe Valentine if he is back, but i doubt it.
This is just based upon what i think, don't read to far into it and get upset if your sons name isnt on here.

August 2, 2003
From: Nick Busick
email: nbusick@pinnaclewv.com
comments: I just took a stroll down memory lane by using the "search" tool on WVMAT. Brought back many things I almost forgot, wrestlers and parents I met and so on and so on.

I am fortunate to have yet anther entering Middle School this year and beginning the journey once again to his Senior year. Good Luck to Jeff LaMotte as Weir High's new head coach and his coaching staff. Hope he can continue to build the program.

Also, good luck to Gary Hypes who has taken the reigns of the Ruff Rider Youth Program.

Look for another great tourny at Smitty's Fall Brawl at Mountaineer Gaming Resort. Mountaineer will host at least three tourny's a year.

Football has not even started and I got wrestling on the mind already. GOOD LUCK to all the wrestlers and stay healthy for the upcoming year.

If your in our area and need a place for some pre season training stop in. Your are always welcome.

Editor's note: Hi, Nick
Glad to hear that someone is using the search feature on this website. We have accumulated a ton of files since this website got into "high gear" in the '96-97 season. Sheesh, that's 7 years, and I haven't taken anything (much) off that has been posted. A few weeks ago I added the Google website specific search to the search page. The older search utility (which is still hooked up) began to strain under the weight of all the files.

August 2, 2003
comments: I would like to add Jacob Frerichs to the WV All American list from Fargo. He placed 4th in the Junior 145 division. Congratulations Jake!

July 28, 2003
comments: Ripley High School hired Jason Scott to be their new wrestling coach. Jason was a former wrestler at Capitol High School and continued his wrestling career at West Liberty. Good Luck to Jason and the Viking wrestlers.

July 28, 2003
From: J
comments: Hey lets see some predictions for next year

July 28, 2003

July 28, 2003
From: Kyle Frerichs
email: LUV2BENO1@hotmail.com
comments: To: Bill Archer, Rob Archer, Ken Maisel, Ryan Courtney, Coach Turnbull, Coach Jones, Casey Brewster, Aaron Shutter, and the rest of the West Virginia USA Wrestling team.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the outstanding expierience that we had at the Junior Nationals in Fargo, North Dakota last week! The training, coaching and support that we received was great from everyone involved. It was fun to be back with old friends and to make some new ones along the way! Jacob and I are very appreciative of the opportunity you were able to give him to proudly wrestle and achieve ALL AMERICAN status for the State of West Virginia and for himself. Also , a big congratulations go out to Anthony Easter, Kyle Turnbull and Mitch Smith for their ALL AMERICAN performances! These guys worked their guts out to earn this and deserve huge praise for it! To all the other team members I saw everyone of you wrestle some outstanding matches and fall just short. Keep working hard and more importantly stay committed to traveling to this tournament and supporting Ryan Courtney in his efforts to build a quality USA wrestling team and program for the future, I guarantee you will not be disappointed!

Just a side note: Ryan Courtney's brother Jeff will be traveling to Turkey later this year and Ryan is trying to raise donations so that he can travel as his interpreter. I know any donations or support for him would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks again,
Kyle Frerichs

July 28, 2003
comments: Fargo all americans
Kyle Turnball 112-2nd
Anthony Easter 112-3rd
Mitch Smith 140-(greco 4th) (freestyle 6th)

July 28, 2003
comments: The new coach for Ripley High (according to the newspaper) is Jason Scott

July 28, 2003
From: cradle master
comments: To C: who were u responding to about the fake wrestling stuff?

July 28, 2003
comments: I would like to congratulate the wrestlers who traveled to Virgina Beach a few weeks ago to participate in the National High School Coaches Association tournament. Excellent job Shane Grogg and Shaun Smith 1st place. Chad Porter 4th (way to go beating a 4x Fl state champ) Tyler Green 4th, Zac McMcray 6,and Travis Townsend 8th. Also, Kyle Walters, Curt Radcliff, Aaron Kelley, Jesse James, and Sean Smith--you all represented South Side well. To all the WV wrestlers --good job!!

July 28, 2003
From: Central Grappler
comments: A team that has plenty of potential, but just overlooked is Wheeling Central Catholic. We always get overlooked. I mean I understand Parkersburgh and South are the top teams in W.Va., but there is alot of talent on this team. I have helped recruite almost 20 guys that want to wrestle, mostly football players... So all im saying is, if we get a staedy place to practice, a little bit more support from Central, and everyone stays healthy, watch out at OVACS

July 28, 2003
comments: I've heard that a student has eight consecutive semesters of eligibility. In the case of repeating the ninth grade, he would not be eligible his senior year, which would be his ninth and tenth semesters. Unless they have changed the ruling, I had a friend who transfered and lost a year of eligibility, then he went on and failed a year. When he became a senior, they wouldn't let him participate because his eight consecutive semesters had expired. But don't take my word on it, contact the WVSSAC and get first hand info.

July 24, 2003
comments: With regards to the question about the failed 9th graders eligibilty, he would be ineligible at some point due to failing which would cause him to relinqish a season of wrestling, either the year he failed or the first semester of the next year, most likely.

July 24, 2003
comments: Congratulations to Mitch Smith for placing 4th in the greco division at Junior Nationals in Fargo. Smith was the only WV wrestler to become All American. Good luck to all the WV wrestlers in freestyle that started yeasterday (Wed) for cadets and today (Thurs) for juniors.

July 24, 2003
From: Mason Co. fan
comments: If a kid fails and wrestles 2 years as a 9th grader can he still wrestle when he is a senior?This would make 5 years of wrestling in High school?? If he can wrestle what would be the difference between a senior failing and wrestling another year?? This will be coming up and i am interested in seeing a rule on this. Could someone help me with this?

July 24, 2003
Do you think the WWE (not wwf) is real? If so, do you think that people can start from youth wrestling and work their way up to the WWE?

July 24, 2003
From: CTS
comments: Mike Mason put on one hell of a wrestling camp at Williamstown High School. Mike is a class individual,It seemed almost like every kid there was Mike's kid brother. He brought in the Jones for a day, and my one son learned more in a week than in in his first year. I had two kids at the camp and pray that next year, Mike will allow the kids, double sessions as one or two did this year. All in All Mike took time from his practice to help the kids. GOOD SHOW the world needs more people like Mike Mason!

July 16, 2003
From: Whitey Chlebove
email: ichlebov@mix.wvu.edu
comments: Dear wrestlers, coaches, and parents the club that I am starting that I have been calling the North Central WV Wrestling Club will be changed to Mountaineer Wrestling Club due to legalities from the NCAA. Everything eles will be the same. Sorry for the mixup.

Whitey Chlebove

July 16, 2003
From: mikevash
comments: Live wrestling chat 9-11 eastern nightly at www.wrestling-connection.com. Everyone is welcome to joing in.

July 16, 2003
From: Curious
comments: Yes wrestling is very tough.....but what about boxing? Most of you have never stepped into the ring so its hard to say which is the more difficult of the two sports. I wresled for 5 years and am now been boxing for 2 and its not easy. Training for each sport is very alike...the mental attuide is very alike...but strecthing those 3 two minute period........to 5--8--or even 10 3 minute rounds is a very big difference. But i say if anything will make a man out of someone (or a toughass women) its wrestle!!

July 11, 2003
From: Whitey Chlebove
email: ichlebov@mix.wvu.edu
comments: To become a champion you need to do the extra stuff. Mountaineer Wrestling Club is looking to give you just that. Check the bulletin board here on wvmat for more information.

June 28, 2003
From: C. Easter
comments: Congratulations to Shane Grogg. WVU will help you develop to your full potential. I'm sure your family and community are proud.

Congratulations to Aaron Barnette. Going to Mercersburg was a very good choice. Choosing a year of prep school is an option that is seldom thought of in WV. Good luck at APPY-STATE!

June 28, 2003
From: wildparty guy
comments: look i wrestle and run track i have played baseball and football in the past and nothing compares to wrestling it is the best sport u have no one to blame but yourself if u lose there is no he dropped a pass he over threw his cut off it is u and u only u win it is because u worked hard if u lose work harder now in track i pole vault it is hard i think it is just as hard as wrestling because again if u dont do good u cant blame it on a team mate i dont like to play sports no more were u can blame other people for losing i mean pole vault if u dont practice u could get seriously injured i mean some people have died from it and i mean alot of wrestlers pole vault shane grogg was at states this year for pole vault felix osuma cotto was there. josh grim, joey shetley and im sure there is alot more but in my opion they are the 2 hardest sports there are in high school because u cant blame anyone for losing and it is deffently not easy.

June 28, 2003
From: X-Man
comments: Hey wrestling is the toughest sport ever becuase i haved played football baseball and i right know all i am doing is wrestling really there is no other sport that challenges ur strenght i don't see were people get off sayin the football is harder because its not and ne way the reason y i don't play the other sports is because there not as challeging and becuase i feel like i need one but this is the only sport u can't blame on ur teammates its u and ur oppents for well 6mins or less...so ne one that says football or baseball or basketball...LOL they are just so wrong

June 22, 2003
comments: Does Anyone know who will be the coach for Ripley Next year?

June 22, 2003
From: Nick Busick
email: nbusick@pinnaclewv.com
comments: A reply to Baseball and Wrestling Coach (Dad)
"I am not saying that wrestling appeals to lazy fathers"
Who could?
"But baseball is and always be my favorite father and son sport"
I could only wish for any father to experience the victory or defeat of a son in a finals match. Preferably the victory. Nothing compares for a father/son sport. Also the same wish for the MOMS.
"It takes place outdoors in the summer and spring"
Now who in their right mind would prefer the outdoors of summer and spring over a pack field house with mats everywhere, the aromic odor of weigh ins, little place to sit or walk and driving in blizzard conditions to get to practice or a tourny?

BWHAHAHAHAH .. ok ok you got me on that one!

June 22, 2003
comments: sure wrestling is the hardest sport there is.....but every sport has something you have to excel in, lets not get this out of hand, wrestling practices are the hardest thing ive ever done, but the 2 a days for football are very hard to, and baseball conditioning isnt all that easy either, I just wonder why wrestling isnt as popular as other sports and i think it should be televised live like they do the others.

June 19, 2003
From: Big Time
comments: what pill are they using next year for the tourney?
Editor's note: Pill number is not drawn until the night of the regionals, after regional results have been reported

June 19, 2003
From: Football Fanatic
comments: I have read all these submissions about which is the tougher sport or which takes more skill. I have played football, baseball, basketball, and wrestled. The main differences I see in all of them are having to workout and make weight just to compete. Only exception is for Midget Football. I don't know about anyone else but when I finished each and every one of the practices for each of the above sports. I wanted to set down and eat and especially drink until I was satisfied. In wrestling this can not be done. You must sacrifice in the gym and on the dinner table. Also, wrestling takes a lot of skill learning different moves and it also takes someone that can get beat in front of a whole crowd (kind of like a fistfight) and come back do it all over again and again. I love all sports and have experienced a lot of them but in my opinion wrestling is a sport and a lifestyle. You must pay the ultimate price just to be competetive let alone a state tournament placer.

June 19, 2003
From: Big Time
comments: there are kids who play other sports at my school that wrestle with me....we have soccer, football, track, and baseball....they all agree wrestling is 10 times harder and requires more skill to wrestle than anything...i play football and wrestle...football is easier than wrestling except August practice ...but wrestling gets ya in better shape than football does...i go from football to wrestling and i am dead the first practice...just saying to all u non-believers....wrestling is the hardest sport in high school and college...no doubts...the people are more dedicated as well....well the ones that wanna be good are....anyways...this is just my opinion ....feel free to comment...

June 19, 2003
comments: Football is not harder than wrestling! I used to go to school with people who played football all season but didn't last a week in wrestling practice. I have personally played both sports, and to me the choice is clear. It's depressing that football receives an outrageously out-of-proportion about of publicity (and funding): but hearing someone say it is harder than wrestling is a slap in the face!

June 19, 2003
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: Which sport is tougher than the other? I never participated in an EASY sport..they are all tough to play.Some of you adults may be missing the point..the best sport is the one your son or daughter is playing at the time...it's about the kids!!!

June 19, 2003
From: george
comments: I see the cost of going to Fargo is going to be pretty high. Is Coach Maisel planning on soliciting donations? If so, how? I think many of us would be willing to donate to help defray the costs for wrestlers that might find the total to be a burden.
Editor's note: I should not presume to speak for Coach Maisel, but I suggest you contact him directly with questions in this regard.

June 16, 2003
From: zzz
comments: to justthefacts: wrestlings just a sport as any other,whoever with the most points win, may be tougher than others but still, football:very rough sport,I'd say rougher than wrestling getting hit all the time, tackled, running....baseball:do you know how hard it is to hit a 80-90 mph fastball?hockey: can you ice skate? haha i could go on and on, but wrestlings not the only sport...please post

June 16, 2003
From: Tony Caterisano
email: tony.caterisano@furman.edu
comments: For Forum: Any WV wrestlers interested in Spartanburg Methodist College's newly started wrestling team should contact coach Tony Caterisano. Information on the team can be found at http://www.smcsc.edu/athletics/men/wrestling/
This is a brand new Junior College program with excellent proximity to WV giving athletes a chance to continue their wrestling careers and gain exposure to move onto Division 1 programs. Call (864) 587-4345

June 16, 2003
From: Wrestling and Baseball coach
comments: I have coached wrestling for the past 7 years and baseball for over 20 years. I am a big proponent of wrestling in building character in young people and as a sport where the "blame game" (i.e., he missed a tackle; he threw an interception that cost us the game) is not going to cut it. But baseball is and always be my favorite father and son sport. It takes place outdoors in the summer and spring. It is also a sport where REPETITION is the only way to get better. Few fathers can "practice" football or wrestling with their sons. Alot of fathers do not want to hit hundreds of ground balls or spend hours sitting on a 5 gallon bucket taking fastballs to the shins. I am not saying that wrestling appeals to lazy fathers, but I am saying don't knock the dedication of a baseball player and his dad.

June 16, 2003
comments: About the baseball comment. Baseball is not a physical sport, but it requires one of the highest level of eye-hand coordinatian of any sport. Where else does a coach tell you to take a round ball 6 inches around, traveling at approx. 80m.p.h.\and a round bat, 2 7/8 inches, and instuct you to hit it SQUARE. Not trying to pick on any individual sport. But each sport is challenging in its own way. There are a number of athletes that can and have exceled at multilple sports. They're just that atheletic. Gifted athletes at the high school level could excel at any sport that they chose to excel at. Therefore, once again, the individual athlete must determine what sport they chose to excel at. The big question is, can the average athlete ever be great at any sport? I'll leave that up to the responses from this forum.

June 8, 2003
comments: Mr. Easter, I think that you have passed on some very useful information. For those who are sincere in learning from your experience and background, you can be sure that your time spent writing in the Forum, has not been time wasted. As for those who try to compare wrestling to any other activity, I would like to say that in most cases, that is impossible. Baseball, football, basketball, soccer are all BALL "GAMES". Wrestling is not a game, wrestling is a sport. There is a big difference. Games come and go with changes in society. They are popular for a time and lack the time-tested prestige of the SPORT of wrestling. Two-hundred years from now, people will have to study a history book to learn about football, however when they show up at one of many sporting arenas, they can witness or be a part of wrestling. The same way people have done for "THOUSANDS" of years. Thank you Mr. Easter for your insight and good luck in the future. As for those who disagree, good luck and I sincerely hope you have fun playing your ball games.

June 3, 2003
comments: Does anyone know anything about point pleasant next year?

June 3, 2003
From: Coach Maisel
email: kmaisel@access.k12.wv.us
comments: West Virginia State Freestyle Tournament this Saturday, June 7th at University High School in Morgantown. Weigh in and registration is Saturday Morning from 9-10:30. Clinic by world champion Zeke Jones at 11:00 and wrestling starts at 12:00. You may also weigh in and register Friday night between 5 and 6 PM only! If you want to pre-register (it saves you $5) I must have your entry and check in my hand by Wednesday, June 4th! Remember the top 3 in each weight class (Junior and Cadet) qualify for Nationals in Fargo. You MUST qualify in this tournament to go to Fargo. See the front page of this website for the entry form and more info.

June 3, 2003
From: ZZZ
comments: I think PHS will have a very strong team again they did lose 5 but remember 103,112,119,130,215,and HWT all placed 1st and 2nd at states. south will be very tough again though....look for those 2 to be 1 and 2 again.

June 2, 2003
comments: I do think PHS will have a good shot at a state title again next year. Sure they lost 5 seniors but they still have a strong team coming back. Any chance junior Matt Grewell will come back to wrestling this year? Anyway, have a great summer wrestlers and good luck to all the graduating wrestlers in all you do!!

June 2, 2003
From: jake
email: vbenede1@optonline.net
comments: STATE SINGLETS!!

June 2, 2003
From: Cameron Fan
comments: Keep an eye on the Dragons! Projected line-up looks pretty solid with 12 returning starters, 4 all-state, another past 2X all-state, and 1 2X state champ. Looks like this:
103: Tim/Tyler Cumpston-Tim title contender if here, Tyler place-contender.
112: Tim/Tyler Cumpston-Tim title contender if here, Tyler solid starter
119: Kelly Hughes/Brandon Antill-Antill qualifier who is placement quality if here, Hughes would be my State Champ pick if here...let me say he is very underrated because he's been wrestling so much heavier than he should be.
125: Kelly Hughes/Brandon Antill-Antill possible place, Hughes possible placement.
130: Noah O'Neil-2X placewinner, will place next year here.
135: Jeff Pettit-tough as a freshman 28-7 @ 125. Will be a solid starter and a qualifier here.
140: Jeff Cumpston-Champ contender for sure. Will be in shape and have shaken off the rust by next year. Watch out cause he's gonna be a buzz saw!
145: Josh Whipkey-The most exciting wrestler in West Virginia, will be a qualifier and probable placer here next year!
152: Casey Hughes-2X state champ, lookin for a 3rd. Here's saying he gets it.
160: Ike Stewart-State runner-up, if Shane Smith is not there, he wins next year.
171: Adam Cooper-He's a solid starter, a state qualifier, and he's got a tattoo. Should be better next year.
189: Steve Blake/Mike Simms-Blake a qualifier last year, will be one this year too. Simms should be competitive next year if here.
215: Danny Dishman/Blake/Simms-Dishman 28-1 in 8th, should be competitive next year, Blake would qualify here, Simms should be competitive here as well.
275: CJ MANning-"The MANster" should be back at full strength before next season after an off-season surgery. A returning 4th place finisher here, "Beast-MAN" should be in the title hunt next year.

June 2, 2003
From: C. Easter
comments: Coach, sorry my comments stepped on your toes and you felt they were demeaning to baseball. I think you missed the point. Baseball has its own challenges and highly refined skills. Waiting for the pitcher to spit, scratch and adjust his cap has to be very nerve wrecking for the batter. I'm sure the catcher hunkers in that position too long as a result of the pitchers actions. Swinging a stick and sprinting one time for 270 feet to third surly requires the same conditioning as wrestling all out for 6 minutes. Spending hours in the outfield in constant rediness and instantly running down that fly ball and firing it to the infield has to be grueling. I have seen baseball practice and really don't see gallons of sweat running off of the athletes. Golf relates very well to baseball. Swing a stick at a ball and try to hit it in the holes. Soccer maybe not, those guys run and kick for 90 minutes. I'm sure this is what you read into my first comments. Sorry i left you conf! used.

June 2, 2003
From: Cameron Fan
comments: Rumor around here is that our team (Cameron) will be attending Zeke Jones's camp at WVU at the end of June. If so, and you are attending the same camp, you may see two very good wrestlers around your weight in (2X state champ at 152 lbs this year) Casey Hughes and Isaac Stewart (runner-up at 160 lbs. this year). Don't know for sure if either will be there, but if their team is training there then I'd be on it.

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