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July 31, 1998
From: DubL ChicN WinG
comments: With all the anticipation and predictions of the upcoming season, why not start a page for "Top Newcomers." This could include upcoming freshmen or sophomores, or even transfers, who are expected to make an immediate impact with their respective teams. So far I have read about super sophs Matt Stevens and Clayton Samples of Parkersburg, and Robbie Ripley of Nitro (a 9th grader I would assume). I also know that another Courtney will be wrestling for Fairmont Sr this year, a freshman. I'm sure there are several others throughout the state, anyone else know of any?

July 29, 1998
From: nitro fan
comments: Robbie Ripley will be attending Nitro High School this year. That is final. He has already enrolled!! He should be one wrestler to watch out for he will be a tough wrestle!!

July 29, 1998
From: the guy
comments: I like the picks on the AAA state champs but the only thing wrong is that I hear Alex Reed will be wrestling 112 next year - any thing true about that??? But if so I think he will win the state title at 112. You never know what will happen in this sport!!!

July 25, 1998
From: Joe Thorpe
comments: I was wondering if anyone had a copy of the 1998 State finals. If someone has all of the matches, that would be great. If not, does anyone have 125? I'd really appreciate if somene had them, that they would post it up. I'm sure I'm not the only one looking for them. Thanks a lot, and good look in the 1998-99 season. Let's go HHS.

July 23, 1998
From: Ken Chertow
email: kchertow@vicon.mat
comments: I believe a State Duals would be an excellent idea for the promotion of our sport in West Virginia. Hard fought dual meets are very exciting and fan friendly. It is also very exciting for the athletes. The concept has been very successful at the collegiate level during the past decade. One of my best memories as a college athlete was beating Oklahoma State in the National Dual Finals. While I was coaching at Ohio State and Penn State we had numerous NCAA Champions and All Americans; however some of most vivid memories are from winning National Duals at Penn State and beating Penn State in the 3rd place match while I was coaching at Ohio State. I have attended the Ohio State Duals and the PA District Duals and they are both great events.

There is possibility that I will be conducting a Fall Camp of Champs in Dupont or Ripley. I will keep you posted. All my remaining summer camps are now filled, but I hope to work with many WV wrestlers during the coming year. Contact me if you wish to be added to my mailing list, so you can get info on upcoming events.

July 23, 1998
From: Nick Busick
email: bu118@ovnet.com
comments: I can't help myself. LOL Even though Busick is my son and I have a personal liking for Kufner, what an upcoming season in AA for the 189 or 215 class. Underwood will hopefully be back and healed. Lahman repeats as a senior. Don't know if they will maintain 189 or not. Then you have Smith in the 215 returning as a senior. All of these mentioned are more than capable of winning a match at any given time. Is football over yet?....MMMMM lets see...Weir High WV AA State Football Champs. Now if our wrestling program can develop like Oak Glen's. All the best to everyone!!!!!!!!!!

July 21, 1998
From: Nick Busick
email: bu118@ovnet.com
comments: Observing the predictions posted. As usual I keep track of the 189 pounders. Classic battles between Kupfer and Busick last year. I don't think either of these last years finalists will make 189 this upcoming season. I know for a fact it is out of the question for Busick. A week at Clarion and his bodyweight never dropped below 218 after practice and wrestling. Busick has been maintaining 225 pounds consistantly. At the end of the last years season, I spoke with Kupfer and his weight was around 205 at the Brooke Classic. Look for both these guys to move up and be in the state finals again for 1999. AAAAAHHHHH? The question is: "Is there a sleeping dog out there that could upset either one of these guys?" My sources say.......Busick a HEAVYWEIGHT!?!?!?!?!?!? WHO KNOWS..MAYBE KUPFER WILL MAKE 189 TO AVOID THE COLLISION. No matter...look for a great upcoming season from all and I am getting fired up already and football hasn't started.

July 18, 1998
From: utt
email: jdnutt@lycosmail.com
Jared Hughes from Ripley High School was named an academic All-American in '92.

July 18, 1998
From: Jason Seville
email: seville145@hotmail.com
comments: Don't forget about Stephen Kinnley (Liberty) and Purpura (BD)....I think that they will both be seniors, but I could be mistaken.

July 16, 1998
comments: When making your picks this year, don't forget about Mike Thompson from Shady Spring. They will be AA this year, and anyone in his weight class is going to have to earn their spot at the top. It will also be a good test between AAA and AA.

July 16, 1998
From: Berkeley Springs fan
comments: I don't think (basing this only on what I've heard) that Seville will be wrestling 152 when the state tournament roles around. He said he thinks he will start out at 152 and drop to 145 half-way. Jason Waugh will probably wrestle 160 and he might drop to 152 half-way, but he is uncertain (don't forget about Waugh...he will be a contender at either weight).

July 16, 1998
comments: Here's my try at next years AA
103 Roberts Oak Glen
112 Wenmoth Williamstown
119 Westbrooke Williamstown
125 Schindler Ravenswood
130 Valles Weir
135 Miller Wirt
140 Lamb Oak Glen
145 Seville Berkley Springs
152 Jonhson Williamstown
160 Lewis Liberty
171 Thompson Shady Springs
189 Buswick Weir
215 Kupfer Cameron
275 Salmons Ravenswood

July 15, 1998
name: Jason Smith
email: jasonsmith1@hotmail.com
comments: Here are my A-AA predictions for next year
103- Prather (Winfield)
112- Wenmouth (Williamstown)
119- Johnson (Calhoun)
125- Hayhurst (Ritchie)
130- Miller (Wirt)
135- Lowe (Wirt)
140- McCartney- (Calhoun)
145- N. Smith-(Ritchie)
152- Seville
160- Lewis
171- Villars(Wirt)
189- Kupfer
215- Smith (Ritchie)
275- Salmons- (Ravenswood)

And also, anyone notice that most of the finalists were either from Regions 1 or 3?? Maybe they should be changed

July 14, 1998
comments: West Virginia has four participants in the USA Junior Nationals in Fargo, North Dakota. It is the largest tournament in the world with some weight classes exceeding 130 participants. It is for Sophomores through graduating seniors, and a hotspot for college scouts. The team that will be representing West Virginia is young, with all participants eligible for participation next year. All fifty states send the best Freestyle and Greco wrestlers available. The wrestlers for West Virginia include:
Alex Reed--106 lbs.
J.P. Stanley--123 lbs.
Jared Walters--132 lbs.
Jason Ward--154 lbs.
All will be participating in the Freestyle tournament. Hopefully, West Virginia can have a more organized team next year. Freestyle is a great supplement to Folkstyle wrestling. This will be a very rewarding experience and will greatly prepare them for the upcoming season

July 14, 1998
comments: The state duals and the state tournament would be two seperate events with the duals tourn. rewarding good teams and the state tournament rewarding the individuals.

July 12, 1998
From: Jason Seville
email: seville145@hotmail.com
comments: I might be wrong, but are people suggesting that teams qualify for states instead of individuals? This would be a huge mistake. I wrestle for Berkeley Springs and we only had 8- 10 wrestlers at any point in the season, therefore, we didn't win many dual meets, but all of our wrestlers won at least a match at states and were/are quality wrestlers. Remember Mark Samples? How do you think this would've effected him. He was IT for George Washington. This new system wouldn't have let him wrestle in the state tournament, and he is wrestling for Edinboro now. And the whole idea that somebody said of doing away with injury time all together??? It would really be unfortunate to lose the state finals because of a minor nose bleed or scratch wouldn't it? And wrestlers parents' have no choice in "putting their kids back in if they're hurt too badly." Well, mine wouldn't anyway....I don't think they could keep me out of the state finals if they thought I was hurt too badly.
Just my 2 cents.

Editor's note: I believe that some states have two different state tournaments: A bracketed tournament such as we have now AND a tournament conducted in a "team duals" format. I have heard many fans toy with the idea of a State Duals Tournament over the years.

July 12, 1998
From: Waldo Ino
comments: State duals would work better if two teams would advance from each section and region. Where are my beloved Patriots of Wheeling Park? Decreasing injury time is a step in the right direction but I feel they should eliminate it all together. If a wrestler is hurt enough to stop a match, a coach or parent should not put him back on the mat to risk further and/or permanent injury.

July 12, 1998
From: The Outlaw
Here are my picks for AAA. Remember these are based on where I would like to see these wrestlers go to best distribute this states talent. Although very unlikely. Here goes
103 - A.Reed- Pt. Pleasant-small last year, senior, tough
112 - C.Johnson-Nitro-young last year-learned alot I'm sure
119 - A.Regalbuto-Hedgesville-he is back
125 - M.George-Parkersburg-typical tough Big Red
130 - J.Walters-C.Midland-odd style, 3rd, 2nd, now 1st
135 - M.Kotson-J.Marshall-just got caught at states last year
140 - B.Moats-Hedgesville- a very strong wrestler
145 - N.Hedrick-Fairmont Senior-smart, hard worker
152 - T.Emrick-Park South-small there last year, will be his year
160 - J.Ward-C.Midland-has it all,tough in all parts of the sport
171 - M.Miller-East Fairmont-big young boy, if he works
189 - W.Pickens-South-coaches will have him ready this year
215 - J.Coffey-C.Midland-moves good for big guy, young
275 - J.Heath-Greenbriar East-time for the young guy

This should really heat things up, but it is just an early pick, things could change. Stay tuned for the next round of wrestlers who will challenge these guys.

July 12, 1998
comments: What's wrong with making predictions of who is going to be state champs? We're just guessing & I think it's great that the forum is so busy already this time of year. Remember: Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning in Africa, a lions wakes up. It knows it must outrun the slowest gazelle or it will starve to death. It doesn't matter if you are a lion or a gazelle, when the sun comes up, you'd better be running. Stay in shape all year round & have a great season.

July 11, 1998
From: Ken Chertow
email: kchertow@vicon.net
comments: Alex Reed won AAU Natioanl Freestyle Championship in Orlnando, Fl June 23-26. In answer to question about Robbie Ripley, he tentatively plans to go Nitro High School. Robbie lives in South Charleston School district which does not have wrestling so he can go to any Kanawha County school he chooses to. The possibility also exists that his family will be moving out of state. Robbie had a very successful kids wrestling career and was an AAU National Champion. He has grown up training with Chris Johnson, Alex Reed, Jared Walters and other tough lightweights at my Olympian School, so he should be prepared to do well next season as a freshman.

July 11, 1998
From: Ken Chertow
email: kchertow@vicon.net
comments: Olympian Camp at the Gateway Hotel in Huntington went great. The final sessions of Olympian Camp this summer will be July 25- August 5 at the DAYS INN PENN STATE. All July camps are filled, but there are some openings August 2-5. Fee including hotel and food is $300.

The top WV High School Wrestlers in attendance at WV camp location were Jason Ward, Alex Reed and Jared Walters. All three attended my 2 week Gold Medal Training Camp, and were among the 16 State Finalists from 10 different states in attendance during the past 3 weeks of my camp. The most outstanding wrestlers were Jesse Lange, Waylon Lowe and Jeremy Mosely, State Champions from Ohio, Tennessee and South Carolina. Scholar athlete awards were given to two Jackson County Scholar athletes, Matt Smith (Ripley) and Jeremy Nestor (Ravenswood), as well as Sean Junkins Keyser. WV elementary school wrestlers winning scholar athlete awards included, Seth, Anthony and Matt Easter, Mackenzie Peters, Jacob Frerichs, Mike Cremeans and Mitch Smith. Ryan Flowers won the Mike Mason Scholarship for most dedicated Williamstown Youth Wrestler. By the way, long time camper and current counselor, Mike Mason is headed for chiropractic school this fall. Mike was a 2x NCAA All American for WVU and was an Academic All American. Mike was offered the assistant coaching position at WVU, but turned it down to pursue his professional aspirations. Remember, there is life after wrestling.

All 4 1996 US Olympians who worked camp did a great job with the campers and will be back next year among many others. Because we had such a good turnout this year I invited 3 additional clinicians who all did a great job. Olympic Champion Doug Blubaugh, NCAA Champion Kevin Darkus and 3x Ohio State Champ, former camper and NCAA All American, Tim Dernlan all spent a week at Olympian Camp. Cuban 1996 Olympic Medalist, Alexis Vila, also proved to be a great instructor.

Remember, I still have openings Aug 2-5 at Penn State camp location. I will also be conducting a pre season camp in WV. E mail or call 814-466-3466 if you want info on August camp or to get on my mailing list for quarterly camp newsletter with all the up to date camp details.

July 11, 1998
name: C. Craddock
comments: The new stalling rules look like a mistake to me. We took one step forward with the new injury time changes. Then we took two steps back with the stalling changes! We all know that some wrestlers are experts with so called "injury" time. As soon as he gets winded, he takes injury time to rest. Now since he knows he can't give up any points, it doesn't matter which starting position his opponent choses. He can just lay down on the bottom, ride the legs on top, or run on his feet. This will take conditioning completely out of the match. I've seen a lot of matches won because a certain wrestler was in better shape than his opponent. Now it seems coaches are going to need to change their strategy to the fine art of stalling. Some won't need to change. But it takes away one of the basic fundamentals of a great sport. And thats a shame.

July 10, 1998
comments: Stevens is probably wrestling 103 but he is not sure yet. What school and what weight will Ripley be wrestling? Again watch out for Matt Stevens from Parkersburg who won the Tulsa nationals defeating Mark Moose Who will wrestle for St. Eds this year. Stevens was All-American this year as a freshman.

July 10, 1998

July 9, 1998
From: Jim LeMaster
comments: It was with some interest that I read the proposal for a state duals system. The idea is fundamentally sound, but I see some serious miscalculation in the AAA Region IV pairings. Midland, HHS, and Point Pleasant always have full or nearly full teams and totally dominate the present region III. Logan's program is virtually getting started. They have very few wrestlers and would no doubt forfeit many weight classes. In the other half of your proposed regional duals Capital, GW, St. Albans and Nitro all turn out a few excellent individuals but seldom if ever have full teams and at present are not competitive with the likes of Midland and HHS top to bottom. Pt. Pleasant is a program on the rise. I see a great future for the Point team in the next few years. They return almost everyone from a team that surprised a few folks at the state this year and at times had 5-6 freshmen in their starting lineup. The crux of what I am trying to say is that one half of the region would be stacked and the other would be weak. In addition, this would mean that some teams such as Midland and HHS would wrestle each other in dual competition as many as five times in one season. The idea is a good one but some more thought needs to given to pairings. Also, the new Spring Valey High set to open this fall needs to be included somewhere in this region.

I'm glad to see that the interest is starting to build for the season. One further comment, in regards to the 103 weight class: remember Justin Stanley from Midland. And ... a new star on the horizon from the Kanawha area Rob Ripley who owns victories over some of the best in the USA. I'm not sure what high school he will attend but remember the name - you read it hear first!

July 8, 1998
From: Robert Hickman email: SHickman@aol.com
comments: I'm disappointed in the new injury time rule for next year. While I completely agree with the portion of the rule that allows a wrestler, after his/her competitor takes a second injury timout, he or she gets his choice in starting positions, I strongly disagree in decreasing the injury time from two minutes to one and one-half minutes. Some injuries take that long to evaluate properly. This undoubtably will result in some wrestlers continuing when they should not and some being pulled when the should not. Any coaches and wrestlers have any comments on this.

July 8, 1998
comments: I think that it is time for West Virginia to come out of the dark ages of high school wrestiling and institute a state duals system. They need to reward the team effort it takes to truly be good. Even though people say that wrestling is an individual sport, teammates and coaches do a lot for you at practice and during the match. Here is my solution for a state dual tournament.


Region I
Section I
Parkersburg South
John Marshall
Section II
Region II
Section I
Section II
North Marion
East Fairmont
Section III
Philip Barbour
Robert C. Byrd
Fairmont Senior
Region III
Section I
Roane Counry
Herbert Hoover
Section II
Lewis County
Nicholas County
Section III
Oak Hill
Greenbrier East
Woodrow Wilson
Region IV
Section I
Cabell Midland
Pt. Pleasant
Section II
St Albans
George Washington


Region I
Section I
Oak Glen
Section II
Bishop Donahue
Section III
St. Marys
Tyler Consolidated
Region II
Section I
Berkeley Springs
Section II
Liberty Harrison
South Harrison
Region III
Section I
Section II
Spring Valley
Section III
East Bank
Region IV
Section I
Big Creek
Wyoning East
Section II
Shady Spring
Liberty Raleigh
Greenbrier West
Section III
Midland Trail
Meadow Bridge
This would play out just like an other sport in WV with the sectional champions wrestling each other, The sections were created an the basis of location and possible regional finals match-ups.

July 5, 1998
From: crd
email: crd@yahoo.com
comments: Gee I had fun making picks what else is there to do this time of year but dream of wrestling. But FYI Ty Emerick did not graduate. He will be wrestling for Parkersburg South again this year. He is a Senior.

July 5, 1998
From: anonymous
comments: I do agree with the statement that picking state champs at this time of year lends itself to being superfluous. However, I feel that this is an interesting argument that was created to stir some emotion into an otherwise insipid site. So, at the risk of being hypocritical, I will offer a few thoughts on the subject just to make things interesting. It is stictly my opinion that, although he may be a fine wrestler, Chris Johnson will not be a threat at 112 pounds. I feel that he will more than likely be wrestling in the 119 pound weight class, since he nearly weighs 130 pounds now. Cutting exorbitant quantities of weight, during the season, can often offer a staunch deterrant to an over-zealous wrestler. So, until the season gears up and the classes are established, we are left only to speculation and must withdraw to admire the mystique of the sport.

July 4, 1998
comments: I think that people trying to pick state champs is a little unreallistic at this time of year. NO one person knows for a fact at what weight anyone is going to wrestle. At least wait till November to do this kind of stuff.

July 4, 1998
comments: well chris johnson said he was wrestling 112 and emerick graduated so i think u need rethink some of these predictions

July 4, 1998
comments: Forum: As for the 98/99 predictions, Basford is right - you better write in Stevens from parkersburg. Does anyone know what weight he is wrestling ?

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