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June 28, 1998
anyone have any predictions for next year for AAA? i have a few but i want to see everyone else's first.

June 28, 1998
From: Nick Busick
email: bu118@ovnet.com
comments: Just wanted to say HELLO to all. This page is not as active in the off season. Keep training and I look forward to the upcoming wrestling season. Since I study the 189 lb class...I wonder with the growth how many will return or be 215 ers. Robert will have trouble, heck if Branko keeps eating and growing he may be a 189 er at 8 years old. ALL THE BEST!

June 24, 1998
From: bruiser
comments: Why aren't there more girls wrestling in w.va besides amy alverio. How many girls wrestle in the state of w. va and how many women wrestle at all? How many women are involved in the sport in this state? More should participate.....thanks

June 23, 1998
From: Tom Brooks
email: jtbrooks@wwd.net
comments: West Virginia was well represented in Raliegh NC this past weekend. It was good to meet and watch the WV wrestlers in thier matches. Also top wrestlers from around the country came from @ 38 states with 33 state champions. 520 wrestlers for a first time event was impressive. Competition was not the only thing that was hot. 94+ degress outside and no airconditioning inside tested the wrestlers. Most of the WV wrestlers handled the heat and the 2-2-2 matches well.

June 21, 1998
From:: Jason Seville
email: seville145@hotmail.com
comments: We had 20 wrestlers representing West Virginia at Nationals in North Carolina. They were: 103- Ashley Gandee, Greg White, and Matt Stevens; 112- Nathan Kinsley, and Clayton Samples; 119- Scott Bush, Brian Floyd, and Anthony Regalbuto; 130- Ben Balasko, and Paul Brooks; 140- Dwayne Tatar, Billy Gatian, and Jon Dauch; 145- Chris Basford, and Jason Tucker; 152- Jason Seville; 160- Jason Jones; 171- Stephen Kinley; 189- Adam Lewis; HWT- Joseph Heath.
Out of these 20, we had 6 All-Americans. White- 8th, Stevens- 3rd, Kinsley- 6th, Regalbuto- 4th, and Kinley and Adams also placed, but I didn't stay long enough on Sunday night to see what places they took. I think that more WV wrestlers should go to NC to wrestle in Nationals next year. I know of many more wrestlers that could've been All-Americans if they had gone. We could be very competitive as a state and make a great name for West Virginia wrestling if more people just had the dedication and initiative to go for it.

June 12, 1998
From: Ken Chertow
email: kchertow@vicon.net
comments: 1996 Olympic Gold Medalist, Kurt Angle, will be at my Gold Medal Training Camp on Monday June 22 from 9 am to 9 pm. Although that week of camp is filled, all West Virginia wrestlers and coaches are invited to come visit my camp to meet Kurt, watch his instructional sessions and/or listen to his motivational words. Video cameras are welcome. The camp is being held at the Gateway Best Western Hotel in Huntington, WV. Coaches are always welcome to stop by any or all camp sessions free of charge. This has been my policy ever since my first Olympian Camp in 1988. Wrestlers interested in attending this camp are still welcome to enroll July 5-9. Most other sessions are filled. I will be at this e mail address until June 17 if you have any questions. After that, you can get a message to me at 304-522-9623. Have a great summer!!
Ken Chertow

June 11, 1998
comments: if any one has information on any freestlye/greco tournaments in the Eastern Panhandle area. Any thing from basically from Morgantown to Baltimore is what I am looking for.

June 11, 1998
From: fan
comments: Where is Jenny Sullivan? Her thoughts on wrestling are excellent? Did she ever wrestle, officiate or coach the sport? Bring back Jenny Sullivan.
Editor's note: Barring earthquake, flood, or other unforseeable disaster, Jenny will be back on the website next season. To my knowledge, the answers to your questions are no, no, and no.

June 8, 1998
From: Mark Ryan
email: sluggo1310@aol.com
comments: this is to all WV Wrestlers & Coaches, I am wondering why I never see any WV Wrestlers @ the USA Wrestling Southeast Regionals in Boone, NC. the weekend of Memorial Day each may. I see lots of WV kids at tournament of champions in Ohio during April, so it can't be the cost, even with the usa card it's still cheaper than the Tournament of Champions. Distance is about the same. I am from southwest VA we send alot of kids. Just wondering why no WV wrestlers participate

June 8, 1998
comments: Could someone please submit the results from the national qualifier held in morgantown. I have been waiting for them.So please someone take the time to put it out. Thanks

June 7, 1998
From: Chris Basford
email: UffiziCat2@aol.com
comments: I was wanting to know who will be wrestling in a few weeks in Carolina? Also, all the graduates this season, who qualified, or did wrestle in the Senior Nationals, should come finish a high school career in North Carolina. There were so many wrestlers who could have participated in that event, but for reasons, didn't. This is another chance to do it, and make the state look like contenders. They are giving out trophies to the top three states. I think that we could be one of those if we get enough to score points. You all should think about this. It only looks better on your record. I hope to here from a lot of you soon. Good Luck to all who are wrestling on June 20-23.

June 4, 1998
From: Don Halverson, Elkins High School
Our 1998 HWT state champ, Zach Kerns was named Academic All-America by the National High School Coaches Association. As far as we can determine, Zach is the only wrestler from WV to be named. I know that there are several worthy wrestlers out there. Let's get those names in.

Don Halverson
Head Wrestling Coach
Elkins High School

June 2, 1998
From: Jeremy Berry
email: PBerry@access.k12.wv.us
comments: I'm looking for workout partners in the Morgantown area for the summer as I prepare for Cadet Nationals...please contact me at PBerry@access.k12.wv.us or Berry@citynet.net...
Thanks! Jeremy Berry

June 2, 1998
From: curious
comments: Does anybody have 98 AAA State Finals, on tape. I'm sure that I'm not the only one wanting a copy. If so could you please post the price and a way to contact you.

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