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June 30, 2000
Congratulations to Erica Dye, Junior at Wirt County High Wrestling. She competed at the womens' Cadet Freestyle National Wrestling Tourn. in Battlecreek, Michican on June 3rd, where she was the National Champion. She defeated a girl from California in the finals of the 43 kilo (94 1/2 pounds) event via a first period pin, which entitled her to become a member of the United States Cadet National Wrestling Team that will be traveling to Lima, Peru to compete in the Pan American Games on July 16-24.

June 30, 2000
From: SB email: bos3@wirefire.com
comments: Matt Bosley and Nathan Pickens recently qualified in Dayton for the Grand National Free Style Championship. Both going 4-0. Due to other commitments Nathan will not be able to attend the Grand National's. Matt will wrestle at the Grand Nationals on June 30th and July 1st in Dayton Ohio. Then he will wrestle July 2nd 3rd & 4th in Birmingham Alabama at the Highschool Nationals. Chris and Casey Daggot will also compete in Birmingham.

June 30, 2000
From: The Department of Reliable Sources
West Liberty State College Update:
WLSC had three NCAA II All Americans this year:
133 - Wes Watson, 8th, West Greene High, Pa.
149 - Nick Spencer, 6th, Edison Local High, Oh.
197 - Josh Waugh, 6th, Berkeley Springs High School, Berkeley Springs, WV. This makes Josh a two-time All American because he placed 8th in 1999.

WLSC also had three NCAA II Academic All American:
149 - Aaron (AJ) Monseau, Red-shirt Freshman, 4.0 majoring in Biology Chemistry (Pre-Med), Wheeling Park High, WV.
157 - Jeff LaMotte, Sophomore, 3.25 majoring in Elementary Education, Payson High, AZ.
165 - Sam Stewart, Red-shirt Freshman, 3.27 majoring in Biology with a Chemistry minor (Pre-Med), Braxton County High, Sutton, WV.

Three of the six that were honored are from West Virginia High School.

June 26, 2000
From: Dennis Stanley
email: DStan81351@aol.com
comments: Just a brief comment on progress of Team West Virginia. As of now we have commitments for 25 wrestlers that are going to Fargo. In this group are 6 current or former WV HS State Champions. I will post the group when we get final numbers.

Just a reminder that the training camp is open to any who wish to come and help these boys prepare. The camp is free. you just need to show up at Huntington High Wrestling room at 10 am on July 14. We particularly in need of some boys in the 220 - 300 lb range to work with Mitch Hastings and Byron Wellman. Most of the group we have going to Fargo are considered lightwieghts.

If you have any questions about the camp itself give coach Archer a call.

June 23, 2000
comments: Ash Wenmoth will be attending William-Penn to wrestle the school is located in the state of Iowa they are a small school either Div II or III . There was on article on this in the Sunday Jun 11th edition of the Parkersburg News

June 23, 2000
From: informed person
comments: will schenerlein replaced coach handlan..good luck to him..big shoes will need to be filled...the new coach has already selected his staff..and they are great...again coach handlan will be missed by the whole sport...he has had many state titles and coached more state champs than most schools have fielded!..all together!

June 23, 2000
From: efhs
comments: This is the 00-01 predictions for the east fairmont lineup at 103 J.J.Flint at tought competitor at the junior high level watch for him to do big things.112 Scott Taylor also a competitor to look forward.119 Shawn Moore.125 Mathias Hickman.130 Tyler Haddix.135 Imani Beckwith qualified for states a strong wrestler.140 Ben Geary.145 Brandon Geary.152 Aaron Futten qualified for states last year as a sophomore losing 1 match away from placing.160 Ryan Keeny this kid is tough as nails he also qualified last year and is going to make some noise this season.171 Matt Miller well u know what he does.189 Matt Spermthal looking for a state title. 215 Chris Satterfield/Jeff Noechel both strong wrestlers but one will have to move up to the heavy weight division either one has a possible chance for a place at states.Hwt Satterfield/Noechel.This is the East Fairmont lineup.

June 23, 2000
From: FS Fan
comments: FS Projected Line-up?:
103 12 Sammy Bonasso (as long as Delligatti moves to 112)
112 12 Jonathan Delligatti
119 Tossup - Alan Ford C.C. Crites Chip Edwards
125 12 Brad Michalski
130 10 Anthony Delligatti (could have wrestled 125 or 119 last year)
135 Tossup - Hunter Delligatti Chris Stivers Steve Soles
140 11 Scott Hartlieb
145 12 Jonathan Holt
152 10 Kirk Naternicola or Gavin Jones
160 9 Matt Delligatti (tough incoming freshman)
171 12 Luke Corley
189 11 Jeff Courtney
215 12 Curtis Barber
275 11 Jay Singleton

June 23, 2000
comments: Wrestlers
This is a reminder that there is one week until the Zeke Jones WVU wrestling camp. We've had a good list of quality wrestlers and teams signed up for our camp.

Clinicians include:
Cary Kolat
Zeke Jones
Craig Turnbull
Scott Collins
Jim Akerly
Vertus Jones
Sam Kline
And many more

Registration is June 25 at the Towers Dormitory on the WVU campus from 12-2 pm. If you need more information please call the WVU wrestling office at 304 293 5383 ext. 5597
WVU Wrestling Camp

June 18, 2000

June 18, 2000
comments: I think next year Parkersburg South will be unstoppable Im looking forward to aunother great year. Here's the probable line up.
At 103 Ray Munson .... 112 Shane Grogg one of the top wrestlers in the nation.119 Ryan Metz hes one of the most improved wrestlers ever chance at a state title the next two years.125 Matt Bosley when he puts his mind to it he can do anything in an off season torny he beat the two time state champ Matt Stevens.130 John Duncan who had a great performance last year in the state torny.135 JJ Schmitt who went on and off the mat due to the head to head wrestle offs between him and john duncan.140 Brice Pickens who will develope as he goes along he may surprise you like the other freshman NP CD .145 Steven Morrison who is aunother freshman who will definitely surprise you. 152 Matt Wright aunother well improved wrestler who definitely has his heart in the sport.160 Nathan Pickens he was a state finalist who took a bad break in state this year he is almost a sure thing for next year .171Casey Daggett the most outstanding wrestler in the state on his feet a definite state champ next year.189 Chris Daggett who was a sophomore state champ has a good chance for a 3 timer he is an outstanding leg wrestler hes a definite cantidate for most outstanding wrestler good luck. 215 Justin Sleeth didnt get to see to much of him but if he is good enough to start he definitely is a top 5 state place winner.275[hwt] Arron Mccartney he got 4th last year and Im expecting him to be the first heavy weight finalist from pshs

June 18, 2000
comments: fairmont senior lineup
103 sammy bonasso
112 jonathan delligatti
119 alan ford
125 brad malski
130 anthony delligatti
135 hunter delligatti
140 i dunno
145 scott hartlieb
152 jon holt
160 matt delligatti
171jeff courtney
189 luke corley
215 curtis barber
275 jay sinlgeton

June 16, 2000
From: Department of Reliable Sources
comments: All the wrestling rules committee recommendations were accepted by the WVSSAC with one exception. The one concerning adding a wrestler from another region if a region only has 3 entrants was not passed becused it may set a bad situation in other sports.

June 16, 2000
comments: What does Fairmont Seniors lineup look like for next year? Anyone have any projections? Do they have all the spots covered to go all the way??

June 16, 2000
From: Dennis Stanley
email: DStan81351@aol.com
comments: Some comments for those wishing to to participate on Team West Virginia.

We initially had feedback from almost 30 wrestlers indicating that they wished to participate in the Fargo trip. Additional intruction were forwarded to those who responded. Included in those documents were instruction to have the paperwork and your deposit for the Fargo trip by June 15. That is tomorrow. I have recieved the proper fees and documentation for 9 participants.

The team roster must be submitted to USA wrestling next week. We have already secured transportation for 30. We need to have commitments in the next few days.

In a related item. At the qulaifier tournamant we indicated that we wanted everyone to try and participate in the AAU Grand Nationals in Dayton. When I recieved the papaerwork the AAU has thrown in a Regional tournament to qualify for the Grands. The Ohio Region is the only one requiring this. So if you want to get into the Grands you need to try and make the Regional which is this weekend.

June 16, 2000
comments: Will Schenerlein has been named the new Head coach of Parkersburg High School.

June 16, 2000
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: The hype has started ! To the FSHS parent I agree that East will have a strong team next season and South welcomes all challenges to their title. I feel South will be strong also and having been a wrestling fan for 32 years I know that anything can happen at the state tourney. The past few seasons have afforded us with many good teams and wrestlers from FS East Cabell Midland Nitro Huntington Hedgesville and PHS.I also know that South has a strong schedule again next season that certainly will help prepare them for the state tourney.Good luck to all schools and wrestlers !

June 16, 2000
comments: Whew Thought it was a little early for the Big J Team to start talking. Gee wasn't last year enough. !

June 12, 2000
From: Robert Hickman
email: SHickman@aol.com
comments: Mitch don't worry about your weight at this point. This year frequently is a big growth year for boys. 125 your Freshman year is a long ways off. Don't put your energies into your weight put them into honing your academic and wrestling skills. Go get them dude!!!

June 12, 2000
comments: i was just wondering who got the parkersburg coaching job??

June 11, 2000
From: FSHS Parent
comments: I would just like to say that i personally cant wait to see how efhs does in the state tournament this year i am a polar bear fan but i want to see another county team do well at states south think they have it all wrapped up but matt miller and company is comin through

June 11, 2000
From: The Department of Reliable Sources
Mark your calendars: January 6th - Parkersburg South vs. Oak Glen at Oak Glen

June 11, 2000
From: Mitch Smith
comments: I will be in 8th grade next year. I plan on wrestling 123 again. I would like to wrestle 125 as a freshman If I can keep my weight down!!!!

June 11, 2000
From: KF
email: Luvtobeno1@aol.com
comments: CONGRATULATIONS Erica Dye all the hard work has paid off. GOOD LUCK in Peru!
**Mitch Smith will only be in the 8th grade next year. There are probably alot of HS Seniors saying "Whew" I'm very happy to hear that news!

June 9, 2000
Former state wrestling champion Derrick Hypes (Mullens 1994) called to point out Wyoming East's wrestlers also had a historic year. First Kenny Hollenbach placed sixth in the state meet the first Warrior wrestler to do so. He also noted that Ashley McNeely would have placed except for a disputed stall ruling late in a tournament match. And Chris Jones was 14-1 in the 171 pound class. "I really look for our Big Three to finish in the top three (in the state) next year " said Hypes who knows a thing or two about being a champion.

June 9, 2000
From: MS
comments: The reason I go to national tournaments now is so that I can prepare myself mentaly and physically to become a high school wrestler so I can handle pressure in the WV high school state tournament. I have seen people in the WV state semi and finals lose because of pressure. I travel to the national tournaments to get the best competition I can. I'm not old enough to go to cadet nationals yet but I plan on doing so when I am old enough.

June 9, 2000
From: UHS fan
comments: K.K. Wilson indicated that he thought a rule change was passed that would prohibit the shaking of hands between athletes and opposing coaches after a match. If true this seems rather odd. I realize that some athletes "slap" an opposing coaches hand after a match - usually in frustration. This is wrong and should be corrected rather than eliminate a show of sportsmanship. I would suggest that if a wrestler cannot demonstrate sportsmanship then perhaps a system not unlike soccer's red and yellow cards could be implemented. If a kid can't behave suspend him/her from their next match. I don't know what the solution is; however eliminating a traditional show of sportsmanship would not be the answer. Let's keep in mind that HS sports are categorized as "physical education" and that important lessons in life and behavior can be drawn from sports. We should focus on correcting the behavior and not by passing a rule that turns a "blind eye" to a larger problem of poor sportsmanship.

June 9, 2000
comments: Congratulations to Wirt Co. Erica Dye for bringing home first place in the National Cadet Women's Freestyle wrestling tournament in the 43kg. (94.5) lb. class at Battle Creek Mich. June 3rd. She will be traveling to Lima Peru July 18-22 with the Cadet National Freestyle Team to compete in the Cadet Pan American Games. GOOD LUCK ERICA!!!!!

June 9, 2000
From: Ken Chertow
email: chertow@olympianwrestling.com
comments: Summer camp is almost here. I look forward helping you at the Gateway Best Western Hotel in Huntington WV. My 2000 Gold Medal Training Camp System will have more participants and more outstanding cliniciams than ever this summer. Camp kicks of Saturday June 10 with guest clinician Kenny Monday. Kenny was my teamamte on the 1988 Olympic Team and is a 3x U.S. Olympian. He won the Gold in 1988 Silver in 1992 and is one of most successful wrestlers in the history of our nation. Kenny Monday was an advertised clinician. However since enrollment is so strong this year I have invited many additonal clinicians and coaches including 1996 Olympic Champion Kendall Cross. Kendall is the Super Gold Medal Bonus Clinician. This news was just announced today! Kendall will be spending June 17-18 working our camp in Huntington. Although camp is filled for first two weeks I still welcome any WV wrestlers and coaches to stop by my camp and see what is going on for a day. Let me know if you would like to suit up for a complimentary workout. We stagger sessions so there is always ample mat space. Please introduce yourself if you come by.

I do have openings in my camp June 23-28. If you are not already enrolled I encourage you to make plans! Take advantage of this awesome opportunity! Over the past decade I have built far and away the best camp in the nation right there in my hometown and our home state Huntington WV. I encourage you to get involved. Application and much more can be found on www.kenchertow.com

June 9, 2000
comments: I was just wondering if Mitch Smith will be in High School next year?? If so what weight will he be at??

June 6, 2000
From: phs and south fan
comments: Iwould like to wish the Daggetts good luck in Birmingham Alabama in the nationals. bring home the gold boys we know you can do it. good luck in the state next year to. Iwould like to see both of the brothers win it next year. I would also like to give agood luck to Bosley the pickens brothers and matt stevens of PHS.

June 6, 2000
From: A Very Informed Wrestler
comments: East Fairmont has got little respect but has earned more and will continue to do so with a more expierenced top notch line-up with such wrestlers as Matt Sternthal(3rd-189) Jeff Noechel(4th-171)and state qualifiers Keeney Futten Beckwith Satterfield. They also have good JV's and strong lower weight freshmen and not to mention a certain 2x state champ named ? can't remember this guys name but he is pretty good. Oh! its Matt Miller

June 6, 2000
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: I was reading on the forum about WV wrestlers in college and was very impressed by the number of atheletes on academic rides. Wrestling can pay for college but your mind will take you thru life and help you excell for the future.Congratulations to all the young atheletes who excell both on the mat and in the classroom ! Also for those who think so called pee-wee tourneys are aa waste of time don't realize that most wrestlers spend their summers waiting for next season while the ones who compete during the summer will be the ones standing atop the podium at states next year ! Doesn't every wrestling fan out there miss our fine young atheletes competing to entertain us?!?! I sure do! Thanks!

June 4, 2000
comments: Is there any wrestlers going to taht AAU freestyle qualifier in Mt Vernon on the 16th??

June 4, 2000
comments: This might be a question on a lot of wrestling fan's mind. Is there any wrestlers planning on continuing their wrestling career on the next level? If they are where are they planning to do so?

June 4, 2000
From: Been there done that
comments: In response to KF
I guess you missed my point.

June 4, 2000
From: Charles Easter
comments: Many comments are right on the money. Youth national compitions are just that. We go to them to expose our kids to drastically different styles and strategies of wrestlers coaches and referees. All of this in the hope of preparing for the tough high school compitions that some schools are scheduling and maybe a shot at a college offer. If you wait until Cadet and JR Natls. for a major event you may be overwhelmed by the size of the event and think there is no way I can win I haven't wrestled enough freestyle or greco to beat these guys. But if you know something about the other guys in the class from youth national events you will enhance your chances of doing well. Same goes for the other "must do" National high school events. Coming out of WV does not bring a glance from college coaches. You must compete and beat the best available wrestlers that attend these major events. Any time a WV kid does well in the big tournaments it gets noticed because it is a rare sight. If the same name keeps popping up it really draws some attention. When a WV youth club wins a team compition it draws alot of attention. Name recoginition goes a long way in drawing college offers. Lastly ask for college coaches to send info and let them know who you are by sending your bio to them it always helps to ask for what you want.

May 28, 2000
From: whs fan
comments: just like to congragulate ash wenmoth and willi westbrook on their graduation. i hope you both have a great time at college and good luck in all you do. i will miss you both greatley ash... thanks for the memories i will never forget you willi... thanks for the memories and good luck good luck to all whs wrestlers next year you have big shoes to fill but i know you can do it. good luck to mr.peters and mr. pickens next year

May 28, 2000
From: KF
email: Luvtobeno1@aol.com
comments: In response to been there done that. To an extent I would agree with you about pee wee tournaments. However The young men that have worked so hard to win one of these prestigeous tournaments like Tulsa Nationals Mid Atlantic or World Folksstyle Championships have had to kill themselves and wrestle the best in the country to come out on top of a 64 man bracket. (The last time I checked the WV States were only 16 man brackets.) And over the past 20+ years of my expierience in this sport "PAST PERFORMANCE PREDICTS FUTURE BEHAVIOR". So when looking to the future in this state I'd be betting heavily on the kids who consistantly fared well in these so called pee wee tournaments because the chances are very high that multiple High School state championships will be on the wall in many of their homes.

May 28, 2000
From: K.K. Wilson
email: kkwilson@inetone.net
comments: To Coach LeMaster
The 75lb. and 83lb. weight classes were replaced by 80lb. and 85lb. classes at the rules meeting held in April. Also if my sources are correct a rule was passed to stop the shaking of the opposing coaches hand at the end of the match by each wrestler.

May 26, 2000
From: Jim LeMaster
email: lemasterjpmd@milton.total-web.net
comments: First a question has anyone got the true story on whether or not 6th graders will be able to participate next year. I have heard form reliable sources that they will. This will help fill the 75 and 83 classes for middle schools. One person said they could only wrestle JV and another said they could do varsity in every sport except football.
Next a comment. I agree that we need to get young coaches involved for the future. There is a problem in doing so however some school districts will just flat out not hire anyone who is not employed by the school system and will allow no volunteer help of any kind. In addition they pay so little that you could make more at McDonalds or any fast food place. My son went just over the river to Ohio and maid 2 1/2 times as a middle school asst. compared to what I make as a middle school head coach with many years experience. He'd love to help me build my program back up but I can't blame him considering the difference in pay. Plus he is learning from a great coach and a great guy. But the point is WV and our county is losing its young coaches to other places. My son wrestled from age six on through his senior year and knows a lot more than I could begin to know. There are guys like that all over the state that we need to get involved and keep them here if our sport is to have a viable future.

May 26, 2000
From: Been there done that
comments: Response to wvredneck and Patriots coach.
To redneck- Cabell Co. slipping? Have you just moved to our state. Best I can recall Coach Archer has produced many D-1 wrestlers in the last few years and Coach Sparks has 2 of his wrestlers in the past two years sign D-1 Ward- H.S. National Runner-up and most recently Fila All-American and J.P.Stanley signed with Indiana. Not to mention nice showings as teams in state Tourny.
To Patriots coach-Well the Mid Atlantic Tulsa Nationals and World Folkstyle are nice events they are still considered pee-wee tournaments. Colleges are not looking for pee-wee champions. They are looking for men who can wrestle at the national level as men not kids. Have you reviewed the national rankings lately. They don't come from the events you have mentioned.
If you want to be recognized nationally you better be at H.S.Nationals Cadet or Junior Nationals Fila Nationals or Freestyle Regionals. You can win all the team and individual titles in this state and still be at the house the next year without as much as a phone call from a college.
Just remember fellas some wrestlers in this state are looking beyond just a WV State title. Look at where the very best college prospects have come from in this state. But that is my view on this issue

May 26, 2000
From: JG
comments: Coaching West Virginia Wrestling has come a great distance in the past decades. GREAT COACHING or GREAT PROGRAMS? some random thoughts. A new High school coach must consider is there a teaching opening in the school. Interaction among the students an staff are invaluable. Support, academics, student life, etc.. can not be properly monitored when the coach is placed out of the building. Rapport with coaches in other sports. Football as is any other sport seems to be getting more specialized therefore a wrestling coaches success may depend on the football coaches attitude toward wrestling. Feeder programs may be tremendous assets or deterrents. To be a unified program you must have loyal people to be driven for a single purpose. It has been said "amazing what can be accomplished when nobody cares about the credit." Timing and longevity as with any success being in the right place as well as the right time can be measured for some part of the success. But all in all , Ithink the absolute ingredient in which coaches are seperated are not only success ratios but how long these coaches have been able to keep their intensity for so long.
In closing notice I haven't mentioned anything about knowledge? However, I believe it takes one to be one. A lot of people have accumulated much knowledge about the half nelson. As I tried to brush across some points there is much more to a high scool wrestling coach running a great program that meets the eye. Coach Handlan's accomplishments are outstanding! Thanks for raising the level in WV and enjoy your retirement -- you will be missed.

May 26, 2000
From: Christine
comments: Hey everyone I would like to say one word wrestle would be that word. Wrestling is exactlly what I am wanting to see. I don't know about the rest of you but I am filled with joy just thinking of it. But first I would like to set a side some thoughts.
1 Let us be fair in our judgment.
2 Let us have fun
3 Let us be involved
4 Let us be HONEST
THat is all thank you

May 26, 2000
comments: The Iron Eagles will begin their summer wrestling camp in the middle of June. We are excepting any wrestlers from any state. Please give Tony Regalbuto a call for more information at 304 267-3887.

May 26, 2000
From: Marion Co. Wrestling Fan
comments: Everyone makes such a big deal about regions let's just leave them alone and stop all our complaining. You can't please everyone. No matter what they do down at Huntington look for for East Fairmont's name atop the AAA scoreboard.

May 26, 2000
comments: I tell you about those Parkersburg wrestler both South and PHS most of them are made way before they get to high school. They were made in strong Pee Wee programs You could put just about any coach out there and win with those kids.

May 26, 2000
From: Me
comments: Hello everyone. If I am correct on my knowledge. Wrestling practice begins on November 1st for WV high school wrestling correct me if I am wrong. But if I am correct that means that wrestling begins in 162 days. I am so excited. This upcoming year is going to be a great one. As long as everyone is fair and honest (hum hum) {clearing throat as in hinting to someone}. This year is going to be outstanding. In the area I come from known as Southside Parkersburg we are going to have an awesome team. And I would like to say that I have nothing against PHS good luck to you all also. Some class was showed by fans and wrestlers at state this past year. Have fun during retirment Coach. Good luck to all the wrestlers.

May 21, 2000
From: Kanawha Valley Wrestling Parent
comments: Coaches don't make or break wrestling in this area it's participation. We have coaches that can do there jobs we just don't get the wrestlers to come out. Hoover and Nitro both did well at states 10th and 11th Nitro was without 4 starters 2-seniors (1placed 4th last year) 1-junior also 4th last year and a soph. This year they placed 3 in the top 3 one state champ and two thirds. What we need in the Kanawha Valley is more intrest from parents and kids so our coaches will have something to work with.

May 19, 2000
From: wvreddneck
comments: I see both responses to my question are from the Parkersburg area. I agree we have enough coaches to take over our programs and do well. I'm not so sure about other areas. Example of programs which seem to have declined after long-time head coaches have retired might include, among others, Wheeling Park -- were is that program after Coach Evans left? (And I mean no disrespect to their current coach). I think if we look around the state there are several of these areas....Kanwaha Valley, Cabell County, Mason County, Southern WV ....

May 16, 2000
In response to wvrednecks question on whether there are any good coaches to replace the older ones retiring. Yes there are several outstanding coaches at the high school level and below. As long as some of the coaches in the state are taking this sport serious the state of West Virginia will not slip. There are more kids wrestling in some of the national tournaments than ever before. I can speak for the Parkersburg area and some others from around the state. As long as you have outstanding parents behind their kids, wrestling will continue to get better. I am one of many coachs from the area that are serious with this sport. To be sucessful at this sport it takes year round work . The coaching at the lower level in this sport is getting better each year. So your answer is This State will not fall for many years. There were wrestlers from West Virginia at the Tulsa Nationals, Middle Alantic National Wrestling Tournament and at the World Folkstyle Tournament. West Virginia had champions at each tournament. You will see many of these kids winning state championships in the near future.This state will have more wrestlers that are major college prospects in the coming years than ever before.
Patriot Junior Wrestling Club coach Dean Moore

May 15, 2000
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: This is a response to wvreddneck's asking about the retirement of some older wrestling coaches in WV. I can only speak of the area that I live Parkersburg but PHS will have no problem replacing Joe Handlin as they have several very talented assistant coaches and a few more jr. high and pee wee coaches who are very qualified. PHS and South are very blessed to have many very dedicated and knowledgeable coaches who bring their wrestlers along at an early age.These young kids adore the varsity wrestlers and are their heroes.So many outstanding wrestlers from both schools are excellent role models for our youth.I am almost certain that in any hotbed of wrestling around the state there is another Handlan Oldham McCartney.Sparks.Michaels Dutton or the likes looming in the wings waiting for the opportunity to become legends in this great sport.Perhaps the next great coach was this past year's state champ or a very d eserving assistant coach who has waited and learned from the best.I really don't worry about WV's future in coaching wrestling because somewhere the next super coach will emerge.Thanks !

May 15, 2000
From: wvreddneck
comments: Coach Handlin's retirement brings up a question that has been bothering me for sometime. It seems that a lot of the "good" coaches are getting up to retirement age or very near it. Where are the New Young coaches ? It seems to me that there already is a shortage of good knowledagable coaches around the state. I would hate to think that just as WV is starting to get some recognition it would all stop and even fall back a step or three. anyone got any comments?

May 15, 2000
From: BIG J
comments: For everyone wondering how tuff is Hedgesville going to be next year.I promise you will be awesome once again.we have Ballam returning drappo Lord HESS Moats Snyder Dunham Everhart and the cradle king Jason Baker so were going to be stacked again.expecially since we have Regalbutos camp this summer and some of us have taken up power lighting with a national body building champion.So look for a stronger Hedgesville next year.p.s will miss you anthony dustin and smoke dogg Jimmy.

May 9, 2000
From: informed person! on coach handlan's retirement!
thanks to coach handlan for all his gtreat work with the kids...24 straight years with at least one state champ...what a record!!!
coach..good luck and thanks!

May 9, 2000
From: Phanatik
email: PhanatikWV@yahoo.com
Subject: Virus information 4 the average user

The ILOVEYOU virus has made it easy for any semi-computer literate person to send a virus via email. I have a copy of the attachment itself and it is:


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It is written in Microsoft Visual Basic a Microsoft version of the BASIC (Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Inctruction Code) programming language. It runs automatically on ALL Microsoft Windows machines as this is a standard program extension.

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1. Go into My Computer Click view -> options -> view and UNCHECK the box with HIDE EXTENSIONS FOR KNOWN FILE TYPES.

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2. Many of Microsoft's programs Internet Explorer and Outlook automatically open attachments when they are received by default.

YOU have to go into both Internet Explorer and Outlook and tell the program NOT to open or run attachments.

IF you are brave you MAY open a copy of NOTEPAD or any other true text editor and drag and drop the virus program into it so that you may look at the code. It is easy to read because it is not compiled.

Otherwise simply delete the virus program and empty your trash.

Hope this helps!
Editor's note: PHANATIK has offered what I consider to be good advice, and I did make the changes he/she recommended as #1 above. I never did like the way that Windows tries to hide filename extensions, as if we are all too stupid to be able to understand them. Many times I will compose a document in WordPerfect and name it such as document.wpd. Then, I may convert it to ascii text and rename it document.txt. Then I may format it for html and rename it document.htm. It has always driven me nuts that Windows 95 and 98 will hide the filename extensions from me and make it look like there are 3 documents with the same name.

May 6, 2000
From: Ken Chertow
I hope you are having an enjoyable and productive spring! Make sure you are doing something daily to prepare yourself for next season. By students are on the mats 3 days per week and have been competed most weekends in March & April. Everyone trains during the winter. No matter how intensely you train next season, your improvements relative to your toughest opponents may only be modest. NOW is the time you can make major strides. Follow a regular strength training program throughout the summer and fall and make mat time 2-4 days per week.

Definitely make plans to attend my summer camp!!! I guarantee you it will make a significant difference in your performance next season. See www.kenchertow.com for complete details and application.

I have recently updated our Gold Medal Training Camp Web Page, www.kenchertow.com, and continue to ad more information weekly. I encourage you to bookmark it and check it out regularly.

Lastly, I am offering a few spring specials on videos, mats and my book. Offers are only good until May 15, 2000.

1. $10 off any video order sent in using order form from internet. Make sure you request this discount with order. http://www.kenchertow.com/vid.htm

2. 4 free videos with any purchase of a home mat or full size mat. These videos retail for $35 each. 10x10 home mats cost $500 including delivery. 11.5x11.5 foot home mats with 10 foot circle and referees marks cost $700 including delivery. If you do not have easy access to a mat, put one in your basement or garage.

3. My motivational book, "Wrestling: A Commitment to Excellence", is only $10 with any video purchase. http://www.kenchertow.com/book.htm

We do take Visa or MC on mat orders. Video and book must be purchased via mail order with a check or money order. All tapes and many mats are in stock for immediate delivery.

I will look forward to helping you at my camp this summer!

Ken Chertow

Summer Camps http://www.kenchertow.com/events.htm
Videos http://www.kenchertow.com/vid.htm
Training Tips http://www.kenchertow.com/ttips.htm
Mats e-mail: Chertow@themat.com

May 6, 2000
From: Ron LaBeef
email: Ron@pintowin.com
comments: An outdoor family fun tournament that I host at a campground on a beautiful CT river. I have a magician karaoke DJ with local talent and a live band at night. Also a horse-shoe tournament and human bowling contest for the adults. Returning champions are free! Trophies for top three places. Oh and a clown with face painting for the little ones. You will never have this much fun at any tournament in the world!!! For more information go to www.pintowin.com and click on the "Calander of Events" link under June 10th or email me at Ron@pintowin.com
Thanks and hope to see you there!

May 3, 2000
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: There has been much discussion in the past about regional impairity and perhaps the answer may be to add a 5th region to the mix. This way you even out the number of teams in the regions but it would be difficult to balance out the power of each region and their strength at the state tourney. My suggestion would be as follows: Region 1/South PHS Brooke Wheeling Park Morgantown Universityand John Marshall.Region 2/Fairmont E.Fairmont Preston North Marion R.C.Byrd Lewis Co.and Phil.Barbour.Region 3/Keyser Jefferson Hedgesville Hampshire Elkins Mussleman Buckhannon and Martinsburg.Region 4/Roane Co. Ripley Pt.Pleasant Capital Cabell Midland Herbert Hoover George Washington and Nitro.Region 5/Woodrow Wilson Princeton Huntington Spring Valley Nicholas County Greenbrier East St.Albans and Logan.

This would break off Hedgesville from region 2 and also separate Huntington and Cabell Midlnd.Each region would have either 7 or 8 teams.I will admit that there is no easy way to balance out the power of Wood Marion and Putnam/Cabell/Kanawha counties.Actually I miss wrestling season and just wanted to get some feedback on the forum which by the way is great for thought and competition.Thanks to the editor for a great site !

May 3, 2000
From: Charles Easter
comments: My boys continue to enjoy a great deal of success on the wrestling mats. They have very good and cooperative coaching during the season and off-season. We have made many decisions about what clubs to wrestle with and which summer camps to attend. WITHOUT A DOUBT KEN CHERTOW'S CAMPS have had the biggest impact on our continued development as a wrestling family. Through his camp system we have met many outstanding coaches and athletes each willing to go the extra mile to help young wrestlers excel. Ken continues to run his camp at a very comfortable location in Huntington. This is a great opportunity for WV wrestlers to train with Ken and his world class staff. If you would like reach us at our e-mail adress for a more personal discussion or ken at www kenchertow.com
1 AAA state title 7 National Championships 4 National place winners this season.

May 3, 2000
comments: Way to go Eric Noel--a second Tournament of Champions gold medal. I hope some Division I coach notices that you won out of a field of 42 tough wrestlers at 132. Keep up the hard work.

May 1, 2000
From: The Department of Reliable Sources
Reliable sources indicate that Philip Barbour, even though re-classified to AA for next year, has chosen to stay AAA. Philip Barbour and Elkins will move to AAA Region 4 from Region 2. Oak Hill will move from AAA Region 4 to AA/A Region 4. AAA Region 1 stays the same. AAA Region 3 stays the same, with Hurricane omitted (inactive program).

In AA/A, Region 1 will add Wheeling Central and lose Bishop Donahue (inactive). Region 2 will lose Deaf and Blind (inactive); Region 3 will add Richwood and lose Buffalo Putnam (inactive), and Region 4 will add Oak Hill and lose Richwood.

May 1, 2000
comments: congratulations to chris johnson and eric noel on winning tournament of champions

May 1, 2000
From: williamstown fan
comments: Well was reading the Forum here and i would like to say that not all fans for williamstown's grammer is that bad as some of them i have read here. so of us in the part of the state can read and write. we have a lovely english department(ya right). Well we atleast know how to spell the name of our town and wrestlers right.
Editor's note: You may have noticed that I added an on-line dictionary to the forum submission page (smiles wryly). I've been searching the net for a plug-in on-line spell checker, but I haven't found one yet. I used to go through the posts and correct spelling and grammar errors, but I gave up, except for the guy who wrote in about the Winner's Choice and kept spelling it "Whiners Choice" and I didn't know if he was being cute or was just a pore spelur......

May 1, 2000
Results from the Middle Atlantic Wrestling Championships at Scranton University, the all area final.
The Patriot Wrestling Club placed 8 of the 11 wrestlers. 1st Seth Easter
2nd Mitch Smith , David Dennis
3rd Aaron Kelley, Matt Easter
4th Matt Smith, Anthony Easter, Chad Porter.

Making it to the final 12 and not placing were Briar Shivley, Judd Billings, and Zack McCray

May 1, 2000
From: Mouse Mom
email: rgarvin@netl.doe.gov
comments: F.Y.I.!
For those planning to attend the NHSCA National Championship in Birmingham but have not made reservations yet the phone number for the Sheraton listed on the brochure is wrong (area code is incorrect). The correct phone number is 205-324-5000 or you may call 800-325-3535. Be sure to tell them that you are attending the wrestling tournament and you will get a very handsome discount. Those under 18 years of age and staying in the same room as parents are free but be certain to mention this to the reservation clerk or you may be charged an extra person fee. Although the Sheraton Inn is the host hotel for the championship there are several other motels/hotels within a 2.5 mile radius of the Civic Center including a Best Western Inn and a Ramada Inn. Hope this info is helpful.

May 1, 2000
From: Fan
comments: Congrats. Fairmont Sr. on another great year. Since I don't live close anymore could someone who "knows" tell me how the team looks for next year and who will be at what weight. Thanks

May 1, 2000
My name is MC. i am currently a wrestler in South Carolina, and I was wondering if you could help me out on some things. I won a state championship this year and i made me realize how much i love to wrestle, i guess it took that to make me realize it because i have been wrestling since i was in the 3rd grade and now a junior in high school, my question is how do you get ahold of college addresses to write letters to them. UIf you can help me out in any way with this please let me know, i would greatly appreciate it very much.

May 1, 2000
comments: Congratulation to the 9 boys that wrestled at the World Folkstyle Championships at Tulsa Oklahoma on April 21/22.

Winning national titles were:
Seth Easter
Aaron Kelley
Chad Porter
Anthoney Easter
Mitch Smith
Matt Easter

Finishing 2nd:
David Dennis

Finishing 3rd:
Judd Billings

Also wrestling:
Matt Smith

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