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June 29, 2001
From: Pin head
comments: Here are my 2002 state championship predictions for AAA

103-Nit.Anthony Easter Defeats P.S Osuno cotto
112-Nit.Jacob Freichs Defeats P.S Shane Grogg
119-Nit. Matt Easter Defeats Rip. Josh Casto
125-Rip. Matt Smith Defeats P.S MAtt Bosley
130-C.M Chris Gibbs Defeats Hun. Robbie Williams 
135 Wes lane H.H defeats Cody Shell, Buckhannon-Upshur
140-Robbie Ripley, Nitro, Defeats Daniel Lord, Hedgesville, 
145- JAson Mays Huntington Defeats Derek George, John Marshall
152- Nathan Pickens P.S defeats Eddie Cochran Riverside
160-Matt Warner P.P Defeats Jarod Diamond C,M 
171- Chris Dagget P.s defeats Jeff Courtney, Fairmont Senior
189-Andrew Starsick, North Marion Defeats Lou Thomas Park 
215-Matt Delligatti, Fairmont Senior Defeats John Wells JM
275-Jeremiah McCourt, Buckhannon-Upshur Defeats Chris Satterfield EF  

June 29, 2001
From: george
comments: What is team for Fargo?

Saw list of entries on NHSCA site for their tournament this weekend. copied list here it is.

Grades 4-12
July 1-3, 2001
Birmingham, Alabama
2001 NHSCA Open Wrestling Entries 6/26/01

HS 103 Lucas Cappas WV 1st st. qual 31-7 12 58-18 22 
HS 112 Jared Garvin WV 2nd st. qual.     94-33 26 
HS 119 Richard Brandau WV 2nd st. qual. 30-12 20     
HS 119 Shane Grogg WV 1st NHSCA Pre-Season, 1st Tulsa 19-7 9     
HS 125 Ryan Metz WV 1st st. qual 37-7       
HS 130 Matt Bosley WV   49-8 21     
HS 145 Blane Mayle WV 1st st. qual 43-5 36 89-14 57 
HS 145 Bryce Pickens WV   30-6 11     
HS 152 Ben Wood WV 1st st. 
HS 160 Ben Geary WV   36-14       
HS 160 Nathan Pickens WV   33-3 24 55-7 39 
HS 171 Brandon Geary WV   35-15       
HS 215 Joseph Weaver WV 1st st. qual 45-7 36 73-23 45 
Elem 65 Brandon Wilson WV   68-5 31 
Elem 70 Travis Newbrough WV 4th st. qual         
Elem 75 Daniel Felton WV 1st st. qual 35-4 10     
Elem 85 Tommy Little WV 1st st. qual 81-5   246-30   
Elem 145 Justin Adkins WV 1st st. qual         
MS 95 Jarrod Shaw WV 1st st. qual 47-3       
MS 115 Justin Champman WV 1st st. qual 39-0   487-70 70 
MS 115 Micah Gerasimovich WV 2nd st. qual. 27-2 20     
MS 115 Brian Humphrey WV 1st st. qual 33-18 6     
MS 125 Braden Shaw WV 2nd st. qual 34-14 18     
MS 155 Doug Sillex WV 2nd st. qual. 25-0 24     
MS 155 Kyle Walters WV 1st st. qual 34-2       
MS 170 Curt Radcliff WV 1st st. qual 26-5       

June 29, 2001
comments: would that couger cage be refering to some talent that PHS will be acquiring casue of the 9th grade rule?

June 29, 2001
From: george
comments: Ashley Gandee named ASICs All-American. Check out story at themat.com

Also, did WV end up sending a team to the Indiana duals? I have not seen any results or comments? Are we sending a team to Fargo for nationals? george June 27, 2001
From: dragonfan8
comments: TO D.J.B.Real your predictions are pretty good but you may want to add Isaac Stewart at 145 or 152 if Isaac can stay healthy he will be hard to beat ps Isaac is from cameron.

June 27, 2001
From: 171ER
comments: 171 -Stickles owns it. I don't know if meyer is 2nd place material. Strong wrestler but not much technique. Hes more of a cowboy and pin wrestler.
189 - Hebrock is definetly a #1 but where is magnone wrestling!? Delebreau could take 2nd but i could it up for grabs with hashman
215-If theres a Magnone there hes definetly a contender but against weaver i don't see a first place at all and with peck right behind weaver i'd say a third place for magnone.
275-Caughey of course his finess for a big guy is beautiful....berseford....well i don't know. I guess he is there but last time I talked to him he said he was still easily in 215 range.

June 27, 2001
From: allsports
email: PMBTC@Prodigy.net
comments: Can anyone tell me some of the high school kids that will be attending the Patriot wrestling camp this weekend?

June 27, 2001
From: D.J. B. Real
comments: Hey, not to be mean, but I can see one obvious reason to make predictions this early. That would be FUN. Everyone loves seeing their name or their kids name on a top 2 prediction, and most people I know enjoy getting on the page to see new posts and predictions. Its a fun little thing for everyone to enjoy and argue with. Its just something to get conversation going, that's all I'm saying. To the man who mentioned Matt Bosley from South, I made a mistake on a prediction, I meant to put him in at 130 as a champion defeating Matt Smith. Chris Gibbs was my close third choice. Those three are great wrestlers, I can't wait til next year to watch them all.

June 27, 2001
From: tapout
comments: The door on the "Cougar" cage has been opened earlier than expected, all you predictors should take this into consideration!

June 22, 2001
From: Superman
comments: First of all, I would like to say making any predictions at this point is pretty pointless, but what I've seen so far isn't that far fetched. I am going to make a couple of predictions of wrestlers to watch, not including the obvious ones mentioned already. Chantz Griffith has put on some weight and should be very tough at any weight class over 130. I saw him wrestling at a tourney this summer, he weighed about 140 and he looked tough, just as fast as hes been at 12, 19, 25, just as skilled as ever hes even using a little arm drag move thats pretty cool. Danny Lord will probably close the deal this year, hes real polished with what he does, and even though it looks like he tele graphs his shots from the stands, people can't seem to stop them...must just be my super vision Justin Hawes will also be good, along with, Justin Kessler another great technical wrestler who is moving up in weight. Kevin Ballam could also be a dark horse in the lower weights, hes a spark plug , and I think if he could have made it to 103 last year he would have taken the states... And it wouldn't seem right for me not to mention my protege, "The One" Billy Barbour. Well, I promised a state title out of Sir William, I hope I can get him to work hard enough to make it happen. I think at this point he has the physical tools to do it. Hes been hitting the weights real hard, he will probably be benching twice his weight, deadlifting almost 2.5 times , and squating at least 2.5 times. Look for power this "one" means business.

June 22, 2001
comments: I think its completely absurd to make predictions on the State finals without even knowing what weight classes the boys are going to wrestle.
That being said....nice predictions DJ B. I agree with a lot of them.

June 22, 2001

June 21, 2001
comments: How come there was nothing made for the top 16 AA teams of the last 5 years?
Editor's note: Because the top 16 AAA was submitted by someone else. I figured it wouldn't take long for this question to surface. As I have time, I will try to cook up a similar list for AA/A.

June 21, 2001
From: wrestle
comments: The predictions for next year were pretty good,but Robert Shyver at 103 will have a good chance of getting in the top two at state next year.I also think Brandon Rader will have a very good chance at placing either 1 or 2 next year in the 112 wieght class.

June 21, 2001
comments: The ones that the 9th grade rule is going to help are the ones who in the past never needed it cause they were that good, PHS and South.

June 21, 2001
From: A wReStLeR
email: nat8896@yahoo.com
comments: For the people making perdictions on next seasons state finals. May need to what until the season has started, so that you're perdictions have the people in the right weight classes.

June 21, 2001
From: South fan
comments: what class is joe roberts from SA going to be in?

June 21, 2001
From: R.A.B.

June 19, 2001
From: D.J. B. Real
comments: Anyone got predictions on states next year in AAA and AA/A? I got a few.

AAA 103-Anthony Easter Nit def Osuno-Cotto South
AA/A 103-Dustin Bartrug StM def Kelly Hughes Cam
AAA 112-Shane Grogg South def Jacob Frerichs Nit
AA/A 112-Casey Biddle Will def Cody Shirey Frank
AAA 119-Matt Easter Nit def Cody Porter South
AA/A 119-Chris Morris Cal def Daniel Whiteman Hund
AAA 125-Ryan Metz South def Adam Kennedy WhPark
AA/A 125-Joey Lobis Rit def Matthew Dye Wirt
AAA 130-Matt Smith Rip def Chris Gibbs CabMid
AA/A 130-Garrett Six OG def Brandon Dye Wirt
AAA 135-Wes Lane HH def Robbie Williams Hunt
AA/A 135-Casey Hughes Cam def Alan Tracewell Will
AAA 140-Robbie Ripley def Danny Lord Hed
AA/A 140-Shane Smith Will def Joel O'Neil Cam
AAA 145-Jason Mays Hunt def Blaine Mayle EF
AA/A 145-Ben Wood Ind def Tyler Westbrook Will
AAA 152-Nathan Pickens South def Derek George JM
AA/A 152-Roger Kupfer Cam def Chris Miller Wirt
AAA 160-Chris Taylor JM def Matt Warner Point
AA/A 160-Tucker Brown def Matt Seckman Will
AAA 171-Jeff Courtney FS def Chris Daggett South
AA/A 171-Derrick Stickles OG def Curt Meyer Cam
AAA 189-Lou Thomas Park def Andrew Starsick N Marion
AA/A 189-Ronnie Hebrock OG def Ryan Delebreau Will
AAA 215-Matt Miller Pres def John Wells JM
AA/A 215-Vince Magnone Weir def Joe Weaver Mag
AAA 275-Chris Satterfield EF def Chris Morrison South
AA/A 275-Joey Caughey OG def Justin Beresford Cam

June 19, 2001
From: George
comments: So, how will the ruling by the State Board of Education allowing 9th graders to compete on the high school level, even if jr high has a team, change the outlook for next year?

What 9th graders may be moving from the jr high team to the high school team that couldn't a week ago? Any impact wrestlers? Who does this help?

June 19, 2001
From: kenny swoboda
email: kjswoboda@msn.com
comments: This is a question!! Why cant other wrestlers such as stone cold be on exhibition and others instead of just season

June 19, 2001
From: EF Fan
comments: Congratulations to East Fairmont Wrestlers Ben and Brandon Geary and Blane Mayle for winning the gold at the Delaware State Games in Newark Delaware this weekend. Joey Mayle also finished runner-up in the Open division. Great performances. Would also like to wish them, along with Jeff Courtney and Steve Robe good luck at the NHSCA Open in Alabama in 2 weeks. They are all working hard and are making great improvements. It will all be worth it in the fall.

June 16, 2001
From: weaver
comments: I would just like to wish the team going to the down under games good luck. I went last year and was the only WV guy there, but it was still one of the best times of my life and would love to do it again. It is well worth the trip. So have fun and good LuCK.

June 16, 2001
From: South Fan!!!
comments: I would just like to let everyone know that Ryan Metz and Matt Bosley are in New Jersey and they are attending a wrestling camp there.They then will fly out of Philly the 22nd to go to Orlando FL. for the Nationals.They will stay there for a week and wrestle.After the are done in Orlando Matt and Ryan will drive to Alabama for to wreslte for 3 days.Ryan and Matt will be gone for a total of 4 weeks.I wish them the best of luck and hope they have fun!!!

June 16, 2001
comments: I would just like to say Good Luck to all the South Wrestlers that will be competing in the upcoming Alabama Nationals. I will be there watching and cheering you on. Make your school proud.

June 16, 2001
From: jr. wrestling fan
comments: In my opinion I think that the one wrestler to stand out at the jr. high level next year will be Nick Munday . This kid is a man among boys when it comes to wrestling . He will make a huge impact at this new level of competition and will win the wsaz and the states once again

June 16, 2001
comments: what weight class is doug silex goign to be

June 14, 2001
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: Just a short note to the Bosely family on the passing of "Shorty" Bosely.His son Steve was a two time State champion and grandson's Mike,a runner-up and Matt,a two time state placer with his senior year to go.Our sympathy and prayers are with you and the South stands will miss him very much.His wife Betty will still carry the banner and Matt,your grandpa will be watching! God Bless.

June 14, 2001
comments: To Heygetouttahere: Nice to see you included Doug Sillex as a rising high school prospect who should do very well next year at Jefferson, but how can you forget his teammate, Mike Davis, who has been undefeated the last two years at Harpers Ferry with 58 straight wins? You WILL see Davis at the state tournament next year, and he won't be a spectator!

June 14, 2001
From: Bruce Shumaker, Williamsburg, Va.
I will be taken 13 wrestlers to Australia this summer, a 13 day trip, includes a dual meet tournament and an individual tournament on the Gold Coast of Australia. There will be 16 U.S. teams, over 240 wrestlers are making the trip, teams from Australia and New Zealand will also be competing.
Team members...
123, Josh Davis, Shady Springs H.S....(W.Va.)
123, Austin Moore, Lafayette H.S......(Va.)
123, Shelton Daniels, Lafayette H.S...(Va.)
132, Jason Dye, York H.S..............(Va.)
132, Scotty Rutherford, Lafayette H.S.(Va.)
143, Rober Swindles, Clay Co. H.S.....(W.Va.)
143, Chris Smolko, Lafayette H.S......(Va.)
143, Justin Morris, James River H.S...(Va.)
154, Brian Roznowski, York H.S........(Va.)
167, Jimmy Giddings, Arcadia H.S......(Va.)
178, Ryan Lenhardt, Gloucester H.S....(Va.)
191, Derrick Stickles, Oak Glen H.S...(W.Va.)
220, Ryan McDaniel, Castlewood H.S....(Va.)
I would like to welcome the 3 W.Va. wrestlers to the team. We will be having a 2 day training camp July 1st and 2nd and fly for Sydney on July 3rd. Results of the competition will be posted on this forum and on Va.'s Mat Talk On Line the day that they happen. We are looking to learn and have a great adventure in Australia.

June 14, 2001
From: Mouse
comments: I encourage the wrestlers who qualified for the NHSCA nationals to go and show the rest of the country that the wrestlers from WV can hang with the best of them.

June 14, 2001
comments: I think that Mitch Smith will have a very good freshmen season I think he will be wrestling 135 nexted year. That is a very diffcult weight class to enter as a freshmen. I belive he will be on top at the end though. Good luck Mitch

June 10, 2001
From: Dean Moore Patriot Wrestling Club
email: wvmatman@hotmail.com
comments: I am searching for a person that has coaching ability to help us here at the Patriot Jr Wrestling Club. You need to be highly movated and willing to become a leader for our wrestling club. We have been successful for several years developing young men into wrestlers.I am planning on handing this Head coaching and President job over in the near future.If you are interested please drop me a letter at wvmatman@Hotmail.com or you can reach me at home 474-3327 I work all 12 hour shifts so leave a message !! This will take alot of work so only apply if you are serious and have the young wrestlers best interest"" THE TOP PRIORITY""!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

June 10, 2001
From: Heygetouttathere quitthat
comments: i have a few predictions for good freshmen there.
Mitch smith(rip)AAA
chance litton(park)AAA
Seth Chapman(SS)A/AA
doug Sillex (Jeff)AAA
Corey Adkins(JM)AAA
Kaveman Kelly Hughes (Cam) AA/A
Anthony Easter(Nitro)AAA

June 10, 2001
From: Devin
comments: to a fan
i think that jarrod shaw and alexis kins will both make a big impact. Jarrod is a 2time jr.ovac and bmac champion. Alex is a champion at 110 in 8th grade and 4th at 98 in 7th grade.

June 10, 2001
comments: Yes the new rule means that if you weigh in and you are over weight you cantgo and run/work out to make weight.

June 10, 2001
From: joe roberts
email: sagrappler@aol.com
comments: if you are going to the west liberty camp and I know you would you e-mail me and tell me so?

June 10, 2001
Gold Medal Summer Camp Update
Super Gold June 9-20 is filled.
Gold Medal Training Camp June 10-15, June 25-30 and July 1-6 are filled. However, we have openings in Gold Medal Training Camps June 16-21 in Huntington, WV and July 7-12 in Cincinnati, Ohio. We also have openings in Kids Training Camps July 16-20 in Huntington and July 5-9 in Cincinnati, Ohio.
See www.kenchertow.com for complete details!

June 10, 2001

June 5, 2001
From: to whom it may concern
comments: For the person asking if anyone is going to the West Liberty camp a few wrestlers from St.Albans High School.

June 5, 2001
From: mike
comments: Erica Dye won both the Cadet and Junior championships. check out themat.com for results.
any info on Indiana Duels this weekend? Is WV still planning on sending a team? PA site says they are. Who is on the team?

June 5, 2001
From: A FAN
comments: What last year jr high wrestlers do you all think will make a big impact they're first year in high school?

June 3, 2001
rom: Chaz
comments: To: Marion County Fan,
I understand where you are coming from, but we can get our point across without calling people “idiot” and “stupid.” I am a Marion County Fan also, but we really need to keep our eyes open for the teams from Mon. County! They will be getting better every year. Trust me on this one. (A true Marion County “FAN” supports all 3 Schools)

June 3, 2001
From: WV Wrestling Fan
To Whom Ever You Are....
I will have to agree with you, both Daggett & Pickens are outstanding wrestlers, but please do your homework before saying they are the only ones as All Americans there sophmore year, I believe Stevens from Parkersburg was his Freshman year, & wasn't his sophmore more year , only because he didn't compete due to Soccer commitments, he was again an All American again his Junior or Senior year, he did not fair well at the Senior Nationals, Gandee was the only WV wrestlers to place -(7th).
Trust me, none of these wrestlers go unnoticed by us WV Wrestling Fans. Congrats to Honorable Mention All Americans- Stevens(Parkersburg) Gandee (Ravenswood)Johnson (Nitro)as Seniors.Good luck Stevens at Ohio University- we will be watching & cheering for you, work hard & keep your head on straight, there is alot out there for you. Good luck to Gandee & Johnson in your future, wherever you go & whatever you do, I'm sure you will represent WV well. Remember fans- we all have to stick together, wrestling is a different world than most sports,an individual sport performed as a team- 14 young men chasing the same dream.

June 3, 2001
From: wvwrestler
comments: I have a question about the new rule with weigh ins. Ok say that we are at the State Tournament and at the second weigh in i am over weight now does that mean i can not work out to make weight or how does that work out??

June 3, 2001
From: Panhandle Fan
comments: Hedgesville High School had its graduation ceremonies this morning at 10:00am. Congrats to the wrestling grads who closed the book on high school today, they were a great bunch of kids who gave us many memories and represented us well wherever they went. We wish them continued success in all that they do.
Jason Baker
Jason Drappo
John Dunham
Andrew Everhart
Bryan Moats
Shaun Schell

June 3, 2001
From: mike
comments: First session results from FILA Cadet Women's National Championships in Dayton, Ohio 6/2/01
Gary Abbott/USA Wrestling
43 kg
Erica Dye, Elizabeth, W. Va. Won by tech. fall over Rachel Holthaus, Little Falls, Minn., 10-0

The following article found at the mat. link and article below in

June 3, 2001
rom: Jeff Stevens
email: cougar01@charter.net
comments: I would like to thank everyone involved in Matt's success in the sport of wrestling, there were alot of people over the last 11 years who participated in his expertise, I myself have been mostly just a father/manager/motivator. (Marietta Grad.) This is a very tough rival town, I feel I can say this because my son was at PHS and Lisa and I both work on south side. Trust me, we have taken alot of slack overs the years. If I could do it over again, I wouldn't change a thing, sure we butt heads when were close to home, but when we would go to the big tournys, East. Natls./ Tulsa / NHSCA / etc, we would all sit and associate together , because we were from Parkersburg! thats what makes great atheletes, I want to say thanks to both sides, Mike Litton / Lou / Rader / Satterfield / Dean / Koreski / all the off season practice partners, north & south, you all have been good friends, don't stop doing what you do best.
Jeff & Lisa Stevens

June 3, 2001
comments: To the members of the rules committee. . .
The new rulings will not reduce the amount of wrestlers cutting weight. Its a shame the this committee creates these outrageous guidleines. Cna't leave the weigh-in area, improper equipment, etc. These rulings set referees up for a verbal beating. I just have one question "WHEN DO THE KIDS GET TO WRESTLE?"

June 3, 2001
From: Randy
comments: former 3x state placeinner and 2x state champion mike sheppard(wirt co) will be fighting jermey bates for the vacant wv boxingheavyweight chmpionship in parkersburg on june the 9th to read more:

June 3, 2001
From: md
comments: does any one know anything about fargo. I could really use some info

June 3, 2001
From: meat
comments: To east fan
IF CONSOLIDATED 145 Tony Delligatti
152 BLAINE Mayle
160 Scott hartlieb
171 Jeff Courtney
189 Gavin Jones
215 Big delligatti
hwt Satterfield
I dont know where u say west has no1 next year we will beat east and become NCAC champs ... West has state champ jeff courtney, state place winner Matt Delligatti, and 4 other qualifiers. WEST will Rise again.

June 3, 2001
comments: Ijust wanna give credit where credit is due.Iwould like for everyone to notice the two most outstanding wrestlers from this state in a while since mike mason i think. these athletes are Chrid Daggett and Nathan Pickens both from parkersburg South they shoukd both ve two time state chamoions right now but we all know how it goes youll have a couple bad breaks here and there .Theyre both all americans as sophomores who else has done that as a sopphomore lately Im not aking anything away from any of the other good wrestlers but those are the two wrestlers who really stand out in my mind.good luck to all wrestlers next season.special good luck to fairmont senior!!!

June 3, 2001
From: EB
comments: To: Marion Co Fan
Idiots? Nice.

June 3, 2001
From: playa
comments: Riverside High school is going to have a very good team next year. Look for them to really be a high ranked team in the state. Eddie Cochran the 152 (state qualifier)last year will be coming back and trust me from what i have heard he is really training. He also has a twin brother who has been in grade problems lately and hasnt gotten to prove himself yet but when he does the cochran twins will be destructive.Jr state champ Tj Richards will also be a big competitor in the 215 class. With just these three wrestlers you will have a good team.Josh Tucker, Andrew Diegart,Chris Lowery, Tj Elswick, And Paul Carter will all be coming up too. Hopefully for rhs's sake Justin Stowers and Justin Hensley will come back to fill the 171 and 189 slots. these will really round out the squad. Remember 2003 state champions all include Eddie Cochran Just watch for it and trust these guarenteed prediction

June 3, 2001
rom: FSHS
comments: haha good one marion co fan, if they did consolidate i see west keepin spots at 130 hunter delligatti (3rd in regionals), 135 anthony delligatti (4th in regionals with torn knee), 145 scott hartleib (4th in regionals)(he and futten would be in different weight classes) , 171 jeff courtney (won states), 215 matt delligatti (6th in states)(mite have to drop to 189 to fit satterfield in at 215 and Jay singleton at 275 (3rd in regionals) so theres 6 solid returning state participants, and we do actually have other people than jeff courtney, matt delligatti should tear it up next year only being a sophomore, anthony delligatti should make some noise, and i like what i see in jay singleton next year in states but i do agree with you that east would fill some spots that we will have next year especially in the lower weight classes, i think blaine will be hurting some people next year, well good luck yall

June 3, 2001
From: Larry
email: larkmeadkid@aol.com
comments: can anything be done to improve the viewing at the Huntington Civic Arena during the first 3 rounds, aprox. 25% of the near mats are obstucted from view,,,,,,,,,,why not have the consolation rounds on the near mats and the championship rounds on the far ones,,a little further away but at least the fans who pay can see ALL the match,,,just a thought ,,

June 3, 2001
From: Wrestler
comments: Hey everyone are there any other teams that are gonna go to West Liberty's wrestling camp this year?

May 29, 2001
From: Marion Co. Wrestling Fan
comments: To you idiots that think East and West Fairmont schools will consolidate.....it won't happen for years to come.....our Board of Education is to stupid to let it happen. And to those of you that think the Fairmont Senior wrestlers would dominate a consolidated team, think of West's varsity for 2002 and then think of Mayle, the Geary twins, Futten, Satterfield, Haddix, Ingram and Moore.....who at West if going to beat them out for a varsity spot.....NO ONE!!! It is not going to happen (the consolidation), so don't even worry about it. Remember I told you this in May, 2001 ALL THAT WEST HAS NEXT YEAR IS COURTNEY. East will dominate Marion County in 2002 and I am actually a North Marion fan, but I have seen these kids since they were in the pee wee programs. East Fairmont is the dominate wrestling team in Marion County.....with Mayle transfering to East they have SEVEN NCAC Champions and four of them are returning in 2002. The Polar Bears can dream on, but if consolidation did happen next year, a lot of West wrestlers would be JV and some of them are seniors.

May 29, 2001
From: Proud Fan!!
comments: Congratulations to Matt Stevens , Chris Johnson & Ash Gandee- All American Honorable Mention in Wrestling USA May 30th edition. West Virginia is proud of you & Good Luck in your future!!!

May 29, 2001
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: Matt Stevens recently signed to further his wrestling career at Ohio University in Athens,Ohio. Best wishes to Matt and I'm sure you will reach your dream of becoming an All American at the next level.O.U. just became a better school by signing you!

May 29, 2001
From: Dennis Stanley
comments: Justin Stanley 2000 112lb champ has signed to wrestle for 4X National Champions Lassen College in Susanville CA.

May 29, 2001
email: hollie_14@hotmail.com
comments: does anyone know of any sites with pictures from 2001 west virginia state wrestling tournament? if so please email me at hollie_14@hot mail.com thanks

May 22, 2001
comments: All kids from Ripley Middle go to Ripley High!

May 22, 2001
From: Just Wondering
comments: Are any of this past years seniors going to continue their wrestling careers in college??? If so where at??? Is Matt Stevens or Ash Gandee going to wrestle in college?? Thanx in advance.

May 22, 2001
From: Randy
comments: just wanted to wish former hhs wrestlers rob and bull archer, the best of luck when they get married. bull's fiance is a graduate of huntington east and rob's fiance is a graduated of parkersburg south.

May 17, 2001
Where do the kids form Ripley Middle School go to high school. Ripley is a Independant school so do they have their choice of High Schools.

May 17, 2001
comments: I would just like to say good luck to all of the wrestlers that will be competing at the High School level next year. Most of them think as I did when i was a freshman (that the competionion wouldn't change much) but in fact it changes a lot. So to all the upcoming Freshman GOOD LUCK! you are going to need it.

May 14, 2001
From: Coach Bill Archer
Notes from the state coaches committee meeting
**National Rules - The many changes on the way you are to do the weigh-ins, caused us to give many questions to Dr. Welker to check with at the national office. He will let everyone know at the rules clinics, how they will be done
**Wrestlers in 6-12 grades will get 2 pounds after January 1.
**The 6-9 grades representative will survey all the coaches and make a report to WVSSAC on the 75 pound class and any other changes.
**Two refs won't be used in semis and finals.
**Sportsmanship will be stressed more by officials.
**9th graders going up to 3 year High Schools still needs to be approved by the State Board of Education, same for the summer camp rule.
**Pat Vance is doing better and improving daily.

May 14, 2001
From: nuetral observor
comments: Quality coaches, dedicated athletes, supportive parents and community, have far more impact on a school's athletic success than the total number of students enrolled will ever have ! Many schools in our state have always done more with less and will continue to as long as the above mentioned reasons exist in their school district.......

May 14, 2001
From: sunta
email: sunta@intrepid.net
comments: What kind of wrestling headgear should my son use that does not slip down? Where can I get it online? Something with a chin strap would work, I think. I read the asics recall so I know I don't want that.

May 14, 2001
is there any tournys, in the pa or nj region coming soon? dr

May 14, 2001
email: SPBaldwin2@CS.COM

May 14, 2001
comments: in the NHSCA qualifier in the 7th -9th division in the 155 lb class Kyle Walters finished first beating Doug Sillex . The score was 8-2 For somereason the fourm has the results wrong on this weight class.

May 14, 2001
From: Mom
email: KJNoe7@aol.com
comments: I would like to know if any professional photographers (or amateur) took pictures at the WV State Tournament(high school). I would like to purchase some pictures. If anyone has any information of this kind, or know of someone who I might get in contact with, would you please let me know. Thanks.

May 14, 2001
Congratulations to Matt Stevens (PHS) on winning the Dave Schultz High School Excellence Award, this is the highest award given to a highschool senior in the sport of wrestling. It is based on wrestling success, scholastic achievement, character, citizenship and community leadership. This award will be displayed in the National Wrestling Hall of Fame in Stillwater, OK.

May 11, 2001
From: SW
I'm not sure where you get your information but PHS has abot 1550 students while South is around 1150. The projected numbers for the next five years has PHS over 2100 students. Only a projection from the county BOE. There is going to be a levy on the next election and according to the Levy there is money being appropriated to make room at each high school to allow for 9th graders to move up. The BOE has already approved it, it's just a matter of when it will happen. If it does PHS will have around 2000 students immedietly and if the projections are accurate there will be over 2500 at PHS and 2000 at South (2003-2005).

Also, if there was a county consolidation in Wood Co. everyone seem to forget that Williamstown is in Wood Co. as well. That would make the Wood Co. high school with 9th graders around 4700 students....will never happen, but with that many students there is not a school in WV that could compete with them....there is no consolidation talk in Wood Co. Although there has been some talk of Williamstown consolidating with PHS (never will). WHS has about 250 kids.

May 11, 2001
From: john doe
comments: I really don't have much against the japanese. They haven't done much to me.
Editor's note: Lest there be any confusion, the page to which you refer was the result of another attack on my ISP Pinnacle Mall by the Lion Worm. This is getting old, isn't it....

May 11, 2001
From: for ratteaser
comments: can you break down the big reds sports titles? i'm sure in tennis alone they have more titles than other schools have combined.

May 9, 2001
comments: To WAMBRO PHS dominates every year in football and they allways have a tough basketball team, including some of the other sports such as tennis baseball crew golf and track, and there soccer teams pretty good to.Then theres South which every year dominate in wrestling and are very good in baskatball and football,enough said.

comments: to ex WV wrestler, you should really think before you speak,because most of the stuff you write makes no sence,it sounds to me me like youre jelous of all the outstanding former wrestlers in the state of west virginia

May 9, 2001
From: Flying Eagle fan
comments: With the new rule allowing 9th graders to wrestle at the high school level (passed at the pricipal level. State board level in June). Woodrow Wilson might be an interesting team to watch next season and for a while to come. With returning state qualifiers(all will be juniors), Josh Evans, Justin Boyden, Ryan Bostic and a few other returning lettermen. The entry of sophomores, Jay Thomas, Joe Mcquillen, Zack Evans, Nick Llado (proven winners), Mike Wilhoit, Justin Ford, Josh McDaniel ( 1st year wrestlers but showing promise) will definately make a large impact on the program. The new rule comes into play in the fact that it will allow Sean Meade and Tyler Wilson ( also proven winners) to wrestle at the high school level while still attending Beckley-Stratton Jr. High. With all these factors in play Woodrow might just make a little noise in region 4 next year.

May 6, 2001
From: marion co watcher
comments: east fairmont has a total of about 750 kids grades 9-12 west fairmont has a total off around 800 kids grades 9-12 parkersburg had a total attendance of about 1400 grades 10-12 and south has around 1450 grades 10-12 so therefore making it hard for east and west to compete at the AAA level, i mean im not making any excuses just stating the facts

May 6, 2001
comments: The person who took the pictures at the WSAZ Tournament was:
Bo Wriston PHotography PO BOX 251 Mount Lookout, WV 26678
Phone: 304 469 8888

May 6, 2001
From: chaz
comments: I don’t think it makes any differents how big the schools are, it is the feeder programs and parents that make the high school sports as good as they are. Do you agree?

May 6, 2001
From: east wrestler
email: gearyfmt@hotmail.com
comments: about all this talk about east and west.... we are not going to combine.. and if we did we will be stopable..im tired of everyone making a big thing about something a jv wrestler prob sent in. i think both east and west has a good team every year, but not the best.. because if we were we would have the the trophy at the schools but will dont so we need to stop talking trash on south,because i've wrestle with some of them this summer already and they do look good. and about the think someone said about how the points of east and west combined didnt total how much of souths. its all good because they took more people than us... but i would stay on your toes for us in the future

May 6, 2001
From: ratteaser
comments: parkersburg high has twice as many state titles in all sports as the next highest school...go big reds!

May 6, 2001
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: Lots of talk about consilidation and it is fine if East and West combine, but why not wait and see what happens.South and Parkersburg High will not combine for the simple reason you are talking about 2800 students.Mute point.And..to WAMBRO..the sport that South dominates is uh..wrestling.Unless you've been living in a cave they have won 3 in a row with #4 looming in the near future.I personally think it is great to see two counties like Wood and Marion get so involved in this great sport and both dominate wrestling along with the Cabell county schools.Best wishes this upcoming season to every school and all the atheletes who worked so hard in the off season.Thanks!

May 4, 2001
comments: Wanderer, both Parkersburg and South have double the amount of kids in either East or West. I believe if both schools were combined (East and West), they still wouldn't equal the size of South. Also, I'm not sure that the Parkersburg schools dominate now. What sport are you referring to?

May 4, 2001
From: Dave
comments: Thank you Mike. But to another subject. There is all this talk about Fairmont East and Fairmont Senior. If we get to consolidating there will only be about 4 teams of good competition. I mean if we got into couties there would be a few unstoppable forces. Like Wood(PHS AND PSHS),Fairmont(EAST AND SENIOR). Cabell(CMHS AND HHS).And others. Let the schools be. Dont talk about what could be. Talk about now.

May 4, 2001
comments: joe roberts is going to go all the way next year as a senior from st. albans!!!!!

May 4, 2001
From: wrestling fan
comments: To Fairmont East and Fairmont Senior: Last year State Tournament team scores East 81.5 Senior 94.5 Togeather they are 176. PARKERSBURG SOUTH 218.5

May 3, 2001
comments: The Folkstyle National Tournament in Pontiac, MI results can be found at http://www.aauwrestling.org/frames.html

May 3, 2001
comments: The 2001 MAWA Eastern National results are posted at: http://yaiaawrestling.freeservers.com/mawa.html

May 3, 2001
From: the wanderer
comments: There's all this talk about Fairmont East and Fairmont Senior consolidating to make one school,everybody's saying they would be unstopable in all sports. I know it will probably never happen but what if PHS and South consolidated,hek, there unstopable now seperated....Just a thought

May 3, 2001
From: Mike Barker
email: mike.barker@unisys.com
comments: To:Dave
From:Mike Barker
Re:Patrick O'Malley's losses at WSAZ, one was a loss to MCCoy from Stonewall Jackson (pin) and the other was a 6-1 loss to Derek Barker CMHS 9th. I agree that 165 was very competetive this year. Derek did not get the opportunity to wrestle Sillex. The only chance he had was at the BNI, but Derek was wrestling 190 at that time. Derek wound up 24-1, losing to Radcliff (Edison) 1-0 at the Z. Radcliff was the eventual champ, pinning McCoy in the finals.

Another wrestler to watch is Tominack (Wheeling?), he was very impressive at a qualifier at CMHS a couple of months ago. It will be interesting to see how everyone does in HS. Hope that Harpers Ferry comes to the WSAZ next year. There was a team from near Cleveland,OH (Riverside High) that was very good. They plan on also bringing their Jr.High team next year. This should make for some excellant competiton.

Good luck to all next year.

May 3, 2001
From: Mario "da mat man" Montlioni
comments: To bee fan 44 "they earn the grades they make they aren't given to them." what does that mean? Are u trying to say "The Real Fairmont School" cheats on grades. If you are your crazy. Every varsity wrestler on FS team was on the honor roll. Doesnt sound like given grades to me.......

May 3, 2001
From: RE:Parkersburg Jr. States photos
comments: The man who took the photos at the Parkersburg Jr. States is Jeff Cozart at RR1 Box 214A New Freeport PA 15352 ph 724 447 2981 email picturethis4me@hotmail.com. GOOD LUCK.

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